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Wiivv s Defies I'rnsecutor
S.i lie Ili'licvcs (iirls
Wort' Whipped.
II Is N"i;i,VKS Q1MKTK1)
inure lir. -flv iiihI ttil tly Alwiiy nfter
the iitfHiPs, enpe.'liill.v lifter tlio ImiR
'in' ii llic luncli hour, liln uixiMTf ti)!i
tnrtiiiiitiil Ins seat In the wltnewi cli.ilr
u.iilil lie more to the liolnt nnrt more
imtt untiUeti for tlie Mretch of an hour
or more.
It w.m n trjhiK Hpyslon for Tlriw, It
noulil liuve heen for any one wlm mlijltt
lnte liedi eompelleil to tnlto hH i.io
anil fiicnil liourx In tin; ultjif!- chair.
j ii'iillzln Out tho l.iwtur uutm? the
iiurstliiin, anil the nltonlKlit faelnc the
wltiKK ooiniilerert him ItiN.ine and .iliout
tn iliiiii.timli- il.i till liiaitittt l t.iif (tin. 1
Hut Mr. t'ook hnmltcil liltn ulth euro
that iipproailieil fatherly Rrnttoiioox. Not
onee ilhl i'oi.ii'l for tho Ut.Ue m" an
Itinljtent "Ar.'iittiT niy question .in
Hwcr yc or no." Instead It was left
to TImw'h own eliief cniiiiel, John It.
Stanchtlelil on his feet ami alertly
watching his client nlnioit every minute
of the tnornliiK ami afternoon tji say
In soft tones . of MK'ouraRement wh'ti
Thaw started to he discursive. "Just All
an ei tho ipiestlim. .Mr. Thaw."
At the end ot a day in which Thaw
Itoooiiios Hriilo of Morton E.
SiiellonlMirs Aftor Final
Court Stop.
Thaw spent all his time
i mill afternoon cesilons
inltv henrlnR before Justice . had done by far tho tniwt of the talking, ' travelling costume of tlnk UeorRntte I
h r hi
flf 'l s
)' '
Coi .
the 1.
1. 1
ill , . i r iiImir to uppeiir In court when
hroui-it n. lit liy the Stale last Tues
day to t'ftlty nRRlii't Thaw, had Ihcii
jila c l tin .er arrest Hhlle coniineu m , ilt c j., M thn nRhl MtltU, of ,
her be 1 i.o-ii iierou.i proftratlon at the hearing would be held Inst night from
cum her vnuikvlllo pnrtner. Jack i ' "'H 9 "Vlock. Hut when .mnt a
. .., ,,. ..,., ; 'djiiiiriied at . o'clock and t;ie crhr af
Ct (Tor.' h.it.-aiiKny l.a.to. i ,,,.,, .,,, rri.m.,, ,lt - Mr,
The .Hie ilenpitch said that . .1. j Mnneiillelil stmul up immeiliati'l.i to ask
l,i,n . i,f this city, tho States proccus . mm tne insnt mmiiii be callul off.
Mm. (Jrnre Hernhelmer OiiRRenhclm. ,
daughter of Mrs. Jacob 8. ncrnhclmer, '
became the bride of Morton H. Snellen-
burg of Philadelphia nt noon yesterday.
Th ceremony was performed In thej
apartment of her mother nt the I'litza
by the Ho v. Dr. Joseph Krauskopt of
Philadelphia. None but relatives and
n few friends were present.
Tho bride, who was unattended, wore
. t . . ii .. I .......... ...... .. n ml..-. nl Itn. nT full. I
tin.nieini .. ,i,i luri- mtor- 11 r nciirs- lie mnucu in nil Ml len-I r "'' " niru." ...... ... i
I'enilrlek nn.1 a jnr esicr m Kr(,atci. (,arp .(m) , i trimmed to correspond. Immediately '
Ming itlscumlvc ansueis to)(110 Um$ j(, lllmwrr ntll) cs,.,.aj. I after tho ceremrny there nan n small I
. bout bin career which were In his pule fan- and the dulncw of IiIh reception and Mr. and Mrs. Snellenburg
I'e.itltv Attoiney-ileiicral nervouMy shlfllne c.xcs that he was j le" l iter Mr an autoinouiic inp inrougn j
N"mK ei iicarj 111 II1C orilc.lli ,Ol I i.iihMi".. I ,
,, I only Mr. St,iiiclilleM but Jiisticu Hen-' Mr, Snellenburg. who Is a son of .
.liter Thaw. eary from nls : drh-H and the jury e.unu to Thaw's aid Samuel SnellenhurR of Philadelphia and '
. .. . i. .i- I.. I... .1.1 1... ... .. .. I t (...,. I ti .. li. ..., rL.i.n llMA.ia.i . '
i ii leu imc wunes cn.iu m in mm puini mini, iiunng mo Rainering njuin, i nu "
nmnnn a ilesi.nlch was re- darkness of n rainy day, tin- Attorney- bureau with hit llanceo yesterday morn
1. 1 1 noon n iinsp.uiii . . ,!.,i i, ,. i. i 1 inff. ll. U iif.ll knouii as a merchant.
Tuts Si n from Malone, N. 1 .. ,.,,,, ,,,,,. IAnmn.n i being a member of the firm of Snellen- J 'I
.. it ... .n., V.nltlt '1 11. ill, nf lt -ei. .... ... ' l...... r f-.i .1!
..,i. ,av..i i ... titiin iu II1C C.peclCII lllglll SCS- I iH
niitompt by Justice llcn-.ion. tho uctant or airs, uraco iiernneinier ,
.'It .YIUIIC 1-Slltll, llllggeillieilll s iliviiice run iik'miisi .h.
Hubert UuuRi'iilH-lm or Mew crK were
mado known yesterday for the first
time when Mrs. Guggenheim obtained
her Hunt decree from Supreme Oourt Jus
tice (lavegati, Mrs, OmtKenhelm brought
suit wlicti sho was living nt Ml llast
rift i -eighth street Her husband tiled
a general denial and tho case was sent
j to M J. Kuan as rcfciee.
I The dlvoice dei ree provided that Mr.
,t. . -. ... i iitiiruenncnn n is in nine ine -cusiutii
icrrr v.i.o haniled the original subiKen.i , , f ii, t-'.' V ,,,;"'K"v ;Vr' 'f the two children. Daniel Ouggciihelm
to Mrs ",.w frral days ago. arrlxed , ,cnlilck put the obj.'Vtloii to ' a nlghl ' r'1; S Jl'"-''1'1' HoWn
t Cl.f .,.- camp early last evening ,,oi, up to ,ho Deputy Atturne, -(leu-1 r'VfThe children stipulated
Mth lin.uy Shcrin J. T. .-i.ricn, ;V"""" ' ' " ' ' '"'' eireiiur , , m . ,.,.,, st!ltrg or
tip-St t . i,ltlc;al. When they found L V.C.-. . Z ,T, .."-e, M!".. fm" fan.ida ltl. the children until they are
Tnaw'H wife, Just bark fiom .New ork, ! at the evening session. :
111 ml,: they telephoned to Manhattan
lor 1 ..' i.'uetums.
It had been agreed by counel for
both sides and h the court culler In
the day that following an adjournment
i ( x i t m tL
,s ' t i W ' '
Siunc Lotfiil Procedure to Ho
Taken to Ksnipe tho,
Death Penalty.
Tliera reems little doubt that It Is
the present Intention of Charles Heclter's
attorney to take exactlj the same pro
cedure In hit case as was taken In
the case of I.oo Krank, whoso tight In
Ocorgla to escape the R.illows resulted
In u comtnut.itlon of sentence to life Im
prisonment b C!ov. Slaton
Although v Itourke Cockran. who Is
preparing Pecker's appeal to the United
States supremo Court, i.'is refused to
disclose the grounds on which he. will
Says Wife Has CramUon Out
side Stale in Koply to
Halloas Corpus Writ.
Wiiitk 1't.MNS, N V., July S In to
plying to u writ of habeas corpus di
recting him to produce his grandson In
court here, Henry S. Manning, .1 West
Klftleth street, Manhattan, says he lias
not the custody of tho boy.
Tho child. John Pearie Manning, Jr..
Is 4 jcars old and Is the son of Mrs.
j Allele Taylor Hnwiiv, 3!il West lCnd
uisciuno i:ie groin us u i which lie- win , .. . . . i ,. u it.......
make It. It It known that he will ask "venue. Manhattan, and John 1 earco
Copyright l I'nJerivitii.l A. Uii.lsrwood
Mrs. Morton E. Snellenburjj,
1, with the exception of four months
for n writ of error on the ground that
Pecker s constitutional rights were vio
lated. ,nd John I-'. Mclntyre. who was
counsel fci Meeker In his first trial, said
yestcrd.iy that It was ciy probable in
caso tli j llrst appeal t i the Supremo
Court was not successful an application
would be made to the fulled States Dis
trict Court for a writ of habeas corpus.
If a he.-iltiR were granted on such an
annllcatiou It would nutoiuatlcally pro-
I vide for a second appeal to the United
Mates Miprente Court In case tho JP-pllcutlo-i
rhould be refused.
In connection with this the most sig
nificant smgestlon put lorward b Mr.
Mclntyre was that If such a hearing
on a wr.t wcie granted and the writ
refused the right of appeal would carry
with It .-. stay of sentence until the
appoil had been pased on by the Su
preme Court. Mr. .Milntyre was veiv
-,.,h nr t,.ri.. ii,.,. ,..ti,. , lioneful that such would he the out
sho may take thcni abroad Their father I em- I" ease the preteiit appeal rails
Is t" be permitted to visit them each
month for at I wist six hour...
No provision waj made In tho decree
for alimony.
1 nis Is a Mlhterftige," cried Mr
Staiichllelil. "Here aic all these nl, en
Istn for the State. Dr. Hint. Dr. Mac
ilnnalil and the others. Thev'te been
sHtltiR here all day watching "thin man.
If he laughs they say he's Insane; If ha
crlon they say he's Insane.
nils witness has been before them
Cimni Wnti-Iieil rinse!)-.
Wle i tho Instructions had been re
ceived Magulre and O'Hrien went back
. . i nM.,.i.
,0, i.io cm,, ana - -- all ..ay ,, ey've heard ids' a swers
uu.iic .iii.-t. Her loe.il phmclan. Dr. lht.y 0UBht ((, ,,u n,)lp t)( (o) n(i h
Jlei.ii,' i, Hoisted that Mr Thaw was ) present atl day whether he's sane or
too ui is' night to bo niovid. Dr. Me , Insano Juit ns well as If be wcro kept
tlibliou .nm another will maku n i count on tho stand for days longer. I,et one
cxlm.. i nut of Mm. Thaw to-day, but of them be put on llie Maud to-night
tli- .i.i.in said last night, tho ties- by the Slate. This Is all a subtorfuge."
at. Ii ii t.iiued. tint she could not be "Yes, this man has been on the stand
lirou.ai i New uri "tor sjiiio time.' all day." said Justice Jlendrick some
Jlt in s KU.iid.n her door and no , what nppeallngly to Mr. Conk, who stood
lii ' 4 wuld be rec ived last night at heile the far end of the Jurv box lm
tho u.i i- I-or fear that Mrs. Thaw passively with arms folded. "He's been
moiiI'I i It escape uiioss tho border on the Miami all day," Justice Heiidrlck
i..... i,..i, iinmrtr. thn olllccrs i renentcil.
vatel i 1 t.m camp closely and will eon- nut court turned to Thaw and ntded I '"''d S. roler was tne onipuoner.
tmuo I .. r v. nil dnv and night until fho the witness whether he was willing to 1 the absence of his wife yesterday
U -. i "I to -Manhattan. return to the stand at the night session ' Mr. Wemyss sent for an expresa wagon
Wli n young Mrs. Thaw's husband Mr. Stanchtlelil hastened to say that he ittid had Peter Hlley. the driver, load
cteope i .r.-l'.y to the witness stand in would not let Thaw decide the nue- "ii It two trunks, which were taken to
Holier! II. Woniyss, 7!) Years
Old, Sought Aftor Hur
ried Departure.
IlKMPHTEAn. I.. !.. July S. There Is
much Interest here uer the departure
of Itobert II. Wemyss. who was a Dep.
uty Comptroller of .New lorn eiiy wnen
tin n m on he settled himself conll
Umtly f r Int. coming ordeal, crosfed hlb
Jigs .mil fiomptly ilireUod a court at
ttjudaiit to khut off an electric fan be
hind Juaiice llendrlck'b chair on the
bciu ii.
T.io fin doubtlcbs throughout previous
tlnyb of tne hiaring had made super-
tlon bccaiiM" It wonlit nut t, r..i. i' thn Peuiisvlvaula Terminal In New York.
Thaw to do so. Thaw had said to Jus- i Mr. Wemyss boarded a train later In the
tlce Ilcndrlck in the meantime that ho day and Ills wife Kiya she lias not seen
was willing to continue to am.wcr him since.
throughout the evening. i Mrw. WinKC told the pntlro that when
Mr. Cook said he would leae tho de- she got home she found a note from lier
clslon to Thaw, but again Mr. Stanch- 1 hubaiiil In which ho said he was Rolng
iieni reiusen m listen to such a nrctno- , away and "that no was wen 01 me
. n I'.tl.... ...nlDl.l ' SltlOIl. Af llll tlllltlt III,... Vn r f...., t .. I..tul....u '
JlCU'.l-ll .wll-'ltiUlClil- I.UI111H,,I1 -- , u..., ... , .,u, j, l.n.,11- l.ttflll..
Justice Hiadrlck'M chair more agreeable, Marks, a brother of Horough President i Mrs, Wemyss said she had telephoned
v to say i to P. S. WCIH.ISK 01 duo jencrsun uic-
1.1,, t f in iiintnrheil Thaw, mj Thaw ! Marks. aroc In the Jurv bnv
ia,l it nfi.nm il. A minute later Thaw, that this Jury would lather-have no nue. Hrooklvn. her step-son. but that lie
wns ni.-v.cring brlully the Hist nuestions i "'Rlit session. Then upon It whh do- had told her she would hae to hen her
Hbnut - name and age. which he gave ! d' d to adjourn the hearing for tho husband's lawyer. Tho Wcmyhs-es were
nt 4! i t. but tui minutes later when i ''av. at Shelter Island oer the Fourth and
nsk d i t mple iilestlon his answer 1 'n State's examination of Thaw, ! the wife denied to-night that thero had
ram' ' on tor sev.ral minutes and , lasting from a few minutes after 10 been any quarrel.
cov is tho typewritten transcript ; n ebtck In the forenoon until J In the Mr. Wemyss Is 7D jears old, and for
or tho i-ijrt kteiiographer's notes allowed , evening with tin- exception of an hour many vears was an iiccountiinl In the
lat' . l:"'" than twu solid pages of thej n"' a"d the five minute recesses- osllcc of W. N. Coler & Co.. bankers, of
or l I i tvpewrlt'ng paper. resiiltcil in the w.tnes telling of his New York. He Is believed hero to be
Ills choppy, somewhat Humbling way 1 "etlvitlcs from hW kindergarten days well to do, Ills family Is well known
of Hp Kl.mg, tho raising then lowering ' l'l' jjn'' bevond the time of his escape , n Marvland, a steamship line being con
of h s voice these physical charactcrls- . fror" .'lattt awan. There was no effort trolled 'by several of his relatives,
.i. i.. i., i n... .,... ..m i.M.i Hi..r.. en the part of Mr. Conk. Iimiev..r ir, .
vi ' in.. u v lengthy ones, seem sumew hat ' '",Vt' Thaw tell a consecutive slory of
rot,f Miig ami illsconrected. When lend i hl" erow,lei career. The Deputy Attor
lu tli ivpiwutieii transi rlpt, however. 1 nn-'ieniral. on the contrar. Jumpd
nrii T 'l n O'li'h belter opinion or mo " 'n u s nues-
lolKietue of what bo was sajing. (r0"! -Miitteawan happenings ba
I to bovhnnd ilavn. tr. trips tr Kurope
linpresslni. 11.- Miide. l"'"' 'elyn Neshit. then Jumps nf j,Mr
to reeint New Ilnmpihlre experlen.es.
Tlie iicpre-.-iKin lie made on the stand ofT to Kurope a dozen years ago and ,n
In the n niiiii.g did not seem to be a good on. I
one, if many epresslnns of opinion ,,,.. I
luaril i i!nle the courtroom during the . tiinelilleltl lert. I
livdday r i-s slgnitleil anything. His -j ,ion t th.nk if 1 ans,wrcd the iiue.
tion," was the remark bj Thaw which i
led the witness to follow It up with an
aecusaiion aral:.st the Slate's lawyer, .
"it would help your cas-e any."
"Why not trust to me to Judge I i,, ,vrh, i'itv N'. J.. July S. Kormer
whether your answer will help my ca-e Co'iigi'essm in Itlchniond Pcarton Hob
or not'" akd Mr. Cook. I .i,,i. m, itresbient Wilson to-day
"I ll'nillilll, tfllut -ntt 1,1. ..... .'. n ...nnllmp ..f tllrt I teril.1V tlleit 111 thl. Mlllirumn I....-. 1
f,'.;,'"! .'s arin,, ."'d ,t during'The' "0' ' MnK" Wul Thjw vindictively, "not 1 inti.t.alooi. league. , answer to the alienation of affections
1 , r ill, 1 iiv m 1 s:,,ll! 1 "aH 10111 1,1 ,l,,s cuur' room I -1 am on tin. Inside." raid Hobs. 11. 1 notion brought against her by Maria
noon.iTs.m he requested a the minute th.. wDn,,p- innU nvrr n,i. ... ,.., tii-hi m i.,mrre 1 Nevlns Sinythe. known on ih,. r..ii.i.
.,. II. e.it another similar retess . . . . .. . ' I w.is 11""" - .. .... ..
,M. . , .he day. smoked a cigar in tho ' V'' ' "
cor- .' t ..n !i tune anil returnou to m 1 n,,.",..! ,.,uii.-
Haul i.dmtly with a better grip on ; ..- ,,, ,-,.., ... ' , u 1 .;",,,, r ex- Mrs. Sim the has also
Wit.- during a pari 01 me niiernoon
t.f. 111,1, iHivever. csiH'tlally during the
flrt half of the afternoon, wcie rccuKed
much n. oe favorably.
Mm, tli. 1:1 once during the day ho
w ,h in d by the gong," to use a
npnrtt'ig phinse; that Is when he
11 o-iil a t-ii'.tcncv toward departing
A M!r!.s President Helped Wets
Heady to DoM-rt Party
Over lue.
Artist Admits I'siny; Profanity
in ProM'iire of Wife, but
Xot at Her.
The taking of testimony In the divorce
proceedings between Alfred ltaker,
an artist, and Mrs Helen ltaker. which
was begun in ( Patersou Tuesday, was
concluded before Vice-Chancellor Stev-
and cxpt-essed the belief that by such
action ll-iker would gain .1 stay of ec-
cutlon 'Ji'tll fall.
In the I-'rank case a writ of error
to the United states Supreme Court was
denied and then Ills lawjers had re
course to a. writ of habeas corpus In tho
United States District Court. After a
hearing this application was denied, but
the Supreme Court granted an appeal
which Dually resulted n the affirmance
of the decision of the lower court.
Tho long tight to no Crank aroused
tremendous Public Interest In his case
and there Is dally a growing Interest
In Hie efforts of Hecker to escape the
chair, an Ir.terest which Is fed by the
unique methods of procedure that hi
eoinsc! are entnemplatlim. slici as
John Doe Inquiries Into the Hocnthal
case and the death nf Hlg Tim Sulli
van. Kiwyers who have been watching
the case carefully believe that It l
hoped that by .he stimulation of pub
lic sentiment tlnv. Whitman may be
prevailed uihui at tli last moment to
change his attitude toward Pecker and
commute his smtnnce to life Imprisonment.
Mr. Cockran, busily working on the
ins n ill Jersey city yesterday. ! ,.iPr appeal, refused to be Interrupted
1 lie change In the sitting of the court yestetdav and It was said at his nni.-e
was made to take the testimony of Mrs. ihilt t uil m,t Vet been decided when
J-.mma K. Hermann of Nutley, a neigh-1 he would go to Washington to lay his
bor of the Hakt-is when they lived there. I appeal before the Supreme Court. In
She was too ill fur court attendance, 1 the me.irtlnie Mr. Mclntyre, although
however, according to testimony by Dr. u, communication with Hecker. is
lloyal 1-:. Kangdon of Nutley. A deposl-1 marking time and waiting uiilii the
tlon by her was read to show that when 1 outcome of the tlrst appeal is know n
the H.ikeia were her neighbor they had ,
disagreement. Haker. the deposition 1
.Manning, who was committed on com
plaint of his father to the Institution for
Inebrlales nt tho city farm near Warwick.
Mrs. llownc, tllMirccd by her tlrst hus
band, Is now the wife of Walter T.
How no -il, whit was named as core
spotnleiit In tho ilivorco action started
by .Manning.
In Mrs. Howne s petition! which wns
granted by Justice Morscbatler, sho sets
forth that Henry S. .Manning has pos
session nf the child and that the reason
he gave lor tint giving the child In her
was that sho la not a proper pel son In I
have him or even to sic him. Sho sals I
tho elder .Mr Manning Is past 70 cais 1
old and In pnnr health, and that her j
proem husband has an linome nf $7, 51") ,
a year. Mis Hnw ne Is .10 ears nld,
Mr. .Manning In repl said I In- child ,
is til the pii.s.scssinn uf Ids wife, l.eiina I
Manning, and is nulsiile the Stale, lie,
said he had his sou cnmuiilteil In the '
Inebriates' linine lor a ye.tr, and thrit I
it Is true that he tiled 11 mltiulaiy po-
I It Inn 111 baukiuptcv following the loss'
of 5I.U0ii.000 when Mllllken 111 ill. a steel
cnrpnrntliili, went Into tint hands nl' a
receiver III I He said Ills wife has
nil ample lin-num mid is able to f tin 111 1 11 1 II
tho boy, wliiim she hives dearly. Mr.
.Mannliii: was formerly bead nf the Man
ning, Maxwell X Mnnie 1 'nuipaiiy, ill. inn
factiirets of i.illway .tinl in.n IiiiiIhIh' sup
plies. In Ids affidavit Mr. Manning said he
dncs tint believe Mrs. Itnwne wants her
sou bei ause she loves bun. but rather
to make a favorable impression ,m Mir..
Iliiwiie's maternal gr.iniliathii', Judge
Arnistinbg, Wllu w-.ln cstl.lligeil Hum
Mr. Maiming also said In his affidavit
that Ills siill got a decree nf dlvnlce III
April. l:l:t. II.- .ilil .Mrs Itiiwnc was
fill-hidden In leiuairv, but that ulie did
marry llnwne later I n.ler the dlvnicej
deiree the .viuinger .Vlaiiiung was I
awarded i ii.-lmly 1.1 ics mhi.
Mr Maniiiiig is icpu-ei led by Henry
1 Oiay. 4.1 Vv all sli. et. Maul.. titan The1
.V(iunt,er Manning when iii.trned lived at I
riuulilng. I.. I.
Drew litlse Itr.ifl tin A nierlea 11 1
Pinter 11111I l.lulil l it.
lien S. Hum 11, i'T. nt Hi West Klghty
fourth ;reet c.i-h,ei fur thi' American
I'nwer md l.:clil Comn.iuy at 71 Ilru.'i'l
way. w.i.i held in $7 ".on lull for the
lir.nid '1.11 lt M.igiii,iio Nolan in t lie
Tiiiuli" I court e-.lrdai w'icii lie
plt-.tileil u:Itv to a iliirge of lorgeri.
hi M i.v 1 he drew .1 fale dr.tf ;. inak- I
lug It p. .title tn himself ami ringing
tile liiiuis of Mn II. Arn ng 1-. iur.T 1
nt en 1 ern. mid Aithur S liien.cr. 1
v 11 e-pi sldetit. With this he iiicnid .in
iciount with the Kipiit ible Ti list Coal-
Wall street I
lntee'r.e lieg.in lull tn.. tnaglsliMte
The Man's Store
This Store
Will Be
All Day
Everything a normal optimistic, hl'c-
loving New Yorker wishes for sum
mer wear here, or in any latitude
within reasonable distance.
A linen suit for $7.50.
Palm Beach suit for $10.
Silk trimmed crash, $17.50.
Shantung silk, $1:2.50.
Silk-lined flannel, $27.50.
Tennis flannels, $5.
Sport shirt, large collar, $1.
Bathing suits, $12.25 to $G.
Caps, socks and shoes.
Leghorn Straw Hats reduced to $5.
Combination Under-suits, special, 65J.
Soft woven madras shirts, special, 05c.
New Silk Bow Ties, special. 3 lor 50c.
Liurlingtun Arcade lloor, New Muildins.
Broadway at Ninth, New York
that II: wn had tinned mn' savings
said, always c.illed Ills wife "my dear" I l'l tied for 11 Trick In Unit I, mm
or "honey." i ,,
Haker was recalled to the stand ..ml' ""''
admitted he had used protatiltj' In the' A II. Sleberllch nf Sag Harbor. 1.. I.
presence oC his wife, but not at her He a ticket collector Mid evira i nudui Inr.
said he had a suspicion concerning his who had been In the employ nf tho Lung
wife' deeertlou, but was not ncrmltted i Island Itailroad Company slme lv.ii
to say what It was. and until recently was running on the I pain at
l had lived with my wife live or six ; MnntauU division, has lieen lined J.iii by
yenrs when I discovered she had a nolntlthe Police Justice of Sag Harbor for
of view I had not perceived before." he the theft of tickets collected and not totalling 51 "inn to n.j, inmioiers and
leniiicn, -i thought what she did not ' cancelled and suiiseipieniiy Mild tn n. n nl gr.u. I tliem an ,ifignn,ent on the 1
take exceptions tn In the llrst place public lit prices cnnsileralil belnw the 1 ilcimt.it 'nm i'i mul "nek ivhn 11 w i
would not be a cause for disagreement fate value nf the tickets in Id .it I;, tru-t .onpani. He was un- I
later. I had taken a drink occasionally. ' Tim company Is making careful in-, .title to pio nte lull . ml wci.t to the from 32 tO 35 chest.
. i. .... i ... sine II lll. 1 W.IH at- M'in.1 ... ' "ui' i "in-' nil i i i-iini!. ii c . -i in.n in. lias tin-
tempting to pay tor a house on an easy i have been guilty nf similar tluft. nitrred h u line fr.ijii the 5-Jitt Ii
imyment pIhii which was extremely dull- 1
cull. .Mrs. Haker insisted that I shmihl ,
go to a sanitarium ami made conditions
I could not possibly Hgree to. I In
ferred that my wife thought r was de
mented. I wrote Ui her sucgi ,ting that
she have me examined by allenits."
Tho Vice-chancellor alter hearing
coun-el for both shies announced that he ,
would reserve decision.
2 UoUtandTAir
Straw Hutu licit need
Hals ol IndmfJualit), S,'c. Dsm:'oi
Ihe real assortment assurc :a!ja:j
Scnr.cls SI H
Panamas, $3.90
j Were S3. SG & $3 C .iVS
j Sennets, 95c Jh-
Lcglurm. Machinates & Fancy B
Tnlty Claude A nailers Snll of I. end
In It Vlnii'i. Wife.
Toby Claude, vaudeville actress, yes-
beju ' last vear, mid It opened my ees. Uuuor xlmro as Marie llaptmau. Miss Claude
I Is c 'lug to hcc to It that for the President dcnle. that she won the love of William
Tmw u'f merlca thete Is gloomed some lte-1 hniytlic. husband of tho plalntlfr.
lteyoud making it cleir to TV
.1.. i.... .. i.. ..... i . ... ...... w .virs. Mini tin. ii:ii ,iii., ui.....t ...
lu-iwl' be au-e nr tne Drier respite. i i..' V... I t iirn-i.i vorce action In which Ml. r t ,
Am,.!, he did nut wander so far '" " . "r ' cresniem inn. .,,,i ..nr..-,..,.,.,...
line liov. ii niiin.111.
.1 '
"Now the
all'eld ... ',.. arvvcrs to nuestions "during eril' t0')k, ", 1"tll'V "i V,",",!hr,lVH'
.,, ,.r,. ....... ....,,.n.- .I...,,,- ti,.. iii-.it The wh 1c ttetnl of .Mr. Cook's exam-
hour ' he shnwed'tno-e sullenne.. i I'i:it!on of the morning ard afternoon strategy Is more subtle, It it
p.ore .It I.- v .ii p plying to Iieputy Attor- "'is to have Thaw show by his i own ( Berous. 1 know what I ti
ne-Ci r..l Cink's iU..sllous, and once, words that he wa and Is sulTer'ng .,1,0m. Theio I a working 1
.. 1 ... ..1 .. .. trom ileliislniis on the matter .f being 11,1. I U-nmv. The nlan Is fo
u ll-ill .umuui ui ui,u V . : . ..'....'... .. 1.. i... .1,.. I
On Ci. ether hand, it was during the '"'"i '" y ' llt'"t to oe r" " . , .,' 1
n'te n on etion that In a single an- v.jealthy "consplr.-i.lors ' by U ilUani ollu t,.rm plank in the platform. And
nvei In gave a better Imptesslon to tlw T;av'" Jerome. Dr. Austin Hint and Mr Ilryan Is going to support the Presi-,
.lose pack,.! ranlis leaning forward to i ull,''.rH' ., ,. ' , , 1 dent for that nomination, although he , t
hiar his wurdu than at any tltno 1 At no time could rhaw be persuaded ,ld more to put that one term plank 111 1
f.uoug n at me day. This answer was n 1(1 ""' 1,11,1 m" naM '"" teeimgs n,at platform than any otner man.
named as corespondent, in her
Democratic party's liquor '') alienation unit Mls,s Claude says
It Is more u.tu- '""i,"""""- "niiig in. 111 and tier
1111 talking I reniuoii.1 wuu 111m are or a business I
understand-1 "'uro oniy.
The plan is for tho Presl-
X. Court Learns II,. orTrrctl tu
.Servf lleintaltiirs Vrvv.
Hand of the
had aslad him to tell in his own way mem cause ior worry in case r.e snouid ( President will write ine piauorui, aim cstcrday to award ex-Uov. Willi
tin, sin. t.ii.te of what he savs llvelyn rric.iMii una ineei any oi mum race the lliirn pan is mat ine i renucni. 1 nuuer any cnnipensatlon for his ligal
Ntsli 1 T.iaw told him one night In Pan. 10 f"cf- the plea of State righto, will put In tho 1 services on behalf of depositors in the
ci.c .u the wrong done to her by ,If' "ever hud rooms nt Mrs. Su-an , platform a plank consigning the dues- bankruptcy proceedings against Atlnlf
Mtar.'o.i) v lite w hen sho was little nunc . -nernim in wnicn ue neai young gins 1 11011 ni ihuiiiiiiiiuii iu me iui iruiiumi , ..lanoei, private uanher of ljj Hiving-,
. .. 1,.. i.n.' 'ii..i-., ,. i.'.i,.- ' toward Mr. Jerome, Dr Hint or others "That Is the llrst part of tho under-
uae. tli :.. logical one, for the Slater'1 I"1' "n,t wnicn migni give , standi ng. ine second pari 11 1n.11 in 1 niteo Htates DlstUct Court declined
iVi is
R. H. Mac; & Cj.'s Attractions Are Their low Price
Suits in this Sale only run
over 2500 suits were marked
down in these four sizes (32,
33, 34, 35).
any man who wears
it s rnter-
AMl ! Mi:i
Herald Square,
B'way,34lhh35!h St.
than a ch.ld.
iiKiier V.1 lilven.
inr to which he lnnught girls, he said the Individual States and thus defeat na- ton street.
I Indignantly Ho admitted he had gune . tiotial prohlbltlun. Mr. Underwood and Heforc refusing Mr. Super's reipiesi
to Mrs. .Merrill's Tenderloin house on I others will probably run a decoy to thn Judge had received a report fioir.
.,, , - ,. ,i . 'several occasions tinner tne rami, of , mqi ine inuiiiuiiiuii uie in uic .-.num . , unam rtiien, tne speilal inaslcr In the
"", '"'" I'O'nts of the subjec . or i ,,t hllll ,,,. , k, .''from being on guard. He and the other Maude! proceedings, who deiiared tli t
puoje is:. upon which he i.s adjudged In- infoi m.itl.m. he said, on the mis lee s lea.le.s expect nnd understand the Preel- testimony taken before him shout "l v
..,. iv in that answer. l:,,t he re- of Su,ror, u.,,ltt,, m..uee,,s J( (j u lluInlnaU,lli ,,ut . ,,, ex-Uovernor hart oflerc Ids ser
jiea ted in ..inline what ho says hvel n , j, t. ,. , , . . . tltn( of otlcrs will run as deco.v8, and th.) whole i vices free.
urn n.'ii "r"V '"T:J"f "'IJourniiiHil pu to ny illn i micttliiiiliii; object lb tn have the support of tho. Judge Hand
th.ngs i 1 at later cauced him to murder
Stnnfonl White. And throughout his
ti petition, which took him teven min
utes i n'.ite, tho recital was simply
wo'. 'el ;n, simply npnken, direct anil
altogether hrtter than answers of a lik1
kind Usually aro delivered In court I
ro nis. I
Hut on t.ip nf this, not mu'ii further
on in the afternoon session. Thaw was
nf Thaw as to why ho k
While. Thaw will take the
this tuiii nine at 10 o'clock.
awarded i"" r.no
killed Stanfoid 1 Il'iuor Interests, Jeremiah T. Mahoney, attorney for the
he stand again i "It Is probably political KUlcldo to tell I tecelver i 15, 500 to Olcott, llruher.
jiui inn limn ni'in mi ini.ii.ut i.vii. ii i i.uii iii.u .iic.tia.nus, attorneys; fnr
i nnlltli.it death Is the price of doing your . tho netltlonlnc credltoruT -r.n if. o..
flV H'TJ I r immi I vv (duly 1 am willing to pay the price. 1 was cial Master Allen and J2.317 to St'rts.
MUX. 1 l II li IJIU. 1A . .h,. nrlu'lnal WHmmi man of Alabama, but bourger. Kschw. ce a Seiv.n,.i, ' -
' " ni illlui
neys ror Jlaiulel.
lOugene Lamb nichards, State Super
intendent of Hanks, acted as receiver In
tho case without compensation, thereby
saving Jiu.ooo. '
lIH! I
n't. ,
la 1
i '
t' 1
t 1
11 t'li'.ly of beating boya and
ii .vv's sharp cry nf anger came
.1 div of quiet volcn tones, and
' u ,!n i'!erl th it all who iiad been
. :. ' a ml to liui sat up Willi a
1 :i
1 afraid." shouted Thaw, his
nt pale on the instant, to Mr.
in - y while I'm sitting huto
. 1 i . . v.. thorn stuiie.i '"
. . ' sitting her., will ymi not,
. . M-btn 1 um Humminir ui'."'
" v it.jrney-Ooiier.il aiikod with
. " . Mlo you're Humming up."
11 I Utility IJUleto IiiIich, "I'll
I wan in charge, of nur tight on the lloor
Wroimht I p (Her Writ, Miit She' ! "f 'I'" House, and If you want to know.
my friends, thn whulo power of the
"tlie lin.it," , president and Ida great office was hurled
I.vnN M01 ntain. N. v.. July S. Mrs. 1 "k'lltist us In that tlglit. The President
u l.iu teiiiieiri lie,,, 1,11
llryan, do not repre-
Amerlcan people or
majority of their own
elTort to have only wet
at tho llepublican
present a majority
of llio Itepubllcan party'.'
"Ilefoio any iiaineH aro put before
thehc cnnventlnus, befnre any log rolling
sets In, let's luivo a resolution for na
tional prohibition submitted. I am aa
good 11 Democrat, 1 believe, 11s walks on
the American continent, yet I will Btnnd
with ymi If wo pledgo ourselves. In ml
vanco to support the party that stands
for the peoplo.
"If both nf Ibem reject our Just de
mands, then Wo will call a convention
forthwith nf Independents, of all pnr-
Ia'i eni f..eiv....l finveilv nm uhnl-itii- l.lu
,.; tov.rd Deniitv t ornev-V enir-.l' '' Ne'1"1 im highly Itidlg- 1 " n uue ..1.
V.m?.. ., i ... 1 "A..".... tn.. ."1", I mint after she accented service tn-iilnht ""n. Including Mr.
. n, nm iiiK nuins nine. f , ))f ...,.,...,..,. 1(lS,.,.,i ,1V ,, s. , set the will of tho
"".f.L'." ... ln ".'..- .... - tice Heiidrlck Ah Deputy .Sheriff O'Hrien !"' "'Ill of tho
xn.s id: 1 un o. me ler. . in f ,., ,.,.. Mvli ,,,, , , , 1 pmty. Dn H the
" ' .- niiriioniii,, ,.. ,n n i,01.nm ..n iv,,,,,,-!,, ., a... I men to choosi) tiom
Th.w .1. '-,1 il.o testimony of fomn'r wit- no " ,1 """,,,"1 , . . T , ., T.Jh- m.llonul convention r,
lie i nn. i naj c.-iai geii i nnw wiiu Hav
ing sho was "tho gnat."
"I've played that part too long," sin,
stnrnieil. "Cnr nine years they've been
trying me instead nf Harry Thaw. Nnw
Hvelyn cnines llrst. 1 won't Impel II my
health for a dozen couhh. I acted per
lectly bniiestly."
A few minutes later, however, she sent
a telegram In Justice lleiidrlcl. which
lead :
"I inn III In bed as a result nf my trip
tn New Vnii: it ml hope .nm will exeiiHu
lllli rilitll ll I llii.li l-l l.ir Ii. I.....U.,. 1 1
'I r ". "-.".l I Hil"i,,,u
linthliii.' In mid In me fiii'iiine tnilimiiiv- line.
an I tnid Mr. Ci.uk when he Interviewed; ... . . ', Z '. "
mo nl Dr. Hlnt'ti hume. 1 left New York "'rlm l.ne.rlirr In Movie.
uul niter Mi CnnU hhsi I ine he had The theatrical tlrm nf Werba
un fiirlber lit t I In! me and had tnid inu laiescher. after a nerlnd nf lniu tlvllv.
tin m Shi i"U w.i . rrie to gn when I pleased " s in enter tlie motion picture Held, Ar-
' ' ' '' " t" Mi- 'inaw nl'ii wrum tn Dr Kllnt. ' rnugements were compleled jesterday to
' 11 i'eii.inir li in "Whj n CnnU mlsii pre- prudiici, and release one feature til m each
t.iih un fiiii.iiioii wiiv iiuilii nil iiiolith, beginning in August, It is tlie
lieiiso tell the
i e ilut i iiiiil .In fur um
nit! I nrwspapeisi tho limii
linn's Intention to present all star casts
with plays of unusual merit.
Store Hours: 8:30 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. Satur
days, 8:30 A. M. to 12 noon.
Visit our developing and printing dept. on the
Fifth Floor. Quality work at lowcst-in-city prices.
Hoy Held rr Children'., t'onrt
M'lien 9-17 1 .llsiitMl.
Joseph liialeti, IS, foimerly of .',07
Kast Ninety-seventh street, yesterday
fell Into uho hands of the chibir.... u,.
cliiy as tho result of Inability to cuib!
his desire, to ride In automobiles, ami
to-day will bo arraigned in Chlldien's
Ho was brought to Yorkvilln court
In the automobile of Seward Cary of I
41 Kant Klghty-tlrst street, from For. I
est Hills, U I. with a pall of cherries
In his Jui lid he had held up Mr. Cary
on tho road nnrt asktd for a lift, fad
Ing to recognize either Mr, Cary, wh.)
was heavily goggled, or the car as con-
nectcu wiiu a similar lift given to Sf
him four months ago. Ss
At thai line he had told Mr. Cary S
he was hoinelcsa ami hungry and hail v
rtlsiippeaitrt at thn time JI7 was missed N.
tiom .Mr. i nry a trousers pocket Once
inn noy was in the car .vcsleiilay Mr
Cary revealed his Identity uud took
lilm to court.
Suammeir Snnfts at a
Midl-Sominnier Price
H ere SI 8.50 and $10.75
'THIS means a net saving to you of
1 at least $4.75- in mhuc ca-e $(. li er
suit taken from regular stock- newest ma
terials, newest stle-, and ciiality workman
ship. An example of Macv value-giving
Included are English soft roll sacks,
semi-form fitting. Then there are suits
cut on broader and fuller lines, to please
the more conservative.
Every cloth, every color. cery fancy mixture
shown this season is'liere. Miwtl eery size, but
not every size in any one ratine.
Silk Pongee Suits, $8.50
Light as a feather--just what oti need to luck
your best these sweltering hot das.
"Keep Kool" Krash Suits, $8.75
Sack or Norfolk models in tan or gray. Ma
terials thoroughly shrunk. At this price an inet
ment worth while.
Men's Flannel Trousers, $3.49
Made of good quality flannel. Plain white or
striped effects. Cuff bottom and regulation belt
straps. You'll take two pair when ou see them.
.Muij'.-lillli floor.
n a i: :
v uiesc sum sits
f testing to realize that so far I
as he is concerned these 2500 '
"a, are equivalent to a mark-'
a;: down of about 25,000 suits
!ta! i i ti.
; spread over mi: wiiuic tuiii;
' of men's sizes.
1 $12.50, $15.00 and $20.00
(are the bargain prices.
Bargain handkerchiefs are
, worth pocketing !
I Especially now when the
I world's fields of flax are the
hot beds of war.
Mostly plain whites.
I 2367 are 35c. values.
7240 are 50c. values.
900 are 75c. values,
i 25c. to-day.
4940 Wash scarfs.
50c. values.
25c. to-day.
All Straws at revised'
The- 1 le tiro ili nut rti tl
M V s Tl'Mltl i U u
(ilt .tic-' M ii- id, w
I i
.VI I f It I III. 1 I Ith mi v ,
yil dl I'.l.ll MIIIMI.M Ul'l II
( IIAMiKHK Itll I AM. Nt i ii ,
COHAN'S m"" ' ' "
irii r A iyo riti ,. . ...
aamo runniest farce
Tv liberty
I u i. mi. EJjSijUJ
' "
at 13th St.
at Warren
at 34th St.
Fifth Ave.
at 'list St.
M .Ml M UIMI III Mill nil
mm.,.,1,,,,,, i remt 1 nmi i .i i i i
Mi-cN ?wi I ... 1 1 ,
Nntlilm I ik in , . ,
HIM M.-i , ,
en mi in i'P w t i -, i
Maiint Elliott s
I'M. 1
iinmii. i ,
I ntli.iK "f s ..
I. III. A I. Itll.'. I ,111, " i
S 1 N N E li S ",'
in 1 in I ,'i' . '
Madam Kiro,
Mine..' C, r,
Dancin:i Contest te'y Hii'
i fi w
Troy's Best Product
NI.M M.i' ' ' ii I ii 1 1 1 .'.in
It 1 1 1.1 1 1 1.1 1 111-.Itll '" '
nori:i - m in 'i m 1 1
1 1 111!. Il'w.iy
o .v jo.
flUi'. LV'. 1 l.lllKllaitll .Ult'llilM lllllll''a
lit; 5U'., llie Miti.tit Tlie M Alt
A ll'w;iy 6
u'C.i'Ut'l I ''auunJUfCU.Aiiuloi.tn.
H'wyftthHt Win. I erslim In
inc uicni it i ttiiy
Miniili Allen in Tne
Mth Street, near Four w' 1
Prince George Yw
1 u

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