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,'pv Concern Will Operate
Theatres ntil Stars of Lato
.Manager as llefore. .
Pleasant, Weather on Saturday
Inventor of Trap l'ocd by
Pliiinhers Proliahly Leaves
fiaiifrhofer .Meets Kiuperor
Wlien (Jerniau Troops
Knter Lciiiberr.
All That Is Needed to
Insure Success.
HAS .$300,000 CAPITAL
The formnllon of n company cnpltnl
at $?0l,nnrt to perpetuate tho name
if Charles I-'rolmmu nml tnko ovor niv.l
mnace nil of Mr. Krohmnn's. thentrea
mrl stars In the first step In tho reor
unliAllon of tlio Into manager's, bust
Mn Affairs according to nn announce
ment made Inst night from tlio l'mplre
Theatre olllccs. Articles of Incorporn,
lion have been prepared and nro now on
the ay to Albany, whrrn tbo pnpers
... . tl.l ...l.l.l., n .1.. t. n fu'r ft.
J Will r,p HO" l" ,.,. 1111
nfw company win prou.nny do eniicil
Chirk. l-'rohman, inc.
Although tbo mimes of tbc firms nnil
Individual making up this company
have not been fully revcalcil except that
Alf Hayman nml Daniel Krohman ns.
administrators of tlio cstalo will bo
closely associated with It, It Is known
that fome of the largo producing Arms
affiliated with Mr. Krohman iih well ns
levrral of his major starx, Including
Maude Adams, will hnve a linnd In map-
;lng out the future policy of tho busi
ness. A petition will be tiled this morning by
Daniel Krohman, brother of the deceased
manager, for the appointment of him
self and Alf Hayman its administrator!)
of the estate. At tho samo tlmo renun
ciations will be filed by the other brother
and two sisters of Chnrk-H Krohman
living their rights to administer. In
favor of Daniel Frohmnn and Alf Hay
man. Daniel Krohman wltl tlio n s-p
arate affidavit setting forth that It was
the unanimous request of the next of kin
that Alf Hayman be assoctatud with him
kj administrator.
List night's announcement, outlining
the new pulley to b pursued by the
Krohman Interests, iiulets numerous ru
mors that have been Hying about con
ctrnlng the future conduct of the bus!
ceis and was of tho greatest Interest in
theatrical clrclis.
i The new company will also take over
all the Krohman Interests In Ijondon,
whete Mr. Krohman was unusually ac
tive for a strictly American ptodueir,
Important announcements regarding
r.it season's plans under tho new
regime will bo madu In u few days, it
as said last night.
6ome of these have already been
forecasted, but there la much Interest
attached to the activities of several of
Air. Krohman'u principal stars. Includ
ing Maude Adams, John Drew and Will
iam tllllette.
The decision to handle tho affairs by
the formation of a company followed u
recent trip of Alf Hayman to the
Frohmnn stnrs who arc now playing In
the l'aclflc coast States and after sev
eral conferences hail been held with the
business associates of .Mr. Krohman. It
1 generally conceded that Mr. Hayman
III be the one of the active executive
hejds of the new company, shining tho
responsibility with Daniel Krohman.
while others prominently identified with
affairs. In tho so-called 'syndicate
act In an advisory capacity.
Oar llnrlior Cotliotr Work Unity
for War Sufferers).
Bar HAtinoR, Me.. July S. The war
relief committee of Har Harbor Is meet
In: In the high school building every
day from 10 to 1 o'clock to work for
the sufferers In ngland, Krance, Hussla.
Italy, Poland and Serbia. Mrs. Alfred
Cons, Providence, is president of the
Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Pulitzer arrived
for the season to-d.iy,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter (1. Ladd ar
rived for the season, coming on their
yacht to Daysldo and motoring from
there to Hr Harbor because of fog
and rain. They were guests at lunch
eon at the Malvern.
Hotel arrivals at the Newport wero
C, II Courtney, New York; Miss Flor
ence, Ncllson, Philadelphia.
At the Malvern. Edward J. Hancy,
New York, and Mr. and .Mm. Campbell
Steward and family of GokIioii, N. Y.
By auto. Mrn William Kcyser and
faaJly, Baltimore.
Financier's XV I doer Appointed for
Three; (iriindclilldrrii.
Whitc Plains, N. Y July . Stir
f'satu Sawyer to-day appointed Mrs.
Marela Myers Hrady, widow of Anthony
X Hrady of Albany, guardian for three
grandchildren of Chnppaiiua road. Mount
Klsn, who each Inherit one-sixth of the
Hrady fortune. Each of the children
Mil eventually receive aliout 14, 000,000.
The children are those of Carllo and
Maicla Myers Hrady Tucker. Tho par
got the $12,000,000 In trust for life
nd at their death It goc to the children,
ho are now 1, D and 5 years old re
spectively. They are Luther Tucker,
Nicholas Tucker and Marela Myers
J. II. Vreilt-iiliui-Kh's) Will riled.
The will of James 11. Vrcdcnburgh, for
J'am counsel for tho Pennsylvania
luciroad tn Jersey City, who died nt
freehold Juno 21, was proved yesterday
In Hudson county. It gives 5.oon tn
fann Vredenburgh. a granddaughter,
nd the rest of the estate Is left ill trust
to the widow to be divided among the
four wi-.lldren at her death.
10,(111(1 nut-sis nt WtMlilliiK ' 'lnr-
vnril rnolliall l'lnrr.
Mai.io.v, Mass., July 8. More than
lnno Ruests camo h'to to-day for the
jarrjK nf .Miss Margaret Stone to
' 'it mi It. (Tacks) Hiirdwlck. tho
H v.in ,tlctn who has been pioinl
'n football, a graduate with this
fra ,lus,. Ho K t1(, Kon 0f Mr. and
r ( h.irlcs Theodore llardwlck of
l s Stone in one of tho daughters of
t" ' 'I .Mrs lialen U. Stono of llrook-
The eremony was at noon at (Ircat
' ic sua. mi. r (Mute nt tho Stones,
' l ' ofll, ...tjiitr clergy man was the
;"1 W dim .ii II l.yon of the Klist
' v ' ur h. Ilrodkllni', The maid of
1 s .M s N.ithallnu Ciimnrr of
, .
'"I, l.
. , . , ., , , , ,
V.thaioc Archer Hal.' lolph of
f......,lv of I'hllail.-lplila. '"
-l "gai.-e.nent of her . laugh -
' !aoUdp:i jo .'''I'"
" 'n n Wdd II -
. e, ",e . he'
( ii, w , ,1, ii ,.. itnh. '
f -in."! W b'bei s of I
' N.whm-y Davcnpoit Law-
i ity I
South a m pton, N. y., July 5. nans
for the second nnnual bench show of
tho Southampton Kennel Club are al
most completed, and nil that Is neces
sary to mako this tho Inrgcst social
event of the season Is n pleasant day on
Thero have- been enteied 70 dogs.
which will glvo n total of more than
1.200 entries. I.nst year there wero 613
dogs. Tho Poklngcso entiles this year
are larger than nt the Westminster show,
held at Madison Square Harden last'
winter. Thirty of tho biggest kennels
In tho country are competing.
The members of tho cottage colony
hnve b(en taking an active Interest. Mrs.
Harry W. McVlckar Is tho chairman of
the ladles.1 committee, being nldcil by
Mrs. Cioodhtte Livingston. Mrs. Harry
I'elhani llohblns. Mrs. T. Morris Carho
gle. Mrs. (1. Warrington Curtis, Mrs.
nyiiney H. Ilrecxe. Mrs. Charles Steele,
Mrs. Henry 1). Whlttleld, Mrs. (leorgo
Ilarton French, Mrs. ltufus U Patter
son. Mrs. Henry II. It, mem. Mrs. .1.
I.orlmer Worden and Mrs. Peter 11.
Mr. find Mrs. llol.rrt K. Cnasntt
Arrive Prom I'liUndclplilii.
NKwroitT, July S. Another of the cot
tagers hero Is to enlarge his estate.
Prof. W. Ilursess, who a couple of jears
iigo purch.ded the Kmlly (. Ulblti estate
on Catherine street, has bought from Dr.
lioderlck Terry n strip So feet wide from
IWiode Island avenue to tllbbs avenue.
The addition of this land will place Prof,
llurgess's house In tho centre of the lot.
To-day w.ui marked by the arrival of
several more summer rcsldentt. Mr
and .Mrn. Hubert K. IMsaatt have come
tJ (Iravel Court from Philadelphia, Mrs.
A. Windsor Weld has arrived at her
t oddlngton Point home from Hoston and
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kredcrlck S. HofT
man have arrived at Armsea Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke Joins have ic
turned from New York and Mrs. Paul A.
Andrews will return bcrorc the end of
the week.
.Mrs. (leorgo I). Wldener was a
luncheon hostess to-day and dlnncm
were- given to-night by Mrs. II. C.islmlr
m J""!",'; Vtg- J"nn nrexel. -Mrs.
Itlchard Corbln Hnd Airs. I)y,,r
Miss P. Hutord af New YnrU I. .h
guest of Mrs. lCdmund nice at the
Havens nnd Mrs. New-bold MorrlM nrrlved
from Tuxedo to-day to visit .Mrs. W. W.
t,J..n", T' Sufre"i Taller are ex
pected from Hark Harbor to-morrow.
Illnnrra nnd l)n,.K Mnrk ,,.
Opening of fllp ,..,
nnirrrox Woons. N. H July S The
mZv "kM"" Hoter'opem.,,.,7 ?
Many dinner nartles n-nL .i. ., :
rn'o:!!nr1:1 ".??c.,Bf '""owedTn tho ban-
the pfl.V-,n ; vrr one rcI'a'red to
me Laet,rlll for supper.
AmoiiB Sew York arrivals were Dr
and Mrs. J. Illakc White. Dr. ?iu ln
ton Itlchards. Mr. ,i r,- !.." J'V"K
Mrs V- i. i ime. O'Hara.
Miss A. Iloffstadt, Mr. and Mrs. I..
Adams, Mrs. 1,. J. Schiller, H. T. ItU-li-ardson
md party, R. S. Mosner am!
.Mrs. l.. niiincliforO an. Miss Illanch
ford. Mr. and Mrs A. A. Hutchinson m l
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Seeley.
Un!uT r'V2.1'' ncl,"'" -Mr. nnd Mrs.
Ilnyes Q. Trowbridge, New Haven
Conn ,. ; Mr. and Mrs. . S. Dana. Ctlca"
wld..Jf'l.",V,d 1'"k Par,'V' Q:
Miss Anne .Morgan has changed her
Plain about Hilling for Hurope on si,'
unlay and will K ith her motner ,0
Iwr Harbor, .Me.
The Hon. Mrs. Alfied Anson Is at
her summer place, the Tunetls, In Uir
Harbor for tho season.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mortimer Hrooki
left the St. Itegls yesterday for South
ampton. I.. I., wheie they will puss the
remainder of the summer.
Dr. ami Mm. Walter P. Anderton are
nnklnc an automobile trip through the
Herks'dres on their wedding tour. Mrs
Anderton was Miss Kthcl Klngi-land.
Mrs. William Karl IndKe and Miss
Middle, who wero at the Ititr.Catlton
for a few days, have returned to New
port. Mr. 'and Mrs. Charles H, Sahln, who
are passing the mimnier at their coun
try pi ice In Monmouth Iti-ach. N. J..
nrrlved at the PI.iju yesterday for a
oner visit.
Mr. and .Mrs. Anthonv J. I)reet Hid.
die, Jr., will return from White Sulphur'
springs, w . v,-i wncro they nave been
hlnco their wedding trip, and will visit
Mrs. Middle's parent. Mr. and Mrs,
Mcujamln Duke, at their country place
In flreat Neck, I. I,
Dr, James H, Taylor, former presi
dent of Vassar College; Airs. Taylor ami
.Miss Taylor nre at the tlotham for a
brief visit.
Air. and Airs. Kdgar I,. Alarston, who
will pass the summer nt tl.elr country
place, (lien Alrlle, in Port Chester, N.
Y, are at tho Mlltniore for a few
The necoiul for this reason of the
morning muslcales ai ranged by Airs.
It. W. HawkesHorth will be given to
day at Old Oiks, the suiniiier icsldenca
of Airs. Howatd S. llordeu. In Oieanlr,
N ,1. Among tho patronesf-es aro Airs.
IVlward Dean Adams, Airs. William A.
Jamison. Airs. J. Horace Hauling. Airs.
John Jay Knox, Aim Thomas N. Ale
Carter, .Mis. Samuel Hiker. Airs. Ira
Hirrows, Airs. William Harbour and
Airs. I-Mwln Drextl (iodfrey.
Pluya nnd Plnycrs.
Hni'lle I.en and Donald Alacrtonald
bnve been added to tho cast of "llandH
Hp," In which Alaurlco and Klorcnce
Wiiltnn are to ho featured.
.Max Welly and .Melissa Ten Hyck.
clai-Hle posn (lancers, have been engaged
,,, appear In tlm "Zlegfeld Midnight
Krollc" on the New Anihtcrdam Theatre
Charlotte Walker will make her mo
tion plctuie debut at the Strand Thenm
on Sunday In ChaiicH Knnyon'H ply
iv-iM.iliiiL'." Hllm Kutsrherra, tho Mel-
glan prima (b-niia. la to return to tho
Sti.uid ii"xt w'"'' principal soloist.
Tho support lug company with Taylor
Holmes In "Mr Alvd's .Mystery," open
ing at lb" Comedy Theatre under the
management or .losepn unions in ah
gust, will Include Deirdre Doyle, Clara
1 , IUirVv A.,hm. jlltt, er-
' ,, ."V Stt .'ling. Jr.. Waller AI. Sherwln.
1 ;;r '' ,,,,, rrl,.t. H.
! ! uenjaml.i Kauser.
Tlio l-M.-rs Club will hold Its annual
Held .Iny u-Kl Thuisd-.y at fllenw-ooil.
N V The proceeds will go toward the
building fund. The new clubhouse will
be ready for occupancy by January 1, it
la expected.
Other Activities Are. Confined
to Uridine Parties and
Narraoassi-.tt Ptr.n, n. 1.. July S.
Itnln made outdoor activities impossible
for the most part to-day, but It did not
keep golf enthusiasts indoors. Air. and
Airs. Philip Stevenson, P. S. P. Itan
dolph. Sr., and P. S. P. Itandolph. Jr..
Howland Hazard and Philip l.a Alon
tagne played tho entire Point Judith
Country Club course.
Air. and Airs. James K. llackett of
New York entertained at luncheon for
Airs. Irving 11. Chase. Airs. John Coibln
and .Miss Kleanor Chase.
New York hotel arrivals are:
At tho Alathewson. Air. and Airs.
Klrchberger. Aliss Illta Klrchberger.
.Miss Hlsa St. Huts. Alls. Alary William-.
II. 1.. Davis, the MIb?cs Davis and Air.
ai ih.. ttimeilal. Airs. Charles Potter
Kllng, .Miss Culver. .Miss Kone, Hdward i
Ileaky. Air. and Airs, I.. StlcgllU, Samuel '
HnhaOII. .MliS Lillian liooioo, lvin
Delatleld and the AllSfCi; Dolatleld.
At tho Atlantic. I.. i raven.
.Airs. Kllzabtth H. valentine
the Allsses
Valentino and Albert h.
rlslirrme n
nn line r ii ii Nu ii i - finiiii
l.ncU mi .liicl.son
II Iter.
Hot SriiiNcs. Va July S. Itass flsli-1
ermen are having unusually good luck
and many of the hotel guests and cot
tagers nro journeying to Jackson Itlver'
for the early morning s-port. To-morrow
with Harry Alllholland, Jr.. as host,
Jewett ltos Todd, Charlie llaillslnan,
Prank Akers and Cllbcrt Cowan will ,
start bofote breakfast, which will be
served on their arrival at l-'asflfern
Kit rut Hunt Club. They will be out all
day. 1
Airs. .Matthew I.. Akers gave a '
luncheon to-day at her cottage, t'piainis.
for (lioigo W. Stevens, president of the
Chesapeake and Ohio. To-night Airs.
Akeri was tho dinner guest of the An
drew Cowans at Warm Spring..
Celelirntes Seiiil-ei'iileniiliil Willi
Current Issue.
The A'olloii celebrated lis n-iul-cen-tcnnlal
with Its Issue yesterday Among
tho contributors- are VIcount Hryce. W.
C. Hrownell, Ileliiy James, Henry Holt,
Chatlcs C. Nntt, llisll I.. ( llldersleeve,
A. V. Dicey, Arthur Ci. Sedgwick, di-orgo
Haven. Putnam, William lto-oo Thayu-,
Ji-.mes I-'. Alulrhead, Stoddanl Dewey
and Homer l-Mnilstnn.
Commenting on the seml-centonnlal la
suu Oswald Harrison Vlllatd says:
"Into no Journalistic enterprise did
ever commercial considerations enter
less than Into the launching of tho
.Viiflmi. It wan not, nnd never tins been,
In tho .ViiIIoh's half century nf existence,
a (incstlori of profits, but of presenting
certain definite literary, political and so
cial Ideals and of urging them Willi all
the power of righteous, patriotic pur
pose." Slum 1 SH 1 the A'ndon nnd the Wit
iibiy Pol have been closely associated,
having been brought together under one
Mancukstkk. Vt. July s. Arrivals by
automobile at the Ciulnov House In
clude the following from New York:
Air. and Airs, D. II. Smith, Allss C,
Smith, Walter II. Smith, AIIsh Smith
(Packard): Mr. and Airs. Charlca 10,
I.ydecker, Henry Habjer, Warren H.
Pond (Chandler) , Air. and Airs, John
S, Sutplien (National) i Mrt. James W.
Clark, Mlsa Catherine Cherlng (I'lurce).
Tirpitz: "Dreadful!
15 Noon First Assembly district,
Manli.uun, walking taik ai.d dlatrltiu
tlon of Icsflcts up Wet street from
Dunne street. Miss l,atnla Dock and
Miss .Margaret lllnchey, leaders.
Noon Meeting, party headquar
ters. 4S Ba.t Thirty-fourth street.
3 1. At. Conference Atanhnttun or
ganliers at is V.tn Thirty-fourth
street, Mrs. James l,fts l.aldlaw pre
slUlnK. :3 I. M Twenty-nfth Assemtly
dlsirltt, Manhattan, inertlng of nrk
rrs .it home of Airs. John Houe, HZ
West Kletrnth street.
P. At. Monthly business meeting
German American committee, is K.ut
Thirty-fourth street.
P. AI. Tenty-flfth Assembly dis
trict, Manhattan, outdoor inertlnii,
Eleventh stri-ct nnd tlrcnuli-h avenue.
:J0 P. At Twenty-ninth Assembly
district. Manhattan, street mertlnKs:
.Maillson avenue and Flft -ninth street,
Fifty-seventh street and Third avenue,
Columbus Circle. Seventy-ninth street
and I.evlnstnn aenue. Klchty-slxth
street nnd Park tvonue and KlKht).
sluh street and I.etlngtnn arnue.
9 P. At. KlKhth Assembly district.
Manhattan, (lulld SiitTrace club torn.,
IM KldrldRe street, for street mt-etltnc
12 Nnn Suffrace cinfrrence at
Voles for Women Hestaurant, 70 Wall
IS Nonn .evrntepnth Senate ds.
Irlct. outilnor niei'tliif., l-'ourteenth
strert and lrlnir place
I: .Noon, 1 I" .M. and Q I1. M. Meet
ing at KnNlnc (imp "Winner," Mail
sun avenue and Tw entythlrd street
J 1
Welcome Meet hi"; in Ciirnciric
Hall to Me Asked to Favor
The plan for a council of neutral
nations, embodying the recommenda
tions which Allss Jano Addanis will
place personally befoie President Wilson'
as the tctult of her peace mission to
Kurope, will bo presented by Allss Ad- !
daniH nt the public meeting to be held ;
In her honor at Carneglo Hall this eve- I
nlng. It Is exected that a resolution '
favoilng such a couiuil will be offered, J
Tho publlo welcome to AIIsh Addams
will be held at S o'clock this evening. '
Dr. Anna Howard Shaw will preside. ,
Allss Addams will deliver the main ad- '
dress. Congressman .Meyer London will
also speak nnd David HNpham will ,
render two groupa of songs. Twenty- .
two organization will bo represented In I
ns many private boxes, nnd on tho I
stage will be personal friends of Allss
Addams, Tho committee of welcome
llrnry At l mt'rai Uen Frank lv. Ilahbntt
WillUm fit-rwin Aler-
.XI alt Ihih! llHlEllt
Joliu Mllehell
Jnlm Hales Clnrk
K.-i tli urine H Imvis
lli rberl Croly
S-nmifl T Iiutton
Stephen linker
Willi nn II. Mowluiid
Mrs. William II ll.il.l
l.iiidsnv Itussell
.lueoli II Sehlir
Vlda I) Peudder
Mrs Ijmls K l'osl
siilie ellxnlnn
Vlrilnls (ill,lerslsio
1'li.irlrs Kami Kennedy lliijnuiln I i.'irhnrt
MVBlicsllne nnoin .lllss v inusou
SI Cliilr.MeKelw.iy Jumps Wood
John Krshlnn Klliabeth Walton
tlr Jnlm llewey l.ueln Ami's Men I
William M AtM.'omlis .Miry J IVrsoti
fieorse W Klriiiwey John M (lleiin
Samuel MiCuiiu I.lnd lty otnnnird II iker
siv W P Pnnnea
William Oniony Part Peter Alnslin
rlde C C l hrlns
The hall will bo open nt 7 o'clock and
no tickets will bo reiltlred. Tho Ushers
will b" young men and women, liirlud
lug trained nurses, art students from
tliu Studio Club and students from Co
lumbia University,
Too bad!"
Ilijrh Power Mnchine Duslies
Down Kinhankmcnt and
Into Fenee.
I.knox, .Mass, July S. Mis Kathe
rlre D.ihlgrcn, daughter of Alls. Urcxel
D.ihlgrli, met with an accldeist while
driving her ISO horse-power taclnc au
tomobile on a three m.le hill In (ltc.it
Harrington .vestcnliy acd had a narrow
escape from death. Classing a concrete
bridge tho racer skidded, went down
an embankment anil clashed into a
fence, carrying away sreral lengths of
I posts and rails. Attss D.ihlgrcn whs un
hurt. All!- Kmlly Itetts Is vWtltg her els.
tor. Airs. T Tileston Wells, at Purlnton
, Inn. St(-khridge.
AIIm itoximond Clbler has ri-turncd
, to New York from California arid will
'come up to l-'ourbrook I'aim In Tyring-
' ham to-morrow.
I Airs. Anson Pheltis Stokes Is
tenialn -
Ing in New Hac:i hriau of the III
, new of Olivia Phelps Stokes, the
laugh -
. tcr of the I lev. and Airs. Stokes. Air.
Siokes will airlt to-mortow at lliook
! Air. and Airs. Cir'os do Herrdia have
nrgaulzi-il a dalle i g el. is to meet at
Woatlelgh, and .Mis. Hemy Holltsner
i Pease hna organUed a class for nii-et-llngs
at tho Uich.ird.
.some nf Hie l.titesl JXiiiiii Placed
on I In lli'ullers.
Prince (leorgo l L Potter, lluff.ilo,
,W P l.eet, Pittsburg. AI. T. Oimii
Itlings, Spnngtleld, Al.iss.
Plaza Air. ami Alts Itlcliard T. WIN
son, Newpoit, Air. Itlchard A. Itilgh
man, Philadelphia, Air. and .Mis. John
Alaikle, West Alaiuhesti i, .Mass.
Cotliam- Air. anil Mis II T. ('oniii-r.
I Allllliaven, (la.: J. I'. Aloi i it-rc.v, Hoston ,
jll. AI. Daniel. Philadelphia, Airs. c. I".
I AlacDouald, Ccntial Valley, N V.
Alaiiliattau- -Col It. .1. Aim-kit-, I'eiu.
, broke. Out.; (iiaths Lathn-p Pack,
1 I.akewooil, N. ,1.; C S l-'iiiil.. ('Memo,
i lllltmore Mr. nml .Mrs. Ilaniion At
wood, San l-'ninciM ii ; lieoige Kidder
I Davis, Home, Italy; C. C. Sloddard, llo
' Ion.
l.aurellou- I'. II. Clements, lliedon ,
'Albs Minnie Sheruuk, St. I.ouls, c. H.
Craft. llulTalo.
I Hresllii Air. and .Mrs. II. N. (Sr.elev,
, Hoston; C. II. Ith-e. Dallas: Air. and .Mis.
Kdgnr P. Lincoln, .Milwaukee.
1 Waldorf-Astoria - .Mis. .1. A Alel-'ad-(len,
Philadelphia: Alls. J. Had bidder
and Allss Hatiiiclilcr, Paris.
AlcAlpIn IMwaid W. Hey nobis. III. k
ory, N. C. . J. A. Scuhcrt and Miss Alary
Seubeit, Denver.
.Marie Antoinette- tleoige A. Douglasi,
.Milwaukee: It. II. Trumbull, liilladel
phla. Colllligwood Airs. lino Copley Itaiim,
Kan Diego; Airs. I,. V Klesewetter. Co
Inniliuv. William Hobbius. Cleveland;
Allss i'lauces Simpson, Hartford.
JostPii L Hot.i.ANin-.n, manufacturer
nf muslin (roods, who died on October
22, 19H, left a gross eslato of l.lal.lTl
He placed the residue of tho ptopcity.
after taking out Jl.Vnno for ftlends aiid
Inslltiitlons, In trust for the bcnelli of
Itiu-lmel Hollander, sister, HeHtrlee
Kahn, iliughter; IMllh AI. Hollander,
daughter, and Lewis II. Hollander, tim.
Noitnr.nr Wou-r, who died mi Match
!!. Ill), lift an estate appraised at
f7 I. ,1k:'. He lieiiueatheil t3il, 3(111 each lo
Harris H. Wolff, son, and Clara W.
Schumacher, daughter, and i.rii to
"William K. Wolff, anolhei- son
Concert for I m m I kth ii I m Sunday,
A concert will be ghen at Hills Island
next Sunday by the Aleeea Temple Hand
for Immigrants dotnlned on account of
tho war. Tho Kill Island ferryboat
leaves tho Barge OUlco at I I'. M. The
public la Invited.
Convention Ilrenks l'p Into
Sections, Which Discuss
Knd of Wars.
Ciiicauo, July S Wars will end not
through Hague tribunals and arbitra
tion lieaties, but when the millions of
men f ChrlMer.dom answer the War
I.nid's tn.-sin ws'.h the commandment
Tlioti shall not kill." speakers told the
ilelcmHce to the tifth world's convention
of Christian Hndiavorers to-day.
War was the topic of many discus
sions ait different sessions of the gather
ing, wld.-h broke up Into sections and
Slate meetings after a "iiulet hour" of
Hlble sludy and prayer under the direc
tion of I'loyd W. T' linkins of Philadel
phia. Daniel A Poling, citizenship super
It.tei ilit.t of the society, said.
The Church ml.tlaut has not always
wordily r pri-ee -teil the pence pro-
'gramme of the Und. Her pulpit has
1 ,.i ,rlii, d uar and she has held before
il, , ..ie nt her elllldrell the clltterilll.'
1 trainiliitts of haKle. Her manner of
speeiii must lie radically ruangeu . sue
iimsi barn bow to glorify the construc
tive builders of peace and she inut pro
claim chanty. forglvties and loe not
oily a imllvlilii il. but as national vir
tues "
To-nlulit tli convention chorus, num-bi-nng
more than l.nnn volcis. snug the
"H.illi lujih Chorus" from llandil's
"Abssiah" at a praifo meeting In the
Coliseum. The annu il mcssttge of l'resl-
but l-'ian.is i:. (,'lark, who Is abent
b, i-atiso of illiHM., was nad and ml -dreis
were made ny A. J. Shnrtle,
Amo It. Ue.ls, Karl l.fimiin, John
It. Cb nn nts, Daniel A Poling, N. II.
I.athrop and William Shaw.
William ,li i-uiiigH llryan. who was
Mliedubd to aililrit-s the convention on
Satuid.iy. will not be heard by the dele,
gates lie sent a speech In be read,
but trustees of the organization de
cided that the programme wan ton
' I. Ill Ordlmirt Address Worth
st.MHIf I oniiiilt Ice In Ascertain
St 1jii-is. July X. Whether or not
an ordinary addre by William .1.
Iliy an is worth $.'h'ii was the subject of
a w irm debtte at n meeting of the
Neutr.itliy League to-day.
The league opened negotiations with
lliyan seveial wicks ago for a talk at
It coming peace pageant and he replied
he would talk for I. Oil and a guar
anteed atiendance of .'ri.niMi.
The league Is willing to guarantee the
crowd but has stietiuous objections to
'p-iylng Kino unless It can he nsMircd
Itiyan will dwell emphatb-ally on tho
neiessity for the I'nlted States tn place
, an embargo on the export of munitions,
.on the advice of Piof l-'rederlck ltenle
of Concordia Seminary It was decided
to line a committee Mini out the natutn
of the nihil ess that llryan would make.
Xliinrli-e I, ell In llelleviie.
j Alauiico Levi, eompix-cr and band
I master, was last night rcnuued from
, Mount Slnal Hospital, where he has been
ill for some time, to the observation
ward at llelleviie.
Air. Levi, who Is III yearn old, came
fiom llallnuore. Ho composed "the
Ittuben and the .Maid" series, which
' made so popti'ni' the score he wiote for
'mmi-.i! of the Kegels' llros.' musical
' coiiiedles He was musical director for
Weber H l-'lelds for two seasons.
i bandmaster at Hr.ghton lleach last Hum
I mcr.
Killed lliirrliiur In llrlde.
I'KNiiurro.M, Ore., Julys. While hurry
' ing home to his bride In .Mount Vernon,
' Wash., from Atllt, Col., Hurl Clayton
! presumably fell from tho lop of a car
I and wns killed The body was found
near Cayuse, this county, by a section
crew, ('lay-ton struck on bis head, his
neck breaking, Letters from Ills wife
Identified him.
Sptrinl tahlr fttsiiatri In Tiik Srv
Amstkrma.m, July S. A copy of the
Munich Xcuatc SfUhrichlrn Just re
ceived here contains an account of the
meeting of l.udwlg (langhofer, the Ma
varlnn poet, with the Kaiser nt Lemberg,
Immediately after the Austro-tlerman
occupation of that city.
The (lei man Kmperor had come Into
the city with the vlctorloua troops of
Von Alackensen, who hail Just been made
n Field Marshal, when he espied the
poet, who Is well known throughout (Icr
mariy. "With n cordlnj laugh," says the
writer, "the Kaiser extended his hand:
"'What, (Innghofcrr he exclaimed,
'aro you, then, everywhere-."
"When his Majesty heard that tho
poet had not eaten any luncheon he
said! -1,00,1 gracious: ion must nave .
somcwiiug immeiiiaiciy, nc ordered a
cup of tea for the poet and himself filled
his pocket with biscuits. When ho
heard that (langhofer had met Sven
Hedlu, the Swedish correspondent who
Is ardently pro-Herman, at Przomysl. he
" 'I am glad.' the Kaiser commented,
"This Swede Is n splendid man. When
you sec him again greet him cordially
from me.'
"Just then a ltuslau aeroplane Hew In
sight nnd a cloud of shrapnel bili.it from
the Herman nntl-alrcraft guns. The
Kaiser calmly observed the shootin nnd
laconically commented ;
"'Too short!" Tho succeeding shots
also fell short and the aircraft escaped.
"Suddenly the Kaiser turned to the
poet and said In a subdued voice, slowly
and meaningly, emphasizing every syl
lable: " 'flanghofer, what do you say to
Italy? This was on June 23. As lati
ns .May S the Kaiser had expressed his
firm belief that even If a portion of the
Italian people were misled by the In
stigators of war one could rely upon the
"After a pause, (langhofer replied:
"'Your majesty, what has happened
Is better for Austria and for ourselves.
A clean table Is tho best piece of furnl-
turo In an honest man's house.' The
Kaiser nodded. Then with a sigh he
straightened himself up. He bade the
poet good-by with a word which must be
kept secret, though It may be said that
It contained a joj fill promise signifying
another steel band of cohesion. It may
bo nnnounced on the day of Its fulfil,
ment and that day will come soon."
Chauffeur's Bride.
$10,000 Utilise, Sells In
terest in Kstate.
TKNAl-I.r. N. J.. July S. There will
be no partition sale of the country home
here of the late (leorge Coppell, known
as the Towers, as was planned by
Arthur and Herbert Coppell and their
sisters following the announcement last
October of Allss Hhznbcth II. Coppell
that she had become the bttdo of her
former chauffeur. Hubert Douglass Con
nors. The sale will not be necessary be
caue Alri. Connors has sold Ik r In
terest In the big estate, and she and her
husband are now waiting for their new
JIO.U0O residence to be completed. Their
new home Is on the IV.llsad-s, and 510,
00ft has Just been spent on a dam for
a miniature lake.
Connors bought out the Tenally Auto
Service Company a few mouths ago.
Ho has half a dozen taxlcab busy and
says his lei-elpts, whlih were only $111
to fl." a day the tlrst few weeks, have
Jumped to $IH0 a day.
"I have planned tor a new garage to
cost $;.1,noo," lie said, "and I'm not
going to use any of the Coppell tnlllloni
to build It either. I want to prove to
my wife's brothels and tosteis that I
didn't marry her for ln-r money. I have
always Im-n able to make a living, and
1 can continue to do so.
"Thete has been no reconciliation in
the family. None of the Coppells Iihs
called on Mrs Connors, and we haven't
yet thought of calling on tin-in. I'm
too busy, anyway."
Hxpcclcil o HrliiK Aliniil Vrliltra
llnli of OHTereill-e.
The members of the council of con
ciliation, w libit Is ixpe.-tnl to bring
about atbll-atlou between tin- Cloak mil
Suit AlaiillfaetUK is Proteinic Asso.ia
tlon and the i loal.uuki-is' unions, was
agreed upon yeste-dav as follows:
Charles lleinemao. Jamb Kapoport,
1. Stern. .1. AI (letk.iv. Mix Meyer and
Julius Henry Cohen, counsel, repieent
lng the nianiifacturi" s' association, and
llenjainln Schlcsmgei. Hbuer Itoveii
berg, (icoige Isluiak. Similel l.efko.
wltr, Jacih Hiipern, Solomon Polokolf
and .Morris llilliUit, counsel, represent
Ing the unions.
'I'rensnrer llend,
Ht-piirt Ire
re Miort.
WiM-iiitsTKR. Va . July s .Mayor
Ward has called a spr.-iat inciting of
City Council lo Investigate my fund
that were in iharge nf J. H. Correll, Coin
inissloner of Itevinues, who died time
weeks ago.
There are reports that about ft.snn
paid to hlin for liienses was not turned
Into tho Ity tri-u.su i y ami that ilieie
was also a J:r,.iMi,i shortage in the Hand,
ley trust fund, of which Air Correll was
treasurer The city Coiiniil will ask tho
custodian of the Hundley trust fund for
a report.
.InpitticNi- ('raft lllo a mi stnlen
Island Near (liiiirnnllne.
The heavy miuiII last night at 7 I.",
droie the .lapancMi st, am r Kenkon
Mtirti No. . which was aiiiiiored off
Clifton, Statrn Island, nshnio on the
rocks about 2n0 feet noith of (.u-iian-tine.
The IJiiai. inline tug Stateu Island with
the assistance of the Culled States navy
tug Narkeela siirccil,d In Uniting the
vessel and towing her to a sal'.- anchor
age on Staplelon.
Men n Aililsc (Iriiuge 'ufTs,
OiuNiiK, N. .1, July --Prominent
men of the oranges w.ll asN' the
llipill Suffrage .ne.itlon of the
(Manges as an advisory committee and
last nlgllt a" i-rgai.izat .in, was fonued
with the following otlner 1'ieieii
Colby, chairman William A Lord,
vice-chairman 1 William J. Smith, score,
tary, and Kdward N, Loomla, tioasuror.
CAtskii.i., N, V., July I'rtdrlch
Nel.on Dubois nf New York died at his
summer home, Dubois Homestead, at
Catsklll, this morning from an attack
brought on by overexertion Monday. He
was In his eighty-sixth year ami was tho
Inventor of tho Dubois lead trap nnd
member of tho Itoyal fleographlc.il Society.
Air. Dubois was the cnlor partner of
the firm of P. N. Dubois & Co, manu
facturers of plumbing supplies at 21?
Ninth avenue, Alnnhattan. and one of
the prominent men In his line of business
In the country. It Is understood he will
leave all (State close to $1,000,000.
Ho wns born In Catsklll October f.
lS2:i, and took up farming befoie coming
to New York. One daughter. Airs. Frank
W. lllauvelt: three giandihlldren. Airs.
Alfred l.ltttelleld, Fred D lllauvelt and
lllauvelt, nnd one great
Helen lllauvelt, all of New
ork, survive him.
Air, Dubois was president of the hoard
of trustees of the North Presbyterian
Church and lived at 401 Wet lii:ld
street, Atauhattan, although he spent tho
summers of each year In Ills Catsklll
Once Wns Comptroller nf llrooUlyu
nml ii fix II Wiir Veteran.
I'.van Alalbono Johnson, Comptroller
ofjhe city of Hrooklyn from lsfiS to
1S71. I, Sttliwrvlhor ttr.oe In Hint unit il
! civil war veteran, died yestelday at
Hushing in his eighty-third year. He
was the son of the Hov. Dr. Kvan Ala!
bone Johnson, founder and for many
J ears rector of St. John's I-J, Iscopal
(Tur.-li, Hrooklyn. He was born on
1-Vbrii.iiy 17, IV 3.1. In the old Johnson
home on Johnson strict, Hiooklyn.
When the civil war broke out he went
out with the Thirteenth Hegimrnt as a
PI rut Kleuttnant. He was later trans
f cried to the Tiventy-thlnl lteginnnt.
He was twice niarr.ed. Ills flist wife
was Amy (Irani, daughter of (lov. (Irant
of Jamaica, West Indies. Ills second
wife was Alary Sheafe Vandurbllt He
had live children, two whom survive,
Ideut.-Col. Ilvan Alallione Johnson,
Twot'ty.ninth United Sutes Infantry, on
duty In the Panama Canal, and Alabol
W. Ilrownson. wife of Hubert W. Drown
son of l-'liishing, with whom he lived.
A rdsli-y
Visited Clly
Dor.BS I-'eukv. N.
M Time.
Y, July S. .Mrs
lltebeci-a Ann I.e.urgy, 'Jl,
died to-day
lit the home of her son. Wan.er l.e-
Mirgy, In the village of Ardsley. Khe
was the oldet resident in this com
munity and In lur life had been -to
Iliill.liiiie11'" lJlh "m hix 'inie. sne was
IHIIIIIII i)0r Ardsley. She was the widow
,oi i.iiwanl l.esurgy and cunnecUd
ny marriage with many ptumi
nent families ir Westchester county, in
cluding the Lawrence, (idill, Lent, Aus
tin nnd Quick families. Her son and
a (laughter. Airs, Habile Schlagel of
I'ordham, N. Y besides grand and
great-grandchildren, suivle her. The
funeral will be held no-morrow and
burial will be In (Ireenvllk. Cemetery
on of I. rite iiiliiiss.iilur In Prime..
Wns Wine Importer.
Janus II Host's, s,,n of the late A
!i.isnlor lo Prance of the dime nan.
died yesterday at his home, (ixj Li
.ngtnn avenue, niter nn attack o:
angln.i pectoris. Air. i:u.tl was t.i
years old. His wife and son. Jam
II. Kustl. Jr., , survive him AI
Ihi'tis w is an Importer of wine ;u
at one time was a Hock broker. II
was born tn Now Orleans In IST2 He
tuilie I In St. Paul'i School in Ne,
Hampshire and wa graduated fun i
Harvaid fnlveisity In 1-'.I Ten yea
later he ni niieil AI.sk Nina S. Crosby a:
Colorado Springs.
I'lil relict-
Claren-e Squires, for m my yen
inaniKe.- of Tiffany's art department,
I died Wcdi, esday nlcht o' tvphold fever
at the Prcsbvterlan Hospital. Mr.
' Sipilres was pianist at the AIcAuIev
W iter slt-eet ini'slon nnd wis tin ac
inic phllnithroplst In 'lie neighborhood
of the m s-Mon. The funeral will be held
at the I., mi of a sister nn htaten 11.
and. lie was 1.1 ye.'iis old
fMtl.n -Ju'v 7. n-h.r A hxk 7!
runornl i Impel Mr.-, hen M. -rt rta- ,
art Crrmill.in r enpan l.iiFtnh ne
nur in, I NlnlrnUi slre.-l Kri 1 i
no p. At.
niircutV'i "in .tin . i:nv .ims
! rluc. In his sl -IIIili e,r. .,ft
l short llllo'SS, flt hi- resl'leoi ...
lst forty -sevsnth street.
Funeral service at I.idy Chpr-'..
Patrick's Cithsdr.il. Futurdv.
U s
in. pi -j, 10 A. si. Interim n- pi
Please emit Mowers
HFSTIS. Junes llldtlo. ud,n
Thursday, July f. .it hi r"s i. n
i.s J
l.sxiiiKton iiienae, is Voik ti(
N.iiler of funeril heieiftsr.
HAl.LUIAN Jidin Alnyslus, brmhrn (hs
lt,v. James llHlllpan, after a InnR ill-
n"o, at his home, 721 Porsst i.s.
inir., The llrun.
l!.'iiilin nis cliur'h nf ft Anselm,
Tln'iMi uiemie, near Wtcheti r, ru-
day, J A. M.
KNlli-1 -Allisllt Vandiltllll nlpe. nlf-
(tenrRc Knlpe, M. !.. at her lesll.n,
Won isventy.fniirth street,
W'eilnesd'iv, .1 ill v 7
.rrvleis "Till: Pl'M'.ltAL r-IIPIti-ll '
Jll West Tweniv-ihud sin.' il'n-.
II. Cimph.ll IlilUdlnz), on Sikh I r
afiprnu'in. - o'doek.
Ml 1-i'llind. - On July , 1HS. A'lre
Men ler. Iieloied wife nf Iir iti ,
A. .Mltiiieil nnd iliiichlrr nf Mrs
T. Menier, at her redden..
.seventh avenue.
It, ii vi I e in mas I'hurih of M. Tlinini. t.
Apostle, ItSth street and tst Nl, h,.
avenue. Ssturdny morning, t'l o'e '
Iniernient private. New Or; i.t
paper please copj.
it'M:ilI.. on July -. John II. heeivl
nn of Ann and the late llujh (I'N'ei
Cliieral from his late lesldsin-e. O,
West Forty -rlithth itreei, on Ritunli
ninrnlng at K:50, thetio to st
Itilihail's Churrli. wh-re a requte-n
in.bs will he nftrred far ihe repose ,if
his soul. Interment Cilvarv
i llollNi:. Smblrnly, at et, Jhn Pusr
Prnvlnre nf Qucliec. (Hnsda, on Ju'v I.
tni:., Samuel, son of tlm la-e Innuil in
mid I, sill Ann Ticitiir, In tho euli-
I let II yew f III HK"
Fuuer.il serviu will he held at hi 4i
rrsldente, .MIMhrnnk. Diltehehs ioijnt,
N Y. en Frlrtiir, July ti, nt u r,
o'lioek Speu.il triln will leme Olun l
i-tntral Station N vv VntU I'enli-i'
lliilir traik .tr, t t C, A M. re
t irtiniK iv" r, , h s. w V,,-k iihoip l
P M In', rment tiri.a-e. Irtfnds.ir
l.lnJ.y icuui-jUJ not to send lluweri.

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