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Cortiiiius Win Hack Some of
I he (Irotiml Lost in
StMiclicz Ui'irion.
fpf.ttt I iihlr lienimlcli In Tin: Six.
I'aiiii". July V Tlii Krencli forces
h raitiireil Ill'" railway Ktutlnii
.f.ir Sotti licit iinwril forward last iiIkIiI
,, prni-trnlcil for mihio illnlniiec Into
IV ilernian lines, Tn-ilay tho German
(on-c!" m thin rt'irlcm ilcllvcrcil n counter
attack nf an extremely violent cliarac
tr ami ere able to recapture kcuiiu of
lhcftritliiil 111"- liait lout, but lint nit of It.
All uloi'K tlie line north of Arran thcro
l,w I'Wii tiiiitnTotts ltif:int r' cntrairc
itifnt ilurliiK tin- last twenty-four hour.
,me f Until, however, ii-hiiUIiik In
mirkfil inlvnlitnK to cither lile. There
h.ive alco hoi'n artillery and Infantry
. .lRJKfnii'tit!" In tlm ArKontm and near
s.,mt Mlhli'l.
The nlKlit i'ominiini(U0 wan as.fullinvH :
In H.'1kIiiih a Crtinan nttark ill
t... le,l aiMinyt the trenches uhlih the
ntili troop occuplctl on .Inly 6
nuilhi'.ift of I'llken wiih checked ly
tin- KiikIIMi artillery lire ami the tire
from our Held pieces ami the enemy
tt.n ilipersed with heavy lnsnen.
Iletween AtiKirit ami Sottchcz nt
r, o'clock thlH mornlni; the enemy
nij.iln attaeUeil our ponltloii.1 north nf
the Arrn to licthuiio road. Tim
enemy wai repulsed,
North of the Soiichez railway Mil
I ion an extieniely violent counter ut
taik was ilellvered by tho enemy in
an effort to letakc the trenches of
which we hail heroine the masters on
the preceillnir eenlnir. Only 100 meters
nf these trenches, on n front of S00
meters, lion ever, were lost by us.
In the (Juennevleres sector there was
n pretuiilo anil haml bomb battle.
On the rlKht bank of the Alsne, In
the ri'Klon of Noyon, the extensive ex
plancm of mines has developed in our
In the Ch.nnp.iKne, In front of the
small fort of Ileaiice'-Joiir, we have,
h the explosion of u mine, greatly
damaged the enetnyV trenches.
Hetween the Mcuse and the Moselle
the day has been distinguished by a
iolent bombardment at I .a Tctu a
Varhe and Vnux l'Vry In the Apre
mont forest nnd north of Fllrey.
The afternoon conirnunlnuC said :
In thu recion to thu north of Ar
i. is the.e were last evenlm; and last
nisht t..ncr.i Infantry actions of con
ilcralilo violence. Iletween AtiKrcs
.1 id Soucrez. to the north of the road
runnin rrom llethune to Arras, a tier
ni.in attack, preteiled by a ery heavy
iKinib.ini'iient, was completely re
imlseit. At a point to the north of
t lie railroad station of Souehej! we
'flnc-9.1 an attack which made It
IKslb,4 for lis to draw nearer to
tnc vlll.ie. V took possession of
i line of llcrniin trenches after hav
iB put an end to the defenders
t iereof by the use of hand Krenades
mil bombs. After this we advanced
'eoud hesc trenches. Wo made
"oino prisoners and captured a can
.in. The town of Solssnns has been bom-
ii mled,
Iti the Anronne Infantry tlKhtlliK
oil e.tniion.idlnK lasted all night. At
ij.n hie.ilv III the union of ".Marie
T'iern" the (iermans made an en
i. Aur lo come out from their
rtni hea, but they were driven hack.
Ilciwuii the .Meuse nnd the Mo--e'.ie
tist nlKht siw much tlehtlne.
!., the l'ores. of Apremont and In
Hi Poi-A.it of I.c l'retre there were
jTiii,.nadinB. rllle flro nnd the throw
UK of ombs. but with two excep
i o.i no .'.fantry encasements. These
x eptloMs were between Ke -cn-llaye
nil the I'orest of I.c I'rctre. where
ivit atl'eks on the part of the enemy
were eh-cked by us.
lieriiinns .ii- Sllll Vnril Trench At
llii'k Was ItepllUeil.
Hki: is-, via London, July X. The otll-
.il s'aiement given out to-dny by the
0-' in nt Army Headquarters said:
I- the western theatre of war west
of Soiichez the I'rench succeeded In
P ni-lratliig our outer trenches over a
idlh of kirn yards. They were driven
out again by cur counter attack. A
f- ond nttack made by tho enemy
Iril.e down under our fire. Hand
Fieuade lighting still goes on for pos
urn of a small section of trench
n which tlie French still lire estab
lish d
ihii-my attacks on the positions
wi h we had captured to tho west
of Apremont lasted throughout tho
(1. y and night without any success.
The number of prisoners was In
creased by three olllcers and 4U0 tm.il.
un the entire western front lively
nrrilleiy battles are In progress.
of l.r e s u in in ii it h ieelnl
1 eel in""; of t'litilnet.
', lul.le lirifilih to Tin: Svs.
i'ii.' is-, via London, July b. King
li.mih of lireecc has called a
.ouncil for July in, nt which ex-
r Vonlzelos will be present, no-
i to the Overseas .SVws Agency.
T ,e determination of King Con
' ne and 1'iemler Counarls. who
overwhelmingly defeated 111 the
' i lections by Kleutheilos Velll
' - x-l'remltr, to maintain neutral
' i.e present war has cri'ated a
' vim? situation In the Hellenes.
' ii majoiity of the people, us
1 hi f-e vote which gives the Vcnl
i' - .i tv a inijorlty of 10 In the
' 'limber of Deputies, nre for war
r that Oreoce may have a say
re uljtistmeiit and ieapportbn
Turkey in Kurope. With her
' 1 ! -. ks In Turkey the people be
" . i sue should have a most ini-
- oiee in tlie matter.
1 - it ported recently In cable des
- from Alliens that I'nmler firm
r f oU.il hv the King, had an
ih n he will mil leslgn, nor will
' i foi sake h m.
"fll.'iln I files It lull lo Hel-
II Keren Ik' vli-reliiililliiell,
-.' ' ilr Umlmlih In TlllJ Si X
J.jlv s. The Kotelgn Olllce
" ' Mn,l ,,ni,ounciinent to-day that
I' lielllgi rent nations are
'' '' nry arinainents 111 self
''' Ai i .d llrltlsh ships hive been
,' ' in iris since tlio early stages
Rob. t Cecil, Under Secretary
-to Allans, said:
d utral HovernineiitH were
' i with In this matter at I he
"l the war and several more
-i' tiro.ichtd since, as clreum-
Oil .
( I
ole of iiiuM'hant ships
lor self-ilefeiico has been
'id and llrltlsh ships,
i been traillus regularly
s euiintrlcs sluco uu early
ar "
10,000 Ton Amain Attacked by Submarine in Upper
Adriatic Most of the 550 Men Aboard Saved
Engaged in Reconnaissance.
HoMK. July s. Tho Italian armored
cruiser Amaltl, built In l!i09, was struck
by a torpedo from an Austrian submarine
while crulslnic 1n tho upper Adriatic nt
dawn yestciday and sank within a few
minutes. The Ministry of Marine says
that must of her complement of fi50
men were saved.
The Atimlll was one of n number of
Italian warships which had been en
Kaued In n reconnaissance In the upper
Adriatic during the nlKht of Tuesday-
Wednesday, Aip.ircntly no other ship
was attacked by the submarine. The
Ministry of Marino announced the loss
n the folltiwhiR statement :
A reconnaissance In force was ac
complished last nlulit (July 6) In the
upper Adilallc. The Aiualll, which
took part In the reconnaissance, was
tupedoed at dawn this momliiK by an
Austrian submarine and soon listed
heavily to port.
The commander, before Kiting or
ders to the crew to Jump overboard,
cried "Long live the King, long live
Italy!' The entire crew, drawn up
along the Mern, echoed the shout, giv
ing a remarkable exhibition of cour
aL'e and discipline.
"The cmimainler, who was the last
to leave, flipped overboard shortly
before tho Amalll sank. Nearly all
the officers and crew were saved.
m.illl was a sister ship to the I
l'lsa. She had a displacement of
us ions, was -iiii icei long anil nan a Mires, tney 1101 agreeing wnu me .us-
beam of Oil feet. She carried four tenltrlans that the l'ola defences are lm-
Inch guns and .three eighteen Inch tor- 1 pregnable.
Harinir Climb of '.MHo 1'eet
Followed liy Victory
for Italians.
-sWif I'nble Itfivnleh In Tar Srv.
Romk. July S. Olllclally It is stated
by tho War Olllce o-nl-rbt that no Im
portant action ban nc-arred along the
whole of the Italian l-ont during the
last twoiit-fnur hunts. fnclllclally,
however, several very Important reports
have been circulated nere to-ilny.
One Is to the effect flint the Austrlans
nt a ecu- "!! w-ar council heb' at Lalbach
ilecided"to draw further r enforcements
from Russian Poland. At the same time.
It was r-ald, they are sending eery
available man to aid in tlv defence of
Clorltz. 1 lvnrd which the Italian army
Is nppto.ichlng. to the Montalcone front
and to th.- Tollno front.
t'nollli Mlly. alo. word comes of
deed performed bv the Alplnl south of; "The success becomes of greater lm
, , .1,,,,,,. ,t u,n is portahce when It is Judged by tho effect
Hovereto which for daring and skill is (
held to h.- the equal of ans thing so tar Tllp nt.tIoll of , nfantry j,.is been
perform"!! by any force In the war. superb. Their courage ami enihi-.in. e
I owered iever.il thou-and fc t ilnwn tho ! and capacity for taking a piolongel
... ... , ,.i ,i,p : hammering surpass anything belli vable.
precipitous s.oe, .... -
Intrepid mountaineers scaled a pcan
nearly Hi entire height of I'.siri icei.
surprised the A,,S.rlan battery, killed all
but two and held the i-opltlon.
In the advance upon Hovereto the
Italians and Austrlans have been light
ing from peak to peak or through valleys
hemmed III by towering mountains. They
are in the Monti delta .Mai marine range, .
mil at the time mentioned tnc two nirces
wire on opposite peaks divided uy it
wide valley the Austrian wen tit- i
trenched on tile hides of Monte Monti
ctllo ami the Italians across from them.
Hoped together, tlie Alplnl. all of ,
...i ..... i,,iiiiiliiei-s. slid down the i
.A . . ft,w L-..-r.ii tlottiw.-iiiil
CI1IIS Ol llieil note iw. e. -
feel Into the valley. There was lime
danger of their being observed, for the
task seemed Impossible to any militar
ist. They arrived safely, hid In tin
valley, and Into In the evening ap
proached the steep sides which under tho
best circumstances In the daylight re
quire four nnd one-half hours work of
an expert to ascend. Laden with their
rifles and other military accoutrements,
the entire force began the ascent in tho
starlight, and again there was Utile
fear of their being perceived.
They accomplished tho task between
dark and midnight, and at that hour,
without walling to rest, fell upon the
Austrlans, who made a vain light, but
all of them but two were killed.
When morning broke the main body
knew that tlie Alplnl were safe and tho
trenches belonged to Italy. They ad
vanced immediately and consolidated the
positions, after which tho march on Ho
vereto was resumed. Tlie advance guard
has now reached Dosso. within six miles
lot tho city.
Miiiiibard llrldgeliend Wllliont Suc
cess, Austrlans Say.
klircint r,il,le ici(c. In Tat: Six.
Vienna, via Amterdani, July s. Tho
enemy made several attacks on tho
nrldgehead of Hurllx In tho Corltz re
gion yesterday, all of which were re
pulsed by our troips.
In tho middle district of the Isonzo
River In the district of Km (Monte
Nuo) all Is quiet.
There are artillery engagements on
iim f'.irlnthlan-Tyrol frontier.
A "hildgchcad" In military technique
conipre hi nds all the fortifications de-,
vised to protect an Important bridge and '
may extend for miles, j
Ilerlln Reports (In-ill I In I lit it Losses
nn luino I'ronl. I
llKiil.lN. July V The Overseas News ,
Agency says to-day Ihat the battle on
the Isoiiao front between Austrlans and
Italians has ended In a great defeat for
the Italiins, who lout enormous num
bers of men and vast quantities of am
muuttlo'i. iilthmgli they outnumbered
, tho Ausliians four lo one. '
Allies Airmen Shell llrnues, Held
li (ieriiiiuiN Hit (ireal Illinium-.
Sirriill Ciililr llmiMU'h In Tilt: Si x
LoNlio.v, July N, A gieal aeilal
Hiuatlinii. numbering twenty allied aero-
planes, rallied llrilges to-day mid caused
gieal destruction to Iho ruilronil sheds,
according to u message from tho Daily j
Han't correspondent ut Rotterdam. 1
two of which were sub-
IlKlil.tN, via London, July S. The
Austtlan War Olllce Issued tho follow
ing statement at Vienna to-day:
An Austrian submarine has torpe- (
doed nnd sunk tho Italian armored
cruiser Amalfl In the northern zone ot
the Adriatic."
Allstrlnns Mi III lo lie nt Odds With
tieriniltl Out llefenee.
Slirritil Vatilr Itttpateh lo Tnu Sry
ttove tide S ViwIrl iV nnvil esl-ib. I
KOMI., Jill Aiistr a s naval esiau-
llshment at Tola has been thoroughly
mined and Its defenders are prepared
to blow It up at the first concerted at-
uii'h uy nit il.lllilll lieei, accuruuiK to in-
formation received here. Meanwhile
the mala part of the Austrian Heel, now
, mitt
under the command of lerman naval
ii, 11 i i ,i lv ,.T
Mini g the Dalmatian coast, notably at
a ,i,?nii ,.f i i.ii.- .
' L '",,,,. ",, , ;, ' ,. ,
a number of torpedo boats have been
left nt l'ola. The precautions. It is
understood, hnve been taken In the fear
that Italy will be able to Invest the city
both by land and sea
garrisons which were stationed
lit Tola and at other points In lstrla are
.ml at other po nts In Istrla are
Lr 'mWlh? Aultriai'i p .
on the Adriatic nractleallv un-
now being
leaving that
sessions on the Adriatic practically un
defended. Herman olllcers are said to
10,-ihao been responsible for these mens-1
Victory at Oallipoli of .lime "Jit
liaises Hopes of Final
Si'mal Cntilt MwtrA In Tin: mv
LoSImin, July X. The battle of Juno
2S on the liatllpoll penlnula Is de
scribed In a despatch from the olllclal
corresiMindent with the allied forces at
the Dardanelles as one f great stralcglo
Intrortance. The Allies won a mile of
territory along the coast, occupying four
successive lines nf Turkish tienches,
taking Sim prisoners, three guns and a
quantity of munition.
'Considering our gains," he says, "our
losses were small. This has been by
far the most successful engagement
fought on the iienlnsul.i. Only on the
extreme right were our troops unable
to carry all of the enemy's tieneUes. and
after we had taken up the new tHi-itlons
the Turk" were unable to d"ive us out.
u , ,,, ,h.lt ,lu, . .
whip hand over the Turks.
"Our successes on June IS were
.Iu0 to a clung., of .ac.,;s
enoimous improvement in tho sup. ort
afforded by our artillery and to the
splendid cooperation netwecn tile two
"Tho battle of dully Ravine, as It has
come to le known, Is a classical exam
ple of the sectional attack which alone
leads to ilcclsHe results In modern w.ir-:
fare. Tint Is to say, there was no gen- I
eral aiUai.ce along the whole line. A '
section ol it was selected and every!
available gnu was coucenlrati d on the
works to be assaulted. These woiks
i were
b.ittered lo pieces or eomplctclv
smothered by high explosive shells,
while the wire In flout of them was cut
to pieces liy twenty minutes of com en
tinted snr'apnel lire. Thus wln-u our In
fantry wre let loose they were able to
walk into some of the trendies almost
without opposition, the surviving Turks
running nw.ty or surrendering.
"We r.ro gradually creeping around
Krltlili The success of Oully Ravine
seems l.i open up the brightest pros
pects for tho future If only our gunners
are ken; supplied with an unlimited
quantity of ammunition."
.vormf Citlilr Unimicli In Tin: M
11f:iu.in, via London, July X The
Turkish War Olllce Issued the following
statement at Constantinople this eve
nlm, :
On the Caucasian front the enemy's
cavalry endeavored to maintain tlicr
positions Their attacks failed.
on the Dardanelles front our artil
lery l.tniba riled the eiienr.' positiois
neir Avl Hill 111 and cause I he ivy
Attacks by leconnoltling divisions
near Sedil-KI-Rahr were repulsed by
us with heavy losses to the enemy.
Our Anatolian coast batteiirs
opened file on the enemy misIhous.
while enemy bo its were active, as
sisted by small auxiliary cruisers A
bomb dropped on an enemy hitt.tl'im
cause" 1 great confusion and heavy
losses. An enemy munition diisit was
blown up by our coast batteries.
fijier(,il Vilhlr llismlr. In Tilll Si
Iindon. July B. The Admlialty an
liuunces to-night that the suhniailne
which successfully allackeil a Herman
warship In tlie H.iltlc on July 2 was a ,
llrltlsh vessel I
Lake Hopatcong
Sunday and Holiday
Lv. W. 2M St, 8.50; I.v, I.ltwMy SI. 00;
bv, lickson Ave, Jeney City. v. 17 a, m,
l.r. Hi old Slictt, Ntwiik, R..10i, m.
Atlantic City
Wednesday, July 14
l.t.W, 1M M.7.S); .. Liberty St.snu;
Lr. iick.on Avrnur. Jrney Clly, S.17
I.v, Hiotd Sliffl, Ncwuk, 7.55 1 m.
peilo tubes,
Armies of C.nr Kxclmiiirc
Kolcs Willi Teutons anil
Tiike, Offensive.
TAKK II. (tl)lt Pit I SON MIS
Snrltil luUtt ht'inlrh In Tin. Sis
LoNpo.v, July S. llespalcbes from
Ilerlln as well us I'ctrograd are reassur-
Ing for the Allies. It Is nppareiit from
tho communications receled from both
capitals that the Itusslans liiteml of re
treating, as they have been for two
months, are now striking. They aie iai-
lug tho offensive, ami military oImciutm I overwhelming Itiissian forces biought up , I" " eonsult with the llrltlsh War
bonder If the Hermans have nt last f ,.,cct)l,.. f i,n,iii imi. ,.,. "m''' "vur I milnloti m further con
reached tl xtreme limit of transport- . , '" , . " r . '" 1 trlbmimi of men and munitions, was on
1 Hon for tlii'le birirest imns and the
! minister shells they have been uslag so
.prodigally lo accomplish their object,
1111 '"'miHlls 'll m mun m iviiiii.-.-,
. ,-.. 1ii,.,si ii,,..!,,,,,. nd
oilier points. Th' Itiissian olllclal state
ment received early this morning says
that the Itiissian counter attack In the
.,, , , , - .,. ... ,.
J .K ' !;.'.., .. .... ... ....11 i I
favorably, while the Itiissian artillery Is
,, , i..i I i... .. ...,..., lit,,-
wieiir. It nlso mentions checks
ailministeied to Von Mackciisen's army
(,l(st (f ,,.,n,,rir 1(, mtr, , tho
'nelghboihood of Kamlonka. where. It lias
been umiounceil, th
Teutons have been
making sle.nlj progress heietofore.
What Is most pleasing to military oh
servers hire Is the new optimistic tone
of the I'ctrograd olllclal despatches. In
stead of telling ot atumpts to hold hack
l.,.lt..i... r..-. .... ll...f m,...;i1.' (KiVf t.f
-.,.. ,... ui1..r ,i.
, , , ,1,.(1,Ioy,.ll
- ' .,.,,..,,
"I.""" Prisoner.
The following communication issued I
,y n. tKlnn War oftice has been re
from l'etiogi,.d:
During the night of July 0 the en-
(.mv unsiicci ssfully attacked our posi
tions near Muravicvo station. To tlie
west of the Kalwarla-Siiwalkl road
the enemy mi July (' succeeded in
cto-sitig tlie River i Miehni litka, but
was thrown back nil the 7th.
On the Orjii the enemy dining the
ingot of the illh .itt.icked our ticliihes
southwcsl of the village of .lediioro
Jet. A few scote i Iermans held their
ground In flout of our t rendu h until
(lawn, but were almost all killed by
our lire when they trUd I" retire.
During the day the enemy again at
tacked the same trenches, but every
wheie were repulsed Willi heavy
on the left bank of the Vistula
dining the night of the i',th the enemy,
under cover of eitnrinous clouds of
poisonous gases, delivered ntlaeks ill
the illKM-tii.il of Itotiinow. on a front
of about eight miles he snivel iled in
some sector In eupturlug our lllsl
line tren.-hei. but b euiinter attacks
next da w- illsliMlued blui and leoov
iled tlie i.ellloli. eviept in the sector
near the Itoluoow rn.nl. wheie the
lieht still emu nun s.
Iletween the sin ill town of .seiino
and the village of .ln-efow the neiuy
mi the Till del ue r-d no attaeU. At
the same time our Hoops in tlie ill
ret lion of Liildlii continued to develop
silo cssfully the offensive which we
had begun In the sector of .I'rxendoft
and H)stnjitxa. our men dealt tho
em my terrible blows, ami between th"
Mb and Till took about tl.iuiii prison
ers, while they captured several dor.cn
guns and a Hag. In tills hector the
ciimii) Is In iclreat. and we are pur
suing him.
Theie is no change along the Hug
.ota Llpa anil Dniester I'Uei-.
r.ernian iuiiiicttt.
The ( '.ci in. in stai. aieiii given out to
day at Heihn is as follows -
All enemy attack front thu ilirc- tlon
of Kovno On Lithuania) was le
puln'il with heivy louses lo the
Kneitic adiar.ies In the legion of
Strzegov o and St.uosroby. noillicast
and e.ti'i of H'Cion. were unsili cess
fill. At.nmpls made by our op,i
in nls to lake aw.iy Hill !)' to tlie
east of Dolowatk.i, which wo cup
tilled yi-stei'il i.v. laded.
In the southeastern thentie there is
no ch.tti.so In the situation ot the (ier
ni. in I;, up,, si. Hiding between the
Dnlcst.v and the Vistula.
To tl. west of the l'iper Vistula a
mimbei of enemy positions weie
taken i storm.
ilMCMl C'll'lr III',
li:ii:o(in,!i, July
to Tin. m v
T.ie lolloivm;
Mr. A . '. Lachniiiiul
at Tli Pianola
This Afternoon
at Three in the
Green Room
A t m iaf on Com nl7m until r.y
,"VM0i;c. ti nor arias
lliuici, riiiriKlnicel mi tliu
Wnllllcrllll new plluilo
urupU The Aeolian
'i)c.iliim. t'nnciTi piano
forte nuifl" rs playcil by
llarotil ll.t tier, Ossip
( .ilnilov.il .,ii n nil dilicr
riiiijwniil pianists, rcpro
tliiiTil in 1 lie cact lech
niipiu and style of these
great iiiti-ici ins liy The
UiiD-Ari l'iunulu.
29-J1-33 West 42ml Street
fssssi aSSVv'vS!.... V. ..
.5 i.v s.sNi 1v.V"V.
" ' -StSiS.'-. "f.
vs -.-si ',iii!it:.i
r ryy;fs'
' ' is i
I Mr il . ' " l ' (. I'll! e of !
S ,U(ll' .'"I II Hi , Hff.'J I
ofllclal statement legardlng the Caucasus
was nmdo puhllo by the (lencral Staff
to-night i
Them was nn artillery duel In tho
virnst dixit let In the direction ot Olty
on Tuesday.
A Itiissian company suddenly at
tacked two Turkish companies ill the
region of Nnrehino and put tlfly
Al:arls to the bayonet. Tho re
mainder took leftige In Might.
In the region of Awkazlk and
C'harlaniladh an energetic Turkish
olTensite, along the whole front was
lepulsed In the direction of Mel.izkert.
The attempt of Hie Turks to take
the offensive III the region of Issld
radsnn was stopped.
There is no change on the lest of
the float.
Ilemy Iteeitfiireeiiieiits llriiiluhl
I l b Itiisslmis Near l.iltilln.
Iprnat CiiMp )r;iri Till: Ki v.
Viknna, via Amsterdam, July S.
I pelted a readjustment of the Austilan '
lines in order that sufficient forces may
be massed with nileiuate artillery to
continue the advance. The official state.
inent Issued by the War Office to-night ' forms, aeroplanes, automobiles and the
announces that in view of these teen-i like. The trying day was on Wednes
foiceiuenls the Austrian lilies have le- day, when she was lacing through the
tired slightly. It Is as follows: Irish Sea. She made the dangerous part
In Russian I'olauil. east of the Vis- j at night on a course not glseii, without
tula, the battle continues. Nimietous (lights.
severe Itiissian attacks have been I'ears for the safety of the Adilalli'
bloodily repulsed. I
llerore tlie counter uttacus liy a
superior Itiissian force brought up for
the protection of Lublin our troops
hne been withdrawn from both sides
of the road to the heights north of
The Itiissian advanced poitlons
I were stormed west of the Vistula.
I On the Hug and In eastern Unllcia
1 the general situation Is unchanged.
Hostile attacks by the Itu-siatis on
the lower 7.lota Llpa ItlVer (south of
I'inberg) were repiilst il.
in this
L aMMidi
While Slur Liner, CiiiT.vinir
Five Aincriciiii Piienuei's,
Snfe ill Liverpool.
Sli'rntl VnUf lirrimlrh In Tin: Si v
LlVHUPAoi.. July S. Tho While Star
steamship Adilntlc, whose trip has been
watched with much anxiety, rcllecd
all minds when she arrived at I,lcipool
this afternoon in safety. No unusual
expel lences me repoiteU by Ipt com
mander. The Adriatic sailed from New York
on June 311 with A'in saloon passengers,
i among whom were the Americans. Sir
llober I llordeii, Premier of I 'iiiiada, who
The Adriatic call led no uxploles. ac-
cordltig lo her manifest, but she had n
very large iiiiautlty of war inateilal,
such as shell cases, eohtier in varaias
grew In Intensity on Wednesday when It
was learned that l-'rnuk I loll had
I marked a transatlantic steamship for do
I striii'tloit. Owing to tlie fio't that she
I carried a caign that was parti; euiitrii-
hand the appielienslou hete was ep.--clally
noticeable as soon if. the big
Xessi'l entered tile war zone.
Hence the annouiveinont from the
Wltlle Star offl -es about .", :.-!a o'clock
yeler.l.ty that the Adriatic had arrived
at l.ivelpol without mishap was ivodved
Willi lin.lkid relief I' A S. l-'rniikllu.
ve -pres ib nt of the Inn mat 'cimI M-r
We don't have to tell you anything about the every-sum-mer
upst in your office the nuisance of breaking in and pay
ing for substitute stenographers to tide you over vacations.
This summer right now will be the best time of all tc
find out just how much dependence you can place on our say-so
that the Dictaphone will enable you to handle your correspond
ence better than it has ever been handled before. Both from
your end of it as a dictator and from your stenographer's end
of it as well. How it will enable you to get more letters
better letters- get them easier and get them for at least a
third less cost.
Put the burden of proof right up to us.
to the Dictaphone some time you will
excuse than vacation time for finding out
new efficiency system of correspondence.
m 1 mmWM W
IIS y& A M m &J$ fef3 m m ffl p'
Wi WA MM KSH . HS KffR'SW JPL'Sf VXA tMAAlff to mm
Your telephone is
this little call card,
us. Now, while the
The only "Dictaphone" is Till-;
Dit'la phone our traile-naino.
Alan at tho dosk our traiU'-mark,
This Advertisement Was
eautllo Marine, mnde tho ittitiotuicomont
in soon nil word was lecelved helo by
cable, so anxious was he to allay the
fciiH that had become apparent on all
1 sides.
The Untie riliim Due on Sunday.
The llotlei-il.im of the Holland-America
Lille. Which was detained at the
Downs for ten d.i.s by the llrltlsh
authorities, will probably arrle here
siihdny morning. She left Rotterdam
on June -0 w.th 507 pisengers.
Alii n Who Mild He Heard erles of
r,tlol,illN rolled it I'oruer.
Slitrtnl (.!' owf In Till: siv
I'.miis, July -Jules Man-lnl, the
t-V'hch whlu-s Will' t"tllled III the land
tHiila Imiulry Ihat he heard a series
of explosions when the ship w'as sink
ing risemhlmg the lire of a machine
gun. which testimony Isird Mersey said
lie was Inclltinl lo doubt, was the sub
Jed of tlm following olllclal coinmunliiu
Issued to-day by the' Ministry of Kor
i Inn Affairs:
".Inlet Marech.il was twice seiiloticcd
In Ilelglum, In l'.'l and liil I, for for
guy, conce.thiig his Idiutlly anil ills
(irdeily cnnilllet. In t'.il.l, at l.lile. he
was tried by court-martial and dismissed
from the army for disorderly behavior.
II.- was then a Lleutchs nt. M.ireehal
then wi r.t to Canada hiiiI returtnd on
the l.ll-it.mi.i. He had preloiit asked
the Mini'ler of War to lelnstate him
ii. the ar-nv. but the application had
hi n re'usi-d."
i:tiorliilroi. Prohibited llnllrely
li l iiiinell (Iriler.
LiisimS. July i.--The eiortatlolis of
Jllte villus, Jllte piece goods and bags
ali i s.ii-ks in.ide of Jute to any port was
prohibited to-day by an order In council.
I b ivtnfoiv tl xportatlou of Jute has
! n iiionlblted to lertain Luropeall
i-ounli .1 -
83 Chambers Street
handy. Call Worth 3273. Or, tear
pin it-to your letterhead and mail it
idea is hot.
didafed fo fie Dictaphone
Itoine 1 1 curs liuKow inn nnd
liessiirnliiii I'roposilioii
Was Kefnscil.
Sl.ian) i;thtr tifpatr I" Tor. M v
ItoMi:, July . As a result of the visit
of the Herman linpctlnl Cli.incll.ir,
llerr von Itcthiuann-llollwi g, and tlie
Porelgn Minister, Dr. (lottllch vou
.lagow, lo Vienna last Motnlav, it w.is
decided to offer Itukowlna and llessnrab'.i
to llumaiila ,is compsns itloii for that
Government's neiltriilll J .
The oiler was n-i'iiffd, it Is tinder
stood, nil the gloui.ds tli.lt It wis In
sufllclent. It Is not Impossible that It
will be Increase I to Include a part of
Transylvania, since tlie Austin-Hermans
are determined to avert a war with l!u
mania. They aie pri pared to make al
misl .my sacrifice, especially because
Havana has refused lo gl rurtlvr ail
to Austria on the pretext that all
Il.ivarlan troops will be needid to pro
tect the Itavarlau fronllirs agiinst n
ulh!c Italian invasion.
si-llim to Preient the With-
Ir.'iKill of miiils.
' ' 'i'lr c;if' A f Tin '
Homk. ,liit v Turkey Is sIiim It !
iir v nt the wltndim.il of ltallm c n-
sill" In Tuike and a possible niptuii
with lt.il
It is said nnnlllcilly he.'e that Tin
key is tspc daily lonh to hreik wl-l'
l'.il, as t'e Turkl'-h Aniba-.idor .it
lb ne will he ill a position to tea 'h
the l!i!tilit( I'oweis in ease the Sultan'.
(iiHet 1 11 1 -1 . , Muds P nl sable to ll(
lor 1 n.iai.itc p. a.e
You are bound to
never have a
what there is
Tear this oti, pin to your letterhead, and uvH.
The DiKUqihone. Sj Chambers St.. .V. Y. C.
iJcssc send me particulars:
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