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Ruards, while the other went on to Die
home of Hupt. J. M. Murks
Ilurke was about to retire when he
feeard some one outalile Balling him by
nam. He. stepped outalde the door and
two atrong men grablied hie nrms and
pinioned them. Four other Mood In
front of him. covering him with shot -fcuna
and revolver. Burke, and Rmlth
agreed that not more than half a dozen
of the twenti-five nsBfflbOrg of the ban-l
wore masks, but neither man recognised
any of the fares.
Mriiuuilim of Xo I ae.
Burke struggled somewhat, he said
later, but the same iulet spokesman
told him It Wal no use. they had come
tor Ieo Frank and were ging to get
Ilurke was marched ahead of the
band, thrn M the main prison building.
At the gate the trusty on duty waa or
dered to open It. He hesitated and said
ha must have official orders The gat I
Is of heavy wire mesh, and two or three
men then began to cut the wlrea. Th
trusty waa told he would tie killed as
Boon as they got In, and when he saw
......1.1 . u.. .,., t h. ,, , .1
the gate. Ills delay waa the only tern-
porary setback the lynchers received. '
The guard In charge at night. Heater
by name, heard the noise at the gate
and came forward Just as th band was
going In He waa directed to throw up
hls hands; he did without hesitation
The lynchers swept up the stairs
toward the floor on which Frank waa
oor on which Frank was
and Burk were kept In
near the lop of the stairs. '
kept. Hester
advance until near the top
and then the Impatient band swept ahead
and ran to the big room In which Frank
had hta bed. i
Frank had left the prison hospital on
Sunday, the wound Inflicted on July 22
by William C'reen, another convict, hav
In healed He waa still weak from his
wound and his long stav In the prison i Jhairmen Davison was first Informed
hospital. H was in bed. and awake. hurriedly Imparted his Informa
Down the long room the lynchers"0" o Conmlss1onera Halney and Pn
awepL Convicts In other beds cowered 1reon, and they made hasty efforts to
under their bed clothes, but aome of the int on the scene. But before they could
lynchers In the rear who could not get " to the prison grounds the mob wss
to Frank told these men not to fear
Frank was the only one they were after.
Dragged Prom III Bed,
Eager hands dragged the bed clothes
efr Frank, who wa then lifted to his
fet. He struggled, but made no outcry.
The strength of any one of the mob was
more than sufficient to handle Frank,
but all who could place their handa on
him pinched and shoved and punched
him, and he waa buffeted to his feet :
burfeted whll rough hands pulled a
shirt over hia nglhtshlrt and drew on a
pair of trousers and then dragged and
kicked and buffeted dOWtl the stairs
and out to the waiting line of automo
biles. Roma gripped Frank's long black hair
In their fists and wrenched his head side
ways and forward; others clenched at
his throat, ripping open the long s'ar In
fllcted bv f-onvict Preen H o ktsate
healed: still other. Kaii.reH .1 hu. r...
and body with their fists nnd feet.
Capt. Burke, left on the stairs, says
Frank's face waa pale as ha was dragged
down to the automobile and hia Hps
wsre moving, but that he marie no out
ary. even though he must have been in
Teat pain from the gaping wound on
hia neck and the cuffing he had received.
Frank was dragged t;. the foremost of
the string of automobiles, picked up and
thrust roughly into the tonneau. Then
one stalwart member of the'hand bran
dished a rope In front of Frank'a eyes,
aaylnsj. something which was not over
heard by the prison officials, and then
dropped the rope into the bottom of the
Eight drivers cranked eight auto
mobiles and all the lynchers Jumped
Into their cars.
"Now. boys, for the swamp"' shouted
the leader, and the cavalcade sped for
ward on the road toward Atlanta.
The whole kidnapping took no more
than Ave or six minutes. Th dust of
the automobiles settled, and then Capt.
Burko. Warden Smith and their guards
and trusties bestirred themselves.
Finds Wires ( ut.
Warden Smith rushed to the telephone
O Inform the Sheriff The telephone
wire was cut. Attempts were made to
leephone from private houses In the
neighborhood, but all of thetn had been
ut also finally a courier was sent 3
notify the Sheriff of Baldwin county.
At 1 :30 A M Representative Knnls tele
phoned the news to a newspaper friend
In Atlanta. He In turn notified lov.
Harris, and th Uovernor sent order to
every Sheriff in southern 'ieorgla to
wstch out for ths party. The (lovernor
waited at his home until almost 7
o'clock this morning for word from the
Brlson ofllcisls. but none came Then
the Qovarnor left to tmlu an at lress at
the Confederals Veterans' reunion at'
Fltsgerald. His only Informtitoon at
that time had come frori newainra
en . r raiiK s nouy
had not then been
H left his secretary, F R. Jonas, I John Wood of ranton They were at
lelephonlng lo county authorities all tending Alpharctla court, heard the
yer the State for Information about the news early In the morning and cume at
idnappers and their prisoner. i lop speed to the scene.
Capt Ilurke tins afterm-on gave out "Heur me, men." repeated Judge Mor
the following detailed vcrslun of the raid j r'B- The crowd became itulet. except for
vii in.' jn leon ;
''I w.a called to the door Just as I
was preparing to retire, anil following
asual custom, I walked out When I
passed the threshold two strong n en
arui.m-,1 me ami ln sjl instant snapped
ndcuffs on my wrist. Four others'"."" y ln wlth "
M.i.i. . , . - .... . -
no u.e T in? nr",,,'",y "
no u.e for me to Squirm, as they had
come for Io I rurik and were going to
get nlm I told them that Frank was i
got at my house, and they said they I
knew tihat, but they wer solng to take
me where they knew Frank was qunr- !
tered. .
"1 was matched to the i., . . ... .... 1
building by a guard which was doubled
a we proceeded, w
en we reached the
building a do i ami w.ie mude for th.
. . i . anil o e or i. ....
began cuttltm the wires, and Informed I
me thai the prisoner would h. mi.-, ... I
anon a. an entrance was e(T. , ted
"The g,,e unh,ked and NlghtL
Ouard Hester came forward km I
nine forwaid. hut I
was immediately covered and oidered in i
throw on u . I, ,i. ii V,
. '.' L . ,'. , .M.'lf w"y u" he
' ""e ii oasn ror
rrank . ro.cn. i In of the prison), who I
wltnessod this scene said that four men
aelsed Frank b) his arms and legs w hile
a fifth grabbed hsrtl by the hair and he
wvia dragged out of the room and
Um Pd down the ateps. with me look
ing on Frank never uttered a word
diii n.p p.irrntiv lie was surrerlnv
I,i I
tensely mi. I groaned us from ..,.i ...
fllcted in handling him ln hia n s.a
llniidcnns I'm tin,
"The crowd Informed me that they
did not Intend to harm anylsKly except
Lata Frank nnd told me no; t hae any
fear. The affair was uomplsted wiUiili
five minutes, ii seamed to me. and ahnoat
h.fVire we iiallned the anuriiilty of the
acourrenc n waa a written ohapter,
wio iim ine enure pel tor ma n ce n.i.i
hanuffad and under guard. When ll,,- j
off I asked Hie fellow w ho Nad summed I
iu nsvnovuna to uniis'k them, but he
ugh1.1l and saM that If I would aeoom
panv them they would take off the Iron
1 retorted in layims. 'Pamnad if i d go
anywhere with them '
"The grhOl pruoedurs WSs limed is a
wall orderi d snd methodical procession
snd only .1 f, w word wi re gpoksn, .t
avklentl) iiaung oasn agreed that the
Ugg)r Should do nil tne tniking in,,,
two ,,f lb men wne masked, hut did
not rejrogniia any of tbsm Then In ld
lime 1 1 ' ill 11 tnkes I,, veil it the V.ele
off and 1 could see the lights flaahlt as
they went over the hill toward Mtri'
wether, the road that lewis Atlanta
ward." Warden Kmlth In a atatement de
scribed the attack as a carefully planned
affair. He said :
"I waa attending the night at my hom
adjacant to tha main building as I uau
ally do under normal conditions. I had
just gone In when I was called from tha
"When I opened the door half a dossn
men confronted me with pistols and guns
thrust Into my face. They commanded
me to throw up my hands and there was
nothing else to do. At this Juncture mv
wife rushed up and fell swooning In my
arms and the men ordered me to come on
and go to the camp.
"My wife Interposed, and they told
her they were my frjenda and her friend
and for her not to be afraid, but she kept
clinging to me. Then on of the men
told them to go on, but he reoonsldsred
and ald one or two more of them would
better remain with m. They kept me
covered for about five or six minute,
then took my pistol, Jumped Into an au
tonioblle passing by and wer gon.
. " "" quicaiy is naru ;
" -J ! I"5 ! '
"mplateljr at my wits' nd in th mat-
,r' . , . -
"m-h Burke and H arden "mltti
"rp n'lrt blanialass br the Board of Friaoti 1
Commlseloner for th selsure of Frank.
' si ma. jssaa . i
'"""-x. MsaillOUSSJ tne mson rwsni, ;
- - "
happen d to tie at t)ie penitentiary when
'""'nk ws taken from th buimlng. This
morning all three of them spoke In re
grcrtable terms of the occurrence they
witnessed In part.
They wars spending tha night at the
residence of Cent. Burke and had Just
gone to their rooms when he alarm was
ami rated 'hat a mob had omne for Frank.
bcgiinnlrvg to move off.
Held let Restraint by Jnrfa Wk
ashes lo leeae.
Masibtts, Os.. Aug. 17. Ijo M.
Frank's body waa found hanging to a
tree leas than two mile from her this
morning, ae close to the birthplace of
Mary I'hagan, whose murder caused
Frank's murder, as the lynchers dared to
bring him
After an all night automobile rtds
from Marietta, Mary rhagan'a self-appointed
avengers ierformsl the act of
which there have been so many threats
Ml parts of The Stat since Oov. Rla
-"h commuted Frank's sentence from
dsata JOtlfa Imprliwnment
Srktm?ful flii'ii9 followed the find nn
Ol the bOdr! There wa. a concerted ;
move on the part of some of th moet
hot headed cltlteji of this diet riot to
mutilate publicly Ftank's body, but af
ter half a dosen of the most prominent
cltlgens of the county had spoken against
the plan It waa dropped
After the body had been a public
spectacle fk r two hour and fifteen min
ute, viewed by a crow d rat I mated at
6.000. many of whom were women and
children, it was cut down. Men near
the twdy kicked the face with heavy
boots women within reach lore the shirt :
sleeves ;o strips to aave them as souve
I rosl liataere Italekly.
The crowd guthsred with rspidlty.
Women enme. children same. Even ,
babes In arms. The sight of the body I
swaying In the wind, with the red, gap-
"W" sasw '
OL in Huiurii nun, null lliej WOUIU ;
utter little shriek and groan and turn i
k.i. '
Him ii.ui.
une or tne nrst arrivals was a man
In a fremy of passion. He was bare-
headed. finatlaW. his eyes biasing like j
the ,yes of a maniac. He ran through
the crowd, rati up to the body, threw
up Ills hands and clenched his fists and
shook them at the body. Then his hand
would open, hi fingers would writhe
and his fists would close sgaln, and hs
would shake them at the body.
"Now. we've got rou I" he screamed
"Vou wont murder any more Irnocenl
Utile girls. We've got you now!"
The crowd yelled un.l packed closer
At this Juncture a short, thickset man
ran up to the crowts, Jostled his way I
mrougn aim pushed up to a pla'-e be
I1? '..r." Wh Wn" ru"ln '!N
Ite climbed up on soinethinsr so he
could see over the heads of the crowd.
"Men. hear mi," he said.
... ... ,., , - ,
of the Hue Rides Clemill i,u,i ,-.
i sw nvwmn s. aarri rnrmsr n, '
I .rr .,.i G.... . . ' I
air veil in, in Munmii, ,i. ..........
a mumbling In an undertone iy the man i
beside -he body.
t'ltliens of Cobb county, listen to me.
will you?" said Judge Morris. They
gave a murmer of assent.
"Who ever did this thing " The
man'a shoulder and saked him to be
quiet for a few minutes,
"Whoever did this thing." went on
Judge Morris, "did a thorough Job."
The crowd whooped
Judge Morris continued : "Little Mary
Phagan is vindicated. Her foul murder
Is avenged. Now I ask you. I appeal to
. In the good name of our county.
n'1 Ul mor 1 PPal to you to let
the undertaker do It. I.et all who are
In favor of giving this body over to the
j undertaker say aye."
I here waa a chorus of "ayes."
W"H Wae "ty no.
. id Judge Morris.
- ls vo,'" " '"
.??.'? . ."" . . .
,i Z i . "
through the crowd and began to call fo
an undertaker. While h. wa callin
. Nsvrria koi oowii gnu ran tiacu i
Krunk s liialy drnpiM-il to the ground.
At that instant the tiliLti
WHO ha
voted "no" run forward and Isgiin klck-
' n ....-I annus
the head of a smite und. r his heel, did
the man In his awful frensy drive his
heel into the face uf Lao Frank, grind-
I Ha ,i, 1 .1 .... I, h.i- l .......
ll" "m." w, .,.. omu 1IUO
N black dirt.
"Stop html For Ood'g Hi.ke. stop
hiin"' cried Judge Morris as ho nui
UP to th- man and begged him to stop
A negro ran up to Judge Morris.
Here I ami Judge," he said. ''Here's
tin wagon"
Judge Morris gave orders and the
lugio and another negro oiiened the
back end of the wagon and pulled out a
linn undertaker's basket and stalled
wit I It toward the body
"Hrlng the Imilv on, men." shouted
i..... . "i.. 1.
,4u, ',. rthein would pick It up
and Judge Moms, beckouliig tu th
11. nines, wedged ill and worked bis way
tr ward the body until Hie nearoes nnsllv
e hold of it and started toward ths I
ui srtakaFg wagon
A: the wagon started Inward Atlanta
a string of automobllaa, wagons, 1
motorcyelaa and bicycles two miles long ,
It wii.i about ' .HI o'clock this morn- I
ing when 11 horse and buggy dashed Into
the public sipiari here, already rrowded
with people discussing Frank's kid
napping last night.
"They got MgH cried the driver.
waving hi arm behind him. "He's out ( f
' ' ' . r.(.ui.ft 3 (I n.FUU, IWU MIIICS
F.very one knew whom he referred to. '
ami In less than a minute several auto- i
mobiles were headed down the road I
Two miles east of here, hanged to a
tree about seventy-five feet off the main
highway between here and Atlanta, the
searchers found Frank's body.
It was (till warm. The handa were
manacled, the feet were bare. The only
clothing were a hut and trousers. A
new hemp rope stretched from the neck
to a limb of a tree about fifteen feet
above, and then over to another tree
about twenty feet away.
Only the lynchers know what han.
pened between the kidnapping and 1
Frank's death, but this much la certain: 1
they covered about one hundred mllea
fey automobile before they killed Frank, i
To reach here from Milledgrvllle they
ted to paas either through or abound
A lt I, i- 1 W.I 1 . . . ,
n w i , I, nut Bvi.trei inai mey
would have been so reckless aa to go
through, and th road around la 100
It I thought throughout the (Mate
that the lyncher probably came either
rrom this town or from robh rountv.
or which Marietta la the seat. If so,
twenty-nv kept their plan remark-
ably secret There waa no unusual atlr
f activity yaaterday; no whlaperlng In
the public square nor anything elae
which would draw suspicion to any per-
eon or set of person here
1 " county commissioner have
. irrei io action. rney nave ep-
. "j airl
pointed special nfflcera and a special
prosecuting attorney to try to search
out and ronvlot those reeponslbls for
ine tyncning
I'asTIn Pal Aboard Train for Brnok
Ira a Mldalsjat.
ATI.AMT. (Is.. Aug. 17. Be-r.4 on view
ing th body of Leo Frank to satisfy
their morbid curiosity that Frank was
actually dead, several hundred men.
w-hon they discovered the hiding place
where the body was being accreted by
the undertaker shortly before t o'clock
this afternoon gathered at th autnmo
biks garagie of Oreenberg It Bond, un
dertaker. In Piedmont avenue and Ellis
street, and ithreatened to break down
the doors of (hg garage unless per
mitted to see the body
V.'hn a pan of glasa was crashed in
by the mob the police realised thrat the
desires of the crowd must tie grarr.et
Accordingly am ambulance hearse w.ts
summoned and. escorted by a ei-uad of
mounted polios Frank's body In a wicker
casket, was removed from the g.iragc to
tireenberg A Hind's chapel at Houston
and Ivy streets, where from 2 .30 o'clock
un.ll 7 to-night 'i ".s.,'1,. vf people
Med through the hallway of the chapel
M , order , h un.lertakeV.
. i i
h f r. h'P,ent at n,..i-
A. 7 ..' n 1 ... . 1. I'kl.f .. r 11 i i - w
n. Bin W uiwvniju, r :i
of pollc on iruar1 at the from loor of
the undertaker's estalilish'nent
Continuously during the five hours
that ths crowds were allowed to view
Frank's body thousands of people, in
cluding many thousands of women, girls
in short dresaes. boys yet in knee
trouseis and barefiiot lads, streamed in
single Die past Frank's casket.
In the crowd many women fslnted
Policemen lined the hallway and
guarded either side of the casket Other ,
policemen wete llneil up at the doorway !
of the undertaker's establishment. An
averags of fifty-two persons a minute
viewed Frank's body. during the five ;
hours in which the continuous stream !
flocked to see Frank the estimated total;
of peopl visiting the undertsker's wal
Hl.OOn. There was about one woman to
r ' rw"
DWaBWI, .smonK 1 ilfsf inrir wrir muri
of young girl.
. ... r . . si ii ....... i.. "
rti-'iini, .'is)ni i. imssoni. iwm's
ing tne Demonstration si tne garage,'
addressed the throngs from the porch
of the chapel, urging them to lie or-
derly to imotect the good name of
Atlanta. Press of Other .tatr llenoanee , RrT"T ,UK H"" with it th honor of
Ixmg aftet 7 o'clock, when Police Chief . 'h State of (Ieorgla It seems apparent,
Mayo closed the door of the under-1 'IHearace of t. corals. from the reports at hand, that the re-
takers establishment to outsiders, a Soutnein newspaper comment, outside sponsible officials through Ihelr palpa
large crowd lingered about the building. ! of Oeorgia. is emphatic In denunciation hl i"adeiiate pro'ertlon of him.
of the lynching of l-o Frank. S-me "'"' to passive collusion , the
Ka fired In it an 1 1 of ihk i mn-
M I ft II lf Int. Itaaiii a.
La kk 11. Ann, Auic 17. Dl . Ptphf1
- . TO s.1.1 tonlgM regard!;:, ,he
hjmoaing of Iao M Fratik
The murder of I.eo Frank is the tem
porary triumph of anarchy The lynch-
ling 01 isi r i.iiii. is up ipo njwine.isie
. . , ,. i- ... ., .
"I law lessness, rn
consequen'ee of thi
died are on Oeorgla's head, but the
deeper causes are the i-onern tif the
ration's conscience.
"I speak s9t as a Jew, but as an
American. Men know that I have never
raised my voice In defence of a Jew
f"11,y, "f "EZ0!!? ''V ST'.'J
that Lo Frsik be granted flail which
he waa denied, a fair trial, ltelng dead
i mourn not as much for him as for
my country and with RU wH'vmm. I
For tvary American worthy of he name
will bow his bead beneath the burden of '
the shtvme which hiiH been wrought by
Oeorgla, Kcwme from whU'h It remal'ie I
for Oeorgla to free hereeit and rerteetr.
the nation."
Chief Juntlce White of the United
States Supreme Court declined to coin
niHtit on the lynching.
1 . . l "It.. 1. 11.. Pcn.ro i
Umnjvr Btwaycs aein .-1
. n j ti t .... I
pondrnr e Between rrlaoner I
mid Himself.
Atlanta. On , Aug IT. I Z. Rosser. I
who was le. tiling counee.i lor Irfo .m.
nSSS "I "i" "."
mem lo iniikc l,i-iva 111 rt rerence lo inn
Ivmhitig. but said he desired to make
punnc tne ihs. ,e,,ri i imisi ....
I COm r milH anil ins rrinj lu linn n-uci, ,
Frank's letter rend as follows:
"State Farm, attUedfSVlUe, Oa , July
I. 1916.
"At this writing my healtn
hitter, my oold baying nearly left inc. I
am Bleeping tine and my appetite 1
"I have been given some 'ahorse' in
and about t:ie prlaon bunding, OOmmen
snnate with my pre Ml physical ismiiI'.
tiOtl, Mv work otiiiHUmcg about five to
at'ven hours a day. 1 have leveful i mra a
daa for reading, willing or any reasona
ble form of exercise ami gtvergton
sunshine aiui aimuepheTe bars ate great.
"Mill, wripea' and lb environment of !
a penal ins' 11 ui Ion, W'liile Itileiestipg m
wmf i"4'1 ui"" """ vision ru an m-
nuoent man, Phyaloally, 1 am a part of 11,
spiritually, I am totally foreign, Hut ll
Cannot luet always, even though for the
pcajgeoi I am designated as a 'Lifer.'
"I Want In assure you 's'W deep Is my
respect for you us a man mid attorney
I am not It. Ids predicament her 111 sc of!
1 i thing you did. or did mil do My mis
fortune la the result uf .1 'system,'
,-oupled Willi ignorance and 1 lil. nnery
i.So M Fhank."
E0 M. FRANK and his wife in the court room during hia trial at
Atlanta. Below, Mary Phagnn, the 14-year-old irlrl for whose
murder Frank was found guilty.
t oufiauert from Hrsf Puns
wick .Vims editor. ally will sa to-morrow
"Is the proud Commonwealth of !
Oeorgia vying with bloody MaglOO In
the outlawry business'.' Have we
reached that stage of brutality where i
every man becomes a law unto hlms.if
and, banding with his Infuriated ne gh- I
i-ir stalks through the land to aesassl- !
nale law and or'er and bring ignominy
upon the head of our once proud old
rJtate" Hoes not the spectacle of lynch
lug l.eo Frank offer to the sobi r in.nded
people of Oeorgla the most serious food
tor reflection that has been broMgtll to
them in half a century '.'
..t ma wrong for the aalrll of the
lama to have a aarsd whrn Frank sraa I
trj,d. i, wrong when this same .
K,,rit pursued the u lnl Judge to the !
i very brink of his grave, threatened the
life of the Oovi rnor and drove him from
I the State
the Htate"
SJUt tt AhULShU.
editorial opinions follow
4 oarler-Joarnal.
UntHi or unless, bbe murderers of
Prank are mad to pay the death pen
alty for ii crime unexampled In the
annals of America, hmlly eclipsed In
Bttasl m or Turkish leconls, Cleorgia.
snd not the rufDians who Iojk the pris
oner from sf IlledgeVills to Marietta.
i ,i
.must iar tne
blame. The Fr.utk case
from beginning to end wjs an Sgarnpll
af Jew billing.
Tlmes-lllspa leh.
With the hideous murder of Leo M
Frank a crime against an individual ha
been m, rired In a crime auainst the mi.
tloI1 Hegardle of the guilt or Inno-
oanoi of the man sx erutily and e fbuUy
gjlgttn bv a pa-k of wolves of the night,
n(B , .,,, ,.n,u.M ,e most vicious
,h h f ltruck at rgnlsed
government in this country In a cen
tury, and the south In particular must
suffer Its effect
I larton-I.eilicer.
The lynching of l.o Frank com
plete the disgrace of Oeorgla. His death
Is a victory for tnob law and not an
atonement for the murder of Mary
vionii.F, ii. a.
If the Oovernor of Oeorgla had de- I
Rlgued to have Frank put out of the '
way be could not have adopted ii surer
oOUrae. The wrong - a great wrong
has been done, not Hlmii'v to an in-
dividual, but to the reputation of the
fetatc wtiose laws are so easily violated.
Vork ei spapers' Comment
on I.eo Frank' l.ynchlna.
The ...I 1 iii ll.. v.- V..-I, .,..
1 o. . ,i, ,,. 1 1.
Ing of tsrO Frank and cill 011 the au-
' '" " '!""
-"..,,., ...e i.n hip i ' re ml
lowing are the editorials
The Times.
nhe boldneai Of the crime and the
numbers engaged lu Its perpetration
miiks It practically certain that every
one of the twenty-five is known to some
body, livery one of thi m is a murderer,
very one of them should suffer the
fiensity of premeditated murder if
there, is in (Ieorgla a win to punish
these men they will he punished.
The punlahmgni nf lynrtisrs is ex
tremely ran In Ihe fiOUth, hut In Ibis
case ifaora 1 inual punish tne iimhers
or put up for all time with the oliio.oiv
attaching to their crime surely, the
decent peotd
of l.eol'gli lllll.Ht SlllUli.rt
II vin. or 111 his Intention to met..
out due puiilshmeiil .
Ihe World.
Publla nafjlaot or oollualon favored th
deed ut BVOry step. There was 110 Op.
laisiuon ins Mariana Chief of Police
knew nothing ifteiwaid of 11 crime Ins
iieighiHirs knew .ill aUuii beforehand
In more than 00 mile of open road 110
one uuesiinnod the lynohei' uroosaslan
Th innb did not "take the law Into
v. msm
I'opyrlghl liiternstlettal Sews nervlc.
Ihelr "an ha-.iN" They trampled on
tne law lOey lynonsd the honor of a
state In the d.iik proapoct thai fa.es
lie State there is one glea n .r H sc lit
it is the declaration of the gallant ex
novemof s.,tion that svan man aan.
,i. a
i "ati act contrary to the clv.
naanon or tisorgta should be hanged
for he y, ati asaaaaln
It Is th. pledge
of QoV, Harris to uas all his p., we
"see to ii that the members
' this nioh
' '
i'ting puiiisliiiieni
fur their
The Trlliuiir
Instead of taking every precaution to
Crime, invited the ghaslly insult whu-h
I his murdi r constitutes to the sovereignty
of their State
Oov. Slaton of Oeorgla win. not afraid
to deal Justly with I.eo M Frank Oov.
Harris, gli succe-sor. will not la- afraid
to deal Juatly with the luffl in mob thai
tort Frank from hi cell and brutal I)
mutilcred nlm,
The outcry against Frank was raised
bj hate oraaed Irrsaponalblei in whos
tanks seer enough criminals to carr)
out the hideous plot Unit resulted in
Frank's a ssass. nation.
For this outrage there can be no
toleration. North or South. Hast or West
To allow the murderers to go unpunished
would be lo abandon Justice and set
anarchy up In lis stead
LTntll every man who took part In this
crime Is found and punished .lie people
of Oeorgla w II lni .1 duty to pet form.
There can be no condoning any lynch"
ing. A lynching of tins dlrlng ami I
atrocious china, tar I all insult not onlv
to the people of (Icorgln but to Un
people of the whole I'tiiied States.
Tl.e,-.. ,...ii l... .. isfiiH f,,,. iiuu
butchers. To give them aid or com-
fort, to offer them ontiorttinltv for con-
ceelmsnt, is a criminal act and should
be punished as such
Wife to Bring Body for Burial
in Faintly Plot in Brook
l n Cemetery.
Mi nnd Mrs RudOtph Frank, purents
of I.eo M. Prank, were notified yester-
d i of th lynohlng or their son through
Franks' lawyers in Atlanta The first
dispatch told of Frank's buying been
tuken from the prlaon nii.i carried off In
an automobile Ii wns ,iot until some
t.mc later thai word cam of the lynch. " hern Members of liar Assocla
ing. Until the latter information WSS I tloii llrni i o .Mob.
received the parents hoped against hope:
that their son might yet be alive
Mrs. lao M. Frank will tike charge
o her huaband's bod) and bring it to
B'OOklyn for burial, Otlo Stern, her
brothrln-laWi said The elder Frank
ai.d his wife make their boms with Mr
Hlcrn at 151 UndtlHIII avenue Mr
Mum said the fumll) l.ad not yet ie
OSlVed word regarding the time when '
Mi.' Frank will reCSlVS Ihe body or I
,. I ... h. mi: r.i.,1, V.,.. V...I, U...1..1
. . , '"""'
I y , '-"" """" in a
li.U 'v I 1 l illp I IV III (inn I t it
,..,.... ....... . ,
Although suffering greatly from the
SI.OCK 01 1 lie news in ner of frank
rnllied soon from the II, st shock and
ri.eived further details M the lynching
'Thank Oud lo Is dean and through
with his trouble." she said. "If he had
lived hi life would have been torture
i lr a worse way
' oi sio o , nave Biiirit mm
I iiito In I rfflnff That Frank's
Slayers Hp Soujrht Out and
Men of New York who were born end
raised In Georgia were unanimous yes
terday In suying the lynching of I.eo M. edited by Thomas E. Watson, which was
Frank was a disgrace and a blot on the laaued to-night, appears the following:
name of Oeorgla. They were horrified "A vigilance committee redeems Oeor
st the fact that a small group of armed j gnv and carries out the sentence of the
men could with so little difficulty In
vade a Jail and walk off unmolested
with their victim
All representative Georgians have
felt that the whole Frank case reflected
on the State, said P. 0, Magnus, presl-
dent of the Oeorgla Society. Most of
those he hsd tslked with, he said, be
lieved Frsnk wss Innorent and that he
did not receive a fair trial.
"I deeply deplore the whole affair."
he said, "and feel that It has lirougnt
a great disgrace upon the State My
feeling Is accentuated by my belief In
shared by all the members of our so-
clety. At one time we sent for the en -
tire record of the case nnd after care-
fully reading It and weighing m rvi
dence, we came to the conclusion that
Frank was Innocent. As a result of
our conclusion w recommended that
Frsnk's sentence be I'ommuted."
Slnle nisarracrd. Ma) a Ntraaa.
"The lynching has brought disgrace
to fJsOfgla and to the whole country."
said Nathan Straus. "There Is but one
way for i ieorgla to redeem Itself The
State must leave no stone unturned till
the culprits are caught and placed oi
trial. This whole trouble Is the work
of a few mlSChlSfmakerS Oeorgla mus'
see that th small mob element that hss
had things its own way for so long Is
""'l.r'V"-" ',"W"e.T.ha'r,r,,s't
his fnghtful affair WOm
, en . abHoluf ly innocent. The man
who are rrsnons.l.le for bis death shoul,
aptiired and tried for murder with
out delay "
Roger It Wood. Assistant United
States Attorney ami a native of Mary
land, said -
"The lynching of Frank Is an outrage
upon law and order He was found
guilty and the flndlrg of the Jury was
affirmed by the iughe.it court of th
State We must therefore accept the i
hndiiig as Just and right Frank having
i scaped the death penalty by
the sc-
Hon of the Governor, the mob has In
flu ted that penalty The violators of
j the law ought to be vigorously prose,
"I am glad 1 am not a Oeorgian "
said Joseph Talbert. a vice-president of
the National Pity Bank and a native of
Mississippi "The lynching of Frank is
a foul and ugly bint on the es.-utcheon
i of the State Th whole handling of
, the raa from first to last was enough
to make decent people feel ashamed
i alls for Punishment.
Itahbl Alexander Lyons of the Eighth
Avenue Temple in Brooklyn, who knew
Frank for years. Intimated that if the
Oeorgian authorities failed lo act he
would advocate a general subscription to
promote the appr hension and punish
ment of the persons responsible for th
"The prejudice of Oeorgla has ex
pressed Itself logically." lie said. "The
paaslon knows no bounds other than Its
gratification i Ieorgla has now a greater
task than aver to prove her right to a
place In civilisation. This tragedy fills
me with horror, The crime with which
I.eo Frank was charged was as foreign
to his nature as sin is to saint lines.
"In the name of the highest Ameri
canism 1 call upon all self -rcsMei ing
Americana to hold Oeorgla to account,
to ie. to it that nothing Is left undone
to discover and punish the perpetrator
of this dastardly crime. Kvery true
American ought to feel himself called
upon in this emergency to re sous not
only Oeorgla bUl America from a stain
that will long be a hideous memory
unless a serious attempt Is made to
remove it."
judge .con ganders, president of the
Independent frder of rVrith Abraham,
which Interest, d ltslf In working for a
commutation of Frank's sentence, said :
"All I can do ls to express my in
dlstiiitloti against the crowd of ruflllans
whe have disgraced the State of Oeorgla.
I am sorry for the decent piople of that
State, who, I am sure, do not counte
nance and. 1 hope, will not condone
such action on the part of lis lawless
At this time particular!) It is un
fortunate in View of the war situation
In Bump nnd the b g moral ground
we have taken with respect to the ac
tions of some of the belligerents. We
can no longer With good gr.-nv criticise
am warring nation ror us neecis oi vio-
1"'"'r B!1""1 ,,r while we.
" il" ,,f I'''' Pmll such things
to go on without convicting and punish-
ing the guilty parties
Hrrrrliirf llanlrla "njs South Feels
I rime 11., si lieenly.
WASHINOTOM, Aug 1". Secretary of
th,- Navy Daniels issued the following
Itatameni to. night denouncing tin
I) Itching of Frank :
"1 am shocked beyond expression at
(he lawleasneai of the Oeorgla mob. it
is the woral blot upon the name of the
State. Kvery good citlten must deplore
it. It will lie denounced more sincerely
in the South than In any other part of
the republic.
"I hale no dOUht the Oovernor of
Oeorgla will employ every possible
agency to discover the mob murderers
and bring them to trial and punishment.
The honor and fair name of Oeorgla
demand Ihii."
Sai t UKI 'itt. Aug 17 The
I lynching of I.eo M Frank at Milled ge.
vllle shocked the Southern members of
the American liar Association, now in
session here They were vociferous In
their denunciation of the nioh ami the
mob spirit which had brought about tin
death of Frank
Prealdent Maldrlm of fiavatinah, whose
advice wai sought by ec-Qovsrnor sia
tun before he commuted Frank a .-en-tenoa
to life imprlaonment, snid th.
lynching was a disgrace to Oeorgla.
Ihe Hovernor should at once tsl
I . . . . . - '"'e
1 steps to nine a special nrand Jury m.
panelled oiiistde r the Jurisdiction
... .l- i . ... 1
11 iii rr i ll' mill I iS 1 1 MM II I ill hrn
g about
an Investigation." said Mr :
leldrltn 1
"Tile nrolier thiliu to d
if it is poa 1
slide. Is to turn a machine gun loose,
on such 11 in. ,li and destroy it. 1 ,
shucked that such a thing could tali.
place and I llllcerelj hope thai lb
hioodthirst) civilians who planned such
a diabolical outrage mi justice and com.
nioti decent)) will avon be geuughl to
"Viprilance Committee Has
Carried Out Sentonec of
Law," Editor Asserts.
Atlanta, (la.. Aug. 17 On the first
page of the Jrlferionian, a weekly paper
law on the Jew who murdered the little
gentile girl Mary Phagan.
"Slaton was Frank's lawyer and the
, commutation was void. In putting the
nvurderer to death the vlgllsnee com
mtttee has done what the Sheriff woul
have done If HI a ton had not been of the
same mould as Bsnedlct Arnold.
"Let Jew libertines take notl e Oeor
gla la not for sals to Hon criminals."
Ever alnce ths sentence of Frank wss
commuted by Oov. Rlston, Watson his
ronrtuotnc ( ,,, ,.Frank and
i sntl-Slaton campaign. His paper has
I a, large circulation and many believe
I truU rlolant words hsve hsd
much to do with keeping h It vet the re
sentment which culminated In the lynch
ing. It Is but fair to say, however, that a
great many people of (Isorgia Ml out
raged when Hoy. si. ton commuted
Frank's sentence, and Wataon's Incite-
msm to violence fell on fallow soil. The
i. ...
1'is stu nm si rensenirui sgainsi
Frank as sgatnat what they termed the
outside Influence which operated In
r ranks behair. They believed tint a
propaganda had lsen organised to save
''" om the gallows end hen the
dgatfl sentence waa unlimited the, took
I '"; "on had auo eedad
I tJ? ,h. .Ci'ur.t ot rgl.
Watson knew this feeling extiti-d end
he ha catered to it to the utmost in
his papsr.
l.nala Marshall Sara I', ft
tin Iflrr Kdltor.
At-BAKT, Aug. 17 -I.oul Msrshall.
one of I.eo Frank's attorneys, said to
night that Thomas K. Watson, a popu
list nnd editor, was responsible for the
agitation which culminated In the hang
ing of Frsnk.
"The Fritted States." said Mr. Mar
shall, "ought to go after Tom Watson.
He ia the real murdsrsr He is the fel
low who stirred up all the agitation.
He la the scoundrel. His paper, the
JefferOMl(in, has fairly bristled with the
moat contemptuous snd vulgar allusions
to ths Frsnk case. It hs circulated
i vulgar, vicious lies nnd the basest kind
or murner rrank waa taken out of
the very sanctuary of the law. It wjs
not during a period of great excite
ment or atre, but two year after the
crime laid at hi door had been com
mitted Watson pu id. shed In hia paper
surh heiidlngs as this:
" 'Oentlle put to death for killing Jew. I
This had reference a the lie. . i aa i I
He published a cartoon showing a Jew
stabbing a ngure representing the State
or ueorgia.
"Mr Marshall, what can be done about
! "The United States has the power to
forbid the use of the malls to literature
j which Incites to crime and murder." he
replied. "If the authorities can t find
: the men directly responsible for this
atrocious affair, then Oeorgia should re.
gard Watson as the principal, and he
should be tried for murder, tlrst degree
That Is the only way the State of Oeor-
. vnii wijie oui ine roillest mot on
modern civilisation. Wntson poisoned
th.- mind of the State of Oeorgla I
1 would like to say a great deal about
I this whole matter, but 1 think I have
said enough for now."
Limits Private Trlrarriim Service.
The Western Union Telegraph Com
pany announces that the Italian admin
istration advises that Italian semaphore
stations are closed to service on private
No more waiting for
your stenographer
1 9?
Woodward in Impiiiialonpil
Speeeh Warns Blftton t
Avoid Greorsrin.
San FSANrtsr-o. Aug. 17 h
passioned speech ait I PAlbl .
here to-night, J. O, ft Iward, M ,
Atlanta, G.., who MIM Weal , in4
the Dixie day Mlebratlon nl I ...
position, stsrtled hie hew i era by
I UMla
to the defend Of t Ill-
lynching ..( i,
Frank. Speaking with gr. it t .i ..
sounded a warning to sJI-Uot .1 , u
Slaylon against returnii.g to Ore n,
derlareti In Impasaloned tarmj thai ;
nsiii who took i.e.. Frank from , :,
Kla penal farm gut Mm trawl .i
dercd Mary I'hagan.
"I am going to lake ... uj ,, s ,
to make a few StSif mSlltl of the i
that have put Oeorgla on ttu n ,p , ,
vory undesirable light," bs - , d ;
going to endeavor so put you hl
"People throughout the r
hatri pbtalnad their of the I
case fioni a polaofMSd and - i
afasjg and press rSDOrl C j.
cency pieveiits me from tail u v.
the revolting truths of to. tnurui o
Mary I'hagan.
"While we people of fjeorg i daplor
this deed of Monday night si
wnat Ls behind the feeling thai p i ...
It, and 1 want It understood
simply emphasising the r. ,,. .
comes to woman's honor ii n
T1" ru 10 ,v,n' "
tect It
"I know that there Is hOI i btf
Of the Jury that tried Leo F'.it rht
fro mthe dsy they rendered the verdki
to thl. have any Idea ih.u Inej srouli
change their decision If put t. : ., test
"Hevent -five pet renl ul thi
of Oeorgia are convinced thai nsn
lynched Monday night conim ited nt
deed, and lh. y ale on thl gri .1 and
ought to know
"I want to put my city and Btat i
the right light and I have ll - tu
do It. I will be home in les
week, and I can go hoi; !.. ng I ii
aone my duty
"I know Jack staton, hsvi i i him
for thirty yeats. i iv s Irs w - a
I young man. I h ue beel I ill
I him, and, while I hale 1
i would not advise lilm to retun Is
Oeorgla for a year. If ev. Th
of the people may underatai 1 int
may realise and lc. .. . .i .
thought was light, but 1 am tfl lid r
are some who will resent , ir.i
throughout all the yeirs to n
Kt'll I1 fill' HOf LlfP fl
I'liki'ii to ICer I Help's
Homo in Geonrla.
Mil t.rncrvit.i.r.. On. Aug Ms.
o M Frank started this m P n fOf
Athens, lis., where sin
has a- unci,
violent ""
I 'ter she had li.nl
vj'slons that for a time ll w is fi 'I
that aha would die Mr- Pi is fed
here lnce her husband waa
last month by Cieen, the . "' i 1 1 i
hud been allowed t sic Fl i , irry
After the lynchers had I.
Frank last night a prSO ..; caik-4
upon Mrs. Frank to te., hVf
he had finished she fa Wed. nt I
went into convuleions a i - i
R nuri(. ,
al.ed to her ant -
I had calmed gome whs I I,.' re news .r.
, rived of the finding : Iht bod)
said that she wanted to go in
uncle. She was taken to i trail let
mediately after breokfaet, th- , y m
und the nurse aooomp I I -
As Mrs. Frank reachl i ' . ti
news of the finding oi' her I .-' I
body arrived. She bur,, up Well Ulnl
this shock in comparison to
lions when she learned of i-
napping, loiter the phyalciun sa d
whs out of danger.
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