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War's Fint Anniversary
A review dt the murder of the Archduke In
Sarajevo on June a 8, 1914, that precipi.
tated the great conflict. In to-day's
SUN. Page 1. Section 5.
Fair to-day and to-morrow; light varia
ble winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 75; lowest, 62.
Dotallcd we nther. mall and marine report" on pago 17.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 1915. CnpyrliiM, 1U15, by the f mi Printing and Publishing Aaoclnllnn.
Tillistas Make. Appeal to U.
SSn.v Ex-Dictator Plots
to Uesmne Ilulc.
Plan Is Said to He to Take
Over Villa Forces ami
Crush Carranza.
rton Sent to Yucatan
Because of Unsettled
Conditions There.
WasmsoTON, June 2i5. Thnt Vic-
torlano lluerta and icvcrai or ins oia ,
followers are organising with a view
to retaining ascendency In Mexico wns
the charge mide hero to-night by tho
rsprefentatlves of both Villa and Car
jni.i It was asserted that six of
Kuerta's eld military leaders, accom
rsnled by other of his followers, nro
row en route to Kl Taso. where. It is
Mid, thr new movement Is to bo or- j
nnlied and launched. Knrlque C. Llo-1
rente, the Villa nKent In this city, an- J
no'jnced that the ntcency had heard that
lluerta himself a on his way to El
So Ilrmly convinced was tho ilia i
a?ent that a conspiracy Is about to bo
hunched to restore the lluerta regime ,
that he called the matter to the atlen-
o of the State Department and laid I
bffore the I'nlted States otliclals nil the
information tin had.
It was definitely stated In n telegram
from Kansas City to-nlg.ht that Huerta
hvl passed through there, but
ebred that he was on his way
San Francisco exposition. His
honever. was for Kl Paso.
If the I'nlted Status nuthorltl
convinced that an expedition I
urcintzed on American soil and
Huerta leaders arc gathering at
(or a dash into Mexico they Mndoubt- In the first llaptist Church here before panted by Gov. Harris nnd friends, sur- vlnced. Forney denied, however, strik
ed!)' mill iwt to see that there Is no martlng. Gov. Carlson of Colorado Is rounded by a guard of a dozen officers' Ing his father-in-law with the hammer,
liolatlon of United States laws. to speak nt the meeting. They expect In plain clothcH, left tho Governor's blaming this part of the crime on Mc-
In announcing that he had been nu-
viseu mai a nuinucr 01 promineni jiuer-jaier
t!su were about to assemble on the .
'order, Mr I.loreute said their purpose
was to organizo expeditions against
Juarez and OJInaga "with mt-rcennrlcs"
recruited In that region.
According to Llurente, tho Huertlstns
alwut to reach the border with hostile
'leslcns on Carranza and Villa nre Gen
erals Hrnvo. Kduardo Cuuz, Vicente Cal
lero, Jose ltohles, Victor lluerta, Kn
rlfie C.or.istiela nnd other military
hii-fs accompanied by former members
of the Mexlran Congress who held of
Sc during the Huerta regime. I.loreute
aid that his party had passed through
San Antonio to-day en route from Kan
sas City to Kl Paso.
Conspiracy Churned.
Tha nllmi-l.iir ufn.umd.i, .. Uliiu,1
by Arredondo, head of the Constitution-
l!!lt i, 7unn. tin.A
"Former officers of the Federal nrmy
ire concentrating nt Kl Paso with a
lew to organizing a new movement
uilnst the Constitutionalist Govern
ment. In Mexico and In favor of the re
ictloiurj elements, according to Infor
nation received at tho Constitutionalist
isency to-day.
Gathering at Kl Paso. It Is known ,
h.i ih.. ..i.... .i, t.-..i.,..i i
ii. . l in niiu.ii .
ilimM, v-.ii .nnni nf i.i..
'orcen and drl'vinir that .irmv Into line
or ike old regime This Is tlie plan years and which virtually amounts to .i ' the terminal station, presumably to pre
f Oen. Felipe Angeles and It Ih on his !Uht to a finish between the Anitrlc.tn nt the Oovernor leaving town. In
nitia ne unii as the result of his recent I Federation of I.nbor nnd Interests en-' stead of leaving the automobile nt the
entities In the United States that tho gaged In the building industry heio with station, ns tho followers had expected,
oovenient has been started" ' llr Invested capital of $700,000,000. The Gov, Slaton remained In thn machine
Th Carranza agent expressed the setting for tho struggle was 'all this and the car was speeded up and disap
"Pinion that the attention of the United morning when manufacturers of nr.d peared across tho Mltrhell street via
States Government might well be dl- i dealers. In every description of material . duct, leaving the crowd behind.
cte.l to the present situation with a used for building met and decided to At one time members of the mob tried
mi- to etnrmlnir this leaetlnnnrv move, '''"continue operation of their plants to pull the Governor from hiu machine,
aent in M.sinn leacuonary move untJ nU txiKtUlK atrll,e!i ,n Chicago au The mounted iollce remained In front
From other quarters, however, come '
'tports that the fortes tint sunnorted
'luerta in his Huht on the Constitutional.
eau-e are iettlnir readv to take stena
, a, to alsu.no control in Mexico
Thin activity on tho nart of HiiertlstaM
t ,.--,... ...... ...j .v null ... 1
Olloneis Is undoubtedly Inspired by tho,
tellef mat tlm inability of the Villa and
(.rranza factions to compose their dlf-,
're-ivs as suggested by President Wll-
-11 "pens an opportunity ior mo out
rime to tike hold In Mexico. '
rnperton Kent to Pr,.KTrc.o.
Aioim-r cause for 'concern owr con-!
' raTbaM
.? "...u. l.njl ,nlVK.s.."rn V. "Lii.
auvices receiveo
mzales cut tho wire connecting
"'" with Vera Cruz. Yesterday tho
4 HI, ngeney claimed that Gonzales's
"'i1 ol betn refUbed by Znpiitlstns
"' .u.idi, of Mexico city. I'lillowlug
'it t calnn a desnatch from the
- ... ni.-riuy si.iuns uii vnni.iiin
uteil the Zapatistas nnd WHS In '
- (i.tii-ij, of the capital.
A ri.patri received from Oen. Villa
' ortdiiii'd on Tilrif Pnae.
Z!. m"re ,ro.u,'s for h0 fr,;,V:;' nT V.el.r..H' hV,o, ,t 1 ...A" r'.. . W,,,N"T?N' .JM' ": ' 3' '.. State. . It -Mil also, at the of course Is quite Insufficient. lie ixplalned u, fa,lng that the Al-
W It'Ts ake'nfo'r "S"d That hc ' a lunrtwnallVVln hon At.oruey.Genen.rH office yesterday. ,- So ,00 one hears from gunne.s who .les had succeeded , cutting 01T tho
Ms Oovernmtnt wiH gl'v no ""cou ' aUempt " the life of T. Franklin K,. say they have splendid men who would enemy on the peninsula from their
R"t to Huerta or those In sympathy e ... Schneider, a wealthy contr.n-tor i" be ready to do great things to-morrow, source of supplies. If this Is true and
:th n m if a serious attempt Is made i'.'n their tdints am reotieied Unvrrnor I"rl.e. stnf. business man, by his son-in-law, Thomas
will he able, tho opposing counsel but nt one tlnni their camp lias 11 suffl- Is tlm basis for Chuniilll's distinctly op-
rive?, r,l';'l0Trl.l" ' Xt0re tl,lc'"-' eralse for Georgia and Us people nnd G. For.iey. a aahlngton attorney, for- MWy ( liii(tr mU (io H)llt(.M (oulun. am, b imMW tl.(l,tpwt, , hp Dardanelles, no
'tt'r ,n,1etnQ.,!!.r t WiflTTVTT.TT. Sf! AWTIAT. flTIOWS I', "'"r"1'0" J1 ih"'a. "0...,'".VV.. d- n,C.r, .VuL.i ..11 ww hen,. M, ' ' "by l left Harvard.
absolutely no harness. Then when the doubt the Cabinet Minister will hu Justl-
'rt.m 1 . . ...1 . . t. .1 ...1. i s-mu'h is tin 1 111 nm irii vm 111 11 1 111 1 RU'pr in rnv.in hi, mhvvi 'inn imci uiinii 111 n.' j . n ..... j ii.n -s n..i iiiun nut nioiii iiioi . . .. t. t... .1. n.i.. . .1 1. . 1.... .. , . 1 . .1 ....
in 4 m. 1111.
U ..Mi, , , , , n, ! the Crl mm lu his answer Gov, Slaton said : Mcllenry denies that he had any- .. , , l" 5(.w:nc.i' t, .w,,,. If mey coum on su.e ma, ,ne coaunoi, msu.iuo.i , ....,..,., . ,l(in nf Zolkl.-w and l.embeig. them
fan -nsr 10 Admral Uupei on 11 ec -th ( ) ..Thosc demonstrations you have heard thing to do wltli the attack on Schneider. "!.'.. f "TrV. "W!,J f Hmm-d at forni er tiavernnient was handling the question Hnclile,. where the daughters of ... WIl o Important change, The ene.m
rtl n r, f v,?n,". IbhKidslKd may follow, as the scandal Is do not represent Atlantni they do not He contends that ho hns not been away ,rh,H mlll IPHrKH with using upon of munitions as Intelligently as 110 doubt friend of mine, who are in school there,1 attempted to attack us along the rail
No of. r,l h formation hns been rn. growing hourly. Harsh criminal charges mpieseut Fulton county, nor do they from Washington and that he Is tho ,,mB Krs In Sn-an Merrill's boarding t Is doing It keenly. It Is to the Cnited heard nnd mm ,iZppellu. The raid on! ''"n! nns'-.ot ''" ' "
i 'vyz as n.1 zyx v,ee.u 2 ,w . . i::r TWinru, . r rimark'il,u -AJ -rw r
1st "' "'V, , V rra.rfl 1mn" n"er; ' will he 11 ruling on the hill In chancery one I planned months ago and the first Florence Schneider, which was an event titlilt In past proceedings nnd thn At- people think there would bo good hopn for the boml.aivlnient of Hull, w heie four , night of thn 2Jd we .how back be
.i". .. . '' 1 ini,.!r.o. ".'..'ill. ' asking for .1 receivership of the real vucutlon I have had In n.ir.. In society here, tin. son-in-law has ncted toriiev-Gi-nernrH oflhe Is very uiixlous of looking for nn unlimited supply of lltes and forty Injured weie the casual-' ."'' 1,10 r,V''r temaluder of llm
Zitt ?"v."!!" ,;s,,',.r;:.hL!?t,,i Kj't'i'uJ?. "--'.-r.. '--.-ri"'f- niiio.sp.ib.w,s, .... 0...C.1 -con.. no wr.t.t r ,,r;;,v"z
FIRST -Genersl News
. 12)
tome- 18
. . 6J
SECOND Sporting. Automo
bile!, Ktnneli
THIRD -Art. Drams, Books,
Queries. Chen, Special
Artidet . . . . 3
FOURTH Pictorial Msgaiine and
the War lllmtrated . . I
FIFTH -Special Feature Mags-
tine and Faihioni . . 12
SI X TH Semi-News Atticlei, For
eign, War Features, Re
sorts ..... 3
SEVENTH-Spt6 Features. Real
Estate, Cardens. Poul
try. Schools, Financial,
Problems 8
Total . . . 62
RtcJtri or ntusJtakri uho Jo not re
tttto all of that uctlont ulll tonjer a
fetor on " The Sun" by notljylni the Puk
lleetlon Department el onct by the phone
(2200 Btekrhan) anJ the mhtlnf see
tiom ulll it promptly Joruariei If poi
llonnit for the Snn Frnnrlncn P.- :
position, llr llerlnrrs.
i.-.xiuw (-.- r.. .
Vlctortnnn Huerta passed through Kan-
1 was uiiy ihsi muni Willi rour otner .Mex
1 leans on his was west. Huerta said the
party was koIiik to the San Francisco
iair. Anouier memner, josh itatner,
said he didn't knjow where the General
was going.
Still another member said the party
was going to Kl 1'aso. The Jtock Isl
and train carrying the party goes to
both places. Ilucrta's tickets called for
Kl Paso.
Are you tiolng Into Mexico?" tho
Gcnerat was asked. '
'Vcrtalnly not," he asserted. "I am
golnu to see the fair In California."
"Do you ever expect to go back to
"I can't tell yet," he answered.
Itall Splitter Qnartrt tn llnrmo-1
nUr Tfr ,.lncoln ,.,-.
mount Vzns'ON. N. Y.. June 26. Dr.
Howard H. flussel. founder of the antl-
saloon league and head of the Kin-
coin Legion movement for obtaining a
to arrive in nan rrancisco eptemner 0,
ihhuihs iiicr.iiiKo m iiiiivij uiwim
and cities
Thieves Steal H.OOO Worth
Pass I r Kiprrin Ofllre.
Passaic, N. J June 26. Thlevi
lir.ilin tn In tl.A I .u win. IvViir.s. (rtm
.... .
nanv's onlce early to-day. forced onen
six trunks nnd carried off IS.000 worth 1
of finished silk consigned by Paterson ;
..III. n Vn. Vnrlf n.immli.lnn in1la
The robbers apparently used a small
automobile truck or wiigun to carry
iiwhv the loot, for they left $12,000 worth
nf silks hehlnd. The rnbberv was the 1
boldest here In years. A general alarm
was sent out to police within 200 miles.
The silk was owned by the Central,
Joelson, Hawthorne. Henshnll ft Queen
and Armour Silk companies.
Will Not Operate I'ntll All F.xlst
Ing strikes Are Settled.
rtnnAno .limn 2(i.-Cinltal nnd laliar
. . i
m.iiin- pntered lrto an industr al contest
In Clilcano which Is declared to be the,
most serious the city has knnvn for
"U'"1' .. . , ....
Tne action was n reply to tho t.ar-
Renters' District council ior us refusal, i
,lH expressed In referendum, to submit
" of U '""PUtes which have kept Its
18i00 tiieinbershlp on strike hince April
Three Olttelnls Indicted nnd lllood
ahed Is I'eared.
v.-,..., i,mn ?c chnn-l. ih.
lai'ceny of' public records nnd bonks and
.destroying r'cords to involve otners, tne
(ir!inii Jury tC).llny returned Indictments
"Kalnst Finance Commissioner l.ylo An-
...,iin, ,n,.r,i Aiistri.il,. lm, An.
"..'-""---..--r :'-,":.'
JJAaiUiCi iVAr.w uniiui.li u,
Minister nf War Asrnlnst I'snnl
Celebration at l,nntrphantpa.
fABIH, June 2. si. .xillieran.i. it
tr nf War. nnnounced to.dav thmt
Pasih, June 2A, M, Mllleran.l. Minis-
anniversary of the fall of the Hast He on
July 14 will not be observed by a re-,
view at Longchumps of the, troop of the
Paris garrUon as has boen customary.
had ue-1 niltlluri pledges to abstain, Is to leave ''wed rioters were arrested by the . Forney, it Is said by the police, con- .,,,, T,i..,inv ih. Htatn'u shell fire, but are content with
to tno , Mount Vernon for the Pacific coast 7uly ';' """"'?,?,, ,V. ,' " it,., 8 ' ,rw"BeI '"'' "Wni had been told and believed that age of lives they Inflict on
How . , . . home and sent to the. county Jail. Pistols last n g it. when confronted by hK ,....i.. v..i.u tih 111 in r-hi ..
tlCKCl, 4 wth th rail snl Iter minrtet from ...i..- .1 .... . '. . ... . 1. i r.velin Jesuit I llim was 111 in ni- with their continuous nrtllleri
the Glee Ciub of Wesleynii Cnlverslty In It is said. N., irl:il nf their r:.... Iu. . ' cg anu coui.i ihu 1,0 iro igm into ine
es nre an automobile to bo known n the Lin- a yet been held. Numerous fights also At first Mr. Schneider refused to be- Z " ' Ul1'..' .fi v".1!..
s being coin ater wagon, me route win oe . iVero reported. In somo of which militia- Heve that his son-in-law was the real V- ""Z.. . "" ' ' V. ,,....1.-.. ... oalsia ot Followed I
Y vr:" ""to" Vn Mu;.n meetm, ,,,er.nr 1 2""Tr- .?. "L' ": om here had gone to Kven when, once In a way.
i. U .. .. T iHnr.ln lllnl. ...... . . .. . 1 . . . .. .a. 1 kill t Vtlin ill .iianiiiiituil 1 (JV1
iiuui, 1 uimm ww. w.w .. h. Tiniinpi, null rnr iilm iii'iuin in inn rnnic jnvvii in. ,. .. . -- . -
Tin I n i imn Amur in
ill LMifio UrTlUEi
Militia nnd Police Guard He
tli'iiij? Oovernor of
Wife Coneenls Plans and.
Crowds Watch Station to
TTalt Departure.
Atlanta, Juno 55. With two regl.
mcnls on giiaid from early In the morn
tug until mMnlglit to-day to prevent vlo-
lenrc toward tho retiring Governor John
M. Slaton, the Inauguration ceremonies of .
ov. Nat Harris were held with only
one marrlnR inotnent. Thnt come when
. Mini nunc wn-n
icnt tho great seal
t Oovernor. From j
111 crles'and hisses.
rden Persons, presl-1
II nt.in . nwAn. 1
of ofllre to the new
the Kallery came shrill
Ktaton paused and Oird
dent or the ueorKla Senate, came to his
ell'f. '
I "This Ast.cm.My Is tho Assembly of
, the srre.it Stat of Oeorila." he said.
"which has bacK of It a dltnlty to up-
hold and laws to enforce, and they will!
Tiiere caino loud rlieerlne and from!
,lmt "me 0,1 thvTe waM no mora
, turbance In the Cnpltol, but once tlu'
""-clses were over the bitterness toward
Slaton was more apparent ttian It has
been In days. The crowd Is now bend
ing every effort to prevent the Oovernor
from escaping from Atlanta. It is un
derstood the Governor's baggage has
been checked for New York.
.Mrs. Slaton Coneenls Plan.
The Slaton countiy home was reached
by telephone nt & :J0 to-night and Mrs.
Slaton answered, but she refused to give
any Information aa to when she and the
ex-Governor would leave. Asked If the
ex-Governor would leave to-night, Mrs.
Slaton replied, "We have nothing to sny
now." Mrs. Slaton admitted, however,
that the ex-Governor was preparing to
leave the Htatc.
A battalion of the Fifth Regiment Is
on duty nt the Slaton homo In addition
to county police and deputies. Marllul
law Is strictly enforced.
During the morning there was ron-
Acrowi, .J.
pumolntr station and secure riot tuns
,h'r'. . Th'" WRs ttiwarted by a hurry I
Shortly nfte-r this time twenty-eight al-
private omre ami walked slowly down
.inn v..ipimi sieps.
The nnne.irnniA of tx-ttnv. Slntnn unnn
the stens was the sitnnt for erli-s nf
"Traitor! King of Jews!" and an out-
.... : . ........ . .
Mitchell street. A squadron of mounted
jiollce wheeled Into position behind the
mir. A, Mllnh.ll .l.ol ,. .............
,Vt Mitchell street the automo-
biles turned westward. Tin mounted
police drew their horses across the street
at the corner nnd forniHil a ronton, hnl.l.'
lm. l.m-u ih. fnllnu lni. nriu.,i
ltloter Jumps nn Auto.
As ex-dov. Slaton's car lift tile curb
a man dashed up and attempted to climb
uioii me running uoura. no shook his
linger ln.Gov. Slaton's face nnd shouted
He was quickly seized by a mllltlamm
buret o'" hisses and Jeer's Gov Slaton ohl'" Mr. Schneider this afternoon. tt) avenue, nnd while In this board- iH1s!tlon to nu absolute nicety nnd can Of course there then came the ques- There is a pronounced niovtmcnt In
; walked with measured tep to one of the hiM yl.ung ZyMo "he house and b"e! ng rMume "f l lr, - tlon of hiding up this campaign or go- tho valley of the Omulew and the Orszyo
In two waiting midlines. There he was VXl nient. while the llrltl.h have no longer , Ing on with It has been done. It was rivers. In tho valley of tho first named
I and'aeverafrlendi snllant. Becoming Indignant 'because he One day. so lawyers opposed to Thaw , the munitions In high explosive shells proceeded with, nnd now comes the 1 river the Russians .11 e holding tholr
es Gov. Harris entered the second car. Mr. ''stcd upon caning inn -papa. 1 nrucK -' ";;,,,". "". , toiirdliic house 1 p ; 1 1 ''0,nt or divergence In opinion. Men who own. but in the inner tmy nave iieen
. iiurweii anu several otners got into the ",r . """" '.'" '.' ...... .1 1.1.. jnus witn tne tiermans no longer on nave como back from ih iiani.ineiies ,i,ii,.n mm their noslt 011s and ono oc
crowd. IffiTlS'N lorn h the ptol. hw u
companion proceeded down .Mitchell , plot against me had been hutclud by
street to tho terminal station, followed i him In Washington, llo said that he
. ....
by inouivteii ponce.
Several hundred persons followed on
foot down the several streets leading to
,f the terminal station, and an addl-
tlonnl force of reserves, commanded by
chler Heavers, arrived shortly in an
automobile, in anticipation of arty
The tno automobiles made n detour
case do not represent Georgia was
volciid this afternoon by ex-Gov. Slaton In WiUhlngt.m. tl'-orgn Mcllenry, 11
In nn address delivered ut the luncheon, wnlter formerly employed In Washing
The toastmaster. tho He v. Ashby ton. has been arrcsttd hero In cornice--
Jones, pastor of the First llaptist Church
"r Aunusta, while discussing democracy
lurm-n 10 ni. miu n. )
'OTmt nilKuWM and I Irresponsible
frowd which swept the streets of this
n.gilld not typlf democracy ,,e,,ulns
ilemocriicy s only when 11 the peonlf,
,x. ... W
l"Ple Honest people may differ with
. fwr , take no offence.
'I have nought to perform my duties
as Governor In accordance with the
t nnsiiuilloM oi lite nun,, hiio my lilt I ii
ot omre, i ;ic uovernor miifi warn ins pnm
nlom, guided only by his oath and his
earnest convictions of right nnd wis -
tallied only by his God and his ron
science. He must be willing to make
any sacrifice necessary to perforin his
I duty as he sees It."
mnTnrv m irix r iitist! niliiiiiin unnn nnnmr1
litlBli IU MLL mm
T. F. Schneider, Wealthy Capi
talist, Has Daughter's Hus
band Arrested.
Prisoner Aeeused of Hiring a
Waiter for 8500 to Assist
llim in Crime.
riTTHDtmo, June 21. Thomas O, For- j
ney, nn attorney of Washington, I. C ,
t tinder arrest on the charge of nt- ,
tempting to kill tils father-in-law, T. '
ivanklln Schneider, nlso of Washington,
Schneider has huge real estate Inter-
ts In the capital. ;
Tlie attack, It In alleged, took place,
, Schneider's room In the Anderson (
note, ,.1(rj. Thursday mornlnsr. ,
ij..irc MeJlenrv. who U charued with .
r,tH n jle capital.
bcltiK an accomplice of Forney and who
Is n waltor, I under arr.t In Wnnhlna-
to. ii0t, ,(n are charijed with felo-
n0Vli aMault mid bnttery with Intent to :
um i
Forney was arreste.l at tho homo of
his brother near New Comerstonn. Ohio. '
u. ..... i.r.. i,.r int.. i-i.t n uhi.
. brnnirbt bere late list nlllht
,ited Mcllenry. The lattef. ac-
1 1 ..
lill.Hi..i:.. ...v.....,. ...
cording to Forney's "confession."
,,.1,1 ...nil m viii Mr tsohiirlder. who was
paid lt"J t Kin Mr. Miuiriiur n ""J
to receive 175,000 on an Insurance itollcy
to-day. Forney' wife Is the beneficiary
in a w ill made ""l"1. I
her father, who Is reported to be cr
wealthy and Is the owner of the Uid ,
Vlrslnla candy lu.ps located throughout
the country.
Forney and Mcllemy are alle.iseil to
have attacked Schneider with a hummer ' Clifford,' who has spent mverut ... ... ., .
about 1 o'clock Thursday morning as un)lm.r!l llt hlB ,,, , H1ld to have nfn wl,h thl ,hcV nre "' unable to
Scluielder was entering his hotel riKm. K)iiKht tho Island recently. The Malone ; URe their wonderful guns to the full ex
Schnelder sas he wardel nit the ham- , vices say that Mrs. Thaw and party
ir.er blow and that one of his assailants j ure seeing no one, but are remaining In ten'. As for the British, they have been
dropped a straw hat in getting away. UeeluMon In the woods. (attempting to eke out Russia's scanty
The Hat Identified. I tn Cross to Cnitnda. supplies when they cannot furnish enough
The hat was the first direct clue, and Thaw's wife. It Is said, has for sonm f for their own troops on tho west,
was Identified by Mr. Schneider as one time told friends that now that she Is jjen ju,t back from the front who
which had been worn by Wm son-in-law earning her own living on the stago and I . h talking about and
at. which had been purchased In ffh- Is freo of the Thaws she does not wish Kno "al lne rc talKlng about and
I" " to be connected uither with Thaw'n who within the last ten days have been
The police hnd mane a searcn ior r or- ."-. i.uhi umo u i mo uhu.ii ur iu mo
ncy, but found he had left tho city Thaw crosses nto ( anada-she is said , hat h(( Br(J JuJt
liter they U..covrr,d ''ZrtZeZ Tt'To hotd.n, the.r trenches and sitting under
? rL ' Ol .0 ",IU . Process servers the State will bring her high explore shell fire which their own
'T nha' Slio -,ar tho t'!.''!v" .'. !2L '"A wl" .!" un. are unable to return. They say
..... .. .. .. .-.., Kl.iu ll.ti m.iIau. .'..tiiii Mru A h.i ... n.i.i.,1. ,
Ohio town, the offlcers saw Forney ru: -
Pittsburg. On the way to this city
, Henry.
on cr. t' Forney ,0
it night after his arrest in
1 r
1 "When the
1 'sur '
.mora pun
ii..i "
Atrr hlH "Hack upon his son-in-law
-"r. ncnnniuer sajs me ucinmn ujuh
". V.......' ........ .iV..
tlielT lirlSOner tO police neaiiqU
"- ri rne) as eunjeiieu iu rit.ni
1 WH" l"e"t during the quizzing,
I continued .Mr,
Schneider, "and It la
I probably dun to the way I handled the
young man that lm confessed that h
tvired a man to come here from Wash
inston. D. C.
"I held the muzzle nf n pistol within 1 j
a lew uicnes in ruroey ii-e nun nn.i
.him with a display of seeming snger
! that 1 would shoot him If ho did not
, tell the whole trutn
nerame ncouniiiiea wnn .Mcneiiry wnen
.. f.iin... i-..t,iiim,1 him tn iii-t ns h's
..... ....... .... -
attorney in a ciise oeiom in pourc
pouri. l oiiiej luiii mc .um mil ....
paid $SIU to Mt-IIeiir' before, he en me to
.1....A... V, n . I ..n. .I.a .l..u.l..ud I llr- III., I,,l 11 1 I'lll 1 1 1 1 1 K IIUIII .11 ..till, " ' ' mi. .v.. ....... .- .
SIMIItllh II. M IIVI ,,.- ,Vk...v.
Firney was married to i Schneider's i1Klir lawyer to uciompany a repre
daughter on Deieinber 12, 19H. 11 s wlfo Hclltllvi. f Tlmw , , suinmcr home
s 21 years oni aim lie is j..
They live In the Cairo APirtmeiit. Wash.
Vilii Is In (slf Hft hi' Kl'It lis III t t.
'ii" ' .. 7J u nf rter.re.. own
uiiif- i v.
Forney's MarrUm to Nchiielilcr's
Daughlrr a Noddy Invent.
rfrhni'ldnr has huge real estate Interests
tlon with the alleged crime,
Pollen from Pittsburg nre expected
cie to-night to tak Mcllemy I-.ick 10
Um city to n-wr Jh- charge "fun-
,,, u ,n the atteinpt on tho f,. of Mr.
family are In Waahmglon. but refuse,,
to-night to see 11 WHimper men or to d!s-
..... .1.. 1. ...,...,,.
the law school of the Georgetown t'nl-
versltv In tho clasH of lima and Is also
u graduate of the University of
jnf mirriMKe oi .hi r inreo.'H
Schneider to rorney iook place last i'e-
cemher In the Church of the Ccvennnt,
. ono of the leading Presbyterian churches
here, MIsh Schneider was popular In
olTlclnl toclety nnd umong her attendants , Inquiry disclosed that some time nfter
at the wedding wets daughters nnd hjii the White Plains hearing the whip dls
of men psjnnlnenl In official circles hero. J appeared.
b WirfiUliliUW;
Statu Will .Seek Important
Witness Now in Hetreat in
the Adirondacks.
Prosecution to Ask Dr. Eliot
to Confirm Story of Ex
pulsion. Kvclyn Ncsblt Thaw nnd her little
pun, Rusrll Thaw, two maids nml n
green parrot nil departed from Manhnt- j
tan u few days hko for llio woodland I
ramp of her stage d.tm-lng partner. Jack ,
Clifford, nt Chnteaugny Lake In ihv i
.x.nrnminchs. so .1 w..s .er..e.. ..-.y ,
day l.y Stole officials who during tho
last week at the County Court House ;
1'v.- been opposing Thaw b effortH In '
halieax corpus proctedliiRs before fu-
preme rourt .insure iienurii-Ks mm
Jury to he dlscharsed as ssne.
As to Clifford mid nunf Mrs. niaws
eiitouraKe Hi" Htato Is not particularly
concerned, but Deputy Attornry-Onerat
'Alfred I.. Hecker. who with Deputy At-
lorney-Ueneral FranK K. CooK. reprc-
selltS tllO Htnle ill UlO proceedings, emu
h' Sta, Wn"tH Mrs '
Thaw In Manhattan as a witness nnd
"u amm mu .i.,v........-,
. , . .
"'" e"i"-'- ....... ..... ,
In tho wooiU and have her come bacK
to town.
Krom Malone. N. -V., which is about
twelve miles west of Chateaugay Lake.
,;)Uheq Wl,r( r,.CPiVed last night say-
j jtp, -Velyn Nesblt Thaw, her
' . ' arrVed from New
, 1 III t ill tlrtin . III. r ........ .
... t....1. itlft.tm.,m 'i m t .... 1,11
... , .. iliP,11,lf,,v i,ke last Wednes-
.... Stanford White which the SUM
'ih "
ri ' ",,, arl
Clifford's camp In the woods
Some details of llm States version
of why Thaw left Harvard In 1592
were revealed yesterday. This version
11 ,,hal u.hr" T'."IW J"'".1.. wt'"'
-MnlTrS Xl'Si
Spyvee at 3S North (now Massaehu-
and told his father what had happened,
T1"" matter was hushed up, but Thaw-
. -
When TIiiht I, eft llsrisrd
lie thereupon, says thn Informant,'"1" w l"e nicn is 10 in-
took quatters In Qulncy Hall. About
, . '',. " nlo ,s oul irv Hall
iip.iriment and bent them. New-H of
tills reached Iiesldent Charles W. .
Kliol and I'r Kllot had Thaw sum -
of "abou!0 an""...'"? K.lo Is said
to have given Thaw hl choice of leav-
lug the university by 3 o'clock thnt
tir).hpci ul , a faculty examination.
,.VV), hllN1, pn,V(., t, nry to our
i .. ,,. ...... ,....,,.
r.iiiJ-ii. ii.-ii, ...i.uij ..,...,.. ..-
i.eiierai iieeaer sain yesieniiii. -ami
W( ,.,, ,,, r. ,n introduce
,t n1 ,, i-,.oiiv1h f the pre-ent hear
, through the testimony of Dr. Kliol.
.'lir ti,8 purpose we have retained n
. n .i., i ti,,"
.rl(, prlll)!,0 f j,r KHnfs testimony,
. . . . j. ( l .
x 'l'l-os ng it can no on an eu, ue
snow mat even so nu nai'K as ine eiiriy
''.im Thaw was uflllctcd with an Incur-
able foi m of Insanity. At the offices of
Stauchtlnld A: U-vy, Thaw's counsel, It
X?t"SyZ L!!',h.',enrd1;:
reeled to look after Thaw's interests
when Dr. Kllot Ik asked for his version
of why Thaw was dropped from Hur-
Tiike Test I in ony In Cnoaila,
lb- ts that Thaw showed 11bl10rn1.il
.nilbiiists of t. inpcr while In Jail at
Shr ibrooke. ('.inula, upon learning that
Wllllani Travers .leioinn hnd iiirUril In
.L .'..1 ' .. " .... i
r,1,re!ll.,flllt,,v,., i, si.r,;ke this
....n. r..... n.. ........ . w ...... .,,,.1
,' (.km wi.rd. u (or Governor,
, . I "iX
'., .1 ' "
'""'h .....,n.. ,r.
riiv uniglit release from Matteawan
i...f.,r .mutt.. Knoirt, ,., vi,n piui...
in those days of extravagantly long hat-
pjns Kvclyn Nesblt Thnw ono day piny-
ftuiy pill llin ookwiiiji oil lier OHI Willi
the ivmaru mat "it wouia mane a stun-
mug hatpin, wouldn't It?"
II was thought hiu nnd taken the
whip as 11 sort of souvenir, hut further
British Armv
unvcr wcrman rive, uaya
an American Observer
Gives Details as to Lack of
Shortage of Small Aims and Ammunition
Needed to Follow Up Gains.
An Atiirticun uho hns jutt relumed
Jrom Kngland contributes to Tun HUN
ihr allowing article confulnlii" infor
mation irhlch newspaper correspond-
nts In London have, not been permitted
,0 Jfnrf fJAcp tj cn((g gr (n M( n)n(Jj
reiiardlnu unr conditions ns they nffeet
(;r,(f lMtalni ()nr correspondent lido
lim(fr(oofc f(J tra)m,( lnMar ,orm.
f(o( ,hr(luph thg mn((j (ji4(( rft(f (M
Not since the beginning of the war
has thero been such a feeling of pes
simism In London as during tho last
tlirec or four wetI, At lhe i,0ttom of
reallwllon of the
truth that the shortage of munitions of
war for the Allies Is a fact.
Tho French, with their great ingenuity
nnd quickness of percept on, grasped
thia fact sooner than did the British.
They organised all their industrial re-
sources for the supply of munitions and
, h, ,M1V r,..m .,i... .....i-
skilled worker who could be of use. Rut
that the Germans ore no longer throwing
T 1 T!l 'l T
lK them along to follow up their terrlfio
the wast-
the Ilritlsh
. boinbard-
the Rritlsh
, guns uro able to make a good expen-
,. . i ....
""mu 1,1 U,H Lan
advance and occupy the, German
trenches which have been demolished,
" - very great, for the Ger-
lilans have the rango of their evacuated
the whole sending their Infantry to the
Kure slaughter they always meet with
wnen tney come to nana to hand fighting
. with th. Hrltish nnd Colonial troops
war by attrition Is no longer playing
Met such a butchers' bill upon the Gcr-
" ' ' y " ""'
... ...
It Is not only shells tho Hrltish r.eed
1 but machine guns nnd rifles. Four ma-
' -
mum, not often attained, In the Hrltish
' army. The Oermnns havo twelve. Then
,,B1,,,- 0Ve" mnlnK " PUfrlC,en7 r
'K K""9 hlKh explosive shells to
clear the way for an advance, to make
.. . . ... ...... .
lIml nuvance properly eneciive a great
welffht of men is necessary. As is well
known, the Rritlsh have the men. hut
they are not equipped.
Still Without ItHles.
To this day one meets friends from
' various camps who tell of tens nnd ten
of tl,0U81lIuiB ot men. well trained. In
, , . ,,,, . , . ,
the P'"1' of fO'"""0"- dying to exchange
the monotony or the enmp ror the ac-
tuallty of war, but not yet have they
" " to ' ""so-
lutely essential musketry drill and prac-
tlce at the ranges. They have done
shooting with the Morris tube, but that
harness conies wnnin iwenty-four nours
lno ,",IBt" ru""H"
lo mo front. 1 ney never seem nmo 10
have nuns, ammunition, horses and hnr-
ltH Bn ui tlw Mmi time.
Tlie Into GoMrnii.eut of course fell
' on the question of munitions ns smily
- .
on the question of munitions ns simly
nnd evldeiitly as did the Campbell-Han-
... is....i..,.i ,n..i.i f..i i.oit.r u,.,u.i..,i
, .B -
method wore employed,
I nilrninn nil i' nr.
II. W Thornton, general manager of
the Great Eastern Railway of Kngland.
who Is American born, said tn me soon
after the Lus.tanK disaster
'It has occurred In me that consider
able doubt exists In the United Stales ns
to what ui;cful part the country can
17' C
Sheils and Other Equipment'
play In the, event of hostilities with Ger
many. Now nhlle It would tako a long
time to equip an expeditionary force and
while the American navy might not ba
greatly needed, 011 the other hand tha
United States might be of Incalculable
assistance to tho Allies by mobilising
nnd organizing American Industries for
tho purpose of providing tho Allies with
nn abundant supply of guns, arms, am
munition antl munitions of war.
"Such a ciwrse would bo worth n mill
ion men and would probably result In
I ringing tho war to a much earlier con
clusion than would he the case under
other circumstances. I would regard
such work on tho part of the United
States iw of very much greater valus
than any one can Imagine."
It is well known In London that tha
recent Russian rebuffs have been caused
practically entirely by shortage of muni
tions. So vital Is tho Importance of the
high explosive shell in vat quantities ,
that the Germans themselves, even after I
their greatest victories over the Rus -
slaiw. onco they have driven tho Czar's
forces a short distance from their won
derful railway system, can do no more.
Away from U10 rail they cannot bring
up In time the vast supplies of shells
necessary to follow up their ndvantage.
The fighting ogaln fcocomes man to man.
Tho Russlnnn arn numerous, their cour
age Is proverbial nnd they call a halt
upon tho advunco.
Dardanelles Optnlan.
The Dardanelles Is another question
still very much discussed and still with
out any real facts made public on which
to base a Judgment. Quite well Informed
opinion Is divided Into two camps. Both.
however, aro agreed on this: The Dar
danelles campaign woh undertaken on cla have driven the Austrlana nnd Ger
tho B'.rength of a definite, agreement ! manx back over the Dniester River and
mndo with M. Teplzelos that Greece
would Join In at once. This of course
meant a Greek army on tho spot, tho
Greek Islands acting as basis and a
rapidly victorious forcing of the strait
before the Turks and Germans were
The allied fleet started in nt once, but
M. Venlzelos could not make good. One
of two point of which the allied fleet
; had actually already begun to make use
they had to abandon, Churchill. Fisher
nnj Kitchener are all believed by many
j , tave lleen dtappolBled In cJnZ
this point.
slnco the loss of the Triumph say that
the allied troops In Galllpoll am simply
marooned They arc under lire from
the. landing edge, to th" most advanced
of their somewhat slightly advanced
irencnes. u wouiu ne impossime, mey
say. to withdraw them except nt the
"" n"o"iy rinicuious siaugmer.
... u v.. ..u ... -
ments made at great cost and pushing
their way Inch by Inch at far greater'
, '
ClmrehllPs Outlnilsm
, A;or:;op,,mls,lcvlewrexpres.ed!
In Mr. ( luirchlll s speech when h said,
1 that only a few miles divided the Allies
, i. .,
" u n'i) greainr man aiiyuiuig
j this war has seen, or words tn that ef.
feet. This has been much criticised nnd
the nature of the few miles 1ms been re-
ferred lo as making the difficulties far
greater than would large distances tn
i different conditions.
i Probably the foremost military expert
writing In Kngland. whose name would
... . .
naturally not lm mentioned, said Inst ,
week that It was ahsutd to he downcast
about tho Dardanelles, that tills cam-
IMlKt. was the brightest Miot In the'
whole field of the war and that it would
tuit be n question of months but of
ikmi in inn claim no miiue mat later on
' ..n,........, ...m... ,
jusuij mm.
It Is widely believed In London that
.the reported Illness of the King of,
Greece Is due to an attempt 011 Ms life
. .
- a stab wound
- a stan wound.
There have be-n mom Zeppelin raids
vlC.liy ..undo,, than have
i, r i , Hi., I'mi,.,! ..,i.. ti,.
place lielng tiienlioned
Pri lrshlts I)etroeil,
In addition to tne '.eppeiin itcstroyed
)V vnB w.irueford near Ghent, which
,, o( , 0r. Its nv homo from
i ,h, Norln Hm a,.0Olimefl
for nnother. so much is certain, rnero
Conflux on Second Pago.
Advance on Polish Capital
Socins to lie From All
Sides lint East.
ON 700 3ULEFI01T
Artillery Busy on Xnrow
Line Germans Hring
rp New Krupps.
Hostile Forces, Driven
Across the Stream, Defi
nitely Checked,
ipcciiil Cable Dnpvtch M Tub Sin.
London, Juno 20. Despatches dmll.
1 cate that tho Gennun and Austrian
have become, suddenly active along the
entlro 700 miles of the eastern front.
From the Nlemen to the Hukowtna Una
there are artillery duels, engaeunenU
and even battles. North and south o
tho Vistula, thero seems to be an od.
vanco toward AV.us.iw from nil quar
ters except the east.
Tn addition, a night despatch front
Amsterdam says that several tralnloads
of tho largest tit-Id guns have left Ilcssen,
Oermany, for the Ilzura River tectton of
Poland, where Von Illndenburg's ad
vance of three months ago proved costly
to the Teutons.
In all the engagements leported to
day there is nothing derisive except tha
fact that the Russians in southwest Gall-
are holding them there.
So far as tho operations In Russian
Poland are concrned It Is reported from
' Petrograd that an nrtlllery duel Is in
progress tn the Shivll region, which Is
the base for tho operations against
Artllkrry nt Const.
' ffst of tho Nlemen in the Kovno
1 .... ...
, Wirballcn region nnd 111 tno .unatvi
' marshes there Is n strong emiagement.
1 On the Narcw front. here the ac
' drive a.a.nst Warsaw could 1,,-in.
J artillery is exchanging fire.
their works was eMroed. This is on
tht. line of Field Marshal von Hlndeu-
burg's famous Mszuilin lake clrivo In
South of the Pllltza region the Get-
mnn forces, which hae long neen nor-
,aril around Rial", haw suddenly be.
con, netlve.
Th.ni nre no enK,ieui-'m ifi-'uirn
fr, ,1,. tiiuri River fiont.
r... ...... Muckcnsen's .id vanco guard
Is In contact with the Russian rear guard
"ist of Zolklew and lmberg. Tho pur-
ull,, fi,mic thn lino of the rail-
- ;. ; I(r0lly , 1!(.fsa,lWa.
0fn v(m lh,,,-,, uoops along tha
,,... ..... ,tni to he In dlfllcultlts
Tho fighting still continues around
Iluk.iszowlce. with the Russians on tha
Itnaslnii lllllcliil Report.
Tlie Russian statement n-celved is as
the couise of the night of
June 21 and thn whole- of the fol
lowing diy. In the Shavll region nn
artillery duel proceeded with advin. u
guard etieountcrn on tho front I.ntr-kovo-Popellnry
nnd along the right
bnnU of the Nlemen River. To thn
we.t of the middle Nlitiun tlm i!er
tnnn offensive during the nliflit, be
tween the Kovno-Wlrliallen Railway
and the Ainalva marshes, was ie
pulsed by our tin
On the Narcw fi "lit thn fighting
was contlned to shaip artillery tiring
and local out-O'-t en inters. The
filing was moat violent dining the
night of the 21ft In the district of
the Omulew and Ore v.iihs. After
artillery preparation the Germ.'ins
took tlm offetiKlvo along these rivers,
hut were soon stopped. In this ac
tion wn toiik In the Dinulew sictlon
, ,.tty prl-ineis, hut In the iirzvc Val-
.... ,,r.. r.,reeii to r:e w.iv. Dim
of our works was conipleleH destroyed
"V the ene.io 's amillillatii.g llie.
in t in viKtu .i irotit. souin oi me
, . 1V 1(.a.,.r,i.,v thrlcn
attempted to make ho.idw.i" Willi weak
effectives west of Co. I, ff but
repulsed with great l..es.
. . T, ,,,.. ,,,,,,. , 18 .liivn.
region or .m.ii itnonstnny on tno eve-
, lililg of thn 23d we captured the
remnants of ihe enemy who had
crossed the Dniester, altogether llf-
trCn oiTlcers mid about 700 men. Not
withstanding tnn msnstrous results
or m proing, inn Germans and
, tZX
Dniester by bridges constructed
eouth of Rukaszow.cn, they havhur
previously only crossed niy the vll

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