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moved Herman, In her dtclWofl -fl re-
pi rial i peratlona of har igbmnrlnd
(.Ornmendere Ifld tO adopt M more 0 n
rtllntairy Kphlt toward the fluted H-tate.
in iha flrtl plado (tic Hcriin auth .titles
finally reallaej that aOOMf n later the-
1 nnaiinn nf lh mihm.'trlne open-
tlOM along the original loir, Klgtt r
aui' n ii' open hrrik wi'ii tin' United
statu- Thai rwllMd to.j that the enor
mOUi financial imource of the I'mti'il
-it'-. If thrown openly Into the Brule
.til the AIIIM, would be n great lieneflt
io Herman)'' enemies. ", at thev
in already talking of nhtnlnliiR an ermr
ninn credit loan In thi country. Fir -IhormoTOi
fjermany'a i-emnrkiil.le eur-
earn .-ii Hie Mttom front had. It ej
-.1 tied, created a feeling in nerlln thnt
aha r mid afford to make conOOtflOM
now which he culd tiot have made
MVeral moniha ago
mil I. Furred I I . I
T.ighi also was tluowu on the PtMOfl
why (lermany concealed her order to
eiibmarliie enmmandera restricting their
rglthodi of d Deration, Tin- Berlin offi
cials feared mat the publication of iha
oidrr would lead Immediately to In
creases In paaaenger 1 1 afTle on British
liners and to more extensive shipments
of munitions. Then; would have been
no dlHolosure of the urder had not the
A r. i lot' imhii created a situation which
convinced Oermnny that ahe must net
In order to avoid a break with tha
Unite Slates
Ainbaaeador von Bornatorft is still in
Washlnetnn and will remain for several
da Tha belief Is that h will receive
Instructions from the Berlin iloveriiinent
w-Hhln a few days to enttr into negotia
tions -villi the fnlted States for the lot
tlermnt of the entire aubmarine OOlttro
There seems to I little doubt now
that Germany stands ready to Rive Ruar
ant. Rg aa to the future, w hich would
meet the most Important of President
Wil.-on's domands. The Arable case la
regarded as good as settled The r
malning points, which arc likely to Rive
t'OiiWe. am- ilie demands of the United
Utile-, f u disavowal and reparation In
the l.usitanla case.
.;. rmany, It is known, will not be aide
to make a disavowal of the sinking of
tho I.usltanla. Inasmuch as she has al
ready pleaded Justification However. It
la believ.-d thai Mime satlafactory under
tandlnR can be reached If ! cm any
stands r.ady to Rive jruarantees aa to
tha future Germany might !' able to
go so far aa to say that while she be
lleved her reprisal In jinking the l,u1
tania was Justified, she had no Intentlo'i
Of kllllnR Americans. This disclaimer
would divest the act of its "deliberately
Unfriendly" charaeter and the question
Of reparation might be left to the future
or to arbitration.
London .pcola lor'
WamlllB to Liners
' taa I' Boat
London. Aug. 27. The London preaa
give prominence to American cable de
apatches quoting Count von Hexiistorff
na havliiR naaurcd Secretary of State
I-riisIiik that orders have leen given to
(ieiiuan submarine commanders not to
make further attacks on merchantmen
without warn Inf.
The Spri tutor prints tins comment;
"It is siiRRested that the American
Government will be satisfied If . com
manders f German BUbmarlnea always
warn paeeenger vessels and place their
paaseligers in Imats before sinking the
esael. We do not believe for a moment
that America would OMHMill to this carl
eature of satlsftng internatuuial law
and humane CtMtOnUk Iniairlne plaetng
uomen and children in small boats, sixty
mlfvs from laud. In a big1, winter sea
and p.er Inff 'old. and saying thai their
aafety was provided for. Now we are
sure that if Germany means to prevent
America from taking action of some
kind she will have to change her policy
The rVfa I ntlaaf or Gintte aas:
"If Count llernstorfT Is speaking with
full authority tae American Govern
ment can claim to have won a very
nouible v loti iri . '
V If ii U II
MipectN t I'rpwnr Hrla-
Vha(ppr H. rlii. nil uilc.
liriil r6fdj hrtlHXlch (t TUB Si's
VtRNNA, Auk. 21, Via Koine. An. 27
Baron Muiutti, tin Aunt lo-Hungarian
PVMIller. Bfld 'ntint Ti7.i. th 1 1 an -
iriinun Premltr, had h inK confafanot
to-day wilh t'mted Siaten AfflbMMUlor
lUntteM. ami Herr v-m JtkMOW, tin 'Jer
man Pnrelftl ICInllttr, I expfctil hero
to oonfr w ith Baron Burian. Both con-
CMl . hava to do with the relations
betwMi Austria and the Unltad States
The prt vailing nnprHHioii hero !h that
In a.e of the hreukmif off if diploinalle
relations btl ween ierinuny and the
Ullltad States relations between Auk-trla-1
luhK ti pnd the l 'ntted State- will
ramatn unbroken! NeertheiesM the exo
dun of Amarlcant froni !arlsbad nd
other hpaM already has heun
Ooaanl-tieneral Slnlibe llrpllea In
an tlacW.
PtiiLAnKLi'iitA, Aug 27. Dr. U e
Mtoi. " , the Qerman Imperial ''onsul
Oeneral here. In an interview to-day an
swered the charRe. published in u New
York newspaper, that he had used the
Gorman penal code to threaten the tlrni
of Orenateln-Arthur Koppei company of
Ivoppel, Pa., to prevent shipments of gup.
Idles to tin enemies of the Teutonic ul-
Dr B tOO be defended himself upon the
ground that as Consul-' leneral it w-aa hia
duty to warn any leiiu:i i lUbjaot If t!M
latter were about to violate a section of
the German penal code.
The firm referred Io haa an ofrlre in
Berlin and In support of the contention
of I r. BlObbe, tliat prosecution could be
had in the rSitherland, tin local consu
late showed an extract from the H.-nnia
penal coda to that effect.
Oniric off u uii in paaaeaajeei
Mini Win Hii iiltrn.
Th- whito star tlnar Cymri , itar
Mhip to tin in fatiM) Arable, tatted at j
larday for i-ivaij i with 15 paaatngi rt,
-i numlHT of whi:n wert Americana '
Thtrt- ware nixty dteint.-i h In
cabin and ISA in tin ntif'raK, tha
lority of whom wr Oanadtunn
Dinar BritUh Bubjaeta.
The Cymric carrleii 14.000 oi of
oarffOi it wan announoad, praotioally all
of it hi ing war auppUaa in aceordanoi
with the ordan of ihe company i no one
ui allowed on lioaiil the Veiael excent
thl paHseiiKrH and tt.... who had hnsi
i.ecR therf.
T(1I -unard liner Tugrranla left for
Liverpool yet tarda) with VII paaMnsert,
seven of wnon wire AmeritanH. The
Tnaiania carried a i nrgo of 11,1110 tonn,
but it waa announced 1h.1t tharf were
no lajplonlvci or ammunition aboard.
I'l.-aa,. nW. 1 - IMI tlll
It... hum lien u.
PAPIH, Allff 7.
to hall on th- K
Rachambaau from
for New York a
. V. I.uwmwi'.
! Cahltli tne hist
ln vne Whitney h
rmon( thoae
rrnoh llni t
noraiaux 10-moi row
.1 Butlii Wright,
1 t ' Uyman and w.
iw.i from Mra. Harry
Iwihpital ; Mrs
mirdlng 1 reranum and M Shanev
of thu Aniirtcan anibulanct and Major
da Prllgn) "f the Mlnlatry of Public
(bailie u Ha fa iir ii.
lajregJ r 01.,
Imrr Haln ,
York Aukisi
ikkiI at o
Auk 21 The While Star
which sailed from New
iv arrived iafaly al iiver-
loi k iiim aftei nii!, The
iHiiitw aarrii
torn nl
I ,rgo Bjgli ot i it'll w i s
war wiu.ot'- 1. and a u ion 1
inada 1
ella irucaa
Onr Aviator Hurls Ten Bomb
on PIaiiI Whew (iiiscs
Wpvr Oencrttpd.
spr.iai ii." Hoaawfj) i,. Tnk ai v
I'ahis. Aug. :'. Kren.'h an raldg
upon the tiermau haes a-. Dor iach anil
Muellielm. both on Herman sol. are
the features of to-d.l's ofTlcIa! oni-
munlQitda, Tbd MM on Dornacti was
undtrtahen sinRie handed last nigh: by ,
a r-Yenih aviator who threw If: bombs
on a f.u ioiy where the del mans have
been makliiR asphvviat hr k.i" Thu I
morning a squadron of Kre: Cfl io-io-planes
bombarded the railroad ItattOtl
ai. d alecuic power house at Muclnem.
in the tlrand Ducky or H ub i
To-nighta official nport tel.s of an
effective lioliih.iMlllc'.l or ;ne Herman
positions tiortu of Alias, wh.le the iler-
mau artllavn is reported to be actlvo I
at othn Biai
The afternoon itateinem saio
In the sector to the north of An te
the mllltury Hring last night was leas
violent, but it was very spirited In the
vicinity of Hole and on the plate UI
lietween the olse and the Aline.
In the Champagne district, In front
of Aub- rlve-eur-Mulppe, an offensive
German reconnalaaaiicc was repulard
In the Argonne theie has been re
ported nothing more than rtghling by
means of mines, in which we hail t lie)
ad va ni.t r.e
In lb Vosges. to the north of Hon
dernach. we have straightened our
front and accelerated ou Inst.. na
tion on the mountain top between
Sondernach and lindersbach Thia
We did by taking POOataalOn of several
(ierman trenchea. A counter attack
on the part of the enemy was com
pletely repulsed.
During the night of August 36 our ,
aviators bombarded Halnt-Hiuss.nu
gild fflUJ. in the W'Oevre district.
In the Argonne section tha railroad
stations at Ivolry and CI-rges also
were bombarded by French aero- ,
planes. This followed an attempt
on the part of i Ierman aviators on
CI ormont-en Argonne, Tie bombs
thrown down on this position, hoa
ever. by the derma ns caused no
During the night of August -1 - J 7
a ITronch aviator threw down ten
sht-lls on a factorv Bt I ornach, wliere
the ilermans have been manufa.;--turing
asphyxiating gases.
During the morning of to-day a
French squadron of aeroi anes bom
barded the railroad station and the
electric power house at Muellielm, In
the grand duchy of Haden
All the aviators returned unharmed
Tl night POmmuntqUd was as fol
low French shell (.rruiau Positions.
Ai a number of potntf on the front
our RrtlllOry cannonaded the el en.
positions, being pariicularl effective
to the north I f Arras. Sections of
the (Ierman trenches were destroyed,
as was a iso a munitions depot.
Ue'wenn the Bomma and the ' i si
t iiemy supply stations were bam
baritod. The enemy RrOd seven shells
with a long range gun Into the vil
lage of Coinpleg-.e. which caused some
material damage hup of . ur women
ambulance woik-rs was killed and
another seriously wounded
The villages of Blonod"leaPontaa
Mouaoon, Than', .nd Vieux Thatit:
were VlOlOlttly bombarded by the Oer
uians in the region of Ammertivlller nur
Ilie caused srveral e nflagratiot s.
llliaill IS) Irrnrh Were llealen.
BBRUMi via London. Auk. IT. Army
headquarters issu' d the following statc-
ni-nt u-day regarding tin: waatarn thea
tre :
In Champagne aid in the Meuse
hills French trench works were de
stroyed by iniiu . xploalona.
In the Vosges a weak adVan
the French was easily repulsed
t.rrmHH OHlrrrn Smy lRN f
Honor I OffdMidrd.
Irdji CM$ itfiiit'h to Tela si
iindon. Aug. The ihrtt Qerman
ortlrK who escaped from I In I Miff r n
camp 'ii AuffURl 1 4 were tried in the
military rour; gt Cheater to-day.
They ootnplalned indlanantly that they
had been handcuffed erhen reriipiured
and ia i heen k'pt handcuffed within the
night of their comrade! and Hrttlnh nol-
diers and clvl liana They contended
that thll not Only wan unnecewtary !n
View of the hi renfth "f the guard hut
eaa a degradlni iiHilgnlty to Qerman
oftU'ern. offending ggalngl their -ens, (,f
honor, aapacially a in Oe rmany only
the U'went crlmlnali handcuffed.
They naintamtd. moreover, that It wan,
contrary to lite legulatlonn of the Hrlt
inh army and pleaded that the escape of
a prisoner from the enemy's country
w;th a view to regaining his home land
w.u not ii erime hut a duty
The i-ourt made no romment on the
pfoteata. Judgment w.i deferred.
ii. ui.. i or it. ms,
if I oinimiii
1 Hint.
to Tilt Si v
siet ((; f tit.i 0jraf A
London 1 auk 11 The streaker of thi
HuiifM- of Cotnmoni In ipaech made at
Penrith to-day utvul the IntptratlvanaM
of public thrift
"At the praaanl Ume,' h aaldi "nia-itardiijn-sig
i a virtue, aentroalty i v
1 vloa ai;d naetc t dHmm. Vha Htata
should 't .1:1 Sample to the nation hy
vertotMly conaldarlnc ttw abolition or re
duct Ion of the lalarlai of menvbari of
I arl lament."
Th SM'.iker than thai numher of
iru-mSiTN already had rofuted ebaty iat
arieH and he Klltctrtly hoped that some
( han(i would h mad'
war I,. .ni- Mnpgte . aaa.
I rouble III Norlliuiiiberliina.
s,,.,,i raai fieeaaifA in Tu r si
London , Aug
t lie Nod humbarl
in a cunaiciuanc
rullna. hlch
;'T 'irik' troubll In
and mlnei o exp. t ied
of I'reimer Aaqulth'l
avvrao to the mlnira'
. profit!
j elation
greater ihari In the wm
Northumberland M r
win meei ,1, Ntwoaatli
dlacuaa tin altuatlon
Ueraaaai 10 1 - -1. . 1 , ,.
lUauis, via London, Auk
Kundaai at n haa adopted a
providing iha Ladnaga of
::T The
I rim five
lilenmtc I 4 cent 1 pi
of tin- demand foi
aa Ihe renult
I urt ene of
I 1 hiu denomination Tne 1 lovarnmenl
iHinaldara it liiadvlaabla to uag nvkei
1 f.-r the making ul Hirnr ulna. n Hu pres-
I eui clrcumataiaea, no declUad uuoii ine
I ua of irun fui thl i)urpoe.
WITM the capture yesterday of the important town of Olita, the
V I ..,,,.. mt tha f n Hut mm .t Aaatalaai la I II, 1,1 ..! tn
ikunoian . riii ... ,11, iviiicnn ui , ,i,,,im, in ,,..,,., w
continue many days longer. The accompanying map shows the Bielo
wieska forest, northeast of Breat-Litovak, on the edge of which the
Qtrmtni are already tiirhtin,r, and the famous Prepet marRhes south
and oast of Brest-l.itovsk. The new Russian defence line in believed
to extend from Rifli through Dwinsk to Wilna, then south by way of
Lido and Baranowitschi to Pinsk and Sarny. The arrows show the
direction of tho Austro-tierman offensive.
1 out in nr,! ft out U "t I'ugt
Bra tuirmiitiir. tli
rtiPinj in tlu
lion of KobritlH.
hi OAMolfl nothittg;
hlf ocrtirr.!
of ImpoiBnct
It nsslii KM ll' l'in I Hloil 1 II U 1 t Of
lirf-iii-f-i Xi'MP t Ity.
ttral rubl ttit K tit Tin. Bt k
I ktk' j m 0 , i. i IdOtidon. Auk IT. -Th
foltowlnic OfAcUll Miitine'tii lM-Ud
In-re to-day
Thore In no clUUISt hi tin- KlffM n -
in the dlfoctlon of Hauvk anrt r..ipu
itnd toward KrleOrit hsi.nh, t 1m- en
ITty on tlni'Hda.v and ThtirsdM)
purmiHt) a tg.irnu.1 offer if lv aval nnt
iriKi gsctlnf on the defensive
There has ht
Iihm bn ' i - i 1 . i tight i
In the lat few days
ward the Houth of
on (Io- ro;olr lo
th1 .Saut-rKalin- I
NeUthUl railway
in the direction of Dwtnak
if the railway b iweeti Iwmek and
I'onewltx, iiur tronm yentetrtay ire--.ed
the Qermani on Iha front of 1V: edell-
Toward Vilna t h - r- wan no Impor
tant ohanaje on Wadnaadaiy
' n tiie middle Nienien, between tin
aourcei of the Boor and the pripet,
the r treat nf our tfOOpS, COVefOd h
rea t k'ua rd engag mer :h, contlnuse,
i"'nerifTii attempts by the Qermana
to take tha offensive durini Wednes
day li ght in the region of Blelsstot.
In the north wtre nutt-enHfullv stopped
by UK at t he oi m tit Hi enemy of
heavy li)i-n.
In the regmn of Braal we blew up
the forttttcattons m conformity with
orders racelvd Our troops forming
ihs aariison of the foru have re-
Joln d th- army in the Meld.
Then- lg no essential Chaitft tn
laid ia.
I'rnnee nml
ellH rue
Hrltatii QRWMSalSS Uls-
sf Mnnltlan mil
Tokio, Aug JT,- Japanese army of
fliers are atrransjing details with muid
tlon miinufai'turern for the enlargement
of arswnaln a ml factories to comply
with the Government's dsclston to ui i-
Ixe all available msans for the makltig
Of munitions for Japan's alllSSt pat
tlcularly Russia, ureat enthualaam has
been aroused by the move.
The understanding here Is that pay
ment for tin- supplies turnlshsd bj Japan
M Iiiiik' Kxct'iitlvc Council
OlfOM Men i HoHunif Wurki
I'l'iidiim Noffotiittionii.
Liimh.s, Aug. IT.
in the South Wale
has affected 15,001
deapatchea received
Th latest sink
DolllerleJ already
men a.roidhiR to
on Ight
The strike
faction on t h
Ii nttrlbutod tn dlesatla
part of th minora with
the award of Walter
dent of the Roard f
ihe late atrlka Tl
that Mr If iiin'mian,
r rlunclman. I're.si-
fradt. in Nettling
oolllara aaaarl
1 m mint rat oil ii ni
not live op to ihe promtaai made by
David Lloyd lienrga, Minister if Muni
Hons, on his trip to Wale, and irinist
tliat thcae promises he kipl Tltey alao
are dlaappolnted h the report. d failure
of Mr Huuolman to racilva a daputa-
ton of nilnen sent to present their
gtiavanci a,
In his award Mi Itutiriimm tn-
cludad wage uom aa una, but n number
uf the- miners' dinuuidi regarding work
ndil ions, hours ,,f
and a r-
im 1 at inn a i rangameni w
The new st 11 ke as
KUII Wl'hout
I the approval of 1 h
1 tion, the aiaoullvi
mlmra' organlsa
e DOUncll of Wllirh
n to-da) rond mnina
' ailnpletl a resnlut
1 in,- atriKe um unautnoriatMj ami uramK
1 1 he men to ret u m tn work, pending
further negol latlomi, Tin council alao
hai aent u delegation to oiidoN to mn
fer with Mr Kunt'lman ami attempt 10
1 Induce him to reopen uonatderatlon of
the earlier ilemandH
, The M ne t iw nt-r. Federal ion r-eut a
lueaaagt lu 'he itrlkera to-day urgently
1 aquaatlug nu ra to ret u ,ti to wrk at
Iff,' Tut i In
Diileh lo'iirrnl Igyi rm of Iti
I'MalOa litis Hencheil Interior.
wtreleaa Io London. Ju.
2". The Arnhetui COMfRNI prints an in-
terv ew slth the l hatch lien, Van Dar
iloera In whlcii he hints at Important
events In l1!- Koviii and I'ourlatnl dtS
iruta. arhers itT von Hlndsnburfj is in
(."Ommand of tha ierman forces Tha
1 uf h Bsnsral a. s .
Tha Ruaalan srmy. as a ho, proi-
nbl ts in full dineulut ion and lias no
hoi nt maJtlns a succsssful stand on tha
Minsk lln--. The Kunnian ttovemmsnl
; no tonajar able to concaal the truth
from the .atbm. KuSUVan fugities,
fofcad t laaVS their homes, spread he
trut h of t he i larman Invasion to in
t rior Kusnia. and often k;igget ate The
altUHtion, lnereaina the d;siourage
ment. '
I nt rat lied
mid BT
It I Ml I
Ra im nioiirfl
pain it aasars
He l n em I U
tn t olors.
i Rjaarasl raWa HeaasicAfs Tsi si
tdOMOON. Aug 2T. The thuJy Muiftt
corraapondstii at Psrotirad iya in a
' daspatCel to his paper :
; "I'pon a front of ISO mllSS the new
' llunnlriti letiremetil is being earned out
in giMid trder. There has leiii no seri-
j ous toss incurred in tin- raarsuard a
toiiH shtch .tif beinf fouarhl to hnid
the enemy no th it the retreat may be
OndUCtSd without haste.
"T!,e War urrl'e slates that the re
treat is not taking plans under pressor'
Tint the rSaoUrcSS of the command."
ami t lie activity of t lie troops a i e un
impaired In proved by the OffsnelVS
i north of Vllkomer. to relieve the pr -Mire
of the enemy toward Pried rlchat ad t,
south of IE ign . ii ud Io force the I ler-
mans to ssnd troops from the latter din-
. trlet to i hs former
"The announcement that the new for-
I tilled line of defence is ready fr o vu
pa(an has OjUlStSd public opinion. I'os
tsrs tO-day rail out untrained reservis:a
between the age uf Ii and ;17 belonglnir
tO the flisl category of the mil It la.
This aildltlon and the clans of lilt,
which Is now legninina li.tinlng, will
give between-
Thl hilini.fr of nnMitTri KuM.. in a-
paotad to put in the (laid iii tiu manner
I'emTllie'd pvuleiilly Was (lt-'lrtetl ity tlu-
iw itlah voitHtir.
Moldici'M f Brill L'w liiin'i
ith Kffool iitlpodenntj
Also Win.
I.OMhiN . AllR
torees on the
2" The Fran, o- Hi Utah
ialllpoli I'emnsiila are
m poMKeemon of tha land
in'W virtually
oKerlookinu thi
tending almoal
to the Reutir c
iuir nf Barpa ami tx
to tiabe Tape, according
1: rrapondant.
a higfh tiiiiute ia paid b the corre I
apoiidanl (o the lrinli division lor ti.eir !
gullani eharga on a Tiirkisii hiu to thai
hit of, tha flu via Hay poatttone, which!
I he daaerlbai in this way;
"The Turks .ame oul (( meet them.
lami moat exciting bayonai RgiHlng fol
! kwed Bayonet wre Raahlng ami t
I aiabblng for aavaral mlnutea before tne
Turks Eegail to five w ay Then they
I left the oraal and ran dOWn OVOf the 1
, ridxe. the Irish Btandltlg tip and firing
i down on them, while a Intervals. Brltlah
I machine guna on the hills. Itehhut
ilr wned the sound i t (he rifle fte 1
whenever the ifiinneis u e ahle to get '
a clear lew Of the M.-. ); Turks'
leaerlblng the battle of Marl Hair Mill.
Which ihe New Xt-alanderH and Austral- I
lana captured, bul later had to evaeimte. i
: the corraapondeui aaya
i "The dead lie thlek everywhere and
the atanoh is appalling on the nth th
Turks came down In ar.-at hum bin and
(ned lo sweep our men oft the hill ail
Ifrel). They iheniHelves were driven ,
hio'k, however, with frightful losses I
lllt.' VtlHi'U. W.aU. I,
iNins ta ntimu'i.k. via Londoti(
37.- The official rui kish statement la.
sip d hern io-dM follow:
Weak hostile f.ueei Which attaiked
our l tt wing at Md-el-llaehr wi ie
repulaad thei nite fherf ti nn
Athena OnArnitcfH to Prevent
RMhipment of Import
lions io Teutons.
Paaia, Aug. IT. Tha Haraa Agency
COrftSPOndanl at Athens says that the
I'.ntente Dowers and ilreeee have reached
,m iigreement providing for enlarg"!
tradf ptivtlegoe between Greece and the
Bntontt countries I'nder the RgreO' j
monti Importatloni into Qreece are to he
allowed wltttOwl bindrani e on the bas's I
of trade statistics, liree. e undertnkli g
to prevent roexportatlon to Oormanyi I
AutrlaHun(ary or Turk) and la p t .
mil nee transit over Orwk territory of
all goods destined for BulSUfil and
The agreement is regarded, the corre
apondonl says, as a good augury for 1
further negotiations between the Venl- ,
zelos UlnlRtry and tha Allies and nan
given the Impression that public opinion
in (Ireece fuvots the Allies in the present
seni l-otllclll I I'aper
turri'lilriil w lib
gpafMi i n,, peegatrA Tut si
Nisn. via London, Ant Th sem,-
I official Sriiiiiipiorii. rferrlng to the
i rgotlatlOtll between the Kutenle I'owera
land the Balkan stales, aajmi
j "When II i the KntenteJ Bought by
I asking Berbia, Oraaea and Rumania to
1 sacrifice tlielr previous ga!n In order
: to achieve the principal pari of their na
I tionnl ideals by the extensive compensa
tion thev w
compel' nee
agri-c "
lUld roeelva. it would be ln
and lack of fores, (hi not to
II ii in ii ii tans Pfe pa rr hi !!
Moimrcti ii ml l.ermn n .
' Vseeati raafa Deassfcs: t- Tai n
Mt'CHASaST. via Roma Aug IT. The I
Rumanian t'onsula to Oarmany and Ann
Irla have been Instrtlctud Io hasten the
repatriation of Rujnnanlan nationals now ,
In the Teutonic emplies
' Kumaman banks and Industrial COW- ;
rerns an closlnsj iheir branchss m
I Transylvanls and the exodus of it i
I n anlana from the province is now at (
its height
With I. V Munitions, inn Wllli-
elaad Invaeloo rl, SaiMvltok,
fol J. v e n .1 Poieivlteh of the Ber
b;an army, Who Ii In New York to bu
munitlona, tbintu tha plan of the Austro-1
ierman allies to succor Constantinople
b Itlaklnj l..n drive through either
Serbia o: Bulgaria will fad and that
Conatantlnopta will fall.
"Serb. a prepared now ' ha raid. '
"better prepared Ih.m ever before She
lie indebted largely b Amertca fo: this,
for to American manufacturers Is due
the fact thai her army Is betler equipped
than ever befoie We have been able.
with ammunition and equipment pur
chased here, lo keen pace with the in
' creases in 0UI army mad since the
Aiistt-iaiis were driven across the noun r
; "Taking into ronalderatlon Berbla'a re,
noared military atrength, the a Rlcult) of
lier mountainous terrain and the bravon
j of her troops. It would take snrt.iiOll ile:-
I mana to aubjugate the country. I aa
1 100,000 llermana j it would take l. Jon..
! into Austrlans The'e la a dtffere I
I do not think th- llermana ran spare 100,-
000 or the Aualr'ana ,SCO,000; -o I
' U. Ink Serbia is safe.
i "As for Bulgaria, aba ;s a s nation.
1 cannot think thai sin .!! pirn.it f!er
many to send troops through 'ier terr.-
I lory 'He kliowa thai aha owes hci ea
' isience to Ruaala, and ahe haa Ilea that
1 bind her to Serbia. Human u and UraOCO
I I nil II Ii Ml
l.nruf nt In
ii niiii'Kft rf ea
Peaee Tl me.
. Tin si
pi peri ' lat
tile U i . of
M"IMK'B.H tlMl i!l
in tn t i man
th- tuco jreo-Tih It
sutmI.i Hoopti irtei
Xcwinurkrt and the meeting was one of
those ooraalonully' aanvtloned by tha
I Government on bahrtlf of the breeding
internet. II la stated that Ihe attendance
; rivalled thai of peace ttmee The receipts
amounted to IT.2IIU. The t. a. illsat" .
the i loverniuent betting ma bine, ban-
lied H2.2Tiii iie'.s, which approached me
record number handled in times of peace
The Tneglieht Kaadecaaa ref.-rs edi
Sltorlally to "a nation Which after a year
In arms against a world of toes can
iinis prove how intarnally tirm and
strong she remains."
Other papers also refer to ii,,, meet
ing as alt evidence thai conditions are
Unaffected b) Hie war and rejoice that
the meeting showed the fully of ihe
i ierman era a in the past for Knglish
trainers ami Jockeys.
i 'oMe of Icrtnan paper
1 h reached
New Tork er4t erd ty i
publlahad aboul three
how that it as only
otitain artlclea
eaa an which
after the i !er-
man rucehorae breading lutaraata had
lualated that tin- authorities agreed to
aanctlon tne rare meet Ing at i loppe
Barten The meetiiiK had hieti origin
ally prohlbltad.
rrillieo-llrltlsll lie lean I Inn liii,inu
io Rearrange rean aalem,
Paaia, aub '.'7 i-'iniincr' Mlnlatar
Kibni today daalgnaied Octave Horn
bah of ii.e Korelgn . nti. e and Krtieal
M 'It. rage 111 nt Hie Hank nf l-'raic c ae
iiie r I'eiicii memnera or the committee
of French ami Brlllah flnanrlere which
will mcei in New Vorl, next month ,0
conalder tha best whh and maana to
Htablllaa the exchange rates through ob
lalnlng Krench itml Hrltlah credll hai
im. -s in the LTnlled Watee They will
ile. ari fin 'w Vork mi Mondaj
Huniberg la a direct r ..r the
Uanqui lie I' I'n Ion Parlaienna una nf
Hie ii. mime rrauoo-Herbe, M Mallei la
a dlravtor of varloua batika and Inaur
anoo oompanlea,
Kverj traveller leaving Kranue mual
declare the amounl ! eoln in his ims
aeaalon nml mual agchanga ail over mi
franc- ($10) fur paper money, under
ii decraa laaued by Klnai Ulnleter
RIbol today. Tha siep was neceaeltated
by tha iicarcity of silver coin, partlcu
larly along the frontier, where n aM
found mi invest 'gal inn that silver and
even copper ami nickel eolna were being
collected ayatematlcally and a premium
paid mi them fur export purpoee
The lugger t inn haa been made un
nfflclull) in. H i he lloveennienl would is
sue a new series nf col rut ami afta the
war ilemiinetme those now in el 'cnla
In battle off Helgoland Hi Rf lil a
Brltlah cruiser aquadron sinks two
i ierman cruisers, including the pio
I acted cruiser Mainz, and two de-
Hermans burn !,oiivain. Helgiuin.
ostensibly in reprisal for offences
committed aga.nst liciman troopg by
Pi sidente.
The captui e of KoeniRSbei K. Mast
Drussia. b RtlaBlaiM lg report-1.
News of the Ruaalan ocoupatlon of
Tilsit Is confirmed
Two small .lapnnese cnibMfl draw
Mist shota from tha batteries at
Rome Reporti Alto Orenpatioi
of ivnk After Attacking
Onio Ht'rioh.
,ni raafe Breaate Tar Its
l.ovnov, Ana It.- The Itallane hive
reached the outer fortlllcations of Trent, i
according lo a Lugano despatch to the I
Heuter Airency. The city, the centre of (
the 'Italia Irredenta.' commands the,
Adige Valley at its Junction with the I
Val lug-ana to the east and the valle
Of the tarca to the west It iherefore,
haa both are.il mllitari and aentunental I
Importance In the Italian eampalan
The official statement issued In Rome I
toda) tells only of m.nor mocements. ,
artillery engagementa and a bombard'
meiil of an Aueirlan pos.tion b' an Ital
ian aircraft. The atatamenl follow :
in Auaust 2",. while our tr.Hiia. ad
vanced on the Montonata plateau ami
als.i back of Montice'lo. cont nuents of
mountain troops assailed th, Logo
S uro pass and iVrnn Badote pos. lions,
o copying a peak. In apite of the bitter
realetance of a etrongly port. fled
On the evenlne of AUgUal a
hydpoplana bombarfled iha fortlllca
Hons of Una. returning eafely.
In the Val Hugana the etienn bom
barded BorgO, althouah our troops had
lot orcltptOd Iha town 'i r nt the re-
cat advanca. occupying only the ur
round ur mountain!
In tb.' upper fordevole Valley ihe
artillery duel Is growing more tenae.
The enom) again bombarded Plave dl
Llvinallongoi doing serious damaga to
the civil hospital We retaliated b)
bombarding Arabba ami Ch, r. where
moVementl Of troops and artiliery
weie siblr. Arabba Wga burned.
in ihe Carao plateau yeaterday tha
enetny, dlacovoflnt that we occupied
the foroal between Sdrauss.n.t and S.ia
Mart. ii . bombarded the latter. We
attacked and a bitter engagement fol
lowed, which ended in the flight of the
The Vienna report on the operations
on th Italian front Is as follows
The only region in which there have
I important engagementa was
Klltach, Here our troops repulsed the
all. tike mad. upon their poattHMia.
II , tohefl ii g tillonrns. it Moot unln
, ellihee (IO,
Vein ler 111
ia London, Aug. 37. Tha
djoumed tolay until No.
For the tlrsl time q the h'.s-
lory of th bod) two S
the i ink of tiie cuali
dallata Joined In
mary cheers for
tne rknporor al the close nt the session.
ihe i. .ii creating a Government trad
ing monopoly in nltroaeti products was
t , a preaa ad at thta aaaalon, if paaaeil
latei II p llbably will Hot lake effect until
after Iha war. Tha measure Is said lo lie
intend,-. I to meel a poaalbla Anglo-Atner
lean trust m cy anlde.
ii w i- tb. general Impreealon amona
1 the Relchetnl mambara that the fail of
HreatLltovak means that i lit- Ruaalaua
will not be aide to roaume the offenalvi
with ai proa peel of aucccaa
Ilrit Uh
II M ll II nnat l
iii Per la lee
He presen I a -
--I, llll.il
Kaerlal I'eeie MeaefrA t" Tm
ParaooitAD, Ant 87.- Daapatchea from
Teheran announce that ihe itussian ami
Hrii.sh Conaula withdrawing with mill
tary escorts from Khenglever to Kha
madaa wore attaekad at tha former place
bj Hen- gchuannamann, the German
Coneul al Tabrta. with armed men. The
Ruaalan ami untish party .suffered
The gendarmes, who themselves latch
have pc, u attecKeo ai many points, urere
powerless and the tablne was inmie-
dlately summoned ami a telegram sent
to the commander of the Peralan brigade
of i' s i, ks io send a detach ni from
Sen , four days march from Kheng
t Hore Hiu
Tin Si
fur Miilur
gaeeuil ' efti feeaan
I'ahis. Ana : 7 The Krencli loVem
meiil has placil ordara for mora Amer
ican motof i nicks 1 1 is imdrrstrHsl ih.it
the llona share of the new ordara for
high prload traoka went to the White
oompanyi while the largaal nnier fol
low prload trucks went to the Jeffrey
concern ana the largaal ordar for trac
t.irs in i lie Packard company The
i'iei e-An-ow cinnpany alao aaourad aome
ordara, mid n is ballevad thai the Valle
uompany also obtained a share
The total nuittbar "f curs ordered i
greater than Iha unlers placed in April
Agenta of iiie American ooncerni ai-
now ai'ii.B to Italy in searen nl' further
i . a, Pan is a liallaaa,
. .-;. i In Tiv. Si
RoMBi Ana IT. -II Is estimated that
approximately 0,000 Italian clliaeua,
Including 6 ntlaalonarlaa In Turkey(
are now under American proteolion,
gonial I iirollnlHiiH "hi lleuiira the
iioh Hplrlt" Bpeerb,
Tut: U!H telegraphed MM of its ror
respondents in South Carolina yeaterday
In ecu. I the icwn of leading South I'arn
IIiiIhiis on ex I iovernnr Pole lllense s
address before tha (lovernore' confer
ence at DoatOn in advocacy nf mol. spirit
as being aaaanttal la idierty.
Tin- eorreapondanl replied Us follows:
"ll would l.e a waste of your money to
send 100 words oil Hie II lea M mutter.
The election a year aan howetl the
M'Titiment of tho ra
of smith (arollng
Many onaldtr it an
preaeniailve people
regarding llleaae
II Insult lo the Htate
to ,pe il, on the sub-
th.it in- wuh liwltrd
ijeci ne treaien iov Ma imliiK 1 1 epr -aanta
Um law abiaina alaowui." f
t he treutt rt (
Must First Find Way to Raise
NVooVil $75.000,0(10 In Ik
of Buying i.ooo.
The Chinese Oovernmem la the lateet
recruit In the movement to arm for de
fence. That Oovemnient Is turning lt
attention to submarines Hiid Is consider
lug the purchase of 100 at a
. I .out j:;, nor). 000 If the plan
financed, An Admiral of the
navy and thirty associates, u
of whom are teihnn.il men, ate
can be
now at
New Lomkn Tiny have n Ihere fo.
a month Impacting the work or the liieu
iric Boat Company. The pvrohaaa M
ubmarlnaa, ir Ii is concluded, will ba
from the KWctrlc Boal C pany.
Intervals cloaely connected with tne
comiiany said yesterdai that the Chinese
naval eomrolaalonara now at New Lon
don have been Riven authority by their
rVvernmeni io buy io aubenarlnaa if
they can wet the financing. Thki is rec
ognized as an obsia, le of almost Ineur-
moun table difficulty at the preeent time
fhlna has no money that It iMUld spend
fur this parUBaa, lie credit l not such
thai bankna here would be arllllng to
arrange for a In loan at this lime,
especially In the face of the demands
1 o loan from other c. uutrtea
I' was aald yeaterday that a serial
note Issue bad been HUggeOtod as a pos
sibility . if the purchaae were made. No
.ittemiii has been made, however, lo
praaanl the financing for serious consid
eration by the banking Interests In New
Vork. who.-, support wou.d tie neccaaary
to make tr successful
Though much doubt waa expesseo
yeaterday thai China anauld be able to
buy ihe anbmarlnoa for some lime at
h-asl. the fa t tha: the Chinese Govern
ment is study. nil the problem 01 sub
in, r. lie defence al Brat band Interested
Wail Sfeet groatly. It Waa said estei
i.ay that Ihe Chinese representatives at
New London had recened Information
from linn I Inc. en nier.t 'hill the inn sul.-
maa-lflaa were to l onle ., fi.irl of the
numb, deelred and that there would
bt ord re for many m re. pr Kibly l.nno.
Tins number was regarded aa fantiurtlc I
under present conditions and aj, typloal
ol til- large terms in wh eh the Phmese
laik before considering practlciil diffl-
Klectrlc Itoat interests denle.l that
China's real purpose was lo deliver
the submarines to Great Britain after i
geiuug them.
The dealings that Charles If, gchwah
has had in the past with the Chinese and ,
the h gh legar . in Which he Is held by
aartaln rhinaaa lovarnment ofBclala, u la
believed, .a Used the Chlnet
me Klectrlc Boat company
to turn to
Tnis company Works in conjunction
Willi the lietblehem Steel Company,
through the latter's Kore River shlp
build ng plan:, mid o Ihere, In the manu
facture of lUbmarlnai The hulls are
built by the llethlehem Steel Company
and the engines anil fittings by the
Klectrlc Boat Company, which control
aubmarine and torpedo patents that
are Ihe standard for submarine con
struction throughout the worl '
The Chinese admiral in charge uf the
OOmmlai on has taken a house ai New
London. The commlaalonara have gone
thoroughly over th, boa's How being
built by the Kiectric Boat Company
for the United states Government and
also tnose being built fol the I'.ri lah
Government for delivery after the war
The cost of the submarines Wanted
oy inna is said to average
"ii ea. n. me cost or un ei se,,
boats vares with their llie, from about
1600,000 to 11,100,000 Which Is the
coat the big boat now be.ng built
for the lulled States OoVemtnent.
t ii I ei bury
Man win tiskr .-.on,.
Bealdea the Hga,
Aug. Roawell
a. larii. toimeriy or Kansas c.iy,
living here, and controlling a large
lery ayndlcale, haa Just taken an .
I 011.-
lor guns alnl spells. II" la t
I"". .iinn rifle .an ridges mi
Clip l.. hold tnein
equip one or two buildings,
in New York o io bl ip
I Ml
pri -si s bought
Ihe Imi he
s bai galiu d tor on
iady te ,i ina
Mi ci.uk ia aln
portions of h s atervillt
anu n.n o'uin me nrai test order for
delivery by November in ,,r before, Ha
Is now looking for a tirm to make n
in Dion rules, as he doesn't want lo
in Die two lines These are Inn trial
a ders
Tim Chaaaa Rolling Mill Company
competitor! of un- braea combine re
fused ,, IS.000,000 order for brass be
eauag a has ordera to lam four year
ilrr fur
repraaenttng ti
'f Manchattai
naprvia io (.1,,. or-
Haai iore Tone,
- Joseph Ward.
. iia.i-ri, ku-s compauj
. I'.iiul.n.d. Iiaa nlanall
order i n
tOUM tif .
Plttaburg f.r ihouaafnta '
el, II is said, tor ine M ivln.
Ordnance Work in Bngland.
1 Mr, W ard, wi n haa baan hLea . ,. . .. .
admitted that in- had neaotlat for
a 4t..iii.ii mn order nf aeinl-tlnUhed st.ei
I" .1 '. in tool si, ,. contra, t ,1a
t added '
"I do not think it ,s politic t.. talk
i wry much Juai now. However, i am
nrwuiwiing ;o: large quantltlea of
ana expect to Da line fur some
, longer,
PrlKaeabar, l'o n la Raid, Mae
io Bapaiad io nel orders.
shakos. Pa., Aue :'T The reorga ti
lled Prlgga-Heabury Ordnance Corpora
lion has ooncluded negotlatlona to ....
ovar tiie Mali furna. f the Rapubll
Iron and Steel Company ami the S'ortti
Worki of the Carnegie Hleel Contpany, n
i- snd. so us to use Ihein in the manu
facture of war munitlona! for whloit t
has l-ia contracts.
A. K. BorlCi Win In ,ul- l ie , .,
Vork capitalists now in control of the
DrlggasVaabury cuneern, declined either
io antral or dan, ihe likelihood ol me
to pi, ,nts nuealng into control of tin
new corporat ion.
Peeiroyara Klada Malg rieet mni
Dfleel it l.anainu.
Nolirot.l.. il . AUK L'7 -Klxti
w. ,1 1
uhlpii dropped Mnchor In Hampton K'.ni.-
Iti-day it ft it two WMUh "I" WUWikl t
ttvlt) along thi Ailanih vouni from liiii
Itefai 10 Maine A dnZi tl 01 ht I 1
will arrive ! morrow The lnos i
hara Mre the World. Ml(liliani Virfliiin
ArkiitiMiM, Texas. NehrasUa, lleorfliH ami
Maw JaraaVi t he def.it o am Tr inn-.
Kia ie, rat taraon. Qurrowni Aiuuiom.
.larviH, Kanttlna and Paulding
SfHlie of Ihe tulped'i flullllti ;irri.-
with thir war rolom '! Tha) wit.
utrtpad In w it and Btw patni the
tornado haal t royam ii'm ie,i t.
have won . big vtt'tary during the aai
Ifanie hy eluding the main hod) Oi the
Meet ami effei linn an riltran IhfOUgll
the 1 1 net of! the foaat f Maaaacliuw tii
is an avenue witliout
car tracks on, abmr tr
under ground. It is sin
gularly appropriate that
its transportation prob
lems should be solved in
a way that is in keeping J
I with its character and ,
traditions by tlie
J i.
Form, II h iintriii n
norn, $1,0011,0011 1 1 i , i ,i 1 1 v t
('eiitrflllKc liiinii i.'iiiiih'.
nri ,n' ' il'il lit'l-il-
HJgfggOAM, Aug. 27 !.
, Pajiei S
announce in- mi
Bremen on Tua aday ol ih ' '
Company of 1011, Ltd
of II, nun nno. Tne etll rprlsi
by t lie I Nrutacha I in
leaeUechaft a mi : I Ucui
Hank anJ is backed b
Itr men cotton trade i
and Ami roHungai an Got!
Th- combat y has been f"
Inline the Importation i '
tbe war. The Auatro-llei u
.mil aplnn ra w in plai tin
ina ol ders w ,1 n 1 1 .
i w,u ,,, , m,. whole amounl
Kan expoi tei s
iit ii r tt Broker BaM
Haa iitu mmiiI
The t il i Ofl "f .1 vh '.'i-
ln Oet many aa a ranult f (in
j m-imii in aWlartng ii'' f -
! are untrue, ccordlni t n
1 a Phtlailalphioi vottm
gfcharab arrived yaate
in:Ti . romlni bj wa3 uf
tha NorwaiJlaiiAtfiei
MOamiaii . itaing
now, tt ir t rue'' h Midi 1
, not hflaun tbara Ii none In
She :..i lat -i -U'i'i;i ,
I kepi nttnoat itficr iht- aai -
fnit he.iiK louetiau "
laal 1 k'tuber ih" Qerman t
:(..ii.inio bales. None ! t
None of
lieu ale H
bean Imi
tile Will
used Thar
which hai'
geoden sin
lo supply all needa ,'
Mr. Schwab Said '
atrength is by no
"rihe has 3,00ll,01
Flrllalo llrliatliia i hiniu
pc,. I iffcfrl br.l-l' I I
I X) NOON i Aug -T Tip ol
bureau annoiiin na ' It il
publlahed w iiii i, f n
altlon of t he Itnani I imas
llnlted Stale arc ptctnaluri
tar, the olflclal slati ineiu
( uudel coneblei ntloii b i 1
! and i hi- names will I
, colli SO.
el leu I
! perior Cu
i nlaod a ii
I iertl llde
' Tletletnatii
Yin k Li nk
i in i in K.t
i d v
Tie. I. II,.,
.Ill IK.
I Hi
I sustained ' 1
, mann, w
sill! ol' Mi
.1. itui fi i
A.I- til, d
Tiedem ii
lion and
i rhurged deeerlli
Iti n i .1 voice M
ra. Tte.lein.l
Kebruar) ". III!
, weal with har T
i gave
Mr Tied.
I ,,1, inn Will 'I
Mrs. Til de'n nil
1 1 eii, i on (he c
awarded illn
child. She 'i i
full) s in I Mi
alimony In S.
While tic-- U
iimrti brouglil
necticutl. but
l .In..:
Preparing lor its Seventh
Annual Carnival
Septbr. 7, 8, 9, 10,
, und m it'll U (
, -Mil, leiillir-- '
i if Onrntv iw
in pontutn -
, th.' Miitlinral ami "pi '
Hi.. nr:.i
riiega Hoati i ' l-' -
II H I'.i.m-' id M
I i -pri'i i I i' . - -
uftt-r 1 1,- Well
A m the HU) inf nl 1 1
roh 11 nt tl.- N ' ll
' Areih- rejii.ii,-. .. in) I
iirt h, HUI'IHOUMI ' 1 '' v
(lo- limMii ' 1 1
Of t lii'K1 MVVler4oiM 1' M
ppvel i Klrt irl( i
p mini with 0 :'K'' '
i tiiirc iHal te.'s-ti- rmi
lit' Mtatl luu JiipMi "' lv -1'
ft.irkM r l III) i tie- i.e. '.
UtttunU) nf: rn
1 1 i.-,i i fii i.irrlHgn 1
V i k alth inutw hn
i 1 'ell' I I tO eUletl ' I 'ell i ' 1 '
Hti-l gluriuueij rru t
I'll rt-
Korth iif i' i n i .... in
i , t h fegtounii '! ting' mvet
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Thi nr- i i mu ( f "
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