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County Officers Costly to City.
Constitutional Convention aiked to tift
burden from municipal taxpayers.
See Section 7, Page I, of
to day's SUN.
Kuin to-day; to-moirow fair; south to
southeast winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 73; lowest, 67,
I 'tailed weather, mall ami marine ISpsltSSO pose li.
Gerard Purmally to state
F.ic 1 and Thus Invite
Official Comiiieut.
Diplomatic Break only Re
tallatory Measure so .
Far Considered.
This. However. May Re Ger
Han Defence Disavowal
of Act Vnlikelv.
WsHiN'iTON, Aug. 21. Only one
tangible development stands out thus
tor In the crlsla caused by the tor
pedoing of the While Slur liner Arabic
and the losa of at Ir-asl two Anssrlcan
The President has decided to direct
Amoas-ador Gerard at Berlin to rail the
German Government's attention to the
sinking of the Arable, und thus Invlie
any explanation whinh the Herltn au
thorities may care to make.
This action will give Germany an
opportunity to cite any clrcurnstancsa
of which she in.iv l ave knowledge I" her
own defence or voluntarily to disavow
the act of the submarine commander, if
sti should decile to adopt that course.
Washington has no hope that Oer
I! ml will ropwdtate the sinking; of Ilia
A Bbtc On the contrary, the belief
here In that ShS will defend tills act,
)USI a i aha dill the torpedoing of the
lAtaltanlB vv It hout warning. So that the
opi'Oi tunlty opened up by Ambassador
Us aid's inquiry as viewed in Washing
ton Is likely to lie valuable only in o
tar SS It will give the United States
afllciets Germany's side of the case.
The passing of another twenty-four
hour-, has IncTOaOOd the tension In Wash
ington ovet Germany's latent attack
v. American life and strengthens i
tin tuipiesslon that this Government will
b obliged to "act" unless some entirely
biti x peeled circumstances are brought
Hi it'll In regard to the sinking of the
Whits War liner.
Must l'rnitl.
In feet some officials, though not iti
an) era) purporting to speak for the
President, went so far to-day as to say
thai the United States Will have to "act"
promptly and firm!) a. soon as all the
fs.'s have been officially obtained.
There is now no doubt that the only
action th.it Administration otfU iais have
In mind is the severance of dlptonuttle
relations with Germany, ir the Cieai.
dent fee's obliged to take this step I'on
greea will be called in session to vote
a large sum of money for use In
Strengthening the national defences.
Strong intimations already have be
gin' to come from German s urces as
to thi defence which the Berlin authorl-
tn will make for the sinking of the
A ah It is believed here they will
ee,ze upon Ambassador Gerard's Inquiry
t" ..intend that the White Star liner
Was Bttoml ing to ram the German sub
marine Bftai the latter had torpedoed
Ihe Steamship i'unsley and that the
submarine therefore acted Is seif-de-fen-.-
Suggestions already have ema
nated from Berlin thSt this explanation
m.ght be advanced.
Detsila now kn .vvn of the sinking of
I s :i apparently would lend them
selves to such a defence, Statements
thai have bean cabled from Qiiasns
ti wn represent Cupt, Pinch of th Ar-
Sblc as having said that he had seen
the steamship Huntley in difficulty and
w I making toward her when he sighted
the torpedo thai had been Hred at his
own vessel. Other me. nbers of the ciiew
have boon quoted to 'he effect that the
hits st ir lin. r wa going to the rescue
r . Dunaley wi,en she was attacked.
The atgument advanced In Oerntsn
quarters is that the Arable was attempt
ing to ram the submarine or at least the
c i slider of the German submarine be
lleved that to be the Intention of the
Arable and discharged his torpedo In
i if defence.
KaplMiiiillfin Doubled,
Offlclalfl in Washington were inclined
to i v,ry skeptical .if this explanation.
Ttiej pointed to the fact that the lor
I" 'In h't the Arable aft on the starboard
aide. Thsy were of the opinion that the
XploalVS would not have reach. Its
nmrll In that quarter If It had been dis
ci irged with the Arable making for the
iUl liaiilie head on for the purpose of
rainining ii.
ii was acknowledged however, ihat
It might have been Mjsihle fin Ihe aub
h H ne to have made Hiich a hit undsr
' I'lrcumetances if the Amble had
ii l. i-esj har course after the I. ope. In had
illsoharged, Interviews with some
' 'ne surviving indicate that the Whit.
Ptai veaasl was mancouvrod after tin
deadly weapon's trsll had been sighted
None of the newspapsr deepatolira
' ii have come from Kngiand in regard
' i ' sinking of the Arabic, recounting
I . expel lenoSS Of survivors and giving
i . iiatsmenle of off! oars of tits liner.
'.ins even a suggestion that there
I un) intention lo tain the submarine
Mlat the conduct of the vessel vv.l
. ' .is wrruld warrant a auspieinii that
i i t was its purpose,
I Stale I icparlmeiit Itself has re.
I 'd nothing from its consular of.
n i. oj from Ambassador Page that
wvwild tend to support such a defence
lr i tints Was been no Information In
' f the official oummunloatloeu that
'"iil'l lend to relieve '.siTiiiiliy of the
Linden of rtsstsinsiblllty and make
Ills attack anything bill a reckless
I . old blooded deed In violation of all
Ih" prlnrlplue of Internatkiruil law and
l.um .nlty.
However, the Slate I )epa i : ineni ha-
Cfoslsssfd oa t'htttl Pose,
FIRST -General New.
SECOND -Sporting. Automobiles Kenneli
THIRD -War Articles, Fir eign. Drama. Book.. Queriei. Chess . .
FOURTH -Pictorial Magaiine
FIFTH -Special Feature Magazine. Fsshion. . , , ,
SIXTH New of the Summer Resort. ... . . . .
SEVENTH Sptat Feature!. Real fctate. Garden.. Poultry. School.. Finanaal.
Problem. ....
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tn "The Sun" by nottfytni the PuUicalion Department at once by the phont
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Time for Words Long Passed, Colonel Declares Presi
dent's Secretary Tells Jersey Democrats Nation
Faces "Great International Crisis."
Col Theodore lioosevelt broke yester
day the silence he has maintained about
this country's relations with lierm.inv
since the sinking of Ihe LuSltBMlS. He
feiTing to the destruction of the Arabic,
t'ul. lioosevelt said It would tie a fresh
sacrifice of American honor and Interest.
tor the Administration merely to dismiss
Count von BSTBStorffi the German Am
bassador, and sever diplomatic rela
i lions with Germany T0 Colonel s state
smen t relterjites more forcibly his pre
vious utterances on the subject, main
taining that the time for words passed
i long BgJOv
His -lateinetil follows
"I see It suggested In the papers that
the Gormen answer lo our last note,
that Is. the sinking of the Arabic by
a Herman submarine add th conse
quent murdei ..r certain American ctu
sens, will h adequately met by the
I Administration dismissing llernstorff
'and sundering diplomatic relations with
Germany. I earnestly hope th Ad
ministration will not take this view, for
to do so would be a fresh SSCftflcS of
American honor and Interests.
I "The President's lute to Germany in
, February last was an excellent note, If
only it had been lived up to. But every
subsequent- note has represented noth
ing but weakness and timidity on our
part; and the sinking of the I.usltanla
and of the Arabic, the attacks on the
Huinight and the Kaiaba. and all the
similar Incidents that have occurred
represent arrogant answers which this
weakness has Inspired.
"Germany will care nothing for th
m re severance nf diplomatic relations.
The time for words on Ihe part or this
nation has long pgBSSd, and it la In.
conceivable tn American pltlssns who
claim to tie Inheritors of the traditions
of Washington and Lincoln that our
governmental representatives shall not
see that the time for deeds has come.
What has Just occurred Is a fresh and
lamentable proof of the unwisdom oi
our people In not having Insisted upon
the lieginning of active military pie
parednesa thirteen months, ago "
J. I. Tumuli lags w hole Nnllun
Is With l-nalileul.
Spin mi Lake, ft. J , Aug. II. Joseph
P. Tumulty, ssersUury to Praoident Wil
son, iti an ad, lies- del vered here to
day, spoke of the situation with lier
many as extremely grave, and said that
President W loon Stands as the defender
of the inalienable rights of Americans
on land and aea. His words drew forth
round after round of cheers from JOO
prominent Democrats Of New Jersey
who took Ins wortls as an Indication of
the President's jiollcy in regard to the
latest irernian submarine outrage. Gov.
I elder, Secretary of State Thomas K.
Martin. State Treasurer Kilwur.l K.
Groeocup, state ComptroMsr Bdwsrd L
dwsrds and other notable party lead
ers of the State were In the throng that
wildly cheered Mr. Tumulty when he
sHjke of the situation with itermany
and stated Unit a united nation would
uphold the Pres dent in what he rererreil
to as "a great international crisis "
"In this solemn hour." said Mr Tu
multy, "our President stands as the de
fender, the conservator and the sjiokes
man of the inalienable rights of Amer
icans on laud and sea.
"To all the world he represents the
majesty, the Integrity, the very eov
orolgnty of a great p qile. a people
hent upon no mission of Injustice but
interested ill aasertlng and m iiiitaining
at every cost those tights of Interna
tional law and humanity so vital to
the life of the nation Use1., lights
which weie vv..n for us in an gnotSflt
day In America at a cost of blood aiwl"
great eicriflce.
"Ill this hour of a ureal international
. nsis our hopes, our hearts, our pray er s,
triumphant over our hopes and our
hearts, are with our beloved PrSOidsnl
If the nec essity . arises our lives and
our sailed honor will follow him."
Mr. Tumulty's aidless fell Hke a
bomb among the rsvolllns Deinsoraes
who had gathered here at the Invita
tion of the Monmouth Oount) Democra
tic Committee for a love feast nod lo
talk over plane for ihe fail campaign,
and Mr. Tumulty was not expected to
refer to ihe International situation or its
grave aapect. He will return lo Wash
ington to-morrow afternoon. While he
would not discuss ihe possibility of a
break with Germany. It was evident
from his attitude that II Is rsgSjrdsd
with He g eatest IsgTSS of seriousness
by Washington.
Nowi IssMs sinking Vlowod
un lie, i, I unceril.
Ha t'nitftt Press,
BgllLIN, via The Hague. Aug 21.
The flral repolts received lure that till'
Arabic had been sunk by a Herman sub
marine but that all Americans aboard
had been saved, caused widespread re
joicing. Later, when It whs established
that there was loss of American lives,
this feeling changed to one of deep con
cern. Press comment was sparing. The
newspapers merely warned rhelr readera
10 accept wtlli rggerVe 'he news, which
t i n 'i is coiiie almost wholly from pro
. 1 11) here received 1
he news of the Arabic's winking calmly. I
as did OffldSlS,
t)t Mltff rubir Maklu
Wit" Inlrnrlrti tn Inilmlrlnir 1. V
0f W VtbU Vprtf h tn Tun 9l v
PAKIt, Atigf. IS. 'Plie Trmp. the
.ouniftt ittt Ih bot.n Htitl f.n l.ibertr nil
MnnMitl dlspatsWionatety on th himKimk
Of the Arabic at Ml event riltoarrthnr to
hkivc t'-'-ti Rtitlclptttd
The IVftsfM hm'x :
"Oertnnn lnfttuitlori belle vm that t
other crime win intlmldstte the Ameii
faun Under every pretest t Use Qer
mnna imap up erlmee to cm oh Amorlcnn
potlence to ihe limit."
Tnr ooriMtJ dee Debofo aoys
"The tteet ruction of the Amble lO cer
tainly an od which comeo under Woeh
lnptone deocrlptlon f "dotlbefntely un
mendly.' "
PgWfi I mid Think treble Onlcnme
Internal MS Well n lllplomnllc.
Nkw HaVSN, Aug. 11, Prof iScorge
Trumbull I. add, .tn authority on inter
national affairs, to-ciay said that unlsaS
Germany disavowed the action or her
Officials ami made reparation to the
United States Government for American
louses In the Arabic and th I.usltanla
at once all diplomatic relations between
the two countries should orate.
Prof Load s'so Said that "pntlent en
durance, seditions as well a. treasonable
Words and deeds." on the part of those
foreigners over hn who are still aliens,
has reached the limit will, the great
body of American people He declared
also that II Is high time for nil for.
eign people who have become i Itizen
of the t'nited Slates to support the
Government of this country, to which
their allegiance is due.
"The present relations of the United
states and Germany," amid Prof Ladd,
"are th,. logical outcome and almost
inevitable result of th policies fol
lowed by the two countries since th be
ginning of the WSr, The policy of I ier.
many has been the ruthless pursuit of
Us own ends by n'l possible means of.
diplomacy and armed force, without
iegar.1 to Hague conventions, Intiina
tlonsl law. Ihe usages of civilised na
tions or considerations of humanity
This policy follows from Its theory of
government and It has been carried
out In practice with astonishing effici
ency. "The policy of ihe I'nlted States rjAv
ernmenl and the people may be described
as that of n waiting hut watchful neu
III scrioii., Condition ill SSJggSBOS
Home and PHOMgS l-'eer Siirnl.
SOUTH BBMD, Ind., Aug. 21. -News wax
received hers iat.. this evening that
Senator Benjamin P. Shlvely of In
dlana, Who 1- III at his summer home
in BrookVillSi Pa.. Is In a serious con- j
dltkNI and his reiovery is doubtful Hit
friends and relatives at Brookville an
spooring the worst, as Senator Snivel)
has been falling rapidly for the last
few days.
Illness overlook him during ihe . los-
Ing days of ihe last session of Congress,
and although he partly recovered and
appeared to have practically regained
his health a BUdden relapse set In t his
"Saggostlaa tienins." Bsllsesd tal
tog Maay PalHIeal K.iia.
PtTTSaVSO, Auk. 21. A -ure for po- J
lit.vnl evils. It la Ixdleved. has bn
found by the voters of llenavon, Ior
mont and Mount Lehauon, three or the
largest boroughs adjoining. this city.
"BugtSStton meotlnge" are the means
adopted. Tliese meetings are called by
OOmmRtSSfl appointed by representative
citizens. Kvery voter is asked lo altend
At such gatherings candidates ror an
local offices are "suggested " When the
decision ror any candidate Ig unanimous
he Ifl put on the ticket.
So rat Ihe plan has worked admir
sielf-rilialnM scheme lor III. able, I
cm r 1 is Psrfestod)
NSWroST, Aug 21. Lieut. Robert T
.Merrill or Ihe Tonopah has perfected a
tie Vice making a submarine that has
become disabled while submerged come
to th surface or its own accord.
1...1 tniu ,i,..-i.-,. u iu j.
VUlgedi but it is known thai during the
..... ........ ....1, liter,, have it, -en ... L. Ih .
Nan agiinsett Bay sonie cxperlmenta
with Ihe submarine Dt( ciiiiimainh d by
Knslgn Uarl ' Mel)!.
The test! so rar as can be gleans!
have been BStlSfSCtOry, for It was
learned tii-ilay thai In on of the test -
a depth or between flfly and sixty reel,
en ue up to Ih surrsce ss It was
was .
plannen. I lie eiin-iroi msirwr 19 o
man, 1. iinc. I about tlie lusts.
War Fear Cmiihon Cainclliii"; of
Many Reservations
the New York.
Oi'iliina and Not trriliiiii
Still With Few U. S.
Citizens A hoard.
One effect of ths sinking of the White
Star liner Arabic Thursday became ap
parent yestfrday whn about 1" per
sons who had engaged passage on th
Amrlcan liner New York cancelled their
reservations. Pear that the I'nlted
States Is about to be Involve I In war
with Germany aa a result of the sub
marln attacks, and that thy might BS
pro VentSd from returning to this coun
try by the outbreak of hostilities, was
given ss the reason.
The continued sinking or merchant
ships produced a tenseness or reeling
among the crowds gathered on the docks
to see friends depart and there were
many tearful farewells. Kven In the
departure of the New York, which ts
known to carry no war supplies, the
dread or possible attack seemed pirxent
both among those who sailed and thos"
who were left behind.
As a matter of precaution. Ihe ctew
or Ihe ship made a thorough Impaction
of th hold Just before the hole lines
were cast off 10 make sure that no bombs
were hidden a boom. The New Vol k
ca l l led 101 pSSSengOl s snd a large c irgo
Tin- Canard liner m num. which sailed
vesterday ror Liverpool, carried nine
saktOn passengers, two ir whom were
Americans. These Were Miss .Mne Bol
der or New York and Robert Blair or
RUBSelVtlle, Term The others in the
saloon were H Boas if Liverpool Mrs.
K Baron Kiy. Miss M. A, Baron Kry and
Robert Pollln of London, Mrs. Helen
ntedham of Australia and Mis. Uiatten
Heelouin and Guatave Hisiouln of
Aniong thoae win. Batted on ihe Rot
terdam for Rotterdam yesterday was
Mrs. Harriot Rtanton Blatch, ihe suf
frage leader and lecturer, who is going
abroad lo attend In some or the ar-
falri of her husband, who was killed
by an electric wire Bl Hhoreham. L. I.,
reci nTly Before sailing she made a
statement in which he called on the
'.ov eminent to prevent Am rlcans from
sailing on any but neutral vessels
"1 would not sail , n a belligerent
ship," she ssld. "Our Government should
take step to pievrnt any of our people
from sailing on sny hut neutral ships 1
tnnrt for mv ele. torel rights, but I do
not want to CSOSC my Government Shy
anxiety on my behalf. "
Among the others who used th neu
tral Hot dam as s means cl trans
portatlon w is the American Vice-Cnsul-Qonersl
John G. La Mont, returning to
his ixsst at Hamburg. He has been in
tills country since May and expects to
come back again In two months Mon
ours Hoblnson. the writer, sailed to
Spend two months wr'h his sister in
ECnglatld He plans to go t-. France
Spi-ihhI SlPWitril Hies After Qm
BIowi Dintng if t
N'kvv UONOONi Conn . Aug 21 A gas
explosion In the forward dining room
ot Commodore Leonard Klchards's
auxiliary brig rigged yacht Carola IV.
early to-day injured the second steward.
John Ma redan, so severely that he died
at Memorial Hospital at 1 :45 o'clock
this afternoon.
The Carola was lying at Riverside
shipyard awaiting a new topmast The
explosion aroused Commodore Richard a
and his guests MS redan was hurried to
the hospital, where it was found he was
badly hurt Inteiniilly. the little linger
on his right hand being the only external
The hard oak and teak wood finishing
of the dining room were blown to
splinters and the furniture was wrecked.
At least IllOn damage was done
Msradsn. whlla conscious for n few
minutes at Ihe hospital, told Medical F.x
amlner Lee that he turned an electric
light button and the explosion fo!lnwd
It in believed B spark Ignited gas escap
ing from a tank.
The steward's home address was P.ast
Fifty-fourth street. New York He was
31 years old.
ll I onimunleallon With Tom ii la
suddenly fnl Off.
PHILAPBUHItAi Aug. 22 - Word was
received her this morning that Hanover.
PSk, bad bean swept by tornado and
much damage done. Immediately after
the receipt of a telegraph message lo
thai effect all communication with the
town was .suddenly out off, mid up to 2
A M. it hd not been restored
Hanover is in York county, Fa . and In
the census of 1910 had a population or
tain at I'aekaara and Insurance
PrlvlIeK KilennrS.
WABHIN0TON, Aug 21- Bv order of
the PoHtnuistci -lieneral the postal regu
lations governing the Insurance or par
111I post were expanded to-day to in
titule packages valued at from .".o to
turn and to extend the Insurance privi
lege to paresis velud at 1.1 or less for
a Tee or three cents. Twenty-five cents
is named as the fee ror Insuring parcels
in an amount not more than $100
The order Is linni. dlately effective
Until now a fee or five oenta has been
charged ror Insuring all valuations up
lo ItS. For valuations ranging rrotn
a to $2."i the five cent Insurance ree
w-lll he charged as heretofore, for
valuations between 9ir and $30 the fee
will continue to be 10 cents
In IsHiiinj; iM'r-laratioii lomltm
PnmlfM Efforts to hV
lievp Oppression.
Two (tovn-ninonts Arc Ex
pected to Make Extensive
Purchases in America.
f sorts! Oesfs peeaafell ' Tas It i
LONDON, Aug. 2I The British Gov
ernment placed cotton on the contraband
list to-day. France will follow with sim
ilar artlon to-morrow. No declaration
of the sort Is expected from Uussia It
Is possible that Italy may Join in the
action against cotton at a later date.
In announcing the dSCjS'.Ofl to place
OOilOfl on the oontrahamt list the Pol
eign nffice ISSttSd Ihe following bulletin:
The Government has declared rol
ton absolute contraband While the
circumstances mfcgtht have Justified
suoh action at an earlier period the
(Jovernment a glad to ihmk that local
conditions both here and In America
are more favorable ror such a step
now than they were n year ago.
The Government contemplates the
initiation or measures to relieve, aa
rar as isissible, any abnormal depres
sion which might momentarily disturb
market . ond lions
The supplement lo to-day s Ion ion
dstsffa Contains th text ot a royal
proclamation adding to the list of ar
il, les to be treated .is contraband raw
cottons, cotton limen, cotton waste and
Sotton yams
The c.over nnient has placed cotton
among the contraband srtlcle. only
after months of hesitancy and after a
Violent ptess campaign Various mem
bets of the Cabinet have been bitterly
assailed during the propaganda and it
has moii then OlSeg been declared by
loading Si icruista that the i luvernnictit's
procrastination respecting cotton ha-
perm. tie. I liermany lo manufacture ex
plosive which had cotton been with
held from .hat DOuntri would have been
out of toe que-tion
iii it declaration no hint is supplied
regarding the methods to be pursued Iri
piotecilng the cotion industry In
America, but It is said that all possible
measures will be taken 10 pi event
abnormal depression In market condi
tions Home scheme a to be adopted
by which prices will be stabilized, ac
cording to the best available informa
tion, but Just what thi s. heme Will
Involve cannot be stated at present. It
is not improbable that It will take the
form of extensive pur bases of cotton
in America by the British ami Prench
Governments acting Jointly.
At least It can Is- stated positive!)
that the H.ivei nment intends to make an
earnest effort against any Interference
with tile IrgKlmaie lotion trade of neu
tral countries. In the past, under the
ruling or the order in council. It was
the Government's policy to stop only
OOtton BUSpOCted of an enemy destina
tion This policy will Ik- pursued, with
the difference that wlille in the past
England either Ujught the cotton or re
turned It, all cotton cargoes ma) t IS
In confiscated. In ruct under the new
drclsratlon noi only such cargoes but
the ships carry , im them as well ir sus
pected or enemy destination may be rxsn
aScated by the Government.
in other words, th-- Qoverntnent u
longer proposes to giv cotton exporters
a gambling chance of Bending their
article to Germany. Heretofore If BUch
exporlcis railed to gel their . irgoel
through to a neutral country rroni which
the cargoes might SBBlly tie exported to
Germany it was certain thai th tton
either would is- returned to them or
purchased by (3 reel Britain.
Through the COOP ration of Cotton ex
porters the i Jov eminent is supposed to
be arranging a list of cotton Importers
in Scandinavian countries who may be
relied tiisin not to expOri then consign
ments to Germany.
lotion Men Mere Unpen No II.. I
I fl.-. i oi, Market.
Cotton brokers generally agreed last
night that the action of OreSI Britain
and France m placing cotton on the
list of contraband will have practically
no effect on th market and will do
no harm. It had been anticipated for
some time as a necessity of war li is
expected that the Allies will buy up a
large part of the cotton supply Whlctl
normally would bs shipped lo Gorman)
and Austria and allow nsutralfl to ftittil
their normal ro,u1 rementi
Henry- Ilentx, A. S. Ftsniett and James
fiioniHti. prominent cotton brokers, who
were asked llielr opinion last night,
said that the South probab v will not
suffer. Conditions there, they added,
are bller and money is available to
finance the cotton crops. I will be
found, they sal.!, that Ureal Britain and
France will lake all the cotton they
need and allow shipment of cotton to
neutrals without Interference, as long
as neutrals do not exceed their normal
"Last year." said Mi Ileitis, "some
neutrals received a lillle more than
their own supply and Germany snd Aus.
tiia wire enabled to set about -.'.111111, 1
bales through neutral sources It is
probable thai Great Britain ami Prance
will arrange 10 buy what Qermany and
Austria would ink.- m normal timea, an 1
IhSI to-rlay's action will have little or
1,0 1 fTect."
j Mrs, ii. it. ttarrlmaa Parblda
Shrapnel Vlnbluu In lata Plaati
OMAHA, Neb. Aug. 21 - Mrs. K
Karrtman or New York has psromptorll)
ordorsd the MoKsen Motors Company if
OmaJtB 1 which she owns, to refuse a bis
oriler for shrapnel for European com,,
The oriler was placed last week and
was sufficiently huge to work Ihe plant
ai full capacity iug.ii and day for two
years. The plain is ssiuipped iviih
German machinery and was specially
nrsparsd for doing work r this kind
Ths terms or the contrail had hsen
agreed UKn. hut no papers signed. Hll.
Mrs. Harrtmsji'e at 1era huv(. put a atop
lo I'm tli-i negotiations.
ItSf autl PttMtfMsf AsMttattoti,
German Cruiser Sunk
by British Submarine
Undemea Craft Torpedoee
One of Kaiser! ships
in tin' Baltic.
bpntal CahH llrnpnli h In TBS Si .
UntOOM, Aug 21 Renter's eorte-
pondeni m Petrograd semis the follow
Ing official Russian statement :
"British submarine has eueeeaaful1)S
torpedoed a German cruiser in the Bal
tic" The press bureau Is without Inform -
lion regarding the identity or ilga of pi
CrulSSI torpedoed the place where she
was attacked or any n'hei dtails.
Th pu ss bureau announced tn-il.iv I
thai a report had been received from
bleUtonant'Commandef Lay ton, com
manding the British submarine L'-i:i,
which grounded on tile Punish island of I
Haltholm, between Copenhagen and Mai
mne. while on her way to (he Baltic
LJSutensnt-Commaiiilc r Lay ton ieports
that the submarine grounded early on I
Thin s lay morning and that all efforts to
refioal her railed At .-, a m g Danish I
torpedo boat appeared on til scene Still
mrorineii the gj that twentyfotti
hour.- would be allowed her to try to get
off At tin- same lime a Herman torpedo
iMiat destroyer arrived and remained
close to iii aubntarlne until two mot.
Danish torpedo boats came up. when the
German .-raft with i. bw,
At .i A, M . while three Hanish tor
pedo Isia'.e were allvtlorei close by. two
German torpedo boat destroyers ap
pleached from the south When about
half a mil.- away, on of these ho'sted
a com men inl d.ig signal. Before ths
com man ling oilier or the K-13 had tints
1. 1 read It. th German desp lyei fit-'d
torpsdu from a dlsiance of about 100
yards, which exploded on lulling the bOt
loiti near by At the same moment ti,e
Germs n destroyer tired all h. r guns.
Common dar Lajrton, seeing that the
submsrlns was on Bra fore ami aft and
Unable to defend himself, as she was
Bground, gave orders f.n the crew to
abandon her. While his men were in the
w-ater they were died on by machine
guns and shrapnel One or the Danish
torpedo boats Immeolntely low. red her
boats and steamed between the subma
rine and the German destroyers, who
therefore had to cease firing and with
ln I harice tlolntlcin ot Xeutrifclsi
it.. noi o.i Qe ess a af .
IgSOiSi rsSf. flssgafea fa Tin. !.
CoSSNHAOaN, via London, Aug 21 - i
It is ih unanimous opinion of the j
Scandinavian people that the attack on;
the K-13 after she hail grounded In Dsn
Ish waters can b viewed only as an '
ugly BBssult on defenceless sailors
From various reiorts It has been es
tablished that when the Danish squadron
was ,iff t,e shallow Kraare banks In
Derma ii Musician Aiwatctl in
Park It"" After Insult i
Vatlon'i Coloni,
The mistake or Alexander Kiiifm.n.
Rl, a musician, or 32s Severity-second
strut, Brooklyn. In emphasising his ar
guments in support of OSrmsny by at
tempting to trample on an American
ft g yesterday afternoon in Park Row
resulted In l is arrest on a charge of
disorderly conduct
Kaufman was on. of the iiinst excited
of the men or all nStlonallttSS who
gather dally In from or newspaper bul
letin boards along Park Bow Their
discussions have gained ror them
name of "The Park Row Printing
Criticisms of the sinking or
Arabic stined Kaufman. Boeing
t lie
American fisg on B passing wagon.
Kaufman lore it from the vehicle and.
ne. oiding to witnesses,
was about lo
under fist when Patrolman
Adamee. attructeo oy me snouts or pro
test, pushed his way through the ex
cited men After a brief exchange of
wprda ihe polios man, who is n ret tall.
seised Kaufman and hair carried, hair
dragged him out of the crowd
As he led his prisoner toward the Oak
street police station s crowd of 100
men followed. Jeering, hissing, cheering
and shouting Adamee got bis prisoner
to til police Station safely, but the
crowd followed to the very doors.
Kaufman was locked up on a charge
of disorderly conduct, the pollosman al
leging that he caused a crowd to ixal
jecl a". I refused to move on when or
der, tl
TWO I trill) Men .reused of
Hi . ., .1, of Neutrality -
I'miTi.AMt. ore. A US 21. Senator
Qsdrga R Chamberlain hat received. s
complaint that ivi Culled States army
Officers In the uniform or Ihe service
raised their glgSBSS in the Imperial
Oftll at Astoria last lilgtll uml drink
to ihe toast "lisutsohland Lsbsr
Tin- ooinpialnl namaa Cap) Waldron
f rorti Mlchlsau mmundlng the Nlnely-
tiiiid Company of ivK,.( artlllsry at
Fori Stevens, and Se.-omt laSUt. Gard
ner from Rhode Island of ihe Medical
Corps, i". t. v., also statlonsd .11 Poet
Stevens. Psrsons from Portlutid aho
ovsrhssrd ihe lossi dsclarsvi thai the
familiar war cri of ihe Qermsns,
Deutschland Ueber AIIbb," was roi-
lovvisl by Ihe loasi in English, "Ger
many Forever '' j
Senator chamberlain is chairman or
the Committee on Military Affairs, lie
declared tint an Investigation would
be mule and complaint will he tiled
wlih Se.retsey Garrison.
rtunnaloe Tes. use. Ih.
lnsl.l upon living ri,.i, 1 A4v.
On September 21 last Winston
Spencer Churnhlll, then First lend
of Hie Admiralty. In addressing a
recruiting mooting In Liverpnol Bald 1
As far as the nSVy Is concerned,
:t cannot tight while the enemy
retains In port. We hope that the
navy will have the chance of set
tling th question with th Get man
deet yet. If they do not come out
and fight In time or war they will
he dug out like rnts out or a ho.
the I irogden passage on Its way to a
wreck about flva mile distant an explo
sion was Observed near a vessel com
ing rroni the south toward the .ubma
rin. The commander of the Banish
torpedo boat Soeulven which, together
with the torpedo boat Stoeren. was near
tin K-13, reports that about 10 ltd A V
lie observed two Qormsn torpedo vessel.
going toward the northeast In the Fit l
iraonnsn channel
'Die Soeulven Immediately started in
meet the German vessels and to protest
against a possible violation of neuirality.
The northern moot or ths German vessels
WSJ observed to he dying t.ie following;
signal. "Leaving the VOSse as soon as
poSB I bis." Suddenly, however, the Ger
man torpedo boat discharged a i.umbe,
of shots against the BUbtnartno. which
whs Instantly set on tire The doeUtVSfl
immediately went toward the Osrman
vesiel to slop Ih attack, but as BOOS
as thi' fntcuilon or tlie Danish erart be
came spparont lite German torpedo h,.ai
teased linn- and Inn i led soutawaril at
a great speed.
As early as 1:41 A M, a Geiman tnr
pedu boat had passed bv the li-13 With
out attempting to attack her, Th lint-
is, i tla ; was hoisted on the K-13 during
thr w hole cannonade
The Danish i lot ernmenl has not yet
received an offi lal report or the incident,
but ir ti-. clrcumetanoes prove to be ss
thej appear ami Danish neutrality was
Violated tiie G. verntnert will no doubt
protest to the i;. email i lovernment.
E-j.rs crew Interned.
Uerasaae Ogsstatly no ounce Blast
Ins of British n.lini.rlnr,
SpecfB! inhtr BregafeS is Tas sr.
Lokdon, tug 21 The Bgehangs
Telegraph Company's Copenhagen cor
respondent forwards tn following tier
man official statement regarding the
! h of the British Bubmaiina Blli
"Tii 1;-I3 was torpedo I an I her
survivors Interned."
submarine That Sank Rrltlsh
1 trSllllliill e Trapped.
ATRSNS, Aug 21 Allied destroyers
llav pursue 1 and bottled up a German
submarine In AlvaM Ray.
a Mltytsns daapatoh tontgbt said it
was believed the submarine was th one
that recently sank the British trans-
is.rt itoy ii Edward, with m loss or
about 1.000 lives. Alvall Bay is on the
Asia Minor coast about rorty miles
south or the entrance to the Darda
Dr. Bobo sm the Panama
Canal Is Responsible for
American Aetion.
.,-. -a' reels rfpnt ths si .
SAN Jl'AW, I". R. Aug 21. Kx -President
Bobo ot Hsytl hSS arrived here. In
an Interview to-day with Tin: Si'.v cor--
isspondsni Dr. Bobo rererred to Ameri
can act. on in Haytl as follows:
"The fluted States want, control In
Haytl because of the proximity or Ih
Panama Canal. Tins fact .s responsible
lor the American Government taking ad-
antage of the Kliropean WSI tO evtab
llSh control In my country."
Dr, Bobo is on his way to Santo IM-
tnlngo, wheie he organised hi re volu
niierlon latlssatee I lu re 11.1 He
Serious Trouhle.
WabHINOTON, Aug. St. Toe refusal
of the natives in 1 he northern part of
Hsytl 10 turn over- their arm lo the
Proper authorities lias created a situa
tion that may renuii an Increase of the
American naval forces In Ihe Island.
The people in souih llavtl line fallen
in Willi ihe plans of th new liovern
Stent and the t rilled States and have
returned to psscsflll pursuits. They
have given up their arms and coiu.ltiims
In ttiat section are ipiiet. An Intima
tion is conveyed In despatches itselved
from Rear Admit. il Cap, rlon, who ia
in command of tlie land and naval
in Haytl, that ihri are poSSlblll
the northern situation that may
lead lo trouble
In this event Admiral
Laperton believes the AmsrioSn naval
forces in Hsytl Ihould be strengthened.
Everything la In readiness for the
quick despatch to Haytl m IM marines
or the art liter) division now stationed at
Annapolis, Tins detachment win take
With Ihsm twelve field guns- Admiral
t'upertan has m, equlpmenl or this kind
ai Ins disposal at present.
liiless orders Issued yesterday are re
1 ailed the marines nt Annapolis will
start ror Haytl next week. The battle
ship Tennessee Is steainlug northward
and has been detailed ror Ibis service
There arc now I IU0 marine, ashore
in Haytl. with 100 bluej.it kels held in
reserve on ib. battleship Washington,
Admiral Caperton s flagship
slpov. 1 I, uiki'm III Kiiriie I ....
ge 1 saswa
Allies ivbi N,i. - show. ShSngeS If (ier-
i,i. tn- win Prawn from htsh htforinatlon
by ihse in "ihe know," ah stationers r
an each by mall American CikM Co., 13
Kulloa bt., Mi T. .IS,
win N',,. - show, ehanaes if tier-
; Accuses the Porte nf nett
ing Revolt of Arabs in
' Tripoli.
130,000 Men on Ottoman
Frontier Bnlkans Ready
to .loin Conflict.
Alliwl Armieii at Darda
nelles May Up Slrpntli
ened by Italian Forces.
fSCetel ' thle Ue.pnl I, r -i nr s( .
AMSTERDAM, Vis London, tut it.
The Wolff Bureau at Berlin reports
I I hill the news of Italy's declaration
of War ngiilnst Turkey mis received
In Berlin with deep emotion
II Is feared, says the report, that
Italy's entry Into the tight ggahvil
Turkey will seal Ihe fate of the Dar
danelles. fssetsl ' esfe De.ssfel f Tea i
i Romi, Aug. II. Italy declared -ear
on Turkey to-day, Tim Turkish Am
basaador, Naby Hey. has been inmded
; his possporta and will depart lm
i mediately r.d Switzerland MuroUCSS
Oarronl, ths Italian Ambaassdor to
Constantinople, lias la?en instructed to
'nntir.v ihe Turklah Government of
Italy's intention and immediately to de
mand hlg right of safe conduct from
I the country.
In announcing (he declaration cf
war the Government cited two primary
causes :
I Th Turkish support of Hi revolt
, in Ubya.
Th provsntlon by Turkey of the
departure of Italian residents in Syria.
The declaration came nt Ihe end of a
horl Cabinet session, convened Im
mediately upon expiration of t lie time
limit of the Italian demands The Ital
ian Government demanded thai reserv
ists of the Italian nrtny be permitted
to leav- Turkey vvit.iout ic.-tr oi.
Announcement of ihe new dsclsra
Uon of war was received with wild en-
thUSlasm by the crowd thai had gath
ered outside the Foreign Office, The
i populace, beiiit! well aware that an Im
portant decision would in all likelihood
i lie ten. lied, awaited the news amid
! scenes of great sxcltemcnt,
Huluiirln ytnssen Troiis.
Ii is lielievi i here thai Italy's decla
ration of war will go f.n tnwaid
hastening the final sllgnmsnl of ib
Balkan states a Balontca despatch
says Bulgaria has concontrnted 160,004
troops along Hie Turkish frontior, win'
a mssae from Athena declares
thai nsutrsllty negntiatlons Isstwesn
Turkey and Bulgaria have been broken
From all snni it the Ralkatia come
despatches strongly Intimating that the
diplomacy r the Entente Powers has
won ai d Indicating thai II Is only a
matter or days before the .tonics or the
Balkan States will he moving against
,M ivi. off. ihe Bulgarian Minister of
Public Works, has. however, made a
statement to the effect that thi changs
in the Qrsok Csblnel will in no way
affect Bulgaria's policy and Dial Bul
garia will continue to pursue thi same
course and continue tier endeavor tn
maintain lot neutrality lo th utmost
The Minister added that up lo date no
COncrstB proposal has a?rn mad by ftp
Quadruple Entente lo hutgarlu and thin
dlplomaitlata of 'he entente havs merely
announced to the premier that such pro
posals would bi mad after they bad
' received the Serbian reply
Tlie Cabinet OOUnctl win. Ii I, .gar. yes.
tsrdsy morning, win i. the time limit for
the Turkish reply expired, was pro
longed until hist evening, when it was
announced that tin Itslo-Turkiah altua
i tion had been examined, but nnsi
1 decision had been leached
Meanwhile the Foreign offbe was
1 without news rroni the Italian Ainbas
sador at Constantinople and it was sup
posed that his telegrams were held up
I by the Turkish iiffll'lal. on the toolsMoai
Ry of a recenl decree forbidding the
I use of "liieruv" laugiiagi.-, a.mong
'win, b. sigtiitu . Hilly 'otigh. Italian was
' included
VOBNg I'nrUs Hilled War.
hioni n tin eel sources it lias been
pretty B'ell' established ths I Hi Young
Turks were anxious foi war with Italy
and were strongly urged lo licit course
. bv Germany. In diplomatic curies, how
1 ever, il Is not thought likely that Ger
: many Will declare win on Italy, wishing,
i it is explained, to rem. ill. technically
lal ne. ice with tins country ill thr hop
Hint pnsthellum relations will not be
mo strongly taxed
It is prsoticitll) retabllahed that th
last Italian no" to Turkey was in ths
form of an ultimatum
Italy will probably begin hr war
iiyainst Turkey by -ending a very ap.
preclalde force of men and warships to
tie Dnrttunellea 10 aid Great Britain
and Prance ill titer combined effort to
ppcti the strait, or possibly to Kims, oil
tlie .tigeail coast, to force a w.,v toward
Constantinople over. an, I. f
It has recently lain leponaoin ths
word uf u Veil informed is .. arrivnu

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