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Giants Catch
X. Copyright. 1111.
K W K.mttls.
Little Loop Fly Full Safe.
Spoiling BrMller'l Hil for
No Hit (Same.
n WILLI m b. ii .
rtuW" Hreeler. southpaw af the
Alilirties, lipid (h Yankees lo one hit
or the Polo tlroundi yesteni'ty fter
r.oon. shut tliem out and supported hltn
Blf with h Irnni" run The Athletics
Btiirle one other run and won. 2 to 0. It
O'.. BoMM who made the Yankee' hit.
et.'l that fin- eBOB't so not that it fanned
lt airuoeiduiK.il path into a flame. It
Tan to the nci iitrh, not to the srrenniine;
I '. (. nit? type), II rose on i slothful
Muni to right and looped III way to the
feet of I hi outfielder therein stationed.
Vhd wasn't tiiilte able to charge up to It.
Brceeler threw a Kentlent hall Fited
OWth Kreat ImpOtllg far to larloard, Ir
Meed forward until breaking; time, then
bioke In without warning lo the right
hatided hatter and took the plate on a
hiMing Ult It wan fine pltcbtBgi and
Bcotte's single IVaa the only thump torn
Iron. It Wilton bore any likeness to a hit.
Exept twice elBo the ball ran't hit
Itard enough to afford dioicult ClMIIOM
for the Athletic. Hchanjr had one of
tr.er-e and Lajoie one. otherwise It waji
like breaklnn tooth' lefcl lor the .Ma k
10) f to handle tlielr chnnctl
CnldWlti pltchlns would have been
nffcctlva ordinarily. The hite off Slim
nere widely iirtwn ani the neorins off
h.m juet hapK?ned. Oni'e be alone wan
Involvetl, the other time he wasn't blame
wtrthy. The Athletics ploughed Into
Bllri for two hlttt in the aer-ond Inning,
but after two w-ere out, and he had too
rnuyb at all timetn for COMtClltlVfl hit
Uni of confAQIMIICi to take form.
Caldwell and hlit Infield mites re
pclied the Maeklails in BptdMUlnf uly.e
In the fourth InninK. On a hit to short
by Davlta, that youngster nhaklnir a j
Wlfl foot to first base a pass to Schang j
ltd a bunt by old l.ar ry they i row. led
t.ie knolla with nobody out. Caldwell '
llrsi feat an an am. dole for this threat-I
ring distribution of the Keystone Klan
was to ntrike out Walsh, and when'
Oldilng Jumped to i 'a 1,1 well, the ball aa
If ma-ked Into tha hand harneaa of 1
Caldwell. Xunamaker and f'ipp for a
double play w aa like a hoy 'a ;rlck of
tattling a atiek against the pleketa of a
Brealer flushed hla home run In tha !
fifth Inning with one out. He lifted It )
Into the left flel I seats The hall rode
Mgh to get there and It wraan't every
body who knew what had become of It.
floonl fumbled n grounder on Sehang In
tM alxth Inning, the lartter took aecond !
when Pot krnpaugh threw out old Larry
no acored on (Mdrlng'a alngla through 1
the diamond.
The Yankee had three on hasea In
fra su'ii, but not at tha aamc time. !
Iloone mada hla hit, only to be for"d by 1
Nunamaker. Caldwell couldn't solvu
Bteasler and atrni-k out. High waited
and drew a pass and Hressler dug dirt I
with a wild pitch. Nunamaker alld Into
trlrd and aplkerl Schang, who stuck the I
Inning out. Peck'a fly to Oldrlng was
ttte end of tha inning.
Maiarl, leading off for N'ew York In '
ttie aeventh. drew a walk, but three !
ground balls, two for forces and one for i
an out at first, were Hressler' way of
exterminating rhe Yanka In that inning. I
High, leading off In the ninth, walked, 1
but a strikeout, an out at first, another
w&lk and a force eradicated the Yanks
for keerpa. Ponovan'a batters hit only j
five hn?l beyond the Infield, one single I
mi i three fliea The aore .
Prm-A .A 11 NEW YORK A fc.)
ah h n a e ab h n a e '
Hoof , i I I I Hiif cf - 'i : 0 "
itrunk.lb., 4 no i 1 I'puaah as. s o i . I
Davreicf ,.',11 ' "Miuwlth I j j
ebang.lb -'"11 Plpp.rh ... a it t
Laoo 1 n 0 orook.rf I I o
malnne.Ib 1 " I " riartaell If I 0 I i tj
uMMa.Sb list" BnoM.Sb. 1 1 1 i ;
Walsh rf .Ilia N'maker.e . 3 a 1 l o i
Wiring. If . ' :t -' " 'iCal.lwell.ii.. 3 0 0 I o
McAvojr.c. I . 1 n
Byi.ler p 1119 0 Totals X 13 I l
Totals JT 11 ?7 tf 1 I
Batted tor Schang in the seventh inning I
Whilodilrdr.a looai I o a ;
K-w York OOOOOo 00 no1
Kim- piiiludeliuna ehang, greasier First i
baas on error Phllllil'-I phi II ltt fill hiiies '
I'lnl.id'Il'li n I" Nr- York .'. Krrsl boar !
on bill! ! Hressler. : off raldwell.
Slrnt-U oat By Hressler. X; tiy Caldwell. 0 j
Hiiiih- run grrtalef aaorlgoj inis Urunk, i
lialaej gtolan baaa- navies iioutiie njga i
Caldwell, Kunamakai1 mid 1'ipn wild piien
Braaaler BarnsMl run t'hi I adeitiin a I'm- I
pire in flu- f Hildrbriind Plaid UfMplN
gVltOUghlltt Time 1 hour and I.'. nlOUIOt.
New York stale league.
lPal 0
F.i -
Bal rfn Tmy,
nonojoo ;,,
1 I 200 I la 13
Wachter nd klaQrai
111 van anil Kilt nr.
i ft i i ft i i io ii i
BnttTle Si rnn"n, f'.'inmn,
Hall anrl Miller. Keatlni. I'ltra
i djerlln
nil MrlnriniiKh
f!'rarug , , .
ft 1 ft ft (I ft ft. I 4
H M ! I 01 j-J 111 I
Wilkr-titmrTf, I'hjlUpn nn-1
Brifg-i r MyrftoiiM rtw tnd Konnlcki
It H F.
Alhftry ! A I t 4 4 M -I 7 4
Blnifharninn . ftSOJftftft 7 I
H - A'tmny. Hm kttt and
Clruirhr , HI nfhn miitti, Frock and Pettr
oVtMn? MMi:-) IS I
Till gT! !.. . lOAftAi I
Bevitf0.a AltwiiT, Frttl Mid Cltnjfhtr"
in. .;..;. ajii. Rpp 4wa4 Murphy.
Dodgers in
XrWr, r rCCT . ' Much Rofe DAT HunK o Fat A PE- WHE Yo SPtciFY-WrtAT
Dodgers Miss Chance to Make It Three Straight by Nar
rowest of Margins McGraw and Robertson
Use Their Heads Score Is 2 to 1.
Pat Morgn'l tena.'ious Pblll'es, who
have refused times without number to be
shaken from their exalted perch 111 the
National la-ague standing, made a clean
sweep of their series with the world s
champion Kravea yesterday and tight
ened their grip on the lead. Mctiraw's
(Hants finally came to life and stopped
the I lodgers after ten innings. Pitts
burg finally managed to nose out Cln- I
cinnatl. Approximate calculations to-I
day show the Pirate. Hraves and (Hants'
tied for fourth position The percent-!
nge carried out Into extra decimals.
hOWOVOfi rate these teams In the order
Yesterilai 's Results.
New reek, l Brooklyn, i ill inningsi
Pittsburg. ': Hoctnaatl 4.
Philadelphia. llo-ton, o.
totalled Slaadlai af the CTaha.
I.. .In - Hrhednle.
It -i 1 . i. in fvjv York.
Chicago in PtttoliurK.
(.'tix-lnnati In rhilaletphla
Harked tip brh 1 iwtt the mall, utiirlnn
Into the fare of a third consecutive de- t
feat that promlMed to ellnilnate them
from the championship race, the Olrit i
yesterday afternonn. with one out In the ,
nltith InninK. turned upon the prou 1
Dodgers and wrenched an unexpected
victory from them. It took an extra '
ffeion for Met. raw to win. a th win-j
nlng run was crowiled over In the'
tenth, hut the achievement of Mctraw
was all the more memorable In ihat h ,
out Jockeyed hi old dlficlple. Wt Inert
KohluHon. In the do In rounds.
Phil Douglas, a prodlChl son from Ihe
ranks of the Itedn, who recently Fouuht
regeneration with the Dodgers, pitched
a hangup game for Hrooklyn. He had
thi drop on hlR Jeff Teareaii atid might
have heateu him with snmeihlng to
spare In regulation time If his support
had not lived up to Its traditional
procllvit les of spoiling run scoring op
portune le. In the first eight Innings
Douglas allowed only three hits and
kept these so sequestered that New York
was lucky to he In the hunt
Drifting Into the ninth, however, Mc
!raw fell hack for Ihe aecond time upon
strategy. Me had Kent . .rant up fori
Itrainard In the elichth. Now he aent
up SnodRrass for Tesreau. t.rant struck 1
out In the eighth and Snodtcrass. not '
wishing to make I farvanl Kddle feel
hurt, did the same thing to start the
ninth. The htg crowd had almost
reached (h exits when Hums doubled
lo centre. O'Mifl leaped up for Robert
soil's liner and the deiartfng spectators,
with a part If ik glance, has'ened on
They hurried hark a second afterward,
however, for Larry Do le broke out
with a ilean swat to centre that tied
tho score. Douglas was taken out of '
the box for I'feffei . and Wheat made
a prcttv Cg tctl of Kleti her s lon drive
In Brooklyn' halt of tn ninth
Schauer got rid of ihe Dodgers f ordor
He togaod o it PfiHfor gnd Lobri throw
out Myers and t'Mar.i. In the Aim half
of the tenth Jet z got rid of Merkle
I lummel
mode h line riiiiiiirisT etiteh of
Sebauer's By, l.nberl. oBO had saved
Tesreau H vera I limes earlier. sitiRled
to centre. He stole aeooBd Then Chief
Meyers tiirnd back the pggea of lime to
the place where he was a real idnch hit
ter. He slnxled so lustily to centre that
l.nbert was abb. to breeze In with tho
winning run and tne redskin himself,
a slow paced runner, took aecond on '
the throw In, gnorlgTOaa was safe on
Qotg'i wild throw, but Dauberi roeov
end qulokly and when the Indian tried
tu score nipped nlBI t the plate
Douberl fanned in Brooklyn'! half and
Wheat tapped easily 10 l.arry Doyle,
PutahoWi however, doubled to r iKbt wn
bert Roblnaon then sent Caaey Rtengel
in to nit tor iiiimmei Mciiraw rheok
maled Ibis move by tnklrift Bchauer from
the box and calllriK upon Ttuho Mar-
qugrdi Rohlngon come rimht back at
his old master, Ha pulled out tenget
for BchUltO. a rlKbt handed hitter M ir
Utiard. however, was khoi enoiiRb to
fan this batter despite the handicap and
so the game and the buttle of wits
ended dtsadviiutiiKcnuslY to Hobliison.
The liiidirers not their one run as
early as the aeoond Inning, Bui for
ItOberl there inliilil have been a cluster
Instead of a single tally. With One
down cutshaw amganod a terrific drive
toward liana, who leaped hitch and killed
a sure enouuh double, The Importance
or mis caieh waa tvMenced a moment
later when iluinruel blaied a Mingle to
rlahl Honest John scored on tlotg'l
triple down the rlahl foul line Otto
Miller ended the rally by whlffinK
This second Inning punch was the
last ser ious hid of the Itodaers nrnok
lyn nrlaht have wort the aamc In the
firm limine had not Ha loose base run.
nlng melhoda cropped out. Myera
r-, i r.
i , . m L S I. I "urns II
o e -ff-lS fill j Rob -on
i', o : N;M 1 lxls !b
Q i r Sj S 53 k
i 5 u o 1 1
Iflladalphla. "i"f"t II ji nil Tj M I S.hauer"
j HrVaklyn j " ill" a i t . W jffiSy
I CltacagO. ' ii J io" t I m m lit j Jr,
PUiamira ' J 'a a 'a 1 U M 4.H ! MiirM:"
I Raatoa 10 ij i I l MM 4W
j lNawVorkT..T 5 7 "r4 t " Vllj JO II Jt
i ii7Eouia. " ; ; ' i to : ? It im
Clnrlaaatl... 7 I 7 1" I 111 ! UlM.III
Oamta loat.... oWirM 5 'I WM; IW 1 j
Ninth and
greeted Tear, ail w ith a clean single
llurns collared ii'.Mara's lung line drive
and Myers, who overran second, failed
to tag that base on his way hack to
first. He was doubled when llralnard
relayed llurnss throw back to Fletcher
laubert who walked a moment later,
was ratlgh! stealing.
Hummel opened the fifth wiih a sin
gle. Merkle misjudged Miller's By only
to make an IMOkpei lodly br illiant catch
of It and as a result Hummel proved
the victim of a double play.
Cutshaw saved Imuglas a run In the
first Inning Koyle singled and stole
with two down, hut the little aecond
baseman's brilliant slop and throw
killed a single for Fletcher. Fletcher
singled arul stole Willi two out In tha
fourth, but llouglas fanned Merkle With
i wo out Irr the eighth laihert waa safe
on o'.Mara's fumble. Dooberl took a
hot liner from Chief Meyers and dou
bled tjobert off first unassisted Tha
a. ore :
ftl li a mIi h ii a f
IIS. INnri of . I a v I
n no Mi'H n . s i i : i
: 4 : o Hiiuhrti lb, i K ii
ii : j o Why-.it. if i ft , it
4 1 1 o Cut. haw. ;h 4 I I o
i ? 0 1 HumiiH.rl 3 : i
I 0 C ;Irl.tTf. . ft ft ft ft o
0 ft 4) A ft I Si btUtl. . I ft U ft i
iCktt.Sb 3 114 1
lit: o Millrr.e . . 3 ft f. .
1 1 T 3 ft lintula" p i ii ft i ii
I Plfer p 1 ft rt o 0
J ft 1 ft (i
i ft ft ft fi Totnln r.i n u
Itramard in
Total, v. : r. it .'
H.iiie.1 tor Bralnard in the eishtb laalag
'Hatted lor T-sre.iu in the ninth inriinr
IBatled for Hummel in the tenth inrrinx
,...iuei mr sirnel in the lenth Inning .
New York e o n o a e o o 1 1-; I
Brooalya o i n d o o n o i
Run Sew York Burns Ixiben : Brooalya
Hummel First base on eir'.r" Ne Yurk I 1
I'll " base. New York. I lirnoklyn. .
Three base hit (iem Te h;i-e- hits Hurt - '
Culahaw. First bees oil halls on Tesreau
.Xlruek nut -By Teste .. In SehiuirT 1 hy
Marquerd, I; by liuta-. i gtolen baste
Doyle. Ulhril liouti'e plays- II irns Brain
.mi ami plstebrri Merkle Doyle, Hraiuru
and Tesreau: llirils-rt lunasalaledl Hit by 1
Pilebad ball Bs lit. i i a tPMcheri Hut'
off Teersau, I In five Innlnao: off Rehauer i
in one and tan third iiiniiu nfT Marqusrd
nun,, in otierhirit of an Inntne: "W Dauslsfl
in eiaht and Iwo-thirdS Innings: off Pfeger.
: in one and Iwo-lblrdi Innings I'mtnre tri
chief O'D.iy fold nmr re gloekdalc Time
- 1 hour and It nunures
Iillgll leaders Shot Out World's
t Boasg)loa)a grots, n tn it.
PMtLAPgLPHIa, Aua. 11 The Phillies
cleaned up the Hraves three straight
by winning lo-day's game by n score
of 5 to (i. Itlxey permitted only four
safe blows and only once was he In
trouble. In the fourth with two on ha
Intentionally passed Mages ami then
fanned Schmidt for the third out.
The I'hlll es scored their flrsi run In
the opening round on two singles and
h double. After thai Ragan was very
effective, lie was taken out of ihe game
to make wav for f im I, tliii.,- n ,..
Ill the sixth. Tyler replaced him and
In Ihe go van I h the Phillies worked the
double aqUOOM and ran iheir total up
lo three rune They added on two more
In the eighth The score
nos-rox m i. . ran N I. ,
lb) III an h ,. a
Esaji rf i o i , ., Byrne ,t ', .,
r itxi'k..h to::: glBeocroll.gg 40440
Coniiiton.c! 1 1 0 a'laakeel.rl I 1 0 11 0
M.iiree If : .. : Cray, 1II1 rf 111 1. 1
R. Iiituilt lb ( I ' I. .id. rus in 1 1 1 ,.
Smith. tli . 1 .1 g 1 Wlniied.ir I 0 11 0
Mar i die s, 1 1 O'NIehoR.Jb., 1 . 4 1 n
h:ibii.c :l J .' 1 1. Ittlliier.i . . 0 1 u ,1
Ho.rn n -Oil s Ktxey p . 1 1 u 0
iQowdy,,,. 1 0 0 ! 0
Tyler, p.. 0 0 0 " 0 totals M I till 0
Tot :il III I N '0 1
Railed lor Hsi::in in the seventh inning
Boston i 0 11 11 11 0 1 a 0,1
rhlUdelnhta , 1 t t t t t t I 1 -a
Huns Phlladslnhla, Pasberl, Orovath
Whirled Nehoft. Killlfer llu oft Ragan
r, in sis innings: on Tyler 1 m im iniHngi
Two b.ise int. L id: 11 Complon, Whaling
w tin iei Sairifi.e hit- Byrne Wnltted
Kuey Stolen boss Cravuih lfl on hase
Philadelphia I: Boston. 1 Rtruek our By
Kixey I; by Ragsn. I hy Tyler I Dnuhle
nlay Klehofl an. I uuderuo, h'ut inns on
onus- 4 f 11 rtixey g nrr Hnjiin .': orr Tyler 1
Hit by nltehetl bell By Tyler iKiihien Cm
lure Klein mid Co. kill Time I hour and
:::- m mites
Tired of I.iisIsk lo Hells, They Qo
I'orlh nnil 11 In a f.Hnie.
PlTTaat'aa, Aug IR The Pirates rl
mill' took a gaiue from Cincinnati to
day, the score being 10 I The Ileds
twice tie 1 the score, bin the locals won
nut In the ninth Inning. Tin. score :
ab It p a e all h p a e
1 limb lib .4 I I I 11 Cnsrelln rf . f, 1 11 11 n
' Rodren.ag, I 0 I I Collins. ef ,,5 1 u
Heraoff.H 0 0 1 'j 0 Johnston. lb r, I to 1 11
Williams If it 1 1 i) -' Hineb'iin.lf :. 2 11 11
I h . t. I a II Water ss I '.' 11 4 11
Kil ler If ef II 11 I VloS.Sh . . I 1 I
Orimih.rl. 4 11 1 0 n ikord ih ,11111
Clarke '.... I I I I 1 pihaqti.e 1 1 ;, a .1
j.wag'r.lb 4 a 1 oiKantieh'r.p 1 0 4 0
Mnllw'i lb it ; i'.' 11 11
tchneld'r.p 0 0 0 u Totals im u n 11 :
VonKol Ii ' " 0 a 11
. bsar.p 1 i (i a 0
I 1
, Totals H 'I 'll II '
llatlrd for Setuieider 111 Ihe fifth inning
I 'Two out when winning run u eore.i
ft 11. -i 11 no 1 1 0 11 10 l 0100 4
PHtsburi a it n 1 0 0 0 0 t .,
Huns Clnrinnatl Qroh, Clarke J Wanner
Mollwllr nttablirg Collins. H Wag
Ralrrii Ulbeail Kanllehnei Two tiase tut -Collins
Baird Tl iiTe iiMR rot H ITMaiief
Horm run aroh HgipiAoi) tut s. iinihirr
Htoien tiiiPk-R OlHrkst, (.'(mlello Kimt b;inr on
; hti 1 1 n Off UMr. off K.intlrhiier .1 Htl by
pin ner R leTiir I Sine k .mi it Hehnei
I itrr. I; by Kitiitlebnei I I ,.., ,nrj
Kmailie Time I trnur and 47 minute
HAhKHAM., 1'olu i . i mi mdm tn-timw, i in
Triumph in
I eUi'k Mu k by t)i Ki'H SiV i-Mtrnl,iV
Tha Amertt an I :n- iMUton liit ( Inl
Mh nt W.ishitiKtfin with IWO lilt. whil
tlip Tyn rn Wlfl utntiigi tvn RHin fnmi
Ctovcwnd ud Uw wime Bos viim trim-
nnriK ttM HrowitM twirr. HroKlT. UK
ItUrfdy younic Hoiithimu of Honflta Mrw k,
t(Kjk a full nut of Stltn CaMWOll and thr
.f rdM.v'at Keaill.
I'hllndHpln.i. .'. i crk
herf4atnJ, if.ru; c.itiii
titmlt. .1
chii ..
H"'-tuii, I
i'vtUnl, 1 (Mcofid 4infi
, 9 Louli 4 i ti'1 4mi
. St I, Mill, t I .1 1 KI'Im'
WttMilnfftofii (i
llctallnl sH,inc of the ( lubl.
iMilisisli:. i
Ouba I I l " f I I J
IliSi Sjsl jl Jll
geatoa ill iiin (I II S4
Datmtt 41 ' u I I i: ii ' s l" "
Cblrago........ Tj a 0 I 14' II I 4 42 004
WrMMngtoo..! i io i n til M : m
New 1 ork a i io ii Jl II
ISTelsnd .14 14 1 10 II 41 tl( Ht!
tt.LeOla. j 4 0 4; 0 6 7 I I 41 Is 371
Philadelphia.' I ill 1 11 1 I II 71 j
L L ; - ----
uamsalosr.. . ,u j. 4.' '.' M n ' ;r (." I
i n ig rhertiile.
!etrxti in itland.
ihii ago in S:. Lotlll
W iimiM' HrrnrR Help Tgfn lt
Win BOOO ad 4eMmr.
Cmvki.am). Aug Ifi Th- Indian
dWppid both ends of a double header t
I et mi t this afternoon. tn 2 and ' to I
Detroit had one big Inning, the otoond,
In the flri-i game, when two has. on
halls, three stolen bases attd folir hits
produced four runs In the gocond Kam
'and. pla inn OfCOIld bOMP i t iUe-
la mi, droppod two perfe t throWei frotn
Kgan to catch biise runners t tit 1 11.1 end
thia paved the way fr all Dot roll 'I
talhe. The score :
Hb h p a e ab h p a e
nt r.b . I o l f Wihe f . i : I I
Hiiish n . S 4 1 Turni-r3h.t I 1 : l
CotohsCf i .' i " i -ii ir - - i f. :. (i
Crawf clrf : kn rf S I I
Veaeh.U . till 0 Kirk--. lb . : IA I
Hurn- lb I I 04Bith.ll 4 I 4 e
VoiingT.-'b 4 ; ' . U'.inib
SttnNge.e I 4 ft Kvan i o i o
C b-kie p o a i Fiiin .1 ' I 0 I
Ja-ob n.ef I ' H) X.-.I1 I
W'AlkfT p li 0 0 ! o
To-jaiw a; i: t: :i I Bronton.p
ItlHichil i o o o ii
I Total IT l .T 1 1 1
MtaHod for Wambff in the ninth inn, ni
Htt'i-.: for Kk;in in 'he ninth uininn
: Hatted fur Hrenton in the ninth inning
lie, rod I 4 1 0 1 ft ' J
Clrveliml ft l a n 0 0 u 1 .
linn ';eveland WlllO. JOBhoOB; iMtroit
'it- i'obli, Veneh V'i.i : Btgnagf E.irt eil
run- Clerelond Del roil T btoi ii!t
Turner Stanote McTlflre hit Rumm
M'iIim haiisi Buah, A'ltt. 'stnnaaTe Cithh
BlirOat, ToUtU Irmible plgTI Hull., Hilh
anil Burno; ChipmiUli Turner and Cb.ipntnn
Kirnt hae. no btUll Off Walker '; off Mren
ton. off COV alfnUir i Strii k out Hy
ttrenlcii. . by roveliikie I POrOOOd hall
Rgon Wti.i pit' h w .u. er Utnpirett Brani
ami Chill Time 1 hour and I" minute
SKltjNl liAMK
ab hp a e ah h p a e
Vit ;tb . 4 " - I Wltto.cl 4 a 3
Buali.M., ,411 1 2 Ttirner.3b 40120
Cobb ef .2 1 1 " Chapman. nm I ' ' : 8
Crawf'd.rf 4 ; 2 n jHeknon.rf . : MM
Ve.i. h If 1 2 " nKirkelh . .. 4 0 9 0 1
Hurusvlb.. 3 0) Smith. If 3 it 3 0 0
YoUnV.tO.. 4 2 2 ft W .mby I'b 6 t 1 2
itaiittnee 4 1 K I 1 'Hnulhw th ft ft 0 n n
BolOM P ,1 0 0 9 0 Kv an- b i o it ii it
- Kuan e . . ; o 3 ,". a
Total . 31 :T ll I lea worth 0 I
Hay rmuti p : 0 0 0 D
tpaitehel 1 1 u 11 11
Couoior.p. 0 ft 0 ft '
, I Total ..IJ 1 :7 id 3
Haiii it (or W.imby 11 the eiuhth mniiif
4 Bai led for Haiertntn In the eiuhth inning
Cleveland ooo.OOOO ft-1
lletrnit 0 0 0 0 u 1 0 03
it 1 - cipvrian! Chapaton : Dttroit, Buohi
Y p-li Yoitni Double plOjr Turner Wamby
and Kn Ue Flaaeei on hallo 4 Iff M.ik'erman 7,
nlT Miilaml I Hit by intehetl ball liv
Mni and 1 si melt nui My Hagrronn, 2: by
Bolnnd. 1 I't-aM-d bail Mgnon rmtiire-
Chill and Rvtnt Time I hour and l".
Weiitbern lacue.
Mniip'il ' ChiltlHnnuiu. 2.
S t irlOOIIIi li AtlaniH, 0
Mobil, 4, Birmingham -t n rt fam.
Blrmlnghom. 2. If obi It, 1 mr.nnii
grime i.
Ulttl Kcn k. 4. Nanhvllle. t
Irglnla l-eaaue.
lie k v f. un ' 10 Moo port e wa,
Norfolhi Poiorsburgi 0
BOefolki I Portomoui it. 1.
I t.i- I imiir
Pan Antentn. 1. Kurt Wnrih. .
Othei irainif. piaru pnnd , ruin.
renoi n rrimomv Mrv
ZTJJ QsaTrrs T
AUGUST 17, 1915.
Tenth Bressler s Curves
Fonurr Moats IVtor Volo for
Trof Crown, Ltttor Craiihfa
DfrRftam I. in race.
ri.Kvrt.siyp, Aui. 1 sBOWOh, raah
went world and OOOOOfl record- t--d,iy
at North Hiind.tll wlten lee XWOfi h
and William crowned tnemselwa with
irlory by noundh trouncing iheir rOOpOC
tne opK,nent. Peter Volo and Due. turn
I. Incidentally, by Witue of their vie
torien. Iee Axw.i th anil William POlSfl
t"-day an the k!ns of the trotting and
DOOlng Wortda.
F.e world's rooordo wonl the hoordi
and another OTOrld! mark waa equalled.
t)ne track tecird waa bmken and ti
new season records were established
The result In a way were itypHolnB
In the nellinir BOlthOr LO0 Axworthy nof
William was fovorltt. In the l,ce Ax-worthy-Peter
Volo race, the latter, a
colt that never had met defeit, was the
choice, sell In v at lion, white th Pot
time ontr) went for Just hhlf t hat price
gt thee odils the CloVOlonilon in ob i
heavy killing, a the lox-al public backed
the Cleveland enti to the limit
It nan the same w.iy In the D tectum
T -Wlllljm race. After a report had
rculated that William had cOUfttll a
Cold the price on Directum 1 BOO rod to
an even century, while the boii William
brought waa fi"
The record smashing Marted right off
the reel. In the very first heat Pete
VolO sllped around In 2 :"L equ ailing
the world's stallion mark held by The
II irvestcr arid creatintT a new record for
a four-year-old stallion. In the two
noulni he3t lee Axworthy von In
:0tV ami ? "I't. makini: an txerace
t me fur a three heat race of 2 01 l-t. a
now world's rocortf.
Iti the find heat of the pace William
tramped in I .". s 1 .. . a new world s record
for a nve-yeat-old pgyCllUJ tolllon. His
hfrnml hOOti in two mtnUtt ft, was onothoi
world's stallion r cord and his combined
average time of I I a world's mark
for a flve-yi ar-'dd pgvCOf
lin ulentallx . William cut the IgtOBl
truck re. ordof 2 01 ij held h Fr.ink Ho
prash. .Ir . and pOCOd 'he fastest lu at Of
191... while Pet. r V'olo'l hea in g 0I iy
also a season's trot tins mark.
The track waa e'verythicK that could
be wished for npeid The wind at tntvs
Kained a VOloCity that tnntericlly hltl
dorod the burses, but I) full broutrbt '.;
ihe racing iiualitos of tho starters.
The rare botWOOn Pcii r Volo and I. -Axworthy
was In real it the more Im
portonl itt ever way. both as a r i
speetacle and from a br Ittlg itonft
point. Billy Andrews's kt at skill as .
driver turned the tide in faor of I.n
Axworthy Axworthy went th, long
route tn the first mile atid was horotj
beaten. In the serond heat he rushed
to the turn ami grabbed the pole p tor
Volo. Kolng to a break when Io A 1
worthy threw down the gaife in lh
stretch, was through and utiable to carrv
on the flu!'1 Tht third heat was eas;
fur Lee
The paring race was too much W ill -lam
Iti fart William wi n so easily hnl
It looked as if he is t:i a i logo v him
self. Hoih heata he took b big morgfthM
In the 1:11 trot, which tilled out tbi
pi oicramme. BlOC'trlc M' Kct mn irovoO
the winner after five hard heats
The sumin.w lea :
Match rn. troxtlog; purM, IftgOOfl
l"e Axwurthy. b h . hy fluv Ax
won hy (And row I S i 1
Pi ter Volo, hr h . by Peter the
(irrt t i M arpb i 1 ? t
Fractional tllWO. nrj heat: 31. t 01 .
1 31 . 2:02.
erond heat M, 1:01, I:l4g. 2:034
Third heat, 31 . 1 04. litlH. 2:0i,
Match rare, pr!n piiTue, S ono
Wi ;..t m. h h by Abo J. t .Urvh .
Direct u 01 I ch h . hy Dlractum
Ki ly i Murphy i
Fra.ilxiial time, first hat S'l',
i n,i
1 1
:ift. itiio,
Bocond hea? : 31. 1 -0t l 30 V 2 mlOUtOg
1:11 1 1. urn trotting; putm . i '
Ki ctru McKerron, br h . hy
John a McKerron iai I I I 1
Ofo fine lot y, br m . by Oro
(Vllbei I Kinney ? t
Krhrminre. hlk b , hv Harnn-
mure i Nurk'iUi .. 4 I t 4
King PhorllCi i b. by Klni
EUCt rltr I Itravetil .
i i
s dls
lertle T . h m . hy OotObOf
4 Klsh. n
rim., : iv 1:1441, s
1 1,
1 ;
If you want
Saxon Sis. hag it. On one day 105 Saxon
iuxeg driven by dealerg from Detroit to their
home town, covered 26,360 mtlri and averaged
21 miles per gallon of (eaoline and 152 miles
per quart of oil all the way.
Saxon "Six" 17; Saxon Roadnter ttr,
Saxon Motor Co. of New York
?51 W. 57th St. Rhone Col. 7811
Reel I un, t Hens tlminor In Unit
BrnniK wiiii. ,oi Iroulile.
,xt Ian is, Aug. I The White Hox
grabbeg a 'Inutile lu-ailci from St leillls.
I to I nnil .1 lo 1 to-il.u. Tite vlsitois
acoreg afiei each of tin glgai hits tRoj
g"l off Hirer SI. LoOlfl IlltotlOtl In the
first gOltte, while the Mm.wii MUM not
make sixteen sureties off Reotl inunt.
H i lutein, I oh gh ball in the second
name. Weaver's error leiti n aponslhle
or the only run made by Hie Hrowna.
I rig BCOfl ; t
IHICAt.O A I.. ST 1X1'S .A I..
BO li U e M, , e
(1 I " i - II ;. 1 i .i
weayer.ss i i i
Mall ,sb '. t
fa ,lbl l
J '' - If :. 4
F. I. e i.ef . ; ' i
0 A.iallil 00... I I I I I
1 gisler.ib . .'. . u ii o
1 l"rn .h .-. e s a
Walker .1 . i , j a a
" Hum snl rf ' 1 rt a
ri'aaia.r... : i t SiLaysn.si
1 1 I
aairer.e. a , a ar.e : n :, .1 1
ii .jo ' 1 " 11 llrirti.e . J 1 1 1 a
trail, p iini u - .. ,, 1 a
Fabar.p .. (i ti o gMeCabewt).. n n ,1 ,. ,1
S"verl.l. I 0 .1 0
Totsjs n if , iH11ff.11 . 1 e e : a
I Tot.si, j 'g s
'Balled im v.4'atv in ihe aeeenlh nitnn,
Chicago 11 s 1 ti 11 a a 1-,
st lnns n n n 1 r, 0 0 j
linn. fh.,n:o Wester g Colllgg Four
nier. .1 Colltni : Prlsi-h . Sehniu. ri LoUI,
BMMIos An-- tit Rlalei I'ra'l tarrlgio hits
Austin Howard Behala Msver Biolen
is- K Calling. .': J Collins To hase
hits Laean rouriilee Three base tuts
Kel.eh IVstt Sis.., II,, utile filsl Ml at k
Pitroe m. 1 Kouruier llnse orr belli (if!
Werlmsn I; off Huff I; off s,on ; Itnicli
nut .Rf afsHioaa, by sisnt. i h- Me
Cahe. I: by Faher. . I'mtnres Nallln aad
Dtaeen Time : hour and t minutes
CH1CAO0 A I,. ST LOUIg .a l.i
li bill ah h 11 a e
Murpht rl 11'" .Shollnnlf 1 i .1 11 i
Weayer.ai 1 n I J I Au.t111.ih 411 la
KCollins ,'h Jill aSislrr.Ih 4 n I", 1 a
rourn.er Hi .' I 1 a I Pralt.jh . . i i i s a
fColtins.il t J n i Walker ef . i n j i i
relseh.cl n '. .1 .1 liow.inl rf 4 .1 1 n i
B'oarne.gb ? n ; . 1 Laean.si 1 0 1 j
Mayer.e 1 i 1 1 tAtoew.e ... I I t I I
Pely.e t a a 1un1.l1nn.11. t a a j a
Bena,p . .. 4 t 0 seternt .. i n a ,. .1
Roob p ,, I 1 1 1 1
ToIaI R) ft lg I
1 Tmals 11 : .'? ii :
.Railed lor Baaullon In rhe seventh inolog.
Chieasn ' '1 11 0 a 0 1 Z 0 &
st Louie, 0 1 11 i' 11 a 0 a g- :
Hun Cbleato, aturphy 1; Collins, Four
nier relgeh: st uouli Wniiter aarrlflie
Im Hstolllon weaver Feleeli Hln.kh'ii ne
sinien bsari roumlsr .1 t'niiis. Pelaeb
Two hae hit gbOllon ,1 Collin Three
hase let R Collins Doutile plpj lien.
. i.' mil Pournler n.w 0.1 belli 'irf
Hsmlllon, I; nff Konh glrurk out--By
lljnii'lmi 1 lit Bell. I Hit by ,tteiiel
hall b) K.Mth 1 Murphy' Balk Bern Will
tiit.-li Knob I'mpirr llineen ami BTaQla
Time J ho nra
lefer line Until t lo llenl Hernrit.
UOOHBK. N T.i Ana 111 -Peter Ma.-.
I'opt. David Rhaar'g great trotting stal
lion, is in ll.. her- Igooltt'a stahl here
awaltlog hla aitempi to hreak the roc
ord for .1 Ironing stallion on a half mile
track, which will he the main event tin
tin . aui of ihe Metropolitan Circuit
meeting to-morrow Peter Mac ts in the
lest of condition anil ins - .' ' ' ' s. .,
) earold owner is conltdenl that the
mark of ittTtg, made here In mil hy
the Austrian bred hora Willy will he
( ubinlat I pogne.
inning i
Mi M k' n
Render Yankees Helpless
Grin out f Dang4mtiR sjiuis
In Keepinir I'ittxfi'iK
rron nlttnia,
1 r.lenlsl ' Results.
rnoblyn. I; Plltaborg, 1.
Coleeffa, ll Baltimore, 1.
Kansss ("In. Htlff'll'i. 0.
Mlanillna of Ihe lobs,
W I. If W I. PC
Chleain II 47 Ot Rt Units .. i; .'.I Ui
Resrarh 01 it Hi Brooklyn " i t"
Kansas Cttvse 4 Ms: Buffalo S ' : 4
llttshurg . 4; iU lisltitnore 1 Ti .'
To'ilat't scheilnle.
Hrooklin In Plttsborgi
hi l.oui . In N i...rk.
Cblesgtt In Ralllmere
Ksns s CltJ 11 Hi ffAlu.
PiTTsnt mi. Aua. ifi. The Brookfoda
defeated Pittsburg 1 tday, t to 1 Joe Kin
nerau eras wild, hut ant out of dangi'r
hy Reaping IhO locals front hlttine with
men on li.i.-cs.
H earfts was hit hard, yleldms; a bevy
of extr.l hfise ,-l.illts. The pool e :
PITTtBl'RO .F I. 1
; Amler" i rf 4 I ft ft n Vwrt tm r mm '9 7 t ,
, Ifellrn h .b 4 .1 4 2 Wn-kl mil If " I " "
rooiter lf 5 .1 o Oaken . f I fl 4 41
Kftuffef . I -Konrt-hyib I" (1 i
Mert lb .. 1 1 I ft Kelly rf 4 0 t 0 9
Halt. 3b . .41)1 t'Mnwreyb 1 n 4 I
F tlSm h H I I I S A Verr.ri.Jb .11111
I.aml.e .41 4 ftOt'oniuire 4 1 1 .1 ft
I Kinneran i 4 1 1 : 0HoOrno,p -T ft " D
Toioii . 11 V ft Tot oil . . ioj ;
I Brmiklyn . l j n it f i oi
i Pitt-burr " t 'i o ft 0 1 ft
Hun Bmokly ii. t mrrti'ii. riiu.ser. Rouff,
Kreil OOJttth; PlttObUrf , li.rKlirimnier T.i
MM bltt rlellrtrh. Kaufl. I.anl H"nie rut'
Cooper stoi-n boci wtiiloni .Mnrry
Sa. ritb-r hit An ler'te H-lfn-'h Myrrx
Double ploy Mm- ttntiiaOtletl PImI i-io
on ball Off Km tier a a. ". : off HeariM . 1
Stni'k mil By knnneroii by rionrno.
l nipirf Mnlhn ami lOinneriin Time ! hmr
ami IJ minutroi
At Hulflinere.
I! H E
i ft io .i
" i 4 4 :
Chii " K I, i i ft o
BoUlnVn iK.Ui ft I ft n
Botttrloi Mr' nn re u knd gflsheri 'uggi
l.i cln lr Htni t iw04i
Ttiirtio fft RrooaMli4tnn 'ream.
TVltoBPOi Aim. I ft. Mann fiM' tbniif.iti'l
fn ns i reteil It4i.'er Broonohon ami his
nroojntlon of Chlcocn Cobo todo.
Tit y OOjOII dofOOtOd t he T ilodO Hail
l.iftht learn mi an olthlblttiili ggntO. ('-
portunn hitting gave t ie Puho the iomc
I ChlcgfTo uiod iwent ployoro, nlvlngj
i e fx ptoyor n tho loom choncc.
Wetern leog4tO,
ieo ifolnea : i Dm iho, I,
p!tnu City, . si Jct4ph. 1.
MOcOlOi ii I'enver. 4
d( her n a nn f
he-1 1.
NoHh i Hrnllna I eK in-
U'hit mi -Sa li'tn. 4. Italsslcli 3
Durhom, 3 'horloito .
ApIi- lllr. T . Gri enth tfO, 1.
refinement of detail and
luxury of appointment, the
is true to that finished stand
ard to which Packard owners
have become accustomed.
Its subtle beauty runs far deeper than the outward
seeming. It is fundamental, and is carried through to
the minutest detail of equipment. Here is a cai con
tentful to the eye and to the pride; it has the added
fascination of eager power under perfect control.
The 1-3S Whtelbasc 135 inches. Price, with anu
pen body. f. o. b. Detroit ... $2,950
The 1-25 VVheelbase 125 inches. Price, with am,
open body, f. a. b. Detroit - . . $2,600
of NEW YORK Broadway at 6 Itt Street
M e il 4ni lull' lii 1'lrnt InninK null
hllt IMlt Wnalll OpffOMi
HnsiToN, Aug It -Mltrty Hnrinor, fir'
up In thf litHt inmng nf t"-i t,,
j-im-WMMhitiglrm g.ini-. on ' llu
ball pltrhotl t rlgfhl oniro t- r thrtt
nat kn. Atld rutin gftel him Bii M finm
a hmg fly tt contro ohli h z i. Miiti
KMthet'igl OftOr .1 ctlOOO, HrHipfl
with the only run of Iho rto
Jot Wh4 nltch-nd flue hull f4 r Rrton,
ogtrieotlni hlwooll from tuthi ooi -
nil tittHf. in the fnurth oith man
on third ho fanii.fi dhnnkn .'t-i . ,!
an' I in tin sixth with mon "ii .1 1:
Ihlrrl IM g"t the ti. m -wo hltO i uti iar.y
Inltold taps. To-doy'r w 'ti
etovi nth from Woohlnirtori in ihtu i t .
thin yt'ar. The ocofo
ArIiin4;ton .a 1. 1 MMHt)!! 1
ab h b I I ,ih t- p I
K'u'W .. 4 I : " Hfip rtf ! 4 t
Poptcr.sb.. t i : S
Milan -f . 11 Hi-aker.-f .1
Mmnk- ,".b S I 0 M ill . n I ft 4
l. ml.: lb 4 ' 1 I. w i If ,t f h 4 A
A-it-t.i.rf . ct 1 I A " 4, ir 'p. . h i Ai
llenrv S A ' . Rirry h .1 ft ;
Wilh.im- i l 0 o 0itir. . I f
MrBritV.M 3 ft 1 i Wooil.li .. : I ft l 4)
iaHia.ii - 1 ' ' - -
Pot ? ?rn j
Mola i 2i I
Itatte.i for Henry mi th Hnih "?"T4r
Woahlngton... I I M ft ft n gg
Ho.tin . 1 ft II 1 ft ft a -.
Run Hiifton. Hot"i"r T b- 1 T
tfr. Shank TMrie htOT hit RoOfWf lfl
on b e. Wrioliiiiirtn ' Btotn v
Milan aTi tti-e fly a.,rt K - hott OH
biiN nrr Wihmi " trnek nut Of Wool 4
nv 4. aid i. g (Innble Olfl Haitv ft -am eJ
HOhllttoll I'miMi' i'i i i el 4 mtK ' F ',
i ni pi if WoUoot Tmie ; hnnr a". I i roll
nr flnOi il HTflllcOg Pair nfr tin
i:rritrt Movnll Pee I ft hi
Hi ki ami. AUff . Mi. Mltoo Mnh r"
a no hit no run same nimtti ' Ih Hilf
foilg tti-ilay. the Kowfodn Willi c ' "
H4-(ii nf a tn fl. 4 inly Ihm I -I
rottrhod Mr?.t haw. Main Walk l !,. , !
the tOO othrro Cot nn by rrr-.r ,
ff th- runnoro rooched se..-.i i . .
Man nc i Ooorh Htnyoll i f Kai
City roftiocd ploy with r p t - .
4-oran oltAV iat mg. Ho in ii th
he 0OUld nol allow hln mti " t
Hi b 1 if 4 "on or.. 1 1 umplreil, hut Utter rn
prniiifil by ptta) It k out of I - in
hlmoolf. Tin mii
ItufY il
r 4 r' I, I 3 1 ft ft ft
fr.lt, n ft ft a i a
rli c- m iin ind i:
Bl ii-,
firk I ell I f e
I i ail. I leW,
MOOTTON ',.,.'.s. II A
'rtrtnati II Mi Mlitore fif N w
(he tlehl Willi a nc f
lyon gtid Ron wet I M
Vol k fol lowing w ith . n
qunllfyltis round f the
wnlt'h b. nan iodny nt Hv
I., a Hnmlltoii, i: VV M I
rroft, w . u . Lyon. A-
Woltor Petoroon, Atliui IVtn
. Puohmon nnd v li
omoni tho othor loo
Ne Kngfond i igTMr
iA .tr. tuei Man hi -ie- 1 1 aim
Pltchburg, . Pori in 1
i , nn. S Leo It4in, i tl t e
L) 'ii, : o lutnn, I
00 r04 e. a ; ,m ' 3
ll li
ill ! I

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