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Second Section
Sporting and Automobiles
ftominiHil Takes the Hopeful
Roomer Mighty in Loitfl
Saratoga Cup,
Iarai .. auk li - Brilliant victorieo
fnr I. B Thompson' Dominant and
' tndree Mlller'a Reenter nnd another
clever steeplechase performance by Bd
ward M Weld's Wrldshlp to-day were
of the clQSlni day of one of
thf inoal successful meetings held by the
Igfotoga Aseoclgtloili All through the
mi', i k- tin- mwiia nave Hern lancer
than in the last two years, and the at-
tsgdsnce this sftsrnoon mu stmiiur to
lh.it w i ll has crowded lawn ami Blind and In carry ng 181 pounds had to ron
,t.,' I I' of the f i ir .Saturdays " Pminds to J. V. Wl lener's Kl
,. ,, ., Hart. '.'4 to Knight of Mend and US to
CfOWned htm king of the two-year-nkls
tin' havi rand here and more than
in ! i" eini.M fin- Ins defeat In the tiratid
Union Hotel Stakes last Saturday. The
Hopeful is ttie ncnem or tne two-year-
old events promoted hy the Saratoga
Association and With H field of thirt.-eti
garters had a gross value of more than
HO n.iii. ,,f iiiui h t,(50 went to the wln
Mf By his victories In the United
State Hotel Stakes and the Saratoga
Hp.' .il. I'.-miniint enrned enough money
fur I - real own. r. Harry I'ayne Whit-1
. I" l"mg the total up to 120,000,
which Is more than has heen credited
to aia oiher thorouichlired during the
IllCt ''IB
Same Wclghl
Seems Milliter.
Wheit Dominant was beaten In the
flftn'1 I nlon he was curving lilu
pound., but though he shouldered the ,
i-ame weight this afternoon and allowed
im much a- twenty-three pounds to most
f Ins competitors, there never was a
moment In the ruanlng of the six fur
long rate that lie was in danger of
defeat. Nutter had the mount on the big
gun of t),r Thompson stable, ami Tommy
M'THKyart. who had ridden him In his
previous races, was relegated to the Im
ported colt Chicle, which ran coupled
with I'omlnaiit. Koxhall IV Keene also
started two in Lorec and Churchill, and
Jefferson Livingston was another owner
wlo sought the prtgg wlt.i two entries.
the Imported colts Polyoma and Ptsuro,
Then was no Question of Dominant's
superiority, He started on the extertne
erd of the im, and after working ins
way to ii,.- from stood oft the challenges
of on, aft, r another until he entered
the stretch with a clear lead. Hotter
a - ihle to ease him up and still hold T
C K-uUiey e Htg i'lioue safe, though the
lain r egWS) with a great rush in the
last qusrter of a rnlle
T1 only one of the big field that dit
ot gt a fair chatioe was It. K. C.ir
man Achievement, whloh wiis klcheii
it t! and after keeping well up
With tin- leaders in the early part of the
t.ve :i:.;.i'.id with the blood streaming
rrom , cut on his near shoulder,
Tie Tbompoon ntr was n strong
t '. to 0, wltli the Keene entry
in, I Hl Smoke equal he, 'olid i hokes at
'to i it as some time before
tsri.:- Caacldy got tiie fleld III line
rrt when they broke lairae. (he dl -prudence
of ihe Keene stable, was the
ahly una thai failed to gel QUldkly In
union. The other dashed away In
almost nerie.d alignment, with Prince of
ItSpUting the prtile of plaee with
Dnmli ant As so.. n as Dominant had
tskn -he steam out of Ptines of nemo
Ihi Thompson champion met with e,
fresh contendsr lii T (. lloDowall's
V .T.'',, The Woaternor was made of
stern, r Muff than the Cochran iHilt and
i' was that Dominant oduld do to
,!nw sway a length at the bottom of
'h ha ksuotch,
Walter Main la las itu
till Mill II K I
Hotti r
th bis d
hard fr
ronta 1. .
a clear ' ad koipu around
While the others were fighting
positions in Close order. Pol
1 d up prominently Hearing the
turr. Into
the stretch and Big Smoke
'" '"'Xt ',, gain on the lei, ler.
Tier, was a solid line behind !om
Rai (or the run through the stretch,
hut most of Ihe contenders had f!t the
effect ,f the early pace. At the eighth
b":, li'iinlnanl had a lend of two lengths
whsn li.k- sinnke shot out of the hunch I
:,nn wi m in norauit.
had .
iter was quick to realise that he
l'"t .' w ith a Inn-it uf so I hjihlnM
i. m. 1
1 m 1
all that was necessary was for
shake up the son of Delhi to
l ,,n the rush, pig moke's flurry
"0I smled and Notler eased his mount
'" ' ' last hundred yards, to win by
two lengths Big Smoke was four lengths
j'fr"' f Prtmero, which beat I'olrnms
hslf s length for show money. Chicle
showi I thai ii,' is a i-oit of claan by tin
ish 1 1 nfth, a nose behind Polroma.
Iii re .0.1 years f.-w horses of rlass
hsys undertaken the long route of a
""1 thr quarters to win the Sara-
Cup, which was run for Trst In
tl Id dus the stars of the
I to strive for the eup over a
1 f two miles and a quarter nnd
'phy fi ll to souls of the stoutest
1- hreds of the Amsrican turf. It
uti p In the right dire, lion to send
Ihs thorn
'HIS ,
e Hi,
' Itoumer out to show that wood
rsi ti:i ran travel a distanos, but
had the effect of stifling COmpeti
H Hi ! Hie handicap king was made a
1 1 tlvi favorite al odds of 1 to s.
I'll " the aptly named son of Stal-
rt represented the Oreentree Hiai.ie
hlld the .all over last vear's wln-
M., I ;.',.. Ml... .......I u;..
'n als was a starter buj ,. that I
- ' i f i j mmm tn iattairr.nl t
r Rotimer in ttuf nrm fx furlongs
I Op! vtf llif r mairidtT uf
""Hin.r Out HI ill
Iwtll IihI Ki;inii-r imder A pull VH
he v ,is racing ftlmotf had and
w 'ii Sir .iiihn. When th- Mtrlntar
I'iH k Stiif i:izi' wan in i nl.K m
'. B lltUl ami n half lifhiml
ui thf mlU, VlrtU wuh 0ftn
tfthl hilt k, but OMMI maUlinf up
md Mid at the bottom M l hp hiifk
ii pimtj stur QMfc Vlrilo lUlOWMl
rn Hpppil ffolni around the tMrnd
HofgUfi.tr tahh us fn-wh an a daniy an
" '1 into thp Htrpt'-h with a lend
A VI ksUsgtlU MrT.iKKrtrt ntfvrr
Uisii J pt rsi v rtiiR with VlrtlSi hut
R( mf went furt in r away, winning
' s-'".ittt mm hy riKht Icnirt x
;: c, sjgj WMH third, that iiim fHHHtin'
W li Old S.l J.thn Ji.liMHoll fifty
"i iiway.
I 'weird M. W UsTl V.-ldnhli nindr a
' hy win n. HE th Ihavurwyrk
' hSM an M fiipft trio of
fti lt. ho nthf rM hi inn Ihe North
' H 1 i ' 1 kUMH) iii.d thf Hit l til .ir
eeha.se Man. great jumpers have I
Paret Will Present
Expert's Viewpoint
J the world's foremost au
thorities on lawn tennis, who is
author of the master book,
"Methods and Players of Modern
Lawn Tennis," will present to
readers of THE SUN the expert's
viewpoint on the play in the na
tional championship tournament
that begins at Forest Hills to
morrow. His critical reviews will
appear daily, preceded by his
article to-morrow morninp that
sizes up the situation on the eve
of the battle. John G. Ander
son's story of the first day's play
in the national amateur prolf
tournament appears to-day, and
others will follow each day of
the tournament, in which the
noted golfer is a contestant.
I competed here, but not one ever has won
the three stakes. Weldahlp ham heen
looked after well by the h.tn.ll.Miiner
Arcturua Tin. Last named lost his rider
at the fifth Jump, hut El ltart and
Knight of Mtrrl, though not trylnir to
keep up with Wetdship in the early run-
nlnCi were jumping cleverly and botb
iookcii to nave cnancee
only one minus Moment.
Weldahlp le I by (WO lengths at the
beginning of the last lap. hut there
K"iitht .if Mere! went by El Mart and
ran up to within three length! of Weld
', . ....T V ... . . -
in- favorite m he dived thromh the last
jump on the bach stretch Me had
enough left to iraw away again and th
race was settled when Knight of M.-rel.
In trying to rush to the front, came down
two jumps from the finish WoMshlp
came home smoothly in,". twantydva
lengths in front
inai leg :
f El Han The sum-
Three-year "iii ami
upward: selling: is
riirlong s , iiuik H,
H -, Wt l , ,, !.-., v
Prov, Fin
: i l-l i
II ) out
Std r.-i j"
15 1 M 4
N i lt-i s
3i 1 III
wross i"7 uiist
Penmnils . ,.IM J MOTSSI I
gvelyn C IM I p , ,
sraenel IM.,ColllM
Onndvotid . Int . .fiamer
aria Rrlayts . iri .tiiitv
Time I '24. S
lioisl stsrtl won eamly I urn,- b m hy
Isldon Risk Roes: owned by j Eanfordi
trained by it Rurbes.
The Beverwyrh Sleeplwhune: three vear old
ami upward: shout two mtlee: fair-" $1 W)'
Horae Wl .1... ker 1-r:.. Kin
WeWsnlp li! .Wolke- ,. even I -J l
Hart . tT. Tin key. . I .
Knight Of Mere Ml Tulie 4 I . 4
Ai'itueiis no Turn burke i" I M t t
Fell fLoti rider
J Tip. 1 .21.
floml Htart : won mllopinif Wet-lnliip , h
- tt Vshow II M. ,,n liimv: owned by E
M. Weld; trained by I It Tompkinii
The Hopeful;
pnr-e tT.IM!
Ms Smoke
M'olr im
Ivo-year-oltte; six lurlongsj
Wl Jss key I'riees Pin
. ! .41, Nnller ,.,.'.ii
. ..t7. .Connelly t.i 41 ;
.191 Martin . . , 1 l SU
..IM Caeana'sli in : 1 4
ii" T M Tag'rl V in ' .: '.
fill, le
si Ko k
107 .1 M Tiki I I.1 ! S I
l-in, -e of Oomo
l'" Ryrm
IS? Ill'ev
m 1 1 7
1" t 4 1
gb II 5
4'i 1 1.1 1 in
gbl SMI
1" t 4-1 IJ
i". Hoffman
111 HcCshei
i"? Buxton
IftJ Qsrner
Iff ltulwell
A-'hlei enient
I IS 1 11
I. S Tliomimon "any IJlSmon Living
-ton entry ;Knhaii P Keene sntrs A,i,ieil
Time-t -II
Oood etsrl: won usstiy Doaiinsnt, be e.,
by Is Ihi Dominoes nwr-d l I. s Tluimn
iMin (ralnsd by .lam,.- Rows
Tli.- sarsings fin, thn
i ar nMa ami nu- i
w nr.) : ons m. -e
ano -is I ,r ,,',., purni
wi Jockey Prle, Km
1:1. .Un well l-l out 1'
IM T M. Ta t -1 s j :"'
Star liaie
MiCh if, 1 s :. j
si 1 John Jahneoi
, : 4
i.iw, I Hiaii won ,'.iiiieritiii RjOsmer h s
Hv Knight Kit sot iin Tess 11 ownsri by
Andrew Millet: trained by A fi OolaS'
Handicap: thre. ;
;n' : one mile: pur,-
'i! and upward j fell
Horse, wi Joeker
Nhynees .Qarni r
Basle S! .Oejlina
ponsld Mscdonald if Unaum
I: lt 1 r liar H,.Ls Piuli'
Carlton li !'.' M.t'ah.y
Plicae Pin
M IS I',
C-2 4.1
K '. even .1'
U.I 4-1 4
3-1 even r,
lime 1 :e pl
Oood stari . w on drivlns Ihrness eh f
by His .Msjestv Mrs K r owned end trained
by J w Bsdriak, Jr
1 w o year old nnd upwsrd: sslllne: Bvs
hall furluiu: pur.e. ism:
wi oekey Prices Fin
,10s T McTsg't, : 1 . i
,.,l07..Jltdy - ' :' fi'S ?ti
...1I1..J sioTsg'l 17-10 7-t" i
....ilt..u!ly, .. si ev. a 1
. ..1CT. . Parn rfi.111 fi-i
.. 1"7 .Collins -l s i a
Fiina Kennn .
Oood Counsel
llmli Horss
sal Vanity
1 ini" : ir,
UOOd H irt: wnii rsstll K Ins Knns eh
t. by Stalwart - Tin Cup; uwisii by S la-wi--tralliwl
by H llirn-h
Thunderer heal s k-"
futurity 'Mi niornlng
sent the son or Mr, "it. i
ring over a dlstancs
I. S Tliuinpwon's
I work, oil fur tli
' i lo n Trainer Boa e i
in k - Jersey Light I
it riiiioiiK II,
srrni .ion, a sin. ii, 'iiiv an, i Uglshed In I
I III 1-:,. with Ihe frii". ons as follows I
23 4-. 3.1 4-5. 44 4-.-,. loll. 114. , t.;,. I
Another workout Ikst attracted sttontjen '
was a mile by a uli.k roll named Hon
Rem, owned by August Bslmont, lhai has
iinl been rari-il Iii tliU ii'iantry He In by
It, ok Sand- Donns ds ur,, snd turned a
mile In 1:45 In prepsrstlOO for SOgSgS.
raeats at Bslmoni Psrk
W P Austin has bought Duks or Pun- 1
tmr. alibh won his msldss fSOS thin SYssk ,
in the eoiors of i .1 Traveri
.1 Hedrbk malni.iined his rsputa-
Uon as halter nmn in ihe end. He claimed 1
Marx VSSSIuy "ill nl lile tiilrd
'??!! w."!'.h. "T:1 '"''" '!"."'
.mi! tf luf.-r rat--h. h.-harr m.i t. )r wanted
tOtlli hortM tf t to I0k hurin mmM hltn
KodrtoM fol but in th flm root lo4oy
it ml whi on 0 IbroO 10 t'lalin AnifiiMt
Bolmont'i rnmouM Tk drawing of lot
ptoulttd in hist favor nnd hi told lha nu
hHi-k o Mr IMlmonl Kdrli'li olao nnid
Man Cauiidy baoli to Subarr nnd ry m. ! .
rlt'k WM 'Iln'ht-i1 .if tu Prt'iy Anrternfin
iii ih. la ii rao li'drhk booitad tha win
nor. Kiln t ! iin.t. 1500, w hiten pi h e nYf
win protootode
K A tti nmHf tiarlt. who It an rwvii 111
neiirly n th ra lug laaaoo f lyppojd
fever, p.thi hli Ural rial! to the tracli to aaa
Kn 'atlit of Mini run tor th K-verwyrk
Kt. aplaoliaao,
wwiiighip rlatory in i no Rovorwyi k
mada lha Fourih lima thin Hoooivoluiaa baa
). a won hy lioraOl I ru.nad tty i',w n
Tnmpltlni Tha Othan tip Amur, l,.i. ,
lor and Jlmmlf l..ine.
Tl,.- KopOfUl Wltikf were w.irth . lo
ih" vlMtOar in proaoni 4ra that u a
eMg ctia l Ol nioney for a dHeh of alt
Mm mar ' vlanlng I ba ml la and mix
rurionu cup rooa galnorad in only tlTS
for An-lrcw Miller, hut t hi wtist hiiihii
ponlad ,,v 1 ' "P aload hi
Til loblaa v .-I turuad UodrJtvll if
ler tie uon the Mfih 1000 Mh Sli i
rhiii'H'' Quill 0 ran tti mare v hh h wna
. ii i i iii for $i.o0d, up to ft '.no. nnd Hid-
ties let her ( st that flgurs
DtfteAta .Johnston's Conqueror
for Meadow Club Cup by
(53, n :, 6 -2.
SoTiiAMPTON. Aug. 28 The old
adage about the slip betwixt the cup
and Hp will hold n real meaning In the
future for the friends of Theodore R
Pell of the West Side Tennis Club, back
hand stroke expert extraordinary. Af-
) ler Pell's brilliant victory over William
M. Johnston of San Francisco In the
i semi-final round of the Meadow Club
i invitation singles yesterday he was
i looked on as n likely winner of the
cup In the nnals against Watson M.
Wiuihliurn, another Wast Sider. here to
day. Washburn, however, owused thf
srlp. lie defeated roll three sets to one
at 4 . , 7. 62. In the doubles
the aforesaid Johnston and his helper.
ClarenOS 1, Orlffln, downed Walter Mot
rill Hall and (ieorge M. Church at S 2,
4.., 4, 75.
Nor were these nu tohes the Ontj
things to brighten the day for the fol
lowers of the game, Maurlre K Me-
I.- ughlin aisl Kli liard Norria Will
iami 2d were down for a little warming
up preparatory to next week s campaign.
Both look. ,i in good shape. McUoughlln i
had to answer many questions about the
dOlllHtUency of. his doubles teammate.
Thomas I. Hundy. who is supposed to
defend the title w ith MoLoughlln agalnot i
lirlffln and Johnston next week Ma,
Mild that, so far as he knew. Itundy had
not left California yet. but that he eg
pasted to hear from him in a very short j
'I he singles did not turn out the way i
expected, Pell was nothing like he was I
vestiTdav. He was w and his strokes'
lacked force. Kven with his erratic
play he m giit nave seaian ins awioe
poutan champion had he had a bit of
l-ower behind Iris stiokes. far :te soft
t.ess of his returns threw away many
possible points by maklttg get- easy
lor Washburn.
11 was only In the first and third
1 sets that he approa hed the rorm tnai
nabled him to take two native sons'
acaipa in this tournament. In the open
ing set after trailing est 1 ne brought
I out a hurat of speed and climbed Stead
1 y until he had taken the set. Again
1 in t!ie second set Waetibum got the lead
Hi j .mil ones more l'ell stariid a
spurt, but this time he kept It up only
long enough to He the SCO re and then
0 the set on three gUCOOjglVe g.mrs.
, I'V.i'nwinir the OUBtom set In tiie first
two sols Washburn led again at
! nnd It was al this stage that both
S 1
if the
( men show ed I heir bast form.
Ptll t,wk three games and the lead ot
4 3 and was wthln striking distance
of the set on Ihe tenth game, when he
had the advantage point and h t oi
frames, hut he lost that game and tin
! ii, xt and never had Ihe lead again
The fourth set was easy for Washburn,
: who by this time had settled down to Ids
e iev sti Sdy game.
! The clullengers for the national
doubles championship had iUlte a battle
on the.r bands to defeat t'huroh and
Hall, who for a newly formed combina
tion showed remarkable teamwork. Af
ter the New York men had lost the
llrst set without much of a Struggle
, thev got together, won the second and
' in de the next two resemble I real
1 flglit Hall pliived a pretty game in
! forecourt, showing much ietiei form
! than he had In the singles. The sum-
manes :
Mssdnw Club
Final Hound W
Men I n vi la t Ion Sins', '
tson M Wsshburn N '
Th,,-I..i. H. l'ell. NSW
York, deferite.l
York. 4'
s I. V T.
The point j
si.ri' 1
4 4 1
. . 4 n ! 4 4 !
Hi:ri)ND SET
4 4 2 4 1?
0 2 4 2 4 4
Til I It I SKT.
1 It t
4 31 li
-2D S
I 314221 11 t it "34244 II f
pell 41114 41 I 4 ' I 2 4 2 :: 7
W i. 111. urn 1 4 2 4 4 4 7 4-1(1 -
pell 4 I 4 2 2 I 5 0 II I
Invituii'.n Doutolss, Pisal Round 1 ", r
ones .1 lirimn in. i witittin M Johnston,
Sun Ki'uin a., ,. dofeated Oeorgs M rhurch
,in,l Walter Merrill Hall. New Vork. 2.
4 i; 4, 7- s The point store
ilrlfnn and JohtlStSfl I
Church and Hall... -' ' 4 o l 6 I II 2
lirimn anil Johneton:
Oil 1424715 1-44 4
Ohurch snd Hall i
4 9 4 I I 0 7 7 441 0
, . oe .,ti.l JAhnsteilli
i I t 4 I 4 I f 1
,'imri'll and Hall :
4 43
1- -S-
, irtflla ami Johnston t
church ana HeWi
I I 1 1 1 I t I t I t
4 - IS-
Indrows Tubes Wlllaed'a earless
ml llenls OWSIOr ulllnu Tenser.
Members of the Hayaiiie fscht Club
tiehi a shippers' race yeoterdai after
noon. Tiie pondltlons stated that each
skipper hail tn sail some yaeht other
than ins own, Tile winner was A. C
Andrews In the lilril ilaas. lie sailed
i' i.. Wlltard's Curlew. Among the
butterflies the winner whs .1. Jnhns.
sailing Ariadne, The summary i
minis -.start, io -ft.ru COt'RSB,
Finish Tim,'.
Ysi h' iiioi awmsgr li M n.
Curlsw, '. janarsws. . .1 II le
Teaser. I' 1. WillOrd I -"J II
Umi,,. .1 Nsebltl 6 si 1 1
Arlo Ine. I fablM ' II "1
i: ,1, . il, llpiiswell. s il
In ma. V Teller I N fl
CsblMgli It reseller II II
1 II 10
i ii oi
1 48 10
1 .', '.' 40
I r,i or.
.' 0J no
..ooiie Glvee Pas n Rattle.
RYB, N V.. Aug S. The prize pre
allied In W. f, X. Hart for the win-.
nor of an eighteen hole handloap match
play against par at the ApSWgmll Club
here to-day weni to Henry a. tjootlSi
who finished 3 down, It I'. Wlllllen,
next beet, was down "nil K. W. Iloiv-
jand '.' dowiii Goods son a bail sweep. I
stakes lu tin- moi nitts; with If. - ft "il.
while Howland was tecund ami Walden
third with -Si II, SSCh, In the af
ter! n the same kind of an event wis;
won by W II I'oiiroy with III, U
I oat ll.la lloue Three De)WB)i
Knui SW.Mlli, N J vug
N J Aug I s. -In un
elgli'i'i-n hole match plav
hall, loop
against i"'g' ) here ui-u.iy 11. i i'o,,
bd the Bnglewootl flulf flub plgisrs si
fi up, el O Miller and K M Chapmen
were I up and 1 up rcrpeotlvely.
Tube. tn una I l.abe Marathon
I'roni I'lelil of rrl.
Cnicaoo, Aug. li. Mike McDermott
carried the i .v. c. colon to a sweep
ing Victor) this afternoon in the annual
lake marathon when he nniswsd first,
about loo yards in. ido' Clement Brown
of ihe Hamilton Club, The distance was
about two and one-half miles and was
negotiated by the winner in 1 :0 :2S.
brown's time was 1:11:04. John
Miller. . A. C , Wgg third in 1:11:10;
Art Van VllaMllgon, C. A. A , Nurth,
lllllll, and Irvmg Wood, North-
western, fifth, 1:17:10.
Booause .,f the low temperature
many FOnteetantl were forced t quit
due to orampt Forty iwimmetfa, nine
of whom wtre added Vntrsnts. lined up
on the dock of the Columbia Yacht Club
and took the plunge at Ihe signal of the
starter. lr. H Haves. The .ours.' led
eiiaiKiii easi in ins Dreaawaosr, aooui
100 yards, around It and smith to Van
Huren street. Then the IWimmerS
turned and travelled north to Ran
dolph Street and west to the club dock.
Hiuli Powpr Motoi
SwtTvi's to Avoid Accldenl
in Speed Trial nt Chlfajto,
Chicaoo, Aug. St.- Commodore James
a rugh s new Disturber v., perhaps the
most powerful motor 1 raft ever launched
on Lake Michigan, and built at It cost of
111,000, turned turtle this aftefl n m
the lake off Monn e street. The operator
of the I, oat. Ned Simmons, who designed
it. was uninjured.
The acctdenl occurred during what
Was to have been a high speed trial Spin,
although the Initial oage uf tile elaft
look plan- yesterday, it was running
folly miles an hour at the tin ".
Disturber v. bad been remarked by
lake seamen ami racing onthuetnsts as
1 t the ugliest crafts ever launched,
but much was eapected of it because
its ugllneee was caused by a construe
Hon permitting enormous engine
capacity. The Disturber V. was running
north inside ihe breakwater and turned
suddenly to avoid a rowboot, The sud
dennoss of the lurch turned ihe speed)
i raft o. r.
Disturber V. was the fifth of a suc
cession of boats built by Commodore
I'ugh. ihe iiTt three being displacement
boats twenty feet lung, the fourth a .
forty foot hydroplane and the Disturber I
v , a twenty foot hydroplane,
The latent boat lias a bs
inginea, with about mo
bit:, ry of two 1
I oree-power ,
She was destsmed to run at a speed of.
between sixty and seventy miles at,
hour nnd only recently was put Into
the water for trials in preparation fort
the national ami world championship
power boat races to he lie!,! here next
Iinu Nut Only One t nnble In Ne
gottote K-troag Wind.
ovgrgg Bat, Aug Although the
weather felt mole like November than
August, tin- largest fleet of little fellows
that has so far sailed this summer in
'he Week end legal:. is -.1' Ihe Sea
wanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club took
part in the llfth red of the second
series off ContfS Island hire to-day
The wind was from the east and
strong. Not w ithstand, 1, g Ihe fad all Hie
yachts with the ssccptlun of Ima Nut
managed In llnti.li course No I, The
winner among the dfti.n footers was the
Hen. Beechnut was the first of the inn
bo: is to cross ihe timsh line. The sum
mary sis n 1 PS Kl iT BAN POOTRrts START
1 lu
jl Itsi. M i
II M s
I "S il
t i4 It
I It :u
t O'l 43
I I . N
4 jl
4 1' 13
Vgl lit ii let 1 ta ller
Tin, 11,-n. il Nl, Inils
Tamele, s. II sii i .
li, u,t. A. sHrsues
Imp. h. IsantlMi
NUT PLAgg START 1:11 -Use,
hnul. l Nil hols I
IT IS ft:
Jossphus tils4s Hoyl, Jr.l H I-' 0 14
Urs Nut- lr .'a s llsll . II ... I 4". -' .
L'hlnespln UsForesI lli,k4 01 II " :. ."I
Doushnut, c a. it i ii II e :.i is
Nuteraeker, II It llaiwa 4 Il 1 ': 3:
Kins Nat. A ill l Whitney,
lr I II It 1 CI il
ItnS Nut, Klankll'i Rem
install' ''' I t"'t flnlsii ,
iiniinii a iHHiurhiiiu Inflarneo I1
4 ii iii i . uf llajrHatium ludliinai
HAHRllPl'RQ. 11 . Aug .Inn
Thurpa wu rolo aod thin nftornuun by
the Harrioburs Irgiarimllotntla Ha will
roturn la the Now Vork UKtiila, hla
own era, wiih whutn he hui .1 iit.oou
yearly eontnift till good for IWO IM,
Thoroo'a dIaoo in i ft Hold will bo takon
hy Kill Tom nil a un h i boon pm lux
the pool t Ion for oovorul woko
li in undowrootood th Thorpo h is boon
w illsturblnfi tnAuonco In tho iAinp ol
the I ndl 1 no
Ifn Thorpo nnd llttlo .Tim, tsad -
rnonthi win mvompaii) Thorpo 10 Now
York oemorroWi
llenf i hiiurlu Nlloy I'wln I en in
Hi leniidrln Ha
Ai.KXAS'tniiA Mav. V V. Awl; - Th-
WosUnurolond Count) 1 f'lub "f
I IroonaburoTi Pi . he it the I'h iLMin ,il
ley Hunt Club tOda', T;1, lu 1 , . ti tie
Tin inland tola ndo polo lournann nl fur
the aooond ftnd won iho hi ..iw
ronoo Rlvor ohallonso cup prooomtMl Uy
pot or Pawaon. The in eup
Hi' R'l
No i f It I. iiile I No I E s lluike
v.. II u, V i mi I i ,.
No :t- j ii Hair i No - wiliiamM Me
Haek ii n iiati i Caaiej. i
No 'i sewanl Cars . i
I liSl U IV
I' llnllHit I
! T,.,l
altisi, bv lafety,
ley .ioals ' in ne l
isfely, : total,
total, T Chsirrln Val
less M II ill I, I, bull iiii.I
,. Rsferei -Robin llul
III .Minis Noses Hut Rlvnlli
GbgN Ripos, n J.i Aug, -v ball
sweepstaios on nu- fjien I tings Coun
try flub links this afternoon was uon
by 11. M lldu irdg with 14 net score
of 74 Tin sc res
II M. Howards, II .'.' ,1 1: Bonne,
eg is, u I-: Powers 14 la Tl P W
H'll-ilwlll. si 1,. fj l. I'M. nu. s s
W .1 Won istur, '..' 1 1, w u
i int. Gives . "i ai li
rcenii .eh.
. IgggN w u n . f -i . V nit 1!
tlreenwleh Pountri I'luti t, ds
was prsge.ited hi the cluh ffu
a imp i
is holes
medgl Ida Tin , s ills .
II. 11 I'.irh.iii i'l It s i
i -lo, 7J, .1 It i 'li. i pin. i ii. hit '.,. ;
Sulpben in iii. to; i' ' r- ir.,
II ii, it: o it Wi hber. ni -1 1 :
Boulter Is I, 77. K jadd. :.
i vi Hougsas, 14 k, 71.
.1 T
14. 1
1915i Copyright, 1915, by Ihe Sun rrlntitip and 1'ubHnhing AMMtaltM,
Honolulu of Xt'W York A, C. in
StM'Olltl I'llit'O 0111 MillllTtl
of Const Third.
... as j
lA"c1roj ' " Kdouard
j i'ahre. the Freneh-4'nnadlnn entrant of
I the (tiohmond Athletic flub of Montren!.
,, u, Olympic Club marathon to-day,
v.inls. Hugh llonohan of the New York
Athletic Club was second and Oliver
Millard of the Olympic Club third
Cable's Line for the race Wgg 2 hows
II minutes 41 4-fi gOdllfll llonohan
negotiated the POUrOS In 3 t urs 1 min
ute II !! secondo, and Millard'i time
was 3 hours II minutes a 3-a sc.. nils.
Manuel Cooper of the Chicago Hebrew
I Institute wag the fourth man to the tape.
I and the last of the fourteen starters to
:' !l """ VV11S ' 'k ur8 " n':nu''''
.,7 l-.r, seeolnls.
I'abre took the lead near the wsst
j portal of the Twin Teaks Tunnel after
I the runiieis hud mad" twenty miles and
j gradually drew aWOJ from his compcti
1 tors PrerlOUS to that he had been
running easily with the tto leaders
Krom the start In the exposition StS-
I dium to the u ntil en mile Hag M.llurd.
i lioitisj of BOOtOn, llonohan and Nick
Qlanskopuloa of New York led the
i other em testants ami demonstrated
i thee constituted the i lass of the face.
, Millard. Home ami Honoboji alternated
, In s' ttlng the pace
Those who started in the race were
i Charles Pores and Nb k Isnakopulos
f the Mill rose AthlOtlC Club. New '
i York, elty ; Bdouard fabro, Klchmond
AthUtlC Club, Montreal, Clifton Home,
horcheater Athletic Club, Boaton; II. O. !
1 1, -tiler, Myotic Athletic Club, Chicago:
: HiiL-li llonohan. New York Athletic
Club; i'at Coyne, Holy Cross Lyceum,
New Yotk; C. .1 Millard, Olympic Club.
I Han Prgnclscoi William . Johnson, un
I attsohed, Ban Pranclscoi Sidney Hatch,
Illlnolg vthietie Club i A, Montoverde,
unsttached, Carmet; William J, Hea I
, vlnd, rarallone Clt I K. H MeWiii
lame, OI-mplc Club, and Manuel Cooper,
Chicago Hebre institute.
Heaeou U III lleurln N,-l Snlnriln
u nil i n im 1,1 Players.
London, Aug. It, All the Rngtlsh
soccer clubs played tiieir last practice
game to-day In preparation for the
start of their long football season, wiueh
commences next Saturday, With the
exception of tiie large number of
plgyOrg who have Joined the eolors all
the league clubs haVS retained the ma
jority of their professionals, none of
w hom w tli In, paid.
Blackburn Rovers, Sunderland, New
castle United, Aston Vila, W st I'roni
wlch Ait, ion. Birmingham and IVolver
hampton Wanderers have lose: theii
grounds until tiie war is over, t isultlng
in seier. il of their players returning to
Scotland and being tra'.sf nut to other
The rearranged competitions under
the supervision of the Football so
clatlon ale :
Narthern Isctlon -Bur si n i W is
hdalOi Ulvarn il y.
a Dury,
11 est. m
Il a kp
. mmm boatar L'nhad, M
rny, otnica a toco port county,
Korih Bod, Oldham Athlotta mi
poft i'.iitrul
Midland tfactlon -Bradford, Bradford
!. Lalcootor roaaa, Drb) t" '.rn. Isendn
City, Uiimaby Town, V"!' IToreati Motta
County, Barnalty, Hudi raflvhl Towo,
l.tnrotn City, Hull iiv. rhafflald Unltod
.1 1 t Hhafflald Wad nta 4a)
London Paction Choloro, rulhom, Ar
aonal. Clapton ittent. MUwall Watford,
Toiianham Itotapur, Waal Ham cnltad.
Cro Ion Common. nis,g fork hangara
Brontford 'ei cryatal Palaco.
et.'niii Reglnienl Veteeasis ileal
OIL I. uarils at Sra Girt,
Si-v OlST, N J. Ana: IS.- The
veterans loam from the Seventh ItegU
nient, New Vork, With a s. ore of 4.1;'.
won the veterans' mateh, ths most Im
pnrtanl event of tho Old Guards' tourna.
menti oompletod to-dai The Old uuir.is
finished second wuh 114 anil the Thlr
trinth Regiment, New Vork. third .'''
ih Tin latter wa outshot for second
placs on ihe ftui .iui range, The scores
Wterane' Match .lere Mtlllmani SO v
It. ' iiinli.l. . . II . in. in. s; , V
I.,.:. Mi J u M u-Uuidi
.l.irobson Tn-phl Match Sergt .
i. '. loreo, ,;4; Pl M l DtinsaOi II;
ai ilman, Hi i.ieai i' .'. Km,, 4i; :
L'sht I la, -. . i' i. .1 II I teenier. II
nii-i 'oiiiinissioiit.,! s'tifi Handli
siisi l' t ttochettt, hati'llesp I. i..
A. A llerdss, hsndscao I. IS; Capi
I-.,, k. h indlesp l ',. 4
I'sheits y i ' ii Ospt, T H Ke.:. i
W Mi l
rg4 A
-s. h tl, su
Il Vlateh-
, ii
.! I 'A
I noil,
dl, nu
..ii :"i
IS, Ho
IHI; . '
So'l. I
-". i pi '!' il K lo r. ha
rgi a i1rdes, handb
Isyt, y t I'reston h iii.lr i
i' J H o h 'ti. handle ip II, '
p Pernhelmer, haosil4.sp II, i
Is .'mi M
,: Ueut.
itch asrgt,
I imes Ml Ne
M.I er
44 l.lsnl
Kf l 41.
rred it
i apt. r
Presi m,
i m, ii tiapl T
Hemlieimei . n
i is Golfer, i'roni gornteh,
Klrel in I'lit.iim rlvent.
W'M'.'ii Him,. II
ueekly clock golf
1 , Aug, The
lurti itn. nl held to
, oiii.-.. it the i Ve in
da v on ihe miniature c
Houss was feuturcd hi
Home of the In st
I plsb'lni seen this s. ison Edgsr Moser
of st Uouls, winner of several tourna,
- i i...i...-- .o...
i "I s ...... . .., -
fei oil hi .1 Prank Champlln to in,, best
I putter With a card of fO, He was at
pi ssi.lenl
Joseph Wayns of Chioevo,
,,i 'he American Rankers As
Htilshed second with n sisire of
7i. while ii. I. Chllds of Plttgburg wis
third In 7H
Mrs William M. Qreeno of New Vork
won ihe women'e contest with the eg
cept tonally low score off 1, gcrstch, Miss
n fiaik finished gei'opd in Tl, while
Miss IV Taft ol New Vork was third
with a card of '.o.
Urs, Uooglfts gud Diddle win.
NaWPORT, Aug .'S The cups ofTere,!
b lire, si in. i i iiiiiic. in as prises for the
mlged doubles icru'eti tennis tourna
menl Which has Itseri m neotfreea on the
Casino courts Ihle week, were won to-1
do oi Mr J i ;,,rl, in I .on (as md
t'ralg Itlddle, ,v ii ,i,, i Mrs Igtill
I ird gpencer, Jr. and .1 Siaev Rrown,
Jr. in itrglghi s.t... g.-t. ti i Thsrs
was ii large valleiy of Hummer real
dsnts out to witness 'he msum and at is
preeented the
up,- to tbe winiiem.
afl assssassflSstsM
IsEeWstWSba .
M sLIM fggijgrrKL .?
Hi msssssssJ E'M Wm B
Uleeetsim ! one or the n,ot
i,h lib itlll Ottemgl In sel n new
Circuit hiik that begins at i.
Great?!1 Tnttors ami Pacen Two Deal Toamn Arc Beaten
iii Empire City for First in Contests for ili'inin
Tlme Since I010t way Polo Trophies,
Kor the flrst time sin, e 1010 tliers
will a flrand circuit trotting meeting
in New York during the coming week.
It will open at Ktupire City trai'k on
Tuesday, The horses Which ore to raes
there arrived on a special train from
Montreal unrt are being fitted for the
racing, Titers, are more thin ltd trot
ters a I paoerS belonging to the best
known stables which are enti re,! In the
races and In addition to this lot from
Montreal many nine- performers are
i omtng from nearby tracks,
The String of Walt, r Cox numbers
thirty head, an.1 these witti the sulkies,
gar, Ailed two express cars other
Stables tlist have arrhei! are C. W,
l.asell. an amateur who trains nnd
drives Ms own horses : Senator J. P
McNkdiol of Philadelphia and Thomae
W, Murphy. Murphy has been ti e lead-
iiik winner of the Grand Circuit
several year.', and ho Will drive PotSt
HOStl I'1 the M.OOO i',i e for '.' trot
ter This will he on Tuesday and
wi'.: bring Wgetbgl the tr f fast
young st iiiions thai made the arses
tlonal finlsb in the M and M fl".
take, ai i .etri.it Fifteen crack trot
ttrs have
l.ee .v
i.e. n named in the :oi t ot.
irthy will be driven by Billy
j'eter Scott by Thomas
m urph)
an t Worthy I'rlts e by Walter
1 1 re "i'h i.i s. holder of the world'e
reior.i for pacers, win try on Tuesday
t,. lowei t'us mark. He o'. be driven
, by Thmss Murphy. Although bred
hv James Hutlei. owner of the Empire
track, and trained there las
j rectum never .started in .
I against time on this tnick
ra e
rs o ii i Whvatlei In Hall
. Metrupnlltan swim.
i be'
V Vollin.r. tin' int. noil
i g ate
C ,ih
to li s
champion and Now rork Athii
tar swimmer, a Ided anotl or t
tr lis 111!
winning ihe nior half
.ii, troindltan a inip'o iisi'. ' -w in ni
n s ant touch front Joseph healley, a
elubmaie, In the waters off Trovers
Island yesterday
Vollmer did most of tiie paoemaklng,
and a', onl t me held a lead of thrie
uds, i, at gradually cutting t:.,s
down, Wheatley made such spud on
tie 'as', l ip '.hat many expected him to
catch 'ollmer Th'- latter, however,
bad i little reserve strength left, and
jusi barely touched the float soon enough
to defeat Ills rival. John .1. Curran, j
another New fork Athletic Club swim-
mer, tin- only other entrant to start,
was never In the tight, tin shing in third t
place, 100 yards behind Vheatloy, The:
lime of I." minutes :t2 1-.". SSOondS was i
.on., .ler,' I good with the eaaterly wind'
that blew ftcross the water, churning up i
At the first furling. Vollmer and,
Wheatley were on sven lerms, with the I
llms being 9 minutes IT 11 seconds j
Vollmer spurts i soon after passing tins
point, so that the quarter m l- mark,
Which was passed In '. minutes it see
mils. Showed Vollmer to be leading by
two yards VYhsattey came on strongly
I in the last lap for the ISO yard mark,
VollllU'r then having li s lead cut til 'n
I feet, with ihe 'inii- a minutes 24 l-B sec
onds TUe last furlong furnish,,, i a on
ler tight between the pair, with Wheillte)
slowly but surely pit king up on his p
pope!. I, With Booi prospects of I' i-,
lug his rival, hut the finishing Hon
loomed up too soon.
' n. Jackson Kaws, a ',- Vork swim
mer, won the yard handi'i4. swim
wuh the aid of .411 Is second st irl The
fancy dive competition Was a keen one,'
with Joseph 1'n. in, twice national chain. ,
plon. winning by a two point margin from
Prank Mullen and Prang gpongherg
' who were only fractions of a point apar,
I for second and third places, The huiiv
1 m.iries .
loo Var.l
.1 ii ks, n Hi
ondsi Krsil
l'. A.. 10
1 k A
e V.
II.IISI, Ilea side V M
sseolld j ,le: n!, s.n 1 II,
nils, t n n .1 Time,
Mstropoltisn I'hamolon
New Vork V 1'
1 mil, ne 1 ' 1 "
Ml 1 II I Sen,
hln Wan ... II rl V
n. r. Ken
N. loik
Yerli A i' . .I, ih li..; lev
A P., "id . Inllll .1
,,1 1.
A P., thli d, I nu. . II minutes ii: i fi
Paney in. Wan lo Jusi uh Uunn
Vork a i 1 . i pidit.s, wltn 77 s i
Klillik Mil en Nee V irg V .'. 1.' p,
with 7i ' poi'its. .- I. Kraal Si x
thir l
i .. . ,,, ,' - a i ii . i,,
Muulee PI eel al Hlainttelil,
PUAIMPIBU), Aug :' Tllg 'line le ,,
mg gpores returned In the weekly sweep,
I gtkaeg event al the I'lulutleld Country
Olub today wsrci K, tt. Huntsi
197 :"7. 70; II A Itohlnson nil'!:
tt. and IL II CraJn, ni- Hi. :g.
segaotlogsil gaeeea in hloloegf
mark for one mile In Ihe I. rand
iii pi re clip trsek Tuesday,
ocKANror.T. N .1 . Aug ill - Rumaon
easily defeated the Meal Kreeln mters
10 goals to 5 to-day In tin tir-d of a
double header poln attraction and the
initial match for the Louis M, Hemln-
way eup.'- on the Deal Club field. Con
ceding the Deal rreel lent a handicap
of ., K'-ais ihe Rumsons scored an aver
age of lllj goals a period and hold their
opponents down to one goal, made by
William ftonebridgs In th- thir l chUk
, ker. In this period Ihe team lost
point on a safety by Phil p Boy. t
Rumaon started in with a rush, W B
Jonea, Jr., and J Herena Waters eaeli
scoring two goals In the ftret period.
Brilliant dashes down the n. 1,1, elevor
back strokes, good mallet work and long
shots hy jonea. Waters, Borden and
Barbour resulted in Rumson's scoring
two more goals m tin- second chukk. r
four 111 Ihe Kurd, two in th- fourth, tlf'h
and sixth, three in the seventh and one
in the eighth. .1 lierens Waters of
KUmson played against his father, 'i.
Jason Waters, and scored seven g.,.ii-.
The largest crowd of spectators of the
polo season was out and many fur coats
ami overcoats were In evldencei The
lineup :
No 1 s Jones, J ,., : 1, .1.1 on Waters
No . J.BereosWsteri No s Philip Doyie
No ;, II s Borden No . w Q ttoos.
lu- k w m Uartour bridge
Haek 11 It ..il.-m-li
..il .Rumeoii M; indtvi.lusl roals Jin,s
Waters 7: Borden 1 Barbour 1 leal
rreebooters i: iiMtlvutual soai Ittonebriilge
Aiinaisl i,y luii leap, . , lost by safety.
totaJ. ,' Referee 1.., .. Strauss Tune of
game Sight IH minutes periods
lu the second contest Piping Rock de
feated Deal 1" goal.- to 11"-. Harry
Beat's playing and clever back strokes
and ruling wile features. Conceding
Deal a handicap of I goals Piping Rock
had overcome the lead by the end of
tiie third period, with three goats b
John O'Oay and five by laisl
lu-al was shut out until the sixth,
when Joseph 11 Meyer made a goal. M
I' Bamberger added another in tin- gov
enth chukker ami .burg,. .'. Sherman
one 111 the final period Deal pluy.d
hard and aggressively, but could not
stop piping ii"- k's whirlwind play.
O'Day, win. played a line gum., was
thrown from ins mount and iande.l
heavily mi the turf in ihe second period.
He was stunned, but after a three min
ute lest resumed play
Today'a victors, Rumson snd Piping
Rook, will meet n the final mulch of
the Ileal tournament for tl, l, -oil-way
cup on Monday nfteriKHin The
f i I .1 iln O'Usy Mo s , si. i n
No .-H.uiy rJ.sst tin . 14 .' Sherman
No .. II W Kirl n s,, ...... pi K vf 1 r
I! i"U tl m Barli hi., mi- ;. ,:i. . .. ,
Pi tun
KOi'll. 14 lll.livi I'l il
East : ; 11 Hay
lllillVn1u.il fl
man i-n-l on
Is-mer. .v v
Ills Referee I
I: K 1. ., Rsrle, . Is .,1
ii vh : llsnibcrTiv, Sh. r
tf.-ti.-s Hy Myi r stal Bam
is 1 br lisnuioait, t : total,
atuis strsuss
kippers iii-eoclieii iii 1 hoppi Sea
on 1 In- nrl b
Urn Hank. N .'
shoppy sea mot
ten mite open handle
North ghrewshuri I
S II 1 c 1, S till I
. Aug .'
to- lay in I.,"
Club. During
w rs drenched
race aas ami
lleoi gs Poun
1 ha allci f
It 1
lie racing
with ftv ui
hv the Sli
1.1 II of I'l
1 . own.
I I ,
w It 'l
, minutes, her corri
i hour lo mlnutss 4,1
' . urattsn's Jeanne, a
lllg from suratl h, 'in'
ted time being
seconds, Prsvi k
iim nl i.oai start
lied se and her
1 time 1
mg I ho n 4,'i tntnuti s
K. Russell's tladix gas
md time being I hour 49
ui- K K Perrin's Mo.
iii, 1 3,'i iOI . Ai-, hibald I.
M llfth, I 17 ..a. and .1
J.i s- ,,n. is A
third, he . i ii,
minutes i.i He.
ii 1 a I, a as foul
.Miller's Jessia
A ' drews's .'
a; l ir sixth, l ol ,3u
tin club w .11 hold races
hydroplanes and oi hi r
II to all
I In I .a mi' I 'a 1
for Speed bonis,
river .--is, its, of,.
ii, M
da llraiv 11,1,
An,-. I'v 1 ni i
feds drew ti
tOdtlV Man
i'uss Pord, f
.vi VVntson
noiiiul I tlonal releases
II ii r. ls.nl ..... :..
V ink . Kd I . i title.
Teg M M ni ilil tii .t
longer required
ii rel used h the I . il
ih, n si : li were
l-'ord has le. I e been
Pederal le igue clql
reglgncd h viii il i
'. i m ike good
tins i ear He a i-
k ago. pin r n;,, ,
I hi I
hies I III,
Inils tlivitees
Vug SI Por ih..
ijl'ii llidgs Lawn
i's doubl.s VV M
Cartel hi it sin for
riioan, i, ii. n t
hsn Mi i ! douhl. i
ItlbllK, ft. .1 .
cha.iipiotigblp of thg
Tgnnis t'lub in .oo.
1 learil a mi Pr ink II
anil Merrill Mils all
r, - ?. in the men
i ...a ni
a id
W III . ns he i
Will ,,s. fl
Pre i
? .
I'o IV
Ned Sawyer And Voting
Princeton l,;id Lead
DSTSOIT, Aug. II, TWO golfers, with
score ot 71. the par of the course, led
ihe field m the qualify 1114 round of the
national amateur championship over ino
links of the Country Club of Del roil to
il iy, strut all stores of II or under inall-
fi' d for the thirty-six hod uuaUfyiM
round on Monday Tie pair of law
men were Ii K. gaWyer of WheatQg.
known throughout the Veet as Ned
Sawyer, and S. DsVitlsOn llciron, a
storky Plttgburg youth Who entered
from the Oakmoni Country Club,
As for tin- so-caiieii goif triumvirate,
ail tiuee qualified, gg waa expected) hut
HOI one of the three lived up to hie
reputation us a lead r whenever golfefe
ure gathered t,, ;, 1 -r. The trsumvt
rate 101, sis' s ni Kvans, Traveis and
Oulmst, with a thre. siroke marRin be
tween Evans ind Travers, and the same
gap between Trav, n i l Ouintet It
was Kv.ms Tti. Travers II and ouimet
II to-day, and the Haturday crowda.
Which "locked to the links and faith
fully followed the three golfers of such
great r. Down, saw llttli t-i lie.-ome
wildly enlhusisstlo about.
Curiously enough, the best g .If played
by any one of the three w in the open
champion's n;, going out this morning,
and he stai -Nil su early that on that
part of his journey he was followed by
only a handful of spectators. There
were many more who saw him corns
home in 41, and both Kvans and Ouimet,
I wno got away much later In the day,
carried good galleries ail of toe way
j around the course.
ateyec Starts With :i.
Ned ffawyer began l is good round
I with a ;i on the 4:.' yard tlrsl hob , and
; wuh th it kind of a sl u t to encourage
! him continued lo play excellent golf
; for the remainder of the round. He
reached tin turn In .17. ev, n par, and
began ti.,- homeward Jourh y with an
j other 3 on hi 107 yard tenth. On the
thirteenth he took but that was his
; only mlstske, and be came home in II,
I Ills can :
' I) E gawyi r. Whs iton
'"" '' I HUH 417
3 3 4 1 .. 4 3 sr. Tit
Herron, who is not quite is and
I ho has Jusi finished his ir. simian year
at Princeton, did tot play as steady
a gome us did gawyer, but as in- made
the same score hi was Just as wen
I pleased. His most notable performanoa
j was a on ni. 3x0 ard thirteenth,
where a full mldtron shot rolled across
i the green and dropped Into the cup
! HIS , aid ;
i g Davidson 11 rron
1 out 4 ; i
km. .in
4 . I 1 I J3,7
1 1 ti 4
Travers l.oae.
11 I I les.
When Jei r Ti ivers reached the turn
In S7. hit tiioiigii I.,, had begun Of. the
llrst in ii- wnii i, topped dl i'l-. it i.iiek'd
as though he wnuld la iiii up at the
top of the list, but such a !'.' was not
in stur.' for htm. lie h gun t ie inward
Journ y well enough with a pur 4 on the
t'-th. but then the bed shots h cm .md
kept cropping up here and there all the
rest of toe w i) hum .u th i n-nth
he missed a short pint for a :,, and on
both of ii,. next two hob s ha waa
hunkered T' a irsl hole of the l it wi
the tin- ! nth. for i", . u afi, r he got
well o n i.r ti,. (ri(, hi chip -l ot was
weak, snd lo- t ',. sis ,ni a par i hois.
1'n,- s'mri fourteenth he played s ,lns
didly, almost holding his l inu putt for a
2. but on ii;.. I. He nth I. missel a
lour foot .ii for in- 4 nnd gnothei
stroke was thrown away a v I putt
sa ..-1 him nu tin. iigtenth, but lis played
the seventeenth wretchedly, snd axaln
...is a stroke over par a i ,! 3 on
.ii) one h.,1,. un I- d ths round, giving
Ii ni i IS coming in and a :.i r r the
round. H. play, d with 1: 'in rl lard
t r of Hinsdale, amateur champion in
I who began With il gud ended
., .iii a i o for th,. round
bleb I. vans Marts Pilllrl,
"Lick Kvans played the three
ill i : ioi ly ..... all the rust of tries!
Well, im the first green in- missed a
i'utt, Ms ! i b drive from the
', on l tee ."-I 'l ihbed his ., prniicg on
H e third H ivii g ,'i ...! tie i ih. ise
';r',. methods of strokes,- he
oil up and i' l" w i, i., i fault tn
find with his co.t' tiiertnfier He want
it I it, ami ams In n .; its f... h,s
r.t. its partner w .s c '' Van Teck,
Jr . of n.iii isrol, wh i It) lei iiirn jusi
OUtSldS Ihi pale
lie-' tils.' I, st.,; I , i t , , .so
, , ,,
t:ll!,.sli. e ta
I l'it
I ' ll : met Him
-.ill, Of 'no
' , -
Is -n
ii he
Orittoe l i ,oo,l . I I -., Hail
: .
I .till
' I' . ,
' : Mis s , I ; , I' t lit
' -
o i win n
ll'i. d to 1- vi
uy g yii ril ur W'n A n shot and
t w.i put ' i i
'1. i e.l i I, but
UUU, aogj
an even sh" . i oni iln . un on
; played, hill CI i'l
i lrn
i re pull
; m l ie an v i
There wen US t
all hut five n'f I hi n
i ne meat promlni nt i
I drew belt I'll i i lea ' .
j Dallas, t.is iouibsi a .
l. ell
le lie.
I " " ti ..I;

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