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events of a month, Instead of dcpreg
unii there was unlveisal rejoicing over
tV absence of nn? claims by the Oer
tijans of pil-oncrs or lo I. That meant
tle Hlrand Duke Nicholas had extrl
(ed IiIk annlra once again from n
perilous position, nixl h w 111 have vet-
rails under hl ronuriniiil when his
untry pi ox-Ides him with ndcipiale
rms and ammunition.
The general opinion Is that the enp
tut i- nt Warsaw Is more n xlctury of
morale than decisive, The Hussions
J pjw do what they want til to do at
th outlet of the war-- straighten their
lltie of drfenri'.
'Despatches from Herlln liy way of
Amsterdam report the almost hysterical
euthuslnsm In Iterllli ami oilier huge
ennaii cities oer the eaplurr. An
nouncing that It Ik the beginning of the
end, the entire empire In given over
tJ demonstratljns. Flags nre seen every
where and all putillc buildings are dec
orated. By nnler.al nrrlnlm August B
has heen signalized no "Wnmw ta"
henceforth, to he celebrated as such.
JThe Knlscr, It Is iep. rted, has sent
a- congratulatory meswige to I'rlncc
Leopold of llavaria, who led the troops
III the triumphal entry, thus disposing
if the riyort that the Kaiser had
lected himself fur that honor,
JThe l,oknlan:clucr correspondent, tele-
t)Aphlng to-night, says the nuslans
ejaeuated Nndaiz)ii on the night of I
Aigust 3 and 4 after firing the Uwn.
It was practically consumed and Is still
bprnlng. He teiwrts all roads blocked
x-Jth fleeing peasants and their Ivclong
lilgs and the night lighted with the glnre
o burning farm houses. He Indicates
that the Germans haxe not been nble
tg find anything of military value.
'Despatches from Moscow say that hun
dreds of refugees from Warsaw arc 111
rfvlng there and that many of them nie
ptnnlles. The American Consulate Is
endeavoring to obtain relief for them
and ha taken charge, pending the or
ganization of a Husslati relief com
mittee. The refugees tell of the last days of
the city. Food Increased ISO per cent,
or more In price for the commonest kind,
and for the better citullty the prices be
came prohibitive for all except the very
The tiovernor-lleneral, the post offlco
and bank authorities vacated the town
ten days ago, and during that time there
vxa no mall. Now a volunteer post
office force has taken chargo and a
citizens' central committee was In
charge when the Germans entered. The
chief of the committee Is I'rlncc Ixmbo
mlrskl, while another citizen who Is
acting Is Miss Wanda Stokroska, presi
dent of the Ladles' Yachting Association
of Warsaw,
The refugee confirm the reports that
the Russians have denuded the city of
tverythlng of a military value Not
only have the big guns gone, but thy
have removed tho military hospitals
With their staffs and full equipment.
They also removed every piece of
railway rolling stock, not only of the
Ttujslan gauge, but of the Moscow rail
road, which takes the trains from Paris
and Vienna.
Rasatn OI!lelnll A minimcr. Kiu
niilliui of ('npltiil.
Special Cable Oeepateh to Tnr. Sis.
PiTRonnAO, Aug. The following
official communication was made public
to-night by the War Ofllce:
In the direction of Itlg.i on Wednes
day the enemy, after actions on the
River I'lsfi, retreated In great haste
toward the Illxer Fku, abandoning the
trenches and huge iiantltles of mu
nitions. Between the Vistula and the Hug
late on Tued:iy evening we dme
back the (ictmins with enormous
losses. At many points on tre front"
fecal succe-c. ended In a short pur
ault, enabling us to occupy the same
night without hindrance new and more
advantageous front on the left fide
Of the Hug, as well as In the direc
tion of Vladlmlr-Wolnska and Kovel.
In the Ivanporod district the Itus
larut have crossed to the right bank
of the Vistula, blowing up the bridges
behind them.
To the west of W.iryjw and louth
of the Hlonie road .xcslcrilny we suc
cessfully repulsed Herman attack.
' An extrtinely desperate battle pro.
tressed on Wednesda In the sector
9f the Hlver Orz. We delivered n
Vigorous counter attack against the
nemy, who had crossed the stream
at several points. In the district east
ff Ponlweest the lighting continued,
the Germans advancing slightly.
' On the Narew front the Germans at
tacked In the direction of I.nmz.i on
(he Ostrolenka-Itozan fnipt. The
nemy took the offensive in considera
ble force on the roads toward Mos
cow, On the right bank of the Vis
tula near Maclejwlce the situation Is
' On the upper Hug and the lota
lJpa-Dnlester front the situation Is un
changed. iThe troops covering Warsaw retired
At 5 o'clock Thursday morning.
Vie n nn Oflli'litl Itepuri Announce
' Teuton Victory.
Vienna, via Amsterdam, Aug. C The
War Office Issued the following to-night f
The long series of successes of the
?ermanlc allies since the May battle
II the Dunujec tu Gallcla and In
southern and northern I'oland nml the
tlaltlc provinces have now been
crowned by the occupation of War
aw. To-day the German troops of the
4rmy of I'rlnce Leopold of llavaria
marched into the capital of UushI.iu
tUermnna Mvvi Merlon lli-lmff
, North of Clinlin nnd l.ulilln,
' Special Cable leipalrh to Tun Si v.
.Lonpon, Aug. C (l-'rldav). C'oire.
pondents nt I'etrograd send descriptions
of the battle fought Tuesday north of
I.ublin and Cholm, which was one of the
moat terrible of tin- war
lien, von Mackensen's nnd Archduke
Joseph Fci il I aa nil's closely packed bat
teries deluged the Hui-slans with fire and
flame. The Hunslans for the first time
replied with a many shells as the Her
mans, Then when night came the Infan
try rushed upon Von Mackennen's
phalanx and drote it Into headlong
The correspondents deplore the fart
that this advantage could not be turned
to account, but was merely a temporary
ttage In the retreat Instead of a turning
point for a Itusslan advance.
A I'etrograd despatch to the ))
h'rtca says :
"The enemy Is showing the utmost
energy ot Ostrolenka, attempting to cut
off the regrouping of Itusslan forces A
large ficrman army In the Hlga district
Is endeavoring to compel the Itusslaiis
to accept battle.
This northern group totals eight nrmy
corps, Including an enormous number
of cavalry. Kverythlng points to a
tremendous German effort to forte an
attack from the north."
'Times," ('nrrespondeul See. tien
ernl With dm mil tn tlie lln.l,
Special Cable lietpatch In Tun Hi v.
London, Aug. (1 -The I'etiogr.id cor
respondent of the Tirnm, wh ver g.ivo
up hops for Warsaw until th last min
ute, li j hernmn a pesnilst.
"It Is fniillsli tu suggest, ns some do,
that the fall of Warsaw Is of little mill
tary or political Importance," he shvh.
Von Ilindt'iiltiii' Miipjicd Out
rainpiiijiii Thai Won the
Polish Oipitiil.
When (ion. von Mnckensen. with the
fresh !erm.in army corps from central
I'riiMiu and the weft, turned the Run
Vlan right flank In the Carpathians
and Plcld .Mnrshnl win I.lnHlngcn, with
the Austrian Archduke Joseph Perth
nancl, turned the left In the first week of
May the knell of Warsaw was rounded.
Threo times before. In October, No
vember and February, Field .Marshal
xon lllndcnbutg had attempted to tako
the Toll-ili capital an the Vistula by
frontal attacks, and threo times he had
failed, Once lie had come south direct I v
"'tough l'rzasnysz, only to be beaten
bark before he could reach the fortriss.-s
on the Vistula. A second time, following
the Russian defeat In the Mazurlan
Lakes region, he had driven straight
south with like result, and a third time,
coming from the Hzura-Rawka line, his
foices had received a terrible defeat.
This tlmr Oct many and Austria were
not to advance directly upon the Narew,
Vistula or Warsaw fortresses, but by
a series of drives cut off the communl
cations of Warsaw, Isolate Its bulging
line and compel a surrender. No one
was to attempt the big guns of Novo
Georglevsk or the other big forts, but
they were to starve them out.
The plan brlelly required that the
Austrian-German forces were to Inter
cept the three railways communicating
between Warsaw and Petrograd, Moscow
and Kleff respectively. In order to
operate against the last two It was
necessary that Gallcla, then In the hands
of the Russians, practically be cleared
and substantial bases established In
Poland Itself, upon which drives could
ptoceed due north and due northwest.
l or the arsaw-l'etrograd line It waa 1
tiectxsary that at a given moment drives
be begun either Immediately south nnd',"U(' l"""' dismantled then If lt had not
ni-M i uie .iemen io reacn mo i'etro.
grad railway at Wllna, or further south
from Suwalki or Pultusk. Once all the
railroads were cut or even seriously
tnre.itened the Russians would be com
pelled to withdraw their forces on the
long bulge necessary to protect Warsaw
or else run the risk of capture.
It ii Main it Tide Turned.
The Russian tide came to the flood
on the western slopes of the Carpathians
looking down upon the plains of Hun
gary. Once Von Mackensen at the nortti
fiml I .IiiuImi-om ..ml ih Ait-Id.... .,
.nii, h,i w,,-..i,i I,, th.i- Mr.'t I
tlons there was nothing but retreat for!,H" tr,',"chr' vX aKsii" tn'm U.W"K
the centre, which held the mountain 1 -"possible for human beings to stand
nasses Thev fell back and rinldlv I " 1h not Knl'isuld he ltussla.ln
The Gefnlins ritL arno" onrl! Ja""'Y,;, "L'i'L 'n,"c'?... )lry.
IS, and they were back In Przemysl on
June 3. which the Russians had oc
cupied since March 23.
It wan a race across the Intervening
territory to Lemberg, which was re
occupled by June 23, and then t lie drive,
turning north and northeast, plunge 1
Into Poland.
At that moment .Marshal von Hlnden.
burg unit ashed his army corps In the
north. Hurtling out of Fast Prussia
they were In Prz.isn hz Uy July IS snd
flying toward the Vltula. At "the same
time Gen. von lluelow struck east south
of ICovno. toward Wllna. Gen. von Gall-
wltz struck east between Pultusk and
Rozan . jstlll other forces, under Gen.
von Sdiolz, went east, n little to the
south The nulre objective of the three
northern forces was to Mrlke the Petro
grad railway and nothing else. Tho
... ..... ...... ..v, n t,iiu.
lam two were to cross the Narew. tra. I
"Warsaw Is the central point upon which
the Russian offensive against the heart
of Germany mut eventually be based.
Its loss Implies that the ability or Rus
sia to lesume the offensive, which would
grnel) menace German security, has
been indefinitely postponed.
We must assume, moreover, that the ,
Russian withdrawal from Warsaw i
means the ultimate abandonment of the
great Vistula forttcsses. Politically, the (
capital of Warsaw may present to tier-
mnny possibilities which still me to be
. o ....j . .irr mr fuiti-m nun
atlaliKd is bound tu hearten tin- German
nation, while we must expect that Un
moral effect pii some nations will lie 1
"The capture of Warsaw at the end of
a )ear's despirate struggle constitutes i
a distinct landmark in the war."
Tin. 'ri. ...... .... it i i i
torlally sees several reassurlne f iClor i """""" Kimmus ior me .wiles i.euev
In th the Gemians ,Hd noi smveed Tn 0r '""""f,1 ", '"
. m. nil Mif uiiiri IIUI II. I' ll-1...
destroying the Russian armies,
"We are conlldent," lhe Vfines says,
"Hint they (the Germans) will not suc
ceed In destroying the Russian army.
It) preserving the forcis intact tlie
Russians deprived the Germ-ins of their
principal aim, which made the future
cost of German strategy more complex
and morn illlllctilt. Itu"sla has also
made the German advance far more
costly than the enemy expected The
German loses have been enormous and
there Is reason to believe tb.lt
factor was not foieeen nt Herlln.
"! urthermoie, the German time table
has probably been upet again. The
gieat concerted drive against th enst
em front reohed ltelf Into n series
of expensive ilel.l). The Germans can
not leave the situation In the eastern
tiieatirwnereiiietrliimpliofto-tlaymay.fp.il ibeir belief lo.ilnv tim tin- iwirl.i
possibly prove the serious entanglement
of to-morrow. Mermany may pos.css
the Initiative, but won't be able to under-
take nn.v great serious effort elsewhere
tor some lime to come."
cem,,n""cu,;Z'l,vt:.: 7? "V" arl
Z w. ".,V'IC.V' .,.,f"',; ,r'- ,
: '."" """" l"-i-l'
of Warsaw lhe victorious lleriikius will
de deposited nct morning on the Hel
glnn front. The breathing space which
the Oerm.in s.ici Iflces have gained for
the western allies maj prove to have n
mine definite effect upon the result of
the war than the Herman triumph at
I n wider. Wllliln Ten Mile, of City
trcblilsliop lieiMc.,
Special Cable Intpatch to Tiir Scn
I'r.TitoOH.Mi. Aug, IS, Despatches from
Hlga say that the Archbishop of Hlga
after celebrating a final ervlce In tna
patliedr.il left the city with the clergy.
Fighting Is now In prncress on the
Mlssn Illver, ten miles to the southward
of Hlga.
W 11 rum's Full I, ends Iteientlmv tn
Dure Hrltlsh Fleet tu Fun,
London, Aug. :. Lntn despatches
from Met lln tell how the liennni capi
tal rfielved the news of thu fall of
Warsaw. The cllv was- coveied teltd
flags, but no great demonstrations took
plate. The ncwsp.ipeis voice this com-
inent :
The Tiiirn.y.rlliHi):
"Tim fall of Warsaw does not mr
prise us At most It siirpilses only thn
French and Italian Illusionists, who ho
Hexed up to thu last moment that n
miracle would happen, of course wn
know th.it the fall of Warsaw will bn
Hipiesenteil as tiill nigllglhle, the Mllln
iih tho fall of Antwerp. We will not be
grudgo this pleasure to our enemies,
Muiuwhlle, with Joyful anticipation and
May 1-3 Germans turn Russian
r'ght wing In Gallclu and force
retreat from the Carpathians.
June 3 Auttrlans and Germans re
occupy Przemysl.
June 2.1 Austrian and Germans ru
occupy Iemberg.
June 28 Teutons take Hnllcr..
July IS Germans take Przasnysz.
July 24 Germans tako Pultusk and
July 23 Germans force passago of
the Nnrew.
July 29 Evacuation of Warsaw be
gins. July 31 Lublin falls to Austro-Ger-mans.
Aug. 1 Cholm falls to Austto-Ger-maus.
Aug. 3 Germans begin final direct
drive on Warsaw by way of
Aug. 4 Germons drive Iluss'an rear
guard Into the fortress.
Aug. C Germans, led by Havnrlans,
enter Warsaw.
verso the triangular territory to the
Hug and reach the line a few miles
on the other side of the river.
In the meantime, the Austrian forces
under the Archduke Joseph Ferdlnund
hnd struck north toward Lublin through
which the Kleff railway runs, Gen. von
Mackensen had gone toward Cholm, on
the same line, but hln objective was
Itrest-Lltovsk, an Important fortltled city
on the Hug, not only on the Moscow rail
way but also known to be the favored
centre for the RuhsI.hi lino. It was
generally understood that when the Rus
sian army and Its military plans weie
reorganized In 1910 It was derided
that the bulge of tho Warsaw salient
' untenable. The fortresses woul 1
been for tho protestations of France.
Metnl Won Cniiipnlun.
Foreseeing the great war nnd realiz
ing that Germany's first objective would
be Paris, President I'olncare, then For
eign Minister, had represented that the
Paris attack could be prevented nly
by n Russian Invasion of Fast .'rut-sla
and had Induced the Russian-: to alter
their plan of campaign.
Metnl and mobility, but ptiriflp.'.tly
metal, won the campaign for th Aus
trlans and Germans. Hlg guns, the l.l.u
of which had never been moved before
' the field, were turned upon IV Rus
o u'i.i tail ....((j, .m. ttrj
had to give way
lespatehes from Warsaw n July
28 Indicated that the ev.i'Uutlni of the
Polish capital had been decided iipjn,
and the only problem then remaining
to be solved was that of withdrawing
all their forces, their fortress arma
ment, field guns and munitions, in ,i
new line.
There Is no doubt that the number
of prisoners taken by the letun will
be numerically large, but not when they
are compared with the number ttiat
got away. Rear guards had to lemaln
to check the pace of til !nv"1"rs, and
more than likely some of these w'll hiv!
been captuied. The one gren
be accomplished Is the tvtliu'nu ll of
the forces over the railway.! be "on tin
Germans can cut them off. Tvr.i wiij.s
H" " niin inn I u
grail and through Hrest-Lltovsk.
appear to be still open tiiwi.nl I -.tu,
proud confidence, we will accompany the
victorious m.ii c)i of our glory crowned
army under the incomparable leader!
von Hlndenburg. which Is trampling
upon anil driving everything before It.
Our slogan remains "Forward !' "
Count von Reventiow has this in hiv
"How the ncciiiimlon of U'limw jiiui
what will follow may aft-et public
opinion among the Allies and neutrals
must be awaited. Hut we would like to
recommend to Great Hrltnln a snlendid
mPns for elevating the morale of the
A es. i esli tc 1 1 I hp r fa hires ii Hi..
, Fast, and to strengthen their confidence
In self-sacrificing Albion like a granite
structure. Now Is the time when Gieat
ltrltaln w ith her battle lleet intact .should
light a Trafalgar In the North Hen. That
would give a different aspect to the
whole situation and at the ame time
ii ... ... .... . ..
iiui mini io i .r im'i tirri, uui ursilCB I.J
preset ve It Intact until peace Is made,
regardless of the Allies' perilous posi
tion. "Now is the ps)chologlcal moment for
the Hrltlsh fleet to Mure" the German
fleet to fight. Our advice l quite un
selfish and purely in the interest of Hrlt
lsh world prestige."
Mellele I'ellce Will ('nine
llefore Whiter.
fill lhe Vnlletl 1'ien
Hkri.ik, via The Hague, Aug ," ,
With Waraw'x fall only a matter of
hours olllclal circles here did not con-
war might come to nil end before winter
The (let man viewpoint is: I
1. That Itussla Iimb suffered a blow-
that will nullify her offensive power for'
i,, h...., income. I
That i:nBln.l and France realize
"r'.r. ,,u Xhv "'" u
i' liaine aim Iii-lgllllll. n eviuenceil i
l.v ll,!r In-Ml,.!!.. .. Ml- f!
concentrating nanlnst lhe Itusslan'. '
.1. That the Dardanelles can never
he furred I
4 4 That the H.ilkar. situation Is satis.
factory. Inasmuch as Hulgarla, accord-
Ing to the best available Information,
u.is given assurance that she will remain
neutral until the end of the war
This spirit of optimism Is shared
equnllv by both Germany and Austria,
Constantinople advices report the situa
tion satisfactory from the Turkish stand
point. The scarcity of shells which
hindered the Turks' operations earlle-
in tne war nan been remedied
The I
Turks pre now able to produce enough
shells in their own munition factories j
... ....,.,,
, I
BOO liialrlnii Soldier. Il,-i.,,ri...l '
llll VI IHM'II ItlllfHl,
Special Cable Detpaten tn Tim Si
London, Aug. is, A despatch from
Lallmch, according tn n Geneva tele
gram to the )(ill.v Hrprrsn, says that
Italian artillery lire struck a troop train
filled with Austrian soldiers going to
Huvc.iftn, north nf Lake tlardn, jeHler-
day and wrecked It
I'lvn hundred soldleis
weie burned
in iieatn 111 the cars, eight curs of am
munition xvero exploded nnd fifteen
miles of trade were destroyed,
I'nrkf)' mill Italy Close- tn w'nr.
Special Cable Dmpntch tn Tun Si n
Itn-UK, Aug. S. -II Is said positively In ,,n'' 'tiy ,l,f'lr I''iKe to the mother
diplomatic circles that a war between 1 hind. The contingent will soon be ready
Turkey and Italy Is Inevitable, but that
hostilities are being purposely delayed
until 11 peaceful rcprcsnlnii of tin, revolt
in -. ripou nan neen accomplished,
Krciu'li liecnpturc IHockhouso
on SclinUziiiacnnclc Height
by Counter Attnck.
1)rrfal rnhlt Dnprilch lo Tnz Sc.
1'Alils, Aug, 8, The German forces In
the Vosges displayed much nctlvlty yes
terday and to-djy, attacking at various
points In an endeavor to regain zome of
the ground lost there In recent weeks.
Hefore dawn yesterday morning they
delivered n strong attack against the po
sitions on Klnm-kopf, temporarily forc
ing tho French troops back nt several
iHilnts, but In the end holding only a
portion of the trenches on the crest. To
day they attacked the positions on
I Hchnitzmaennelo peak, capturing a
I blockhouse, only to be driven back by
French assaults.
F.lsowhore on tho French front there
have been only grenade and artillery en
The night communique was at fol
lows :
On the western part of the front
there wns moderate artillery activity.
In the Argon ne the engagements be
tween bomb throwers and troopz
thtuwlng hand grenades, as well ai the
artillery bombardment, were continued,
but with less Intensity on the part of
the enemy. There was a violent bom
bardment in tho Apremont forest.
In the Vonges very desperate fight
ing Is announced on the heights dom
inating the northern branch of the
Fecht, especially at Schratsmaennele
wak, where the enemy, after having
captured one of our blockhouses, was
driven from the position b an Imme
diate counter attack. Our sweeping
fire Inflicted very heavy losses on the
The statement Issued this afternoon
had this to say :
In the Artols district, around Sou
chez, there took place last night fairly
spirited engagements with grenades
and bombs, as well as with artillery.
There were also fairly actlvo ar
tillery exchanges at Tracy-le-Val and
In the vicinity of Vallly, In the Valley
of Alsne.
In the Argonnes the night passed
with much activity. There were rifle
firing and the throwing of bombs
from trench to trench, together with
artillery firing on several different
On the heights of the Meuse, at
Hols Haut, a German attack was
easily checked.
In the Vosge.s last night there was
a continued and very severe bombard
ment of our trenches at Llngekopf.
Yeterilay evening German force; de
livered a very violent attack ag-ainst
the French positions nt this point,
but In spite of this and with the ex
ception of some trenches on the crest
of the Llngekopf we retalred all our
Il.in-de Sunt Attacks Repulsed In
Week of Hani I'IhIiIIiiu.
Paiiis. Aug. 5. The War Ofllce lo-dny
Issued an eyewitness account of the
fighting about Han-de Hapt, In the
Vosges from July Ifi to July 25, which
resulted In substantial gains for the
French troops and very serious losses
for the Germans.
The activity In this region was begun
on July 16 by the Germans, who directed I ''"rlB w-as their prey the capital was
four heavy counter attacks with two moi ed to assume a grave and serene as
battalions on the heights of Fontanelle, , I"'Ct which revealed a calm resolution
previously captured from them. These and spirit. And this spirit was manl
attacks were met with fire from the Tested from this the largest city to the
French quick tlrers, and the German smallest village,
lasualtles were so great that the attacks
were broken almost before they had got IVHIiik nt llrntlierhuoil,
tinder way
After this a period of several days1 "Through the people of the nation, us
quiet ensued, until July 24, when the w ell as through Parliament, there surged
French forces resumed the offensive and ' " feeling of national brotherhood. The
with four battalions rushed the German
works to the west of Launols, taking
the mall and securing a foothold in sev
eral houses In the village.
The account describes one German at
tempt against the Fontanelle heights
which resulted In terrific loss to the Ger
mans, The attacking force was held In
check by the French quick tlrers. while
the artillery dropped a curtain of shell
and shrapnel behind the line, making It
Impossible for reserves to come up. The
next morning the surrounding hillside
as strewn with the German dead. The
French losses were only four dead and
twenty-five wounded.
I'lulitlnic nt lilliKeUnpf.
Hnn.iN. via Amsterdam. Aug. r., The
offli lal War Office report Issued to-day
said regarding the operations In the
Western theatre:
In the Vosges I here has heen a new
engagement near Llngekopf,
M m 11 let fill 1 1 1 Sii.sk I'l-rnilllia Mild No
11x111. e for llnmlifirilineiil,
-lierhil Cable h'tpalch tn Tin: Srv
I'ai'.i h, Aug. .'. The municipality of
..." ' ' i. ... i .1 '.
! the 1 i 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 o 1 1 i I aril hip i ' t i i f 1 1 i r-1 1 y . !
'Several IB Inch shells fell In tin- village,
,. ,',,lv. Iflllinir no oil m.wi unil rana. '
Mng MllttCrl.ll dating!' 1
" Im Mnted out that the town
"I".". w m".)Ul 'roops t- a stair
ls lln important hospital centre. Dr.
Alexia i;ar'1 ' ' charge of the hospl-
w"rl tl"'r'j
French SiUlldrnn Destroys Nome
(invernnien t IIuIIiIIiih.
Fams, Aug. B. A French squndron
consisting of nn armored cruiser, two
ll1,i riilaAr. tnrnarln liafa n,,l
ers, assisted by an aeroplane, bombarded
KlghidJIk and icala Nova on the Ann-
tollan coast, according to an otllclal
statement of the Ministry of Marine to-
At lhe first named town on Annum .1
tlie custom house and n part of the
i fiirt Ifl i-fi t Inn U'iTi iloxtt ri ivod unit nn (tin '
flowing .lay the second town was under
Troop, tn lie Sent l-'roni Weil In
die. In Help Allies.
Special Cable Deipatch tn Tnr Sr
Kinoston, Jamaica, Aug, S, The In
habitants of Turk's Island luivo decided
to follow the example nf Jnmalcn In
sending a cont'ngent of troops to Kng
land. Voluntary subscriptions are being
inlsed In sufllc'ent sum to train the men
to leave
The fund being collected In Jamaica
for the puroh4s of aeroplane, fur tug
land Is growing rapidly.
I'min-tial Demonstration of Pa
triotism Mode in Chamber
of Deputies.
SpfeM Cable nenpateh lo Tut Sts,
Paiiih, Aug. S. The Chamber of Dep
uties was the scene to-day of nn ex
traordinary exhibition of patriotism In
which the members of all political fac
tions, brought together by the danger
menacing the republic, burled their dif
ferences of economic belief and tacitly
ngreed to work as one party until the
end of the war.
Actually there was no solemn pldge
taken to this effect, but there was am
ple Indication of a unanimous determi
nation from nil parties. And In a Reuse,
of course, It was unnecessary that such
a pledge should be taken,. In view of
the agreement reached since the last
session of the Chamber that a union of
all political parties shall exist until
France has won complete victory,
Paul Desrhanel, President of the
Chamber, was the speaker who Inter
preted the determination of the mem
bers. His remarks in a way were a
sequel to those of M. Rodzlnanko, Pre!,
dent of the Russian Duma, at the recent
opening of the Duma's session and u
reply to tho manifesto of the Kaiser
Issued on the nnnlversary of the war.
"This year." he said, "has been so
full of glory that It will forever lllu
mlnate the human race. It has been n
year In which France, the France of
Joan of Arc and of Valmy, haw risen
If possible to even greater heights.
"He the war of short or long dura
Hon Franco accepts It. The country is
summoning Its genius alid changing Its
methods. Kach French soldier before
the enemy repeats tho words of Joan of
Arc, 'You can enchain me, but you can
not enchain the fortunes of France.'
.Mntcli of Will Power.
"Let us thrust to one side both lhe
sowers of panic and the sowers of II.
luslons. Let us be towers of reasoned
confidence, for the reason that the Is-
sue of this conflict will not denend
solely on material forces. In the final
analysis It Is to be u match of will
lower and constuncy."
ine religious emotion of the Immor
tal hour" a year ago yesterday, when
France declared war on Gernianv us
M. Deschanel expressed It. hurdle tut.
ceeded tne Intense emotoln of the Depu
ties io-uay as tney listened to his speech.
It was lecelved with unbounded en
thusiasm. Afterward the Chamber
unanimously demanded that It be pla-
cameu mrougn i-rance.
All the Deputies rose to their r,t In
affirmation of the declaration. "W
swear by our martyrs and our dead not
io leave ineir work unnnlshcd. '
, message from r-resldenl l'lilii.-.-ir. i.i
the Chamber was read by Premier V
vlanl. "You will think It natural." the nies.
sage said, "after a ear of war. for the
President of the republic to meet with
the Government nnd the Chambers to
render homage, admiration and recog
nition to the nation nnd the arniv.
I "When, twelve months tiuo i ....nm.
mended to the country this sacred union
which was, and which remains, one of
the. conditions of victory, I did not doubt
that my appeal would be Immediately
understood. Only tur enemies, who al
wa)s misunderstood France, would be
lieve that we would offer to their brutal
aggression nothing but dissension.
"At precisely the hour when these en
emies announced with audacity that
remembrance of the quarrels between
workers and emplojers, the peasants and
middle class, was forgotten. The peo
ple as a complete whole turned their
faces to the enemy. Tor .i jear thli
spirit of concord bus neither ln-en
swerved from, nor has It become en
feebled. "If Germany count upon the time
when we shall be divided among our
selves ahe Is deceiving heiself. To-day,
as well as during the past jear. the na
tional family Is closely bound together.
It will continue to be so wlthuut cessa-
"iiecause sue is united, l-rance Is
great and strong; because she Is united,
she stands conlldent anil calm.
'The only peace which the republic
can accept Is that which will guarantee
security to Kurope, that which will per
mit us to breathe, to live, to work; that
which will reconstruct dismembered na
tions, repair their ruins and will effec
tHely piotect us against any recrudesj
cenre of (Jermanlc ambitions.
"The present generation ees Franco
face to face with posterity, and It will
not allow that which our ancestors con-
i tided to our guardianship to be either
profaned or diminished.
"France means to conquer. She w'll
conquer "
I'reui'li Finance lllnl.ler tn
l i liin eminent I'liui,
I'arih, Aug. 5. A bill to raise the
limit of national defence Issues, passed
In the t'hamlier of Deputies July 29,
was pnssed In the ftennto to-day.
"Our llnanclal burdens am constantly
growing," said .M. Itlbot, Minister of
Finance. "Arms and ammunition cost
n great deal. We shall probably have
recourse to a long term loan whereby
we can consolidate all our short term
Treasury notes. We still have a great
military nnd financial effort to make to
reacli a victorious conclusion of the
M. Itlbot said that on July .11 there
were r., 9.'i8, 000,000 francs (l,:i!i,fioo,ooo)
of defence Issues In circulation. In July
only Ksri.nno.non francs (Jlfi.vooo.ooo)
not were placed In the shoit term bonds
and 352,onn,onn francs (Jfi4,4on,ooo) in
the long term obligations,
Will lln lie Financial Seltlelnent
fnr Kudu's (11 run.
Special Cable Detpatcli to Tiik St'v,
Paiiis, Aug. S l'.itnent for tho cargo
of the cotton ship Daclu, condemned iiy
11 French prize court, will not lie made
through the embassy here, hut through
J I'. Morgan & Co. In New York to the
State Department at Washington, where
the owners will lecelve It. The arrange
ment has been mndo tn save exchange
The prize court has handed down a do
vision on the seizure last November of
the steamship Narroxlan, Kngllsh
owned and earning a cargo of wheat
from Philadelphia for Ueno.i. Thu court
has decided that the cargo was not con
trahand and iU value will be paid tu the
Hrltlsh cruiser Amphlon strikes
mine In the North Sea and sinks,
131 of crew parish.
Helglans repulse attacks of Ger
mans at Llfige, but two outer forts
have fallen. Occupation of city only
a question of hours.
Austria reported to have declared
war on Russia.
.Skirmishes between French nnd
Germans on eaztern French border
Hrltlsh war vessels havo captured
seven!) -live German and Auslrlan
merchantmen since the declaration of
war on August 4 .
Factories Cannot, t'ompeto
With Cheap American Cars
in War Conditions.
Special Cable ttetpaleh lo Inr, Sis.
London, Aug. ft, A strong campaign
has been launched In the Fngllsh news
papers against the Increasing importa
tion of American made automobiles,
which are rapidly flooding the market.
Complaint Ik made that while thu Hrlt
lsh manufacturers cannot compete with
the cheap cars made In the United
State, the factories are made to suffer
further by the necessity of producing
war materials and munitions, giving up
tl.elr trade, while even their profits nre
regulated by the Government.
Meanwhile the American manufactur
ers arc sending many cars and abso
lutely nbsorblng the Kngllsh market,
which Is likely to be completely In their
hands by autumn. It Is suggested that
a heavy Import tax bo placed on automo
biles. II. P. Vane, director of the Nnplcr
& Son Company, In a letter to the news
papers, uiges nn even more drastic
measure, namely, complete prohibition of
the Importation of nil pleasure cars dur
ing tho war.
"Kvery American car purchased In
the United Kingdom," he writes, "menus
so much gold going from this country
across the Atlantic, thus eventually nf
fectlng adversely the value of the Hrlt
Irh sovereign compared with the Ameri
can dollar. Again, and what Is more
Important, the future of the Hrltlsh mo
tor Industry must be built up nnd devel
oped ill the face of most adverse condi
tions. It Is certainly the duty of the
Hrltlsh Government to protect an In
dustry which cannot, by reason of Its
loyalty, retain Its trade. It Is to be
hoped that the Government will act
"l-lllls I'nlile .Mrasimc In llonilnlon
Tlirmmli Ills tncle.
Ottawa. Aug. S. The following mes.
sage was sent on August I by the Duke
of Connaught to King George, his
nephew :
On the anniversary of the declara
tion of war 1 send you In my own
name and In that of all loyal Cana
dians our renewed expression of loyal
devotion to yourself and our deter
mination to carry this war through till
victory and lasting peace crown the
efforts of our arms. Ar.Tiirn.
The following reply was received:
Ht.'CKtNniiAM Pai.ack, August 4
It is a great pleasure to receive
from you and the Canadian people
such an expression of devotion and of
loyal determination to bring this war
to a successful conclusion, as con
tained In your telegram; the senti
ments were forcibly Indorsed by Sir
Robert Horden's eloquent speech yes
terday. Gsokuk.
llu I'uiit "niiipaii Will iinllniii
l'n fnr Ten Hours,
Wilmington, Del, Aug ' The ilu
Font I'owder I'otnpiny announced yes.
terday that Its ,n,nnn employees will be
paid hereafter at the rate of ten hours
for an eight hour day.
The new rate will go Into effect all
over the countr;. to-morrow. This fol
lows a recent Increase in wages of "0
per cent.
A hlg lncreae in bume.s nnd war or
ders Is the reason for the concession.
The limine I'nlli'e Vet In Accord
With Hutch 4iin eminent.
Slienal Cable De'patch to Tun Si
I.ONPO.M, Aug ." The Ihtily Mull's cor
respondent at The Hague telegraphs that
certain employees of one of the pilnclpal
legations theie have heen nrrested by the
police with the consent nnd approval of
the Dutch Foreign Ofllce, which re
quested the legation to waive diplomatic
The newspapers of The Hague refrain
from mentioning the name of the lega
Hon. It Is said that the poMcp nf the
leading cities of Holland. epeclally at
The Hague, have been trying f,or several
months to cope with the Invasion of
vicious and degenerate characters from
(lermaliy. The situation lately has be
come so grave, it Is ald. that the police
have been obliged to itdopt drastic meas
ures. I.K7.-I Hrltlsh t 11. unities In liny,
Special Cable ri'tpatch tn Tnr i
1oNPON, Aug. r. - The dally ensn.ittv
list from all the Hrltlsh fronts Issued
to-night Is 11' olllcers, of whom 13 wero
killed; l.fc.1.1 men, of whom liin were
n f.eriuiiii Fen. 11. Diirliur War.
Special Cable Heepatch la Tnr. r
leiNPON, Aug .". Tie cortespondent
of the nniln Mall lit The llipun tele
graphs Hint the eensys of the Herman
Umpire, fixed for Decemner. has hei n
postponed until after the war
Ask for
Vt Your Bookstore
or Sand $1.35 to
mtU OF story
of the foyr
A Tale of
(&kj& Triumphant
H 1 . Bssam
JjjK or to L
Cabinet, Meeting on Anniver
sary of War, Agrees It Is
Special Cable Pupatch lo Tim Sc.
IxiNtxiN, Aug. 4 (delayed In transmis
sion). It Is learned on excellent au
thority that the Cabinet has decided to
Inaugurate a system of conscription in
raising additional Hrmles for Great Hrlt
nln nnd that the practice In all proha-
I blllty will bo put In force early In tha
' fall, or as soon after the adjournment
of Parliament as possible.
I This Information came to tho corre-
spondent of Tilt! Su.v this afternoon fol
, lowing a Cabinet meeting In Downing
street, held Immediately after the anni
versary services In St. Paul's. Hoth
F.arl Kitchener and Premier Asqulth
were present, and although there Is no
official Information In regard to tho
.subjects discussed It Is known that the
question of cumpulsory service was
again- thrashed out and this time with
u result that virtually dispels all doubt
about the Government's Intentions.
It Is, however, absolutely Incorrect, as
nsserted by a section of the press which
advocates conscription, that the volun
tary system has been n failure. On the
contrary, that system has proved most
successful. It has produced all that
was ever expectid of It, and It n ovcrn
correct to say that It has come up tu
the most sangutno expectations of the
It Is true that the voluntary system
has reached the limit of Its possibllltUs
for raising new armies, and that the
number of recruits now being obtained
Is barely sufficient to till tho gups the
war causes In- the ranks.
Tun Sun's correspondent Is Informed
that no fewer than eleven members of
the Cabinet are strongly In favor of nn
linnudlatu Institution of csnnpulsoi.t
service. The foiemost of these members
arc Iavld Llo)d George, .Minister of
Munitions; Winston Spt-ncer Churchill,
Chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster,
and a majority of the Unionist members
of the Government.
It Is known that Sir Fdward Giey,
Sicretary for Foreign Affairs, Is sym
pathetic toward a system of compulsion,
while liirl Kitchener, who laruly ex
presses his views even tu his closest
otllclal friends. Is energetically oppose. i
to the view that the voluntaty system
has proved a failure. He Is willing to
admit, however, that new methods are
The exact basla on which a compul
sory service bill would be formed Is
not yet definitely decided. It Is prob
able that the first cIasscs of men to he
called to serve the colors will be un
married men between the uges of 1?
mid .ID.
The Governmi nt Is now paying liberal
allowances to the dependents of mar
ried men who havo gone to the front
under the voluntary system, and Un
charge upon the Kxchequer Is so great
that the Government wishes to avoid
any further additions under this head.
It Is exclusively for this reason that
single men will be called first.
The work of classifying Information
obtained through the registration bill
will occupy several weeks, perhaps two
months. As soon as It Is coaipleled tin
summoning of nun requited will pro
ceed at once. The system of compulsory
military service (so called because Hrlt
Ishers do not like the word conscrip
tion) prolMhly will reach' a point of
practical application about the end of
October or the beginning of Novem
ber. V. C.'S FOR 12 CANADIANS.
11 a n t'n.e. of l!riiser A iiiioiini-ed
In t.nmlnti "f.fisettt,
Specul Cable eiptitch lo This Sin
IONnis', Aug. fi Twelve Canadian,
all nun-rommlr sinned olllcers, ricclve
the Victoria Cross for conspicuous valor
' on the field of battle, according to the
Oflfffil nnerttr to-night
' They are Corporal A. H. ltltchle, Oun
1 tier II. H. Wilkinson and J. W. A. Don-
nldson of the First Hrlgide, Canidlan
Artillery: Sergt. A It. Mllhurn, Corporal
It F. Haker. flunner A W James and
! C, C. Olsen of the Second Hrlgade . K. J.
1 Husby, (i. Inkstir, Sergts. W. J Jordan,
1.. Scott and Corporal H Stevens of the
, Frlncess Fatrlcla of Connaught's Cana
dian Light Infantry.
I -
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I Mikan ( "Ptli" RtdRubtfi Untr Tale i
M. Franklin's Knrs Pinned us
OIioits Arise When News
Is Set Forth.
No single event of the gie.it w-ir ru
more pleased and stirred New Yn-K.-s
of German blood or s mp.iUile -'an
the news that Warsaw w is tli.ir n
the hands of the troops of F.tnpcror W"
lam. A few minutes after 1 o'chu k m
terday afternoon, when the ne. v is
posted on the bulletin boards of F. '
How, 3,000 persons were In the pe'-e-nl
vicinity of tho Franklin statue, .i I t
seemetj apparent that the major t if
them were stiongly pro-Herman.
A tremendous cheer ,t u. ,-ess o- if
cheers was raised. Theie hasn't hei'i
-o much excitable shouting In Faik Ito.v
since the last time New York flgurid n
a world's setles 1ms. h.il! ginie and w .a
considered by a too trust'ul ph.i.i
have a chance. The Instant the m"1
fnce, "Warsaw was taken 1'ils mo1--Ing
by the (Jerinaiis" was nntti n .n r. -t
the hl.ickbu.irds the yell comn'.eii, . i.
Although the news was leceived .i '
great Joy by Hermans of all cIism- p
this city theie was ho at.empt t.. i. 1
a formal or special iclebr-itl 'h V
l.uchnw'H re-dam. int. it tne II-fTi j
nnd at Terr.n e Harden, .il! pnpul i
taurnuts with liiiniaii iMzen.-. - t
was much g-ijcty .rid hen. la dil i' u
At the Deutclur Verein, 111' i . i .i
Parle South, the Arlon Club nt i i
avenue and 1-Ifty-nlnth stieet
the I.lederkranz Cluli, 111 K,i
eighth street. It was s it 1 t
that no celebrations tn mi-:
ture of W.ux.iw were being i .M
clubs. At the Freuml-i Ii if
105 West Flfty-"einh s're. t.
.said that no ctlebr.iti.iti w.iii;d
there 'beCiUse this is ml .i
j club."
l.entiiie Fornieil tn stnri ernpn-
uiiniln Tliriiiiuliniil iirlil.
I ,-peaal Cable 'e;nrWi i Tin 3
j ItOMK, Aug. 5. A Undoing 1,
I says that women of tin iin.l.t. iv
1 formed a peace league in . . -. .
I Telex I at Its head, and that F .
1 ttun Is to begin a pra.c i.. t.i .
throughout the world
1 It Is regarded ns sigr.ifl. t 1
I (tin eminent has tnler.ile.l t . f ,- .11
of the league. It is if p. 1 - .il ' .
league Is eeerctu mioi .i-i...t I - .t
Tlsza, the Hungarian l't. -u -1
i vor.i a separate peiwi
r. tA.
I m
BllljlMHMMH MMMimm UMi torn m,$m

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