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(Ion. Ciillo fiipl uris Nui'o. on
.ii.oini bine 1'. S. I)c
iiiiiiiiIs Witliilriiwiil.
THE SUN, FRIDAY, JULY ' 23, 1915.
4 5
Dr. Irvine Wears False Whiskers in Getting Evidence
Against Bay Shore Cabarets Fear of Sermon
Ends Lawless Practices.
WAfH'MiT'is. .inly J:. --.Mi Ismio has
,,, rin. hetvveen Itit Hulled Stales
X'A the (.'.irr.ihza fni'tlon 111 Mexico Hint
wy forve Hi'' hands "f I'll" (Invctnment
in Its relation with tlir tepublle imuth
of llii herder.
Csrraiiz.i li.it Uil.it I the neutrality
rf Nam, Jut hitob tlio lino from
Nop.ilp-. Art'... nii'l "luiip representa
tion' li.uf been sent to 111 i n lu which
t has been ralliMl upon lo withdraw
hi troops fii'iu tli.it town. If Carranza
iotiM reiin-o or fall to net In no.'ord
,nrc wttii tills injunction It would I in in
rtimhent in tin- United Slate cither to
nforce the neittrallty of Xuco by the
uf of liim; or resort to other measures
ttuil niisht lead to serious conri!cnces.
IUt Smock. I.. I July 12. Along
nboul thn middle of l.ut June Hay Shore
was frliued with deviltry, lonj; after
midnight, when iiulot citizens, were
Kiuitly abed, tliclr Bleep was broken hy
the sin 111 warbllngs of cabaiuttlah
feinale.i ulnglnit In the outlying mad
house, by the hoots of drinking males
r.-tlni; homeward aloiiR the respcctabl"
clteels nn.1 ny outlanillfh choruses of
automobile horn.. The thliiR had be
iniii a scandal.
II ly Shore, which will assay nt least
'.'! per rent. In renpectablllty, had be
come annoyed, then, aggrieved, then In
censed, but the warbling mid the hoot
Init and the sleep destroying choruses
continued. When the conntnblr. sousht
for evidence of violation of the excise
He found a cent Ml a table near the
platform where the ladles of Hip caba
ret were, McppliiK high, to prove, pos
sibly, that there were no runs In their
silk stockings, and he looked upon the
ladles with a pleasant and approving
eye. This was Ion after the place should
havii been cloed and d.tik If the law
had rim In Hay Shore. So the calm
rctlsh ladles MJled to the doctor's table
and patted the doctor's shoulder and
told him he was n lovely boy and that
they were very thirsty and that the beer
was good. The doctor bought.
When they danced be noted with In
experienced but accurate eye that cloth
Inir need not necessarily conceal the
human form, tin saw ntso that !
and girls In their teens were drlnklnK
anil that It was as easy for Illinois to
Ret drinks as It was for pel sons of legal
age. The hawkejed proprietors anil
lookouts wcie completely fooled by Dr.
Irvine, anil when he went home consld-
National flty Rank Aiiiiujr
Kfforfs to del Business for
I'nited States.
law the evidence wasn't to bo had. The ,f r'11,,; ' ' o'clock In the niornliiK lie.
roadhoiue keepers were too shrewd
They knew (.very constable by sight
Until the Hev. Dr. David D. Irvine,
pastor of ine First Methodist Church,
, decided to Blue a fuse mustache to his
(Upper Up, soften by pencil anJ grease
i U.I 1 II k Hill lilies Ul it IHI C i.lilvil luiim
The belief Is general that If the Ad-1 never have been taken otherwise for
m.nlMiallou Iti disposed to Intcivene In
Jlcxlco the opportunlly will be afforded
in the event or the falluie of Canunza to
withdraw Ills army from Naco. In tin
ntlUi.ll ipiarter.-l the opinion Is expressed
thit even If Carranza refuses to rctlro
the face of an Idler and eutlip and
cb -n?c his mlnlslerlHl clothes for the
loud garmtnts of a country Hport, It
looked veiy much ns though the Old
Nick was goliiR to have his way with
Bay Shore.
Maybe ou haa heard of the Hev.
Dr. David I). Irvine. It Is possible, lie
frem N.ico the Administration will con- i. il.out 36 vears old. vltiorous of body
llnuo id teiiuiorl.t- with the Mexican nn I mind and believes In religion with
question for a lime at least. ja punch. Some of the straight talks he
hns given to his congregation have sent
Jin) Mini HIT Arms snipiily. (more than one auditor away with bum
iri ... iu , .... ., .i.-,. n, Arfmhiis. lrK tnr!- The doctor likes a scrap In
There '' ;' P A . a good cause, and the fact that he hap-
t-.vlon cniild im ilsl. UirwiiM '' eI1, to be of IrWl descent doesn't hold
a ,oO't to f ' I'"'1 V,r1.itVv "i' ' when trouble starts. Not so
rrceniriit under which Nacoo neulrallt i. . ,. . .. ......
n Ru.iranteed by the Mexican factions lonK -'K "e ram from his puipu.
s! the Instance of the United States.
This would be b shutting off Ills supply
of arms and ammunition from the L'nlte.1 ! "I am afraid of no man and er.r
.Mmrs Suih action may be taken by few women."
the President under the authority ofj Once he got the notion firmly fixed
resolution p.i-sed by Congress In lOlil.j;,, 1 1 In head that someliody had to get
Opinion Is divided lu Washington as.t:(. kind of evidence that would make
to what response fainnza will make I the Hay Shore roadhouse keepers slop
lo the iepri-i'iitatlons bearing on thc( selling liquor at 11 I'. M.. the legal hour,
octipatloii of N.ico by his tioop. If he. and bring to bear such pressure as
refuses to vacate it will be accepted as would make them dismiss the girl slng-
Kenro So Men nnil frvr Wontrn.
had already gathered useful evidence
Night after night for tliiie weeks the
doctor kept up bis deli-cllve work. lie
spent money freely. He bought drinks
for casual aciiiinlntames, but managed
somehow not to drink anything himself.
Usually he poured the beer on the llnor.
Once he knocked his glass over with Ills
elbow. He lost a good deal of sleep In
the three weeks, but be was gettllig
what he was after. To make sun- that
he wouldn't be Identified as n volunteer
detective he changed his false whiskers
nnd his clothing frequently, sometimes
making up as nn old man.
A few nights before he was ready to
strike nt the madhouse keepers the doc
tor met on the street, about daylight, a
person who had had many drinks
but wantiil mure. The price was
lacklrg. The doctor pretended to
Ik- Intoxicated, struck up an ac
quaintance with the thirsty but money
less stranger, and after lurching
arm in arm with him for a block or two
suggested that his new friend get some
heir. He was willing to furnkh tho
money. It was Sunday morning, but the
doctor's friend had no difficulty In llnd
Ing a madhouse willing to sell beer. The
doctor went along and observed the de
tails of the transaction. This occurred
twice and then the doctor went home.
The National City Hank, of which
i Fiank A. Vanderllp Is prciilent, ays
In Its July Issue of Thr AmrrUai that
the need In the d-velopmpiit of this
country's business with Smith America
Is for American merchants to take ad
vantage Immediately of the machinery
at hand on which credit and fln.uclng
may be extended to the South American
"The foreign trade department of the
National t'lty Hank of Nnw York Is In
viting manufacturers ai d exporters who
huve dono business in South America to
cooperate In perfecting without waste of
time- a machinery for safe credit ex
tension which will bring Into play the
facilities of the new banalrg ystem so
that they may be us d for credit ex
tensions in the other countrii ," says
the magazine.
"The National City Hank's branches
have alreadj gut under wn.v In their
work of acviimulatl, g credit Infornn
tlon and ratings ,n Soutn America. A
careful record has be n made also of
drafts going through uidii South Amer
ican business houses, whkli enables tha
craillt department to furnish the Infor
mation how these hoiles, In the peelit
d-piesslon, hiivii met their curivul ob
ligations. "The New York ylllie has begun to
receive full, detailed reports on the lead,
lug business houses -who tl'ev aie, ex
tent of their trade and storks, apparent
enteiprlse and such Infoi n.-tlmi about
tlliames as Is obtainable. Now the hank
Is asking the cooperation of United
States foment tout have doi.ii btisines
with South Ameiic-a for Information, in
confidence, from their experience
"Thcie I a big spirit of generous de
sire to help lu this ii.iilon.il movement '
abroad and It hn given the Incentive
to those unircrti to Join in this work I , , . .. ... .
even when sometime they did not see i Ml V Villi1 (ill'l Have .MIMIiip 11
that an exchange of Infoi ination will In-1
of distinct advantage to tin in j
"With all this direit Inform. nam
about the credit of South American con
cerns available there should be no good
leason wh;. our tii.iniif.u hirers should'
pot adopt tile Ihiropc.iu methoil or 1
Wife Joyfully (ireetcd
Youth Who Disapprni'eil
From Hoston.
I'aiiiiunks, Alaska, July 22.- Mr.
Henry Ulnike Coe, Jr.. whoe husband
dlsappe ired from his HriMon home on
January ,tn and later was found here,
arrived In I-'alrbank at 1 o'clock till
morning. Ilei husband met her with
everj evidence of Joy at the reunion ,
and look her lo the home which he I
l'.i established here.
It Is understood that Mr, l"np wi'i
remain here with her huhand. who Is'
d"l: g aell in the employ of a concern
ni.iiuifactiitliig inlnlrg machinery and
who says that he has no desire to re-'
tut II to the Sntes.
Dr Henry Uiarkc Coe, Sr., of West
Seventv-sixth lreel. said last night thai
he would not know until he had heard
from Ills d.iughtcr-ln-law what her plans
would he. Mis. Cue did not lake l.ei
b.tlij wl'a her when she went to Fair
banks, rot knowing at that time whether
site won lUremaP. in Alnstsa or not
Dr. t'oe said 'hat according to ac
counts from I'.iliii.u.l.i his .son was
doing weil In !i:. new emplocnieiit nt- l
pioh.iblv would remain In Alaska. The
father understand that foe's mind, 'o
the unbalancing of which his diapic..r
in was attributed, I rapidly re vei
.i s normal sttength. Mrs. Cue nude
l.ie trip 111 company of a pat ty of fr ends
who were going part wny lo I'alrbai ks
Henry C.ail.e Coe. Jr.. was In the
ettipiov of the Standard ml Company a'
Hoston at the time of hi disappearance
DetecMWs were employed and lew.n'd
cffeied and he was trailed to the Ninth
west nnd llnnllv vvn found at Fair
banks ! Hood health, but, according to Coe
.. . i. ...t I... r.....il.- ' V
lile mini lll.lliuil iccrivri i., iim- i.iitm;.
n'entnlh iletanged.
Mr. Coe explained that he had giown
tired of the social life of Hoston at.d
New York and had determined lo go
north and Mart afresh. He left Hos
ton with or.lj Jill" to hi pocket. Uarlv
In June I'oe ift for his wife and baby
HHF ' '
i W ,
v. . s. Owfcimimnl
Yellowstone Park llanilits
Plan to Hold Mini for
SI 011.1)00 liiiiiMiin.
modify then tti ult, extend credits to
I safe buvers al luleiet rate tliev will
Xcrnion Tells lixperlence.
He wrote a sermon which he called
"The Cabaret Shows of Hay Shore." The
,t ..... .... 1,1 t r . t 1 1 i . i. ...
' . V . .. . . ., . i . " : . . ,i.,.ii iimi.ru iimi ii'ni mi' pviiihiii j ,-si-
sign that He is ionising tor tiouoie. lit ers and dancers who plpeu Run prancen terday as "a thriller." It was a frank
levent months Carranx.i ha stuillotislv in very, xerv sheer uttlte, Dr. Irvine ami picturesque account of the manners
f'lllownl a toiirse designed to gain lilm was willing to go the whole route. Heland frivolities of the cabaretlsh ladles
the good will of the Washington liov-1 didn't take any of his friends Into the,nmi f ,H eiperienie. among them,
cr uncut Accordingly otllclals were secret. The roailhoiise keeper had
i.m.ued when they learned that lien, way of getting tips of forthcoming raids lKainst whom he had gathered evidence 1 be glad to pav. I.e,g able to discount
C.itlcs. the Carranza fomiiiaiiile:, who. or ollici.il visits. So the doctor plave,l;am ne M,i ,, . th( llltr illlMnc p, 0f te(. L-omiiier-
signen tn .Naco agreemeni n oenaii oi a lone nanu. ; "Now 1 have no deslie to put you out , lal ttansactbm. on attractive terms
the Flrsi (. hlef, had atlacvd and cap-; He went to New ork and bought 'of business so long as vim run our ' m, banks hf re. t!iu tal lug over under
ttired the town. mi assortment of fal-e mustaches gray, I place within the law. I can t stop all our M.tei!i r lunU.ng nnd nieriantlle
in.' oeniaiiu upon . ,i im i wnue, uionii nnu reunisn orown; a iinn niituor selling and It wouhlirt be 'hris- (.re,Ht. by means of voluntar.v i oop.ra
nsinled lo John 11. Slllimaii. the Ui
Piste Crxistil, late this afternoon,
siioulil icacn i ariiui7.a oy to-morrow .necessaries or rouge and giease pallitymi want me to deliver that on the
end till iovoriiiiniit should be iidvlsed ! nnd eyebrow pencils nnd burnt coik. In J morning of Sunday. Julv 11, go ahead
of Ills Intentions soon. Naco was muile ( the seclusion of his study the doctor e.x-Jwith jour hiislnes's a you have been
a neutral town Imh-iiuso lighting lu that perlmented with dUgulses and makeup j tunning It. If you don't want me to de
reighboihoiHl nieiiaceil American life until he felt certain that lie could pa liver it. give me a signed pledge that
imI piopert.v In .Nogali-s. Arlr.. In the i his best friend without Iselng recognized. j on will dismiss the women performers.
inf. relief that led to the agreement thet On June -2 he was readv to sallv- forth, close vmir ntm n m n xi .....i ...m
1. O...I l ihu uu4 ent.i'i.Mttiilmt llV n.t.t .1.. ...fu....A II.. .,l,a.l ....111 unlll.. II t ..
. " - -... .- tl,iu . W .11.- . HurtlL.. .., Ull.l. .ri'lllllK lllllll'l III IIIIMIir,
lieai'li Citizen
eses" Story
Dknvi-p, July 22 Federal olllclals
have been warned of a scheino to nb
duct Joseph F. Smith, the head of the
Mormon Church, nnd hold him for n
$100,000 lalisoni In the Hole III the Wall
oiintry in Wyoming.
The plot lias been laid by the three
daylight rubbers who committed the
holdup of 12,", tourists, in Yellowstons
Park July ! and who more recently
exacted Jfi.Ooo ransom for the release of
I- 4 l....i, .1.1 ,1 II. I ..
I. ... i.iill'r.. II wf-iimi(v 1 .1 1 1 It llllt II IIV Ills. .
near Idaho Fall. Idaho,
Local official of the Department of
Justice upon the tecelpt of orders from
Washington to-day decided to lake I
extraordinary precaution for the safety I
of the Mormon C!rinh' president and
laid new plans lo scour tho eitllro Wet
for the capture of the bandit.
Knowledge of the i nntouipliitcd abdtir
lon. which vvn In b tin- big prize of
a seasons ni'ci-sful operations, re
lenll.v (111111' lo I Soy it. Sampson In
i h.irge of the Department of Justice's
district here, and Ids altaiit. J W
Melrose, through letlei claimed to have
been vvrltteti bv IMivard It. Triflon of
Deliver, now a Fedci.il prisoner at Chey
enne Th" matter was virtually dtopped hv
tin- Federal nullioi Itlcs at th" time of
Alnsiii'. .lai.glu. r of a fmnier managei the nrreM of Trafton at Hiipett. Idaho,
of the Hole M.ije.stle. A dailgh.er was I M.1V n,,, Hln ,,,,..1 1 1..,. th.it tho
iiivc-inment had aiiiehi.ndcil tin- leader
I of tile proposed abduction scneine.
Willi the iibduitlou of Ilmpey near
1 Idaho Fall.. Idaho, 1 .st Sjturd.iy by the
thlei! Yellowstone Hark liandlts, accord
ing lo description l reel veil, and Ills
subsequent icbai- upon the p.i.wncnl
of the fi.000 ransom, tile Wahlligtoii
alltboiltles cvlilciilly comiilded Unit
I Trafton'. alleged lettcrst illcloscd a real
I Melinse. who largely vva lespoiislble
saS for Hie apptein lislon of Trafton. was
' orileieil to letiirn floni the Mexican
border and arrived In Denver In-day to
Mrs. Henry C. Coe, Jr.
g Mrs
to joi
M o.
ma rmi eici
d's ii'pi' 1 1 a
i.i. . s sellill
. F.ii
r it- ti i
- .i ,s old and I, ad lieeti
i tns at tile I 'i,.e of his
li s v if.' Iicihg I lemli
hot . tn
inoi Hi
them on M.i nil 20. ticaily two)
af'ei the liiis.inuil ' disappear-
$11,842,354,995 IN
. .iiie.. wnue, uionii nnu reunisn urown; a uiin liquor selling and It wouhlirt be I 'hris- ,.redlt bv meins of voluntarv i oop.ra-'
as for- , , two of whisker to be stuck under earlt r fair to pick on you when I can't on le" comblmd merchandising and
United . r chin, and a makeup box such as abolish the traffic. i ' im.i ,i ,.tivitle of Kuronc" 1
on. It ! ladles of the chorus use lo hold their; "Head this sermon. You are In it. If n""ml'" " ""V- .
ocnl Trm-lii-r's I'oriiii-r Wife iie
iol Order In I tnnl.
1 Armour llalloway, a vocal teacher.
Folk diwn nt Sav villi-. I. I. even
when In the pri "ence of the c.itaMropln
that befill a l-a-ty of .vouug women
bathers who a. cnlr ntallv stepped Into
w at in coal tai n their bate feet even
thin Say villi- folks InsIM upon talking
in wireless abbreviateil lingo. They gut
i Cie habit when the more or less no-
man wireless plant was put up mere.
A .v.iv ville gentleman, for InM.ince.
wa asked Inst liluht over Hie long
dutalic telephone whether or not the
story wa tiin and. if so, what were
the ' details.
"Story true." he answered over the
K-li phone and. It should be nietii-
lu red. he didn't have to pay any oi wi
Comptroller William
We.oiirce li'eaelieil Tlioe
r'ii:iirr. May I.
arrange the hunt for the bandits
.M.ijnr-iieii, Scott. Chief of Staff of the late at night, past midnight, and then
snn.v lien. Majinrcna signed Hie
azreeinent in behalf of Villa mid lien
C'tilis at ted for tin- Carranza faction.
Disorder In (no nil en.
he stepped Jauntily forth from the par-
soiugc as unlikely a pastor as the eye
could meet, lie wore that night the
reddish brown mustache, with n hint
of sideburns ; a gray felt hat Into whose
band had been stuck n green feather; a
suit of somewhat noisy design (white. have kept theirs, I promised not to ex
stilpc on a blue giounJ) and improved I pose them If they would obey the law
the etTeCl with
dvlces ici-tflveJ at the Slate Depart
:"nt to-dm summarized conditions in
?."clco as follows :
,ri... I. I- I.. i nr .t.
Yp i,ft'riHoii yf tin1
..i ....II.. ... 1.l S. I. .....I
The roadhouse keepers thought things . " .i
over for a few hours and then every ',an,p"'V" ''I'ri" V'.;:."
mail of them cave Dr. Irvine II,.. sle.ie.l ' "n " ,,r,Tr " ' 1
"And so." said the doctor yesterday,
"I did not deliver the sermon. I kept
my wold and the roadhouse keepers
tlce I'hllblii. adjudging him in contempt
for failure to pay $.171 alimony to lils
former wife. Mrs. Clara A. (inllowy.
who invoiced h.m :'i 1901 and was to
I ncelve M.Mio a veil'
I Mrs. italloway alleges that after she
led four lu hand and 1 1 don't want auvliodv to think that I I got her decree her hiishaud married
tried In be siieciai'iihir In mv meilmil Anllo Hlo. a concert singer, who was
l!"h the ofndal.
pl,ie and many others lu Can at km left
the town, as n icsult of which there
t.as disorder. It Is stated t)iat there
t.as a severe tile around the Mercantile
Hank, which was controlled with dlf
fliult after tin- llri'ineii had worked on
it fur ivvn hours, Carranza troops weie
(vc's'ted lu Caimnea on the 20th.
"The Dei.n tuieiil lias received u tele
gram floni Nogales. dated July 21, slat
liif lliat a iiiessenger arriving at Nnco
'ales that ChIIi-h troops entered Ca
t.atiea at T I. M. on the 20th ami have
maintained excellent order since.
"Advices fioin the west coat, dated
July ;n, sjiy that, although some Mno
Indians ate on the warpath no damage
has been dime tn American pioperly at i
Iis Jlochls The Cleveland has Investi
gated (onilltious then- and reports the
place quiet.
"The I icpHrtmeiit Is lu receipt of a
t'legram fioin Vera Cruz, dated July
31. stating that about 1,000 workmen
rf Hie Hum st con Petroleum Company
snt on Mi Ike on the lath, causing the
'"mian)' plant to ceiisi- operations. It
l staled that the company recently set
tV1 a strike by Increasing the work
man's wages from .10 per cent, tn 100
ftr cent, Tho company claims that
further demands arc unreasonable. It Is
fjrlher icporti-d that the local author!
"s appreciate! the situation and have
guaranteed protection to the company's
Property It Is stated that American
m'Plnjies will operate the company
Plant pending a settlement of the
tlrlke "
top. He was a gay roisterer, was the
doctor, when he entered the flrt of the
roadhoues on his programme of refoim, the evils that were tumbling us."
or to get notoriety. I'm sorry the story ' one of hi pupil and ignored the all-
is oui. imi ii was tne only way to stop I n.ony onier .uu- .n-.ui- .im sue ui .wi
order adjudging nun in comempi. nui
before It could be seived (billow a and
his new wife started for Hetiin and have
been then- until icieiitl.v. Although
$ is, 000 In alimony has accrued since tin
decrte was urautcd (iallnwaj can onlj
Ik sent to I.udlow street for six mouth
nnvliow and Mrs. (lallo'.v.i decided to
luiK'eid against him under the nine-
ear-old order
U'vsv,,T.ix. It.lv 22 Cniptroller '
Wllli.i'ii aiiiioiim eil lo-d.iy that the to
tal tesiniicis of all natnituil h.iaks on
May I ani.iu'iteil to II I,-I2.3'i l.f.ie. Hi
M.irclt 1 ihp total resmirces reachrd til.- I lie.v are
:.r,i'..v t,nii Hriinx zoo to exlilbll fifteen cage of
Tin- total Labilities ini'iensiM $2T."i,- snakes wbhli Itav.- Just I n acquired.
r,ns tnnl U-iween Mulch I and M.iv 1. I 'I he most Inipoi taut of Hies.- I the inu
lleni.ill ileon.lts inci...lse.l fM.Ill J.l.i 10.- i sllrallla. which 'ol. Uooscvelt Picture
Till x2.'. to :. HIT. 21 LIT : time deposits
hi- Ohio Thlnu I lllni'l.. Hlu "lid
I i In tin- llrmix '.on.
Tliey are getting teadv up lit The
LitUcYactitiom in a Dig City
No. 2
A'1' I'"' liincli I if xi r. In
1 slc.iil id' lr.iniiiiig
over lud ,nvi-iui'iil. slip
iiitimn IiimiIc si'iil on n lins.
"co liow iiiinii pli'.'iMiuti'r
tin- siiiisIiiiii' sccnis wlicn
vim look nut I n mi tin- rest
ful sli.iilc of Un- lower tier.
Von catiii, ill tin- lircerc iro
Ingnnil bciii'tit by lliclircct
i ii ii 1 1 1- bv tin'
AsMieiation I'ixes I pon riles,
lirt anil Artificial I'eert
i i ur : Test! Miiile.
from l.i:i'.i,ss,;t;i:, to l.2r.l..t:i.x7 J.
The In. u-.is.- in loans and discounts,
winch l pe-hap tile best index In the
amount o' buini-. wa from f . 1 1' t.
:,; l.i'.nr. to !.; I :t.s s 7.tr. 1 . Undivided
protlto liiilcaseil 1 rum i2sx.iis2,3ln lo
!2:i:I.i'i:i,!i'i'i. though the surplus fund
2I,3ii7.'.iii to J71'.i,-
teleph'one charges and might have stmkWas reduced from 7
In "tlies" anl "anils" to his heart's . .'I2'i. I OS.
Mrs. Kiejrtreer Says Hiislianil May Heeord Shows an
I'sed rnfair Methods to I . ,,f ...'ilHl.tMIO More
(Jet Her Consent. ' , Year Ajro.
Arnold F. Hleggcr or .1 Wet I22d Wasiiimiton, July 22. The Depart
street, president of the Art Hrass Com-: ,.nl of c,,mim.rPP Matlstlcs for May,
pany nnd vice-president of tlie Good ,H,C mi,,; to-day, show that the e.x-
Manufncturlng Company, makers or pints of explosives Increased nii.niiii
"Fact as Jim state," he continued.
"I'.irtv oung women took sail to Fire
Island beach jestnday while bathing
In suif got ban- feit beiiienrid with
coal tir tllul eveiy mean turpentine
sand paper cold chisels eineiy paper'
climbed File Island light after gasuli lie
and lamp od arriving home found silk,
stockings stuck fat one girl said f.et
weto glued to footbnaiil of her bed
thl morning good-b."
He hlliiB UP then. Once again, hi- vva
lulled in the telephone and nskid lo
"Facts a oti state." he big.in again.
"I'aitv vouug women took sad tn Fire
is -"
lleie the icportrr beat linn to it anl
bung up. An.v furllitr efforts, continued
until a late hour last night, to get from
olVicr Sa.v vir.i.ins the Interi.M.ng pa -ocular
only brouglit out the tact that
they all speak only wire!essee. Cor
sequcntlv elabnrati- details about a parte
of tarrj tootei .voimg ladic clinibim;
Fire Island light may niver, mver bi
know 11
Tin- condition of the New York city
bank was healthy on M.iv 1. The loans
and discounts nmoiuitcd to Il.21.s77.
1", l'.i; tin- demand deposits amounted to
l.n24,il7,'i40, and the time deposits to
lii,.t7i).22". The eirplil fund of tin
New Vmli banks wa 12l 27"..iino and
tin 11: divided pi. itlts ."-."..i'..".ii..T.i7
tliuik lor I'omiitoii I, il.es, V .1.
with a
01 g 1 1 .1
I 'otnpt
li ,.,k '.
1 1,1 1 ier
The ,iiiiciiii nf the .Mnerie.in Medi
cal Association savs in its 1 in mil '.sine
that an investigation mio the lelHtlnu
between the piesence of (lies In house
and the iicciii reiice of dlairhic.i 111 small
children, conducted by the bureau of
public health ami hygiene of th New
York Association for Improving the
Condition of tlie I'noi' In cooperation
with tlie Department ' Health, "can
si'.uiely 1 1 1 1 but be or gieat service in
lmpreliig the fact Cut disease among
chlhiieii is not n uivslellmi dlpensi
iiiin, but tin- tesiill of iniiiuion factors:
Hie, dirt and aitltlclal feeding."
Tlie ei.es mv 1 "tlgated wile divided
Into a tly piotcitnl gioup and a IK
expired group . ir control gioup. In
Hie plotected glnllp (lie b.lliies wem
Kept i-iiiistantly tinder m l :1ns. The II v
exposed or ciinti'id i uses lecelved all In
sti'iictloii Klvdi lu child h.vgicue wot't,
but 110 pci i.il eniphasi was laid on
eliminating tin- house Hi.
"It VV.I t'Mtllil." tile ,lllllllllf s,,yll,
"that alimtst twice II lit a many in
fant weie attacked b ill. 11 rlnra iiinong
tly exposid .s iitnnng the Hi proleclel
infants. Apart ftnin the liilluenre of
tile It was found that almost twin,
a many infants wen- attacked by ilinr
ihica lu dlity home as lu the clean
home. The most Important factor for
child (niortallty, however, was found lo
be artificial feeding.
"Nearly two and .1 half (2 H times
n many Infant weie nti icKeil bv diar
rlni'.i among the artiticiallv fed
among the Ineast fed Infant. 'Pie In
tlueiH'e of the and dirt louiblned was
found to be alni..-l px.n tl 111u.1l to th.it
W vsn imitiin. Jul'. 22 The agiltioi I of aitlli. I.il fieding even in leiisnn.ibly
ill Ills hunk oil South American travel,
The lulissur.ima Is big, black mid six
feel long. Its most ii m.ukabb- char
acteristic I t lint it Is immune to the
bites of three of the iniwt poisonous
sn.ikis In tin- Hioiix 7.0". tin- lame head,
the bush must, r mid the mini. All are
poisonous to man. but thev can bite tin-
miiuram.i without harming lilm. Tlnsl
inussiiiani.rs bite Is not poisonous,
Tin- snakes were gatlicted on an expe
ditlnn which went lo South America In
Mead of I Europe, because of the war.
lBra-H I ii 11 1 Unn't Cut I (iiiiurr in
hiS'.t.-n. Julv T'.n- KitM . if ii . tii 11 ti 1; . ifttvtH for .in Mm -rtou
H.111K of 1'omptoii hiKc, J , .f I'nt yri t mthiI tlw HtMtncti Ittw
.apt.il "Uk k tiT iJ'i.tHiti, will lit ' s iiM'Uhj. u W..1 ah al the Wii.tt
." I v .1 !r..nU .lcl),i itt .un. ' 1 Jmi- to-tlin
wli. .ii lorizi-il ti the It w tn.uit Hi a1 IimI i ti I'tfM(IMit
oUr "f imp tir.'i to form tlw 11 n fu"' . vw ' '
t y 'n.i'ioi tr drr .i IVilPiai - ..tlx i rpt ,i - r j n
mum t w 1 i Mir ;t 1,4 1 oii?
(nui Mli mtiriii. .;.
'lllU'-t tvio ,i i ul ;i I iilf ) 1' 1 ) t.i)pi
a- ttiitn v ih i'poil 'nr.i?it- In cliity
i .tune! ut'tr aMn-Kcil lv .liiirrlir(t i
tr 11 pinioi 'nl .nf.inty lit rlnm
rf-r for .I'1 I 'fittio .'oii Ut.iIiIx tiioiv ilnu mio nil,
tlu 3i r n- rT nf t iom wvif -iti.H'kcil hy tli.tr
I rlma
rirritiiiii Krt'fil nf Tlirfl i liiirm!
,umbers supplies is de.endant In two ( nmre tmin "W""
suits brought In the Supreme Court ?- 10rls ( explosives for eleven months lu
terday by his wife, Mrs. JoselTa Illeger. r 1 aggregated npproxlmately $,nnn,
In Isoth actions Justice (Javegan signed 000. while for eleven months In the
ill no i i iiv. ,... i.llscal vear lUK. the total exceeds J30,-
nn order directing mm im Hi'"" "- oni)
served by publication on Itlegger at his
( Hrlblieiiii Con. I Mole of Ciilomlilii
Hns 111; eil.
Speii'il CaOIr UttpntiS In Till Sis
Panama, July 22. The American jm y. Cnone). l.HS Cites avenue.
Consul at Santa Malta reporls that n ! itiooklyn, the member of the tin- do
dleafie of a stiang" character Is sweep- ' p.utiiient who was aircMed last Sim
llig through tho Caribbean coist States ,,.iy charged with sleallng a watili mid
of Colombia, causing many deaths, ;j;jn f,,,,,, Ithhurd Trlnkh- of ICenvll. N
A quarantine luis been established In I J , in a s.ihui at 2 I'tiimi S.ii,ir", was
t' e Canal Hone against the nffected dismissed b) .M.igisiiale MiQii.nl. in Un
jsirts, uud an army surgeon sailed to. Yotkvllle I'oiiit cterilay whin the
da.v for the Colombian coast to In- i nmpliiiiuint failed to appear for (In
vestigate. second time.
country place at llurkehaven. N. 11., be
cause efforts made to reach him here
In one suit Mrs. Kicgscr asks a sepa
.,.,i.... mi the eround of cruelty and
abandonment nnd In
Iron nnd steel exports for May ag
gregated J2t.'PiV")i. an increase of
Jil, SOU. (ion over May, 1911; lommerciiil
automobile expoits aggregated il,niifi,
(Mii), an Increase of $fi,riii(i,iinn ; for
eleven months Ihls year comineriial (
nulomolille exports amount lo upproxl-
... ...I mutely $30,rnii,i(u, as compared with
uir iiuii.1 .innii linn fi
$l,()fin,(inn for tlie previous period.
Is Denies llrporl of OiTi-p From
(inn 1 1-inn In ii I'reslilenl,
set aside, a separation agreement under iteflnrd sugar exports fm the eleven
which she has been receiving $150 a months aggregate J23,iinii.fu)i.. an In
which sue i . . . crease of more than l21,fii)ii,iino. Flour
month. Thn couple, were ''"'-ltl' xport,, fr Mily 11BKregated !.,son..inn.
January, 1913. Mrn. Itlegger says that, inctease of 5,rinu,()im over May,
In September or iiiav yen i"-' i.mi,
r.i. i..-. e.... .11 v-irt
tnr'.i,., it. L... ,.i',......-imr7,"i .....i,... ..'i.. s!,...ieml,er o'f that year her husband , m H. For the eleven months Hour ag
t,.,i i i.ii.i.... i.. r i-. .i-i . 1.....0 i..ip xv llnniii.! gregated Ss,ii(in,oni, ns compared with
1 tl,e assistance of the President of , ""V.""" . . ....... i.i,, h,P hiishaud n"n "V
H'MIsm,!.. in ne.l,rnwl..,r II,.. n..nt While sne w as v..... . . l4.90ft.00H . 4'OtlOll goods. :,Xllll.l
M IllA U,.I.IA...
Mts Itlegger asks liberal alimony on
the ground that her husband has an In
come of $3r..OO0 a year and property
valued at 2at'.u.
, vv l-rcar:nd,,'afr ' 55.
subjec, ' ,,, detull fine of the document without realizing what It was, I 01)Heei $1(ft0.ftOn. cheese, li.snn..
fra shed leiter. osti-n-lhly bearing the
igiiaiine if Dim President of (iuate
"U, off, red (ieu. Huerta tlie use of
Ifnnati otfii-ers who had been reorganis
es ami i ailing Hie army of liuatcmnla.
fieii Jo.t Vuez Salazar, formerly one
! lluerta s generals, who was captured
I American customs officers on the
Mixican line, wns brought lo F
I'iso ii,.(,,j ,.n route to Santa Fe, N.
w are he will be held III Jail pending
''1 on barge of perjury. He denied
' h. it i ad tn promote a revolution
"'Jt'liwiHtern Mexico.
"I jus' wanted to lie let alone," said
c-' Smzar "A few men of the same
jr nid me In Mexico after my es
,Js- from jail at Albuquerque nnd nt
'une I gues there were a hundred
'"aUliiK aioimd after me. We fought
'n we had to and scattered to avoid
''K k lied There, sceniH lo be no refuge
He n Mexico or thn United States."
''en Pi Has Calles to-day captured
"tiU crux, within a few miles of No
J'ks. Sonnra, and was advancing to
"'saic thn last border port held by
w JliDtnrena.
Hunt lll l Hi- I'lisliniiMlrr.
Hai.'kk.-is.vck, N. J., July 22, Con
human Archie 0. Hart of llackeimack
f'tetit the name of H, Dana Kly for the
jiherfoid pout olllce iippolntineut at
fi of $:,50U. Kly Is a son of Capt.
JWImii l;i, former counsel of the Her
j1" County Hoard of Freeholders and
l', rdtiit Democrat. Tlie nominee, is
' 51. the vnungesit man e.ver named
yo big n post ullUe In this Slate. It
."Hd thai the appointment Is against
Hithss of James Smith. Jr.. of New
tin H 'I'"' I" th coun'X rank l
000; zinc manufactures.
aeroplanes $200,000
$2,noo,oon ,
Action My llurrr Divorce Sull of
llni-keniark Hector's) Wile.
Hackknsack. N. J., July '-Thfe
nouncement of the resignation of the
Itev. A. I'eter Tulp. for five years rector
of Christ Kplscopnl Church, nnd the
accompanying news, of "n""""""
between him and his wife astonished
Hackensnck to-day. -.,.,
"Tlie final preparations for Mrs. Tulpn
action against her husband were not to
i'e taken until August 2 when he was
to conclude his vacation, for on August
I he wan scheduled to preach at Ben
hrlght." said William H. Mackay, Jr.,
Mrs. Tulp's counsel, "but his resignation
at till" time was not anticipated nnd I
do not know whether It will hasten tho
"U'Imi-.,,TuIp and her chlldien left a
few days ago for a two weeks stay
nt Asbury Park aiJ she was not awaie
of the lector's resignation until a rela
tive phoned lo her yesterday. I expect
to bear from her to-moriow. '
Mr, Mackay said that the name of
the young woman member of the church
who Is to be the Jane Doe corespondent
If a divorce suit Is brought ! not to
be mentioned In the proceedings.
A telatlve of Mm. Tulp nald that It
was believed the , minister would not
return to Hnckensck. '
Safety first
You cm not b prop
erty insured unleM
you oro safety iniuivd
Tin TMita-nat ntrto
With every modern idea in Coaches,
Pullman Equipment and Dining Car Service.
Go one way, and return the other.
See both Fairs. Let us prepare your itinerary.
The Scenic Route of Eastern America
for detuned Infiinimtlon inncrrnlng llrket. rinilrs.
sl.ls trips, 111 ii l atrl literature, write, plume or cull
Hultllnlire f. Iltlln Ticket Oltlies U'tii and 319 Hrns.1.
a). 7 Ciirtlninll M., 215. 39, I3!k. IS'. 51"'. 301
tlroailway, Hi I'ltla Avenue. I IVmi t:."lh I Court
Si, Hrnnkljn, and Hi.tliinn font l.llierty Ht. nnd font
Wrst :3d ,st
J. B. Scott, General Eastern Passenger Agent
1276 Broadway, N. V.
of the
These are
really good
well worth
When you
go away, be
sure to take
some of
these books
with you
! For sale
wherever books
are sold
Winston Churchill's New Novel
"Miuhj iciilt' mnl 'Tlii' hinidr of Ihr Cii)' but W Far
Countrii' shiiiibl rrurh ti wider aitdirurr." .V. V. Tintix.
lly the Author nf "The Inside of the Cup," "Richard Carrel," Kie.
Sew Voc,- Timet:
"No fine can alTonl to miss roailintr 'A Far Country,' or rcailmtr it. can fail
to lie interested. The themes Mr. Churchill handles tire the hit; themes eon
fronting all America and in the fortunes and misfortunes of his characters
he indicates energies and developments that are nation-wide."
ifis'ini (llohr:
"A powerfully written story, displaying wonderful scope and clarity of
vision, Presents a wonderful study of American emotions and character
( hirnuo Herald:
"A great piece of art, comprising admirable humununtion, plot anil sym
pathy, diverse as intrinsic."
Clueiun Tribune:
" 'A Far Country' is an American novel in all that that trim implies."
Illustrated, Si. so
St. John Ervine's New Novel
By St. John G. Ervine
.V. )'. Time:
"Pivsentotl with clear
ness, simplicity and truth."
.V. J'. Sum:
"As enjoyable a blend of
fun and hard sense as we
have met in a long while."
A Novel in Verse
By Edgar Lee Masters
llimtim Trnnneeiil :
"An American 'Comedie Ihi
maine,' . . . Hrmg more charac
ters into its pages than have ever
been brought into an American
novel before . . , It at once takes
its place among those mnster
piece.i which aie not of a time or
a locality,"
Ernest Poole's New Novel
Once our llajr waved in every Rreat port of the world. Where
is it now? Read the romantic story of American shipping and
the ideals of the merchant skippers of the past in Mr. Krncst
Poole's ftreat new novel, "The Harbor."
V, 7'imr.x' '
"Hy all odds the best American novel in many a long day.
absorbingly interesting and very significant novel. '
V. Tribune:
One of the nblcst novels added tn American tiction in many n year.
The first really notable novel produced by the new democracy.

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