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Er.pi.sh Version of "Emllicl.
Alicia' Culled "Tho Bluo
Second of Affairs Arrnnpcd by
Miss Cutting Held nt
Mrs. Curtls's.
Xevv President Tells Them to
Maho Their Show of Goods
Talk Prosperity.
Kntuoiis Mnnslon of Kntlior of
Anici'icnn Concliinjr on t ho
Vorffo of Uuin.
Hulk fioos (o Sister nnd ltrodi
or Princeton nnd Har
vard Also Hcncfit.
Tin- Hlii' Paradise" At Hie Cosine
Vlvlenns Segal
An Offleer James Hillings
The Melster jamtj ueot-gi
-rlint 0,10 Hchrader
Joseph Stransky wniifr ,rmin
dsns Wnlth'r Itobert ttltkln
Justus llsmpel Teddy Webb
Itutnlph Stof(tr Cecil Lean
Hsiel Jones. Cleo Mayrlelrt
Mrs. OUdys Wynne.. Frances Iiemsrest
Vtrii Haiti llutke
Ktlmund Kysler Is the composer of
'The Hlue Paradise," whlnh the Shu
berts presented at the Cnslno last night,
And therein lies sufficient guarantee
that the music Is melodious, refined
In Its orchestration and bubbling with
the most Irresistible Viennese rhythms.
In "The Woman Haters" and the other
works by which he hns been represented
here Kysler disclosed all these admi
rable qualities. They nre present In
The Hlue Paradise." To this score
there were Interpolations by the pur
veyors of more characteristic melodies,
nnd Cecil Lean, the comedian, even
wrote one song himself.
The stofy of the new ojieretta serves
IH purpose, and as It is by the well
. 1 t,.l. ivhn eielt-ht n1mnl bn
..r ; T......V I
u t. ...i.i,m,.n.ii.e. There Is a sontlmen-
tat utorv about a young man who ex
ohangis the banks of tho Wlen for
the banks of the Wnbash, and comes
back to Vienna after a quarter of a cen
tury. The girl ho loved Is married,
In fact, has a daughter ns old as her
mother was when ho loved her. Hut ho
Is not wlthou. consolation, since ho
has brought with him a beauty from
the Western world, with whom he Is
readily satisfied.
There is a pretty vein of German
sentlmentnllsm running through the
story. "The Hlue Paradise" Is the Inn
In which tho lovers meet first nnd
then again come together after tho
hero's absence. Taken In connection
with the admirable performance the
librettist Is able to keep the audience
Interested In the action. J. J. Bhubert
has staged the piece so that It moves
lth tho usual vivacity, und there are
always pretty pictures to woo the eye.
Fo "The Hlue Paradise" ought to
serve Its purpose If thero Is still a
taste for such a delightful specimen
of Viennese operetta. There was a time
In which Its success could never have
been questioned. Uut that was In a
day In which syncopation had not be
gun to seetho In tho heads of the
public, and there was a taste for some
thing more like libretto than tho form
leas review of the day.
Tho operetta was very agreeably
acted. Cecil Lean as the youth who
wandered to Chicago was more re
strained than on his previous New
York annearances and proved an easy
and sympathetic comedian, w ith unction I
sml hllmnp V I' .nnn H o it 1 1 whn fume I
Into the cast at the last moment to
supplant the ailing Mine Chaplne, sang
In a fresh and pretty voice and proved
a valuable acquisition to the Shubert
forces. Frances Demarest's blond
Wuty was perhaps at Its best In her
blue gown with a cohort of blue beau
ties about her. Then, she acted with
her usual charm and sang well. Cleo
Mayfleld, another newcomer, played tho
brassy Chicago Importation with humor,
ant all her peculiarities were suited to
0 part that might have seemed colorless
had thero been less naturalness about
Mils Mayfleld's assumption.
Robert Pitkin, who Is alwa: s neat
and finished ; Teddy Webb and a well
selected chorus well selected from the
point of view that should determine the
selection of all choruses helped to
mako '-The Hlue Paradise" a very agree
able example of operetta from the
banks of the Wlen. It should furnish
some sugsestlon of any colored para
dise to lovers of this genre of musical
Gets Only Coutrnct Iluynltles From
Keystone Film Co,
Supreme Court Justice I'age handtd
down a decision yesterday In the suit
of Marie Dressier, the actress, against
the Keystone Film Company for breach
of contract over tho film "Tlllle's Punc
tured Romance." The court held that
Mlsi Dressier had failed to prove fraud
or misconduct on tho par, of the de
fendant, and that she was entitled only
to tho royalties due under her con
tract. The film company was always willing
to Pay the royalties, but Miss Dress
ier refused to accept them, on the
Ground that they were Insulllclent. Part
f the money due her has been de
ml hy the receiver of her prop
erty In supplementary proceedings on
a Judgment for about J2,u00.
f.scli of Funds Causes Curtailment
of Society's Knelcnvora.
The Children's Aid Society, of 105
!- Twenty-second street, which main
tains seven relief stations for children
' mn8t ""sely populated portions
of the city, Is suffering so severely from
lick of funds that It Is at present plan
Unit curtailment of Its summer work.
I" an appeal Issued yesterday the so
cty calls attention to the vast Increase
'n illness among Infanta In tho tenement
.istrlctH n hot weather. It conducts a
""use to house Investigation In euch of
!t districts, cares for the sick children
found, and once a week has been send
"K eighty mothers and 200 children to
the society's health home on Coney Island,
f one week Is not sudlclent to repair tho
hlld's health It Is kept longer. A doc.
'or Is at the call of each station every
y where medical attention more ad.
tjneed than the regular nurses are cap
tbin of Is needed,
Through shortage of contributions nil
this work Is In danger of being cut to a
ire minimum for the balance of thn
'Uimner. Any contributions will be wcl
come nt 105 East Twenty-second streot.
MU Mai-thn Chalmers Weds.
AMBTenoAM, N. Y Aug. 5. In the
Pergola of the summer home of Mr. and
J'rs Artlitiir A. Chalmers nt Osya
anna Place, near Fonda, at sunset
to-day their eldest daughter, Miss Mar
tha c. Chalmers, was married to Law
rnrB Potter Mills, son of former County
J'lds-ii and Mrs. William C. Mills of Ful-
rounty, by the Itsv Dr. Charles
Wchenzle of Johnstown. The couple
upend their honeymoon In the Adl
mmlarks, Among the gifts was one of
" trust fund of 128,000 from the bride's
Mrents. Dr. and Mr? O. Taul Hump
tone of Ilrooklyn, Dr, Thayer Smith
nd Dr. Morris Smith of New York
er amontr the grant.
SouTiiAMi-roy. L. I., Aug. If. The
second of the nftcrnoon musical enter-
! tnlnmenls arranged by Mind Juliana
Cutting whs held to-day nt the summer
J home of Mrs. George Warrington Cur-
. tin. To-day's programme, which con
sisted of Husslnn pieces and song, was
j under the management of Miss Martha
I Tho music was hy tho Huaslan Sym
phony Quartette, conducted by Modest
AHschuler. 'cellist, assisted by Mme.
Denlso I.ysUn, mezzo soprano, and Flora
JlncDonnld Wills, pianist.
Tho lnnt of tho serleB will be held
at tho Suffolk Hunt Club on August 19,
when tho following artists will appear:
Mme. Madeline I), i:. Splno. soprano:
Salvatoro do Stefano, harpist, and Ihiul
Lcyssar, French recitations.
Tho list of patronesses Includes Mrs.
William I'. Douglas. Sirs. Louis T. Itoyt,
Mrs. S. l'arkmnn Shaw, Mrs. James I
Urccse, Mrs. Hufus I.. Patterson, Mrs.
Gcorgo llarton French. Mrs. Henry II.
Hogers, Mrs. Harry Whitney Jlc.Vlckar.
Mrs. Luelcn II. TyiiR- and Mrs. William
D. Gulliver.
Among tlioso nt Mrs. Curtls's home
were Mrs. 1. H. Wyekoff. Mrs. Albert
H. Hoanlman, Mrs. Cornelius X. Illlss,
Jlrs. Shcrwooil Aldrlrh, Mrs. W. Scott
Cameron, Mrs. .Stephen I'cnbody, Mrs.
12. Comn. Jlrs. Archibald Ilogers. Mrs.
Orson I). Munn. Mrs. Gerard H. Ijim-
bcrt. Mrs.
II. A. Itobbltis. Mrs. J. It.
V"wo" ' "" Thompson. Mrs.
James 1.. Hrcesc. Mrs. F.dward Vanln
gen and Mrs. A. H. Tiers.
Mm. Frances Hurrall HofTman will
give a largo garden party on Friday
afternoon nt her cottago In First Neck
Lane for Cardinal Gibbons, who Is here
ns tho guest of tho llev. Father Leon
nrd. The Canlln.il will attend on Sat
urday the fete champetrc at the Catholic
Church, nt llridgo Hampton, where ho
will mnke an address.
Preparations are well under way for
the presentation of 'The Yellow Jacket"
by the Cohurn Players In the gardens of
the Art Museum to-morrow night A
stago has been constructed and arrange
ments for seating more than COO people
havo bocn made. Tho play will be
given for tho benefit of tho Ilogers Me
morial Library. Tho costumes to be
worn wero alt Imported from China,
nnd many of them are hundreds of
years old.
Mrs. 12. M. Homo will give a small
dance at the Suffolk Hunt Club on Sat
urday for tho members or tho younger
married set.
The ladles of tho Methodist Church
gavo a baby show and parade to-day on
the grounds of tho Huntington homo.
Mrs. Peter U. Wyckoff provided prizes
in gold for the best babies In tho three
classes. The Judges were Miss Melvln,
matron at tho Fresh Air Home Dr. Staf
ford McLean, Dr. ojsepr Wheelwright,
Dr. H. S. Pickhard and Dr. John II.
Col. and Mrs. Itobort M. Thompson
have as guests Gen. and Mrs. Wothcr
- u w
2VcT York Women Are Anionic the
Hot SrniNos, Va., Aug S. Mrs. Har
riet A. Hrady of New York gave a birth
day dinner last night in the Japanese
Mrs. Clark Miller of New York was 1
hostess at another dinner, entertaining
Mrs. James Wllklo and SIlss Marguerite
Wllklo of New York, Miss Frances Gray
of St. Louis, WlllUm II. Cornelius of
Pittsburg nnd K. A. Perry of Hot
Springs. All nttended tho dance and
cabaret In tho Japanese room later.
Jlrs. Kdgar Polo will glvo a brldgo
and tea at her home on Saturday.
Among her guests will be fiaron and
Haroncfcs Marcus Itosenkr.intr, Iondon,
Mr. and Mr.". Charles Ncave, New York,
and Miss Gladys Ingalls of Washington.
At one of tho tea tables on tho Casino
lawn this afternoon were Mrs. Dallas II.
Pratt, Mrs. David II. Dickson and the
Misses Winchester of New York : Mr.
and Mrs. Tyler Field, Miss Louise Kohl
mi.it and Learner H. Harrison of Cincin
nati : Jlrs. Carl Schoen and JIIss Schocn
of New York, Jlrs. Jl. Thompson Hryan
and JIaster Freddie Itrynn of Haltlmore,
Jlrs. Charles Palms, Detroit, and her sla
ter, Jlrs, William Jlatnt, with their
father, Julius Walsh of St. Louis.
Jlr. and Jlrs. Tyler Field, Mrs. Iluck
ner Walllngford nnd JIIss Gladys Ingalls
will motor to White Sulphur Springs to
morrow for luncheon at the Greenbrier.
The Misses Ireno and JIargaretta du
Pont of Wilmington, the Misses Jfary
Clark. Sallle and Lemolne Dunlap wero
out In tho saddle to-day.
To-day's arrivals Included many motor
parties who stoppad for luncheon and
dinner nt tho Homestead.
JIIss Anne Jlorgan has decided not to
go to Paris ns planned, but will pass the
remainder of the summer between High
land Falls. N. Y., nnd Uar Harbor.
Jlrs. Henry Snnford. who Is passing
the summer In llldgefleld. Conn., arrived
at the St. Hegls yesterday and will leave
to-day for Southampton, L. I to visit
her parents, Jlr. and Jlrs, Newbold
Jlrs. Prescott Slado will go to the
Adlrondacks to-morrow to Join her
parents, Gen, and Jlrs. CharlcH F. Hoe.
Jlrs. W. Stnrrs Wells has gono to the
Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, W.
Va., to remain for several weeks.
Jlr, and Jlrs. J. Kennedy Tod have
left Innls Arden Hou?c, Sound Reach,
Conn., for Lake Placid to remain until
tho early part of next month.
Jlrs. Henry Ilogers Wlnthrop has re
turned to Southampton. L. I., where she
is with her parents, Mr, nnd Jlrs. Henry
D, Habcock.
Jlr. anil Jlrs. Jesse M. Kddy of Moiv
rlstown, N. J., aro at tho St. Ilegls for a
brief stay.
Jlrs. French Vandcrbllt has Joined her
son, William H. Vanderbllt, at Camp
Ilegmont In the Adlrondacks.
William J. Sturgla has gone to the
White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., to
visit his flanceo, JIIss Kllen Yullle, who
Is there with her parents, Jlr. and Mrs.
Thomas U. Yulllo. The wedding will
takn place early this autumn.
Jlrs. Victor Sochan has goui to Stock
bridge, Jlass., to remain until the end of
Jlrs. Kdwln H. Weatherbee hns
loft her country place. Waytes Court,
Jlsmsmneck, N, V for a motor trip to
tho Adlrondacks, where Bhe will remain
throughout this month.
Jtr. nnd Jlrs. Itobert S. Crocker, who
tiro passing tho summer In Greenwich,
Conn,, have gono to Lenox for a visit.
Jlrs. Ingalls Kimball and the Misses
Kimball have gone to Saratoga Springs.
Jlrs. Itlchard C. Dlxey and her lister,
Miss Mary Tnppan, have left Tangle
wood, Lenox, to visit Mr. and Mrs. Oor
ham Hrooks at Monument Heaoh, Mass.
Charles C. Paulding ha returned to
New York after a visit with Mr. and
Mrs, Chauncey M. Depaw at Lenox.
Will he get him?
Many New Yorkers Tresldc nt
Itootlis in Hcctory
NAnRAOANSETT Titn, Aug. 5. The
lawn feto at St. Peters featurod this
afternoon at tho pier, practically nil of
the summer colony finding time to visit
tho grounds of the rectory, where the
booths wero attractively placed. Jl.uiy
New Yorkers had offered their sen ices
us vonders of tho pretty articles.
Jlrs. John It. Hanan. with Jlrs, Tal
bot Hanan, JIIss Sarah Casey and
Jtlss Jllldred Hanan, was In charge
of tho fancy articles table. Jlrs. H.
Hrevoort Kane, with her daughter. JIIss
Foston. nnd .Mrs. Ashdown, presided nt
the candy table, and the Jllsses llea
trlce and Gertrude de Coppet at the
cake table. JIIss JIargarct Kdwards
was In charge of the tlower table.
Senator nnd Jlrs. Henry S, Ltppltt camo
hero from Warwick Neck this morning
and Joined Stephen Metcalf and Laurls
ton Hazard at the Casino for luncheon.
Jlr. and .Mrs. W. II. Coombs of New
York entertained at tho Casino this
noon for Admiral nnd .Mrs. II. T. It.
Harris and W. C. JIarrow.
Clayton Webb of New York enter
tained for JIIss Lisa Norrls. JIIss Hopo
Heal, Miss Dorothy Norrls, Emlen Ran
dolph. Jack Bouvler nnd Hock P.ittou
at luncheon at the Casino.
Jlr. and Jlrs. Gardener Cascitt of
New York entertained ut dinner last
evening for Mr. and .Mrs. John It. Fell,
Jtr. and Mrs. Alexander Hrown, Frank
Paul Jlrs. Charles II. Pnowden. Harry
Harrison, Miss Hannah Itandolph. Philip
nondolph. It. Pennsmlth, Jlr, and .Mrs.
Louis Clark and Howard H. Henry.
Thomas Huchanan Gilford of New
York haa taken linchurst cottago In
Central street.
The Aiken Tigers won the Hathborne
Memorial cups to-ilay, defeating the
Philadelphia Country Cluk 8& to 5VJ.
JlANClirsTEii, Vt Aug. 5. Arrivals
by automobile at the liulnox House In
cluded John It. IlBgeman, Jlr. nnd Jlrs.
George W. Rogers, JIamaroneck, N. Y.
(Pierce) : Jlr. and Jlrs. Jtnrtln W.
Littleton, Martin Wilson Littleton,
Douglas Littleton, Now York (Regal) ;
Jlr. nnd Mrs. Frank Winders. New York
(Velle) : Jlr. and Jlrs. I, C. Darling,
Mr. and Jlrs. L. T. Wilson, Kenllworth,
111. (Hudson) ; Jlr. and Jlrs. Don Gug
genheim, Jlr. and Jlrs, Iuls F. Roth
schlld, New York (Cadillac),
Lenox, Jlass., Aug, t. Jlotor arrivals
at the Hotel Asplnwall to-riny Included
Jlrs. Chapman Flsk, JIIss Flsk, .Mrs,
8. R. Sturk, Jlrs. F. W. Wilder. Plain
field, N. J. (Packard); Jlr. and Jlrs, 1-2.
Coe Kerr, Jtr. and Jlrs. Lyman N. HIne.
New York (Stevcns-Duryea) ; John V.
Coggey, John It. Naughton. Thomas A.
JIurray, ICdward D, Curr.in. New York
(Packard); Jlr. and Jlrs. Frank H.
Kvans, Jr., Jlrs. Frnnk U. 12vans, Phlla
delphla (Piercc-Arrow).
Waterbuut, Conn., Aug. n. Among
the motor arrivals at the Hotel Elton
on the Ideal Tour were Jlr. and Jlrs.
Peter Doelgor, New York; Jlr. and Jlrs.
W. D. Guthrie, New York (Packard);
John V. Coggey and party. New York
(Packard); Jlr. and Jlrs. David C.
Wheeler and Dwlght Wheeler, Hrldge
port (Pierce) ; Jlr. nnd Jlrs. W. J. Tully.
Locust Valloy. N. Y. (Plerco) ; Jlr, and
Mrs. Noah 8. Davis, Summit, N, J.
(Locomobile); Kdward Loeb, F. Spiegel
berg and H. Schram, Klberon, N. J,
(JIarlon) ; Mr. and Jlrs. I. H, Kempncr,
Galveston, Tex. ; Jlrs. C. K. Schafer and
K. M. Frledlander, New York (Aim);
Mrs, Kdward Keefo nnd party, New
London (Stoddard Davton),
Cooi'ERbtown, N. Y,, Aug. 6. Auto
mobile arrivals at the Otosaga to-day
wero Jlr. and Jlrs. II. II Vreeland, New
York (Packard) ; Jlr. nnd Jlrs. C. D. P.
Hamilton. Miss Nina Hamilton. .Miss
F. N. Hamilton, St. Luls (Pierce
Arrow) ; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Ilubbol,
Savannah, Ga. ; Jlr. nnd Jlrs. lMward
T. Robertson, Hremen. Germany : Jlr.
and Jlrs. Stevenson, Charleston, S. IC,
(Jlercor) ; Jlr. nnd Mrs. Frankln II.
Jourdan, Hrooklyn (Plerre-Arrnw) ;
Fred W, Hookman, N, L. Knsteln, New
York (Mercedes) ; Jlrs. 11. Fischer, JIis.
George Wi Kosmak, Jlrs. H. J, Junsscn,
William B, Flahor, Now York U'cor-Uaa).
i:.vi'inn statu camtaion com-
10:30 A. M. Meeting at SOS Fifth
woman PUFrnAai: tauty.
Noon Walking talks alone East
ltleer plrra.
Noon Street meeting before head
quarters at S East Thirty-fourth
3 1". M. Conference of Manhattan
organizers at S Hast Thirty-fourth
7:30 to 11 P. Jf. Interborouxh Coun
cil Fires; celebration In Manhattan,
llrookln, The Ilronz, Queens and
S 1'. M. Twenty -third Anembly dis
trict, street meeting at Utth street
and Am'tentam avenue,
V. M. Twcnty-Mth Assembly di
strict, street meetlnx at Twelfth street
and KiKhth avenue; chairman, Mrs.
Ci.ira Olo 'r.
:30 V. M Seventeenth Assembly
district, street meeting at Ninety-sixth
street and Ilrondnny.
S'30 1. M. Tuenty-nlnth Assembly
district, street meetings.
9 P. St. Ulshth Assembly district.
Oulld SuftraKe Club meets at HI Kid
ridge street for street meeting stands.
.me.vs i,i:aoui: yon woman huf-
Fit AO U.
1 P. M. Conference at thi Votes for
Women Hestaurant, TO Wall street.
12 Noon Seventeenth Senatorial dis
trict, street meeting, llroaduay and
Thlrty-eenth street.
i P. M. Sixteenth Senatorial dis
trict. East End atenus and Eighty
sixth street.
SS30 P M leaving PhOD Wlnnsr.
l!5th street and Seventh avenue.
Conduct Shorn, Tuiildors May
Seek Injunction Al
ili'i'ini'ii Adamant.
I-awsulls that might delay for a long
time operation of tho dual sulw.iy sys
tem were threatened before tho Ilaird
of Kstlmate yesterday because the Hoard
changed a construction contract that
had already been awarded,
The contract In question provides for
tho building of a very Important link
tho llroadway subway between Thirty
eighth and Fifty-first streets. It con
tained a provision that tho contractor
nnd Chief Knglneer Craven of the Pub
lic Service Commission should agree on
a lump sum to bo allowed for extra
work. Tho Ho,ird of Kstlmato struck out
this provision last week, at the sugges
tion of Tlldojv Adamson, director of tho
buroau of contract supervision.
In talking to the board yesterday ex
Lieut. -Gov. Thomas F. Conway, attorney
for Holbrook, Cabot ti Holllns, tho con
tractors to whom the Job waa awarded,
said that tho board had no right to
alter tho contract,
"Our clients liavo Incurred heavy 11a
bllltloH and we are ready to protect our
legal rights," ho 'added, "Wo shall not
accept this modlllcatlon, and If any at
tempt is madn to readvertlso for bid?
wo shall apply for an Injunction nnd
carry the caso to tho highest courts If
necessary. Your action throwa a cloud
over every contract."
Acting JIayor JIcAneny agreed with
Jlr, Conway's contention. Ho said:
"This means that tho completion of tint
entire dual systom is JtopardUed. Th'i
section concerned Is tin' most Important
now In construction and without It tho
system will bo Inoperative. If any
ohangu was to be made It tdiould huo
been beforo tho contract was adver
tised." Actlmj Aldermnnlo Prcsldont Curr.in
and acting President of Queens I),iylo:
voted with Jlr. JIcAneny for restoring
tho contract's original form, hut tho
utlii-r members of tho board, a majorlt),
defeated them,
The board will get an opinion from
the Corporation Counsel, and If h-i
agrees with Jlr, Conway yesterday's vote
will he reconsidered, Jlr, Conway be
lieves thla will be dona.
Ai'IhickIc Company Decides to
Tfikc (ho Old Ship Away
From Thorn.
Tho Working Girls' Hotel, In the
simro rigged ship .'acob A. StamUr,
moored nt tho foot of Kant Twenty
third street, will bo closed August 28,
according to a notice i timed on tho
hotel's bulletin lonrd yesterday and
signed by tho Arbuckle Deep Sea Hotel
Company. After dinner on that day
all rooms must be vacated.
Tho floating hotd wns rim nt h con
siderable expense during the last year,
It was learned at the ol'.Iro yesterday,
and the administrators of the tstnto
of the Iat John Arbuckle. tho Ilrook
lyn coffee merchant, would have closed
It but for the pleas of the girls who
lived there. JIIss Christina Arbuckle
of Pittsburg nnd .Mrs. William Jameon
of this cit) continued tho philanthropy
after their brother's death.
Frank I. Sheeley, manager of tho
floating hotel, an Id yesterday ho be
lieved tho notice wan tlnal. Hut one
of the girls' social clubs may take up
the matter and present another peti
tion to tho company asking that the
hotel be kept open a while longer. At
tho olllci" of the Arhurkle Peep Sea
Hotel Company It was said that tho
hotel would have to bo cloed because
tho ship was beginning to rot and
soon would bo unsafe.
Tho floating hotel was made of
the bark Jacob A. Stnmler, which
saved the paFseng'Ts nnd crew of tho
steamship Merita, burned nt se.i in ISfl.s.
At present there am fifty girls nnd
sixteen boys living In the ship. The
girls pay only f" "0 a week for board
and lodging. They have the uo of tho
laundry and enjoy comforts for which
they would haw to pay from $10 to
SI A n wet Ic elsewhere. The tiys pay
i 3. MY a week. The pay of tluso guests,
the manager fc.ild, does not average
more thin $fi a week.
The Ntamlcr affords a -ood summer
homo for tho girls and boys, One of
the live der!,s Is fitted up as a dance
hall nnd It is crowded every night with
dancers when the hand plajs on the
recreation pier near by.
The ship probably will bo towed to
the Ilrooklyn yards of the Arbuckle
compun, there to remain until bomo
disposition made of It.
Mrs. '. 12. Ale'xunilri'. .Mrs, ( reive n-Inslile-lil
mill Ollii'rs re- llosti'.so,
Lr.Nox, Jlass., Aug. 5. Jlrs. John 12
Alexandre entertained at dimu r nt
Spring Lawn to-night. In the cuinpany
were Jlr. nnd Jlrs, Glraud Foster, Am
bassador and Mine. Constantln T Dum
ba, Jlr. and Mrs. Francis Stanton ltlake,
Jlr. and Jlrs. Charles Astor Unsted,
Sussex 1). Davis nnd the Jlisses Jl
Civilise nnd Anna 11. Alexandie.
Jlrs. Frederick Crownliislncld gave a
reception thin afternoon In SmdUu idge
for Col. and Mi's. J. Ileynobls I.asiiils,
who are guests of Jlr. and Mrs. Clown
Inshield. Jlrs. Itobert L. Schuyler of New York
nrrlved to visit with Mrs. Itobert Wln
throp at Kthelwyn.
Jlrs. Jlaurlce Dwlght Collier nnd Mrs.
Oscar laslgl wero hostesses nt dinner to.
A meeting of the bench committee of
the Lenox Kennel Club was held to-day
and It was voted to postpone tho Lenox
dog show this year. The sulncrlpllons
received will bo lctuilicd.
Jlrs. John Dodge Peters Won the cup
presented by Jllss Gr,i'0 Street for
handicap i'nf -ir ilnt hngi,. em th,, yy.
anteniii'k Country Club course.
JIIss Kntherine Huntington and Paul
Huntington of New York are tho guests
of the Geniglana Sargents. .Mrs. Charles
Zymour Hastings was hostess nt lunch
run, i nterlnliilng for the llev, Aitliur
Jl. Aleork nnd thn llev. George G. Jlnr
rill. Yiiiiiim- Painters' SIiimv Pit) (I IT,
Hei'ausn of the Illness of Mrs. Harry
Payim Whitney th" exhibition of thn
young painters under tlm suspires of the
Friends of tho Young Artist, wlueli was
to bo held at Newport, beginning next
week, has been postponed until further
HnipfiiironT, Conn., Aug. K. llonald
Castle, the estnto of tho lalo "Lord" Hon
aid, one of tho most famous whips In
this country. Is likely to pass Into the
hands of contractors who have bills for
repair work ngainst It.
Tho selectmen of Newtown, In which
tho Cnstlo Is situated, havo decided to
forccloso tax lions for two years unpaid
assessments, and this is expected to pre
cipitate foreclosures by contractors who
hold mortgages approximating $.10,000
on tho property. JIIss ICllznbeth lllakc,
social secretary to Lord Ilonald, Is tho
owner of tho istato. It was deeded to
her by her employer Just before he sited.
The cnstlo was built on tho highest
hilt In Connecticut, within twenty miles
of Long Island Sound. Jledlieval In its
style, it wns one of tho show places of
this country, as every appointment that
the rlrhest mansions In lluropo possessed
was Inslnllid then-.
The contractors' claims have been held
in alie.vaurii to allow Jliss Lllako time
to liquid. iln her debt, most of which
lias Moo.l s nee a couple of years after
Pierre Ronald's death. The action of
the Si lectmcn, however, will cause tho
contractors to follow cult.
Pierre Lorlllard Uon.ihK grandson of
thi llrst Pierre Lorlllard, earned the
title of "father of American coaching" In
sixty e.irs of tooling. Ho was known
not oniy In this couutr), wbero he In
troduced the tally-ho to New York anil
Newport, but in llngland and on tho
Continent, ono of his most famous
trips was frcm Genoa to Antwerp, con
tinued across the Channel through Kng
land and Scotland. He died In 19o;
shortly after taking a l.ono mile coach
ing trip through New York and Con
necticut, which ho announced would be
his last, at tho age of "! years.
Ills widow, formerly Jlary Frances
Carter of Huston, who lives at 7 Cado
gan place. London, has Ions been famous
as a leader of musical and social life
there nnd tho confidant of sovereigns.
Until thu overthrow of tho second
French empire she was closo to Na
poleon 111. nnd the impress, Hugenle,
and slnco she has been Intimate In tho
courts of Queen Victoria and King IM
ward, being a particular favorite with
Queen Alexandra. She nnd Honalds
wero married In 1SE9 and separated In
1807, though they were never divorced.
Itnnalds usually epent his winters in
JIontK Carlo, where he owned a vllln, or
along tli. Hlviti.i. Ills New York homo
was ut in 12.1st Thirty-fifth street. Iln
had three children, PcUr Lorlllard, who
married lleith.i Perry and lives ut 11
bis Hue de la llaume, Paris ; Iteglnald
of tho Knickerbocker Club, and Mrs.
Fannie P. Itltchlu of Iindon. Reginald
complained at tho time of his father's
death that ho had been unduly Influ
I'ticed by JIIss lllakc. to wliom he left a
largo amount of property.
Well Knimn llriiiiUljii Ite'stntirniit
Keeper Was -III Year Old.
Harman It.-uib, one of the best known
restaurant and h-tel keepers In Hrook
ln, died last night nt hl hotel at Sea
s.di'. Kockawny Iie.ieh Ho had been III
about six weeks. Liver trouble caused
Ho was born In Germany fortj-lv
ears ago. He opened Iiaub's restaurant
at Nevms nnd Fulton street i, lirooklvn.
and condueteel that for many years, with
places at 315 Fulton street and 111 Ful
ton streets. Ilrooklyn. nnd at Nassau and
Fulton Mre'cts. Jl.mhittnn.
.Mr. Hauls built the Consumers Hrew
ery and for eUht jears wns Its presi
dent. He was a thirty-third degree
Mason A widow and three children
survive hiin.
W'lilnw of Mcpbeii Whitney of
.Nets llaen Die's In Maine-.
Nkw Ihvrv, Conn., Aug. ." Mrs.
Louisa Ji.liiisem Whitney of this city,
widow of Sli-plicn Whittle'', died to-day
of heart disease at North llast Harbor,
Jlc, where sin- was staying for the sum
mer. She had not bi'i'ii in good he-allli
fur some time. She was In her seventy
third year.
Jlrs. Whitney was the daughter of
Ilrailish Johnsfwi of New Yolk. She Is
survived by a sou, Senator Stephen
Whitney of this ily ; two nieces, .Mis.
I'hailes I'lckey ef New York and .Ml".
William T. Hlodgctt of Fisliklll. N. V..
and by n nephew, Harry Whitney, who
Is wi ll known as a game hunter In the
Arctic regions.
I ell. Ilillllilllel .leilltlein.
ViNKtANI'. N. J., Aug. 5. Co.. Kl
muntl Johnson elied here' to-day a a
conscqucne c of Injuries received while
a L'nlon soldier In tile civil war. His
wife, four sons and a daughter survive
him. Col Johnson had seived ns Fulled
."tates Consul at Talca'iuano, Chile, nnd
Kli'l, Germany. Ills son, Felix Johnson,
is Consul at K.ngston, Ontaiio.
Ganulof t.
I'rter T. Gungloft. a e'ontractor eif .13
Troy avenue. Ilrooklyn, starti'd for
Kock.iw.iy Hi'.ii'h ye'sierelay with his
invalid son. Peter T. Uangloft, Jr., 30
ers edd II" got the young man em
bonid u Itioolt1n Itapld Transit train
when tin' father sultVivd an attack of
apoplexy und died when thn train was
slopped at Goose 'ivrl, on Jamaica
,li'e , Tllue.
lessi" A. Tilge, head of tho tlrm of
Henry Tilge A- Co., 30i5 New strevt, and
president of the Hatters Fur Kxi'h.tiigr,
elic-d U'eilmsd.ly at his ie sldcnii', Oa'Pi
Giciiiu street, Geruiaiitimn, Pa. He
was 0 jicura old. Iln Is sui'Vlrel by
two ilaiighli'is, Jlrs. F. Norns Craven
and .Mis Samuel Ward.
William ('. .McKim er.
lti'Tin:i;i'iiiii, N. J., Aug. fi. William
C. Mi'Ki'Ver, 57, died esterda. lie) was
a number of tlm Ittlt'.iei ford Hoard of
Kiliieatlnii for seven jc.iri and served
one term In the' lloioiigh CnuncM. Fur
seveial i'.irs lin was State tieasllicr
nt' tho lloyal Arcanum. Iln Is xiuvlvccl
by his lfn and two ehildrin.
Wuti'iilt ', .Milan,
W'oli oil elilswolil JIosh, son of
Augustus 1. .Moss of Sandusky, Ohio,
elled al I. Miie. i 'mill, on Tuesday, ut thn
ago of 22 .M'nrs. His father Is a mem
ber of tlm .Metii'polilan Club In this
bn lice- In -ei Ciii'imii I lem In .la pa a
lleprcscntatUes of Thomas Conk &
Sum III Vokuliama re-port that the corn
init, .n of Hie Kmpernr of Japan at
K on NoVellllie r 10 Is .llli.li'lllm
much al lent. mi ami many persons al-t-eailv
are nrrmging to witni ss tlio cere-moiii'-H
Tliej w ill iiiclinle a tiiililic e-oio-nai
nn proce-sl m nnil mil tary and naval
rivcws, nnd tin Imperial palnco will
be open In furelgn visitors,
The appraisal of the estate of John
L. Cndwaladcr, who was a member of
tho law firm of Strong & Cadwalader
nnd president of tho liar Association,
and who died March 11, 1014, was filed
yesterday. It shows that ho left total
nsots of ?:.ul3.t:i, nnd a net estate of
t2,37S,20(l. His Interest III the law Arm
was npprnlsed at J39.3W0. Tho bulk of
tho estate consisted of securities valued
at (1,814,477. Ills Interest In the estate
of his father, Thomas Cadwalader, nnd
of his sister, Jlary C. Mitchell, wife of
tho late Dr. S. Weir .Mitchell, was esti
mated at 1S.'i,5d:.
Tho larger beemcsts were! Jlarla C.
Hone, sister, life- Interest In IfiOl.Oia and
Itlchard J!. Cadwalader, brother, life In
terest In 1II3,'.i?.i. Hester Gouvcrmur
Hartcl, niece, received U'fi.OOO cash nnd
a llfo Interest In $2o:,!i!i'l, while other
nephews, nlccci and cousins received
smaller sums.
The beeiursts to Institutions were:
New York Public Library JlOu.oOO cash,
collection of, prints, JuO.nno, and collec
tion of books 11,000; Jleti Jpolltin .Mu
seum of Art 125,000 cash nnd collection
of porcelains, furniture and other Items,
valued at $ 1 s, 17." : Princeton I'nlvcr
slty, J2r.,000, nnd the New York Zoolog
ical Society and Harvard University.
JHO.OOu each. Ildward .1. Hancy, one of
the executor, who has been associated
in .Mr. Cadwaladci's i.iw llim for many
years, got 120,000 cash and furniture.
Jewelry and other personal effects worth
1,S20. Francis Smyth, als'i associated
with the firm, and ono of the executors,
got personal effects worth JIS.MiS.
Jlr. Cadwalader owned realty worth
$ti3,C0n. and bad bank il posits eif fSH.
353. Hh held notes and mortgages val
ued at J20 !,!)!!, and the contents of his
residence at 3 Fast Fifty-sixth street,
exclusive of art objects, wero worth
$.",0,217. lie bad commissions of tl2.it!
title as nn executor under tho will of
Consuclo, tho Dowager Duchess of .Man
chester. The contents of his wino cellar
wero valued at 1 1.000.
Jlr. Cadwalader's holdings of stocks
and bonds wero widely distributed, the
largest Item being 700 shares e.f Con
solidated Gas stock, worth ii2.7G0.
Cstiitc of Jlrs. Ilrimsoii Ileivrnril
Too small In Jlrrt lleiiiets.
Jlrs. Allco Jlaud Howard, who died on
Juno I'.', l'.'H, widow of llronson How
ard, the playwright, left nn estate of
t202,715, which was not eulllclcnt to
pav tho llfty-l beipiests In full. The
largest bcepiest, J10.O0O to Mis. Jlar
gatct It. Jlaynard. a friend, was re
dured to t.tH.OOO. The will left a trust
fund of tlO.UOO nnd Jl.oOO cash to Jl.iy
Wnldron Stuart Ilobson. After her
death the principal goes to Stuart Hob
son. Tho following bequests were to Institu
tions nnd organizations: Vivisection In
vestigation League, t I.S77 : Twelfth
Night Club, f 1.950, and nide-a-Uee
Homo Asseiclatlon. $1,950. The Society
of American Dramatists and Composers
cot nlavs appraised at tS.'u. !,S5S In
c.i.h. books valued nt Jill and tho re
mainder Interest In various trust funds,
the; total value of the bcepiest being
.Mrs. Howard's Interest In plays nnd
'copyrights was valued at !137fi. Among
'the' plays appraise 1 wero "Henrietta,"
ttiiniiil. "Shenandoah.' $1,000. and
"Ar:slocrac," Jl.oOo.
Gift SiiulTlieix From I.imU XVI. Ill
Iln- Collicllon.
The will of Kdward C. Pot, who died
at Newport. It. I., on July 5, leaves ar
ticles of historic value to the Jletro
politan .Museum of Art. Ills wife. .Mrs.
Knnlie Thorn Post of 3:0 West Ktid ave
nue, gets a life lnteiest In the residuary
estate of more than $100,000.
Among the fort-two articles left to
tin- museum aio a eliamonl Incrustcd
gold snuffbox given by Louis XVI. to
Col. Laurens, secretary to ltenjamln
Franklin: an Intaglio head of Christ, an
Intaglio head of the Virgin by Plckler,
and a 1a)Us XVI. clock. The collection
Incluvles portraits, enamels, porcelains
and miniatures.
Jilts. AroTKTA K. Jonks, who dleil
on December 9 last and wa the widow
of Herman Lfltoy Jones, left an estate
of 51.111.122. S1m dlvldeel the bulk
of her estate among her daughter, Jl.uy
Klngsland llradford, nnd her sons, Her
man Lfltoy Jones and Ambrose Kings
land Jones. Iter brother. Albert
A. Klngsland, gut $25,000, nnd $2U.fiOO
went to lur sister, Jlary II. Tompkln.
St. Luke's Hospital got $7,:.nn and tlm
Children's Aid Society 5,000.
Wai.tku S. Johnston',, who died In
Garden City, L I., on July 23 last,
left more than tluo.ooo. Ho gave the
bulk ef tho eslHte In trust to relative
and left the remainder mtciest In the
principal to il Irani ivittgc.
JIiih. JosKPiiiNi: JIacki:v left a net
estnto of $9il 12 92. according to tho ac
counting of Daisic lbcrs Whedon, the
administratrix, tiled fstcrday In the
Surrogate's otlleo, Ilrooklyn.
IlKMtr HrTcitiNsos', who died In
Hrookl.Mi on September IS, 1911, left a
net estate of $ :t . .'. :i ." 19, th" bulk of
which gois to a daughter. Jlary olive
Ae-tor Slrlel.i'ii W hile llnlerliiR n
Hunt at .'ca Galr.
Jlelvillo Stewart, who played the part
t tlm Katse i and also impe tsou.tted
Dav.d llelasio in tho present "Zlcg
fcld Follies," dud suddcul) of lieait
disease nt h'.s summer home In Se i (late
.ccstii lay nun nliig.. He was getting into
a boat with ins wife when hu com
plained of a see cio pain and a moment
liter tell unconscious. Ho was taken to
Ins home on l.auiel avenun anil died a
few minutes later.
.Mr. StnwiHt was bom In Iondon
ful t -seven jiars ago nnd came to this
country when 25 e.us old. lb- was
best l.'iown 111 NVw York for his work In
"l-'lorndoia." Among the productions in
wlileli l)i has appeared are "Tho l-'lie-ll,"
"Sur.l" and ''Tho Girl 111 the Train."
lie was a member uf tho St. Cecile
Loilec, which will have charge of the
funeral from his c.lv home, 225 Amster
dam avenue Jlr. Stewart leaves besides
his wife a son, Albert, 15 jears old.
Ili-nrj II. t'lllliii'il.
Drs'vrn, Aug. f. Henrv II. Clifford,
ptnmlui'iit for forty ecus In e-oppor and
silver mining 111 the West and Southwest
iii.d author of u number of books on the
subject, died heio estord.iy at the ag--of
fill ve-irs He was i nieinlier of ine
New York I'onsoild.iiel 12 hange, Hie
I, os Angeles exchange and the Sab
Lake I I. ill, i-Si luiini' His body v(.
bo taken to New York for burial,
About 1,500 members of tho Interna
tional Association of Display Men
packed their grips yesterday r.t the con
clusion of their convention nt the Waldorf-Astoria
with the feeling that the
meeting had been a great success. The
attendance was larger than that at any
previous convention.
JIayor Hosstln Jl. Cox of .Mleldlotown,
N, Y., president of tho New York State
JInyors Association, who has recently
visited every city In tho State, was tliu
principal speaker yesterday.
"Without your calling.'! ho told the
delegates, "tho business of merchandis
ing would bo much moro dllllcult than it
Is to-day. You can ndvcrtlso In tit
newspapers and I bcllevo In advertising
becauso you get tho peoples to the stores
but when peoplu come to tho stotn
and see the goods tumbled on the coun
ters and not properly displayed the
money tpent for ndvei Using Is lost."
JIayor Cox said ho had visited fifty
seven cities through the State und that
with ono exception they seemed to be
getting on well In a business way. Ha
bad talked, ho salil, with business men
and they assured him business condition
wero improving and probably would can
tlnuo to improve.
A. J, I2dgi.il, president of tho associa
tion, outlined his plan for a countrywide
campaign for "prosperity week" from
November 29 to December 4. He told
tho display men to te fleet prosperity In
their display, to talk prosperity In thelf
display to the consumer, to forget about
the Kuropcuii war and to use eiery ar
gument In tnclr windows and conversa
tion to get the buying public to eui ita
holiday shopping earlj.
Tho oillcers for the coming vesr aie:
Piesident. A. J. IMgellj flist vlce-prcsl-ileiit,
12. I). Pierce; see:mid vice-president.
L. A. lingers, third vicc-:e.sil.iit, Carl
1. Jtaler; secretary, P. w. llunslcker:
treasurer, 12. D. U'JIalloy.
The 1910 convention Is to be held In
.Slime of the. Latest .miie-. I'lsesl
on the lleRlsle-rs,
.Manhattan JIIss Augusta do Pey
ster, California; Frederick Kingsbury,
Los Angeles; li. W. Jordan, Green Bay,
Wis.: H. H. Jlaynard. Cedar Itaplds.
Prince George Archie Knatlng, Janes
vllle. Wis, ; J. S. Jlahe'dy. Detroit , Albert
C. II. Clark. Worcester, .Mass.: J. H.
Dwyer, IJoston.
Helleclalre Jlrs. W. F. Cart nr. Chi
cago; Col. Jowkovsky, Wilmington, Del.
HreJIln 11. 1). dishing, London ; Itob
ert K.irman. Havana.
Collliigwood L. S. Stltlman. Green
wlch. Conn.; Jlr. und Jlrs. George Pu.
ner, Atlantic City.
Vanderbllt Jlr. nnd .Mrs. A. S. Dud
ley, Knglewedid, N. J.; Jlrs. A. L. Thom
son, St. James, L. 1.
JleAlpIn N. P. Hyndman. Pittsburg;
J. Jl. DomeU Nleuwenhuls, Tho Hague; 4
.Mr. and .Mrs. N. D. Parham. Washing
ton ; Jlr. and Jlrs, I, c. Glauber, Cleve
land : Jlr. and Jlrs. Geori-'e Uidegrurl,
Hagerstown, .Mil.
Savoy Jlr. and .Mrs. Walter de Sola,
Havana; Jlr. and .Mrs Charles Colt.
IlulTalo , .Mr. and .Mrs. George Tate. Chi
cago .Martinique Henry (!oo.l:iian, Haiti
more, if-imlolph Hicks, Norfolk. Kllam
Jl. Valentine, Cleveland . l-2mma Hurney,
L'l Paso; Harry Wise, Nashville.
Seln y ii A- Co, OfTer .Vimt Play hy
Itul C. .Itrurue.
Lo.vn iirakch, N. J . Aug. 5. "Undar
Fire," the newest play by Itol Cooper
Jlegrue', author of "Cmler Cover" and
co-author of "It Pas to Advertise,"
was presented here to-night by Selwyn
ft Co. at the llroadway Theatre. It will
go to the Hudson Theatre, New York, on
Wednesday, August 11
"Under Flrels" preliminary presenta
tion falls on the arm. vers iry of "Scrap
of Paper" day In Helgluni, and many
events of the play duplicate exactly the
happenings of one year ngo In the
cast win. h features William Courtenay
are Prank 'raven, Violet Ilemlng, Felix
Krcmhs, Henry Ste';hcn.on, Kdward
Jlawson, Norman Thorp, Walter Kings
ford, 1'hneln. Foster, Dorothy Abbott
and Jlallse Sheridan
'.No Mi 'li God am lie Pretends,"
su the Pastor,
San Francisco, Aug. 5. Repudiating
Hilly Suiid.i.'s religion, the llev. Dr.
j Charbs S Aked, nine the pastor of the
Hoik' feller i liurch In New York, re
I signed as a member and vice-president
, of the committee which instigated Sun
day's six day revival,
i "I must In flee to say." declared
i Dr. Aki'd In his letter of resignatlbn,
'that thcre Is no such Go! ns svun
I clny pretends, no such Christ, no such
l heaven and no sti 'h hell, 1 cannot com-
promise, my position as a minister of
Sunday went to Los Angeles to-day.
HOS'tni! n AiiKiist 8, Hunter D llovlsr,
hkimI i.'. Piinenil from "TH U FU
.Nlllt.U. e'llflli ll." :'4I West Tusnty
third (1'r.inle 11 Campbell Hulldlng).
COIH2N. August 4. IMS. l.suls Cohfn.
son of tho latt ft I. and Csroltn
Punerl from his lite risldinrs, ;7 Wsst
KUiy.jevi nth rtri.'t on I'rnlsy, Ausust
t, ut 10 A. M. Interment private.
MOSS Suddenle. - I.muk. e'onn . on , i
s'ust 3, 1515. In the twenty-second ar
nt his ns. Wn' o-i CSrlswoIil, only son
of Augustus I. Moss and C'.irollnn Cur
tis Muss.
Interment pundiikv, Ohln. August is
t'leTolund and Niudufky papers pissss
Plll.l.in'ltn.St' On Wednesday, Auriii
4, 11)11, at the residence of her nlo e
.Mrs John W lil'i) Clark, HO First p.ics,
Ilrooklsn. Helen ll.U.ibeth lVlletresu,
fornitriy president of ths IVnnsyl
snlt Collexe tor Wntnen, In hsr
ilKlilV "ret e,ir.
I'linernl n In ut t,n l'lrst plieo on Fri
day evening, August 1. at ( o'clock.
Interment at llMiien-oDd femstery,
Plttstmrch. Ph. I'.easn nmlt flowers.
,STII MlIil.KIt - Mm i J. ent.r. 1 into re,t,
AtiKust 4, ISir., at lu r rr-i li nee, 3i1
Alexander avenue, i It y
Kervlres I'rl'lay, Aus-uit e. S P. t in
tertnent iUnte
W1IITM1Y At llsst HnrlM.r. Me. nn
TIlUrsdH'. AllKUSt 5, 1III5. I.nill.l j.,
wife of lh. l.ile. Steplien Wtutnsy nt
New Haven c.inn , Kiel iliuchier of th
!t Hrs'll-lt i.l . il i Jilinson
Pun.-' il s.r.. ii- M..i , a I'liurch,
N-iith 12sst llai1 -r Me, on Sitirda),
Auciist t, a. i. n i o. k Interment

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