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Effort to Hfsrnin His Crown'
Chief FViittm of Natioiutl
Tenuis TonrutuiH'nt.
Whtiir .i not Maurice k. Vclaotsgh.
lln of San Frsmlaco will be 11- to
regain hl championship crown in the
thirty-fifth annual national Ian tennis
hainptonahip tournament, which baejMM
M the Wpt Side Tennla Club. Km-eat 1
Hill. I.. I . to-morrow morning at 10 '
o'clock. Ii thp main topic or dratUS' ;
aion In Icnnld Ircle at (hi present lime.
On thp i vc of Hip big event In other
yearn thprp was not iiwli .inubt iiniihIIv !
ia to who WOUld wear 1 1 1 - purple, hul
M view of tlM '"alifornlan d bad showing .
thin year and of tin- lirllhant work by DOttl
Rlrharr) Norrld William -'I anil Karl .
h. Bhr the outcome of tin- tourney i .
rather uncertain,
Outdirh- of the lot trow taken In what
IMjMgMtn will do the lournammi has
snothpr charm In the tint thai it Id the
flfOt to hp heM away from thp C Ino at i
Newport. Md IhOM who 004 ned thai Um
event could no jum aa wall etoewnore ere
anions lo see n proved There iemi
to hp no leoeon why the tournamtnl
shntiM not li oi.p oi the greatest evil
heiu iii ihi rountrj n i true that
then- hav been otben In which Um IM ,
of enirip wm longer, but there never
waa anothpr on. In which Hip competl- ;
fion wad reetlii ted in any way a it had
been thld ypar Thp eourtl arp In per
fect shape, nepordliig to William Tucker,
m -- I ... ma t 1 . 1 17
nm iuii ' io, i... ,.,- . w .
them rarl. anil if then- td no rain they ,
ahould hrinit forth thp hept of tennis j
All thp llttlp ilptalld of th.- tournament
have received parpful attention, thp kind
that made the arrnngrment'i at the I
Davis CUP matPliPd ladt ypar wpII nigh
perfpi i Statirtd have hppn liullt to M j
ronunoilate 7. nun POWOHI In addition to
the four courta laid out l.ptm-ppn thp
otandd Meant) courts In t tic K' npral flpld
are situated o thai the epectatore will Im.
ablp to walk about and aee thp IpwI
irut playein In action Matchee will hi
run on a regular tchpdule. and ll la eg.
peitpd Hi.it by Wedneaday or Thurs
day morning matcheii nrtll be iim on
It had hcvii liintpd almul tliai
Loughlln. whether he wma or lodPd. will
bo miotic tini mlaaing in tournaments
in tin? Ka.-t In Ihe future If hp wtna
thp rup ho "HI own It. as hp ha taken
two Ipffd on it alread and nppdd only
one other lo podPdd it in tup avonl
of ins winnina it it ia practically cpr-;
tain thai li" will hot come K.idt npxt ,
year, for he is beginning lo fwi thai
the lime has come when he mum stick
cfOdP- to bualiieea MoLoughlln hlrii
eeif has nothing to ia on thp matter,!
hut man) of hid friends state that hp
intrnd- rptlrinir from the irattip
Tho l:nl that Ihe famous ('alifornlan
nnd W'.i lama, oi i derod tiip Itkoly pan-
ilidalr for the IiIIp. arc drawn in op
laydltp halvee doea awg with tip poa
alblllt) of thp tournament being apolled
b cither ot theae iiipn dlepoelng of tiip
othe - in early roundi In the upporj
half, with Wllllama, thcrp i a little
mote atreugth, for Karl H hi . Watlace
fohnson. Harold Hackotl and Robert
ie ito wr.i repreoont the rit, ami tho
W'pdt will have flarcnce J. (Irlflln and
William it, Johnaton. In the lower half.
McUoughlin, arp Nathaniel W.
tleorgi M Church, W. II. Waah-
hum. T l! Hell, ll
.snd K M, Alexander
A Tiiroi kmortnr
Clarke nl II me hall mill I out Pal I
I ii in,. I plum olid n I. Ink.
Curru . gluten laland, Aug. i
Joh" i Clarke, who was r La fay -
ptte t'oiiigpp famoua baatbgll and foot-,
hal' players, carried off the leading
hgnora in the ! hole medal play handl
pup competition nl the 1' x Hllla Uoif
Ohjb t -d ie. dcfpullng a large Hold, .
Hp hail n I el aCOre ot 70. his kiokji lielng
with ,i t7 handicap, tither ecoroe
returned i
n T Mipn 7'. i ti H Rowan,
ieo ':. iiii'iert itardlaer '.it---.'. 7-..
w itn; lUrnlilll, 7 S, 7 1; W. Lloyd Pleree,
HI- IT. 7' P II l-irk-:. V- :t. 71; Rich'
anl R Uumlni'li II l. T; H Hykee,
M -tg, T.i W W Vanloan. It 7, It; i
gtanle) uinv nl, t"a s. r,
aecond Round Match Hia for Col Hugh
trDeaoghui Trophi J, A K ana n insif
K T Allen, I hp. I S: I It, Baiter son lieat
Tbcodare K Mccarty, :i and I p V.
Puillvau and M. J. Urammoal Anlehed ail
euuere; w v Rowan imat P B Parker, - .
Major I'rler llenila Irani thai Will
i OMpete in Mgaaaobaaolla,
Si:a liniT. Vug Now .lessee id to
bf ropreaontod In the Maaeachuaetta
rifle matchee which onon at IVobum,
Mas., on Monda) and rxtPlsd through.
out i iip weak Thp w Joroey team
waa named to-day and Die men are:
gutng to Irate lute about the middle,
of the Weak In OI ler to ahoot in the!
Hani mutcboa on Thursday, Friday i
,,nd Sa'iitdat
Major IVInDold s Price of Camden
has boon designated as the team sap
lain ami his mated w:M hp l.'piit.-t'ol. I
Arthur Kowluml, Major William Bi
Ha Kill, ''aid Vdolph H. 1'feil. Capt. I
.loim Mulcolm, i api. Walter n i,p
dom. Capt, Lawronoa ' ' Dohn, Cgpt,
Charles K, Hllveater, laeut Curl O, II,
Kayaor, Hergt. Qeorgi v. Wright, Prl
vate William II Stinky. Private K.
Baldwin dmlth and Private Owon
Bulb H CCOrd rl 7l In Ioopiipi on
i on psp in Haplewood,
IIapuiwooPi N hi.. Aug . T 0,
Bgcknor of i pieglie and It s Owoim
oi Maplea d lad In ibis morning's
swi- petakea lournamanl with mt aooraa
of 7" Pranclii A Hhlelda, Jr., of ai-.
bany, Dtilabod sliinl with 71 Mrs U A.
Ansbachcr of Ni w Fork won a women's
selected score avi sit with .ta for nlna
hoips in ;i groas round of 15. There weru
dixtppn i aids of sn oi uiidPi The beat
aooraa I
T. ii Ruckner, l i : .11 it s uwena, 1
77- :. Tip r t Shi da Ii . II 71
tv L Rlphardn. Fox llili-. Ti j ti; i- I.'.
KpIIi'k porei tlllla, v;i - . ;i, .; li p. I
Jsetrain, tu",tni Hunt, it v, ;i r,i
Cheney, t ipla iod, !-., ll ft; w. if .
in,,, Huuti ii. i v 71.1: Weaver, Chevy
Cham, : . 7.. W lln kinr. 1... Hnulr.
ft 11 .:. K H. Utvla, ts; ..no Runt.
- ' 1 1 1. M n I" .k si Andrea -.
141", T'i. tv I II hi, Msp'esoodi II I"
ill 1.. t ina liar, Uunaouille, l ,
tl ' 11 i .11.1.1. DunwooiHe, lft c- lai
P. Ho km) 1 1. 11 11 11. si;, 1.'.. mi
Mil H .titer Ha 1 11 ti 1 111 I of Huston null!
the I., III ,.v ,.MI m, ll
Horer nnd Woodland Hi-tan.
I'l AIM II. I. n. S J ,ng. ",. (!.'
at" sr ami 11 11 w 11, mil. holders,
till rciiitri tin offli'srs' challenge trophy
o III l' 11k ilolf Club iii defeating to-I
Iky W hi. r iuii In ad and ll 1 1, ,
Biancki, piuii Hers, anil 1 tispsp
BCines Wi , , f, ,,,.,.,,1,1,1 s
aV .9. "'If - 1 :; ft riionn.
eon 1 Mini i.
nj 11 .... 11 1. ti e,
tee II, ,t t , , ., ,. , L .
R at '' ful -. 11 ; II 11 i. ., V '
let 1 f 11 Um 11 1 1
Enalish See Future Heaw
'Australian Lad Taking On
Bounds as He Matures From Boyhood
Into Man's Estate.
Kngland r none wild in-cr I.cs Parcy,
the Au.dtrallnn blarkdmlth d helppr who
kno ked I'.l.llp Mcttoorty out In Sydney
recently. Ihin y id only 19 yearn old and
Id pimp .. , ad rapidly aa 'Iporejpa 'ar
pentler d d. The Frenchman outgrew
Igeg nffpr i iass in tpapd and bOUFtdl
No" Khgland aped a cliame to poddl?
thid haul lilttinc youth alome until Im
Rnglly wins tho World'! heavyweight title.
Dgrcy hap had twenty-four dghtd. win
ning thlrtppii of thpm with RIMCkOUU
Hp lodt two twpntv round de. I orid and
thp oniv rglgjRlty that had befallen Mm
wae when .TefT Smith the American,
ktiorked him out in five roitnda or. .1 r.u-
Jg-r HAP A 5fT
3H otwrt
ary 23 of this year. MeOoorty waa con
aldpppd unbeatable In Australia and
England Ireland claimed him as her
own Now it la all changed. Parry's
name ia on every Hp. Snowy llakp"-. thp
Aiidtrjllan promoter. who uncovered
liarp.t, lay! of I Im In an piithuslavt,
letter i
"Unspoiled h bis grent uecogg, un
affected by wide ami big popularity, i.es
Dare) ia to-day the aiimc cheerful and
high ainrilpd boy that he waa inrrp eara
ggO when hi put on thp gloveg 10 enter
the ring fur the Midi lime in nil life
The reaaOtt wh he ia tiip idol of t'e
tighting tans to-day is not that he ia an
Australian, but because he is all ihnt
ihe Australian public demand" In ltd
ropreeentatkm In the nog.
"tirat eyed, brown haired, cleat
akintipil. Iwsaiitiftilly built and Square
Chinned, la-d. with hla 111 years nnd nine
nont a. not only la a hghlpr. but he
looka niie from top to toe. Alwats 111
tine physical trim, ha id well llkad and
admlrod ti friend atni opponent Hp is
a born fighter 1 On his father's farm in
W est M inland ha w as never w ' hout a
set of glows.
"Ooiemor Uaiaur. n railway gnuger,
was thr then elateon ear-old isi s Hist
opponent, Balaar, wh , w.i- '.ithcr good
With ins Hats, and In the primp of life,
gut a might surprise when ha was outpd
by a boy of aur ipside: years and m '
lendwr akiii And it was Balaar who
pprauadpd l.ea to etitei the Maitland
amateur tnurnamentd. both of whl,'h he
won At Use tournamentd I.es met Mick
Hawklnii who from that day to lb s had
looked afipr him with mothorl) raro,
"nd it waa at thi tournament lhal
the boy'i nuick galted mind t ld im
that there was money In rapid thtnklna
liraln. Una stamina and two a I ttsta.
With the advtca of Trainer Hawkins the
crude tint lipgan to shape 111 tha right
nuuinor, Hie rpaiiv Hrt Important eu
cutintoi took place at Sydno) on Jai uarj
(, Ikll, wlipn be knocked oul Jacli
ciarkp in nnip rounda; ao you aee 111
roally the sliort apace of elghleeii m inths
thia Maitland boy l .id lifted himself
from obacurlty to a championship
through md eoolnaia and eonlldon
Hp is undoubtedly the senaatlon ofi
thp ring f motoorlc progrcei counts for
enythlng, His yaan ami hla perform
nca make him the flnesl mlddlewelghl
of all timpd ."
According to Kugene I'orsi the gnat
kngllstl referee, it i.sa always been a
eioae tiling between Packoy McFarland
and Rddle McOoort w en it came to
counting nosed of tiip friends of i oh i'l 1
"Both aip Immensely popular," n ;
Corri. "In and aliout Dublin McOooitV
waa reckon ed prett- well unbeatable,
Many inortiRian 'n thp dpiir. dirty, die
trpssfui city on tha i.iffey Boat CJroker
among them -with vor Rood reaion re
gardpd the sprlghtl) young trloh AmerL
nan aa tlie Xlplia and nmt-.i of h'H
elgag, I know that a little more thhn
twelve month! ago. when alcOoortj was
fuiriiiing engagements in Auatralla. tnpy
would have given anything .md laid any I
money on McOoorty If they could have
ma.uiged to gpt McOoorty over to Ire-,
land and ipt him takp nlf chancel aiialnst
Bombardier Wells or Carpentler, th
rrenchman, for preforonoa
"Thp.- wentovp;' in Parli and actually I
saw the bubbling DtooMnpf wMh tni
idea of arranging a mAlCh bttwaan Car-
pantlor and UoQocrty, Carpontlor had .
I. is price, w liii n .re a small r mire,
inn that did not ntgttgr to the syndicate
of Irish ap.ir snipti. who. without anc !
bartering at all agreed to practically
an) COOdltiong and more than that the)'
werp prepared to bet a thousand or so
On the result, and didn't misid whether
ihe contest waa I semi-private re or
1 t Thel- one Idea was to bring the
two togothar ami lee whothoi MoOoorty
cculd not scotch tha wheal of fie j
P ranch man. 1
"Had the matili come off It would
ha VS been a rare ar H.ing uffaii . It
didn't. There wore Ingurnwuntgbla diiti-
.xllli.a In llip m'Mt! ii,l now o, lull.
nay, Rddla McOoirty has boon knocked
out by a nlllPtei-n-.v Pat -old blgCkgmltll
named Daroy! i womipr whgt tin- good
poople of Dublin think about it all.'
I'prronriiit i muil eonfoia lo iip.ng not
a lit !- surprised 'he reu:t, though
i had hes d front Hn wj Baker, tho
king of promotora, 'Down I'nder,'
that this Dare) was lorrlble fellow
ami one bound Uiibeoi evary'body ac
routiti of him wort so gioumg thai ,
ftor the mannor of tin- old campaigner,
thought that Baki'i ihe dl'covcrer f
liarit. waa Just a wee hit too enthusl
agtlc But hate ofr lo HliaW! Truly
he im" unearthed a tarter, foi tiip man
papaiilp of knocking M' Qoorty out must
iip a ngiitpi .if iiigh degree, '
it sppina thai Jinnny hai li en hands
Ing niit MWla us a soft one ail uunnr
tin- line Tim nlghi Lew la bogod mikp
i Qlovof at Bo-ion. Mike wpigisp.l lad
pounds I a-wis gave I Hover a fearful
hiding despite the gri.it dlffi reno in
Weight, la wis kin., ked Mikp down An
: tiip doleful oouni was going on Aleak
I Mi'ld'.tn rudlipil over lis Jimmy Johnaton
in i.i wis h corner ami said: "la this
pip soft one you had for ijallant?"
Aleek nut a baby Iters by wai of
I reply from Johnaton
Pi ed McKay, aim aayi hla nnl) iesnn
lli "' .'' tt .hi 'snaibii .nu..d at
in Us Darcy
Extra Pounds by Leaps and
lh front tii hpiaildp !:e ! too tall
for the tronoheg, met Young Oorboti
on Hroadway. The hig t'anurk. Who l
6 feet 7 Inched tall, lonkpd dow n on l,ny
'orliptt and aald
"Bill, they're kidding me about going
j war. Why doti't you go""
"I'm too shott for a sword." aald
Willie aa he attutied ptoudly on hie
way di wis the Q, W. W
And apoahlng of .? 'i'uev offered I
Rorr BoiIpI gniMhgf crack ai .Inke I
Ahoam and Qeorge name right up out
of hie nugibor loni
"i vouldnt do it i don't vam to bit I
Chake I OOUldn'l . nvp drr Israt t tu I
lot dot liddlp felluW, It SOU Id lie a !
bamp V cii'.mmnsy -aki-s- ,i, 'a tool
erhmall ! 1
ThOai w-ho BOW the lug Bop; almool .
breaking hla back trying to land on
John Bull's boy at Br ghton Beach would
hOTOT dram that the Bool ilad JakO'l I
site in mind !
"If finny tiie way the dOnlgOni of
klngldnd a undorwprld have taken, to
slsng ami adoptt 'i many of our laaol .
I'.siap.i Kr,u.', Mori:, last r..'st ' Thpv t
akrii somp ou." flip eftpraesloni i it
. .gist and nave infel.' d othOTfl ae i;-u-r,
bagrd of. Von hear a lot of st around
ICi.gltart trailing camps, eopeclatly
nmona tni rubbori nnd tfgtnora, who
take a delight in mixing an Aenedcan
"For Initance, a man who vdera h-
liquid rpfrpehniPti' for which be rant
pay la aid to be 'Shooting 'lie Crow ' J
A tramp ia g 'Need?' j tha old milk tin'
in which he bolls hla tag la calico1 n
'Drum' . the road along which he trudge
is called a 'Prag' . a hywav Is a 'Back
drag' ; a high road id a 'Main-drag' :
w-aikina la "Padding' . a heggpr : a
'Sj,rpevpr , to 'ling. Is to tr n Iti sum
mer the trgmp sleeps With tiie tara as'
s COVOrtet, and lo do thld '.a known aa it
iii Skipper.' A 'Cully i- i pal, Aj
lodging house i. i Model' 01 'Doag I
I ma.-' To sleep i- so 'Doff '
'The tblovlni fraternlt) Itaa .1 won I
dorfttl lmgo I'jp'.'itg pockets on .1 f-stn
i 1 aiini. 'Working the rattler a '
Iha aanii on n bu .a 'Coming down de
tail'; 't'overlug tin- hl.s'k' ia masking
the activities of a pickpocket or bag ;
matcher, Hotting r aAy ti ,io anything
id to 'Jtagdy tin- pric 1' . 'Putting the rule ,
over' it their tva of daec Ihtng tlie
Joatiing of a ti.-tini into a group of'
con federal ee fawpoettei n rklnp pm poeee.
The con fedora tea are known aa 'Mrarch
era1 or 'measures' . 'Sparkh rs' or '
'aparka air dlampnda . a gold watch ia .
a 'Hod Kettle . .. ring is a flgwnoy' .
a 'Prop' is .1 s.-arf pin : a 'Sling' a
neck chain, a 'I'eter- is hatidlaia : n
'Mush an Umbrolla i a 'Slunk' a d.lk
handkerchief; win-' arc handkerchiefs
of ntiipr materials . a t oat is a 'Smolhei .'
a Coke' or 1 'Haddock' ia a UMy'gj
pursp . a ladt s muff lint dub a Skin' ; j
a five iMdiml note is a 'Fin' while a'
pound is n 'Mtckar
"Bin gykeo'a natural anemlea, Ihe no
!lcp, are VaiiOUal) dp." iip! A detpc
tive is known as a 'Split. .1 'Bant man.'
The uulf.ormnl Policeman ia erillrd .1
Flat' or "Tin-ribs' 1 a police whistle 1
'Piute'; thp handcuffi 'Darbiee' or
'Braceleta.' To Chuok a dummy means
! pri i. ml to faint When the real
Kngllah slang ugora get talking you
in gbt ,1uT a well ba-k out, for it i
Joat do much liriek to you.'
Iloh Pitsslmmona never ttrp nf the
merry music of thudding fists He Id
living In Newark, when Cbarh v Welp-
erl hail from Martin Julian, hla
brothorlulaWi has Jim Havaga In train
ing at Orange Boh went down to the
isamp to Jolty Julian aboul what .1 great
fightpr Ills townsman Welnerl 1- Hod
told Julian iha' all Newark was so
elated OVer tin- proapat iK of seeing
Charley thump Jim that thoj hud
bought up all the ticket! and were plain-
orlng for mora,
Hob wanlwl to put tin- gloves on with
Ravage and thrash him. so that the
completion of the job would he east
for his town hero Julian said thai
these would In- aboolutol) nothing doing
Ad Wolgaal has boon offered 13,01X1
to moot Johnny Griffith! at Coluiubua
nn.tt month Tom paramenia Ad is un
declded ataiut a ptlng, olitlmlng that
in these torrid days lie dooon I 1 are to
box even ti'ti round
John the Barber has a- awful casp
of tin sulk John it wai who invited
Oov, Whitman to do the loop the loop
in an aeroplane with lao Slovene over
tin ring when Aba Attetl ll attempting
hla comeback in that Darling a c on
Labor i i.iy at Racandaga. Tin Governor
can't dee that loop tin- loop thing In
Hip same light that Hip noted barb r doea
John says that ihe Qovemor'i refuaal
to do the aerial tllptlop l tin on I) hitch
In tin- dhow up lo date Tin- i ioternor.
through hid secretary, dent a letter of
Bill) MoCartie) and hla latepi charge.
Ad Wulgast. dropped in m Mew lorp
Pridat to aiujrage training guaHe i in
a casual Wa) 'net tt.indereil mt tlie
gtiii. Tliere the) found a lean iouCi
going through hut paced He took on
one Sparring partner after another No
one seemed lo DOM him not a sugges
tion did an one have to offer BUly
Was amazed at the young tpr'd clever
Tin afraid to gak Who he la." said
Billt to hinidplf. "becauee the tip will ba
out ttial 1 fancy him and In might tip
roped befora I can throw a Igaao hut
Wolgaal s;tt baahja McCnrnaj Ha,
loo, wad BtUmpOd by tin- hoy's wonder
ful boglng
"I can't wait an longpr, I in going
ovor to ask Palls lloehin who be is 'vo
an ii Hip tighter in tin- tun id. but
till'- bird is a IteW Ullll on the pcl'i'h."
ajd McCal'llr)
Hilly came back soon and Mil iluwn
baalde Wolgaal In Mlence Ad was the
firs l to apeak
"Who ie I hla fellow. Mill-'
wilt, i teli tou, A,i. piofa you'ra
i in, im- this buoy youth that wa'va baeg
admiring is tin -,,ri one that cunning
, utile jimin) Johnaton had picked out
fur you to meet at the Blnk We're
! looking ai Kid Lewis " Oh, what a
I narrow escape' The rtagl l line John
ston offeri ua a oofl one, unaighi and
I linn i we li insist on u demonatratlon ! 1
I I , 1
i IHI iwc :oft .
( oimhv J". Vi .
jrSN.'TCN , I ' V
i M.p pichl i' ' rjtUTX
' OU l POie . N- ZmJ ' t,
birkneil Stops Cricket Qliat
Bf twtcn nw nnd Former
ChMifrion Tohiiis.
Plating their fl'sal sna'ch In the ,ir
mini a. lira o' tlie Metropolitan Dili
Cricket League at Cue Prodpert Car
Parade Oroundl yogtordgy the Man
hattan, new champion of the league.
and thp Brooklyni rg-champlona, fHiie.i
to rpach a definite s-psult and drew thai
game Wbag the waning light preteired
fuiiiur plat The Brooklyn! wore Mia
at bat and got III tuns, of which s
Dyaon b fr r hitting contrlbutod top
core of tin- match unking ii befora
hr was bowled .1 I. I'oter. who inaUe
a ions et.it.d in com pan) witu Dyeon,
potitrlbutPd L'7 II Meyer w is r.ot out
With 15 an t V II i m keram adsted .1
his nf the Manhauan wickets w ra
dow,, f,i : d which i M MacDuUla
made Hi niiei ItOpptd I. MlUel ot
me Mannattana u lovon wlclnta foi
II i an Pm Brooklyn C A Worm
raptured two wlchoti lor ll mni and
Potp. tWO foi Ju
Ni-xt gaturday aftern the Manhat
tali Crtekal Club will hold a In Id day
at the Parade ; rounda
in trip eei ei ol in coainoiiolllati
fri kot ieogsjr pi.iap .i Park 'hr
, . tan ol Ibe I l Ilad Pi i !uo oe
foatOd the Colonials ll) : I runs on totals
. : to 71. It. Ltfjgll and ti. Las. let
gatlierrd in runa eacli for the Whine re,
whllr .1. tlraham was not out Im 1!"
I. Atherlr) Willi l. K Mimed. II. aim
U HotAer, 1". were the double figure
icorera for the Colon hlla Laahtey of
t p UnltOd eleven took Rvt wicket for
II runa.
A short handed team ropreaMttng the
Imn ah WeOt Indian who niuieTed only
light tnpn snd lotallod lit. lUCCUmbed
to thp PlOkWlcka, Wtl i s. onsd 71 for the
loan of four wi. kp? Baatlan, w-tth It,
alonr got Into dOUbl for tlie loerd.
w hile i ' Scott. J'l M B, Holder. 17.
and ll. H Burtot i? no: out. did the
buik of tin. balling fir '.he Plckwlekl
Langley of lb Plckwlekl capturad four
w!lKs it -mall idt
Clooel) matrhod in thi aahorlation
Championship gam, the cricke' eletrn
of in. Crescent Athletic Club ami b- -aonhurss
it.net s mel at Ba itidge the
latter winning by a marglii of six runs
Honaonhursl was tlrat nt Pat and P C
Oautier, itrat man un and the only
double ngur d.- .r er, compiled ii of the
total of II Tiie Creotonti rao ponded
W'li. 'IT an. I owing to the good bowling
of Rvatyn, who captured six wlckots
for j rune, came judt half i doaon runa
dhott of their opnonenta total. J r
Macl nnan. who had lakrn six of the
Itendo hursi aiCketl for L' runs, tnad-
top dcorp of for ihe Craaconti n i
Chart arood jc.rnl 11 nnd 0, N Tod
well 1 1
A drawn gam. waa the ri-sul' of Hip
pt mtrr between elevens representing
the Stateii Island CHckai and Tenn.s
Club an i iha BanaonhutM fflotd Club
on the g OUndl of thp f.irmfMit I. vlng
arlon KOi Ptalen Island the top Score
was made by x ii Robinson, who .amp
within ihirr run of a half centUr) W
Hoi o contributed Id whlla R Bmlth
With li" and S B Rtandcfaa! with 14
were the other doUbVl bgure BCOtorg
S of thl VlaltOn got mto doubled,
with A. Lovoli, it, showing the Way.
" Hoyle and H. Botgrave ma. In 27 and
1'.', resnectively. II Woodruffs ami H
I Blrkett wore Iha other douhloi
Li bowling the honora werp takpn bt
j wilaon of attaien Kalandi with i
w ci,i t- for runs nnd by F s Prank
Un of Benaonhurat with t for The
lotabi wore! Btgten laland, 115; Bansoh
inn t 1 1" for 'i w icki t -
Tiw surprlaa of tin day in the
Cortland! Park crlckei leagut wai
victory of the a lull gchool elovon
the Camerona, who ware boalen mi t
. of
of 71 for I WtCJtOl to .1 llrgg-
Adult Hchool compiled ". I before
retired. H Otllvterte added mi u.
bp too ret, red Olnvlarre also
11 Wlcketa for 111 runs, tin thp Cam
-,-l.- ii. UOOdman was. tOP amirr
is, while F llign.tll tallied II,
Tni- Columbia Oval alovon prove i tiai
much for Vosikerd, defeating the lutiir
i.t 7 lo SO v Hove) of Columbia oval
contributed valuable II, li J. gmlih,
i " Hail ami 'i Uhaw slao earned
dinililPd lln thp losing aide C Col was
not out W'th 2n to In . credit T. O'Cop
neii of Coiumin i in il oar for mod iha
"hat trick," his averages being .1 wtclteti
for 2 7 run. Sliaw took I for 21
The Van Cortlandl tpam. acoiing 12
for wiikptd. got the Bronx I'nited
team "it for .to and IhUI won a hollow
victor) K Carty waa not oul with, lo
when plat atopped c Mlchnolowakl
addf 1 20 ami a Uoforth. 1 '' Mlcknel
owaki was rradltad with ."i wlckots for
12 runs
'fhp Anglo V marl cam forfaited their
league game to she Vertum eleven. An
other game forfeited wai tiie ochaduled
taaoclntlon match between statin
Island and Itciisnnhurst. the game nelng
sci ire 1 to Hip crcd t of the latter
a tiie Connecticut Cricket Aeaociatlon I
is unable 10 get together a full team
Iha annual match with the Van '.iit-
landt Park League, ocheduied to be
played here on Labor Day, had imcn
callpd off
Irlorluna in lomUNnal Ronnd of
I pper Monlclalr Toaraoy.
MoNTCLAiR, Aug. 2s The ssml-nualal
fur thp Moose iroph) wire plntrd at
'he I'ppet m rtti tali Country cim
da) as wiii as hip qualifying round f i
ihe Labor Day foursome tournament.
in hip eeml-niiala, -lass . Moir beat
.1 11. Maokle, 2 mid 1 1 w Hill peal '
I 11 Bin. :i .1 ,1 j olaai 11 f 1.
Rogan in. it T 1 Llndley, I ami .. ,
for tii- Labor li.it tournament those'
who ttuallnad wan
ciau a !; v Brenner, ami 1. philo
II I"'. 1 1 r lis wer and A assuar
IS - ". .1 llarilell ami .1 Rrn.
-I. ' J II U. I' 11 1 '..I k. f ur ,111, 1 P
p.. Qsroner, ia -11. TI; .1 .t Ki'k.i dy m,l
A penlley, HI -It,, Tii W 1. rloasii and
r Jurdlni . inn nil. til
Cleea M s Armangst' and 1' 0
..ii,r'"' 13 i'i lo. v It. gweiy and 11
Nehepmaes, i ll, TO I: W 1 1 rails in .ml
1 1' tlx im s; ..... it. .1 , llspkiii
and a 11.11. 11 11. ti; a f km," 1
t n 11. rr mi ... I . tt m a, nfn.il
..nl .1 H lluddell. um tit ti
T I Man 10 lie r ti,(lr.
LoNi-.N. Aug l Hodlio) W. Heath,
the Austmiian lawn Innnli player, who
Is now oil Ins wat 10 IjwiImi ... 1..1..
the Plying Corp bungs another lawn
limine ' n a minim 10 i in i olors llcntli
hi mil ai Christ church, n heal
w a Lamed, America' champion, u
tin. challenge round nf the Davis cup
1 10 net it ton.
1 Halbertoa and taa 1 i, i, 1
I lACIggMa4Ug, N J. ug, s .n ,
, mm 11. in i.iiiraoiiip t tin Hackeiieaek
ctolf ''iuii this afternoon r w Hoi.
I 1.u, i.... . a .- , 1 ' n ... 1
..... 11 lea . an n sa a team
WOW with Hip low- aibre of 7& - J, T2
Clnb Kctiiis "Eagle" Trophy
bj aptm imr Four Oared
sin'ii for Third Tim.
Tin Wan rlai Boa: i"u . r.oidrd I'd
third at. a ghi victory yeaterdk) in mak
ing n runaway race nf the .lun.oi four
osicd she Is Which MCg featured the
annual programme of the Long island
Bowing Aeootilailbn, with the fi tib off
ii.p MttaMni b ii tJlub. riuahlng
Bat Tup Wahnotgh inn thin retglm
pnrmanenl laauiiaton of ihe Lagi. ira
T e nenailhakl Boa; ClUb nun Hie
Kavi iswepfl Boai i?luh i ore entered
against mi Wain elan four, nut from
tiie -i ii ' liiej ii. it . ompelli l lo take
t n it. is, Alinoll leVerl lengtlid aMi-
sratod w.i.i .iji, from gawatihaka,
I'll.. : s'aj lecondi whlla tin- Ravool1
ttsm.i anl. fatloWeil two taida behind
All new ',i pa ni., ue I t' Wahnaiah
boat and nl the ontnaai ter mile pon.i
l ii oa. men tveli iasdllUJ ll) hall I
length Iti.v '.g a tau'.ileea stroae and
ak mm. g ot n tic smooth watar n
f.isi sly ii , tut mif mil ibowod Ih ae
lengths if .,!;! w.ur fro the gewnn
haks fpui w.,o wa . foiiowing trNif
tin rems ndi-r nf :iu diitiinca to tup
tii ." ' in. tin Wahnetah mei fairly car.
. til ti. ir i ,t,i t out nf the wati lit
r powerlul drive WnlineiHli .i up a
higliei u e ., ; imdreii yurde rroin ihe
llnleh and potted thp mark with the oats
norking in ti rfeel ' h) thnii
The Wabnotahi added another victor)
It. the Junior doub.e When they de
fratPd t'ip HaVenaWOOd pair by thrrr
bngths tt.id i ctOOe fight for tha
nrachalf mile bu theresfter the Wab
mtah d pl glWnyl tiavd the way
In thp Junior four oared gig ra.-p
the t rsous Wahnetah crew repeated
with Frsi.'k I'lei'soss as coxswain. Thp
Metropolitan Boat Club ami the 11 ral
Bohemian Boat Club from the Harlom
Itit'cr took aecond and third places re
aprctlve!) The aummarhs:
.inn'..- aingle n'g Won b K Kent
B'ahnf ih V Lliroalce, naieaiwood, ae. -I
I ond
; lillilor Poul Clsreii .sppi -,.n ht Wat,
iiniaii i: MendentieH, iinw a gtaoletoa
. o v sai. in v., 1 tt MrKenna.
I is .! s, i ... I,, i ... u.,n. , ,ti. ii v can
ilia. bOWl I. I'. IP li'. N'.l '." I P Sea--
n .: ti. '. Mutntier itrohe, eeeond
' it , , en p.. .... i Boat Club .1 Hsupleni ima
.i Mm. it '. s.i : i' Ii ii... in . k he, it
A i' Klrheiibrenaer, unkr. third
.'ni i n li.n ... Won ... Mnhiieiah !!...:
ctub H it.' . no i ii Muni Bavenewood
li... . i; i. v;e ii ml V Lstrenlcn
I i Pool H'g Race Was i Wahn
I tah neat tin it Mendenkatl, tiowi .v.
, a-sp.-tiin Xn . Saiiln. V" si. M Hr
, ii-.i h irehe; i' Pleraen ixswals Mr .
' r... . ll.. ,ir - " u II M irtln hew .1
Mack Xo :."' Proehileh, No. .:. . Far
in atrntce t Johneett, i ,in. second
I'.,- Mokrinlen lioel Club O, Qalvln. iii, .
i llama Mo T- -i.n4ik. No J C "reman
stroke r vi KslUns. coaewela, third.
1 l.ns tngrlr Tram Wins Trnplit
of lln Xsllntial aani'lnf Ion.
! WaSHINOTONi Aug. L'a - Scores com
paring favorably with those of eaport
; annt and National Huard Hltajnon nt
in.- national mgtchoa won made in tin
llnterclub mltttgry riflp shoot by twenty i
I Ave rifle rluba In mnoua part nf the
pountrt during the lattPt part of July
I according to an official announoomoni
j of Hip reauhi of thr matches made to.
'Lit b) Hip National 11 ! Assih latum of
America, which upprvispd tin ahootlng,
'i i - wiiiintig team waa um Los Angi ii".
Rifle and Revolver Club, who-., score
waa I.II1 of a possible t.t06 Thai
I Phnnig, Aril Itifie Club flii dhPd dp. -
t ond
; TIip naliongj board for promotion of
rifle practice will give a tropht nnd
deoo rations for the wlnt er Thr match
' was shot undpr service oondltlona, each
club having ipo nipn and each man
din ling ten record ihots at Jglt and
Son i anl rapid Pre and IDA, M'li and
Inn yard! slow fire
n l n riln t
lloolii for Poor llorr I luha.
Si : clubs are preparod to take pan
m ih.- rhamptonablp series of th. Batur
nat Amatour gca-cer Football League. ln
eluding Central y. m. c, a. Rtrollere,
1 it-is. -as. Brooklyn. Columbia Oval and
1 R. T Strollprs Tha limit has been
Ida I at tpti compel ing teama. Kntrtel
vtiii cloao on gaptamber 21, as the serie
will be .-tatted early in October.
All soccer players of amateur dinniimg
will bp permitted to plat. DfBcers of
i tin laagua arp .1 i Barclay, prpsi
dent : H Bllla, vlcapraaldani i ileorge l.
Smith, treasurer ; C Oetrander, ll Baal
Pourth sirert. Npw York. sp.TPlary
l.porgp llimrr f'nniliig llonip.
fteorgo W" Moore, ohamplon of Hirer
. uaniong. who hai boon trlaltlng the Pa
rifle coast and playing exhibitions at
Varlottl tiointd. i. due In New York tins
week, During his stay in ban Pmn
cisco he fllled a weok'a acadeffl) engage
mart. August in and 17 he played at
gealtle, Wrltlna to 1 friend he pralaed
t e PanamaPaclflc Bgpoaltlon In glow
ing terma Cpon hB return hp will nnms
.1 date for liis snatch with Wlltlnm it.
Huay of Chicago ami begin practice for
it ir he stops in Chicago a strong ef
fori will be mid.- to paraauda him tu
pla) Hue) t ni re.
MO sport equals shooting for
pleasure and health. It appeals
to both sexes and sll ages.
Clay taitfrt shooting is the school
(or crack shots
Call at the Nearest
Trapahooting Club
You will be heartily welcomed, and
every ehooter will be glsd to loan
you s guo snd show you how to use it.
Ask your sporting goods desler
shout the local club.
M on ui for f ft liapthoolinf koolfltli
1802 WUeuesloa. Dsl
Hundred Qneena Park Men Will
Be vienaed Ii t lorrfr t Ictnry.
gaeafal fhife Deoagtel to Tnr rv
laiNoov. Aug 21 A full progmmm
of Scottish Leagie Soccer gtmea waa
tip, , deil to-dsr tTVfrie gecing to the top
of the table bt aeveve'f trotirc'ng th
Alnlrleo'ilans by I to r Tho Range fl
Jump Irto ascot. d pll e by dtfTHMlng of
Third Lanark l.v I to B
Tiie famoui nmgteur rlub Buiaoi
Park did apletnl lilt 10 lieu St M!rro
by 2 to !. Tie victory will he read
with delight by a hundred momhon of
the c'.uh who are 01 Hie flung I'ne in
northern Frame Th -un "are
Aiierip, ii -. Dumbarton .. Celtli
Alrdrteonlana (I; Hlberntana 'i Ayr Cnttp.i
i'i Clyde :. II. ii- . lint- . Palklfk I
Kll'iri im k I lleerta i Humlitor tcsd
anil ai I, Morinn .: Dunned 1. Mother
well . I'i:' h Til ' -. tueeni I'ark .
St Mlii-n Ranger" I Tmr-i i.fiiittk a
They are Breaking
Down the Bars
Goodyear Tires Now on 500,000 Cars
There arc now two million users of automoliile tires.
Figuring lour tires yearly to a car, we arc now supplying 500,000 cars.
Thai mcuns aliout two million tires this year.
Goodyear tires are gaining new users faster than ever before in their history.
Tires Not Alike
Goodvears are Fortified tires. They have five exclusive features, each of which com
bats a major trouble. These and other extras are costing us millions of dollars. Thry
are saving our users ten times as much, perhaps.
Yet note how many users still buy tires without them. They are not opposed to Goodv ror
we are sure. But thev believe moyt of them, prob
ably thut standard tires Will average much alike.
Worth Will Tell
But Goodvcars outsell any other tire. Every
month they are winning armies of new users. And
they will win you if you'll let them.
Some may meet with mishap and misuse. But
a Fortified tire will, tin the average, outlast a tire
that isnt A double-thick tread, like the Goodyear
All-W eather, will outlast a thin anti-skid. Extras
in size, strength, features and fabric are bound to
mean extra service.
We urge you to try the Goodyear tire as we
are building it this summer. We have added SoOU -000
in new extras this year.
These are the best tires built with fabric. Not
a single rivii approaches them in some important
v a s. Let them prove how they gave trouble, how
they save money. Then guperquality has won a
half-million users. Give them a chance to win vou.
cS as
Fortified Tires
Run Cuta by oar NnRtnCul feature
Blowouu byoar"OnAii 'cure.
I, Tread In r- .," . r V -r rlvpt.
InapruritT be l?h hraiipd piano win.
Punrturp and Skidding by OUT double
thkk All-weaibef tree .
90 .o-jy
Goodyear Service Stations
American Tire Repair Co., 132 West 52d St.
Anglo-American Auto Tire Co., 334 Amsterdam Av.
The Anglo Tire Co., 237 West 49tl St.
Automobile Tin Co., 1625 Broadway
Auto Owners' Supply Depot, 1773 llrosd tey.
Bsnahsn & Atkrrmnn. 250 Writ 47th St
Geneva Bauman, 136 Lanot Av.
Bloomingdale Bros., 59th St. & Third Av.
Brlnord Auto & Stornr-c Supply Co.. 525 W. 87th.
Brickner's Auto Supply Co., 21tith St. & B'way.
1 rKut Brewster, 1790 Broadway.
Broadway Tire & Repair Co., 1691 Broadway.
Brownrll & Kraft, 463 Sixth Av.
Bronx Rubber & Auto Co., 385 East 149th St
Bryant Sales Co., 1996 Broadway.
Louis Burghardt, 136 West Hum, St
Cedarhurst Motor Livery Co., 147 Weat 83d St
Century Garage, 9 West 100th St.
S. W. Childs Co.. Inc., 3552 Broadway.
Circle Rubber Tire Co., 978 Eighth Av
J. B. Cohen & Co., 253 West S8th St.
Colonial Rubber Specialties Co., 35 Murray St.
Consolidated Auto Supply Co., 2071 Seventh Av.
Crane aV Stendicke, 1912 Broadway.
Crescent Tire Co., 1777 Broad-vay.
I. Davega, Jr., Inc.. 125 West 125th St.
J. F. Driscoll, 148 West 68th St.
E. J. Edmond St Co., 1783 Broadway.
James J. Fero, 796 Seventh Av.
Field Baran Co., 1733 Broadway.
The Ford Sales Co., 55th Si. & Broadway
Lewis Genster, 1790 Broadway.
Grand Concourse Garage Co., 190th St. ami Grand
O. Goldherger, 376 Amsterdam Av
J. S. Griffin, Inc., 242 West 41st St.
Hartford Tire Co., 1783 Broadway
Haynes Auto Co. of New York, 17 15 Broadway.
Henschel Tire & Rubber Co.. 1675 Broadway.
I he Hoffman Garage & Taxi Co., 121 East 23d St.
Hollywood Garage, 238 East 64th St.
Hubhell's Imp. Garage, 52 West 67th St.
Hudson Rubber Co., 1902 Broadwny.
Hulse Garage, 516 West 145th St.
Imperial Aulo Supply Co., 95 Chambers St.
Jeb Auto Tire Works. 3152 Third Av.
A. D. L. Jewett. 1966 Brondway.
King Tire Co., 1985 Broadway.
Lenos Auto Tire Works, 1 13 West I 16th St.
4 barker Champion finnBesto SO
finme Series f I heas Ksperl.
Newell w'sanka. the American checker
champion, who i ali an expert at
cliesd. It. tends to cantm with Frank J.
Marshall, thr United Htntr chess chain
pion. who offers to piny anv one In the
woii.i a MindfoM match MtiMMlna o'
four g.m ' of Chell and four gnnm of
choc ke ft, ill eight m bp carried n
aimultaneoualy, for a purse ..f i.nn.
'Clip .P. nights champion, however, etig-gpdi-
two matrhta, ten games of clirad
gnd icn of din Herd, for J.'iii a game. In
addition lo stakp of lift
Banks will make n tour of the roun
tu onon, playing checkers and heas. nnd
next year will make anothor bid for the
worid - championship at checks re, now
held by Jordan or Rngland
NT'ellfornla anil nl Read) In
Mrel In Minor "porla
Ixis ANiiat.KS. Ait.- : T mnj p,ii
fomli and Stanford : . . t. .. i . .
rolatlona g majoi aporl -r, j ,
pooalMfy th. i' the t .
tinlveraitles 'fit h hrotn .
In some nf tha run. or 1 neH of -.ai
Boccer root ball, baaketln . .
tennis an f in,- iporii a u, t. ,
h'g vsreltlea may o
their roubles.
if the CgfdJnati woul ,
RhMfofhlg tii i of Iheae
end will ttlfMnaie 'lip frl
fomls men In not only w;;,i
anxioua to mart Htanf ird
three year Mile methods, Ihougli
ee agree me nl will i .- iirgwti
tho two c dipgps
Tires in Stoch
George Leveene Co., 125 West 68th St
Lenox Garage, 112 East 75th Si.
Lowe Motor Supply Co., 1727 Broadwav
Metcalf & James. 245 West 57th St
Mineola Garage, 503 Park Av.
The Monmouth Garage, Inc., 1 2h Last 54 til ?
P. J. Mulcahy. 2286 Broadway
Mt. Morris Garage, Int., 27 West 124tli Si
N. Y. & Bklyn. Aulo Supply Co, 1717 Broad tt'
New York Steam Auto Tire Wks , 312 West 5il S
Niagara Livery & Motor Car Co., 69 East SOtlt S
Normal Auto Station, 208 West 124th M
Peerless Boulevard Garage, 1133 So Boulevard
C. L. Peets, 250 West 54th St
H. Phillips Rubber Works, 1989 Broadway,
Ream Auto Supply Co., 1974 Broadway
Regal Rubber Tire Works, 158 Weal 5?d St
Reliable Tire St Supply Co., 224 West 48ll, Si
Republic Rubber Tire & Shoe Co., 956 Eightr V
Richards Auto Supply Co , 1785 Broadt.av
Rona Auto Tire Repair Co., 4050 Buiaclw tt
Rose Auto Supply Depot, 1776 Broadwnv
Royal Auto Tire St Supply Co., 102 Chamber! -St.
Nicholas Gam & Taxi Co., 646 St Nn hol.i. A
E. Schoonmaker & Co., 835 Seventh Av.
W. A. Shanshan, 135 West tiSth St.
Standard Auto Supply Co., 97 Chambers St.
Star Rubber Co., 1777 Broadway
Superior Motor darage Co., 208 Weat 76th Si
Thedford's Garage, 137 West 89th St
The Tire Specialty Co., 166 West 50th St
Turin Garage St Supply Co., 55 Weal 93d St
United Auto Supply Co., 88 Ch ambers St.
United Tire & Rubber Works, 160 Esst 57th M
H. Veghtke, 155 West 51st St.
Washington Hts. Auto Tire Wks., 650 W 1 68th
Washington Square Garage, 73 Washington Sq
Yorkville Auto Supply Co , 1235 Lexington V
W. T. Abbott, lottenville.
Blum's Garage, Concord.
Brighton Heights Garage, Int ., 415 Castleton ,
New Brighton.
Castleton Motor Cor Co., West New Brighton
Granite Motor Car Co., Graniteville
Killian's Garage, Tompkinsville.
Neumann's Garage, 30 Roff St., Stapletnn
Richmond Auto Tire Repsir Co, 167 Riihmon
Av., Port Richmood

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