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Jill's tllP Ml'P l'UM!P tllC
Mrs. Olin Seeks Sepnnitinn. Al
leiiii' CnteU.v Incbrintc,
He Answci's.
'I'lint Is What. Physician Tes
tifies in the Koliertsnn
Divoreo Suit.
M'i' ice nn n Modern
MOW .i
It'i an
wu,i. iiavk w rorxcih
. .line 51 -Slppi Jtfct
Si-enry i:imii'IH erouii- in
. i i si itr i tuvy ii irfiirr.il i.tnff
i ,i in.tjorlty of fentinli!
-ill !: ni of (3rc.it llrlt-
m il other llrnt cl.iss iow-
n 'll' ll
Thil !'
..f roiirrfanl.-ttliin Is re
in most liniiortmit Btcp j rt
u)iP- 'iv tli' I'nltcd St.itrB liiiv.il nil,
-critic" i cM.ihllsli Its n.ivy on a mod-
. ft i.m.I lii Inkllt-n thti nitim
in of an iitulllcctit Diiiuiing programme
rJ n mi iea.e in me riuciencj oi me
ifM.nc unite of the service.
I, , , tended tn brltis about throUKh
iiur'll. composed of the Secretary
nl ,Vs Jtmit Secretary nnd heitds of
Mfci'u. (ha coordination between the
rirtjrlmeiii and the llect that nnval ex
J! f ilcclirc to be essential to the dc.
iiiin!R(:t of n flghlliiR machine which
U rupond quickly In an emergency.
The .dvlnr- Cooncll.
i. ..!, of Mr. Daniels there Is es-
tkjh-d in the navy what he describes as
ii -s rotary s advisory council." With
,, ft.iblihment of this council, which
, fOmpOFeU r.CIU3l l'l i't UHivrm u-
.,-iM bv Con:res. the council of
uJi pjjjfn out of existence. The coun
I of aids was Improvised during the
Xjft Administration. It has never been
m-opilicd by Congress.
Secretary Daniels describes the new
isency as a "council," preferring the
term to "stiff." or 'Admiralty." which
t btlleies to smack too much of offen
ine militarism. That the council will
wrform the work done by staff systems
jwojd Is Indicated In Mr. Daniels's
rleri. t , ,, , .
la addition to the establishment of
"it council Secretary Daniels consolt
ales In the offlco of Chief of Opera.
ItnJ. n po" created by the last naval
i'rt. all the work heretofore divided tin
ttr three heads relating to operations,
Mterial and personnel of the fleets.
Admiral Ilcnson. Chief of Operations.
3 charged with the duty of operating
fie fleet, keeping It In a state of pre
tiredness and acting as an adviser to
Ue Secretary. He la also designated a
rember of the Secretary's! council.
The council will meet weekly for Inter
fhii.ee of views and to formulate such
-Kimmendatlons for Improvements In
t ie srvlce as may be deemea necessary.
The hoe tendency of Mr. Daniels's
,rier Is to centrallie military authority.
tSui creating agencies that will act In
turnony In emergencies. The new or
nnUatlon takes the place of a hap--na'd
plan that has hampered the
American navy.
A Vnlted Front.
Cnder the new system tho Department
tni n III go before Congress In the
;ure with comprehensive building pro
. .-.me and a statement of views as
naval needs that will represent the
Judgment of the service.
There n ill thus be avoided the spec
i ,e that was presented before the
dnae Naval Committee last winter
i".tn same officers testified that the
. was ready for any emergency
He others declared It would take
urs to put It In shape to cope with a
'; class enemy.
Secretary Daniels has Issued a state--mt
In which he explained his plan of
'Mrwnlzatlon. He pointed out that In
aboliihlnc the aid system the work
.eretcfore performed by the aid of oper
tfbns and the aid for material will be
coroI.dated In the chief of operations.
The chief will have two assistants,
dpt. Volney Chase has been named
uiiitant for operations and Capt. Jo
ilih 8. McKeen assistant for material.
Secretary Daniels quotes the net of
Cor.icress creating the office of chief of
creratlons. which states that that offi
cer "shall, under the Secretary, be
ciarfed with the operation of tho Meet
aad with the preparation and readiness
of plans for Its use In war."
Mr. Daniels said that after confer
ee with officers In whom he has the
fclfheVt confidence, he had come to the
conclusion that he should combine the
various activities as Indicated under one
head. He expressed the opinion that
this plan would enable the chief of op
erations to keep in better touch with
actual conditions in the fleet.
Makeup of the Council.
The advisory council will be made up
as follows :
Secretary Daniels, Assistant Secretary
Roosevelt. Admiral Benson, chief of
titrations; Hear Admiral Blue, chief of
tli birreau of navigation ; Hear Admiral
Strauss, chief cf the bureau of ordnance ;
Rear Admiral Griffin, chief of the bureau
of steam engineering; Rear Admiral
Taylor, chief of the bureau of construc
tion and repair; Hear Admiral Stanford,
c.Vef of the bureau of yards and docks ;
Rear Admiral McGowan, chief of the bu
reau of supplies and accounts ; near Ad
miral Bralsted, chief of the bureau of
B'liclr.e and surgery ; Major-Gen. Bar
r.ett commandant of the Marine Corps,
iM Capt. McLean, Judge advocate-gen-tral
of the navy
The successors of these bureau chiefs
u changes take place In the natural
order of events will take their places In
'This council will meet with the Sec
retary every Thursday and at such other
iir.es a-, rnay be necessary, said Mr,
Serretirv Daniels helleves that snlen-
!''i resists In the development of the
i' n.H follow the creation of the
riin i He paid a high tribute to the
Iren bureau chiefs who make up the
'i rrne varned to rely upon the men
this council,' said .Mr.
' Tne council heads touch at
-r. i Kvery unit material, opera
" i i oimt'l of the navy. I have
-t iidll conference with them
ii , ,u piobl. ms In their bureaus.
" i i- ' fc will continue, hut In .id
' . n.-w plan will Rive at least
" ' i K ' v mi-etlngs for common
i ntcrrhanuc of views."
1 1 I.. . as alii for educi
hi. I i hare of tho scholastic
il i id Into the tia by Mr.
- I . .11 ilcignitf '1 a member
' ' .i.'nmlng board. Thei'dil-
' l.eretnfore perfoimed by
' i .i 1 1 led on In the bureau
' " nf which Adinlr.il llluc
aunt lor Mrs, liilllli XI. lillilis.
..iii! Justice Crnnn In Ilrook
i nave Mrs. IMIIh M. Glblis
1 1 urn Henry C. (Hub?, a
accordance with the rec
uf the jeferee In the oaf-e.
M.eives $17.'i li month all-
ii i ustody of her daughter,
I li lei-Hi for llo Sllijer.
F.lier, IS years old, xvho
'I 'us uncle, Harry Talor,
' ."suit to F sher's tnother.
1 esieriiii) b Judge Hal.
c, to thirty .veins
1 .i 11 cars in State
s . was sentenced to
. ... ...11 lean t tut 11 twenty
K II. nc Ucorgo HceUn.
BnmmmmJ(&t9JXKto. '!stsflBVl
1 --ii BtllJtfcM aklBBBI klBBBBBlkBBfeK SSSjsF"SBEl I
Governor Holds Historic He
ccption Duane Deseendnnt
Raises Banner.
New Tork had a birthday yesterday
and celebrated It with bands playing
nrfd flags flying, with speeches of praUe
for tho past and the preeent nnd the
voices of children which thrilled with
promise for the future. Krom Holland
came a gift Hag for the sake of ye
olden time, nnd out of the heart of Kng-
land a mesige of good cheer, while
the descendants of those who glared at
each other In the Stadthuys of New
Amsterdam 250 years ago shook hands
under the portico of tho City Hal and
told eaoh other It was the beet thing
that ever happened.
It Is the proud man that Sir Itlchard
N'lcholls would have been on June 21,
1665, when he told his burghers there
would be no more Burgomasters, and
Schout ana Schepencn, but only Mayor,
Sheriff and Aldermen, If he could havo
stood In tho shoes of John I'urroy
By his side was I
Mltchel yesterday.
Gov; Charles S. Whitman and hl mill-
tarv staff with the flag of the State
tary elan, vviin ine iuih oi '" ""
era! A Van de Sande Hakhuyzen of
,L " v-.,ho,innH with the new flair of
Se cty ucked 'under Ids a"rm. There
were tne heads of all the city depart-I
ments and men and women members of I
hUtorlcal and other learned BOdetlea.
At the foot of the bteps were grouped
hnnrtru nf mihlle chool children, girls
' . . ' . . . i . ,
v.n..a nf mn,t nf the tiwin M under .
th sun each of them bearing the
nn,i trines or the orance. white I
nnd blue of tho city Then thero wero '
tho men of the Old Guard, shoulders
back and swords gleaming in tne sun
shine as the salute wan given.
Then those who leaned eagerly for
ward behind the long rows of policemen
$200,000 SWINDLER
Vonornblp Adolph .Tncolison
IMoads Guilty to lluiinintf
Fiikc Store Clinin.
Adolph Jncobsou, promoter of a chain
of fly by night stores In this and other
cities which lH.rrow,,. the names and
credit ratings of reputable lutiliirsi
houses, pleaded guilty before Judge
norland Howe In the Cn'tcl State -
rut Court esler,lay to a cnnrMi
of using the malls to di fraud. In Hplle
of hl: HI years, while hnlr and veuer
able ajijieaiancc, he was sent to the At
lanta I'enlti n'iary for seven eais.
.lacobson'H son, William, and two of
I his employees, Julius Cohen and C
I Mltcneil. also pl.aded gul'.iy. Th" son
I Hot live yiiii-s, Cohen 0110 'year and Mit
chell xva.i let off witii 11 tine of 81 00.
Tlie men hud stood trial for thrro
daH but leallzed ,v e.-te, day thai they
could not po-sioi) .urn... 11 "'
.iddiii cd liv Asiliiiaiit I nltt-il rtiil-. -m-
tortiey Flunk M. Hoosa, who had put
.111 tl.e stand 11s his star witness b'rid
di. 1; tlleson, I colwoirM 1'iiiitideiitial
u;i nt. who tr.ivi'lled about the country
and on one occasion went all tho way
lo Loudon to found one of tho night
blooming stores,
The Jucobson scheme, aa descrlbid
I pvFFICIAL party at the ling exercises at City Hall, left to riftht
Mayor Mitchcl. Comptroller Prenderpist, Gov. Whitman, JudRc
Vernon M. Davis, the Netherlands Consul-Gencral A. Van de Sande
Rakhuyzcn nnd Mine, Hakhuyzen. Helow, to left, Mrs. Maria Duane
Bleecker Cox, hoistinp the new ling to the top of the City Hnll pole,
I nnd to riht, the scene on the City
photographed from THE SUN building. At the bottom, a photograph
of the new flag of the City of New York.
saw Mrs. Maria Duane Illeecker Cox, I
tho great-great-granddaughter of Mayor
James Duane, send the new flag to the j
ton of the pole on tho City Hall. Hvery-
body cheered and the band played and ,
the children sang My Country TIs ur ;
Thee." I
Tl nf I
Those who were grouped about the I
Mayor heard Mr. Hikhuyzen tell htm
what a wonderful city is New York and :
how appropriate It was that Amsterdam, i
" or came tne riuruy ouicn- ,
me" ,vho Planted themselves here In
,(.,6 ahouid present to the city the1
Mrst olllclal Hag It has ever had. Mayor
Mltchel repiieu mat in accepting me gin
tW- dty f shown how de,irou.s 1, Is of
keeping fresh i In memory the early rela-
tlon-hlii between the two towns.
Justice Vernon M. Davis of the Sit-
rrenie Court then prtsented the new
Mayor's flog, which n, the gift of the
C Vlnhnlnt S!n.l,v In IiIm Klieei-h
of acceptance the Mayor called atten-
tlon to the significance of the live stnrs
in the field of this ilag, which dintin-
gulsh It from the city flag He said
he was pleased with tile Ilag because
each of the stars represent" one of the
five boroughs of GroiterNew York. They
signify its gieat slr.e and lbs power, and
by Host Office Inspector William Har- Ing house for the merchandise got on Derm. Mrs George Mi. nen, Mrs II. w
ber, was one of the niot remarkable borrowed credit, however, was a fau- 'fd Pel:. Mv It Stuyvesini IMeriep mt.
commercial swindles ever operated. lory at 9!) Water strict, where the 1 Mrs. I'hlllp Ithinelaiider, Mrs. K.iriick
The metol followed was to select a Jacobsons purported to make their I HIcks, Mrs. Iluseell Sige Mir J l,uig-
toro on a nulet sale street, put In a
few desks, borrow the name of a repu-
table concern or adopt a name approx-
minting It, and tin u onli r. pruferablv
from out or town xvno.es.iie inercnaius,
large inns or goimn on rreuii. .vi me
end of thlrts or sixty days when the
' bill fell due the collector usually found
I himself staring Into mi empty storu.
j That the Jiiiohsons were able to make
$2iM.0i)li In tlie Inst three ye, 1171 was
1 1 ... 1 ..... ti... ..... ..r ...,i. i.,A.Tii 1
I men seldun, Mopped ,0 conipa.o the ad-
i dress nf the fake concern with that uf
tho real concon.
I G esnii sa d I tit n one Instance ho
'was sent bv the elder JacoliH.,, to l.on-
! dun to set up a fake Jewelry store and
J ,,,,, as m3y diamonds as possible in
j credit, (llcson siiid that the London
, Z,Zl"c,C
j1nr)l, f(lt 01- mtii-p wortli i ill.i-
j ,,ds 1.11 memorandum, whereupon he
( '' 'i'!'V: '."ir"'! ".c ..!'U"
Anrm n pr V(. kv Demauil one le.
A leiily e.iine luck : "I'n ilile In semi
Ii . this month. Itilino l.oiiiluii." This
me int. .-ii'ciiidlni; in Glesun, that the
, Ider Jiicolison would nut s -nd him 111"
$1,1100, hut would write, explaining wh.i
The letter ndviseil lllenni that It wiih
foolish le pay thai much cash In Lon
don when the) could git more dia
monds for the same iiiiuiey in New
York. Gleson was ordered to return
The star ."lure oi ner, iindei cioss
examination by the oltoiney fur thi
deleiice. Iiccune exi'ited 011 the stand
;,. . H ,,,., ,.,.. r0,i l0 hialniiate
; tli.it li- w i iIImIidih ft
"Ctrtuilily I'm 11 linoli," Hlioiilfd 1 He-
sun "I'xn been a crook eic since I lici hlisliauil dcHcrled her two weeks
con noci cd with Adolph .l.uobton In ( later, taking $b,ui'ii belonging in her
i'.liir.." She tounil nun leeentl) living wiih ,1
The Jacoiisons had their he.iiliiuai tei s 'M, Lillian Donclda," sho alleges,
at l'i WMIehill sti'eet. wiu ie they Justice Crane rcfeired the nuittei to
rented ollliis In the name of the Mann- Official Itcferee Maicau for cxamlna
fuctuiciu' Tiudlug Compuny The clear- tlun and report.
g) AniHICAN Wit
Hnll plnzn when the flag was rnised,
ommunltles are joined
that these five
together to nnke this the first city In
the world.
Immediately after the presentation of
the Hags Mayor Mltchel confided to
itiueii to
..l-n. 1,1 th, h. .. ...ff.Hnn.
those almut him that he was sulTenng
intense naiii from a headache, a malady
which fiequctitly distresses htm almost
beyond endurati'e He Wftit to the
home of one of his recrcturles. Paul
Wilson, at 121 Washington place,
promising to return ror me ceremonies
of the afternoon If possible Kvery
effort was made during the recess to
find relief for the Mayor, but h. elded
i to go Home ror tne remainder or tne
, N(11lIc ,.,,.., Fl)rln..
The exercises of the afternoon were
' Held In the Aldermanlr Chimber A
procession was formed In the (loveinor's
l!nini nn ,li nii.,tnrl tlnnt- In ,1,,.
In the live
, divisions were representatives of every
department of the city government, olll-
, ccis of the National tluard and Naval
Militia. Justices of the Supremo Court (
of the State, Judges of the I'nlted Stales I
! courts, the Hoard of City Magistrates,,
I the Surrogates of the five counties which
j compose the city, the Hoard of Aldermen
i "Kumo, n patent lemedy for rhetmia-
The Jacobsons ran as a rule llftecn
, stores In this city and as many more in
other cltieji or the i n ted states Thev
. ojieneii one also in Toronto, can.
Woman Who SeeUs lliiinii
' "' Wlf... Doseld,, M,
When Conrndlna Doselda asked S11-
preme Court Justice Crane In UroiUvn
ytcrday for alimony of $r,fl a week
i and $7!0 counsel fees, pending trial of
her suit for divorce iiirninet Charles
,,,,., ,np ,.,ttrr OI)ps,.,, tlu. ,1ot(
Kroun.l .1,:,. the plaintiff Is , o,
IiIh wife
1 Ijoschla, 11 wholesale liquor d.nler
I' vin at itsns White IMains road, said
I that Mrs Doselda had failed to s
her name lo a contract making .t a
marriage, and two weeks alter the c iin
Uai't should have been Hluned hail
thrown Ills wedding ling on tlie. Hour
and had stamped on II. If fnlliiie to
sign tlie conliaet was of 110 weight, she
ill least had illxcarded I1I111 In dlscjid
iiig the ting, he held.
Furthermore Hie iiuilract stipulated
thai tho bridegroom should get fu.ono
after tho ceieliiony, so Doselda nlle.-fi'd.
lie p.-i)H that ho never got il, and inti
mates that this was the reasoii tint
pluintlff never signed.
. Mrs. DoM'lda says thai they
U'CI ,,
I 111:11 lied on December il, Hunt, and that
iii or MitehelV
Keeps llim Fnim the l.nler
othe-course was left, because .he would r "She couldn't even kiss a man Is
' t.ot iieimtt dl'Usloii or criticism of the. that right-'
and omVire nf the I'nlt'd State army fj(,. (, ,,,,,1, said that for, "Anything that would tend to excite
nnd navy. a yfar ,. lllor,. 1,1, Kte went to road her or throw her Into hysterics would
lltinglng up the rear of the fifth dl-1 nf);1(f tHnKC) restaurants with ton-' be very Injurious."' replied the phy
vlslon were Sir Courtenay Hennett. the vlvla t,.rtU'si and was accustomed to slclan
iir.UMi 1 onsui-i.enerai . .ir ii.iKnusen.
the Netherlands fonul-' lenera! . Dr
John II. I'lnley. president of the Tnlver
nty of the Stale of New York : I'rof.
Will. am II. Shepperd and Prof John
HrsVlne of Columbia Pmvcrs'.ty. !orge
MtAueny, President of the Hoard of
A ilerrnen, and (!ov Whlttnao The
"Iieakers occupied the seats oil the dais
To their right wete members of the
" : r,1 ' Z
rooni of i l e Al erinen-V des were e
room of li e Aldermen s leslts. were the
imi Ii it riot Ic societies l! ick of these
, XZ T,,TTL c !ih,i?f,h. ?.
igalii and in the l,aleot,s were al! the In-
..ttd guests who could podbI wedge
heir way Into the chamber
11. M-t.. 1... v . ., I
Mr McAneny, In the Mayor's stead,
weleomeil the giusts .ltd then called at
tention to the bronie tablet placed to
the right of the presiding o!llccr' desk
as a nivniori.il of the I.'otli minivers try
of the establishment of municipal gov
ernment under the Mayor and IV ard of
Aldermen It wn ilnipe.l with one of
tile new i ity dags, and at the word from
Mr McAneny Krani'ls de Nenfvllle
' S.'broeder, a boy who la the ninth in
direct des,,t from Tlioinae Wtllett. the
first May, steppe,! forward and tin-
veiled the tablet while evervho.lv ap-
lil.iinlerl In th.. m,.nre nf (, it n-
his serietary, Theodore Hou-seau. read
h's sjieech of acceptance
Kn It AVns Uf.il Venm tun,
, Ir. Shepheiil, who Is professor of
I history at 1'oltimhl.t. then toad an ad-
dress on "New York. Then md Now."
l,n. ",,lrM described the dtj ., It wa-
,.,-.11:. .iku dull inin Hell li,illli'fUSI
upon some of the customs which pre
vailed In thote days Dr. Tinley fnl-
IiiwhiI with nn nil.lrekt nn "Ttw. ,-ltv nn.l
i v : ,; .v. . ' . ' .
I 1 ,,', ' l-.rhllie read 1111 . UU
mil the e.
errles were elided with an address h
!ov Whitman.
The (ioiernor did not touch directly
upon the que-il. n of home rule f r New
York, about which there has Irn'
much disciifslon. and allitlotit to which
were made now and then in other
spieuhe.i of the day lie read from the
ordinance by which the limernor's roi ni
ii the Clf- Hail was estalitied, show
ing that Its purpure was to liave a place
where tie people of the clt might meet
the Governor He invited everyhod
'here to do that veiy thing
The procession was reformed In re.
verse order and from then until C,
j o'clock the Onvernnr stood at the table
once used by Oe irge W.ishlugt n and
shoik hands i the guets nied n.ist
, it was the first time In rie.illy a century
that a Governor has held a reception
In the room appointed for that purpose,
Mis Mltchel attended the exercises
' in the afternoon and assisted at the re.
ceptlon with Mis Moes Ta mr Camp.
.bell, M'S Itoheit W de Forest. Mrs
C Del.-ifleld. Mrs
Illch ird
don Sch.-oeder. vtiss i.ou.sa Lie Schuv-
Her, Mrs A nn de Sande Hakhuyzen,
' J,ls! Amie Van Cnrtlandt. Mrs. John D
Van Hiiren and Mrs Schujler Van Hens.
00 jiic vv rote
I A Little Note! I
I AM) no woiick'r! These I iL!
I "Itosr-point" I nit,, d I '
I Xotc-cnrilx ;ire alwrns so ir- j
I resistible. 'I lie initials ;ire L
I stnnipal in pule hue mi
1 w'lrds of piirr-whUc fabric' I
I r.nisli, M cards thnt lit il
E nicelv into J! envelopes, 25c i
I The cnr.W. Hie i ti 1 1 1-1 -! which l il '
I11M such 11 colored (cnthci n ill
Miiil iiiie wears In her lint' 1111.111111! 1
1 B IM'lenl ill the HlHiirl ieiir.u ut our J".
s'tiitluiier) store V
I MllhlolHMhSt. yii'i in .1,1 t, 11
1 1 l,t
Mr Murlella Kerry Olln, member'
if a pr'i.'n ricnt f.imlly In Hlnt'liBriatn,
Ala , hoii sister In the wife of Dr.
U'llliiiin ( Dahney of that city, has
lilnl yii.t tut n ho p. i ratio ii fr.ini Kianli
H. t'lili i stud merrr.nnl, nlUi an nlllce
In 111. Singer Utilising n ml residing at
"! ' Ii c s ule Drlte. clmigliig that lie
has stun I; . cr with a dog whip, pulled
hri' ci h mill ii(i-i mill sii.inUnl her In
tin1 pre'iMire of ,i Coloied servant
it!', ilciilen that he !ia" ln.nn rruel
to hi wife except oti t ie oti'asli.ii whfn
he Mpanlird her. but admltled that
when she came home at H o'clock,
. . , , ,,,,
af- r bring out all night. "I too..
her aerod.i my knee nnd did spank her "
He alleges that his wife has been ad-
dieted to drink almost constantly since
., i ..... , . i.
thty nere married In Wai.hlngton. I
i. oti April 21, On.1, and thai snc left
.ilin and started the separation suit after
I... had her arraigned In ii police court
for a commitment u a habitual alio.
hollo Justice (Irtenbaum denied an ap
plication by Mrs. oiln for JfiO a week
.Million) and JI.OO') counsel fee pending
the triiil.
In her ntlldavlts Mis' Olln nllt'xed that
until seven months ago In r liiiband
liroMilril her "with nervaiit and every
thing to be desired." and gave her
a nimith allowance, but since then she
h.n been compelled to do her own
ji. nn unn
I d ate 'n r., o health' and
M of n highly nervous temperament and
has alw. been accustomed to the help
.. .'. ,.!.., U. 1nr.l helM "
. ..l.l I. lu l..f Cn..M.rn
She say- that she was obliged to sleep
01, a rouoh because her husband placed
a bright light over their bed so he could
r.ud and nmokn until early motnlng
i He his refused to furnish Her Willi i'"'"' n i.r, .nvc.osii. ciu.m em-ainu-euienls,
she said, but sient all hli Bon at the Presbyterian Hospital
HeiKllielh' time amu.lng Mmself and playing golt i "Her condition was such that I or
' t h.. luitiunoille fonntrv Club, , der"d her to the Mirope.m spas." said
olln told the court that he didn't I Or l.-lser "It would have been Im
! take steps to have his wife cured of possible and Is now Impossible for Mrs.
' a coholirn until her relatives and ' Tempest to be unduly affectionate It
' irrUmU had aereed with him that no would do lit i Irreparable Injury "
p,lir ,,, t,-.H(,,, 3 nnd r. A M
The d-fiildant snld he took his wife; the plaintiff. iiNked ,lutlce Delehantv
to Birmingham last fall to be under the lt order Mrs Tempest to lie examined
denervation of h r brother-in-law. Dr. I by a physician designated by the court,
tMbtiev, for e-ker.il months after she . Max' l. Steii. r. counsel for Ilobertson.
ad been bopeb'ly Intoxicated evirv ' characterized It as an "outrageous sug
dav for a month Hlf wife smuggled gestlon,'' but the court derided to grant
u'lilskiv on board the train, he said. J tt on condition that Mih Tempest' phy
....l - .i in. nil nlirht. refusing to pertll.t slclan be nresent Tin. ennrl n.inisil tit-
the porter to mako P the b'lth. Hcri,lfied T ogood. stlng iibstntrlclan
rt.y l Hlrm.ngham helpi ,er. hesa, .
the day they returned to .ew
' Jrlnki nc again and opened
accounts in a number of liquor store-.
She curled bottles of w key home I.
he :rp," """I" ul. ",. ' : '
he, ctockings. Olln sal 1. but he sent,
bad. most of t'e liquor before she
onlltil IIHK It I
could uc It
li.l.nv nnil Ills wile, iiie iimuim. .
.i.ia, i,,t,' m.nl atlldavlts in supiwr!
i. f 'oiln' contention tint the plaintiff
need treitment for alcoholism
. ti
I hllilren tilven In llrs. laue. .
Mrs Kloreii 'e Pectus Magee, daugh -
ter of Dr Frank M Pectus, a Klushliig
rt'CelVell aiinn"l hi i i
mo-itli and the custcviy m ner iwo i.u-
dren. Audrey. 2 enrs ol.i, ami i-oris. n
ve.ir old. from Justice Hl.-xekm.ir In the
A,n. Coutitv Supreme c ourt 5 esterday
Two duvs ago ehe was granted a decree
of divorce from her husband, Helmont
Kurdett Magee. son of Alfred J. Magee,
,, tie -ilthv contractor of Creat Neck.
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tnntits, 17.14 llrondway, tetlflitl before
Supreme Court Justice Dclelianty nnd a
Juty, estenlay that she has been
wrongly licensed In the divorce suit of
Mrn. Uiurien (.' Hobertson against 1-M-
w.itd V. Ilobertson, n leather Importer. .
beciiuse her physlnil rondltlon was such I
that she couldn't Imi gilltty. I
The ti'Ktlliinny of the coreBpondent, i
who Is Uimwn as Mrs. Tempest, although
she said sho never had been married, '
was corroborated by her physician, and I
u'speclallst who examined Mrs. Tempest I
yesterday iiiuler the order or me eouri
reported that there was wine basis for
her contention. Kobertson alo supjiorted
Mrs. Tempest's story that she was not
sl(lv Qf Wrongdoing and told how he
j1BlI ,(lem rour nKitit alone In a vacant
aimrtmetit adjoining that of Mrs. Tern-
M ts. Tempest also succeeded In remov-
,nR ,,, m))r1((m thal Bhe was a core-
H,mlenl In the divorce suit of Mrs.
Mildred O, Uell against .lames K. Hell, a
broker. It. which a decree was granted a
few iponths ago.
Denies line Minnie Klasra.
When Mrs Tempest took the stand
die wiih questioned concerning the testi
mony of detectives, who said they taw
her and Ilobertson exchanging kisses
that lasted a full minute In a wlndow
of the Sonoma. She. denied It, and her
physician, Dr. Oscar M I.ilser. "S3
West Korty-flfth street, was called He
.... , ,, , . ... .
i-'HU 11 ...iM. ,,,,i ... -
f her nervous temperament for
" ';v "U""lt e.1 to one minute
U '"" 'It Ing In window seven
Still leS ul)OV tile. Street
' " J-r that when Mrs Tem-
" "l 'lm seven ers
' t" '" ' an11',xrfm.et nervous
state, due to nn operation that had been
1 When iust.iv l.ane. Ji . eounsel for
, ...esuxerlan Hospital, and the
exatnitiatlou was m ule In Mrs Tern
, . ,fH apartment Mr- Tvnmest was tin
J llWw ,o appear In .ourt H.e the trial
, wa. r..,um.M i(flf.r th. examination, and
u examination anu
counsel said she was In a -late of
MllW HhU It ..I. .........
In her testimony prior to the suspen-
slon of the trial for her examination
Mrs Tempest said she Is president of
i the Mina Tempest Company. Inc., which
! deil iii lingerie and tea gowns, and
h (. on (,(IJ. s, hirf,.r jj,10 )f
' She met Ilnbertson at the Saratoga race
tr.uk nlnilit fournen .vears ago. but he
n-n-i .,' ih-i- iu.. uitih-j mm ftne never
K..-eu mm in w,e ,now or ner apan-
mem o- an. nere
'I have seen Mr Ilnbertson nlmoM
every day for the lust two years when
lie called and had ten with me.
Mrs Tempest "He gut to be a nuisance,
a regular pest, but he was so lonely that
I felt eorrv for him. '
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"Aiv you too III to kiss a man?"
"I am a single woman,'' replied Mrs,
Tempest, "and never have had occasion
to Idss n man In leceiit yearn, not
even Mr. Ilobertson, good friend thnt
he Is."
When HobertHon was called he said
ho hud known Mrs. Tempest for four
teen years and that she was Introduced
to him by his sister. Mrs. Julius Klelsch
iiianti, whose husband knew Mrs. Tem
pest He hadn't sen her for months un
til he met her last Dertmitier at the
Hotel Clarldge with Schiller. She spoke
of wanting to buy fur coat, but said
the kind she wanted was too expensive
Itnbertisoii told her he would Introduce
her to a furrier who had Bold hint goods
at rock bottom prices. As a result of
their talk Mr". Tempest got a $1,000
coat for J600, which was charged to
Ilobertson and sent to Mrs, Tempest
Later he got a check for $600 from
Schlffer, he said.
Itobertnoii'N Story.
In explaining how he happened to
sta.v In the Sonoma apartment between
Ma 7 and 10 last, as a result of which
the divorce suit was started, Robertson
"dome time prior to May 7 I was
being followed by detectives. It dl
turbed me to such an extent that I
couldn't keep my mind on my business
and I was In gie.it ngony. One nlghl
1 told my wife I was being Mlowed
and asked If she could suggest who
would have any reason to have me fol
lowed. She Insisted that she knew noth
ing about It and demanded herself to
know who was enougn Interested In mi
to do such a thing.
"My wife went to Arverne on May 7
to TtU her mother. I concluded that sh
vv.it planing to give me an opportunity
to do some act which her detectives
could report to her ami use as the
basis for a divorce suit.
"I knew there was a fuml.-'hed apart
ment adjoining that or Mrs Tempest In
the Sonoma which was unoccupied and
T decided to go there and remain for
four da.vs so nothing could possibly
happen which might be used against
me 1 remained alone In the apartment
during this time, and was guilty of
no Improper conduct with Mrs. Tem
pest or atij one ele "
The trial will continue to-day.
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