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Caillaux Plots Against Joffre).
Evil genius of Prance detected in cabal to
Rain to-day, to-night
disgrace military idol and replace
him with Gen. Serrail. See
THE SUN to-morrow.
Highest temperature yesterday, I
Petalled wMttier, mail and marine B
LXXXTI. NO. 355.
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 1915. cmntM, itti, tt in and fwwuxaf iwawwin.
and to
j p, c Conferees
to Meet in Nw
l,o Y Vll'Y To LEADER
I No announcement was made at the
Navy .w state Dopsrtmenl In record to
I this new movement of msrrSOl to ttsytl,
MllSt I.t't MCXlCOl"0 hnOWn, though, there have'
In-i-l I'. !
Mi t Troubles
ITAJHisnTON, Aug Id. Convinced
Pic lien i it ra 1 za will reiuse to asasan
lets pears conference plan, the Pan
Asier.. a . .itifi.e. are making arrange
gvrrits to reassemble at an early date.
Appa eti ' i '.h i ansa is determined
te , his nghl regardless of the Pan-
.'i CUIIfOronce and he la now en
gaged In campaign deignetl to con
vlree 'Tie seven republics that the civil
gnrrn''' and military rnmmanuers omit
Mknosrledge his ehlejftslnahrp win stand
fey Mm 10 the end.
V. ipo ses 1 1 1 'in- Pan-American note
fnrsaitlril to Mexico last week weiel
lOtelved hers to-day from Carransista I
leaders of peomlooneo. Three of them
were airectea i" tne seven ropvoncs I
tbsr eompi ee the Confer OUOO. Two were
plies sent to Tamilian, copies of which
vers icaue puititc at in i nrranxa
Tlie six leaders in uueetlon proclaim
Oil loyalt) to the Kirst Chief and
OKgest that for llietn to make a re- I
tponse to the conference Indicating !
i,ttier dissent or asset to the pe ic. ,
yr-e asl would amount to an act of In-
mi'' rdlnstlon,
I'ncllon la I Bltedli
T omtnuulcatlons Indicate that I
He I'ai inslstaa ." unite, I in thought
Soil 1 1 m i-. 1 and t'He Inference l plain ;
that tin- constitutional Qovermncnl will'
oft-: pposltton if -my a tempt Is made
Sv outside Intluences t effect eace in .
Mexio except on condition thai Par-1
rsr.x.t - eiietitles shall surrender.
It i belloVOd now to lie ce tain that!
St in. reply Carranas srlll bid for tec-1
t on the premise that his sphere ,
f InfltleOaS In Mexico has been ex- I
ttndtd over such a brood area aa to j
Jus t i ' v tlie United States ami 1-aill'
An- i to tti taking such action.
T e -:x Carraaatstas who protest (
10 , . 'he Hirst 'hief an. I Indicate!
th Mexico must he loft to herself tOI
nghi her sovereignty are:
i;. . Csndldo Aguiiar. governor am!1
m Ommandor of the Slate of Vera
Oei Candida Agollsr. Oovornor and
m ointnander of the State of
Hie .cat:. I
; : i; Mosvut, military commander j
of I garrison at Nusva Laredo. I
Hen Pranclsoo Murguia. commanding
Alrll n opsratmg under Qoth Alvaio.
lie. i Jacinto h. Trevlno, military;
tsmmii or of me ConsHtotlonallst I
Alojo ttonaalsSi
..i San UttiS POf
military cum-
Kiii r
Urn, ullur" llrsponsr.
i.. AS lllur. ivli i speaks tor Rimeeii
S: I tleto RlrMII BSnl Murguia. made
ISkponse as follows:
'I am il tlie present time the liov-,
Sri n mil military commander of the'
S t. .,: v. ra CrtlS and have under my
eominanil as (loners! in Chief the Hirst
y iiivblon of the Constitutionalist
! ' in ii Is llglitniK .igamst the re- ',
gctli rics it the pin inc ,if restoring
t f the people anil eatabiiah- ;
It. I,, country is at peace, the
I i! regime destroyed by the
saurpatloti, and which army has for lts
s.-e chief the cttlasn Venustianp:
, luthority la recognised
l ii,. Conetltutionalist military
"Therefore helng aOOUStomsd faith-
ftlll) do my duty, I could not reply 1
to youl UxceHenclsS1 courteous note'
wlthpul a be ach of that discipline which
bSa i lied drmly to rally around our
thief, who is the only one authorised, on
tecouni oi his high Investiture, to reply I
la till il.it note to which I have re-1
ferr. .1
II rei ir because all Constitutionalist
ksdei feel' confident thai ne will know.
t ' a- always how to nnd Inspiration
io most ten nc and Ann patriotism in the
fi e ot ii, e now aerious obstante with
i ' i let, i ion ptetends, aa
'it. ii grresl our work of
i and peace. Ill a mattSI
a last
libsrty t
111 effe. Is tin- sovereign!)' of my .
. not on. of the Constitutionalist
hi individually take any SO I
I to not otherwise the cohesion
- OUld exist between all the inill
nd civil rlsmsnbi WOUld tie broken,
refors sll I can do Is to llan-niil
Kxcelleni'lss' note to ITsnustlaiM j
za. With assurances of my most
. o ,i consideration, I remain.
Loyal arr intn.
. ommunii ations uans, Trsvlno
.ii.- congrstulate Carranaa on
oi -in and each profSSSeg loyally
i ions, lies wrote
the Hi 1st
, eless for IDS to say to you
foroSS and myself will continue
Ids, defending the purpose of
H i-e and preferring lo succumb
' than to permit a foreigner to
on our i.i or to destroy the
-work of Hie armed peopls of
. i s the matters of Mexico should
dud oui)' and suthorltatlvsly by'
gnlflrancs "f Uarranga'a action'
nc the publication of such
Ugl'.l i ni l I" ' I'll those lilelil llled I
i he I'an-Amsrlcsn oonfsrsnos,
;ini!i i thus preparing His Ifnltsd
. d L.tli i Amsrlca for the tle
.e in "ids lo make for the
ill on of his government. i
i! o Pan-American Congress re
it probably vill meet In New
It will nave hi lore it then replies
I note forward,', I t, all the ;
a leaders. Tin indications are
.ii. conference will meet possibly!
week, but certainly by the first i
i , KspleinhSI Wnyi ami means
hi i . u n stl fn bringing about j
( 'ONIilltird on r '"' PsgS, j
ITn; " I
Sen! Inlmnl.
Washington, Aug. HO The t'niled
si itci haa ordered mora marinas o
Haytl. It was lonnetl to-night thai or-
dan have been despatched to u.ro oom.
panics of the artillery battalion of the1
Mai n' Coras now stationed si Aimaa
oils to start for 1 1 1 v i :
It untie-
rIDOd that they will sail
within h few .
The romps ft are the Pint, Ninth
and Thirteenth! consisting of ill men.
They srlll lakS with them twelve Hold
BtOCtl adaptable to use In rough OSUR.
try The Understanding If these marines!
lire to he new Inland, the Inference being
thai the UMtSd Stati n dooms It neces- ,
aiv to subjugate tiie emire islsnd and'
erttsh Jill rsmnsnts of the revolutions
timt may e rsmslnlns at inland aotnts,
neeti no tiev. lopmet s ii, i in islatiil ;ml.
luK to make the Pitnatlon more MrlOUS, !
The United States has now about I. nun
marine- in llaytl
Msny in Washington were inclined to
helieve that the pew mOVt meiit of tna-
rtnss had soma Isnlflcsnes beyond me
mere condlilnns In Hayti Reports from
there FSOSfltly seemed to i ml 1 1.1 1 n that
everything was progressing favoiablv
It Is nlnted out that a luge bod) of
marine rooM be transported from
Hnytl to Vera CrUg mote qutckl) than
they could be SOM from points on the
Atlantic roost of the United states in i
the event of trouble in Mexico
Ten Reported Dead; Damage
Heavy Rainfall. 8.7 Inehea
in 21 Honrs. Keeps ".
St Vucn, Aug II. A rain which
began early last night and Continued
steadily to-day flooded nearly alt of s
Louis, St lanns cOUnty and the maru- 1
facturing district across th- river In
Illinois The rainfall was the heavies:
in the history of St l.ouis. (1,7 Inches
falling between 7 o'clock last night and 1
7 O'clock to-night The previous high I
lecoid was 5 nx indies in 1V.
Thousands of committors were ina- ,
rooneil In St. louls to-night, as all com
mutation train and suburban electric
.service waa discontinued The Hirst ,
Iteslment armory and the Coliseum STSfl
thrown open as sleeping DISCOS for TTicm. J
Cots were provided by the city.
Water Inundated a section of the city
and county covering nrteen square miles.
It ranges from one to twenty feet In
The water rOOS so rapidly this morn
ing that it quenched Bros in the engines
of commutation trains and tin n pound
into the coaches
It Is estimated that iiii.UOC persons.
mostly commuters, were unable to gel
to Srorh this morning In some case
MiatnsSS nun went downtown In
boots Main who were trying to
row -wiub'
through the dec
watei s
were iwepl
to swim for
from their feet
ami forced
Twcntv -!! oetsons suffering from ex-
is, .sure to the
i .tin were taken to tin
v Bremen, who rescued
mostly children, from
city hospital
fifty persona,
1 bouses on
Peres. Ti
the banks of ins Bivsr ie
i persons have 'teen reported
BXcltlSlV Bsrlhl avenue has
, nvsrtsd into a -win flowing
Honest paik. the big W,M Knd
ground. Is entirely under water
ttsl, loitcherien are turned.
pla y
Its livirv inwboat and motor truce, in 1
city was requisitioned oj ine ponce, sin
carried on then rescue WOrh with the j
aid of lat terns.
Mayor Kiel personalty look charge - f
the rescue
sons were
work, several minureu i"1
forced from their homes In
Haden. North
It, lOUIS. Just ne:oie Ilia
dam broke. Hooding tic
Molitle C k
lirsl fliMirs
cottages fn
The pollci
f all houses ami sweeping
ii their foundations,
estimated that the damage
(null the sun "
millions. The weather forecaster Sad
that the ram would not c ase until early
QWlrSStOa Hurlll lenl
ike ktalalaad,
Found on
utov Tex.. Aug -
appalling conditions on the mainland are
teaching tlaiveaton to-day. ruiiy lift)
,1, ,, b.stles have be, n s. 01
prair.il near the hav shores,
lo the mainland revealed HIS
f houses In the ecot e Were
on III
A visit
fact that
Bodies are being
taken from some m
on the island
these and burled
SlepS Will be
taken at once to n-
oii the mainland. Tin'
iieve conditions
, t (a ,,f eiHsco, r rot
avi ..I smaller tow n
port, Lavaca ami
alona the suit
WSBj Wiped out.
,ne in destitut.
and those who were bit
imuiustsnces accoru-
..... ,.. ,-. is rr.l. linn:
lo-da) .
The bisl.es ol two women H
. wire found at one end "r
,, to-dav. The bodv of an unidentified
white man was washed up to till United
SI ilr, I Ilia' lllline s..
u.i, r llnard .1. Ma. I kl vv is
at the San
i 'apt. Ksll)
tails coast uui'ru
si. It, oi I.
of the station waa saved,
but other
ineinbers ot the new. ll la
reared, are
l..t Hive while men llll'l
Ion I, .1
i negro, an unioeo, .,'.-
Ii, st night by explorers on
IHloa I'hrrHlen l KOSbld Ml
pasta t Ions lata Bspahllsi
i ... -
fast in rsSIs Beeasi
I'm: l
Rom i
Auu. -U
gotiatlons between
thS alii d UOVCrnmeltl! anil Mwnaci uuiu
telailng to tlie Importation into Swltaer.
land Of the foodatulfa needed for home
consumption srs at a standfllll owing to
ths demand! "f tjsrmaiiy ami Aust.ua
thai thsy be allowed t , exchange their
produi is' for goods from cm mj coun-
trios, refusing purchases or sales on a
cash basis
Tims gwltgsrland is unable to msurs
the Allies thai the, i foodstuBs Import d
into Switzerland will not go I" the
t iieinv.
As a result the Allies are now thrcat-
enlm lo forbid ihe importation of f..oi
stuffs into Mwllserlsnd snllrsly, swn
pelllllg ihe r public lo seek supplISS in
llermsny and Austrian where they al
i sad) ai e scarce.
Daughter nd Widow of Pen II
syivimiii MiiiinftirtiiiTT
Pace Many Charges.
91,000,000 estate stout
Without Money I'nwlll
to Give Up liVsnrhnii
Mode tf Lh Ingi
The ait of refinement end proteota 1
lions that t waa "perfeotly preKstei -
oil..'' arhleh aided them In isrlndllni
New York hotels out of ma l S2.OH0.
SValtOd nOShlne ' Mrs. M. I Weaver
and her mother, Mrs Harriett K Well
In Brooklyn siei.ii Resslons restsrdsi
wiien JSStlcef Kerno. han. Herbert and
Salmon sentenced them to erve one
yaar each m prison as hotel beats Mrs
Weaver testified that her father, aohn 1
I" Wells of Warren. Pa. left J.'OuOOOo
w hen he died
The SOOOt lie Oliarfle on winch tne
women, protesting that II w is nil "it.
terly absurd." wet found gn It)' was of
defiaudlng the Motel BoSSsW on a b;il
for $3X AOCOrdIng to evidence pre
seined, however, a round dOSSO of hotels
suffered from the ut. willingness of the
WO women to g.r up the iUSSriOUS wa
of life of forcer veals
In Manhattan alone they wore able
b) means of their sttHursd sppsaranss
to defraud main h els of the belter
class. The VandOrbill lot ltl, it
Said, airl other- which wished they hail
taken the cah and let the credit go
were the Waldorf. I hi Imperial, tiie
Manhattan, the Murrav Hill and Hie
St. Denis
Mrs Weaver and Mrs
Welts. It a ti
pea'e.1 from teetlmons
ll. ,, I conducted
their operations for solve llmS Srltil
markable BMOCOSS. trading UPOfl
ubllli to "nut up a 'ront " At one
time, however, the met w.ili difficult)
in 'mposiiiK upon blither prue.l hotel.-
sui ii,e. aiaavs snuuiit so hard
put to it
were they tint UtS) were
..i, .....i to aime. i io the unnriii x-
' giilgatlon So. let In this city.
Miss King of that Ms-lep test. tie!
that the two women, who were some
times known as Miss Vlrgti ! Wicks
'and M s Harriett B. Well.- soiignl aid
' from her. They told her. eh said, tin'
! the) had no money to pa) then tent
I She made no Invest . gat Ion of their case.
I she said.
llntli women went on the witness
, aland In their own defence ami en
d Savored to win ovrr the Justice, by an
atlltudi somewhat similar 10 that which
had conquered many hotel managers
and clerks, Mrs Weaver leetlMed Ilia;
her father let I It.SOS.SM whin he diet ',
i It was tied UP, she Mild, but she laughed
merrll) at the idea that she or her
, mother could think of heating snybod)
nut of laMi or any other sum She ex-'
plaited that her father. John C We'.K
was a Wealth) Is, ler manufacturer who
lh.nl left them plenty of money, In '
little while they would have more mi
than they would know what to do with 1
Then they could easily pa) those trouble
some bills oT the Imperial for IHt.tL
the St lvnui for ItOt.tl und a lot of
j others.
Mis. Weaver was somewhat discon
certed when a letter was lead fiotn J
W. Vraslsr, manage! of the Hcllevue
Btrstford, In Philadelphia, savins that
,!ie Owed the hotel $1x7. .',0 for lodfllag
from June ill Io .III!) !
Mrs Wells, Mis Weaver's mother.
Was ma quits SO voluble on the stand,
tor quits so ftee With statements thai
o was "i.eifecllv OrSOOStSrOUS' and "ul-
terl) absurd
she frequently piesoea
loss ,,f tic iieiry.
The prosecution s exploitation of the
sources and extent of the InOOlM of the
IWO women who had lived so well at
hotels rrvsslsd thsl Mrs. Weaver go.
V.i a month alimony H.vcn that was
assigned for some time to a Mrs Mc
ClUrg. it was said. sltltOUglt later the
assignment of sllmon) was withdrawn
s-, slant liistrict Attorney Cooper said
a cartful search had failed lo diacove:
any nther Income.
Mr Cooper revealed SlSO that tiie two
Women had had abundant time to rid
tbeinseiVSS Ol the tastts that had led
Ihom b makl use of their appearance
and manners to live the life of the best
hotels, 'ne of the SXSCUl us of the W 11
estate testified that the ettste was etOged
iwenty.ftvs years sgo and tiiat the totsl
proceed, were not more limn $ft0,000, .n-
atead or thS 11,000,1 if Which Mrs.
Weaver and Mrs. Weill talked
The two women will serve their Ben
ion, .s in the penitential v on BlackWell'l
Oarrlsaa aad i m- ni.e in-
qnlrtes tvbsal Plants,
WaSHINOTON, An- 10. Secretin')
Mantels his instituted inquiries lo deter
1 mine the capacity of factories In the
United Slates to turn out munitions for
IWVal needs should WOl cn-ue at anv
time in the future a like Inquiry is
now made lot the army b) direction of
Secretary of W'al Harrison
Secretary DantOlS explainetl that the
information sought would he Incorpo-
i rated In ii"' naval rsporl on prs pared"
, ... soon in be submitted io Presldsnl
: W ilson.
I'rlnee l.tinla of Hut I e u liera Iteiilea
Willi ex-l'lrsl Lord,
spfrial Pogi! BSigafSS t' Tin: '.
l.oNnns. Vug. HO,- The official press!
bureau made public to-day u letter writ-,
ten by i'rlnee Louis of Huttsnborg, for
nier Wrsi Lord or the Admiralty,
win, resigned soon aflsr ths opening of
the war, io Wliuton Mpancet' Churonlll,
former Klrsi lird of the Admiralty. I
The ISttSI follows :
"KAIT CoWSS, Isi.h or WlQHT, Alls. Ill,
"In. vn M'i cm iii iiii.i : l notic. from!
in,, new-papers ihai ihe unauthorised '
publlcsll ' S prlvsts note of uilun
concerning S certain action Which I took
when in char go of the Admiralty, on!
July 80. IOHi ''is been made Die baali
for various strictures upon voir I
greatly icgrei thin, ilnca you as first
4rd and I a I'list Sea Loid acled
diirlnu that crltlnnl time In perfect hnr-
innnv . Willi ansoiuie muiiiai trust,
KiHsinn Fortress Falls and
Mori Than '-Mi.ono Men Are
Taken Prisoners.
ships piout in RtoA oi'i.F
German Fleet Penetrates Ras
Ian Waters and Kimmros
Vessels Defending roast.
t r
August 5. Srbsni Wsisaw fell into
their hands. :ie lie. minis lime taken
six Russian foiff as follOWl
August i
Mlgust 7
Mlglls' l
August l
August l
AUgUlt l
The for
i rangovod
Kot no.
Novo 09i
i esses i:
u holding
LI tin
fpsrlSf 'a'-' Bssaste Tin. St
UOKDOX, Aug 10. NOVO Oeorltienik
the BuWdac fortress nlnneen miles
nOrthWSOt of Warsaw, at Pie Junction
of the V:tula. Narew and Wkra rivers,
and described by one correspondent a a
seenn.l Vn l.sbu.g" la- ausi ol r. no
tion fell Into tin- hands of th
tonic i. voders yssterday, togsthsr
more than 10,000 RSSSlsm
t ,l,..i,ut.i iniin Bslrsgrad lali
mil iii sa)s ii oerntas Heel na- prnr-
trated the Usll si Klaa uml Is sagagSd
wlih lies. nit, warships defeadlBg Hie
ssgst, aeeerdlai te an eBlrlal state,
steal Issnsd al the Banbsa war OBIee.
To-day's oBlclSl Oorman slntem i,t
stales t.iat the complstt garrison of the
csptursd fortress .insisted of xs.'iun msn
"Of these tnOTi than 10.000 were cap
lur, d in yelerd ,) final baltle alone."
continue! the ststsm nt. This ralaes
ihe question a' to whether the rest of
Ihe gart tton aa, ceded In es-iping and
in joining Hie main Russian forces whteh
ore In Lev t.l t" be still Iniac: and n -
treating in ststd order,
Densssi Toll ' aniuer.
Thi "tin ,ai Oermsn ststsmtnt is ae
follows :
The fortrsis of Novo Oeorglsvsk,
HIS lasl hailing place of the mini) in
Poland, has been sun afl r a stub
born resists uce. Tin- complete garri
son op icstsJ of six Dent rale und
V.. in in men ( f these iuo:e Ihsn !".
U00 were captUlf d in yesterday s Una.
hatile alone The numlier of cs lion
l'ecel '. V tai'Ull e.l I , I " en lie , eni-u
t,, more that. Toil Tile quantltv
other w.,r materials anno'. y I
est nnated
The Bmporot lefl for No.,, ije-r-glevsk
it. order to give t ie thanks of
himself and tin Psthstisml to ths
leader of IhS attack, Hen von II eb r.
and his tit up.
Kast of Kovi.o oar troops continue
their pareult of ths .nem. Tin)
are conducting a gUCCSSSfU.1 battle I!
the pla 1 1. from Sabina to the high
road be;. net AUgUStOWO nnd Hrodno
The RusslSni hive besn driven book
on a Hue from Uudele, east ol M.nl
smpol. to Losdsleje and gtudsionlcsns,
and are offering tresli rSSlStSDOS ttieie
Kast of Trojln also hard Hglitr g
ts In progre.s
Th army of den voti Oallwlt! h is
made successful progress with its at
tacks on th, enemy, ospturlni ten
oltlcers and 3,tiS4 men
The army group of Prinos la'opuid
is making furl her progress.
Tlie I ft wins "f the arm) group
of Hit Id Marshal von Macksnssn
drove luck the enemy behind Kotor-
kakulva, in the section southwest of
Brset-Lltovsk. Houth of ihe Hug we
gained ground on th llrset-Lilovik
line Baal of Vladovs our ihhips
reached Ihe region of VoodiSSCSS in
Ihe course Of their . lose pursuit.
The late of the fortress ol llrest
. I.ltovsk, tlie last stronghold en the Itus
llan Inner tine of defence, now :s the
centre of Interest, its fall le considered
Imminent with the continued progres! of
'lien, von Mackensen's flunking move
ment. Speculation on the part of mili
tary writers sgreei that the Ursnd Puke
Nicholas in order to save hi- main in my
wi'l alamUan all .(Torts to form a new
line wltli this fortress as a pivot.
A deypaich from I'eliograu listing
thai Hussion warships in the tiulf of
Itigu were "compelled to draw In be
cause of the gnat superior!!) of hostile
ships" hue given rise to considerable
speculation regar. ling Die ItussUin Baltic
ii.-t The Immediate conclusion to lie
.p. lined ft Hi" Russian ofllotsl stats
mint is Unit a put of Die Possum heet
is bottled up In the gulf This would
mean thai the Hermans If
tliiuc In hold the Russian
have reduced the naval fort
s ier or later encountoi
able to iHiu
Hhlps there
IBS they may
In an open
sea battle.
VI .'-. o
He Hliltnl.
Meanwhile Petrograd is discussing ths
adviMbtllty of removing tin- I'zar'- capi
tal to Moscow. Tins historic city, the
premlet capital, always 'u hssn con-
siilered I lie heart of Itussi.i and th. sug
gested transfer is regaided as a move
thai would be advantageous to the
t'ssr'i empire.
The Ifotslag w' Petrograd re
ipondstit, discussing this lubjsct, iayi
In part
"Moscow still is the nerve centre of
il mplrs upon which all railways eon-
verge from Archangel t" Vladivostok,
,,, As' a'. Iian and the Crimea. I'etro
crao vvas an admirable capital for the
renins of Peter the UrSSt, but mull)
ihink II has nerved its purpose In Ihe
instill) of Russls, its foundation waa
a itroki of genius, fuming ihe Russian
people lo abandon the seinl-i iriental
woihl for the Western world, but that
Object long .since lias been attained."
luslrlaas R spas' Sipoatgi Realai
aitee Near llri-at-l.ltit. nL.
Sssris' Besgsfeil is Tas It N
Viknnv. via Amsterdam. Aug 211.
Tin, following: official statement was
issued to-da) .
The advuncs of tbe Austro-Osrmsn
troops In the direction o Brest-Li.
lovsk lias b id tbe effect of crowding to
gether within the preeincls of that
fortrsSS ' considerable portion "f Ihe
Itiisslun army. 1 11 caOl of a vvith-
drawal In a northsastsrly direction
1 hose 1 roups and supply columns win
in. restricted to but a few crossings,
Th" Russian forces are offerlr
Coaliaurd on rated Page,
U. S. TO "ACT"
Talking NeflNoti Over, N ali
Itiflrton Thinks Ueraian
AiiipihI's Ijilikel.v.
ri'RK P05SS1BLK:
Washimit.iv. Aug 10. With eve:;.'
Indication that several American iive
h ive lieen s.iorlflcetl b. the lorpi doltlg
' of the White Star liner Arabic. W. Isli
ngton Officials tn-nlght Vl SWeil vet"
gravely the situation confront : this
Qovsrn msn t,
if itnofflclal sccou: ts thai ;. Arsbh
a sunk without warning are ., urate
t ier would seem t-t lar Oltl) OltS pOf
sibit.l) of avoding a dinloratlc bleak
,v:t;. Herman) That poSOlMHt) wouid
pone 1st tu a diss vows b) derraan) '
tae act o' t .i submarine commanoVi
and a VOlUntar) offer of repar.it an.
Tie record of fJerman) in hoi aiih
marine campaign gives littli ground (or
hope thai site w.i pursue
that I IM v.'. plirttM fuoh it tMUIMti
inltvtl ('is- t tn v.. t Uat bft n loioii
upon offlrMil Wosthingion that man)
...I- Actd(td to continue her nuiuimmik
opvfnttiiiMf i ii h'r ovn v.t rrK.tMli.-ri-!
thr twldnti Botomn wrarnlni Mat fu
ther vtolottloftt of AmtiiCatn rlffhu w-tuui
in- itgnrdtd "i'iiier.ttfi unfflctMltgV.'1
oti other iuggMtson tip ien iid
v.iiueti ru Bffofdliuj ponslbU relief t ti
preeent eHoui ) i u.t ton. hut it tuu been
thrown out b) Washington oCAelnli in
the em of u ii. rntoe i tlwn en)
.;m : u.un.
It rport if i out i i
In soma ewspape- accounts of lilt
torpedoing of ihe Arabic it was ss d ih
had teen convoyed from Liverpool dOWtt
'the Mere!) b) British torpedo buata
which fotiowsd into the IrJati Sea and
st Qeorges Cnsnnsl. The convoy, ac
cording to these despatches, had turned
bach onl) s short Urns besora tin iter-'
man torps i, had been launched against
ths Arab,,
The Suite Department was Intenssly
Intsibstsd m these report! because it
W.I- acknowledged that if the Arabn
was under the protection of llritish war
vessels she bad surrendered all rights
as at. innocent merchantman and was
subject to attack if the British war
vessels had turned hack but were within
slRht nnd range of ihe Arabic at the
lane of Ihe torpedo SttSCk there would
be strong grounds for Qerman) raising
the point thai she was Justified under
ihe rule.- of international Ian
Notwithstanding the oBortl which the
State lieparttnenl bad made t.. obtain
1 all the facts in connection with the sink
ing of the liner, n was acknowledged
lo-mght that no Information bad been
received tending to confirm report! that
th, Arabic had any couvo)a.
in fact, state Department officials
franklv acknowledged they did not put
much confidence in any relief of this
character Tlie) thought the fa, t that
the survivors of the Arabic tool re
mained for four hours III her small boats
before IhS) had been picked up b) the
rescue vessels tended lo dlscrsdll the
idea thai ah) convoy was within sight
However. Washington officiant with
held any forms! express, 1. 1. ,,r opinion
on thli point iis on all others connected
with the case until tin- fact! have I i
received through otllcial gouroaS,
Confidents in regard to in. early re
ports of convo)'! vvas shaken slill fur
ther by the fact that later news ilea.
patches from London and Qussn'JtOWn,
published In to-day's afternoon papers
failed to sa) anything of such war ves
sels and sspsclall) by itatemenl from
white star Line officials in this country
denying that the Arabic had been cs
cried by any British war vessels.
bass f i.ife" i Issue,
Washington authorities hsvs realised
from the flrs; that the ,uestiun of the
loes of American life in no way affsctsd
the principles Involved. TttSy have
pointed out thai tin- Jeopardising of
American life In violation of interna
tional law and in disregard of President
Wilson's warning was the real offence
that musi lie dealt with liv this liov
ernment. Yet, realizing this, they had
felt thai the situation might be gea
aerious If tin American lives were lost as
a reaull "f the attack. They had been
very doubtful whether the American
pao pi! would sanction drastic action
the BOVgraROS of diplomatic rela
tions, for instance against ijermany
umess Amertcsn llvsi hsd ben iscrlflced
The reports from ijueens: o n and
Liverpool as to nnssiug Americans seem
I, leave tlttts room for doubt on this
sco i e, ami I 'resident Wilson, It is reared,
g now confronted with the necessity of
determining whgl the action of thi!
Uovernmenl !hall be, Il Is taken for
on all sides in Vv aslllliglon tu.it
I il
Ihe unnllhial rapOI'IS Of the Arabn'
o. blent turn out to be Hue this i.ov-,
grnmsill cannot with dignity protest;
again to ilermany. PrOBrdsnl Wilson's j
ii,,ie rsfsrrlng to "deliberately un.
I friendly" acts waa his lasi warning
wind, and as viewed in Washington thei
President now, if no extenuating cir
cumstances arise, must either act or re
main silent: go forward In support of
his warning, or backward and away!
from it
Tlie only possible action that is being 1
seriously talked of here Is the breaking ,
nff of diplomatic relations. Tlie presi
dent and bis advisers never decided def-
iiiltaly what siepa tills Oovsmmsnl
would lake in the event of Herman)1 Ik
noHng tbe Prvsldsnt'S llnal warning .
Many. Including some of Ihe President s
own advisers, have felt that this was a
mistake, but conditions Wlthlll the Pres
ident's official family while William .1.
Hi v an was a member were itien that If
was deemed wiser not lo attempt to
tettle this Important question
There has been no secret, however,
Continued on jSSSBad 'offc
P. A. S. Franklin, vice-president and preneral manager of the In
ternational Mm cant i!- Marine, owner of the White Star liner Arabic,
denied last night the insinuation that the torpedoed vessel was under
convoy of British torpedo boats. It was stated at the White Star
oftices in this city that such a report must have emanated from Ger
man sources in Washington and could have no other purpose than to
becloud the issue.
"Mr. Franklin," said David Lindsay, spokesman for the officials
of the line here, "denies that the Arabic was under convoy when
attacked by the Cierman submarine which sent her to the bottom.
There is absolutely no truth in such a report. Mr. F'ranklin would
have been advised by the British Government or the home office of
the line if the Arabic had left Liverpool with a warship convoy."
It was further explained in this connection that yesterday morn
ing's reports from Washington contained the suggestion that the
Arabic was sunk because she tried to get away from the submarine.
This was contradicted by Capt. Finch anil all the survivors who were
interviewed in Queenstown. Then came the report that the liner was
convoyed by two British torpedo boats.
"It was simply an attempt to becloud the issue," said Mr. Lind
say. "Undoubtedly the insinuation that the Arabic was under convoy
ami therefore open to attack by a submarine originated in German
circles in Washington."
From 6:45 A. M. to 7 P. M.. London time, yesterday the British
censor held up all news about the sinking of the Arabic. Despatches
to American newspaper? were barred until 1 o'clock this morning,
London time.
i "it yuiui i uvuun .
Gut's in Philadelphia t Hiv
His, K.vpjTlaitgffl Adjusted
uml W alks I hi1 Sli'fi'ts.
WaSHINOTOK, Aug. - To-dav, WttltS
sli the country walled for the news r -
ra.iimg the s nklng "f th" Arabic, which
w.i to determine whether t
United Stat can honorably
not IhS I
'rbndlv relations with Herman), I'res
Idsnl W inn wettt on an adUMMhlla Iri.i
to I'hllSdSlphla to have his sysglssses
The President made the trip t" se
I is oculist with sppsrsntl) as little
BOncern as If Ihe da) had liec-n free
froin pr-vilne official responsibilities
Lasvina fie ph)siclan's residence hi
I'hllsdelphla he etrolie.1 to the Bellsvue
Stratford foi luncheon and then came!
back to WashinBton on a Psnnsylvsnta I
Railroad com pertinent car
Offlcinll here who are nervous ove
the gr.iv.tv of the situation growing out I
of tlie Arabic disaster commented with
a, bn. ration ,:. the President's calm wav
of spending 'he dsy, It was regarded
as climaxing the ssrlcs of uttie inci
dents in 'he President's life which hav.
developed wit'i different stages of he
I critical dlfflcull'.si with tlsrmsny,
Il was recalled that tiie da after
the sinking of the I.USltSI la. Mr, Wil-
1 son isolated himself completely In the
. White II ui.e until nightfall, when lie
took a simii m the unfrequented streets
. f Washington The President's man.
tier of conducting himself In Ihe face of
these crises has come to lie regarded as
: an expression of his character.
! Some persons srs disposed to view
i the incidents as Indicating lis capaclt)
I for detaching himself utterly from pro!
lems ahoul lo ds
his psri othsn
in sought the is
or a walk at suci
maud clear thlnkil K 00
however, declare that
Istlon of an .nil" ride ,
t time, because tu tit ,ls
It possible to concent!. Ite his llllll'l Wit. I
least difficult)' when alone.
The view which has developed most
Itrougly here, however. Is that Ihe pres-
Ident, convinced thai no complete ofn-
I'lal information regarding Ihe Arabic
dhtastei would b, received by the state
Depsrtmsnl to-dav, decided thill he,
might as well get the task of having
III- glasses adjusted over with and till',
Ihe desire for an opportunity to medi
tate on the crisis with ilermany had lit'.
tic to do with the trip II Is believed
also that he felt that his manner of
spending Un dav might have a calming
effect on the puhlh 11 il ml
The President breakfasted half un
hour before Ids usual time and was In
his automobile In front of the White
Utilise ai Til" o'clock Ills only com
pontons In the big auto were Dr liray
011, the White Mouse physician, and
Joseph Murphy, chief of the Presiden
tial lecrei service bodyguurd
The other members of the secret ser
vile guard who had been rouse, i hurried
out of their beds ami followed the Presi
dent in a second automobile Tile Presi
dent took a lunch with him in a basket
hut dropped around lo a Philadelphia
hotel later for a more substantial meal
Tbe trip to Philadelphia was made
partly over tlie route of the new Llncoli
Highway Tae President wore a golffi s
cap a d a light inoloruig COS t, 'Che
larger pail of the lime lie sal in hi!
favorite seal beside Ihe chauffeur. The
sun was shining alt the morning and
the r ads were dusty. It was not at
Ideal day tor a t ide i ver the roads
from Washington to Philadelphia Hi
icached Philadelphia at l is P M
Mewi ,lf ihe President s trip had pre
ceded him at Philadelphia ami be found
a numlier "f newspaper men. photog-
raphers aid moving picture operators
lined up I" receive him at the residence
of Ills OCUllSt. He WSS UUlCkly recng
nlSSd as he aligned from the automobile
aril greeted some mi tubers of the
The visit 10 Hi'' . ulist occupied about
half an hour He left for tin
Stratford at S "'' lut'k, where
Helli-v ue-
iie looked
over Hi" arm n i"-'
LeavhiK Ihe hotel
the President
walkttl lo the
Broad street station In
time to get aboard the
train scheduled to leave
al .1:30
The President sat
ln ins compartment
Washington a I fi t"
den! was met by a
wiih in. Ursyaon
The team reached
P. M. The I'r'si
Whits Houss aulo
iiiolti 1
the t men statin'
llniier Ihe President
lter dinner Ihe President conversed
with Bscrslary
phone. At 1ft i
'clock he
ov ei t ae tele
went to hed
uviui u i vj lmii n tint uu
Stven isriiish. OneSpa-nlsh and
Two Nonveniaii Vessel
Kent to Hottoni.
I.om.on. Aug 10. -The sinking nf ten
Steamships, seven of British, one of Span
ish and two of Norwegian regttstry. hj-
Oorman subniar'.ne.u Is reported to-day.
In addition, the Ley lai.u liner Nicnsian.
4. 097 tons, which Mailed from New Or.
leans for AvoniMUtM and Liverpool on
August 1. was BttSCkSd by a submarine !
a - i.
susialned some damage, but whs .
ante to proceed.
Three members
f me crew of the Spun-1
isli steamer Pen t Castillo wer rescued
Tlie fate of the others Is not known
To-day i list of victims of the und' r
BBS boats includes the New York I'll).
t ie Norwegian steamahlp Bras. I.S&I
tons; the British steamships Ben Brae,
ki-. S.00I tons, and gsmsril of Hlisgow ;
flladlntor of Liverpool, the Bittern. 1.
7!T tons: the Rastormel, 1,141 tons, and
Baron Krsklne. 3.5il."i tons, the Spanish
Steamship Peris Castillo and the Nor
wegian steamship Bverresborg'
Tiie captain ami crew of fifty-three of
the New York City w-ere landed to-day at
JUtenstown and reported thai th
sol had
1 p.
I and sunk yes-
t, rds)
ai Brill
an, I nail
The New
il from Nt
,1 for New
York lite arrived
York on August I
York on August If,.
tii. , rows "f ihe Baron Brsklns ami the
Reatortnel also have been saved. The
Baron Brsklns sailed from New Orleans
on Jul) s for Avonmoutll, The Itcs
tortnsl was lasi report.'! at Cardiff
The Admiralty ISSUi I a statement to
day placing the loss to British shipping
in the vv ek ended August is at thir
teen vessels eleven , f which were sunk
by submarines and two by mines. The I
total gross lonnsgS "f the vessels was !
Reports of the sinking of the Bovlc,
Capt Mv a us, Which left New York on
August v for Manchester, reached the I
White .ttar oftices early in the alter- I
noon mid were dented. So persistent
were iitev. however, that it was said the
White Star Line utftcSS here had focelvod I
the news In a cablegram and had kept t
QUlet, Tlie rumor was not dispelled ,
altogether until last night, wheni
the line WSS advised that Hie freighter
had arrived safst) al Llvsrpool ami had j
proceeded to Mancheetet
Next came a report that ttie lied Star
liner Lapland, carrying hi passsnBsrs, ,
thirteen of them tmerlcans, had been .
attacked by a stitm', tine off the Irish ;
cast. The Lapland lefl New N org tor
Liverpool lat, on August 11'. having
been delayed a day arriving here, and
is due to reach Liverpool this morning
She is c, 111 -I M tided I') C.ipt .lohll Ili ad-
gnaw, ti was then learned from dss
pitches from Queenstuwn thsl tiie Lap
land hail probably been confused With
the Bristol liner New York City, tlie
crew ,,l B'hlCh reached QusSnStOWn )'!-
tonds) aftei noon
The White Star Office! bad no ottl I tl
word or the reported submarine attack
on rhe Ley land liner Nicoaiati, which,
act irdlng to private oabla advices, was
, l. en" Red b) a torpedo, but vvas able to
proceed on her way. The Nlooglani
Cu t Manning, Is engaged in tlie ttans
port "f Australian irini'-
An official of the company look tune
to oharactgrlgO as "ridiculous" the state
ment in an SVSnlni newspaper that
Americans were carried free b) the line
as a protection against submarines.
Norwegian 'l'orieilii Hunt Cornea to
it, ... nf "nil steamer.
I H 11 1 S'li AXIS,
The Norwsglai
stopped by a 1
Norwegian ter
bill a Nor w eg
via London. Aug. 30,
in. ill steamer Jrma wa-
lerman ubmarlne within
itorlBl w aters y esl ei day ,
an torpedo boat arrived
In tune to prevent further interference
Tlie submarine hied across the Imws
or the irms Just north of Jsstsrsns Rssf
while the steamer vvas on her way from
1 N
lie to Htavangsr, Norway, Thelnlghl a corrected net "f me snrv.vo a
mail sleanur's Ihvhis wer" swung oir, whici it rsceiveo renin l.ew s i i torn;,,
ami nrenaratlons were made to abandon I son, me American Vlcs.tVinsul at
the ship Tne shot! of Ihe submarine's
qUb'k lirers, hOWSVSr, had altlacled the
auention of a Norwegian torpedo boat
on guard dtltv, and the commander of
ha lorpedo boat came up and ordered
the lUbmarlllS lo leave Ihe tenitorl.il
water. Tiie order was obeyed.
lfrs.Bi'118 'ulere ol Nr York
uml Pr, Woods OIvpii
lp an Loat.
jrr',d' Ctbl VetKir a
tjl KKNHTi'W N, Aui:.
cans ftmonf ' tw-my
t I HK Si x
TWO AiiktI
flt VPhO hci
BaSBSngSrS on thS Arabic are at:ll mlSO
lug and thsrs ismes to hi no hope lliat
ihe.v have eurvlvod. These are Mrs,
JOSCglhlnS Si BrUgUlsrs of New Yolk,
Newport and Ban PrsnclSOO, and Ur fcal-
niund y Woods of Jsneevtlle, Wis.
. The otner Americans nioul whom
I doubt vv.is entertained this morning,
J j nines Houlihan of Philadelphia! a a da
I osssenser. and Thomas Blmors or Ne
York, a tlnrtl class i.ie.ctigcr. wtie
saved. SOOOrdimi to dl Unit! informal. on
given out by the Whit! far lain
Llsl of viissmu i nmpllvd.
Doubt at., I exists SbOUt thi fa ' oi a
uuniber of passengers of Other nsllOI ill
ties. Aiming these is Miss Ireti! Tatter,
sail. Mrs Frank Tattersall, her mother,
had been definitely placed on lh . et
he missing, wiub- Mr. Tatlct
missing, while
ths Misses llfitha anil r'lai.i, T
.ne kno.v ti to have besn save,
Revised iiguies compiled b) the SVhltS
Stifr offlclsll here lo-nigip givt iu
total numbel of the slope collipail) ae
4 IS and Hie total loss uf life US 40.
According to thsss rsvlssd Ngures, 121
cabin paSSSIIgSIM were saved and till.
t, en lost, ten of the thlrtsi u bell
WUIttan hfly third class passengers
were agvad ami three lost and Jit' o,
the crew wore Saved and foriy-thivg
lost. These flgur.s vary considers j
from those given oui yesleiduy, tbs
total numbsr of passsngers on the liner
being uu leased from IM to IS. and
tip number ol in" . r. vv tu 4 ... used
rom -"- to -1-
1 tigs wen si.u.otieii .1 ox , 1 1 , 1 ae v., ,nu
of the disaster to-day in a -1 arch fol Ilia
i0,ies f th! Victims
The hospital, I) MloWli by III, r'M.hl.ll
of VVUe, nslow II at tile time ot tile Lllfcl-
tania disaster wire tepealed loday,
Bver)!hlng mat c uld lie dons to llghtsu
the burdens ol me survivors In Hit wuy
or food and clothing was given tu tht o,
many of those eavsd navtng left : -e
Arabic in very scanty Bttlrs ami Willi no
money. Although miiioi injur'- art a
suffeted by a number of survivors, ttie
condition uf none ol '.hem is ri p rletl
Sill prise that so grct a pi "poll. uu
of those aboard the vessel should huvs
been saved III the short space ot time
elapsing between the torpedoing "f toe
vessel and her sinking vva- expn sed
by man) 1,,-ila) .
L'aptala"! Braver) Pralecd,
bra vei
A i a Id.
of 111'
t 'apt
iiitrlbuiiiig iiicioi
unduubiedl) v
offi, ers and ii,
l-ita Ii siiiyed at
f tiie
L'ba ii
huve hlin
Jllst belole Ihe vessel USUI
plunge io the bottom of the
and his exampbi appi ai - lo
followed b) all the men und, l
Beveral of Ihe engineers
i fircmoii
remained al Ihelr posts below In idis
of the knowledge thai Ihelr staylmi
meant certain death, and wcnl down
with the ship in the doing ol what iliev
believed would make lor the groalol
safsiy of ihs passengers
Tin'. i below decks wiio guvs
their lives UlluUeStlonlngly In obeying
orders received special tubule to-da)
from Capt. Klnch
trable I'asseimer Vip, It 111,1 I
html n Derelict.
Hgeeiei f'eO! fieigsfcA Thi It v
London i Aug 30 Albert Ingi
an UnglUh passenger on lbs Arabic,
turned 10 London ionlghi and give
following account in' Hi" sinking of
! liner
"We wet,. Bpproaohlng a derelict,
ahull proved 10 lie the DUhsley. Sin
was slowly sinking As we uea red her
our course waa altsrsd so .,- 10 ,,nes
1 tier how -.
I "Tiie submarine wa- I, diiig bemud Ihs
I sinking lio.il I saw the uelisOOM nee,
its we wen brondslds i" tin u muring,
and almoat linmedlatel) tin toitiedu wal
I dlaohargsd The line trembled and there
was a leatiiii ran biwi a -.
water shot tifty feel u, tin' air, taking .4
boal with It.
"The discipline on the Al'Sbli WSS
magniBcsni '' ipi Pint h w i niyinu
orders with suprenu coolness and the
crew Instantly begun lo l"'V.i Hi. boats
Kvery member of lbs rron nee i to
know his pla an.l to drop mi" II in
stantly. Third LngiU'.r I.Ugon sacli-
gcad bis l.t' h) going below and turn
ing off 111' stl HII SO "S II able Un
ship lo I"' brOUglll to a si llltlstill
"When I sbpped off Ihe Ulik ng bows
Into a boat Ihe ss. I s stern Wilt high
in tiv mi. ami the captain on the bridge
was looking almoat uralghi down on
ihe bows. Win n the liner took her dual
plunge she upset two boa's Th- cms
,,f those struggling in the water were
pitiful, l think, how. vs , tbi' .ei were
picked up. but some wire badly hurt.
Capt Pinch, wh" jumped from the
budge as the Arabic Weni down, was
dragged from ihs water."
The Amarlcati Bmbassy issued in.
Quesnstown, showing that Mis Bru-
gulers and Pr Woods are rot I no hided
in tin knowi survHsars Ambaaaartnr
Pa'sC. however, has not ahaeidonsd uOie
tun III v will yd he found alive
Tin Vi. e-consui cnntlrmad protrlouB
reports ,,t i he BSOOllsnl dlsclplini ?'"

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