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fttr of BtillMi Condition Re
porl Indnefi Mbwal
K Ml.F.s o BULGE
rn made .1 tcrafRRitl M
i.ii . mid uroiitnl Hi high
1 a nered that they wre
tternbte rat ton wM iy ship-
., nf
-a-a 1- HSIS' " OS. PIWI
1 1 in ttm dr.t nMnw of
jjuH ,. .. the tew STOP In miy vol.
km ihnl 1 14 been wltneneed this eea
on lied w 11 h quite a ruth
I of I l Bl gunner of an hour
. . . awed an ownilirht train of 1.".
I u.ts Iticrcaaed to about
I . nlnal f.ird ml ... all .
pointe before the end of the
Short WIWWi iioituny
, . , 1 larmaa contingent and the
(1, I rt t k inem. Theno have been
; Kith being terv tiearieh for ul-
...l. DkMl ...... .U I.,
.-, . the vhungo In eciituiient, and
, , . ., . w.t.s .1 etrong influence
.. Kiting prlcee,
1 r-.'liii(t that the 'iovern-
. to )' ptlMWMd next Mon.
I, v . - -ry l.iilluah. It In expected
........ (,.. Morni damage In Tcx.i.
; .. s. in i belief In that there will
. owing i'f 7 to M from the OTOfl
lit 1 1 nf the bureau of crop
Tha unli two private reMrt
reierdaa) .-iiniaisri doclltiog of 7
u , mint Hglt ll)l The lut bu.
hui placed the ioiili'.lon at T5.il. ami g
I of s point would call for ST 3.
front Teggg atate that the
., , "Vitus; l.lu.-k aa a rretill of the
. 1 ttorm. Thla I a moat umisiaal
nnd It probably would re
, ume botanical explanation which
. v. ler of tlwwe complaint would
fftculty In furnishing. It Im the
I . no of tlie trade that August
M iyi result In a large crop and
I poMlbl that new growth In the
it two avceka may change the color
If the pcttire.
v. TorV Cotton Kxhaivge
h . I tha tnto eight for the week at
1 il.-. .urainat 1 7.453 I ant year.
Total for the Rt'oaon, ltS.Oian tanlcs,
xgaiwol II 'net year.
Tia rainfall for Auguat I expected
1 iki .1 new recurd. The normal for
math '-' II Inche. Thu far 5.5
tih'flt' hav.- fallen, with five more day
i t' ukus1 Texas received an
. Rgl uf I. II tin-he, which wan a
--.rd up to that time. Three rain
tttrd n an enormous addition to tlie
nd It I not iinOMihln that the
t" devetopmarrl may occur thl your,
future cloned steady.
OpfmHftl lasa Clog Pree
im rut 001. ins clow.
I'.: i,' . t W- ....
Om.r .;i v. .-. ) era n
t am iii. 1 .1 inly m .'u.. .!. . . ,, n
I XT Ml 10 II 9 1l !Wfi 1I 17 Mw I.H
-i .tt.ll V).K 1'i.W f) Ltl y tn V. i 10 14
tap w.M aMl in N M l 10 t u 10 a.
Otton at Sow York nm innet,
. ,.;mi'f ; niiild in:. H.h'ic. H0UtltfB
n irkobl wi re 2 to 2' points higher,
.th New Urban. !.lSc. Galventon.
If Savannah. I ll-lc. i llouctun,
. Aumihta. I.M&I and Meniphi.
The New Orleana market eloeed
Md rrice were:
Oi.en lflxh I.o- rio Trev
ing, eot. ent. iti. 1 toft.
k 11 :.i ri .;! I.ttg I.M I.364II.M
.; I.M ;o i..mu
. l.TJ i.tf fx'. .i ! k
1 y h lit p. 10 1.1 io ikhui o; Mlgrl.gj
The l..wrHi0l market oenert nteady.
P- Mr 1 .1 goud btHdDjggM m pot cot
. with middling 19 point advance at
J I IS.AOd baleM PMOltlfta. L'ftO
I.- .I Amcrtoan. Priois at Licrpool
' 'fv.i 4te lily
Open. Huh cio Pree
ett. ext mx clo
1 Pek I - : :.t :.. .". "-4 f...-
kpnl "i ..Ttii ft "x
11 ' " . .. .. t. r. mi, 6 :
1 A M. blda to UvWpOOl were:
: January. lO.O.'lc
. 1 ti The market there i due
tt 1 i -!. 1 1 . to n iiututa advanc .
li- -' iIn und itoclpi were:
rt. f.l t.at
CftipM M'-ar Slo. U year
MTeMnn j.Ttui ptl.lgt Hi. 35
'"'' - l.;tl " tll.Wtl ii.TK
Uiaiui ill IM ill It.TII ie.11:'
i. . 1 r . in iiilM I..JH
Jwl 1 .-M M.ltl
I 'ii doe 11 rT.ltl T.'ct
Wi "J t:.i'i ".wo
receiptfl anil ntocks were:
lo- 1 nt I.ipi
. i.i f tr sioi k. yeiir
i 0
nwlii :: tot 11.111 11 "t.4 I
- . ill wrti
Uiuia.. tl I'-'.M M.ltl !
KiniKiie.i poet Uovt Loft
.1 ipt tfi usek year.
. . ... . .ml 1
ri 'i' mi Ml tjttt III I
o - yraterdap, :i.9J3 b.ib. To-1
ir thl on, in". sua oalog,
I ImkM lat year
lollot 'nit are minted
im Maturltp.
mil i i. me ,iet eg
g nblo. . ton g.i
Kort g Pitta 1014 M
41 hi ParllV tois-i
ib I ihlo IPItVsM
on a perct ntage
4 4 1
4 ,
4S 4S
4 ' j-
Pl.t AsUet
4 Ml 4 411
4 f.s 4 42
4 00 4.4..
4.B.X 4 7.1
;. 4 at
4 DO 4 no
4 .VI 4 .10
A .O.-i 4 SO
a on 5,00
440 4 . -,
! 13 4.0
I.M 4.40
r I, ..rtllw,ll . . .
u hid A l oin-.
i it i a Pac . .
IM 1.4 N U .
n ii I'hlgii it,
4 V HlHltM. . . .
Hi 'road
Ipag ulley. . . .
in.,., i eotrali . .
'.! a N'a.li
ivsn g rtae.
jiirl Pacini- . .
I Peatrtl Mnea,
rt .Ik w laiafu
I N II A .
'ten Pfalggl
I I M Mouth,
pttuxj Vlr I. Hie.
ij' n hallway,
iilkerii ! ..-in.- ,
rut i
101 P-M
1014 M
1114 fj
lulu ig
11114 '34
1914 3 1
1914 19
4 14-S
4 5
4-4 S
B n-, 4,7.',
4 U 4.011
4 1)2 4.411
4 - I 4 i ,
a.Ao s.2
7 7.: g.r
'. 00 ,yj
4.-.0 4.30
B "O 4.7.'.
4 .It 4 'JO
o ia 5.oo
...HJ 4.SS
.1.00 4 70
4 .-.S 4.4.".
. in 4.7..
4i -A
ar .
Lite Plttoli Xlnrkrt.
PRlOATi AUfUtl 31.
.if btvl sit 1st:. hJ, of
4i in I., Roio1 llurket ateail..
'i.i- v,.:. at 17.7.". i l p. r
: ; It. .0: bulla Hull i:..
'it.. Drettttl beef gmil at
in, from native stdo; wom.
'Mi.' ttaamar MimixuIIimi wlP
. h atiioit kug caltli, ami
la ttatotttl to gei ..ri
betwtcn tOtl and 1,1100 eatl
., ' ' ' N in .
I caltet wert 175 head, of
-ie r.ir tn itsarkat. Trad aotlv
'i. .nil ii. 1,0c. hiaher All
- told at l'J.;0ti 114 ...,r
I Mgk: xraasera and 4x1111 1
1 'U n 4 ,l. Ilrek. ,l . ill ..
fc so . 4 1 1 u 1 7 14.,..
if htn ami lainlia 're 4 7 40
, t II l ira fur tha market.
1 tnd uric,., . .n Kherp
hi 1:1 -, 7', p. r 100 lh :
Iambi I , ;:. g ft 10, 3 oar
1 la ll'lj 17 lr--ne, unit
,.. I' leglllUa, per II... ilreaesd
' li , uholee hog gfeteed lat,
ol 1104, (fart t.ttl head ; 17:
M,.-l,ei atcady. Heavy to
Ihta fT.TIf). per lot Iba. ,
tui . n a, wfl.
I'nttlle and Prof enatonal.
The ntorh mgrket Is infltieneed very
Inrglly bp tin. movements In Steel com
mon bsrataM si. el the public' tock.
IftMl is in an extremely lntretthg poi -
I niirl.. twite. It in doubtful if on
Ul) reient oeCMlOn profeMlonal Wall
Street ha been more bearish upon
Steel ho far as the Immediate courxe
Of tho market is concerned. It In
equally doubtful if public buying of
Steel hag been on a more extensive
ecale. The public 8 buying because
this Im a bull market and because, with
It ginlu fur tin obvious. It sees a
dltappoaranct of the poitgbllttp of
Herman complication!, Which w.iN the
only cloud on the holigon, The iiro
fesslnnal element Is selling becau
technical market condition are alwav
an Important ooruidtratlon with them
and because they Mt what I dtacrtbtd
ii "goixl tailing" : that K ttOck supplied
by big houaet. Incldantally "good sell
ing" alw av s apgeari more obvious than
1 im optratlont of the commanltp Ht
large. St.el has had a straightaway
rim of 1" points, It 1 argued, There
fore the technical position demands
a reaction before the rise 1 resumed
Ko far In the great rise technical mar
ket conditions have played mi Insignifi
cant part in influencing the course of
prices. That I the publics fault. The
public Whan it conns into the mar
ket does not stand on the order of
Its buying, but takes s:.., k With both
Market for Steel.
sti.l common yesterday got to the
highest level since the break on the link
ing of the Arabic. At 77 it was alto
only , of 1 )cr cent, un ler the absolute
top reached about ten day ago. The
trading in the pat few days ht been
very luavy, reflecting a big change of
OWnentl p Apparently this represents
I shifting of stovk from persons who
bought on the I harp break to new buy
ers ho thought II worth while to stay
out of the market while the political
crisis existed, even if they had to pay
more for their stock for doing so
A thort interest of some dimension ha
also been built up. There are a good
many people who believe that, whatever
the future course of steel, the recovery
has been too rapid to continue. A good
deal is made of the fact that Steel has
shown a tendency to pause around the
77 level, although a period of heallation
of this kind Just under an old top I
usual rather than an exception. There
Is no louht that profit taking In Steel
from 7,"i to 77 hat been enormous, but
this only make the nhsorpttve twer
of the market all the more astonishing.
The advancing movement ha slowed
down under this selling, but it has pro
gressed steadily. Bach day Steel has
left off at a substantial net gam. More
over, the bttytng movant nt now under
Way Is a new one, so that its continu
ance does not seem to be a mere uui -tion
of kmpetUI gamed after a prolonged
advance Hut whatever difference of
opinion in regard to the market position
Of Steel exist now. It would undoubt
ed!) diaapptar r steel tbould go to 71.
or fairly through the last high mark.
Tennessee t opper.
Tennessee i "upper recovered rather
easily from the unpleasant effects of the
extraordinary gyratlona In the stock on
Thursday afternoon and yaoterda)
morning. The sensational spun now ap
I ears to have been due to a short In
terest which suddenly stampeded Whan
it found that stock was gruw.ng acutely
scarce. There was some rather silly
talk of a manipulated rise, but the after
eff'cts disproved that. Rumor had it
that Interests formerly Identified with
the prnpert) had known" no better than
to Mght a rise that they didn't know
lie cause of. It was also reported thai
a .settlement of short contracts had been
arranged. The wide opening vested
day morning tended to corroborate these
stories, but there was no other con
Urination of them. An Interesting fea
ture of the incident, especially In con
Motion with the severe criticism of the
stock s movement by President WedgCi
was a report that the much discussed
contrail for acids had not been tlgnetl
up to last night and that the rise wan
therefore a inn.- premature. Perhaps
President Wedge's unwillingness even to
admit that such a contract lists is al. o
duo to the fact that the final arrange
ments have not beat! made.
The I ohen I'muil, ,
The order Olorkg and the BlerUtgl
forces generally of Pie big commission
bouses leave work enough nowaday
taking care of the treui. ndOUt OUtatde
btttineot without having ro disentangle
errors. Homo f th.-so mlatakot are un
avoidable. Particularly i this the case
when u dugUoatklll of tonnes of cut
ii'incs, is in quaatlon, With the whole
country epeoiiiatlng it is not uncommon
for a tlrm u have two or more cus
tomers with the aame name, even down
to the Initiate, When these customer
live out of town and the margin call of
one In California Is tent to his namesake
In Oklahoma there is andleaa trouble
unravelling the snarls Hut th ellmav
of trouble In this rewpect was experi
enced h 1 large llnu whtoh tt one time
has no less than fourteen different ac-
OOUntt all in the n nie of Cohen. More- 1
over, teven of them are iKtac Cobtltal I
Following are the nuoiatloiin for -hi- siamtarl
Oil tuck:
1 ester.lar Thurs lav.
Par RM, Asked Utcl. Aaksd
Atlanta Ref 1100 mi 'no too too
Rnrne-terym . 100 372 2 hit 371) 3HI)
Ruobeyt Pip. H I'M IM i"i log
f hes. li h Mfk- Its) 7311 rSU .311 7.-. I
Colon1 lull cu 100 9U 140 1.0 140
('until 1 "III'. 100 '23.-. 240 gfl 24,1
Urteceal Pipe 'a A 4 g 4s
Oumbartt'i ipt) 100 t; rj i? -3
EureUa I'n I, 100 24'. -.'.'. MA 3".'.
Qaleoa Wg Ult , 100 gfl 170 I6f i.'ii
Oalaaa gig pf , , too 11. 140 1. -. un
llliiinia Ptpt I. 100 1 in 149 tie 149
latitat Pipe L mi b 113 gg 101
.National Trail. U '1 34 .14 gg
N V Transit.. 100 22 , w. fgg
Northern I' I. Iihi 0g 90 lot
Pierce thl new 2". 12 13 13 I.I
PrairUn'iliiaa too 402 401 4l 40fl
Praifte Pipe . , , 100 17s igo its igo
bolar Her Co.. . 100 J4u 3.1) :'il 914)
Houtheru I' I. . 100 2111 IIA 3IO 914
houlh Pa till.. . 100 140 :,4.' oil'. 34..
Southwest I.. 100 12. ISO 12. IgO
Siau oil of Cal. 1011:1114 ins MM 100
atau (Hi of lud. 11K141. 4M 460 IM
Biantillof Kau 100 370 990 . so 4(tl
glaa HI of Ky. 100 ITU 20 70 9au
Igg Oil of Nell ino:i.l0 .110 ISO 340
.-.inn till of N V. 100 Its log 100 0g
Ulan Oil of Ohio lOO 470 4UO gg 4U.i
.iwaii a Finch.. 100 120 l.l 1 wu Igd
I'liluuTaok L. . I3 gl s7 s4 7
VaouumOMOo. 100 Sis .0 114 i):
M'tahiitgtonOU 10 3.1 .0 iig gg
Autlo-Ani till, i.1 ItH ' '"'a 17S
MtautlllofNJ. 100 47 Igg 44. 4M0
Hub "eu blue". ... 04' V40
POoM "allow". ...197 IUU
The fotlOWlng really isjrporu tlona wer
BlHaTiertd at Albany keeteixlaPI
Aiuy Realty Cerporttltn, Haohttlaai
CtBltal. li.000; dlrtctera Ahruham Karmel,
Joteph kltrtmaa and fjgargt Kuraiuan,
NW Ynrk City.
yt an.l g, t'orporation. .Manhattan, eap
t ul. Ili.tlOll; .III re, latolll Mlntllch, llen-
i.nnjn Mlndlok '"i i Jtoob guhwartt, New
York i-l '
U'l-Kil West be ft enth sireei t'om-
nana. Maahttlani uaplttl, I'J.noO; dlrtotort,
Jaha M, Belli Janei Rernligrti New York
I'liy. laeula It Hog.rt. The Reoai
n a t Btalty Corporation, Tin- nrnnx-
otpllal. 11.0011. .in rt, Mlehtlt Ratag.
neat, Uloveanl Nlalt tnd I iniea Trotta,
,s, n far! at 1 y .
Ro uui Holding Centpeari Rreoklyni oap.
Hal, 11.000. dlreolart, it.inhaei Hpetela
.liMiieti. I.lps.'lilla and Samuel l.lpaoblta
HotTON, Aug. 27. -There Wat pro
nounced strength tnd activity in the
mining share. The Unproved metal po
sition wa reflected In the thare
throughout tho lit. Among the more
nctlve feature were American Zinc.
Arlxona Commercial. Butte and Supe
rior, Copper flange, Lake Copper, North
Iliitte and Utah Copper. Advanret re
COrded were fractiontl to moro than 4
points, tho latter figure being In Cl
umet and Hecla. Activity with a gain
of 2 point in Swift was a feature of
the Industrial. Itallroadi dull and
steady The summary:
Open Itirh- Low- Clot
int. est. est mi
i ArtTenliir 1
M Mini. I, tt
IM V . 12
t'o Alxomoh X
IH Allot!, Mtt
l?ll.". Am. 11. 01 Zine M14
fill AiiwvimIi ?
M.'.o Anton Com I
' Butte g Hnlsk . . 414
4JJ0 Hutte a sup 7
.'.'0 t'l a An (u
To t'l a llrli 670
mi Centennial Iltt
: Cbino 47
140.-, CopHr Kant.... ir.lt
10.'. bly Wmi I
'. Kt Untie . U4
HI Franklin 14
ii Oranby mh
til lireene Canane. .. 4A'4
Ml Hnn.xii'k 11
:o Helvetia M
M Indian 44
ISO Inspiration it
Io Island Creek .... 4
t. tle Hoy ale JTXi
MO Kerr I.xke
l.'i Keweenaw 2
171 Lake 141,
i" Mteon Vtlley .'
M Mas Con in,
lei Mayrtower IS
M Miami n
IM Mohawk 7414,
M Nevada Con IM
:i New Arcadian.... II
ITS New Idrta t
.o Nipisatiig ,
::oo North Hutte 30s,
It Old Colony x
l Oiii Iioniininn .. M
Oa eois xs
1.0 Ponil Creek 1:1,
im Uiiiu.-v
:no Ray fan at,
To nam a fe 3
4::. Shannon
13 Shnttu. k Mit
! south t.ake ,
IH St Mary M
ITS Sup a Boton )
M Siiiienor Copper.. 1
IM Temarork M
M Trinity 4'i
S..XT. U S Smelter .. 4?',
1) U S Smelter pf IM
llmi t tali Aprt 4
111 Utah Cnn
1MI t t ah Copper US
at Victoria :'S
10.1 Winona t
IPj Wolverine I:'S
! Hostnn g Albany li
TM Bo-ion a Main Si
I Boston g l"rov 30
II Man. hester a L..1II
- North New Hamp II
' N V N II a H
: t'nion Pai kfle . ill
43 's
1x3 ir IM
MU X 36
mt .'31 r.,1
lilt lit 1U
J; jr; ti
IM Btl uis
111 131 131
too Am AtT t hem.. HUj ttUj
BO Am Arr Chem pft, ",
1 -os
" Am surar Ill
, Am Sutar pf IK
Am T- l a Til IttU
: - Am WoOtta pf.., ?
-" Amnsk. at HI
13 Amoskea? pf. ... sxi,
: a 1; a w 1 ijij
lie A a A W I of... MS
.'.' K liokloil I.an.1 . t
I . K.I ...
lOoirtneral Rlfielrle .
II N I Tel"plioi- . tin
A- I'ullnian 11
m twin . m
3.' t n frin 1
4.:' t'n Shoe Ma. li ... en,
t'n iho Maek pi I
J766 C s Steel TIU
Hgf Ventura Oil ... its
1 Western r-uon.. . 13
( W'uiiaaton Land., ti,
Ml N V N H a II is 10
3"" w-rsl-rn Tet s
it 4
BOITOW, Aug. 27.
ClOtlng pric.Hi follow :
Ilav state cu '
llejole "
Bo, ton RI
Butte a toodon.
CtJIfortUa Corbtn .'
Cbltl t'Linaohitaled
Consolidated Arlxona . .
t'ouaoliilateil t'o.s-r
Crown Reaerve ..."
parte. Daly
ICatl a Hliiels-ll .,
First Rallonal Coppar,
'ioldnelit t'oiisnluiateil
lion Rlnssoni
l.l Rose
Megloltf iarrai.'li
Mine, nf America
Mexican Meula
Nevaala Douaia
New Haiti.-
New Cornells ...
oiio. Coppar
oiit iioini limn Metintt
Riur a Hegaman
Koutbweel Mlaini
Mtewarl Mining
Tonopab Minim
I'lah Metla
Cinti'd Verde
Yukon iiiiid '"
The Bouin curb
i u
7S 7S
' IS
I is
1 I Is I',
IU as
M ,;
-'a "S
The coffee futures market 01004)1
Itegtly with prices slik-litly liigher, but !
tootl a't.r llic Mart light telling Uc
i '-iope,i and ,i tea. n..ii to Thuraday'a I
doalng for ti, entire list was notid.
Switching from Beptotnbor to later pn
iltlona repreaented tiie greater pari of
iin- a.t.vity .Turing tit. early trading,
March wat 10 polnta ..f Reptember at
lh atari and the premium waa tubs
gequently lowered to .19 points. De-
cember was at a premium or in polnta
of September.
Bratlllan markntt were Irregular on
Thuradey. Rio 7s advanred 7.". roil to
4$900; sutitos is were unchanged at
5t460 Rio and Santos receipts totalled
ti.-..oun hags. Sao Paulo had .".3.H00 and
Jundiahy 4".ono.
Quotation were:
l. ellltter
Kehrii iry . .
.; H
i. If
I, ..i
Ii 70
I 71
f 70
MaalHtfRI I Ineoriioralrd,
At.BAHr, Aug :'7 The United Kuho
mii'I Arms Corporation of Rocheeter won
Inn rporated by tha Pecretary of mate
to-day. Tl apltal is 1 111,000, The
.1 earn win manufacture time and Im-
if I fttaee for exploding i hargeH In
thropnel and other eiieiis. The dlrecton
are William T. Kradley. t'liarlrt (,
Hathaway and Walter Hail of Rooheeter,
Pa Rile 4nrlnae Yealrr4ty In Man
hattan anil The Rrnnx.
Ry Joaaph P. liay.
It, lltlll, 7 ly
ftroh agt Mux
1 X3 l , laxi a. At'.
1' r, 130 4
W Houaton
ion a- sir hlilg J a
Idtttln et al; due. ff ,
lliiti ao; to tha plaintiff
Hy JainrH J. liunman
WRRSTBR Av. i'501- a. UK) lti a e , or
Pordham rd, lljglll.ltll.ltlti, .- ,ty
i.iiig a racagl Churok of "ur i.a.iv of
Ueroy agt M .r gmlth et all due. 11:'..
114.11 taxia. Ai', 1337 4... to RdWarg .f
Klugerald fur I14,7J4
uy Henry Brad.
RAt'MONT AV. a a. II s Hid at,
Hall 11. 'i aty ilwlg. also Heniiuiont av
;ll e -, a IISil at, II lltlt.ll, 2 n"
tlwlgl alia I T fa 1 ta at, TIM K. a w eor
Map "O Itllll, I at.v tin' R li Perry.
true, Hgt Ottatt gadiaeteri -ir, et at, due,
$1 ;, 49t.tr, . g4b 10 pr mtga aggregating
it,- adjegraed to --i .'. . 1.
I'imn-p us Buyers In Sovppal
linnls Loft BnlMlngl Sold
in 1110.000 Trntlr.
If it were not for Investor there would
have heen very lit tie trnillnt; yesterday
to report. The huslnes of the day, little
at It was, was made by the man who
think real estate I a good plaee for
hla suvlna-s. Several good deal were
reported. One of tln e. a trade. Involved
property In Manhattan. Brooklyn and
Wett i-hester valued at $150,000. The
Brooklyn and Westchester property, the
latter a 130,000 estnte, was given for
two loft building In the old mercantile
section secured by an operator several
weeks ago tn part payment for a Korty
sltth street apartment. Rumor of an
other apartment house In the Park ave
nue section were heard yesterday. Plan
for the Fifth avenue and Seventy-econd
etreet apartment house were put on HI
anil information was obtained of an
apartment project for Kast Heventy
fourth street which will be launched
In a few weeks.
nt ii.m.ns MIA ai'iitmi:nt.
The Court Wtulungton, at tho outh
wet corner of Fort Washington avenue
and 17"th street, h is been sold by K. S.
Wlllard i'o. for the 114th Street and
Seventh Avenue Conatruotlon Company
to an Investor. It I a six ttory elevator
apirtmcnt house, on a plot 100x150
J. P. Finneran and P. J Ryan have
sold for the Windemere Real P.atate
Company, Lioniel II. Jackon president,
the Ave story building at R9 and 71
lireene street, on plot 37.1x100, between
Spring and Broome streets. It is leased
for a term of years to the American
Pennant Company. They also sold for
Jackson's company 44H Broome street,
a five story building, on lot ItglOi 135
feet east of Broadway, leaaed on a net
rental basis pi Spalding A Bro. The new
owner of the propertie. whoe Identity Is
not revealed. Is represented by ttrorge
W. Sutton of New Rochelle. In part
payment the buyer gave 31 Hamilton
avenue, Rochelle Park, New Rochelle. a
three story MUOCO house, with a garage
and about two at Tea of land, valued at
MP.OOt; a vacant plot. ,".tx 1 00 free and
clear, on the south side of Fifty-fourth
street, l:'.-. feet east of Third avenue,
Brooklyn, The deal involved about HtV
nun -iti.. Manhattan proportlea were
rooentl) acipiired by the Windemere
Company through the some brokers in
a trad.- for the IatMladOWtie In Wet
l'ort -sixth sir.-et. and the present deal
makes the third sale by them witliin a
tew months.
nt ii. it:its
Builder .
e report, d to liaxe bought
as a ite for an apartment liou the
proportlea of Dr, J a met Rlthop and
Miss Anna B. tsonald at tt, tl and 43
Kast Fifty-sixth street, three four story
dwellings, covering a plot IPg100.5i be- I
tween Park ami Madlton avenuae. The
gatlarg have held them at ItOO.OOg and
It is understood tii.it lose iu that tlff
iii. waa p. ml for them. The sellers pur
chased the dwellings in Ittll from the
Georgia Development Company and
Sara Kethert.risiK I: wat also ru-I
mo red tiiat the buyert of th.-se dwell
ings iiae acquired adjoining proper-
: e '
l-l, ti HI sll
W Mill
s i i : it i : .
I '. W . II
iinac.n told for the Alr-
i or i '
st reel,
plot 3 7
in part
npan) is.i ami it;.'. vt.i I4ld
tive story apartment houae, on
t X 1 00 feet. The purchaser g.ive
payment three contgr plots eon.
turning sixteen lots tree
tin. Klatbuah -.-.t on ,.r Hi
and clear
toklj n.
III thill I tut II X It . '. XI I HUM II.
Kr. ilei tck Hi own has resold lo an
In vettor the Centur) part men ta. a
teven story structure, at the north-
east corner of Uenoa txenue ami iist:i
streei. on a plot fronting Tf.t f.-et on
the stetuie and X.'. f-et on tin street
The buyer paid all cash over the mort-
gage Mr. twown tn.'ight the property
and has be n holding it at
iiliiN III siM ss iim: si. i. i.
PROPPI6CT AVKMUK The four buel-
neat hulldlnga at R7S ami 7s p-
pet'l avontie ami at I3Q and X27
WeaUiheater avenue were sold peelers
day lo W ater W ikens to l.oui K.
Kiel. an The hulldlnga are two ami
three story structures coveting n plot
1.0x1 lit Irregular, running through
the block.
BROOKI.TX xt tit ORDHH I'l.lM'.
Th American M o lime and l-'oiui'lri
Company hat bought the entire block
front on K'fU-tlfth street, hetwe.n
K.rst and Second ..venues, on which
It will build a Ave atory concrete
factory, to coat about 1171,000, Part
of th.- property is occupied by dwell
Itigs, Which will be raxed In a few da;.
io niak.- way for the Improvement, a
large pow-r h.usc will be built on PI ret
avenue The mgchlng company con
kemplateo the employment of more than
1,500 person In Its new factory, It
was intimated that the great Increase
in t he orders received by tin- company
from Buropeati countrleli smce the uut-
break of 'he war hat far exceeded bjt
apacfts of tn.- Iiuilii.ng now used.
RnoiiK l.l iixt Kl
1 4. -II I s
Paul Pilar lias mid tiiree tan family
pouaeg hi -ton Putnam ..venue end 2414
and MSI Hates avenue to eeparnte
m. 1 111 it I.
PIT rt run t ,
The esiale of II A Oram Inn eold to
tiie Ry-Producta Chemical Company, of
which W n Held is urealdent, at 1 alte
for a reclaiming plant, the properly
bounded by Newtown t'reek. Apollo, I'oi-1
, look ami Crow atroota, uu area ItiglOO
1 feet, tin tli! block a one atory building '
of eteel und brick ItOglSO w ill lie con-1
tructed ai on.-e fur the company by titej
National Rrldge CompatiPi to he ready 1
1 for occupanc) b) November 1 The nule !
Wai iiegoioaied hy Ployd S. t'orbiti.
i The David Nutman Company ha gold
I to ixniia UalluooJ .1 pint of aatanut ten
! lora on the eolith tide of Eleventh street 1
I eaal ol tteventti gventtOi vlThtteetone,
I. I., anil lo Qgorejg grgni a plot 60x100 1
1 adjoining.
ITHACHHa Bttt IN ! t I.AIIt.
' Henry (' Meyai. Sr. hag gold Ills rel- I
lietu-e on Highland avenue. Monti-lair,
N. J., to Richard D, Currier of the New
Jar aty l.aw HcUOOl, The reaiilence eon
taitia twelve room and two bathroomi
and oommandi un ggtenglve view of New
York city mill the Pulltadta v. if, .
(.'raw ley & Hro. were the hrokem.
RTHW VORKRa Bits N. . . 1 win
John DOWingp b"M ol1 hi farm on i
Van Bmburgh avenue, Kidgewuod, N. J., 1
to J. Mnntliorpe of Manhattan.
TO KM H.t:
Prank i' ivmg
a plol nt
The plot
Miiieol.i adjoining hi.s hotel
haf .111 egteiielve ft'ouliig.' on tlie .fen, 'In.
turnpik and will he improved Willi an
addition lo the hotel
Iletatl of 7 .".0,000 Ralldliia for
72il Ml. Corner Filed.
Plan were filed yetterday for tha
fn-elvnn ilnri' hniiaa u V. , .1 . la . n
be erected at tho south corner or Fifth
avenue and Seventy-second etreet by the
907 Fifth Avenue Company, represent
ing Weill Bro. of Chicago and J. K It.
Carpenter, the architect, who designed
the building and etltnate the cost at
1750.000. The alte meaure 114x114
and wot formerly owned by the .lame
A Burden estate and Corneliu Vander
bllt. The structure will be of fireproof
construction, and it Is ld will bo the
finest of ltt type In the city.
John II. Taylor, who last year pur
chased the three stables at ,4 to in a
Kast Hove: - fourth street from various
owners through William A. White &
Hons, i having plana prepared by
'ieorgn and Rdm-ard Blum, architects,
for the roitnprovemcnt of the site with
a nine story apartt. .it house. The prop
erty measures 70x102 und is 35 feel
east nf l'ark avenue. The new structure
will have two . partments on a floor, one
of twelve and one of six rooms. The
basement will be given up to ptlvale
laundry ami rtorage rooms, l'xtra ser
tfg its' roomt will be supplied In the
large penthouse on the roof. It Is In
tend' d to have the building ready for
occupa:. y f r the October renting sett
er., of 191s. The operation will be cur
ried on by the Taylor Construction Com
Hans have been filed by .4. K. lias
bp uok. architect, for a s x story apart
ment ' ouse at "64 to 261 West Nine
teenth street for the Rel ansi- Realty
Company. Edward Klsena.-her. presi
dent. II will have a frontage ol 14.11
feet and a depth of T'.'.3 feet, w th a
facade of brick and limestone, and will
i.oeotnmodate twenty families Tin cost
hgg been estimated at ItO.OOO,
Two churches are to be built in Tli"
Hronx. according to plana filed ve.-ter-day.
On the north aide of RpofTord
avenue, CO feet east of Coster street, the
Presbytery of New York will erect a two
story brick tdlBoe, IOglO.4, from :lans
by Crow. Iwla A TVtckent oefcr at a
cost of Itl.OOOi and St. Anselm s Roman
CathollO Church, the Rev. Herna '
Kevenhoerster. will spend 110,090 on a
one story brick building, fit. 2x136. 7, on
th west side of Tlnton avenue. 200 feet
south of 1 f. r. t ti street ilustav E. Stein
back is the designer.
I'lans were filed yesterday with the
Bur iu of Huiuiings of Brooklyn for
four big apartment houses and a block
of two family dwelling
Frank Wilson Is to build a four story
tw.tty-four family apartment houae at
Hiti) Park pi Me, at a cost ..f 171.000
Tw Hundred and Fifty Pacific street.
Inc., is to build two f. : : tory brick
apartment houses at a cost of 10". '. at
lot to ll" ralbone ttrtart, west of Bed
ford avenue. The PTeal Howard Cor
poratlon is to build four t..rv brick
apartmen houae at 257 afrtatol etreet,
IliO :eet aotitb of HI e avenue, at a I
cot of 111,000, and Hi. Man o Building
Corporation will construct a bock of
five three stol ' brl- k two family dwell
ings at the southeast . .rner of Coney 1
island avenue ami tat wit place, t.. coal i
Hi-rtiian MmMo htM Ir.irxfl tWO j
ftOuiH H jrt 1 tiriilnl ft'tyi't llir P'ir- 1
mx Hiitl ChtftthAIII National It, mk tot
term of your.
I-Hii.el BlrdMll Co. (iHvr rtti!i"i rh
flrt tuft In 47 Or4rn nuert tn M A
14. tent! tlir third loft in tf (1 rat id I
Hirret o J Ho fowl 1 1 orlih .h Chortoi
K. Noyoa .,tiiniuit . ti Ihtrd i"ft in
1 li DlMalM Lrt rOOl tn t!i !!:' NM1 fotlla
Rubbor Cotnponv ; the oocond loft In
hh: Broodwoy to P. Alpl, the fourtn 1
loft In i lYauklin ntiprt tO thi Ktllplro
Sil t CaftM CompOtl) : tho fourth loft in
.'ii. r.ro:id.i t. th Hohriok Chomlool
Compony "f Collfornie . tho fifth lofi iti
tl, Wool Houston BtreH to Jooopn Mur
or; tin nfth loft in B&i Broodwoi to'
i. Mllmon, on4 tin- third lofi in
Irond itrool to Mlnti iv lioiiuh
Thp m Rooonthol Compony ho looood ,
to the .. A i Rletri I 'ompony th
'it ; 1 1 1 4.1 tMooinont Hi 14 d t Wrt
Thlrtyflroi rirft . ti MorHe Vor i tin
booentoni f:or m 41 Boot Twnty-Wrot
otrootg itni tho pai in lluor store to J. I
Wotoobori . ..Ikii lofte 1 1 i tt 154
Vii Twontooixind it reel tn iirim
tuTp; & feloiodlow end Iftchworta a
I'rankel fttld th.- nrst loft in to 147
Weoi TwontyolKth Mroot to the Ittltierty
l a.rk--
J, H. Kntlmh hoi loosed to I r.irry '
A del men t he nr-nni loft in i n I end I
1650 lioaiIway.
WHht ftiit i tt hma V iMrl th .t,if 1
Ht 1 I X ISoot Thirty-firm utrrrt t S
Huoorth A- iluhrth hove .i.-r i the
tore it! Brood way, nurthweet corner
of riftytetffhth etroot, to tin- Akron ,Ti rel
Compony tor trtti of vari. and sub
lot the arrvut jHtiition .it lrfi T.rti.tcj-Aay
to thi- Lexington Motor ('at CompOlty.
Halini' & CO hOVS lo'-'-d ipt.il u ,
im Kifth svenue to the Weinberg stti.ii ;
al tll S la4fA II HOI!.
ITI DWKM.IXng iii:mi:ii.
Pegag v Bllltttgn have regted For !
Mgldolm I'. Whitman to Remuel . ,
lllnokley the tour atory ind batetntnt
dwelling nt ill Ragt glgtleth sfVt
Tiu- Real Bgtgte Managemenl t'om i
p.iny haa legged Wte dwelling III
Went lltth street fo. tlie Cniiiii Thi o- 1
logii-iii BaMilngri i" Mi. Htawari und i
Iht dwelling a' '-'"3 Kail Nine nth
street for the Koeter ttatate t" Mlrt
Keiatea, lne, agt Reatrlce Hera et ai
(foreelaoure mtg atiya. Leach a wm
em st. 3is ill K, and Ith at III R
Tiiiia gajvlM ai Herman Itetenbaum 1
1 notice uf altaentutnt . ; ttty. .1 ii cohu
PITT ST. a a, Ul 11 Iran I st 11x140 I
1. Inn glerg agt Katy tioldetelll et al
1 fareeloture nut, any. Waif A Kehn
74Tft ST. .1131 K l.aayera Mortgage 1
ngi Atiraiiutii gehwab ti al ( t ortelotur 1
intgi. tia. '..ry a Carroll,
RlVGRglDK DRIVK e -. 144.1 n il4ili
st, nl.lglll.l x Irreg -Urooklyn Moving
Hank agt Paterno Bro ri ai larnttuled
tore, in-, 1 : . nttgi! atiya ttchtnek a run
ITH OTi 1 W Helen s ngilvl agt (lo
vv ouug ei ai (furecloturt mtgi. atty... ,
I'atinon A I'antioti
DUANB ST. a a. lo : w Bltn It, 4'.' 7x i
7 1 a Irreg Cooper t'nion fur tiie A.I
rancemeni of geitiio a Art agt Joeopb
T H .lonea el al ifor.i lueure inlgi, atlys,
Pareena a Meiivalnt
ilTH ST. Ill to ::o Wi :4th al, II IU to
Iff tV. and tin av. .'44 10 Ills. IMslil
Mtg Co agt National Cloak A Suit Co
ei al taction 10 torerioa mtehanlo'i
lltnl 1 atlys. Cadwatadtr. WI, keraham
MANHATTAN AV, a e , or I Slot at. S5la ,
tiro M Powlet ngi Nellie i; Rey et 1
ai ( ftrtoloturi nugi atiya uuma a
KKI.I.Y ST. Ilia ..ml llll -Max Kdl.en '
agt Jut Itealty Corporation ot al i lure
.-insure of mtg I j ttty. x Rooonblum
Klll.l-V ST. 11:.' iiinl llll Htl Killaon '
agt .Iu itealty Corparttlon et al I tore
rlusura of lulglj atty, A Ituaenuiuin
I. A PONT A INK AV, a . 75 11 174th at
37 lix 100 Uajav A Hoy! agt Katrine A
Henderson faction to iinpii' a tru.ti
ally. H ll V'ay
VYMR AV, e s .'14 n ITIIh st. CxllJI -Itot.ert
.1 IllWllter at' Hassle Austin et
ai I foreiloturt ot mtgij attys, Ulrltman
4 Vauglian
STKI HIiV AV. w s. too ;iOth -1. inn,
III -.Unison Woll i al. aa exer-,
i.ieetih a Pnr.. et ui tfororloaurt of
111' g 1 attv S Koblj
l.ti'l'S 7IJ. 73. 710. IA and 74;' map uf I
Olaaann Praptrty -'a"i Ward Hturi aj
Ottfl agt Kllaahalll M Ulsgoe et al ftura- 1
elneurt "t migi. ttty, 11 Trlaleti
RlfiiiK AV, a a. .'17 3 11 t'h at, II'.
til". Ral Itlver Savings Inetltutlutt
agi the Ray i'o ei al 1 furt-lour of1
attali . " r Hit'i.ar.i
'With name anil adilrraa of lenttir ami
attorney, If attorney', nme t omitted
addrett party of serirmi part.)
'.south of Fourteenth at.)
l.l IM. i W gTi If, t) s. 170.1 ii Canal si.
3i.xX.j (furerloa Aug 35 Phoenix In
traliain. iff, to t.ula De Krraxu, 1 Hue
e Taaa... Paris. Frame, Auf lit; ettva.
Bayll A Sanborn. 141 Bwy IIDKIO
gT ANTON HT. 7. aw, CI. 4 n w Allen
t. ::iv;0- Max Uroas to Hot nolnvlnaVv.
Ill Hhrpherd av, Bklyn, all lien, Auk
2t 1100
ITNIVltlMITY PL. n e 11th t. runa e
141.1 x n 33.1 x 12 2x111.1 x w II. I to
Pi r ' 1S7 4 to tier with 11 r t I
to any atrlpa on e- Sevili llerneman.
N'nuhetm. liermany. A ano to the Mel'
Ni Itealty B. 100 William st ttltf
gti't.one. an nna. Aug :4; atty. Wtlllanj
Mauser. 100 William t 1100
Kaat Hide.
(Eat nf rifth av. between Fourtnth
and 110th at I
STH AV. 505. e a. If 5 n 42d at. 37x104.
teaaeholil tfOrOClOt Aut 24)--Wm l,ar-
remore, ret. m kiix i. a gehnyUr i.
Parsons. r,;4 fith av William B Par-am,-.
II B Fiftieth at. Individ truster
"III. Win B Pron. dee d, and Harry
I" I Paraou. 38 E Hat at. Aua 21;
attys. Boner St Hand. 44 t'edr It. .
PARK AV. a e eor tth t. 75.5x22 .1
.Ilia B F Smith A ano, exra. Palk Smith,
to 43.', Park av. In.'. 59 Wall at. Aug
2"; ally, T (1 CO, 17'! Bwav . ..1115,400
6TH ST r,0 E. a a, al v.- Park av, lx
101 5- Maurice J MrCsrthy. ref. to At
latin,' National Bank. 2S7 Bway. Aut
24, a'ty. I, T To. 160 Bway 154.700
I8TII si, 51-54, n . 100 Madlaon v.
5011)0 Maxwell Uavidaon. ref. to M.
Illrahfrld. lne, 142 E 14th at, mt 150..
000, Au 24; atty. Hoffman A F. .11
Naiaiu at 5.000
We.l Hide.
i t of Flfih at. betwean Fourteenth
and ; if. Hi at, i
I'TII ST. n s. Ill.l w Mh av. sottot :
13", w fh st i o to The Iteeity Corpn,
2s.'. W 3.;th el. Aua 17. tnt 1270.000 III!
WEST END AV. 1711. are 103.1 at, 30 llxXO
Amiir .se itealty Co lo I.llll.xn Hints. 74
E ;. ! M. nil, H5.000, Au 26; attv. N T
T I Ce, 131 Bway Il"
fManhattaa lalaad, north t noth t.'
Ill AV, .'too. w onr 1l5ih at. 3: n;00 -Fr.ink
Meet, ref. i i Win T Hot It, 11-25
7lli av, et al, Aua 24: tty, T ' ' . 1"
tlwav 155.000
PLEA A NT AV. Ill, awe 12lat t. 30 10,
71.;' tfortdea. Aug 24l Horai E Dein
Ing, ref. to Bmlgranl Indut Suv Bank.
A it ... Bttya II A E I O'Ocrmnn. II
'l imber at 11.504
IttTH HT. s . 12S w Ith av, lltll.lt
lador Euahtr to Ltellt B KeClurt, 511
W 144th st. in t at tia.ooo, all lieais. An
1. ttty, Hoht Hopper. 30 E 42d It. ...II
141HT ST. t4 E. a a, 21 1 w Madlaon av.
11.txtl.t1 fortoloa .ua 14 Wm P
Cltrt ref. to Eniltrant lndust Snv 1t-nk,
auk -'. ettya ii a e .t tVOerntan. .r't
I'hamber at 15.000
ItlgT ST. Ill W. a . 247.11 7th v. 32x
II 11- .Inn (J Iler. rsf, to Exrelalor Hsv
Ingl Bank. 79 W 23.1 at. Aut it. atty.
In . C 'inllk 132 N issan st 110.00
HAMILTON TKtlRACK, e a, 221 9 n 141st
at. ITt7t.ll 141 W 91,1 Ht Co to the
Realty ''.irpn. 245 W S'.th st, Auf 17
m'K 11 1.000 1100
HAMILTON TKRRACB, e a. 131.1 n ltlst
at ta.4 7 Same to ame Aug 17.
m!K 117.000 1100
I44TH HT !' W. n s. Ilt.4 w Amat av
' lxll.11 l.e.iie B MeClare 'o riara
Tepger, III 4th t nrg l.ooi, at'
lien, tog 19; tfv Herman J Ruben
aleiti '. Heekman st ft
lsoiti .... t 2 2x121 3 Anna Werner to
Hoht 1. IfeOehee, III W oth . Aug
2". aity, Htii Trupaell, 17 Bwav lioo
lli.l. sr tt I I land of .lenas M l.ibhev.
to e Fort Waenlngten av. runa n llt
e to e s Over, ..ok Terrai e x x
a " beK wm v, Carnaenaa to lonaa
M Uhhr, 1 S 39th st. I. A a. Frbr.i
ary I . . It
iiVEHI.ik'K TKHItAi'E. e a at a. land
Jonaa M talbaey, runa n 31 e at toy
s .in : ti 4 to beg -wm e Car-
nt '.. i-i -o .lonaa M l.ll.t.ev. t E 39th a-
b X .. Aug 3 II
Brun i.
I Borough of. 1 tie Bronx i
Viiltllls AV ,v , f,3d at. 7..XI00 i.iro',
I M.ikel et al to .:, Morris Av Co.
1'" ".' 'atitl l. Aug 14. ttty. I Hersti
flehl s. Ntttau tt lino
WEBSTER IV s. 144.1 17tli tt. S 7
1. 'i.ll H. iiens .1. 1;i' I'o -o 1'ifailtlOo
Realtj ro, ii" 711 li.:i', Aua 2'.. any,
E ' Heti Mm Ivilll av lion
Ct.lNTlJN AV. . :,il n 173,1 , lnOxlim
M i rgl B Kl'.luff to Klltn Mrpoaalrt.
3?t I". 13d at. Aug '.'... mlg I7.''0rt; attPi
Jo x Conloa, 15 William at n
WEBHTKR AV, e itt . rigremoni
Parkwtt :io7 3 gtmelton Rubin
1,1 rorptii, '.. S'.ni Rubin, aoi w lltih
mti llt.lte, Aug 2.'.. tt'. s.i n
Fine .13 Rwai It""
LOT it. n ap w m p Puneatt John Brur.
"' I.. K- i, e Brueenll, III E fifth at.
nttg 14.14, auk ttty. spitz A it
25 Nassau st .... l
ItARDKN sr 7si . s. w goutherii
Biv.i. It.lxlO Pearl tlnttlleb lo Emma
i: VVrlghl e' al, 701 w t7th s, mtg
t Aug :ti any. T 'i A T i'o. If g
Rw , ... t
i'ni .N t - .us. u ij 1 1 Mat a., setiee
1 ihn 1 in tx '.. gyari Holland a ma
tg) 1' .' ..v. intK I't.'.'l". Aug .'.. . l,
T ' i A T P 17i la. it . tion
PROHPKfT AV, , 13 11 Lafayett .
II Irrea Benenwan Itiit- 'n in n p
I' g ''0 lne, ti. g I. "no. Aug -J; atty.
I 'i' a T "' 144 H..at g t nn
HIIERIIIAN At 1. e . 1434 - 11 ly prg
He en 1 1 R'rlghl t.. peart itntllltb
tto.ti i niig 11,14)4)1 Aug .-
a''v T 'i A T 'o. 17a Hti.it liet!
HAItlllF I PU e .. ;4 4 K.,.,, r ,.d
..';.t . tlaa 1- at n .. 105 a gerea
Ht infiyiy Bernard .1 Tlnnty, ref, 1..
E.la .''H..-I. I"'" lrflBeet .it An- .
"it. 1 H Hal loi 33 Baa) li t'."
Ht'tlHHM -. ;; .1 t:t. -t. :.,xino
tl Xr'h i- .it, . a, :.. r, lltlll .1. 7 tx
7 lea 11 r, l ., .. . ,.r..ilr4 teiuet
la'io. 7T"' l .4 jis-s. lit A'l '.'1. al't l
Trolta .:'! 1: 1 Iplft lino
..n.l a.i.lre-. ..f .en.ier aii'l
lendi rs gttarne i
igeutli "f Peitttttnth -t i
RAtT BHlJAtlWAVi - ) .'r Meatgomery
;.7x'.'. lt.iv Pei ..ir u Aiir nelpitg,
; " ::di -t. Aug 34, 3 vra. I p !
attv Til Co, ITI Baay ........ . mi
QRAS'U si ., a rartWUen it, '.i'a7 ,1
P.ereiie ' llnrton "... Kami .1 Weinberg,
17 lil iv, A uar IT. pr mtgt 11.114. 7
't. s p . . ..t yt, Utttner, y A A. Ill
Rway H.O"0
ttesl aide
Wtti al rifth a. attwean PatirteentP
7TH RT. 1 at 1 Weal Rnd tv, I lit I lit
Princeton Mruetlon Co to Abtl King
and tno 144 l: lh at. t.r intgt l"04.-
000. Ail '7. due as per bond j'lva.
least I 1 Staau ! Ill.tlll
. II -n igh of Th.- Hrnnv 1
M Kits I Kit AV. lll.f s IITtfe s ;, li
tun 1 liifan lno Ki'v i'o. lne. t.. Rock'
land It'll IV. "Oil WI'll. ai. 4, Ig '.'.i. I
yr, 11 p Pi tttyi K i' Hen. .mid Blllla
av 3...0n0
PM.ilHIM AV, a , .'e - Trtmoni rd, 501
. 1 h.,- M Sllhe' lo Auguat M...k. 4J0
t-l 101b et, Aug l". due .lulv to. till, j
n .. atiya Ten Hyek W, l"l Main al,
1 g i-:,i,i 'liy . 1 1,111
Ul Alllll HI. - 1 a. 3 7;. e .7,1 av, la I0
Tt Mian Monterey m. m s, lot 1 u :soth
al, &t.ta0.l Wtahlljgtnn A. li ,
Corp, I'io. 'o Tripoli Itity ''o. In,-, r. r. 3 K
lvuli si, ," "'tg Itl.lll, Aug .'t. due a.
per bond; any. John Rautorni 111 Broad.
av tr.no
I'RlnN AV, '03 W llglll Mari Ho, an I
A aim 10 .liilni Urtbe, M47 Te.ler al. pr
mil 1,I44i Aug !4. 3 lis. I a p ei .uu.
T U T Co 1T llar.iv 11,041
ST PRTBH'a AV, n . s. at n w - ill. 1,4 a.
roxaT Mt " t Contracting a- Pupply '.
im . ta cha Hi'taii, Rteteheeier rd, Aug
1! due a- per Imndi atty, ft H Arnold,
144 Wreteheeter si 11.144
PROMPRCT AV, I, II 11 l.afai-tt. gv,
4li Irreg It P Hl.lg '... lne tn Itinklanil
Rliy i'o .'.mi Wllllt ai. Aug I yr 4
P ' . a''' I. T A T ''o. lllll llwav J I
gAMB PROP Sunn- In ll It'n ,'.,
411 1 B I iid at, pr mtg till una A if !
due as per bondi gtty, tarn, .. It ano
WKKKP a v. 11 e eor Relmonl av, tn,.v:,
Wm '! MeCrea to Wm Blegltr .ir fit!
;.ih ii. Aug in. duo I'.h m 1114, 4 a 1-1
gtty, tien it Campion, an Wall ' lalll
Dl'ANB ST, 1H In 111.. Philip l.tVltt gt
K.iata of Rugtli rlofftiian, In.-, owntr:
11. .Hard Contracting Co, in,- nt..ll44
gAMB I'll' a 1 1 lit rf Wlmplt Rleotrlc Co.
1 ui-. at' tame ITle.43
hi vK ST. 1:1 t.. un Candee, gmlth .
linn land i'n a: Balal nf Bugnt Huff
man. lne. ouner. Howard contracting
fo. colli . 3ii :'ii
DtTANB ST. Ill 10 HI S It Mill, r Iiii.
.ig! aame xt
711 AV .'ill Haul Ki.pita iixi K.lg .1 Smitli.
miner, Alois glatldti '"lit 1147
Pt'ANB -T 131 I . 'Iran. I Iron W..1I4-
Inci 11a Miata of Kugeut Hoffman!
Int. owner; Howard Cotitrtollng Co. In,-,
''"lit I Villi
I5TH ST. .'34 A III K Morris OlUck agt
Amelia Bld Carp, oaner. ,ioa BnrleTi
rani 751
MiHIAjN v lo P Hi,, am nai Helrn
.1 1 unit "' nwntr; c s Ollllggn, inn
HI INK. ST 1:11 I.i 111; A In It -t.a .
HllgtU X ll"ffniaii. Ini' miner. i.wgn
I 'nlilra. ting i'o ' ON I nun
llron a .
TVNDAl.li x. a ITI ft - llltk -t. -:..
too Mackeiitli 1100 a ui king i'o. in
ag Annii i Kllpetrteb, eageri Puriet
Manning, rant It't
Chicago & Weiletn Indigna Rgilrogd Co.
Ii EN KRAI, tli nt 1 1 . M I BONtM,
Trualeam' Ottlre, Room II loth lluori.
Mill. Bnlldlnt.
New York. Aug Ii 1113
Tha Trutteat hate this day aetlgnattdi
bv lot, tho folloaltig;
.343 1041 .053 921 1 tll Hill
1364 Hot 771 ;l2 107.1
III? 1211 tlij PM 1 10773 I3MJ
3401 5:13 "194 00 lu;il I tl
lil? I2i 7224 1011 I0I5I Hill
3541 6211 7451 9'ii9 1092 Itlll
3417 1341 7644 144 11041 lllll
3741 5110 76X1 9733 1104.1 UOIj
1124 141 1 7107 1714 1 1054 13H4
1149 5473 7917 9144 11197 IBITg
4001 (157 111 9141 11274 11131
4041 bttt Mil etll lllll llll!
1145 6467 1449 10104 11670 1316:
4241 462.1 ti.13 10211 11711 13f4
4274 6425 4564 10244 1107 1 3 , 1
4414 4441 1727 1457 119 III'
4473 4645 171 10524 1 194 137..:
4721 T 1 2 D744 I06H9 13441 13764
4144 472J 1744 10691 12:17 14131
4113 6731 9024 10491 12329 14414
5003 6X94 5059 10713 1:332 14139
1011 !I7
aa th number, of the 121 hon l". Iss ia !
under the truat deed of the i'liliat. A
W'lrn Indiana Railroad Company paled
Dli'tmtitr lat. 1S12. to be reueeme I, lit- tli
operation of the Sinking Fund on geal 11
next, at the offl e of Meaars. J. P. Morgan
A t o. New York, at 105 and accrued i :e
et to that date. Registered bonds should
b erompnled by a power of attorney
transferring them to bearer.
i ll AIM. EH H RrgHRI.L, ! Trust
PUBLICATION by the Fulton TruM
i'i:npttny of .Ww Yrk of the imt'ieyi ro
mi i In! nit unvlatmetl. In .1- - . 1 Ith
Sr. t lane 134 ami 2 I St of Chapter 3 '-'. 'if tlie
lUiiltlns of 1914.
Lt.iteof Hetf-r DtuMeil, W I! Ilravl
Kx-cutor. .N-w York. N. Y $ 1 S
Htate pf Nu- York. COUIMV "f S"- Tofk,
.lii ..IM) CM AKIaKH .M. VAN K l.ft K-' !..
.-tvret.iiv tf the Kulton TriHH CMIMH
NW York, h-InK tluly Dram, eut h for hlm-e-.f.
4'4i that the forevolnir report le true
unl accurate in all reepect to the beti of
hl k i )i w I eJ ft Hn1 belief
.la-riti, HKeNUY W. RBIOHLGT,
:d Vlrt-PiMt.
Hevenlly -uhaerrlbi1 . . I .... rn fo bv
ho'b tleii.inntt the Iftn Qf of AttfUM.
l.ir. beftre nie
Hlf nasi i JOHRPH M X
otr Public Kinir County .No. 12?.
Rtfflt.M- No. f ! :i.
CsM-tmcate tli1 N Y. Cfl -No. 17?
I:er'-t-r Nn HO t.
Certificate tp Hr. iix Oo, N 14
i;eiriiit-r No
Swift & Company
i'nion stoek Tarda, CMeagei Aug Hi mi
Dividend No. 116
It-tdn4l of TWO DOLLARS tlc.M) pr
plur on th - upttal ItOCli of Swift A Com
pany win h pai. i oti Octobor lt. It 1 1 to
etc kholden. of rOOOTd SeptemTier 10. Ifll.".,
aa ahow n on the book f tha COfTlpon)
V. S. HAUVAKI, s.rr.tury.
! MroaluH.
N w V'.rK AUffURt I. 191.
V dlWdOOjd of $4 M DOr tih;4te hOO h'!
1 ' ' r1 i on tha CoOitoJ t.i k of thua Com-
panv. Bmyobla Octobor i . itlS, to atock I
hol.lem of rxor-1 t Ha . loot f l.jaini-a
fepTm(a-r '.'3, If 1 8
A 'I cotninunt' sti1o'i r ar i 1 '. ri ar m vnient
otr hai.gA ,f j, idroaa tKuld bo ent t the
ui. : ! not later tM-ui Ot tob.T
-iK'jit.;K i'HKsi:r.u -. st- r.-t i-
Broadway at 121st St.
5 room. $660- $720
6 room. $720- $900
7 room. $900 $1200
rerfeel sera lee.
OWN BR in PatkailU,
KIlllMs a It V I It . tll'in tl7.10.
Vlrepeajef) All niglii eletatori
BKAIsBD mi'S wi. be rtctlvml tiv me
Boar.l of Watel Jpl . a' ' offlcet,
iwtntyteond floor, ttunlrlptl Building,
Hark Ilea-, t'entrs .in. I Cha mber gtrttta.
York City, until I' A. M . n TuetdtPi
August 31. llll. far Contrtcl 1-4. f,.r fur
nlahlng ani trtetlng water pip- equlpategl
for epi-ra-lng alies in tre nli.tfia of the
eli y t unn. of 'tie Cataklll aire -I in. iii New
York City. Th1 tgulgnitai contlett of iron,
cupper and braa pip., pumps, talvtl and
At -lis shove t.lios and llm 'he h da will
gu put.il. iy agtngd end reed. Painphlate
rnntalttliia Information fot b liter and
geairaet Jrawlng' ' ehtalnatl th
gbavt tddr a . afAe of Ih seere
larfi i'. dpoltlng tbt turn of ien J..nrt
i g 1 a i in cash or I'a tgulvalenl far eacg
pamphlet. Per further par's uiere apply to
the o.ftre of me Prlnelpti Attlttaal klngi
neei at tie ah"i' tddretl
IHAItl.KH sTit I it H Ri Pretldtat
i ll 4 tll.Ks N ' II X HWH'K.
Caniin1alonr4 of ige Roard of water
ti xi I'll T ITAVTOV, Attliitnl atertttrt
tt XMHe Mil II It I tl. II I N II.
APVHRTU1KR wtMlId like tn gel Into cam
munleailon aitii urm. tnpplyltig .i-"! ,
hixndi or tiaii i rtttlnga. Have -'. uu left
inn-1 a' the urist at ltd want aitnethlng '
go on it. Mend catalogue as aoon aa -. .
alblt to s saint, t'ryatal Brook, H Aua
I' vi'UNT POB sai.k f,, Una t... 1
11111-0' at Hid : a wonder; o iti 'i:' ... rm i
JOg 1.. HI'RlinuN, ilaiiuvvr I
later, M
-1 iti un y HUM!' Ill A IIM..
K h A Marvin have . 1 - 1 hi Rrotig.
villa Tanglewyldc Cottage .. ;'. now
uonupled bj Frederick Nlcholati '.
fieoige 11 Partridge mil fm Mr
lltiiel I.. Real her property ..t laawretice
Park, BtOtigvllle, t., My let s Hlocum
S'ls II II Ml t II INK s I s
! t HT ll ST. 144 A lis ll llarcut ''"'ilrHi"
Ing ro ggt Cliga 1 Wtlliati-ln Km t o 1'
al. .lulv i!4. it 17.. ... I',:
I JIAIHH11N X. -Ill Alberelu Mtotie To ,j'
J, .1111 e' al. Aug II, III! ... l.l ;.
nn 1 ami Nan Orders
WAgHI.VtlTuN'. Aug : ;. riiesa grni)
ard. ra 1 ra laaua 1 1.. .1 n
Pirl I. tent M C, HI hards, ronred.
allk hi rxiiiaent is getlgned ... a. live dut)
411.1 Is detailed til Port Wav.ie. M I h
Plrtl Maul, charie s Blaat v. sixth
pirld Arilllery. from Atlant tla-. 10 An
1.1-'. hi. Alt . tn lamp of InalrU' Hon ia
1. in arlllleiy.
Theat ntvr erdera a'ere i--'ie.i in
Idavii. II M 14.-no-, on n't, 1-1. ,i;, .i fruni
April 7k.
tdtuti s. It- Canine Ijulllui gradOl
mletloned from tiei-tnibei ' lilt, Kiialgu
Raymond Rurhen lo petrel
Bntlgn s v. ilmiahaii, fr mm md
the Severn to honi !'' ordtrt
iinaign Blllait Buckniaeter from iali 1
Jersey, grauti-.t one inonina li-li leaa
Haveegegte of Naval Vtaaelt.
WAPHINOTON, Aug -7 Tin la. i .'
i iii. lis ltd Newport fm Vaniu' kei Jg, 1
the lug lla eola let! Port ait Prlit .
si Haro ami v'npe Haytleiii the rul
Neru left Uuaymat for 1.1 Pat; th .
UOal Nashvt.le, from 1' ,1,. ,;v
Cape Haytlenj ihe fuel ihlp Slept m
l.aiulnrt Point for Hampton Rogita; 'In
iialtleeglp Ke.n-arge from Vea Vui b
for Bo.. on. the crulter Chattel 1
Helrut fur Candle lal ind, ll;,. fM,
.1 ipiter tram vera Crui for a. 1 u iiaot
thg rrulatrt gen Prtncltcn, Haiti-.
pubuouti from Ntwpori f..t -.a tin
stitp I'aesar, from Ulbrakltar i".' il.t.;. .
lioails; Hie ya. hi bilflid arrived ... . .,
Hern, N Ci ihe dtetruyera Ralnt.i ik
Bait. Rarr) and Chan 11 Join, p 1
tlie lul shin lie, to, ,,t Hall !,,. -
tni.it Nathvill i Cap Hayllaii
aiup Mai- a1 s,n Pram Ib " Ilia -.,4
Wtlinel 4 at Norfolk yardi ib
nun -hie laintiiui at Kurfoili ..r i in.
dotlroyor Dowae a' Camden lb ml
lor Toliiip.lh and rihuta lit I' I tl ..i,
lam. Inn iin baltkMblp Kenluik) I'm
land. Me the fuel aMli Orion tl Tmnp
kiiiaviiie. the vruim-r Liaelgagtl .' Cbefuo I
l or - -i . i. New rk. fair to-d.
pnrfl. rhiuily mid uMrmer to-morrow ; moil
rmle riittt to noiithenet ulnil.
Kof et tltrtfjVi t lomJv to-'lav, probabl
lot'al hfrtll In aout h port It m , lair ani
BHffl 1 1 v w uritier in-tnorron ; ino-lera
northeaet Id aoutheuat wml
l'tr eaalern l'etmvlanla. -litjtl v to r1.i.
probablv ItaiHl elioavere In outli portion
fair rtinl narmer tomorrow a. title to
nHMltrata i- to eouthaM wimle.
I-Nir miiithern New l.tiiflantl. fair to iiaf :
f...r .iti I a .irtiirr t morn tv , ntolcrut
aMth4MMM to auth timk
l'or MtMi-rn New York, partly lou'ly tl
dstJ . w artner In et pOfllMII f . t r a ml
H nnrr lo morrow nio.leral f caet to
eoutlifviM w Imle.
Ni:V YtMtK, iia , Th- r-a of hg
pr-emir. from tin upp i lakf refiort!
iiiov e. MltWftrd Ptenla , rAValng imirh
ior itinptraturtfi in ih iak rcBiong.
Ohio VftlUy, mhliile Atlon lie oml New
Knglond hiuch ond th m Lowrtnoti Val
ley 1 .11. t froaii oirotjfffd i ti Wrniont ani
northtrn Now York nnd ri'-iier trobta in
m i' h ian ti, Wiooonvln and MlnnoootOi and
Umporolurtl vr OOlOW the frrezlnf
point In w MtOrll Ontario. ,
Ton dtffOOl DOlOfV thl frrexma; point
waa rtporttd from White Itlver, Out.
Im thl city the day wu fair ant much
t ooier, bOooNllttg . loutly tn the afternoon.
V ml. froatl northOUtl rHgc humldltv.
4! nor nt ; boromttari corrocttd to reai
to lavnl, at h a. Mt 30;.. i t ll ,
The lampofftllUf In thU City yesterday. aO
rvcofdvtl by tin- oftflal loWMOHMtOT, u hhowu
in tin' nnnttttd iui-m-
Ilia 1VI4.1 miV 1014.
I A. M. . .i.i 1 nu'l a p. Me, . una
ISM ( Ti- o iv M . .nir oa
J l M.. T t lliMW... os
HlKheM temperature, o. at 4 l M.
Lowptji temperature. .VS', at 4 A. M.
The N'arlffosloni jenera tltlta.tM 1 1 nor
Plica iif i AbfuaaJ, ealitus to Uay fc
NOpJOl, Will t.ikf mult. clOOtAg at HiSO
A .M , for Italy, KumMiiU. Bu.aarla, har
bla nwltsorlond an.l Orooco when apa-
tally .i i i i only.
The Ainvrl. an liner PhlLtoa-lphla, eal'
i fi aj to-iluy fr A irp.oi. m'l take mall,
rloalnfl at 4:J,0 A .M . for Kurope. except
"i.rnrtny, Auatrlo, Hltnfvry, I-uxamburf.
1 H . f 'i Nr! hrland, .Norway. Sweden
and Don mar h4 a too for AfrRa, Wwat Aau
and thr i-;,tfft in.llei.
Tli Uu-val.in-Attierlfan liner CBar. aall
Itir Suntiay for Arthanjtel. wlil tigjie mall,
i :.eing at 10 a. M , for Rtioala.
AM I'M i
tun rises ' 10 stun xeta H .1 , M.san rt'
ii n i ii ii . i r. is i nn nxt.
Saiiiljllk 'i ii. ion. lal 10 :iii Hell (lata. 11 gx
and) II k .. l 4s t.i.v I( ..4 .nt it, (iate. g in
Irrixeal PRIDAY, iigust It,
sa ergeueljard, M I' M . Chiitttamg Aa
IUU i ,
si- ttheratone. ' P, M Htrre AtlgtlM is
s- KaiikiMt.,1. 4 A M . tie DO. Ailzum I
ta Cloutbton, 1" I' M. Tlnirs.lay, l-oiajoa.
August 1:'
gankdale t :m a m Havre Auguat 11.
- N ipoll II M tienoa. AuiT'iat I.
ta Mtraealbo. Ma.v aeuei. Auyt ist i.
s. Iji' se fjord. 14: tu P M gariaoaa AiuuMfj.
S- I'tlll'a Ji t'r stoiwl, August 1
v Oomanx'ln Iwktonttlla, August 31
K Ovomlgee. Ix.i-ilaii.l August :..
Ss Prlnitata Anio. Norfolk. Aiuu-t 31.
ss ItoilgOlltll NortulU. Atlglitt :s
It Pawitxe Philadelphia. Auxuat M
at Manna Itatt. llallutiore, Aueutt S
ss RajHe at Liverpool
ta lYnnytou. allmr.-
s- Weaterdyk frtitt ggetta i
Ns Kengnit Mary from lyiiiloll
ss Argeyfe, from l.omlou
s- ttltaisalpjll. trout l.niiiton
s- K.UI3.I- i ,! from Brlttol, ,
00T0OIN0 STKAMttllPg
Sail To dU
Mailt Veaetla
Cloe SaJI
I'hiiad's'ih'A. UeenacMM IMAM ':t. m
Iin.-1 1.4 . Xhru'.s. Naplea 1 10 A M l; iXj 31
liarhn . Argentina I! M A M A M
Kroo land Balboa ' Ou A M lo oo a M
erttiagt. Htvant i a M n ... a M
r.i.i- sMn .loan I j A M UOOM
p. mm lian. Hermu.l ton AM II no A M
Tent lore, llm ana 140 a ti i:ra)M
Mauderlllr Jamawa .... .. a m : y
rum tantoa I! at) M i jg
A A Km "ti Kin lie Janeiro 1.' oo M .1 on p g
i ,t Umau Itto ie ,i.i
n. ,i " It 44 A M It tg M
l':ili I ol ol. i. H.iliia . ., . I p? A M 15 40 M
M i ii., ilalreeton i m p tt
Comtaene .is kimn ille i m p jg
La itainan. Lonikin Iteajl
s.ar il l Iti" lUvati 1?'IM
Proteuai Rit Orleaoe 17,41 m
Kl Kin Ualteaton 1. 00 M
1 of gataiingb.ttvtnnak a-xipj
tail To morrow
t'aar Irehangei AM tttPli
,1.1 Roiadaj
gtramaiast t rga
Ho', irlan i""".
Janeiro .
4 A t
1 aa a a
I "0 P M
1. ai M
Uu I'o day
Rtgdaleti Koiterdaai .. ..Aug 4
a. i.ii audio i Naaairt... Augll
Campine Itot'ei .1 am ..Aug it
O-tsrnyk Kotierdtm .. Aug u
Ottf'tal s; - a ..Aug 11
.... Marseille Aui Ji
lairil uoantbir. . Hair. aux- ta
Pereo Hull Aug it
MagduJ sin . . Aug ;,
tan 11 Il.ill'.'a ,u.- 14
A v .'" ' "Ion . ... x
Itrtthaion Ila'-oelona Aug
ganta Uarta .Colon Aug
Aidtrtgate Bu-a Ayree..July
RaWtlltn HaJInia ., Aug
Km "" 1 Uenn rara Aug 14
iiciiin. Pai .. Aug ig
aiua 10 morrow.
iVir.vs Poll 1 mu
ll. us aa Balooa
liia 1 1 4'r:t 1.I1.4J
. A114 4
Aua -4
AU 4
A ug :4
e Jiilj
i ..Aug :i
XI ul I o 1 uelle Il.ila',1 .. Alla.'t
or.m Rnelliifl Ayre .July
f'Urui ss ."ru ana . . a ug :4
tX' '111 1 iiinsinii. augi
Aug It
A ug
A ill 4
laMnptax aaooiit
cuy of Montgoaitry kavtnnab
i ii. Miitnl .1
Kain.mr BnrdtaUl Aug 21
N ion Hill. 'dam AU i
Tam .i st liuita .Aug '
Carolina Mayggiiei . Aug !
.1 I. .tickeiibta li ..I'natobal Aug .'4
Australian Tramiaaai Coloaibo July 11
1 0. .no 1 11 a traaele Hi taVlreleeg. 1
ss 1 .ii . ,- 1 1 1. ..... .-1 piitet aeat of saa
.1 tan ,1' - I' M Thureday
Te: ' I'oli trlbur, l-aaaeil Rand Key at
II ...n rest, rilay
. Mm'".- N'-ii orleant s? nniea inmh ot
Jtmiler at noon
1 ii nf Montgomery Kavannahi i-t milet
autilli ol BitnioiHl shoais at noon
s- Iin n.iiii Purl Arthur, i'i,isse, Sabine
l.ir .11 . P M
Ss Kl Villi l. all. '-loo III mile mllll ol
Jiiiuler .ii " I' M
s. I .01. fill 1.. illi -ton -0 inlli a aesl nf Sanil
Ke ai : I' M
s. Mnrro Ciille Nashua. 1 -o nulea amuh of
Hi on I Sluiiil- .1 I' M
s- l,amiiaaa aolale, W nnisa aeat of tend
Key nt noon
tun s. . in and harget, Portland. ..id
1 1 ii' 1 aru Hai 1 11 al IgHIII
s- Clit'i.i'i.a s ir, .t,,,,n .".n miles an ill, of
band) Hook ..1 s i' M
Tin low augur market agg 'inlet
1. ui ttead) iim . nt Cu- rarlj pa. t ol tha
iin Spui 1 r . , ' 1 ' wire uui'liivRggif tit
; T" . 1 hi.- fur 1 ui,, 1- .uui 1 m i-chIh fop
I'urlti III nn, iiuii 1 an Id s. I lor uerg
1 1 - I 7'. , Inn there was ru rvidrn e
Uf ill 111. llnl 1
in nn' ri'tlninl niarkei new injineg
innllniii'il light, luii tlici'i' waa .1 fnlr
ili'iiiuml fur Miiiirtrawul Hgulntl nlJ
fin i.i- 'I'll.' Knderal Milgnr I left 11
im i'.iii.niv w.i- ..it a Drill fi.gu cent
hi ,1 "at lautia, inn Uu- Arlnii'ktr refinery
tii. 1..1I lu 'I" bualiirta .11 ."..'.". .u
ut her weir usii.uu :. tin pgRta.
The tugar futurot inurkci 11 1 ihg
I'uffi'c Kkchaiigr was qulei, Inn iirloai
acre nun .11 tynipaihy with atmi.
1 'ru my were
Sme ol'.
M It Ii

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