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E.v-Cntnpfi'ollpi'. on Stiinil, As
serts Me Served ns Presi
dent ;it h'jierifice.
HN-Clly Comptroller IMivarrl M.
Grout, tfM'fylnr In his own behalf ycr
terrlay tifforn County .lurlRr. Henry
l.el In Hrooklyn. antorUil that ho
hurt mourned thy prealilenoy of the
Union Hank only an i public eluty
which hln confolpnco rnmpelleil him t.i
Perform. In tryljiR to avoid the posl.
tlon, ho said, ho li.ul nuRRmtcd rrv(r:il
nntnpH to tr.e State Kupcrlntemlcnt or
Jlink. and among' them the name of
the chief examiner,
' Mr. (Iront la helnc tried on a charge of
perjury, baaed on the iillecitlon that he
'iRniel a fale statement of tho financial
'condition of the hank a.i Its president
on -March 2.'., 1910, HcRardlnc lit
wlMlnm mid Justice of leuprnliitr tho
bank .Mr, (irout nild:
"1 ',i prevailed upon ncalnxt my
will and iiKiiln.st my Interest."
In order to c-nvlct .Mr. (.Irout of per
jury It Is nceenMiy for District At
torney Cropsoy to provo that re knew
the report was fal?e when he Rwore to
It .Mr (Irout contends that he had
no such knowledge, although he ntltnlt't
ths cath. On the contrary he holds
that he was misled, unintentionally no
doubt, by the .State Hanking Depart
ment and by hit. own friends and asso.
Groat IlovlenK Ills Cnrrrr.
Mr. tlrout wtis called nt 2.30 o'clock
yesterday afternoon, after (leorge Mo
Aneny, I'rcsldrnt of the Hoard of Abler
nwiii . .Michael J. Prummond. fnrmrrl.
Commlsflutir of Charities', and Thornn
P Mulry, prtsldetu of the Immigrant
Industrial Savins Hank, had appealed
for him as ch aracter witnesses. Ho aal.l
'that ho was nearly 51 years old and
that he had lived In Hrooklyn about
forty.three years, He was born in th
old city of New York.
He said that he was admitted to the
bar In December, ISfcS, nftcr eight years
In the law office of On. Stewart I..
Woodford. Ho then formed n partner
uhlp with tho late Mayor William .1.
Oaynor, which was dissolved when Mr.
Uaynor wan elected to the bench. He
was also nt one time u law partner of
Presiding Justice Almet P. Jenks of the
Appellntn Division.
Mr. Grout sketched bis political career
from the time he ran for Mayor of the
old city of Hrooklyn In IS?.', to January,
1906, when he completed Ilia s?eond term
ns Comptroller of the c.ty. Kor ten years
he hud been president of the Hrooklyn
Club, he said, and for several years was
vice-president of the Montauk. He In
now, and has been for ulMcen or seven
teen years, a trustee of Colgate, the col
lego from which ho graduated. He Is
treasurer of the New York County Har
After these preliminaries had been dis
posed of Stcp'tcn C. Haldwln, counsel
for the defence, said "Mr. (Irout, I now
hand to you people's exhibit No. "2 the
false bank report ; did you sign that?"
"I did."
"Did you swear to It?"
"I did."
Rrllea on Ahlf' Acenrsey.
Mr. Oiout said that he had telled upon
the accuracy of J. T Anlley ami that he
had never examined tho books of the
bank to timl the Items that went to
make up the totals In the reports.
"It would have been physically Impos
sible In the time allowed me," he naiil.
He told of flrianclul lossen incurred by
reason of his accepting the presidency
of the bank. He had feared it. he said,
for his experience ns Horough 1 'resilient
had taught him that, though bu got
J5.O00 a year for di voting mighty llttlo
of his time to the Job, the salary had
failed to offset the loss In legal fees.
Clients, he found, did not go to lawyers
holding public oltlce.
As proof of this, he quoted figures
showing the falling olT of his nnnual In
come while he was president of the bank
and offered to let any public accountant
named by Mr, Crops-ey go over his books.
In ISOfi, 1907 and lDul bis income was
$45,0O(i a year or nvire. In 1909, the
first yenr of his presidency. It was about
133,000, and in 1910, It was If than
J22.000. On the other hand, there had
been a, steady Increase since tho bank
fcloacd. Indictments and Incidental ex
penses notwithstanding.
The direct examination of Mr. Orout
will be continued to-day,
Many Varieties of Weather in
Tew Hours .Make Day
' ' Lively One.
f Terhaps there weren't forty-seven
.kinds ot weather yesteiday, hut there
seemed to be to tint- rtunatcs who were
'-forced to be on the streets.
To begin with a tjg rolled In from
the ocean in the morning in waves that
seemed at times to have alnust the
'density of rain, and the ciutlous ones
who carried umbrellas were wise.
r With tho muggy mist came he.it. It
'grew more and more opptessle until
toon after noon large black clouds rolled
,up and broke over City Hall Park as a
tatreak tf lightning shot across tho sky.
Jt rained, and tlu n It poured, and then
It stopped, and 'hen It ruined again, and
so on most ot the afternoon. Hut "lien
It was all over the muggings was gone
tind on Its heels came a breeze that
.reached almost an unpleasant degree,
of coolness.
In the height of a wind s-iuall In
tho afternoon a big sign was blown
from tho roof ot a building nt KUth
avenuu and Thirty-seventh stiiet and
struck three women who worn waiting
for a car. Ohm of them, Angelina
riurlvo, 'Jo, of 223 liold sheet, Hrook
lyn, was taken to the New Yoi k H os
pital with a filature of the akull
When It was all over the local
Weather Hureau estlmatid tile raliifall'
at oul 17 of an Inch This b.nl ben
accompanied by a wind that teached a
velocity of tiff v -tun miles an hour,
mostly fioin tho north The highest
temperatuie of the dn was "3. at a few
minutes after 4 o'clock In tho after
noon. It rlro.ined ten dt glees In little moio
than an hour to the day's louest point
nt 30 I' M t.nsi night the storm
was centred off tho Massachusetts, toast
headed In an easterly dlieetlnn.
Apparently the local weather man was
satltftlcd last night, that the, Mono hail
pone, for hi promise for to-day and tn
moirow was fair weather. Whatever
winds ace mp.iny It will probably conic
from the Hist
lliiby lllimn Tli riiiiinrlir of
.Mllei I'nliiirt.
NK'V HhI'NSWM.'K, N. J , Jul. .,.-
inlu-aturc rei'lmi' about , mile wl In
sc,'t u.i IJ.st Ml'l-ln e Ibis lit, nni 'i.
noil a ii' k tllei Munla p M-1 a
bah carr age and lis nceiinant and ,ir.
rlcd It lliiee nu.irters f a mile in the
.n. dropping the carriage m a llelu
i ithoui lilt ng the baby
Doiiiocrats Kavor Limitation
in Senate if Comity Lines
Are Abolished.
Al.ltANT, Jnlv - The Democratlo
delegated to the constitutional conven
tion nre evlllln-r to aocott a greater
limitation on the New York city repre
sentation In th" Senate If the Hepuhll
cans will agree to an amendment to
popularize the Assembly by abolishing
county lines, It uus sild to-n'.ght. New
York city then would control the As
rembly bccmije of the majority popula
tion In (Ircitcr New York and would
thin hold u veto power over tlif Senate
and, for th.it matter, the (lovernor on all
now legislation or nmendments.
The ctui-tis npptoved the plan of
iwpularlrliig tho Assembly and will keep
up the fight to get n larger representa
tion for New York. It was announced
that the pemo-rats would op;oe any
plan to still further diminish the repre
sentation ot the greater city In the
Hcnatc by limiting all the counties
within tho city to one-half of the
Senitors, whereas the present provision
Is that no two counties shall have more
than one-half the Senators.
Mo of the Itepubllcans and even the
Demccrats were Inclined to laugh at the
suggestion that the )emo.'rat would
make an alliance with Senator I-Vlgar T
Hrackctt and h.s following of nvpubll
rntis to force through an amendment to
iwpularizc the Assembly.
Would nlu Xeu- Vnrk Control.
It was decl.iied that Mr. HracVa'.t
couM not control ten Itepubllcan vp'es
for this programme, as It would Involve
giving New York city practical control
of the Assembly. The Itepubllcans can
not see the:r wr.y clear to blaze a path
for compromising with Tammany.
Should the convention pass the iopu
'.ar.;ng ameuument. then a reappor
tionment would be abso.uteiy ncessary,
and SeniUT Hr.ickett would have
gained his point. The Itepubllcan
leaders dc'nie they have enough votes
to stop any apportionment plan the
Saratoga Senator may devise.
The committee on public utilities has
definitely voted upon prov.s'.ons to pro
tect the Public Service Commission and
ha appointed Chairman Iedyanl P
Hale. William M. K. Olcott and Jamcu
A. Vo'.ty as a sub-committee to draft
this article of the Constitution.
This ti:b-conimlt:ee must Incorporate
provisions recognizing the two oommls-rlon-s
as constitutional bodies. tlNlng
their ternin at fixe years, permitting the
Legljliture to regulate the salaries of
the Commissioners and giving the cor
porations a review In the courts on de
cisions of the commission on questions
of law, but not of fact Ch.ilrm.ln Hale
ali a 1 counsel of tho up-State Public
SoivLe Conimits'.on.
Protect CoiiimlHslourra,
The proposals upon which the discis
sions weie had provli.cd for the appoint
ment of rew ' Commissioner.", but this
was teimed "ripper" legislation, and the
committee went to the other exttemc by
Instructing the sub-committee to provide
that the present Commissioners) shall
serve out their terms.
tnator ltobcrt K. Wagner protested
hefore the committee on cities, of which
1 Seth Low is chairman, that Mr. Low's
plan to give New York city about as
much home rule as the Philippine en
Joy would not be tolerated by the city.
I Job K. 1 ledges, Nathaniel A. lllsberg,
' Nathan A. Smyth nti.l Itobert S. Hln
' kcrd. representing ,i New York city
'citizens committee of ISO, favored a new
, home rule proposition, which whs
ilia fled by u committee comprising Will
iam It. WUloox, William M. ('aider, 1M
wanl M. H.iMott, Alfnd K. Marling and
Nelson S. Spencer.
This plan would permit the Mayor of
, a city to appoint a commission to pre
pare a charter, which would be sub
mitted to a vote of the pe pie. After
'each city had thus sccurid a rharter
the provisions could be changed only
tnrougn inc i.ecisiaiure passing a gen
eral law governing all cities, on sp.clal
subjects, by a majority vote In each
bouse, or the legislature could nirpcr
seile a special provision In any specific
city charter by passing a specific law
by a two-thirds vote In each house.
Mnte Miould Keep I'linrr.
The speakers did not helieve the State
should surrender Its lovereignty over,
the cities, and thought their plan re
served to the Htato all the authority It
needed. They thought this was much
preferable to the Low plan. Their plan
also provides tor abolishing the classi
fication of cities.
Hay li. Smith of Syracuse and Mer
ton H. Lewis of Kochruttr, Klrst Deputy
Attorm y-ttneral, opposed any giant of
self-government to the cities.
i "If the cities get home rule I pre
i diet that within the ytars the city of
I ilclals of New York will come to Albany
on bended knees and beg the I.eglsln
tine, to save them fiom themselves," said
Mr. Smith.
He said Syracuse pmplr did not want
ench new Major to tinker with their
charter when he has fads of his own
, he wants to put into operation,
j Mr. I.twls said bo thought a certain
measure of home rule was dslrable, but
'he opposed any such btoail giants as
I proposed by the committee.
"The State should Jealously guard the
I power of the Legislature to Interfere
with government of cities at any timet
1 for the protection of minorities." he
I said.
Would Mnl.e (tilth Hauler.
WillUun Haines's Committee on Legis
lative organization reported favorably
the amendment prupeised by John C.
l.eggett of Cuba, striking out of the of.
I tidal o.ith of Stat oflicliils tho pr.
i vision tliat tin' ofllii.il shall swear that
, 111, IliiH lint li.iiil ritr..r.,l it- ..,. ...I.-... I ...
i ' i' "iiiin ii in
pay an) money ur valuable thing iih a
coiisldei atl.in or reward for giving or
withholding a vote at the election nt
which lie was elcetcd atiel has mule no
promise to iiiiloince Hie giving or with
holding of any such vole.
Must public nfilcl.tls in a greater or
U hut d'gife perjure themseiv s In ink
ing such a strict oath, It is contended
It Is tliuiight sufficient to li.iw the of.
Ilci.ils swear to uphold the Constitution
of the i'nlieil StaUs nnd of i ho state
of New York In taking theli o.ith uf
Hioader powers for inferior local
courts were .iihue-nted bv Judge Julius
M. Maer of New York liefoie tile .lil
illil.uy 1'iiliiinlM.e lie ill clnred Hi.u
. :;t tlm pi cent I line the Immcstlc Ite la
tioriH Colin Is haiiipcieil bv inability to
tuicc liusb.inils to support abandoned
wives ami eli, 1.1. en Children's e'ourts,
he said, iiccd more iemer to treat with
tin: eases liiour.ht Imfore them, ns the
pr'im use ,if tinulile s ,tek of proper
I'lanklin ('. Hoyt, presiding Justice
or tho Children's Court, said that H.2SS
runs of improper guardianship were be
foru his court last year.
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investment fer your savings
buy our
RICHARD M. HURD, Prtnlatont
Capltal,Surplus A Pr. $9,000,000
in liberty St., N'.Y. lfil Montague Pt..Tlkn.
Won hi flroom T'ntennyer to
Sneeeed O'fionnnn hy Proli
In": rinanees Here.
At.pant, July S. New York city
Democratic legislators havo decided to
ask Chairman Klon II. Mrown of the
legislative committee which Is to In
vestigate New York city finances for
the appointment of n minority counsel.
If consent Is given to such nn appoint
ment It Is said that Samuel I'ntcrmyer
will be selected for this work.
The naming of Mr. Cntermyer would
be looked upon l.i some quaretrs us his
j Introduction Into the New York State
I political situation, with State Mnauces
net tho apparent campaign Issue, ns n
prohable candidate for tho Cnlted
Htates Senatorshlp to succeed O'tlor
I man, whose term expires March 4,
Mr. I'ntermyer's appointment as mi
nority counsel of the Investigating com
mittee would put him In tho public eye
ns much perhaps as did his work ns
counsel of the Pujo ("money trust")
committee of Congress. The Democrats
are said to be seeking a candidate for
the Senate who possesses the power to
collect some campaign money and who
would know how to spend It.
Itrirnril Illra am Plttr.
It Is said that the Tammany Demo
crats think Mr. Cntermyer would till
the bill. He could make his plea before
i the people of New York for home rule
'anil other mooted questlonn and could
I continue attacking tho Itepubllcans for
I their tn levy of Illt.OOO.rtOrt this year.
The Constitutional Convention has
i brought the most Inllue lal Democrats
.from nil parts of the State to Albany
elurlug the last few weeks, uud nat
urally they have- been talking politics.
; The organization Democrats seem to
I think that with President Wilson run
Inltig for reelection practically on a war
'Issue they will be able to slip In an
organization State ticket.
While tleorgc McAneny, President
of the New York Hoard of Aldermen, Is
known to be the choice of the Mltchel
administration for (lovernor. the up
state Democrats have about decided that
they will force Tammany Hall to sup
1 ort Charles K. Treman of Ithaca for
(lovernor nnd will be willing to support
a New York city man for the L'nited
States Senate.
.Mr. Onhorn'i Hopes.
William Church Osborn, chairman ot
the Democratic State committee, wants
to be a candidate for (lovernor himself
nnd falling in this might look for the
nomination for Senator. In view of the
manner In which Mr Osbom ran the
last Democratic campaign, however. It
Ir believed that his candidacy for any
office, even for chairman of the State
committee, will not meet with much ap
proval at the hands of the organization
Under Mr. Osborn's management last
fall, none of the money for election pur
poses was received up State until the Sat
urday afternoon before election after the
banks had cloed. Hy that lime the
Hepub'.ieni money had been received and
distributed nnd was working. Martin II.
Glynn had to go to New York to manage
his own campaign there an well as In
Albany, so declare Democrats who
Mr. Olynil himself Is said to believe
that he Is the most likely candidate for
(lovernor on the next Democratic Stato
ticket, The financial iuestlons he has
raised make him the logical candidate,
ho is said to have told close friends, al
though before the financial controversy
arose. Mr. (ilyun's friends thought he
would be a candidate to succeed Mr.
I Machine Skids and Overturns
Near Fort Lee Driver Not
Expected to Live..
Pamsaiik. N. J.. July I. A fast going
i automobile operated by Armando Al
bertl, '-2. of ins West Forty-ninth street,
New York, skidded for about 10.0 feet
In Anderson avenue, half way between
Palisade and Fort Lee, late this after
noon, turned over against a rock and
'pinned the chauffeur under the tnuiieau.
Twei other persons in the ear, Areste
nnd Anthony (liolnte of tlm same net-
j dress, the former the owner of the ear,
were thrown out lull e'siaped unhurt.
Albert! was probably fatally burned
i when the machine took tire.
' Several automobile parties on the
I slippery road went til tile assistance of
the wiecked motorists and an ambulance
was called fioin lltiglewonil Hospital
' Meanwhile the gasolene tank had burst
into tlanifs' ami nearly all the lower half
lot Albcitr- body was burned Dr.
' llnlpern of llngleweiod Hospital said the
man had small chance to recover. Until
, Ills legs must be amputated.
i Areste ill.ilate conducts n lestaurant
lut ins West Forty. ninth street, where
I Ins chauffeur lived with his family
Poiirth Avenue, ror. :."tli Strfrt. C'ourllnnrlt Avo ror, Uth 3treot.
Illdrldk'f Ktri'i't, ror lilvlnaton St lilti)OKl.v"
Hovrntli Ave., lift. 4tli mill 411th St, I.1''' K'- CT' IJvlnsfjtnn St
I.,xlnton Ave. ror. .:th Htrret fflrW
C.rniul Ktri-fl, ror. Clinton Strert. sj t v tTci'M i i'H a nni-'ii mow '
Last 72.1 St., bet. I.exlnKton & nd Ava. IZ AN8 ' liKPAII) WI' IUN
tual Huuistan bt., tor. Kaanx tit. JJ TWO WEEKS FKOM DA'l'K.
Scores Injured by Tornado
and Money Loss Will Pass
Million Mark.
Cincinnati, July S With a probable
death list of thirty-five and Indications
Hint It may reach fifty, ten persons
missing Hnd scores Injured, Cincinnati
to-night began Inking toll of the dam
age wrought by tho terrific rain nnd
wind storm which mvept over the city
Inst night. Twenty-two persons nrn
known to he dead, but reportH of loss
of life nrn still coming In.
The city has pnrtly ree-ovcred. Wire
service has been resumed nnd trolley
traffic started again through most of
tho city. However, owing to tho tapgle
of wires and the hundreds of trees that
were uprooted nnd thrown ncross Mtrects
nuto trafllc wns blocked, except along
the main thoroughfares.
Only n par of the city was llglite
to-night, owing to damage to tho elec
tric light wires. Nearly nil of the
river towns, too, were In darkness.
A committee of business men which
met nt tho Chamber of Commerce fig
ured that the property loss In Cincin
nati will top the million mark, No
estimates ns to the money loss In the
surrounding towns hns been made, but
the destruction there was as thorough.
or more so. than In the city proper.
Two river steamers, the Fulton nnd
the Convoy, were sunk.
A Pennsylvania train carrying horses
from the UitonU racetrack to the Hast
en! tracks was blown over nnd wrecked
at Terrace Park nnd three men nnd
nineteen horses, all of them valuable
animals, were killed. Among the race
horses were Little Father. Fltzaerald,
Hlooil Test, Hrlck nnd .Mortar, Margaret
, D. nnd Hrlggs Sister. White Wool,
Hiind llagg.ige and Prince Dermis arc
The heavlist dam-age to property was
done In West Sixth street here, where
n nun.ber of houses were demolished.
Five of the family of Henry Tnnnen
baum and four In the family of louls
Cohen, related but living four blocks
apart, were killed. Firemen ami tolict
are busy exploring the ruins of the
wrecked houses trjlnn to tlnd elead or
Only meagre reports have been re
ceived from Ludlow, Dajton, Newport
and Hellevlew. Ky ns the telephone ser
vice Is crippled, A large number of per
sons were injured.
The storm, after sweeping eiver Cin
cinnati and vlclnltj, spent Its fury In
central Ohio. Much d image was done
In Dayton. Ml.imlshurg. Washington
Court House and Columbus. No loss of
life was reported.
Wind IIIoith Mini Kurt) Pert iiuel
Pnrtly Wrre-Ls pier.
Kr.A.vsiifiiu, N. J July ,. The high
wind that struck this place this aft, r
noon elld much damage and injured si
persons, two eif them so badly that they
were lemoved to the Mouuiout'i Memo
rial Hospital at Long Hranch.
The wind ripped eiff part of the steam
boat pier here, tore down a large slnsl
on the end of It, oxer turned a canelv
stand, throwing It Into the water, and
narrowly mlss.l killing MIfs Susan
Miller. I, who was In the stand. She
was thrown to the pier, suffering a frac
ture of her right leg. cuts and bruises
to her face and head and bruises about
the body. She wn removed to the hes
pltiel. Samuel Hrazll was blown forty feet
nm! was cut nnd Inju.ed about the head
and body and was also taken to the hew.
Pltal. The others Injured were: Mi
chael llnan. hit by falling timbers; Pat
rick O'nrlcn. cut about the b.v, . ml
legs. Arthur Parker. Injured .bout the
arms, and William Haitians, about the
head and legs.
I.ne'l.nnnniiii null Hrle Hoods buf
fer From Wimliuntn.
Overflows of the Su-iiuehanna and
Chemung rlvo.-s near Hinghamton. V.
Y. caused by the violent rainfall of
f.stcrday, delayed all up-State trains
"lUfl In Jersey City last night from
sexen to fourteen hour. The lines
most affected were the ItuiTalo divisions
of the Krle and the Lackawanna.
Traffic was stopped last night on all
lines running between Hinghamton and
nimlra. The tracks of the HufTalo sec
tion of the Krle w r- ivasbed out seven
miles east of Hlmlra and thoe of the
Lackawanna at Hestnl.
The Lackawanna lluffalo express No.
. due In Hoboken at 7.12 last night,
did not reach there until this morn
ing. The Crle Chicago express due in
Jersey Olty at 7 17 la-t night was ex
pecti'd about I o'clock this morning
Trains on the Syracuse ill, is on of the
Lackawanna were from eight to twelve
hours late.
31 ore- Vlnj Die us Ite-sult of tret.
el-11 1 nt Mniriira Fulls,
XlAUARA F.M.I.S, (lit.. July -The
total number of dead as a result of
the trolley ncclilent last night on
Queenston Heights Is placed at sev
enteen Fifty persons were injured and
some of these may die
The Ontario provincial aiithniltles
have already taken stilus to II x respon
sibility for the wreck A coroner's Jurv
examined witnesses at (Jueensloii and
"officers t ok statements from the ln
ijuri'd In the hospitals here A separate
Investigation Is being e-nnducted by oft'l
e'crs of the International !lallwa.
Woninii mill (ilrl lilt hy tutu,
Mrs. William Colwell, ,M. uf 'J3.-, F.ist
I Fifty-first street and Ida Lee, If,, of the
I same addres.e wen severely injuieil je'.s.
terday afternoon when thev weir struck
by an automobile at Fort) -seventh stteef
and Second avenue The iii.icluue s
owned by H c. Tnelor of Shi K.ist
Seventy-second strict and was operated
by Loomls Wall.eci f :'.,ii West I'ift.v
seventh street Mis. Colwell received
btulses about the face, ,uu body and
Miss Lee suffered a fr.ictuied ankle.
Until were removed t J Flower Hospital.
2,814,000,000 CORN
(iovernnient's Estimate. Kirst
of Veal, Exceeds Ex
jieclalions. IfECORI) YIELD OK WHEAT
A corn crop of 2. SI l.fnn.onn bushels,
cxeeedln? expectations bv more than
iJO.OOMQo bushels, Is estimated ns of
July 1 In the (loverniuent crop report
Issued jerterilay. This Is the first re
port of ti . jrar on the site of the corn
crop. The crop condition of 812 per
cent., as rompared with s.'.li last ic.tv
nt this time, was about the llgure vi
peeled by the trade. The crop was
plintcd late, but with the exception of
fear of it late frost the promise, In the
oplnnlon of the trade, is for a yield
next to rf cord breaking in sir.e.
The reeord com crop was 3,121, Tlfi.flOO
bushels its 1912. Last year the promise
at this time was for a crop of
..Stfs.Oiil'.uiW bushels, but the crop
nctually lurvcsteel was 2,'!72.Mt 1.000
The aien planted this year Is n record,
mil, 273, 000 acres, The acreage In 1912
wns ln7.0ts.n00. Last jears acreage
was 103, i.t:,nn0. The Increase In -icre-age
this jcar. It Is thought, points to
crop dlveirltlcntlon In the South, corn
In part supplanting rotten.
The tr.tal wheat crop, reported as
913,000,000 bushels. Is a record breaker.
The greatest crop actually harvested
was tin. of last eir. 591.017 mm
bmhels. The enormous size of the crop
reported tor .this year can better be
appreciated by comparison with a pre
vlous. tioiin.il jcar or better than nor
mal yea.-, such as that of 1912. which
Is excccdi,! h this j ear's cron bv more
1 than 230.OiiO.000 bushels.
The w.mti wheat crop of Cels.nofl.nnrt,
as reported by the liovernment. Is nearl
2rt.ono.noo liuuneN 1,,'ttiT than the figures
expected In the trade It shows the
small decline of nlout .x.Oim.ooo hu"be!
fi-om the estimate of a month ago. The
crop this ear e'omp.ires with n final
winter wheat crop last year of e',.1 4,990..
000 bushels. Conlitlou of spring wheat
Is reported as 4 I i it cent, as com
pared with .sr. x a month ago and 911
on July 1, 1911 The acreage this vear
Is lO.HiO.DOO, against 3D.3S7.00O ncreti
plantrel it ear ago
The spring wheat crop of 29.",.n00.O0o
bushels Is about the size, expeote I. This
Is 21.KOO.000 hmhels greater than the
riort of last month and 2ii.ii0o.fl0o
bushels Inrger than the estimate at th s
time last year. The final crop last ve.tr
was 20ii.027.ooo bushels. The condition
of the spring wheat crop at the be.
ginning of the month whs 93 .1. ns com
pired with 94 9 a month ago nnd 92 1
last year at this time.
On the farms the amount of wheat
remaining, as e stiin.n,.i by the tiovern
ment, is about 2x.972.noo bushels, as
lomiured with 32.230. 000 n eir ago.
Tho estimate for the oets i rop t
1.399.000.00(1 bushels. K eoiiipaie.s wpii
a crop of 1.1 ll.ooii.oiin bushels list ve,i .
and the prctous record of I.lix.:i:i7.ouo
bushels in 1912 The condition is 9 3 v.
is compared with M..". last year at this
time. The Increase In the size of t e
crop elurlng tin month was lll.eoo.nnn
bushels An the nop Is near harvest
Its great size Is practically assured.
Other cr'ps reported are as follows
Itye l.x,4i7.00ii Inuhel., as compared
with 47.X'.oi.OOO bushels a month ago,
.mil 12, 779.000, the final .Weill a yeir
ago. and 3j.OOn.Ouo bushels, tn. average
from 1909 to 1913.. The condition ,f
the crop Is 92. as cornpar.d with 92 9
last year at this time.
Harle 2Os.00o.n0n b'ushelH, as com
pired with the June 1 estimate ths
year of 197.noo.000. nnd the final erop
of 19I.953.O00 bushels list year, afte
an etimite on July 1 last c.ir of
21I.319.00O bii'hels The condition is
91.1. as compared with 91 ti las: mnntn
and 92. il a year .it".
Potatoe" 393,ooii,non bushels. as
compared with sr,r..onn.non estimated a
year agi, ami 405 92 l.nmt hu.'heK the
final of last e.ir The cnnd.tion is
91 2. against X3 i at this time last
Flaxseed 1. 000.000 bushels, against
lX.OOii.oon, last 'ears estimate at t'l.s
time, and I ".." 39. ofto bti'he'.s harvested
The condition is s 5, ag.lnst 90.5 at
this time last jear.
II. i - 71.0iia,00d tor.s. comp'ircd u.'h
70,071, nun tons, the final last via
The ci mlit'oii ,s ", '.'. as e mp.ne.l with
SOX at this tune last e.n.
Due- Mil ore of x iiiieondii noil J IS fur
Hnrli share f stork.
The Amalgamated Cupper C mparv
has announced that t.ie st itutoiy pro
ceedings for tl'e d "s i!utloii of the com
pany have been loinpctiil and that t'n
company Is re uly to distribute its as
sets to the stockholders Tills di-ttiliii-tlon
will consist of om sh.ie if new
Anaconda stock .mil about 3 In c.i-h
for each shale of n ilK.im.Kcd
Transfer VooKs fm fie , p ilmt on
will close on Ju'y 31 r d cc-i r , g i,n
AtlEUSt 30 sto ! !, - rt.ll , ,.i tie
new stock at.d ,ii up n s.l rrikr of
their ccttltl Pes
2ve UJorldte Field $
Safety First
you cm not bo prop
rly insured unless
you aro solely hisured
m Globe i
tlnsuranci Co.mJ
TtMt TRieo-Fiae tcstsd !
Nt MM lilt HI.MiltT.s.
r.imoil niltnniolille route Ali .,i.i K,
Iroillo, ami OnnuiiiiKl Tr.il.. MnnKiet
ami mini free I N ll.nn. ,., j, s'im .
turKti, N V
New EiiElanii'i. .SVenle Wonilrrlaml limits
rooK and map on application. lln iU'wai'. ,, v..
or Hotel Kltoii, Watrrbuiv. Couu,
SV.W .IKItsKV Atlantic illy.
.SreJlr(ii nthf enncrttt eonitruetltn of Iht BUnhrim, TVium'M A. t.Hit'in i nrf.
"It in the tuminn mniruet for nil trtat butidinat. It won't 4.11J, il won t brink,
and rnti roul'ln't burn if it you rf-if."
Caimcltt 1100 American and Kuropeuu Plans
The great eiientitl ol a reiott hotel, at diitinguished from city hotel, it ample
public (pace devoted to the uie of its sueiti, in the lorm ol bttght and airy
txchanget, Lobbies, Parlori, Calleriei and Solariumt, affording pleating vtitai and
beautiful pmmenadei.lhe whole combining into harmonious viiion of grandeur and
beauty, while replete with the coiy group lecluiiom of home, and yet affording
full view of the pleating panorama of the tetorl life. In thu euenhal the
flartlritrnuglpBlrnhrlm ttandi without an equal in Atlantic City or eUewhete.
Ill "Ownership Minajjement," while accounting for ill unique reputation, il a
guaranty of the high character of iti patronage and the unexcelled quality of ill
itrvice and cuiiine. It employi only white lervice in both iti American and
a la caite dining roomi.
It makes a specialty of its high-class music every evening throughout the year,
with special Sunday night solo features. Roman!, the wofld's highest Tenor, of
Venice, is engaged to sing at frequent intervals during July, August and September.
Atlantic i:itr. with Its only real competitor IKumpe) this year imrossltile, la
off ring unumilattrseilon'and entertainment. Two living bnits nrt dal'y s urees
of interest. Twnuolf rounea. the Yacht Club, the fliin rlret nnd the wnnterful
bithin beach attract their respective devices while tho lier amiisements, the
ilmrdwalk. In fire motor ro'Hs snd tho splendid hle s and rrturant. atTnrd
enjoyment to all. There Is only one AtMnrle City, and thla summer It Is particu
larly attractive. Write for 1 1 1 11 st ii t .-.I booklet and rnles.
Itffitfl'tfSi' ii'. - "jr- -- tijiji?M t ruT. Ji tjsz nrm l
TM.teizoa compahv ONTMCBCACM I
LO.N.e Isl-ANInliattan I.e., b. H(pVJrir.Nri.K
"Swept by Octan Brxf"
Nw York's MmI Popular and
Fathionable Retort brthSa
Terapfnture twlJom ftrii from 70
rii;ret W ithlu tlit-citx hmiti, hulf
hour ty train, one hour by auto.
Ttnnl Courl Outdoor Rtiurafit
turf Bthns 0p m Flthmg
Crl ftsittMt
Oriental Hotel
.. iiim-h, I tiruppHii I'lan.
IJanilrts evrv fvenlnc In
tn Hs i II nm Dinner
il..nci. in--. l.i). an. I
I'nle uiuler ipronal 1J1
re i , f jfri. Hath Itun
nl n
Aula PnaH. I.h.-,
3l2fcffc- JOIieM e. cniAVCS.M.n.Lr
tSKS-TS. NwVrsBo.liiOfllc.4S ataav.
IriarMa la.t Ctfll Hse.tC.
Tl. ttii nd S2SI M.4iM.n ltqu4r
I After ,lun :t Te 100J t anry I.Unil.
I.OMi s..ND New York.
.ne iliii Allrarlter f'uiinfrT llntrl
AitJ.nent lo f Torts f'ttr.
Garden City
i)nr of "ii most ee, lr .mntry hotrla
ti Ami kit c ,i i, uiull at
lite aint initroti,i,it. n 'mu mturv vlitom
foiiiiil t oncliH-lril i. ii . , n-rli-.n, I'Un
I bn i' Ii aisu for the rem, ci.ie- -e uf niotm let
A Handsome a la Carte Restaurant
jo nil . sfinii I u,,uint i-i'lik'.-e e .
I'ci,nii hlstio:. J J I.A'.MX il) . Iri)i-
M:W MlllI, ralet.HI Aloiintiilni..
IK WnUrst ('(Hi llnirl In Mr fmetift
; (VIM. 111. .Villi I A INS, Vllltuile '..Mill fl.
.Nun (ipi'ii, Mrnrr.i I neini Jlleil.
I IS to etc .Trees cooler toan , . City Pcr
fict ni.ltiy ronelltlutis. rulnm- nml servli-e
hl -hcst tariJarii. I'utc pnnc water Superlo
ir !.. I.eaMinalili price- Hall Itunm prrtect
SSS.A'Sua SiS: f!"fYT
iUIch l.olf, li'lltlts, bllll.im, pool, Imwili.c
tinirimi'icut" iiMvir t limit r k Mipnlor s.iiiic
horses Apeclal rite fm I.inlllcn I r.iiiaicui.1
, M .1 llll anil up
t.viti.lsiiN s IHIllNs, Proprleliir
HU'hmoiitit I' o . N V
Pilli- l.rnei' lliill-i. A'
- 1 j ill ha 1:
1 1 k itlf- .V' K
I n r I.eeil e'atro.
ne. c lral., li
W fe I.iiil. V V
N KU ill! U Ciioirrto a.
On Otsei;o Lake, Cooperstown, N. Y.
ni'i.. 1 .m 11 ni 1 iin;i(.
f,( ho .r-, o in' I ,1111 mw i urK t It v
I II.V.Ms ItVllllM. lll.MIM, !
j M; MlltK Aillromliii U .Mo'iiiloln..
I iit.i (ie'orse, N. Hotel book'et .mil
I parti, u ief 'it 'un 1 IlforillH ' I ,li lture.iu
j I'llNNst I.V ASIA.
, Mi'tvrMN AMI i VWl; ItKMiltTS Ids
1 k.iw ei.i'.i lt.11 1 neie kiimtner liouie,
ii lie p wi, pfin mil! .1 1. on l-'lee .it
t ki" 'Iti e i n l , .- 1 ur
p,.rk I' 1 'or .'in m e. 1 N'nv
I I'D.VVs. I.V A.MA Unaware ver linp.
Wft lleliiiiiiri venter uip, Pa. yM
N ipen t.uperliii in !' ,ip a
iul ie ,n 1 r m
Sn'i ti .In v tei in W riH
,..',( e' in 1 nit map
Mo,, ii, j.. ir IimI .uue term
)t. s- L'iiel elAlt!t: H Will 1 1. Piiip
J PKMns's I.VAM Mount Porono. I
I Mount I no, IViimi,
( 1','ei'llg t" I I'lit-e IV l,i ippre III.
, oi. ne.i riiv.i'e n.iiii iiee ir.ti.ice
Open ,1 , l.l,r,,'uie i iriioeit
V s A II .M I.IIKe'll
I .MAA( llt'M;l T!..
I i:m , M S, Three coif roursrs, sm, lie
hoisr. tennis, itanrlnK, niiHnrlnir, ete. Ac
niiiimoilatiK .vl. Open to tli toher ("oit.iers
lu I nt, 1 11 e (or elii'iilar. v i Ilium. .
AlMilillA.M.IDlC.N lid I I'.I.. l.aUe'.Sun.iln i'. N II
loiiiliiontteallli Ave, A' Dartmouth M,
siav Ji:itsi:v Atlantic cttr
III l P KltO.VT AtCO.!.lilt)A
I ION:-. AT IIA1.K PIlH i: lU-m.-,..,
the .New (i.itden .mil .stevl l'ler
the ,opular sertlon. Within klitht
anii snutiet of olil ocean A hlcf,
i-la-s modern lo,te'l. sa Ills vtio u,
ontn.. All eelth untn rin,uiir,.
I'rltate Imtlis. hot nml i-oM lunnliw
Mir in rooms, Attrartlrr tieitrhrs
eli.itoi rtp (ul-ince.nil vi.tMreine
i e tn iiiiMtiiiiiie rnie jji)u.
Occupln- nn entire block of ocean front
and nineiteil n It Ii the f ,iiuuu llo.u.lwa .ki
In the popular Cheliea eitlon, capai.lt.
i 0d, uiiueuaily larse, tool -ouniri. wiili tin
i obstruited le or oir.n from all; eeer)
, appoli.tmeiit ami contort. e.i ami fre.r
I eeaur In all bath, ruimini; eeater In rooms
4.00U feet of por. he .urrouiut the hotel
J the new illnlnrc ronrn overluoKs the iea
t nneet eusne ami wlilte rri e, orcheura
of o)li;.. ilaiiilnc twice il.ill), iiiclal (11
vereion. maenint'eut new I.eim l.ounus;
pi lal J I" ."o up weekly; booklet ni.elleii
auto metts train. nnnaKenient bv owner.
JOHN t liost,:It, Mer
iuiii iinir.i, i.-s inr; huki.ii
A Holt Ordinal CriMiiun with the
Loeal I ojjr of Aiiantu City
nieric.iii5.itini.miin;riilKiirLr an
Vermont Ave. ami Ileaeli. Capuiiy 3110' '
Very mr,lr.H( rate for the comfort in.
pnlntlnent anil table of Die larre.t holel
up iHli). pei lal weeklj, Larre eool oceaii
view roam, et Itookiet c I'rettyman.
rnt.. I pr vi.l Capa ty 351) I'rlvi'a
tntn. rum. ne water In room., elevetnr
Hun Speela -Jl.,(i Un weeVIv".
I. ?n ,10 t.ii.v
-0 un lai.v open all i.ar itooin.V
.s VMl'f.I, Kl.I.l.-.
I nr. bwnMinb beach. 1'rlvata freS
and e water bath, running witer In
corn, elevator uprlnr table HeJuce.l
i rlv ion rate. Coach at train, a le
WAtlNKIt. P.-opr V. It. LAVTON. Mfr
.south Carolina uc nnit beach Prli ate bth
tnnnltiir water lu ruoime. elevator tn ,ir..i i. . ni'
rilniihc ponhes, Cupni'llv 310 .special ratci.'
t 1 1 re lllirii.i ,i.s .Moiierate lta-e Hotel
ALBEMARLE , s'..uvt.,""r 11,a"n
nbykmniikk jM, Klevator. prl
eate bath, etc . ixenlent lable Juij rata
lu up wk y , U up iliy llonklet
,li:itsi:v A.biirs Park,
Moilern lintel It Tile r-en.'
AMI ( un Ai,l.
J 0 f.OO 11 (iroxiMiH ntn tn. r 'aft maion, !
1. kititnr s.itfr ir, routii lapaclty -I0U.
ilfortte W T' '' W ll.nvv .Ic-nM, 1
.fici,iic .M.m itrr o nr und Manager
moilern t'on enlence.
ISO I'titirtli Ava.
rele -t p in onautt
Wlilte e- Ire. a!l
HI pi in lliilliliillii'H lillisli.iti'il I.oiiK.et rl
Ashuis Park Willi' e h.imliei uf e iiniincu,.
SlJ.M.llllSt , Aslllin P.irU. X J Sl-llil si- pnttiiKC'
MIVV .IKItMlV spring Ijil.r lli.ih.
i 1ih NEW
essex o cussex
M'lllM. l.VM: IIIIVI II, N. .1.
Illrrill.i on tin- llii'.in. M1W llt'DN
e" 'ii- el .mil il.itue ir hel .i en.r. lenolt,
lllilll.; e. irileli e,r,,i 11... iiiii, to. it el
water in batln iin-n N ) ejttl, i.
Ae. I'huiie :li:.'. , Mum iv II 111
Il V II) II. I'l I Mlilt. Miiiiaerr.
I'int MittHiie rur lent in
i-onnee tioll eeitll In, tel.
NKVV ,li:iS;v Point PleasHiit.
Pie tun, pi, Point I'leiisiint. On ocean ami
ti.te HoiitiiiR ti.ith ii ie ft!ilnir, no' r C ri.iin
t.ei of Coiumeiie Pt. Pi.iaut N' J , Pept &
I luxMiniixi,
! "UIXIIPsl'lH'HT," a tiinjern Ilea.th lie
1 ort . rlrepr iiif tuil'illnc levator, ren anil
' reeuperatli n Ailrlre DltAW Ult J. un
' N'orwalk I'onnectieut
Ml( KM VMlOt'S,
SlHUtt')"!, I)U -lil'lat HTIll I. fllP
hilrn Nru trU nnd 1 mi I r ml
OI.I !MkMIM(N lil S Id
T nit pulnu auutli unit Wmt llv ry wk
tUy 3 V M.. l'ior .Nurih Ulvr. XL
yjOO Kruiiklln,
. I
Cool, restful .ind
New York tolf.ivannJrt.
turn;6diysat!M 4 Jaion
shore, including h.itc; ti
California F.npounone sH;
trip. New York, I hunt
New Orleans, by itnmtr
going or reluni'n;.
II rile Dtpt.C for "The Heal I jfj'j,
New York & Cuba Mail S. S. Co.
(.moral Other, I'lrr II, l;. It., s
A 17-D,y Lruise to or from
Through the Panama Canal
Aboard Large American
Trnna-Atlantic Lincra
I'riilii Tier ill. N. II.,
m; vohk
I rum
SIN I IIIM 1st n
AUG. 3
AUG. 24
A. M.
i aim
Ati'l Krry I'lirrf Wrt-kt I hfM ff
VIUSV 'HIN. tl7A Mini it
I NT Kit M K I if Ti;, .n in.
Iih lutlltiie inriih nrul horth
llrl of tuMrti mill rrtttr.
ASK . WtVT en Mill .n I Iis I uis
I l.li 1(111 II ll-NI
It IHU M Hllll.lt U 1
American Line
Under the American Flag
Y. Liverpool, P-er 62. N. R Non
lulr I ' St, I'n u I
tuti t:
White Star Line
N. Y. Liverpool, Pier 63, N.R., Noas
Italrl- .inle It l etnrlr .Itilt 51
'I'nliln nnrl Tlilnl ( ls I'n' t c or'
Azorea Gibraltar Naplei Geno
frrtlr .tnlt '.l. Ill A. It, 'n,iplr .gel
Oi'ICl..U ll'tt.Vl. .N. 1. 1,'l.tHlllll l!-m
Established IS40
OrfJuna Thurs.July 22, 10 AV
Saxonia . Sat.. July 31. 10 AN
Cameronia . Fri.. Aug. 6. 5 P
Orduna . . Sat.. AuS. 21. 10 AM
Tuscania . Fri.. Aug. 27. 5 PY
Saxonia . . Sat., Sept. 4, 10 AV
"Camctonia . Fri.. Sent. 10, 5 PV
I Orduna . . Sat.. Sept. IS, 10 A V
Ihrousli bunklnc to all prlneipai I'n
of tin- Muriel,
j COM PAN Y'S IITFICIi - I -'J I sl.ire Nt V
Eastern Steamship Lines
.ll-l.'ie.'it.i..n aier
.Metropolitan I Is
Sir . .in.
ill..et In m 1 is .1 in 1. 1 11 nn 1 I
V ! '. ' 11 '"nt Mur , s
oay o I M Due Hi,t,,u ai, , . ,
. 'VS. "'r.ire rt-titrnlnir .
fau titles fir expi-ellilmis nam'. ' t
niotilin, llursea ana Iri'icnt U- -.-ere
Maine .steamship line
Mfatn' ps
MMtlll I V.Mr ami .Miltlll svi.
l.vc I'lrr 111. N It. Tuih i -
atl'., i I' M no toi, . in n tl
TUis anil Infnriiintlon nt pie ,,
Tourist ntut V V Trsnslr t
I fjiiipacnlr Cenerale I ranalanlliii
I'eisT.vi. sr.it v 11 1:,
Sailings for BORDEAUX
ESPAGNE July 10, 3 P. M.
ROCHAMBEAU. . ..July 17, 3 P. M
NIAGARA July 21, 3 P. M
CHICAGO July 31, 3 P. M
lOlt l.N KHIMATION , I 1 -V
Mare l . V
hunr ltrn.li! n
A Grand Vacation Cruise
No Heat, No Hay Few
ILZlViitine rorciftn Americ.ia MlLa
l.iirepe.n cnn.e V fltinc HAI.U I s
the I m l of I: anie'irr ti,l .- 7' Ji II Am
'', ..ory or smer.ca, v .1 the
Red Cross Line
tss t mrit teiun.tiT. FrKI'MANii s 111
f Itr.l w h reery i'i,nviiiiri..e uinl h', '
or trip m.-lud e, rv rrntlnl i
11,1 in ,..rl St'len I'll 'Ul-lle '
,shii t, , ur In, lit l .i Hie entire Ir . IS
lllij.trnlnl iKukltt M,
lei I'lilirnrni.i livpnsliiiiiii. -
Hue i ii., l ,n i 'i, , '.in , .
In k .' t nlii il I rillt I i,niian.v.
Pl.ue V
ni til s v i i irir
... I'.i, ... .. ell -hi I'l
IM I VN Ml;Vtslllll ll .
I'.' 11,1 Vtl I'll,.. I,.,. Srll..,i I ,
C0 I' ',', e f" .
Hi lii til. I'M ' ii II
llOllk.r.,,L 1 li i
M.vi. AK.v in iiip si x
C'anailH . . Line I til 1 oiristi
'Mil Its
IMn.iMi.t i an.iill.iti li
1 I tmir draml I ui
l.i'il 11111 l r
118 Hmnrlt aI Tourt On' ,i
Mftf lh, $4.iS mid up s-plrr
Houtfi l.iiiniinu ffftin p" '
, ol
Hotrlt, buie I ript by Automat '
Other T our I at Potmar ti
$nt (or Hooislrt
225 Kiltb AfCBUe, New l oil
lihtclBK eliolce of ron -
UAililUlti. i:0 bruaan

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