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Mexican Women in the Revolution.
Youthful member of Carranza's educational
commission to the United States tells
in next Sunday's SUN what they
are doing to keep the lamp
of learning alight.
Fair to-day and to-morrow; moderate
Highest temperature yesterday, 73; lowest, 63.
Detailed weather, nihil nnd mnrlno reports on page U.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, JULY 9, 1915. Copyright, tOS. by the Sun Printing and Pubtlhtna AtocMton.
That Is Hie Fciir Now Hiv
"funling iw Subinaiiiic
bile ride this iifternoon when tho skies
cleared temporarily.
It was the llrst tiny of his vacation,
which began two xveeks ago, that the
President wis unable to Ret at least a
few hours outdoors In the mountain nlr.
The enforced ronflncmetit was utilized
principally hy tho President In consider
ing the neKOIIatlons with (lermany.
Secretary l.nnsliig forwurdeil several
despatches nnd nbo mall supplementing
tho rcixirt of Amb.-utsndor (lenird.
Berlin Ts Expected to Offer
4o ront'essioii ill
Washington, July S. Itased on In
fer nation transmitted through Atnbas
Mdor Ocriinl and press despatches from
perm tho conelulon was leached hero
to.rtjy tint the nolo which ilernmny Is
ntuit to send to the United States con
tiius little or nothing that will satisfy
the views of this (iovernmcnt. regarding
the submarine Issue.
.siiu'O tho Administration has decided
th.it It cannot discuss Informally with
the Herman finvernment certain pio
posuls which seem to represent the limit
ef (leinuny's concessions, tho feclliiK Is
cer.cral In Washington that the situation
will not be niatcilalty linpnned by tho
Herman reply about to be Riven to Mr.
It cannot be said that the Admlnlstra
Ilea Is greatly disappointed at the way
(it-rinitii It espouse Kvprcteil 'ot
l.nlee 'I'll nn Tit-inorrnn .
ItERi.t.v, July s Washington may r
celo the Herman reply to the most re
cent note of President Wilson to-morrow
or on Saturday at the latest.
It will en forth entirely upon the re-
sponslhllty nf the Oeiinan Korean Of-
lice, ns Ambassador James W. (lerarrt
convojed to tho Foreign Office to
day the message that the United States
will not enter Into piellmltinry ncgo
tlatlons i-oticfi nhi t: Its context or sub
ject matter. Outlines have already been
sent to Washington through thu Ameri
can Ambassador.
It Is probable tint the general out
line of the reply will bo conveed to. the
Herman ncwspapeis to.niorrnw, but
NnMonnl I'onco Council Sn.vs
Nino Allied Ships Aro
Coinpliiiiit Allc-rcs Voscls Are
TnuisHHs nnd Vjolnlc
any muiilt.ons of war or other contrn
b.ind goods "
The basis nf the charges seems to
llo In tho assertion by the peace coun
cil that most of these vessels are
"transpoilb" operated by n belligerent
nation. It was contended hero to-night
that none of the vessels Is 11 transport
In the senru In which that term Is used
legally. It Is possible for vessels of
this 1dm! to be In the service of 11 bel
ligerent (lovernmeiit without actually
making them (lovernmeiit shliw classed
as war vessels. This Is believed to bo
the states of all vessels named by the
peace coin ell,
l-'urlhe'inore. It was ponded out that
a ship Is not "operate 1" by a (lovern
meiit In the eyes of the law unless It Is
In command of mi olll'-'r of the Cloy
eminent nd Its crew Is paid by tho
CrusseN Continent After llenrltiK
of Mnrgnii SliniitliiK.
Ti'om.is W. Laniont of J. I. Morgan
A Co. .in I veil In New York yesterday
afler a race against time across the
continent, started as soon as ho heard
the news of the shooting of Mr. Mnr-
nothing will be published here until tho
iifternoon of the day on which It Is ! recently has been active In urging Wis
known the note has been received by the
American (Jn eminent.
Tho .Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilerr
WAKiits-nTov, July S. That not less
than nine shins nre taking on cargoes
of ammunition and other war supplies
nt or near New York city In violation of
II. n ...... I....1W.. !,,. l'nltcil Sillies W.IS 1
..... n ........... ... igan last Saturday.
the charge lodged with Secretary ul i Mr, ,,,, , th nr;irl , tlio
State Kanslnvt to-day by Labor's 1 cnomte. t.oon fret up In the moun
tlonal Peace Council. This Is the or- j ,,,, 1( Kllln.lt, i..,k0. oic. lie
gaiil7.atl.in, headeil by Itcpresenlatlves j,,,,,,,,.,! ,ilo an aulomoblle ns soon as
liuchauan and Fowler nf Illinois, w men ,lf. t c-loirra iti earning news of the
carrying news
shooting icachtd him.1 The ride was a
latlon prohibiting tho exportation "f twelve hour race through the moon-
wnr munlltons. tains, much of It at night.
These so-called peace advocates give jir, l,,imont was headed for the near-
von .lagow, said to-day that his office 1 tho names of the vessels which they say r railroad station, tit Weed, Ore. He
was on .the point of transmitting the note, nre violating tho neutrality of tliejm.nlo his train nnd hurried to Sacra-
United States and they call upon Sec-j mento. Fiom there, on tho Union
the situation has shaped Itself In the last , u n operation
through the regular ehaunels. A few
changes might be made befcie the rep!
was handi'd to Ambassador Uernrd, but
they would take very little time.
While the Minister would not com
ment on the tenor of the note he did
dlctlss the dllllctilty nnd the slowness
with which the negotiations between the
United States and Germany have been
condiictid, ow'ng to the interruption to
till eel cable communication between the
two countries. The Mlnltnr lecallct
that the American newspapers pub
lished on June 1.1 the (termini note re
garding thl cable communication.
"il'Tiuiiiiy pioposeil to pay the ex
penses of restoring the entile and putting
rctary Umsltig for a public investiga
tion by (io eminent ofllelals.
The peace council gives the grounds
on which It bases Its charges, but State
Department ofllelals ami other legal au
thorities were unablo to seo how any of
Pacific's crack train, tho overland Lim
ited, ho travelled Into Chicago and ar
r!cd here yesterday on the Twentieth
Century. Tho trip was made In eighty
four hours.
Mr. limont talked with Mr. .Morgan
' - - 1
Crow of ISO Make Desperate
Efforts to Smother
the Flames.
('apt. Claret Sends "Wireless
Word of Explosion
From Inside.
Copyright American Pre-. AHNoeluibin.
these grounds were applicable In the lover the telephone as soon as ho ar
rived. He said that Mr. Morgan taJKcil
reassuringly about his condition and
cases cited.
The most striking feature of the com
munication Is the evidence It seems to
bear on Its face of belli a move In the
Interest of (lermany. In the llrst place.
. , , ..... i it .i... iiiwii ill.1 I'iij piriuio jtrit'itiitj ti
lit in operation, he said. "We were official Washington was surprised at the .,....', ,. . ,h, .....
few days. Tor several weeks reports . wuiing mat tne rres nient or tne ( mien , .,...,, tlrormatlon pre-ented In resard , , ,,.., ,,, iIr. Morgan 1h i
was most oitliiiistic.
There was no formal statement from
any member trt .1. P. Morgan's fnmlty or
from his ploslclaus tsttrd.iy us to his
is taken
so com
pletely out of danger that no further
. u .... w... .i...iK- lii.tli.-itt.il SUtJes should appoint censors to super- "t"u" """""" ' ,.,
fiom Ilcrlln have repeatedl liulitateii , .,.UM.,,!' , i, i .i.liinients of war munitions.
that no very substantial concessions i u was ,,, thnt uncensored news ! it is believed such Information could i ,'''V.,"t!,.u J.H !,''''"'';;,r:
could obtain an accurate Idea of tho e.pene nnd probably through the cm- nothing further to soy."
exact situation In tho war. ' ploynicnt of secret agents. j
"The United States must know that i . nmrlTIT nT . itmn
lireat llritalii has taken no notice of' Who Puts for Ciiniiialcn t ' Kll. X I U HI . Ul .A N I V
thee proposals. The reason Is not haul I ... . ,.. m- n.humCM VJKLILlU 1 Uflll 1 U
to tlnd. She does not want the people
of neutral countries to be Informed of
the exait situation. She tleslrvs to mould
public i. pinion on the Information she
tt-rtnltw tf, li hotit r.trth.
"The Unitetl States has been mlslii- ' it'usivi- .i ..uii..uh'i.
formed as to (termany's motives. This , I'lirtherinore. several of the argu-
would not have been the caso bad tier- mclltH the complaint arc along lines
similar to those advanced by Uermaii
were to be expected from tho Herman
Nevertheles III the face of these re
torts the hope has persisted here that
the Herman (iovernmcnt would at least
fubnilt something which might furnish
tne basis for further discussion. If tho
1 resent Indications are accurately Inter
;aeted (lermnny Is about to olTer no real
concession, but to propose In fact that
tl.e United States be tho one to yield.
over the
there was
So far as Is known. Mr. lluehatian's
peace council Is not rich. Many heie
are wondering where tho money Is coin
ing from that is making possible so ex-
'"THE Atlnntic Transport liner Minnehaha, which
is now steaming toward Halifax with n fire in
one of her holds caused by nn explosion of supposed
incendiury origin. The photograph was taken Sun
dny afternoon (July 1) when the steamship was
leaving her New York pier laden with munitions.
Atlantic Transport Vessel
Expected to Ueach Tort
Safely To-day.
Anton von Mings, Once in
Asylum, llenews Effort to
Sec Financier.
many bei-n able to present her case to
the world in the same way as the other
count! lis."
The WnshlHUtiiii View.
The prospect, as now viewed by Wash
Ir.iton olllclals. Is therefore that the
United States will bu compelled for the.
btond time to Inform tiermany that she A U U UK T MA IN MK
h..s not met this tloxcrn.neut on ,h,(ttnnil31 HlftUEl TUU
principles Involved nnd to demand for;
tin. thlld time reparation for paal of- '
fin-fa and assurances for the fiituio
Irtedoiu ot Amcricnii life and piopcity i
from the menace of Herman subm.uine. ' ,(W ri.jni(1 , ,jS).s0( ,v
i Illations.
Thin far from satisfactory outlook,
boweer. Is not itgardtd as foreshadow
ing a break between the two (Jovern
menU. Ofllelals see no teasoii why n
rupture should follow merely because,
liiiinany's proposals now seem certain
to be i ejected, l'rovlded theio la no
furthir wanton attack on American Ufa
r the American Hag It Is bcllevtd that
council makes against stcnmshlps load
ing nt the nofl of .N'cw York liivlola-
ui'o of ii .Man to Share in
Buried Treasure.
llKni'ORD. Ia.. July S. With the arrest
to-day of Kates Huntsman, aged TO, on
a charge of murder is revealed a re
mnrknblo case of burled treasure, coun-
t discussion of the Issue may continue tcrfeltlng and double murder.
inilttinltely. I Huntsman was locked up without
ti n until the end ot tho wai Is le-
carded as within the i.tnge of possl- 1 Tuesday. It is charged that ho and
l..ity provided always that there In no ' others In 180S murdered a wealthy
tepellllon of such a disaster as the I.utl- 1 Btocknin timl n)H ilt,it. i0y, r0,tetl the
l.inuV OtllalH here do not fcel that fornkii. of ljnMm thrfw th(j ,)0()eH
ili-re are tlio charKs which the piacc
tlon of the neutrality laws"
I The steamship City of Chicago,
' now at I'ler '.'. North Itlver. New
i York. Is a transport In the service of
the IlrltlMi (iovernmeni nun it imom
ti sail for Swansea, Waled, with a
cargo of ammunition for the llrltlsh
(!o eminent.
a The steamhlp Lord Hrne Is
about to sail from I'ler St. Hudson
lllver. New York, Itli a cargo of am
munition, automobiles and other war
supplies Intended for the Hrltlsh nnd
French (iovernmcnts. This steamship
Is a transport In the service of thu
llrltlsh and French (loxernments.
;i The steamship .Massiirian. now .it
the Hush dock, port of New York. Is
being fitted up with accommodations
for 1.50H horses, the same to be
shipped from Newport News, Va.. to
; Carnegie and Other Coiniianies
Have Orders Booked Ahead
for Jinny Months.
Taiirytown, N. Y .Ttlly S. John P.
Hockefeller celebrated his seventy-sixth
birthday at his home In 1'ocantleo Hills
in ii way unusual for him mi such nn
occasion, the only Interesting Incident
being a visit from Anton von Mings,
who came all the way from Chicago
with a birthday cako for the tlnaiieler.
Von Mings whs much disappointed after
his lonir Journey becuuse he could not
eet to se-Mr. Irortwfellcr nntfawlver
riTTsi.ru.), July 5. wmi ortiers he cak0 ,M pcrson
booked ahead for in'iny months, tne (.ar- JIr itocicfeuer has been greatly ills
t.egle Steel Company, tho Jones turbetl since the shooting of J. 1'. Mor
Uiughlln Compin. the National Tube j uIl(, lle,.auSB of it 1)e rancelled his
Works and tho llepubllc Iron and Steel tr,p o clevc)HIlu aI1(l 0ioed bis grounds
Company are now operating their plants I j1(!Mti jr Hockefeller chose to lock him
at full capacity for the llrst time in more jsr( U, ,iH 10mo to-day because ho
th in ( ear feared some crank might iippear, and
This statement was made here to-day '
by a prominent steel man who Is In a ( rVl.(1 woril WIl8 beMl tu tlu guards to
Letters Indicate His Culture, but Other Documents Show
Him in Different Light More Dynamite Traced,
but Mystery of Suicide Deepens.
Almost too letters which Frank Holt,
who placed a bomb In thu Caplt. 1 at
Washington, attacked J, 1'. Morgan,
planned the destruction of an ocean
liner and finally ended his own life In
the Mlneol.i, 1,. 1., Jail, received In the
nine years between the spring of 1901
and last month, when he left Cornell
pression that they believed Holt was I
without I'Olillil.inlK. but It was obvious 1
that their efforts were being directed to I
pioxc tli.it such was not the case. j
tine or two slender clues on nlil;hl
they had pinned some faith piove.l to!
lie worthless. It was believed that Holt
paid for the dnamlto puichascd from
the Aetna i:p!olvis Company of
Hector strict by check, and tliat by track
ing this check the person who lutrodueeii
Holt at a bank could be found and could
fuinlsli Information of value. Ho.:
made the pametit by an express inonej
War Material Aboard
The war munitions and materials
on board the .Minnehaha include the
2,sno cases loaded shrapnel shells.
1.72J cases loaded cartridges.
l.oOd cases euditc.
1.100 caes trinitrotoluol. (This Is
a chemical of great force, which goes
Into high explosives.)
,M cises rltks.
Sr. caes empty piojectlles.
4 cases tircanns.
3,001 plate sielter.
SMI cass and bundles bras rods
and sheets.
U'j motor truck.
1 in. tor ambulance.
i'ipt h trsc s.
1 cases auto parts.
lO" cans magnetos.
f, i.ihcs fue.
.i bundles copper wire.
.". I plates zinc.
in eia'es nlr glint.
University for his summer vacation, arc
now In the possession of the New Yoik 'lolt, .1 could be found nnd could M,'X. X. S.. Jul s The port
luimsn iniormatiou oi value, no.: llllirl,., , , ,,. MeninOilp
P1-"10- nude the pametit by an express inonej
They were Included In the Cornell order. nilnm liiilm to rome to uny of the dock..
iMtrnelnr' eiTprls selie.1 bv the Ithaca nut on iireininl nf the lire III her holil.
noilee afler Holt's arrest and were sent' M", " "Vrn I Mil l.teai.e If. the belief that part of
here at the request of Commissioner i Two hundred of the ISO s.s it her cargo rnnM. of epbilra.
Woods Thev were received vesterday 'iV-'".""' w'1'1''1 "l'I'eared to be niis-imr T l,.,ar.l oflltlal.. the port nfllrers
noons. int wire rcceitu )tso'i I .Mlnesday night were n. -counted fori ...
atfenuon. and C.tpt. Tunney of tlio dc- ' jesterday, when the .Ktua i:i.los.ves agent, of the line In which the
tectlie department and (3uy Scull, secrc-. Company Informed the police that it h.. I j Mlnni lialia lii lmig. conferred on the
tan to the Commlfsloner. spent several an., i.gr I that the .HI,,
hours in their P-nisal. About half had h)r "j! ''S'"" I'1' " .ra..llne lu
been cxamlnttl last night. ! r,a .r cent., the company's lecor.N ' harlmr In-tween Cliehnrto lleuil r-
According to Information glxcn out show, so there l every reaon to beln-v.- , (ieurgr. I.lainl. 'I lie .teaiuer is
pi-i'ted at n o'clock In the mnrnlnr.
It I. Indicted the lire I. under control.
! that the dynaniltc foifnd In Holt s tiunk
u, ...u .....r. ... .v..... n (i st(1I.act, wm(.j,u W!IM ., ,,art 0f
uArn rr.,1 uprf soniethllli; nf a lltsan .1 -..1 I
nositlon to know the trade situation at , p., ,m the aleit. n-K....i. ....... ,i f,, .-. i ...,i. , J
I each o, ,he big plants. Vol. Mings, who Is CO years obi. car- ' . . . ' ' .;, . " con -A , u .
To the i:uiopean war creillt tor tne rled his cuke III a Pox tnree ieei niguie" wee ....u ; . .. ,
improvement In the steel lui'lne-a is He also brought u hnnilbag with him, , Ktlch Muenter, wife of a Harvard In-1 ,,r,,)(", 7,, ",,t ,,,,. '
1 gl en by this authority. and tills was searched by detectives, but ,ructor they contain no reference to ' n' was said last night at l'oll.e He.id
! "Suel men as a rule, while they hoped only articles uf apparel were found In ' T, f,,n.,rr filen.ls of uuarlers that il.iv. Wbliinim after Ills
once' maie. w. re not sanguine of any home In a taxlcab and was met lit the j Muenter. who disappeared Immediately
such lesult until th protective tariff on gate by Daniel Lawrence, a guard, who after the killing of his wife, assert ta.it
An explosion occurred nlioald the At
lantic Transport I,lne steamship Mlnne
bah i on Wednesday, the day on which
Frank Holt, assail, mt of J. 1' Morgan,
had fori cast that a steamer should sink,
"Hod willing." Fire followed the t xpln-
Sllippe.1 null. j . ..v,,. ..... . - ,m 11 i.-i-i.iv i.n.ii .." .tu.,vun ....... h".-. r,-..-.. ..
Franco for delivery to mllltnry lines ( steel was restored." he said. "All this diplomatically got I1I111 to leave the cake Holt was none other than t. e .nctise.i
of Iho llrltlsh and French ilovern
inents. This ship Is .1 transport In tlio
service of thu French and llrltlsh
4 The steamship Venecle has left
New Yoik for Norfolk. Vu to tnko
on u shipment of horses for France,
In which .1 break with (lermany Is tne into an oui wen. iiiu anenen inur-1 This vessel Is a transport in tne ser
only alternative to her acceptance of rtcrers then burled the 90,000 and It Is vice of the Itrltlth and French Oov-
llie Mews of thu United htates. .through the revealing of this wealth eiumems,
.lwinsuctVonsrVanVr-tho Is- ' "' "
lilmt has ordered sent to Ambassador j Warrants were also Issued for Hank
nir.trd tegatdlng the response that the , palncotc and Samuel and Henry Scrlb-.
laiter should mako to tho statement of charged with the same crime as!
c . that Mr. CJetard will not be au-I arrested. The others who are believed
to have been associated with these men
tti- rlzed to discuss at tho Foreign Ul
ih.c the (iernian propositions in advance ; atc jea,,
1. 1 tneir neing iccciveu in tne imm ui
note from tiermany.
To Itefrlllll From ltrnillflies,
In view of the fact that the Herman
Huntsman wns arretted after an In.
vestlgation by Assistant Attorney-Cen
eral A. Itobblns. I
It was through Samuel Anderson of
I.Mcas, Iowa, that the story came to ;
1'oielKti Oltlco did not speollically ask ' light. Anderson consulted Attorney W. ,
fie United States to give Its opinion w. Ilulman of Charlton relative to ,
of the proposals, It Is felt here that the starling civil suit against thiee of the
lnoie dellcito anil courteous couimi mentioned men, alleging that twelve
would bo to refrain from bluntly Inform- years ago he was empKjed by them to
.ns (lermany that this Government will 'dig for tieasure which had been bulled (
1.0! dlsciibs the ptoosils in advance otlon 11 farm near Slam. Iowa, at that
the note. Thus the Herman (iovernmcnt 1 time occupied by his parent. .
i not be put In tho sjsItlon of being He was to have 11 fourth of the wealth,
it buffed In its advances. j He said that he had uncovered It, but
t'lie suggestion in.ido here to-day was ! that Immediately he had been dilvtn
t .a tho (iernian (lovernmeiit is at- lawny at the point of a gun nnd that he.
timpt nig to conduct Itb preliminary ! had not received his share of JOO.ODO. !
ntiiouatlons with the mass of tho , in possession of these facts, Attorney
Aiuericuii people through the press in- Ilulman sturted an Investigation which 1
t - i.l of with the (Jovcinment. I resulted in uncovering the double mur-I
fno circumstantial, convincing and (Cr in 1S6S and the fact that It was
i ..irently authorized foncaat of tho 1 supposedly committed by counterfeiters.
(! man note, published in despatches j e laid his facts before Attorney-tJen-I
m Herlin, might, according to this 1 t.rai Cossnn, who detailed men, and tho
t ie ,r- have been given to American nriests of to-day followed. According to
ircumudents merely for the purp50 the story, plans were made Immediately
(' ..muling out public opinion aim ,vi- ufter the muttler snowins tne
5- The steamship Virginia, now load
ing horses itt Yonkcrs for France. Ik a
transport in the service of the Kugllsh
and French (luveruments.
(I The steamship Jethon. now at
I'lers 3'i and ST. Hudson Itlver. New
York, Is taking on war supplies for
Havre, France. This vessel is a trans
port In the service of thu Hngllsh and
French (loverumeutH,
7 The steamship Pascal, now at
I'ler SU, Hudson Hler. New York, Is
loading with ammunition and war sup
plies) for the llrltlsh (Jovcinment and
Is n transport In thu service of tho
llrltlsh (Iovernmcnt.
H The steiunshlp Lapland, at I'ler
CO, North Itlvtr, New York, Is now
taking on u cargo of gun carriages
and other war supplies Intended for
thu llrltlsh (loverunient In violation
of the Federal statuto as well ns of
International law.
II Tho steamship Toronto, now- nt
I'ler 'i. North Itlver, New York, Is
taking on u load of ammunition au.l
other war supplies Intended for tho
llrltlsh (joveriunent.
i In.leels'mi has now given way in the I with him for delivery to Mr. Hockefeller. Ilurviird tcacner. even tne e.irne-i ui 1.
face of a certainty that the steel Industry Von Mings objected at llrst, sa ing no letters, iiaieu 111 .ioi. '
is entering an ,ra of prosperity such as 1 wnnted to sec .Mr. Hockefeller and dussed in the name of Holt,
this country ha never before, known. wanted to go to the limine, to tlx up . i..i..
"The one discordant note In the com- parts of the cako which had been broken umtelliui of loleuit.
Ins prosperity for the steel manufac- In transit. He llnnlly agreed to leave; , ,, 0f the letters lias been found
turer, however, is the tlue.itened short- the c.tlfe, but then insisted on seeing thf kiRlt,.,t suggestion that their ic
age of tabor owing to the ret 111 11 of Hllzabeth. ilr. Itocke feller's daughter, pipm wah intcicsted In murder, other
thousands of foreign born laborers to who, he said, was his sweetheart. When . . vlolenci or (iernian propaganda.
... 1- 1 1- .. ....i.l i m ..-.tu .,..t .it I '.....ml ien Hills brt ' . . . . 1
...... ..... - - jM ,1)e none 01 uiscoeriuK "
I left Ills picture, name and address. . .. . ....,',.,,.,. ,, pohec examined
Von Mings, niucli ilejccteii. men re- 1 rnrresnomlence of must ret cut date
return to Albany csterday bad re-
iUesieil the Iilsirlct Attorney of Nassau I
n ull , ion. II- ...II "11 li e . ...1 suie. ..- , , , .) lllll'lia llH , which h.1S Oil
I he tiovemor. It was Intimated, wanted
to know all about the conduct of tn,. I board l.,.no tons of war munitlnns and
J.i i 1 mid the duties of all olficinls, from ' foodstuffs for Iho Allies, but no passen
gers, has tinned back and is making her
their li.itlvo lands.'
the She! Iff down to the keepers I
I.,..- I, ...... ,. I. ...... I...-...I.' ll,.lfu
guard In the Mlneol.i j.ul last Tile. day ! ll,st '',""1 toward Halifax, while her
night when Holt killed himself, tefu-es I crew Is woiklng lo keep the tire from
to subscribe to the account of Hie .-ir- I reaching the caigo of high explosives,
ounistunces of Holt's death which :s 1 .. . , , . , .
put forwai.l by District Attorney Lewis I '-M'-rlenc i.ivlgators hn., last
.1 Smith. Coroner Waller It Jones and j nlsht s.ild the liner should reach Hall
Warden William Hul-e ; faN some time this moriiln.- if her snee.l
who was found nt bis home in I , , . . ,. ... ... ,.
lung, told 11 new " "' "J ' '
1 ill the Jail. 1 "o o-'.v inionii.itlon lec-'lveii nt the
mouieut of'ollle. s of the International Mercantilo
. . I ...I..-., I.u t.'-.u veil..,, In..' ll..l,.u .1.. .,1. n.,,1 L(,l.k...,ll...,,l,. .. ..., ....... ..... ...
"t, ," nSJ'' l,u said he wis a Inker . h we e undated It was evident that ,hc mat.er of tact and pineal statements! I" '" '-' ' "" ' "
V n .J i 1.1 : 'ksmlth nvide tit c ike 1 he was In Texas anil one apparently , made by ids ofllcial supe.iors. !y,, less ,. spat.-hes from Capt. Claret of Ihe
I? 1..vh hl "lm when he at the Unl-1 '' " ": emphatically. Hint Minn. haha. The llrst of these des-
l'obev street Chicago. He safd he ' virslty of Oklahoma. 1 hi bellevis Holt shot himself, that lie Iutt.h,., ilK r,,-eeil late ,m Wednes-
v.V.ll.n.1 here from Chicago two ears Hut ir 111 corifspoinieme si. win never neiieve 11011 oiiiiiiiue.i sin.
MBO tu Jo Mr ltoc 11 '" "f '' 1,roa'1 ,ult,,rt; 'r,Ay ' l,llK' hy fl1'"' '"" ""lf
been sent to the Insane asylum at Interested In the highest forms of llt.-ra-. ot the cell block.
w here lie renia neii lor lure, a in.ir- . .......n-- -
FN PPAPP ,m mh'B". n"lll ' , . . , the correspondence of must r.-ieut date itjan. who was found nt
bN PtAOE ,llrile,i , ,. depot. He lett for (.hlcago YjjJVj lhul uf , JPilr .ls. v;l-,.y stri..lnl. last evemns'
U"J!U' " :,"J ,ra'":1 ,, i,,i, i.i' Holt tireserved few of the envelopes story about what happenc.
Ki.tl Willi I The cake was three stories high. Iced fJ;, , tht. ,elt,.r.,. so It Is in.posslble , Tuesday mght at the
i with figures and I er ai.d I 'V::'' ! t det". mine where he was when they , Holt's death nnd sub.eue
Cites llnulli- Ciiiii entli.iis.
have been using the docks ot th White ' tiot directly connccle.l
; .Indue Sn War Will
1 t in-xpeeted (( nlcl. ness.
San Fiiancikco, July s. Judge '.. H.
j (!ary, who so accurately predicted last
fall tlie duration and cost of the war,
to dale, told the Commercl il Club at a ',
dinner to-day that peace would poire
with unexpected nulckness, bringing
A.l......l . l. ! -.. .1 .. ..... I..
.S,,;tH... ,,Z months.' I Included In ills tiles revealed a man of , Sure nt mi lliiiln.
"The end may not come Immediately." : At Mr. Itockefeller's home to-night It , a far uinereiu n.i .n-i. ,.j h U( m.v,.,. that Holt i
he said, "but it will come much sooner Wns said that he had spent the day In Most of the clippings aro from liostnn i juml,t.(1 to ,.M and that In- did not
than expected by many. Inclining some I reading and had not played golf or or Chicago newspapers. .several ex- us(i ,( (Mol . (() JM JU;ili, ,.,
of those who are most actively par. . United Hut workers at his new lake. cerpts from , newspapers of Hie two ctt es . u i) ,V(i. w cnvln,.,.,i t)i:lt the nol.o
tlclpatlng. Tliere was no special birthday dinner. : .ill Identical dates a e. I . j! "a t ut- , hti.inl umi , uaB o(t i)f (lu, 001T,,lor
Theio Is pi oof that all countries u received many telegrams ot congrai- , tins,s r. i. " """ m" "' i for a moment or two was not the sound
Involved deeply regret U.o war was , ulatlon. ! rm'kr,r -.in Holt i 'rll,,' H,lu """
ever started. They are Hearing ex. ,tw.lK ,,,, to-day that Join, I. "'l f'f '.'!1.he0of T'k"r's Hf" u,o are trying to put It up lo me. trying to At'l-:Hil I'. M. csterdav the second
haustlon. They ate sick at heart. We Koekcfeller, Jr.. and bis family w II go owed ti e cm se of Tiickir , lm. ,esponsible for caieb ssness. . " ... 5 , eu"ia
'shall at no distant day see peace se. , Scal Harbor, Me., onjuiy la ami inai m-' ""'" ,....;.,o preTuoUe !,;; I'm not going to make an accusation at " " '",t'- y
! urtd. I Mr. Hockefeller will leave for Cleveland , I !! ' -i i itl t h 1 rU tJocl lesi lil cxet'u- this time, but the truth will come out. of Cape Itace, Newfu.,.llai.d .
I "There will bo a permanent tribunal between tlio F.'th and lath. , ,,,', j perhaps, when this stir N all over. i "Fin. caused bv explosion. Now con
or the adjudication by arbitration of The cuku was destroyed, so tlie guards , '"" , ... .. ... . ... ' "vvi,,.,, i f,m,i ii.iIi'm liotlx I w as llrst I . ......... .... ..
.. . '. . 'mi ,, .1 .llfferenees nnd the en. IK " -". f'"l' "'""'-. 'T I i..,., ...... if ' ............. in. si.-.,.. .,..
The Peace council u.so c narges that " rlt" V, V. .VU i,v iho nations , .V .miv K.-Frlends of Anton """"I"" il "ansas wty ',' i.u.. .!..... ..... ...i .'. . .....i ...i ...i ,i,.. smoke in holds.
e Hrlllsn anil i-rencn liovernnieiin ; , , ... V . .j. t...i.....i i.v to a Chicago newnpajier, in which u was
day night and was inade pul.ll.i at !':30
o'clock ester.l.iy morning. This no istgu
lead :
'.Minnehaha proceeding toward Hall
fax. Fire In No. S hold. Not eerlouf at
pMSent. Will keep you Informed of po
sition. At .":3lt 1". M.. 7th Inst., 570
miles southeast of Halifax."
Star and Faber lines to store for ship
ment on - their transports "explosives,
ammunition, submarines nnd aero
planes." It cites several articles from
the Hague conventions In support uf
their charge, but State Department offl
I "Throughout our land we aro lo have
Industrial peace, and as a cnnse.iience
gieater prosperity than ever before."
Hm muiiloi' Hlinw lie the f-xaet
.-.nation opinion In this country. whereabouts of the burled money, but i ,,., ..llllten'.leii to-night that nono of
s known that thu oermans nave ,, nlans were destroyed In it I re wh ch .i ..i.. iu ,.iin..i.i..
.... ,, . I.... .l.n, ' . , a .U . I""" VI.I.HWIICT .o " ...
!. nee .,ii iiij.ui. icBimMiiwii 1 consUtUetl mu uuuse ui one ui tne men
weie ile.tlliig with a divided coun-1 ow ,)ead. '
1'iess dUctiMlons of their pio- j
,s ::Z0lS: "AC; drop brandy and whiskey.
s tiovernment itself might be likely ,
l SelenllNls liar IntoxleiiiiU From
ItlU.V Ol tills LUIIIIIieiii. I, ,e u'
tn ,
I might give the (lermaus a cine.
who insr It would lie wise to sub
it note the proisisals outlined or
.cr it would be better to modify
subsutule others,
the other hand It became known
th t theio Is a striking reseni.
iKiween forecastH published to
il d the matter given to Ambtssa.
I-1 ard Fiom this fact the conclii
s it ached that what has been
' il.. I icully represents whut Is to
Hie Herman it-ply.
I'll.! peacu advocates summed up their
case In this way;
"Calling your attention to theso sec
tions of the treaties now In force, we
beg leavu to enumerate thu following
"First, a private merchant ship of a
belligerent country or n private mer
chant ship of our country cannot load
at our ports 'a submarine or component
.Next I', S. I'liiirmnoiipii'lii.
Wauhis-oton-. July S. The dry-wet
tlg-ht has made Its appearance In a new , I" c mm.hnnt ships cannot
riuaitcr. Afler u long struggle It has I ,m(, ur t..u.ry hydroaeroplanes or torn
been decided to drop "whiskey" nnd punent parts thereof, whether they are
bratidi" from the next Issue of the pioeiie.i men ....i. ...t-i u .i.,,n
United States pharmacopicla, which Is
the acknowledged ofllcial and standard
list of drugs. Tiuoiigh this action wills-
Uoyil (it(ii'fr I-cnvos Liiiuloii
Kpoislnitimi Hill in
Third Hemliii";.
""In Keeps Him Indoors mill He
Mmlles (ierniiiii Munition.
v "ii 'i . July k. Italn and Intel
1 an .nrH kept I'lcslileut Wilson
" to-d.iy Ho did not get outsldo
.lid. i llouso n slnglu inoiucnt,
..-,a ho almost braved an uulomu-
Sircml Cntilt IfnMfrA to Tin: Si w
n.iiteil on such vessels ns n hart of the 1 I.onpon, July Iho Minister of Mu-
cargo. nltlons, David Lloyd Oenrge, left London
"Thlr.l, If the liellmarent country's tn)t f) ., wllPro ., ,.onfpr
vessel, though owned n prlvato tner- ' ' ., ., , . ,
. .. .. -.. .'. '.. . ...lili M. 'rliiimas. tin. reeenllv iitinolnleil
, i ..,.l.. ...1,1 u... I,, hnvn lost ' cnilimiiei. lias iieuil -..itlieieu or l t-K s- , - - -
""" '" teied by ruch (loverunient or otherwise ' I'mler S.-cielury of Mate, ror .Munitions.
their standing as "drugs." ,,, cVe., , ,,ait umiir tlie control of 1 ,u, btntcil befoiu he departed :
Home fe.,r h. been .,, lPUVe Knglaud with the profound
. u.u Ihnl IhlM I.I1I11 tlllllllll I11I1V H1.1KI. it ..
Alio. July s. i- rieniis tu .iiiuu i
ion Mings, who took a cake naKt.-ii uy
lilniself to Tarrytown, N. Y.. and at
tempted to present It to John D. Hocke
feller as n birthday token, say the man
Is obsessed with two Ideas that he is a
son-in-law of Mr. Hockefeller, and that
he is an unusually line linker. Other
wise ho Is MHseitetl to be harmlcfcS,
According to his Chicago associates,
Vou Mings many times repeated a story
that hn had saved Mr. Hockefeller $:!'..
000,000, He works steadily and Is not
Deem It expedient
or using the vessel in
Impossible f..r drug stoics nner janti- ; f(,Hlvl., n,ei the whole, ship becomes ' Mnl! miiu to supply munitions nf war
do- conviction Hint every possible effort la
ary 1 next to sen wiussey or oiiio.ij
unless they take out a saloon license,
but olllclals hero do not slime this view.
Fifty scientists who constitute n com
mittee to revise tthe pharnincopiela have
voted by the narrow margin of i!ti Ui 21
to exclude tho two Intoxicants.
Sh'ipTuiHl su'cVv;:u"n be ,1:1.1.1. m ed. nnd that the effort
milled li load at our puts or sail from will be completely rcnllreil.
our ports with mi) mui.liloiiw nf war for "1 liave satlsl ed myself lhat tho hng-
such belllgtient eountiv or her pints. ,llsh can furnish III Imllubh! siipplleH In
"Fourt i. it inercli.int ship owned or aid f the causo of the allied imtloiiM."
oiierated by n belllgeient nation shall Tlio compulsurr registration bill to
not be lennlttcd to load at our ports day wub uUvaiiu-d to the third leading.
Poisonous Ponder Also Hrcelveil
by Com pit n y MnkliiK Shells,
ri.EVKl.ANti, July S. Letters said to
have contained germs of typhus fever and
a poisonous powder were turned over to
the l'ost Office Department by ofllelals
of thu Cleveland Automatic Machine
Company to-day.
They were Iho climax of a series of
threatening messages tho llrm has re
ceived since the publication of an ad
vertisement describing a machine for tho
manufacture of high explosive shells,
Herbert M. Itlch, secretary-treasurer
of the company, would not deny to-night
that a girl employee Unl been seriously
affected, by powder In the Utst letter
opened. Thlj caused Rich Immediately
tu notify the Uovcrnmcnt officials,
set forth that Mrs. Agnes Myers and
Frank Hottman must hang for the mur
der of Myers. Other characteristic head
lines In the collection were:
"Fitr.Nt'it law Tin: roi: or is-
-Titiu ok Mimnwts os si'.vo.w."
"LOUD llAltltlNiiTON MI'KT D I K "
"NllOItO SAVIiH KltOM Moll."
A heading of special Interest to New-
Yorkers Is from a Chicago paper of July i ,,tll j,,, 11i(m)
man had shot himself.
Then thee int loeetber anil talked the
matter over and then I was told that I mnke Halifax Due off Chebiictn Head
he tiad Jumped from tin- cell roof. I had I aboill ! A. M. Friday. Advise agents"
walked away from them I Ityan was ie-1 chcbuctn Head Is at the entrance to
ferrlng to Waideii lliiltse nnd Dr tiny j . h....r
V Cl..elwirnl .11. .1 when I e.ltne b.u-k Ibev I 11.11 l.or.
'Insisted tliat he must have Jumped 10 While ib-tnlls uf the explosion on i)i
.death. Miiinehuha me nut et available Frank
l "l know this positively, that when nfH foie.-ast In his biter to Ins wife
Holt's body was llrst illscoxercd they, ,.ui . ,,
, were sure that he hail shot hinc-elf .mill"'"4 1,1 "''''"' ! I''er was
i they looked for a levohei lit er body w rlll.-n last Saturday morning after tho
'In the place searched for a gun. even attempt lo destroy tlie Capitol nt Wash-
turned Holt's body over, thinking Hie MKt,m ainl befme the attack on Mr.
pistol might be underneath. Then Dr. M(, ........ ,.. ,. ,,..
Clivhorn and tlie otheis hail a confei- ""'.","' 111 " " " h'"" '.
ence unil the worn went out mat lion .-.....i ..-n 1 oris tor
l.lv. ipool on July 3 should sink, Cod
3, l!)Ub, and renus: .-, iiHtrlct Attorney s.t.ts that one
"THAW IS l.l'ltlif) Ti i KILL." proof Unit Holt Jumped was that lie left
piio mile reference to wife nilliiler Is oil the roof of the cell block the bandage
contained In a Cleveland despatch to a he had been wearing uiound Ills foie- quite suit', as, according to schedule.
Chlc.k'jo newspaper, dated Juno 2: (year head. Mabe they found Mich a li.mil- 1 these left on the .Id."
not named), which Is headed i . age. nut noil mum i i u wearing it ,
t.OVr.l) ANOTIIIlit, .IUItl)l'.ltSVll'lJ" lJ'.1 111 ' " "seamen t ue
i willing, on tin. 7th. I think It is tlio
riiiladelphia or SnxouUi, but am not
"Tear tlili
on the margin was written,
, i i i i... uir i i niter ii ii.niueiiH.
m. . ....i. .nllu f ll'llll..... ii.,t,,i. iHii.i.i.Ke nil., me . .us .iii.i i.tiiisen lie . - '
f iiiiiYi.io -tnil his elopement with' an. receletl In the Morgan bouse weie This was tebgraplied to Washington
."rtoman"1 '" " " "' 11 . or two of stick-j ,, Nl.w VmU ,,,, warnlKS
An article tlie possession of which by .,.',,;, WW).iyMwr , ,lt. District K"nl l-roadcast. wltli especial ret-
Holt may ajipear to have si an I flea nee. At,l)r,.y mi, others as saying that the eieiico to the two vessels mentioned by
iit-nm i u "" ""' i peculiar looking wound Unit had neai h
dercrs." it Is dated 190C. ,.i,,, ... ,,,.. , , ,. I 1
Pnllee Work llnril. ' ll,K ""'IMng a coiner of a plank
won. nnrn. i wbh-h lay In tin. corridor. That plank
Throughout tlie day the police con-' was twenty feet from where 1 found
tlnued their efforts to establish the exist-, the body and lie couldn't possiblj h.te seliciliilci! for .Inly II,
ence of an accomplice In Holt's opera-j lilt It. 1 had never observed a wound T. Minnehaha was s.hediiled to sail
liui.n. ,n. ...mil .11.- , . t uoi'tut 1 ... I...' n.,i . ,.n.i, ..,iv nun itiuiiiii. . inl.. -1 (I, l.t .
In th" corridor. I ' "' ' " "' "-
"It they say I was asleep when lloltltloned by Hull, but because of delay In
getting iut nig cargo anoaru mu not
Holt. Tim captains of both replied
jili.it their vessels had been searched and
no bombs found.
of definite developments until after the
units of correspondence received from
Ithaca could ho examined, Outwardl
they, appealed desirous of giving tho lm-
Continued on HaunJ 1'wjc, Jllu.illy net away until Sunday nlalit,

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