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Calh"'" FaM IfllM in First
Otmr nnd Shut Out Poei
1 Score f i to o.
Nap Rueker and JefT Pfeffer Pitch Great Ball in Double Bnt Not
Header That Results in Victories by
Scores of 2 to 1 and 3 to 0.
Cnless Mctirnw Ho-
Inits ; Now York's Maunder
(ivcs Views on EoiifVrs.'
finx mine n great aa!n In
i 1 nVnt by brntinit nevetand
:uday afternoon. The Tygei s
: content Willi an even break
the Yankees. The Athletics did
fill Red
ir pi
hid 10
UN ' l
.I, ipected against the Whlto Sox
U won B twelve Inning game
Washington and got back Into
it t!ic expense of I " v -
v i-slcrilii 's Results
org, I: Ivtrott. 0 t TIT ot Sim-'
-w York. '.' IMTinM lamil !
. rievelaad, S ittrst eatni.t. )
1 1 'tevelead, 1 ittcoM itimt i
dphla. 4. ''hlceeti. I.
lit, l, Weehfngtea, 1 112 innings). I
Hetsilsd standlm of Mis Club.
! V.iL'il ' f v
iiton In H i nil 19 njM lit
Detroit : 7; 10 11 M M j TajA Mt
cklro".. "f "' fit MUM :
Wutilnnon.. I 111 Hull I DO Ml
N ork . 4 5 1J II 14 -' l2
ft UHllt.T'j 4 I 4 7 "i LT!it II '1 III
Cleveland . I I 4 I ( M It It N Ml
rMiititntftl i i i: mm ho
dime, iwt. ii r ; wl:i';i w i'i
To dsj's Hrhedule.
t.rk In Detroit.
on In Cleveland.
id phla In '"hUaro
blngtea In Si. I.uuls
Drrr.uiT. AuB.
host! II x T gc rs
It.- A crowd estimated
the Yankcae hold the
to an I VIA break hen
this afternoon. The tlrat same was u
pUcbtri' battle between Kay Caldwell
an,! Bll Hill Jamei and was one of the
mo.: Melting contests leen here thli
reisor The second ml an eaay vlc
orv for i-'uvelesklc. who had Ray Flatter
!trn before the contest progressed far. I warm J
Thi rei were l to n ai d I to 2.
Caldwell, who itrurk out nine, twirled
l beautiful game. He should have won
by .i larger score, but hia teatumutea
threw away several good chances for
r.. In the ninth, with two down, old
Hin Cr4Wf0fd threw a scare Int
camp with a triple to right and
Marled foi the plate M the lelay waa
canting In. a fast peg to Boom by shei.
ton jusi saved the day for the Yankees.
Dfjin) ;"t the ball In the nick of time
and WhlppOd It home, ao that Nuiir
maker waa able to catca Crawford
lUndlfll up at the plate,
faldwell'i triple in the sixth Inning
ay for the Yankees to Ret their i piitlbura was fdled
Braeklyn tn k the best blow In two
weeks In Its flirht .for the National
LtiigUl pennant by taking both parte
of a double header from the Tlratea at
RMMJ Kleid yesterday afternoon. The
tarllng Nap Hucker renewed the vigor
of lila I I left arm long enough to
triumph over Hob Harmon by 2 to I
In the first name. Jeff I'feffer out
pltchtd i ii lay of Kantlehner nnd Ma
tnaux In the awond. He won for the
vi ry good ri ason that ho shut out thl
Tlratea. This acoie was 3 to 0.
Both frame were of high merit. The
fielding throughout Wag sharp, anappy
and spirited. The pitching wn of an
unuatully high tone A drlzile fell
through the last four innings of the tlrat
gnmg -aid it wag est re truly cold. Dc
; Bpite the weuther handicaps the crowd
was one of the largest of the season.
Kgriy in the second game the skies
. Iiared aormwhat, though it grew colder.
Hut neither side OOUld Offgf weather
i-ondltions aa an gXCUga, Harmon pitched
I . fine game againat Kucker. even though
Brooklyn found him for eleven hits. He
i was agpoclaily atrontr In the plnchea
I Three times he worked out from under
; loaded bases.
In the second game Kantlehner, a
southpaw, pltctlgd a arrely le-s effec-
lively than I'feffer. In seven inning
I be allowed Tlrook.yn only three hits,
i The fint of these, by Cutahow. followed
a pass to Wheat and sent Each .uound
to third with none out. An Infield out
i gave the run Two BCfgtOh hits with a
pas and a sacrifice gave Brooklyn two
runs off Mamuux In the eighth and
I clinched the argument.
The I lodgers had the hardest kind of
a time to win fur Nap RUckir In spite
of the fact that the former king Of the
southpaws showed about his best game
of Ave years Hucker let down the BllC
oanean with eight hits, winch he kept
pretty well scattered Brooklyn batters
not only hit Harmon with freiiuency
bul received an unusual number of
Dasaea Still thev bad difficulty In acor-
Mir l'.i.li w.iu :,lv:iL, !il I'.w Ii Mt in '
the plnchea.
After the opening round only two Pi
rates got so far as third. Johnston
Walked with two down In the third and
raced to Qatg'a corner when Colling
singled through I'utshaw. Cany tripled
In the seventh, but here again two
hands already had been turned back
(Jetl cajIM through With a dandy stop
and throw on Doc Johnaon. Hlnchman
doubled to left, with only one out In
the eighth. t' Mara speared Wagner's
It lagged Hinchnian on the lines
und thereby blocked a serious opening, i The s.
The I'ir.iics got their only run In the I
first. Johnston beat a hunt to Kucker
and Collins walked. Hlnchman singled
to left, scoring Johnston. Hucker tight
ened and fanned the mighty Honua
.. i Wagner Then he trapped Collins off
gan never would be able to get Hucker
another run Stengel's patience was re
warded with fill third pass of the game
This walk opened Brooklyn's ninth.
Wheat shot a single Into right. Hlnch
man, In his eagerness to hold Stengel to
one base, overran the ball. On his error
. Stengel scored easily with the winning
Two wonderful throws, by 7jich
Wheat and Casey Ptengel respectively,
saved I'feffer In the first two Innings of
the nightcap. He was Just a trifle uti-
; steady at the start, but after much en
couragement he took heart and finished
1 strong as a lion. Hoc Johnston doubled
with one out, In the flret. Collins singled
to left. Wheat played the ball perfes My,
gathered It while travelling at top speed,
and by a perfect throw caught Johnston
I at the plate. Halrd singled, with one
out, In the second. Oerber tiled to
Wheat Then Olbgon cracked a long
single Into right. Stengel played thill
hit perfectly and threw out HaJrd at
third base.
Kantlehner opened the third with a
' single. Carey forced h.m. A pitch ad
vanced Carey, but two eaay flics fol-
lOWad, 1'lttsburg was never troublesomi
i after that. Hinchman walked to start
the fourth, but he was left at first. If
s igled. with two out, In the sJxth. but
was caught stealing. Harney walked
i 'or Kantlehner. with one down, In the
eighth. He advanced on a wild pitch
and took third on Carey's out Mc-
Carty made a fine ruim.ng catch Of
I Johnston's foul. Collins doubled at the
i beginning of the ninth, but meanwhile
I the Dodgers had taken a Bate lead at
' the expense of Mamaux. J'feffer struck
out Hinchman. Wagner and Halrd of
fer- ! easy files.
Brooklyn got Its first run In the eeo
md Wheat walked and raced to third
on Cutahaw's single. Halrd held Zach
on third while he threw out Myers, but
on Oetx's slow roller to Uerber Wheal
sneaked across with the run Pfeffer
and O'Mara singled, with none out. In
the third. laaubert bunted out trying I 1
sacrifice. Stences rolled to Johneton and
I Wheat wafted to Collin. In his
Usually a Cold Day Star, Tesreau Observes Custom,
Zips Ball Past Foes So Fast They Can't See It
and Giants Triumph by 2 to 0.
Brooklyn made a great gain on the I
PMIIIgg by beating 1'lttsburg In both j
garni of yesterday' double header al
Kbbet Kleld. Wet ground kept the
Cardinals and league leaders Idle. The
There Is a bare possibility thnt Hubc
Marquard, recently canned by the man
agement of the (Hants, may wear ajdiant ahut out the Cuba and moved
I 'odger uniform before many days. The to sixth place, ahead of the I'iratei.
once great southpaw Is anxious to Join Huston kept In the hunt by shutting out
Hobble's team and Kbbcts would wel
come him.
Mariiuard has been In conference with
Fbbets und RoMngOtl nnd is willing to 1
sign a contract mutually satisfactory
to himself and the Brooklyn manage
ment, provided the New York club will
release him from his obligation! to go to
Toronto of the International LeagtM.
President Kbbet a or pie DodgeMi who
waived on llarojuard a few dayi ago, g
ting to pa) the waiver pri e
w York, but is not will
Ihe contract the pit her
v York. Marauard
the Cincinnati Heds.
New York, 2. Chicago
llrnok'yn. i. littstmrg,
Bimikiyn. S. rittslniri
1 (flrst gamei.
0 (second samel.
too.n 11- (inelnnutt. 0.
PMIadelpaJa-th l.ul (wet grnundsl.
n. taii.-d Standing of the (lob.
of $ 1 in N
Ins to assume
holds with .New York, Marauard has
agreed to acept a much lower sal.u y
in Brooklyn in order to save hlmaelf
the ignominy of ,i u,p in the brush.
"The mailer rests with the New York
and Toronto clubs," said Kbbet yi ti r
day. "1 have not tampered w.th Mar
iiuard In any wa I told him that if he
affaire aatlafat torlly
would be willing to
c for li s services, but
the contract he holdi
ild arrange his
I with th i li n ts
pay the waiver pro
would not assume
with New York. I have not heard how
the New York club regards MerqUard'l
proposition to play with us."
It is understood that the Brooklyn
management w-iii sound tn.' New York
officials on a deal for Mariuard.
Meilraw, however, does not favorably
regard Marquard's tight to escape a re
turn to the mlnoi a
"Maruuard's ease Is n point of dis
cipline." McUraw said yesterday. "I am
tired of having high salaried star- loaf
on me, only to work their beads off for
other managers as soon as they have
Drooklya... ,
Chicago ..
St. I.olll. .
New York.,
i inelunatl
i .anies lost.
- c
I 10
10 ' I".
f" I
it tojio 'JiT
17 1 II I
1 1
II 1
t 10
7l It H
II ti 7
1 M
s II I
I 7I0 II
II 19 17 Kl SI A.V
drive easy
I men."
bargains for our dll grui.lled
, I i
laait ' been transferred. Jack Murray and
four innings Kantlehner allowed only r reu Bnooaraas are eanmpies
..... r,-. . ... ,.i v.,.., ti ... ii nut umbos' in have the Ni w ork dub
Mots, with one out. In the fourth.
Pfeffer, tlrat to face Mamaux. got the
scratchiest kind of a blow to start the
eighth. It was a high bounder that the
pitcher deflect id out of the reach of
everybody. tYMars walked and Dauberi
sacrificed, Stengel wicked Jolt took a
alee bound at Halrd The yo Ungate?
got his finger tips off it. but Just enough
to deflect the ball from the paws of Hat
Wagner, w-ho was nacklng the play. On
us hit both Pfeffer and O'Mara scored
res :
l'ITTSni.'Rti IN L
ub ti p
Hamilton's Mum nnd H Mnulr h
I'rntt Beat sennlors.
uid for the third out
O'Mara drew a pass in the first, but
Wagner converted Iuiubert's liner into a
double pla) Myers scratched a hit
through Batrdi with only one out In the
second. lb raced to third when fletl
singled to right Wagntr I r ed for a
double play on Millers hot offering, but
rjeta beat ins thmw to McCarthy,
Though the relay nipped Miller at first,
its attempt at
Carey If ... 4
.Inhnsl n lb .1
Colllnacf a
I ii i nen mi ri i
tison c I
Haraon,p. 3
i i
i it
i i
St Lortl, Aug II. Thl Browns
i snatched the game from the aenaiori tv
i day, 2 to l. in the twelfth. With two
out Hamilton bunted safely. Avers
i handed Ins s tol pass lo gehotton and
Austin beat out an Infield r o!r. Pratt
BROOKLYN iN L i I lined a s ngle to rmire, Winning the
an n i
t wai ner.se
iiiurii in
MeCartf i.h
o O'Mwi ss
ii 'Kaunsrl lb
e Riengel.rf..
I Wheat. If
'I Cllt-hns 2b
n Mvers.ef
ii Hie aer.p
2 Pi
J I game.
a Howard I homer scored the tlrst run
1 1 for the Biowns and In the third poster
t scori'd from second on a Wild pitch. The
w tiHIKOTON i t t.
ab h p a
r: it o
counter over. Slim irlve was a double killing and Myers wns able to
.mi that bounded off the right Held
A single by Cook followed the
nd Slim came m. The Yankees
ilayt I . hangup game b. hind Caldwell
n tie held. Cobb Incidentally d.dn t
ge". a hil dunng the day.
The second encounter was a runaway,
for Hie Tygirs. They piled up a four
run lead at the start, and the Yiuike s
i.eier were able to catch up. Vltt hit
the first ball pitched for a triple and
Kored mi Bush's sacrifice fly, Cobb waa
killed off and Crawford riached third
ii the result of his hit. a stolen base
wd Kruegir'l error on Veach. A single
by Burns scored Crawford and put
Viach on third. Cook dropped easy
Young's fly and Veach and Bur's scored
iftr the hall hud been whipped back
atid forth In the Infield to get runner
F!her steadied thn. but a triple by
Hak r a d Vltt'a single added another
in the fourth.
Bo ,- o let Young's roller go through
I'm In the sixth, and the latter went
all the way to third while Baker was
beating cut a bunt. Vitt, who starred
In thl nightcap with four hits, rolled a
ReMer'l choice to Hoone, and as Danny's
throw was a hit wide Yotrng slid over
thl plate With Baker on third Bush
(fore i fit one to Plpp. Mpp shot It
Ver to Mallei, who was able lo throw
thl runner out at the plate. Cobb still
hd I Cham e to do gORM damage, but all
the Georgia Peach was able to do was
to roll or, easy one to Fisher.
Af'r tint the Tygers were unihle to
core Dally Vance, a newcomer,
pitrhe 1 the las' two frames for the
ranklei and shut out the Tigers, al
Ihougtl I the eighth, with two out. he
h'.lel 'he bags. Vltt doubl d. Bush
waPae'l and i 'obb waa 'hit. Pazxy
breathed a sigh of relief when Crawford
popped to 1 'cokinpaugh.
I' i i Kallmann was sent Ir as a pinch
litter i I1'.- seventh for Ma I Ml. Paddy
ma le go d. for his hit drove home the
:r'. two runs the Yanks were able to
et If CovelMkle, The Yanks had the
ball id in the eighth, but Cook
Coul'p ' deliver. The score :
ltW YOftK f A. lei DETROIT 'A. Li
in h pa e; an n p a i
3:100 I'm ii, 4 i : n n
0 Hush. as 113 2 1
i' fr.hb ef J ' " 0 ii
0 Crawford. rf 3
pmtBCRO iN
lib h p
r.arev H 10 2
Johnsl'n lb I l n
Colllns.cl 4 2 2
Bin, h an rf 3 1 I
tVagner.ai 400
Baird.lb 4 1 0
fb-rber 2h lot
lohsoii c 2 12
1 0 0
sm ak honi" w th the tying run
Three tunes thereafter Brooklyn filled
the bases on Harmon without being able
to score. In the third Daubeit'l scratch
single was sandwiched between passes j
to O'Mari and Stengel, with none out.
Wheat filed short to Hlnchman. Hotb
CutahaW and Myers fanned.
Miller and Hucker both singled, with
one gone in the third Daubert also
beat a hit to Wagner after O'Mara filed
to right Casey Stengel this time fanned
In the pinch.
.Myers seraleneil a mi Wlieu noiiiioii (-.,.,,ll
fell storting the eighth Oct hunted 1 Murphy
and got another scratch single when the Ksutleh'r.p I
pitcher s'ipped again on the soggy ib id
Miller forced (letr. at second but Rucker
drew his pass, tilling the bases for the 1
third time. O'Mara bunted Qlbaon
field d the ball and , rawlad hack enough j
lo tog the plate an eye wink ahead
of Mysra, who slid around tin- backstop's ;
thrust. The fans who didn't understand ;
that It was unnecessary to touch the 1
runner were oiapieaaea wun nanon s
Just verdict The Brooklyn playeis ar
gued that Qlbaon missed stabbing the
plate, but this was senseless and use
less talk.
Kinallv when it looked as If the Dod
Ti'iiIi 1.1 s':'i ,: 1 Toialu St it
N,o r nut when winiiins run waa soore.l
Put -buri 1 0 ) D I 0 0 a
Brooklyn 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Runs -Pittsburg. Johnston; Brooklyn
eel. Mrers It: on hsses I'lttsnuri ,;
Urooklyn. II Three base hit Carey Two I
bass hit Htnehman llasi on balls -Off
Harmon. off Backer, -- Struck out -By
Harmon, :, by Rucker. 7 Double play
Wagner and Johnston linpire In cluef
Basan rield umpire Byron Tune 1 hour 1
1 nd in minutes
RE OMl 11 M K
Mo..;:. :
Poster lb
Milan I
Shanks 'Hi
j 1 Oandll.lb
Aeoam rf .
sten Hear
Mi Unde us
Aver p
llarber It
0 11
1 1
1 '.
n 14
0 Ii
2 1
0 0
1 ST I.Ot IS A f.
e all It p
" motion it
o Austin lb..,
n I "at 1 10
0 Walker cl
n Jacobean rf
0 Howard, lb
0 Liven at...
I1A1 new o . .
0 11 million p
r. 2 i'
1 I
2 i:
II 0,
1- U II
ths eleventh Inning
in run was ored
ab b p a
n O'Mara u
0 liaiitiert.lb
' ' Stengel rf
a Wheat.lf . . . .
( Cutikaw.tb
1 Myers.cf. ..
i Oeti.lb
n MeCarty.c
11 I'leffer.p
n Totals
1 0
To tall . j lit! : o
'Betlsd for Not Ik 1 11
Two out when wtnnl
WasSintton , t 0 1 t I 0 , u , 11 1 I 1
St Lom . . 0 a 0 ) a ) 1 y ii a 0 1:
Hun Maahlngton Poster st Louis Bow.
aril Hamilton Two baei hits Milai. Foater,
inank Borne run Boward t 1 ifli e hi -agntw,
Beury, Doubli pi Walker, Agoew
and Austin Si ,!i 1 1 i- - Milker, V 'er
Shottic, iTnt. . Wild pin Hsrollton
li.tses on ball aiff H iniiton f. oft Avers.
Struck out lly ll.imilon, .: by Ayera
Pmpires Kvnu uml I'luii. Tune ' hour
nnd niiiiutisi
. 27 0
t Harney.
M loiaux.p
0 0
0 0
0 0
Tot ala 11 T 24 14 0'
11 litis! for CHbeOfl in the euhth mnnig
t Batted tor Kiintlehner in the inhth lanlgg
Plttsburr I f f t t 0 t 0-4
Brooklyn 1 0 0 0 " -
Run. llro,ikln O'Mara Wheat. Pfeffer
7 ..-ft on bases Pittsburg (I: Brooklyn. 6
Two bass h ri j oh net o n, OoUini Has.- on
bells (iff Kaiulehner. I; off Mamaux. I.
oil Pfeffer .' Stru k out .By Kantlehner
2: by I'feffer .' tacrtflca hit Dauber Wild I
pitches Pfeffer, I Bin off Kintirhner. I
in seven innings, off Mamaux. : in ivh- in
mug I'mtiire m chief Byron Field 11m
plri Bason Time 1 hour and r.o minutes
l l.efe II inn I Ltaeag v 1 Morion.
Carrlgan of tin
1111 with a left
111 Hie first gun.,'
with liny Morton
her. Carrlgan tig-
CurtrgLAstDi Aug :
Hid Sox sent In it
hand lineup to-day
against the Indiana,
as the opposing pit.
(itni 1
Uled tll.lt
j dona In fa
1 in the week
With otle lilt
1 first. Henrlkaen i
, the bat and Kutl
radii ,ti must be
pitcher who carlo r
bad left to" Vanka down
so in- shoved rloblltaell to
left. Thomaa behind
hi thi mound
To-day's Schedule.
No gsmse achedaksli
Br WILLI AM n. ha.-vna.
Jeff Tesreau had stored up ao much
ttiergy to fire at the Cubs yesterday
that they served only to show how g,s,d
the Ojark mammoth can be when be
l real good The Cubs were naught
but foils for the great speed of nig
Jeff. They made only three hits off
blm and were shut out, 2 to 0. by
the (Hants. The only pitching Tesreau
had done for more than a week was
six Innings on Tuesday last, so he was
tin owing off a surplusuge of steam and
smoke which had accumulated In his
massive works.
Jeff was a pitching dynamo, the In
carnation of physical force, and be
drove the ball past the Chicago bat'ers
so fnst they were hitting blindly
BchUlte, Elmmerman, Saler and Arcner
Mere among those he struck out. and
they are t o weaklings with the gad. They
s! ishrd and hit nothing aa the ha'.;
s.mg by and hurled itself In the recewses
,.! Meyers's mitt.
The dirk day made Tesreau' speed
l arder to see. Then again It was chilly
The big man always has been an ef
fective cool weather pitcher, and yes
terday everything combined to make
him a wild horse end bird to curry
A two bagger with two out accounted
for a Chi ago Joiiriu y to sec uit base.
1 walk and an Irfbid hit accounted for
I second ,,ne. nnd a walk, an out and
a long fly ware the stages of a pas
sage to third. All other Cubs who
reached base, and they were few
i i. , walked and one fashioned a single
went no further than first.
Tin Olanta put another sure nnd fas'
fielding game on view. Doyle, whose
second base play the last few days
'as I n rarely good, continued that
sut of behavior. He snatched up a
grounder back of second and flipped
II to that cranny for a force, and he
I Itched up another of like difficult
rat ure on which he also would have
forc"d a man bad Fletcher been ag 1
in cooperation, Burn went far on!
Into the lush her), age twice and en.
i a ned mlaallea catapulting to the outskirts.
I bom. is of Iteil Si
U, , .!.., I Out.
Lew la Mni.ee Two Klae Patches i"
sensational Second UlMli
(i r.VKi.ANP Aug. 2 .-- The lied
won both ends of a doubl
the Indians here to
3 to I
by II
header with
lay, 3 to 3 and
In the llrst game timely hitting
tttaalt. Hooper and anrigaan did
the trick The Indians km ked RUtn
off the mound In 1 he seventh, h oi Ing
three runs.
The sec tul game was featured by
sensational Plays by both tennis Lewis
niade two of the Unset catches ever seen
lu re. The scores ;
Uriorr'n lid TbaW Cosily tffer
TWO IIHs Ihe Third.
CHICAOO, Aug. SK.- The Athletics gave
the White Sox a 4 to i heating to-day,
Lajole'l double, 11 pass and Pavta'g
single netted IW0 runs In Ihe second for
the Athletics, and thev won ,n the third
on a pair of singles anl Weaver's wild
throw. Thu-e hits bunched in the fifth
were stli working on hin at the club
house ten minutes alter he was knocked
joe Wood Must Heal His trot,
M ir ,ker W
I So ll 1 - sere
oh 10 rest hit
Cl.KVKl.AV 1,
lam 1 'arrlg in
Joe Wood ha
arm dui Ing I
Aug t
of Ihe Rl
k to Bat
, 0 d s:,.
Pesl( .a
Bus! lb
Spu ib
'I i :f
flints' b
N makr
Tsl leell.p
let 111
I 1
1 0
2 1
0 0
Ii 10
1 1
0 V.-seh If
,1 Burns lb
( Young '.'b
0 Stallage. c
11 Kavanagh
Bakr e .
'1 James, p
1 1
ft 10
0 ft
0 0
0 0
ah h
Hooner.rf 1
Bneaket Ol
lloh r, II lb
II. 1 nk nil
Ix-wi if
a , ',anho'r.3b
0 Barry.tb
11 Tnomis.c
1 j Csily.e ....
ft' Ruth. n
11 M u i!
I. I
P a
1 0
3 3
.1 "
A I. 1
p a
0 (l
I) ft
l I
'. 0
(1 ft
2 f. J7 12 1 ToUl"
Bitted f,,r stanage in the eighth inn r,
Tliomi f,,r James In ih eightn inning
Baa York loieoiooe I
3i'ftit 00000000 ft- ft
K. Kea York Caldwsll acnflis hitc
'! 1 isl Two base hit Veach Three
' !,. H ah. Caldwell Crawford Striok
In J mil I by Caldwell V First bser
I ,. - 1 df Jameg off Oldham 1, off
lloilbla plays- Nunamske- and
1 1 is Hush, Young anl Burns; Burns, tin
. hisine. Iv,k and Ihpn: Jsnns Burns
Itanaii . 1 . and Bil
let-mod Time 1 hour and H minutes.
ab h pa e! ab b p a
s at h
0 Chaiiniatvss .' '
e lloih.ef .. ' 1
(1 1. raney.lt . 2 0
n K.rke lh. . I I
1 small. rf. . . 4 1
? 0 r Karhare.lt 3 t
1 1 W.iniliv.-ii ,11111
I i e-o'S. ill e.. 4 1 4 I t
7 11 " Morton, p., 1 1 ft 1 I
1 0 u 'T.irm-r ... 1 11 " ft "
ft n ft II 11 i ml p., ft ft 0 2 il
0 0 (1 tPasehel 1 ) n 0 0
Carler p . ft 0 ft 0
,3J K 27 9 (' IS.iulhw th 1 0 11 0
gave Chicago two runs The score.
PHILA 1 A I. ' 1 OHICAOO iA I. 1
ab h p .1 e ah h p s e
Rppf.ai .4 1 3 ; tMurnhy.rf , it a 1
VVslih.rf... 4001 0 J t oiiins.ib 1 1 9 ; a
Strunk.lb 4 2 in 11 Dft.Collln.lb 7 0 2 4 o
I.IIOlS 2h , . 4 3 12 0 Jsekson.ef. 113 0a
Oidrnia If . 3 I ft 0 NKll h If J I ft ft 1
leking.lb 1 t I I t West eras 2 112 1
haviesef 112" I .bill lis 3b 11140
Lapp.c . 1 t 3 ft s ehalh c 1 " 1 1
Knowisoll p 4 1 n 4 (1 Ben p II II 0 1 ft
Lei hold ,., t n I 0 I
Totals 14 It 27 13 U Fiihsr.p ...10 13 1
IfBiiiaill . 1 n 0 11 i
I Totals 2', 7 2; 1; 2
flatlsd for Benr in the third inning
fnoli rf
fe. .
Ml- 1 lh.
rwif :ii .
ch-lton ef.
Bll n If
bating ;h
l-ri-ngi-r e
Aleisisl's 1
ri"l.(-r,n 0
yrw ... 1
Vrnv p.... I
0 0
3 t
1 1
I 0
II 12
1 1
1 0
1 1
1 4
1 2
0 ft
1 0
0 0
0 Hush. ss I
OCobb.cf 4
OTrawfnrd.rf fi
e Veaib lf ,., J
0' Burns. lb. . . I
01 Young 2b I
1 staaare.c. 1
HHak-r e I
0 Covei'skle.p 4
4 110
I 1
I Tol als 33 7 27 lii I
Batted far Morton In th' fifth inning
tiiattisi for Har.taii m t rw isventh Inning
Batted for Carter in the ninth inning
ri,tnn 1 1 0 0 2 0 1 0ft'.
Cleveland. 0 0 0 ft 0 0 3 0 0-1
Runs Bolt oa, Janvrln, - Ipssker, Bury
Ruih Clivelind. Chapmnn. wimby, 0 N( ii
Two bass tut- Kiike Three '- tali Chip
mail Hoblilrell Birr Hom run 11 Ne.ll
Sa.nflie hits -Hoblilrell. .Iiiiivnn. rroinii.
lioubie plav Barry, Janvrln and Boblltieil
Biees on bail, on Morton, oB Carter. Ii
off Ruth ti off May.. 1 Strink out By
Morton, ll by Carter ll by Ruth. S by
Mays 2 t'mpires Wslloee an.l Connolly
Time- 1 hour ami nalimti i
BBCOND 11 amk
tBMtad for Pabar In the ninth Inulng,
liiiladrlphia 0 2 I ft a 1 A 0 ft 1
Chicago '0 0 (1 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
Runs .Philadelphia Kopf, fdrunk, Laloli
S, banj! Chicago John Sehalk Twn base
lilii. Cajole, John Murphy Thri-e blM
bll Si-bang llnuble plays Kftpf ami I. a
jo,e: Rout and Slrunk; Weaver B Colltni
anil .1 Colllnii Lapp mid Kopf; Johns, F.
COllIm mid J Collins: Lapp ami Sella if
Sacrifice hits Ohlring J Collins, K Collin.
Ftiseh Fuller Btolen iss Murohy Mus
on balls 4ift Knowt-uti t! off Bern. 1
struck out By gnewtian, 11 by Paher
Hit by pitched ball By K now I 111 'Weaver,
Wild pii'-h Bsni, Pmpires ftallln ind
IMnsea Tune -l hour and t, minutes
0 4
1 11
1 1
0 11
2 I
ab 11 p a
Hooper rt
janvrin a
S iker ef
1 fTardner.lb
IJ 10 27 11
T ' ,'. pi M 14 41
a i'id fur Fisher In the seventh tniiinr
Pe York 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 o-l
taoout 4 4 11110 0 s-4
Bun New York. Bonne Creo; Detroit.
Jin Craaford YeaCh, Burn, Youns. Bsker
Jayiov tuts -Bush I Two base hil-Vitt
pin-.. iiu hits-Vitt. Baker Struck oul
M Covsleakla I. h .Klsher I. b Valsls 1
on balls Off Coveieskls 2. off
off Vanes i' llnuble nleye Burns
IB4 Burns: Boone so 1 Pupp Pass-sl
as K-. 1, T Hit hi pitched hall -By KMher
iiy lance , Young. Cobbi. Uaswre
' ' "nd and O'Lnughlln. Tlme--I hour
1 1 Barry.to.
1 on
Mliont.p .
11 .11 to-day. I antes, startlne I P. M.
esark Balllmore. gedsrsJ Leaius Park
4 0 2
I I 2
3 0 11
4 2 4
3 2 0
4 I 3
j 11 4
I 0 0
Tolals . i 27 14
0 Chapman
0 Rolh of
ii Griney.lf. .
1 Kirlo-.ih . ..
11 siniih rf . .
n Barbare.lb
1 Wsmby.2h..
0 Willi.
i. Turner lb..,
ONelil.o .
1 Collasiore.p
ab 1
1 1
1 i
1 3
II n
0 0
0 4
0 ft
I, o
ft ft
I 3
I ft 11 11 (1
(1000 11
1 Tolal. 211 f, 27 1.1
Batted for Wim by in 'be seventh inning
iRstted for Collamon- in Iht- eighth Inning
Boston 11 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 -1
CTevellltd.. 0 0 0 0 II 1) I 0 0 I
Huns CleVSlind, Kirke. Boston, BoOpeT,
Hiieaker. cdy Two baas bus Oardnir,
Hiioper Three buie luls Hooper, SpeaUer
SscrlMie bus R01I1. Barbate S'iois. 2 Btolin
basi ', irdner lioubie pl.iy Burly, Junvrill
and Hnblniell Hales on bulls Off Colla
more J; off Shore 3 Sir, ok out lly Culls
more. by Curler I. by sh ire .( Umpires
Connolly snd Wsllsie Time--I hour and M
New Vork stale l eague.
ra nt on .... . 2 0 ft 2 4 0 0 2 x- -I a 1 .1 a
n.v 0 u 11 (l 0 2 0 0 1 S 4 3
It.i" -i lllxglns. M 1 1 ir nnd Kealliu;.
hmldl and 'litonrke.
giraatag o 1 1 2 0 x -12 20 2
L l I Album 10 11 4 0 4 I 14 3
a o, Batteries- Duchsonll, Wlntira Milr and
I ft I Keating . Jacobs tliierui r and O'ltourks
" 11 II II l:
Finlra . 1 1 1 1 t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 l
Utlea .... 100000 ouooii n 00 o t 7 2
(Called uti account of da-kneei 1
Hal ' erle. -( 'nporel and Rlttiri Hin rr
1111,1 stcDonough
K 11 B
Byraeuss 000000000 0 1 2
Ulnghamton .00301000 0 1 11 n
Batierles -Cornwill and Tyleri flirned
nnd Murphy.
Ft 11 I
Hvrgruss 0000002 -2 3 0
lllng hamtnn 012000 11 3 7 :
BattSrlSS Frlel and Tyler. Bapp and
Al Wiikeabarrs-Trny (wet iruunils).
s,,i, 1 ion, l.eaau.
4. Birmingham, I.
A'linila 2, Na.hill
' haitunooia, 3, N
o ,,s. Ii, l.lltle Buck.
(Itlisns, 1 til In
Series 8
- Dlitanee Drlvi
IP on Ihe Re
One thai will lake you farthest in a day with the greatest
Us liphl w i'-'lit nnd rei
away ami ability t' ma
In aopearance havinK Mu
lonnive power prive ii quick get
c time over roads as thev come.
Btyle tlt'Vcloni'd
by the French School of Design that gives it distinction
over nt her cars.
The Franklin a Full-Sire Five-PasseriKer
Tetirini far, Weighing Only 2,675 Pounds,
with Coninlcle l.'p-to-Datc Equipmanti Pflcg
Sedan, $2,850
Five Puaaongt-Ti,
Coupe, $2,600
Three PMtenggra,
Berlin, $3,100
Seven PaAagnggfli
Immediate Delivery
Franklin Motor Car Co.
Gi.KKN A. TISDALE, Prenident
1848 Broadway at 61st, N. Y.
7656 ( 'olumlma
the sumo tinio. Qrant'g luifit nnd
I'nile's Mingle created that sltuatlnii,
hut with two out, and Market Brag
fanned by Adanta, Blm, the tempera.
mental, was at but In the fourth tuning,
hut his ntlnd momentarily waetrt mi
hi work and Tcurcati ehol n quick
pit, h over. That was a Htrlkc on . m,
and Tesreau Dam I back with another
quirk one, a Itralght, fast one. Zlm
cracked this one the hardest lull hit
by the I'ubs -hut Burns raced en.t with
It and In his light, soft way of taking
flleM he accomplished a hard catch. The
e, "I e
Blue JACkel Driven Off .Mound
in Fifth, When Buffalo
Noon's Six TJiiiih.
Rochester itcoins Farewell b;,
Taking Both ontesti in
Jersey City,
ab h p a
Oood.rt,... t l i
Plsher.si., I 1 4
, 1 ulle if i o o
Zim tnsn.b I ft J
slerlb... 10 7
Wii.i mi. of j ii
I'lo hi lb. . 1 1 1
Are o-r.e tot
11 in -hr s.p 2 ft 0
M rig .110
Ad 1111 p .. 0 0 0
0 IIHurns.lf. ..
2 i orant.tb
0 ( Hdb'tenli.rf
2 ft Doyle. 2b....
0 r Mei kle , I..
1 Oif-iiteliCI
1. p
0 III aiuni d.lh .1 'i ii
n Meyers e
I 1 I .i ; ; . I
0 -
Totals 2ti
: ! 0
10 0
To' all r s 24 ll
Pitted for llumphne In the eighth inning
fhli ago a o ft I ft ft o ft ft -i
h'e Vork lOlooooo :
Huns New York. Hums. Ilrant K.rst
baiM- on error New York lyft on tiaws
CP igu 6; New Y'ork. 4. first has. tin
ball. -Off Humphries. I: off TbareaU
III leg mu -My Humnhrtea 4: by Teereau
4 Two base hil I'hrlan SStliflcf lid
Soherison 4a.rin.. tly lioyir Double
atari -Wlltlaats, Humtdme-. .imim nnnn
rhelsa and nihtrj TVsreaU, Ki-tehrr and
Brunsrd wn,i pitch Humphries Hit- oft
ll ...Humes, ii in seven Innings; off Adanta
2 in one inning Earned runs lift Humph
ne. i Cmpire In chut Higbr field urn
rare -Cockill Time 1 hour and M minute,
w. i, rt
HI 54 H
S! M Ii
l 71
Y eslerila 's Results.
BuSalo, 7; Brooklyn, .'.
tlsltlmor Newark irsinV
let. Ijoule, i Kansas city, l.
rHttaburghtcaga iraini.
Ntsndlns nf Ihe Clnhe.
W 1, PC
rittsblin.. M Id WIS! T.nuls ...
Newark si r.l r,:.; Huflsln
Kansas City .V, r.37 Ilrooklyii ..
Chicago fi.1 :,(l r,17 Haltlmnre ..
To-dsy, Behethrte,
It,, M-iinr.. In NVwark
Kaneei Ottt in Bt, iinuts.
l'ltisl.urg In chb-san
Iti ii'Aio. Aug, '.'v. Tlie Itnff.'ds and
Tiptops played five Innings In the
ruin to-dajr, fn the fifth the locals
drove Blue Jacket from tho mound nnd
Cored six runs, making the score ? to
2 tnl putting the game be ond the visi
tors' reach. fmpire WeeterVlIt then
called ihe contest. The score:
y setefdat ' fteaaltai
Raebester, t Jersej Clc i fflrat rams).
Rnehester, t; .lei ty, I Innlnpi;
agreement! second gsmei
Priivbleti' ', ?. Toronto I
Harrlshura-Montresl ,' -h g-imee rata).
Itlchniou't - llofTaln irnlui .
Btaadlai af the iuts
w i. pr
Providence 71 :ri Itirri-burg
liuffaio ni in .mry Rochester. ,
Montreal .. ' M XT Richmond. .
Toronto. ... .',:: HI M9 Jersey lily.. 4ft
Tn-ds ' i hrdule.
nerbester i-i Jersey city.
Toronto in providence
W 1,
t,2 N
l 47
Rmlnlph filches In Ills Tnrn anil
Don n Beds It) In 11.
Boston, Aug. 24 Charley 11. rr.,g
ssvel his star pitcher. Fred Toney. gjj
through the Phlladelhla s rl-s just t.i
take n crack at Huston. Tu-d iv b
cut Fred loose. Tin. result was a
pltchera battle with nick Hudolph, who
takes his turn, and the saved up pitcher
w is beaten 2 to 0.
Hudolph had the Clnclnnatlani at his
mer y, allowing Bve blows, of which
Hi g ig gol three, Toney too w is stingy
with hits, hut In the th.rd Even .1 ubll ,1.
was s.iciiflcral Blotlg and Counted On
Mo g'-'-s single. In th.- fifth he walked,
moved up when gDOdgrasl aalked, was
It : Reed in third by Mages and siunil
on Schmidt's rap. The score :
a e kh , p ,
1 ' Pttips'ck.rl ;; t ,1 ft I
- 1 Ri era :'b , . . i 1 n .1 1,
a - Inodr'aai f 1 1 son
(l Mafcee rf ,11111
' bmnll 1 h 4 in ii o
7 2 Hmitl, a l ii , n
1 2 ft.Mar'ville s, :1 r, :, n
4 1 .' Oowdy o. 2 ii 4 1 i,
0 2" Hudoiph. p . 2 a ft 1 'i
Oftft Totals . :i :, r. II t
Tot all h 1 2i 'n i,
Batted fur Toney in the ngbth inning
phrtaaati I t t t t i t I M
Bosnm t i I a t a n n
i . -Boston, Keeis. . Two base hit
vers ariffltn Btalen bases Msgee Hu
ajlph Hanoi BatTiJea bite Maramnlls
53 "r"" . SIP, u"uh 'v Hertos
no, . - in,l MtNlariti l, ft mi bases llnaion
11 I nnstl I K ret baas on errur 1...1 m
Si",; SS Sf't T y. : Hu by ptnlier
By H idolph KiMifei . Struck out By Tons
Ji by Rudolph. 1 fmpi-es Cm.',. a.id
O'Daj Tinie-i hour anu U rainutes
Mage.- 2b
Myer- lb
H snulli ,
blue .1 kt p
t phsm.p .. i
ab b p a I
.11 10 1
3 110 0
11 ft II
. I
I 1 t I II
. 3 i 1 0 ft
. 2 0 0 1 it
. 8 3 ft .1 i
21 II M I I
1 o o o r. .1
0 2 0 0 I -
Ht ll I.
Oroh in ,, i o t
Hei g ss 4 12
Wiiuimslf 4 l 2
Kn1 feed .1 ii 2
Onttitb rf 3 1 l
WllMTO,C ... .1 0 7
Bodgi r 2h .1 ft l
Mo, nit lb 3 ft I
Tones p . . j ,, n
Vo ' Knln , 1 ft ft
Lear p . . . 0 0
ab h p a e
And'rinn rf " 1 ft ft (i Meyer If .
3 0 11" f.ord lb
3 o ft ft ft kialton t f
J I 0 0 ft Chssr lb
2 1 9 ft n t.ouileii :b
llalt.th ft ft 1 1 n Engle ef
Pd9mlth.M 1 ft ft I n Hunch
2 2 ft 'I Allen c. ..
n ft i ft Schuli.p, .
0 0 I M
Tnt.il, .11 ft 15 o:
Run Buffalo, Meyer, 2; Lord. Chase.
Louden, Knle. Boaob: lirooklyn. Kauff
HyeM Innnigi, pit, -bed -lly Blue Jacket . four
and one third iiuungs: by I'pham. two thlntu
ol an iiiiu-u Bit- (iff Blue Jacket, in, 4 runs;
off li-ham. J ,1 run, Karued runs--Buffalo,
7: Brooklyn, 2 Bases on tialls Off "..hiilr.
1 'Mall,; off Blue Jaikrt. - Meyer, 4'liase,;
off rpham, 1 iRoachc struck out By
eholl, , Blue Jacket . i! Mfyera Anderson.
Mi... Kauff,: by Blue Jaekst, 2 ,Iaiuileu.
Home run Kauff Sa.sltl e hits -Halt,
laird Dalian Stolen base - DaMoa, Chase.
- Louden, Roach r.eft on has,-, -Buffalo :
lirooklyn. 1 lioubie plays Fred amith.
M i.,-,' and Myer, Hit by pitcher By Jietiulr.
Frcl Smilhi Cmpin. MeCormack and
Weetervell Time of yuni 1 hour and .1,
ai nt. LeeM
n N r.
Kansas City 1 F. I. 1 .0 ft ft ft ft ft 2 ft fl j 5
St l.o it- , F I.. I .... 11 ft 1 2 ft ft ft 11 g 3 I I
Hen , ins and Easterly, PlaBB and II, rt
Aaaerteaa Aseseksttse.
at M1LWAUKBB FtlUTT camk
1: 11 F.
ievelsnd 0 ft 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 12 4
v waukee..., l s ft 4 I ft 1 ft 11 it 7
tiati'rles James. Hill snd Devegti
Rbeadei and IPannln.
n H B
ievelsnd 1 2 0 0 0 a 1 s 4 1 11 1
Ml w.iukee. , .O00ft020n 0 2 4 "
rt.i"olc. -James and Billing,, Y'n.ing
and I ,m,.ii
I ndlanapolti. . lnoooooo o d ;,
Blnnsspelli . . . ft o o 1 o o o 1 2 1 1
1 .1 r 1 .-- -Bats ..n snd HU. khurn ; Will"
lam, and ilharrltv
Rochester Inaugurated Its farewell
series ,n Jersey city yeaterday with a
two ply victory over tin- HI eel ire, by
score! of 4 to 1 nnd :i to I. InnbtHftf
to land timely hits againat the , urvea
of Krickeon and Palmers win the cauaa
of tho defaati of Taager! hoya
Crutchcr pitched the ffrst and Ring the
second game for the losers. The scores I
ab hp a e
nb hp a a
Clemens cf. 4 11" , I'urtell SB :t 1 ft 4)
Pieg.rf .... 4 I ft 1 OIBueslh . 1 2 t t
tim'r'sn.ll 2 1 2 1 0 liarry.lb 1 IN 0 a
Hoike ib .... a 1 1 iCathers.tb 3 0 0 4 S
Beat ty. lb... I 1 e 1 I Layrten.cf 4 1 3 0 t
Prlest.tb 4 111 0 Manning If 4 (l 2 0 I
Slev'ns'n.ss 3 0 4 11 Mu i tuaii.i f . 2 0 I 0 I
VYilhams c. I 0 s 2 11 Si IiwitI.c... 2 14 11
Bricksuii.p 4 0 0 1 ' Crub her p . 3 1 ft 0 I
Iiomniitt .1 0 ft t
Tolals ...31 7 27 10 1
I Totals . in 412H 14 1
Batted for Crut.-her Iti the ninth Inning.
ii'nest out for Interference,
Rochester .. ft ft ft 0 ft 1 0 0-4
Jersey City n o 0 ii 0 ft t ft 01
Buna Rochester, Clemens Zimmerman.
Holke Beatty; Jersey City, schtsert Ti
base hit Oulcher. Tliree base hit -PrlSOt.
Home run s- liwert Stolen liases SP vea
son. Busa, I.. iv, 1, -n. Sherman Left on b.iasa
Rochester, 4. Jersey City. 7 Double play
Piuell aid Bain Bases on bsJIs Off
ferlckson t; off Crutcher, struck out
By Crutcher, '; by Eriokson, Hit by
pttehed ban By Brtcksoii illiermin) empire-
Freeman and Harrison Time -1 hour
snd U minutes
ub b p a 1 all n p a s
Clemei s cf l
Pill rf .421
I Zmir an If 4 3 1
Holke lb .. 3 0 -
Bcally b .412
I Prlest.tb 3 2 4
Stei iisii s 2 n 1
! Williams c 2 n 3
i Palmsro.p, 3 1 o
II 1 n I, purtel'
ii ft Hues :;1
(i ', Barry. Ib ... I
II ' Calhel s.2h... 3
2 ft Lay den ef... 1
2 " Manning If 2
2 n Sherman rf 2
2 I hwi rl.c... t
0 i, RlBg.B 2
l 0
3 I I
2 1 I
.10 0
1 0 1
I ft 0
1 0 I
1 0 I
t I
I 4 I
I tt
21 3 21
0 2 0
o o l
Terns I eaguc.
Fort Worth. Ii ii, ,s. 2 .rr.t em,.
. r ,,ii or, fi
s.in Antonio, , . Bssui
tsecond gumei
R 11 I
'ftlimbus 22001002 ft ll i
Ki sai Pity ... 01040013 g j n 3
Hutlerles Ferry. Si-ben. -re and Coi...
I man; Oardasr, Bandars, iteg.m and Oelhel
1 Loulivlll at at. Paul (wet grounds)
4 oliiolal l eague
Hartford, 1. Brockton, 3 iiirst gm.
Hartford, 3. Brockton. 3 imcond game
N.i Bedford. 1. Ne Raven. 0 fflaai
game 1
New Bedrord, 2. NSH linen. 0 iserond
a -ne 1
Sprlngtlsld, 9: Paarturhet, 1 first trame,
Pawturket, ;. SprlngfleM, : I second I
T,.t-i .
1 Ro- lu ster t 1
! Jersey City 0 0
i .Came called by agr-meiit l
i Run- IP, healer, Z aiermsn, Priest. Pel-
i mero-. Jersey City, Behwert Two ban lute
Palmero Elmmerman Three base hue
Priest Cither, Lett on bases Jersey City, tt
I Rochester. Double play Beatty uin-
assisted,. Usees oil balls n" Palmero. fi;
off Ring i Struck out By Palmero, .; by
Bins Wild pitches Ring Pslmrra I'm
ptree Hsrrlson and Freeman Tune-l hour
and It minutes
t Providence,
!Tftron-o ,1 1. . . .JoajS I 1 ft 11 4 i: t
' provldenre .1 I. I t . ! J
i Batteries Manning and Koih.r. o.sea-
g, r and tiaiey,
N,w Ragland league.
feresalar ' Porl an I. 1 Iflrst garnet.
I tj Worcester 1 isecond gams).
,;:t'-r i J?ina7ama.
r',V-lt:,'?rnr.l a.m..
I .
fiddle rjrant pnrnded to the plate (
the first Inning after he had force'
Burns, who had beaten n slow lilt to
Elmmerman, Kddie w is trying to ear.
rlflcw He didn't do that, hut Mapped
lively enough tn forest nil it double
piny Robertson's single ploughed In
centre Doyle hi Id up the runners with I
a d to Flatter, but Merkle grounded
I straight to centra ami Qrttnl scored
Hun phrlea was as hard to score on
I a I Tesreau after the first Inning. Tin
I Giants couldn't bunch hits on him aaaln
but they scored airaln. A pass !,,
(i.nvpi anp, Aug, tl.Cal hei Thomas Hums was partly Hie whvfore. This
of the Hi 1 .so eras kn - l;,-I uncon-I WB 1,1 Ihe Ihlrd Inning. Ilrant grounded
acinus in a collision at Ihe p ite in the '" rinn-r. who niade a ldxarre error
eighth inning tin- afteri Doctor I The ball Saw
ilteW DSCS tor
Chandler at $1295 is tht
Preferred Light Six
out of Ills band as In
i throw Robertaon laid
doarn a pretty sacrifice, and on Doyle's
fl' In llltama Burns csme home
Orani thought Wllllamag throw in wai
I going in the pi. He drifted nway from
second ami waa doubled In a length!
runup In which Williams. Humphries.
Elm and liu -'.in had assists.
in no lubeequeni Inning hut thi
I eighth were two (liauta on bases a:
Percentage Comparisons of Chandler Sales in
Principal Selling Seasons of 1914 and 1915:
THE Ch:nidkr is most popularly preferred of all the Hgh1 sixc s. A
why? There must be some good reason. There must be everc
ood reasons. There are. Very decidedly good reasons.
The Chandler Isn't preferred simply because it
vns the tirst high grade six thai told for less than
vjoon. it isn't preferred limply bacsuac it
brought the Ma-cylinder eat within reach nf ti
iverage purse and pointed OUt the way for in. my
,-thrr manufacturer! to produce mure or less
limilaf cars.
The Chandler hai met with its big popular de
mand beiiiusc it uives more fur every dollar of its
I rice than any other car in the fetid,
.t $1 Bis the Chandler uives you the Imrst. smooth
cit-running ilx-cylinder motor you could wish
lor. It is the egciutivt Ch indler motor not n
common ready Blade stock motor. This motor
Ihe secret of Chandler supremacy has hrrn left
unchanged ilnce tin beginning of Chandler
history since the da'.s when this car sold for
$l7y.s. No tmkciiin with it. no making of new
modeli to cheapen iti roit!
Search the whole market it' you choose, and try to
find the Chandler mntot s i qunl.
The Chandler ii preferred because, .ill the way
it is rqtiipi
most i!"t cl
through, it is limit so will Because i' Ii u
ful in deaign, so sturdy in its conitructioi
roomy, so splendidly ftntihed,
The chandler is preferred because
with the most up-to-date and Ihe
able equipment,
The Chandler is preferred brcouie thouand
Chandlert have Riven ami art giving ptrt'ect
vice on the rond: because the public know
element of ehanee li eliminated " purchai i
Vou will prefer the Chand'.rt I r other linhi
W hen y 0 u
Irnoir the cai
Come in und
find out about
it. Find out
for youi self.
Mukc the
prove its
cm do it
sti -I
No Other ( ar lor l oss In 1,1
$2001) Civet oti All
These Highgfsde Kealurati
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llrs) A llails eieiuii seneraioi
ami elei'trli siarltni mnlnri ti n
belli tliHilde lei i a ' bllfl't III 1 L. lltl
IMS Mam Mel eile- I pe I IllfSlOl
issl iiluiiilniiiii unit nt tut -e e-
lending Irani h In 1 hip
line,. .Ilciii anil n- I I i ll on
tor nrlttlltf mnlnl stl.lt I i in, loot
ed annul ti Ii -H I" - - m
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seals in tmiiiean ill muilns rsi
Sfe lo-l lull, nl 10 -t able and fold
,iw,i. eollrcl! mil ol sjllll In Ion I,
III frillll sent . leilllllll b I , id - lilltti d
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line. mail lop, imered nb iriiu-In,-
eiei leekl Jin. lirfiilns;
Bisaarl -Haioer siieeitmiielei
iiie.iuiie denioiiniahle rlmsi
, illi,l-le lllitilenl.il i ,iliiiu ill
mid His
Marvglmn rv -m-'i..- Mnor'
Come NOW for Your Test of the Chandler
Brady-Murray Motors Corp'n, Eastern Distributors,
ls!iu Broadwuy, Hetween 62nd & u3rd Streets.
I. M. M i l N O.
Hin Plltbusli tie III I I
W, C. D. MOTOR ( K CO.
uii i eiiir.ii tie . rtjeasrk
.s-.r7 , V'- - s

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