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Discovery of temple in Egypt by Uni
versity of Pennsylvania explorer prom
ises to clarify points in doubt since
time of Moses. In next Sunday's SUN.
Fair to-day; partly cloudy and warmer
Highest temperature yesterday, 64: lowest, 58.
Detailed weather, mail anil Ml me rgportg on page 11,
Idniinistntion Will Treat
Plattsbtirg Sim'itIi as a
Closed Incident.
Oomninnder at Cltliene'
Camp Promises to obey
Secretary's Rule.
WAiXINOTON, Aug 11,-1 "
bjm) Wliec AamtnlatraUon apfisar to bo thrauch Mr. Oarrtaon.
,,. ,,,, thill the action of Secretary ; Thp -,,., relterille1 , hlH stHt.
Qml ,eSerday in "P';'"'"n't : rnent that he had not mentioned the
0,. wood for Permitting! ex-ivesiden preKltient n ptuburi ,,,,,
aasrvell 10 deliver hi stveea-h at
. .willtleal la. ni d,l not speak of the Admlnia-piatt-hurg
mnv Biow mto a tmiiiivai is-
( BonaldaraMa ImpOrtMOa. Ac-; trntion. Ills speech, he said, was n
OordinK 10 the present pi ogramme . Plea for preparedness and against di
Oeti Wood will not le rebuked further. : vlded allegiance to the flag. The Ad
It was bollavad that the President ministration's rebuke of (len. Wool.
Slight so to the extent nf directing- the Colonel thinks, was Inexcusable
that rjon. Wood b detached from the It constituted, the Colonel Bays, "an
noil as . u.ntn.inder of the Department
of UV Baal for permitting cot. iioose-
vlt to touch off a bunch of verbal fire- ,
work- In a nilluai v camp. Political
ggelsera Of the Administration have
urge-.i however, that the Woesl-Kooee-veh
H c tlenl ie permitted to end with
the telegraphs reprimand.
Secretary Garrtaoci received the fol
low, nil Is log lain lo-day from Major-Hen. j
lawnard Vihi at the l'lattsburg eamp
Your telegram received and the pol- I
Irv laM down will be rigidly adhered !
Administration leaders look for re- ;
Mated Sttacka from now on by Col.
Roosevelt "ii the military policy of the 1
iloveiiime.it. There will be no replies
made to the former President after to- I
day The Administration Is hopeful of
IKWIl I IIV . .,H"l.e. e Ml 1 1'-. Si " J .
JgnoruiK It. It was suggested to-day
thai Judgment on the Administration's
military policy should le withheld until
the President has transmitted to Con
grOOS reports now In course of prepa
ration by the Secretary of War and the '
gar rotary of the Navy.
Secretary Qarriaon made g reply to-
day to the charge of Col. Koosevelt that
tht former was advised that speerliea
Wtre to lie made at l'lattsburg and that
Mr BooasVOlt was listed among those
who 1 .ol been Invited to make addresses
"Yes, I have Just read Mr. Roosevelt's
Statement 1 aec he blames the whole
tlgng 'ii :ne. He takes the sltlon that
It is notorious that he has the habit of
making indiscreet speeches and that it I
therefore was my fluty to find out if he
intended to go to l'lattsburg. and if so
to head him off and nave him from him
self. Well, maybe that s so. but It's a
rstrn-r largg order. He's a very active
man and I'm a very busy one, and It's
gOlni to Itg a pretty hard Job for tne
to keei my eve on him all the time.
-lh. . olonel'S attitude abOttt himself
i..fc . ucc .-ce.i j , cue .ti.ici.e
farmer who was on his way to the rall
road tatlon one morning when he met
a friend,
W hero are you going?' aald the
f tiend
" I ii going down to rtangor.' said
the farmer, 'to gt rdunk. and. Great
Loiu. how 1 do dread It.' "
Chleaae "Irlliune" Saga Hooaevelt
I ajaeed Defence tanae.
Ch c
lilo ,i
the .
Aug The Chleasjo rrifc-
ii- the follown g editorial under
on, ".sir Roosevelt's Plait-burg
".Mr rtoosevelt'g defence of his break ! uttie bov. who araa on the wheal, down
l'lattsburg loo not help his case, j to the sidewalk. His head struck the
as 1 itlon and the Occasion, not curbstone and the wheel p;u-se.l over his
idlen that made Roooevelt's ! body The other children Jumped In ter
1 " wd lasts or worse. ror from the machine. The van moved
"Neither the PlsttSburg camp Of mill-1 an ten feat further and then veered
tirv nstructlon nor the nationwide i and crashed Into .1 lamppost on the
jSOVemeril for adequate national defence south side of the street.
Is gr -ft .-icing of Mr. Roosevelt's. The The chauffeur was arrested, letter at
flret in. .- from the Initiative of Major- I the West 100th street olice Station
Gen I.. ,n , nl w I, Mr. Roosevelt's old , Coroner Feinlierg held him In r,,nnu
f ei benefactor ami beneficiary, and boll to await the outcome of the In
Otneru -c ,ta existence to the broad 1 quest The bail was furnished,
nihi l Secretary Garrison, Mr. Roose- Cor-mer Kelnberg saiil, gftSr qUSStlOn-xelt-
po :t eg) opponent. In his speech ng several w-ltnewos. that he would
at Plattsburg Mr Roosevelt embarraaaed talk to the little boy's sister to-day if
bis fi c , .,nd K,lV0 a foil to his op- he has recovered from the shock. He
I na id the case was in many respects slml
'M noogc velt's l'lattsburg speech i.,f to that of rath.-rine BlSVtn of 30".
JSJ Ml tin- movement for national spring street, a iwelve-year-old girl,
defen, , ., Utile. It has hurt Mr. Roose- whn was gCCUSOd of having stinted a
yell mors Many people with the I three ton trin-k which killed Bllgabeth
THbunf will put his remarks down to Johnson. .1 years old, on Wednesday.
n:i unbridle I impiilslveneiw. Ills on-
ponent- will call It an attempt to use
the greal nubile issue for ier,nnal nur-
.os. 1."
Pi .TTSSPSQ, Aug I'T Imiing a short
brsatl ng spell enjoyed to-day by the
member, of tie provisional regiment af-
s) had pitched their tenia for the
second time the following statomoMts
relative to the IPosevelt speech were oh
M cv.ir Mitchel said :
"f'.en Wood is our biggest man The
Adt nlgtratMNl Should stand by him.
I reggrd his public reprimand as one
'' th. greatest injustices In the coun
try lien, Wood is no more res ponsl
bls foi what t'ol. Itoosevelt said than
1 gas."
I' 1:1 v Kiel. I Melons. Collector nf the
Pori .,f New York--W hen I gave out my
ytatetnenl Igsl night I did not then know
1 1 ' Hecretgry 'iarrison hail rebuked
USII w sl What I said had no ref-
grsi 10 tan, Wood
dial eg Bill tt Warren, president of
' I ' Najtlonal Hank .f New
I'o I'ndoubtedly It Is the prerogative
tf the s.-.-retarv of W'ar to Issue What
' 1 iers he may deem gg pad ion I 10
departmental hsadg "f the army. Hut
Ii - iss it w is not unly undignified
I 'sell but reflects upon Hie dlgnit)
"f lln Administration. That which has
Impressed us nt this encampment, and
haduubiedl) vary man) more, u the
i n v g.ve. p. the lelggrgsg sent
" 1 ..o.i U) Mr. Uarrlaon. Making
pal - e ii -ngggg is -unver.lve of
I I .pel -n ..f dcs-wpliiie, oven
lissugl ien cs.cl were not the siemli!i
r ni elfiolant ultuei th. agtlos knows
bint to be.
4 Buffoonery;
Accuses Secretary of "Peculiarly Mean Unfaii ness to i
tvi . . . . , .
uiscrenit uen. Wood Says Objection to Plea for
Preparedness Reacts
Col. TMo4on Rooawvolt directly at-
! lacked the AcltniniHtratlon lunt Bight
a UtssBsttl in reply to secretary
I oi ar Harrison h comment on the
. oionei I'luttsbur.; speech. Col. i
ROOMTIH Intimated that Mr. Harrison
was rdoisdlng the issue by "buffoim- 1
ery." He attain defended MaJOT Owl, ,
Leonard Wood gnd characterized a I
n Imputation on Its own conduct th- i
xiniiinistrutlnn s rebuke of ( ien. WON
unconscious commentary by the Ad
ministration on its own attitude."
The Colon, i s statement follows:
"It does not seem to me that when
the Administration through Mr. (iar
rlaotl has thought with peculiarly
mean unfairness to discredit the fore
most officer of th" I'nlteil States army
It Is wise for Mr. Harrison to atte nipt
by buffoonery to distract attention
from the point at issue. Hen. Wood
h.id no responsibility whatsoever for
William Keating Five, Meets
Heath When Playmate
siarts Vehicle.
While flve-yenr-old William Keating
was climbing up the front wheel of an
i . i
elivtrlc delliery win !ii. n nail wen o-.i ,
standing In the street unattended yester-
lav afternoon the stalling lever wmm
moved by one of his playmates on the
front s. at of the vehicle and he w a
crushed to death lieneuth the wheel
1 When the van. which belonged to the
J H. Oreenhut Company, rolled up in
front of Hie Kea'ltig child s Home in i"i
Wrrt Ninety-eighth street, and the
,rlv,.r Walter Rodgera, of III West
Thirteenth' street, sprang out to make
H(,v(.rB deliveries. William, his twelve-
vear-old sister, and several playmates
Kalh,re(, Mlout th
m .i c. , .i . ici. I lice ii ri
I WO cillic . ..,..,. .. .. ......
Climbed into the driver s seat.
Kill W III- t
llllll. W liose legs were .-lien. - .e..
behind on the sidewalk Me contented
bin self with playing around in front of
the van. His sister and the other b..ys
we sitisfled to Cling t" the steering
wheel and "pretend" for a time, but they
-cede tired of this and began to InVOStl-
I .v... ,..,.1 Ink and levera
Kaii- ccir vhimccc. e
5K , , three found the1
switch, which the driver MM turned on
Isefore leaving the vehicle. As long as
the switch was oen William was sure
one of the trio, the girl, according to
w.tiiesseM ea mined by Coroner Keln-
lierg. turned the switch, ami one of the
imjvs pulled the starting lever.
ipk. . j . 1 1...I fccrw ird. carrying lln
f. III...-. Ileecc e or I Mr.
Iter tn llnspllal.
rarollne flrsy. 11 years old. of 23
Columbus avenue, was seriously injured
yesterday by uu automobile- while plnv
Ina near her home The little girl ud-
d.-iilv darted from the sidewalk In front
i of S West 107th street Into the path of
1 the car John i '
Mine s of Madison
avenue, the owner, who was driving the
car. lammed on the brakes, but the girl
was knocked down.
He hurried her to HI Luke's Hospital
in the ear Ir I'atrle treated her and
said she was suffering from a possible
fine ture of the skull
I J- enr-oltl Hoy
Thrn n Ten .Keel
to Ihe Milewnlle.
Joseph St hlafer, tt, of 402 Second ,
st reet, Brooklyn, was kilf l last eve
nt ng when the tear wheel of a West
cott Kxprens Company auto truck struck
bis bicycle on Fifth avenue, Mrooklvn,
and threw him ten feet to ihe side
walk JoSfph T.tley of HI West Ufith street
was driving the truck.
train Kills Farmer In tO.
I'll II.AbKI.PIl IA. Allg
Horner, a well known
fa i IttOI , was killed, and
Scott of Merchant ullc.
; Hairy i".
South Jgrgat
Mrs. J. Elvln
H idoM . .1 111
was riding with linn, was probabl) fg
tally Injured n. -night when their auto
mobile wa .-clinch by a I'e nnsylvan c
lUilroud train at the Vine Mi eel cross
ing in Went l'almyi-a, N J,
Roosevelt's I
to Garrison
on Administration.
Sty speech, and tins the Adiniiilstt -tlon
when It acted through Mr. Har
rison of course perfect!) well knew
"Hen Wood had devoted every
thought and ac tion of his life to the
betterment of the United states army
ami the saving of the American P o
ple. Anything that the Admin. stm
tlon chooses to say of me it Is more
thin Welcome to say. but to lasall
Hen Wood for my action, for Which
he had not and for which the) knew
he had not the smallest responsibility,
was not excusable,
As for what the Administration
through Mr. Harrison aaya of m
speech. I again call utteiitcm to the
fact that i never mentioned the name
of the President and that I never
spoke of the Administration in th.
speech Hut I did make the stiong-st
kind of plea In favor of prepared ll OSS
I did in the strongest way ask that
we nf this country ac t as Americana
and as nothing else and that we as a
nation prepare so that no outside
Power may he able to bring shame
or dishonor upon tis.
it is an unconscious commentary by
the Administration itself ,cn Its own
attitude that the Administration
should at once denounce a pie i for
preparedness as an assault on the
administration of the War liep.m-
ment under the Administration and
should object to the offleers and the
enlisted men of the United Stales
army listening to an appeal agalnat
any .1, vlded allegiance to the ttag
of the t'nlted Stale- Let it he re
membered thai my whole speech was
a speech in favor of props redhOSI and
against any dlvlalon in our allegiance
tec our common Bag. The Administra
tion through Mr Harrison treats this
as an Imputation on its conduct in the
Brinfrs Candle Into Uaa Filled
BungaloM of Andy Kit e
at Coney llanil.
Right persons were hurne.l. two serl-
ousK. hv the evi.losion of from a
),. uk n ,.,,,.i, li, i
t night in the bung,
a buiiescue come-
,,. iif x , , , ( v 1;
an. at L'T Cg Hon I'oiiit. near the
beach at Weal Thlrty-Bfth street, fone
Rice ami Robert stepnonaon, -.1. one
of his guests at a week end partv. BTS
most seriously injured. It is feared they
may have inhaled the flames and have
inen burned Internally, The explosion
araa nausea ny tne itupiarty of a see
vam who brought in
1 .....! . ..,,,11.
after the chandeliei had broken and the
L.irtV. Mlllllll III.. lilt III 111.. l..ct.. HMM
" -
warning each other not to strike
matches. The maid explained later that
she thought th c andle would he safe.
Besides Rlcs and Stephenson the in
jured are : Mrs nios, Samuel Rice. in.
be Rices' son. Mrs, Agnes Stephenson.
... . . .. .
, ., uiotnei ot nooen ntopnengon;
ail- Pohm, M. is ,;, Pohm, i:
n.iugnier. Anna aier.-ni.-h.i, 10, in,- sei
RiOt hM "UVuiii'd thr bUltffaUoWi
IThm i lurge nuujili o ht otU-Ml
hfiUK., for six 'iiiH. Kiu Ii Huinmer lu
haM ipatnt ooMMsfatblt liinn iht-r .mil ij
lerUUued pArtlea f friend over s.itu
l.iy ami Hunday, YMUrd) h hud ln
vltsd k party to vtali him nt uiiai, n
shortly Dt-fOfi lniilriiglit thty wore nit-
liiur atxut Hi, din Ins room Mtlni a
lun hefoi e Koirifc tO bd
Btlddvnlyi RI i hey t.ilkfil. .1 hsavy
. hamlt'lu r In Lhfl CWttM of IttC diniiiK
room cpUIng fell to hc table with u
crash, find thr air whn Mllfil with tho
ilor of MOaplng k.ih. In tht- pltOfa tlitrk
iiivK HohertHon anl Rice crl)d( "Don't
utriko any match-M whatever you do'
plniinltiif to jtet the Women from the
room safety and than turn ff the R.ih.
Then it wan that Anna MerahUka. the
tnHid. seeing the dinirm room in dark
neMK. came t the door. She heard Rloe
say. "Don't strike any matches here. ' o
wenl back to the kitchen, lit a oandle
and before any one knew what y-he wmh
doitiK entered I he nas filled nmm with
ii. bellevtni he wa nbeytnt tie onler
not to strike any matchei
"he 1 1 1011 nut she opened t he door
there was a flash ami a loud report
The windows were open and it was salt
nfterward Hint hud they been clOged
the entire house would have blown up
and all within have been killed
The force of tlu- explosion was felt
at the Seahourn Hotel, near by. where
the orchestra Stopped playing, and
crowds of guests rushed from the ball
room and the veranda l-'rom the beach
also nnd from cottages people came
hastening, believing that the hotel had
blown Up
hying about the Moor of the bungalow
the occupants of the room. Rice and
Stephenson, were found unconscious.
Firemen bad been summoned, and with
the aid of the renerves from the t 'oney
irs ia no station iney Kept nack the crow
ind assisted DoctOM Ibid ami Uerow to
1 place the Injured In t wo ambulances
that Inul been called from thu Coney
I Island Hospital.
viiloiieei.ee- c, -rinniis Itnlse : .ii to
I'S) olonel'a May to I'rsnce.
Mm.wai fggg, Allg. 27 Charles Me, hel.
reprtsentlng a number 'ef Milwaukee
Qermans. has gddreaaed a letter to Theo-
I ne Roosevelt asking him to Join Hie
Miles' army at their ggpens and tight
ggalngl th Kaiser ami his soldiers, lie
.-nvs these men have subscribed J-..H
with whech to defray Col. Iloogevelt'a
expenses lo enable linn hi Jnin I'ana
haus who are aoon to start lor ITrgllce,
Me. In I adViaSS the ex-l'residellt that If
ne- ohooaaa to aocopl the offer it will give
him "the time of Ins life.''
"I can't command the Colonel to go."
aid MV Mac hat 1 li ut his own busi-
I neat If Be gi c.pls.''
HroiliciiMKMls of KiiKiiH'erx and
Firoiiipn Start Movement
New England.
Foil 8.000.000 MEMBERS
Gomntm Tells of Plllt to
Streiiirtiieii the Forees of
Onfaii I Red Labor.
A general movement has beer started
to strengthen ni! labor organisations in
the country affiliated With the American
Ke leritlon At the same time the Joint
boafd if the BrOthOrbOOd of Locomotive
Bngtneers and the Brotherhood of i.o
c o motive (firemen has issued a call
10 all local bodies of engineers nrd
firemen in New Bngland urging the for
m ation of , most powerful labor union
tn ne failed tin Industrial L:ibor t'mon.
inr.iugh Which the Individual brother
hoods may liecoine stronger to fight
for lietter working Conditions and hours.
President Samuel fJompors of the a. !
F. of l. announced uu "tntgnstva org.m
I Iging movsment" estenij;. to moragM
( to three million ihg numboi of organised
workors in Important Industrtea. Among
I the steps in that dire lion Which Mr.
Opmpera mentioned were the New Bng-I
J land IcImii- mose-neut that is SDOUI to be
I started iti Merldon, Conn., Hini the osns-
palgn of 'he- L'nlted Mine Workers of
'America for Inorogsod org.in:x.itiot..
"As liie facie union movement of
A merles." said Mr. Qompers'i state-
; ineiit, "haa won -lctory after victory
It has now reached tho point when
lenthusta-m ami ide Is ale n.it inspircnl
)' optsmitiou and persecution, hut must
'lie the result of conviction his god upon
understanding . ml visions of future pos
sibilities. Let each member of oig.m
lOSd lals.r antl er- lalstr otgani7..itloti
take up the Intensive wrk of a laost
forwatd movement for America. Now
fur the three million .'Hulk"
I he I III! to ItMllrouil Men.
Tee call sent b tin- Joint lionrd of the
Brotherhoods oi Bnslnsors and yi remeo
to all local bodies of thcli organliatlons
in New Bnaian I w.i- ,t- followii:
"The Railroad llro.cceriiooils, wherever
organised, are iie.li aing to teallse that
all the orders must work together in
I heir struggle with the railroads in ef
forta to gam shorter noure. hlghai WggOg
unci rstter working conditions Ami fui-
thee, to oountenset the degrading effects
of abused power of corporate wealth and
i he demoralization resulting from the in
stallation of laisir saving machlneri sucn
sS linger lOOOmOtlVStf,
"The members of so,.i organlaatsan
reallge that thoisands if the lies! and
" n a i e . .-day out or enn
tile c V ! Cell! for :h V'V riH.nn .hut tlce
craft form ..f btboi oiganiaatlon inw
failed to piote. t its memoers through tact
keeping abreast of industrial piograOB,
Although the evil giislng from tne use of
large power hi- been manifest and In-
i7 ragging for many yeans, no effective
-ic-is hove been attempted b) nur weak
craft unions to grreot the Injustlos oonv
ln: upan those tleeerving men. who In
turn have deiended n these same cnifts
for a livelihood.
"The representative committees of
these CraftS, the general and Joint btWrdg
'Uii""'.n. " n. .mi l eo.e
lll.'ei s
.tec. -'CC 'Ciei' nilir oeen ccnciie.l ami
bewildered by lbs effect.- arising fr.cm
Industrial evolution And in the very
face of still larger loooiftotlvog, with vet
more laisvi dlgplgclng machinery and
more unemployment, these isicbee- re
main aw esti i ken and helpless.
Meeili.u. lo He
rrm iiueil.
" nir mam be re, herei
lo. ated.
ahouni arrange at on-e for the t ailing of
meetlnai of ail 'aii,o.-,d amployeaa who
are membon of cran unloni for the put
pose of allowing ail to consult toajethei
freely and dlaouaa the formation of that
most ptiwerful -f lalior unions, tne In
lustr .il Lahor 1'nion
"In oider thai thll form of laboi union
ma) come into being with the legist pos-
Ible friction we should preset V our
't-i.il orders as we h;ie thorn .it pre-
nt, but at once weld them into 01 e light
ing unit, as a means of re overllUJ iusl
opport unit ten. carrying out our future
pros;, amine, to stimulate the study of
lieyhor problems and to insure a brighter
future A moment's reflection will dem
onstrate to even the t hough! less th.it
only in this maimer run the foiees of
labor be united and directed to hettc'
advantage in the future than tn the pa1
"In the fae of these uuaoUod prob
lems. therefore let us devote every ef
fort lo extending these meetings nt3
every terminal on this system, then to
other railroad systems, ami with all rss
slide speed, to the "(i that employment
may be restored and Justice done to all. ' 1
Prominent Unman Rescues
TOfO l-'rom a ( rov.it.
Atlanta, ia.. Au-t. 17. -As the result
of trouble In Forsyth COtint) ami In the
neighboring territory between whites
anl blacks all negroes have been barred
from enuring ihe county.
This was brought out dearly to-dav
by the experience "f Hudaon Moore, a
prominent Atlantan. who went to 'iim- I
tilings, that county, on legal business
and took along with him a negro nurse
and a negro chauffeur.
While he was In the court house he
heard a commotion OUUltdC and rushing'
out he found a crowd of several hun
dred "fathered around the t wo negroes,
threatening them with violence If they
did not leave the count y a I once.
Mr. Moore at once Intervened and ,
ttW talking to the crowd, pushed the
two negroes Into his automobile and
rushed them out of Ihe OOUnty, g dis
tance of gome tlfteeii miles, where he
left them while he returned to complete
his business
t'aadttlOM of renns Ivanla I'resl-
denl Uiirrlni( Ills Friends.
I'll 1 1 Ainu I'll i a , Aiig. IT. The condi
tion of Samuel ilea, president of the
Penneylvanla Railroad Company, who
vv,uc operated mi inure- than a week ago
at the Polyclinic Hospital, Is worrying
Ins gaaoolateg and friends, it was said
gl the hospital that Mr. ilea had spent
a rather uncomfortable night but was
rogtlng more easily to-dav.
Mr. Ilea was tak.n Ul the hogpital
auoul ion dayg before the operation.
ll was thought he would recover rap
Idly, but so fgr he has not shown the
Improvement eapected and physicians
are keeping anxious watch over him.
1915. emrtmt.iM, a, i wo -
InvHtlprs Monan- UmI Polisfe
Fortress and Hailwav
Line to Vilna.
(iniiiil Duko Expected to Make
Determined Stand in Hielo
wieska Forest.
IggeMi i'"V neprtfe to Tms sc
London. Aug IT The P.ussIhii fort
of OMUL on the No in n River, situated
on the principal Russian line of defence.
between the fortresses of
Kovnci hikI Hrndno. fell into
the h .ml-
of the Hermans yggterdg
From the capture of this Stronghold
the ninth to fall to the T. tltonle In
vaders in the last tinee ixecks there
arise two principal dangers to Orand
luke Nicholas's army, which Is still
in nrderlv retretit The tlrst Is the
mgngctng of the last rem lining BUS-
slan fortiess in Poland, ilrodiio. At
last accounts the army whic h two day
ago occupied the Important railway
Junction of BielOatoV was reported to
be dashing On Ward to tlrodno With
the rallWa) to that point in then hands
thelt progress Is facilitated ccinslder
ably and military experts hold little
hope of the fortress remaining in pos
SOSOlon of the Russians much longer
The second menace the Russians are
facing as a result of the capture of
Una Is tint the army that Captured
thai fori restOTdg) wili promptly sweep
down In a lOUthWMterl) dlrOCtlOO and
cut the Important railroad line lead
ing from U rod no northward to Vllna.
This town has foi some time tlgmed
In the official reports a- the next prin
cipal goal of the Teutonic allies, and
'he laiiroad ones captured Vllna's doom
would be an good as sealed
To Have triple KgTOet.
The ad'aiiee b one ilerman a
nil e
Urodno, combined with the southward
wood of th- ronouororg of UlltS, if
both are successful and the moves
me cameo cut simultaneously, would
thus have a tr.ple effe I . the capture of
Urodno, ti e endangering of Vllna and
the toiling ot the defenders of Urodno.
after having abandoned the fortress ac
cording to Orand l'uk. Nicholas'! of)
repealod -tiaicgv. southward, pushing
them mto tin Blelowleoaa fmost
l. is in tin- gie.it Kuaalan forest that
tie f.iie of part nf the Grand Inikes
mam army Is at -take The capture
two days ago of the Russian pivotal
paint, Rre-t-l.itovsk, b the German
divided the Russian forces, driving one
pari mto t'.ie Bletowleska forest, ami
the other into the marshes that extend
tor many mips westward from Hn-st-
Thus, the lattei fortress having been
turned m twents-fou- hours I ruin ,i
nuaolan into a Herman pivotal point, ail
operstlons In the aogtern theatre of war
now centre on two territories Which by
nature are ulmoel Impogglble for open
battle and extremely dlfflcull for any
mllilirv movement, retreat as well ag
i oiifnston In ItclrcMt.
Thei is not hlng In (he official de
piitches. not eeeplnig the lierman offi-
. mi itatemente of the last three weke.
1 give the itlfhteat hint of any die
order or confusion in the Itussian re
treat. The tact thai the armies are in
1 conceded of enormoui Impor-
In tne coming operations in the
foreet and ib m;rh'S the fainil.arlt
of the Ruaalana with the territory, tar
rltury quite aim liar to that in which
fiussian armiee hav maneruvrad in
t lines- of peace, will he of In me n.i mis
on the other hand, the flermani will.
for the llrst time in the Hussian cam
palgn, encounter natural dllflculltes in
which even the value of the mllroade
tiehmd thotn win he greatly redut ad.
Tli Cuming Operations are expected iiy
military i xpei ih l be fat more complex
than the battles in the .Mazunan lakes
A Higniflcaut feature of the last few
days official Qerman reports i- the re-
1 eaied mention or cavalry. To mil
branch of the Qerman flgiitlng machine
may fall the bulk of the task Juhi ahead
Herlln's It i if Qalna,
The Berlin Official statement saicl
Army group of Pieid Marshal von
Hlndenburgi Battles .et Hmsk and
at Se-hoenberg. southeast of Mltau.
ami in the region east eef Kovno con
tinue' We took 1.460 Ruaaian pris
oners and four cannon and three ma
chine guns were captured,
OUtheaSt Of Kovno the etiemy was
defeated, The fortress of Olita has
been evaOUatad by the ltuslans and
was occupied by ns Further south
Qerman troop, ure advanolng toward
the- Niemen The crogsing civer of die
H.'iei-.iwka tributary, enst of ii-so-WlOO,
has been won. The pufgttll is
is-ing ogrrled on along the entire front
between the Bobr ami Suchawola, on
the Herr-'owka. and in the Rlelasvieaka
forest. iin t lie Iftth '"id -I'.th the
army of tleti von Qallwltg tisik 1,500
prlisonera and captured live machine
The army f Prlnos i.oHid of
Bavaria is continuing Its oourae. its
right wing ha- leached a oint norlh-
aaat of KamlenleSal.ltovsk.
Army group of Held Marshal vam
Mackensen : Northeast of Brest. Ll-
lovsk our tusips are gpproaohlng the
highroad from Kauiienii'Z-l.itovsk to
MygOSyoie Southeast of ltrest.1,i-
tov.-k tin- enemy was driven back
ucts tne tributary of the Kyis.
tri'hdokr I . el Inn .nl Con 1 1 ii ura
Ills tdisnrr, Saga Vienna.
S'periu 'iliee fDsggflfCll to Till St g,
Vibn'Na, via London. Aug 2? i n.
following Ofllolal Statement was given
out by the AttatrlM War 0 flics to-night ;
The Ruaaian armies Which were
repulsed at hVOSt-UtOVsk retired "i
both aide., of the railway leading to
Minsk. The tnsips or Ihe Archduke
l-VrdlnaiMl marcned yasterda) II igh
the town of Kamiemt-I.liovhlv toward
Liszna. wiilch is in tlames.
The Qarmani In the WSSl and south
CoMtiNurd oh UrcOHd fugs.
ant I'l-hWthhifj Antioclatlon.
jKK.MANY is wilting to mnke will ho made in the case of the Lu
full reparation for American sitanin, although disavowal of the
losses caused liy the sinking of the latter is impossible, Washinjjton
Arabic, if it is shown that Ger- believes that the Administration
many was at fault, but insists, in will feci free to push the :ssue
return, that this Government press ntruinst Great .Mritnin in the mat
its case against Grout Britain and tor of violations of international
uphold the "freedom of the seas." law.
The (termini Ambassador has
told the Socretury of State infor
mally that ho understands stibmu-
rino commanders were instructed
not to torpedo t ransutlnnt ic liners
without warning or without pro-
Viding for the safety of passen
gers. With the Arabic crisis over and
with the likelihood that reparation
Present rantpaitrn will Not
Knd This p.ii'. in'
Mininter I'x-licM's.
igec ..' i ait'r AgsggfcJI fO Till' Si V
Ijondon, Aug it The Timet prints
an Intervloa h it- Petrograd cor
respondent with tne new w'nr Mlnlstet,
m Pollvsnoffi who is quoted as laying!
"i ur armies .ire gradual!) moving :.i
new positions The enemv s main con
centratlon as Well as outs at present
centres around Vllna. where an Ira
portajit battle is Itkel) to be fought
However, the fate c,f the campaign w II
not lie decided before -ome time in liMt
We are contl'lent in our ability to safe
guard I'etrograd. Bverythlng is ready
for tliis. den Rusgkv is now the com-
mauder at the Petrograd front, w ith sev-
tral .ii'ii is g in.- immediate disposal.'
Ti.e Minister told the correspondent
that too much attention la being given
to idle rumors of a propoogd separate
peace ami to the suggestion that her
allies are not helping Russia to the ex
tent of their ability lie characterised
these suggestions .1- "sensoless gossip
and not lima Ise "
lb quotes KOrelgit Mlnlstet SaaonoR
a- refuting ah rumors circulated
ihroughoui Buagtg by "gtt underhanded
Qerman propaganda" and sg saving:
"Retween the Alllea theri has never
at any lone been the -lightest cliff, ,-
of op, ni in. OS pee tally aim eg th- h.gh
commands ..f the allied armies. Abso
lut' coi Hdence prevails a.- to ti e ,ict;en
.c! on anie a . ei impiicn ta.tn is ,eu in
t;u--. iti' ultimate issue 01 .ne cam-
patgn pending m the west Bver step I
jiOMlbtr ha- i taken to replenish 1
the munttl na of our armlaa."
'Hie Russian foreign Minister. 1 on
rludlng 'in- interview, said that there
uh not the slightest intention in the
pui-i.c rntnd In Ruaala of making an ln
depetideni peace with Oermany "as loug
a- one hostile aoldlfi remains in l; is
l..-a.leea Mend I i pressl . II of lllll-
Sdenee o Urand ouu.-.
paaig. An- II -Proaldenl Pol re,
M Mlllerand, Mlnlslsr r W ar. ami den.
joffre have Joined m -. -11111111; the fol
lowing telegraphic expression of conti
deuce 10 Orand Duke Nleholaai
"OUr IhOUghtS tUIII IceWard VeeUI tt.icce.
who at the present moment morli the main victory. The submission l om
confidence "f the whole world b) reason cial Herman)'." sas tins paper, "to the
..r me -trincuie they are maktug. VVH i American deiii.in.is is a fact of historic
nomolete coi.tiiiet.ee tn the tin, a victor)
Qf your arm.es. we betf you to accept
0yr respectful homage ami fervent go.nl
wishes, together with the assurance thai
more than ever before our
armies are1
happy ami proud to cooperate with oui i
Highness and your valiant soldiers"
The- i ii and I hike replied i
"The entlments you esprsag toward
the Russian army are reciprocated. The
dose relations and common accord 'xist
1ns between t e commanders of all the
allied armies is a certain omen nf the
glorious emi in which, with Hod s gld.
AC Will pa
Tan on These Only sn.atilu.iinn of
Hie S41.000.OUU llnlsed.
vVASHINOTONc Aug 27 A report by
lie- Internal rtevenue Commissi. .in r
. shows that of the 141,000,008 Which Hie
I income tux yielded in the llscal year
ended June III! last only 8,4tS.OOO cams
I from Individuals who had i et incomes j
exceeding 1800,000.
Individuals whose net ii comes ssosed
more than 1110.004. but were not more
' than 1(00,000, contributed :i.:i2t.ooo.
! Persons with net Incomes exceeding
I uu, iillii, hut less than 1150,000, paid
11,441,004 of the ax
Those with net Incomes exceeding
i 176,00(1, but less than 1140,040. 00n-
trihuted $8,090,000. Krom thOSS whose
Inoomsa ggcesdOd I.'". nun. but were not
more than 7.'.. Oama 12. 488, nun.
! Individuals having mt incomes of 4,.
iiiiii and not more than 880,000 paid II.-
! The normal Income tax. Hint Is, the
.tax en. all Incomes above the amounts
exempted up to 42". yielded ie,-
i 5TT.004.
'.-.lh ll.l.l-h -..I. II, c - lv 111, il In IIm.
laenwel Csss UttmUeklm Tss 8c
l.oNnnv. Aug '27 To-dav'a Official I
casualty nt covering all British
fronts state the number ..f nfllosrs all
in", of whom 27 w.-re killed, ami Ihst I
of men si 1,181, e,f whom 22:i were
killed This niak.s to-dsy'l total ' is-
unities 1,888. of nii'im 161 'vie kilMi
Germuny's moditiration of her
lubfflgrint programme is under
stood to have for one of its bases
the fenr that American finance
might be allied against her.
Furthermore, it is said that Ger-
man successes in the east have
made the Imperiul Government
feel that concessions can now be
I 1'iicli.ii Kditors Hoiilii Good
U, ... -
I'ciiih ot German Claims
III Al'iihli' l flSP,
tgcei'el feAft flespafcll tn Tne Sta
LOMPOM, Aug IT The gfONltemt, in
an editorial on the Qerman American
situ. it ion. expresses the belief that Pres
I I lent W'llsecn v.ll prObSbly not stand
out for the strict letter nf the demands
I madi in the l.usitatiia ea.10, but that
I he will be satisfied if Germany agrees
I to exempt from her submarine warfare
vessels which carry many pagagngera,
The Niattddrd adels that fi.rniaiiy,
on the ..tiler hand, may Inslat. as she
baa heretofore Insisted, that if American
passengers go mi -lupg with con
traband cargoes, or when Americans
Join the cows of such vessels, they are
taking excessive risks, and 111 e doing
so on the t ow . rosponglblllty.
The K(iit.. sav. that there is double
iballng behind the German c.rr r tn meet
the- I'll. ted gtatM On the submarine is
sue, This paper thinks that grave
-t ateglcal poaalbllltlea" may develoii
from tins "belated repentance." The
-"csi behavior "'. the part of Get many
'luring th- next f. vv weeks, the a'rpresa
adds "probably Will prevent the eti-
I ranee of the American fleet into the
war." with that adversary ruled out.
the G, tin. Hi- in. IV ice tempted lo e--.,v
the long In raid
Igh into the Atlantic, J
It li'-e co 1. uni t .... attempt to land
t,,,,,,, . ureal Britain, according
the Kxortm, which c. m. 1 udes with;
"A hostile American navj would ham
net the activities of the raiders of the
Atlantic. Therefore, the diplomatists
1 11 1 1. Oleic reel to put cell a White
sl.i et.
"The tine Prussian never gpOlOglgS.
unleaa he has an end ( gain by doing
The Telrgrnitk a. I llagdOI'd also
speculate on the probability that Ger
many aelghsd the luck of suoceas ot hot
submarine camimign ami the fur Im
portant mlliiat) result- eoncerned j
agalnal the ptobabilit) of grave trouble
with America, and decided that the lat
tei overbalances the former.
it 1- official!) announced thai all re
cent statements In opposition to the
Itnan mi mlasion to America were pre- j
mature nd th.u the Qovernmenl l
cons ertng the matter, and the names;
will lie published 111 'in.- time
In the opinion of tin. Trltgrapt the
United st.ites won a considerable dtplo
mportanoee ihe ?; .. eulogigea
President Wilsons "patient diplomacy"
llld continues;
"Th. i'nlteil states hits broken a'
last tin- inut.il gclf-suflictenc) w.ii. h i-
claimed by Herman) as ti nl) law by
which the action of a Uovernmenl and
people could be guided
"If this has been really acconttdlahed
Wilson has Struck a sm.w.l bio a- foi
pence in other continents than Amerioge
for tile llrst obstacle to peace is 'his
I Qerman claim, advanced lime after time,
that Qermanys expediency overrides all
! otlu r rights whatever
The V, ti . a Had Ina to a e-otillt
' tween the followers of Admiral von
Tirplu an.i ih.. party that i backing
the imp. rial Chancellor, Dr v. in Bet h
maiin-llollwea, thinks it may be assumed
witn some certainly that the sink ng
eef tn.. Arabic w is a malignant trick of
i in. former designed cpiite ns much to
embarrass the Chancellor as to drive
, merlon Into action. The paper ecu-
lends 'hat if. ns n rumored, 'lie sub-
marine which sank the Arabic has been
sunk Itself. "., disavowal of the .'.line
benime. comparatively e..sv for the
Chnncelloi "
London Paper Prints Variation ot
Blsmarok "Pilot" Cartu
-lifi.ii fgtfl DesgSfeD It Tur ti
IglNDON, Aug 27 - The Ogljy Moil
Infers from i i: la cabled t, , v
of the pro mi sei made to the American
state Department by the ilerman Am
bassador, Count von Rsrnstorff, with re
gard lo the Qerman submarine war that
Admiral von Tlrplti baa tHen thrown
ovsrboard. Th- prints an imlta.
tion oi sir John Tennlel's famous csr-
lOOn "I Ire lining the Pilot,'1 Vnii Tlrpitg
being SUbStltUtSd for 11. stun' . k. Tin
cartoon Is sntitlsd "Propping the 'l
rate." Counl von BorngtorfTs promises, the
paper things, means that tin Qermati
submarines in the future sill confine
thlr SCtlVlt) lo tne sinking of British
tramps and trawlers, and ihst tnej
will s-'l With the ut i t . rcumspeetluil
ponosrnlng passengsi s.i. ns, ahsthei
British 01 e.iii.l
"Phis a gt ., n i. v.cluij for
Wilson," .iit ths Matt.
Says British Aggression, as
Well as Submarine W ar.
Needs Correction.
Elivoj Says Thai Attack!
Without Warning Arc
Strictly Forbidden.
M.so PROViDEU Foil
Change in Orders Followed
Lnsitania Sinking Arabic
Crisis Seems ill End.
aiiiisc.Tov. Aug. "c A Vigil l
,h. n.nrm.ni .rbrrnsm
v"" oerngloril, lln- o 1 'man Ambassa-
clor. ended all danger of a crisis be
tween tin. United States and Germany
lover the Arabic in. it.
Tim Gorman Amliagsador formally
I 11..IC..J Ikla . . ...... I ...,
...-.--.( c ... ccci. .i.c,.i riii. .... cie.1,11,
I of the Merlin authorities, that tier
i tn. my will give "complete satisfaction"
to the United States If It develops lliat
the commander of the Herman uh-
in. nine exceeded III- In-t rucl Ions in
attacking the While Star liner.
Tin term. in Ambassador recelvatt
Instructions from his Qovernmenl ihl-
morning to convey to the rn.ted
I States assurances of this character
and he hist no time in arranging an
j interview witii Secretary Lansing.
Tins latest Qerman communication
1 "Hi. lined no ilselosSN a- to the exact
I character of the lattTUCtlOBI issued
1 by the German Admiralty tec sub.
I marine commanders. The German
Ambassador tukl Secretary Lansing
I informally, however, that It was hit
sderslandlni thai these Instrnetlona
forbade German submarine com
glanders lo torpedo passenger resselt
"hi 1 warning and without safo-
guarding tin- lives of passengers,
Hold I . s
tary Lansln
ei I'rosnlse,
learned from the
See r
i Oerman Ambaaaador alao thai the
latter is entirely COnfldetll in.vv that
the submarine controversy between
the L'nlted state's ami Qerman y will
la. cleared up by an early understand
ing between the tw . Oovernmeuts, in
fact the fJermim Ambaaaadur now re
muds ail of the-., differences between
lh' I n, led States and tlermaiiy as on
the high road to settlement,
tlermnny's ofllolal promise to give
"complete satisfaction" is regarded as
pledging more ev,., than a Ulaavowul In
the Arabia case It is taken to mean
thai ilerman) will offer reparation in
addition te. repudiating the ac t (1f her
aubmarli ommander. if it turns out
Unit he went beyond in- Instruct long.
While everything seems 10 point
cleailv now to a complete adjustment of
11. e submarine Issue, with ilermuni a--
ceding to tin- principal demands of tho
United States. ;t was leu riled hire lo-
day that the K user's Movernment is
not going to make .in these coneeaaiong
without egpecting something in return.
The l'nlted States atulida nledmd in
I us last note t.. uermany to protect its
rights on me high geas h whomsoever
violate. 1 under any circumstances and at
any cost This tjovernmem also stands
committed lo cooperate with cieim.cny
for the maintenance ot' tin- freedom of
the geaa
Usrmany inteiuis to hold th.' United
I Wales strict!) lo ths lettei of this
'pledge, aii. I when she v.cl.lj. tn this fjov.
ernmenl "i the submarine issue and
gives guarantees as lo the future she
win expect th.u thu l'nlted States will
make gno.i us word ami proceed agalnal
'Ileal III. lie. II. With a view to ending
the alleged violations of International
1 10 against which the l'nlted States has
1 complained In connection with the
I British blockade of Herman) In other
arordx, Herman) egpeel tin l'nlted
ataiss to t.iKe- ureal nr.taiu severely to
I tssk with regard lo the British sffoet
to starve (lermany, In so far us it affects
American commercial Interests.
I - ". i Warn Ureal Britain.
., . , , ,
Jhfi V," d '
Wll ,,M. . "2 Z. mar v,f"r","'Lv
I against Qreat Britain oncee the suh-
I marine issue has been satisfactorily
I settled, than would otherwise be the
' n muttet ..t common
I know ledge iii Washington for a long
''" "", Administration has been
embarraased -is regards the Issue with
(treat Britain by the ., uleness of the
psndlllS controversy with llsmiany. The
President and 'ns advisers have hesl-
'"" ""' """"' '-' ""'ai
iiritn, ii until tiny h.ni titt ascertained
how serious the- threatening situation
with Herman) was to become They did
not cure to stir up an acute controversy
with Ureal lint uu when there was a
likelihood that at almost aliv time ths
I'n. tell St.ites m. uhi Unci Itself obliged
to be Inking side- with the Allies in
dofstics nl it- rights "ti tin- i. hi sens.
If. h wi v er. 'he submgrins Issue is to
he settled, as now seems annual certain.
h) Qermany's concessions, there is no
doubt that this Qovernmenl will move
Vigorous!) nnd speedtl) in the matter of
Fnglnnd'a violations of International law
indeed, man; are hopeful here that
eventual!) the settlemonl of Hie sub
marine issue IIUI) he the meuus .f a
substantial III dlflcutlon of the British
hits ide piOBrtmme, at leuat In so far
.ne t. tmsrlcgn interest,
it v.i- I--, ned here dednllely in i,
Srbkl w it the c hief vMiisidei ntiom ' Ittal
p 1

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