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Pniico Siwpwt Alleged Con
intntow Wortied With
German Agent.
LOOT TOT M,s $75,000;
Plan to Hold Conference
National Oefenee at
on '
WAM i N i ito v , Aug. tl. A greet
WUIIMUI'I national Wno onnferenc.
tlM tlrt of It kind ever hM. I plannivl
by the MMf eectlon M the Navy
Ivhkui. to he hclrl In Washington fctiout
November II, Tim ennfetence will
prebsMjr be held In Memorial Conti
nental Hull, the national henilqiinriera
of the D, A. II Mm. William Cum-
imnira Storv. nrD.ifUlil.r.nnral nf ihni
,,, ,ai Ngmr from iteamehip I (V)ol,lliatloni and miinv ,f hw. na,
I ' ""' Al1"" ',n', t tonal nfMfmtlau ai iiihh m
tenon nre on :
ligation of an alleged oon
miit worth of miK.ir prp.ln)t 1IMn )N,n(,r
from llgnteri nn
,h, heft t m
kvtr.1 I hi ,mp p"rI
miritii io Um ' m,,n'
f tlx m offlceri "f bargee or light. in
, ,. , w ..,,,1 hM furniture ileali-r
L ml ltlmat roughly that Jlin-e
gj, gr began 11
i ig rjrman iniBg in I'M gw,
. ( ii thrones is mat me
raton ma) have worked
i!api in hnd eMtli 'rman acuta.
go uil n 'nc pit-" roup early
Mgtrrdat morning an.t tlN night be
CJ i . m i the connection between
rt allrg'.l I he ft! anil the m aterlous
SJJi definitely eetobllghed, it i
MKl) ! i" a toxical Inference.
Furtn'e'ni I he belief that Herman
mti ma; have, beeh Involved in the
illegal Iheftl "r tha tlrrs i baaad ea
cr,ly un 'He Fact that four of the men
m'Ktfr k r real, n.ngi ii wren uninu "
rny. I'talm Uerman parentage In
ieuntr ar in Herman).
I I re Huiiit Kim nil.
woman' mention of the Navy Iacue
The ormfererK-e la planned to aerve
the double purpoae of a meeting for the
permaneni organization of the woma.n
eetlon of the Navy trague and aa a
mean or Influencing Onngrew and Im
esnin the need of
the country for adeU4ite defence Mem
lera of I he national and Mtate eom
nillieea and ilelegatee fnni the local
ehaptara in awry state in the rnion
will be invited to attend. In the morn.
Ing laaalOII renorta from thene onminlt
taaOMM and delegates will he taken up
and the Progrew, of the work In all
aertloiiM of the OOUfltry reorted.
At the afternoon aealon prominent
epeakera. both men and women. will
aildreaa the asatmblage on aubjecta of
national defetwe and the part women
"light to take In obtaining It Among
tlioac who will lie asked to apeak are
Secretary of the Navy Panlela. Speaker
t'hainp t'lark. RepreaenUillve A. P
ardtier Of Mawachuatta, lieorge von
I,. Meyer, former Secretary of the
Navy ; the Rev Dr. I.ynum Ablott. Mm.
0 H. P. Belmont. Mm William Cum-
a 1' l
aW 4Bw
J BR . ;
Sfrancers Are Being Expelled
and the Police Force Is
authorltlea to add fifteen men to the po
lice force.
Iettem are being received from all
parte of the country by town and Cnbb
county offlrlala and by peraona who have
given Interview on the Frank caae to
newapaper published outalde the Utate.
Mafibtta. Oa... Aug J a. The citizen
niddera for (irnil nrthern'a win
The rjreat Northern Railway ha re.
reived Inqulrlea mgardlng the aale of Ita
tranapaciflc atcamei, the Mlnneeo",
4 fnurinv xr TTTI? tX7 A IPCII I WnlOh may reault In the dlapoxal of the
I WKIH'. 1X inr, TTA1VII -n,n anrt ,r.,,,,. fr, American
registry for aervlce out of the Pacific
The Minnesota Is the last of the big
ships on the Pacific under the Amerl-
...... . .. ti'i.w , k. i . i . i. n . . . i
of this place have placed a ban on In- '- M i II Steam.
HUlaltlve atrangera since the lynching of snp Company recently It w.ia predicted
I ,en M FVank. Ouarda are on duty and that the Minnesota would also lie aold
close watch Is kept on all newcomers If owing to the 1 Kollette law. which gor
the actions of persons arriving prove ( wa WnTnr yr(,v ,h fh,
suspicious they are quietly Informed of nreat Northern would sell the ship at a
the hour when the next train leaves ; suitable price. Immediately after the
Right men, whose conduct arouaed I war atarted Inquiries were made for Ita
1 purchase and others have been received
suspicion and who did not give satis- nCP than.
factory explanations of their presence i
here, were rounded up late last night. TITLED AIRMAN FALLS AT FAIR
placed In a box car of a freight train ,
about to leave and sent away. No ar
rangements, as far aa could be learned,
had been made with the railroad to
transport these persons out of town,
hut the car was guarded until the train
left the town limits
Sln. e Frank wa- lynched here on Au
gust 17 several persons whose business
in the town wns not known hav been nan engine irouDIO,
invited to leave. Five men who had the I In volplaning to garth the wing of
appearance of laborers and said they the machine struck a telegraph pole an. I
were seeking employment here were or- he fell sixty feet, landing on Ins head
.lered away yesterday. They could not The Huron I In the AJIentOWP Hospital
he found to-day. In the opinion of the I with a fractured skull, his left ear torn
police theV did not seem to make a seti- ' off and compound fracture of the leg.
on attempt to get work. i Surgeons fear that his death is only a
The eight men sent away last night matter of time,
also appeared to be laborers. The con- I The crowd picked up or wrenched off
Inspectors Say Hont Had Li
cense Allowing That Xnm
her Aboard.
Hnngarlan Huron Receive In- i
Inrlr, Relict ed Mortal.
Ai.i.intown, Pa., Aug. 2a. -While up I
son feet during ati aviation meet at the 1
Allentown fair grounds this afternoon i
Mailt, Baron HaMaman von fhalmtagy
of the Imperial Hungarian Flying t'orp '
WASTttviiTov, Aug. !' -That tha
avenmahlp Kastl-md. which turned over
In tha Chicago Itlver recently with grfat
loaa of life, hail previoii'ly safely cni
rled aa many passengers gg ghg had on
that occasion was Hie substance of a
report of two steamboat Inspectors for
the great lakes districts familiar with
tha history and operation of the ve
ael. The two inspectors who made the
report tt the Department of COinmCNt
to-da were WagtcOtl of the Detroit dis
trlct and (fgon "f I'levdanil
On many trip" the vessel had carried
as many as 1,8011 passengers the nunc
bar that wna aboard tha day tic ship
rolled OTer In tin' 1'hlcago River A
long aeo as ItOg the Moatland carficl
l.ofift passengers safely on many Hips.
Since that time, according to the Inspec
tors, she was overhauled and made safer.
it was gain rally bellevad, so far aa
thre.iteni'il topheavlnes was concerned
by the removal of elghM -enrht state,
rooms from tha upper geek.
The Raatland was launched In I Ml
Since that time various official certiflca
tions b l''efler,il inspector have given
her sale naagagv for as high as It.ttoa.
Al tlrst her fating was fo- 'J. son. Heftit
ning with D.inn in ISIH, ttlc ship wag
certified for the following nuiubr fn
the yearn thereafter: ItOt, for ..'
ln for n.nnn ; 96T, for MM I IgH
fat M45l 19 for from V..1MI to .'..Mifl
PtiatO to ItoctillU.
Mrs. Leonard M. Thomas.
TIM arrests followed an ln esiig.uion
g ,4or Klfth LatpUty t'ummlssloni r tiuy
g, gnd Kir Marahal Hrophy of fires
H , bomba on six Brlttah steamships
le-.lol sugar for the Allies. Four
iiMhtAM i AM ham. which carrii'd
ttif uga: from the National Sugar lie- inlnga Story, pro idem -general of the
c , mpan) al Vonkers to the steam- , i and other preatdanta of
f p in Manhattan ami iirooKtyn
tr Invived rour oi tne nrea m vciopeu
t 1-
Copyright b Campbotl gtwrl
Mrs. John Hays Hammond.
fires d
,r Ml Vork harlair hi fore the ships
sh.u grt bomba wire ilicovered in their
Bargoefl when they reached ropean
Tlir hln under aires! at Police Head
quart, r aa tilght were:
M Mataal, T2 Forty-eighth
sireet, Llrooklyn, Horn In ilermany;
4ptam ,,f the lighter S. F S. owned
t Hhortland Hros.. Ill) Wall street.
Charged with grand kircany,
glgmutlg SJursen. Ml Sixth avenue.
Hrsoklyil Horn In the I'nlted States
of Oartnan parentage; captain of the
tmrge pixie of the same concern,
fharged with grand larceny.
John Peterson. 2S Ituena Vista avenue.
Yonkers . male of the S F. S. Charged
with grand larceny.
Ferdinand Halm. .1" Seventeenth
ii H V Belmont and Mrs Olheon Fahne-stoi-k
have volunteered to lake nn ac
tive part in the work and secure Mna
turea and membership pledges of prom
inent women gpatldlng the summer there.
Mrs. I. Vandertjllt i.'roee and others are
performing thai same patriotic duty at
Har Harbor and the work of canvassing
the other social summer centi ;s being
woman's aectlon . Mm. John A. Ixayan. I carried on by enthusiastic nu mbers,
widow of the civil war Oangral; Miss i Among others who have been ap
Jttlla' Marlowe. Henevieve rhaiirp ("lark , pointed on th national committee are
Thomson. Mm. Mary S. IcJ(Wood. , Mrs. Q, Davison of New lxndon.
chanloln liaral of the I A. R. and Conn. ; Mrs. 1onnanl Thomas. Mm.
Women' I organizations who are serving
on tho national committee of the
Mis Park-s Fisher of Morgantown. .
Va . alster of the late Rear Admiral
Jffl al
Picture l Be sham.
The nattoral committeemen and
Washington members will give a recep
tion in the evening at the New WUlard
to the visiting delegate. A feature of
the conference will be an exhibition of
: aval photographs, inivlng pictures and
appliance. It i expected that this ex
hibit will he sent from olnt to point
after the conference to assist local chalr-
f reet. Hrooklyn. Horn in the l ulled i men aim mcinvsra ni n.ou..
Ktatei of Herman parentage: captain of asm for national defence.
lb lighter John F Rymer. Charged with. The woman's section passed the 1,990
I ..'i l larcetiv. ! mark in membership during the past
Richard Milhofer. 14 Fourteenth : week and hundreds of new member for
tranue, Brooklyn, Horn In Haat Prua- I ward their pledges and letters every
fia; captain of the lighter Trial. I day. The officers of the woman's sec
Charged with grand larceny. tlon are greatly pleaaed A gratifying
nn Katchell'nk. ! Monroe feature of the week's report Is the prog
mreet. a second hand furniture dealer, rtn the section Is meeting at the sum
in Whoae place, according to the police, IMer BOl.al colonies. At Newiwrt Mrs.
In bagii of sugar were found. Charged
with receiving stolen goods.
Heorge D, Wldener. Mrs Pembroke
Jones, Mi. J. Stewart Barney. Mrs
William B. Caperton. Mrs. Reginald
Board man, Mm. Herbert Bhlpman, Mrs
Stuart Imncan, Mrs. Oaig Riddle. Mr.
W Bayard Cutting. Mm August Hl
mont, Mrs. Charles Warren Llppttt and
Mrs. it. E4vfngjgon Bee oh, man of New
port ; Mm. Vincent Aator. Mrs Kdwanl
Hrtiie MoLaan, Mm Peter Qoalet Oarry.
Mm. Frederick W. Vanderb.lt, Mrs.
James Pottofi Mrs. John Jacob Ator(
Mrs. Klbrldge T. Oarry, Mrs Richard
I.. Wilson. Mrs Hunt Slater. Mrs Mor
gan Belmont, Mrs. Henry C Frick. Mrs.
Hollla Mc.Kim of Baltimore. Mrs John
H.kv Hammoiui : Mra-Qawtrter Oaaaati of
Philadelphia: Mrs. John Van Rennelaar
Holt of WaahllWtOni Mrs Frederick
Ti.o iwo Itianeetnra w .. r snort on iIia
tlnual receipt of lettem threatening pieces or me wre. Keq ma. inn. ror vtaei 1 ar among the oldest nut cen.
vengeance on Marietta because of the souvenirs The llaron s father fought erally regarded H the moel efficient in
lynching of Frank has caused the city I with Kossuth. QartbaMI and Grant. ;be s.
Copyright b- I'anipuell Studio.
Mrs. John Jacob Astor.
one of the strongest and be.t known
of Liie orgaiux.it ions, wrote;
"I know that If our entire member
ship of one hundred and s venty thou
sand patriotic American women ante
within the sound of my voice each one
would siini the membership pudge "
?a?rs. Honour Roblnaon of Philadel
phia w rote :
1 do not need a now piclire, aa I nave
Stern Brothers
W mnJ 43rrt Street, "WZrteffiM Avem
Tyaon of Baltimore, and Mm. Moncure , been preaching against our foi;iah im-
ltohlnson of Philadelpnia I preparedness for many years. I am glad
I'uring the wvek many enthusiastic
letters of Indorsement ami uiixrt have
been pgcalvad from jirominent women.
Mrs Sarah K ruMon, lto-hester, N. Y..
president of the Women's Relief Corps.
that gasmen are at bast awake to Ita
menace and hope they will now help to
undo the great harm they ba.ve oaggad
by their short sighted peaoa propaganda
In the paat."
0 hr ne st Inurfl.
Jean si rin, 'J, a Helglan who worku
.i u- fhl i ker on the Krvnrh Una
pier M Thlit -fntirth HtrMt and llvJN
V Tefttil iivr-mi'. wan (Iftaineil at
Police lli.t'l-piari.-rs for furthr tnve- ;
but nu rharKt whs lodgjsd
-.-.I i hint The polloa hIho quMtlonsd i .. .
i - i.' rutiakae. i ni... iim..L. n .. i.'A't Iiitn ti I'liiul
..ka..L.a .....1 f1M L'lul...i. 1A 1 1
Who sturieti Cor Thai
lin a rhevker, Mid ;u.s KlshT. 1" ,
tv'i ireH Elrooklyiii 'Hpiain f f th- i
llfhtt-r J .i1iluirtt . a t iertnan. biH ihy
vre not 'teiainajd.
AoooitilnK to Inlbnmttlon irathered by
drt,t. r who !iav worktnj on the a!
ktfM COrgVplriUiy tnce Iat April, whnn
tt Hi rnyatertoug lire broke out in
trii ilimr tjgn on hd-ard the
tam-!i'p I .- on t'iiv at h
Killed Brother.
Corner Feiiiberg said yesterday he had
Rival of New York's Mar;
suit! t Have Imperilled
Want Workers to Benefit bj
Vr Order Bitution ami
Foree roneesiiion.
Krlti-ti ,.,,i ..rosecuting seven-year
U I tio o,,r... ...
i .".I - .... ..' .. , , ..ri.z. it i h c narireo.
IWrty.fourth street pier, thefts of small o11 r.wnrT iv.a.o., .
guanines of sugar -a few bags at a 1 started a motor truck that KUieo nr
time- have been going on for rear, but I brother William in front of their home,
the Inoreaaed cargoes line the war, )f)1 vct Ninety-eighth street, on
offered !:.. tiort unities for plunder. .
Retae fieri small pilfering, it Is said. ? thin it would almost le a crime
die ' .'l thefts Inoraagad lo 100 ori . . ... ,..., ,,- chiiH under arrest."
1,11 UP ..
he said
to make
of sugar i week, eaoli l.ajj
It i probable, however.
gMit the UK.ir losses Hould neveir have
sen di vcro if ihe attention of the
poltee tnd ilr. dapagtmaiKa had not
Isn uallad lo the mysterious tires In
siiir.i! t'SNSala an.l tighter.
The Devon Clty'g cargo caught fire
M April .-' line of tlie I igniters which
gad t- . rrad sugar to her liold was
Bis T I On May 2 the Hntish stem-
Stilp K.i eswald sailed for Marseilles
gll -..l;,. of sugar, and when she
gnlos'leil m thai port twv acid Bra
hl'.dren to
when they are left
It Is our duty
it Impossible for
.4... ,, ,'i.r venicl
unguarded by passing a su.iaoic
nance. .
" have already had a talk with the
Safety F"ltsl Society." he continued, "and
Will work with that Ixidy In cooperation
with the Corporation Counsel's ofBog to
compel every automobile owner, particu
larly of electric vehicles, to have a
safety lock switch or plug nrrange-
i ment on macninee. " own ...e
i.e.ucs the car ne win ne mnr ... o-
"n " VAT apparatus and prevent the power
Trla' .. ,. , f ,,p Hgi, his which had ",?? .... or hv the re.
' - ( . liar cargo of sugar anl also
tt n i part of a augar cargo to
n i teamahtp Knutaford, which
ug-' .t lo r pier at Thirty-Aral
sir,.. Brooklyn, on July 20. Mean
bimr turiie.i on or n me
moval of a plug render the switch In
nocuous. "An attempt will ' mad.- to introduce
,, ,, or.l iou no of this character at the
.Inly jii. .viean- " - .... i ... lua a
file l.v v the Hntish steamshtn . "ret mewing ..i me r......
P, , , . . . , ' Tiie date for t he tuiuesi nae im
Ulkdals sailed lor Havre with a sugar!, fna oata oi 'h.hU ,,,, ,,
neen ll.xeo. .on f
will be held as soon as Coroner Healy
eh a me bOlM was di-u-h-ti
she reached Havre on
o. nga
Mhv SI
r. ilr tr .bre lane invest igated
Oi firs homhg on the Klrkeawald on
B. so irit they had h-en placed
board to blow up the ship. Oa.pt.
Tun tn and l ire Marginal Bropby mean
s'' la had dataotlvaa invest isTutitut the
rie.Oi t'tt St.. iiul tl,.. nteu Or, the
Kntttaford md tha British gtaarnahlp I for the accident.
frags tde, which had a ggriottg fire In
ui hei ...gar hold tin July -'4 TYPHOID IN FLOATING MELONS
Tie detective found that In both the"
tin gae the hghtex S. P. R. Capt. I
1. 1 kMlded most of the sugar
returns, coroner reinnerg is wamm "
the latter'i place
William lingers, chauffeur of the
Oraentllll motor van by which William
Keating was killed, was arrested and
held In JS, Onn ball on a charge of homi
cide Coroner Felnberg Intimated that
he did not believe ihe man was respon-
A c.ic that parallels "typhoid Mary'i
has been discovered by Dr. B. H Wake
man. State aanltarv aupervisor for Jef
fers.n. St Lawrence and northwest
franklin counties, according to the
State Pepartment of Health.
In a bulletin issued yewrday the
State Pepartment says of Typhoid Anna,
as the new ca.e 1s called
"Karly In June Dr. Walieman's at
tention was called to tho fact that there
had beer numerous cases of typhoid
fever along the banks of a small stream
which hod come to be known as Typhoid
Creek A careful study of the lltUatlOl
led him to believe lhat the trouble was
probably due to a carrier case and sus-
piclon In particular pointed to a woman. I
Anna U, who had leen employed as a :
housekeeper In various places where the
typhoid cases had occurred.
"Anna denied ever having had typhoid i
herself. She said she had 'been around
where there was lots of it, but never ,
caught It ' A culture sh wed that she j
was indeed s typhoid . arrler.
Here is Anna a record a It lias
far been worked out :
of Anns I,. Oete.
K. family 20 years o
X. fsmlly Igll-tOIS
" noted as significant, according
Mhi . i. . . thai when the S K. S was
taken off lb,, sugar lighterage service
ror Willie iliere were no nrea apt.
Tuniiej g.jga gnl datactlvaa to ihe sugar
ginnery and to act us helpers on the
light! I. ringing Ihe hags of sugar down
the rivei io the staamshlDa. The first
definite i n. leading to yeaterday'i ar
rests followed the discovery of a fire
Thur ilti) night on the S. S. at the j
french Llna pier at West Korty-fourth i
It reel where she lay with a large cargo i
uf Igat ..board. A few hours later the
Wgc Plxla developed a fire in her sugar
targu Wtu Korty-elghtli street.
I'oiiimlssioner Hcull lininedlalely or
der. . a patrolman to watch the S. V. 8.
Tie arrest of CapL Matrat and Mate
tei "ii followed soon afterward, and
'rem information obtained from them,
the poUei M)V, thgy wcif able to locate
HI baga of ,re"v Catchellnk'w place
Slid tli. other arrests were made ut In
terval:, during r'rlduy night and yester
g Th( men denied Insistently that they
gnaw anj thing about tile flies. Ho wlde
gJHaad is the alleged consplra4y be
ll, v.. I lo be, however, that last night
H er arrest were c ted
Dm .f the men under arrest, accord
ing tr. lb, ,, led ies. earned 111 a week,
but garni ii l,IO0 home In Hrooklyn. an
automobile, and is interested in eight
thtr houses.
V etc I nose llf IlllieS of
Children In Brooklyn.
Following the reporl made public yes
terday by lr. S. II. Hatteis of the bureau
of epidemiology of Ihe Department of
Health a statement has been Issued to
warn persons against eating fruits that
are picked up on streets or ut the water (
fronts. The ten children who suffered
from typhoid fever in the Fort Hamilton
section of Brooklyn during the last two
weeks, the doctor says In his reporl,
contracted thad Isease by eating water
melons lhat were washed ashore at
Nlnery-fourlh street.
When the children became III the
doctors made Inquiry and found lhat
some of Ihe children were in the habit i
of playing near a trunk sewer. Upon I
close quaatlonlng the children Informed
the Investigators that they had eaten
melons which were taken from the water.
Microscopic examination of pieces of Ihe
fruit showed signs of the bacilli.
)r. Haven Kmrrson. Deputy Commis
sioner of the Department of Health, said
yesterday he believed the outbreak wug
under control.
Typhoid case-.
Mrs K.
Mb k.
K . X son
Mrs K. X.
W. family. March. 1014, m
.Inly 18, I n U Karl W.
X. family July 1.1. mil. to
(tig. 1,1014. K X . daughter
W. family Aug. I. 10)4, to
.NOV lo.i-.Mi r.oen
Paul W,
ksther W
h X family . Nov 10. IDM. lo
K W family Dae. 08. 10l4,to
Kelt 10,1018, Alice W
Krankllu IV
Mrs K
losirae W.
K. W family I'eb in IKI1. to
July 7. 1018..
"The three cases In the P W. family
in Mav were probably secondary cas. il
OOntraotad from the earlier ones In the
same family. Aside from these there
Keem to have been at least eleven Caae
of tviihold foyer traceable t" this
chronic carrier, seven of them during the ,
short period or seven niontns neiween
Julv, 1IH4. and January, till.
"A more complete study now being
made of typhoid cases in this regn.ii be
tween lHUa and lull may throw fur
ther light on the subject, but on the face
of the facts already In hand this woman
seems tc have well earned the title of
Typhoid Anna."
W vsu ishtov, Aug 2 A nationwide1
campaign for an alghl hour day, higher
pay and better workfng conditions is
urged uon all Organised workers by
Samuel Oompora, prvsldent of tha A mar
loan Pgdaratlon of Labor, in an ediio-
rlal article in Ihe September issue of
the official organ of the federation,
which came out to-dav. Mr i tempers
urges worker to take advantage of the
profltabl war eontraota thjt are balng
filled in Amarlcan plants to wring from
employers concessions heretofore denied.
The Compels editorial attracted much
attention live to-day in official as Will
as Induatrlal circles. It was In part as
follows :
"The most momentoUl alternative is
presented t o the workers of our coun
try. As a r.sult of war conditions
some Industries have now Immanaa con
tract secured on most highly favor
able terms. Other nations- need have
given work to men and women who have
lived through a year in which unem
ployment has been gr. iter than usual.
Whether or not this opportunity
comes to the Industrie of our POUntf)
through parfldy or greed of other na
tions does not altOf OOndltlong thai con
front us In this country. The problem
of Ametioa'a workers Is whether the
'employer shall Uag gham as a means
i to set lire greater protits from the pPM
gnl necessltj of other nations or whethoj
this terrible world calamity shall be
used to promote the welfare of at least
a lew of the world's work, rs
"Many workers have alrcad decided
thai they will see to It that humanity
Shan Whatever opportunity shall como
out of the terrible War. Already there
has been raieeil the slogan of the eight
hour work day for all work, rs and
thgl do na ml ban been and Is being made
more effective,
"This spirit of enlightened galMntar
est and industrial statesmanship among
these workers is Infectious the Slogan
'eight hours' has Ismui echoed by others.
The workers have it In their poWr to
make that slogan an irresistible force.
Umployarg fesj the impulse that gondii
its throb of hope and Inspiration nut
among ail the loiiers : man) faal and
grant In advance demands they realise
will he made, and Juglly made. Kven
thg I'nlted States Steel trust has In
creased Wag It granted them In
advance because it did not want the
winkers to know Ihe feeling and Ihe ex
perience lhat I" mta part of the cliar-
UCtet of workers Who make demands
for Justice and secure them through
thalr own organised power "
Advance Showing of Autumn Apparel for Women
The, dominant style tendencies for Autumn in Women's Tailored Suits. Afternoon and Kveninrr Drosses. Coats and Wrap-, arc charm
inply reflected in our attractive assortment of models, on the Third Floor, which is daily receivinp; auKTncntations from tha best
Kuropean and American sources. Out-of-town visitors should include in their plans, while in the city, a visit of inspection to these
extensive displays of most interesting types of Outerwear which are representative of the best in recent style creations.
A larcjr selection in drsifjn and fabric if afforded at the following pria
Women's Tailored Suits, at $19.75 to 1G5.00
Women's Street Dresess, " $16.50 to 59.50
Afternoon & Evening Dresses, " $19.75 to 145.00
Street and Motor Coats. at $10.75 to 150.00
Semi-Dress & Evening Coats, " $39.50 to :!50.00
Women's Separate Skirts, " $4.25 to 25.00
Most attractive early season ver
sions of the Autumn Modes in
Minuses are now being shown on
tho Second Floor, presenting
novel ideas in collar, sleeve and
from effects, and forecasting- the
fashionable materials to be worn,
such as
Tho New Soiree and Radium
Silks, Uni'ther with Crepe de
Chines, Georgette Crepes,
Plaid and Striped Silks.
In the display there are a
number of
Imported Handmade
Halistc Blouses
and our own interpretations of
the new modes from models that
are exclusive to Stern Brothers.
Moderate jrieen prevail.
Plain and Fancy Dress Silks
The Autumn displays, on the Second Floor, present very
larjre assortments in the new desifrns, weaves and coloring
fnvored by the most celebrated modistes, at attractive
.4 very special sale on the Second Floor of
Crepe de Chine, 40 inehes wide, 98e VQ.
in the new Autumn evening; nnd street shades, also
white, ivory, flesh and black; Regularly f 1.50 yd.
Very special on the Main Floor,
An Absolute Clearance of
Waist, Blouse and Dress Patterns
consisting of Chiffon Taflfetas. Messalines. Flour
t'repc de Chines, Meteors, Satin Chartnouae,
Striped Habutais, Printed Crepes and Foulards,
at 35e, 58e, 78e to 1.95
Regular values 66e to $4.50 a yard
Ic Soia,
The new Trimmed Millinery for
Autumn shows an unusual diver
sity of desigrn, ranging from the
fagcinating small turbans to the
pictureaque wide brimmed ef
fects. Some very interesting
types of both are now being
shown on the Third Floor, in
Original Imported Models and
many cliarminir adaptation
evolved in our own ateliera from
materials and trimmings most
favored by the leading Parisian
H'r on- wnknui a npceinl
feature thin genaON of our
Trimmed Hats
at $15.00
which include adaptations of this
season's smartest models.
gnlainier llaa t'rampai llriinm.
Robert Conarchardi mi lootrical en
linger of 111 WTaoerleji plaoe, If anhattagj
gag ilrownerl lae.1 evening while liathlnf
iirT Huguenot ii. ... b He w ... lelsed with
crumpi after he had gone about 200
yard out. Ula body area not reoovar ag.
Household Linens
A highly important offering of the most desirable
grades and qualities, at emphatic price concessions.
Satin Double Damask Table Linen. - yard 9.V
in a variety of pretty designs. Heretofore 11.76 a yard
Satin Damask Cloths, at $1.50, 1.95, 2.50, 7.25
very heavy quality. Heretofore i-.'-h to 10.00
Satin Damask Napkins, doz. $2.95, 4.50, 4.95
large dinner size. Heretofore $1.00 to 8.50
Linen Pillow Cases, 88c Huck Towels, dz. $2.90
Heretofore $1.2.r a pair Heretofore $1.00 a dozen
Real Madeira Tray Covers, - each 25c
hand embroidered, in six oval designs. Heretofore 40c
Real Madeira Tea Napkins, - - - doz. $3.75
embroidered comers, also with roe scallop. Heretofore $6.00
Oriental Runs and Carpets
On Monday, we wilt dispose of the following remaii
ing from our mid summer sales, at extreme reductions,
Persian and Caucasian Rugs, $5.75, 9.75 & 14.75
including Moussmils. Carabaghs, Shirvuns, etc. Value in mi
Selected Persian Rugs, at $24.50, 39.75 & 19.50
Irnns. Kirmans, Serehends and Barouks, Values in mi. ..no
Persian Hall Runners, at $28.50, 35.00 to 39.75
desirable widths and lengths. Values up to $58.00
Radiral Redact ion in limn Si;i Run
10U.x7'i ft
0x11 ft..
10,4 x8'4 ft.
14V.xll ft.
WERE now
$110.00 .S7K.no
$ii5.oo 175.00
$L45.00 $118. on
srtvs.oo $285.00
( ihoeravam
S T7.Y.
l'Jxf-'4 ft..
I2x94 ft..
13xlOH ft
1Jl.xI0 ft.,
$i75.iMi 1122.50
1 1 88,00 S 25.00
I2fi8.o0 sit:.. Ill)
1335.00 82118.00
gt000 CHvlngi Belaalea to PvopImm
pga Taken Kiailo'eea leeeated.
DgrgoiT, Ann. I Profit gharlng I'.
dic ks uf Hi"- ron
la tiiouaiit io the
115,000 worth, li.ivi
llelalH reiiorted t'i
Atlinlml laprrlon rri-iiarri lo
Poller Hlaek ltnil.lle.
WAaittNiiToN, Auk. 2k. Pending tha
fiirniai ratHloatlon i it'" Haytlan "on-
BiesH of the treaty giving the I'tillc.l
HtuK-n aupervtglon over Haytt'a final
affalrH tor a period of ten yearn the
M.i. i. republic. i tn be polload by
OoiiBtuliulHry of I'nlle.l Statce marinca.
Announcemenl to this effect was made
tn-iay by acting Heeralari of the Navy
I .... ,H It . .. 1 1
For ago purpoMta of the uoMrtabulary I lo atop paywanl on the ebaekg and tha
Hour Admiral Capertoiu pumhuaert a I capturo of the third aiiapoct la tli only
uu g Bumbar of horaaa. way opan to prevent loss to the oompany.
i Motor Company, u
number of i.000, or
been atolan, Kurd of
Chief f Police sc-
li our of niKhi.iiiii I'.nk Krlila) after
noon. The police have arreelad Iwe
office amployaea and dHactlveg air hcni
Ink their efforte to captun a third.
It Is roared lli.it n wnl ne iniM..-vlrli
The Last Two Days of the August Furniture Sale
Will offer remnrknhle values in a number of Odd Suites and Sepnrate Pieces resulting from a month of unusual eel
offering is nof an accumulation of old undesirable stock from several seasons, but all new pieces specially purchux
the August Sales. Only one of n kind remains, of which Ihe following is a partial list:
intr aeti Ity, Tins
d ibis season for
$210.00 DininK Room Suite, at $110.00
Mahogany, Sheraton design; 3 pieces
$:in8.00 Dininpr Room Suite, at $200.00
Mahogany, Adam design; 10 pieces
Mahogany ButTfts, $.17.50, 40.00, 00.00
Heretofore $75.00, 80.00 & 1120.00
China Closets, at $22.50, 27.50, .'1:5.00
Mahogany; formerly $45, $70 and $80
Davenports. $40.00, 50.00. 00.00. 00.00
in denim; formetly $58.00 to 115.00
Mahogany BookeBM,$26.00,50.00,75.00
Formerly f 52.00, 05.00 100.00
Odd Arm Chairs, $1 1.00, 20.00 to 36.00
in denim; formerly 130.00 to 45.00
Odd Toilet Tables, at $10.00 to 45.00
Walnut, maple or oak; were $1:1.50 to $85
Walnut Chiffonier, at $20.00 to is. oo
Formerly $28.50 to 1 On. (ill
Si'jr.iiu Chamber Suite, - at $105.00
Antique ivory or mahogany; I pieces
$294.00 Chamber Suite, - at $250.00
made of antique ivory; s pieces
$t;7o.oo Chamber Suit.'. - at $400.00
made of French grey enamel; s pieces
All Odd Buffets and China Closets in Georgian, Golden and Fumed Oak. at Half Pric

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