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War Booms Farms.
Gilbert McCturg, Colorado's Pansms Psir
Commissioner, tells all about the
record crops of 1915 In nest
Sunday's SUN.
Fair to-day and to-morrow;
Highest tesspersture yesteniay, 79; lowest, 7:,
letallcd weather, mall fM IfilN NPi rVtvSbl pagt II
Onb One District Chief in
City Socs a Chinee
for Victory.
M"t nf the men who do the rough
nd tumbl work of politics in New
York county are against woinnn BUliregs
nil believe it wtll be hHflly beaten in
Novembers teferendum vote. That I
the outstanding fact that appears In In
terview whlrh Tun .Si n has obtained
frcm Republican nnd DsSJBBStattg dly
trlct leaders
Here tofore moat "f the news nf the
campaign of the suffragists, now ap
proaching Its ( Umax, for the right to
vole in the "enemy's country" of New
York ban dealt SlfUOSt exclualvely with
the activltlea of the women themselves.
The'r hopes and feare and adroit meth
od! of . ampalgning havo been fully set
forth from day to day and will continue
to be.
But what about the men who will
wm up 10 me oauoi nox on govern- 1
ber 1' and decide whether the women '
hill le enfranchlaed ? What of the men I
who control the party organizations?
Wast impression has been made upon
them by all the oratory and personal
appeal with which the suffragists have
been hammering away month after
month' How will the politicians vote.
How do they think their "constituents'
will vote It seemed to The Si n that it
wis time to find out whut the men were
doing about suffrage. Hence the col
lection of opinions from district leaders
watch arc presented herewith.
Iteoord In I I mi res.
Hire Is the record in figures: Of
the I'emocratlc district leaders or their
representatives who could be reached
and who expressed an opinion (a num
lr are out of the city) . only two are for
..:..:. suffrage, and eight aie against
It Twelvu think It will be defeated,
i one thinks tin. amendment will be car
ried. The number of Republican lend
Ira for suffrage la four, the number
against is eight. The number of Repub
lican leaders who think it will win is
one: defeated, thirteen. Others who
would not be quoted are kituwn to be
k suffrage.
Every one of these men said the pro
suffragists and the anils are being
treated impartially and that none of the
regular Democratic and Republican or
tsnlsstlons has committed itself in
either direction This is true of both
Tammany Hall and of the Republican
oiuiily committee, aa well as of th
district machines.
The phrase "Woman suffrage is not a
party natter , the voters should be left
alone,' was used by many of the poli-
Uclans with whom a si n reporter
talked Some of them ws re even un
wiihng to give their personal views. A
fas -aid thai they had no opinion on
the subject and one went so far as to say
th tt he hadn't heard anything about it.
Mis B latch or Mrs. I'att would have
had to clap their hands to their ears
II Ui had heard as many times as the
Interviewers did the words so hateful to
the uRrsglets, "WomarVa place Is the
hoop Hut this trite saying sums up
most of th,. reasons advanced In the
aders for nnnnalnst Iha woman's
ballot And most ' ( Hie leaders who are
t ill) prO-SUffrage believe that It
hasn't a clianee of carrying their dis-
t Ihes sa the campaigners haven't
n.s le much headway against "Woman's
place :a the home" prejudice.
. F. Stnrphl Silent.
Charles F. Murphy Is believed to be-the floor. Fumes went up the elevator
sn ami, but the most heroic of attempts shaft to the top floor and became so
sd 1 1 1 1 in 1 any definite expres- strong that twenty employees sleeping
' cm him The Democratic county I there were obliged to descend. The
c . in William Herman Hlack, fa- I lower basement was flooded with water
tore iff-age. I. ut declined to talk forlissvl tihe water system was put out of
1" 1 ' 'ii Thomas F Folev , Tammany 1 commisisou all iner the hotel
'! i uf ihe Second Assembl.v district,
Ssa relations with Mr. Murphy are so
( Os thai his Opinion Is often construed
s : i of Tamman) Hall's, eras not alow
Ii laying that he was flatly against
si; lUffrage. He said he had given the
mat . r much thought and had found In
talks ii ma followers thai almost to a
m in ihi wen- antla
Samuel Koenlg, Republican county
rman, predicts that the amendment
alii be beaten 3 to 1 in this county and
throughout the State. He nays the suf
f 'L- all will do well if they -et a many
Si votas in Now York county.
Hi di ned to tell where he stands per-
but It Is understood, that, like
sir VlurnhV. he holds that women stiMuia
M Kulev'a dlsltn-t. on th l.tw.r I
le, with Clinton street as Its killed, the message said.
It boundary, If- overwhelmingly The two Frenchmen were burled at
II 0 ami he has an Intimate ' Harbouey snd their papers will be re
dga of w hat his flock are think- j turned la Sw itzerland
In the upper part of his district '
ir some settlemem workers, but j
eleai Mr Foley said he thougnt !
ndment would get not more than '
1 otes.
hare lalked to many of our old
in id mothers in my dkstilot," said'
" ley, "and every one has been
I the plan to give the vote to i
They all agree with me that '
I is no' a business In which women
u I lake part
nk ii time 'h it our old fashioned 1
- and wives thould talk ti their
sters and UOllM out to them
' ' mistake they make In winning to
Would it 1" k nice to see Women
U uutalde a polling place w-alling
to cspl their Isillot'.' I aav no.
n place for them. When they do j
linetg themselves, in my Judg-
The stronger naamsn should talk i
1 weainr sisters and suve them
from i hemes) vee. I
- Idea of equal rights for women I
f' 's- .ill right for some f them, hut j
'' il I have seen some nf our women I
' that. In my judgment, they
' etay men- from I have seen
il Rbbsts Field in ilngslde seats
III I two tight, rs In the ring. They
n. t attend such aff.ilrs and I
in si e th.it the) d i not bet.
w the'.r place
ry Pemorrtstls organisation
Coailaued o umth J'upe.
u. s. cant us his tower.
Hotel Orrnrr Henhleln Hefners
I'ertnlsslon for Klre l.ookont.
Hartford. Conn.. Au. 16. Permla-
alon haa been denied the Federal Qov
. eminent by Gilbert Heubleln, owner or
the HotSl Heubleln of thla city and head
I of a wholesale liquor house, for the uae
I of bla tower on Talcolt Mountain in
I Smrfbury. Thla fact liecnme known to
I day through a atatement made by Wal
ler O. Fllley, state foreater and fir?
warden, who anld that he and la K.
Murphy of the National Forestry Ser
vice had lieen unable to arrange with
Mr. Heuhleln for a lookout atatlon for
foreal flrea In Connecticut.
The lower, which Is the highest point
In the State, commands a view for mile
around, and In a recent magnilne article
on tvhut might happen In the event of a
forelgn Invaslun It was pictured aa the
chief New Kngland wireless atatlon.
t" it Veeder of Hartford, who owns
on the mountain near the
tower. Is willing to aid the Oovernment
In the establishment of a lookout sta
tion, and the tower at Taiiffvllle. which
was built by Mrs. Antoinette Knn Wood.
daughter ,,r the owner of the old Fifth
! Avenue Hotel In New York, may be oh-
i tnlned.
Report of Horn Hrlnres Kalaer
nd Franrla Joarph on iue.it,,,,
Special Cable Detpalrb to Tas Sis".
LoNPOM, Aug. IS. Despatches froejl
Swltxwlar.d aecrlbe much Importance to
the atatement raid to have emanated
from Munich that the Kalaer postponed
bla triumphal emry kKo Warsaw owing
i Autro-i ,rrintin Uinercncea o:
,he 'uture Kln" of Poland and the Polish
It Is generally rumoied that t Ess diffl-
vulty may be solved by making Prince
yCOKld f Ilavarla King, thus onvlatlns
the rivalry between the Hohe rollcrns
and the Hapsburgs This. It Is believed,
was the re-ason for which Prince Leopold
was selected by the TVurontc allies to
lead Uhe entry Int.. W'arsnw
Electrician THes After Tank
Eiplodea in oilar Hursts
Not Aroused.
An ammonia tank In the second sub
cellar of the Hotel Hlltmore exploded
at lt:M o'clock last night, and one
man. Leo Regnert. night electrician, was
The explosion made little noise and
none of the guests of the hotel was
aroused. lb Chert was sitting In the
engine room with the chief engineer,
Robert A Broadford. and two asms
tints when something went wrong with
the bis ammonia tank, which is dose
to the ceiling of the second sub-base,
Regnert went up to adjunt the trouble.
The moment he got to the top of a
ladder the explosion nourred, and the
poisonous fumes buist out into the POOm
and amended to the floor above. al.-T
used by hotel employees.
8 ro id ford nd his assistants, neaily
blinded and choking from the ammonia,
st iggcred upstairs and sent In a fire
alarm. Battalion Chief Fox responding
Fox took one look and aiw that It
meant sure death to send any of his
men Into the ammonia MlU-d room. He
sent for Oapt. McQllllgotl f the rescue
eqlsad, who came with four men and
,u e sareiy neimeis. uevise.1 ror Just
SUCll an emergency.
vi 11 ii iocs, tni ineir neaos .in-i,:ingou
and his men went Into the suh-hasement
and found Regnert stretched across ths
ammonia pipes, d ad. The valves were
lurntd off and ficsh air w-as allowed
to enter the room.
The amrxonls tank, which was used
for making Ice, was underneath the
barber shun, and the exnloslon tore uti
Sum- of the ammonia reached Forty
fourth street, but not enough to at
tract the attention of residents of the
Iptlsti scrln ns ttlntor. Kails
Wllhln the (.ernian Lines.
Bperiai I'abU fKapufrA to Tile Sis.
I'aiiis, Aug. 16. A messim-e attached
to an orlflamms dropped within the
Prench lines by a German aeroplane
stateil that Daniel de I.osijues, one of
France's best Illustrators, who at the he-
,,f in.. , , l.....r, m .iloin,
had been killed bravely ru-htlng. The
nllnf ot lie Losoue's m.n-hlne aian was
Pgllos Qng pd liars In Fourteen
I'roinlnenl labs.
Ci.KVBi.ANn. Aug. 1 Ii Cleveland has
been enforcing the Sunday liipior laws
against the poor men's clubs for weeks
past, but not until to-day did the or
ganisation fteiiuented by men of wealth
get a doss of the same medicine.
Following orders Issued a few days
ago by Director of Public BafstV
Itenesch, policemen to-day stood guard
in the bars of fourteen clubs and saw
to It that nothing of an alcoholic nature
was dispensed. Among the clubs forced
to go dry were the University. Hermits,
the Tavern, Roadside and Clevelan 1
win Wed Dgggrktsv nl Maaafsws
mi r of Nuernheru.
funtni reels sVepstea ' Tas mis
l.oMios. Aug. Ifi tlei'inan newspapers
which have reached Amsterdam report
the betrothal of Slegfi led Wagner, Ihe
great composer's son. to the daughter of
Itlohanl Hchllllngworlh, a manufacturer
of Nuernberg;.
uAD C I V0 I. 'AM7 X T F0
ii mi, on i o uvnLnLLO
(('hitiuizh CommHndor. in
BpMChi rrrdirtsChipf Will
Defy Wasliiriffton.
Will Forward Nolo Soon Ar
ffipttlg Invitation to
WaSHIMSTCNi Aug. IS. Much slgnlfl-j
cance Is attached by officials of the Wll- i
son Administration to a speech delivered
In Mexico city yesterday by (Jen. Pablo
OoraSsSS, the OstraillS commander. In I
which Honzales dc ai d lint Mexico
would go to war "In case of armed r
political Intel ventlon by nni foreign
The speech would seem to foieshadow
a rejection by t'lirranza of the Invitation
extended by the Pan-American confer- i
ence, led by the I'nlted States, that he
and the other chieftains enter Into a
peace convention with a Mew to the
early reestnbllshment of constitutional
government In Mexico. Officials are con
vinced that If Carranxa agrees to talk
peace with the other factional leaders In
Mexico he will Impose conditions impos
sible of acceptance.
Cerranea'l advisers are tr!ng to per
suade him to reply to the Pan American
note with a counter proposal that he
will enter the convention if represents
lion In It Is based upon the extent of
civil and military control exercised by
the various fa Hons Whether 'at tanas
will follow this course or flatly decline
to acquiesce In the arrangement out
lined by the Pan-American note Is not;
definitely known by any one In author-'
Ity here officials generally have be-:
lleved from the day the purposes of the
Pan-American conference became known
that t'arrania would fight rather than
talk peace with Villa. Zapata and the
other opposing leaders.
Villa Read) to Confer.
Just about the time that the I'arranza
agency made public the speech by lien
(ionsales defying the United States and
Latin America new came that In a
day or so Villa will forward a not
signifying his acceptance of the Invita
tion to open negotiations looking to a
.Mexican conference to bring about
The action of the i'arranza agency In
making public the fionzales speech ex
cited comment In official circles, (ton
sales Is quoted as making this state
ment :
"I believe th- i 'oust it utionaliat c.ov
er .. en- will enow ti f-mpntzed by the
United States and South America In
case of political or armed Intervention I
would uphold t ne policies of the First
Chief and go to war, If necessary, with
out lies, tat ion The Mexican people
would t ike the same stand The occu
pation of Mexico city Is permanent."
Oonaales'a speech was transmitted t,
th,- Carranxa agency by Jesus Acuna,
Minister of Foreign Affairs In the Cat
r.tnsa Cabinet, Minister Acuna made
an attack on Frederick Honsal, a rsprs-
sentatlve of the American Red Croat,
hc!. it was said, permitted tblrtj long
ot food to remain in the American Consul:.:.-
more than two months, although
responsible agenti had offered to take
any amount of food from Vera Cruz to
Interior imlnts. Minister Acuna advised
the Carranxa agent that the schools in
Mexico city have been r.sqssned. that
the iHiet office 1 1 In operation and that
full train service has 1 n resumed.
Uliresmi stnnds li nrrnnsa.
( A OOP) of a telegram forwarded to
Vera Cms by den. Obregon, Csrrsnsa'a
eommander in chief In the field, also
was made public to-night Obregon
pledges ultcgiancr to the Constitutional
ist cause with a dignity tliat presents a
Striking contrast to the speech of tion-
2a. es. ( ibregon sa id
"For my part I )eg ion to believe
Matt any protestation of mine is un
necessary at this Juncture. Inasmuch as
recent events have affoide.1 me Un
necessary opportunity t. move my ad
herence to our i-iuse and tnv subordina
tion bo you. the First Chief going to
the uttermost those things which true"!
patriotism requires."
According to advioOS received here the
Megtoan iiorder wils oomparatlvsly quloi
this morning. Troops are leln)r shifte I
aruund bl Qen. irunaton in order that
danger imints mav he adequately
guarded, A careful Inquiry is being
made by the Oovernment to ascertain
the responsibility for the border troubles
despatch received at the Carranas
agency t -night from T A Coleman, a
wealth) s ckman ii laaaher of
Texas, states thai nvt of the depreda
tions on the border have la-en committed
by Amerieajis.
Administration OfllotSlS anxiously
await intell gence from Mexico as to the
eftis-t on the populace generally of the I
Pan-Atnet man note The) are convinced
that it will evoke a fav cable resmse
from most nf the factions and among
the classes thai are In no way Identified
with :he present military operations in
ihe OOttntry. R) September Ui, it Is be
lieved, arrangements will be In oOUrSS
.,f piepanition for the proposed peace
I iitrrvrnilon Nrt-ilrd lo Knd Annr
rh, Sh i nitclii'ti.
All the KnullHhmeii and Amerl. ntm
mi many of th Mxlcana who madt up
thf -."in piiHHfMRt-i'H who HPrtvf tl f mm
Mexico yeMenlay on (he nteaniKhlp Mt'X
00 of the New York and 'uha Mall
Btaamvhlp Company atraed emphati-
rally that If anatrhy ever Ih to ceano
in Masieo the Unltad nta.en must ln
JamM Heahrook. maiiaRer of the
Hfot tlnh-Amerlt'ait Ml Company! plant
at Tainplt'o. hhII that two weeka ln-fore
he left there two American nfftnOftN
employed hy the Kugle t Ml Company
and their wlvea and children were ahot
by Home of Villa's troop ,
"There la ahaolutt- WiwIeHaneHa In Tain
pico ami .Mexico city.' ho Maid. "The
t i, ii.'. I Ktatea waa moat foollah In re
fiiHlnff to recofrnlxe llueita Me la the
only Mexican who could handle the alt- 1
iMr. Anlcleto Koro, an American Dill I
Ken, waa relurnhiK from Mexico city,
where he haa loat everything, to live
In thla country. Hta four-year-old aon
waa killed hy a at ray bull, durlna
atreel fikhtlng In the tapltal a few days
before Hr. Koro left,
".Mexico city la completely devaataLftd,"
Continued on Fifth I'ag,
fim. Phlllnp Knils Kt lr 1 1 Banner
Fnstrrrd li Prosrresal rs.
Maioson, Wis, Aug. II. (Inventor
Phllipp will save the taxpayers of Wis
consin M.eef.Mg dut-int: the next two
years Of that amount fg.nnn.tinn ll In ap
propriation made by the Legislature and
l,Ht,gag will he in remission of State
educational tax- during the next two
years. The former saving was accom
plished by cutting down appropriations
for the Slate administration, university,
normal school, anil charltnble and penal
This Is the nrst cut In Stale expenses
since la Follette first became Hovetnor
In litnn In that time BPSfsSM havo
nr. n under Hrogrt aslva rule from Mc
MO.eea year to Itl.fSS.SOt, The re
duction In (he educational tax levy will
be possible because of increased reve
nues and decreased demands on tin gen
eral fund of the State treasury, which
will result In a balance which can lie
used for educational purp ses and thus
.liable the ednxlntstratlon to remit taxes
foi such needs by t.CM,gaa,
I psSJtatO f annlaeiurern (.rant No
Inerrnsr in BajSS
Wateiitown. N. Y.. Aug 15 The pa
per makers' strike. In which about 1.1:00
men employed In the St. Regis mills at
Peferiet. the CnsaiptOn and West F.nd
mills at Carthage, the Norwood Paper
Company's plant at Norwood, the Iton
nacona mills at Oonnacona. (Juebec. and
tin- Remington Paper and Power Com
pany's mills at Norfolk was settled to
night The settlement was brought about
by Commissioners Wlard and Rogers
of the Labor Department.
The settlement Is In the nature of a
victory for the paper mill owners aa no
Increase In wages will be paid the men
and no difference made in the hours of
employment The owners, while recog-
nlSlng the union, hav. the privilege of
retaining only such men In their em
ploy as they consider faithful The men
have bent on strike for about Hires
Commission of 3.1 General!
and Others Has Staff of
250 Army Officers.
S. itieat in the demand of ti c RuttUfl
troernment for miinltlonn n( war of
American nuke that a eommlaalofl I m-poat-d
tif thirty-live men. Including Gen
eral!, Colonela. CaptoJm and other-j. In
now !n thin country with htadquattaff
on three floor of the Flatlron Building
Thin rommlMlon, Tie head of wlurh in
MaJor-.en tapoJn.kOaT, haa at laaol ff5rt
tdher army ofRcori .pr;(d IhfOUgtlOUl
the country an InapOCtori of war nui-
plloi ordorod from vnrtoui facto riaa
The COmmlaalont It !n reported, han
boon Inttrumantswl in the placing of or
der amounting to tavaral hundn jn uf
mlltloni of dollar"
The oommlaiioncn art sndcavorlng to
do the.r work quietly. W hen a ropoltOr
VUMtOd "r Of the OlflCOfl in the Klat ion
liulldlni lo Ket Information sboul their
act hit lot he win told that no publicity
wan dt'ciml.
No djm caii ne ,m of th commiMlon
er tinlenn h- ha mad n a ppoint nu nt
ii m laid 'hut tin. commlaslon in tb
market for all ttlndi of puppilei used b
Huysta'n mllllOM "f told le 11 Vaal irtl- r -for
Plotblnffi harnena, gmmunll on, ord
nance and the nk have been placed In
thla country. RopeaMontatlvoi of the
ctmniirOlon have heen atatloned in aver)
larift factory that ha received an order
for itippllea
Tin acttvlty that prevalle in ti.e ofllceg
In the Flat 1 1 on Building ih in marked
oontraet to that vrhlcbi accordnlg to a
comn.on Impreyaion, UOUelly prevail In a
(Jovemment oflii in Patra rrad. Amei -it
an ttenographeri band 'u-ii for main
hour each day OVOf American t jm'.
trrtterot pounding out orderi t( American
fHt!orie or writing an endlesn ttovv of
letter connoted wth the POmmlaalOtl'l
work here. It 1 Mild that tile comm.
loneri spend many hour aval day ut
tbeh Qltlcei
ICaJorOen napoJnlkolV in a professor
in aeverui military schools in Russia,
lie ih an author. t on artillery and ha
written several hook on thai hue of
aervlce. Aocmted with him l lien.
Maid In. who the chief inspector of
ar tiller) purchased In this country. An
other Russian General i laid to he sta
tloned in Bridgeport. Conn., whera larga
orders for cartridge! have been placed.
Ma ron Korir. Ruaslan Vlcc-Com 1 1 iii
New York, ih a aort of general manager
for Qen. Rapojnlkoff. Col, n OolewUki,
n member of tin Russian General Itaff.
who ha boon asstvgned to the Russian
Bmbaasy in Wsahln,ftoni i atso bust!)
etu;aft;ed here.
The otllct. in the Kl.itinm Building
have no name on tin- doOfS. I Jen.
Hapojnlkoff ha III room on the twelfth
floor, while on the ninth snd the thir
teenth floors there ;ire OthSf offices ued
fur the commission'! work.
It la aaid that the greater part of the
Hiippl.ea ate ahipped hy wa v of the
I Panama Canal to Vladivostok ami
them e transshipped acrosH Siberia
The commUaion here ecelvea HAinpleSi
Reta hi' and niakea report Thsordsrs
for mi, diet a re said to he closed on
cabls communication from PetrOgrad
The money II dlllVSrsd through the
National City Mauk
..er.nni. Rssaassg Qvya ....t l.aag
i. ut f Knrk Cases,
Wasimmitov. Aug. In. A statement
made public by the 'ierinan Qovemmenl
tiirough the derm an nmbsasy here gives
Idet illed memoranda of tile misuse of
distinctive marks of neutral whips hy
Itrltlsh vessels since the heglnulog of the
submarine warfare,
i Among the cases clled Is the l.usl
I tanla, of which It Is said tint on l-'eh-ruary
" last passengers reported that
by order of ihe British Admiralty the
I AmSrkYMI Hag w as hoisted w'.licn tlie
liner w.is near the Irish co.isi Seven
Instances . re given In whl'-vf the Brit
i ish are accused of usiiiK tin- Stars and
Stripes for proteH toll The Dutch,
Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish flags
me said to have been used for slnilltir
1915. CSSJW ight. 1015. by thr Sim Printing nnri PnUhnhing iSsgtialUB,
1 Restriction. It Is Deelared,
Would KmharrasN V. S.
If Kver at War.
Strong stand Expected to Km!
DIptofMtk Kclian:es
on Snhjeet.
Washimiton. Aug 18. A list rlt -Hungary
and Qormany now know officially
that there Is no hope of the United
States discontinuing or even restricting
shipments of war supplies to the Allies.
This the Teutonic ilovernments have
barned from the note which the State
Department has sent to Austria and
which eras made publli bete to-day
, This communication In the form of a
r.-ply to the Vienna protest against the
business being done hy Americans In
; war munitions sets forth the attitude
of this Qovel limenl clearly and firmly.
Austria Is notified flatly that this liov-
erntnent will not even consider needing
to her reipiest.
So strong Is Ihe stand taken hy the
Washington Qovemmenl that this note
not only will probably end the diplo
matic exchanges on the suhjec'. but will
operate as ft distinct check upon the
Sentiment developing In this country In
favor of an embargo.
While President Wilson In this note,
as In all others to European 'lovern
mentS on the war Issues, takes his stand
firmly upon the principles involved and
Upetl the usage of nations, he Introduces
nnoth, r feature which hy many Is re
tarded as the most striking in the note.
The president bases his refusal to con
sider the Austrian suggestion on the
practical grounds of its effect upon the
shillty of the 1'nlted States to meet a
foe In the event of war.
This ftOVOrnmenl tel's Austria that
It has. been the policy of the I'nlted
States from the founding of the repub
i lie not to maintain In time of pen CO a
large military establishment or storee
of arms and ammunition . that the I'nlted
Slates has in fact always depended upon
the right and power to purchase arm.
and ammunition from neutral nations
in case of foreign attack.
Plan onltl I-'.... I. a rrnsa I . g,
In citing the domestic policy against
militarism the American note makes
this remarkahlv frank acknowledge
ment :
ln roaeoojgoneo of ll.l lanltar
solle) 1 lie felted State, area in the
event of attark h a foreign PnSn)f he.
at the outset of Ihe war serlSSSly, If not
fstslly, embarrassed h the lark nf arm.
and ainniiinlllos and tn the means to
produce them III tllfttrlrnt gggntltlea to
appl the regstregiegtl of national de
fence." The statement to one of the large
European Powers that the 1'nlied States
might be "fatally" embarrassed at Ihe
outeet of a war caused more of a stir In
Washington I nan any other feature of
the note
The President makes It . lear to Aus
tria, and through hoi .0 tlermanr. that
to : 1 t the suggestion that a neutral
Ought to prohibit the sale of arms and
ammunition to belligerents not only
would be repudiating ihepoilc) b) ahh i.
this Oovernment has always stood but
would be compelling every nation. In
cluding the l ulled Stales to have In
resdlnesa at all times sufficient muni
tions of war to .-liable it lo cope with
1 re aggressive and a belter prepared
eitom), 1.. other eorda the acceptance
.d ihe Teutonic proposals would be to
turn tile world into an armed camp,
promote militarism atid retard the
movement for universal peace.
in advancing this argument the Pres
ident clearly was aiming at the em
bargo movement In tlit country as
much as he was at the proposals made
by Austria and Qermany. He had
Seised the OPportUnlt) offered b) the re
plv 10 Ausiria to check the movement
I hat le gaining headway In Ihe South In
favor of aii embargo on war munitions
as an act of reprisal against lireat
HIovi at Magna earn aiti.ti.....
Th,- embargo movement has hail the
support of some of the peace societies
and Ihe belief here to-night Is that the
not,- to Austria. In meeting them on
their own ground, has dealt a blow from
which II will be difficult for them to
recover. At the same time the Ad
ministration, It Is contended, has shown
cleverness In putting forth an argument
which Is hound to find favor even in
he South lly suggesting the defeuce-
I I of the I'nlteil States and her
dependence upon other nations for an
adequate supply of arms and ammuni
tion the State Department has raised
a patriotic Issue which cannot well be
Perhaps Ihe moal effective statements
1.1 the American note relate to the past
records of Qermany and Austria In the
sale ol war munitions lo belligerents
Til. United States shows that both
llermaiiy and Austria sold munitions to
Ureal llrltsln during 'he Boor uprising
under conditions which are similar to
I hose against which the Teutonic allies
are now protecting. Qroat llrltaln at
thai time was blockading South Africa,
- just as Bngland is to-day blockading
Oormsny Vol ciermany ami Austria
gold war supplies to lireat llrltaln, and
1 the i'nlted States sent with Its note an
appendix showing the exact amount of
1 1 hose shipments
1 The United Stales points out signifi
cantly lo Austria that if this record
I were not standing the royal lioverntnent
might with "greater consistency and
greater force urge Its present condi
tions." The I'nlted States clearly gives Aus
tria to understand that II would not
1 welcome any further attempt to tell
this liovernment what It ought to do In
regard to an embargo. Referring to the
fact thai this was a matter for the
1 United States alone to decide, Secretary
Lansing sa.v s
"The Imperial and royal lovernnient
cannot but percelvs that a complaint of
this nature would invite Just rebuke."
I l ull test uf the aote will be fuiied ua
1'age 2.
Utters Expose OperattonsMimS BEGIN
of German Agents in U. S.j
Correspondence in "World" This Morning Indicates!
Kaiser's Aids Fomented Strikes and Sought to
Get Control of Chlorine Gas Supply. 1
The New York H'nrrf publishes this
morning Its second Instalment of e
cret correspondence revealing alleged
efforts of agents and officials of the
'lermnn (lovernment to swine public
opinion In this country In favor of the
Teutonic cause nnd to prevent the ex
porting of munitions of war In the Al
lies. The letters In the U'orW this morn
ing, some of which are reproduced,
indicate thnt Cerninn nggnti fomented
strikes In Various munition factories
in this OOtintf) nnd were behind a pro
posed strike to lie up all Ihe shipping
along the Atlantic Hsnlinnrd. They tell
of n plin the Herman agents worked
on tor grabbing up nil the chlorine
gas manufactured in this country ami
thus preventing any shipment to the
A plan for getting control of the
Wright patents for the manufacture
of aeroplanes Is set forth ami the
work being dime to arouse public In
fluence to demand the poena go of an
embargo ad by congress forbidding
the export of various sinews of war Is
described Finally the letters set
forth thnt Hermans were behind the
movement in the South to demand an
embargo on munitions unless the Brit
ish Hovernment should permit Ihe
shipment of cotton to tTiermany.
Whit Ihe Letters tn.ll.-sle.
In the fltst article published yester
dsv the World reproduced letters assert
ing that Heir von Bethmsnn-Hollweg,
I'l atice'lor of the Herman Dm pi re, par
llclpslsd In a gigantic plan for spreading
Herman propaganda throughout the
United States. The letters Indicate that
nioi ev from Ihe Herman Hovernment
fi un led the par Hortond, a weekly puhn
catlon edited by neorge Sylvester
V.rrerk in behalf of the Herman cause;
tl.it a plan was formulated buy the
American Press Association snd drvotr
I' to the spreading of Herman news:
ftic.t plans were developed for stirtlng
a nationwide press bureau to sell Her
man news articles and pleturOSi and
fli ; II v that Hermans sought to buy the
N w York sTvenlsg Ifoll.
While the World ySStSfds) gave a
perspective of what the great mass of
osrrsspondsncc in Its possession revealed
concerning t.ie activities of the Herman
Qovemmenl and showed that fount voti
B. 1 r.storff. the Herman Ambassador,
hoi supervision of part of this work, the
article this morning is devoted to a few
speciflc plans of the Herman agents.
That Herman br.iltn and Herman
money have been back of the various
Prisoner Tolls Pol Ire Lad
Leads Bund of Jewelry
More Raider,
The stories tod by two Kronx youths
who were arrested in Mouni Vernon
for robbing lie Jewelry store of .1 h
.larvls S Sops led to the a treat vesterdav
of two boys, one of wh- m Is said lo have
been tne guiding spirit of a gang or w in
dow smashing Jewelrv store thieves
The two arre-ted In Mount Yen on told
the police there 'hat Prank Szal.-v. '.'i'
years old, knew about a number ol rob
ber'.es that She gang had committed, but
when he was arrested he denied vehe
mently that he had anything to do with
them and lUUned a BlStSen) ea : -old bO,
Hisi-ge Jaglelekl of H'.'i Bast Sev.nn
lirtli street, a- ihe louthful leader of a
gang that has been rabbit a stoles In
towns adjacent to New York f l morShs,
Ssaley said that .laglelskl was one
of those who robbed the stole of Heorge
Rysn, "n l'.lghlh avenue, of 11,000
worth of jewelrv last March William
Nelson of 111 West Thlrty-Slghth street,
who tried to stop some of the thieves
as Ihey ran away, was shot In the arm
.laglelskl was named ns the one who
did the shooting That act. Ssaley Bald,
Increased his reputation to such an ex
lent that his word became law- with the
gang and he has led It ever since
Both Malay and .laglelskl are locked up
In Police Headquarters, .laglelskl on a
charge of assault and robbery.
The Mev. ttluseppe tf.il.dslfo Killed
un Ihe ll. low Mas.
HaATPOgPi Conn., Aug. 16 Wonl was
received here to-day of the death In bat
tle of the Itev. Giuseppe Hondalfo, a for
mer missionary of the Italian Baptist
Church of this city
He was a member of an aristocratic
Italian family. He was killed In a
skirmish with the Austrian advance
guard. His wife, who rejoined her hus
band In his native country. Is expected
to return to this city
Ilaiilih Hhlpiilua I tl to pgj
20 I'rr Cent, Impotla.
St) nt a I Catl Jfpateh tt TUM Sis.
CorKNtiAUEN, Auk 1 Is Th flovam
mnt him ttnnounoed a war tiuc of
twenty par cant n the ItlTplUl ship
sina notl', whhh hsif ifn huge In
th 1'rtM ynr.
Th? thttkfn rtauitw the Ihx will lild
C1,S0,000 i 'tnrt i, whiiMi will n
aW Denmark tu diapen with a loan.
lalior troubles, the World points sat. il
shewn hy letteis which were received bV
the Hermifn Kmbassy In Washington
Tin Perid insists that the letteis arc
genuine and that they are backed up by
other Information These letters itlOW
that M,Mg was the price of foment mq
a sirlke
Tuples nf letters.
Here are the . ople of the leuers
printed by the Wnid this morning 1
Reoelvsd at imperial Qermnn Km
bassy, Washington. Military Attache,
Julv I. I si:,:
DBAS Ma. Maiu.ow Herewith 1
send you a copy of a letter who h I
received from Detroit several davs
According to the Information to
wloeh it refers. It has reference In the
fltst pho-e to one of the Itidnrsers of
Ihe committee of the Ironworkers
My surety, who talked the opportu
nity over with the scndir, ; of the
opinion that the last step in the situ
ation will he to call Into being a
strike in the munitions factories or
Detroit, Cleveland and Cincinnati, in
so far as the necessary dnanclal
means ran be secured According to
our eatlmal. S 't could he done for
about IHO.t
" Our friend K will coma to New
York on Thursdsy, or in the course
of next week, in order to talk over
with ou personally the opportunity,
I 'nlll that lime be w ill keep the sender
With best regards, yours devoted.
The letter referred to nl.nve follow. '
IIKVII gilt Should yOU be interested
in .1 plan for precipitating a general
strike of all the automobile workers.
1111 luding the allied industries in this
city, the writer would be glad to con
sult with ou at your office or through
your accredited representative here
I have reason to know that workers
ure very much dlasBtlBlted w-ith the
part they are playing In the l-'iiropean
war, and that w.th proper handling
they would present a mighty protest
against the persons responsible
Wire Immediately upon receipt of
tins communication to 52s? Dime
Bank, this city, if interested All
negotiations must be strictly confi
dential very trul) yours,
1: W Mcl.VNB.
I'spl. von lse.t Quoted.
("apt von Pspen, Military Attache of
the German I'mbnssy. Is, pictured In
the corrsspondance published b the
IP odd as being active not only In
starting strikes, but also :n prevent,
mg the shipment of chlorine from thi
country to Kngland ar..i PTance. HI.
name Is signed to a letter w-hlch, the
IPortd says, "w.is obviously designed
lor the information of Ms QoVCriltnenl '
Tins letter, or memorandum, dated July
7. ISIS, is in Herman. The translation
III the World follows
New Y 'Hh . July T
Steps taken to prevent the expor
tation of liquid chlorine.
This it, .unlng I had a talk w.th
Dr. II II set laid, the local represent,.
live of the Uoldeohmldt Dot Inning
Coaf'SNed on rain! Pcrr
Loudon Kxpert Wants (K50U,
.0110 Seeurities Would
Kind !..-.-1 . 1 x sal.'.
00Cimt ' tlt'r u -i ' to Tlitv. Si V,
IgONooM, Aisgfi itf Tn Uuvarnmttt
it u i gfti in innie Drltlah Bacurtil for
mi iti th i'nttti s aaa . nn nd i.
t tonal maani " ralainfj ntont) i wi -
liatd lloutr In the TitMf$ thli iuoiiiUik
Mi ii opar iraa foi mtnj aaraa ftnan
rial Hfiit tmplo) i b ' h Time and
hai aafvad m in bar t iht ti.oi.'
dapartmantal o nvnltte un tmdt w
Ke iiiiri thai ii ti t'urltit?ii aruuld
b rad,i miiwi'i btd for ' uhy ar
nil to vlld high rnouah lilt l M
n.i thnt i 100,000,000 600.000,
could hp raload n: vuoh maatia n in
LnXad IHaton irHhout rornpcilni a'lth
th raiu if British war i took
"Wa might arranga an :i in n-v
York Rnd "t Boiton" ha nay, ".m i it
ntooaaai In ol har a marlcan i'itUa
4'j pt cani hw '.ir bondi Thla in'
pould amouni t 1110,000,000 or ioo,
000.000 to he dlspoaail f at Mi thus
ajlvlnfl ..n approslmata ylald ovar (Ivo
yaara of 4 por cant. Much bonds woulU
bo aomswhai mora dsstrabls in inuni or
aaftt) avan In (ha jaalotia aaa of tha
A mar Icon i i t man n larva proportion
of bonds now held sa savlnan bank In
int'ttt i by Amarloan Investors.
"Such a nMjrit has luvtr baan iiu,d
in this oountryi natnal) loan aith i"-
torrni frt of tni'om. (ax snd ISSUSd
abfoud t.i many naopls huih a plan
niai aaom lo Involva some daroajatlon of
ihr dimity f Greal Britain To Invanl
a itOcIl that WOUld plsaSS tin- w York
market nt'tniiM to lit' it reversal of all mi -
I dlnary propriety. Hut ii i p'vi un-
ilignitletl to rpiMigntz fH tn. SSOSpl In
tin eyvh ot foola tJreat I'owimh ih not
ti a rule msiie ImhkIm abroad, hut there
! ar excaptlona UunniM and Japati ii i
imtii done so on repaated occasions."
llonds nf tnnll lie ....in I na I Ions,
ltrflnlnu a Monfhl Interest.
Special f'ttt'lt henpalch Tar fi v.
1'ahis, Aug IB M Alexandre lllbot,
the Krencb Minister of Klnance, m an
t Interview to-day declared that tin- plae-
lug of seven milliards of francs for de
fence imnds and nhllgstlons is a s.itis-
( factory res.ilt, and added Hit' ii evi
dently win be necrBBsrystn consider the
question of developing and consolidating
' the result by Ihe Issue of a loan like
1 lhat placed by other nations.
Slielllnjr of Belgrade First
Move in Sew German
, ,,.., i,,.,
I l III hi I ' II .
IM l.; AH-SKI.T, Kill 1)
liitili Expert?" 1,00k for
Immeillntf Alitfiunpiit
of Little VntiotiM.
vise vast fVafe ttmpatrti tn Tnr ' v
UoMBONi Aug 15. The ustro-Hei i.i in
' forces saaaasd along the Serbian fi Ml
liter began a bombardment of Belgrade,
i the Serbian cap.'al. Jjst iicrnsi ti:" D.n
ube from Bsmlln, on Thurada) of la.st
Tin- Serbians, who are prepared for
I almost any rvsntuollty, having m cult
i nil s valla ble troops on tue Hungarian
I frontier, replied to this bombardment by
I OPSnlng a heavy fl'e on the Hungarian
I tOWnS of Semlln nnd PanOBOVa, both
I aithln ions tang- distance or battsrMl
placed on the ierblsn spl of the lan
'ilie and the river Sne t this th
1 Austrian gune ceased firing Slight
damage was caused to private dwellings
, In all three places
The Austrian bombarliiictr. w is BP
parently Intended to terrify thi ItsJs
grade population and to reveal the pool
1 tlon of Serbian batteries In that Vicinity
I by drawing their tire. Tin- pre-, nee of
considerable Teutonic forces across me
i river from Belgrade, however, Ind c.ili
' In the minds of military observers that
the A uet ro-Qorma n operations against
Serbia are to ronatat of two simultaneous
1 campaigns. Ont . repetition of ihe
i original Austt.tln c mpalgn Bgalnat Ser
ena last fall will have as Its object tha
oocupatlon of Belgrade, while the other.
; the mam moyemen'., will lie an attempt
I to throw an army of ovoruhelntlnoj
I Btrength across the north-ast corner of
Serbia from Oraova, Hungary, as a cea
' ire, to Uulgarla and Ihsnoe to Turkey
Balaae Bavoi PJoralled.
Tin- nulgarian delegate i nt u t'on
etantlnople to negotiate terms aith Tur
key has been recalled, esys a dssputrh
from snii This a.t. .in was takes
. bScaUfS of the slgnlflCSnCe attached I.i
th not.- sent lo the Balkan state b) the
1 Kntente I'osrers.
This news S'ould indicate lli.it Hut-
i gar ta 1- s.it.stte.j attlt the repreacnta-
I lions made by the Kilt, lite I'OWCrs and
I is abo.it to cenee rndeuvorlng u come
! to an understanding aith Turkey.
A despatch fl.cn Soli i -I i'.s tint frOs
inier Radoslavolf has reassured the op.
position u-a.ier- with reference to tne
Hovel nuietit's attitude in the event thtt
I circumstances should compel a departure
from the pressnt policy, it is unders
i stood that the premlei will confei wuh
jail party leaders, thus avoiding .1 con
1 ocatlon of 1 'at i: intent
The opening of the Greek Parliament
1 to-dn) is awalte 1 unxloualy. it is gi n
srall) believed thai M Venlselos, upon
reaaaumlng the office "f I'remler, will
declare himself in favoi of in,- Bntenie
Towers ai d the cession of certain 11 reek
lerrltor) to Bulgaria is an Inducement
i,. that country lo take up ai'ii- against
toe Austin-Hermans mil the Turks
such a course will be acojuleaed In b..
King i 'on si a u 1 1 1 ie nnlv after everv sffort
011 his part has fulled, for there Is no
doubt that his Inclinations lean strongly
toward the cause of hi- brother-in-law,
Ihe Kaiser
The perblan Parliament also meets Ins
dav. but no lows vet his been received
as to what action will be taken
Plan lo
ta r
I'nqusatlonsbly it is the belief of mil.,
tary men here that the Teutonic a I lias
have determined to strike at Serbia and
to sir, lie quickly with sin h force that
all Sell.. .m resistance will Iw swept
aside Tn- operations will begin Just
as soon as the li-t bop, of Bumatilan
neulrallt) has dwindled Apparentls tin
massing of .1 great army at nrnvu
estimated at 100,000 troops bj the Teu
tons has had a double object The first
Is to make a mllltsr) cmoust ration be.
foie Rumania, thus as .1 last resori 1 -,-dsavorlna
to scare that c unlry into neu
trality, all diplomatic .(Tons n.iving
failed, and tin- s nd is to sttike a
rapid ami det'laivi blow aa Boon a- the
Balkan states have aligned themselves
on one side or tile other
In the last f.-vv davs no vital news
respecting the Balkan Bltty.tlon his heen
allowed t p is- the censor m tiermsny
or Austria, 'plus fact is in it-e"' slgnlfl.
cant when taken in nonjunotlon with
the usual Teutonic alienee thai pr des
a storm ll is not considered kol) that
ihe situation 'i ti'S Dardanellea will
permit of long dsla) In the prospective
Herman drive through Serbia, even
though political and diplomatic motives
should dictate the wis. I. in of watchful
waiting Consequently ttie Biigllah 'mil
iary orittcs eg peel .pink Ration on tha
part of the Teutons, t'i the certainty
that as soon as the Hermann' allies
have begun their invasion of Serbia tns
Balkan dssdloi k vv i:. he broken.
tir Hal Mi lit.
; Th situation 1 1
' greatest elgnlllcanci
1 meiii ol the Balkan
1 well mssn the quid
1 and Aust :-i 1 or tie
war lor an Indeflnlt
, Kmm Ulan lo-dai
of the Au-' rla n bi
fraught with the
The tin il align-
countries may vsry
defeat of 1 lermany
prolongation of the
cank the llrst new.
inbnrdmsnt of Bel-
. nr. id
ll wis cont. unci In the follow -
1 Ins otlli'l ii
' w.u 1 nli e
1 1 on i. 1 1 1 f r. -in the Serbia ll
.t 11 r m 01
beg. u to buinba
A UgllBt
I J ,lis enemy
nie w 11 ii heavy
west of Som-
the enemy to
d Flelgri
Hi!1 109
to forxe
howltsers fn
Un. In nrds
cc.lsc tins sensolfaa lionin t.r'druent we
dropped shell, on s.-uiiin and I'anesova
and hud on the height! north and
northwest of Semlln, w ier memy'i
rest rv es were concentrated
Thn-k smoke w.is seen to rise from
houses set oil hi' in Semlln nnd tha
Inhabitants ot i'anesova Red In panic.

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