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fhirf BMihW 8yi Thorp's No
Kvidciifo Ho Worked for
Berlin Uovornnienl.
ITAiittXnTo, Vie M At the r-
0f -i.o i ;.. entninit the hrarlna of
KJureohi the. uepwta net-man
etlktl MM to have taken ila-e lw-
d I'nlteil State t'oinni.aelonrr MN
ttiix mornlndi hmUwhhmI until sp-
wrrNr ! HtrolU ilfiiM Ik now expreiaaerl
,, K' -i' '' I rM) a p for il Her
p,,. ,,..u. i rot ,-i MMlponwnnl of tin- ,
jl ,nl.... it . .ki. Mrf of the So. ml
gffi,-0 MurMMI of 'hf Hepartmeiit of
MHoa f' Stele PtMf WWII f floats.
I was not llxl ltd whether the itov
emiie'r .. r. queet ! out of an In
tattlon I" -! further cvliW-nce aanlnat
Kjopf -h or reettKed from tho attitude of
OnSt.it' I . ',i i ii ii 'it in retcnril to the
mMriwtKiii.il nN'e. i of the oae.
ntimat- Kjopaoh win in- taken to
ytorfoik Va tot trial in the United
Mok rWetrlot foutt there. The irln
rrl Churl nan met him I that he took
M0TBh ..f Kof Monroe And made
toper' lh'-'.il 'IrnwhiBB of Cape Henry,
trtiore preliminary work of con-itructm-
itroitl CNM defejeoee, ll under
The T.-.hnl.'al harar.
00(0 Ii 'f hold under .'.(in on the
Kdin-.i! i-hargi of violating a statute
pfOhHtitiME ,ni niie from having In hi
Mai herta or photoTephe which
mtfht "I npalr the defence of the l'nltei
attee h I in pMMd in IM1. following
tin dtecover) of the terationa of a
Japan" an' In the Philippine'.
Bopaoh io-dei protected hi Inno
caneo of an; ettenpt to obtain mili
tary -' for 'he liertuan ilovern
meiit. II Mid thai he had taken out
natural .t' '-n paiera In Urooklyn,
N. Y , and Intended lo lome a otiaen
of the ITnlloil rttalea.
Th' "ft era" aaXi however, that he id"
trnta havlttS tken ptunourapha of the
iMtlfkjatlnlll a4 Koit MotirOOi hut Maya
that h f koti aatitri aave htm parmla
alon to rfo mi. It i undarptood that he
aipla'i-' ! poaoi lalott of o many pic
ture!! ir I drawtnga by la)ltl that they
are In Mne with hia research work In
jmtei inn With his employment at the
Oarnt i . titution.
I klol Blwtaakl'l lnleoienl.
Tins' boy may he nothing but an
aaarantiiuaiairtlc Qarman" aa;J Cblal
Blelaeki to-dav. "T'.iere la nothlna In
aar information to Innlcate a ronnection
ete:, k: lpaeh'a actlvltla ami thuae of
Ortoli' i. the auppoaed Herman spy we
an- boMltifl in Florida.
"N'eithei in 'here anything to a!iow
ttat K!opn - i workeil under instructlona
from the QOTTTMltl ( '-overnment He wrote
tithe Harm an Consul at Baltimore two
nr tliree t:mea. hut merel- alnut aotnfr
rek to Qermany for service. He bad
total apparently Intended for tranarala
ion t.i pet'Hotia in Oarman) and alao In
tUfJ country, hut there waa no auaiteo
tlon th.it lie imd a code nor waa there
pny .' roapondt nee to him from any one
about 'ii activities.
T tik wi would have mime lntl
"ta" if it if the hoy waa connected
altii iin orKHiiized Spy njnttm. Ilia
InMrinta ahowed no particular aptitude
for c:r,'.K prei i.se information aur.h aa
Wottld riavi to he had If It waa going
to dn i poaslbla enemy any good."
lUiePlrnM ldler gif rorelnn l.e-
lon Mkee French Heart Captive.
PAI it H. "How COUld n'
Frfii. ! (irl hi lp mnrrytnff an American
M Rlhtlni fur her country?" ex-
flalni.) Mils- Mail.lein Hory to a
croTAd -r Interviewer! Just after an im
preti.. 'errmon) innt meant for her
tb . s ih tf the "MndemoletUe" for ,
thf Ann .111 "Mro." At her side wan'
Charl ii hrossnr of San Franclpco,
I private rh t-Yench Koreljjn Levlont
te whom sru- hart Just b.en murlel
brosi in Im Hi 1 1 rat A merican noldler In
F-an In lake a wife.
Th' young America :i met Mile Hory .
Ml da) he enlisted in the gforeiffn
Leffloi 1 1 May in the tinning of
Arr i. i ,t si verelr1 wounded. In
thi n 1 :.;., liitniiRh Iftters f l om W
rrr he had ntnde it clear to the
V "j 'V-' . hwoman that" It w.ie a case
f Hflrnt ntffht ' She had written back ,
iMnet 1 l .titfjui a oertuin ntlmenl i
ehu itiial and had aRreed to a long
dinH! i hetrothal. In the houpltal
M l H iri did her share to In h ten
hln t .
-dny tb ktmt was tied,
h will bo ba--k to the
i lih; wound"! ore com-
from ,
ii. d.
IgfSStri Pre,, 'lila 'I'tieln I nun
l''nrtlf'lng 01 the Sae.
Mian, 111r. 34. The resumption of
bestllitiei on t ie Austro-Serh'ari front
have In liked onl by skirmishes
The y ufflclal ste tent en I waa ia-
ued hi . to-day :
On VutUSl hy Infantry fire, we
I I'lited 'i. etism) From fortifying
OStl " the h rt bank of the Save,
ii t . ei(hborhood of OraschaU and
D'' mi.
s.tiue svenlng one of our
" - n lied a hostile detachment
r' Ho t..i .imi a battery of the
' allien, at that moment waa
Into a tlon.
Heelers Hon f Usssee'S Kaiurr
lore in ii Polley la I'oalponrd.
'perlel i,le hmwtrh In Tmk Sun
atiisji(, Aus- 10, Tim expectation I
tISI 'el been expressed In some quar-1
'"- i ' i Premier Venlselos win neiMare 1
fnresn polley at lo-day's nicel
'"R i f i In- Chamber of I'eputles waa not
fulfill--. I
Vl Interpellation with regard to the
welgn polley lo he pursued in the fu
,lr' hsfi heen prepared by the fullowera
or M 'i. mu. iris, the former rremhr.
t"i others, hut win not le submitted
P'tidnig t he conclusion of Inipoi lant ne
Jtlat na The Chamber adjourned un
til AtiKi: S,
Think Hulunr-I'nrk Part Shallere
Nalllgg liaiiur riaaa.
Waihinjoton, Aug. 20. niplomallc
JJbreai ' i itnes of the IhilKan natlone here
liave heen mi tnioftleially of the
JgSclij-iun ) Bulgaria of a treaty with
IWfce) h, whieh she hinds herself to
"li'titdin . beuevolont neutrality. Thla,
gM n nil asye, ileflnltely atiattera the
SroapM ,.( H R(W Halkan league.
, The i!r- u Usggtlon was ofllelall) ln
""nid t.. dgy of Hie formation of the
rah:nel, heudsl hy Tinnier Venl
'oa I' was staled here that (Jreeee
e refu i I tha proposals of ihr Knlente
eowara and hai doelded to contlnua to
emaln neutral, for the yreeent at least.
W m '
w wilson CRITICISM
If irHrSiali al
HUH BBaaT iamaW 9 T v aWtW
B jrrC ' rm'yx8m
tjB w B' V W
m-' Ail M ' -'t "ftjft 3 tt w'
Gen. Wood and Col. Roosevelt photographed together at the
Plattsburg camp yesterday.
CONfinWNl ffOM hirst 1nge.
think a
will ko.
Ifreat inany of thtOO nu-n
Qn Wood ami Mr ItOOOtVfjH hav
heen intiniatt frtondt ve.irx. kkJ
W 'olonel ff the Kou7h tUdOfl KkI
monl that saw MfVlct in I 'nha tn t he
Spanish war. Kooeevolt WM LtOtttOflOtlt-
Coloutt During hi. Incumbency of the
PreHitltMK'y Mr. KoosrvHt showed In
many way the hlRh MtHBl In which he'
held his old commander.
The relations of the two men have
been so close that It Is bard for Ad
ministration leaders to believe that tJen.
Wood Was unaware that In InvltlnR Mr
Roofievelt lo deliver a speech In IMatts
hurR he whs takliiR a chance of staRlne;
an exhibition likely to Rive Rreat offence
to President Wllvon and bis aflvlsers.
1 1 Is perfectly obvious that the Ad
ministratlon does not realUi the pros
pect of public i-ontrovers that ma be
aroused by the N dod-Hoosevelt Incident.
AccordtnRly. an earnest attempt will be
made to persuad the I 'rest dent to let
the matter drop with the reprimand
administered by Secretary Harrison.
However, fear is expressed that Mr. ',
Roosevelt will continue to heat the tom
toms to military preparedness ami that
he may force the Administration to ex
plain Its position on this question. As
Mr. Kooevett excels In attack. UM Ad
ministration is deeply concerned over j
the possibility of a controversy in which j
It will be compelled to take the defen
Nrn In i amp M II. i Mr i ihii
mlMfd No liiirnprlrt .
I'l.ATTHBt tn;. Aut id Major Ien.
Wood dv!1ned to cOtnmetH to-day on
SM-rtiiry tiHrriwon'M r priiu.i . d for t lie
njrh ilfhverrtl itt the r.unp here by
Theodore IUkwcv Mt lb-Ore rot-rU inn
more derinite Information lega-dinK the
action at W;4hhiKton motl of the pub-
Author says Women of Be
public shiiiv Ww Dutioi
With Fighting Men.
.1 reefi Deesstc i" Tsi Si v
lo.vi.iX, Aug. 87. The Dolly Ter
graph prints n number of extracts from
a private letter from Kudyard Kipling,
Shu for some time has been Visiting in
"r'rati.'e la not merel) Sghtlng this
war," be says. "She ia living H, and
living it with a gsyety and high spirit
that srhen you a' close quartsra does
not tilde th iid. deadl) earneatnesa ami
tsnaclty "t her purpose. They iir
Ihemeelvee, men and women, equally
resolute and without parade or self pity.
As far lis I ean see there is not a alngle
action of any Individual from one end
s? Kraiioe to the other whiib la not
colored, guided and soaked throuffti by
a strong determination,
" shall oome to this ourselves in
time. Hut for the present we have not
wboll) realised the way in which the
French are living Ibis war. Tre Kngllsb
must he mad.- to understand this for
their own sakes. The example the French
people are aettlnK us eatinot he ruhhed
in too often or too hard There la not
one single voung or middle aged man In
I'ranee who ia not at his post of duty as
aaalgned hy the milllary authorities, or
one women who Is not in her own walk
in life engaged in duiieH directly eou-
neeted with the war. There In M ques
tioning about tie woman's aetlon In
Kranee : nor ia there any douhl of w hat
Ii expeeled of her. None of I hem has
lime foi anything exi-epi the war, and
still they loae nothing of their eharm
and graeea.
"The rea lliieaa, euduraiiee and llabt
heartednesi among the men is marvel
ous, I think their abundant health gnd
polae atruek me moat, and next the
slate of their trenehes. whieh are built
and drained and kept aa though the war
would he going on for the next live
After a further eiDof) of the riinesa
and nil eif fUlnSOO of the men and women
of franee. Mr. Kipling speaks of the
remarkable elPelcnoy of the army. "You
must aee It lo bOtleve It," he nrltea,
"aial alien you have seen It you iiiusl
teatlfy that nothing '- Knglaud can
do la enough to keep abreast of auoh an
lit men here refused to dUCUM tiic In
cident. t'fficerK hlfjh In the service were in- ,
dined to the nptnlofia hwt'v-r. thol Bee
retary t.arrhf- n had takn more coneld
eration of the PtMomenl made b) Col
Ktrtfevelt after he left the camp tha n
his speevh. Thev colled Attention to
tin fa t'i t hat ien. Wood ha himself
made uta. inents In nddreMlmj the ;u- ,
r t9 similar to the opinio, h expreeaod I
si mem bj tne olonel I h s camp
In so far as the Colonel's speech dealt
with the country's unpreparedness tt
received the unanimous approval f the
students A RUHlbor of nu n expn Itod
the view, however, that he miRht be
able tO belt the cause of preparedness
more effectively by restraining from un
friendly allusions to the President.
Several army men took occasion to
point out that no Impropriety hod been
committed by Goft, VYood in permitl dr
CoL RooeeveH lo express hlmeelf freely,
the reason being that the Colonel dl 1 imi
make bis remnrke on a Government ree
ervotlon( but on property owned b
Plottsburgere adjoining the retervation.
iillielul- of i lelelanil'i I nmp
rltlelam of it-
t 'l.KVKI.AMi, -UK Theo.loi"
elt will not be alb i wed t
'leveUnd'a elvdian iniht;ry c
xddrete I be opened t OhaeTHn Fnlla, i'
oflclnlo exirMa disapproval
of the
Co1onola pe h at rnttoburft.
This atinouneement eal mode tn-d ty
b) ipt. II I'. Shupe, preoldeni of the
trusteee of the Cleveland iray!- The
Qraj-i are back of the local ramp P"J-
' tot,
County Prosecutor Locher, t he first
i "recruit' to alfn for camp training
' aald to-day that he wdl reniKn if Room
! volt or sitiy one ele is brouKht here to
tlr up agitation for war.
Capl I. S. .'onelly of the i;mv wan
( in Plattaburg lony to t fer with a n
, W 1 On ploni for the ChajrHn Falls
' ramp, wliich is to open September 4.
OiitsidtM Not Permitted
Vitw Rtttterica in the
Coast Defenceg.
Kver since the BuropOOll w.ir began
Visitor! to the navy v;irfl iiml the VftrlOtH
t-ouit defence frn In or ne;tr w Yirk
hove heen permitted to e much u-ki at
the fortltlcitl Ion, ttiuti prtViOUSly The
bl bettOsfi0f In the fo?tn have boon hhul
iifr almost sntlroi) from public view.
itefnre the war the sjonerol order ess
that the hatti rlei were not supposed I"
he open to visitors, it seomsd ta bo
senemlly undonstood 'hat ttn mmand
itiK officer C4iuld permit visitors of whom
he wa mire to take a glance at the Imt
terlee. But Mince the war Started vii
tuully no outHhler han lieen permitted to
Visll the batteriei
This rule Sepplles t Koit uadsworth.
Kurt Totten, Korl Hamilton ami other
roast defsnoaa A careful watch hn
lyeen kept on all visitors to I he fot t.
Alihouah every eourtenv Iihh been x
tended to visitors, they have mit heen
permitted to see more than the harrark.
the ofTlcein' quarters and t he parade
Atp'iit of ihs Pepartment of Justice
have Imm'H bUS)' recently in and aboUl
the forta. They may have heen ohsere
Iiik the inovemeiila of SUSplolOUS pt'i M:iM
who have jfone near the rm tH. Recently
a. nutnlror of 4peclal HK''idM tf the lr--
partmsnt were in vw -port Jus) prior
to that they aw armed in and aboul Wew
York, but no Information aa to whit
they were wreklna criuld be obtained
from headquarlere.
Inalanlu lilopfi u
Krlenda of r. nee.
by in.
The Frlenda of PsSoe, an orgauir.alion
Willi headiiartera In New Vork whicli
waa formed recently of many aniilter
soelctlea with the oh','l of thwarting
alleged endeaora to plunge ihla coun
try Into will', hue adoptetl its oltlctal
The insignia represents i lie figure of I
Mara, the war god, kneeling wilh Ida
back turned and hln hand! and fet '
tied, ll la iwlled the "Hbscltled M um"
nd will be used officially for the first
time al the national pearv eonveu
tlon In ybleago on September & and (. j
Thoy start 1'sinjr Mess Kitsen- Wingate la For It, but Others Find Flaws With
and rieHiiiiiK Their Own Mayor's Plan Would Substitute
Tin Dishes. Athletic Training.
pLATrnvMi Aug Tivday
huay one for the memliera of the cunp
i of military llrWltlOII making prep-
nrntlona for the tut day hike which
will begin to-morrow morning and lakr
i the aturtent aoldlera and n gulara
I thrOVffh the northern part of CtHltOfl
and rrankltn count iea.
I'rovlalnn had to he ni.nle fOr the
atonng of personal lUglMC In Ihll ' ltv
during the time the men ere on I'm
march, tba) being allowed to lahi t'i
thom only the army uniforms I hay ure
vaarlniTi their Manhat rnlla and toll. I
Many t the men had hi ought with
th. in large quantltlea of bamago, i-on-tninliig
Waa lint apparel for 001 a 1 at
taint nt the rammer reaarta, but ihaj
han had little ua for auch .lothltig.
Thev have bean kept l.usv with tr
duties virtually all of the time
hava Itaon In camn Now that I hi
y are
going Into the Held
plnce tn atore their
return and aie oio
tiny timet Hnd a
"trapa" until they
barged from ser-
leaa Kits I ' l
Km lbs first time lines the opening
of the camp tin m u were companad
tn-d,i to HM their arm mess kits to
eat their meals and to wash them when
the meal SWi llnisli"! Mter earn 01
the three mals the banhci as well aa
the office clerk could la- seen washing
his tin dtshSa,
ii ep.issreil to snjoy lbs novel e
(lerifiic '. Mn ilk. Kobi n Bacon rould
ori ihr- cKHnlinrM with which ii1
WHMhfil hill tllMhl-H
wuimkaaj s I... .uihli in th .1 llf 1 1 1 or 111 III
lent t'.is iveniiiK
., . . . -. 11 , it: 1 T
his most popular eotigs
imrniK the evening i'ait Dorey an
nul ed thai 'he membsra of the oainp
must be prepared to move In-niorrow
niornlns at any moment, that It is the
purpose of i;,-ii Wood to make the ,
malleoli vrea Imulate aetual warfare ami
that Iheroforc the call to arms mlghl
pe sounded at any momenl after mid
niRht anil the UOinntSntl Ntartsd on the
march as soon as nesalbls after snatch 1
Ing a hasty breakfast
The I nninilsslone.l Hitler..
By direction of tten, Weed the fol
lowing commlsalonsd eMcsrs for the
provisional rsglmsnl were sslectsd to
day from the student body :
i''llt Lieutenant I'haiUs I" War
rsn of New York Arthur II Mai kie of
New York, fharles ft, S. hotleld of New
Terk, .1 P. Dreulllard of New York. K
Waldo f Harrison, x. v. H a. ivru-
ble of New York. R. 1. BaCOtl of New
York. C U Htocum of Plalnfleld, n 1.;
Theodore Roossvslt, If, "f New York,
and i!. II. I'hipps of Ithaoa.
gscond Lieutenants -K M Dillon of
New York John Tuiroy Mltehel of.
New York. F A Snyder of Montreal.
Qua; W, D, Straight of New York. K
It. Appleton. Jr. of NSW York. I..
Thomas of Annual". Oa, 1 T. H. Itarher
of New York, it II I iason of New
York. A. C. Itutterlek of ftlea. M. F
Hall of Charles town, Mass. and It It
McClurs of piedmont. Cal
Mayor Mltehel of New Y'ork. who I
was made a second lieutenant, is ex
pend to return to-morrow morning and
join tin' command in the field
The tirst camp of the regulars and
student soldiers will be about nine miles
north of this city, and before going
in .i camp they will engage In their
lira I -ham battle.
MnrL Discounted. People t re I raed
In Sell Hrrnnllr. to rntrala.
Iseslsl reele DasssfeA tn Tar sa
vmstkhi'am, Aug 2'". The Proas-J
farfer gfltsag editorially is ursine the
holderi of foreign stooke and bonds t"
unload them on neutral markets sueh na '
Sew ITork, Ajnstsrdain or item
Tlie neiVe paper reminds them that the
14 per vent, discount, at whieh the (ler- j
man mark stands abroad, eni'bles them
it.it only to realize the market price on j
Huir foreign seourltlei but also to rr.,p
the additional protlt due to the denre-
elation of the mark'a value.
The geilMNO adds thai few had
imagined It would le possible to dis- j
nose of foreign aeruntiea In German
hands In tar time under eueh advan- '
t a genus eondlliona.
Sin. KOn.Oilft la sent by Hank of
Kranee m Hank nf Knaland.
perhil 'ahlf f)elf' tit Tin Srv '
I'tius. Aug The Ti nips . states
that the Flank of Frani-e has sent IfH,
000,000 fmnoi (140,100,000) to the
Bank of Rnglnnd.
The Hank of Kranee received TS,000c
non franea ($10,000,000) from the pub
lie in tile putili.' siile.cr:ptlon The ;;old
reserve bus lost IIO.000.000 francs I
( $11,100,000), Oonousred Aleatlgnl
loans have sent 1,100,000 francs
.tt '"in to the public subset Ipllon, .
.s..me of iwMell came In German coins.
Mill Miles uf Xfelala I rnnaporte.l in
llnaala. So a llnteh lleporl.
SjMelsl HiOfe Peessfcs t Tm Ors
Amstmdam, Ans. 'jn despatch
from Miisshode says that the ilermans
are removing $00 milea of Relirlart rail
roggS to Husala.
The almve degpatotl indicates
llermsny ta engaged in building
roads in the territory ahe has rec
taken In Poland so aa tn extend
lines of communication.,. There is
rail- I
tntty I
her I
the siisseatlnn that fSermany
of railway material.
Sa Tnrkey Seeka separate Peace.
I'aais. Aug. I. A threat by Turke,
lo sign a separate peace with the Al
lies unless Qermany deolares war on
Italy In runiond tn Alliens, a irditiR
I. deepatOhes from the ilrrek capital
AINil'ST 27.
The Kaiser Wllhelm dt ; Droaat .
llemtan converted cruiser. Is sunk b
the Hrltish ship Hlahtlyer off thr
West African coast.
M Mlllerand, Trent h W'nr Min
ister, dldes to make p rls a
stronaMy fortltied camp
I'Yenrh troops in the VosRe drive
haek (iermans who h;ul forceil thein
tu retire on St. Pie. On the afSUSS
he French repulsed several Herman
.tt lacks.
Austrian win a three day.s hattlc
over five HiisMhii army rnrps near
Krasnlk, Russian Poland.
AUGUST 27, 1915.
Mayor MltOhtl'l DrODOMl for military
train! tl In the public .-hoola of New
Voik haa met with a varying raNDtlOn
at the hands of oducalora. ptMC ado
calea and others Inteteated.
lien, tteorge V. W'lngale, inember of
the Heard of Bducatlon and i ivll war
Mieran, who Introduced rills practice in'
I lila muntry na iwrt of the training of
the .National Quhrtfi ttronffty htvon the I
proposal for bo.s more than 14 yeara
' for the five yeata I waa on tho ataff
of the Commander in Chief of the Q A. 1
li . iJen Wingate aald yeaterday. "we i
wer" enileayoriim to Introduce ntltltar) i
Instruct hm in the public SChoOll That
.ia bsforS the Spanish war The Uralld I
Anny of the RspttMlfl i i. I lis utmost:
to have the itwittr) do something t.
prutes-tion, espsiisncs had taught
vstsrani that it ia futile to hn man
to ar without Instruction.
'The plan took well ,,t Hist, but edit- I
.,it'ii". the V . i'. T. V. and the peace I
people Wen agalnal it Wo couldn't get i
InstructorSi we couldn't get arme or unl '
fm ma or places in which tod: ill h cause
had tio
motley. Then the .--panisii I
1 came
I the Whole thing was j
(III III I rlHt1 v inn II 1" Hn a.
"i hAVfl h.niRtii my v i'Wr Mm h ihon
in otii rctptcti 1 don' I u iipm it in pood
policy tu hftva mltltory Inoiriioilon In
th h tiiriit.iry icOooUV ThfO noi
lime For U. I think th xrtimtr Up
ITlMt ;it- lUfllclvnl f"r tKN uiidt'r H
lint I nppruVfl striiiK of fntltteiry tiHitu
lt: ill lilKll lliHf.M ,t lit) I'tillfR" r.
"ThOfV lia.M Iwfii n prn-at OlUUIffC tn tin
ui'a of whit RttlttAf! tralulnc ihould
Tlip old Idea HTM li 'armory drill.
' ' i'ii-
ii. ii of aim- Tins haa all passed awa
T ' m ike a aoliller nowaday! you have to
do a great deal mere, particularly in the
way of Held Wo,-;. The illlftortAM thing
ll to teaeh young men to shoot, and In
that they ar Interested,
"When t hoflsms president of The
Public s -is Athletic lips mat aa a
inember ol the Hoard of Education I
mole up my Sllltd 10 teaeh the Iniya to
enoot. Through tne genetv slty of sev
eral men we have lcen able to irislal
la eir.y -one WUbtargSt gun machitiea.'
which have an attachment by which,
without using a powder charge, the in
structor can tell whether the hoy is alm
Ing properly or not, atid SO can correct
'.h,. boy'l faults. When a boy ia able
lo make forty-live out of a possible fifty
by this machine we take hltn to the
srmotiei of various National Quard rei
ments and instruct hnn in the use of
light charges.
"Five thousand ioys are undergoing
th. a training in the use of rifles, end
we an t.tk.i.g fie:neeti ..n nnd 3H'l Imivs
to the rule range all we can afford to
do with an expenditure for the purp se
of about 11.060 a year.
"Thirty thousand young men are grad
uated from the high echoolfl every year
If they were trained marksmen the)
would be the best possible soldiers. We
have got to do something, that's aute.
and I think that w ith the prop' r
management military Instruction in high
sr h oil and Colleges would le a success "
John Mar in, another tnemlier of the
Hoard of IMucatkin, who la at HutI
iane. teiegi aphe.l th.' following response
to Tun Srv'a question :
"It will lie time enOUgtt to talk about
military training for children in the
(Tatted states after an appreciable frac
tion of the adults have Undergone train
ing Children are aent to the firing line
Miss lion i-ttiiin it Issiips ii State
mnt Covoriiiir Financial
NppiIs of the Fund.
Washington, Auc ?fi Th ruin
to New York Thursday of three Red
Cross nurses, Atlre Ollbom . Alma Korr
ster and Charlotts BurgeSi front Kief,
Ruaata. wa explained ;t lied I'msH
headquarters here to-day on the ground
thai these nurses had served practical!)
a yt'ar, or two terms nf all months each.
The tour of duty required of each nurse
does not xce'd sl months
The r-rurn of these nurses Kve rise
to reports that they had been retailed
because of a lack of funds. While this
was denied in these rases It is true
that tin Red t'ros Is ahnut to rail
hack its nurses from the Ruropean h;ii
t left eld on account of the drain upon
its funds.
Mis Mabel Board roan, chairman of
the national relief board, announced
tin decision some time ;ia"- She aald
j "The American Red iroas by October
i will have maintained full personnel
in ",ach country a yat. with the e. rp-
tiou of the Bstflan units and the sanl
tnry OommlSSlon. The t mr of duty
requirsd of earh surfeon ami nurse
does not exceed BlS moni hs, so thai a
mm iher have returned and BUbst ItUtt I
sent, Hy October a larss number of
those now in Kurope will return.
"The ettst if transportation of these
surfeons and nurossa snina ami rom
IniTt makes u constant and considerable
financial demand upon the Red (roaa
treoaury. The monthly payroll In alan
t liirwe item of expense in view of these
facta ami because its funds are rapidly
1 ! oinlniT exhausted, the American Ited
1 i 'rose has decided by October ' t- with'
! draw th personnel now in Burope, with
tin exception of the units Belgium
Much aa it regreti this necesalty, it
res 1 1 sea thai no Red Oross -f a neutral
iountry ever before rendered bo long
ami extensive service in the way of
personnel to nations ena.ixvd m war."
ttpccli.l Appeals for I units to lb'
Made September ft.
Aboul fifty rabble from ail pints nf
tin Tinted States and Tanada met yes
terday afternoon at ihe Hebrew Kiee
Hcltonl, $$G last Broudwsyi in discuaa
relief measures fur the Jewlall war
aufferers. Sundae, gept, . was set
aside for special services tn appeal fur
funds ami sacb rabbi also sgreed tn
devote at least one day during the ap-
proselting Jewish holldaya t"i a aperlal
The funds will be turned over to the
Central Uehef Buclety fm Jewlali Huf
ferers of the War. Rabbi M. .. Mar-
gnliH presided al the meeting.
fleeWgg ...lid Huppl liii'ri'iui'il
9l,TBOi0O0 In a Week.
fjwtsl fsele fieassict i" Tm Si v
llr.m.iN, via Amsterdam. Aug. :fi -The
Kelchsbanki In Ita week I) atstemeiit,
says that the gold in tlie hank inert . tseil
during the lasl week by $1,7110,000, the
total amount in the bank HOW being $001,.
(711,000, The bank untes now circulating
cover the gold lo the extent of IT,.. 'I per
cent., it la asserted in the etstement.
only aa a laat n aource. Mayor MltOhSl
shniiht first require that all heula of
Olty depnrttnenta and smploySSI under
his nun Authority go to camp for six
lonths with hiiiMielf aa COfMMUldST In
"For the niniiient the Hoard of Kdu a
llofl hai mure than It can do to lumllh
Industrial training. Military training is
not the hUSlnaM of the schools Since
Hoc. rotary Harrison neks that only half
n million men in the whole country be
trained to form an adequate army of
rtsfsncs it will is suparnuotji to train
nearly half a million bns in New York
city alone."
Ini'Hnea lo tus
Samuel T tuition, former bead of the
Teachers Pollen Mohools, sent this reply
from i lunula mils, Me :
"Am opposed lo military drill for im
mature li.oa In public schnnls. other
lis i pnyeieai aim auiieiie naming
the'""' more healthful, i favor i broad
rneme tor minis with ample training.
William h. s'ori, Mcretary of the
New Vorh reace Society, aald :
"While I cannot of course peak for
the society, I .mi of the opinion tint 1
the general sentiment if our members
will lie something like this: They are
nut opposed to adequate military nrepa ,
return ror the oeionce or tun country,
hut lielieve that the question of militaiv
training In the schools la one which
should be considered and dis-lded purely
on pedsgOgIS grounds that Is, solely in
answer to the question, 'is it good for .
the boyr"
Robert Brsklno My, also act ve aa a:
pacifist, said t I
"If Mum- Mltehel meant by train-1
.s training In the use or weapons I
oiios,. the plan: if he meant marohlng J Meales, 'i. it Rogsrt, Ctcorge w. Riigga,
and evolution! and the teaching of obe-j IV, i. Hoggaon, Ifldgar Uockwo -i nnd
Hence. I ay it la llrst rate. No good i Uwlght Hoyden.
-an come from training boys In the I The officers elected at the orggntlg
use of actual weaisuia and It la not In lion uie.-iii g m th,. state armory bete
harmony with our Instllutloua. I'ivery- Were; Charlet A. Moore, Jr., president;
ib.ng that develops the tsidy and lntspt. Seaman N. Meade, vlce-preetdent :
etils the principle nf obedience, on the I Thomas i. Ryley, secretary ; Wetter It
other band. I approve of." I Todd, treasurer, and Major John J. Hall
Mr. i:iy also approved the outdoor 1 of the Const Artillery Corps, executive
training such na la obtained In the I officer. More than 1(0 attended the
Hoy Scouts. I meeting,
Niwark. X J,, Aug 2 A eoiirae in ' ''"be object of I hi association will be
military training of the soft SUggegtSd J to Instruct civilians In the use of arms,
b) Mayor Mltehel la to be tried in the! " yard rifle range will he located
Newark public schools. The Hoard of t on a portion "f the estate of Mis.
KdlX'atlOn at its meeting to-night ap-
proved the movement on roooffl mends
t.on of the ......... on Instruction
and educational auppllea.
.practice purpose- from the War lc-
; partmet t. Bach w in ais. i get no rounds
Telia lOUttUUNptOSI Auillrair .oil;"' """" t ,on a nnui 1 1 ' ill additional
llOV, llelple-S
Y .
BtOL'THAMPTON, N" Y . tUff, 2S. foi.
Robert M Thompson, in liis address at
t!ie Garden Theatre tontffht, said the
nation h d made the nilstah of not
providlnfl an sdOQUatS army and navy.
"Theee disputes between nations lead
to W-r,' he said, "and should we br
COme Involved In a war with cither of
the two European croups now at war
arc would And o-irseives unprepared
"i mr navy would he practit ally of
no use siinuid Germany declars war
upon us to-morrow. t'onlltions are
such that either aroup in BurOpS
COUld land in fifteen days an army
Of about lOOeOOn men and In three
niontlm lfS50.000 men, fully equipped,
on our shoro.
Col. Thompson said his R-uess waa
that the war tu Kurope would tei ini
tiate in about one year from next N'o-
VSmbs r The Tinted Ht.ttei then would
have about e (th: mouths to pre
pare should the country hive, to fight
e ther of the Kuropean groups.
. npl.-a gelSed In Knalnnd
Ordered lllspoaed Of.
ssfe PeesefeU tn Tar Ol v
ii.ti:r. Auk 2. Judgment in
the proaecutlon of the Independent libor
, party, whose otllcea were raided re
I cently. orders the destruction of 7.7ui
pies nf six pamphlets containing what
the Government considers Inflammatory
' literature.
j The seized copies of the l.nbvr
.rmer .ave iteen restored t.i the nwnere
ami the patter is imi in ne euppr
the patier Is not lo be
on the ground thai, aithnugh the articles
Were offensive, they would not neces
sarily Interfere with the recruiting dis
cipline. The conscription advertlaementa
in the party publlcatloni were atopped,
Wlnieley Urockway waa not punished
Majority re Moved to Kanals.
ns ..ern.en llepne..
Uptcial VaUt DesyefeJt to tsf lea
I. .vim
ug L' The Daily lfafl'e
iri apondsi
t .ii i "ope 1 1 i i ag n says that
I i.' ,iasler the i(ulf Klga last
we.l, seems to have made the OerittSI
Miuudr 'ii off l.ihau uneaey,
Information received from Herlln la
t.i the effect that thr majority of the
i lei uia' warships that had been there
have heen moved to the safety of the
port of Hsnslg, which baa been fur
ther ferlitied.
1 1 mi. 1 1
llrlllsh steomer al orfulk
Passlea onteinta.
ik. Va.. Aug $0. -The British
W aimatKl, I'apt. llolnii'H. ar-
Hampton lloada to-day with h
gun moutrted on her after
lived ill
t Inch
deck. Kile came In ballast from Mar
icillea and will load hunker coal for
I lianas Ayree, where aim will take mi
a cargo nf beef for KiMti-'e. .'apt
Holmes sayi Ihe gun is fur protection
from auhmarl lee and that bis vessel is
i ngaged n commerce only,
I'UStoma nfttclall state that tlie. will
I take no action in the oaae until i'apt.
I Holmes makes application fur clearance
I papcra Thev Intimate, however, that
lieutrallly laws covering the eninmee
and departure of armed vessels of ,
nation at war will not lie applied in
her case.
M l Mia. .
Utile lo Prevail Ogly In
I he a r .one.
', PARIS, Aug 2 Martial law a 111 I
Auc : Martial ll
j discontinued In all parts of Kranee mil- '
1 side ihe f.nno of military operations be
i ginning September l. ir was snnouueed
I to-day.
The proposed action is generally in
I lerpmled as moaning thai ihe suthorl- i
i ties are confident there will he no fur-1
I her disturbance making the military I
iiriiut. raeaaltlea in t Dai i.t.iT.
serial t'a'.v Jkesgfe$ ta Tni srv
l.'.v mk, Aug. - Tn-.i..y s nlDclal I
caaukTly list covering all Mr tiah fronts I
glvea the number of officers at r'i. nf
Whom Hi were killed, and that of men J
al I, $40, nf whom 90S were Killed, This
ivakea the days total of caaualtiei ,$$T, j
of v n .in 301 were killed.
Sixty Join (.rormvirh Associa
tion for PrMtiM in Miirks-
mnniihlp for Dfcnw(
MKK Tin: '-oi.il SYSTEM"
nnstNWICH, PotM.) Aug. 2 Sixty
.prominent New V"r!t business men are
membsra or th. new fl reenwloh Rlfls
I eoeistion, nrnnlsed hsrs under the
j illha Of me National Itifle Association
.of America and the National Hoard for
1 the prtMMoUon of ititie Pram lea, n part
, of the War Department,
Among tlm msmbSI'l of the AseocUl'
: lion are Osoraj Lauder, .ir. a nephew
of Andrea Carnegie ; Henry . Bruno,
a hose motl er and father were lost on
I he Uusltsnla . ihs Itav. (-harlea v. Tai-
pastor of ilresnwlph'e tarai-Kt
1 hurrh . 1
1 hlef eollr
'oihj m t'heeter, son or Rear
'h.siei . Raynal Boiling,
itor of th.- I'ldted States Ste, 1
' uipwiwuc 1 . .iniiii 1 ireen,
dnt a. w ft ret n of the
roll Oompam . Coulter M
Huylet Cunfecl loner) Co
Mflll lef Prfii (
Nati' n.il Bln-
Muylor f tit
mpnn) . v.. i
nilr. h s. Siui.'i Intend, nt
nr nrnrxili
On f tile'
r A. t'fr',,
York i.rm
here; I'lmrb'H 1 . Lanier,
ioet, S.dmy LanlSP! I'harlt
dr.. n member t tin. Men
of Maxwell, Mi 1 tilns g .M
Rttlnli 1
: 1 oourn, Hooert t'nffln, John . Plnrl
.1 IMl'geil ItfdiVi. Marshall f H: n.
K. W. Lincoln, KugPIM Moon, . H.
LIOSS, Arthur T Chester, K. N. Chan.
man, ''aul A. Raymond, .1. I L'tlsp
i John K Woodruff, Alfred 1,. Kergti-
son, i ' s wills, B. wills. Nathaniel
IVebb, in. a iv Mlttendorf. F. W.
HosnlnghsuO, Waiter tiouglas, F. '.
Hyde, N. v., Mae, . Wilbur S Wl
.1. I. oiitti r I'hom.is Mi ni. II dcH
:i'barlea A. .M
i Moore. Jr., .
ore, mother of Charlei A.
II the northern section of
will provide for rifle hoot
revolver practice ll will
, t e tow n. I;
ing and f..r
lie equipped with niovi: g targetsi Bach
m.ml,f.r u-tll Mn.lv. Mlll.aM. . r...
anirnuniii.in will n.. p. ml lur iv the
membera T ? spsaklni or the Tt4-w
sanlaatlofi tolay Mr. Moore said :
'A rlrle asstNiiat Ion if SbOUt SI fir
from militarism as any pfsparatlon for
national defenct- oan he. It Is closer t
the old American system of dsfenos
than anything else in the nature 4f a::
organisation for prepar.ng dtlsona to
protect the nation at.4i the nation's
l I iiitilnii l-'riim I'ln 1 1 sbii ra
lo Res,ne
th,- i Its Kraai iimi
Lance Corporal Cupran. O tnpanv a.
Clattsburg encampment, will put away
tils khaki tn-diiy and return tn this city
in pe it noting Mayor until Lieut. John
I'urrn Mltehel gets back on Septem
ber .
ii.nige McAneny.
B mrd "f Aldermen
for three weeks. Is
and acting
lee. ins this
f the
niH.n f-ir a two and a
lion at his summer h
half Weeks VBCa
ii". Unit. in Km, i-
'tig. Lake OeOlgt Mr I il-rin, as v
chairman of the Aaiermen, im third in
Mayoralty euccesslon. if tie stayed
away the city would have no Mayor at
..ll a frightful predicament, Hence hi
regretful farewell t" Plattsburg
Stote oiDrn. S:0 A. M.. Closes S:30 P- A. Saturday o doch
Continuing today nnd concluding
nt 1 '. .1. totnovTow
The Final Sale of
Every Sack Suit in Stock
at $19.50
formerly $28 to $38
' In this final offering, which concludes tomor
row, the remaining selections of our higher
priced suits have been grouped under a uniform
price, so as to add diversity to economy, in brief,
the assortments embrace every light-weight suit
in stock. Whether it be a novelty fabric or a
staple, a mixture, a staid black, or a substantial
blue, it lias not escaped us in the final round-up.
And if you know an opportunity when you see
one, it will not escape you. Hut you positively
must act now if you're interested.
A (mall charge for alteration.
A clearance and price reduction of
Broken Lots of Men's Shirts
tierc $1.50, $2 and $2.50- now 95c
Most of thene Shirts coat
17 ; a few 13 VI
A Clearance
at 35c or
Large, flowing-end Scarf, also how
A great variety of weaves ami many t
50C and 55c Scarfs now 29c
Open-end styles and bow Ties; many weaves
SI 1,680,744 Worth shipprfl In
Month. Wilh 9l-f.t-7it.IRR
for Fiscul Yonr.
made public
Commeree i
by the Dt
war muni
country did
A table giv-
i nertmenl ,f
j indicate thai
the bulk I
tlon shipments from ttlll
tint begin until recently.
Ing flguree far the twelve mouths ended
with .tune sIkiks Unit while tba total
of munition exports for Ilia year was
far In excess of the previous year, the
major part of tins Increase did no;
leave the ports uf Hie lulled Stale,
until .tune. lr Rome Inslancoa aa much
ns one-flflh or one-third if the year's
x port a w is ihlpped in this una month.
The twelve motlthi period show el
exports of the explosives valued at
Mt,TS,!M, against f,tTMV for the
preceding i ar i if the former llgine
11,((0,T44 wis ehlpped during June.
I'JunpOWder alone was exported to the
amount of $3,1(4,(40 In June, while the
total for the year was only t,0P1,(4l
if the I6( neroplanes rxporled in tha
rntlre year, sixty -two went in June. In
the preceding year only thirty-four were
hipped, Ne.irl- eight tines as tnan
automobiles were exported in .tune.
ll' i ;
as i
th'. enure year ended June
Figures for burbed wire,
$0, It'll
harness and
'I. II.
iwed similar lu
Ktsurea urenurril at tiie Men Tnrk .
l Custom House siiow thsl on a sinsle
my or i lie present week, Auuiim II
lb- eMMirts from the port ,r New FoVh
t'Mebed tin lol t of $T,03I,0T0, W'hll"
on the hreceitlng gay there wire out'
half a million less. In tin weei- enge4
aitli Tuesdsy the total .,s over $$0.
000. 000, ., Isrge purl of this sum i'.
reaenllng war stores and aininunillo'.
The rush of exisirta bcgliinlng in June
1. tia sleaitUy I nr reused lit July and Au
Kust. aoeordltig to the New v-uk figures,
in the w,e,i i n . i e. i August SI the ex
port! from New VoTk t.. tailed $I0,f.04,.
$4$, as agalnsi $0,47,301 foi i1 d -
resnohdlng seek of 1014, There is every
reason to belle , o that the present ra ft
of Increase will be msli tulned through"
out the MHWnei I i.uly fall.
Twelve vessels leuvlng the t'nltcd'
States f T allied Oori en days in
July carried anus, unmunltlon and eX-
plostvea aiued at ., little under
$4,000,000, sutomobllea and motorcyclca
Valued at $1,600,000 and horses VSltted
at $$30,000, They sleo carried great
stores of lUfgtoal Roods, saddle! v and
otiier war materials, bealdea uua .tit tea
of foodstuffs, the lat er often making
up the stealer part of a Cargo, anil a
laritn amount of general exports, in
eluding even such nontnllltari goods
as player pianos. tos and candy,
As iiri example of what one eltlp can
carry In the way of war stores the
France, a l't n. h ste.ttu.-hlp Which
cleared foe ttordeHUX on July 3, ca-
ried copper valued at $341,030; notaex.
carbonate, $1,3ooj imokelese powdefi
$T0$,330; picrir acid. 100,730; acetic
acid, $$.$$$ I Kun cotton. $437,387)
nitre cellulose, 180,007; toluol, $$0,$00,
and other expi telvee, $13,0&a
nbmnrliie Teat a
to Have II.
H rook 1 1
The tests ..f l
battertea on aubtr
navy yard by 1.1
ie n. w BdlM
amies at the
iik l. E, H
fill that Iheir
the K-J and
r msrnsuvrsa
n nickel
Hrookl; n
Icy have
the K-t,
.iff New.
proved so sue.
I t'On on 1 Tie K I.
shortly tn leave
port. It
a new
is said, haa been recommi lid.
ra at the yard expect that w ,,
a autboiisea the ronetructton
ubmarlne fle. t several of
will be built at the Brook!
Uth Stt
us more than !)". Siacs 1 1 in
we Blightly rumpled or soiled.
of Neckwear
3 for $1.00

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