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lioiilcii( Williams in Annual
,YMirt Says Delay Moans
Hi"- Losses.
(-,; T moth) H. Williams, presldent.of
u Hrookvn IS.iplit Transit Company,
in the annual leport for the year ended
l-iie 3". 'imc Hie tlty authorities for
nr iMay IrtlliiK the, contracts for
Cut lit)'" share ,,f lie new subway
i,j,!d iik mid contrasts the expeditious
-fdu.e f the company In Its part
,f tlin rk.
it ip )Kk as If the most Important
j l of tin" onl.iiKed system will not he
r.ady for operation until a considerably
. , i r l.it lli.in .l.inuary 1, 1917, the
Mr l int' mplated for completion," lit
Tn.s entire situation Involves sell
ui consequences, both to the city and
j t.iei tump my, other than the sub
nt,al Imreaso of costs which delay
a.najs ociaslons. It was assumed that
i.i the enlarged system would be placed
in ci'eutlon on or before January 1,
1)1". whereas It looks now as (f only
the Itm profitable, or the unprofitable,
e- tines would then be In operation
and that the returns from the profitable
i.us would bo Indetlnltcly delacd.
City Mast Hnlargc Drill.
"To tho extent that additional cor--orate
stock Is Issued for these dcllclts
i-tlier municipal improvements must be
pittponed, or in some way not now
a .eriilbli the city's debt making power
inJt be expanded.
In the case of the company, while it
is assured of Its preferential If earned.
It must charge acalnst earnings Its new
treatment as put Into operation and If
tb'j Investment Is represented In con
'ruction and equipment work on lines
shall arc the least hopeful as money
timers It net Income will diminish.
The chief line. In the consideration of
ret revenue, Is, of course, the Hroadwny
Miiiliattan subway, with Its connections
to (Juerns and Brooklyn, ltapld profi
le? has been made on those sections be
taceii Tilnlty place and Twenty-sixth
street. In the case of the other section,
h-mever, the contrite O' Is not required
to tlnlsh until some months after Jan
u.ir 1, 1917. and the so-called Times
Square section has riot yet been let.
The Hoard of Kstlmate has decided to
make the connection with the Queens
hues by a tunnel under the river In
I'.tail of over the Quccnsboro Brides,
which will mean further delay, and In
(lie cats of tho Hast Illvcr tunnel from
the Ua tt cry to Brooklyn the contrac
tor has until January 16, 1918, to com
plete. "There Is no way of operating the
Hroadway subway until connections are
I ndy for opciatlon between this line
and either Btooklytt or Queens, for
here Is no other way of getting equip
ment into the subway.
'The only hope of obtaining even n
partial operation of the Broadway sub
way Is by the speedy completion of tihe
eotineitioii on Canal street with tho
Manhattan Bridge, and the contractor
for this section has until March 16,
Result of the Delay.
"The piospcct, however, Is that a
la.su part of the city's tnvcstnvnt In
'V llioadwuy subway I probably not
lo than tJO.OOO.uOO) will remain Idle,
ng to the delay In letting contracts
f : certain sections, with the treble
remits of: adding to the cost of con-
rm-tloii by the Interest on the Idle In
vestment; withholding from Joint ac-
o-jiil the net revenue which would come
'om the operation of the line, and do
I'r.vinc the people of the Improved
means of transportation."
The passenger earnings of the sys
em for the year failed for the first
me in tho company 8 history to show
a substantial Increase over the previous
ear, a decrease being reported Instead.
This excludes the operation of tho Coney
island and Brooklyn Railroad. Gen
al depression In business and liberal
increase In transfer facilities are respon-
t-ibw) for the decrease, says Col. Wilt
lams. Tho Increased transfer facilities
resulted In an Increase of 10,332,27
transfer passengers carried and a de
crease of 2,141,700 cash passengers.
Net income for the year was 13.31!..
an Increase of J1DC.S36 over tho
nrevtous ear. Gross earnings were
i:fi,l27,6S7. an Increase of 1869.437.
including the Coney Island and Brook
lyn, operating expenses Increased 1963
Net earnings from operation were
n, 167,306, a decrease of 196,39:. Sur
plus at the end of the year was 110,621,-
'iti il n OCDA nn
rrngrrs Made Toward Credit
Baiied on U. 8. Securities.
Trnsreis Is being made In the British
loan negotiations) between N"w Vnrlr Ami
London bankers on the matter of a credit
P,iafr(l On Am,, Mn fl.ll,ltlAa no l
literal. It is believed that nnitlsli
tr.K tig Institutions are beginning to
'"umi tno situation to ascertain how
neat a filiating supply there Is of Amer
nan securities, and furthermore to dls-
over how large a supply could be
brought out fioin strong boxes to par-
'"iraie as a naals for the American
International hankers here yesterday
ne c vei reticent about the headway
'h. t has been made In the work upon
a loan of this kind. It was noticeable,
Imvever, Miat the hope of success along
" "re, iiisteail of by a straight British
' usury note loan, was measurably In-
eiseu over that expressed a week
"U" Tie. American market Is In a
fartiru'a i.v liungry mood for high class
.i"irii-an securities at reasonable prices
ai.d any great loan based on American
ticuriiie.i. It Is believed, would find an
tnthu.iiasttc reception here.
Coim,)- ItciMirt SU38.101 Only
I o l,ri I n I'rrvloua Vear.
Tl.o rei.ort of the American Hide and
'Hither Company for tho year ended
June 30 shows a surplus of 1958,161, as
tomiureil win, JKM.G15 n the provlous
Jir. This Ih equivalent to 7.J7 per
"fit. on the preferred stock, as com
"red with u.S jicr ent. the ft-eaj-wfore.
Net iMinlims before Interest and slnk
fund charBen were 11,619,609, as
""JiHt(d with V66,013. For the quarter
'"'I'd .limn 30 surplus earnings were
'l"r'-n'", as compared with a deficit
1 lt3:i(i tho corrcspondlnc quarter of
ln prci loiiti year.
London Stock Kxcbauitr.
Iindon, July 27. The markets were
lult but steady. Ollt edged Issues
" dull, Ueallzlng in tho old war
'""n broiiRht lower price. Homo rails
"r mpiiortpti on tho dividend results.
"Hdiau Paclllc rallied sharply. A cut
"i the dividend to 8 per cent. Is looked
mm '"8,'n,l"n fH weakened. Mar
hirH wf,ro a,ta,n ulron. nusslntia
wiwT'1, A'""rlcans were Irregular,
W1 tlow tradlnf.
Clrcumitances may make It
neceaaary for you to foreclose
what were considered good mort
gages. Cren If you know that you
cannot lose ultimately, foreclos
ure suits cause annoyance and an
Interruption of Income.
All this Is eliminated if you
purchase only Guaranteed Mort
Jaftes. The interest you will receive
regularly unUl the principal Is
paid and the Bond and Mortgage
Guarantee Company will take
the consequences of the foreclos
ure, purchasing the property if
No investor has ever lost a dollar
Capital & Surplus, $10,000,000
wo B-wiy. N. Y. 173 Itemim St., B-klyn.
wuiium tfimsica.
$2,270,000 BALANCE
Figures for Yenr Kmlnl .lime
30 Out Economy Saves
Dltectms of tho New Haven rail
road system at their nieetlnc yesterday
received preliminary returns for the year
ended June 30. which they reRardcd in
better than looked for. Subject to
small chances the results showed a
balance for the year above fixed charges
for the New York. New Haven and
Hartford Uallroad Companv of I2,:"0..
The balance nbote nil riquliemnts for
the New Haven, the Central New Ice
land, the New KnRland .Steamship Com
pany, the New Bedford. .Marthas Vine
yard and Nantucket Stcam.hlp Com
pany, the Hartford and New York
Transportation Company and the New
KnRland Transportation Company was
$:.t 18,000. AKalnst this there was a
deficit of $173,000 shown by the threo
trolley companies Mill umler New
Haven's management, the New York
and Stamford, tin- Westchester Street
Uallroad and the Berkshire ftri-et Hall
way, nnd a deficit of $113,000 in the
operating account of the New York,
Westchester nnd Boston. The West
Chester's fixed charges are Included In
the New Haven's charges.
The Westchester showed an Improve
ment of about $!3.00O oxer the previ
ous year. The New Kngland Transpor
tation Company, Included in the general
statement, showed the biggest deficit,
amounting to $313,000.
Oross earnings of the New York. New
Haven nnd Hartford decreased $2,073,
000, but operating expenses were cut
$3,106,000. The economy of the man
agement Is evidenced In the reduction In
ratio of operating expenses to gross
earnings from 72.S3 per cent, the pre
vious year to 6S per cent. In the year
Just ended.
The New Knglaud Navigation Com
pany shows a shortage In meeting Its
tlxed charges. This was duo to tho
small dividend declared Uy the Con
necticut company, the stock of which
Is held by the Federal trustees, who
decided to pay a dividend of $-100,000
out of about $1,300,000 divisible In
coniH, Hail the trustee of the Con
necticut company declared a dhldend
of 2 per cent, or $SOO,000 the naviga
tion company would have hail u
balance above all requirements. As the
New York, New Haven and Hartford
Uallroad Company Is the only stock
holder of the navigation companv the
directors of the New York. New Haven
and Hnrtford on July 20, 19S, passed
a resolution to advance any funds
needed to meet the Interest on the
$20,000,000 gold notes of the New Kng
land Navigation Company.
Assessable llillunee
I' Ills
Amount In f Jll, I 1, IIHI.
Newark. N. J.. July 27. The I'ru.l. n
tl.il Insurance Company (lied Its state
ment with the city tax commissioners
to-day. showing a net taxable surplus of
$11,000,000. This means that there will
be a decrease of at least Mu points In
the tax tate this year.
The statement shows a taxable bal
ance of $20,142,400, ugaiust $K,:,li,4fl0
last year. There Is a decreas of $4,
000,000, from $31,000,000 to $27,O0O,O0,
In the amount of tho reserve fund main
tained In accordance with law to guar
antee tho payment-of deferred dividends
on policies of the participating class.
This fund will continue to decreaso .is
the company, folowlng the Investigation
of life Insurance, business by the State
of New York, elected to discontinue tlin
Issuance of participating policies, choice,
being given to all companies doing busi
ness in New York Stute to elect to con
tinue only one form of policy, paitlcl
patlng or non-partlclpatlng.
The total nssets of thu companv are
placed at $361,532,070, against $323,
240,544 In 1114. The' debts and liabili
ties for 1915 are $323,931,721, against
$296,483,469 in 1914. Besides this the
company Is ulso allowed to deduct for
$18,000,000 assessed on real esiato of
the company.
Mc.tdoo llellm nil Heserve limit.
o .Meet Any Knieruclio .
Washington, July 27. The Treasury
Department will make a calf on de
positary banks for a return of public
funds to tho Treasury between August
10 and August 23 aggregating $3,097,
500. Calls made In tho Inst few months
havo brought In about $5,000,000.
Tho call Is In line with the general
policy of the Secretary of the Treas
ury to call In, out of tho depositary
banks, all deposits except Just enough to
meet the necessities of the Oovornment
business, and to place In Federal ru
servo banks the deposits of public
Tho Secretary believes that tho Fed
eral reserve banks can supply any sud
den demand for money to meot nn
emergency nnd the necessity that for
mer v existed for maintnitung uargo
amounts In depositary banks no longer
Central Co. Reports SIUU.OOI Nor-
lilua for Quarter Jail I'.mled.
Tho Central Leather Company, for
the quarter ended June 30, reported
yesterday surplus carun-s of $642,091,
as compared with a surplus In the cor
responding period of last year of $162,
132, Total Income for tho quarter Just
ended was $2,647,230, compared with
$2,373,721 In the similar quarter of
1914. Net income neroro prererreu div
idends was $1,224,823, against $1,014,-
For the six months ended June 30
surplus available for tue common stock
was $1,026,509, compared with $1,357,
782, which li equivalent to 2.58 per cent,
on tho common stoCK, or at tho annuul
rate of 5.10 percent, for tho rear.
lT. S. ('oi'iioration Announces
927,050,055 for the Lost
Never In Its history has the United
Slates Sleel Corporation had such a re
markable turn In Its rarnlng power
from poverty to prosperity as that
shown by the earnings of $27,950,055
for the quarter ended with June. The
record breaking Jump In earnings based
on tho flood of orders for the sleet that
Is going Into ammunition making nnd
war orders, as well as the Increased rail
road nnd other demands, Amounted to
$15,492,216 over the earnings of the
flist quarter of the year, or an advance
of 123 per cent. The largest previous
abrupt advance In earnings In n
quarter was that of $10,946,601 In the
second quarter of the corporation's his
tory, when earnings gained that much
from the Mrst qu.n'ter to $37,662.06'!.
The gain Is the more sensational In
the view of the financial district because
It brings the corporation out of the low
et tide In Its experience to a position
where present earnings ate not only
excellent but where the outlook, an
based on the progressive betterment by
months In the statement of yesterday. Is
most promising for Increasing strength.
I'redlctlons were heard ytaterday that
the next quarter year may he well up
to record quartets the company has had.
The highest quarter ever registered
was $43,503,703, In the second quarter
of 1909. The corporation struck Its
lowest point in the December qu.irter
of last year, when earnings nrre only
$10,933,170. the llrst qunrter of this
ear being the next tu this record of
potcrty, with earnings of $12,457,809.
I.'nriiliiua Itnnk High.
Tho earnings published yesterday were
the larget the corporation has had since
the third quarter In 1913. when thev were
t.ts.uvttuu. with the exception of 1913
the quarter's earnings were the largest
for a second quarter since 1911.
The most p!ealng part of the state
ment of yesterday was the steady In
fiease that was shown In earning power
with each month, a gain of about $2,000,
000 being registered by each month on
tho previous one. April earnings were
$7.2fi.(0!. .May $9,320,376 nnd June
$11,343,070. It Is known that the cor
poration is now working at over 90 per
cent, of capacity nnd with prices of steel
products rising the outlook for the next
quarter Is highly encouraging.
One factor In the report that gave
unusual gratification In Wail Street was
that the corporation on the basis of
earnings at the rate of the quarter re
ported on Is more than earning Its com
mon dividend. As contrasted with Its
failure to earn the preferred dividend In
the Mrst quarter by over $5,000,000 the
corporation earned Its preferred dividend
and 1,63 per cent, on Its common In the
period Just reported. This was accom
plished after the deduction for charges
nnd depreciation of almost $2,000,000
more than In the first quarter of the
The surplus for the June quarter,
after deduction of the preferred divi
dend, was $8,267,6 45, n compared with
a detlct of $5,389,861 In the flrft quar
ter of the ear. For the six month,
therefore, the corporation shows a bal
ance of J2.S77.7S4. or about 'j of 1 per
cent earned on the cummon slock. Wall
Stnet felt assured from the report that
by the end of the year the corporation
Hill have come close to earning the for
mer 5 per cent, dividend on the common.
Forecasts of what the report would
how range,! from $24,000,000 to $30,
000,000. The latter figure was not gen
erally experted, the showlnz ns made
being practically what the financial dis
trict had looked for. I'nfllled orders on
June 30 were 4,678,196 tons, hs coin
pared with 4,255,749 on Jlarch 31 and
4,032,857 on June 30 a jear ago.
Stalrniriil of Karnlnara,
The statement for the quarter ended
Juim 30 follows :
tlilrust Inlrrent Dal
19I'. on hon,ts. on tiomls ance.
aitii H.io.Ks nu.i.c s;.:ki
May lO.lllt.n.-l M3,4l.'. 1.3!).S7J
Jllll l-'.COJ.ill H.J.Ol 1I,3(1.0T
Totals mwjTw i:.36.lt:
Total cirnlnis after ilecliftlnr 01"
erntlnir expn and Interest on
bonds tK.NO.OM
Less, (harre ani allow.
anrss for ileprreintiim, Ac tC, 031,013
Sinklnr fill)'! on II S.
Steel Corporation bonds., I. ;,(:.
Net Income f .-0.31t.SSt
IJ.'iliict inlcre.l on IJ. S.
Steel Corporation bonds. .K.4M.IM
Premium on bonds re.
ilrrniablel :(f.,I3
Ilalanee . . tll.ti:.jt
Ui vi.Ieinl on slock of ill t. S,
Steel Corporation, tit:
Preferred. 1. per cent fl, 3)1. 919
Surplus for the quarter H.:ff7,4lt
Deficit for quarter elided March 31.
Balance nf surplus for six months
ruled June a", WIS. . . . ;.r7T.7
May He Is Nm lutrrratril In He
ported ('onaolliliitlim.
Henry C. Frlck, who was mentioned
In the Cleveland story of n new great
steel merger as the moving spirit, de
nied yesterday any connection with the
matter. The following statement was
mnde nt his summer home In I 'ride's
Crossing, Mass., jesterd.iy nnd quoted
In Wall Street:
"Mr. Frlck would like to state that
the report he Is Interested In tho con
solidation of various steel companies
has been put forward several times and
there Is no foundation ror It so far ns
ho Is concerned. He ha never mnde
an effort In that direction with any of
the companies named in the article.''
"iitnnisj llrrrlpta f 405,:iB3.0a.
The total receipts for duties at the
Custom House' yesterday were J40G,
3.pn,02, of which tl32.S10.99 was for
merchandise withdrawn from bonded
warehouses, and 1272,544.03 for recent
Week's Tradr Halancr, f W,ll08,44:i
Washington. July 27. America's fa
vorable trade balance for the week end
Ins July 24 was I22.90H.443, tho Com
merce Department announced to-ilny.
Cotton exports were 45,712 bales, a total
f S, 441, 02S nalra since Augurt 1 last.
Hinvr and Jnva Uracil Final,
YoNKKlts, July 27. Dr. K. H. Howe
and J. Jovn reached the final round In
tlin doubles for the Hudson River cham
pionship at the Park Hill Lawn Tennis
I Mull here to-day. They defeated Allen
llehr and F, Wupperman In the semi
final round at ti 3, 46, 7 Ii, and will
meet the winner of-the A. Kassford, Jr.,
ami II. Klnf-J. II, Steitikampf and H.
W. Forster match In Ihe final round.
Tlio final of the women's singles between
Mrs. Pauline L. Hurdlck nnd Miss Mar
garet ,Urovo will be played Thursday
morning at 10 o'clock.
Williams Unsteady, but Manages to Stay in Longwood Tourney
Waslilmi'ii Forced to Five Sets
by Wright nnd Gardner
by Wlffhtmnn.
Norton, July 27. Though for the most
part the ranking players In the Long
wood Cricket Club tennis tournament
hod comparatively ertsy times In thelt
matches to-day, there were two battles)
In which leading exponents of the game
were forced to five sets for th win
Irving C Wright, who has had a more
or less meteoric career as a tennis
player, forced Watson M. Washburn to
his limit etc the former Harvard star
triumphed. In another hard tuntch, (1.
I tlardner, Jr., the Massachusetts cham
pion, was carried through live sets to
defeat George W. Wlghtmnn, who fur
nished the sensation of tlin opening day
by eliminating A. S. Dnbney.
In the Washburn-Wright match the
latter tool; the first two sets In twelte
and slttecn gnmes respectively and
looked In a fair way to win the match.
In the third set be ran up a lend of
four games to one, when Washburn
suddenly rallied nnd look the next
live games In n row, thus getting the
set from out of the tire, as It were.
The fourth set likewise went to Wash
burn, much more easily though, for in
it ho allowed Wright Just two games,
With the sets two all, Wright began
to lite iippreclobly, but even then he
forced Wnshburn to his utmost In the
Mrst and second games. Toward the bit-1
ter pnrt of the tlfth set Washbutu had
tho local player running from one side
linn to the other. At that etagn Wash
burn's offence stiffened, while Wilglit's
broke completely. Largely the play was
ft oin the back court, with a number of
brilliant placements.
11 was apparent that Wlghtmnn had
brought with him u continuance of
the game which eliminated Dabney, fur
he took the first set in eight games and
the second In nine in his match with
tlardner. He Used the same slow, me
thodical style of play, with nn occasional
chop stroke for n point. In the third
set Gardner stiffened, and all Wight
man got was a single game, with Just
two In the fourth nnd time In the
To-da's grand stand match had 1 S,
Watttrs. the ounc Louisiana!), and It.
Norrls Williams, r.ationa, champion, as
,11)0 opponents. William started ths
match by allowing Watters oult u few
games in the tlrst tuo eels. With great
accuracy and certainty he drove the ball
to the side lines and corners for place
ments. Thtoughout Williams stroked
his Kiiuie flneiv, but In the third set
Watters showed to better advantage, al
though it a not so much that his of
fence or the severltv of his game was
too muc i for the champion as It was
that errors crept Into Williams's play
with little excuse, Wheie Williams de
pends largely on his forehand and vol
leys Watters nude the fatal mistake of
not playing Into the backhand of the
national champion often enough.
In the Kaeteiu championship doubles
It. C. leaver and Flank Sulloivay were
eliminated by a Connecticut pair in most
surprising fashion. The local pair took
the first set, and thereafter Has out
classed completely by Nettbton and Co
of New Haven and Hartford respec
tively. Harold II llackitt and Theodore
It. I'cil uou their match from I! ". lira:'
1 ami .1. i- vvaies 11 a ratner auspicous
it... nut-, , .iiniNi, 1. 1,1 aiiiiihiii re.?, A iv;
film ni.i riis
I.onKmiil Challenge i"up Sine, e, Srcon.l
Hound -J. A llkhiinl-, .-p.il(nril. .N II.,
defeated Charln Vase, Jr., t- I. t S;
Horace Tailor, lloilon, defeainl it. a.
lloblMi. Jr . hi default.
Third Hound N. VV Nlies, Huston. Je
ff utd C II. Wllbar, Huston. i 1, C :.
1, VV M. Johnitnn, San Francisco, dc
ffat(l A. X Iteggtii. Hostun. li J, 1,
6:. J S. Ki-aburi, Hostun. ilefe iteit T, 11.
I'llmpion, lloston. 61, ( 4. 6, t 2,
ltobert l. Hoy. Xw fork, dHfealed II. II.
U'hl I ill an, Hjsion, 0-1, '., c- .1, .1 a.
Lynn, Hoiton, defeated r Wethers, Win
ttiroii. i i). t. 1, (. Cr.ilg Hlddte, l-tiliu.
delplilj, defeattJ ltol,ert C. Uray, Nnwniii,
ii 0, U :, 1; It. O ft-aver. Ho-lun. de
feated 1.. 11 Martin, l.owrll, ; 1. et
S 11. IJ. !
UeurgA II
liJ, c j
rsuted Li
.'. 10
Cin.r. I'lillM.lalnt.l , .lr...
Xettlslen .New Haven. ', 1,
h. . vMiiiHiiis :,!, uosti, . de-
:. Walters. Xe- orleins. 1.-1.
. (I. 1 il.inlner. Jr. llosion.
defeated (iror II, WlKhtniHii, Huston
: 6, 3 , - 1, :. ii j, i .1 tirinin,
San Kranileco, defeated ,1 A Itlrhanla.
63, 63. I, II, T. Kmerson. Cincin
nati, defeated II. I, Heals, Hostun, -(,
4. 4; VV. 41. Washburn. New York,
defeated Irving c Wright. Holnn. r -T,
. ii 4, 6;, K J, Hoffman Xlckerson.
Hoton, defeated Xorman Johns, tn. Xew
Vnrk, 75, t 4, 0 J, Wallace y, .luhnsoti,
Philadelphia, defeated C I'. Dudne, c'olo
rajo Springs, I.--I, i 1, (.
Kasirrn DmiMes ('hiiTii)ilonshlp. First
Hound A. X Itegln and It H l.ovrlnr.
Iliistoi,, deftated W. V. Dearborn a 1, . I T
M t'nderood, Hiistun, r, -.t, 1; 1,
('. 1'. li.nUr. Colorado Sprlnirs, ami .1.
Illchardion, Jr, HiihKhi, defeated 11 t,
Waters, Xe- Orleans, jnd H. 1) e-drpei,.
ler, I'hllsilelphla, ii 0. -3, 1 -C. t ..
4 -. It. X Williams d. llu.to,,, and W
M VV'aahuurn. Xew Vork, defeated .1. s
Xloholl and A lllnelicllrfe. Hoaton, (1 -:.
1, 0 tt W I. Whltchouse, Portland.
Sle, and A. A Cameron, Uoston. defeated
l Voe and A Uenedict, Huston, 7--J,
5 ?' J 1 6' ltf-l ' Hutihlns an. I
I. . I'. I'lokman, .lr, deflated V. Ward and
Leonard Heelsmui, Xew Vork, by default,
X. W Xllen and il ! (lardner. Jr, H.
Kin. ilereated y It SedBeley and II Field,
lloston, 60, - J, II 0; II A. Mai klnney
and It, 41 Dans. Pruv Idenre, defeated T
II. I'llmploi, nnd W. 1;, I'utniini. Ilutin.
2. f - 0, . -I; 11 it. Scnti 11 nd h. 1,
lleaN, lloitnu, dereated r X Olnistead
I'umiret, tunu, and It A Cook. Williams- 1
town, 61. 4 , C -2. 1 1 (1. A. I.von !
and .1 Wheelwright, lloston, defeated .1 I
Xnwell and X. P. Ilallowell. l'lnstm,. ll -s
7- j. 4 f-2. II. V. .ir.en.Migh'and v
r rotlilUKna lit. .lr.. Him on. ilereiiir., :
Smith and 1' Wlllett. lloston, 02. 6 .V
6 0; A. l. Hutch, 4lllford, X II.. und
11. A Xlles. Concord, X. II. defeated It
and W. rt, .Mlniit. Hostun, e; 1, c I, n 4
Second Hound- II llarkett and T It
Pell, Xew- Vork, Jeff ilnl It. c Hray and
(1. V Wales. Xt'Wtoit, ll - J, 3. 64
II. Holt and II. I, Foter, Hostun, del
feated 41. K. Johnson, Polatli, KI.1 . and
II. Taylor. Hoslnn, tl , ,'. (, , j- u
Hooker. Xw Vork. and .1 Mason,
feated It. Means and .1. (1 I, lllake, S 7
6T"?' i3,-5' 6rr, Z3:. t.'r,llB "''Idle. I'hIL
ailslphlii, and II. C. .Inhnson, Hoslnn de
feated J. Cununlnrs and y . It ilril. Xinv
ton. fi 0. 112, C 1; (.- T Porter and C
II. Co tester. Hostun. derraied n . ,1,1 1, .. .',
.1. L. ICarrlrk, Jr.. Washlnirton. 11' i-
S2. C-0, Cl. l II. Xettletnn. Xew
Haven, and V. V Cule, HarlCurd. de.
feated II (:. Heaver. Huston, iin.l l- ,
Hiilld" ay. Concord, X. 11, 2 (!, 61 n'
7i .1 11. huh it. -run s, 11,,-n,,,, defeated
W. F Kimball and W M McKIm ii.;.,,'.1
6.'.?Y,' ir'."',.'' cr- I'hlla.lHlni,;
and 11, 1C, Hundy, lloston, defeated l'hllln
Wardner and W. II. Davis, lloston, i-'u
t 4, 62. '
Ilrnilrraoii llrciit.it tlltl ( Iralahl.
Mapi.rwood, N. H., July 27 Wolfolk
Henderson of Lexington, Ky holder of
the national amateur championship at
clay birds, the national double cham
pionship and 1914 winner of the grand
American handloap, finished first In
class 1 of the Maplcwood annual largel
tournament lo-duy with a score of nm
out nt a possible 200, In die morning
events ho broke 100 blidsstralght niidcnn
tinned his run In thn afternoon, falling
after the 107th consecutive hit.
Coleman Madden tiiilim Lend,
Coleman Madden won Ihe Mist block
nf points last night from John I'ojle
of Detroit in the 120 point tiiic night
three cushion match at Doyle's academv.
Madden ran 4n points In sUty.one In
nings, while l)o la scnejcil 2. Tho
match will bo contlhuod to-nUht und
to-morrow, ' . . ,
Lays Rrhlnil Morettl tTulll Near
Knd, Then Sprint Ahead.
Harry K.ilser of The Bronx, a recent
addition to tho professional rnnks,
sprang a surprise by taking the measure
ciwar Skirottl In a hpccial match
race nt three-quarters of a mile at the
Sheepshead Hny Velodrvimo List night.
Tho tlronxlto displayed cunning In h'.s
ride 1,1" lnvlMfr t.ffhln.1 lin ttlltatt'M lmi.A
I until ready for the sprint. Wiien .ready
no opened up full speed ahead and went
around his adversary on the stretch
turn, winning by Indies. Tho second
heat was a repetition of tlin op-ner. Ills
limes were 2 minutes 11 3-5 seconds and
2 minutes 19.1-6 seconds.
Handicap rldors got all three places
In tho final of the half mile amateur
handicap. Franklin Flshor of Hrooklyn.
f5 ynrds, was .the winner by a full
length over Kddle Jensen of the C. It.
C. A. with 60 yards. N. N Johnson,
a rlubmate of Jenson, was third. The
time for the distance was 52 2-6 seconds.
Har.s Ohrt, scratch man, qualified In the
tlrst heat by finishing second, but was
shut out In the final.
Tom Hello led a field of thirty-five
amateurs over the tape In the two ml
open amateur (Jiotge IJowker lost
by Inches. -Jerry Ntinslat was third.
The time was 4 minutes 21 3-5 seconds.
Victor Lilian won the fifty mile mo
tor paced race In 1 hour 14 minutes
.17 4-5 seconds. Second place went to
Georges Seres, who was 6 14 laps, or al
most a mile behind, while Percy Law
rence of San Francisco was third, cov
ering Just forty-eight miles. Mitten nnd
Hedell, the other starters, finished
fourth and tlfth respectively.
Sua Call May He Heplatod in
Steel Conference Held
About Yessel.
The future of the big auxlllary
schooner Sea Call Is In the hands of her
owner. Alexander Smith Cochran, and
he will determine some time this week
Just what Is to be done. The hull is
built of Monel metal for plating, which
Is riveted on to steel flames, and, con
trary to nil the tests to which Monel
metal has been put, thorn has been elec
trolysis utiil the plating Is corrodinir.
j Monel metal Is composed of lb) per rent. 1
nickel, 30 per cent, copper and the rest
tin ami steel, and tt has been Ui-ed largely
for fittings on alt kinds of vesnebi because
of Its gieat telisde strength nt.d Its free,
iloni fiotn corroMor. With the Sea Call
It was largely a matter of experiment,
nnd, had It winked out well tli experi
ment would have been of giea' value
to all Intetetted In tho building of
ThN corrosion was found last week
when the yacht was hauled out ut New
London for Inspection. There had been
110 leaking, as has been reported, and no
weakness had been shown, but when the
boat was oil tile w.ijo the ttoulile was
dba-overod. After all interested had
made careful Ir.specilons the aeht was
lowered Ir.to the water and sailed to
lloston and Is now at the anl of Law
ley A; r"on, her builders.
A conference was held yesterday af
ternoon Mr. Cochran met I'h.llp Lvn
thai, rcpie-entlng William (iardurr. the
designer . (ienrge I.awley, the builder:
11 representative of the company making
the metal and a v irnini nt engineer,
1 it reportej later that It had been
decided to sell the yacht for Junk, but
this Is not true That action was di
cused, und so were other schemes, and
1' was shown that the Monnl met,,
could he rc'moved because the steel
frames have not corroded and the yacht
could be plated with steel for much less
muney tin, n would bo realized by the ,
sale of the vcel for old metal
Mr. Cochran Is very pleased with the1
)acht and with the way she rails audi
naturally he Is disappointed that the ex-1
tierlment did not turn out as well as he.
wished. The Sea Call, according to those
who have been on board. a remarka -
ble cse tn every wv and she bundle"
e..,iu- :.s .. To footer. Mr. Cochran
bad lutetidfil making
vi.)agii uroiiui
l'" "ii '".-!. u, " j
world In this ve-sel. but with the
present siaui ui nn nun 1
llkelv to makn such 11 vojagn even If he 1
1. 1,1 'ti,.. vnehi. To change the tilatlng 1
will mean a, delay of some months nnd , dM H(..IH, ,,f vivacious vaudeville.
XtTWtTlZl A most astonishing punish,,,,,, wil,
and 35 feet beam. She. Is rigged as a , be Corbi tl's poUoii should the linrii)
three masted schooner and a special , llu,, (jutmer nick that long chin of
motor has been built which was to have-' wU,lml
been Installed shortly. , .... . , . . ,
She bus 200 tons of lead em lur keel, listened to the soft talk of James J
which Is worth about Jl,u(0, The ,om,.rning 1,1s heavyweight. Thev've
u'n'l.'af ?5 S,,,r.:,uUVLghwrVh,sT-,'''t .h-lr money the .j.-KlWinun an,.
OOi,, She iilso has aDout nrieen tens
of bronze fittings, Including u winch
which weighs threw tons and cott tHL
ln)li. She has an electric light plant
and an electric plant for hoisting thn
sails. Ac. Iler sails weigh Heveii tons.
Ihe. iope and blocks of the running rig
ging weigh ten tons and the standing
llgglng neighs about ten tons. Tnn
furniture, which was made, specially for
this yacht, cost nbout I'.'J.OOU. She lus
Ihreii hollow steel masts, and her top
masts and other spars urn of wood, mjv
eral of them hollow.
First It ice- T-l e or olds; five Cur
lungs -liHla Day. lot (Clnveri. S J.
,ii i and nut. won; Armlne, lis (Uoid-
telul. 2 t" t" and nut, second. Katblien
m mi . ii-iinneri. 20 to 1. 1 to 1 and
to 1. third. Tin,'. t'Ol !-t. Haclas
Klan,e -n.i Thmi. thymcr a so
u'Hiil. six tiulniiKS- Hrheiner, lo: ei-ui
1 1- ,1 ) .
1 to C, 7 to 10 and 1 to (, won.
."rutlnser. PU (Aultl, : to 1. 3 to 3
and i tu C. second, Xnrlbern Mailt. 1:
ll.uouilsl. SO to 1. !0 to 1 and Id tn 1,
third. Time 1:12 2 .' Hlr I, Joe, Ceil.
It.indalt. White Cru, Hluck I'lnu and
l,.iv,in.i ulo ran
Third Itace- I'urje, t'lOOi four-ysar-olds
and upward. U furlongs Ke.
nessa. U'i (Coopsr). 2 to i und
out. wiin. Venihee, 10't (Vnnduisn), 10
to I, 4 tn I and 3 to s"rohJj .Martin
Cisca, 6,! (l.a 1'altla), I'O to 1. 4 to 1,
to 2. third. Time. I'M tlncle
Jlmmle. Pr. H. L. Hnarenrsr, Liberty
Hall, lulan and lleaitiuont Hello also ran.
Fourth llace--l'urio, 11.501,; Nursery
Plate; two-jear-olils; sIk furlongs -King
Neptune, Hi (l.'oonet j, even. 1 tu
6 and out. won; Heglni. Its (Clitldsteln I.
3 to L 3 tu t and out. second: DodKe,
lit. (KeoKh). S to J, 1 to 4 and out,
third Time, 11 1 3-C
Kltth Itace ThruH.jeiir-olili mid up
war, I, selling; one mile and a sliteenth
Cliff Stream, 1,,!, 4tcJ-irnnitt). 4 to
t, even and 4 to .1, won; Hlrke, 104 (Ua
1'. ,111c). 3 to 1, 4 lu I and 2 to I. mcunJ,
J II. lluuchtun, 110 (Kiugli). S to I. 3 to
1 and 3 to third. Time, 1147 2-t, Hilda's
Hroiher, I'll mi, Hunwiiy, Inrs tirvll, cur
ill P.. Lucky (Ienrge, Frontlor, Putlenc
und CIICT ndgei also run,
Slitli Itace Tliree.ynr-otds and up.
ward; srllliiK, tlvo and ,1 half furlongs
Water Lily, ion (r,chutilner), 3 to 1,
even and 1 10 2, won; .lotonna Znrate,
ifi tC'olllnsl. r, tn 1, : tn 1 and even, tec.
nmli; 4Ilsa Wnter, 109 (Connors), 1; to 1,
-' to 1 and even, third, Time, l:o; 1.8,
Hay II. 4tller, Charles Travers, Lady
Lightning. HninW Cres, wfr, Hrhninn.
41nri'ellnus, Almee Lulle and I. litis Itelici
also ran.
Hevrnth Itace Three. year-eilds and up.
ward: one mil on turf Kncnru, 115
(Louder,. 3 (o I. even and 1 to 2, won.
V.ilas, 105 iciaver), I 10 I, 1 in I itud
3 to semnil; Carrla Oriii", 10S (Htearm).
? '. ? '. 6 ln 5- 'bird. Time
1 : 40. Ida Claire. Korcrls. Twilight, .Mee.
leeljiir. Suhlect, .n,,e .Monlgomery and
.Maldrn H, ail I ey almi ran,
Other Ppiirllnir ,mi Will
Found otV'Pasr H,
Sliopilltrd's AUllrfeK It till Olid
Throw Weights in Pnrk
See Eastland.
tly MF.LVI.V Vt'.'KIIIHWMitl).
('(inch of Mlllrnse A, A.
Cltict.m, July 27 -Our little band of ' 7" n tne day win con-
u-,.r,. . , .. , ( lude with a running race over tt qturter
Wanimaker men arrived hero till morn-1 r m,. course. In which several own
Ing and spent the day doing a !iiinrter of ( is will tide their own racers.
Ihlnas. First wo dropped around at the 1 1.1T,"1w,ir'1 ,lll.n J'1"1 lh' "eel; flov.
1111,, . 11 1 1 ..I , Fielder nnd staff and Frcsldent nl Score
Illinois A. C, which Is our bust wh'le , ,r. ,,..,. t.. .
wo are In town, then spent two hours
worKing out In Uriint r.irk. livery one
of the boH Is In lino shnpn and rlt to
do credit to the name of the Mltlrose
A (J, If ti same (ondltlon can be ru
lalnod after w reach the const.
Orant I'nrk Is rlnht on the shore of
Lk Mlchltrun and the fine fre.h air
put extra rest Into everybody while the
workout was on. Willie Kyronen and
Chsrlcy I'orcs went live miles at 11 good
clip. Illg XLk illaunkopulo trnvelted
twice that far. None of the three was
ptlffod out. Joe IlljTUlns cut some capers
with that sweeping Itostnn stride of his
In 11 spirited run at three-quarters of a
mile. He had plenty of spied for the
iqirlut lit tho llnl'ii.
rat C'ahnl had the entire squad as
well us quite a numb f Clueagcans
I for spectators when he Imgan heaving
1 ,u . I .1... . ....... llu
HIT nrifiin 111 eiliWIti, llli- I'ltli e nr
billed the discus LIS feet and put the
shot 47 ij feet.
Thl afternoon nil the boys went over
to tool; at the wierk of tho III fated
Katl.md nnd saw them st'll working on
It Thomas CaHdv, A. A. I'. commis
sioner fur New Ji rse, who Is along with
us, voiced the sentiments of the entire
party when he said, after looking at the
giewsome and sail sight: "This .1
enough of Chicago for 111'."
We nre now nil icady to hop aboard
the Callforn .1 Limited, which will take
us to Omaha, our next stop.
Ae nf nr. Ilenuilns Minimum and
Tunnies Will I. nut Knur lln.
Budding senior golfers, those who
hate Just turned the llfty-flftli mile.
stone, will not be dubaned from tho an-
iiual seniors' tounriniont nt Apawainls.
Tim event bis grown so in popularity
of late- .vents that it has been all but
Ituposslhli. to h null.' the assembled tlelds
In the brief hours of daylight.
(iver 300 entrants are expected th!
ear. but after considerable) discussion
It vvns decided to make a place for them
nil and hold u four dav tournament In
stead of the two ns orlglmillv planned
To do this the field will be divided Into
two groups, each playing on two days,
vvilh prizes for each group In addition
to best net and gloss score prims, for
the whole tlild.
The commlttei! In chatgoFiank I'res
brey. (ieorgo II. Harne nnd Thomas 11
Watklns ha chosen September 21, 2'.',
I." and 24 for I lie plavlng dates Instead
of the two days previously announced.
Mrlinnrty Miipit Ilia IVIIiiit.
Mll.WAt-KHE, July 27 Word has
lenched hern from Aii'traua that Kddle
McOonrty. Wisconsin middleweight,
knocked out Harold llardw t"k, light
ne.iv) weight of the antipodes, in ten
rounds at Snowy ll.ikers stadium In
S Jney
Corbett Must Take His Medicine if
Tom Cowler Doesn't Beat the Gunner
1 The Friars will attend tin- American
',,, , f Tl)m ,.w,.r wt, e iunlieiut
, .,,,, . ,..,.,
Smith at the St. .Nicholas Hlnk to-t,ll,l,t
out of dun n sped to i-liar o, neti. me i
who pulled Covvler by the ears
i,lis of oblivion 11 wnitbv
'rom 11 '1",,H or """Vion. 11 niui
feat of nublicllv. i spe.-lully dlllllig the
Ciubitt has glint indeed them that for a
month be will sit two luuiis 'Jh day I next week, full housii permitting (leorgo
before the l-'rluis Club with n tin cup . Law 1 1 nee, the. Australian inanuger, enm
In his hand eollccting colin for charity plained thn I tho 13uth Street Club failed
If Cowler locs. Thirl v uH lie irni-t.
do this, and if he cracks n single
unilo during Ihe lty hours of picket
dutv for sweet charity, 110 matter who
challs blni. h" will forfeit K.vu to tho
club's Mrnng boi.
Tlie Lambs and the Tenuis and
Racipiet clubs will Hank tin- Fnais.
Kaoh lillin bus 11 set spec, h prepared
III ilinuui'lntlon of Coibett should Jim
In, compelled to 1 art llu criimpleil finm
'of Cowler coincrwarils. So It's 11 toss
up which of the pair, I'owier or i.nrneii,
will suffer tho most should defeat It-It
tlin llritlt-her's coini i.
Hilly lintel V, who piloted Coibett to
fame 'when Jim was a youngster, liau
nsked to bn nllowed tn help In tlin
llrltlsh unxlii of the ting. Hrady said
vealerdiiy that he vvoiild not bn at all
ioo proud to swing 11 towel or tote tlin
smelling salts. Horn show man, li
wants to bo In the pie tun- If Jim Coibett
launches a new llstlc wonder.
Jim HucMey Is so sine that Smith Is
in tin! best shape of his life Hint he said
lutt ti I Kltt that It will bo all over Insldo
of thre-D rounds.
Soldier ll.11 tfleld, who came in for a
lot of consure because of his u(, of
backhand punches on Silent Martin ar
Brighton lSeach Saturday night, defends
thla blow uitaliist the cliargn that It wan
a foul whack.
Tve) used It In a hundred lights," tin
raid, "and In all that time I never was
illniunlllled : never cautioned by a tef
eree or complained ngalnst bv an expo
nent. I'vei dropped many nun with It
too. Certainly If It were foul I'd havn
broil taken to tnsk long belorn this, It
Is In 110 sense foul because I have )rt
to hit n nun, with my fore aim or wrist
whin employng It. .My gloved knuckles
always land, and they can't say that
that Is a foul. The Lu lUanelie swing
is a foul of couiiii, hIiico It wan votnd
so afteT Dempsi'.v loat through it I
stand my ground In tin, mnttei. 1'ntll
inmt referee e'liutlons me or tho Com
mlesloners) rule It out 1 Intend to etlck
to It. It's my best punch, and us lout;
as e'onipetent rcfeices can sen no vola
lion In It 1 will go on using It."
Jake the (Hunt Killer explains hN I
falluie to brln down thu Doer by sayluc
Unit TtoJel Is the liaideot run n in thu
world to llclit. "If he only led like other1
flls'liters I'd have knocked hint out at I
HrlKhtnn lle.ict, the either iiiitht," sa.VH'
Ahcarn. "iou can't net to him, thouch.
Ho wall.t. half leads with both hundx
extended nnd then does or doesn't coino
close. n has a stjlo all his own. He
sides that hs Is a wicked puncher, and
UitM wUQ 4vW 4tU belting my 44,
I'realdrut nf .llonmoatk Can tilt-
Horse sihnrr Will Open Klhlblt.
I.0N11 l!r.NCH. July 27. Harry Con
tent, president of the Monmouth County
Iloise Show Aiisoclatlon, will be In
.'ll.iru.i .if It.A rlt.t 11I fli.i m,tltt it til
twenty-second annual horse show nf the
. II UUf.nl r t ,,. Wf.... 'I'l.A (.!,(. ... lll
continue for the balance of the week
und from the character of the rntrles Is
expected to eclipse any held In recent
J ea rs.
The fifty-nine chases have filled with
413 entries, which Ih one-thltd more
than the show nltrncti'd last year. To
day's programme Includes classes for
t.nddlers, harness liotses, hacks, ponies
under middle, hunters nnd Jumpers mid
thoroughbred hunters. There will be a
(lass for saddle horses owned by resi
dents of Moumout.i county, In which
visit tho Nhow. On Filtlay there will be
dances at the Hrenkers, Tftkatiessee and
Hollywood hotels, and on Saturday the
minimi horse show dinner will be held
by the directors.
Hen ls Vnnltte Off Xrnpnrt nn
Innl Halllns Tlmr.
.N'r.vvi'OiiT. It. I . July 27 Under the
guldlnt; hand of Chirlts Francis Adams
the llesolute attain won over the Vnnltle
t. -day. It wbh tho tlrst of the scries of
races between tlin two boats off this port.
Tho fog of Monday had disappeared and
theie was enough wind to send th boats
over the twerity-elshl mile cour.! In
f.i'llv good time.
The i-oiiiso was from llrnntons Iteef
to tho whistling bunv off Point Judith
hint return, twice around, n lie ward and
wliidAiinl race which gave the bouts
opportunity to use their balloouers and
spinnakers, The P.e.'.olute dofe.ited tli
Vnnltle :i minutes f.7 seconds actual
time, and ; minutes 4 seconds correct.!
Line. The Vanltlii crossed the line at
tile start 1 minute 4.". seconds after the
llesolute. Tile summ.ir) :
KliPeil ruled
lime time.
II 44 H t.!
(i: 11; :t
4 n :; ;s
II 41 .
11 - ir.
II r. no
II 4l.i
: (.1 s
1 (9 :z
I'nil Jkl'arler's .Vrabllt shons
lloine nn Mirrnahurr.
ltL-vsox, N. J., July 27.ri.il Mct'ar.
tecs Nesbitt won a pretty rncn on the
South Siirowsbtiry tu-dny for one design
cuiho.its tailed by the sons of mem
bers of the ltumson Country Club. A
brisk southerlv lireere was blowing and
"in me mtn; can along at a lively
rate of speed. Tho Juvenile, skippers
handled their riming crafts in tine
Herald Warburg's Carola was second,
(iai dner Stnut'A Tndiole third, Fred
Pntls's The Five llrothers fourth and
S. Charles Hantltig'H Dorothea fifth. Tho
fathers will sail their one eleslgn
knockabouts in n tace to-morrow after
nooii. Walm anil Unas Score Well.
l!t:siso.v, N, July 27. Well lilt
go lis bv J. Hel ens Waters for the Iteds
and I.eland II. Je,sS for the Whites
featured to-da.v'H polo match on Ttumson
Field, In which the lleds won out by
ii goals to 6 Hugh Ilarmtt, Ceorge
Henry and (5 Jason Waters also scored
for the Iteds. while W. W Harbour and
Peter Hniick contributed their share for
the Whins.
with one arm flee know that he In dan-Ip-tous
in close.'
l'.OttOn Will ee u limit lit rei.l elutn
moushlp ipiiilitlrs on August .1 when
41, ke Olove-r ami Soldier llartfleld meet
at the Atlas Club, both aKleelng ti scute
1 1.1 pounds.
I'r.inkle Callahan, the lliooklyn boy
who bounced to the skies when Joe
Itivers boomed to the clour, will meet
V.iuiig Suvbir or ISIIbert Hallant at llos
ton op August 10.
Thcie wasn't a full houe at Ihe iegu
I. ii powwow of lloxlug Commissioners
vevierduy, o that no referee Idea of
Hill Wellman's wasn't tbreshisl out It
J will come up before thn tegular mrntlng
to so through with a Pave. Mllls-llrorgn
Cotton setto. Pence was declined when
the club agreed to put on the struggle
duiliig the tlrst week In September.
A spccl.il meeting of the commission
will try to ur.tangie the still badlv Jum
bled Johnny ll.irvey mutter. Harvey
was in tlit ring teddy to light Leach
Co-s, Fir thin he was to have, received
ir.0,1. Though ho didn't fight Harvey
wants his bit or a bit of It.
Willie Morris, who not the Military A.
C. Into hot water by fighting when he
was but 17 yents old, stuck to thn story
that he was past Is until Secretary Har
vey backed him Into a corner and onthed
lilm. Then tho culprit fessed up and
said hn was under the lighting nge
The ollkeis nf the club will be on thn
cat pet next week A surnty eompany
has asked that th head nx.i bo applied
to the Lint Park Club of Stuten Island.
Thu organization Is out on thn I'mli at
the present time becausn eif Its failure to
pay soiuii athlntii'H K mrvlce charge.
1 The Best Buy in Town 1
1 Chalmers Six-48
Touring Car at
A big, luxurious, povretful car that haan't been alimpetl a pailicle. S
A thousand of them are (iving complete satiifaction in and around S
New York. J 1925 waa tho first price. For $375 lets we can delirrr 2S5
car with all of the proven quality advantages pluatlie 1916 lefinements.
Increased production at a amaller net profit per car that'a the teaion 23CS
for the reduction. ; rs
Shrewd buyera will at least aee thia car and take a ride in it before ' -;
deciding on any car priced up to $2000.
Chalmers Motor Co. of New York, Inc. M
Broadway anal 50th Street 'Phone 2980 Circle
Braaklra 94Uri At, aaal Full.a St,
'raona 3700 .7ata
raslaaUZaai Metw
Scores 23 Points to 22 for Ros
toninns nnd if) by Syra
cuse Jlcn.
nosllKN, N. V, July 27. Tlin three
day meeting of the Junior League of
Ainnteur Driving Clubs was brought t"
a close this 'nfternoon. Tito meeting
was a grand success and biought out
some of tlin crack amateur clubs In the
The 2il2 trot was the feature on to
day's card This was won by the vet
eran CI. A (Jraves of lloston with
llron.on. Mr. trnve afterward f-ent
llronson a mile to beat the mark of
2it2 he received In racn here lust
year, nnd the bay gelding stepped thu
mile in 2:0;,.
The (Josheii Driving Club closed the
meeting 'with the largest number of
points scored, 23, wltn the Metro olltun
Driving Club of lloston second, with 22
points. The scores of other clubs were:
Syracuse-, l!i; Nassau. 17, Hoad Horse
Association of New Jeie, S: Albany,
3: Delaware, 2. On Thursday, Frl.lay
Hiid Saturday nfternoon the Intei-Clty
Le.iKue of Amateur Drivers will hold
Its meeting heie. The siltnill.il ies :
:.: trot, tlrst division
Kd Atnorthy, I, g, lit Awirll,v iV.
J. 4lcl).n.ildl II. .Hun 1 1
lifiionij, .ii. in. if. c. ( ; 111 -s c le 1 Al
bany s s
Alleareso, eh. m (P. Lnrlllaril, Jr.)
Uuhii t 2
M ly l... I, 111 iiienrse i.uveli) Ho-mn.3 4
Adaauy uh m tit, II. Da v In ) Xansau.dis
Time 2:2(1, 2:21.
":Zl trnt, ssionil division:
Lady Hingara, It. ui . by Hingsra
(lames 11, oiler, Albany 1 1.1
Ml-s y.ombro, hlk. 1,1, (4Jr. Furhushi
Hoaton 3 3 3
HmtlV Lea, h In. (Wilkin Sea.nrdl
(lnhsn I 4 .1
I. vihI mi. 1,1k h , l,y Kentucky Tinld
IC. I. White) Hiracil-e 2 1 tils
Time 2-:i'. 2:21 , JtJJ'j.
2:S5 trot, f.n.il hat; cup:
lid Axworthy, l. k b) Axworthy iW. J.
MrDnnall) Huston t
l.adv lllng.ira. 1,. 111. Ja,es iiuntsr)
Albany 2
Time.' 22.
Free for all pate:
l.a.lv Dmlon, Ii. in. be ll,e-t II it
.ill. I. Whits) S)rucue 3 1 1
Joe .Maps", b, g hv Joe I'.ili'heil
id, Stainberiter) .Nasaii t 3 1
Lillian W, ch. m (I.. II. Chain-
bers) .Vassal! 2 2 I
Time 2:15. 2:12, 2:11.
2tlS trot, cup:
Jllui.-on, b k., hy HIiiRen ill A.
Craves) floMiin t 1
Country Tramp, rh. g. 1 1.. W. Huyn-
ton) Xsssau 2 2
Kl!.y L. Helllnl. gr 111. IT. (i. Hind.)
(loshen 4 j
4luJor Wellington, Lr. g. lA. J. Put-
Uushl llosion 3 4
Krrll, h Ii. (W. Iloriilni:, (loshen ., .lr
2 U.
2:25 pare:
Trust. I, g, bv A-chd.ii" (Jlr. While)
rtyracu-e j
Dawson Patch, br. h, (P. I.nrlliard. Jr I
(lohsn j
'1 line 2 J.', 2 24l3.
SprrCll to UJt 2 12
llionsoii, b. r.. by liimtsn 11: A Crnvse), 1
Time 0:3.1 1 :utt. I.SJ'.j, ;:0.
41a ns
m-1 1 1- Hn ten 11 Is.
of 'I' lie 111
MA.vciirsTKi;, Vt July 27 -line hun
dred and twelve golf pl.ivers are putted
anil timed for thn qualifying inuiul of
the first president's cup tniirn.iuu-tit nt
the Kkwnnok Country Clul, tn-murrnw
morning. Among the later cntturits vveio
Fled Herreshoff of einiden Citv, F. W.
Dyer of Monte lair and John M. W.enl
of Harden Cltv. Itecauso of thn rain of
the last few days pla.vets wire not al
lowed on the tlrst three holes to-day, m
110 full remnds wero iccorded, but most
of tbo fiord was out In practice 1 minds.
Among the other prominent players)
entered are Walter J Tiavls. n, 11 den
City; Hamilton K Kerr, llkw.inolt;
A. (1 Mcllwalne 2d. Hartford; M.iv
IL Marstnu, llalttlsrnl. 1 1. Clark Cork
ran, lialtlniore, and T M. Claflm, HrooU
line. QfiUJoridteFleli
Safety Rrst
Vbucannot bepro , C,
rtV insured unlcm
yox sra afr.y mtured
-London jp
-Globe , if
tajOTEocat caan
tthi rmico-riRE tcstcd
$1550 1
H J.rs.r Citr 2527 Boulssanl -
fkana 1043 BericD
C., Nawark, N. J.

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