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Jiulgrs Differ ns to Which Th
flear hoir In Show. So Leave
It to Superintendent.
A highly auccessful gftgrnMB ritn
r.g xhow mi held Hi the Wrst Knd
Bhore Club at Went Ktiil. N. .1. Friday
afternoon In n id of the lorn I rharltle
There were well over on hundred rn
trlra Otlt, comprising for Hit moat part
local dog. ,.nrl by the summer r il
denta of Long Branch, Anbury and Dial
Th noted t'ekiiigmc npaniel T See of
Kfliim, which Won lh( trophy for beat
dog or bltl h In the (how, is a wonderful
little t'rko, Which ia owned ly Mr. Theo
dore W. Myeia Thlx lltlit favorite, al
ways I liiK w inner at the regular A
K. C. glWWI. Hiuiitl enough point Ml
gain a championship nrefls by it ln
at the WaatpmtUr Kennel Club'a MM
at Whit PlklrM recently.
The judging of thla etan cauaed on-
alderahle Inter, -at and a hot battle
between the dlmlnuthe I "eke and Mr.
J. Hareen Ithoad a a Kngllah bulldog.
Wae Nuiniet, Which won the trophy going
to twet of opiiielle aex to th. winner
of beat in the show. Judge J. N. ilood
wln and W M lone, who were down
for th unrlneslfled special, could not
decide htween them which dog should
have th hlu rlhhon, and fharlea t.
tlopton was billed Into tli ring to de
cide. After going over the two speci
mens lie awarded the blu to the lek-
Th claaa for children showing their
own dogn brought out twenty contest
inta and the rlngsh.tr was lined thr.s
deep dttrihg th Judging of this .las.
Itaurtrr Kverett Wei! won the blue with
a very typical Bhocoteto PMMntnuMI
named Quito, second prize going; to Miss
Alya Rosenberg, showing a very good
imported Japanese spaniel which was
good enough to lie exhibited in the larger
A. K t'.. shows
In the claae for t-rrler owned and
shown by a child. Miss Until Brady
won first with her Sealyhain terrier
Bent terrier In ihe show proved to he
Martin B Baldwin'! Laftohman I'er-
petua, a high quality American bred
with good head, i one and conform!
t.on. This hitch was th runn'r up to
Wee Nugget and Tye See if I'ghani tor
best In the show.
Mrs. William Shi ppard of the Minora
Kennel of Sheepsliead Ray .nade 1 r
initial appearance a judge In the I'a
klngcs ,unl Pomeranian clawe. Her
wiirk wax . insistent throughout and
bowed a thorough knowledge of these
breeds. In t'le formor breed Mrs. Myers
mail. a clean i i'i. getting winners
dogs with Olo or Ogham and winners
In lb opposite ecx Willi T'e See. also
winning the brae special with this high
quality bract. In I'niu.TanlaM Miss
irna Bchllllug icared a popular win with
Kluck Pi'liuc v.. which besides winning
as liest Pomeranian iUg won the ai -nal
a- best male toy dog in the show.
Reserve to Blacb Prince was Mrs. J.
llaracn Rhbedrl'l BaatBejf Raven, a very
typy blai k.
Ill bitches Mrs. iju-tave (i. Harnett
won the lug. : honora with Bagtnoy
Bag d'Tricks, a good Utile dog that
hows for her life every time she is put
In the ring.
The special lor best Ho-uin tei rim
went lo .l ick A Dandy, owned by Mrs.
K. H. Parkhunrt of New York city.
.lack is a very trappy gptclmglli a stylisli
about-:, beautifully marked, and Is a dog
that with a little mora age in develop
will make a hard one lo heat In hotter
competition than be had to face at this
Mrs. Ma II McCurdy had (very thing
her own way in l ie collie claiaae. Cham
plon Seedby Sterling, which won through
hi classes and galno.1 tlie trophy for
lieHt of the brei I. is one of the greatest
specimens of his bread in America. Il
was a champion in England and quickly
gained Ins American championship by
winning at all the largaat shows in thu
gggntry. Many at the ringside picked
this don lor best in the show
A win thai pleased Mi McCurdy
more than getting best of the breed with
Sterling was the success of I'lnewoud
Plppan in the puppy and American brad
claaaea Pippin was turd and taised by
Una, Mcfiirdy. and Hne says. "I would
rathei win a blue in a clans with one of
my owi brooding than get best In Ihe
breed with a dog i ha i purchased, but
the credit for whose breeding belongs to
MUlie one else."
Mrs. Mali-din Strauss Judged the
French bulldog! ai ! found " her win
ner a ilx-mumhi-old son of Champion
rjggilna Hlval, shown bj Prod Poffet,
Tata youngster i a sure comer and has
all of the goo 1 uualitia of his illustilous
ire, wvhich lurely is proving to be the
gioaJv producer in ihe French bulldog
fancy to-day Although only six months
of age th PUPP) ins about eveiythlng
a Bgnaabod in face full of wrlnklaa, good
under Jaw and layback, short cobby
body) perfes't ears and tall, heavy bnnc ;
he Is low to ground and. best of all. a
sound, good mover tjannns Rlval'g Son,
tig is called. ha. every earmark of de
veloping Into a tiler that will make the
baai extend themeeh'ea.
Beaerve to this one was Mrs llensy p
Wall'g Baau tiamln III., a wn known
wlnnei which won his twenty-nfth blue
ribbon by leading the American bred
The st Bernard ulaae was headed b
Champion Hercuveen Night Watch, ',
log well known .in the circuit as being 1
magnificent specimen of ins breed
English bulldogs. Judged by Mis Alli
son M Uiderer, had well tilled clueaea
Mrs. J. ill i sen Ithoadea captured wit
nera with Wee Nugget, a good big fa n.
nog. neaarve ,i m . went u. Woodcraft
iiishop, a oorking good heavyweight, no)
shown in the best ol condition, which
handicapped him teverely. Tlie bltcli
aiiiner was llaus Ruahton'g Woodcraft
baroness, which had everything her own
way in tins clai .
in mlolatuiea Woodcraft Manestrel,
ici-ently purchased from Buehton b)'
gBssrs. V ampin and Hallner ol
.spring Lake, N, .1 . made a . lean ,,
getting all the blue ribbons n this I.-
A nice pupp) was brooghl oil
lor Hie Dttppy class hi Woodcraft Merit.
:. son of Mo, i. i'. which gives pronus, ,r
Future greatness
Carolyn Httouae exhibited hei
Irish terrlei puppy. Ulainey, for the Ural
time and won the blue in its class Real
of the breed, however, was Hod Pepper,
owned by Mis- Harriett! B. .vie.se, a dog
which has done oonaldrrable winning ii
the A. K- C, shows.
Two magnificent Buaalan wolfhounds
were exhibited by Mis Milton Krl uig-i
and Miss Marie A Chabert In gala of
Valley Farm and Uad) Mess They wan
placed lii the order named.
One lone ilreat Dane, Baron of Weise
nor, was exhibited by Roberl Penned
He was a big heavy boned nog and one
thai cHiubl make Interesting compatl
in any class.
t.'harb s il Hopton, the superlniendeiii,
bad everything in shipshape and the
show was one ..f the moal enjoyable
afternoon evWa bell during the season
Ihe aummei enttagera were liberal In
their patronage of the show and a nea-
sum was real lied I'm me oharitlei for
which it was b. i i Among ,, t ,hl.
rlgfglda during thi fudging ware Mi ami
Mrs Ouatave 'i Harnett, Mr ami Mn
Malcolm Htrauas, m,. Haraan
Rbaadea, Mr. and Mis. Allison M l.e.l
arer. Wae Mails a OhabeM. Mr nr.n.
Obiroli and Miss Carroll. Mrs. U
hamplon iniiilnn I , I afl H H LeBel
i I 1 ! UfP B i Aa PTejl
of the greatest Airedale terriers
In Ihe roontrr.
Fnater ftnwlina Iih Mjrnarai ,n
helmer. Mrs. Ileorge l,eary. Mr and
! I heodore Myers, Mrs. ileorge Devoe
Watson and Miss Watson, Mrs. Bdward
j BethathlM, Miss ileorgle Shippen. MUM
I'larte I.liliaur, John King Imer, Kd-
WOehr and Charles QrapOWll
' Tricka Ms,.
llnual r i. In
XA I51RT. N, I . Aug
a half dozen cities were winners to
day at ihe annual Sea liirt dog show
Rag Tricks, the nitie Pomeranian,
which won at ihe recent Point Pleasant
show, was in the winning again to-day
Her owner. Mrs ii. ii. Harnett of As
bury Parit, exhibited her. Champion
Seedley Sterling, a collie owned by Mrv
M. II. McCurdy. was Judged ihe belt
dog in the show and look Ihe honors in
Ihe ojien class for the best dog or bitch
shown. In this latter class the eotlbi
was pitted against Hag o' Tricks, which
was declared the best bitch shown.
Jerry White of Philadelphia carried
away the honors In several classes
Afton Tootle, a liny Pomeranian owned
by Mrs. Walter Martin of Cincinnati,
won the special for the smallest dog in
the show. Wee Wee. a Chihuahua
owned by Jerry White, looked little
more than half as large as Afton Tootle,
but the scales showed a difference of
I almost half a ismnd in favor of the Pom,
Hobert Height of l.akewood won the
special for the beat terrier with his West
Highland Laddie
The show was well attended Charles
Clark officiated as Judge.
Ill km n I loh'n Iim llnlhiii fn
Arrepterf p rl Nalnrilny.
Tho doC hIiow under the uusplron itf
Itli Iitllp Kennl Cltlb, to be helil on the
KroundF of th InMp Colo riuh at Hay
Shore next Sauirda . in ftttrtctlnfl h great
deal of attention and pfomlMI to lie on
of the nxrtHt attractive of the late sum
mer shown. Kn an extra attraction the
kennel club ban extended an invitation to
the many laong Island hunt rluhn to ex
hibit their parks, and several ha v ac
cepted. A handsome trophy has boon
offered for the best exhibit of hound.
About 6lM d ok" ft have been entered Mi
llie event, which is the third 1 1 en by
the club. Ainoag tlie BShlbltora will be
iieorir A. Kills, Jr.. Hirr) T, 1'et.r,
Mr. and Mr. Kenjumin H. ThfOop, Mr.
and Mrn. Tyler Morse. J. A Btlllmait,
Theolore t )f ferman, M r. and M rs. H .
Robert liURKnheim. Mrs H. K. Vinui,
11. K Hloodgood. Mrs, Haley Fiske. Minx
K. Blum. Allen 1'inkertnn, Raymond Hel
mont. Alfred K. Maclay. Morris Kinney,
.Mm, James Dolf, H. (I. Trevor, Mrs. II.
It. Itohbins. (harles Llldwlf, John Mm
turn. 11 K. Mayhew, Mrs Eric U Win
toil, )'ayne Whitney. William Zicilei
and William lrew.
Sperial tralM will leave the Pennsyl
vania Station at 5:41. 7 :UA, p :0 and II
A. M., and Klatbush avenue. Brooklyn, at
::.C. 7:07, 9:13 and 11 A. M. At Hay
Shore stages will meet all tralnH and will
carry visitors, exhibitors and duga to the
Uj I'rlllCe of OMttWI Irla-h U
Papplea lleae lllah I'romlfte.
c, a. h Zook of Lanoaatar( Pa.( isj
the poftseoi' 'f a ery hue litter of I
Irish terrier pUjpplM prej-ented tn him
by hl famous ohamptOtl Trlsh Kos,
Hone II well known by all f liowers of
lii shirwe aft she has been shown ex
tetiftively and alnavft has l-etn a b.g
At her flrai how. which was the.
Lynn. Man", fl x ' u r1. she performed ihi
unusual fjt t of (olnn from puppy to
a'lnnora, following this by winning at
Btlmoni F'aiU, a4toona Salem, Lan
casiei . Richmond, Blnauunton. B) bai i y
and Itochestcr. winnhig In all over fifty
Aral prl.es ttvd gaining enough imhims to
alltVW her to UIC th title of champion.
Tl - mic of the.-e puppiaa, Phamplon
PrlnM of tddtown. aisti is a wondoiful
tvhow dog.
i Mr t?athrlnt Pfibryi ,"ing m
I partvd blink and tun l'k liiKte dog, Han '
: Hut of N'ewnhain. Im unit Ii in reqUMl tt ihr
piMnt Umc by brdri who un- idmlrartl
of hrtt irai i.ii-'.i-'. champion. Hrondoiik
; Rootia ii kiMiun in Rntflandi iind by
ieptuutlon in Ainerl- u Mrn I'ri Niirey'
Uofl ei pop Broadoak Btotl a til ver I
i',k- iii n Itluitiioui tin
u : evident thai lira atil Hull of the;
lHaflaa Konaola Ho worth, x J, ntaUi
j .t dloertot puroasai ohen ht bo ugh i ib .
Lmportod I'ekingrt.He ug sw itung iau:. ,
I w Inner t the New v-irk Charity, u. K
. a A- umi other Important ovonti. Paul '
i hi. i nfity h ((numiiue tiuu, nut n,i! priHii
hlmMif an uiifaliliig Hirr of ulti k m nked
Hid nlmoat flai icad papplta liner of
i hlu ikii i ipiioa nod hi Nanchuni Haul v.
bred roctntlv in Ihe Icenneli of Slra Dovhl i
Warko "f Cloatori N J. s, oxetiait onil '
run in Ualt tort- tbns. whelpn thit
Mr- H,i tuHii th' bole litter,
Tb. lklnjMaf d ig Hi Vmig ,,f WtVp
ih. i'n. .in Imported ipoeltnon nii tiKht,
in it Uh ehantploni In ntn v-a i and ie
I oentli purehased by Mra w i HUeoeii "f (
thi iiiv. I"" proved Ini rlatw ipyvet-
I IP lit. This dK u (! one of il,.. Jt ,,f
1 th retent lot of Poke! brougj t ovf) i
j hit oountr) from tn konneu f Mr H
i-rt. London. Not only Uh HI Vuog f ,
Newnbom Inertnuod in hit iud lotiki and
I . ..git niiice lie hai been in .v.v jfork, but i
h- bai pr-or.,1 a v .iiu.it. i,. mi,., hlu flrpj i
in ier numberlni wven Rtroni ind healthy
ftamaay Turnliviil. wara
that 1 National Haaalu lliili uili iutlu It.
t , nl v -mixi ii ..initial ni.i irl.ilM in i .i , hi i . , 1 1
timnty, Virginia. Tin- trim, wm
i incurs un I li urn, In y, NOVamlirr I. :in,l th,'
ninth ullliual "how a Ii.iih leu will t:,k,-
nlaoe un Nevemtaer T. MeMn j . , 1 . ,.
i Vogel el Leeehburg, la and i humaa i
Nhalleroi uf Proidanre, it. I. ht i..,
i ntl.ctad n ludgei a. Ih., (nul-
li i rer pi.nint e hear fr,nn ih
i-uaiiiiu Keaaeli tual Ihelr very goml
Uerman ah.,phr,i ),n,h. hi, ,,r l,i.wannu
hai nut imi killaii u n arol.lrnl . ,.
tatea in two kennel puliili-ailuni Thi.
dog 'lid a lot f hlu,- ribbon wlnnlni foi
hr owuvra at tli i-arly lunimer mIiumn an I
Is at the arnt time In her uitutl fliat
i-laaa ,-nndltlon Ma'i motlier, !ln. ..
fine rptclman uf the bread, n.nnl l,y the
ni,llwnnd Dalles, killed re, mtiy bv
in dutumobllt.
i i me Tev
luslQbagaVDv 1 kjEiP earalaa
rvtoEaefSeHew 'taeKL2eEaWM!i fl
WaavSanBeY ii n BkM' y I
HKit&BBi. iM, leijB L.' B
lxKHl Br m 1 .H Leael B
fin in. 1. 1 linilor. the fniuntia
I. Hen net t. the well know n col
Inn e. Txnrk af rend ft the IV LI
hy Mr. Ilnrr llftiler. Tunela U
In merUn.
.Mr. and Mrs. William . Drew
Do Much to Advance Cause
of English r.uihini:.
hV keniit'Is hae a hle'd i mm b
ttuocefts in Krafllfh bulbloge in ho short
a peritMl as the DfOWStOtlC Kc:mel,
ownad b) Mr gnd Mrs. William T
lrew of .Mount Vernon N Y Tim
po ftrnen in ti highent maantng of the
word and g thtous patrons if the uln-w.
no one haii d nc more f r the advance
ment of ;h- Arntrioan bred bUlldOg than
theft!- ntbUSlaatlc fancier.
Some of the finest American bred
Hi-ecimen of the bread far Inmates
of this kento'l I'ride of place ift r.ghrly
j;uen that giaud Amencan bred cham
pion. Droa'otono Plko( son of Toil Bar
Tike, which In rich in the fuiwus Uotd
PlkO blood PlkC o inmenced hi win-
n. ng carter anile still vary young and in
illy one or two instance has he had
any dog p lead, over htm. Ho ta a
grand wliite and brindle heaweight
with wonderful depth and aquarenaai of
face and great sub.-tance. Kxpe;. Judges
and reviewers have found It extremely
hard to fault him in any extreme par
ticular and he is conceded by all to
be one of the greatest American breds
on the bancti to-da .
IMke not only Is a wornb-rful show dog
but he is gaining an enviable raptltatfc n
as a sire, and many promiaing DUpplOJ
are oat by him that will inak a name
for therneelves at the coming shows.
Broodorv have been quick ti gr:usp :he
opportunity afforded t hem to gt the
Igord Pike blood in their kennels, tie
t his b xnl h's produed many of the
famovw Briailah and Ame.ric.in chain
plonr. notably among 'theae tlie ie
n.uned champion Ito&evllle Hlazc, nal't
by eminent ISflgllth authorlthe to be
tin- graatMl apaclmn of her breed ever
In i lie 1 rewntoi.e Kennels there are
many promising pupplti i rod b) Pike
that will do a gi eat deal 10 keep the
Am or loan bred nt tho front at the (om-
lug shows. A not hp r grand d g owned In
tiny kennel is BUok Jack, an Ameriran
bred that has been a consistent winm-
wbenovor abown He is a maoaivo dark
brindle w h graal Isme and substance,
ami also is rich In Lord Pike blood
Kesides ilie Rngrloh bulldogs, the wn
era f the )faaOtOIO Kennels are getting
In to rooted in the qualni Pekingese spaniel
and alreadx have a number of tine
pool me i is Sever, i of thtaa art nursing
pupplai at the praaont timo. At aomo
ol the looming shows ontrtoo In the poke
c!h!-S's no doubt will be winning foi thi
1 i .-w - on.-
.... .1,1. I. lain I u,i ''
wnii baerlM.a4ral r'ule..
Tha lam rail for entriea for tii In I
,.iiiiiir..i iboa nf ih.- VVoodmet! Kennel
Clvu ini" beeti -.in inn and the enlrlei
win vim to morrow a'lth Rupl Qaoiga
k h',i.' ,.f laanadoarne, i'.. Tht , -11111-miitri
! Kiaiin.'ii m ih,- unuaually latu,
advance rntr. thai hae beeti recaive.1
and ra llavea trial wUlt n... nloelng mull!
n .it du.a w.H I..- nominated to Marl
the i-luli off unit a thr uolni nIm
If iireaant Indication! ne rorrecl thr
lutgeei utile. iii be in hVurton terrlera,
with I'eklngeae apanlele a cloae aacond,
long Hal "i ipaolal rlgei hoi bean I
offered fin Ihli ahuw ami ttM liberal
pullet win, it the club ii. adopted In
tunning n Inltlul fixture irhould Imure I
ii.,, lutiport nf th.' local fanclera, Tin
Judge! at,' aii ..iii, Mini hav! nol beeat
uaed at any of the recent ettowa, ao thai
every one w ill have an equal chance and
,'iiii,it,iiM will tun knt.w how lhay will
full, until the final dlitrlbutlun nf n'
1 1 iiboua
Th,' ahuw win ! held tlaptembar 11 In I
th,, ipu.ou! ballroom of the iimei m.
salt ill leOng It.' It'll. 1. 1
I ..III.- I lull In ai.nlhne.l.
atiolher collie cluh has hun formed,
1hl 1 'in,' 11 Ih in iii,- Mouthweet atul
will tf called ihe Routhwaatarn tollla
t'luh In- I'm . I li. I'ettll nf Alhli- j
quarqua. N M , in thr print! mnvr ami
Inran following hat. b.-rti unrolled. Thai
elub in planning to hold it tiiat simw
at Phoynlg, Arli., In Nov.inbar. '
I in poririt eiillle iMtnrtl li Mr. n
He fniieler of W n Militia ton, HI.
naeMe ttpniilcl recent If Imported
irnlnll the Im-m iii rt lenlnr I'eUe
ho BulH for Rpeed Ifl Pound
n Home Onlj on Soil of
Little Inland.
Tip greyhound vtrtuall) le purely
Rngllah production, for at. a rule one
hai t travel Knalifh aoil hnfnre he
can . tv he llnd! th! greyhound at h.ime.
Th,- origin of the bread, ae the o'.d any
Ing :jt ahroudad in myitery. Some
writer! trace the greyhound to the age
.if Creek ami Roman, while othora Mmll
the aeopa of their InveatlgatloM to the
French nation. rrom what enurre the
iiK ha! ipruiiR matter! little, ae it is
nol ao much what ha been ai what
It la.
a caaual glance at a greyhound will
!how at once that ,t ;a dlatlnctly a tae
nia animal, ltn Kenetat OUUIne. lei jrth
,,r neck, Ita ahouldera, no narrow and
arrow like, itn depth of brliket, itn mm
tiiiar quarter! end finely bent ittx-ka
all go to tell one that the animal II
l.uill 011 racing litea. The hack Is
airhe.il Kently, the lege ar, at. xtralKht
an arrow!, ami ita oat like feet, with
lolid padi ami aronderfully defined to.,
nalla, add lo it" general adaptability for
the ,-haae.
Y. t uiie may fln.i that an exceptionally
fortii'd pec I men nf the bread, while
1 picture of ability and fleetneaB, with
.. frame beautifully chtielled out. an
to ipeuk, "till may prove only a ec
ond rate animal whan put to tlie teat
Thin deception 1 more marked in the
greyhound than In any other breed of
tlux. Il 1" the ohl maxim applied to
the canine race never Judfre by ap
pearancee. AI a eonralnir mevtlna It
often happen! that the mOB. unlikely
looking animal wins the race.
in height a greyhound may be any
thing from twenty -four inrhea to Bay
twentyaeven inohaa; in walghl from
forty to aeventy pounda, l.nokitiR at
a greyhound with a critical eye, we
timi our attention Aral grreated by the
head. The Jawa are thin, and run Into
the head In a One clearly drawn line
The eye ih full and hriKhl, with
rate falling rat a 1) inn behind
t eth are regular, itrong and p
leiiiiia "i a !ound oonatltutton.
awan like peek denote! that th.
The early.
Il mean! for aloupinK and pirkltia; up
his garni wiuie huh retaining hii upeetj
Tlie I, .irk should lie Itrong, with wide
hlpa, and Kood width of bone evident
all over. A fairly deep cheat is eesen-
tial. for where this is abaanl the lunge
will Kiie out when the race is the hot
test. Although a Rood dox ma. oasti a
rough .-.it. stilt a ral like appendage !
tu !. desired. As iuu he KUeHSed, t ,
fiat are a moal Intportanl item of ..
greytiuund'l OUtAt, These are best de.
crlbrd as nut like. The knuckles ouKht
to he .veil up. and the toes kept well
together. Underneath the pad should he
thick, and covered firmly with hard
skin. The htndquarteri are th, pro
pelllnil element in the l.x and eonga
qtiontly must he lufflclently itrong to
perforin then functions-,
quartos should b. oblique
set muscle! from the litis.
The fore-
Willi Hell
free movement ami at th
same time
st rength,
The arm has to bl of a fulrly ao.,.
lergth and covered with plenty of
muecle It should he able to raise the
shoulder point to . ictveu height, and.
as it were. Ilfi the weight from the
frame when runulng Below the knae
the leg ought to t.e of full proportion!
In color some fanciers prefer fawn
tttld this is one ,f the best colors--hut
a good aiiuimi is seldom a had color
and a dote that can win need not he
, shamed, wnatevev hie color may be.
BtlOleh lull Offers Prises.
Tin- Beottlih Terrier Club of Amer
ica has received three spoons from the
Btmiiiali Terrier Club of Bcotland whi.-h
un to l- offet'ed for competition ut the
coming Huston show. ThO)' are for the
heal American hred, best hred by i-x-lllbltor
and lust puppy bred by ex
hibitor in return for this oouKeaj
,.r the Boottlah olub the American olub
is to send II three of tlie chilis silver
medals to he offered as it deems best
llou Bhaw In Fed Rail Park.
The Irving Park Kennel Club nf CW"
. ago will hold Its third annual dog show
at the Federal League hall park In
riil.-ago, Friday, September 17 Thle
will ha un all breed ahow and will have
a two point ratine.
llr. Norma, it T. Harris of I hel-
sen, m.. irlth Krrrgrrrn Pro.
llr, Harrl nmm Inetrnmrntnl In
Ihe adoption of the nrw atandaril
anil now la demoting rnnch of his
lime In Iriliirhn and explaining
Ihe ,'hnnara.
Mil Kenny Hinsrlender One
of (iri'Hlcst Ever Seen in
This Country.
When the name of v. nosa Proctor
I 's nient lotted I, kernel rirclee it la
I connected at once with the breeding
and exhibiting of high quality Beety.
I hntn ten er. Although thla la true atill
Mr. ProCor also i. greatly In.greatad
In tha Welah terrier and hai In hlu
kennel t ,,r tha xreatest enacimat
lot the AV'elah breed ever ae. n in Ihil
country. Thli .iox, Ohamplofl Benny
Ringleader, w . a big winner in rtx-
land a d si . , being Imported by m
I Proctor '.i,i- iwept the board. ,.t every
how in which he hae been exhibited
li this country, He an. whelped July
I l.'. IBIS, ami won Mi tirat challenge
'certificate a: tVeetonaiuper-Mire when
I l year of aire.
I following th.s win lie won four chal
lenge carl Hcatea without meeting a de
feai at Blrmlt gttam, January II, un
der Mr. loties. where lie wag placed
, reset V! to t'lat sensational terrier
Champion Metford Vic liinci Imported
I by Oeorge Qutntard) ai best in the
show: at i tufts under Mr. Hrlffitha. at
Ma: . he
Itei under Harry lJut.a and at
t i-.elaea,
der Qeoi
Lad . s Kennel AssH'iatio-., mi
ge Raper,
His career it
equally as met,
thi! country has beet:
rlc. He made his tlrst
appearance ,.t Lancaator under .lu.igc
t Frank K. Pole, followed by piatihury
under Chai'lea l.y: don. Boaton under
Roberi Bedgwlck. Jr., Albany under !
S Biker, Newark under W. il Whittem
ami Philadelphia under Theodora iift-i-
'man. On each of these OCCgalOM he
won the wImo t's rosette and alao an
neved the ae.i;il prlre xolng to the
, best nf hia bleed in the show
llinirlender atanda on the btat of les
ami feet, ami till body, head, ears and
eve are practically faultleas. He is
i bold and axxneaslve aa a shower
ami for character and expression
leaves nnthliiK to h- desired In
a spec in uu so nearly approaching
, the atamlard it Is difficult j eetect an)
predomlnatli a feature for emi.haals. but
-me ,,f the outstandinx good feature! of
this remarkable dog le hia coat. Not
, only is it of th correct color ami -ex-
lure, hut Ii is lha last Word In a nnti
t timtning natural coat This do- never
has I ftM i 1 1 1 iirk.'d mill nt 1 1 1 1 t ftlwsys in
h;.p to go Into the ihOW ring.
I ollecllna leg. nf t IredHlea Thai
win Mwhe O.haew Hna.le.
Pred 1 '. Havens, owner of the Kenwyn
Kennell of Point Pleasant. N. J that
' tnak. s a specialty of Airedale terriers. Is
setting a pare for the other fancier!
of this populkr breed, and is getting
together an excellent etring that will be
i heard from at the full and winter Ihowa
ai the recent Allan! Ity ihow
Kenwyn Radius duplicated her Waah
Ingtolt feat ami captured the blue in a
strong puppy class. Radius is a verv
promiaing puppy and when matured
should make a spc-iinen that ran hurry
I the best of them to defeat her.
Another dog owned in this kennel
Which will give a good account of her
self when sin- is developed is Kinder
1 1. on. ih,, reeerve winner gt Atlantic
Pity, w hich was purchased h M ,
j Havens at the show This puppy alwns
has won in her classes at the local shows
about Philadelphia ami noa is being
gi mil for some of the large i fall
4llss ekllllBB " Slii.ere .ilmlrrr
of II reed na Well aa Kiprrt.
The selection of If tea Lena Bt'liillin.
' of N, w Vorli as Judge for the coming
Woodmere Kennel Clubahow, to be iu-i i
Baptemlier n at Long Beach, is ore
which slum!,! appeal to all exhibitor
of the I'omeranlan misv Bt'htillng ij
-i ilncere admirer ,,r the brea.1
has Kept them for a nURlbei of .ears
anil has lui-n un exhibitor at the lead
ing -hows wiih marked lucreai
Last year at the Greenwich nature
she made her debut as Judge .,,
work ehowad that she had thorough
knowledge of the bread n should mean
a latge entry In Pomi at the w.mmI
mare ihow with this expert llitcti to
. hand out the rlDboni
Meeting win ue Held Ttrmarruei
III Koriiiulnlr Sho.v I'lnna.
All .lubs interested in the acheme for
a Joint show foi Knglilh bullllogl will
meet nt charlaa Kopion'i oltlce at
s" aat. "t ..clock to-moirow
afternoon, when plans will b., formu
lated It Is hoped that all of the club.
devoted thla breed win cooperate In
Ih! ru ng of un event this lull thai
would be the largeil ipecialtj sh,,v, ,V) '
' given fnl the bulldog
At all of the recent slmws there Ins
been a surprising fulling ,,rf in
bulldog entry ami the pM ,ier ,i. s..
I inetit is to have nil the eluba act o
' iriilliur uiv. .. . . V 1 . . .. .
r---,j,M,,i I. eniuue tu com.
pete for a four point win and work ,
great amount of good for the bulldol
by causing a heller feeling among ihe
club! and the different fancier
Not Necessary to Prove That
Defendant, Th Owner in
Sneh Canes.
It le well eettled that It il no: neces
aary for a peraon to be the owner of a
do In order to charge Bttdl person with
liability for Injurlei It may Inflict. It
Il enough If auch peraon la the keeper
of the dog; that la. that the dog da kept
by authority of auch person. It le on
hia grourd that a husband as the head
of the houeehold la held llnble for dam
agea committed by a dog owned by nir
wife or child, or any person who le one
of the household
Hurch s Iiwary, l! N , Hep.
2.2 (toWg, 190) . BundlchUh Vl Mayer.
Hi Hun. Ill i New York, lit.) I Mr
T.aughlin vs. Kemp. Ill Mass T IIIHl .
Strouse va l.eiph. ini Ala. IH3. Km
mom ve. Stevens. 7J N. I I. S49 i ! I
MctJurn va (Jrubnau, .it Pa Bttparlof
CJt. .14 I 190. I .
A person also Is liable who merely
harbor! a dog or penults It to resort
habitually to his premises. It la neces
sary then to ascertain what constitutes
the harboring of a dog Within the mean
ing of the law In Wisconsin wheie a
dog had been around defendant's place
thre or four yeate, and he and Ills
folks hud fed It and It was In the ha
of going with Mm. and was nt the
house when the Injury is-curred. It was
held he was keeper of the dog Schul
ter ve. Connors, "7 Wisconsin. H21
( I ssn .
It Is not IllUiail I J . however, that a
dog should reeort to a person s premises
for as long a iieriod ns three or four
years before such person becomes at -s
w. rable as tlie hurls. rer of tin- .log
If a prison harhora the dog on his
premises, aa owners usuull do. then lu
ll con!ldered liable for ll;e w t onga t
lomtttiH Irrespective of the length of
time for which he has harbored it And
hia Is en even under a statute by which
only the owners of doga are liable
certain ,-nses. auch harboring being con.
sldered equivalent to ownership o'Har .
vs Miller. 20 N V. Rep 7fin t Iowa i
1HH4 : Bchultl ve iJrlfflth. 7 2 N. W.
Rep. or. i 197).
In tne case of Barrett vs Maiden A
Melrose It. R. lo . S Maaa. 101 (llll),
the railroad company permitted a dog
to resort to Its premises for s,. viral
weeks before it Inflicted the Injury com
plained of Tiie me'e fa, t that a per
son feeds a hungry dog or ahelteri it
lemporarll) is nol enough to rharge
such person with the damage eurh dog
may do. Nor Is a person liable aa the
harlKirer of a dog merely because a doa
without t.e consent of the owner com. -a
on the premises and seeks to remain
Por illustration a person while passing
'lie defe: danfs cal yard wae at'ackcd
suddenly by a dog, which then turned
and ran Into the yard and under the of
fice. I: waa shown that the dog had
been about the premiees two r three
weeks before and that afterward the
defendant, though deny.ng all knowledge
of how the dog got there, admitted that
it had imps under the office and fre
quently attacked men enter, ng and leav
ing the vard. It was held there was
nothing 10 show the defendant owned,
harlsired or had Control of the dog.
A person may be liable for an injury
rauaed by a dog which Is kept by auch
person Without the conainl and agalnai
the wishes of the owner of the dog,
Mitchell vs. I'hase. S7 Me. 172. Thi. was
a case where defendgl t formerly owned
the dog, had sold it and was at the time
harboring t against the wishes of the
owner, the dog having persisted in re
turn. ng. it is not a queatlon of rightful
keeper, and a thief who has stolen a
dog will be liable for its acts tiie Mltlc
ai if he were tlie rightful owner of th:
In an action for damage done by a
Jog it is enough if th,- pereon .njured
alleges that the person sued is the keeper
of the dog. And thia Is so a'.so under
a statute by Which th owner or k.-epci
la liable. smith vs. Montgomery, M
Me 17S.
Hut if a plaintiff alleges that a per
eon ie both the owner and keeper he
ti ust peeve It. Buddlngton vs Shearer.
27 Mass. 477 ilsssi tnrlr a statu'e
mak ng the owner or keeper of a dol
liable for injuries caused by It the owner
ami keeper are not Jointly and severallv
llable After recovery of a judgment for
such an Injury against one Of them
which remalna uniattefled by reason of
his tali ng the poor debtor's oath an go
Hon cannoi be maintained against tin
other for the same injury. Maes. -Pub.
sit. Chap. i2. gaol Oalvln vs Parker,
l :,4 Mass ::m i i9i i.
Wellealey Vrlrrllun and Olalrr
soalc in l.'kery Kennels.
Among the Aitciaies that accom
panied Walter Hi Reeved from Knglaud
whs a brace of very choice youngsters
in Mis. i '.i rt Wright's Blatar Susie mnl
i II Wilkinsons Welleiliy Selection.
The tllmttrnlrtt Keiiafl VrlC! has this to
lg) of the bra,.- "Wllleeliy Selection
Is one of the best youngalgra I- otigln
out this year. She a beautlfiilh- bod
ied bitch and iiin through all her , laaeei
nt the Joint show held in tile Hot. in,,
Oardeni In dune, winning the challenge
certificate Sister Susie also Bad man.
admiral! at this and other shows ut
whi.-h she has so consistently distin
guished henolf She has been g big
winner and then ware among iii, know
ing ones many who thought her the bet-
t.r ipeclmen i the tw... Certalnl) sii-
was a credit to her sire and dam,"
This grand brace f youngatari is des
tined for Ilie trickery Kennels of Chicago
un. I their olni price was well up in the
three flgurea, As breeders they should
i i ova Invaluable to Messrs Crawford
an.i Perrlib ami both should wm many
prilel among the best specimens in thla
. ouiitry.
Tw.nl nf BB.BI0 Regular laai
Prliee ni hih Bhaw.
The Panbur) siiow this .ear la offering
. . 1 1 iii ita regular claaaaa, ami it.,
paclal priaee ate mora numiroui iiian
hae been offared ai any shut, ouiildi
or tne big Weetml niter Kennel L'lutr.
Hxtuie In all there ire .OB oluaiei, Rl
Uing Winner! claMOl and 4 valid,
All breed! except imootli Bt, bernardi
Nawfoundlanda, Uordon utter!, cumber
ipanieli, tiri.i ipanlili, baaglei, whip,
pets, Bunoyedee, Boxen, Uoberinan
rinichen, Cairn, liaiidla ninmont, Bed
llugtoti ami Manohegter terrlarii Vuiii
stilie ami Maltese terrien an, I Bruiieli
Orlffoiuj have io wlnnari1 claiaei
Cocker apanlata have, four and the dif
ferent vnrletleg of Bngllih to) spmieis
one each, al have the other bread! men
tlonad, Baulyham tartieri have two
na cia-ses guaranteed b ihe olub, on,,
each lot dogs mid bitches holding woil.-
Ing cart I doat ia from tin American
Baal) luktn Tarrlar t 'luh
ESntrlaa for Un ho oio with Jami.
Mortimer at Hempaliadi i. i . m, gap
letnber I'l The pramlum lists iia.e
baatl Mm out atul any one rjgalrlng Iii.
fm inatlon about lha ahow 01 .1 preralum
li.l bbould eddreaa Jam,-, Mortimer.,
The Imported Wlre-
II aired Fox Terrier
at. Stud: Wlrebey ef
Palgnten. Fee am.
Ch. Raby Dexale.
Fee gll. The Man sa
il ..n ef Fn gland and
inert, a
Rldgeway Baffler. Fee
170. FuU Brother te rh.
nun. i,.u,-i M
way Nutcracker. Fee
- , . . a - va.iet
en. Raby tlaialer. dot' a Mg Rhgllea
winner. Rldgeway llsatler. Be.t asnn !
h Rab. I.arler. Fee glij. The Imperteg
I'omrrsnlans al sllud: Rldgewar
N.iaiei a , pound black, 'rejoj . raa.
and rare quality. Fee gM. Hid few ay
Sma.l.er H-pnillld ore n ge -ahadeg "e"'
Rig International winner. Fee Wl. T n
Imported r nglleh Molirtoa et gud. RMge-
king, raft gig Winner In Fnelsnd
and aiiierl.a. .rown ah,'Fa!,
for Male at All Time. ir.OR.lr-. W.
ol IN I VIII. r bsrles Button.
Kennel Manager. V. O, Rot It Rayilda.
lone laland. N, Rldgeway Kennela.
Phone 'i .i Fliishlni
thf rnNFin KRNffELS
offet the fallowing celebrated prlae win-
mug Tirrlere st itudi
Win Itslred Pol Terrlera. -auyrroft
fuli-Jn P;.r ela I'u.t. ffj .28.
West II . , White Terrlera.
"Ceneja l.hei kmsie." fee
. 'do, Ii I'hlef. f,e (J "..
Dunregan Mi I ". fee
The above lilgli cl!M dog. sra the prop
er!, uf Mra II A llHlney nd are In thargs
of i.er kennel manager, ciiari.bh trat-
FORD, Huntington. I. I . In whom .11 com
muni. 1. 1 (una ahui.. i be ailarested.
Smooth and Wire
Fox Terriers at Stud
It I lit. F.WAT OKklR
SVIIIM Kill Mil I-
FKg I oil (Nf III I III ABOVR. no.
J. B. ABLE, Tappan, N. Y.
hreed-. lor aale. ilisia h.rded and handled
ihe year roniMi Terrns. Al.F DKI.MONT
I'enil 'in,- U'ynnewood. Ia.
Better Reraltl Olitainod Now
and Variety! Popularity Is
Growing Hnpidly.
The treat popularity of the o-ange
I'eV-mr rani an lia.-. provided 0M more 11
hint rat ion of the facility with whioh
fan.v rs anl hriTdorn .-an 01 rrom nat
ural ..MtH les it carry through their
tiniRiiH when a nVmainl exinta ftrr any
particular point In any fancy. Ther
liave bMn many onutaclei-. in the way
Itl this paru ular Inatanoe All of
course, are not surmounted ft. Th
oranjr I "oine-a n la n r a particularly elu
ie .pc, ..nil in the etidca-or to pro
due it in p.'ilertion a whole ho.nt of
tinRH thy c.nm he called colors
1 a btfen fVOlvdi It is true, some moat
bMUtlftll an mills have be n produced,
most of them btlnf hy-pixnlucta in th
prOCtM Of tnanutai tur'.
It in not many yeara afO tniit an
orange Pomernin wae nnythlni from
a craam to a dark Kd mlxetl profusely
with black, hut iuw thcrf art- many
real or.niRcs to th.- fore, many without
fttlrtf of black anywhere aiout them.
With tiie few of porfOCl QPlOT have come
a hot of mixed culors which ;r Ireing i
formtd gradually into distinct color !
croania, com men u the lUmtruttd km-
hi I St W9.
The VAHOUI shndes in sables and
tipped sables ar only a few of the
n.im.'H by which them1 sports are idem!-I
fled, and tli- term sports is ued with I
no Idea of depreciattoni one great eye-j
org even if it be not a defect, al.oj
has dlggppegredi the flesh colored iwne.
which was much more P ev a lent in the
earl tei stag.' of tiw- manufgotura of the
Orangea, That th greater diversity of
color thus evolved has been of great
betitflt in the si... (rt of an enlarged
olaaalllcatton doea not admit any
When iu orangea are iirfectei it
dOUbtleaa Will be the turn if the sallies
to receive tha attention nf hreebra. and
t lie good judgment that has brought (
the orangee aa signally to tlie front will,
Work its Will upon the allb-d t oli. also
Om tint, and that a very beautiful)
one, seems at or almost at a standstill.)
the bhlee. which an not pmgree-sing
as they should, mainly n. doubt for
lark of admirers Th. beauty Ot a true
blue Pom ought to make them many!
Rdmlrera. and II la hoped that they wilt
produce liue blues in the near future. I
( ertainl) I here aeema to be an opening
here for tin's.- breeders with sufficient
skill, ability and pertinacity t tackle it.
ami surely lUCCeai would mean a great
deal tu tluse fortunate enough to at
tain it-
Will Open No.emlier MU and ClgM
lleceiiil.r I 1 i.kIIsI, .ln.lue
The Unlveraal Kennel Club aime.-. to
be hel.l under the auspices of the Pan-
amaePacltV Bxpoaltion, alii take pin,-,,
mi tiie ground! of the department of live
t,ak on Monday, November -n. ami
doa.- on Decetnlioi i. ICntiiea muai ta
tlle.l with the chief "I tile ilepartlneitt
on th.- praactibed form on or Beforg M,.n
day. Ociouar IB The ground! f the
department grtll ba open tor the racapa
lion of 'loKs on Baturday, Woeember 27
Tins ihow promliei to be the, largeat
avir helil weil of Chicago and the tinMt
ipacimeni of all breada rrom all over
tlio world will be repreiented The ahow
may '" judged by an Kngliahman
broughl over for that punaiae. 11. 11
Llvoly, lie, I of the live stock depart -
in, 'tit. it is underatoodi ia vary much in
favoi of lbs plan nf brlngrng an out
slil, r to do Hie judging, na he thinka a
foreign Ju.lk'e would be impartial and
more suitable to the various, factions.
Mlaa Meae Ml rfiiavl hena Kennel.,
Miss Harrlette I-' Nlaat. owner of the
Hill Terrace l-'niin Kenuela of Morrls-
town, S. J.i recently added the im
ported Irish terrier Knoctcnarea to her
collection. This dog has been 11 bla Win
iu-i 011 the olhet side and will add cm
elderuble atrillgth lo the array of Irish
lerrlem ownoil by Miss Nieae. He win
be exhibited at the full shows and
should give a good account of himself
When put down iii tiie ring.
New York Sun
Enclosed find 2c. stamp,
blanks free of charge.
guiea Peeiafeadlediefereltaeeaainee
1 -
And How to Feed
Mailed free in ana addreaa i
MB Went Hit St.. New York I
Tq any pena ,n who can pro.a
The Milnihnw Mange Cur
W.U nart cure any and e.-erv eklti a:?
esoe. oihI destroy fledd and li e And
i.n.meete cowl
414 si, ii, Ave.. New York
Tel. Fmrragut 3V0. 1'.r. .,, I'u.t prer..to
lrU-e :.0e hii. I .1.
At stuii
The famous I - i KlflKLANn
w lilt I' Terrlera.
The properly of Effingham Lawr.r-ca,
Kse,.. New York.
CHAMPION ii is i m OB BtlRNni
the most auccesaful young atud dog
In America. A criterion for typs.
Already the slra of tha coming chstn
plon, THE I.AIRD OK til.FN'MFRF.
for which a record prlne sa refusal at
the late big New Turk shoe,
A aon nf the wurld renew ned
out of America's best hitch
atnd feee (15. Khlp bit, -ha. to Wtriam
Ltveaey, Crawford Kennel., CaHw.il,
N. J.
WHITR went iiii. ill. wo I'trnrs
FOR Stl.t.
By fhsmplon Huitivua of O'enmera.
Apply WM. Llvraf, Caldwell, N J.
1RIS.H 1 I 111(11 lis
IRISH TKrtKtKHH .'hnmpton rtlarnee
Rewu B'Ultutie: put.plea. t .vo n,o:eha o ...
HOWARD BIRH, i" HaUlhlirat Ave,
Weehmwketl, N. J.
IIK.II K-s I CLAIM s n i iv apRriMFN..
Mra. R. F. Mayhew, Trolle. atop .1.
Jerlrho Turnpike, New Hide Park, long
laland. Phone 4 7 II Floral Park
POMERANIANS To... in' lllcg t, ,
rll.bon winners; rea.onn t,e. Mr. I7LAN0 ,
J4S4 Morris Ave., Fordham. Hrunx.
J 4.1' . N I SI M'IMI I .
.lapanear Hpanlela. the heat .a Importer fei I
Blur Ribbon stock, alee.e and a - - aria .
menu for aale Miaul. II A It Hi EN .171 II..-...,
at . Brooklyn. Tel. A277-W Pmpeet,
i -old itnd a blie and blaca ami while, pupp
by Oniar on exhibition ami Tor sale at " 1
Boulevard. Astoria, la, I Telephone
Corker Hnanlala In all tl a
for eala The Midkin Kennel., Ilulla. la.
At M,,, . lee al.Y f,.r heel lime.
The imported s,. ,.f
Eninnd-a beat known sir, T) - ;
oo with eaeeptlenal Peklngeer rh artn
A beeuMful Imported r a -n-n foi - lira.
Kathrrlne rreal,re, lilipol e.i I'ekl .
I . mil. M.reet, Ne., ...rk ui,.
Oppoalie Publl. l.lbran
mentkg old, from ,e-.- i,,
rentj,. raaaonahie; houce -hroke n
HI-HBDUR KtWKI., Hawarlh. n i
or 4 W. Huh m Ve,.' Vni'V
URRM.tM NHRPHRRII ,v nil n I liui.a
Puai i , i ' m
onnell linlliiina Heran I" ,
MM til l. W kill
The Dog Shop
15 East .loth Street, Nev. Vor
Juii opp.i.-ite Altman'a
Pbaai Hurray m.i tu. :
spe, i.u attractloua In Cb.,..
puppies, gealyhani!, H'eal 11:.
roina. refcei and hlsh :.,aa n...
The Boaton Terrier L' hamplon ll.
MOV t at U.I Km II..
ATTENTION! Who ...it ).,
Monkey. ' item,,.., ,: ..e 1
Judge, ha. the ehelceal colli
l.reeil. In New ,,rk. 111. , ...
nient linpnrtril tnclc. V K IHII , .".
WHKRK: state breed re,,uir,l M u . -t
KENNBLS, lis fetal , st . . y
Hotel i.rladalr, for lint- Hum. a
ifBclmey ill branchee: -to W. 1. 1 1
N. Y T, I Itryant till
sprlnaai.ir lo( l-alacr a1! i- .
ai. r.,' i.th Btreet, New Ten
WATI l IU, 4111. IS. kt ll
B.a.r.1 vour pet or show .pars In tl
kennel. In America. Dor- rnndft!i.llal i '
bandied at all ihowa The brat nf peilifn 1
stock, all breed!, for aale. Ardall I
Tel -llli-W Dohbl l-'errv
Larohmont Boarding Kennels
0, H LIGHTS, tv t .,- 1.
Everything for health an ; , f,.
.lohu '-'., proprietor Board .
dition doas uinler 10, personal attention
Mr Slokia. Iloi tii2. 1. s
TO, 01 W. Morsemcrc
-11. .M a,
Woodmere Kennel Cluh
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