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Change of Scene Doesn 7 Agree With Yankees and Giants, Who Are Beaten Braves Outfinish Dodgers
Erratic Fielding Also Helps to
Make Task Assigned
fovHc.skii! Kasy.
rni:i)ErKssoi i,kiai.ts
Detroit drubbed the Yankee In lh
first same of thrlr second visit to the
East, and hh Washington won ftom
flex-eland Now York term destined (o
remain In the second division for a
few days. TIip Hed Sox brat the White
Sox ug.tlii, Philadelphia trimmed Kt.
Louis. Thr Mainline of the clubs wn!
In no wise affected, though the Tygcrs
one, more threaten th- While Sox In
situhd pl.irr.
xeslrrda)' llrsiill.
Detroit. 7. Now Vork, 3.
HoMnn, J. Chimin. 1
Washington. I: Clrtrland,
Philadelphia, ; St. I .(nils, I.
Detailed Standing of (ha Claba.
lie '12
Boatoo 7 7 15 (I J to
Chicago , 1 S MI II H
Detroit . t to 7 t ojio! 7
Washington.. 4 n j 4 a'toj a
New York f. 1, 3 s 71 sj n
Kt.t.ouU 3 4 il 4 4 , (ij e
Cleveland 3 I I 3 4 R it
Philadelphia. 4 ! i 4 i a a!"
fiamealost. .. jt .11 44 H 4i'4v4
c t
f I?
M 54 'ids'
- ' I
4J 44 .10ft'
43 4) .4)
3) 44 991
:4 ft
:iir .S4
Tri-day' aliclule.
Deiroli in New York.
Chicago in Boston
Cleveland In Washington
I l.ouli In Philadelphia
The return of the Yankees yesterday
from a disappointing Wcslein trip prc
sented a case of from bail to worse.
They had to meet the Detroit Tygera and
Coveleskle. the slam killer, all In one
afternoon at the Polo Giutind. The
wore was 7 to 3.
Many circumstance combined lownul
the pathetic performance of Hill Dono
van' lads. Evidently his young men's
minds cent icd on family reunions. Cer
tainly they didn't seem to hate their
minds on their work. They behaved
nothing less than scandalously in th
Meld. When the Yankee defence clum
bles It Is a case for th undertaker.
Hugh Jennings fell right Inlo one of
the softest spots of his schedule In this
opening game of the scries. Kay Fisher,
who Is usually a mighty tough customer
for Detroit, whs away off color. The
Tyrera hammeied him for nine hit In
Ova inning, bunching there blows with
U errors where they would do the most
effective cxccutliin.
Fisher, at that, was no worse than III
ca.it. With perfect support Hay might
have given the I'oie a real iiigunient.
The New York club put up u strong lln
lah. It played ttne ball behind Cy rich,
who pitched the lat four ilinliiss and
blanked the visitors with case. Speak
ln generously, the Yankee trouble
seemed ns niucli lack of pructlre as any
thing else. The club did not begin to llnd
Itself until it hud been licked soundly.
Until yesterday afternoon New York had
not teen a playing Meld for u stu-tch of
four long days, because of the Knsthiiid
steamboat disaster In Chicago. On lop
of this came a weary train ride from the
Windy City Detroit In the meantime
played every day. it broke the trip
Kast with a game In Huff.ilo.
That Detroit might luve been stopped
If FUlier had been up to scratch was
proved by Cy 1'ieh. Cy, figured from
liny angle. Is no great whale, though he
does tear off a creditable game now ami
then. No Tyger got past second In the
last four Innings. Only thiee got
that far.
Poor hunting spoiled a couple of
chances for New York early In the game,
High opened with a hit through ahoit,
but Cotelcsklu's thiow forced him when
recklnpaiiKh tried to sacrifice. Peck
stole, but Young tlucw out both Malsel
and Plpp. Nuuauiakcr reached first on
an erior to stmt the thiid. After Fisher
fanned High fenced the big catcher with
n poor bunt.
Detroit assertid Itself in the third In
ning. Coelesl;le singled to centre, Vltt
sacrificed. Plpp made a bad throw to
Ilaumann, who coveted, Tim ball rolled
Into right Held, putting the (ilant Killer
on thlid ami Vltt on second. This drew
lit the Inlleld of course, so that Young's
drive carriiil an Inch too high for Peck
inpaugh, The shortstop broke the force
of 'the ball with his linger tips. Young's
hit scoied Coteleskle Cobb's clean sin
gle to left tallied Vltt. Fisher pulled
himself together then and struck out
both Crawford and Veach. ilaumann
threw out Hums.
With two out In the foiiith Peckin
paugh threw lo the stands nifl gave
l"!oveleskle second base. Veach and
Young followed with singles for the urn.
1'iawford singled to start the fifth. Veach
was safe on PecklnpaiiKh's hobble.
Burns hunted a pop lly which .Malsel
Juat failed to leach, and this scratch hit
filled the bas"s, with noun out. Hush
filed to Cook too close in to Jiutlfy an
attempt at the plate on the part of Craw
ford. Fisher didn't appitclatn this favor,
however He forced home the ilia by
p'asslng Stanage. Jennings then crossed
the Yankees with it squeeze play. It was
too late for Fisher to get anybody lifter
he fielded Coveleskle's bunt, but he tried
for his southpaw fiiend at lirst anyhow.
The result was a wild thiow Into right
field, Hums hcoiiiI as well as Veach,
Stanagn reached third and Coveleskle
second. Nunaunki r then was guilty of
a passed ball, lie ictiicvrd In time to
stop Stallage at the plate, but Fisher
fumbled the tos That Inning blasted
the last hope for victory.
New York got a inn In the foiiith.
Malsel singled to right and Plpp
scratched an infield safety to Young.
Cook sacrificed. Crce caught one fairly
In the middle which almost tore of
Coeleskle s face. The big pitcher tliiew
up hi gloe jut in time to save his
ountenaine Tim ball carroined off be
twtrn third find shoil, but Vltt made ,i
wotideilul one handed vcoop ami tlucw
nut Hlnlle b niche. Alain I scoied on
this nut. Pipp, wlio would have scoied
also but fin Vlit h underfill play, was
left when I tn 1 1 m . ti 1 1 fanned
Muisel's second single opened New
York's ninth Mullen, who had nlleveil
I'lpp In the nui itmng, struck out for
the second i i nn Cook luat a limit
Covplcskle Ml Cue tilling the bases
Ilaiimaiiu long Hi n i ',, Ncored
Mlll'll Nil ii.ike s ilolinle o left tal.
lied Cook a, i. ui I ice ,,n 1 1 1 , 1 I CiM
U iMUteU fcu M,h, but iiiq beat he
Poor Pitching Chief Cause of Their Defeat at Hands of
Pirates by Score of 7 to 1 Mamaux
Dominates Situation.
woild's champion Hraves moved
Into a
tic with Chlcnuo and Pittsburg
for third poltlon In the National
League race by noliig out the Dodaers
In thr ninth Inning. The Pirates
a. ...t u . .11... i.. i .,
diopped tho (Hants Int.. sixth position
once more. Fortunately for llroklyn It
lost no ground In its struggle for the
lead, as Cincinnati trimmed the Phillies.
Yentenlat's Ite.iilt
l'ltlhiirg. ; Nr Vork. I.
Hiitnn, 4, Itrooklyn. 3
Cincinnati. I; Philadelphia,
Ilrtallrd Slandlna of Hie Ciiih.
' 'IV.I. iJi!!i.
Club ' ? -I I " J 1 t t 1
icuiii'.,ol 13 w -Philadelphia.
, 8, 7 S 0 S S 49 f 7 .&70
llmokl'n 4" 1,1 " 1 4? 4i .44)
chiiato at a" iij 4 a 7 43 41 mo
ll'ltlsbura , 5 (I '' I 7, j 7 44 44j.JP)
!Iloton (110 5) S jj 7 44 44 IM
jNewVork 4 a ? 4' e " jjj'a 41 4)T7j
si.l.out 31 5- "F. ii a 17 "414'm7)'
!rinrlnnall..." i 7 4 t 2 in Jo o' ait'
(i.niie liwi.... ts 10 i 11 t it u 11 :n 1 I
Tit-tlac'i liriliilr.
Ne Vnrk In t'hliasn.
Ilrn.ii,yri In I'liLlmrs
Hitnn lii Clnrlnnatl
l'hllailclplila In ."I l.nuif
Pittsiilko, July 27. The (Hants lie
gan their second march through the 1
West to-day with a climb, but they
climbed ihe wrong way. They went
downward Instead of upward. The
Pirates beat them, s to 1, which was the
severest chiding given to them In weeks,
and they played their poorest ball In
weeks In taking It. The New York team
unfurled oor to fair pitching never
better than fair In three reels nnd al
ways was at the mercy of Albert Ma
maux, the child wonder, who, however
If that Is any conolat1on to the (Hants
has most adversaries at hi mercy this
season. It is an open season for .Ma
maux. hut not many who go out hunt
ing him bring him In.
Mantuanl was the pitching goat for
the (Hants. Hox work was the main
reason why the (Hants lost, though they
didn't play much of a game In any de
partment, and .Marquard was the main
reason why their box work lost. The
Hulie pitched a flue live inning game,
though he'd have been beaten even on
that curtailed measurement, but was
kitocked off the eminence In the sixth.
His finish came with a rush of base hits.
For four consecutive Innings of Alar
Muard the Pirates didn't make .1 hit.
but in tin- sUth they drove the ball
hither, thither and elsewheie and on
a bee line.
Hill Hitter really didn't have a chance
to show his skill. He merely llnlhed
the sixth Inning. He was Jabbed for
.1 single, which rescued two base lim
ners who were legacies from the III
fated Maniuard regime. Schauer had
an unsteady Inning before he settled
down, but by the time he settled the
pomp was so ncailv over that the set-
tllng didn't amount to much. A
Mamaux, the t.lants mam "o any
could offer was nil easy chance for
Young. The scot e;
YOltK iA
an 11 p
at n p
. Vltt.3b ...
2 0 Itizli.tf
Oobb.el.. .
; Craf'il.rf,
I llurns.lb...
, Huh,ss,...
I Stanase.c..
: n
2 0
0 2
1 12
1 1
n 7
2 11
3 I Prrht'ah.a.
11 (l)llione,s. .
11 11 MaiM-Mb ..
.1 II 1 2
1 II 11 2
0 Q'Pipp.lh .. 2
0 11 Mullen. th... 2
3 11 Cook.rf . . .. 3
(1 Cree.el. . . 3
C iiH.ium'nii.2b 3
Nuna'ak'r.c 4
Totals ... 11
:T tl PFither.P . . 1
I'llarney 1
Pieh. 1
tCaldaell. . 1
0 il Ii I)
II 11 II Ii
0 11 11 n
I Total.. .,33 7 27 11 1;
Hatted for Fi.lirr ill the fifth iniiliu,
tllatted tor I'leh 111 I lie ninth iiiniiur.
Detroil . . . 0 a 2 1 4 fi 0 i n-7
New York. 0 1) 1 0 0 0 0 0 2-3
Huns-Detruil. Vltt. Crawford, Veach. lliirn.
Stanace. Cnvrlenkle 2: New York. Maits-l 2.
I' Cook. First bate on en or Detroit 3; New
York, 1. 1-eft on bawn-Detrnlt. V New
York, 6, Twh bae lnt-Orn turil, Nuna.
1 maker Har nn ball Oft Fisher 2; oft
Pieh. ? Struck oul llv Coveleskle. fi: by
Fiher, 3; by Picli. 3. Slnlen bae Huii,
Picklnpnieh Sarnfire hit Vltt Cook Sac
rltlee flj llcunianii Double play -Hoone,
Ilaumann and Pipn l'aswd liall-Nunamaker.
lilt by pitched hall lly Corrlrskle ifreei
Hits Off FUher In five Innina: off 1'ieh,
2 In four Iiiiiiiks Umpire in 1 Inel Wallair
Field umpire-Connolly Tinie-1 hour and
40 minute
Illlfiii's SI en I of llonie (Jltea Only
Hun nf t.nnip In Selinlora.
Wasiiinoton, July 27 Milan's, clean
steal of home in the first Inning enabled
Washington lo win fiom Cleveland here
to-day, 1 10 0, and also guvo clallla the
better of a pitcher's Initio against
Hiigerman. Kacli twlrler allowed only
one hit. and the fielding behind them
was brilliant. The scoio:
Ct.KVF.i.AND iA 1. 1 WASIIINOTON (A 1. 1
ah h
n ,
all h p a
( Ksehen.cf..
I c:h.ii'an,s.
' Kirke.lli. .
Smith. rf .
1 Turner !h.
. vv'ir ins.,:h
' O Neill.e.
Ila.-'nun p.
: .liieksou...
fi li.Mneller.rf
a 11 1
2 0 1
0 .1 0 o Knlrr..'b...
ft 2 1 OlMllan.ef . .
ft x 1 0. shank If. .
ft 3 ft fti(!ati.ll,lb...
1 I .1 !lleliry,c. .
n n
0 9
1 ID
3 ft ft I OjMellrlile.M
3 ft II 2 ft Connolly. m,
2 ft I ;t tliiallla.p... .
1 0 0 0 0
- - - - ' Total .
1) 0
ft .1
0 1
2D 1 27 8 0
1 21 II 1
Hailed lor llaserman in the ninth inninr
' Cleveland. .OftftOOftftft 0 n
Wanhlnirton . t ft 0 0 ft ( 0 0 x-1
' Hun NVa.liiniilon. Milan First bate nn
error -WaliiiiRion iafl on base WaMhtuz-
' Inn 1, t.'letelaiiil .' First base on balls -Off
liollla I. nil Hanerniau 3 Struck nut lly
Osllla 7. by Ha.erniau ! Slnlen hane
I Mueller, Milan, llinrt I'mpirrs Hllddirand
j nnd 0'i.nuchlil! Tims 1 hnur and 9)
Veteran Mike MnUt-s (iiioil Hlubl
nl Slnrl. Hi'i'iiiiiMieiiillnu Pitcher.
Mike Ivaline, nlil time catcher, who
bns been elillilmi-.l nn o smut l.v Hi I
vc.Ki, i,, .i,,i t... ,. '.' ,
jeats, signed 11 coutiiicl with James II.
liafflioy in Hfookljit yctlerilay In do
like work for Ihe Huston llravrs
Knlioe lagan 10 make good light off
the reel b lei ommeiidltig the puicliusn
of a big pitcher named Humes, nf tlm
l)aveiiioit, In., club, who has been Ihe
sensation nf Hie Three, I League. The
deal was cliiri by wire, and llartir
will report in .Miuiagri Stalling In cm-elnn-ii
lo-.Int lie 1 a rigid bander
and il feet 2 Inches: I ill
Huseball In-dii), :ii:',0 P. V. N V Atusrl
1 1 ns t He troll, I'olo Uiuuiiila, Adui 40c
ting off hint until his side was far ahead
and then couldn't keep It up when hi
went back lu the high speed.
Doyle Jammed a triple down the rlpht
foul line In the tlrst Inning with two
out and nobody on. Fletcher singled to
cci lie in me. tuuriii mi iw uui nou
,,,,. Io)mrl am, VoM ,,,(,, ,
the tlfiti. but Matquard sped the ball
"Ions the turf to the cavernous claws of
"K, ,dJl.,'iii', M,
'safely In the seventh and with none out.
il.oherl's rHp sent In the sole New York
tally, then with men on second and third
I and none out the two Incumbents of the
stacks stayed right where they were he-
cnue lofty but useless files emanated
from the mighty maces of Snodgrass,
(ilant and Hralnard.
I tonus Wagner spent the aftemon la
various, ways. He made ti magical play
on Robertson in the eighth. Rum was
on first when Dave lilt the ball wickedly.
Wagner sprung skyward, all legs and
nrnii nnd torso, pulled the meteor down
with hi gloved hand nnd slammed It
over to first while In the act of desrend.1ale rovirt(, ,he thlrd out and thereby
Ing. He made a perfect throw from ,,reVcntd the trio of runs tlmt pattered
midair and doubted Hums. Honu. also OVfr the platn JU4t Bfttrw.ird, As the
spent part of the matinee making a cr0wd was rtdlnir him Johnny tired 11
rJillulsh kick. The umpiring wnsn t
startling in ttn efficiency, but that Is
nothing new on National League fleldn
this season.
The (Hants had a vool night coming
from New York, but a feverish after
noon. The Pirates contributed to that
hectic state by tearing off base hits
with men on bases. Johnston singled In
the first with two out. then tltnrhtnan
ilmilileil. Ilorim bnnill.1 Ihe hit lnm.i
Johnston would have been nailed at
tile plate.
.Maniuanl's service for the next four
ll.nlngs was gilt edged, but In the sixth
the Pirate thirw off the thraldom at
once and with unbridled vigor. Carey
! singled, Collins made a home run over
the devoted head of Snodgrass and there
followed hits by Johnston, Wagner and
Vlox. Kuhc ictircd. Hitter eniered the
lists, likewise the box. and Halrrt blindly
poked his bat at a pitch and arched a
single to left which was good for to
runs. Two runs were made off Schauer.
The fielding behind hlin was botched and
he was prodded for two lilts.
The (Hants left for Chicago to-night,
but wilt have an off day there to-morrow.
On account of the burial of Knaltund
victims the game lias been postponed, and
there'll probably be a double header on
Thursday. The score:
NEW YOltK (N. 1..I ' PITTSBURG iN. I..1
nb h p
a ei
ah h i a e
4 1 1
0 OCarrr.lf...
.1 0
I lt.it isnn.rf 4
0 0 Collim.cf. . 4
: 0 Jqhmton.lb 3
3 0 lllneh'an.rf 4
i'oj ie,;n... i
I Fletcher.. 1
1 Merkle.ih.. 4
1 :
1 1:
2 n
0 n
0 n
1 :
n n
n 4
n n
0 OiWai'iirr.M
lall-erl,3b.. 3
SontlK'sn.ct i
'll.lbblllf 11 I
llooln.e..... t
tfirant t
WeiKlrll.c. I
Maruu'rd.p 1
111 Iter. p.... o
iliramard.. I
Schaucr.p.. 0
4 OlVlna.th. .,
n o.natrd.lb. .
II II Gih-xili.c. .
I 1 Maniaui.p
Total SI 1: 27 It
n n
n 0
1 u
. ' :
Hatted (or Miodsran in Ihe ninth inmiir.
Hatted tnr Iiooln In Ihe isventh innlmr
Sllaltrd for Hitter In the serenlh innlna.
Ne York an rtyo n ti 1 fi n-t
I'lltsburs 10000420 a S
Hun -New York. Fletcher- Pittimirr.
Carey 2. Collin 2. Jghnmon 2. Waaner, Vint
Two bae bits-Colhnt, lllnrhman. laibert:
Three hae hlt.-Uoylr. Fletrhrr Home run
-Collin. Sarifli-e hit -Jolimtoii. Stolen
haw.- Doyle. Ixilwrl. 2: Itinchman. Bairxi
Dotitile plays lajbert. Doyle and Merkle;
Wasuer. llaird and Vlox; Ivattner and Johns
Ion llae on balls Oil Marauard. 2; off
Mamaux, Hit tiy pitched ball By Ma.
maux. 1. Mrui-k nut Hy Msniuard, 2: by
Sehaiier. 3' by Mamaui. 3 t'mplres littler
and Hart Time t hour and 4 minutes.
Alter I'n 11 r Itnna In rirai InnlsiK
I'bry iilt Scoring; and l.oar,
Pmi.AriKt.pitiA, July 27. Hitting Karl
Hamilton hard nnd taking advantme of
the Hiowns' errors enabled the Ath
letlcx to open their stand at home to
day by beating St. Louis, 6 to 4. The
vlsltois baltod Sheehan hard In the first
Inning, scoring four runs on five hits,
but after thnt the Three I League re
cruit pitched out of several tight places
he got himself In. With one down in
the ninth, the Hrowns filled the batc.t on
three succeslr hits, but Austin and
Slsler went out on short outfield tiles,
The score:
ST laOUIS (A l.i I'HILA. (A. 1..I
ah h 11 a e
ah h par
1 3 2 3 0
4 14 0 0
3 ft 2 0 I
4 i 2 (1 0
4 1 1ft I 0
4 2 2 3ft
I 2 3 1 o
4 1 2 2 1)
4 0 11 4 ft
34 12 27 14 0
.' .1 0 0 llealy.Jb
. 5 3 llj.Vnlh rf
220 0Oldrinr.lf
I 4 2 0 siehang.el
1 I .1 0l.auie.lb..
2 0 0 Mahinr.vh
2 1 3 2l.apt.e. .
t '- 2 OIKopf.ts.
ft 0 4 ftSheehanip
0 0 0 0.
Austin. 2h .
Mler.if. .
Walker.rf .
l Walsh .
, Totals..
Total. .11 13 .1 14 2
'Halted for Hamilton in the ninth inning
t l.oiilt . ( n ft 0 ft (I ft 0 04
Philadelphia 3 0 0 v 0 1 1 I x-6
Ititns-Phil.vlelpl.ia. Itealy 2. J. Walth.
Sclianr. Mslone. Kopf: St lanii. Shoiton,
Austin, Sitler. 1'ratl Two base hit Pratt.
Malnnc. Walker. Three base hit Walh
Sairiflee till Heal) . .1 Waltli, Austin.
Walker Stolen bases Slinttnn. Howard. Left
on baes-Philadelphia 8. St. Louts . Struck
nut lly Hamilton 3, by Sheehan 1 Double
play- Hamilton. Agnew. Austin and ITatl
First bae nn errors Philadelphia 3, Flrt
bae on Italia Off Hamilton I, off Sheehan S.
Umpire Nallln and Dlneen. Timc-1 hour
and 41 minute
'lli'hlnir Knnblca Hed
rrllliiiph Ity il In I.
Huston, July 27 The rted Sox
tinued tllelr wlnnlnir ways to-day, be
ginning the home series with a Victory
from Chicago, S lo 1. Wood's pitching
sent Chicago, back with almost clock
like regularity, while Huston managed
to get a lot of men on bases off the de
livery of Hursell and Kaber. KVlsch
made seven catches In centre field for
Chicago, and Speaker nnd Hooper were
jiensatloual powers, in the Hed Sox de
fence The score :
ab h n 11 ei nli 11 1, 1 .
.- ui . iij 1 1 . . 1 ' evsiinin-r,ri,.
weaver,. 1 11 11 11 ii,iiarr.v,2b. ..
C'llin.2b I
Fournrr.lb 4 1
.1. Collins. If 4 0
Felsi h.ef... 3 I
Sehalk.p. 2 I
III.11 lili'e.Jli 2 0
HiissmII.ii, . 2 ft
Leiholil. . ft n
0 0
0 II,
2 0
:i n
0 01
1 0
Faher.p.... I 11 n
Totals.. .. i) 10 27 tj j
Total .. 30 1 21 II 0
Hun for Kllssrll in Hie aim It
I 0 0 f.
1 0 0 1-3
'lueillin ft ft ft 0 ft
0 n 1 I
Him Chli'iign. Sehalk; Iloston, Ilarrr
(iaiiliicr, Cady Two Itase hlts-ljatitner!
Seotl. Lent. Sacrifice flirs-Wood, (iainer
Sacrillee lills -Scoll, Harry. Biai'kburne, lii
on bast s Chicago, I: Boitoii, II. Firt ba
on error- Clueaju Bates on lialla Off Hut.
sell. .1; nlf Fnlicr, 2: off Wood, I, Struck
nut lly Itussell, l: by Faber. I: by Wood, i
Dmitlri Htans and Chill Time hour and
II minute
Wnri ester 4,
Portland, 3
Lngland League,
Portland II 1 tlrst gama)
Worcester. 1 necond
l.iiwieuie 3, Lnsrell, 9
I'lli Itliurg I, l.eivltloii,
Lynn, (, Mantbetter, 0,
1 114 Innings,
JILs Error Enables Dodircrs to
Get Their Three Runs His;
Rally Started by Him.
.One (of thoe sharp, sudden rallies
such a characterised the pennantward
marchof, the Hraves Inst year raued
the overthrow of ' the Dodgers at
Hbbets Field Jesteiday afternoon In the
little one game series which a n'r Na
tional League schedule had provided a
a furcwell for the Htooklyna prior to
the long swing around the Western e: d I
t... . .. . . ... .
01 ine circu:i. ire score was 10 o.
Johnny Ever being blamable
for H !
of the llrooklyn three and for two of
the Hoston four.
"Johnny lost the game' Johnr.y !ot
thi game!" repeated In a singsong drouo
was the choru of Hrook!)re fans that
greeted the Hoston field i.iitaln when he
came to bat In the ninth Inning, with
one out. Ills error bark In tho fifth In-
hln M.na n n nl, .l,ai ihKA ll,ut alinillll
clean single Into centre and the wlnnl.igi
rally wan under way. When Mageu'sl
double hammered two runners home
every member of the Hravei' squad
hopped forth from the bench and at- j
tempted handsprings that only Mnrai
vllle could do. each lending hi voice ,
to the shout. "Johnny won the game!"
A wonder thiow by Zach Wheat was.
th big thriller of the May. the piece
l,l pell.liii'.ce In .1 brilliant as 'Itllletlt I
of such thliKa. Magee
was on ttnrii
base In the fourth Inning aHer Ins tlie.
two bagger and Schmidt's sacrifice when
a long line fly w-.i fashioned by tied
Smith. Ii took n hot chase by Wheat
to snare tho missile, but He got it .u.d
took the one lone gambler's chance tha:
he had to shut off the run, whirling the
ball home with all hi brawn. Magee
had been rvt and started with the catch.
It was a race, hut the ball sped P-l
him Into Miller's mitt Just before he hit
the dirt.
Tho Hraves bludgeoned Douglas much
moro vigorously than the Dodgers
combed Tyler. et had to a lot of
hits go to waste because of the Dodger'
newly acquired habit of arising lo the
occasion In time of peril. The tlrst Hos
ton run scored In the third mi Tyler'a
single, Moran's Infield out and Kvtrss
single. Maranvltle tallied the next one
in the fifth after (retting on base when
Culshaw played football with his
grounder. Whaling's .icriflco and Ty
ler's second bit brought him home.
Brooklyn not only tied the count but
forged ahead ton In Its half of the 11:111.
hlengel and tleta had gone out berore , Katieilt Joli'i-on Two base im- 1 miner ' nlheis, was lite lengths rmthtr Hacl..
Miller singled In centre. Hvers then 'hi ibonm- Ttine base lui i:.i.erlt. Hull 1 sttonchciigc ha the reiutation of tlx lug
made his costly error on n Mmple Miller . ,;n,:,,ll A "TZ -trelch. and whet, tl M Miller
by Douglas. Myers shot a double play -Cullon. Ila-ierlt- and 'mu. all stiuekjgot w itlilii a length of him at tile ipiar
urnlnst the left field wall, scoring both ! " Jul n.3 bt Cullon I. b) Finneran I i..r ,we the I. lee seemed safe for the
runners, nnd O .Mara brought In tlm I
slugger with a single. That was all fnr
Brooklyn, for Daubert filed out and only
one other home runner reached second
during the rest of the game.
Daubert made hi fancy play nn 1
Moran to start the Hraves' ninth. Then
up strode ICvera lo the lilt of1
"Johnny lost the game" and slur led the
telling rally with it hit oter second base, j
Kittpatrlck ran for hlin and reached
third on Connolly's smash through Cut
shaw. Magee drote the hall to the exitj
gate In right centre. Stengel made .1
bold bid to catch It on the lly and got!
11 hard fall for his pains. lly the time 1
Myers sent the ball back Magee was on'llrouiii, Kirby and Hiriiey
second and two runs In, enough to win I
the game. Sherrod Smith here replac-d ,
Douglas on the mound. Alter Schmidt 1
filed out Brooklyn made one more good I
play when Cutshaw threw out Magee. I
who overran third on Hod Smith's single, j
but It was no use. for the Dodgers wenti
out In one, two, three order In their last !
ium. Thr score:
ah h
It a
ab h p a
Moran. rf
4 II .1 0 Oi.Mirr ef II
Connolly. If
Schmidt. lb
1 Smith. -lb,
Whollni e
4 4 12 l O'Mara,. 1 1
0 0 il 0 0 Daubert. Ih. I 1
4 1 fi O 0 Wheat If J 1
4 2 4 1 o;Culhaw..b 4 1
4 1 n ft 1 Mrnrrl.rf.. 3 0
111? O.tsehultz I ft
t 0
ft 1
I 0
4 2
r. 0 ft 2 Ql.ett..lh
1 ft .1 0 OlMlller.c. .
I n o o ODoutlar.p
I ft ft 0 o;s smith. p.
0 3 0
I 0
II 0
- - Tn! 1 1 a 1 1 - .-11 -
Total. .3ft 1" 27 1 1 (
'alien mr nnannr in in. sixth mninx
tllatted for Stengel 111 th, ninth Inninr
.u-,1.,11 , , ., 1 u 1 u ft 11
Brooklyn ft00030on.s--3
fluii-noton. FHlialrlek, Cnnnollj. Moran -
tills, Tyler: Brooklyn. Myers, Miller. Dims
las. First blue on errors llostnn 3. llrnok
irn 1 ian on uae -lin-lon 11 llrooklyn .'
First base on balls Olf Dniula t. on
Tyler !. Struck out- Hy Tyler 3. bv Hondas
1 nil ov ,'inrne.i iiau-ii) none a. icon
"Si'l.',...",1!.". I'0eiuL""'a",..,n r".M
' ."' "". .TUtll.l, 1 .11 (WO
iniril- 01 an lemur, iwn Dase nils aialre
aiyert. racnuce mi
Schmidt. Whallnir s
Sacrifice fly - Mnrau
and 4!
lists Cnniiolly. ITminre In
Field umpire Cocklll, Time
I hour
New York State League.
It. 11 K I
Wllkeaharrs . oooooiotO 2 i 2 1
lllnahsmtoti . ft 1 1 0 0 1 t 1 x 4 It 1 ;
latteries- Wllkrstiarrir, Philips and
(lid. In. Illnglnmlnn, Hupp and Peterson,
S BOON U 11 A Mil. 1
It. II K.
Wilkesbarr ft 0 0 0 0 0 ft-0 2 1 ,
Olnghatnlnn ... 1 ft ft fl 0 0 0 1 4 0
Heyen Inning, airreenieni.
Ilatterlsa 1Vllkeliarre, .Midlnlev and 1
(Hddo, lllnghanilon, (ialser and Murphy. I
Klnilra tftftftftftftO ft 1 4
Hcranton ft I I 0 0 0 0 0 x 4 s 2
lUtterls I'linlr.i. Nlrholsnn and
Heiul; Srranlnn, HlBgln 11 ml Miller
SKCONI) (1A.M1:,
It II 11
Klmlra ft 0 0 0 0 0 0 fl 0 0 4
Hcranton . .. 0 1 0 0 1 1 4 0 x - 1 ft 2
(latteries Htiulra, Sulllwiii and Hitter,
Hcranton, Duehesnll and Miller.
II. II 1'.
Albany 10000210 1 4 13 2
Hyriit use 1 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 02 7 3
llatteries Albonj, Frill and c'lniighir,
Hyraeusr, Cornwell and T)ler.
It. II
-3 li
Albany I 0000
Hyriicuie 0 2 1 0 0
Seteu Junius, agreement
Hatterlrs Albany. Jambs and Ctnushrr;
Hyracuse, Prlrst nd Tyler.
AT Till IV.
It. II II.
I'llra OOOftAOOft t I II 2
Troy 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 X 2 S 4
lliitterlss I'tlcn. Tsjlor and Mcl'on
ouah; Tmy, Parson nnd Meiiiuth,
Vtrwtern league.
Omaha, 2, Pet Moines, I.
Denver, n. Tnpeka, 4.
Sioux City Lincoln-Haiti
St Josepti-Wli lilla- Nnl s. heduled
Virginia la-ague.
Newport News, 4, Itoeky Mnuiit. 3.
Suffolk, 3; Petersburg, 2.
Portsmouth, 3; Norfolk, 2.
Mouth Atlantic League.
W 1.. IK.M w 1
coiumous t 1 1,,'jiaiafnn
Hesult Colunibui, tj Macon, 0.
Texas league.
Houiten, 3. Dallas, 0,
I'nrl Worth, t, (lalteslon, 4
San Antonio, lt Hhi'veperi. I,
Waco, tj, fleauino:it,i
1 3
j Yelerila' llesult
I H-ooklyn. 7; Kan.4 City, i (tlrv. gam!.
K.ii.us City, t, llronk.yn, i iset-'oml
I camel.
I'ltuhiirt :, ll.i!!lm(irf, l Iff Innings)
Jliiffaln, T, Chlcajo. .',
Nenaik, Hi Ht. I.oti!. 5
Slandlns of the Club.
W I. IV. 1 W
Chle.uo .. K at Wi Newark . .. IS
HiiiM city 60 .-J M.',Iliift.Uii . ... 4J M .11
si. loiil 11 11 siiilirotiklyn. . 4: r: 4i
Pittsburff . 47 ID Mllllalllimiir ..MM J7
To-day's Sdirdule.
llrooklyn In Kumat city tt,i gams)
Uslilntore in Pittbutg ,to Kttneti
Newark In St tiul.
Uulta.o In Chlijco
l.Mniinaer Mnnll l-roicsi Flr.t
,,- 1,1. 1,1111111-1- iiri'isiiill,
Kansas ClTT, July 27.-Kau.as City
oi'ok vku io-iiax wun ine i.roo.c.eu
the vlsltom wlnn.nK tho Hist battle,
to 0, and tho local the. second, tf to
llrooklyn bunched hits with errors In
I the th.rd. alxth
uiin seeii'.ii 111 1,11.1
!tTe'!n JnV:iA':1 . ,1,e
StoV.il! w 111 tirotct this iiamu
because nf 11 .i,m t i!.n.,i
cor.in ut second. The locals cinched thu
Hiiurpieco iii mn second ny iiunoning j
mm ui.-- ii,i mice urooaieii ciruis lur
thico runs. Tho siore.
imOOKM'N (F f. I (KANSAS CITY (F. I..)
b li
.tare.;h .
C'ooer.lf .
II Mr ley. lb
Hall. 2b. .
Ntnon c
II l eft PJ
4 t
4 :
3 0
1 0
: 1)
a 4
0 l
1 :
3 11
2 t
ll,OI WI,.
otovall lb
O.K wonhy .Ii
1 Per 11 :ii lb
0 M1.1 If . .
u W Hi lei.lb
(.Kruaer rf .
0 Kaierly.e .
Total 34
CllllOII.II .
llmw ii. . .
iw.i. ii-ir r.
llilteii (or Cullon 111 Hi I'uhlh Innini
llruiiic.lt n 0 n 3 0 j : 0 a -
Kaiia Cti . 0 1 1, 0 . : v )
lt.nn- Ilroolclyn .iiie.-nr. Coon.r KaiiK,
Halt. Smith :.' uii,iii: l.ina. CM.
I'ha 1
!""" 'V nA.w I'rW.ey. lyriliei I'acliarU
I'ml lla-- lilt Mi.w ("li i.llio.ini.
Cooper batlll. II ill Time ba-e lot -Minlll.
W Hraitl y itulrn b.i.e Cooper sienll.e
hit CiindtMiiiiie S.ierifliv fl) II Hialle)
D.e.ibl.) tilay smilli. .Mase mm lli.i.liey,
l.oojwin ami PerMMu llrn.-l. nut llv 1i.li
ird :. b- Cullnii to llliiejaeltet 1 First
iia-e on lull -01! P.ieliard .. ufl lleiiniiuer
1 olf ll.liej 1 I niplie- Hretiiaii and
Corcoran lime-; liotli- and 22 minutes
F 1. 1 ,hA.N.s CITY (F I
ah Ii
Ii a e ah h p a
And nn.rf
e ('"briirne cf
. t(;ootw in
I ft Mov.dl.lh
" I I'errin. .Ii
0 ieU.ue If .
II a W l!r le . b
; i) Kiuiei-rf
.' I Ki'terb.e .
1 I'.lohn-oii.p
.' 1 Ctillaii p.. .
e 11;
" Total- .
0 0
Mates..1!! s 1
lleltrich :b 0 e
Cnnper.lt . 3 1
Kauft el 4 0
II llr'lri.lb 1 1
Halt :ti I 2
KilSauth ; a
II nllh e 3 11
Fiiineran.p 2 it
t.sn.l 1 (1
I'Minitli.ti 11 n
t.Myer t n
3 1
n 21 1,1 4.
Ritled for Finnrran In the rithth Innini
tllatted for Frank Smith In the fourth
HrooUlvli .... s a 11 : ft a 0 0
hanni Ci'y ... 0 3 0 A 0 1 a j
,1 I'llV. ClililhtlOf lit .lnl-.-iIl. Mi.itt Krti-M-
3. bv mlh 1 fir-l h.is on hall- (HI John
on 4. nit Finneran I Umpire Hrennan and
Corcoran Time-t hour and (4 minute.
Al Pltl-bure
Hi.tlmore (IM. 1 fioortiovflnn-l
I'lit.burs i r i. 1 loijiiuooool:
ll.ittfrif.- .lolui-i.n .la. klH'ih
Owen, llurke anJ il'Coniiur.
Al Chliaitu
11 :.
HufTaln 1 K 1. I 1 0 t ft ft 1 0 0 03 1
Chliagn i-'l. ) 11 1) 11 ft 1 1 ft .1 02 7 O
llaiterir r. bu't an 1 Mle. Premier
gast. Hroiwi an. I Ciemeii.
At M I.1111I.
P. II. V.
Newark 1 Ft. 1 2 I 0 ft . 0 3 ft ft 11 12 1
st i.oii.s 1 y 1, 1 0 0 0 0 0 11 (i : 1 - 3 .1
llallerle l.mlla Ii, llail.len and I ra 1 1 ,
Vlnl.e slnulc In Mnlb Tlmt llrnta
""' 1 ""He".
Cincinnati. July 27. Tommy Leach's
retui 11 to centre field after being all
sent for some time was most otmortune
I for the He.llcgs tills afternoon, as ill
. I ifiis Ills slt.i-1.. Iii II... i.li.ll. .I.-. .1......
5l in the winning run. defeating the Phillies
4 to .1 in a hotly contested game The
scot e.
I ah h
, Hiui-rofi.ss 1 1
I l!rile.3ll. . ,'t I
Hrikrr.lf 4 .'
all h p
7 1. limit .th
0 0 llero.'.
0 ( lllnd.-er .11
ft oWK'crrf .1
1 O.U'a.'b.cf..
0 0 ririffith.rf .
(i n'Vnti K lilt 2
ft OCIarke.e
0 lltWacner
2 OlWilhanis.lf.
0 OTwnmbly.lf
- -.Mollwitz.lh
10 ilTonej.p
4 'rarath.rf
t 1 0
0 ii j
3 1 2
3 1 r
4 0 .'
1 1 o
,, i.nii-.i.t 1
n ft 0
- I 1
0 1 0
0 11 0
0 t !t
ft t 2
0 i 0
j "haimers'p
Isy p.. 0 (I (1
1 Total S' S
chiH 11.fr. p
Toi.il. 11 : 11
I for (inffnh in Ihe eighth iniitnt.
or iiarae 111 me ninin iniiiiu
1 Phlloilelnhla
0 ft 0 0 a 0 ft 3 0 3 1
000JOAO1 t I '
I Huns-Cincinnati. Gioh W Kllllfer. (inf-1
1 mn. vtucner; riiuaucipnia. trav.un. liitsry,
. "hilled. Two nasc nils- Chalmers l.uiterit
I Three base
lilt droll Home run -(iriifith
Sairllliv hits Whined. Dlllley. llerzoir
Struck out -lly Ittxev 1: by Toner. 1: by
j Schneider. 1 First Ins- .tn ball-. Off Toney.
4 Stoii'ti base .tin ker, W Kllllfer I'm
pirr Hjron and hason Time- 1 hour and
10 minutes
Yesterday' Hi'-illl.
Ilurr.ll. . ,lerey City. S
llarrtsburg. 6. Hnehester. 3 iflist gnnei
llarrisliurg. 7. Ho. heater, t iseion.l
gaiue. 10 Innlngsi.
Providence. I, Toronto. 0 (10 Innlngsi.
Ith'hnionil, 7 Montreal. 4
stundlng nf the lliilis.
W I. IV W 1.
I Providence 4: 24 St.. Itlehtnond ?i 14
3 1 Hiilfalo 41 47ti Ho.'hester 17 II
: . Ilarrtsbiirtr n 31 .vtl Toronto S". it
d Mot.tieal . 12 311 Mil Jer"y City .'1 ..t
Tit-day' selieibile
Jersey ('lly tn Huff.ilo
Harrlburg In lloches'er
Hl.iiniond In Montreal
I'rotldenee In Toronln
I Al HiifTnlii
llluffahi ill. I 2 0 2 2ftilft.it M!
I Jersey l'ly I I L. I 3ft I t I 0 0 0 ili'i x 2
inttertes - iieeiie and I. .Hung': t'rulcher,
Hlnic and Iteynol.lN
At Itmhesler.
I'lltST (I AMK
I! K.
I" t
ll irrlsbulg 1 1 I
Hnehester ( I 1.
0 0 ft 0 0 0 I 4 1 - -11
I 0 1 0 0 2 0 ft 03
I 11 illerles--i;nr.in.inii
, Huff and Williams
and lletklnger;
II H r.
llftOOOlOOO 37 1 1
I 3 1 0 i) 0 0 0 0 0 2 i 1 2 4
HiirrMmrg (I I
Hoi hester ( I I
H'ltterles Schac hi. l.ee. Chiibek
Snow; ilerihe. Hiienke ami Williams
At 'riiriuiln
Pint Idem e 1 1 I. . 11 ft 0 ft I ft 0 0 ft
I nriiuin (11,1 0 0 0 0 0 11 11 o 0 0
riitterlr -Katies, Oenhgcr and 1
MiTlgue, Manning ami Kin'her.
I :
At Moiilreiil,
Ittrhitiond 1 1 1. 1
Muni rral 1 1 1,1
ItjttriieH I'rmu
Hale, Cuiorr nml
11 11 j 11 I 0 11 1 n
a n I 1 ii a 11 2 11 1
nml lliirrlg.in.
Hint ley .
Int Hedges llnitnrlb I'biiiiiiilon.
Ira M lledgrs won thr final round,
which can-led with It the golf cham
pionship of thr llawnitll Counli'v ('lull,
by ill fc.il Ing C A Kidd, :i up and 2 1 1
ila at thirty-six linlcs At die hu'f
way point Hedges was I iloitn, Inn nn
the seciind luiind had little trouble In
in.iKlny away with Ins opponent.
Packs II ix 110 Pounds .lust as
Real Horse Should, and
Canters to Wire.
. ' ' "' ,arr s "rn Mhaw irove,i
max weight will not stop a good horse
..1 . . ... . ..,,,.11".:
1 worn ne won ine ivniouan ii'Knweigni
Hnndlc.ili over a route of .1, and a half
'. I furlongs at Aqueduct yesterday. Harry I
Shaw carried 140 and won In easy style
I f rum
Helen H.irbee. which shouldered
ui,. Willi tn 1 iree.ie.ir.oIfi 'tiiiliii
"Trying 12S pounds Hi third pl.i.e.
. .. .......
1 "e reiunrkablo part of Harry Miaw's
victory was that It was gtlned :n the
middle of the track, wherca be has
Inst several race this season because he
swerved toward the Inner rail and got
pocketed. He is whit Is known .1 a
rail horse, and though he dtew No, "
position hn remained tiue to his habits
at the start and kept ptishlr.g It side of
it . 1, , ..i.j. ..
mini ii.irnet:, m men nau iiiutwi (lie
rail, until Stirler ias:dy got .lied of
sending him nut and let him stay there
for thu tireak.
Willi lii. favorite position to rur in
eithe nice lookeil a good thing for hitn.
iejieclilly a he was a strong favorite
' in the betting at 11 to !'. There was
I great Mirntle. therefore, wher. Sunerln-
letulert showed uiieMiectcd speed nnd
7 'outriiniiltig both Helen H.uliee mid
-(; Harty Shaw took the rail away from
iihc cholin at the beginning of Ilia turn.
olng around Hie bend Hurry Shaw li.nl
ad he could no to hold 1111 to second
place, a He en It.irboe and (lruniy
were iuhpg Idin hard When he
ie,l. lied the homestretch Ills f.lVOtlle
shut by Superintendent, -sliMi crtniipled
rlglit away, ai.d thdigli Helun Hai-
ee made .1 gallant ellort to get nil
terms In trte lit nuarter slie never
really threatened 'he trade., w lilch
linked the Judge- with foil 1 lengths lo
Ihe good Polarllle was tl-ilig at til.!
liri-h and had all he could do to lal.e
liow inone) frmn i.rump). four length
lehltiil Helen Ilirbee
Hairy Shaw was one of three winning
favorite. Hie other-, beitu Klla Itr.csoil
and St Isidore, liotli at odd 011 The
grcalel sho, l for the form plavors
came in the fifth race at a utile and .1
sixteenth, lu wh.cli I! F Carnian's
(i M Miller starled at odd of 7 lo 2u
and the best he could do was to Mtiih
third to .lame Mac.ManuVs llnblnettii
and C.xpt. C K Kockwell's Stonehenge.
fl,,. I ill..i- i...t a hot nace. wil l J.
lledrick's Nanlei doing his best to keep
'-j'lup. N,iilcr was two length behlit I the
flying leader at the end of the paCKsii ctcn
iltHl C
M. Mllbr. the nearel 01 ine
choice. Hobinctta had been knockeil t
hack to last phut' at the far turn, but
little Henry pereci'd with her and
mine w.th a tusli down the stl etch to'
win by four length ftom Stimeheiige,
with li. M. Miller three lengths fur-
ther back
John K Madden failed to bring ofT a ,
coup In the last race, for two-year-olds.
In which he started for the first time the
chcstiiuo colt Sir Vivian, by Ogden j
Lady Stcrllni. Sir Vivian It 11 full '
brother to Sir Mat tin. which Madden
sold to IkhiI Winim". and which 1
started favorite for the Cngllsh Derby,
in which he was knocked down. ine
I licit tit on Sir Vivian caucil him to
! tic pr.1ctlc.1ll the only huro ptaed ill
I the Held of tell except John Snnfoid's
1 St. Isidore, tile favorite. Huxtoti could
lint get Sir Vivian to shuw hi speed
in the early p.iit of the race, but ns soon
as he got down to real lacing he came
very fast and was beaten only half a
length bv St. Isidore. The summaries :
For two-year old which have not won
. . . n.t s-iii.i ripu.'ii ..1 .iv. -nil ..-.....
W Jurkry l"rne Fin
Sum. 2 110. .Turner sill'. I"
Hrnomtale. J .. Il4..1lulwrll :-4 I: '.',
Martini-.- -' . . IK .tbixton !)!) 2-4 n
Mustard : U0..tlatie x-l 7 4
Bed Cloud. 2.. l.i; .T MeTal l .''1 M 4
Time 11 '..'.il I-..
C001I stall won ilritine sasin. h. e he
The Pukit-yurrn: owned by (. J I) Holly :i
tr.unrd by J .1 Mulrrnm
For ihrre-ycar-old and upward which have
not won at this nucttiu: seiiuiir: li ub
ft1 seriilinn nf 14, with .'.il added; one mile:
0 i llnrs.t and ace
Wt Jockey I'ricr Fin
' V-...I., I.u. S
57 .MiVnhey.. . t 4 1 1
Allien... 1'Ua.l MeTat't 1 '.
l J "
I)r Dnenner. aied P" 1 rosier 7 1
Kav o' Lisht 4 1)7 .Allen. fi I
Carlton II. ased li. .Matthew . 2
Camellia, fi '! Lillet- . 7 7 7 .
H l.insiion. til Ftirbrn'er 10 1 It T
Lisht Out. 3 M.. Hopkins 10-1 1: t s
Time- 1 MO 2-4
fliwi.1 start win drivin-r Neithlht eh f
bv isi.uir taiist' owneu ny .1 ,1
trained by J FttMlitininn
Moran; j
For three year old and upwnd wli:h have
not won .11 this meetiiu, 41 11 11: . bv stiti.
scniil 1011 of I., wiiti (..m ad.l.sl; one mile
Horse and :ue vt. Joeaet
KH t Hryson .ued III Hutwell
Dartworlli and b". MiS'ahey
HO) out
fi.t t ;, 'i
Comni.iiirrtta " 'M .Hunt 1. 1 " : 31
lln.in Horn, 1 1.k!..Hiii1uu 'i 1 .1 4
c F (irnlncer. a 10t..l.lllev -V ; s I '.
Mt II Harbor. I PM. .Flint
Time -I )
3i I
dnod irt . won raily Ki
I" ' ,Vy :Vl,"al -drazinia: owned and trained
bv It 1- tarnian
K'ltonih: for tliree-j ear-old and up-
lushweichl handicap: by ubentition
of lift, with isl aiMed: six and a halt lur
ton.r .
Hore and ate
II .11 rv Shaw. 4
Helen Ilirbee, 1
Wt Jockey
I". .Hnrel
I'rlce Fin
II tO I t !
. Polarius, 3.. .
l's..Fairhro'er It 4
.: (Siumpy. 3
12. .Turner. .'4 I
1:2 .TMi'l'as't 10 1
124. .Byrne tt
11.. Hutwell .. 1: I
Siitertiiteiiitent. 4.
Harry Junior. 3
Lady Harbary.
. 1
T me 1-.'1'4
(Inotl strt. won eail.t Harry Shaw, b r,
to Sim Hand Hell: owned bv O W Parry;
11. lined by M O.luni
For four year old and upward: e'diti:: bv
sub-sriplioii nt HO with .v0 added, one
niiln and a sixteenth
Horse and ase Wt Joi-liey Prite Fin
Hnliinelta, I 14 Henry 7 1 7 p
Muiieheuce. I IO..Trnxler . . I.' I 4 J .'
(i M Miller, aited 114 .lliixlnn 7 nut .
Napier, f 107 .Byrne.. 7 t 7 , 1
Perth Hock. I 104..J XicTiis't It 1 4 1 4
Superstition, oiled ino.. Allen.. . 201' 6 1 6
Time 1:17
Oootl slart. won i-.iilt Hobinetla. b f
bv F.nr Plav-hinlnd II : owned bv James
MaeMaiius: Iralned by r. Ciinniushani
For nril.len twoyearnlds; tmrse ICO; IUe
f urlnuzs :
Horse and are
n 1 .lacker Price Fin
tftl .TMiTax't 7 1ft I I n,
11-' .Biixlnu.. . 'I 14 .0
St Isnlnre. 2
Sir Vivian. '.'
Kiully It. 2 .
Oul Vite. 2 . ..
Han II. 2
Venture, 2.
N ivmatnr. 2
Nntll. ....)
.lno. ' .
ltensllble .'
. Ift'i .Trnxler .. 1,1 1
. 112 .Hutwell t 1 ;, j
101 .I.McTas't t.' I 4 I
. Ift'i .steward 11 I 14 1
112 vtiCalirr . ft 1 to I
II.' .Herbert 11 ; I
li.' Huffman 20 1 in I
In. Corey li I I
Tune 1 ill
flood starl. won ban. lily Si Isuloie.
s ny isuinr- (inak-a; owned tty John
mil; trained by It Hiiihr
PiK-illc Const League,
Oakland. II, Han Fninelseei. .
Lo Angelr. k Salt Lake. 7.
i'orl .a nil. .' , ern.iu. 1.
I'n nml nn
Flrt Itaee Norllilkht, Patrick
1. 011 lllur.
heriind llace Hiker. IMrlnorlh,
Third Hare True a Meet, striker,
Fourth Itaee Iron Itiike, Mark
horn. Sam Jrcksnn.
Fifth Hare shunnnn Itl'rr, Sklh.
brrreoi I'.lrrtlon list.
Sixth Hare Ko)iilll. Ft a a; .
Dmlly II.
Firm Ilace-For three ycar-olda and upward;
rttiiig : six rurioti:
stir Ucnrah
IU (IoihIuiumI ID:
IIJ t:arbuteler J2;
lll'ltrl.lc s W
II) U'nndfalr '
lill Vlcimla !
' 1 t t"
i Z?XW1' it
Kit I.O.I blue !
liner For three jrrnr-oM and up-
,1j;il,':i,iVi ' '
Dsrlnorlh .
II. .'II1 I HI1J4 11 .
II) Hull l'lh
112 (i.lOllAOOit
Hi Iti'arr
tit Kleiilna . ..
112 .Mauland lilrl.....
I !!!',?.'! bi;i.,
Oieryonda '.d tio Silver Thread ....
Coy II) Heerl Jame. .
Third Itace-For three yenr-oldt ami
hi .1: rlllt)2 .
True a Steel
San Vela ..
I'alainiulil ..
Mr S ncca .
.... in coy
.. IK Acie ,,
,,. lit Frou lar
, tl) Dentin .
.. . II) Tinkle Hell . ..
,, II. Itftular
. 1IS
linker .
Fo.inh Il.ve The Iluimnmlte Ilaisbcap,
three rar nlil and Howard, one mile;
IliifUli.irii 117 llrtllnlls .
Iron Duke. .. . ItJ l.i.ly Terrm ..
Sam Jacll-nll. . 114
Filth llaiv-Thn Midsummer Steepleehae.
lur three jc ar oiita and upward, anoui
miles. . . t., ,
v...,i,n.., llu-p IV. Si 11-2 Sttek
lo ,
.. 117
bklbtiereen . . m Kle. tion llei
Slxlh Itaee For miinln po ear nli
ami leUllius, live liullum.
Vint Hay ."Miilliern Mar.
Itmili.t II. Kmily It ...
bobolink I .'
Sa-ln winti'i of ih" fl-st rare fui te- j
vear olds, wae tMniht for Jin a a eai i'K
1., 1,,. aiihi.- 11 1I1, a- J J .Mulren.in 11
1 UCk in will, ll.liw'H i-i..,..r..
,. - I.j Mull he
Iii I surtlhis- lie nen, o tha Siln 011 Hi
uutntde, n.n abie tn et uji til ihe 1.11 le
The progr minis pl.-ked Ih.' II t 'h
In Ih fiiu'lh r.ue a II irr Sh-m H-'n
llarbee mil I I'olariiu writ niiinliied 1 ..
repeciltrl A Her Cie'ldy had dune h
ittle Juggling ihev b -o had tlit, second
and thiril pu.itlons at th? atari.
Ihe Sarateua Hea.tlnc Hooins have been
nrcanireil b .eadlng turfmen for th ei
son at lh Sim Itu.iiiis ha ben eiuaJ" l
on Ihe giouuil Hum of lb' (Irund Uniin
Hole while ill aUl lull privilege will
l.e imitated Membership emit'" 11 mem
i.r in l. n,n. x ul.-rrl'ier in III Saratov 1
lining Association ana ihe saiaiuaa liolf
nnd Teniit C uii. Tliei- are eUllty Inem-I
Per 10 dale all, I til- Mllowlllg r Oliee
t ,i.i it,. 1 inn nt. Tho ma II I I'll, oc K,
It Knupp Andrew Miller. S. huilet 1.
I' us.. 11. John Sanford. II P. VMHtney ana
li P VVil-on. Jr
C K C HI. dug till hut hi. fat
troiier Phlan al s.irateia nn wlibh 10 lake
iii.iriiliin ..er.l-e Clltaa shipped In
ihe Miring tiei,lat with Mr. Hli'ltigt's
rsier liiffo .1 I'nehiair
la lite
nn. litnn I a. well
th Jumpers owned
inne trained by .-Tan
l.t .1 I. Cot le an I lhn
V lei. h.
Must.ud, whbh was a strong tip for the.
nri ra.e. spieid hi hoof and probably
will race no more a a two-vear-nld
Superintendent, w lib li showed a crett
turn nf "peed In the Katoiiah llandl. ftp,
is iil no-l brought ln. k rmnl the grate
lo r.ur At l.tu.'et latl fal he was dsln
fion kidnet trouble -in.l In- owner,
Manult. had determined 10 -ho .i I1I111.
Henrt .1 Mtfa.t) of Laurel asked to
uiiitwp.l a rbatue to cure Hie lior-e and
F. I
rsuli w.is thai he rsced tery ner In hi
old form yesterday.
American Association.
I Coluiubtl. 1 ft 1 1 1 " 4 n 110 12 2
Cleisland. .. 0 2 I 0 0 11 0 1 0 7 1
Halterii- Dat Is and C'nleman. Ilrenlnn,
1 James. Mi Call and Hilling
MinnnH . o o o : 0 0 . :. 11 12 p. :
' Kansas t il .. 1 ft 0 1 2 n 0 ft 0- - I 3
i llilterles Klicle, Williams and Sullivan.
I liharrlty. I'.irtoll. Larson, Sanders un I
fl II 11.
Mlnnraptlls . ft ft n 2 ft ft ft 0 0 ft i) 2 to 2
IKinsasCliy I 0 n 1 0 11 0 ft 0 0 1 3 7
tlulti rlos Ihigle and Sullivan. Gardner
and Alexander.
ft 11 r.
, Indianapolis .. i 0 0 0 1 ft 0 0 34 s .1
Louisville.. 2 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 11 2
I Batteries Sohardt and Uliickburn. Ho. n
I and Cressln
M Paul al Milwaukee Italn
N.irlh ( ambus League.
Darhant, 4. Wlnstiui-Saleui
H.ilriKh. .. (lieensboro 0
Athetllle. 4, Charliitle. 3.
suiulhern lanaiie,
I'ltHttanooca .. New ur.e.itis 1
Mold e, 2. Lit. Is Hoik. 1
No o;her gaiue scheduled
I llarnef. the new ou Ile.der of the Van
' kee 111 ids hi- lo. il debut as 11 pim.li hi'ter
' for Hat ptshei In the tlfth Inning He hit
I thi ball hard bir right at Cotele-kle.
Il'irney ilnubtles wi.. p.av throughout
to-ili.t's game lie i a lefihande.l hlfer
mil a Cotele-kle is a soullipaw Cree go:
t lie preferenre sesterdat
Ktigene l.ay.lon, an outtle.de- from Citium
blll, C. reporled 10 Ilotlov.111 testerdav
lie will be rle,l oul in soon as he absorb,
a Hale major teisue atmosphere, l.ay.lon
up to the tlrst of Jiiiv led Ihe S.i.,y League
swatters with a bamnK aterago close to
His 00 mark.
In ill probability liav (aldnc:i i . trt
'In put the aiikeea baik in the winning
I ..... I. t.. ,,..,. ... V.in- V.L- ... I.,... .
: un,' (, , .atlstled to b- an.'hored In the
second itttblon Washington ha fourth
place linn by
two full game
One of the finest piuhlng battlr of th
rar wa teen In t ahlng:on te.tetdiv
afiernoon lietween (labia and Hageiuian
llageriiiaii tost the deilslun tiv a s. ore of
, I to 0 lu spite of Ihe fail tli.it he .I'lowel
but two lilts liallta gate ('It ve and on
. ope sifety.
I The Urate ate giving a pie. if good Imi
tation of tvli.it tllet a. 1 ompll-lied la -1
jejr Within th" last two week they ham
1 shot up from Hie cellar Into a tie tar thtr 1 I
I plat 1- Tbet are onl.t sit games behind 1
I lite ejtiaker piemnkr now j -1
Hoston seen is pretty ten. tin of em Mil 11 I
I ln the worlds series irmt.l pari of Ihe',-
f tune at any rale The ited Sot look better
t for llie Amerl. ill League pennant eterv
dav Thet bite suneded 111 taking pretty
much of the tight out of th White sot
Vester.liv w.is a dav of disaster for'
lireatel New Vork tlljtite Yinkee and.
ti.ilgei all were beaten. Hrnoklin wis
UO.e.l out 111 tile llllltll but no stli'll p'eas
ant fate awaited cither of the New Vnrk
. lubs Hoih were sliiiglitrre.l all the way
by the trea.'heritu Ttger ami Pirate
(ieurge SIllllIlK Is lieKlllllIng t .0,1k
like llllliself uglllll. When lure last ills
c Iii Is w.is 111 la-si tila.'e and Ihe lllg chief I
w.ij. font pound light from woiry He la ,
almost nor111.1l In tb'sh nnee more .
"Iloslnii "ill be In the lead or within at '
least iwn tr line of 11 l.efori. we finish the
Western trip." deelired Johnny liters tes
lerd.'H "Our eluli t. Imek rlnllt where t
was when it started It- light a tear ago. ,
We hate wen a tot of rinse, tough gaups
late.t and that It the tin test or int on- I
lit . didn't win them .1 1 ,.n lu.-k ei.n. 1
All .ur pitchers et.ept James ,ir In tl -1
I'bits shnpe I think the worst part of o.,i
jiinenei 1 elided "
The very best way tint lb Tmi nt .-an.
help to fultlll his prnphc'v I to la ..if the 1
umpire. Ihe rett of the summer
Tt Cnbb wouldn't bit mure than :i 1 if,
he carried Sweeney s legs, lis jui s.o.e a I
lilt olf I'leh lu the eighth thiouiih .lie,.
speed atone Mullen 111. ida 11 wonderful
onelt Hided slop of Tt's I. kt'd time dmi 11 ,
til Mne Though be was len yarl- -'lo.er
In tile bag than Hie lieurKlln ttie la'l'
atf I'oniinllVs tie Hl-iit ft lie det and run I
uei sMAl Into It fro-ti nppo- te .1 tes
Hunt! lennilig I an i letu go (,t Btt
it. i bo. 1 ea b uinriitna nf bi. t
llilgbe h'.weter siys t )i e g.iii,,. x lM . e.l
.0 ftr as bis pl.i-ers an . nn e neo tniring
tlte st'llsi n lie lie tei es t
uicnul 10 sotJ baiting
siting is ,et
Over Fifty Thousand Dalian
Wairered on C. of ('. Sliil.o.
Won by Sinsrle (.
Dirrr.tiiT. July 27. Single c, wo
Clinniber of Coinnierce Slake ih
noon In stl night heatH 11 1 the 1
Circuit meeting. In r.ieh nf the
nille. tlosncll sent the half m ie
racer to the front ns. lie willed .
each be finished with plentv t i
' "I
MAinrsi 110111 jiiii i.oy, m'iiiiiii iron.
jjJJ j Cirimmde, and third from lt.it ll.
101 j It wuh the laigesl field eM r -i.,i
JJjjii Chamber of Cotiimcru- Slake a 11
till 'first paced In UD, While the 1,
was not sensalloiial tin- eM i.l w .
mole than J.'iO.min .. bet on ,1
pools going over the J.o'jO lean,
l.ou Jciiulligs was mm Ii ti I
the 2:in troiteis, never being i n
Sadie S, i-.iine fast lit the el I
final neat after bring In the ru ,.
I others.
112 The 1 !ft.1
taer was 1ml so 1
, A
I Ml
1 at
l-l ii
1 itl
look at. I.elta Pateheii iln w au
the head of the slictch the Iii
In the next they lnaied all t ie
until the last eighth, win re II,
1 allied I.ell.l Plltclien to aba
won In 2 :ll. After that l.e , l a
tt.lH best and Mailed (iff i'n
Ihe end uf the miles. Jean u
beat In Hie 2 :22 paci' Hi.
iolMiticniciil of the ill . iil'i i- 1 -Aimtliel
le, .11.1 Held 1- !'!
the Mel. II. Hits and Manilfa. l in
winch Is the Weilnesilav f...im
teen ill" ended In start. Ihe It
lioiiiligtnli. King CI. 111-111. 1
Lucille Spier. Mi-
. ..I
1 assill,
I'eter Mi l 'in nib I.. !' ' s
Heusetis. Will U11. Wuitliv Pi '
li.il. una tin. I 1 inches l.ee Axw
will be tho faMu-lle if toe Ira .
cmii fair coiidllliin. The Minim..'
2:13 not 3 In 4, p 1: It '
Lou Jeiiiilng. b in. b I il
I'oroiii Mack (Hrennali. .
VI, "O' Siar. h. B iValent.nei 1
PA I. . li K. ((ione,li . . .
Worlln Itlnaen. blk h i.Mj-ri . I
IPeciric McKeiron. blk h .Km 2
lliue IVather. br h K'nti
Sadie s . b ill. iMurphei .
Montferrls, br. h. iMot.i. ...
Hoy Mllle' b h Klia.lt 1
Time J.uj. 2.0t, . v
Chaintier of Conine ri e Si..k .
purse :,,O00:
.MiiRle (1.. I', h . lit An Is 1
like i.titie i;yp, nt m
ItaMii-. lir E. by I.lber.. H.
1 . It-1 1 o 11 a 1 . 1 1
Judge nrlii.i'.ile hlk II h i'
mnn.le 1 Valentine! ...
Hal ll.11. 1. c. I') Hal II iM
1 1 I
4 I I
rr,l w . I. . iM.rtini
I Cmeiia, br. 11. (Com .
'ui..-k M. blk. g iM.iki
Hal S . rn g. (Murphy 1
Hi H H..J.
b. It. 1. Mi IL, rile -
(ieersl . .
Lustrous .M.'Kinner. b g 1 Ho tnr.
Aley I! . Ii ill 1 Whllliet 1 . .
Tlll-lle P.1I1I1, blk. Il iSli.twi
Ml' -Mailain. m. 111. ( Mi Mali.u
CJueen Abbes-, br 111 1 M til.' .
Time . ns.,. 2:iia4. .
It I I'l.r, .. ,T. ... ,U.r-
he 1 Leli.i Palehen. blk 111 . be Hut -
Its 1 Hritlhcr 1 snnw 1 1
I t
H. ir.in ,.. n 11, ny ii.uon .tie
dill lit UMkl
'Ihe Assessor, ill. r I Mi Mltll.Mi . ..
II irr The lihosi. gr g 1 It -
klnei 1
Sirailistortti, b h. 1Murr.1t 1
Mullinior. b. li iMaaersi.
Tint .'.0'.. 2 lli : .
.'..'.' Itaee, 3 In 4, purs.- 1 1 '.'
.Irttn. b tn . b Flasko iMutp 1
He.lgeMood Pal.-hen eh g .VI !
l.url.ti. b 111 i.Martlni
I. .ldt Aultet. Ii itl. I Sue I. k--l . . .
tiruie (lng.ie. b. tn i-un'-.
Hal I'lev 11 In It. Miei-i-.
Time -2:lfti, un!lil h- ,
I'lilnllini Lenglie.
II irttr.' I I Paw tic ket
e.t Iti dfoi ,1. 3 sprinurt.
New II nn 1. Hr.. k 'i
lay your
Summer Golf
Pivot Sit
1 lie
t'CVC li(M
ff SNIf I'f'c?
it. Tnilnrril in
tiiMircd Snn111.fr liilirii's Slimtnnj
Sill.. Scute 1 U ii 1,'ililc l.illfli. Iij
wfi"llt I loilli'spillK Hli'l I'li'i'i'
It's lll iilc tor the trailif we re
wh h Hi
Itl .stiorllli..' pirn.
1 1 1 1 111
general tailor en mint tialil
Special :
Suit nl' Scnlclt
W 11 "s It 11 li 1 c
Linen ' natural
11 r w- It 1 t c '
Knickers or
1 .11111.'.
Ti Syz.00
K 11 ick fr. of
Crushes, l inn
iiclsorTwccils. T' SB. 00
Onlcr O
Dr mow I'm '""i
C0.1U ri ri'"n
' i:r Tor
. purpose
eV Sons
OUT CI.OTIIK.s sp . 1 M 1- 1
N'unsaii .Inliti M-
II Itl
By Empire City Racing Ass n
$1,000 Midsummer
Dunwoodie Handicap
and 4 Other Good Races
I IBM' It 11 I X I
in !
smecl.tl Train letle 1',
SI and 7'h t . nisi I'ln ii v
l n at I.' '. anil at inn i .
Alltoniolilles take l.lil i I. i
1 csidhatell v llien.it lo I.
I.HXMI M IMI a.. ttlll t '
Ml Sll 111 I VMM H
At I IIMOIIM.i; SI i'l'l II
, :
T'iT 1
' ; -
IJ I I 1 -. c ' '
1 1 Nest I
j 2ft I W
Nest lll'tllllllie Sel'tl.e M i III"
4S SI. iai il .!)(. i ii -

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