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flflflTTVir TIT TTTt fllTI I (TT
oniniJi hi ur-oiniD
Editor Slovens Puis n Kink in
tlio Tliirty-first !is
tiicl rriniiiiy.
Compromise Article Provides Vote on City Charter
Every Eight Years Four Year Term for Governor
and Conservation Commission of Nine Sought.
Malonb, July The (IkIiI f.ir the
Domination f si Itenubllo.iii In this, the
Thlrty.flrat ('oiicrisi illatrlct, compris
ing tho counties of t. I.twrciico. KrunU
lln, Essex nml Clinton, UwnxliiK warmer
very dny.
llcrt Hnell thousht ho hail frustrated
the chaneeH of Major William H.
Daniels whn the Hepubllcitn county
committed orilcreil nn elimination pri
mary for St. l.iiwroiuo county tn cliooso
between Shell and Daniels. This pri
mary was ordered on Juno 4 tn ho hold
on August 10 upon the Idea that Frank
lin county would support the man choncn
t tho preprlmnry In St. Lawrence.
Blnco then IMltiir Mat 1. Stevens of
this village, who hns heen In tho State
Atsemldy and has betn prominent In
local roll"", announced himself as a
candidate and Insisted that the Franklin
county Hopubllcans should support him
s against tho St lAwrencu county candidate.
Heelprnelly Srlirmi-.
Franklin and St. Liwrenco counties
are in the same Smate district and the
former county has usually supported St.
Lawrence's enndWlatu for Conicrcss while
t, Lawrence hn reelprooateil by stund
Ins for Franklin count) ' candidate for
tho State Scnut.
N. Monme .Marshall, u banker of
Ualone, Franklin county. Is serving bin
Brst term In tho Statu Senate uml wants
rcnoiiilnxtlou next )ear, but If St.
Lawrence county should lose Its Con
gressman It li expected that she might
sirab the Senntorshlp. Consequently ex
Huperlntemleut of llankt Frederick I).
Ktlburn, who was eliminated from hank
ing atrnlrs In Albany and New York for
various leasons and who Is associated
with tho .Marshall Hank, published a let
ter attacking the Stevens candidacy and
Insisting that tho Franklin county lte
publicans should ttand delivered to the
Bt. Lawrence county candidate for Con
gress. This Kllbuni letter not only aroused
Editor Stevens but the ItcpublVans of
rrankliu county In ttneral, ami tho
maledictions hurletl at Kllburri from tho
Buell camp have been frecptent.
SiieU'n friends have been conlldent
lor some tlmo that ho would defeat
Danlcs In tho elimination primaries, and
ex-Secretary of Stato John O'Hrlcn of
Clinton has been waUiu eagerly for
the result of tho St. Liwreiice pie
prlmtry. Should Sncll win It was
figured that the Daniels Itepubllcans
might voto for cither Stevens or eome
other candidate for the nomination on
primary day, and It was expeoted that
tU the last moment John O'Brien would
announce his candldac) for Congnwa.
Sleaeim Optimistic.
It Inn even been hinted that O'llrlen
was behind I lie Stevens candidacy, but
Btevcns has ivt.enteil this and declares
that the sltuai.rn has so shaped Itself
that ie can he nominated if the Frank
lin county KcpuhllcanH will stand by
him. Ho may be right In his conclusion,
because Major Daniels has Just an
nounced that he will not permit his
' nome to go before tho unolllcl.il primary
because the re.uoii for holding It doea
not exist now t.liu-o Franklin county has
ft candidate of its nun.
Tills announcement threw consterna
tion Into the ranks of thu Hnell forces
ml every onu Is waiting now for a
move from John O'llrlen. With the He-
publlcan vote divided In St. Lawrence
between Snell and Daniels on regular
primary day, v.lth Stevens getting a sub
stantial vote u Franklin and a good
voto In tho other counties and o'Hrlen
polling his htreuglh In Clinton and K.
utx counties what the result will be li
Report for June hon Incrense In
llmitl'ii Ilea me.
The llaltlniiirc and Ohio Itallroad sur
prised Wall Stiecl yesleriliy by Its
howlng for June. Jts grtiss operating
revenue for tho mouth of $,Cii2,fljii
ohowed an lncrcape of J70;,sr,t over that
of th? corresponding month of last year,
wnne the net or i.i,:o:,di: was an in
crease of J 1,7 H,!' II.
The IncreaKo In gross was almost 3
per cent., against gains of 7 per cent. In
May nnd 5,0 per cent. In April. The
Increase In net -was equivalent to lie
per cent., ugatnst CO per cent. In May
and S per cent. In April. The ratio of
transportation expenses to gross earn
ings was .11 13 per cent., as compared
With 39.1 7 per ci.it In June a year ago.
The statement of earnings for the lis
cal year, published as a piellmlnary re
port yesterday, was also encouraging.
While, gross revenue of il,Sir,n;
bowed a decrease of J7.34s.213, oper
ating expenses were cut 110,177, SSI,
with tho reult that net operating rev
enue nmour.tlng to 27,S!'0,2S9 was In
creased 3,120,GS. The ratio of trans
portation expenses to gross revenue was
reduced to 37.31 per cent., against 40.32
per cent., the figure of the year before.
The total op. rating ratio fjr the year
wan 69.62 per cent., compared with 75.03
ptr cent. In 1314.
AI.IiANT, July 22. President Hoot of i
the constitutional convention Jollied
Chairman Seth Low of the cities com
mlttee )esterday and to-day In smooth
ing out the proposed home rulo fr cities
nitlcle which Is to go In tho now Con
stitution. As a result the subcommittee
which had this wrk In charge wa ablo
to submit to the entire committee on
cities to-night a revised home luie
Tho essential piovlsloiis of this article
declare that the presont charter of a
city shall Mand until a new charter It
udopted and that tho first step for the
adoption of a new charter shall bo Ink n
next year, when the people of each city
will vote on tho question whether or
not they want a new charter. If they
dccldo that they do, the voters shall
thon elect a commission of seven mem
bets tn draft It and when this com
niltwlon finishes Its work then tho char
ter framed Is to be submitted to .1
voto f the people. Following this the
now charter, If approval by the voters
of n cltv, must go to the Legislature.
If the Legislature does not veto It in
fin ,lnvM 'lie charter will Income a law
A otc Is to be taken every eigni yeais
on the question of whether a new char
ter Is to be framed and In the mean
time a city charter may bo anienucu
onlv by general legislative iaw arreciinir
all cities alike. The proposed home rule
amendment grants cities the rigni m
enact local laws on purely local ques
tions, such as the fUlng of salaries and
the terms of city employees.
The radicals on the committee were
for reporting to the convention a home
rule article so broad that It would havs
W-en rejected. It was Senator Itoot's
mission to fecure the approval of a com
promise which he felt might eeeine the
approval of the convention
The cities
commlttie will not act llmlly upon the I would
sub-committee s article until to-morrow.
Utin Marshall has drifted a new
forestry article which will provide for
a State conservation commission hf nine
IO lie nppomii-il uy 1,1c nuo-iiiur nitnuiHi
State Itself. The (oinmltteu was nearly
unanimous upon these propositions.
This new conservation commission will
have power to adopt regulations govern
ing tho forest, llsh and game wlfch will
have the force of laws unless vetoed by
the Uovernor. The commission also will
have charge of preventing the pollution
or waters. The Hunt amendment to the
Constitution regulating water storage
and hydraulic development is not to be
disturbed. I'rovlslon is made to allow
New York city to use twenty acres In
the Catsklll I'nrlc region for the Asho
kin dam.
The committee on education, of which
Jacob Oould Schurman Is chairman,
adopted a constitutional provision which,
while It does not direct the Legislature
to pass a general law governing the sle
of city boards of educatlun, does permit
each city hoard to determine the amount
to be raised each year for school pur
poses and expend It without interfer
ence from other city authorities. This
would prevent the New York city
teachers from coming to tho legislature
for salary Increases and would enablo
the New York City Hoard of Kducatlon
to nullify the effect or the Davis equal
nay law.
The constitutional provision agreed to
by the educational committee reads .
F.very city Khali have a Hoard or
Kducatlon. It shall be a body politic
und coriiorate. It shall, subject to
general laws, determine the amount
and direct and control the expendi
ture of all funds to bo used for public
education within Its Jurisdiction.
Such runds as are raised by local taxa
tion shalt he raised in the same man
ner as the general city laves, but
bhall be levied and the amounts ex
tended on the roll as a separate school
As originally propocd the flist sen
tence read; "Kvery city shall have a
Hoard of Kducatlon of such size as
shall be provided by general laws." This
have resulted in reiiueini? the
membership of the New York City Heard
of Indication, which now numbers forty-
six, but the committee decided that as
It wan to be left to the Legislature to
determine the sl.e of a board It was tin
....nfirmnetnii he tin. Senate, one from' necessary to state that fact in tne con
uieb of the Judicial districts, to seive stitutlon. There are now thirty-nine of
ttlihnmii.iv This article has been an-, the fifty-four cities In the State In
rummlsslon which the Hoard of Kducatlon deter
committee of the Constitutional Con-'mines the amount of school moness and
volition. The commission will do Its
work through a superlntendnt.
At present the Conservation Commis
sion Is single headed, A lirger com
mission, like file Hoard of Itegents or
the State Hoard of Charities. It Is
thought, will do much to brln-j conserva
tion home to the people, as It Is expected
that big men, willing to serve without
compensation, will accept appointment.
This new commission will be removed
from political control and will be n con
tinuous body, with one member's term
expiring each year.
Tho conservation committee is to keep
the door closed against lumbering In the
Adirondack preserve for another twenty
)ears, as It favored only the removal
of dead timber by the State, which can't
be sold, but jnust be utilized by the
how they are to be spent.
Other rtlcles llrnd Soon.
Committees arc now drafting the
articles referred to them for considera
tion, and the Judiciary committee will
have.lts article ready next week, as will
the committee on the bill of right
While It has been voted In the Ju.liclnry
committee by o. narrow margin to elect
the ollce magistrates In New York
city. It Is not etpected that this vote will
The Ashokan Dam Condemnation
Commission compensation Hcandals will
not be possible In the future, as nn
amendment has been adopted by the
committee on bill of rights which will
leave condemnation proceeding to the
court, which can refer them for deter
mination to official unlarled standing
Tho proKstlon to turn the Slate
Court of Claims work over to the Su
preme Court was utian'inously oppose-il
by the committee on canals to-day. This
plan already has been condemned by I he
judiciary committee.
The committee on civil service de
cided to-day not to exlcuil the piesent
constitutional exemption of civil war
veterans fiom civil service regulations.
Veterans of the Spanish war and vol
unteer firemen were seeking to have this
exemption broadennl to Include them,
wholly or partly, and at one time It
looked us though they might succeed,
but llnally the committee decided to
leave this provision of tho constitution
"New York clly may gain control of
the Assembly ten )ears fiom now, If the
plan of apportionment wu are now con
sidering Is adopted by the committee on
legislative organization," said Hay 11.
Smith, who Is Jolug most of the work
on the pRIn which would give New York
clly as many Assemblymen ns Its pop
ulation entitles It to after each up-State
county has at least ,one member.
"rheic Is no reason why New York
and the up-Stato Republican districts
should not work In harmony," he added.
The public utilities committee, to-night
decided to report favorably an aiiund-
ment turning oer to those counties
which have not received their full quota
of the original $50,000,(100 highway bond
moneys tho $2,600,000 given lo certain
counties in excess of what they wcie
tntltl?il to.
Ma Adjourn Anuilsl UO.
Kllhll Itool, piesldent of the Consti
tutional Convention, expects the conven
tion will be able to adjourn by August
20 or August 27 at the latest.
The committees of the convention have
about Mulshed their work and hereafter
sessions of the convention are to be hell
daily, except Sunda), for debate be
tween 10 A. M. and 1 I'. M.. 2 to .1 I'.
M. and S:?.D to 10:30 P. M. A resolution
to that effect offeied by (leoige Wicker-
ham will be considered by the conven
tion to-morrow.
Frederick C. Tanner, the chairman
of tho committee on tlovenior and other
State olllceis, formally reported favor-1
ablv to the convention to-day the prop- .
oslilon agreed to Mime time ago llxlng '
tile term of the llovernnr elected In I
1M1? at four years and Increasing the
salaty of the Covernor rrom HO.nuO to
sjo.noo, to tan,. efTect January 1 next
With a four year term a liovernor will
be Inellgable for reelection.
In fixing a four jonr Wrm for the
(overnor. the scheme of the Tanner
coiiimlttee Is to have municipal olllcers
elected the first )uar after a Presiden
tial election, a Coventor nnd State of
flceis the second year, Judh ial officers
the third ear and the President every
four years, Independent of Slate nnd
local elections. This would provide a
separate election for Judicial olllcers and
would In efTect meet the proposition of
the labor Interests that Judicial cani'l
iiates should go on a separate ballot.
lhe convintlon committee on nubile
utilities Dually has agreed upon an
amendment which will be reported fa
vorably to the convention providing that
the present Public Service Commission
ers shall continue In ofTlce until their
4erms expire and that thereafter a Pub-
lie Service Commissioner shall not be
removed exrept by the Stato Senate on
recommendation of the Coventor. Now
the Governor removes without the con
st tit of th" Senate.
It Is nlo provided that their suc
cessors shall be npilnt d by the Gov
ernor with the approval of the Senate
and that their terms shall be live ears
and their salarlis shall not be dimin
ished during the time for which they
were appointed.
Wllerill ll,.arti llmtLr rlt...
for Trade Acceptances,
The board of directors of the Federal
IKsorve Hank of New York at Its meet
ing Wcdnisdny established a rato of
3 per cent for tho rediscount l,v
member bank of "tiudc acceptances,"
This rate was approved to-day by tho
Federal Heserve Hoard.
The establishment of a rite of 3'j
pr cent, for such double namo paper,
os npitlnst a late of I per cent, for or
dinary redlrtounts, Ik evidence of I lie
dtslro or the hark to facilitate uber
ever It may prove morn advantageous
nnd ctrnomlc.il than present practlco
tho creation of paper drawn by the selle,
on the purchaser of goods and evi
dencing nn actual commercial transac
tion. A "trade acceptance," however. Is not
to bo confused with a "banker's accept
unco." Tho trade . ccept nee la a draft
drawn by one commercial house and
payable by tho latter, while the banker's
bcccptnnco Is a draft drawn on a banker
and payable by such hanker. It car
ries with It the credit of the bank and
pells readily in the open market at thu
lowest rates, Tho tr.nl e acrcptnncu car
ries with It only tho credit of a com
mercial house, and the mto of 3'i per
cent. Just established relates only to Its
rediscount at the Federal Heserve Hank
by a member bank,
Cllktoiu House lleei-lpla,
Tho total receipt h fo: duties at tho
Custom House yesterday were 1476,
IC4.53, of which I157.S74.5S was for liiei
diandlee withdrawn fiom bonded ware
houses and $318,939.96 for recent Importation!.
Beautiful Pictures
The Sun's New Pictorial
Magazine Supplement
If you missed the first number of " The Sun's "
New Pictorial Magazine Supplement last
Sunday it isn't too late. Another feast of
pictures that delight the eye and stir the
imagination with " The Sun " next Sunday.
Sixteen Pages, All Pictures
Do you know that THE SUN is offering a wide range of high class fea
ture articles every Sunday, articles of large importance and human in
terest? Here are only a few of the high lights for next Sunday.
Cost of the War in Lives
and Treasure
A graphic presentation of the ter
rible expenditure of blood and
money in the first year of the
great war. Startling estimates of
casualties compiled by the Red
TheRomaiice and Mysteries
of the State Department
Weighty international secrets
locked up in the archives of this,
the least known of Government
departments. Interesting reminis
cences of the office and the great
men who have directed it.
How France Cares for
Her Blind Heroes
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taken by the battle lines in Eu
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by the blind soldier and what
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Germany's Solution of
Her Food Problem
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future crops. School children
and war prisoners busy tilling the
M'MMI.It ltf.H)KTX.
NEW JKHSKV Ulsntlo Cllf.
Nl'.W JKItSKV Atlantic Cltr.
Spmkino nf thrranrrrln conitrnetbm of thi ItUnhrtm, Thomtu A. hdUnntaid,
"It it Ihr tomina eonitruttionfor nil airat huUrlinn. It lenn't den J, l U'on t trtak.
and ynu foultln't Eu.n it if yen 1tiH."
(latineltr tlli'l American nnd lliimiieaii I'lan
The great eucntial of a retoit hotel, at dittinguiihed Irom a city dote), ii ample
public tpace devoted to the uie ol its Ku'etti, in the (oim of bright and airy
fctchangti, Lobliici, I'atlori, Galleries and Solarium,, affording pleai.ng villas and
beautiful promenades, the whole combining into a harmonious vision of grandeur and
beauty, while replete with the coty group seclusions of home, and yet affording
full view of the pleasing panorama of the resort life. In this esiential the
fflurlliririiimll-Slriilirlni stands without an equal in Atlantic City or elsewhere.
Its "Ownership Management," while accounting for itr unique reputation, ii a
guaranty of the liili character of its patronage and the unexcelled quality ol its
service and cuisine. It employs only while service in both its American and
a la caite dining rooms.
It makes a specialty of its high-class mutic every evening throughout the year,
with special Sunday night solo features. Komani, the world's highest Tenor, of
Venice, is engaged to sing at frequent intervals during July. August and September.
.1 Untitle 'M v, with lln cmly renl competitor (Kmpi) tM year Imi oi.IHe, la
ofT-nnif unuomlAttricMnn and enlertulnmenla. Two lUliis. Lwa are 'Ini'y wmrre
,tf IntrreM. Tw i irulf ,-nuipe. the Yacht Cluh the fiahln ' fleet and the mm nrtil
It tthlnir tmieh Attract UiWr reM'ective ilevn'ee while the iir nmiiai-mentA. the
llonnlwalk. th fli-- motor muls nrnl lhe ppl-nilld Irile'a anil rrMaurnnt., afTonl
enjo) merit fn all. There I. only one Atlantic t'lty, nnd lhl .ummprlt la particu
larly attractive. Write for lllii.tinteil booklet mill rale,
Come out on the Hudson River, where the cool breezes blow. Evciylm,
knows why the most populnr steamer on tho Hudson is the "Adirondack "
Leave Pier 32 N. R Fool Canal St - .12 Noon
Weal 132nd St. Pier '00 ' M
Leaves Newburgh 8'00 P. M.
Round Trip Fare lo Newburgh $1.00.
Ni:W YORK tillrnml.irk A.mintalni.
XK1V YORK Aillrnmlisrk .Mountain.
Adirondack Camp Sites
Pleasant Lake and Longfellow Lake. Known as the
Mount Arab Preserve. Situated on the Mohawk & Malone
Railroad, consisting of twenty-five hundred acres of land
surrounding both lakes. Has been protected as a preserve
for past fifteen years and will be kept as a preserve for
benefit of camp owners, except such parcels as may be sold.
Both lakes well stocked with trout and the preserve affords
best of deer hunting. Railroad Station, Postoffice and Tele
phone on prchcrve. Very easy of access, yet isolated from
the public. For prices, etc., address
GEO. A. McCOY & SON, Pleasant Lake, N. Y.
lOXtl IS.AM New Ttk.
The Mint Mtrnetlte Counm Hotel
Ail tai r nt to . lurk II.
Garden City
onp of Uu must rtrlnUr country wivU
in Amcrlrn, A rointihia Ion of country
life Hiit int'trom1ltnn ho - I luxury ! loin
found, I'ninlurttil on ln VinerU-nti PUti
Tin to N Mo for llu cun rnlciio1 of motoric
A Handsome a la Caite Restaurant
20 inlli from N V Vroiurnt rlrctrle mt ice.
rrmi.1. Station J J I ANNIN CO.. I'ropi
NKW JKKSKV Atlantic City.
1.0 N. INLAND Manhattan lVach.
"Swept by Ocean frx'
Naw Yorlt'a Mott Popular and
FaihionabU Retort bjf.tht-3a
Tampratur ttdom from TO
rierr". Within th city luniti.hitf
hour br trim, on hour tf uto.
Sitrcad&nit't Cwrrti.
T Court 0rt ar Wit
tvrf HatMng Do fUfltMg
Oriental Hotel
."Vim uirii, I uropran I'lan.
Inm In ic evry evenlnc In
th Hat. II om Dinner
i!itnc Wftlnt (iay ami
rrM.i) tinder inron.il di
rection of .Mr, ltuth Hun
nlon Auto roJf direct tn hotel entraara.
J01IPH P. CRCAVIt. Manaitr
Naw Ttk kln Offlf 343 tth Av
portd rt COl1 HOI i c.
Tol.r.';9atMl Ut MKlitoSB4V
I Af!r Juna 51 Tl 1001 Coney Inland.
.. '. H. MOIW." leaves Pin- 32, N. 11., :00 1'. M : W. ISM .'t Pir,
P. II, !-aturdu.v, Juljr -J4. IteturnlnK, due In New York early Momlay mornlng
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funnelling al New hunt r riiimlikreiialr with "Iriijan" returnliiK.
(lCIII l HA DIN NKIt A I.A Alt'! r.
III IIXIN N l Hi V I KIN t il.
StCbarlesPldce andth. Bcacb.1
lll'.All lltO.NT At )M.IOII.
I ID.N.S Al IIAI.r I'llll i;. lletHern
the ,Nr (mrili'ii anil Steel I'ler.
llir impulAr teilun. Uitlilii Meht
mmI Mumi of tiM oeean, A hljli
eln moilrrn hotel, uh mi Lire
nam, nil with open rxnoui'V
Private hathn, hot and eoM nmiiln r
uhter In roirni. Attraetlve porehr
iluotor.etc. t'ullnennilervleeth
let. Very rraionatile rate. Iloo
t. ii. J iiv.i;s.
NEW VOBK CnaperttowB.
I On Otsego Lake, Cooperttown, N. Y.
1 (ll'I'.N I Mil. IK'IOIII'.lt.
I6U houu by rail trom New York TH).
NKtV YOHK Tatakill Mountatna.
a nail vri2inai i-rejiion un inc
l.ooai i;oior or Allantle City.
I American Submarine drill Kiirope.ui
Pine firoTe Home. Are 50; n'r. I.eada. OUro.
Ac , iinuiiininl hall, crovn. garaci; frean
mlik.eggi. ic. M tivi. K I- Wolfe. I.eed.N, V.
Famuui nutonioblle route. Adirondack,
Iroriuolr, and Uiiond.iK.i Trull.. Iluoklvi
end miipi rree. 1 N. limn, i9cy, Ncn
turgh. N, Y.
1 iJkLr (ieurce. N. V. Hofl booklMa and
partlcu ntn hi Sun Information l!tirau
Ih-aiIIik HlBlM lii Mo-lcrnte Hate lintel. I
al PCKI A Dl C irlnli av . lir.ir Himi u fan
ALULIn AnLC.I..H Klevator, .rb ale tutli.
I Itiul
lOKW Al.nANl
nil til .NUIiril.
Dally. Including Muud.ir.
,'nnll.l g'tttf f In IMr 19 V. tt.. lOI
anal si.. 3::iu P. M.. W. I1M ' ""
iiiion i
I'. .M. Iae Troy 0:0u '
e:iHi I". 31, rare 11
New Mglit Mpreaa Pier
l.Tri.ylfexr,rt.l;ndT "j'"' 1 :,
, m:'.1 Vnn'V VCroundtein.
l'rnplr'a Une-Pler H f. ''H,.i,,i?I'
t...tfi m v.,. if CO ore way, ii.ij
teund trip.
tunday mornlm
liat tor Nrvtiurcl.
1'oilatikeette. hlnici.
Ion point and Al
hany IcaMi Pier 31.
N. 21.. !i:30 A. M..
W. u:d Ht.. I0MIJ
A. .M. Leavci Al.
I any. IOmki a. M.
'Itl spring 91000 ,
or nftiht
largeit Hirer
btaainatilpa In
tlia world.
, Al. l.a." .ii.i,..
It CO ore ay, iJ.ll
Comtortabta, Snoedy. Clrnont Wnv to
AitanlTC Nifhlinis, Itr.i H-Dnrh. Man T. it.
Occia Ort, Brlmjr. PaiatPlratnl etc .
i I ii) Ihs Tnm Scrtr llrcri clUr
An Ideal way to so Firw Vnrk Hirbo
Lv N , 1'ier . It..
Aw, t 5n, tS, in? a.m . T
7 4, p m, Pnmlfiy ' f, ' r m
7 IS pm. (10 Oii.m. !. Ir Hr i
l.v N.V . l'ir 1", M I! i r k
iUm. ".15. I'V"? U r r ; 1
:.5. v. 10 p.m. r'l.iU iy ?. W. nan
7 rii ul HH'-r' l
r.if-t Seti rnlc-ft'i,
Rownd TrU, Nw Votmo AtUnlic Mtchtrd. M
U..utRilrlttm'.'1'., lr . . " " la.
lid st i J ' 1 1 p w V in Hr
Jt, '!, Ii i, n. 10 p. n . Man I
EU Jiiilili ii majgn ini-ri rtiMW
i ir t vw
frkl . i
in ni t.iuu. X:iuniT lali'.Miti,
J up, dally. Ilookltt. J. I. TOI'i:.
lii'itcli. Fn-vh nml ktA ,
"imii u-niii, i uiiiiiiiH "Bin in iouiiii, t li ' lUUt.
Mimrior talilo, VikwU M tr.-vliiK. A. K. A1
Virginia Avenue an I '
Ilea h. I It eim 1 1. A
Ircatly iinpruvi-d Capacity S..o, Prlv.ito
biiln, runnlnK itr In rooma, elv.nor, I
ir .Mime Piieciii iiz.to up weekl,
i: i(t up d.illv. Open all year. 1) ioU.il.
.Mii:i. 1:1.1.1.,
Thri polf rMirsit. wvMU ImrM, trnnU,
(laiulni;, motorliu', tine ilrlM's. vie. Ac
citniinoilatr l. Write for limjlar.
AUi (iKA.M.inrN 1IOTKI, Uke
fnn.'iMH', N II.
3m j&toamboat do ,
Deep Sea Fishing Sir. "Taurus" '
NKW .IKItSKY .abury Park.
" Modern lintel Itv Hie Sea."
ami inrri,i:s.
Nnrlli biiry Park. N '.
Miihki Inipriiicni, rt 5'ihv l.i.t fu.H.on,
liiinnliiK water In mum. ("iiucliy 11m
Hook let
(iioiiie W. Trajlor llariey Jnnea.
AiMii'lati' Maniger imner Hint .M.iti.m-.r
Ne Knclind' Hcenle Vi,!iderl.nil, Hoiite
hunk and map on application. llo H'way. N. V
nr Moid ntnti. U atirburj-. nun
modern tonvenlenvei
t:o Fnurth Ave,
Hlert iMtrnnase.
While Hfrvlce. all
In Next Sunday's Sun
CI inae liaiiilMimelv llluMr.ileil iKinklei nf
Anbury I 'Arl. Wrl'e I'IiiiuUt nf CnniniiTOe,
Ml" .Main M .Aliury Park .V I .'end e .mt.m
M'.W JI'.llsr.Y Sprlim l.ike Ileal Ii.
SPIIIMI i.iki: Itl'll II. V. J.
llPn..,l. .... ,1... II....... Villi 111,1'V
Ciiiicert and liaiiee oniies' nii imlf TeniiU.
Illdliu, iturip'ii iiriu 1 ii.i nun enui mm
Willi r In lihiiN,in N Olllee .'hI'I ,Mli A e.
'I'llim.' Hull .Murntv lllll.
I . 111 II I'l.l Mill!, 'Mniiiiger.
Tine I'ulf.iue fur rem In
omiei Hon Willi lioli'l.
NKH JKItSIl Point Plenum. 1
I'll tnreiiie Point Pleii.niit. (In neean 1111.I
l.a HiuillilK. Intlilmr IKIilru. Knlf ('I1.1111 '
bernf I'l'IMliiel'iv I'1 l'lc.i-.illt. N . Ii'l H
PKNNsYI.VAMA llelauiire Water linp.
lam llelaiiuro tenter I, an. I'u.
n pai II ui. Mipirlnr 111 lm np-
m m iiiiilnieiiih euiiiui ami eri,e.
m kpiH'hil .I11I) anil fniiill) rate..
m Write lor bnnkli i nnd niilo uiap.
mlnlnrl!,tK iirrntil,',! v.ilni' lerin H1
oilier KllcM t'HAKI.r.S II. Wlll'l'i:. Prop.
Mri Iv. PIT II. N It ft Kultun St , dally
.11 :l(l P M .MiiMe.
Prnl Idem e Line, tr Iv l'lirtl N" II Tt
rulliin Mtriel. i' ila only b P- M
,Neu I onilon Line, tr U Pi, r Id N It,
fl llinistnii M . ueik ,l.i onlv .".nn I M
pier 70, r it fi r. sail i . v .m
New lleilfonl l ine. Mri. Iv Pier 40. N II ,
ft Houston M . e,k il.i) (inly, nt 1', 00 I M
New Milieu l.lne. tr Iv Pier 1:, II fr
Cailiariiie M . ei l. ila. i I." P .M Siiinl'ijs.
1 ,111 M Pier TO, It 1: St . week ila.
It nil P M Siind.oa. 1(1 110 A .M
llrlilmporl l.lne. wieW ilij only lr Iv
Pier I II :i '"I I' M PhT 70. 11 K S'-M
St weikil.iiNll IIP M .Sunil.ij I l.'i P M.
Dally nl s A. ,M. finoi Pier 1 S I! IIM.Y,
l i'ie Wee kilu), 7 I em. Miniliii.. 51,
A1vn111111iHl.it Ion tor lidleK and Children
Kiniiuratit and liar uiuler Cn ' .Miinageiiient
utiiN si i:miio. is pint
llaiiilliiK nl
l.nv . I Will SI anil Tier I. N. It.
I'ull Time Tall'. an nn IttMilt nl back i-omt of
Ti-lfplinnti Plr',tHl. Ti'l. Jtirtor ?7J.
l.ve. Yimker- m:i: M . M. I'.Milh St. ti III A.
M 1 IT, I' M , Pier I, N. H.. Hl.au A M..3 15
P M Him kiiwin Heni li. li .10. r, no P. M.
lranler In Mr. "Ilr.ind Itepntille."
No i.amiim: a 1 tt. ::il ST.
The Public N eiuiloniil lint Hie IIM.I
hl. 1 mile,, or the I HON M i:MIIOM I'll,
nt Ml SI' null S , is nil the IIOVtN-
iit. sun: 01 iiik
THE Hudson
By Daylight
All Senile Ilaltr I Kept sundn.
Dlrert rail ennnefttnm 1, 11
the I'ataktlln. .saratoc.i. H1 Ae
the Wet and North Mu '
All through rail tleken brtwr-n J '
and Albany aeerpted.
Ileahrniart S .no A. V W Ol
OA M.: V inth St !l?,l V f .,r-f.
M (.'.A.M.. lanillngat Wet Point Nrn
Poughkeepsle. Uln?!o!i Point 1 a '
Ituilvon and Albany.
AIo 1leibioie St., 0 in V.' i;l
11 ,1).,. tn-i tn 'jl A
for Hear Mouni.il'n, et I'mn'
.ewiiurgn anil rougukeep.ir
On Iay Oullngito Poncbkerp.l" N"
burgh, Wen Point or Hear Mountain.
Afternoon Boat
for Hear Mouiualn, Hi Point. Ne
bureh, Potnshkeep.le, KIiikmoii and n
lanillngs, leain HkItooh i t I !' M
w. i:d st j p .m . v. i:th -t . 1
P. M. Ynnkera, 7 4S P. M. Ii.illy nipt
Miralav iilf.ll-oilllllB In He ,'
and Wn-i Point, returning 1 .
itoHi:nr riu. 1 on."
P tlrabro.ktt' Ml Pier I1 4111 -,
ii nwa
W I ILL. . . 1 I .WJ-UlgMiiwi
1.16 ll.lltir) '.I la. Uet ll.ld St. H I.'.
linkers 10 I.', A M
II sM INC. Ill lit I. sit lllNM.lt, Mv.
si H an. w HMih st in 10 m Sun.
di'iand lliilldas sill Ill Itlill '
Itimnil Trip daily ,,i'e I'hlldreii Mc
siimt.is A 1 1 nlii In s. ",',e 1 tuMren. ,Mk
Aleil.l IS I l it s I IP I TO. Tel llrnail n.vj
A 'liiri Pniiell Mb'l I o Tel sprliw till
1I11 ltn.it unit Trnllrt a.'.'.'A
Uoriesier.d'.Miii; Proi litem eillrei l.il..VI
SI A I l.ltOOMS, I.ihi, .l.:.li unit s.'.ocl.
Haiti, Hit liiillnu Siinilaj. .1::in P. Al.
rrniii pier in, y. it 'Piiiuie ;ihi iiii'kniaii.
I'tly Tleket Olllee. Siui llnuilway, N. V
rpWMli Tliket llfllce, ll nay ami U.lit St,
Mrlle fur HluMratiil I'nlder.
Tltr. Mill M AIN P.MIAIIIsi:
llrluvuiri' UutiT lnp, I'u.
thiiy tw hi'tiJK rrmii Ni Virl. it u
lHiltr iiiinltiii lilKh-rUiMM hitii'i w all iln
nml rmlit ln ' mi t',ipitr (oo Aiinri
4' 111 tui'l a 1 1 iitf tr w. ''.if iihI it-i .
i ircltt-tirii kimi nn l till iMi'ii.iut i.ii ic
Hprc.il Huiiiuipr ra'is lluukuM uml .uim
inapt imillttl. JuIlN I'l UUYtHii i:
I'lANNVI VM Mount I'liroiiu,
Mount I'm 1, no. Prnii.i.
I Catering tn 11 elleutile tilin appreeitile
the Inwt, Priiate hulls, rree uiraitn. llpeii
nil JOfir. I.lienilurn nn reiuisl
I W S A II At I.HKl'll.
Mil iU
"Th World's Plo.
uro Grounds"
llvf ly trlil.lt amm
in, mi 1 nc inuiri;
. Matiii ln. tltll
k Ingi llljn. t
i.ni c'.n.ni
(The 7uu"ittt
aviaati 4artl
Hid tlowett
(lilnlVr di'l
n.i and a ii
"Klrln li In Ii
riamvni"- "HIT
ttatt.iv o.if. ti ii
A.M..1 lunl'.ll,
V 1.1. t ffe'lsl- n,l I"'"!
at. 1 t itra ll'ilti b hi taai
tttun4 Trip 80c.
Shorten!, lllilikesl und lleit l.lne
hehieen New York and .Montreal
III IISON Hit l it 111 Mfilll
llinlni: Itoimi Seralie u In I'urte.
iiiiiiiii.ii ii Kr.is imi luiiiiicr,
Am, is ami Horses nl l.on Hales.
Ste.iiiiiTs.l ilill i'ler :ei, Nnrtli Hlier
toot West I Ion-tun SI '1 :iil P M West
IMI SI II 1' M Tel. pliime le.'JH sltirln i
'I he pMlill." be phis'- I
BOSTON $2.80
Via lloat and Hill lllll Ml I KIP "
Colonial Line
I W'is'k d.is and Suiul.i .1 i 'f
I Pier :t'i, N II root W a n -loiitibte
Hoi HI. on In n."".
eilllllillieill. I pumo 'iiiee ni.i -
V'.id st. Phono sprliii 'iim
,1, .1
'i'.Mii.i: Foit
W III leave W.
:'3rd St., in, 11
Coney Inland
Str. H(s:i V,;
liuth si . 'J;30, lo.au. w.
lattery Pier, 10 10, 11:30;
t:CfHslllN TII'KCI'S, nUe.
I nterstate Park Land inqs
(Ai.oNis Tin; pai.isaii:si,
NTH, KIMiHTON l.earei W. 12'Jttl Rt. at
H A. M'J a V. M. l ure as tti. liound Trip.
Long Island Sound
NEW LONDON LINE , Th";.' s;r !
C11A1MN l, IMor 40, N K (t llotmtun i
t t0 00 A M r uf K.mi . I Hi 1" 30
, M fur New lumlon nr u h, Stoning
tin, Wu'-It Hill S.irr..k'.itifotl IMiM Kruvl '
ili'ht o, Huston . ' i, ifT nn retiucstt
( ll llik. l .U-rrit, 171 ltrniulH. N. Y. I
sn. r.v yiiuu ri(oi nn; tvTi:u!
(lcr Itrt oo unv Irnm llntl und ltiil. 1
YAllll (l.irill.N I. is. Iludsiui Klur n.ii
l.lne Pier fl West 1 C I St Hike il illy. Ill III).
'J I'.l). Crule 40 miles, ,1 llnilri, .Music, Lec
turer. Tel llr)iin Mill's
Mic Mnrulius T.le Afternoons
Sat. .mil Sun 7.".c .Mornlnj, Sl.no Aflernoon,
Sight-Seeing Yachts
Lie. nailery Pier lll llli, 11 .el. Tcl.llrnad :i:i; i,
1 11 S NIIY HOOK mill the Ot'KAN I IJU P.M.
I'rom New Pier 50. Kast Hirer, foot of Perk
Sllpalally eierpt Sunday, .11 A P.M. for Connec.
tlcut Hirer landlnga. Writ lor Hummer fouler,
ri:Kin.s nisiniii
25 Cts.
Ituille lo .lll.el 1 ,1.1.1 I'1''0',1
I .11 II Kl ' ' s
llaneri l',.r ' M
1 Ml a t 1 1 tx " 1 ' 1 !
ml All I Hallery ' ' M, ..
itilr.M'i iltip ii'' "
Tel. Pier. Mm 11 4 11 H .n l I m
Atlantic Highlands
...S -FARE 10 Cts
AutoiuOhtlei ( aril.il .-apaell, e
lllll lloula lor All lrr I oi. "' ,.
l.iinallyfloril'wy, t,Mi-idi.,k i
Near South Perry 11 J.I M
10 A.M.. ' P.M ITil Hiod
PaaMnter carilt Is lleili.d 1 1 1

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