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T-.ir.M '' I" detail In the market
week ncf aex follown!
lllith. Low. Clo.
t.' eet. Inc.
67 MS t;,S
3D IS 1
13 13S
54 V M
.17 3 31
1 3 li 2
7 S 4
M 49 H
1& S 15
10 75 7
1 2S 2 2S
1SH S 14
21 1 M
6S U M
S t-l s
I 1S-14 131 !3-l
1S 19S S
3 22 2
3 3 3
3 190 352
325 117 317
16S 14S It
39 317 3t
f2 4t M
42 40 M
43 41 43
i7 i ie u is
42S 39 39
3H 3 3
19 17 II
4IS 42 42
7S 73 75
1 2S-31 l'i 1 1712
170 1SJ 1(7
S S lS
IIS 33 32S
4S 4S 4i
15 13 14
i s s
4S (
JH 3S 3S
us us i:s
11111 IS IS
31 25 2H
M Bit S3
22 20 31
71 70 75
17S 1SS 1H
3S 2S 3S
55 CS IS
23 1 If
2tt 255 IS:
s s s
9 I
us us us
16 9S 11
32 23
II 10 11
IS ts is
97 19 97
2i 1 13 1 IS
f. t.
24S 234 2t
US 12 12'i
3 IS 2T
42 3 .V.
I nr.
utt imrnrw Zinc.
HD Atl Juneau ,
JK) All ' nn "!
, 17
. s
. 12Vi
, M
. 37
gV M'.tf LreliP ' l"l
jiviO 'Hi CWtonwood. 4
, Brad'n Cop 7
H) 'Booth M
jl Bnt Am Tub nrd. IS
H,vi Ikitte N" Vork. t4
jjxi Canadian C A F.. 75
tSJCuiKiiin N o C. 5 7-1
ljr,icr Li.M A P... S.
iwioCrntrit Foundry.. 4
i, Central Fdry pf.. US
li Crjmp Shlpblde.. 474
fyQ Caledonia ST
Kn) Oil W
IMConi NVr-Utah.,.. 4
v Corn Artiona 15-14
sal Chile Cop 19
avi) 'Pom' Ext SO
W Pia Mack Dutte. 3
liiy Electric noil 191
) Elec fait pf,. ...191
Ml Einer.on Phono... 144
ar-mm Con 31
tr.o 'Florence ij
A Green. Canines. 41
jiw .Gene., Cop 4
j40 Gotdfleld Con 14
irjv) OoldfleM Merger
f.tS Hendre Mir 414
:mlIoi Sound...... 31"
&i lotrr Mer Marine 1V
IPO Inter M Mir pi. m
MM Inter Motori UK
15 Inter Mot on pf.. 43
H Inter rtrolum.. S4
1) Iron Bloisom 7
f JO Jumbo Ext 1M
T Kelly snAeM T.JS1
y Kelly S Tire. 1 pt 544
70 Kennecott Cop.... 314
Kerr Lake 4H
jest) Ken-anal 14V4
jro La Rose 4
IJD 'Loos Star 6
KCS Marconi of Am.. 34
r Marina Cop 134
ICS Montana Coni.... 14
f):f) '.Mother Lode.... 29
IM Mclntrre tt
HXCMcKIn D 9 Mln. S3
4jv 'Majritlc Mlnee.. "1
ISM N Y Tranp 15i
IV.1 New Utah Bine... I
I" NiplMlne M Co... l
TYi Nevada HU1 21
23 N J Ztno new,.., .JiS
IvoOhio Copper 4
tr-M Oro 4
M Pyrene Mfr 124
B liikcr-lles- Corp.. 44
ly.v) stand Motor 10,
lav) -Selli 31
Ivxi 'Silver Pick....... 11
423 Stand Sil Lead.... IS
HTM '4uccen Minim.. 90
BTW Stewart si
im Savoy Oil 6
Boa) "Super Mtnlnc... 21
TW) St Joseph Lead... US
m Sterling Gum 24
4 'Tonopah Mercer. 42
Art Tono Mln ot Nev '4
Tononah Ext Hi
rjm Tri Ilulllon B-U
vi) Tuolumne Cop.... 7-14
C5 Vn Clr St of Am. 9
m Vn Clr St new.... 9i
) t'n Clr St pf lis
iro fn Prof Shitr.... :
l0 Ventura Con Oil. 13
MWWatatch IVi
'"'nt End Con... 7
W Vhlte K Cop pf . 2S
10 Wahnih pf A 4J,
V Wabah pf H 21
ISO World Film 4
CO Yukon Oold 2S
S 5 S-lt 5 3-1(1
Ill-Hlll-IS 2S
2', 2 11-15
IN Anclo-Amrrican . .. 15 US "S
1 Buckeye Pipe L.. .. 100 1" lf
I Continental Oil 23 225 225
KTiilena Sirnal Oil. .. 145 144 144
IS Illmoit Pipe Line .. 133 134 115
1 Indiana Pipe L 94 K 94
10 National Transit. 23 29 29
U Northern I1ie L. .. 93 92 92
51 Piene Oil 9S S
41 Prairie O & 0 211 309 310
11! Prairie Pipe 1 141 159 153
10 South Penii Oil 270 270 270
S V Pa Pipe L 112 110 112
10 Stand Oil of Cal.. .. 177 177 277
14 Stand Oil of Ind. .. 395 395 39.'.
2 Stand Oil of Kan. .. 340 ita 3t0
r Stand Oil of N J. .. 403 ' Iffl 4
7 Stand Oil of N Y. .. IMS l1 11
ICO I'mon Tank tl T9 19
7 Vacuum Oil 29) 191 Ml
re'i Kenr.ecott Cop i.m 111 117 117
m V-rct Oil Cl 74S 74S 74S 7IS
If'") it El conv Si.ltKS 1I0S 10S 109S
5'.l nn per ahare.
ConiiNtirrf roxi Ticclth Page.
Ftif mi,
est. Clna. Net 1915
inc. Ch.lllch.Uinr.
92 H 93H 9
WH H MM !,'
Wi M
lu2!4" H 103M 103
S3.S H 71 S214
2 ndr-JC ro)
! ... 92 93
40 HI4S! to. 9:S Wi
tris . Wi J9'
M14,Oron.l024 102' (
1 itLAIronMi
imi'ilfli U 18
3 itusr in
'i . . . m,( m(
l StUSK en
toeu 4- U iooh loin
100 af io,i( m
67 h 711, Mil
It . too
I Sti.Al (U t7
'1L4S I 1,1
ttfl Hd.. 0i
ML4SF tei
'2'cfitl 13
7 itLsw nt ;3(
43 49 MS,
73 ! ) 73
12011 3 131 11S!1
101H 103' i 105! (
too' h mn 1001,
CJ 1! 95 V4H
mi is si oijj
t77 - H 83J 78!J
A7I 70 MM
(CH-1 71K 10,
l7' U M'i MH
07! j 101!,' 5S
SO MS 70J1
ki( H w
M' 4- ! 82M 77M
nS 7 ioi aav
co -t!a so M!3
tut i-i toiMlooii
M! X ioom mi
12 1 V 92
80 3!( 29
t P II A M
II C n J20!j 120'i
Mr j, mi 103 W
25 tt 1' M A M
. H 1(07 j IOOI (
' Hri!4M cn
. . " 95'j
.lll, 11
,.,! 77
15 feaidAU rf
MliAl.alj HI
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, z1' ' ' " M,
'virsrl, Mtj
30 .Sol'ar reru 651,
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1" Soli-. r,i i. il
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'"I t 0lj tl.li
15 Till u .,H UD7J UVJf
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' Te4 i !d, JQ
'Mr .At .
it . -:
, '4li
'TMLaw a. .
79!j 79! - H Sl'l !
74 1 M 75
43 -2M 1!
94 - 14 97( 93
81 H 93l tlH
88 91 !( 85
f M 3
40!i-lU 3 40
in: 4- noi 101
ICIM - ii IH I0.IM
101 M ! iirtM M
U5 H M'i 19
100J j li lulH 07
M - H K
1 -lt I
'' 1 I.. . 94
"I t- I'ae rut I. .r.l
n i- ."' M,4' M'
- ' miyin 5 f,a f5
" ' nliusi r,i 4 40!,'
S I ,,, a,
rnuj, ,03 ,03
" l-sltubea. im i ,t(
4-,S.St,,ri,.i(,) I0),
Ut, i h I tw.s ui
2 ")h latlWU 1J
RW ll
k cm r.-if
J - U t Jl
, la i' . '
'"''ii. )
H-li ' i
19 34 18)3
17 - H M "
'fustctfa I7 17
cloalirflnT.11. 2'i Ju,ment of fore
the bo.d.Vm'J,uly..m',e ntl "itd In
t",e Jlhik ill!' fc."on bearlnc date
cnJd I,'v.., ".. U. I. the under
named. 4m .JiV'T Li. ''" . ''"""ent
nch.A- o " ' Public auction at the
the city flvi-.U?.royh Manhattan of
Aucu.i i iw. 0".on the third day of
premi,,'. i?"p.h . ' D- Auctioneer, the
of, inHrtl,lcJ" by. JuUtmtnt to be
ALL tS?.. ,"..",", de.crlhed m. followa:
land wlih .'hl't'l.J?"' P1"" " Pceia of
thereon er.!bu l.dln lmproementa
he Horoih'J?; ttV" ,),,n': "d ''"' ln
New Yofk i ?L "nhattan of the City of
York bo,.",,,,". !he tLoun)' "d State of New
Jleclnnlni d,?'1.i?nd d"'bed aa follow.!
"ntfrlectlSn f,h,.fcco""f for-,1 ,h
MowfS "outherly aide of
SroaVwar'V,!! Ttth. JnR 'tly .Id. of
the ? io?f.,r?8n,,J1 Jne ea.urly alone
hundr.rt' rl of owrd atre.t one
"ne.half l!?d..,r,:,,Jr-,hr" ' anl
Street .h' ,0 ,?'n"e. No. 33 Howard
preml.'e. Jl'f? 'ouiherly alone ld
way on. hu"ndi,n5tr')l rrlUl with Broad
half InJh."?!'? 1d on ' ln na "
How.r3n8c,t ' P"l th
or lte of JSC'. V"1 lon ''' I" ""
nd the.ir. y. wntr-four feet nine
tani ni.V.qufr,'r Inchea to a point dla
5cheJ'V.,.e'Pj,t,' h" nd oni.h"f
northerly VlIlT. ,rom , ."roadway: thence
h .1"? nly parallel with Uroadway
Jay fiVtv.-il. 'i. n?w or '" 01 John
Inch.. , .nJn ,Mt n and ont-halt
end floni is.' i.h.2 J,-!, thence we.terly
or lat. 5f ihv?n?r,h,r.1' 1 n nd now
ind on.?m.i0M.n.fLnln,,'L1n "t for
0? mSraw.;1 'llS'K " ,n "lr aide
the ea.?.H .nd ""IT northerly alone
f'.t ten .''f' of Broadway flfty.one
point or nl.rl -,,nr'1r.t'r lnch" ' the
all ml. P.CT o'bfclnnlnr: Tocether with
bollefi ,l.,.iUelrl nture.. heater.,
and Saeiii."'. Dum, rnachln.ry
co?ntd w ?h.V,VT',.d',cr,I,,lon or
and wti.ei. JM ulMlni and pr.ml.e.
ih.m "nether or not the earn or any of
oVoTh,rwl..C'.1rUVh,.d " the freehold
In the mo?;.?i. V" hrlBf n declared
real I eaii?0 Tt.lV nreby foreclo.ed to be
meet".,, cov"d by the lien of aald
Dated. New Terk. July loth. 1915.
0E0PR.,.1?J WSB --V"f.r
er'tb'rlSiV'V d'ram if the prop
421.433 Br.0di.J,, "r! Number.P a.
Street! n,0,dw'r nd 37-41 Howard
Howard Btreet.
5 91' 4S
2U 4W
The approximate amount of the lien or
cnarce. to aatlafy which the abore
deicrlbed property la to be .old. I. III!,
'!' with Intereat thereon from July 3d.
1115, tocether with coat, and allowance,
amountlnc to 1342.71. with Intereat from
July Ith. 1915. tocether with the expeneee
of the eale. The approximate amount of
the taxe.. aaerMtnenta and water ratea, or
other Hem. which are to be allowed to the
purchaser out of the purehaie money, or
paid by the Referee, la aa followa: Taxet
for eecond half of 9I2. 11,019.50. for ec
ond half of 1914. 12.719. and for the nret
half uf 1915. 12.751.25. and Intereit; and
water ratea, I27J.
Dated. New York. July 10th. 1915.
OF NEW YORK, Plaintiff, acalnat STAR
MORTGAGE COMPANY et al.. Defendant
In pursuance of a Judcment of fore
cloeura and .tie. duly made and entered
In the Hbove entitled action and bearlnc
date the 25th day of June, 1915. I, the
underilcned. the Referee In aald Judcment
named, will aell at public auction, at the
Exchance Salesroom. No. 14-16 Vetty
Street, ln the Burouch of Manhattan. City
of New York, on the 27th day of July,
1915, at )2-o'clock noon on that day, by
Jo.eph P. Day, Auctlonler, the premteea
directed by aald Judcment to be aold, and
therein deicrlbed aa followa: ALL that
certain lot, piece or parcel of cround, with
the bulldlnc. thereon erected, .Ituate. lylnc
and being In the City of New York, and
bounded and described a. follow.: BE
(IINNINO at a point on the Southerly aide
of Slxty.aecond Street diitant two hundred
end fifty (250) feet We.terly from the
Southwe.terly corner ot Sixty-. econd Street
and Tenth Avenue: runnlnc thence South
erly parallel with Tenth Avenue and part
of the dl.tance throuch a party wall one
hundred 41001 feet five (5) lnchec thence
We.terly and parallel with Slxty-.econd
Street, twenty-five I25 feet: thence North
erly and acaln pa.-allel with Tenth Avenue
and part of the dl.tnnce throuch a party
wall, one hundred (100) feet and five (5)
Inrhe. to the southerly lde of Flxty-.ec-ond
Street and thence Ea.terly alone .aid
Southerly aide of Slxtv.arcond Street,
twenty-five (25) feet to the point or place
of beclnnlnc.
Dated. New York. July 2. 1913.
WALTER A. HIRSC11. Referee.
NASH at JONES. Attorney, for Plaintiff.
No. 43 Wall Street. New York City.
The follow Inc I. a dlacram if the prop
erty to be .old: Ita atreet Number la 211
We.t 12nd Street:
No 214 Weil 42nd Street
is N
Centre Line of Block
The approximate amount of the Hen or
charce, to .atl.fy which the above de
tcribed property to be .old. la Fifteen
thou. and five hundred and ninety-three
75-100 (115.193.75) Dollar., with Intereat
thereon from the 13th day of June. 1915,
tocether with the com and allowance
amountlnc to Three hundred .eventy-elcnt
and 44-100 (t!?.64 Dollar., with Intereit
from June 23th, 1915, tocether with the
expemea of the .ale. The approximate
amount of the taxe., ui-nmenli and water
rate., or other lien., which are to be al
lowed to the purcha.er out of the purcha.e
money, or paid by the Referee, I. Two hun
dred .Ixteen and 24-100 (1214.24) Dollar,
and Intereat,
Dated. New York. July t. 1915.
Notice of Dividend to Stockholders
of Stewart-Warner Speedometer
At a meetlnc of the Board of Director,
of the Stew art-Warner Speedometer Cor
poration held July 24, 1915, a dividend of
one and three-quarter, per cent. (14,1-1
waa declared upon the out.tandlnc Pre
ferrd Stock of this Corporation, payable
on Aucuit 1, 1915. to the holder, of .aid
Preferred Stock of record upon the trans
fer bonk, of thl. Corporation on July 24,
1915, .aid dividend belnc In full of cumu
lative Preferred dividend on .aid .lock up
to and Inrludlne July 31, 1913.
A dividend of one and one-half per cent.
(lSTrl waa declared upon the outatandlnc
Common Stock nf this Corporation, payable
an Aucu.t 1, 1915, to ihe holder of eald
Common Stock of record upon the tran.fer
booka of thl. Corporation on July 24, 1913.
The .tuck book, of thl. Corporation will be
clo.ed for the tran.fer of .lock from the
clo.e of bu.lnee. on July 28, 1915, to and
Includlnc the cloee of bu.lne.i on July 31,
C. B. SMITH, Secretary
Dated July 21. 1913.
Hlch- Low-Clo. Net 1915
Sale. et. eet. Inc. C7i.Hlch.Low-,
74 nanextal'o
rrtN.lt 13'i It 13)4 -IT 1 15
2 WahTAC l M'l M'f 6'i 724(80
4 WcheatL5a0l 101 101 -1 101', 101
7 Vwuii Eler
ta 01' 101 10IW
13 IVratMd 4t M 47 K 07 H
lat 103 101 101
1 NY a Pa
102 IOIM
Till 31
I01M 1007,
cen (.... 74S 737 75 - H 7i 71
1 WetSh4, 89
4 Wrat Un 5a. 93
as m a wi! !
US 95 0714 93
81 Ue.trmi'iii
Elerrvle.lOSW 1041,' 105l( ,' 108 80S
01 Wf.tcnou.e
KIcvtectflOiK 104 H 10414 4- H 105J 103
7 mi ft LE cn
a 83 tl!, 5IU f 11 14 60
I HI Cent U 83 82 83 87 83
Bond Kalpe,
l.a.t week, 30. SOO, OOO.
I'rcvlou. week, I 3,0 4 1 ,000,
J mi. 1 to date, 14 3 4, 3 02, OOO.
Same period 1914, 8408,70 l,O00,
ISelUr so dajra rut. UtScUrlddiyai(
,H-rVil0SHl,JSu,K rOfNTY PNITIll)
vnAXL8,.,T.',,.,T "-'UMPANV (IK NEW
ilJtr!;;t.l.1".l.,J.',' ""'Inet Ill'KKAI.O AND
?.l.tH -l !,,.A!i5:.A "AILWAV COMPANY,
i;K.V.A!-..:N" HI SQKKH ANNA RAIL-r.t-i..Vi,,,AN'
!??.'?.' P.Kr.ANr VISK ItEIIK RAIL-nl!5iwv.'i-M.PANV-
i vr ',9.. ANU. Xl'BOUr.ll ANN A CO VI,
...?T.,C: ' i:HKIlY (I1VEN thU pur-e?.ni-,n
"nd y Ur,u' "' Judcment of
:ni0,ur "Il1 ln the above entitled
iin! '""red In the ol!lc of the Clerk
". c?""ty on the 19th day of Julv.
i'JiJi 'h underelcned, (IKOROE D.
t ROI-TS, Referee named In ..ill Judtinent,
r.I.if".1 t public euctlnn In the weiterly
Ji!!"!'.','.1 ol 'he City anil County Hall. In
i,t.ytr. f.' """'o. County nf Erie and
a,?i' ,0,,.?5?w Yftrk. on the llrd day of
"'l 'fi1' ,I" "even o'clock In the fore
noon, to the hlche.t bidder. Ihe followlnc
de.crlbed property, premlie. and franchi.e.
Iitil?"., O'fO'J'ant. Iluffalo and Su.o.ue
?.V1. J.U"?."; Cnmpany. ordered and de
Ilf. .C "''J Judcment of forecloeure and
ale to be .old by the underelcned. to-wlt
r.riJ.i.i"'1 ,lnuJr the prnpertle.. rlnhl..
prillere and franchl.e. of every name
ami nature, reel, pr.onl and mixed and
?.',vr "'I"1"- owned by the defendant
nuncio and Siniiiieh.innn Railway Com
Pny on April 1, 1903 or .Inie acquired by
It. whether by pur. ha.e, mercer or other
wise lexceptlnc property relea.ed from tne
V 1? . "1,d "torlcate) and Inclu.llnc the
roliowlnc prnpeny owned hy .ill de
fendant, namelvi
All that certain other tract, piece or
EI!!?.! ."' .I1"1' "" te. lUnc and belnc
partly In th city of Iluffalo, County of
trie and state of New York, nnd partly
'".the Clt y of Lackawanna, formerly a
. ' 1,1 . "n qi vn r.pneca, in .1111
tounty and State, and partly under the
IWii". ' Ljke Erie, hounded and de
.crlbed a. followa:
Jlnnlne at a point In the we.terly line
of aald lUmburc Turnpike (aa n atreet
Ixty-.lx feet wl,l) which point I. directly
oppo.lte, aero., aald Turnpike, to the
nortnne.t corner of the parcl nf land
hereinbefore deicrlbed. and which .aid
point of beclnnlnc la lx hundred and lt
and fifty-three one-hundredth. (404.13)
'et northerly, meaeured alone .aid we.t
erly line of .aid Turnpike, from the .outh
line of the City of Buffalo: thence runnlnc
"i0" the weet line of the .aid Turnpike
outh twenty-one decree, fifty. four and
one-half minute, e.i.t (S. 21 544' E ).
tlx hundred (809) feet to a point elx and
r.fty-three one hundredth. (6.58) feet
northerly, meaiured alone the we.t Iln
J' 'ld Turnpike, from the .outh lln nf
the City of Buffalo: thence alone the north
line of land, formerly owned by the I.arka
wanna Iron and Steel Company, .outh "V-enty-four
dcree. elxteen minute, weet
(S. 74 14' W.) five hundred and thirty-one
and elchty-.lx one-hundredth. (Sit S4)
feet, to the .ho.-e line of Lake Erie. a. It
exl.ted In November. 1901 (at the becln
nlnc point of land, now under water con
veyed by John J. Albrleht to Charlee w.
Oopdyear. by deed dated the fir.t day of
July, 1902): thence .till alone the .aid
northerly line of land, formerly owned by
the Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company,
the further dl.tance of about four hundred
and ten (410) feet, to the ehore line of
Lake Erie, aa It extited In the year 1S49,
a. .hown bv a .urvey of Peter Km.lle,
made April rir.t of that year, attached to
a deed made by Reuben II. Ilearnck to
Chirlea C. Riddle, recorded In Erie County
Clerk-, offlce. In Liber 101 of Deed., at
pace 119; thence nlnne the .aid la.t men
tioned ehore line northerly about ven
hundred (700) feet, to a point In .aid
hore line of 1119. at It. Interaction with
a etraleht line drawn from a point on the
harbor tine aa e.tabll.hed bv the Unit-1
State. Dov.rnment on March J7th, 1'J
(which point la dl.lant four hundred and
elchteen Hill feet northerl). mea.ured
alone .aid harbor line, from the Junction
of .aid harbor line with the harbor line a.
e.ta.bll.hed by the 1'nlt.d State, (iovern
ment on January 3th, 1K001 to a point In
the .hore line of f.ake Erie a. tt exl.ted
In November. 1901. dl.tant about two hun
dred and elrhty-!x (IM) feet. maurI
on a line bearlnc .outh .Ixty-.even decree.,
fifty-.even and one-half mlnute weit
(S 47- j7V W) from the aforeiald plaoe
nf beclnnlnc; thence ea.terly. alone .aid
tralcht line, drawn from .aid point on
the harbor line about four hundred and
elchty-nlne (ISSI feet, to a point in the
aid .hore tine of Lake Mrle. a. It exl.ted
In November. 1901, and thence north .Ixtv.
.even decree, fifty-.even and rne-half min
ute, eaat IN. 47- 37 V E ) about two hun
dred and etehty-.lx 1244) feet, to the place
of beclnnlnc. the last described parcl
belnc the aame land, and prmle , on
eved by P.niue; Ilea and wife to John .1
Albrleht. by deed dated February 1, 1902.
Tocether al.n with h,1 the rlcht. tlt.e
and Intereit of the .aid ItuRalo and Su.que
hanna Rallwav Companv of. In and to o
much of the llambure Turnpike a. I. ad
lucent to the premlie. above de.i-rlbed.
Alio all that tract, piece or parcel of
land .Ituate partly in the Cltv nf Iluffalo,
County of Erie and State of New York,
and partly in the City of L.-xckawanni. fo-.
nierly a part of the Town of Weet Seneca,
In the County and State uforeiald, bounded
and de.crlbed a. follow a:
Beclnnlnc at a point In the ahore line of
Lake Erie, ui It exl.ted In November. 1901.
In the City of Lackawanna, formerly .1
part of the Town of Went Seneca, where
.aid .hore dne la Inur.et-ted bv the dlvln .n
line between the land, formerly -wncl h.
the Lackawanna Iron and Steel Companv
and the land, conveyed by John J Albrleht
anil wife and Edmund llHe. und wife, to
Charlei W lioodyear. by deed bearlte dre
July let, 1902. .aid point nf beclnnlne helnc
about five hundred and (hlrt)-otie and
eleht)-.Ix one-hundredth. (511 6i feet
meaiured on eald dtvUton line, we.twnrdiv
from a point In the we.t tine of the llam
bure Turnpike, .n railed (a. a .treet eluy
!x feet wide), dl.tant lx and fifty-three
one-hundredth, (t! 51) feet northerl). mei
ured alone .aid we.t line of .aid Turn
pike, from the .outh line of the .aid city
of Buffalo, thence runnlnc from 4ld point
of beclnnlnc. under the water, of Lake
Erie, north 71 decree, we.t (N 74 W 1
alone the northerly line of land, und -r
water, granted by the State of New York
to John J. Albrleht, by letter, patent dat l
October 11, 1J. und revorled In E-le
County Clerk'a offlce in Liber hs; nf Deed.,
at pace 407. about twelve hundred and
twenty (1,220) feet, to the Junction nf the
harbor line., a. e.tabll.hed by the United
State, (iovernment 011 January 30th. 1900,
and March 27th, 19; tnem-e Vnc the
la.t mentioned harbor line, northerly four
hundred and elchteen (4141 feet; thence
ea.ierly about twelve hundred and eleh'v
elcht (1.2SS) feet, to a point In the .aid
.hore line of Lake Erie a. It ext.icd In
November, 1901, which point I. dl.tmt
about two hundred und eight)-. I (:i
feet, mea.ured on a line bearing . mth
.lxt)-.even decree. p.fi..even mid one
half minute, we.t (S. 07- .11'' Wi from'
a point In the raid we.t line of the .aid
llambure Turnpike (a a .treet !xt)-al
feet wide) dl.tant !x hundred and tlx and
fifty-three one-hundredth. 1404.51) feet
northerly, mea.ured alone .aid wet line
of .aid Turnpike, from the .outh line of
the City of Buffalo; thence .nutherlv. along
aid .hore line u. It exlued In Nut ember
1901, a. It wind, and curve., about .!x
hundred and ten (4l0i feet, to the plu-e
of beclnnlnc, belnc the .ante land, and
premi.e. rniiteyrd hy Samuel Ilea and wife
to John J. Albrleht. by null-claim deed
dated February 1, 1902
Alio all that trltngultr piece, parrel or
core of land .Ituate, I) Inc and being In the
County of Erie and State of New- York, and
more particularly bounded and de.crlbe I
aa follow..
Beclnnlnc at a point In the .hore line nf
Lake Erie, a. it exl.ted in November. 1901,
where the ame I. Interrectrd by the .man
erly line of land, formerly ownel hy Emma
Made, which point of beginning 1. the
.anie point uf beclnnlnc of the premi.e.
hereinbefore de.crlbed: running thence
north .eventy-elght decree, we.t (N 7
W I about twelte hundred and twenty
( 1,220) feet, to the Junction of the hirbor
llne. a. e.tabll.hed by the Untied state,
(nvernment on January 30, 1300, and
March 27 1599; thence .outnea.terly about
elcht hundred and eighty OtO) feet, to a
point in the .hore line of I.ake Erie a. It
exlited In 1S49, a. .hown by a .urvey nf
Peter Em.lle, made April fir.t of that year,
attached to a deed made by Reuben H
lleacnck to fharle. C Riddle, recorded In
Erie County Clerk", office In Liber t"4 of
Deed., at pace 119, tvh.re euch .hore line
I. Interacted by the .outherly line of i!l
land, formerly owned by Emma Slade pro.
Jected In a, we.terly direction! thence north
.eventy-four degree alxteen minute, e.ixt
(N 74 14' E.) alone ild projection nf
eald aoutherly line nf land, formerly owned
by Emma Slade. about four hundred and
ten (410) feet, to the place of beclnnlnc,
belnc the .a me land, and premi.e. er.
ondly de.crlbed In a certain quit-claim
deed executed hy The Lackawanna Iron
and Steel Company to John J Albright,
dated July t, 1901, and recorded In Erie
County Clerk', office. In Liber 7C9 of Deed.,
at pare 324.
Alo all that tract, piece or parcel of
land .Ituate partly In the city nf Huffnlo
and partly In the Cltv nf Lark-iwanna,
formerly a part of the Town of We.t Sen
eca, In the County nf Erie and State of
New York, more particularly bounded and
de.crlbed u followa:
Beclnnlnc at a point, belnc the Junrtlnn
nf the harbor line a. e.tabll.hed by the
United State. Cnvernment on January 3D,
1900, and March 37, 1199, which 1. the
aame Junction of uch harbor llnr. referred
to In a deed executed bv John J Albrleht
and nthera to Charle. W (loodvear date!
July 1. 1902, nnd recorded In Erie Count)
Clerk'a office In Liber 931 of Deed., at pave
3S4; thence eouth .Ixty-nlne decree,
twenly-elx minute, ea.t IS CD 24 ' 17, 1
five hundred and ten (3101 feet to .1 point
which Ii the we.terly extremity nf and.
conveyed by Charle. W (londyenr nnd wife
to The Lackawanna Steel Companv. bv
deed bearing date the twentv-thlrd day of
July, 1902: thence north .evenly. eight de
eree. we.t (N. 7' W I, about tlve hundred
and eighty (510) feet to an Intersection
with the harbor line above mentlone 1 run
nlnc in an ea.terly and we.terly direction,
thence north fifty degree, ea.t (N 50 ; 1
alone the la.t mentioned harbor line, nbout
one hundred arid tw-entv-elclit iljsi feet
to Ihe place of beclnnlnc. containing live
hundred and i-lx nne-tlinuiiindth. I 300)
nf un were, be the aame more or le., being
the ame premi.e. rnnvejed to Churl. W
floodyear nv The Lackawanna Steel Com.
my, by deed dated Julv '.'.1 no" a.
hown on a map or plan attached to said
deed und colored red.
Aleu all that tract, piece or parcel of
land .Ituate. lylnc and being In the City
of Buffalo. County nf Erie, State of New
ork belnc part uf the Ogden (lore Tract,
o railed, und bounded and de.crlbed as
follow M!
Beginning at a point where the South
line of the City of Iturfalo Inter. -cl. the
l.a.t line nf the llambure Turnplk,
thence North twenty-one deer.. fltt)-four
and nne-h.lf minute. We.t (N. i- 3m'
) foriv-twn am nine tenth. (12.9) feet
along .aid Ea.t line nf Hamburg Turnpike.
Ihence North eight) -nine degree, eleven
and one. halt minute. Ea.t in. 9 li'4'
L ) thirteen hundred ilxty-one and .eventy-four
one-hundredtha (1141 71) feet
parallel 10 and lo.ty (101 feet from eild
City 1,1,10 to a print, thence North elghtv
one degree, thirty-. Ix inltiutea Eaet (N.
31 14 15.) three hundred nnd two and
.Ix-tenth. (20J.4) feet to a poln', thence
North elchty-nlne decree., eleten and one
half minute, ea.t (N, 9 lt'i' E) two
hundred and fifty 1230) feet parallel to
and elgnty (oi feet from eald City Lin
to a point; thence South eventy-nne de
cree., fnrly-.lx minute. Ea.t (S. 71' 44'
1. I two hundred and eleten and "It-tenth,
feet 1211.4) to a point, and eleven (III
feet from eald City Line, thence South
forty-eight and one. halt minute. Ea.t
IS. f I4i,' 1: 1 eleven (111 feet to a poln
In .aid City Line, thence along .aid Cltv
Line South eighty-nine degree., eleten and
one half minute. We.t is. a 9' UV W)
ton thou. and and nlnrit lx iti I tlilr.'
four one-hundredth. (2094.31) feet to
plate of beginning, contalnirg two and
thlrtv-two one-hundredth. (J.3J) urre.
Subject, however, to ,-t lertuln agreement
bearing da'e the fir.t day nf Kehrutrv,
1902, between Samuel Ilea and wife, and
John J Albright and wife, providing
among other thing., for the .nn.trurtl.m
of a canal ncrn.. a portion of the premie,
herein de.crlb,!, which agreement wa. re
corded In Erie County Clerk', office In
Liber 924 nf Deed., at page 510; and to a
certain other agreement male between
The Lackawanna Steel Company and John
J. Albright and wife, bearing date the
eighth day of May, 1902, providing among
other thing, for the construction of a
canal n. ro. a portion of the prein!.
herein dcribed. and recorded In Erie
County Clerk", oillce In Liber 939 nf Deed.,
at page 103. a. modified bv a .ub.eiiuent
agreement made between The Lackawanna
Steel Company nnd Charle W (loodyear
and wife, bearing date July 22, 1992, and
recorded In the Erie County Clerk', office
In Liber 931 of Deed., at page 517. and
al.n aubject to the canal and other rlent.
of way granted and conve)ed to the Buffalo
and Sueiuehanna Iron Company by a cer
tain deed from Charlie W. tloodyetr and
Ella C. ilnodlear. hla wife, bearing date
Julv I. 1902. and recorded In Erie County
Clerk', office In Llbr 913 of Deed., at page
134. being the .ame premi.e. conveted to
the Buffalo ami Su.uuehanna Rallwav
Coinpany bv Charle. V (loodvear and
wife, by deed bearlnc dale the fourtecntl
day ct March. 1903
Al.n nil thoie five (M certain tract,
pie, r. or parcel, of land .Itual In the
town of llambure, County of Erie and
State of New Vork:
Known and dl.tlngul.hed a. a part of
the Buffalo Creek Reiertallon und furth-r
known nnd dl.tlngul.hed a. a part of Lot
No. 4, Town.hlp 10. In the ilh Range nf
Town. hip., bounded and de.crlbed u. fol
low .
Beclnnlnc at a point In -the boundary
line between land, formerly of J. J.
Albright and J F Tltu., dl.tant eoutherly
one hundred and tifty-elght and four-tenth.
(15 4) feet from, and at right uncle, to.
the aoutherly boundtrv line of Lake Ate
nue, and dt.tant vte.terly ninety 1901 feet
fmm the original center line of th llutlalo
and Su.uuehanna Ral.way Company
Thence .oatherly alone a line parallel to
and dl.tant 90 feel tte.terly from the
orlelnal center line of the 1 1 J llurfalo and
Surquehanmi Railway Company, .Ixty (40)
feet .
Thence ea.terly fnrtv dm feet, more , r
lc... to a poUit .tletant we.terlv flftt i;0l
feet from the original center line uf .aid
uun.1.0 un.i suiquenanna Kal way Cum-1
Thence .outherly alone the weiterlv
rlcht of way line of the .at I Buffalo and
Su.quehanna Railway Cunpany. .aid rlgli
of wav line being parallel to and dlatiiut
we.terly fifty r.oi feet troru ih original
center line of eald Iluffalo 1 , Su.qu '
hanna Rallw-a) Company unt. thounndl
two hunlred and fourteen and ninety-three
hundredth. ( 1 . 1 4 J 3 feet.
Thence loutherlv along a curve to th 1
right havlnc a r.adlu. of nine hundred and I
lift) -fire and four-tenth. iS3S4i fet. fori
a dl. tame of three hundred and thlriv
nine ind lghtv-.ix hundredth. 1339 f.)
feet to a point dl.tant we.terl) .Ixty 11.01 I
feet from the original tenter line of the J
.aid Buffalo and Su,uhannu Railway
Company, .aid carve being th westerly!
right of wav line nf the .all Burtalo and 1
Su.quehanna Italiv.ay companv,
Then.e lonilnulug .outherlv along th
weiterlv right of wa line of the .aid I
Buffalo and Su.qurhannu Railway Com- '
pany for a dlitarce of one hundred and ,
ninety-one and one one-hundredth. 1 19: OK I
feet, .aid right of way line bring ptrallel 1
to and dl.tant we.terlt elxtv 1601 feet.
from the preeeut renter line of the iali
Buffalo and Su.qurliuni.a Railway Cum.
Thence northerly along a curve to the
left hating a radlu.' one thou. and nine
hundred and ten and nre-terth 11.910),
teet mor or f.-r 1 dl.tatl of eeten
humlre.L and four an 1 two-.-ih. i70l:i
feet tn n point dl.tir.t ue.ter.. nfl ir.Ji
feet from the pre.ent center line of the
aitd Buffalo and Su.quehanna Hal'wu)
Theme northerly ulong a line parallel
to und dl.tant we.terlv nfty (35i feel
from the prnt cent" line of .aid Buffi'o
and Su.quehanna KhIIwh) Company one
thou.and and eighty-two (l.OMi feel, mote
or le to 11 point In the boundary line be
tween land, formerly of J J. Albright and
J F Tltu..
Them e ea.terl fourteen (II) feet, more
or lei., to the point of beginning.
Con-.a.nlnc one and iweno-four hun
dredth. (1 24) acre, of laud, more or le-
aul being nil of the jireml.e. i-ontr)d b
the stony Point Land Company to the
(luarantv Tru.t Companv of New York by
deed d.ted January l, iju4. and recorded
In the oft) i e of the c!rk of .aid County l.i
Liber 10;7 of Deed, at page SI.'.
Being part of l,.,i number eleten (Hi.
Town-hlp number ten (lot. R mge eight
ix), of the Buffalo Creek Indian Reserva
tion, and more particularly bounded and
described a. follow.
Heglniilnc at a point In th .outherlv
line nf Lake Anu. .0 tailed, ut 11 dl.
tnnce of on hundred an I eighty ilt'n
feet weiterly from the we.terly line of the
land, of the I, ike Shore A: Mkhlgan
southern Rallwa) Companv. meu.urtd
along ...Id .outherlv line or t.ak Avenue,
being the Inien-tlon of the dlvlilnn lln
between land, formerlv owned by John IV
Tltu. and land, now or formerlv owned bv
An. on c tioodvear with th .aid mutherlv
line of Lake tenue. running ther.-e n,-tit
.ix degree, two niluiitei w e.t (S 4 2' W ),
along .all division line, one hundred tlftc
elght and four t.nth. 113. II feet 10 the
.outh line nf e.tid bd number eleven (111,
thence north eighty-four degree., elxteen
minute. We. 1 t.s si' H' v ., und along
the south line of ial 1 it number eleven
(Hi. fourteen (Hi .eet. then.-e northerly
about one hundred and llftv-elght and
(ort)-two nne-hun.lre Ith. e 1 3 41 feet, to
a 11. Int In the southerly line of l.uke Av
nu vthlth, .aid point I. .eventen and
sixtv-two one-hundredth. 1 172i feet
westerly from th point of beginning,
measured along the uld eoutherlt line of
Luke Avenue, thence .outh eight). four
degree. .Iten minutes East is SI 14'
E 1, along said southerly line of I,ake
Avenue, seventeen and .xtv-two one-hundredth.
(17 62) feet tu the point or place nf
Containing tlve hunlred and seventy. four
ten thousandth, t 05711 of an acre, be the
ume ni -re or let
Together with nil the right, title and In
terest nf the said grantor In and tn l,ke
Avenue In front of and adjaient to the
ibove de.crlbed premise.
P WtCEl. NO 2
Being part nf lot No. tl. Town.hlp 10.
Rang of the Buffalo Creek Indian Res.
ervatb n bounded and described as follows:
lieglnnine .it a point 111 the division linn
between jalid" ff-mer!y of Wl.llam. 1'
stamba.'h. and laudi lortnerlv of John F.
Titus, where tld division line Is Inter-
eded b) the westerly Ini. of lauds here
tofore cnnved by ild Wlldam l Slant,
bach nnl Ida IX. hi. wife to the Buffalo
and Susquehanna Ratlw.a) i otnpany.
thence north eighty-four (Hi degrees, six
teen (ltii minutes we.t along eald division
line veiity-nve (75 1 feel, thence north
six (t) degree., two i2) minute ea.t four
hundred and forty-. Ix and eighty eight
hundredths 11144) feet to the souther'y
line of a parcel of laud conv. ted bv Dsnlel
W Allen and wire tn the New York State
Realty and Terrain il Companv, by deed
dated March 9, 1S0, and recorded In the
oillce of the Clerk of sil l County. In l.lber
lull of Deeds. t page 35S thence eouth
eighty-four (.11 degrees, sixteen 1K1 min
utes ea.t along ..11 .outherly line of l.m
conveyed as afore .al I .eventv fit iTM
feet to the said tve.terl) line of I imj of said
Buffalo nnd Su.quehanna Hallway Com
pany, thence eouth .It i4i degrees, two
121 minute, west along the .aid we.terly
line four hundred and forty-six and eighty
eight hundredths illx) feet to the pluo
n! beginning, being n strip of land .eventy
five (7ii feet wide and four hundred and
forl-.lx and eighty-eight hundredtn.
(414 .) feet lone.
Containing .Ixtv-s even hundredth. (0 47)
of an arre of land, inure or le...
Also all the right, title and Interest nf
the mid grantor In and to that portion of
Lake Avenue oppo.lte to and adjoining the
Iireml.es hereinbefore described and being
Ihe same premise, conveved bv William P.
Ht.unli.uh and Ida It., his wife, to the
(luarantv Trust Companv of New York, ny
deed dated June 7. 1103 recnrled In the
oillce of the Clerk of said Cuutity In Liber
1027 of Deed, at np 504,
Known and distinguished as n part nf
the Buffalo Creek Reservation and further
known und distinguished a. n part of l.nt.
No. 11 and 15. Township 10. In the sth
It.irge of Townships bounded and described
us follows:
Beginning ut a point In Hi northrlv
line of n parcel of land i-onvved by Daniel
W Allen and wile to the New York xt ita
Hetlfv .V Terminal Compan) bv de I date I
.Marcn 'i, 13UC. and lernrded In Hi un"),-
of the Clerk of said cnun'v- In I.lber 1011
of Deeds, ill pair 35X dlrlailt westerly
lift y (50i feet from the original center line
of the Buffalo and Susquehanna H.illwav
Compan), theme westerly alone aalJ
northerly line of' land conveyed aa afore
said 11.49 feet; ihence northerly alone a
line parallel to and dlaiaiit westerly fifty
(50) feet from th proposed center line of
the Buffalo and Su.quehanna Railway
Companv eleven hundred and fifty-one and
monument fifty (JOt feet we.terly from the
proposed center line, thence southerly
alone Ihe preeent vte.terly rlcht of way
line of the Buffalo and Su.quehanna Rail
way Company, .aid right of way line being
parallel to and dl.tant westerly nfty (50)
feet from the original renter line nf the
.aid Buffalo ami Su.quehanna Rallwav
Companv, one thousand one hundred and
thirty (11301 feet more or les, tu the point
of beclnnlnc.
Said panel containing one and twenty
.Ix hundredth. Il.24i acres of land, more
or less, being Ihe .am premi.e. conveved
by the stony Point Land Company tn the
(luaranly Tru.t Company nf New York bv
deed dated January t. 1904, and recorded
In (he office nf the Clerk of .aid County In
I.lber 1037 of Deeda at page 510.
Being pirl of Lot No. Eleven (11). Town.
hlp No. Ten (10). Ranee Eight (I) of the
Buffalo Creek Indian Reservation, bounded
and described a. follow. 1
Beclnnlnc at a point three and forty
seven hundredth. 13 47) feet easterly from
the northwesterly corner of parcel No. 3,
nbovn described, said point nf b-glnnlng be
lnc In the southerly line of a pircel of
land conveyed by Daniel W. Allen and wife
to the New York Slate Realty and Ter
minal Company, by deed dated March 9.
1904, recorded In the offlce of the Clerk of
.aid County, In I.lber 1011 of Deed., al
page 35X, and running thence north
westerly, four hundred and fifty-nine and
four-tenth. ( 459.4) feel to the .oulhweet
erly corner of parrel No 4, ahote de
.crlbed, said la.t mentioned corner being
In the northerly line nf aald parcel of land
conteyed by deed a. aforeiald: thence
easterly alone .all northerly line of .aid
land, one hundred (100) feet to a point
distant one hundre I and twenty-four and
.Ixty-nlne hundredths (121.89) feet w.st
erly. measured alone .aid northerly line from
the westerly exterior lino of land of the Lake
Shor 1- Michigan Southern Railway Com
pany, thrnc southerly parallel with said
first above de.crlh'd roure four hundred
and flfty-nln and four-tenth. ( 459.4 ) feet
to a point In .aid southerly line of slid
land conveyed a. afore. .aid, dl.tant one
hundred and levn and fifty-three hun
dredth. (Ill 531 feet weiterly. measured
along .ild southerly lln from .aid ex
terior line, thence we.terly atone .aid
.nuth.rly line, one hundred (100) feet,
mor or less, to the place of b. ginning.
Containing one and fite hundredth!
(1 03) acres of land, more or less.
Al.o tho.e certain pieces or parcel of
land conveyed by and more particularly
described and .et forth In the followlnc
Deed dated October 7 1903, Frank II
(loodvear to Buffalo and Su.quehanna Rail
way Company recorded In the oillce of the
Clerk of Cattaraugus County, I.lber 234 of
Deed., page 191, conveying a .mall parcel
of land .Ituate in th Town of Freedom,
County of Cattaraugua, State ot New York.
Ded dated October 2, 1903, The Stony
Point Land Companv to Buffalo and Sus
quehanna Railway Companv, recorded In
the oftlc of the Clerk of Erl County In
I.lber 90 of Deed at page 111 conveying
three separately described panels nf land
.Ituate In th City of Larkavrannu, for
merly a par of the Town of West Seneca.
County nf Erie and Slat nf New York.
Deed dated September 29. 1904 Barbara
K Fowler to Buffalo and Su.quehanna
Railway Company re.-orded ln the offlce of
the Clerk of Erl County In I.lher 1054 of
Deed, al pac 212 convvlne a small parcel
nf land situate In the City of Lackawanna,
formerly a part of the Town of West
Sneca. County of Erie and State of New
York Deed dated September 21. 1903. Th
I.ickaw-ann.a steel Company to Buffalo and
Su.quehanna Railway Company recorded In
the offlce of tie Clerk of Erie County In
Liber 913 of Deed, at pace 350 conveying a
.mall parrel of land situate In the Cltv of
I.aikawanni. formerly a pirt of the Town
of West Seneca, Countv of Erie and Stat
of New York
Deed dated September 14. 1903. Wa'ter
D. and Helen M Ingham to Buffalo and
Suequehanni Rallwav Company recorded
In the ot!tr of the Clerk of Erl County
In I.lber 943 of Deeds al page $1 contcying
a small parcet of land .Ituate In th City
of Lackawanna, formerly a part of th
Town of West Seneca, County of Erie and
State nf New York
Deed dated June 14 1903. Frank II Cood
vear. e-f at . to Buffalo and Su.quhannt
Itil'.way Company recorded In the offlce of
he Clerk of Allgmy County In I.lber 2"3
of Deed, at page 522 conteylng a pir.el
of proper!) .Ituate In the Town of Welles
till. Coun'y of Allecuny and State of
New York.
Deed dated January 31 1904, The Lacka
wanna Steel Compinv to Buffalo and sus.
quehanna Railway Cnmpanv recorled In
the afire of the Clerk of Erie County In
Liber 1044 of Deeds at page 192 and con
teylng the premises designated by the
letter. O, , and D In that crrta'n agree
ment dated January 24. 1905. betw.en The
Lirkawanna Steel Compant ami Buttalo
and Su.quehanna Rallwav Compant and
r-cordeil In the offlce of the Clerk of Erie
County In Liber 1017 of Deed, nt pige 231
conteylng a small panel of property situ
ae In th City of I.tickawanna, formerly a
par- of the T..wn of West Seneca, County
of Erie and Stite of Nw Vork.
Deed dated N'ote.tiber I. 112. Anson C
(loodyear and Mary K United States
Trust Company of New a ork rerorded In
the office of th Cltrk "f Erl County in
I.lher 1 276 of Deeds ut page .10.'. convey
ing seven separately de. rltieil pin els of
land located 111 Erie County State of New
Deed dated November 4 1912 Fred A.
Lehr to United Stat. Tru.t Comp.ny nf
Nw York reiorded in "he nfflre of the
Clerk of Erie county In I.lber 1252 of
Deeds at pige 211 ontenc a single de.
scribed par.-t! of land located In the Toan
of Hamburg F.rle County
Deed dated November I. 1912. An.oli C
C.ood)ear end Marv I" iinod)etr his wife,
to United States Trust Company of New
York and recorded In the offlce nf the Clerk
of Cattaraugus County In I.lber 237 of
Itecds .it page C02 conveying two .eparately
described parrels of land loiatel in the
Town nf Vorkshlre In Uatturuugus County.
S'a'e of Nw York
Deed dated November (. 1912. Anson C.
(lood)ear und Marv 1' ilood) ar. his wife,
to 1'nlted state, Trut Company of New
York, recorded In the offlce of th Clrk
of Allegany County tn l.l'or 231 of Deeds
at page 141, conveying three separately
di-sirlhed pir el. of proper-y located In
the towns of Belmont and Belfast. In Erie
Countv, State of New Vork
Deed dated February 17. 1904. John J.
Albrleht to Buffalo and Su.quehanna Rail
way Company recorded In the nrtlee of the
Clerk of Erie County in I.lher 1039 of
Denis ut pige 404 conveying a small parcel
of lvnd at southwest corner In the Clt) of
Butfilo. County of Eric. Stute of New
Also all the lines nf railroad beginning
u: Intersection of southern terminus of the
line of the Buffalo and Su.quehanna Rail
way ("otnpany with th northern terminus
of the line of the Bufftln nnd Susquehanna
Railroad Company and th center line of
West State Street, In ihe Village of Wells
x III. Coun y of Allegany State nf New
York; thene In a northwesterly direction
along the lieneeee River, to the Village of
Scln. County of Alleginy. State nf New
Ynrk n ill. lance nf t miles, ihence In
nortltw enerly direction along th (!nse
Rlter to the Village of Be'niotit. County of
Aileg.n), Stat nf New York, - distune
of 4.45 miles: thence n a northwesterly
direction ilone the Oenesee River to (he
Village nf Belt Mere County nf Alleganv
State nf New Ynrk. u distance nf ?
ml!., thence In a northwesterl) direction
along the Hene.e River to th Village of
Transit Brl Ige. Count) of Allegany, state
of New York --a distance of mli.
thence tn a northwesterly dlr. tlou along
the llenesee River to the l.!ge of lt..
fa.t County of Alleganv, State nt New
Ynrk --a dltunc nf 4 29 mil. thnr In
a northwesterly direction along the Cenrse
River to a station near the Villas nf
Caneadea. County of A.legany, Stu'e of
New Vork - -a distance of I ;.3 miles, thence
In a northw etterly direction near the dene
see Rlter tn Rushfnrd Station, Countv of
Allegany. S'ate nf .New Vork. distance
nf 2 07 miles, ihence in a nnrihw e.ierly
direction tn Wesley (llnughton Station).
County of Allegany h'lte of Nw Yo-k
a distance of 2 H miles thenc In a north
wsterl) dlrsctlon to a station near the
Village of Cenlenllle. Count) of Allegany.
State of New Ynrk- a distance of r. ;:,
mil, thenc in a southwesterly direction
to l'lxly Station (near Falnl.- u o 1.
Coun'y of Allegany. State of New- York
a distance of 3 32 miles, thence In a west
erly direction, crossing the ,lne dividing
the Cnuntle. of Allegany and Cuttaraugu.,
to Crystal Lak. (near Freedom). County
of Cattaraugus, Slate of New York a dis
tance of 3.S4 tulles, theme in a north
westerly direction to the Village of Snn
dilikv. County nf Cattaraugus. Slate of New
York a distance nf 3 49 miles thence In a
northwesterly direction and crossing the
line dividing the Counties of Cattaraugua
nnd W)omlng. tn th Village nf Arcade,
County of Wyoming State nf New York a
distance of 3 14 m.les. thenre In a westerly
direction along Cattaraugus Crek. und
crossing lln dividing the Counties of
Wyoming and c.ittariugtis tn the Village
nf Yorkshire. County of Cattaraugus, stai
of New York -a dls'anc of J n mile,
thenc In a westerly direction and criming
(he line dividing the Counties nf Catta.
riugu. and Erie, to the Village of Sardinia
County of ErU. Stute nf New York a dis
tance of 1 9 miles thence In a westerly
direction to a connection with th spur
line to Sprlngvllle. ,N" Y . a dlMance of
mile., thence In a northwesterly direction
to a station near the Village of E(,i Con
cord. County of Erl. Stale of New Yotk
u dl.tance of 2 2 mile., henre In a north
w.'.tcrly illrei-luii m the village of Boston
Coun'y of Erie, Slat nf Nw Ynrk a dl.
inure of C.tl9 miles, thenve In n north
it eiter'y direction to a nation culled
I'Hirhln near ll'istim Center. Count) nf
Erie. State of New Ynrk a distance, of I i
mllea, thence In a northw tstcrly direction
to a station near N'nrth Boston, County of
Erie, Slate nf New Ynrk a distance of
3.08 mile., thenre In a northwesterly di
rection to Village of Hamburg. County of
Erie, state of New York a distant of 3.4
miles, thence In a northerly direction to
Milage of Bla.dell. County of Erie, State
of New- York- u distance of 3.35 mile.;
them in a northerly direction to point of
eonncllon with the Lake Shore and Michi
gan Southern Hallway near Smoke. Creek
In the City nf Lackawanna, formerly a
part of Ihe Town of We.t Seneca, County
of Erie, State of New" York a ill. lame of
0. 94 of a mile, and u total dl.tance of
eighty. four and three. tenth (14 31 mllea.
Al.o a branch line known a. the "Sprlng
vllle Spur." exlendlne from the point of
connection ttllh the main line of th Buf
falo and Susquehanna Hallway Company
about 500 feet In a northerly direction
from the Sprlngvllle Junction water tank,
thence in a southwesterly direction to the
nd of a track In the village of Sprlngvllle.
County of Erie, Slate of New York; a dl.
tanca of one and thirty-. Ix hundredth!
(1341 mile..
Also all the estate, rlcht, title and In
terest owned on .aid April 1, 1903, or thre
after acquired by said defendant Iluffalo
and Su.quehanna Railway Company In or
to nil Its line nf railroad constructed or
thereafter constructed of every nature
whatsoeter. also the branches and exten
sion, owned by said Buffalo and Su.que
hanna Railway Companv on April 1, 1903.
or which It ha. .inc acquired und all ter
minal propertle. owned by II on April 1.
1903, or which It ha. .Inc acquired, and
alio all the land., real eta-.e. ground.,
w-ay., right, of way. yards, wharves, docks,
pier., water rights, terminal., terminal
facilities, llcen.ea and easement, of .aid
Buffalo and Su.quehanna Ballttav Com
pany upon which the above deicrlbed rail
road, are .Ituate and which are nete.sary,
u.eful or convenient for Ihe ue, main
tenance and operation thereof whether
owned on .aid April I. 1101. or there
after acquired (except euch aa have bn
released from the lien of aald mortgage),
together with all right, of way, leasei of
and trackage right, over the line, of the
Alio all terminal prnpertle.. track.,
.witches, .Mines, spur., turn-tables, tele
graph and telephone lines, water tank.,
bridge., viaducts, culvert., fence., depot.,
station hou.es, freight houiee. engine
house., power nnd tnarhlne houses, shops,
crave! beds, warehouses, coalhouses, fur
niture, fixtures and all other conetruotlona
appertaining to th lln nf railroad nbov
described und all other thing, of whatever
kind and any and all easement., lea. .holds,
contract and contrail right, owned by said
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railway Cnm
pany on said April 1. 1303, nr thereafter
acquired, that at any time hav belonged
tn or appertained to or hive been provided
for u. upon or In connertlon with rniv of
the laid tin's of r illro id, brunch's machine
works or other pror'rtlea (excepting only
uch a. have ben released from the lien
nf said mortgage) Includlnc leasehold
trackage rights and trickace agreements
dire. ted to be sold
Also certain ucomotlve enelnea. cars and
other rolling stock and equipment, more
particularly described a followa:
19! Stee', Flat-bottom drop-door gon
dola freight car. of 1 oo.ooo pounds capac
ity. Noi 11401 to 12100
5 Consolidated Freight locomotives, Noi
114 to lit Inc
4 Passenger cars. N'os. 19 to 22 inc
2 Combination passenger and baggage
tars, Nos. 13 and 14,
said equipment being subject to certain
agreement dated the first day of April.
1907, between Buffalo anil Susquehanna
Railway Company and the United State.
Mortgage and Tru.t Company, as Trustee,
and to the lln "f slid agreement and
said equipment shall be sold subject to
.aid lien
Al.o certain lo.-omotlve engines, ears .and
othet rolling stock and equipment, more
particularly den rihd a follows-
( ta ton , ..n. illdatlon freight loco,
motives. No ut to I:: Im-
Zt.'t ton w!nel pas.encer locomotive!.
Nos 274 an I 277
2 Passenger and baggage cars. Nos I
and 9
1 Buffet car. No 29
2 Observation i.irs. No. 30 and 31.
1 Pasienger baggage and mall car. No.
191 Flat bott -n. drop door, gondola
freight car-, 0.000 pounds eupiclty. No..
220! to 3100
lit Tit Iii-hopper botiom gondoli freight
ar. 40.000 pound, capacity. Nos. 5001 to
:l Cahni.eis, No.. 101 to 123.
1-llrldge Dept Tool Car. No A .4.
1 I.ldgervvood Vnlnader. No. A-l.
I Boarding car.. No.. A-2, A-21, A-24
and A-27.
;Iltllas! cars. Nos. 201 to 220
Also all other locomotives, engine., ten
der. pa.ncr and freight cars nnd ail
other rolling slock and euulpmen" and all
kinds of marhlnery and tools and all fuel
and all rulls and m.terlal and other sup
plies owned by said Iluffalo and Su.que
hanna Railway Company on April I 1903.
or ilnce acquired by It or In which It has
nn equity letieptlnc only sui h a hive
been released from the Hen of said
Also all warehouses, elevators, strurtures
ereitlons. building., dock., bulkhiad..
wharves, cribs, revetment and piers now
upon or in front nf. or in any manner ap
pertaining to. or connected with, th sild
above de.crlbed lands nnd lln nf railroad,
or which may be at any time hreaftr
ere, ted. .and all fixture, ind nuchlntry
used in or about ant- of . ild premises.
Also all right title sind Interest In and
to lands under vvater contained within or
apnert lining to any of the aforesaid de
eirlh.it premi.e.
Also all tight, of wharfage, cranage,
dockage, pierage and riparian rights fran
chises und privileges of ever) kind and char
mtir what.iever whb h nre or may he a.p
purieuant or appertaining to the sail
premises or any part thitmf, or to which
the Rallwav Is or may or shall tie. for any
rea.on, entitled, and al.o all the land,
real estate, grounds, wuye. rights of wav.
vnrd. whartes, docks, piers, water right,
terminals, terminal facilities, llien... und
easements now owned by s.vl.1 Buffalo and
Susquelunni Railway Company. upon
w)ib h the above .le. rlbed railroad, lines
of rahroad or railroad, are -Runted, or
whlrh are neress.ry. u.tftil or convenient
for the use. malntenime and operation of
the said railroad -o-ther l"ll al' the
rights of w iv. lea.es of ant trackage
ris-hi, of said Buffalo and Susquehanna
Rallw ay Company
And aso el! things In aitlon. claim
and demand of said Buffalo und Susque
hann, Railway Company
Al.o any und all corporate or other
rights, prlvllegis and rr.amh!e whbh slid
Iluffalo and Susquehanna Rallwav Com
pany now has. for or appertaining to the
con-'ruc'lon m ilntenance. use or opera
tion of surh lilies of rallriMii. branches
terminal properties, machine work or shop,
or other propertit. now sublect to the lien
of said mortgage or deed of trust
And alo ony and all "he rents, ts.ties.
profit tolls und other Im ome of such llnei
of railroad, branches and terminal proper
ties, and all other properties whl h ar
sublect to the lien of said mortgage or
deed of 'ru"t
Alsn 53 134 shar-s of par value nf f X0
each of the common capita stork of the
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad Com
pany And alsn b'1 ca.h. cho.e. n atlnn
claim, and demands nf every kind, u'l
bocks of re. nrd agreements, i outruns
imp. file tl'-1 ument. bills, fixtures, im
plement., furnl-ure. matei.ai weights, coal,
oil fuel .and other supplies In the posses
sion of or belonging to said Buffalo and
Susquehanni Hallw ly Company or held bv
the plilnllff herein as tru.t under said
in .rtgage or by Harry I Miller a. receiver
it. 'his cause, hut such re-elver may retain
possession nr have access to such books
and record. a may be necessirv or con
venient tn enable him tn prepare his ac
counts or to perform his other duties a.
receiver when the sm hate served such
purpose 'h receiver shall deliver them to
the purcha.er. unless thev shal' have ben
previously delivered to ihe purchaser, also
all property of every nam and nature
whatsoever and wheresoever situate not
particularly hereinbefore described or re.
ferrel to belonging to said defendant
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railway Com.
1. any or said Harry I. Miller, a. receiver
herein or In or to which It or be n sin h
receiver have an estate right, title. ,,,,.
erty, possession, claim or demand vvhats'i.
evvr without excluding from the generality
of this description any property whai
soever because nf .perifii-atlona In other
p.rts of thl. Judgment of any nther n,r
titular properly or class of property and
Including ulio anv nihr properties whl h
thl Cnurt nuy further rind nr dere to he
properly of said Buff ilo and Susquehanna
Railway Company or to belong tn sail
Harry I Miller a. euch rei elver herein
and be subject to the sail ttinrtcase herein
The above mentioned premises, propert
and franchise, specifically describe I herein
and In raid Judgment aforesaid will be
sold as nn entirety an I as one pircel
Pursuant in the term, of sild Judgment
of foreclosure und sale the undersigned
will accept no bid for the property, preni
les and franchises dlrei -ed to he sold in
said deiree unless the hi ider depo.lt with
the undersigned at the Hm of I, tiding, as
a part of his bid and a piedge to make the
me good, If accepted ant the sale con
firmed, eltliei Ihe sum of One Hundred
Thousand Dn'lars itl'it.ooOi in moiiev or
by certified check upon unv hank or trust
compiny In the Clt a uf New York or the
Cltv of Buffalo N Y. pat aire ..r ei. lorse 1
to the order of the undersigned us Referee,
nr unless the b Ider shall make i like ijc.
poilt nr pledge wi'b the undersigned as
Referee of Three Hundred Thousiind Dol
lars (1300 OOfll par talue of the first tnnrl
eic bond, of said lefetnlHtil. Buffalo and
Susquehanna Itallwa) Comp mi which aald
deposits of c.sh or bonds shall be forfeits.
In c.is th bidder, who Is successful, shall
fall to moke good hi. bid and omplv wt n
the terms of the said Judgment an I of anv
order thereafter made or to future pa.
ments or otherwise hut the sun shal. tie
applied nn th. pur. has price in rase of
sui h compllince oi returned in cae tne
bid Is not succersful.
The certificate of any bank or trutt com-
pany In the city of New York, Including
the plaintiff, thut It honl. bond, and con
pon. a. therein described, seemed bv the
aforesaid mortgage subject lo the order of
any party named and transferred tu th
undersigned u referee, will he received
and accepted lit Hsu nf a deposit of th
bond, and coupon. .pcltled in ..aid tertlrt
cale, on account the bond, required to be
deposited us aforesaid in lieu nt rash, vvlt'i
Ilk force and effect n. though the bond,
and coupon, therein named had ben de
llvered to the undersigned.
The Court recrvee fu'l power and dl.
creilnn tu reject anv bid which, In th
Jtidgmint of the Court 1. Inadequate nr
subject to Just objection and al.o to re
sell the property upon such notice a. ine
Court may direct, ut the risk and cost of
the purchaser. Incase the purchaser thereof
shall fall nr omit to make any payment on
account nf the purchase price wtlhtn ten
days ufier th entry of the order requiring
at Ii puvment.
Til purchaser, on confirmation of the
sale shall make surh further payment! In
cash on ut -mint of th purclias prlc. a.
th Court may from time to time direct.
So much of the purcha.e price a. may nut
lie required hy the Court to be paid In cash
miy b paid either in ci.h or the pur.
chasr in iv sallsfy and make good such
residue of hla bid In who! or In pari bv
turning over to ih undersleneJ bond, of
the Iluffalo and Susquehanna Railway
Companv Issued under and secured bv It.
mortgage lo th United States Trust Com
panv of Nw York. a. Trust, dated April
1, ln with coupons of M ly 1st. l'MO, an I
all subsequent coupons thrunto attached.
The afore.ald mortgag! property, prem
ises nnd franchise, win b .old subject to
the lien of anv and alt taxe.i assstnnts
and w.atr tnts levied against .aid above
de.crlbed preml.ee. or any put thereof,
which are or muv be chargeable upon sai l
property nr premises, nr Htiy pnrtlnn thereof
prior lo the 'leu of .aid mortgage dated
April I, 1903
The purchaser shall, ns a pari of th"
i inslderalb n for surh sale and In addition
to the prlr bid. take the property pur
chaied subject to all condition., re.erva
tlon. and re.trlctlnns .et out In the said
Judcment of forei to.ur and ule ind lo
any llns whbh may have be or may
heraftr be estuhllrhed a having priority
tr th said morigag dated April 1. 190.1
and all pending mniracte In respect to sail
property nbov described lawfully mad nv
the rei elver nf ihe property above de.
scribed, heretofore dulv appointed In this
action and also subject to unpaid In
debtedness, obligations or llablllll-s whlih
shall hate b-en duly infracted nr Incurred
bv sai l receiver In reepn t therein, befnre
the delivery of the possession of the prop
erty sold and vvlili h shall not be paid hi"
said receiver herein out of the income anl
earnings of the said property above de
icrlbed, nr which .hall not be paid out of
the proceed, of the sale uf .aid proper!)
above ileri rlbed
Any person propoeltic to pun hue at
.aid sat the ald propr!v. premises alol
franehies Hbove desi rlbed Is referred to
th .aid Judgment of foreclosure and sale.
In this notice specifically mentioned, for a
more full and complete description of the
property, premise und franchise, therein
directed tn he sol I. and also for the term,
ond condition, upon whbh the .al ot
.aid prop.rtv. p:citil.. and franchise,
shall be made Certified cople. of sail
Judgment of forei loeure and sale will be
Ir the possession of Ihe undersigned at the
time and place nf sale and may tie In
spei ted by the Interested penon. or bid
der.. Dated, Julv ;0th, 191.
STEWART A- SHEARER. Attorne). for
Plaintiff. Ollbe A- P O. Addre. No
IS Wall Sire'. Borough ot Manhatti'i.
Cltv of New- York, N Y
YORK John W. Sterling, plaintiff against
William C. O'Brien and Alice 0. Tobln,
In pursuanc of .a Judgment of fore
closure end sale, duly mad and entered In
the above entitled ne'lon, and bearing date
the 29th day of May. 1915. I, the under
signed, the referee .u slid Judgment
named -Mil ili at public auction. 'I 'be
Real Estate Exchange Salesrooms, Nos 14
14 Vesey Street In the Bor' igh of Man
hattan, city of New- V Tk. on the Sth day
of July. 191". at 12 o'clock noon on that
dl). by Henry Brady auctioneer, 'l.e
premises directed by .aid Judgment tu be
old and therein described as follow e:
All that certain lot. plec or par. el of
land In the City, County and St it nf New
York, with the biitldlng. and Improvements
thereon erected, bounded and described as
follow s
Beginning at a point In the northerly
side uf Thlrtlth Street distant one hun
dred und sixty-four feet four Inches
easterly from th lntrctlon of the north
erly side uf Thirtieth street and the east
erly side of Fifth Atenue. and runnlnc
thenre northerly, parallel with Fifth Ate
nue and part of the way through a par')"
wall. elght)-one feet two inches, thence
eaitcriy. parallel with Thirtieth Street,
twenty-one feet five Inches; thence south
erly, parallel with Fifth Avenue and part
of the way through another party wall,
eight) -one feel two Inches to the northerly
ilde of Thirtieth Street and thence we.t.
erly, along the northerly side of Thirtieth
Street, twenty-one feet five Inches tu the
point of beginning
Dated New Vork. June 10. 191",
JOHN A (l.VRVER, Attorney for Plaln-lff,
.i. Wall street, New York
The fol'owinc I. a diagram of the prop.
rty to be .old - Its street number Is 7 East
30th Street. Borough of Manhattan, city
uf New York:
' I I
r t4i
litl-4' ' 21'.'.' 231-3'
Th approximate amount of th !ln nr
charge to satl.f) w tilth th ahot d
s. rlbed proprty I to be sold. 1. forty-. eten
thousand lite hundred und ten and 35-100
dn'Urs i14T.M0 33i. with Interest thereon
from the 29th da) of .Ma). 1915, together
with th cost, and allowance amounting tu
three hundred and eighteen and xti.i'io
dollars il3t91. with Interest from May
29 1915. together with the expeneee of the
sale The approximate amount of the
taxes, aistisnients and water rites or other
liens, which are to be allowed to the pur
chaser out of ihe purchase money or pild
by the referee, 1. two thousand three hun
dred and s. lent). two and 47-100 dollirs
it..27: I7l and Interest.
Dat'd. New York. June let. 1915
JOHN A ilAHVER. Attorney for Plain. irr
The foreg.lng sale j hereby adjiurn-d
to Thursday. July 22, 1913, at the same
time and place
Dated New York. July 4. 191.-,
The foregoing sale Is hereby further ad
Journed to Friday. Augui-t i, 1915. at the
sane time and place
Dated. New York July 20. lip,
JOHN A IIARVER, Attorney for Plaintiff.
55 Wall Street. New York City
COMPANY, INC Plaintiff, against JAMES
ALLEN NICHOLS. ; a!. Dffeii.lanti
In pursuanc of n Judgtnnt of for,
rloeure and .ale. ltii) made an.' entered
In the above entitled action anl bearing
date the llth d ly of June IMS. I ihe
underelcned, the refer In sa'l Judg'nT
named, wi.l sell nt public awtlur, at the
P.xi haneo Sa. srcim No. n i tsei
btret, In the Borough of Manhattan i'Id
of New York, on III 2nd day of AurJ't
1.13. ut 12 oMock noon on that dav bv
SAMUEL MARX, Am tloneer. the prn.lie
Hlr.rted bv said Judgment to be ioid. and
therln dscrlbed us fo ows
ALL that certain "nt p'si nr par si of
land, situated. I Inc a.,.i l.ing In the fltv
of New York, In the i mutt and Stat of
New Ynrk. and boun led and deicrlbed a.
follow s
BEcll.NNlNIi at a point on the North
er')" sll of Seventy-flf h Street dl.lant
one hundred and twelve feet Easterv from
the Northeasterly corner of seventy-fifth
street and Coiutnbus Avenue, running
thence Nnrtherlv pa-allel with Columbus
Avenue one hundred and two feet two
In. he. t" ihe centre line of the bloik.
then. Ulster!) a.oiig said . entre ..tie
twenty-one feet, (heme southerly again
ptrallel with Columbus Avenue and part
of the distance through a partv wall one
hundied and two feel twe t, he, to the
Northerly side of Sev snty. fifth Street, anl
then. Westerly along the same twent.--one
feet t-i the point or pla. of beginning
Dated, New York Julv sth. 1915
ALEXANDER . -IHEEV Attorneys for
Plaintiff Office and P O Address, 121
Broadway. Borough of Manhattan, N.
V Ct
The following If a diagram of th prop
erty to b sold, It. itreet Numbr Ii 51
West 75th Street:
75th Slreei.
Tli approximate amount nf th ln or
charge, to sallsfy which th above-de.
.rrlbd propel ty Is to be soid. is TWENTY.
u:KNTY-sKVBN 74.1m) D01,LltS,
(125,377,7X 1. with Inteiest thereon from
the 5ih day of Jun. 1915, together wltn
th co'ts and allnw.an.c amounting la
jsan 5. with Inlerr.t from Jun llth. 1915
togthr with Ut expen.. of th. sale
The approximate amount of ihe tax's a
(:ntc and wafr rate., or other f:.
which are to be a' on I to too pur-baser
out of the pop hasa nvuiei or paid b) the
lieferee Is I 39 and Interest
DaieJ, N rl. Julv 4th. 1915.
t a
e. at
,i i
Washington Prertk'tions for
To-diiy .mil To-inorrow.
Fur eastern New Ynrk anil New Eng
land, probably fair fo-elii) and tn-naorrnvrt
naoalerate temperature) tight aarlcble vtlnils.
For New Jeri.y nnd ea.tern Pennayl
vanla, probably fair In-day and to-morrow;
moderate temperature, light variable
For we.tern New York, probably fair to
day and to-morrow; moderate temperature;
light variable wind..
NEW VOIIK. July 24. Fair weather pre
allel generally oter the ouintry yeeter
day, save for a few- siuttrd .howere In
the central We.tern stile, the lake
region, and on the .outh MUntte coast.
There wa. no norm In any section, but
Ihe pressure was generally low from the
Southwest cr Ihe central Western Statia
(-into the lake regions High pteirure con
tinued oter the Atwntle States, where the
temperature 'continued tuo Kraie. It waa
ellghll) cooler In the Northwest and Ihe
upper lake regions and warmer In the cen
tral and western Unit States.
In this city the day was fair, with but
alight 'hange nf temperature: winds, light
to treeh southeast, average humility, S3
Pr cent., barometer corrected to read lo
ea letel at S A M . 30 21; 3 P. M., 30.20.
Thn triupcratuti' In thl . city rtcrday. aa
rconrdcel by the official therm oiretcr, I. shown
lu the aiincicil table
1913 1911 ' 1915
ii A M ;j re, e p M . 7S
12 M . W 71" u p M .
.1 P M 77' 74 "12 Mid 57s
Highest temperature. 79 et 4 P M.
Lowest temperature, or, at 5 A. M
The Russian-Mu' rh-in liner Dwinsk,
silling to-morrow for Ar. haiigel, will take
mall, cln.lng at 10 A M. for Rusila only.
The Whll Star llnr Arabic, i.illlnc
Vdniday for Liverpool, will take mall,
closing at S:10 A. M. tor Europe, except
Herman), Austria. Hungary. I.uxenibure.
Turkey the Netherlands. Norway. Sweden
Switxerlaitd and Oreece when .peclally ad
dre.ed only.
Th Tran.ailantlra Italian i liner Dinte
Alighierl. sailing Wedneelat tor Nnplea,
will lak 111 al. 'losing at 1130 A M,
for ttalv Bitlgirla. Rum.auli. Servlc,
Switterlainl and cln-ei e when specially ad
dressed The Scandinavian-American liner Oscar
II. silling Thuisdav for Chrl'tlatisand.
will take mall, closing at 10 A. M.. for
Norway, sw.n Denmark. irman,
Austria. Hungar), Luxemburg and Tur
Sun riM-s 17 'tin 'c-t 7 17 Moim rifen.717
1111)11 WATER TIII4 DAY.
Sandy ll'fc 7 ao (lov PI 7 .V- 1111 (late. .0 1.3
Sandy Il k I J 2 (inv 1.1 I V.' Hell dale. 3 31
Arrived SUNDAY. Julv 25.
P Philadelphia. 5 P M-. Liverpool. July 17.
S La Diotni-. 11 I) P M s.uurd.i), Bor
deaux. July 7
S Earl of Eliln. 9 to A. M . Alsler.. July V
Ss Polarlne. 3 f. P M , Coi-tilri.-en. Julv 10.
Ss Meidien. i.l'i P. M., flarhados, July 13.
ss Mxtioli. II .:". P. M . Port Antonio. July
Ss Ma.varo. 4 aa A L. Grenada. July t.
S City nf Columbus, Savannah, July 22.
Ss Comanche-. Jacksonville. July 22.
Ss Jefferson, Norfolk. July 21.
S Pawnee, Philadelphia. Julv 21.
Ss Alexandra llo'tnn. Julv i.
Ss Parthian, Norfolk. July 21.
bs River Oreille Phlltiiripitia. July M.
S St Paul, al Liverpool
s. Palactiie, at Havre
S. L'atii aitrlali, at London.
bslKii.i d".-Il Ahrutzl. ol! cllbraltlr.
ss Ityiidani. from Rotterdam.
Ss Monu Ca.tle, from Pro.'reso.
Sail To day.
Roma, n.ari-olona
Madison, Norfolk
Vessel a
3 ri P M
3 10 P M
1 on P M
2 (1 P M
1 is P M
3 in 1' M
3 10 P M
12 ' M
2 'io P M
to i A M
12 "a M
11 "I A M
12 '.i M
5 tl P M
12 on M
1 ro P M
I2i.i M
3 l P M
To morrow
Dwtitsk. An haniol
Ktirntii. Uarbado. ....
Muttawk. Jacksonville
I" on A M
11 Xi A M
C of Columbus, Sat 'null . .
Jefferson. Norfolk
Sail Wednesday, Jul)
Arabic. Llterpoid 3o , M
Dante Altsheri Naples II m . M
llroil!r, .Mnntetlrien . 7 "1 A M
Philadelphia, l.i (iiia)ra s ao A M
Rcrminhuti llermuda 9 no AM
Canllii. Jamaica 9 3n a M
N'tckrrlc. Hav II ) P M
Creole. New Orleans . ..
Sail J.'icllilii. I, alt clou
Ohio in. San Fraiii l.i n
11. milium. Nnrlollc
Due To-day
l.'irso Law . .
Cai Iqtl
MotlLllie-v ro
St Stephen
Highland Prime
Alfred Nolied .
Achille. . ..
La da" one ...
Lick iwaiuia . ..
Lnmtnio . .
Silver Wliifs . .
Avra .. . .
Amn. a
Coaiiiu . .. .
Vami'j . ...
ta ....
El Mimdo
Liitiiloti ...
llatro ...
J illy
J uly
, .. Havre
Ml,'! I It a
.. . .Alsler.
. . Colieoihareii
.. Maneh'iler . .
. . . London . ,.
Shield. .
Shield. . ..
. .. 'ilUS2ciw ....
Liverpool ....
Tnmdid . :
M. N.Kairn
llttvaiia . .
s.att Juan .
Itermtid i .
-.an .limit
Port Arthur ..
. . . . New Orleans .
.il ilit-stim ...
Du To niorriiw.
. . Liverpool .. .
Dial .
llavititi .
Wells City
Sarato.- a
City of St
Rm r,i audi
Lt-!IUi .
.atom i
(lull .ton
llrutisuioU. ...
. .J ickennv tile- . ,
Wcdlles'la). Julv .'v.
Chlcaio .. . liorileaux . ...
aubuii . . London
Potruleine La Itochelle. .
Toynhashl Marit London .. .
Frames . l.tverpiail
lieRnrd Niid
Flalun i ('iiiiihaseii , .
..'inc on do I.ammiso Cotk
Fitil'iiul San Francisco
Catn.uttey Ptiertn Mexicn
Rivanio Prnsiesn
El Norte i,xl estnn
Iiirnniliiu isi. II) Wireless,
... f.tilfnil vith h, lu.i.o Purl Arthur,
40 tn,',-. we.t of T'-rti.L i al iio.ui )csterdav.
ss El Nine 'i I'.ve.tuu. '."i tulles soqih of
Ju-iller at noon
K! Mil ilo iialvesinn 4 miles snuili o
siimv Home at nomi
s- Litv n si 1 i ii savannah, 44" miles
otilh of Sandv Hook at noon
Lampa.'i-. Motnle ;.ij nnlcs southwest
of Diamond -dmal al noon
S. Cam i.-ui v Pro.-1 1 sii mil. uui!iwri
ni In-ir.iond shoal .it noon.
S. Moniti New Orleui". Ill miles north
we.t ni TortusH. al iiiiiin
s. El Kin Now Orleans. erosd South
pa.s lur a i I M
El I'nl. (,alvestnii. 234 miles can of
Ii live .ton bat at itooti.
s surging i Kuan i, t,:i mile, south ot
S in.lv Hook at 7 p XI
s Colorado iealvcstnu. .3 mil, north of
Jupiter :lt 7 P M
c..Tokct- iienr.elnw n. s c, ir.) miles
snuili of -an.lv Hnok it 7 I' M.
S. Ltiaie ,1 li-ksouv lllc, l'i.' mile, south uf
s indv Hook al 7 1' M
s. dm liratitie llrtitt.wtik ;.o miles eoulh
nt lirinio ul Mm il .at 7 P M
s, Vela Port Arthur. t". mile, south ol
samtv Hunk at iiuon
s. Pre ie Sew Otic m, . .1 , miles soqih
i I s. .,j. 1((1, u a neioti
s. 1. 1, no. s.m ,iu in miles souih of
Satti'v Honk at nnoii
ss r'luiajvt San Fr.n ... o. psj uuIcb south
ul bandy M P. H

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