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Partly cloudy to-day. with showers:
partly cloudy to-morrow.
Highest temperature yesterday, 71 ; lowest. 59.
I -tHllel weather, mall Md marine repot ts on page 1 7.
Yuan Shih-k'ai'a Eng Hah Home. 1
Purchase of estate believed to show China's
dictator hesitates between coup d'etat
and expatriation. Sea Page 3, Sec
tion 3, of to-day's SUN.
in (HuTuon ( out ro:
versy to Attack Kor
oijni Policy.
KTriniinul Deterioration" in
ftavV in Past Two Years
Is Charged.
s Stand Toward Mex
ico Made Germany Dis
regardful. Tha Roosevelt -Garrison tilt over the
nbllc rebuke administered on Thurs
day to Major-General Leonard Wood
for Inviting CM. Roosevelt to speak at
the Plattsburg training camp was con
tinued yesterday by the Colonel with a
Statement in which ne uiaaaaan .
. . m hirl neemlt ted
tke Administration h.id perm.iieu
criminal deterioration" or the orn,
unrv of the navy and sneered m i
a" . , I
President Wilson for hla notes to Uer- ,
any and Mexico. Opl Roosevelt said ;
' " . "tlma- 1
(hat Mr Wilsons notes were ultima
turns'' that brought the nation into j
diarenutf and were the real cause of ;
gisreputc anu "
the lof. of American lives on snip
that w. tv torpedoed by Herman sub-
gjgjHaag He udded that stern words I
Ihould be used only by
those SfhO i
j v b ,,,-rr. u-iili strength
CDUiu " ....... -
BjgraUn WarriHon In a StKW
yesterday .aid that I JS w.a JTI ! -BJJ sTwiai as'
an advocate of national preparedneaa I or(l JJ JJJ th(m If ne ha
I, the folonet tmt that he would atop , f(ui)() some strong.r than I was able I
ghori u recommending that "our prea- l0 flnd M run, ,h rl,k ,IBl i wm
rat Uic of preparedness makes It , ,orrow them He will. I feel sure, per
deatr.ble to engage in war with four . lrnt mt , uo ao much without requiring
.,; tt.,n." me also to borrow his Idea that our.
Roosevelt, replying last night.
' . L.-.L. VL'or to
ramade auch a re- !
asww ,
mark, demanded that the aetre.ury .
Osmonatrata bid lie'.tef In preparedneaa
by get tine his own Department In ur ,
der and compared the pence achieve- '
ments of his own administration with i
thai of I'realdent Wilson.
uutt "i i reasaeni ,
Celeael Jali. liorrlaoi. Aaala.
Col Roosevelt's statement follows:
i L.trison now wishes to disao-
..... kl I. Kn the Administration.
He II the Servant of the I'realdent. lust
u Mr UanlelS Is. Each servant noes i
etiai the Pr-sldent uuthorliea or permit (
him to do or say and the President Is)
fullv represented In both.
If Mr Harrison tloes not object to the ,
plea I mads for preparedneaa In the
n. - v. .... .. I nnlv I
ra-her' .hit he does object to my protest ,
gainst hyphenated Americanism. For I Jor-Oen. Wood by Secretary of War Gar- , (.Bmw,Kn , f.lvl)r of n.e B)r riMH on
he spee. ii was practically confined to ! rison for permitting Tbeodote ttooseveil carried on In the ter
... . . -V. . - . mm I mm Hnaaw at I lie flattsbiirg camp was a .. ... .
these two subjects, except for a very
M and women in Mexico and on the l
slahsaas I
i..i Mr. Qarriaag ba oncr.,,. h. I
sys n. will go as rar as i win
preparedness. I assunic, therefore, that
III heartll backs up my proposai for
will go
aiverssl military service, if so i
hearily congratulate htm and assure him
that his p,i.it ion Is proper.
"I laid also that for thirteen months
w had failed in any way to prepare.
Doe Mr Garrison deny this? Does
tie en) thai President Wilson's message
last December was an elaborate piea
against igch preparedness? If Mr. Gar
rls.in doe deny this, then he must use
words without rotation lo their real
I hallenge in Sri rrlar) of War.
"A;,,in. Mr QarriSOn, In bis conclud
ing sentence, says that my Idea Is that
Ollr lire-ent stat
of unprep.redn.as;
mak.s i desirable that we should go I
to wa- wilt, fr.i.r .,r Ave different na-
Hons' ohallanaTS Mr. Garrison to
" Mutation from anything I have :
mt written or spoken In which 1 have
esvoegted i!in to war w th four or
rj ... ,..i. I I..-.!
Wr sdvoeated a-ulna to war at all be-
MUM ol out unDrena redness, I
II. km, as I never said anything Of I
th" kind and he would do well hereafter
! artrmnt to I i.i least annrnxlmatelv 1
When In- r.urnoits to ouote what I ,
at ,.. ' . ..
"As M,- Gar. is..,, Is engaged In an at- Charles J. Bonaparte. T. uman H New
t. I nn i i.i k . hrrv Hudson Maxim. Major Genius
r Bo
thing he nan himself afford to1
the lime ItiMI 1 W-HH I'M
Mnt, uven ami one-half years, not one
It'" ., firetl by America, i soldiers or
sillor. against an) foreign foe and not
"i" An,, r can s,,ior or soldier was killed
foreign foe During the time
Harrison and Daniels have
Hi" Cabinet of President Wil
an.. 1
aw 1
li, an three years. President
"1. Ill 1 .. mtmmmA ,. . .. .11 one
"' M" n ami one with Haytl.
i rare for facts, not names. And if
''' Llenl Wilson mi. ft Meusr Garrison
son and Messrs. Garrison
Ind I. ,.,..r,... ik. i i m. 1,1 muv
thai n "... a
SHI ,.,, .....i n-u... with
aayii, i
tun i i
ami u i
perfei t ly
.ntenl lo substi-
Hut while Preal-
was thus waging peace, a
,. of American soldiers or
arlnss have been killed and
i Vat
crus. on our own sou
Mexican border and In Haytl.
of Commerce Retlflebl I about 10 leave
lalll l "iBiiolile War." h, i-ablnet because of Pr.ald.nt Wll-
" M Harrison deny this'' Does son's displeasure al Ibe way he ton
s' ,H u, ships and marines ' ducted the Invesllgatlon of the Kastlantl
0 t ,!( vera Cms for the j disaster at Chicago. The best Informa-
't i I,. mm ,,ur flag saluted, that tlon obtainable, however, t that Mr.
In.! . , ,,f American live and ' Redfleld's hold on hi post Is Just about
s. t r.iGt Pnse.
FIRST - General New
SECOhD Sporting, Automobile- Kenneli
THIRD War Article, Foreign. Drama. Rooks. Queriei. Chew .
FOURTH -Pictorial Msgann.
FIFTH Special Feature Magaiine, Faahioni . .
SIXTH -News of the .Summer Reort . Semi-News Article!
SEVENTH Special Feature. Real Eatate, Gardens. Poultry. School. I mancn!
Problem. ........
EIGHTH -Catholic School.
Rtoitrs or ntuisotaltrs who Jo nol rtttitt oil
rn The Sun" hy noUfyint the Publication
(2200 Botkman) and the mime sections u ill
Verdict Musi stHnd. Adds War
Beeratary, Answering
T. K. Ajrain.
Wasminoton. Aua. ?8 offering to
Isirrow all the voc miliary whlcti for
mer President Roosevelt could supply In
support of the movement for better pre
paredness, but refusing to borrow his I
Idea that the fnited Slates should go I
.o .r ..e.oi, . .h,. ...e..., ,
..' Wmm .11. Irr .lute. .
ment to the wordy passage which has ress.
developed between Mm and the Colonel , one of the ilet inan machines was
Inoe the Ptatteburg affair. With to- ' .lru1 1v rc frimi ., French aero
day's utleranoe Secielary (larrlson on- .
nvuncsl that ie w Mid have nothing i PUU" and went tumbling to the earth
further to aay. He ald I 1 The aeroplana and Us Pilot were burned
"The caae I closed and lite verdict j tQ .,.he. -
must stand. . i
"Tnere Is i.olhlna in Ml. ll.MSevell's :
plea to reopen the cane mat would make
it pi-oper to ao so. rne pajrwrowi
official reasons between ien. Wood and
wh anJ ( ni)t .)r,,,.rlv
concern Mr llooaev. lt. I do nol require
Mr. Roosevelt's SMig) nice, to determine,
what they are or should be and seriously ,
(f rjagigral doe,
"The Adinitiltrtlo:i i outside of my. I
si If ) haa liad nothing whatever to do'
- muUr a,, Ur Rooseveltl
l(.erpfore could not have obtained any :
authentic knowledge ot t .. view of the'
Administration concerning hi Speech or
.- ... iir.ni:i ..ml
bis conduct from anyihltiB that I havet
said or done.
"As to hi asaumpt'.on that 1 ob- !
1r-t In Ihe mstilnff of strong pleas for '
j, j ,,..; prepnreilness 'It would tw 1m-1
possible for him to entertain
more .
... lh. i
.... I haiva mn.
present state of nnpreparedneeS makes
It desirable to engage In war with four
or v. nHllona.
.,Ag tf buffooneri tut, tin. I oionm.
Remmber nilt wh,n vou ,ul, our ,e j
(MJ o() ((J rri evl.M lf
iurt, 1oo mu,.h to laugh."
Hecretary Harrison had not up to
nP he left 'his office lo-nlght re- .
agtvad the letter which Ge. Wood la
. k... ,,., him defending
renorted to have sent
bis course in Inviting CoL Hoosrvelt
to the flattsbiirg encampment
on I'ol. Hoosevelt's latest offering Mr,
OarriSOn said to-t.lght he hatl no coin-
He added that he Is thr ug;i
- - -
fgs)0TV f.MPBS'rtV
Dele,.. . Morlet) Uaata to , ksun
mnd on rreparrdneaa.
The public rebuke administered to Ma-
to speag "' '"",'"''''"". n
upon Mm to give a definite Statement
a to nis puniwuiivi. . --
imttonal defence. e
303 Fifth avenue sMWH ! ''
S. Thompson chairman d ushlnv
,..... of the soclelv. declares that gaC.I
aucceedlng ftaybrtag. additional ev,
ar'trie vdmlnlstration at Washington, is
ni un Meaaalva campaign
redness, it charge-
J-nTXLt tha Admintatratlons
u....i.r,. Garrison ha stilled
"i-.-.. . , ........
..... HBllllaeW hi, i I 1 Ml IIUS 'I
lac v. ..,.,..w . .
" ; - .t .... .!.,-.
1 ,...aiti,.i, Kiiecific charges
.........l tne trill I l-eKltltliiiK i"e ....,..
are made In connection with the recent
D,i i-reoaration (ongress in New
York on Flag Day.
The letter quotes neproaonuKn
,.hln of North Carolina, chairman of ne
Ways and Means Committee, as saying
and I will re-
"l am u small navy man
f,e to vote any appropriations for the
rtreadnouglit type f ' Jl.shlP. TP.n
uki If Wa aWttidi la tttat
letary Garrison or or me aiiitims n
.,.. Tl- e. retarv Is also accused or
having Interfered with the propaga
of the American Defence Society.
The four other trustees or me socieii
are J. F. Hubbard. R. Neeser, I an
Thompson and I'leveland MoTTett 1 ne
advisory board of the society Is s
advisorv noar.i ..i ...e .-
, ,.,,, .....i of Theodore Roosevelt.
i m n, Theodore 1100
Haven Putnam, r re.lerlc K. i ouaeri an
Roland H. Biggs.
, ,,.,, on fr ...... tttor lalgulnary war ao that they might delve
Jer.e) DlsernllteU.
WA.H.N0T0M. Aug ..-m m.
jLi.i.nirv of War ur mm is aoou. ...
sietieiary m
, . ky nnsltl.in In the Wilson Cabinet
for Governor of New Jersey, were dis-
in ..i" turn -
' .,.utetl here to-night
... vie t la
It wa saitl on
,. .... ...t ... Garrison has no In -
Wniion pi.rv.igrn ih.
' . ...!...: hi ... .....tress
the Secretary
wltb the Importanoa f
, ,. I .... vice he could rentier by
',,..,. the stnndar.l bearer next year,
; b ,h.v have received no encourage.
"., IVL' ,.,,, Mr Garrlsm, or from
: white House.
I i,,.hr rumor lias II Hat Secretary
a secure as mat ur any meinocr ui i.n-
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, AUGUST 29, 1915. eariai, iim, ti pnnn
of these stcllons uill confer a '
Department at once tu th; phon:
he promptly fotuariei if potslh'e
Aeroplane. Pnt to Pllfrht Af-I
ter Four Reach Outer !
fences of City.
special ' .Mi Otaasiea , Tnr Ic
Pawn. Au. IS Six German aero
planes net out early thin morning to
raid Paris, but fulled of their object
their course
They were driven mm I
bv French aircraft grid I
vi. '
,... .o .... , .... ... - , A
...... t r. .-nr.. hat th- r t Of
, .. .,,, ,in of
the incnn-iit was as ioiiows.
This inntiiing at about 6 O'clock
,-ix Qemtan aero;, lanes, three front
the region of Solssotis and three
from the region of t'omplegne, flew
in the direction of Paris. Tiny were
not able to attain the.r objective, how
ever. and dropped bombs ant)
on Nog. iit-sur-M. .rue, Mont m.i em y.
Moutfermelt, llibecourt and "om
plegne. No casualties have been re
ported except at the last named vil
lage, wh.re two hospital employees
and one child were killed.
The enemy aeroplanes were fired
UKH at various points along their
course ..s QUlckly as they were ob
setvtd and were pursued by uu' avi
ators. The commandant of one Of our
a.-rinl squadrons pursued one of the
German machines from a height of
H.dOu meters (nearly ll.ttt feet) and
brought It down noith of BoaUg, The
aeroplane and the pilot were found
to be bui ne.l to ashes.
Unofficial reports say that only foui
neeoplanea partlclpatsd In the attack.
These mu.-hir.ii apptoac e.l so closely
to Ibe cii that they were under lire
from IhS forts
which Immediately en-
olfOU. I'atis This nr.- St. Jn fact ,
not ror mem ana .nwj "nt
turn back
(s in,ev tlmt Ibe four aeroplanes
referred to in the unofficial reports
printed here refer only to the machines
which inai aged to c m
miles of en, these .
in the Oorman aoropli
epnrts a. hi that
plane which wi-
iir.ma-ht down by a French aviator two
Hermans were killed, the pilot and the
observer, while the official Statement
told of but one tierninn being killed In
the wrecked machine
I l. er inn it rpi-rs Ileum ml Mori- tlr
Until. Ill Knaland.
Igirlsl r6 le.ptin . Tas hi v
LatWBOM. Aug 28 A very decided
... newspapers, according to the latest
n llorllI1 jural urge the Govarn-
nent to turn an u ........
jitaek. or. "Z2Jm'LSK
" -
l MM
satisfy (i
than Hie destruction ..f London will
fleet of Zeppelins to the heart of Kng-
land to create hJts. ruli. th. cai,
,,,, nwy and furious demand upon
ti. rlnvaenmenl In this respect Is printed
in me rsMalisek. Raadscaoa.
"justice, every element of
i,,!;,;.' say this paper, "domanda the
ill". I I 1 1 i. Ol i....io.,n. ,..,.
l.,..- f . Tl...... IU 1.. lh.
, , ,1 i..,,..
i.i .... i,,i.,,. iu, -..t f,,r aerlu
wi.ote w,,,i.t .......
attack than the city of London, lhat
I glganil.
.. . ......
complex asseniiilage or limy
warehouses, with their enor-
moUS store of all descriptions and their
Inviting situation In narrow and tor-
tuous . greets
will be assured "
This miner makes the soinewnat as-
lH ,.H,r.1, and Bngtand is pUroad
i ..-..,.. ,hh mi
I such destruction, the paper continues.
! would not compare for a moment to
to me ilea... . ne u.. . . ...n ...
the misery In Invaded l-.aal I'ruaala.
Ilelgluin. the northern d.-parinienls of
France and the Polish provinces.
"Bngtand It was." says the paper,'
"which ignited th.i Conflagration, and
Bngtand ami her capital must noi ne
snared In consaoUOno. of that crime.
I i lngle ruined Kast Prussian family , 01 '"e KUaimnia case, ,... ., , .. ..
l ' . " . .. ...... ... ........ 1.1 hi a n a nt ths Govern illt-lil for a .lis
. i. '.... . . i, in i isa ii . . ..... inn a ... 01
..... i ,1,.. ,,.i.. Mint me
London merchant who, when Incapable
of a. I. line more sovereigns lo their
h.M mni ntwl auaaeal a. aan.
I tleeper Into llle gold heaps. "
.c uis,. IVacArl.'AfSN snOOUl
.. a . . . ....... ,1,.., i
,w , , - -a . ,. . ,
a rea.i. nits oe... ......... ..j. .. ..j
,.,.. a.a.. ..t.. ,i,..,
i the lePP.Ul
.,...... ..... .i.i.
. mi r Brave . . ... ..er., ,,;.- . ...
paper, "are not Inspired by blind hatred
, or raging linger, but by a solemn and re-
n.ii.u ,.c.. ill belnu Ibe chosen Instru-
I "T. .., h nrh.n than.
...... l.omlon breaking iiii 111 siiinke and
fir.- they win nv. inrougn
I 11... .St. I...
wbl. h nil
, lives of Immeasurable Jo
j at home must envy. Ai las ine long
; yearned ror punis.imen win ran on
i r.nslan.1 ami It people. liars and hypo-
crlles. ror ineir over Rowing u.e..u.
...... . . ... ,i. ... . . .,
of sin for agns past.'
tre of commercial and 'l.n.m-lal Ufa ta
-a .. . ... ... . .
! . l! .....i ..... 1. . .t. ..Ui. vr.. ......
w.lii.r ettiuoo ........ .. -
throughout Ihe garth It la on UUa
venerable shrln. of finance and on such
a larraMfaJ sph.r. that tlie uerman.
President Reminded of His in-
sMi'tieo on MFffedOM
of the 8nas.M
Xo strhiffs Attached to Offer.
Pence Hint Contained in
Nem Nenotlntlon".
Washington. Altar. Ii. til the rAWM
; of the negotiations about to be under-1
j taken for tlie StttltTMn Of the BUh
I marine controversy Germany, ;t i said
I here, will accent Whol she renin. In as a-i
'offer b) the United State to use It'
good offices with the Buropoan belilg-
rents m restoring i d maintaining iim
freedom of UM seas. 1
In other words. Herman) BSM""
nit the Fulled Ml.tteo already statin'
pledged to move In thin direction aaaim
Great Britain and that the pledge will
lw fulMled as anon as an agreement ha-,
been reached on the submarine laeue.
It Is learned hi well Informed circle-,
that In seeking a settlement of the diffi-
! nm... ..ill, tl... I'tll..,l States . lerrnai:)' M
-- --
OOnCOBBlonS grill not OS conditioned upon
action of this character by the United I
, ,.,, UertlMII)
! will not attempt ro Impose an) auc! i
I condition, I '.re She already takes It
; for granted thru President WHaan b
. vet. hla arm I airlrl . 10 enforce Ainei -
' caii rights a gainst Ureal Dritaln. As-
aiunlng tbs; the I n t I States will abid
bi these p. edge... Oer..ian therefore Will
not attempt to make them pan of a
settlement of lbs submartns con trovers).
' Slie will go OOl far as to make plain
to the fnited Slat-- the construction
which she ha put up..:. PTeStdent Wil
shn last note and her con fide n I Sgpscta
tlon tnat the United Slates Will move
aicainsi Great Britain's blockade of Oai
n..in as it affects American nghts.
pgoaldhMst's w rii
Tin paragraphs In ereeiaeni wnsona
last note which, accural rig to tin tei-
man assumption, pledge this Uovernment
to action and which tierniany const lues
an off'-r of the goo. unices or me
fnlted States to promote the iitsedom i
the seus, are as follows
The Government of the fnited
States and ihe lnipeii.il German Gov-
.-mi u are contending for the aama
great objects, have long stood together
in urging the very principles upon
which the tlovei ninint of the fntted
States now so solemnly insist They
aie both contending for the treednm
of the seas. The Hove: niiietit of the
United Slates Will continue to con
tend for that freedom, from what
ever uiiarter violated, without com
promise and at any cost.
It Invites nit practical .oOteratlon
of the Imperial Qerman Uovernment
at this time, when cooperation ma)
accomplish most and this great com
mon object be iiioBt strikingly and
' cfte. lively achieved.
The Imperial Qerman Qovernment
expresses thl hope that this object
mav be In some measure accomplished
I even before the present war ends it
can be. The Oovsmmenl of tha
j United States not only feels obliged 10
insist upon it. by whomsoever vioiaieu
Or ignored in the protection Of its own
cltlsens. but is also daepi) intereatsd
in seeing it made practicable between
the belligerents themselves and holds
itself ready at any time to act as -tie
common friend who may be privileged
to suggest a way.
Helium ci
There is no doubt in Washington now
ti..i tne settlement of the submarlni
controversy with Q.rmaii) which seam.
to guw more jirobable savh da) "ill
laid to the emphasising and magnify .ng
', ,., ,,.,. w., ,;rMt llrit.iin over
-allege., unlawful Intarf.ranae w.u,
American wmnwiw . v ' ... ...
' ' ... '. - :.; ...
apparent that ' -""' ' . . ...
.ngupo,, CniU
ment In thai "",',r-v "' "r tovw an"
against OrOM Hruain.
i What is lo ba the atlltuue Ol me
President toward Germany's assumption
that ths Admlnlstrat already stand;
. ,,,.OItte,l to lllore iiKoious .oioe
- . ... . ,
for t ie lee.lom ol me s.-.e "as ."" "
- ......
gd nut there is no doubt in Wash.
1 I... A. I, In Mtratlotl Will act
niginu iihm ."- . ,. .
ep.dily and with determination against
Gieal in Haiti.
The conferences held at the Male
u sin . Von Menisiorff on the'
j submarine issue have already progressed
to a point wnere a general p.ugiatin...
",0 be taken up dispose,,
Qf will be that of the Arabic That is
,. . ... ......,i..,.iiv .eiiie.t -,iie..,iv
inasmuch as Germany has formally
notified this .rovernment thai she will
regit. oe., "
give full satisfaction If II develops that
one of her submarine oommandsrs ex
oaoded hla Instruatlong.
I vieellnH I'realileul'a Delllnnds.
The next step will be the SSttlsm.nl
avowal and reparation
that Germany will not f. el able to
avow the aillKiug oi nn-
Lusitanla. in-
I asmuch as sin- already has plea I
has pleatle.l
justtllcaiion, DUI me "eei nere m inai
Mi.iiMfuetorv unilei standina can be
- rent bed through n gtatam.nl that Qer
..... . .,, n., in .ii a.n lo Hill A l it cans
, ...... . . -
.... ..... - - - --
lh.. I 'resilient s I f mailt Is for
guarantees as to the , inure ror sa re-
i .nu rrtinir tin, lives of Amir tans on the
, bign seas
of course, from a practical
is ha most Imiiortant of
lie. Wilson's naiitl
A Ithoiigb
i coinmunlcu t Ion baa been received from i
.I.i... ii.-ii., SViMlam I mice il is. I,, nn- the
life , " -
exact nature of the Instruction Issuetl
i win - . ' . ...', !"
naa w '. , hs ns true.
untie, gtXI d Informal t a tne I al u
......... imC
,,f lit' I if 1 llllttr.se,. i"-a. a .....
- . . . ... i nil. wo. to. .. v. a rum. or
: ,he ,,v-or ,ho"B
r- , -Uliri,.ees as to tha
i future. Germany, as the situation
- . .,,l,hlv will be nhliired
Mn;gg flZJEEL tg aaatlaaanl
I to taks into onaioerauon .ne sin. imani
rnMllHUKd Btcond Paae.
German Emperor Support
Hollweg Against Mnrine
Mlnlstrs .
f tSl ' tl K I'.R l .
f'vctf 'mr .Vfoff r.o ' pontint.
BMI.IK, x in The HaaTUO. Aug. JH
With the Mi)i.ort of the Kaiser, the
German Chanoellor, Dr, vn Retb
mann.Hollwaa;, g expactad to win the
tight he I n..w making for a modifi
cation of Germany's submarine war
fare that will forever settle the ilffl
rnltles with A at erica over the sink
ing of the Lasttaala and the Arabic.
Moth tin- Chancellor and Foreign
Secretary von Jagow are moat anxious
lft (,n(, ,u on
and for all time
controversies with tVaahlngton.
hriMK America's friendship. I
nble to stale this to-night on the Lest
of authority.
The Marine Department, headed by
Grand Admlrul von Tlrpltg, creator
of the submarlna policy, will oppoae
nny disavowal of tha action of Ger
many submarines. Hut the Kaiser
Is expected to approve the step the
I'hn ncell.it
m i roevign Hecretary I
contemplate taking, swinging the bal
ance iii favor of Von Bethmann-Holl-weg'
contention thai ships in ihe
future must be warned before Ihey
arc torpedoed.
Because of this internal diaouaalon
the Arabic crisis may 1st" aiiid to la
in Germany -not In America The
Foreign Office, strongly against tin
sinking of paaaenger ship under the
circumstances unofflclall) reported in
the Arabic case, made immediate rep
resentations to Amtxissguior Gerard.
The nature ..f these representations
Is still unknown to the German pub
lic. The L'sMSCallor desires to place Ger
man) on record n an ohserier of In
ternational law. There is consider
able discussion in Qovarnn.nl circles
a to whsthsr or not tha i.'i ha oun
templates will create a precedent for
the future. If II d u s. it will prob-
ably completely end the .trover...
With America, inciuaing tne tiinicuny
rnnr Ihe sinking of the l.iisitania.
attitude of the Chancellor, it will ma-
t.rlal.y Strengthen his position
that of foreign Secretary von JttgoV,
. . nollcv foe
establishing tin- roogt'cordlal relations
, America,
fhr fuifed Praag,
. ....... ...... wm ... , Mill, . M
KAISrJtt r It 1 11 1 I . i ) nn.-lft
A. If r. A r ftrfli i.w..nn
t'oatrorerai v tin tmeelea l ade.
Dlaeassloa Uvea Haatern Krast.
BgBMNi Via London, Aug. II. Dr,
von B.thmann-Hollweg, the Imperial
CSitncHor, and Qrand Admiral von
Tlrnlts have nol returned from the east-
ITU Hill". IU erillVSI ."-.. .n. H -
bv the K.nperor for a cunfor.no. on the
altualton growing out of the sinking of
the Arabic Admiral von MUoH.r, th.
Kalssri osraonal adviser on naval af
fairs, I also with the Bmporor, and It
is saitl lure that his lnflu.no. In being
exerted on llle side of the Chancellor and
Foreign Minister von JagOW to avert
,, break with lh. fnited Statea,
H.rr von Jagow at a conference with
Ambassador Gerard on Wednesdi) r.-
neale.i offi l. ill) to the American Anihas.
eador pr.ictlcall) lh. same assurances
which already hoi been nnmc ny iiie
c.hanci-lloi- reg irtiing iiie iiovernmeiu
attltudl tne sinking ol lbs Arabic
and tin- loss of A rncl lea li lives
No report leg. tiding llle .lest I'll. -t Ion
f the White Star liner lias yet I n
rec.lv.d. It Is said ...... I. will be t
weeks helole 111
last of the .ii-.iii.ii me
, opera una
IT Die coasl of Ireland at
the nine ol m. sinning 01 i ne i.iui
sinking of the Ar.itn
. . .... ...i........
It'll S iti tt 'I'-nii.iii
I d 111 1 rn 1 1 rmii-ra er l minis
1 ul i s ,, i i,
MmttUti CtUt fiumattk fa Tag Bus.
AMSTgSDAM, via laindon. Aug 28.
milit.tiv areas naitl.ulailv
i.h. Arlmlealtv oceans, la alarmed at Ihl
in. .,,. .
."!- """ ............. ............
I K wt,,ttnC'?;!i:
! marine warfare will be t lilicule.l th, ouul, -
Is I on, the world.
i ,, i ...a luiau ...
a.natv in favrn Vnnrina!rM.
I Sirpngl) m .
in, and there was soma blislna outside
aj rimmi am
the American Consulate ..n Prlda)
police dispersed the manlfeetanta.
The Qerman paper contain an un
ueual speech delivered n the Relchstsu
by Her. gtucklon, a illst, in which
hi .tell, lire t, I tie l.eilli.llt . ill. el - l.r
iiillin-. insultli.u and nr.stica.ng llieii
KT'TLII t'.-' -L- i.-t." II- l-''
nt. ni.rev.tr.. .i.vi.vvr
I blllit-ellor'n I Hon I Thettr. KeCH.N
In lie Heplni'lliK tin Tt rpl la'a.
In December last, before the initia
tion Of Germany's poll, y of torpedoing
march 1 1 ships
uas t.ut into .-fleet.
Grand Admiral von Tlrj
z sa d in an
interview .
"What will Air.eii. a eo if Germany
declare, .ubmarine.war ..p..., all enemy
mcrrl. itit flops " He continued: I gi owing In bittern. nis upuunwiii- - - -
Bnglandwantato.urv.ua Wa can complaining that h. a-as not sufficiently of Field Marshal von Mack.nsen have
plav the same game We can bottle her radical and that he was Inclined to, (t),,.,.j their way some twenty mile be
up '.in.! torpedo every English or Ally abandon the extreme aim. of German ,, hayond Brest-Utovsli
ship which nears any harbor in Great policy. The agitation was serious enough I
Britain, Ihereb) cutting off large foo l to cause the National Liberal party tO Mtaeks N ear Kaveli
lUppHes." Issue .. st .t.iii.ni denving l.n..wleK-. of been strong Qer at.
from that day to this Qrand Admiral an) ack of confidence in the Govern-
von Tlrplta has regarded In neutral ment. A few days later the National , tacks also south of Brsst-Lltovsk, In
countries as the father of the .... y of Liberal T. fir. ffamfacaaa urged tne j the region of Kovel, wh.re the Russlsns
sink tig merchsnl shipping without re- Chanoellor to resign ind suggested '"vt- Hr,. apparently falling back on thf I'ripct
v.f, r,tr tie e.-nei-a v l ecu; n : . laws
ot vlstl and se iren.
The linking of tha Lusitanla, accord
mg t
IKiri. current in Scan HnaVlan
oountrles ..t i'i-- time. -.;.s ., matter or
serious dlsagi eement In the Qerman Qov
ernment) t portl tieii ii.iiig it that
Von Tirpiti had resigned following th
sink. in." of thl leg liner with so mini
non-combatant and neutral llva. A f.w
days Inter despatches from Berlin,
through Dutch channels, quoted tha
Grand Admlrsl as considering that Ihe
Lawyer, son mid Paiurlitoi
Thrown Into Water nx Sena
Kwanip Rat'inu loi.it.
RfM.ON, N J Aug 2S ILic ng lit s
northwest gal. ov.r th. Rum Vacht
flub' c iii t on the South Shrewsbury
this afternoon, the knockabout Prnndo,
srtVi.i b) gamuel ltiker. Jr . ..f New fork,
was sw imped b) the heav) ..-as and
sank wvlthli a few mt: utes. Mr. Hiker,
hi daughter Frances and son, Samuel
ltiker Id. and L'harle. Traak were
thrown Into th. river and narrowly ea
caned drowning
l.ejig I swinitnei- the) man
net, I lo keep one another all
the steam yacht Flier, owned by Howard
S. Hold, II and lte.tr. I'll II Hon let,, the
feat. I crafl ill Sand) Hook Hay. am
Rumaon HID
..... .... I,'..,. , I.i.i 'till.,., .a,,,.- I..
their rescue The four snuggling in the
water were pulled aboard tl-e tliffer.tn
bonis In an .x4iau.t.d condition, but
were revived, taken to the clubhouse
and later hom..
Ml. Rlker ly a lawyer, whose home
i at 0I Madison avenue. Ma- l atum
lie lia- a slimmer liomt hct-i-
Bayaitl I "oinini.-k's TTuU'.c had pltmt)
of trouble. Iialng dl.maslsd wiui.. racing.
i,U i fa
aft stayed afloal Tin sail
,,f .,,, Hamlet sot: s Stoiiti i. unoinei
racer, was torn to inream ami lib
a breaking 01 .lays on .1 in icons 1 ump-
kin lorced luni 10 withdraw rrolll tin
Commodore Wt Ilium H. Potts's Klf .
handled b) B, '' Plelder, in m tl nil.
ran for the season tup. leading iinin
Ktu it to ti'iish in. I making ibe I isles.
lime ever r. corded over tne nine nil
.tnuraa 54 IlllllUtes I"
-."nulls la'
i III U I'll ,iei n-
Injur men aboard the Bit wen kepi
balling throughout tne r.oe i.. keep iiie
knockabout afloat.
.1 A. Haskell'. Matgaret was second,
minutes 10 seconds behind llu- Klf,
ami c. i. Halssy's Bflar was third.
I.I-. it-. Pre. ii li-nl In
laal i. os. in
II ll ll
It uasl.l it
rn. bll'.'..
s,ri ml Vtthll lt$0Qtt h tii
lit: Hi v
Bomb. Aug Is -Qffi
i.ii reports from
presence In thu
German) announce the prsaenct in lh"
r,r .'hoi.., :, i suecialli in I' .isl
. Prussia, and anv thai the disease .,1,, b,
,., ,..,U.I.. ... Biualen
i provinces.
VON jaoow
nil of Kaiser's Council in
sisis That Warning Pre
rede Attnrk.
maintenance of friendly relations with I
the fnited States was or fat less lm
porta nee than Ihe continual.. ,.t tha
SUhmarlne blockade, and that be favored
briug.t.g the
ited State- into tin . m -
nam "f Herman)
enemies rather than
accede to the American demands
The Influence of Von Tlrptta at this
time was remarked upon by the cortt-
epoi nt- He an gaided In Oar.
man) .s having had a great part r. ihe
building up of the tiermr.n nav) and w
said to have gteat Influence with the
in v.... Bethmann-Hollweg, the im
perial r'hancellor, has shown a different
temper It was he who. just before the
oIlllneaK ol Hie ..e
use. I llle . .lias-
' ' . .which . lerman) . tilth oilier '
e r" te ill. reu.tr.
itii.traltte.-d the lieu Ira II I III ,
Halarlum. and it was be who spoke
ihe Ite.el. .-lag of redressing, after the
,,, ,,, , Belgium.
The campaign against von oeinmenn
Hollweg became so bitter a, far back
.... .1,,.. tl.U 1 i.
fe.-ie, r JMtaag In aa inspired editorial forata Is being continued with unabateu
resented the attacks on th Cliancellor I vigor and the gains reported would In
an.i made a pda fr Internal unity. I dlcate tin. t. u. tin. egea,
..... 1 Narew, a town twenty mile east of
I tin iieellor i. .tins.
, the Bleloetok.Blelsk railroad, j ca,-
.tli.n tie past lew weeks me . a.n-
W.th.n tie past lew . -e
paln against the nan c.i ... sn awa
1 .11 1 1 i lel.r II ' g HI I'll"" " -
as Ins uvisr , ,
Dr von n.thmann.'ioliweg ippears iot. the north ..r Bielostok, whn the oh
have .locked nis upimnenta by mean jP,.tVP IH Wllna, and Iii tin region south
,f liis speech at I .. opening at
.f the
Reichstag w In n he ncvotea nima.ii
target) I" an attack on Great Britain.
tints putting himself in accord with
popular sentiment In Germany. The
Koelaiark. JfrWaap comparwl lh. present I
Chancellor With Ulstu n k. and the Ger
man pr.s generally rallied t" hU sup-
,"'rl 1
John (J. Hart l- Arrestwl After
Willi Tlmt" nt lantM
in Sen flatfi
Juhll G. Hart, president of the United
Urofll Sharing Shoe t'oinp.iti) and a
member ..f the Pone) l.land Hoard .f
Trade, was arrested last night in the
clubhouse of tha Atlantic Vacht club at
Sea Gate after Ii. had thrown 100 per-1
.on assembled there Into a panic by
overturning .hairs ami breaking up the
parti gt liclall)
According in G.orge Steven, super.
Intended! ..f lb. dub. Harl resigned as g
member las, Monday, bin yesterday
,,; afternoon appeared and mane nimseir ai
home. When sevci.1, ine.ili.er m-iiii.
him mat he had relgnd Mart tiare.i
I llll and said he Would be Mick l.llel
i . .,,,,1
show you somsthlng."
Hteven. telephoned l on.y isisno po-
lice slat ion. a
W man w.-l.
I I .elect iM-s 1 alltuali anil
sent It
tan for Harts
Mioio Ill O'clock. 11 hell til
in pi as a tittiug iertnlnatlon of Hie
gav.-t of the club regatta w.ek had
lust got g.'itiK nicely, Hart reappeared,
thuUgh n.tht.ni bis Columbia clu
ii. .ties According to 'be detective, he
' made lor his w ife and two stepchildren, I
knocking In,:, lure about and present-I
lug Kent rail) a most forbidding spec-
' taclc
There wa. a commotion lb an in
1 stant Women and airis screamed, men
look .1 about I.".- weapon, ami th.re was i
I tumid" ol -ev. r.tl kinds until the de
tective a-it-ted Hart But there their!
t. ..ii. .I. s in gag.
"Here, you can drive us to the station !
' in vour automobile," said ti
- ..'.,, .:,,, al,l llai'l lllllllilliri til I !
-eat and starling the car bofors Ihey
i, hat lie ias about
hedges and till' lies and over llle cillli
, ,,i, 'uill lended tenuis courts weui nan
in ins nutomoblle. pursusd by the two 1
shouting .b'tecllvi'S .mil a crowd of club'
llle libel's, urged on excitedly by their
Wives from Ihe Veranda and every win- 1
ilou ,,t h. 'lul' Fliuill) Hart got Into
a ditch loo de l. even for h,s Ingenuity
and . is i.-.l ,i.i.o t" a slow.i but safer
street PHI' b) two thoroughly winded do-
Arrived at th. station house. Hail re-
fused to mlk "on advk's ..f counsel, he
said. He will be arraigned m Coney
sl.iiul isiiice court mis iiiorning cnargeo
i with disorder!) conduct. A few days
aaxi Hart w.i lined l.r, In Jamaica for
speeding with Hie same automobile.
Revive Fighting in Aus
trian Province and Pietce
Kneiny's Front.
Invaders Divide Defence
Line Into Three Dis
tinct Sections.
2,000,000 M0RR MEN
Advancing Attstro-Uennan'!
Occupy Narew. Last of
ggeeMl ' fleaaaie i. Tas Si -Ixiniion.
Aug. 2 Combined German
.mi Auatro-H angaria n armies resumed
activity In Oallcla yesterday after naarly
thrOS moiiths of nun;. So BUdden was
k ,,,,, r..v ,tlilt the ziota
"U'a i.ri
s .nth of Braegany ,m.i t'.e nuaaiana
Wire driven to within about thlrtyflve
yond Brsst.Litovgk.
Military critics are not prom to be
Haifa that tha Russians will endeavor
to make a atfthl on tint part of the
trout and it l generally conceded that
the Austrian and Osrmani flghtlllg in
:!ils Meld can. If tin y use SUltlclelitl)
strenuoua tactl :. pursunde the Kusalan
f ,,. ,,,,1 In
comparatively shott mm.
Tne rem w. d activity in Oallclll d-n s
noi eem to iiave diminished the energy
of tne Qerman operations in lh. north.
Tin- Qerman official stat.meht to-day
says that the pursuit of the Russian
wra ., , ,.u1.
lira i. ml nle' I bv tin
,,..,.. ,,, .hi ,1001M1
niurulii,. nlllntll. as IWVnthla. a- e. ell
and .aal of Milan
The t term. in statem.nl says.
The official Qerman otatement says:
Army group Of Kleld Marsha'. -.n
Hlndenbuigl Tin- silent) ha. been de
feated In battles north of Bausk and
scho. tiberg. Store than S.OOOi Russians
were taken prlaonet. ami two cannon
and nine machine guns wen- cap
tured. Bn.my advances again.! parts of
our front between Hadatwlllschkl anil
HvjadOSgS wer. rcpaisetl
goutheaai of Kovnu tin troops of
Gen. von Blchhorn are making fu."
ther victorious progress The eneni)
i being pursued betw.en the Bohr
and ihe Berbralowleskn. Tin town
of Narew ha been occupied.
Army group of I-'., id Marshal
Mack.nsen : In the pursuit of the
enemy ibe highroad from Kamieneg
Lltovsk to Myaogyng. has bean
crossed. Between Mucliawleco and
the Pripet our Iroops are drlvln. Ihe
defeated etieni.- in fronl of them
German cavalry defeated an enemy
cavalry division y..t.rday it ii
mar), on the road from Kovel to
K- brin.
goutheaatern Ihratre of w.u Fn
d.r the le.demhlp of Qen Count
Gothmut German and Auatap.Hufs
garlan irootxi rcsterday broko
through tot- Russian positions on Bio
jlotaTlpa River north and south of
Brseaany. Counter attack, si nigiit
by the eneni) were repulsed with
sanguinary loss.. L'aiU to-day the
enemy abandoned reehtianc. after
fUrth.r failures. Tin en. in) is being
pumui d
RuHttiaii War iffti. . is.-ue.l a
srajenw... ' ""'
- n .. ,.
.- -
' ..eruiaii . 1 . . 1 1 . 1 ..at. ).,.. ......
1 taken by assault
were inexact
e statement says .
General ItsudQuartera declares that
Ihs German report thai Brest
LHoVMk fell after an g'ssaull by A US'
tro-G.rmaii troop. ,s In.xact For
some time ii had been decided that
In retain a garrison of 100,000 men
in Pvi fortress was not conformable
with the Russian plans H.IIC. war
material useful to the enemy wa re
moved In time, and real.tanee waa
maintained on ihe lefi bank of the
H ug gol.1) l enable the army operat
ing in this region to retire sastwsrd
When this retirement was completed
tiie fortification, and bridges were
destroyed, ami the garrison rejoined
I the army ill th. Held.
iiiissinii i toes Hlerced
German correspondents at tha
re sanding enthusiastic deapatchea
to the Berlin papers. Tin y say the op
erations against Hussia are now begin
ning to lean toward lb.- real obj.-clive
of all the eastern campaign, tin. trap
ping of large Sections "t me itussiau
11 is assert. 'il thai aircauy
; Ruaatan front has been dlvldsd lino
i three separate sections, each dep.nd.nt
upon itself and unable any longer to
I count upon concerted action.
These .'lections are enuinei a ted
roughly as tin- bit ind th. right wings
I of th. Russian army and'th. cntra.
i nn tn.. norm v tin ninueuourg mis s.
. ered I he RUSSlgn right wing from the
centre, while on the south the force, -f
Princi Leopold of BavrL haye laota d

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