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Gold Cup Now Seems Certain for Miss Detroit Newport Tennis Begins Saratoga Track Faster Now
Wins BCOOlld Rftcn of Srricfl
nnil Only a Breakdown
rM Beat Her Now.
y;c T'etrolt. the hydroplane built by
. . ate nf molnr hontmrn of Detroit
; representing the Detroit Power Boat
Am" Latlolli wn the second race for the
gold chstlengg -ui on Munhnssct Hay
yesterday afternoon, and mil. ... she
mens with some serious accident "he
will eai.tur. the Prifi to-day. She has
eeored 14 points the series and the
Te-li It and PlSStO are tied for ieooml
place with 9 points each. The Miss
prirnlt muit he totally disabled to be
eten for thn big prise.
The ri'-n yesterday wan not ns fast
gg on the opening day and only three
boats Were r11- to ttnleh. These wi re
ItlM Detroit, Teen Jr. and l'rento, but
rt-esto had entne trouble twice and
eras long way astern, finishing; only to
get her points. The Mine Detroit to ik
43 minutes tit, aeoonds to complete tin
emirs,, of .10 nautical miles. She a ve -gged
4197 nautical, or 47.11 Btatuts
miles nn hour. Hhe beat the Tc-li Jr.
Si ...:1.1s. The fasten! Utp by the Miss
Detroit was the third. 8 minutes 64 sc
once, ami on that lap ehe avcraKed 10
statute miles ar. hour. This showed tha:
she turn some reserve speed which can
be used when the boat Is pressed, but
Je-k Mlllot, her helmsman, and Ja. lt
Be.!e. her mechanclan, are not taking
sny more chances. than necessary, and
evsn If they do not break any records
will be well satisfied to win the cup.
Bhe will try for records to-morrow !n
UV mile championship trials.
The Hahy Reliance V. and Baby Speed
D Tion II.,
the Blaekton pair, were mtlon
shortly before the startlna- ii,,,.
showed up well In their preliminary
splat, Just before 4 o'clock, when the
rare was started, the Haby Reliance audi
denly Stopped nnd could not be started
again. Too much oil in ths engine was
the .ause of the trouble.
The llal.y Speed IVnion, Mrs. Bin,;,
ton s winner f last year. Kt away well
but cra. ked a cylinder on the first round
Hoh Kdsren. her helmsmen, kept the
host Ding In spite of her crippled con
ntlOll, hut at the beinnln of t lie fourth
lap the eonneetln shaft broke and that
ended her career, much to the disap-
poiiunieni of all. Commodore BlarJtton
decided that ha would not build a new
boat to defend the cup this year, but
aoukl race his last year's boats and let
seme Other! have chan.ee if they could
be beaten, and thus ivc the sport a
needed stimulant. The Miss Detroit
was built by Smith of Algonnr. Mich .
who 'inlt the Blaekton Dale, ami hul
remmodore Blaekton anna to him Main I
this year he might huve retained the I
run, Now he will try to win It back
ag i ru st season.
The Tech Jr. made a fairly good 1
Showing In yesterday's race. She ot
away poorly, nut ran steadily after that
ami was overhauling the Mes Detroit oh
I' ' 'li.rd lap. wbli h caused .nil.it m l..t
his bo.it out a little. The Presto twice
gad engine trouble, but she managed
to complete the course.
"I,.- Baby Speed Demon was the tlrst
away ..i the atari, with Miss Detroit
second, about 50 yards u.stt rn . then '
ami Tech Jr and Prist... the latter!
being laic. Tin- Miss Detroit soon o. r-
iJled the Baby jsic.-il Demon and
h Jr mowti into gcond ntaca ba-
f re m Hrst lap VM romph tt tl. The 1
aeddont to tha Bpaad Datnon'a cyllndar
taused her to drop back to last place.
I 'n tho second
f r t won ty five
ISp thn I'resto stopped
rfllnutt'H and the Boaad
l'emni, took third place At the end of
tht- third lap, with half the course 00V
rrod, the .Miss DotrOll led by 47 aOO
nda from Tech .Ir. Then enme Haby
PBOflrJ Damon - nitnutes 23 seconds fur
ther Mtarn and the 1 TOOtO 1 minutes
later The Hahy Bpaod 1 etnon retired
aftrr Mns. and the Miss I stroll Roins
or, without a miss or a skip won uuatly
from the Tooh .Ir. by M seronds
The elapsed time tn minutes and sec
onds ft r each lap of the course were:
Um DatfOtt 7.0, 7.1, .54, 7.0. f.ljL
I II Toutvl flapitftl time, 43 mtnuloa 51
etonfi. Average, 40.97 naut f:il, of 4711
etdktutt mllaa an hour Fa t rat laB, 6.64.
atraraaa rttatute mllea.
To h. Jr. 7.4t. 7.0. 7.15. 7 21. 7.3fi, 7 47.
Tot.ii alapaOfl tlm, 44 mlnutfn JO mMnnii.s,
I'rawto 8.17. 14.11, 1.11. ff.Mf. 4117, 3-.
To'.i Lapaad tuna, 1 boixr 3 7 mlnuU'Ji 30
Bab) spfd Demon ll.-t on, I. St o:.
Lewis Outtalks McKetrick; Manages
to Explain That "Moran Can Fight
(h, vea I
"Oh. no!"
"Ten. h.- can!"
"No, he can't !"
"Hm o.ui fUrht I"
"He .an t fight!"
Q ... yes. he can flsrht."
"1 suy he ean't flht a lick "
"He ean flffht and I'll tell you why."
"He omi'I flaht end you can't toll us
why "
"He mi fleht snd I'll tell you why "
"1 liii..w he can't flifht because you
ear t tell us why."
"I'm ire ne ean flshl because I know
h an I can tell S'"U why.''
"Ten tne gentlemen ggggniWail hy
ywi t Ink he. -im nght."
Stj IllOg WOUld ITiN'e m. greater pleas
ure. iit, sag fight hooBiies lie's got
Whal in (rreat eat flglitura have gol and
Nl thai other IhliiK. a quick thlnkliiK
I arl SS to the jtigirnieiit ;
McK. trick, former manager of !
Fr u
:i.i- Lewis, (treatest .ne-twi hllter
Of his .1 iy, furmer tutor ami trainer of
Morai) aiid trainer to Im of the Morari
camp at Saratoga Springs.
H sne i iiitice of Harry PoUoh and
D. McKetrloh in the Longacra Building.
Charaotari In tha mob acatia: Scribes.
i u tgera, nghtere, the electric light
nian, llroa.lway cornelian, Broadway
villain, reformed lemon gtaerar, th- t. : -phone
man, Frenoh chuulTeur, garage
n..in ,,ne msn top solicitor, .overheatiwi
barrister, UeuUan middleweight, Jake,
Bull's boy; Qeorge Bngle u ooal
from l'lttshutg: Hilly MoCarney,
K. ne and true man for Carlton Morrll
Bapulpa, nkla.
Rpeaketh w. I wis :
n(l Hum Is my SDMob. boys: Frank
'1 Is the headiest big man In the j
'"rld to-dav. 1 onlv wiah Frank had
bssn in ihat (lardsn ring with Hig Jim
Coltsy, (ih, wait till I get through, Han.
Jog Know 1 wanted Reloh to knock Cof
fy OUl 1 dont mllld lelllng all you boya
thai Ihsrs wsm II.UOO walling for me If
1 ; h Id knocked the big Harp kicking
K thing could have batii fairer thun
last, ind i want to say right now that
' Wag so hoarse from yelling at Belch
n i
'oiling hint what to do that 1 could
Mas alaive a whisper for u month
' 1 i had the works, but he didn't
ths tSChnlque and I don't mliid
Ing )oii lajys that that Is a little
1,1 ' id. gad up from this same Moran.
Ward Dawson Beaten in First Round of Newport Tour
ney by Young Philadelphian Mahan Makes
Griffin Work Hard to Win.
NlWPOtti Au. IS. With the excep
tion of two or three mstches Sis opening
day's play in the Invitation lawn tennis
tournament at the Casino turf courts
here to-.lay was not overstartlln. As In
practically all tournaments, straight sets
ruled to-day. while the men of less talent
were being eliminated.
Tho Western Invaders fared well.
There were four of them entered and
only .iie of them was defeated. Ward
Dawson, and his downfall was the big
Urprlee of the day. Rowland Evans,
Jr., of the Merlon Cricket Club. Phila
delphia, took tho measure of the youn
Westerner In straight sets at S 4, 8 I.
6 !. The young Phllndclpjilan. whose
record on the courts doss not stand out
boldly, showed eome pretty tennis and
plenty of native talent. He knew that
Dawson's one particular weakness Is his
forehand dilve and he played to It con
tinually. As a result Dawson could not
et any power It. to hi returns and left
the way char for Evans to score points
Ag assiduous a I Strang was In keeping
the ball on Dawson's forehand he was
more so In keepln It low so that the
t'allfornlan would not have a chance for
an overhead smash at It.
Clarence J. Griffin, another of the na
tive sons, was hard put to win his match
from Lyle E. Mahan of New York, the
tallest tennis player In captivity. It took
the Callfornlan five sets to win at 6 4,
60, . 1, 6 S, and It was not
until nightfall that the match was com
pleted. Orlflln, who Is short and pudgy,
was In remarkable contrast to his oppo
nent on looks, and In the first two sets
P'F' 'lh Callfornlan had no dlffl-
cuny in passing- Aianan ni win in ins
first two sets. He ran up a load of 3
love In the third set and It looked as if
he would be another to fain his second
round bracket on straight sets. Mahan.
however, at this stage of the game awoke
from his lethargy and carried off five
consecutive games before Griffln realised
what was happening.
The Callfornlan then went after his
adversary .seriously and tied the set. but
Italian Was fighting mad. and although
Oliflln kept with him until the set had
gone to deu.e twice, he could not hold
the New Yorker In check any lonor and
the set went to Mahan. The latter
claimed that he had difficulty In seeln
tile balls and wanted the match held
over until to-TOO (TOW. hut the oommtttse
BUffeeted that the affair be finished wf.a
pew bills.
Orlflln too was anxious to g t the
contest out of Ills system, so the men
atarted Ih fourtai set without even
takin the rest which la usual after
the third set. Orlflln was anxious to
rush the thing through and iplaycd
at top speed, that Is as near top as
a tired man could, but Mahan ulaved
th - ln?t tennis that he dlaailayetl ilur-
Inu ihA run rwr tit the r 1 1 ih n ml utillptl
thin Mt out too after tt hud son to I v
i!u' twice It ffta nearly 7 0 OlOOk
when the fifth net waa start d ami It
WSI dlflloult tVfn for the apectatura to
ae the bulls Hot h of the men were
1 1 r di hut QHflln h.fl a little more left
than Mi. huh and ptllli 1 out th virtory.
)k iU;:im M JobnstOIti Who, with UHf"
fln, w 11 i nlltnfi Maurlea K UcLotigh"
llti n-l Thorona O. Bundy of California
for the national douMH tjliampitnahip,
j" hla match ralhar easily from Ralph
Ie. HaKKs of New York ut 6 -1. 62.
2. iJik'tttf waa in wrtdehed form '
. , , .. . I
wln-n lie met Johnston, for the latter did
t airiVf at tne -ismo until late in 1
th.' afternoon, and Basfi after waltlns I
more tliun a reasonable time went out
and pl.ived for a couple of hours In !
the t r rifle ho.it. 11 hal left the courts
and donned hla elothea when John-
Ten Mile Knee Is Main Kvrnt.
A ten mil. miss and out race In Which
th. laal iikii will b t'liminat.'ti at lb'
en! of eaeh ill until only three ri.lers
remain on ti. tr.irk win be the main
evenl al the Brighton itea.-h Motordrome
to-night. Fred Luther, Oeorge gherl,
Qeorge Hamilton Ham Henderson,
Qeorge Uercler. Frane Kr. hs nnd Hieph
ano Quaoeinelll probably will he the
Hairier. Three other ran are on the
I programme.
I knew Al had the Gonl-a-bye JOS in
his rlKht glove If be would only deliver.
There was only one wny to ease it over
and I took this pretty l.l boy into a
eomer ami says I to blm :
" 'Al, you're lighting for the honor and
glory of the German blood to-ninht
porget everything elSS and remember
that no man by the name of Coffey can
possibly be any use t.. you. pQ him,
that's all Now Ibis is what you do,
Al, He's like all the rest of them, You
can't possibly miss. What you do Is to
start a wicked left hook for his chin
(he darned lirst thing of the first second
of the first round. Dotl'l dally. Do It.
Like all the humps In the world, he ll
stick out his left to block II, and all
you've tod Io do is to shoot across with
the i ooda-bye, Joe '
"Now, I'll leave it to you McKetrleh.
nidn't It eome out that wny? He fnlr
n..w. I'm piiin t u icn no as i earn ana
didn't the OOOdS Hye Joe OStCh the big
Mick rlsrht on the chin, and wasn't he
dead gS S mackerel on his heels for fullv
ftrteen seconds, and .lain t 1 think or mv
thousand dollar bonus and didn't I yell
my liver out ..f place, and didn't Reich
stand there looking al him as though he
.thought Coffey supernatural
"lie fair, I 'an. Now didn't all thnt
Moran cgn'l fight," said nan quietly
the unfairness of these imi.re-
sarins," walled poor Lewis. "lhe only j
thing I ever wished hard for In my life j
was big blond Frank Moran at that mo
ment rjreal head n ijulok thinker from
knlcksrbookers and a bitter. Do you i
boys think f .r a moment that Moran ,
w .uld have backed away and rubbed his
ehin with Ids glove as Ileli h did when ,
tha enemy was on lhe rrltST Frank
couldn't do that, He's got too much
class, lie s a brain fallsr."
"Vou were coaching Iteich, weren'l
Lewis'"' said McKetrick
"iUdn t you gSI us all to net on go,l
Yes. i annul h an. i g.u you to oer
on a K. ). I told Belch WtMl 10 do, but
he didn't go through with It. I don't want
to say that a man Isn't game, but, gee
whig, you'll all have to admit that old
Ban Hutler knew what he was talking
about when he said: 't'tgs Is pigs."
"And yet Moran can I Ight." said Han
"And again he can," added Willie,
"He can take tho hardest punch on the
Jaw of any man I ever knew and still
fight. He can lake them on tha ehln
and never wabble a bit. What's mors,
he can nock some himself. And ynu
S'luWi I'UII. ll a ,.'un, iii s. Miii'i
ston put In sn appearance ready to
play, II .sir. nilht have had the match
postponed, but as it was scheduled for
to-day went out and did the best he
could, which under the conditions was
far from his regular best.
Bundy had not arrived In Newport up
to late to-nlRht and It la likely that his
match ssrslnst Watson Washburn of New
York will be defaulted to the latter In
the morning. Mclxiughlln, the only
omer westerner at ths Casino, ot some almost unsafe for racing during the past
fair practice In a match w'.th Krancls , . ,.
Roche, a local product. The Comet, who " Wk"' " 1 pult ,ne form fo
only last week was totally eclipsed by ! '"'crs were sble to pick more than a
the areat Hehr, ran out his victory In i fair proiiortlon of winners. Five favor-
straight seta, ta 6 1. 6 3, 6 3. Roche
had some pretty strokes, hut they did
not sliow up to much advantage sgslnst
McEomihlln, who had more life than he
displayed In Sen bright last week.
Richard Morris Williams 2d of Phila
delphia, the national champion, won his
match from Frank M. Watrous, a for
mer Yale player, at 9 3. 6 4. 8 0.
Watrous showed a flash of ability In the
early games of the second set when he
broke through W lllama's service a couple
of times and led Ht I 1.
Dr. William Rosrnbaum of New York
end Irving C. Wright of Boston had the
honor of playing the first matuh on the
championship court, and after the first
set. In which the New Yorker was as
wild as the proverbial March hare,
showed some good tsnnls. Wright won
the match after four seta had been
played, at 61, t 6, S, 76.
Hosenbaum had many good chances, es
pecially In the fourth est, when he led
at 4 3, but threw them away by his
Inaccuracy. The New Yorker waa far
from being In his best form at any time
during the match, for he came up on
the boat last night and did not get much
sleep because of the continuous tooting
of the foghorn. The doubles will start
to-morrow, with (Irltlln and Johnston,
the challengers, and the Eastern cham
pionship pslr, Williams and Washburn.
In the draw. The summaries :
Newport Ciielno Invitation Slng'es, First
Hound t'larsnce .1 (Irtfnn dofaated Lyle
Norrls Willi., ms defeated Frank' M Wat-
rone. 13, r, 4. o, Charles H Bull, I
Jr.. defeated William Rend Id. - 7. e 4. !
11 i J tl. Thomsa, Jr.. w-n from L. M i
Tho nn. by lefanil. Craig Hlddls defea-ed ,
p, .;ieaN.n. o s t. default; R. (' Heaver
defeated F T Frsllngh.ivsen. 2--. --!,
t"'.l'h :""anJ ' Johnston d.fes.ed I
i ii ........ i ... a ... -'. i.i u'. s-,. .
4. 4. - 1: Robert Iltoy
v alter i . raee, s-
Rowland jKv.n. d;ft.d W.MJS.JJJ, !
Ija-oriiurd Tipfkmnn hy lrfult; lUrry
Johnmin dft.ttM H. A .V icKlni.v. 1, I
n-l;.4T4,'r; fi!1"1-W- Nj,: '
WatVm .lpfn..i ' i:' T -:. V
7-'.. H I HitrVM .n from Arthur M
Igiv1linl by )t?r;iut; (ix.ritfl Wiuht ni:m I
def-iitp.i Frank .t. aalrkowai
-tV I
- " l I nrl. i !' ! , T ..nart. Mi,
Fra.nt.la Uurka Koehe, 1, t, t 2
Beond Kttun.1- ti ( intr ilefpite-l R. ;
l. I r : Rifhatr-i atvaaa tie-
featt.l Albert L. ltoktn. 4, 13, 41
araUM: Ti C. lffcittl J S C'lihrnan.
I. 1, -4. FprilfH'k C lnrnan
front BdWla F. TNrt ry bv dofautt;
tea F. Jotmaon . l It r.inwi
i. t. a.
InvltatiVn DOttblai t'pjH-r H!f. WgCIOnd
Hound t.yic K Mahan un.i Qeorao wignt
man Vg ' K. Watoan, Jr. an t T Pottfr
Nth.4.nie W Vita an I Wallace V John.
an vi ir will lam RoaantmuRi an i rrod'
a-.' k y rrollashuygen; Theodora R, Pell
and Kre irt k i lnrnan va Rowland
r.nn. jr . a.n i ..iri. rnu-t'. .1 r
Id and
Round Kiohard Nerrta Vi::unoi
tfetaaMi M waaohburn a f j
Fulhiway and it. Tolket rn-r. Ward
Pawn n and part nee va H a Uacklnney
ant I. S Wat:ora. it iMm tn i K Tu!. r
, rne j i.ritnn umi wn.i.mi
g Johnaton
jowr Half. irond Rottad Robert
u mi tt.tr:- m Huil Jr. va inner
fL-Bfri 5'L2r?i"arJflS.n
tll.1 Jll
match: 1 C, Wright and Harry C Johni
in ' int.. s, in ..i
H i'. mull 1 It - nn 1 hVo,U.strb
H aw isandar va ,i h Cuahman and waiter
UuRiet Mnah.. w kmI Ii , i JL M1M 'VW-
sure You know Johnson opened n CUl
over his e th.il was frightful. Uoy.
I don't min.i telling you thai it was the
worst bust I ever saw n msn tret In my
seventwn years of lighting experience.
He'a same because he never peepe.l onae
In the twenty rounds with Johnson.
"Juet beeauee he's game I'm with him.
I'm going t.. Saratoga Springe w:th him
in the morning ami im coming bach n
October It with the man who will finally
flatten Jim Coffey, I hnven't ninth nn
aijninst Coffey, but I know Mor an is a
rame flsrhier and he can sina ma to
sleep any day with his beautiful Bng-
llsh. My I how thai boy can talk!''
And right here must be told a store
fr..in Thk Hps trentthsa A year a..
th. merry Scn man wns standing at the
head of the stairs of the Ht. Nicholas
Kink, talking to this ssme Morgfl It
was a fight night. I'p lhe stairs came
Frank O'Neil, the Statu Hoxlng Com
mlsioner. "Hello, Frank," said O'Neil, addressing
Moran. "How's your conduct.'
"Kx-I-.MI'-lary," said Moran, without
batting an eye.
Huong men including the merry
chronicler, grasped the railing at the
head of th.- stairs, O'Neill renowned
for his poise ami coolness under the '
most trying circumstances, tripped
headlong over the next step. Moran'a
ESngllah had floored everybody. S"oi
two years the merry chronicler has told
that story of Moran'a faultless diction
Last Saturday ntghl the m. chronicler '
told it again, between lines of an Inter- I
view with Moran, Concerning I'aris and
"Vou say, Mr. Chronicler, that this I
Moran suitl his conduct was exFMl'-'
lary'.'" asked the golf expert, who Inci
dentally la a leftover relative of Noah
"Klghth wonder of tha world, Hill,
but i xKM I'lary is Just what he said." !
"Well lie said it wrong." mumbled the.
golf expert. "I don't like ti. Hash the
Book on your atory of Mr. Morao's beau
tiful Kings B, but here It Is. Have a
look- e-s-e-m-p-l-a-r y i:eniplnry I
Accent on the first syllable. In the In
I terests of our mother tongue, you'll cor- I
re. t Mr. Moran ths next tlms you ate
' him, now won't you'.'"
; him
Thai gray spooler, ths postman Just
dropped this curd int.. the sanctum.
it's from un old warrior. Says tlie card 1
(in I.al.nr l)Hy si th JugPSS A 0. nt
juareSi eleslee I oelehrete nlnstssntn
anniversary In the rlns. 8onte nuii. I
Malted when most of Mill light writer.
w.ie n knlekBrbocjcsra eh. wott If I
tasks good. John Meek, manager ef thu
stub. in gei Weleh to fulfil srtlclss.
Harry I'ollok haa uirad aiguo.l. RsgardSi
Unit ling Nelson!
the world that
Ths best
hs Was a
(real fighter Is the fact that the spirit
Won't die In Ills battered old hulk.
i t.Ver had thlH war brought home
to me with more nf a bang than when
I Frank Moran told me he met Adrian
Hogsn on a London street,'' said Willie
Lewis yesterday. "Hogan Joined
, h'tench colors at lhe call to arms, and
when KtHiik met him poor Hogan whs
making his wnv nloug lhe street on
prUtOhea his right leg having been shoi
away at the hip by a Hhrapin I ball.
He waa a great fighter, was Hogan.
I fn, ,.,!. 1,1,.. I., iiioiu i,. 101 r . ,1,1.
i in ) - isjiii - iiumu'i'mi. int- Wa tV SSHW'Js
With Mud All Oone Horses
Run Trite to Form at
Hasatooa, N. T., Aug. 18 The third
week of the race meet of the Saratoga
Association bean this afternoon under
improve! conditions, i'ne irac.e
though not fast had lost a lot of the
sticky, cupry condition which made It
Ites nnd one second choice passed ths
Judges first, but one of the winning
favorites wss dlsuuallfled for a fault Cat
the .horse that could not be prevented by
the Jo. key. I
The Kentucky Selling Stakes, for two- I
! vear-old fillies was ivon hv th Oulncv '
Stable's Ronnie
whlcJi outgamedl
Olfford A. Coohran's Kemlnlst In the last i
sixteenth 19 "o'hs
,"xn", Lady Hurbary
Next to the stake event the moot lm-:sp
,, The Pi Tin
port. mt waa the handicap .it a mile t j.,(1v, H,p..
wivlch was run as a fourth race. With1 ward selling;
Flglnny, Ham McMeeklti and Hedge I "Jftlf. '. ',
scratched, the i.iyera opened D. J. :J,r"h""
. I: - Lattl Teress
l.eit-y s Roly favorite, but though It waa,Ray o' Ugat
said a atable commission
plaoesl 0B
Rolv ho rncelv.vl so litlh. rtuiA aiinmrt
v,a -, . , 4 I
oM. aui... 1 oii'i" .. m rjiep BUp
planted him as the choloe long before
they went to the post.
(iarnor had the mount on Ons Step
nnd, breaking third, he aant her along
SO nUllkllf that ). nvaphi.ilMl Cev '
befors reaching the backstretch and Im-
misllat. ly onstied up a lead of eight
lensnhs By the time she lilt ths home-
si rot. h One step had increased her lead ,
to ten lengtha, but the early pace had I
taken a good .bal out of her and when,
.o,j I'.ta.'.eTt . isui aim iurner put
rt"'y r th" wh,P ne to gain ail
rapidly that the lackers of the fsvorite
hnl a few anxious moments until One
ten went ev..e tl.a. i. m-ow ..i..
T iLe. ' , . IT V
1'n1h of her big lead left. The mile
waa run In 1:411, which waa sufficient to
indicate the improved condition of tha
Tho flfht race under selling rond:
Moll St a COil llllH u or!..i a uiua I.elM.
ful of inters.!, which continued after the !
" an ntxjiuw 01 i si.u.iiirgon-
tion .uwl hitldlnff up Mnl Haimlnjr irwrt.
W,th lh OHttoa of hyne:,
"very hoi- in th ru. ffil well playtjd.
.John W Bdhonfm lAn&Witbml hiivlna
hard work ro n-tn!n hl tMidtitiim um tu.
v.i'ite. Another Wfltrn viniilddtp, J.
IT.ey'a Th (rrader, waa n'r. .
miritorttM t 5 to 1, and tho retain waa
Ut I
in rr-mt to S'tati a Tour lensth lead. '
whksfl ha maintained to the atretoh. I
lati.idanthMl 14.M-.4,, t,. mov.. n.t fh-t, aata 1
Juat 1m fur resiohing the atxteenth jiole
ot on even term with Tht tradr.
The rare IhtiNhik! to :ha favorite if
KcdeHa could have kopt Mm strHlght.
i but he waa boHfl0 ,n U thai ttm and
' buonjafd lmo The U radar a ao that tha
, luttor ta broujftvi almour to hm kneea
! a hout went up from t'1 crcwd when
the loadara oollided, and thoush Lindaii
r il nntahed Miw by two
length a I
dlaHittaitflcaUon -ia bookad f'r. Ka
' ' , , . T . . . . . . .
derm admitte.l the fOul, but satd that RO
Waa Unable 10 keep his horae atratsht.
1 1 nl the r irnhe'v w.-re nu. klv cha,ged
to rmUo Tlie trader th wvtito r. t'he:a
great ed the daolston tn eontraai to the
marked s.leiwe wtibdi nDHOWOO tlie last
p evioua dlaquallflcation by th atewarda
tali, ..i Ti i il liv liir- w.oa er Utek iti ftt- i '
vor of UkIv BoUuv D, f Olnn&a bid t
nn The irader nnd lought him for I
Il.tnn. but later sold him l.Ark to J T
Loonay, ins original owner.
I! T W.lson Jr. won htl SSOOfld
ra.-e ..r the meeting tvhen Baraenei cap-
turi-.l the :! iik event arier i niien ,i
lourney Ttwmae Hrtcncooa tin re.
pejitel In th. Steeiils-his. which was
Ohiefly remarkatde for ths extiemelv haul
r..ce run bv Old Salt, the sceamd oledre.
The Inst race went to J.fferson Liv
ingston's imported ooli fleuro by the
Derby winner OlceVo. wtllell bsd to do
h's heal at the tltrish to ssll off the
challenge of T C. Bradley's Hig Smoke
The summaries :
Three-ysar-olds; Milling: purse tow: five
and hall furlong!
II, .... Wl .lock.v
Pnc fin
II 10 7-10 111,
led 4 t
n i t i
ii t s i fi
H i-l
iw; je.i 1
I.-. I 1
v 1 4M 9
Jll I in
tt' i ie. n
id M u
Ev.-lyu C
Mii.lo Park
MBS, Jr ......
Kris Krir.te
lt,.v Oskwood
Msniit H
Klnf.e Crocket
Beverly Jsjsias
i.s . itn. u
111 .1 M.-Tss't
. wi i illey ..
leT .Turner
,, im l.arner
14 ConnellV
"in Besel
107 MeCsbsy
. l in l.s MlM
IM McAle.
IM T MeTst i
T;ni. 1 ! " '
fioad rtsrt; won drivlns; Sarsenet hr r.
hv flfdsn Court Piaster' owned by ll T
Wilson: trained hy T J Hrsley
upwsrd !
two miles
Nl. Sandy
Old halt
handicsP! three-year old. sn.l
nf; puree. .KJj added; shout
Wt Jockey
'..'.'. Tl.lie
j si O Connor
141 Rstst'son
. IfiJ. Tllekey
Pel Pag Km
7r, i".
in l I j I"
7 : e en !'
M 114
1 one I
i, .in. I atari- son drivlns : Swish, b s .
hv McOse Prnu Kr.ui : owned by Ttintnaa
Bitohcock; trained by .1 Lambert.
The Kentucky; t wai year ol.la ; aellllig; purse
ll Dot live ami a half lurloaga:
llnr... rrv joeasg rrice. mn
llnnui.' Tee
. ..ini . . li aney . : ft
. Ill ..l.llley 11 10 1 I
.- . Martin mm "
lODie J McTae'l ' i I 1 4
S4 Wa.hburn V) 1 m i g
Tune i mi. i :
won drivliur: Ronnie Teas, ch
lira .4.1 ile
Heli n (saris
flood start ;
f by Star Shool l.aal Cherry: owned hy
Quin.y Htahie: trained by j yttssimmons
liandi. in: threo yoar-olds sisl up; one mile;
nueaa l.aK):
fTI .."'KI'.V
... ins ..Qarnsf.
. ins. . Turner. .
. lun1, .1 M "Piu; t
. ...in . Mcrabey
...ion CenncaU
Tune 1.12
Ih-ii-ea Kin
7H M ii
lis 7 in t'Uj
4 I S I I"
il l r. i 4
nl l i
Roly ...
iter flag
Poor llsrt: wen handilv One Step, ch, f .
j, by (kid fellow Bewtlcher: owned by j v.
Oemden: iraiisul by P Wimnirr.
Tiiree vesr eldi ami up: selling; one mils
lurlnnai ; nurae evs)
The tinnier
LlttlS Nearer,
(i M Millar
Killlllnd Ural
Wl ,!n, ky 1'noe. Kin
ioi . riarnsr ft t s I 1"
l in Fslrbro rr 1 l n-.n ju 1
in ,, Byrne IM even
is. . 4 . m-t IMW.. II i : l I
II0U hum ell I" i il
ioi KsdsHs. ii i. even
but . I. I ual I fled.
II me I 4
(lood start: wnn nddeti out Tlie Orader
h g.i bv Orlando -My Kuir Kentuek- owned
by Ji T Loeneyi trained by W J Young
Two-year olds ; malleus: flvn and s half
fuellings . liurae I.
wi .incgey Price. Kin
... 111. . Hyrth. 7 f, II 41
.. UI. C'iinnMly . . 41 5"
. . .114. . Martin.... K-1 II
. .114 T M.-Tsk U 10 1 K I 4
... .til. .Clement... M 1 tl S
...111. Olt 101 41 4
...111 .MnUS.. gn-1 ill 7
...111. McAles ... I I M 4
111 Hum. .... gi-1 ln-l t
111. Hurling',, gsl 10-1 10
Ilia: Hmnke...
, Oho nl i (I
Kanny Dolgg
.la. olilts
! Dovr dale
Ibrdhind ....
Coetiunev -
tiiiio I ..;. i ft
iioo.i a.an. won rimiru nui r learn, e e,
(ion.l alart :
wnn ridden nut
Fletirn, b
I lal V 1 Ughl I XI IJ'IUf)U UJf JU . 1'itrtltni
possible whtoers to-day
in racing at saratoga
first llnee Sritlltan,
Knlht, Southern Star.
sec.n.l Rare Valentine,
Park, Mesharh.
Third Rare Sam Jeehsoa. t
ehares, Rayboara.
Fourth Rare Regret. Trial by
Jary, Capra.
Fifth Raee Volant, Borgn, F.lla
Sixth Rare Tbnnderer. Grasp.
St. Isidore.
First Race -For two year olds: selling: six
104 Mollis Kllo.fl
j 'Hood Counsel
10 Fcolllsh Knlsht
im. Scvllllan
104 Edns Kenna ..
1ST Blanch! ta
... 104
... 104 ,
. . . 1"7
... 112
... V
... 104
. . . 109
Ja end Out
'Southern Star
Irrsw iwldr
After Nliht
Miss I'hllhin
Walloon ....
Second Kace-Steeplrch
iwo miles:
Mesliseh 141 tValentlne 1
Ro- k Fish I4t. Dixon Park 11V
tMonnstone 12 Conuulsisdor H
guwanee 117!
Third Hsoe- All sees: hsndlcsp: seren fur
"ighi Wins
111 Helen Bnrnee.
V Pistsnt Shore..
IM Lsocbaree
ton Sam Jackson
111 Wiiter blossom
so Reyboum
Conning Tower
JFWtBj! "ace "ar.nsc nsnmeap.
Trial by Jurr
lUtron Duke HI
tie Regret If!
I' H niherk 112
to: Sharpshooter II"
.. 12
For three year olds and
one mile
so Amslfl
toj Bono
y (irosveuor
10 llpoker mil
101 Chsnse
Ill 'Orotund
101 Frank Hudson
1S1 'Mars Csssidy ...
107 O'Sulllvsn
118 'Volsnl
. til
. tot
. 1"?
. tm
. 4
'. lot
. 104
. 112
. 100
a srr.
. . - ,.
Orlin Krlpp.
Kasi.-r star
Sixth Rsce -For two ittt olds: gvs and a
half furlonvs:
io: Bmllax
107 Ixird Ro. kvsle IIS
IW St Roek lot
nr. Thunderer io",
Peaceful Star
Indian Chant
Mnes Harrv
111 Hands Off...
112 St Isidore..
! K,,rnor
SApprentlca nllo.an e elsimed
tTen pounds allowance . lanned
,m IRA TOO A, Aui 1 - Tlire t frtW 1"- ,
trfit for to morrnvv ti.,iiiif of th- pro-n-j
Ud gitiptrancr -f Itfvtrftl hor of h.n
el AM whith hvi not vl btn Pfn Under I
ftlli herr Th ntry nf the untrln Rrtl ,
for th MrftiiM Hcvadteapi t & m1 for I
thre- gr-( di a no Indii-atm that Trainer
Jump R9W ha hnpei of a good track
for which he h bten w ilting bfor "n i
Ing the Kantucky l-tr'" winner tn lhe
Mit P.crtt m ratii on ern trntf with i
The rinn acrnrrilrv I" 'he wifht for ac
i-i-king up -i pouaai to ill I r t:.
Ha rn Jacktan, whl h hat bean haaflnfl
aroitnil In the n9p of a uiitrh rar vita
Roamtr, ! taolntf hal will make ri
Art' atSli of th meeting.
Tim O'BrUR pl"k'l out a handb-ap at
pven f urlongi to gl ve hi hampb'n h'i
at tlaa lu nubltr. nn I lf.indl jppr Voa-
bursh fhoed that b bal Uvea in the im
provement of t ht agfd enmabaak by 1m-p-talng
III pounda en h'.t bii k
T a Thniiininn'i T h 1 1 tl 1 B r e I" M f 11 '
Sroth-r to Kegret und which haa been
aaoken of rot the Fui irity. will make hH
rPt uppfwrac in th two. tear r
i that Indl up tht rard.
Dominant ta top w tight for tha i ru
But H.tndi' ap t" bt run on Wednaa laj
I H will carry III pooada and v fou
poundl to Marae Jbiin Jacnha, tha Bpln
away winner, t In with 111 and Loraa ll
til In Wtta 117
J rry s'arrnV! ! ting fir the Rhoahont
t fit ihlt. ha leane I the J linpr Hi R Ion ri
fr m w f Prtaarava with the Idee ol
running tht horae n the Piping Rock Huh
acripiioo aipiti ni
.fci?" ?!. . w n wSr JW
that the grat trotttr Naney Hanki had
,,ttt .aM night at Hamburg Place Tho
i n .ted mare h yeara 1 and had an
unoeattn r "r I tt- a rarer. Her mart
Ina. : ;S4. Anl un'ik. siany of tha m..r
ahlrh have i.e.'n r.e e I h.1 1 ah wns
great eucoses In las Btud
i Harr) Ll
ing In Frg
Mentegae who has h..n ra
e for the lat flxe e.r v.,
I.tke meal ether Americana
vh" wera f.o e. to .nj.o their ra. I.ial
ebresd. he . thlnblng of (sk ng up
aport In t h ia i euntry.
An extra ra-e has been arrsng.1 t..
asturday In Which 'he sentlcnen rlden
will have a chsncs to h IW th lr proWOSI
The distance erlll be s mile.
BsndS I 'ff is .n'.r. l 1. th a' age r.. I
a Tin ir se -lrta To- wl . I.e III.
ftrai of 'he twoysei eld
ass I iter. pa this BSSSoa.
to re .ma;:
Bright lleiilhsr. a two eer eld cn'.t
Main l.l.habin.. ran Inc. a fane, wh
ex.r. ..Ins this marnlng and w.a bill
hs waa owned o i. c Bennstt, but ha I
nut .tar'-.t h ire, though engaged In tha
principal Iwo-yser-old ttebsa Ilia futu--
BngagSRIsnte here Inoluded the irar. t
t'nion HotM Stake., Albaay and Allr m
dak hai.du ape
rir-i Race Purse ; a: furlongs:
ne nn ii ,,.,..r,, .io. 4:t lii .m i I
eroni Mona 0 , '. iSroernb in and il 10
ascend: Prince Hbupsrd, l4 tCummlnasl
iiO, third Tune, I IH .4 I c.ruh Sua
i. an Mir .lam... Ite,l p.t, M
an. i Alalia a. in,. ran.
Second Rs.e Selling. fle and a
furious.. Cacle Will, no (Aeloni I
ll sn.l 19 10, won; (la.eawln'he
ha f
I n
loll, I
(Louder). . 10 ami l ... a. , ,ln I
Buany. ioi (giurehyi, liois. iiuri Time
I '10 1 " Ited ('run Malrlx. Dmletta.
nis.-k Krest. Joels anil Uyps) it ..ir also
Third Bscs disks: seven furlong.
Harnegat. lol iCooperl, litn, ; ... and
nut. won; Kountal" Kay. Ill 11' iver)
.. 70 and nut BBCondl Transit, 1 n 1 .Mo'...
nut, third Time, lilt, Exp. tatkui also
Koutth nace Ontario Prlsej one mils:
Ceitn. 1 1 (MeDermetti. I io, li 10 ind
is. goon Karberdi ici (Aotnni, lo.so ami
1.1. IH'. .eenrnl. Moving Picture, to') tl'la
yen, l 10. third. Time. 1:41 3 I Ralke.
The S plow Moon and Prince I'bltlsthorps
I 'a, ran
e'lfili Itaia Paras . Ue furlongs (lei
del. l.lal. 1)1 iroQDOrl I3 4 I. In and
I.' 70, wen, nvsBtmsnt, i"i iMotti. $14. to
I and 14.70. gsreadj Little Hlgg. r. Ml
I (Louder). 11.10, third. Time, 1.01 s I
i M.y McUee, Tuah Tuah. Lady Mlldrsd,
! Jea. and St.adan alao ran
Hum Km c -selling . .g furlongsi Broil
113 lVan.DuB.nl. 11.40. 13 3.. ,.,,.1 It .a
! eon; Csmmsasls too i Mi i.rn or i. i ei
an.i i i". sseeadi Lechlei. ioi .('..iiatun. '
11.10, third. Tlms, 1:11 4 i. j..e Ann
and Sigma alio ran.
geventta Race rer three ier,.:.iM nnd'
upward saxlllllK. one mile ami a Hlxteen.h
- lte.lla.lid. toy i i lierrnott i, 11 t,, o, i;
to 'id aiul 'i to in won: liwlfrnn. lol
(Oeopse), 4 he l y te hi and a to '..
eecendi Aprlee led iLouderl M to lOi h
to h and 3 to 4. third Time, I :l :,
Dundrsary, l H. Hougditnn, u Mode,
lleeuall alld King llo .,,m raS,
linn.. Wins on Mi au l. i..i. Courts.
Vllllnm A. Hanye, Jr , nf ths Borough
Park Tennis Club, won the open singles
tournament of the iirighton Beach Ten
nls club by defeating I'" If. Dunham of
tl.e West Sldti Tennis club In straight
set, 7- I S 1. 3.
roll I A ll I t. I1AHAI.KS.
POHTAI1LB Metal tlarag.a rsdurs ths
uptti ; "f your car lo a minimum; itronf
and durable, srtlltlo ill design and aold at
price, thai inn. i appeal 10 tin, din laminat
ing buer, writ, or plume for Catalog al
STB Bl. Bfll.DiNn lALBS cult in fit.
TluN, 103 far Av.uu. i'lion. Murray
Hill 4210.
N.s D.partur.M.rvle. St a. The (twllllam Co
I3 W. Ill bl. lal B'wey). Tel. in ,,.,.,
wff Anmlenr Partner Allegheny
Professional Wins a (.ten Onk.
Chicaoo, Auk. 16. More than half of
I the 110 entrants In tho Western open
; championship which Is to he held here
Wednesday and Thursday started In the
open tournament of the fllen Dak Coun
try Club this afternoon. To-day's com
petition waa a best ball foursome, with
a purse of 1275 for the lowest three
lalrs. I'roe took amateur iartncrs.
Tii winning tonm. Jack Hutchinson,
PlttKhurg. and A. Clarkson, Indlan
nisills, whose score were 35 36, 7(1, re
ceived first prise, 1125. The second prise.
11"", and third prise. $5n, worn divided,
as J. C, Kackbarttl Midlothian, and D
K.ibor, Kvanelon, tied with A. Andrews,
Oalaaburg, III, and R H, I'ralS. Louis
ville, Ky Roth pairs made the same
no.rc : 86- 3fi, 72.
There will he a thirty-six hole medal
play competition to-morrow, open to
h .th professionals and amateurs, and all
of the plays rg entered for the champion
ship are expected to enmnsta for the 1660
W M ..... . .. ..a a, .
" .. ........ a.
1 A
Klght events are on the programme of ' deiphls (14). it down; s. i siiln. Merlon
lhe annual meet of the National Worn- : J j; g; 'Jhtallade.Ohl.
I'll1' Saving League which will be,i4). S down; C. W. Dsvls, DrOenWOOdS
held in Sbeepshea.l Hay nn Sunday ! (Hi, 6 noun. It. It Iffslar, Hprlnghaven
afternoon. A number of A A 1' nffl. : ". down: J. P Mnrjan. fivk'T Meadow
clals will help to manage the competi
Hut". Hreaaa r dniilni a Ituhe Which
Is ta say that he la not only a left handed
pitcher. Mil thai la his real first nsme.
Tiie pele Qrounde Itemed and seethed
wlih Federal l.esRj.ra yesterday. Anione
ties., presenl of that Indepenilent tlk were
I'resy (I: more, H"h, rt II U r 1. Fielder
Jones, Doc ( rsndall and ctheis too numer
ous e mention. Addison Kelly, one tlms
star of ilia Princeton grid iind diamond,
hobnobbed with tho Fed elgwlga.
Defeats are oomlng freely IS Hill Doak
tiie. lays, yet he la right i"rt of a pitcher.
The fjlaata. Hruoklyns and Bos tens and
Cubs trimmed him In ord. r.
Tht 8t. Loula Fed are a gOOd road tM
nn i i r h tn- team "I don't know why
it i unttai it'g thp haai In it. Loula" ".ya
iint Cranlalli "and th.-r haanl in much
iv-at tkara " Mayba U'a oauaa ihert
hasn't baag heal enmigh
Her lag gami to t-e bulidlni p atr-mg
plt.-hing at tin" tn Olnei ienaoldar. l'ala
gad T'aay are thrta fairly gifted knflafi
nn-l thin trtll lycamArOi Hi Knarv, whlrta
hlft inng irmt a If h gould pitch COnalal"
Tha nVland Mm mada ihr run
from liftman hita. Pta hita t-- a run may
not be the qulntaaaencr of PprtglMly t' am
Work, but Hg making aur- of the runa.
An uauiual apnartlonlas of taae hit
t""k placa In "ne of tha Cincinnati Htta
burg JoUaHl wh-n th ton Rodl t-onfernpd
Bgen eantrlbutaal ta tha ton Clnrinna l hlta.
Conaia Mark m pacta to raaali J an
man thi Iraey City outfleldr(
tt thf
of the Int t rn it i nal Ir t k ie feanon.
Ifalael'g tatok ef Isajob-'a foul In the tec
ond tr.nl rig waa a Jaw; Mattel rati go
c4oer t' tht ronoran than anybody eiar
and 'hla time it na iu h a tight A' that
h" took ta"e nf tht aonvfete adth htm
The Olantt won fl t a'raight, than
dmpped four airalght. At that i tte they'll
i win ika pennant py Ckriatmai if aotrietniy
glea doeen'4 ln u Ptfora that Vu.rttat
I time.
Barney Dreyfutt aaa he'll tight to a
) finish to hold Ituhe jiernon. who llerr
1 mnnn gaya t.l"ngi t bt Uianta Pratt-it-iit
Hftnp-'eail prt-attly will tight to a
i tiMh ii ho. i him. in tha meant lata Prat
idt nt T'-ner ln't rfetea at-tno wbal with
I Dreyfuae! tight to a Antah t-j orderlns 'hi
J latter nt to une Ren'an and lagertlng that
the pitcher belongs tn Men York Appae
' ently the ftaleh 4.r the fight t.. a finith l-n't
; far oft.
Warr.-n N i ';irtr th- ' a ! f r ...in w ho
though: he might like to be a l,g itmgu
' rn tgn.t'. ai.ti ' tmea thut lit u i
ft--- . 1 -Jf c)(ii"rrrj J ipuiisffn j . ' " Z; T1" J(- " ' J "
mm m
Camel Cigarettes are as new in flavor as they are taste-satisfying:.
Made of blended choice Turkish and choice Domestic tobaccos,
they delight the most fastidious smokers, who prefer them to either
kind of tobacco smoked straight.
The Camel blend produces a cigarette hat will not bite or parch
and that leaves no unpleasant cigaretty fter-taste.
Camels have a remarkable mild-smoothness that gives all the
desired "body." We tell you, men, you will appreciate every
puff of these fine blended cigarettes.
No premiums are
in these cigarettes
L. NefciaMlSSSjkl
Dewltf Bnlrh Onins Tnylor
Trophy by Great Golf on
I.nst Nine Holes.
MANcHrisTKn. Vt, Aug 16. By play
ing the last nine holes In thirty-five
strokes oar nolf. Devltt Halch, the
Western Junior . hami ion, playing from
Clnolnnatl Oolf Club,
standing of 3 down at
tlnlehf.l 2 up on bog.y In the Arthur
Taylor memorlnl competition at tho Kk
wonnk Country Club this morning.
The youn Westerner had two 4s for
a 32 for the last nine, but finished with
a 6 and a 6. The loading scores:
Of Wilt Halch. Clnetnnstl
, 2 up: ft.
S. I 'a nip -
m Clark,
M liwalne,
t. R.lnar.ls. Dallns 111. 1 up. N
belt Agnam (4), even; C
Hunnybrnok i$l, even; A
Hartford (, i downi A. f. White, m
vinnk ill. I down; C, A. HpofforU. darken
1 ITV I'D, i nilWII, ...mil I. ItlVVn, PHI
, . j.m ...ah, Bhlla
(14). 4 down; A. Paul. Ilsrkensnck (41.
7 down; (J. Nixon. Forest Hlil (Si. down. 1
F. A. Reals. Crescent (d). 9 down.
bit Option t" buy the ClmdnnaJtl club. He
hat ao tHegraphrd Herrmann
Ty Cobb was bur tn the ninth Inning -if
tha f i rt g tme yeaterday Ha ud Into nrt
teaaa trying to heat t ut an Infield bit. H
in the game Snail the ai te waa re
tired and tha Injury la thought not to b
Tha Ftadg wera blocked In their atempt
to raid the Cleveland team. Jot Jackaon,
Willie Mitchell and Dixie Walker turned
down offt-rs. u in tald, mad by Emissary
Tinker Tinker, areordlng to tht atory,
talked too much about what ht waa going
to do and tha Cleveland officials got wind
ef hla luttntlona and beat him to it.
NlSOn. outflalder of the Hctum-TK flub
of the T xaa teaSUi haa been purchased
hy the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jack Coombt
recommanded the I, one Ptar fly grabber
Tht Fedaraia oeored one yeaterday hy
e'gning flalph Co mat Ark, the pitcher 10 Id
by I'rovldenrt -to Dnrlnnatl He will go
to " ikee a ftebelt.
What wa don't under tend i: Why. If
Saw York and Plfteburs at keen for
Rube Benton, waan't he north keeping hv
Ctaelaaatl ?
A noa of on' of th rerent Pfcllly-Brairai
battlea It to this gastr. non-ilrai tfftct "Th
waternteion thaa Hug hat a: f in St Losla
be aya cSStad h- tttOSblt for him." And
ytt. to unfamiliar ar- we with theae dlgOO
live mat-arm that we ctn't blame j.t
Louie Th ta me warermtlon prohsi hi v
would have eauaed uat sa stseh trouble
had It been eaten In mini It.
Ot' ar VI: t of - ht Tvgert was hit by
Walter Jahn-in. but f.tr fmm b.-mg Riadt
gun thy t hereby h slant m d .sou for a
triple and RUtfaell fof a alngla la the very
tirxi same he played.
Jack Harrv. th'rttop of the eX.nrt
Ittt.ttl cordon, hit t. far prag rej.ed in
leamiTig how to p'.iy th kevatnne cranny
for th Had gog tht thert arr agparte who
prone inct him the beat fl'Ming gacend
hate in m in thf American League.
MoeliOf ef the Wallng'lna too part In
two dOUblfl playg In one game, which Is
noteworthy boceuao Hloetier is an outfltidor
He to,,k a fiv and doufa ed beeg runner ofi
flrtt ant! he took anoth r (i and doubled a
runner at the plate.
nit.lna ii. mis i.hsi M.hi.
At tho Military A. C, Jimmy Jlitrrty
beat treddy Reeae In ten rounds,
At tin- Bunael s. c, VValter Melaon won
fnim Jack Urghaat when iik letter's
s Mlda thrw up the sponge In ths
fourth round.
given with Camels,
prohibits their use.
At the Sunset M. I '. Waller Nelson WOP ... , , ,.,., 1 "
from Jack U rah am When Hie lattera I 7.,'.. .' i a n n .. 7. n o ,. i S
Camth arm told tvtrywhmrm in teitnlifically ruU pachag, 'JO for f Or , or 10
pachagt.1 (200 ci'gareftes) in a glauino-covrod carton for $100. We ttrongly
recommend1 this carton far the Aome or office tupply or when you travel.
Wins One Day Tonrnmiient n
Hamilton tiratiue fourl.
Miss (lertrude Delia Torre was the
winner of a women's one day tourna
ment on ths Hamilton Orange courts
yesterday. In all but the semi final and
final rounds the Issue was decided by
the playing of a tingle set.
There were sixteen starters and Mlsa
Delia Torre worked her way through
the lower 1. racket while Mrs. Albert
Humphries won In the upper. In the
final Miss Delia Torre won the first set
at 6 4, and I lie second at 6 -1. Miss
, Bthol Tynda
gnd M.ss Kanny io.,.lard
overcame nisi were in winners in in" o.i'inies, on
the turn gltd floating Mrs. Humphries and Mrs, David
Mills in a three set mat. h, 61, i 7,
8 6, The summaries
Slnglfs- First rnun.l -Mis A liter I Hiun
nbrlrs l(cat Mm Katirv (lo.l.lsr.l. f 2:
Stl Whitney beat Mrs W Hint. ;
Miss Anns mi:t-n heal Miss A i Itnih.
;- l. Miss Mlth lugs I I Mrs llsny
Smith. - t; Mis Hull Mills beat Mrs
Percy win.. urn. I; Miss Jane Kelly
heat MlM ll Itn Punnett. I 4, M M Marv
Hamilton ho,t Mki Mildred Hart. 4:
Mist Gertrude Delia Torre beat Mlsa Kthtl
Tyndal. I.
Ccconl Itriund SSfH NuntphrtN heat
Mlai Whitney, f 0; Ml V aa b. at Miaa
Anne Ham I tan, I , Mrs Ml. Is heat Mia
Kg . Dj Mtea Dellt foi ro beat Mlsa
.Mai v Hamilton, ti 0.
S"ml final Hound Mrs Htimphrias heat
Mist Hagg I I, I tti Hlag Dell Tuna
Deal Mrn Mills. 3, rt 2.
Final Itound Mls.t Dalit Tom heat Mra.
Humphries, fi 4, 41 1.
Te ti ii I a To iirnry tt Holly ironti .
i 'rogrsmniM for the Hollywood noif
( 'tub's annual Invitation lawn tenult
tournament have been Issued and nn
noun, e compatltlont tu men's singlet
and men h d ubl- s Play w:ll begin on
hVpt ember 10 Si I 0V look In the nfter
Itoon and the tOUntty wtll continue on
the following two daySi Beptember 1 1
and 1 2, The Hollywood OOUftg are at
Deal, N. J., and tht t-unnatnent will be
in charge of a committee composed of
Marry Content. T. Honlaminn, Herbert Rg
Islmburg. Joseph J. U'Dunohua, Jr.,
Frank I. .Slaztngcr and Monroe R.
seatefejgy'e Sssnlte,
Prevldeaes, It HarHaburg, 0.
Ruffsln, t. Montreal, I fflral esm.i.
Puffslo, a. Montrsel, i s. i ina gams).
Torintj, 3. It !iri.'.sr, '.
Mnnillns of the (Iiihs.
W I If w L
I'mvulsll' o T .:T..t(.M!o ... 4.'. M
HUffale..... S .47 lt Ro.hsstsr... 44 HI
Mmiin'si . a 41 r.r HictmoiA . II .'.
II irnsl.iirff . 4 M'. .(cracy City.. .1. fil
Tn-iii4 . Sc bed ale.
jr.v city in Rleatn iad.
rrn', iat.. . in Harrleburg.
Meatrsal in gugA.c.
Toronto in Ro. .tsar
XI lliirrlsliurg.
t I I I I I I I I 11 7 1
. I.I.
1 I.
. eeeeeeee o i
Providence, Osseager. Bebltltl
sburg. .'hst-k. Smith sml
flat', ri. -
Hi v If . I
Rsynntda ft
At h.m 'beeter.
ft 11 R
0 o n J J
. n n--:
end Ki.hsr;
..:...in. Wnns-
snto it.L.1 .. " I I I I
h'lsr . I I. I. i t I 1 i
It... h.i
in.tk. r.
Toronto, laiiau
pslm.ro end
t Beffalo.
It II F.
I I I I I I t 6 X - 7 1J (I
i, oitiio e i t o
Montrssl, Pullerton nn-i Haw
'ullsnwlder ni Laleage, ,
Buttals it I.
Uentreel I.I
ls . Bugslo,
your call for
of tobaccos blended
r. ........ UaatMal Pa.aM aaa.l lt..w.
lie). I . .11 .. . i i a ii i , ... w .

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