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wiper, New York James Farley, wlr, 1
nome iremnd, residence United Stales:
J. 11. Junker, steward, London: Henry
Irving, cook, Massachusetts; Fred Camp
bell, mcssmnn, New Jersey: Alber Motes,
inessmnn, New Jerse ! Henry Olersun,
cabin boy, llnllund; II. (lulksen, Nor
Diwn nml Thru I'll on Hip l.erln-
The news tint the Leelnnaw, An
American whip, had been sunk without
warning th form In which the story
first go to Wall Street caused a half
hour panic of fear, l'rlccs of the war
stocks, which bad opened at new hl-th
records and were booming merrily up
ward when the news was print e.l ithortly
after 11 o'clock, crashed with a sud
denness that rushed the entire m.irket
Into a headlong downward plunge.
It wan not until the, news was printed
that the Leelnnaw was carrying con
traband anil wai not sunk until af'rr
the Herman command" bid boarded
the ship and ordered the crew off tb it
the market steadied, It then recover"'
quickly, the war stocks making new
high records In the afternoon uftcr the
disturbing episode.
On the curb one of the most re
markable Incidents In tlm recent his
tory of speculation In Wall Street 3?
curred In tho stock of Klectrlc lloat
This stock, which bad risen from in at
tha end of Inst year to 352 at the close
on Saturday, opened 4S points higher,
climbed 30 points higher to 4.10 and
was at about tori when the news gut
about. In less than fifteen minutes It
pulled the price from 130 downwind
by ISO points to the low of the day,
2110, When the rcasiurlng news came
tho stock again resumed Its remarlt
nble upward swine and closed the diy
at 370.
Embassy OrTlclnls ii I.ecliinniT
Cnar Is Hosier Than Others,
CEPAnnt'iisT, I.. 1., July 26. An offi
cial In cloe touch with the Herman
Embassy here said to-day that no con
flict of opinion would arise over tho
Inking on Sunday of tho American
freight steamship Ieelanaw by a tier
man submarine. The facts surrounding
the loss of the ship. It was stated, are
more In favor of the Herman (lovern
ment than In the case of the Krye.
Tha Leelnnaw, It was explained was go
ing from ono belligerent port to another,
whereas the Kr.vo was going from a
neutral to a belligerent port. The only
point of disagreement. It was snld, that
could arise over this recent caso would
be as to whether or not tho (lermau
Government should pay for the Lecln
naw. The Herman Government will not
Iih responsible for the loss of the contra
band cargo carried by the vessel.
It Is the belief of Herman officials
htre, It was also learned, that the Her
mans could not have saved the ship
even had the attacking vessel been a
omlser instead of a submarine. It
would have been Impossible even for a
cruiser to have taken the ship as a
prise back to shore.
It has been learned that Herman offi
cials In this country are convinced that
the negotiations Incident to the sinking
of the Lusltanla between this country
nnd the Herman Hovernment will deter
mine amicably
British anil orweglsn Vessels
link li- Stiliiunrliir In Xurth Sou.
Ixjnuon, July 2fi. The llrltlsh steam
chip Orangewood, from Archangel for
Havre, haa been sunk In t'.e North Sea
by u Herman submarine. Tha crow
landed to-day at Ierwlck, Scotland. .
The Norwegian steamship Flmrelte
waa also sunk by a Herman submarine.
The crew has been landed at Storn
away, Scotland. The Krlmelte was of
3,819 tons burden and her home port
was Bergen.
The Hrnngewood was of 3,421' tons.
She was built in 1U02, and was owned
fcy the Gratitude Steamship Company,
J.td., of London.
Callan, Their Instructor, Itetiirns
With Iteporls of I'rouress.
Jol-n Ianslng Callan, the American
aviator and Instructor of the Italian
flying corps In tr. uso of Curtlss bi
planes, arrived ycnteiilay by the Italian
liner America predicting great thlnsi
for the big fleet of air craft that the
Italian forces will soon have In action.
Chief among ire machines, with a
tremendous capacity for destructive
work, weio the big, 320 horse-power
planes, which, with a carrjlng power
of a ton, pjuld take enough fuel for a
ten hour flight. lh Italians were gal
lant nnd daring aviators, Mr. Call.in
said, hut sometimes a bit emotlon.il and
erratic. They have given up the mono
plane as a war machine.
Asserts Ktlilence Hits lli-en I'nunil
nf Treaty Violation.
Homk, July 26. The Italian Hovern
ment believes that It has discovered
conclusive evidence thst Turkey has Vio
lated the treaty of Lausanne, by which
she undertook to withdraw all Turkish
troops and ortlcers from the Cyrenalca
district In Tripoli ami hlp bring about
the submission of tho Senussl tribes
men. it Is nsserted that Knver Tasha, the
Turkish Minister of War, sent his
brother, Nu-i Hey, to Cyrenalca to
foment rebellion,
TaUe AilrluGi' Island. ln-il Inn
Strong Mrntrulc I'nsltlun.
Rouk, July 26. The Island of Pela
roea In the Adriatic has been occupied
by Italian forces, accoidlng to an offi
cial Htatement li-sued to-night. The oc
cupation Is of Irnisirtanc because of
tha island's strategic situation.
The I'elngosa Island group lies in the
Adriatic, midway between the promon
tory of Gargano, Italy, nnd the Dalma
tian const. There aie two Islands,
Grande und P'ecola. lioth nre rocky
prominences, which rise to n consider
able height.
Names nf Thri-c Itrci-ntl Washed
Asluin- re l.enrneil.
T.onpon, July 26.-Three bodies re
cently washed nsboie on tho Irish mast
have been IdentlfWd, according to a mes
sige from Wesley Frost, the American
Consul at Cork. They were:
Harry J Keier of Philadelphia and
Vlrtor F. Shields of Cincinnati, Hrst
cabin passengers, and Mrs." Iloslna T.
Leverlch, a second cabin passenger on
her way to visit her son In London.
Turks lleiiy Pcrsi-i-ullim nf Greeks,
A.ViKNs, Juh 26. It is umleisiood
that the ott mian Government, replyli.g
to the pint-at of the Government of
the lliillenis HKiiiiiht the persecution
of tlm Gieeks In Turkny. has uuuli
answer tint .he expulsion or the Greeks
was a sinn In nulltur) meusuru und
not persecution.
Only Hope Is Seen in Possible U. S. Protest to Great
Britain British Influence Discernible,
Eugen Zimmerman Declares.
fpeeial Cubit lii$palch to Tur. Si.
JIkiii.in, via London, July 26. Con
demnation of the American note Is almost
universal In (lermany. There Is scarcely
a rlaue In It with which one com
i tr.entator or another does not find fault,
It appears, however, that there Is some
'hope fop the situation In .1 possible
(iiii.-i ii-.ui iirmrru u ureal iiniain in nnin view pomi ami .11 1 it- luir.inini; ni
regard to the restrictions placed upon l,,p American note. This feeling even
liliminir overshadows, the Indignation felt In some
nmiiiing. 'quarters over the statement that any
Hut In the absence of definite evidence 1 further sulimar.i.e attacks n-sultlng In
that the 1'nlted States Intends to deal ns! the loss of American lives will be con
strictly with England as with Oermany ' "Idered "deliberately unfriendly."
In. ..ii.. . ., , . i
I there Is very bitter feeling on all sides.
It Is the prospect that President Wll-j however much thev desire the friendship
son will address to Ureat llrltaln as , of America, In ofllolal droles the pos
sharp a no,, as he has Just sent to iXl Jin''t
man, that will probably delay the Her-imperilled by suhmatlne attacks Is recog
man icply. for the Foreign Ollke. It Is.nlied, but is not commented upon,
understood, .will .not act. If possible, until iiexplte the air of finality about the
this point lias been entirely cleared up. 'latest communication from Washington i
Phould there be no American protest to j political circles here believe that tho
(Ireat llrltatn It Is believed that the negotiations nro not at an end. Sentl-
i.erman reply will be couched In no very
re in I o terms. That, at least. Is the feel
lug at present.
The Cologne Onirilr. In the course of
(j two column article defending tier-1
I mn,r Position as respecting submarine
""'inic, Dnjn iri num. ui iciuie iu nu ,
iresiucni vviison the r.ivor or Ulscieillt.
' lug the nctlon of the commander who
sink the Lusltanla,
"Xo ( oiiipciisiiiliin for Demi."
"And we do not believe," continues
this paper, "In offering compensation for
tho lles of the llg.itherirted Americans wherever they please. The American
who were killed for sailing on the l.ujl- viewpoint Is that If an American citizen
tanla. We shall continue our nubm.1.,'11",0" "I""1'1" "l"'1 ",nl' T ll!l"""t
Hnt war Just as before. We shall give n ?lf,,rllln tlu" vicinity Is guilty of an
American ships and travellers1 the con
,1.1..,, I, ' ,i,. v,,.i.
'meanwhile that circumstances lll not I
' .1. ..I ..... I.... ...... ......... ..lnilu
iiiaam lilt" niliinilifll illl iii.fi c miuur,
"Our llrst duty Is national defend
nnd self-protection. Whatever this
I duty demands In the future must be
j done Irrespective of consequences."
! The Lrtptttirr .Vcursfr .VnchHcnf en,
commenting on the note, says:
"President Wilson has spoken ns
PCX,",! w,!o,0sn,.cksH .rhTsVeJHlr "" "o- of a Peaceful democ-
illceji, calling them principles. Kven If i .vm ,iniu,i iurf-.ii,. .. .......
the world Is to be .mashed to bit. we ' 'L Ti n . S" o' V
cannot hinder President Wilson from ' ,me the ,,.,, freedom of Its cltljetis, ,
thinking as be does nor can he stop tu but wecnnot understand the policy tha ,
effectively from doing what Is needed ,0 om. ,,.,., l.0er 'The war
to defend our fe us a nation. doesn't concern us' while furnishing war'
I'reslden Wilson eaves the final de- ( tnatcrlnl to another I'oner In order t0j
dilon of this momentous problem to the ,,,.rlve (h(. Kreatest possible profits. The'
V .
who fancies ha wants some war sensa
tions and travels in the war zone."
fn .Vote Has Krrnrs.
Kugen Zimmerman, general director
o. the LokaUinteiotr. savi the American
i note Is rilled with errors. He finds
cause for complaint In that the United
'States falls to admit that Germany had
, pointed out a way to preserve neutral
( rights under submarine warfare, but
nun in npiie or me unsatisractory
note Oermany will continue to "treat
America politely nnd considerately as
long as that appears useful."
He goes on :
'There Is-lacklng again the necessity
recognised by America Itself In viewing
submarine warfare as uncovered by
existing International law. We reserve
the right specifically to determine
against whom we are unfriendly.
"President Wilson Invites the Herman
Government to common efforts for free
dom of tho sens und Hermany certainly
will not refuse this nor any other neso-
"tuition consistent with ita dignity and
Interests. Hermany first, however, would
I like to advise Mr. Wilson to determine
i-.ngiamrs position as regards his plans
In older that no unwelcome nullification
ol his work result, or does he know It
ilerr Zimmerman says the llrltlsh In
fluence In the present note Is clearly
discernible. He asserts that tho chief
difficulty lies with Oreat Hrltaln. and
that America's future attltudo toward
Kngland's Interference with trade will
ShOW thf tpal nttitllfln nf lh ltnlA.l
I States.
He says, bringing sarcasm to bear,
that, If the views of the Washington
Hoveuunent were carried out American
tourists might logically demand the right
to look on at sea battles and demand
the cessation of the fighting If the noise
annoyed them,
People Almost n fnlt In Indorsing
Note Criticism.
H) ftiled Press.
Heiimn. via The Hague, July 2ti. The
German peunle are practically unanl-
', Kine's Troops Havts Taken 20,-
i 000 Prisoners Since War
Sptrlitt rnhte ftfpnlrh fi) Tne Srx.
Home, July 26. It Is sernl-olllclall
announced that since the war began
Ital has taken approximately 20.000
Austrian prisoners. Including SOO officers.
More than 300 officers hive been cap
tured since July IS in the battle of the
The War Office announced to-day that
the operations on the Careo plateau are
progressing favorably to the Italians.
The statement was ns fnllons:
On the afternoon of July 23 two of
our seaplanes flew over Itlva and
dropped eighteen bombs on the rail
road station with excellent results.
The enemy's ni tiller y fired on the ma
chines without musing any damage.
In Carnla during the night of the
2tth-25th enemy forces attacked our
positions at Sonidngna Pass, but were
promptly repulsed.
In the Monte Nero icglon the enemy
tried to arrest our offensive, delivering
three flerre attacks on positions con
iiunieil by us on t crest of Luilnlca,
but waa tepulsed by us with giuut
On the Cnrso plateau the action con
tinues favorably for us.
The following statement was Issued
at the War Office) to-night:
fin the Isonzo front yesterday, after
a bombardment, our troops advanced,
On our left we progressed and occu
pied a large fotesl. Oilr centre occu
pied the Intieiicbincnt defending Sella
San Mnrtlnn. Our right wing took
und lost several times Monte Ituul,
the largest part of which remained
In our possession,
The engagements wern very bitter,
especially In the forest, where the
enemy was strongly Intrenched and
could be expelled only by the use of
bayonets. The enemy ussd asphyxi
ating bonihs. Wh made l.tiOU piii
oners, Including thirty officers.
tin the rest of the front there Is
nothing to report.
mous In their approval of the editorial
utterance of the press In condemning the
latest American note. I have learned
this through extensive conversations
with representative men In all walks ol
life since the text of the note was pub
lished here yesterday morning.
The first feeling among the (letmatis.
m rtma r. t B.ipt..an n I (Ml r I 111,,
America hns fallnl to Krnp "tlm fior-
i ne Herman iieopic ni noi sanction
.. nhrl.lemeiit or ih.. submarine, nniirv
.ment generally favors a reply to America I
phrased In very friendly terms, but re
asserting the Herman viewpoint.
The newspaper to-day continued to j
,cw,le a large part of tlw.r columns to
denunciation of the stand taken by
There Is no reason why we should try
to discover perfume between the thorns
to console ourselves In the Ainerloan
note." said Theoclor Wolff In the Hrr
litter Tniirbltttt. "The American Gov
ernment demands that Its cltlseiu b-j
permitted to travel safely In war times
I unfriendly act
"('resident Wilson's standpoint Is un-
tI?",,-,-fl1,il .'!!.,0"tl it0 ?U.r, r"""?nu.h,
rights. Wilson unconsciously has ridanted
his Ideas to the Inteiests of the power-
fill classes of voters. The Germans,'
who always plaijed great vnluc In the
friendship of American democracy, now
reirretfullv see WINnn. ilestilfo tlie rtrt
' that he Is a Democrat by vonvl"tlon, '
i tiromotlni- the Interests nf tilulnffiv I
unanimous ojilnlon of all Germans Is that
we cannot accept the American thesis
which violated the spirit of equality and
tne sense or neutrality
Papers Dispute Wilson's State
ment of "llettrr Conduct,"
Sprcial Cnhlf lieiitc. to Till: Ms.
London. July 26. Surprise Is exe
pressed here over the passage In Presi
dent Wilson's reply to the Ilerlln Gov
ernment, "events of the past two months
showing an Improvement In the conduct
of the Herman submarines,
The Daily
.Un If sas:
"It Is difficult even to guess what
Is In the Pieslilent's mind, fur unhap
pily his supposition Is iulte unfounded."
The naval correspondent of the rtmrs
contends that the facts contradict Presi
dent Wilson's view. While there has
been an occislonnl decrease In the num
tier of llrltlsh ships destroyed, he points
out, such a decrease always has been
followed by submarine activity of re
newed vigor, "while even In the periods
when fewer llrltlsh ships have turn
sunk there have been ninny neutral vlc
tlnis of tile submarine raiders."
"livery act of the German command
ers," ssys the naval exnert. 'Vonilnno.
to be n flagrant Violation both of the I
letter and of the spirit of the laws f i
war, and the violations of the lawn 0f ,
humanity have been and nre as frc-
ueni as ever.
The writer details various occurrences
tending to show that President Wll
ton's view is uniustlibibl." n
the submarine conimandeis make no at-'
tempt to search and seldom allow time1
to the crews to escape. I
"It is possible, of course," concludis
he writer, "that President Wilson has
information from the llrltlsh Govern-,
ment which s being withheld from the
pubi c, hut as far as the circumstances I
or the blockade have revealed there Is I
no ground for supposing that any altcra-
ons ntZ '':-Cn ""'"e '""true
tons of the German Admiralty to the,
submarine commander."
Day on Froiich Front is With
out Important. Artil
lery Actions.
Slirrlal rnhlr rietruM In Tun ifv
I'Aiils. July 2d. There has been' un
uual calm on the French front during
the past twetity-foiir hours. There were
ra artillery actions of conse,llcnce,
hough there was some grenade throw
ing between the trenches In the forest of
-Vllly. Hlsewhere there was rnnnnnad
Ing. while , H.m.do-Sapt, In the. Vosges
the German, launched several attempts
against the positions they had lost there
lhe night communique was as follows
In Artols the cannonade diminished
In Intcnsltv. some mel!.s of largo
callhro weie thrown on Arras
. in in.tiiipagne ton tlm
i.e.illejiinr iro, ( ) ,W1( n(
the inluli'g operations were
In our
ravor. Ihere was a violent cannonade
In Le Pretre finest. Pont-a-Mousson
was iioiniiariloil. The iiieniv
several attempts against the
he lost at llan-iln-Sant.
The afternoon etiitemei.t said:
I here have been renin led
III. IIIIHl tlll'llt rIMf.l
, ' "." '"S'Kenienis
between Alx Nouletto and Soiidit-i as
wen ,ih in me vicinity or Sossons.
Il,,ltlll,.r ,. I t I, I. .. I. ... . . '
h "mi HHII.114I' lll'IW et'll
irenelie in the fnr st of Allly
anil a
of HarlmririnHweller
Flench aviators have thrown down
shells nnd steel arrows on the inUltuiy
railroad Million at Nantdlols, lo tlm
north of Monifaui-iiii
Clonal until September 1.1th.
H THOUSANDS of smoker H
of 25 cent brands hare H
B 4X. adopted MURADS! I
Bn 'VpTv nd remained loyal H
beausa they like I
bjK' (trade TurkUh mn4
LCHflBBr LLaHHHsLLrj7z2fl
C'oiif In Mfif from h'lrat Page.
are running shurt of ammunition, but
tlieru have' been no signs of this In their
artillery engagements.
A despatch from Krankfort-on-the-.Main
(piott's tho Frankfurter Zellutiff
lis saying that the Austro-Oermau forces
since July II have coptured 131,250
Russian prisoners, forty-one Meld guns.
HI machine guns nnd n vast quantity
of military supplies.
The nlllclat statement Issued by the
German War Oftlce In Ilerlln to-day waa
as follows!
An official telegram from main
heaibUarters, dated to-day, says that
in the western theatre nf the war no
Important events have transpired any
where on the front.
North of the Hlver Nlcmen the
nnny under Gen, von Huelow has
reached the dlstrirt, of Poswol and
Ponlcwlti. Wherever the enemy haa
offered resistance lie has been beaten.
We have captured more than 1,000
On the Nnrew front our" troops
foned a crossing of the river. Fur
thermore, both above and below Os
trolenku, our troops are slowly push
li.g the enemy back In the direction
nf the ltlcr Hug. The Ilussliins are
offering obstinate resistance to these
ad .'iitict'S Here also we captured
nboiit 1,000 Itusslans and more than
forty mnchlni guns.
On the northwest front our troops
are advancing toward the group of
f tlttcatlons around Novo Ueorglevsk
and Warsaw.
In the southeastern theatre of the
war. north of Wojslawlce and south of
Clielm, on the Itiver Hug, Germs n
troops In the recent fighting pushed
the enemy still further back. Yester
day we captured here eleven officers,
1,457 men and eleven machine guns.
Otherwise the situation west of the
Vistula and with the allied armies
under Hen. von Mackensen shows no
The towns of Poswol and Ponlc
wit are located some sixty kilometers
(about forty miles) to the east and
southeast respectively of Hbavll, In the
Russian province of Kovno.
A iiiiiiuiice Capture nf Vsnlnge
Point mi the Hue
rf(inf Valilr lt'titrt to Tus Six
Viknna, via Amsterdam, July SS.
The War Office Issued the following
official statement to-night:
South uf Sokal an important van
tage point of great alue strategically
to our bridgehead on the east bank
of the Hug has been captured by our
troops. We have liken 1,100 prison
ers mid two machine guns.
In the region of Groubcchow the
Germans have again gained ground.
Hlscwhere on the front thcie has
'been no change of Importance.
I'nsst'iiuer Stl The llnil Close
Cull Liner Itrni-hrs Liverpool,
I.oMHiN. July 26. The White Star
liner Ilaltlc arrived at Liverpool this
morning from New York and some of
the passengers who reached Iindon to
night were stljl excited over what they
declared to be a narrow escape from a
submarine. One or two say that at 7
o'e'ock Friday evening before reaching
Ftistnet UiTht a 1' boat made a dash for
the ship, but that a Hrltish torpedo boat
destroyer camo up nnd chHsed the Ger
man before the torpedo was discharged
The officers of the ship made no pub
lic report of the Incident nt Liverpool
and no official announcement of It has
been made.
$80,000,000 WAR ORDER.
Willi Street Gels Iteport About
General lllectrlc Company.
The General I'lcctrle. Company, It was
repented yesterday In Wall Street, bus
made final arrangements on an order
for 2,000,000 shrapnel shells for the
Itussliin Government nnd 2,000,000 high
explosive shells for the Hrltish and
Flench Governments. The total of this
order would be between 165,000,000 and
Officials of the company withheld
comment on the report. The company
has been negotiating for several months
fni war orders, with the object of con
ccntiatlng the business to a certain ex
tent, other largo companies working In
Xuslrlu In Npsre Cliiiri-lles.
Hkui.IN, via London. July 28. The
Austrian Govurnmnit .has notified the
Pope, through the papal nuncio at
Vienna, that oil churches ami monu
ments In the Italian coast towns, for
which the Pope has expiuK-.-d tear, will
be carefully spaied,
St,-,0,l(in In Dlrlulhln Prises,
Loniiom, July 20. Huron lllchelham
offered to-day a prize of Jjfi.OOO each
for the first ten dlilglhle balloons de
stroyed by Hrltish airmen. It Is re
quired that the airships be destroyed
In tho air.
Constitutional Coil veiitlon Cnnimll
(ee Visits Ship, NIiir,
Oasi.Ni.Nii. N. v., July 26. Tlic com
mittee on penal Institutions of the Con
etltutu ual Convention inspected Hlng
Slug prison this afternoon. Warden
Thulium Mull Osborne conducted the
cuuuulttfe through the cell block, dor
mitories, shops and hospital und out
lined to them the reforms which he has
made and others liu hopes to make.
The committee's visit was to study
the reforms lo ho able to act Inlclll
gently on tlm changes In tho Mute's,
penal system suggested to the conven
tion. The vlsltois expressed themselves
ns pleased with the wuy Warden Os
horno Is conducting the prison, but no
c tniui'ut wiih inudu us to what recom
mendations the committee intends to
inakii, One of the principal reforms
now before tho convention delegates la
tho centralisation of power In prison
control through u responsible bureau.
Athens Despatch Snys Jlritisli
Undersea Craft Ilenchcd
Capital Harbor.
London, July 2. An Athens des
patch says that a Uritlsh submarine,
having entered the Hea of Marmora and
sunk a Turkish transport, proceeded to
the harbor at Constantinople and sank
two gungoats and an ammunition steamer
near the wharves.
Another teport says a German sub
marine has been sunk In the Bosporus.
If the above despatch Is correct It Is
the second occasion on which a Hrltish
submarine has penetrated to the harbor
at Constantinople.
Lit n it lllim-nlt nnil Turks Know It
Hesti Sna Correspondent.
Sptclal Cablt ntupotcn to Tur. Sfv
London, July 26. H. Ashmesd-Bart-lett,
correspondent for the Londjn news
papers In the Dardanelles campaign,
emphasizes the terrific task of the Allies
on Galllpoll peninsula In their tight
against the Turks.
In detailing the advance of the French
nnd Kngllsh ngalnst the Turks of July
12 and 13 be says that any una who has
not seen the ground can form no con
ception of the obstnclcs the French and
Hrltish Infantry have had to face In
gaining ever a few yards of fresh soil
In three montna The Turks have con
structed a perfect network of trenches
and small redoubts, all irroteMed tiy
barbed wire entanglements connected by
saps and communicating trenches.
"The majority of our casualties oc
cur," be writes, "In holding the trenches
after they are won, for the enemy,
knowing the ground and plan of the
trenches better than our men, attack
them with homhs through saps.
"Parties of our men get too far for
ward and are frequently lost for hours,
while It Is no uncommon occurrence for
our men to gain possession of an ad
vanced trench while the Turks are still
holding a section of those behind them.
"Thus after each advar.ee It takes
n long time to straighten out and con
solidate a captured position. The cost
ol this particular kind uf warfare can
be worked out with almost mathemati
cal exactness; for so mmy men must
be sacrificed, so many shrllH, so many
hand grenades for every fresh hundred
yards occupied. It Is bludgeon work,
biutal and unattractive, giving little
or no scope for skill or tactics or strat
egy. "The slttiatlci Is exactly the tamt
au at Vpres and Souchet on the Achl
Haba front. Victories cannot be won
In a day any more than they can b
won In France ; for sections of the en
emy's line must first be pounded to a
pulp, then stormed und finally held
against counter attacks. The Turkish
positions are appallingly strong. They
resemble n giant ploughed field wherein
the successive lines ol trencher take the
place of furrows."
Arrested for Theft, lip Telle of
"lutrrnntlimnl Business,"
When Charles W. Underbill was ar
raigned before Judges Husseil, Herman
and Herbert In Special Sessions yester
day on a charge of petty larceny he
decided to go to the Tombs to await
trial Wednesday rather than give his
real name and communicate with his
friends. He said he was a secret agent
and that the disclosure would Interfere
with an International business of great
Importance between this country and
Germany. Ball was fixed st I .',00.
Underbill said he came from Germany
last January under the nnme of Wolff
L'lrich. He has been living at the room
ing house of Mrs. Jennie C. Wright, 19
West Sixteenth street.
Miss Lou Cook, rohatlon officer of
the Bedford Hill lleformatory, who lives
at the same house, says she gave Un
derbill a check for a sultcuse. He did
not return, nnd she discovered that the
bag had been removed. It was valued
at fin.
Mrs. Wright saw Cnderhltl at Times
Siinre. He ran Into the subway sta
tion, but Mrs. Wright caught him In a
telephone booth.
Impossible tn Mint Off Suppl) lln
llret), sa Lord Cecil.
Spfcinl Cnhlf ItnpntrS to Tut Si s
London, July 20. I-ord Itobert Cecil
In the House of Commons to-day warmly
repudiated How land Hunt's assertion
that the Government Is allowing Ger
many to obtain the means for killing
llrltlsh soldiers by refusing to declare
cotton contraband.
"This Is what some of the mora
venomous newspapers ur not ushamed
to say," declared the speaker. "Hut It is
a fact that the Government Is doing Its
utmost to prevent cotton from reaching
Geimany, The question has been how
that may best be don" consistently with
the rights of neutrals
"It Is utterly untrue, as tho gentleman
has asset ted. that the Government la
fighting Germany with gloves on. I am
almost Hied of repeating that, so far
as stopping the cotton supply of the
enemy Is concerned, It would not have
made any difference If It had been de
clared contraband,"
Germany Accents II. i, Knilmasy
Report From France.
Rkri.in, via London, July 2, The
American KmbasBy hero has Informed
tb Government that German olllcers
who are prisoners In France are being
treated In accordance with the pro
visions of the Hague convention,
Fifty French officers who were not
being given the regulation tieatuient In
Germany ns a retaliatory measure have
therefore been restored to their former
Submarine Huso Destroyed,
Paiiis, July 26. A despatch from
I Toulon says that the French destroyer
Le Hlsson has wrecked the Austrian
submarine base on Lagosta Island, with
the loss to the French of only one msn
Lngnstu Island Is the southernmost of
the Dalmatian group.
American Women lleli-nsril.
Hr.iii.lN, via Loudon, July ii. The two
I American women anested ut Llnilau on
a charge of using Insulting language to
German oHlccrs have been released,
They were Mrs Harriet Hoyce of Han
Francisco and her daughter. Margaret.
whose stage name Is Adele Royer.
Atlantic City
9.SO L.W, IUSl.7.S0Ubsrt7tt.MB
JtciKm AM.. ItntfCUt. 17s.m.
t U . 4 a. if- - . ,. III.
1vi w,w-u nwin, i ,sj m.m.
fknn to He Plnrei! In Monastery
on Islnnil of Tlnos.
Athkns, July 2.1 (Delnyed In trans
mission). Oreccc held n great religious
festival to-day In celebration of the
recovery of Kins; Constantino. A high
Archbishop of the Greek Church, sur
rounded by an escort of cnvalry, rode
to the church between files of soldiers,
bearing- on his breast n sacred ikon.
At the end of the service the Ikon was
taken to Phnleron and placed on the
cruiser Averoff, which, escorted by four
destroyers, carried the Image to its test
ing place In a monastery on tho Island
of Tlnos,
The Ikon Is n portrait of the Virgin
Mary and Is supposed to have been
painted by St. Luke. It was brought
here when the King waa at death's door.
Crown Prince George placed the Ikon
In the King's bedroom, while the whole
nation prayed. The King began to re
cover almost, at once and the people at
tribute the change for the belter to the
presence of the sncrcd image.
Drops lliiiulia I'rom llrltlsh 'Plane
nnd nves Trnnspnrl.
PaI, July J6. The Jfofln prints an
account from Its correspondent at Sedil
el H.ilir of an attack by a British aero-
j plane on a German submarine which
wns drawing near to an allied transport
laden with troops.
The aviator caught sight of the sub
mcrelble. and after giving an alarm
nrnespdeit tn Hrnn hnmhs ul thm
I marine white torpedo boats came up.
I Nono of the missiles tcok effect, but t'i
j submarine was driven to plunge deeper,
j Soon afterward the periscope was
I righted again nnd more bombs were
dropped. At this warning the boat was
submerged and did not riMppear.
Caiirlnn sends Her Thanks,
London, July 26. A Petrograd des
patch says that Count Itostofxeff, sec
reary for the Czarina, has written a
letter to J. D. Kllburn, representing
the American Sunday School Associa
tion, expressing thanks tn the children
of America for their gift of Testaments
to the Ilusslan soldiers. The Testnments
are being sent tn all parts of the front.
Confirmed by Superior Jury
For"Excellence of its Product"
For "Its Educational Value."
GOLD MEDAL For "The Flexibility and
Wide Range of its Adding and Subtracting Type-
GOLD MEDAL To Rcmtico Typewriter Rib
bon and Carbon Papers For "Quality and
Highest possible Awards in Every Department
of our Business.
s i nr-w
Plan Thought to Indicate Con
fidence Pension Hill
Must, Wait.
Sprcjal Valilr HfunUeh In Tnr. Si v
London, July 20. There could be no
better Indication of the Government's
confidence In tho ptescnt situation than
that found In the design, fotered by t!i
Government, to give Parliament a ix
weeks vacation.
Premier Asfjulth announced In the
llnii'c of Commons to-day that he saw
no reason to Interfere with the plan Tor
such n holiday. It seems likely, how
ever, that so long n holiday will not be
permitted without opposition from snmu
of the members. Sir Ilenty Dalzlel, for
Instance, moved to-day that a four
weeks holld-iy be taken Instead uf one
lasting six weeks.
There Is some opposition to the
Premier's plan In the House of Lords
as well. The question was hroua.hl up
to-day In connection with the unity nnd
navy pension bill, which the Govet it
ment desires to have passed before the
vacation begins. The view was held,
however, that the bill was of too Kicil
Importance, to be rushed through and
should be examined at leisure. To the
Government's objection that the bill
should not be delayed during a vii-.itlou
o' six weeks the reply was made that
tho perhel be shortened to four Weeks.
Finally the motion to defer the second
rending of the bill until nfler the holi
day was carried by a voto of 41 to 31
The postpom ment of the pensions bill
In the House uf Lords was deiiouti,-cd bj
srme of the members In the Houo of
Commons, who declared It was cruel to
keep soldiers and dependents waiting
for allowances to Willi h thc.v would be
entitled as soon as the bill was passed
Wahl Mechanism.
has been so great that this new
Twelve-Cylinder Car has become the
recognized standard by which to gauge
all motor car performance and values.
If you have not already inspected the Packard
"Twin-Six," you should take the first oppoi
tunity to see it and arrange for a ride in it.
of NEW YORK Broadway at Gist Street
uiiiii,iiii:iii;,iniiU'iiii:iH;iiiiiii:iiii,iiin iiiiiiiuniii.ii ...
Acceptance of Time Drafts
A valuable service ,
offered by tho Dark r
Trust Company the
ceptance of time draft ,
drawn upon it by ii.dn
trial and commerci.il c de
cerns whosu reqtiirennsi'
are seasonable andaf,ai ;,t
An officer will be ;lad t
confer with you in re,',a.
to this or any oilier bun! -ins
Ask for booklets desert
inpi I3anl:inr!
and Foreign
I 1G Wall Street
imiiiiiii' "iiiiu',im"iit'iniii'tiinTHTi'ii ii'i'Mi-
Toll. cd Of ns Counsel In ln otlgii
Hun nf lily's I'iiiiiuees.
William Travels Jercn- n ,
counsel for iW Ilioan bg-"r -n.
nilttee In Its liivesilx.it "ii ' t i
tlnalicf". Ills n.tir,'- led i'l t .
terd.iy ill the dsctiWm ,.f t.
who may be selected to a I I .' ,
H llr.nvti's committer.
Ml. .leiomc's name Will 1,1
Gov. Whitman's attention f r n
ithc's who lire being tin i. ire
Frink M", former ..-,'t
Attorney; Henry Ue Pure It, n,
Viit.uu II Klllsnr. G e . ,r.
m ,n und Wllll im P Iln. r
A -
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