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jHcrjnests of f?10fr,000 to Li
brary find 8500,000 to llos
tiittir Will Bo raid.
A report fl'M 1n Supreme Court
ty pnoenlx lngrahnm n referee In a
imtt graving out of conflicting Inter
pretations of tho will of .Tames Hood
Wright, the philanthropist, who died In
November. 1R!U, finds that the New
York Public Library Is entitled lo f 100,
000 front the estate find that the Knlck
erlioeker Hospital, formerly tho J. Hood
Wright Hospital, nt Amsterdam avenue
nil 131ft street, should tret $580,000
from the estate.
The chief mutter In dispute was tho
UOO.OOO bequest to the rid Washington
HelgWs Library, which woe merged with
the New York Public Library nftcr
Mr. Wright's death. There was differ
ence of opinion as to whether tho New
York Public Library when It took over
the Washington Height Library became
entitled to the bequest.
Tho case wns referred to Sir. Ingpa
ham, as referee on the application of
Sirs. .Mary It. Wright, the widow, when I
.... ....... i.. i .. uii...
"UI -u,,r- "
Drill ivrigm. sinter ot tnc pmianiurupisi,
made It mcossary to distribute tho ,
reslilu.iry estate, held In trust during
her lifetime. Sllss Wright's share In the
estite consisted of the Income for life
from one-thlid of the residuary estate,
the whole amounting to JSSu.uOO. After
her death various legacies, Including the
lino.OOO library bequest, were to be
julil. and the remainder turned over to
the Knickerbocker Hospital, which was
known as the Manhattan Dispensary
during Mr. Wright's lifetime, and was
called the J. Hood Weight Hopltnl In
his menhr. The name was changed
again several years ago so a to attract
support from other sources, because the
Income from the Wright estate was In
ainclent to meet the hospital expenses.
The referee's report shows that legacies
of IHO.Oflft have been paid and that the
trustees hold I6S0.000 to dlsnose of un-!
trustees hold J6S0.000 to dispose of un
rier (he order of the exurt.
One of the feiturea of the report Is
the stipulation between the ,irtles to
the action that "the region known as
the Washington Heights extends tom
UStli street to liflth street, and from
Iht west side of Kdgecombe nvenue to
the Hudson Itlver."
War Munitions Workers f.ltr a
roncrrt In Central Park.
The Bethlehem Steel Company's band
of one hundred gave a concert yes
terday afternoon In t'-e -Mall, Cential
Park, The band Is cumirortl of work
men In the plant at South Hethlehem.
Pa., and Is under the personal patronage
of Charles SI Schwab, the president,
and the leadership of A. M. Welngartner.
Mot of the members are skilled work
men in miking munition of war.
After tlie concert the band went on
a slrf rtseelrig trip to Ocney Island be
fore returning to South Bethlehem.
Stained Olns Wlnilmv In Her
Honor at oiiihaiiiiton.
Southampton', N, Y Aug. 8. At
th morning service at St. Andrew's
Church a beautiful stained glass win
dow, placed In the church during the
last week, was dedicated to the mem
ory of Mies Josephine Churchill Nlcoll,
daughter of Sir, and Sirs. De I-ancey
Nlcoll The Hev. Dr. Carl Helland
of St. George's Church. New York, con
ducted this service, which was a most
Impressive one. It was made more im
pressive by the fact that It was Dr.
rtcllaiid who read the burial service
at Miss Nlcoll's funeral.
Dr. Helland was called to preach
t St, Andrew's to-da, not knowing
of the dedication. On learning of the
memorial window he did not preach the
sermon he ln.l prepared. Instead he
took his place by the window, which
decorated with American Resiuty
roes, and conducted the dedication.
The window waa designed and made
by th Tiffany Studios through the ef
forts of Miss Margaret K. Trevor, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry (I, Trevor,
nd was the Joint gift of the following
friends of Miss Nlcoll :
Mls Margaret K. Trevor, Miss Louise
Trevor, Sllss Klennor liwrence, Mrs.
C. Henry Slcllon. Jr.. Sllss Winifred
Chltholm, Mrs. George H. Wagstnff, Sllss
Jeamile Couthet, Miss Marie Louise
Kmnut, Miss Nancy Coleman, .Mrs. F.
Sklddy on Stade, Slles Abby .Morrison,
Miss Frances Hreese, Sllss Grace Henry,
Slls Frances Henry, Sirs. Harold S.
Arnold, Mrs. Gouvencur Carnochan, Sirs.
I.ydia Hoyt, Sirs. J. Orlswold Webb,
Mr, Deverciix Milhurn, Sllss Eleanor
Mellon, Sirs. F.rle Winston, Sir. and Sirs.
Oeorso S. Trevor, Sllss Lisa Htlllman,
Bradford II. Icke. Harry Bproul, Jr.,
T Galllard Thomas 2d, Charles H. Slar
hall, .Sheldon K. Hoadley, Harry C.
1'iifhmg, James G. K. Lawrence, J. Ave
rell Clark, Itlohard F, Hahcock. Shcpard
Krelch, Harclay II. F.vrr, Charles C.
Miller, William Bruce Brown, C. Henry
Mellon, Lester Armour, William C.
Mowers Id, Jerome O, Franks, Howell
Forbes. John B. Pitney. Schuyler Par
sons, George E. Stevens, Kohn N. Stearns
!1 anil W Whltowrlght Watson.
B. It, Stettlnlus gave a luncheon to
day for twenty in honor of his daugh
tfr, Miss Isaboll Stettlnlus.
Among the guests at the National to
ds were Frank H. Schoonmaker, Percy
J'me '.'.1 ami II, H. Haker.
Mrs Palrfax S. Landstreet Is enter
ta nine her sister. Sirs. F. Downey.
Miss Eleanor Lawson Is the guest of
!' SUrjorle Curtis, and Sirs. Kathe
rlne Porter Is visiting Slis. Goodhue
Llv ngston
Weddlnic Comes n Hnrprlse
friends of the Couple.
At the homo of Mr. nnd Mm. Hermnn
11 Well, :02 Hlversldo Drive, a report
of the. marriage of theJr daughter,
Hiatrlte, to IsAac L. Illce, Jr.. was con
firmed yesterday. The ceremony was
performed hy an Alderman in the Munic
ipal Building last Slonday, Only close
frlrnds of the bride and bridegroom
wore present. Sir. and Sirs. Illce will
on a honeymoon trip to the Canadian
The bridegroom's mother Is the presi
dent of the Society for the Suppression
of I'nnecessary Noises. Although It Is
Hid that Sir. nice and Sllss Well have
'"en engaged for three yenrs, their wed
ding came as n surprise to their friends.
n-tKiKrinrnl Announced.
MnNTCi.Ain, N. .1., Aug. S. Announce
ment has been made hfro of the engage
ment of Miss Krances Slarie Clausen,
'laughter nf Mr. and Sirs. II, C. A. Clan-t-fn
of llrookllne, Mass., and Joseph B.
l.ly of 208 Walnut street. Slontclalr.
Sir. Ely la a graduate of Williams, clasa
fX 1910,
Mountain Trails C minted an llr
ii It of Cnnl Wrnther,
I.knox, Aug. A llecausn of the cool
weather the trails ovei tho mountiilns
wcro crowded with pedestrians to-day.
Sir. and Sirs. Charles II. Clay and Sir.
and Sirs. Frank U. Slacy led a party
of guests from lle.iton Hall, Stockbrldge,
six miles over Hear Mountain. In tho
lurty were Miss Kdlth llurtls, Miss
Charlotte Slorey. Miss Amy Miller. Miss
Helen Van Voorhlx, MIbh Florencu
Fuller, Slorton atcCutr.hron, Charles F.
Smith, Horace Caldcr and Sidney O.
Sir. and Sirs. Frederic Crownlnshleld
were hosts at luncheon of Sir. and Sirs.
J. lteynulds Landls of Washington. Sir.
and Sirs. W. J. Woodhavcn ave a din
ner p.irty In honor of Dr. nnd Stn, Will
lam Holland Wllmcr. Sir. and Sirs.
Philip Slallery of New York are the
guests of Sir. and Sire. Frederick T.
West In l'lttsfleld. Sir. and Sirs. Walter
Tuckerman and children of Washington
nro guests of Miss Knilly Tuckerman In
Sirs. Henry Yatea Hatterlre of Wash
ington In visiting Mrs. Churchill Batter
Ire at Cllttwood. Sirs. Thomas It. Hod
man has gone to Nantucket. The .Misses
Kathcrltie and Frances Blder of Hay
Shore nro visiting the Stlsses Datilgrcn
at Helalr.
SIJss Adele Kneelaml has gohe to New
port. Silas Hclolse Meyer has gono to
the north shore. Silas Mary Parsons
Is at Northeast Harbor, Ste. Miss Anne
T. Morgan and Mls Kllsaheth Slarbury
arrived at the Ited Lion Inn to-dav on
i tho way lo the White Mountains.
Prince Hohenloho and llaron Hendrl
of the Austrian Rmbarsy have entered
the Asplnwall tennis tournament. Sllss
,'um, '" or -New lork gave a dinner
Party at the Hotel Asplnwall last eve-
nlng. The Ilev. Arthur C. Powell of
uraee Church, Ilaltlmore, read the eer
vice In Trinity Knlsconal Church tn.dnv
ur. anu .Mrs. Powell are passing tho
season at the Andrew cottage In
Ty ring-ham.
- i
Mmnr Tea Parties Attended by
Inntlny Autnlsts,
Bretton Woons, N. H., Aug. S. Mo
toring to the Slount Washington
for luncheon to-day were Mrs.
Charlta Oelrlchs, M. J. Lamb, Sir. and
.Mrs. Stephen Douglas Boycr. .Miss Syl
via Livingston, Sllss Maud Livingston,
.Mr. anu .Mrs. Charles Hurnham Squler,
1rm I .... 1 1 .... .. ft ,. . , T l .. t-
bup'lgnac Mr and Mrs F II Lock
" Mr;.".nrt.. H .lxc.V
..iii.. . uni .uejer, .sirs. .. it,
Alker and Sllss Mabel W. Alker.
In Ideal weather the links were well
patronized to-day. Playing with K. A.
Ijord, A. S. Nye holed out on the eigh
teenth from the tee In 1.
Sirs. Arthur Hutler Twomhly of the
Profile colony entertained at tea at her
cottage this afternoon. The Stlsses Han
cock entertained for Fordyce Harker,
and Mrs. Charles Stewart Smith In
vited a few friends to her cottage for
At the Waumbek those entertaining
nt tea In their cottages Included Sirs.
Thomas Dlniond, Sirs. W. H. Llppln
cott. .Mrs. .Mark S. Willing and Sirs.
Cabot Jackson Slorse.
Sirs, flardner Greene Hammond en
tertained several young people nt tea
at Slaplewood this afternoon.
First of the Benson Is firlnK Ar
ranged to Take I'lsrr oon.
Nbwpokt, Aug. 8. The first fancy
dress dance to be given by members of
the summer colony here Is being ar
ranged to take place soon. The warm
sun to-day sent many cottagers to the
beaches for dips In the surf.
Dinner parties were given to-night by
Dr. and -Mrs. Nicholas Murray HutWr.
Preston C.lbjon and Mrs. Fletcher Ilyer.
Hepresentatlvo Gardner of Mnrsaclm
setts, who was here a few days, started
for his home at Hamilton to-day. If Sirs.
Darlington's health will permit It Bishop
nnd Sirs. James II. Darlington of Hnr
rlsburg. Pa., may pass the late season
Gov. Heeckman Is to be the guest of
honor at a dinner to lie given by Ad
miral Fletcher on the flagship Wyoming
next Friday night. Mrs. John H. Drcxel
hns announced a luncheon for Thursday
nnd n dinner for the evening of August
IT. Sirs. Hugh D. Auchlncloss and fam
ily, who went to San Francisco, are ex
pected to return here to-morrow,
The Clam Hake Club will hold Its an
nual meeting on Saturday, the Newport
Heading Itoom on August 19 and the
Newport Country Club on the 21st,
rT Yorkers' Son Dies nf hi In
Jurlm In H"r llnrhor.
Bar llARBon, Ste., Aug. 8. Hobert
Douglas Spedden, aged S, only child of I
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic O. Kpedden of
New York, died to-day at the family's
Winter llnrbor cottage. An automobile,
running fast on the wrong sldo of the
road and not sounding its horn, knocked
the boy down last Friday, fracturing his
The body will be taken to-morrow to
New York, where the funeral services
will be held In the city home of the 1
I.k.vox, Aug. 8. Jlotor urrlvals from
New Yotk at the Hotel Asplnwall to
day Included H. SI. .Masters .McDonald
(Pierce) ; Sir. and Sirs, J. S. Wood
(rierce-Arrow) ; Mrs. William Arm
strong, Sllss Elizabeth S, Kendall
(Cadillac) i Sir. and Sirs. W. A. Huck
(Locomobile) . W, C. Sager, It. C.
Bourne (Packard): Slajor nnd Sirs.
Wahl, Cant. Hughes, Sllss Hughes
(Cadillac), Sirs. Albert Young, Miss
Aunts (Packard) : also Sir. and Sirs. E.
Bradley, Newport (Cadillac)
M ANCltKSTm, VI.. Aug. t. Arrivals I
by automobile at the Equinox House
Included Sir, and Sirs. H. L. Garllah, St. I
Louis (Slarmon): Sllss Dearborn, Hye,
Mrs. L. P. Lapham, New Canaan
(Pierce) ; William HeMor Herbert, F.
OunnlHon, Brooklyn (Packard) ; Sir. and
Mrs. It. J. Johnson, New York (Loxler) :
M, Halff, Now York (Thomas) ; Sir. and
Mrs. B. N. Caroelllo, Mr. and Sirs. C.
T. Sturhahn, Hartford (Packard).
Coopkrstown, Aug. 8, Automoblllats
arriving nt the O-te-sa-ga to-day were
Sirs. J. A. Barton, Sir, and Sirs. H.
Leyscr, New York (Lozler) : Sir, nnd
Mrs. D. C. Dow, Jr., Sir, John Dow,
Miss Beatrice Dow, New York ; Mr. and
Sirs. L. A. Patterson, Sllss Elizabeth
ratterson, Carbondalc, Pa. (Bulck) : J.
H. Clapp, Washington (Packard) ; Mr.
and Sirs. E. A, Jameson. Buffalo
(Loxler); Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Taylor,
Sirs. W. II. Otis, Sir, and Sim. A. J.
Bussell, Buffalo (Spellman) ; Mr. and
Sire. K. C. Carpenter, George Barnard,
Juliet Barnard, Rome, N. Y. (Pierce
Arrow). WATgnBUnx, Aug. . Now York auto
moblllsta arriving nt the Hotel Ellon
over the Ideal Tour to-day Included Mr.
and Mrs. C. P. Johnson (Overland) ; Sir.
and Mrs. David L. Korn (Studebaker) :
Miss Elliabeth Slarbury, STIsa Anne
Morgan, New York (Cadillac) : .Mr. and
Mrs. II. C. Newell (Plerce-Arrow) ; Dr.
nnd Sirs. J. O. Pease (Cole) ; Mr. and
Mrs. William Young (Bulck) : Mr. and
.Mm. W. J, Jewett (Studebaker): Mr.
and Sirs. Charles 8. Hart (Mercer) I Sir.
and Sirs. W. C. Hcott (Overland) : Mr.
and Sirs. Allan Knapp (Paige) ; Sir. and
Mrs. n, FrUy-.Ctalme,
Oriental Dance nnd New Oper-i
etln Also to lie Xnrriijrnn- I
sett Features. !
NAURAO.vssKrT Pir.it, Aug. V Charles
F, Dorr nnd Adrian Schubert of tlx
Metropolitan Opera House orchestra will
give here soon an entertainment after j
the cafe chantant style for the benefit
of the Eplnopl Church St. Pcter'a by
the Sea. Included In the progrnmme'
will be the Initial performance of thei
one net operetta "Cay Hevllilon," as
well as a one act skit In threo whirls1
entitled "A Day at Narragansett." I
Slany of the young people at the Pier
have consented to appear In the chorus.
Mls Dorothy Norrls of Philadelphia will
gle her own Interpretation of a new.
Oriental dance. Kuberto anil Sllss An
toilette Hloodgood of New York will In-!
troduen dancing features.
The annual Mathewson masquerade
dimmer dance will be held on Tuesday
instead of Friday of this week wins not
to cnnlllct with the sportsmen's ball at I
the Casino on Thuisday. The prizes u
he awarded for the most suitablo cos
tume at the sportsmen's Kill are a silver
colTee r-ervlco and loving cup. Dr. and
Mrs. Joseph l.eldy entertained nt dinner
last evening for several Philadelphia
th Misses II. In-
lltllUlillllvn, .........
gersoll. Hope Heale. Eugenia Cassatt,
Cornelia Ieldy nnd Lisa Noirls,
Col. and Sirs. Henry Fletcher put In
at tho Pier In the yacht Flyer, their
party Including Sir. and Sirs, f Halloa
Flotcher and Sir. and Sirs. Joseph I..
Fletcher, having luncheon at the Casino.
Mr. and Sir. William H. Coomlw had iik
luncheou guests at the Casino to-day
Mr. and Sirs. A. H. l-imb-rt and Sllss
Antnnctte Hloodgood.
Miss Hope Beale, Miss Lisa Nor ris.
Emlen Handolph and Jack Houvler of
New York formed one of the luncheon
parties at tho Casino. Other New York
ers to register for luncheon were C SI.
Wnrner, .Mr. and .Mrs. A. L. D. Warner.
i-,.ai. Warner. P. Gardener, Sirs.
Charles Cunard. Jacob Doll. Jr., Sllss
Alice Ingersoll, A. E. Thompson nnd
MrH. J. Grant,
A. Muller Pray, who recently com
pleted a portrait of Col, Hoosevelt, Is the
gUeSt OI .Urn. r.imwei II. uuniim ni
Valnvir on tlja Hocks. Sllss HoneiiKiiide
Wyman of New York, who was the guest
of Mrs. Irving II. Chase at Mlramar on
Ocean road, started to-day by motor for
Beach Blurt. .Mass., wnero sue win in
tend a house party given In her honor
by Hoyal Wctherall of Boston.
Sacred Concert Is Alan Given nt
West Vlrnlnln. Hesorl.
Wiiitb Stit.piiiii SrniNfiK, W. Va
Aug. 8, D. E. Wlnants of New Jersey
entertained to-night at a dinner day
dance In the Tudor room of the Green
brier. The guests wcro H. B. Wiggles
worth, E. SI. Hill. Boston : John Free
and. New York ; John SI Grant, Atlanta ;
Weldon SI. Bailey, Washington ; Wilfred
M, Blout, U. S. A. i Sllss A. W. Preston,
Baltimore; Miss Hnldcman, Louisville;
the .Misses dnne, New Oceana; Sllss
llllali French, New York ; Sllss Edith
Grant, Jllohmond; Silas Pratt, Des
John H. Byrne of New Yoik enter
tained at dinner. Sirs. It N. Wuxnack
was hostess at lea on the Greenbrier
A sacred concert conducted by Carl
Neumann was given In the lobby of the
Greenhrler to-night, with 600 guests
present. Arrivals to-day Included Sir.
nnd Sirs. George E, Kline, Sir. and Sirs.
II. E. Stiller, John Mnrkle nnd Mr. and
Mrs. PA.CoawaAt-Wirffwsi
At the gate.
P. M Strf t mtnilnr sixty. tev
enth Mrfet n,l AmalenUm nvenue.
.1.30 I'. M. Htrett ni cling KSih
urert and ."avunlh avenue.
3) P. M Street meeting JlOlh
nret snl llruadna) (.imrlm.in, Miss
Aunu Dounhty
1 I'. M -Men's l.i igu for Wnmtin
ufTrsKe Confcrrme n v.i.. for Women
Itestaur lilt, 70 VV'sll strret
3 1', M Krenrh committee rneeilnc,
(V i:.ir Thirty -fourth strt
R P M -"-Women Poiltlrnl Pnlon
Itovlni; Shop Winner," l!4lh trel
and Hfventh avenue.
15 I' M -Witinen's Pnlltlcal t'nlon.
Pliteenth irnstarlnl District, Third
avenue and Klshty-slxth street
s-80 I'. M. -Women's I'nlltlcjl t'nlon.
Twentieth Semiorlal Klstrlei. Third
nvenue and Nlnely-elchrh street
Winner fJcts Purse Filled With
Gold Mnny Kntertain
inents nt l.ndjre.
Hhiaromfp SlANon
N. Y.. Atnr. 4.
Mrs. Philip D Armour and Miss
Gruber of Chicago are at the Brlarcllff
Lodge, where they will remain until the
end of the season.
.Mr. and Sirs, E II. Butler and St In
A Butler of Chestnut Hill. Philadelphia,
going to the Berkshire, are at the
Lodge for over Sunday.
Sir and Mrs. W H. Leonard are en
tertaining their son, W. B. Irfonard, Jr..
of St Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P.. Hateson and
Miss Hateson have Joined the all sum
mer colony at the Lodge. Other ar
rivals are John II. Schullz. Sir. nnd Mrs.
Leigh Best. Sllss Helen Best. Miss SI.
L. Coleman nnd Mr. and Sirs. Adolph
(VBiien of New York; Sirs. Mary N
Kiting and Sllss Fannie II. Kiting and
Mr. and .Mrs. W. W Curtis nf Brooklyn;
Mrs. J Wilson Poucher and Miss Annln
L. Poucher of Poughkecpslc and Sir. and
Mis. H. N. Van Voorhls of Pittsburg.
Mr. and Sirs, N. SI SInnoz have re.
turned from a stay at .Manhattan Beach
and will lemaln at thn Lodge for the
Sir and Sirs. .!. E Hhodes of New Or
leans, touring tho White Mountains, are
making the lidge their over Sundiy
stopping place, as are Sir. and Mrs, D.
F Sherman of Providence, n. I., en
route to Delaware Water Gap; Sir. and
Sirs. W. A, Burpee and Sirs. A. n. Scott
of Philadelphia, touring to New Eng
land, and .Mr. and Sirs. A. W Burchard
of New York, touting northward.
.Woman Angel nf London Is at Brlar
cllff for a two wneks stay,
Sllss SI. E, Boss has Joined her sister,
Sirs. David von Emburg, nt tho Idge.
Judge Peter S. Grosscup has returned
from his western trip and will pni-s the
remainder of thn summer at Brlarcllff
Sir. nnd Sirs. Harry It, Albright gave
a dinner at the Brlarcllff laidgo on
Saturday evening, their guests being
Sir. and Sirs. II. T. Parson of Allen
hurst, N, J. ; C. P. Case ami Sllss Case
of Brlarcllff nnd C. T. Nevvbuiy of Chi
cago, The annual caddies' tournament was
held on the BrlarclllT links on Thursday
and brought out a largo number of
guests of Brlarcllff Lodge lo watch
their favorite caddies pla The tlist
'prize, a purse filled with gold, given by
the guests, was won by Charles Kane,
with a sroro of 83 for the IS holes.
On .Monday evening Sir, and Sirs.
Henry H. Heed will entertain with a
dinner in honor of Sir. Heed's birthday
Tho pergola dinner will he followed hy
a dance. Among the guesla will
Mr. and Sirs. Warren Barton Baldwin,
Sir. and Sirs. Philip Walter Hour), Sir.
and Sirs. Charles P. Schmidt, Sir. and
Sirs. Hulieit E. Ilogers, Sir. and .Mrs.
George StcNear, -Mr, and Sirs, Frank C.
Stunson and Sir, uud Sirs. II, Edward
i i; i... I).: ii- ... r
hii:lili Actor Hrmirs Word of
I). .n.... ri...i! . t.. i....
lu'ttcr Conditions in I.on
don Then t res
Lyn llarllng, one of tins best known
of the English actors of to-dav. reached
New York yesterday by the Lapland.
He will appear as Srrnpoll In Joseph
Brooks's all star production of "Trilby"
,, , . , . '
He was last seen In this city In "The
Great Adventure," at the Booth Then-
tre. Before that he was in David Be-
lasco's nroductlon of "Years of Dlscre.
llo recently appeared in Ix.ndon
1 l.t n.. ',tl . ... ,dlt'4l nf M. Cn. .
i P.,Per." ..nd toured the provinces' m a
play by J. C. Francis, entitled "For
I France."
"New York Is h haven nf peace," said
Harding at the Hotel Buckingham last
' night, "and to arrive on Sunday gives j
one a feeling of repose. At tuy home In
llertfordshllH the din of l.lir elm Ilrlnir
could be htard fur six days In every
weea tor nearly a ,vear.
Pile war has had an extraordinary
i effect upon the taste of the British play-
going public. In the early stages of the
war managers were alnrmed and pessl-
mtstltv and pessimism Is an Infectious
condition of mind ; It seems to spread
to the public. Tho first thought of thn
manager, generally speaking, was to
secure a war play. He did this, but In
th majority of cases he soon found It
was not what tho public wanted. The
public taste Just then was for some
thing cheeiful.
"Itnvues, which early last autumn weris
on the decline, wer- again brought to
llfn and soon bis-ame tho rage. Only
actors of the best standing proved at
tractive on th- vaudeville stage. Siw-
eral actor managers and actors took up
mo wise course nr uniting their efforts m ever won :i oomlc plcturn will
and In Imdon and the provinces one i realize that In avoiding these, .feature! wo
can now see two or three stars In one VH iwsMmpllshisI at list soino fent
I'''"' , and are going to give the public some-
I may safely say that ths average , t)utlR ,,vv In the line of vnwtnhles, If
receipts of the places of urnusement are i ,,, ,,, ,,,,, ,,,,..
higher to-day than they were twelve ;
months ago. Soldiers and sailors cumn , .
home on Iinv... and they with their rela- i 1 u iMvr Is to Im enlarged
lives make up parties for the theatre. ! Strn.'tural alterations will Is. mado In
Tho result Is that lowanl the end of the t some parts of tho house nnd a new
week one has tumble in getting jiiats gallery Is to bo added, It Is announced
fur IV siiecesMful plays and levues, 'Die main rivhestra is one of the largest
"Su-ne very excellent pla.vs, I know, ! in the city, but there Is llttl space
have not been put on because of the dllll- I In tho upper part of the house. Plans
cutty of casting the Juvenile parts. You .have len Mind with thn building de-
see, so many aitors have Joined the
irmy Only a few days before I sailed
I shook hands with many young men
who wcr going away lo the fi tint, some
to tho Dardanelles and some to Plan-
ders. The only brother of Sllss PhMlls
Nellson-Terr.v, who will play the title
rolo hi Trilby' with me, was one of
(Ipened mi August I II,
The second an,, oM, , of nil
o.iliilliiL.M ,.t MvHlle. Conn., will .
aiil-iiui in This vene n Kn..,.h,i
will be devoted to nketches, On Satur-
days half rale.s will he charged
.. li llilt loo U'lll olriHO Allifoul i .
Among Hie exhibitor this season mo
Henry w. Hanger. N. A ; O Albert
A.; Kmma Lainberl Cooper. I'leileriek
Ilallaid Williams. N. A.; F I 'slier Do
Voll, Carl .1. Nordell, .Margaret Patter-
von, i a ri a. .uriieii, .viargaret liitter-
son, Henry H. Selden. Harold Dunbar.
Hoy K Hates, J. K, Ihineklng and
I liarleH II. Davis, N. A.
nrooklvu Pnalnr Crlllfnlly III.
The Hev. Dr. A. .1. Lvin.iu. for ni.n.v
years pastor of South Cnngregatlnna'l
Church. Brooklyn. Is Ijlng at the point
or urn i n at a pnvaie sanitarium at
Greenwich, Con.n., where he has been
under treatment for for some mould
Ainericnii IMnywHjyltls Hnve
I' n H ii n II imI Opportunity
to (in in Success.
A comprehensive plan to develop an
Increasing output of American plays and
the encouragement of the American
playwright Is one of tho first steps bo
Ing taken by Augustus Thomas, who
lately accepted the art directorship of
the Charles Prohmau company. The
paralysis of foreign play writing
brought on by the war has made It nec
essary tn Increase the home supply, Mr.
Thom.iH says, and with this end in view
the Frohmau company will glvo every
possible encouragement to the American
"Since last August pluy writing has
been extinguished In seven nations,"
said Sir. Thomas yesterday. "The thea
tres of six countries are closed. Pie
vlous to lat August 60 per rent, of thn
dramas, fumi-dles and oerettas shown
on the American stage came from Ku-
rope and Kngland. America, which lias
always made the greatest demand of all ,
countries for theatre erili rtalliini nt
must hereafter product! Its own supply
Play writing Is paralyzed throughout Eu
rope for live or ten Jears tu como. E
cept the plays we. now have from
Slaugham, Barrlv, PInvro, Beoler,
hambtrs and Slorton no plajs will even
ctiniii out of England for years."
"A nation of eighty millions must
hereafter look exclusively to Its own
writers for ll theatre entertainment, it
Is tho American playwright's golden op
portunity. This, therefore, enforces u
policy of hastening thn development of
buniM products."
Sir Thomas then outlined what he
coulilerH a feaslblu plan to accomplish
this result. Tho potential dramatist.
Sir, Thomas holds, Is llrst a newspaper
man. The success of Piof. Baker's
classes in playwrltlng at Harvard la
the Dramatists Society and the prac
ticability of this manner of worlt In
dicate, he said, tint If In thu large cities
of the country sufficient Interest could
be awakened among a group of writers
many good results would follow.
"I do not think," continued Sir.
Thomss, "that this method would neces-1
sarliy turn out a great play or even a -
successful one, but I do believe that
after It wan produced the men who had
been instructed by Its production would
onploy the same methods to make pla
of their own subjects about which they
no doubt ftel deeply and ale thoroughly
Oliver Slorosco has set his plan fur 1
the prvJuctlon of five new plas In
New York b"fore tho Christmas holi
days. Thn llrst will probably be Louis
K. Anspacher's three act comedy drama
The I'tichastened Woman." It I
scheduled for presentation about the
llrst of October. In the oast Will be
Emily Stevens, Christine Norman, II
1 Heeven-Smlth, llu-sard Short, Louis i
; Bennlson nnd Lillian Elliott
I "So Ixjng Irf-tty." a musical play by Sir
Slorosco and Elm'r Harris, with music
by Earl CatroU, Is due for a metropoli
tan premiere during the same month.
Sidney Grant and Charlotte Greenwood
, are to be seen In the principal roles, i
i Other plays on th Morosco calendar!
are "Sadie Iive," a three act comedy
l Avery Hopwood, with Slarjorle Ham
i beau as tho star, and "l.'p Stairs uud
uovvn. ror wnicn air aiorosco ia
Ktievi a ,,romltltn, m3n tlar wJl,1!l0
I will be announced later
Down, for which Sir Morosco has ei i
line .
Two companlcH will Lo sent on tour
, In "Peir o" My Heart," onn headed bv
Florence) Slartln and the other bv
Dorothy MaeJ'ae. A new play Is being
' selected for Peggy O'Niil, who recently
closed a long engagement In "Pen o' My
"cart." and "The Ulrd of Paradlo" will
p0 " ,0ur th r"J "f t'"'t mont"'
"J"" "l"' N"n'
i"rk ' s'atrcgoorM learno.1 last spring
,r,.lt (!r;u,xile Barker and LllLih Sic
, Canity would not be actively awoelatc.1
, in America next s.jnuon. Mr. Barker.
' ,vaK s;11"- wo"ll r. lu-n only f. r a
LhrtM t...tiir., trir n.t .11.. f . , .
, ,nlBht nr tI,llrtlt not t(ct n'n Vrn ''
It now appoirs tltat 'm h of ihei-v
have decided to return to Amu.lu In
the fall. Miss McCarthy will appear In
her orlglrtil roles of t.nvlnn In George
Bernard Shaw's "Andrtsjm mid the
Lion" and In the Anatole Frnnev piece
"The .Man Who Married 11 Dumb Wife
Both thert plays will be given in an
cxtenll 1.111 ami vvmier tour Of tile
. , "i - '
'' " " '"
lioi)ens,iii .siiniixi tin- mutual csusijs iir
I 'be last New York npp.wrance have le-en
ris'ncaged for t countrywide tour,
"I shall always consider Augut t
the luckiest d'iy In my life," remarked
Slarie Dressier on her return to town
yesterday, "because on that day I nut
only w.m every point In my suit to.
nrove nalt nwnersnin in mo picture or
Tllllf's PuiictuitsI KoinaiKv, but also
completed a new picture, 'Tlllle's Tomato
r .,H,!.. .......if th. dei thf., i
spttn of 'Tlllle's Tomato Surprlo' being
a six reel mt.i..!y you will not find in
li eltlirj- n tiollcoman. n klol.on. tide.
It cIUkit a policeman, u siphon, ti tele
i plmnn or a revolver, and any 0110 who I
iartment for the addition of another
tdttrv. to accommodato mmc hoii.s nf
tlv SO and '." cent variety.
- ,
...., . ...
, Aulhorllles May Put After llnrU
llt-Hi'li I'atrnl nl Work.
! Atlantic Citv, N ,1.. Aug. 8 --Visum
licie i-aiinot rreill III Kl'l eiluimil UI win
! lately havo been taking their dip after
i nightfall. Tho after dark hilhers aie
j urowlMar In number dally, and the a,-
Ithorltles nro contemplating keeping
I beach patrol at work until midnight
The usual Sundav crowd swarmed the'
' Boardwalk and the sand to-day, and,
their dellanco tn the inlnlsterH taui
I ' " .. "' u ' Vl ". ' . ' . ... ' '
milting movie theatres and other ini'st
. , . , .
. pasnmen iu ,..,r , .-, .ui.aiu.
'r. Porler's I'liiieriil To-diij.
,,r' "r" -mi ;, ,
.-uneral services for Dr. P Brynbeig
i,er. who died Friday In St. M.uk's
Jlospltal. will ho held In Chiidt Chinch,1
I Hospital, will ho held In Chiidt Cliunii,
I e...niit,..llMt ulfo,.! noil lli-o'i.li.' ... .l..u
moiiilng at II o'clock. Dr Puller was
i 111 his seventieth year. lie was born
In Wilmington, Del, where he practised
for forty years, For miny .veais after
ho came lo this tils ho wis the record
Ing secretary of the County .Medi al
Society In New York. Dr. Torlcr was
Actress to Direct Her Own
Conipitny in n Xuinlier of
(Irare (leorge, who off tin1 stage Is
Sirs. William A. Hrady, wife of the the
atrical producer, la to realize a long
cherished ambition to become a manager
on her own account. With the consent
of her husband, Miss (leorge will assume
tho artistic direction of the l'la house
beginning In September, putting In
force her own policy, selecting her own
plas, ehoo-lng thn plavers who will be
associated with her it m I miking nil the
productions under her own personal di
rection, It has been nearly three years since
Miss (leorge has been seen on the New
York stage. Sim li.u been In practical
retlieinciit for about tw.j tears. Tho
history of American theatricals shows
very few nctri-'K-managers. In Kngland
several prominent women players hac
become their own managers, but .Miss
(leorge Is the llrst woman of the Amer-
ban stage of prominence since Margaret
Ariglln look up this form of activity, to
become nssoclaied with the directing end
of thu theatre,
Mlm (leorge and Mr. Hndv tallied
with a Slw reporter yesterday on the
plans for the new venture. A number
of plays have already been sehcled for
the season's series, Uf theo several are
new, while the programme Is also to
embrace a number of revivals. No pro
duction, they said, will receive morn than
four week consecutive performances and
thosd most in demand will be repeated
on single, nights during the se-ion.
I'liis Iii lie Produced,
"The otTeriiig'i which 1 hae decldid
upon at this time," said Sllss (leorge. "In
clude a Mullein emiedv, a play bv John
(lalsworthy, another by (leorge Hernard
Shaw, a comedy by Plncro, Sheridan's
"The School for Scandal," two recent suc
cesses from the ("omedle Krancals and
one classical plav, In adilltwn to two
wotki by American authors."
When 1 built the Playhouse," Mild Sir.
Hrady, "I ' nd In mind tho formation of
a peimanent nctlng company upon tho
Hues adopted by tho late Angustin Daly
at Daly a Theatre and sub.ciUently by
-V "-51 i
. VS. '.t $f i
- ' '-sSc
i i -
Grace George.
Daniel Frohman nt the old Lyceum.
This organization was to have been led
li) .Miss George, but a combination of
circumstances prevented Its Immediate
"The present outcome, however, has Its
compensating feature, since It has enabled
the Dual placing of the undertaking upon
a foundation of financial security,
eliminating all possible anxiety on that
n..ie ami enabling Miss George to have
lomplete freedom In tarrying out her
Ideas unhampered "
Subscription llnsls Plan,
Several members of the repertoire
company to be managed by Sllss George,
who will herself appear In several repte
seutations, It Is understood, have been
clneu It is hoped that a number of
well i stablished stats will be iismicImIciI
with her f. r short engagements. The '
perforinaiiies will be placed un a sub-i
scriptiou basis, similar to th.V used by '
, the New Theatre sumo years ugu
un outside capital solicited .Miss George 1
will have absolute charge nnd her tie-
tismii on matters will be in every ruse I
Una I i
Grace George, who now earns the now
title of nctiesH-nuinnger. has had mi
eventful stage career fur over twenty
veins. Mie mane ner llrst appi'aranre In
li minor role In "The New Hov" at Iln
Standard Theatre 'In 1!H. The plays
" moi-i pnuni-
, neniiy i.ientined are i ne Turtle. ".Mile.
' r '" 1 " ' " " ' 'rpnans, i no .unr-
. rl.'ige of William Ashe." "Dlvnivons," I
"Sylvia." "A Woman's Wa.v. I'ho !
I School fur Scandal, Satire for tho
"Tr .,, . .'V. !" ..'f'.' anS , "M.
VJ- . jothes. Irctty Peggy :int
Tinier Southern Skies
I If bill, Kile lilis i pi't.l e.,i1 tonti. fhll.r
Imr offi.ru In ...li.r II,.. ow.ll.,,,
but has steadfastlv refused, preferring
to maintain her iilleglnni e to i ho speak-
ing stage. She Is verv elithustnMIe
about her new venture, looking forward
with Interest to tHklng over the di
rectorate of the Playhouse as her own
I'ln mid Pins its.
't'nder Pile," n new war plav bi
llot Cooper Slegrue, Instead of opening
'it the Hudson Theatrn Wfdnesdav eve.'
iilng has been postponed until Thurs
' dav.
The l.vrlc Theatre will open this eve.
ning w.th "Tho Girl Who Smiles," a
musical comedy
.Itiha Sarideisnn, Donald Brian and
Joseph I'lwiliorn com,, to thu Knicker
bo. l.er Theatre to-night In a return en
gagi'ineiil of "The Girl From I'tah."
presented b) the Charles 1'rohman cum-
i p.niy.
I , ... , .... ,
at tho Palare Theatre this
; "a'conil weH ' ' s'anXr caj me
,11"" anuini r I. .Hill, ,
I lou. Iinl bas been held over
Hubert Willis has been engaged in
portray the role of the Kaiser In Hie
"Zlegftbl Follies" t the New Anuter.
Sliwart, who died iiiuisday
"Ilninc Again." a llire. net far
e bv
.e,,.... .,.,.,. Sm.,,. .,.,,...,.,
'under tho diieclion of II I. Ion P.n ne 1
( , ,n , p.,iueeil at tho Curt Th.u-
, ulu . pr xttiti'i
lie. Atlmtic citv.
.lames .1 Curbelt i
The funeral si
ou August lln, with
as the Mar
The runeral servl.es of .Melville
C.t. ,ifl ii'lin .lloil l.ikl i, a, ..I hlu li..,.,
in Si .t Gale, were ronducted vesleidiv
bv S' Ceulo Lodge i.r m.i-uu- at the
Slasonic Temple, S Mil avenue
, i'vveiii-fouiih meei H I u.ih
uudljw n I einett
Iienn I'Vanklln and Biinon (iieen a
writing mw song lo bo put in Hands
t Uu- M 'tllu i'orty-Iout lU BUcct XUcalrc.
llillllmiire Yiiflilsiiuin (ilrillcil tho
Globe Four Times,
HslTlMoiiR, Anc, S. Pr. Delino ft
Fitzgerald. 02 jears of age, onn of the
lst known members of tho Slaryland
Club, who spent many ycara lit travel
In out of the way places In thn worhli
died at his country scat near hero ttvs
Whllo burn In America, Dr. Fitz
gerald was graduated from tho I ill
veisiiy of Franco In Paris In IkSO. He
turnliig heie he heraniu Interested In
.varhtlng and had built n model of n
liimous obi clipper ship hclnrtglrur to a
licet owned by his father. Four times
he girdled tho globe,
Dr. Fitzgerald returned to New York
on Slay ,, l!Ht. after a t months
rest mi the rim of tho Egyptian desert.
H was Dr. Fitzgerald's fourth visit to
Hgpt. With him ho had four lentn
and a great nlinibir of wallers, donkey
bo)H mid a cook wno had a Paris repu
Wns I'rliieli.nl or Alt-Gill Presl.j-li-rlun
I'ntlegi III Ciinndn.
Montiikai.. Aua. S. Tho sudden death
occurred .vesterday of 1111 Hov, Dr.
John Scrlmger. fiC yeara old, principal
of McGIII Presbvtrrlan College, edu
cator, writer nnd lecturer, nt his sum
mer homo nt L'lslc: all Slassacie, Quo
bee. Dr. Scrlmger was tho fathor of
Capt Francis Scrlmger. who recently
tecelved tho Victoria Cross for gallantry
nt the front In Fr.tnre.
Dr. Scrlmger was of Scottish descent
nnd was born in Gait, Ontario. He was
graduated with high honors from To
ronto t'nlverslty In lSf.9 runl devoted
himself to educational work. Ho was
Moderator of thn Presbyterian Synod of
Montreal and Ottawa, and for llvo Jear4
was the ttlltnr of tho i'rrsoa'"'''"'
lien' of Toronto,
lllcliiiril .1. loons.
lil"bard .1. Lnns. head of the tailor
1m, 111 hi which licars his tuiinn nt .'133
bifth avenue, died yesterday at his sum
mer home in Urevvster, N. Y., of a com
plication of diseases, lie was 72 ears
old. llo wns born In Ireland and camo
to this country in Isl'i.
Among tho organizations of which Mr.
Lyons was a member are th. Friendly
Sons of St. Patrick, tho Knights nf
Columbus, tho Irish-American lllstorl
tal Society nnd tho Catholic Club of
New ork. Ills city res.dtmo was at
301 West 101th. street. Ho in survived
by his sons, David .1. nnd lUchard J.
Jr., and a daughter, Sirs. John Goodwin.
Dr. A rlh or T. Jlllla.
As a result nf an attack of Hrlght'a
dlseai-ii while visiting Ills brother, Dr.
Alfred K. Hills, at Hudson, N. Y.. Dr.
Arthur T. Hills of thin city died Satur
day In a hospital In Nashua, N. 11. Dr.
Illlls was fi.'i years old. llo leaves a
wife and daughter, llo waa born In
Hudson. N. Y. When ho was graduated
from colli go he became a student In tho
New York I lumieiipallilc College arid
later practised In this city, lie lived
nt 111 Hull Hall. Dr. Illlls was a mem
ber of tho Mendelssohn Glen Club, th
Lotos and Hepubllc.ui (.tubs.
Almost C. U'iKiiir,
PaTfrsov, N. .1., Aug. Augus' C.
Wesrier, for llfty i"irs a, cigar manu
facturer here, died 111 his Park nvenue
homo last night from Injurlis received
Wednesday when run down by n street
r.ir In front of hl resldenct. llo was
T.r yenrs old. Horn In Germany, he was
' years old when his pirents settled
In this country. He Joined tue Confed
erates In the civil war. w.m taken pris
oner at Galveston nnd at New Orleans
swore nlleghnco to the l'nlon. He ieavi
a wife and son.
Villi iirsl Wells.
Ilvci.KrJsvcK, N. .1, Aue Van
Vorst Wills, srsretiirv of the llersen
County Tax Hoard and seerelniv nf
the t'nlon League Club of I lackensacit,
dted last night nt his home on Park
Htreet. Ho was 11 lar.s old ami wns
a Spanish war Mteran. He was active
In !! publican politics.
VI rs. Ileiirlellll ('. Peel..
Okan'ok, N. .1. Aug. s- IgTenaii! of
tho th nth on Friday of l.er hip. d..
lam C. Peck, at 121 Kingston avenue.
Hiooklju, Mrs. Henrietta C Pick died
last night at the home of ru r m l ur.
vlving child, Mrs. Frank A. Dayton, T
Pioiet street. East Hinmre Mis.
P.-ck was SI! years old nod 1m vv alow
of William II Peck of Hrf.ok1.Mi.
.lllllles T. Hutchison.
Hacki.npvck, N. J, Aug t.mes
T. Hutchison, a formi r member of
the llarktiisack Improvement Commis
sion, died last night at his homo on
Camden sleet, lie was a member of
the llackensaik lodge of Elks and be
longed to other Mien ties. lie leaves a
wife and three daughttrs. llo w is it
jears old.
Airivn's yesterday bv the Amertran.
liner St. Paul, tr-un Liverpool:
Mr- II irry uiaite. v.n.r.u ue la (.uar
Mi William II ur.n.i
I n"$)., N imrlinramc. Mr. M irum I. Lord.
T II Kill rt, lie
ir .m.i Mrs jnnu u . m nire
cinr.nl i- " Perry
Mi ami Mrs Luslsar nr li I A -.nclalr,
(.'merit i nrisii in -i n-un-
Mr in, I Mrs Charles Mr ami Mis KLsrd
s Psjirweather M UaMn
Prof ind Mrs Charles feed Ailh .r r.inip-
.Mills (1 tjley bell
Mis lJ.ln.1 i.imdti h Caul Kutei rteik
B the White Star liner Lip" nul, from
Liverpool :
W A Allilersi.il
.lohn T Oierlnn
Chillies K S' ante
I in.l
ll.trvev T T .s,1r ,
, K l. linod-ell
i Ian ll.iriliiur
I w'1"1'1' l"l,;"
I.(i.IKIt un Aiit.ist ii, n. e
l New ItrlKhlnn. H 1 !. in
Mont iKIile. wpliiW of AN- ti
l.oliM, In the sevenM -f"..r' .
he, ne.'
Kuneral seivi.-es nt the li , 'i
I'IIkMius, lleiisen and Hue.
lrn.ikln nuh4v B" i
stitlnni, en Mnnftai, ..v i
: no V. M Interment r w"
I'llll rtlll Hu.ldeil'!, en r- I , v
Pr p lln nhei K !'. '
Funeral ssrvh ea on Mmi
in II A M , ft! cttrl-l i'
h .
rlrsl Hrret. i orner III" ' ..
ltOPTT--At I.uki I1 '' '
gust C, 1U1V .lulm SI
:lth ear of Ills u
Services and liiiarinent ! iri'
.si'i:ili:S Kiel len.e, at v n
Me . on August i. 1S15. 't
lis. sn "f l-'rederle o iel .VI
I ' hpf'l ten
S'..iie of runeral lierender
! TIl.vi'V . mi I'M lay. Aurum
lilvtleth street, llonj.iinln K li, r,
the eight; -Kth year nf h s it
Funeral servpes at Tr.n.i, 'I , 'h.
Hioaflwsy and Wall arept, on M . t
August 9. at I" I" - i. k, 1' V. I y
ri ii-i.s.i I ilul i,. i M , ... s I . :
V VN V VI.KIIMIl U'lll '"I . . 1i(
,1 ,i v -I. s.i I len'l , ill I. .1, ii j.
.111,1.1. . .1 . I. I U , k nf
VV 1 ... till ' ' . r! 1 . V , i V , r . .. tl,
111 llu' tvt.ntv IHlh V f 1 1 of 'i k ii .
F o . i .1 I if l.i i . A iik-u 1 , ' ' 1
p l r n Ii n ' ! .
i i."-i I" . . J
n.MiKii rAiiniiH.

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