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L'NIAY, AUOUNT 2, llf.
Oni. - at ilia Poat Ufflca at New York at
Se -I Clasa Mall Matter
aUihacrtptloaa i.. Mall. Past-Kale
DAILY, i'ar Month
UAIIA. I'ar Year
niWHAV, far Monlh
nrNHAY ito t'anadai. I'ar Month
HltNliAf. I'ar Year
DAILY AMI Hl'MI A T. I'ar Month.
Vnarios Kalis.
DAILY l', Month
l. MIA V Her Month
Tlll liYfcN'l Ml BUN, I'ar Monlh
THK r.VKMNil BI N. Her Yr
I Ktf UV KNIMIll ll'Ni Hon Igni.l'erMu.
All l hark, money ordera. . .
! BO
It M
I 13
1 SO
3 Ml
I Wt
u III)
m . , ,. H.le to Tan Srs.
l'ulu-hau dally, hirudins Sunday. S) tit
Hun Printing ant, Publishing Aeaiii-lallnn at
: ' n ISBlsae etreet, In the Hnroufh M Man-oat'-.i'i
N - vv York 1'realilenl an' Treat
urar. WM'lam C Hah k. 1 If N'naaau atrert.
VP n-HreivMent. Kdward H Mitchell. ISO
Naaaau street. Bssrttsrf, C V. l.uaion. laO
Xssaau atraat.
Rogdsri ol Thk Hi leavlns man for th
unimar months an hsve tha dully and
Hunday ami availing adltlonn delivered to
iham In any part tal thla lountry ivr Bu
rope on tha li'tm' aisled suovs. Aitdreeeea
i naniail a oftan as aoslrof. llrtlar a
iiewadealer or dlrat tly of Cubit, allon if
flea, tataphona znon Reektnan.
London off . , llouee. 1 Arun
del air. el, Hamr.d
Prli onVe. llur da la atlehocllera olf
Hue du suatre Haptambro.
Washington --m . i Building
look vii m 10( l.lvliigaton atratt
It our fritnti who favor at MM "cans
Orris's for aatobralioii si us
to Asia rlrie4 orttclti roXornti f.n moil
i oft nam ( tot thol poro'itr
A Dangerous Obstacle Unnoted.
Fven if Hit moru optimistic aitrtkl'
rmrlniiM i egw iMinn our controversy
wtth flcrtunny prove fiillHclmts.
enough is iiiif.nlt forcskiithiwisd tn
JuHHfy the bope thnl h tlnngnrniisly
ob iirltig cloud ban been lifted from
the discussion.
ATfjaawitly the mischief made bf
Mr. BSTANS 1'hlldiab. If not Uaalll-
otoiw. niertdlhiK l HiirriiltimM
wtf wltb flio grave nfTiilr f the
lieimniiK ii! of win li tleplonilile clr-
muHiiniii'H matle him tbe litnlnr
bM(l bus liettn lurguly ovuimiiih'. To
thin we limn- tlMflnl of be itHd
l re we ure ppeHUiimlily imii-h In
debted to n rfMttatUly ivieti nMOtal
Hltude on the rt of ibe lienn.in
EmtiHRKy. n ibnuce a lit i i n tc pJTWll'
mutely f ii.in tbe eliiiilniii ion of Mr.
Biyan's UaAlrtUnltlM for nnilerniin
liu: InlrliTiie.
In tbe lntervn! Imneen ilmi provi
Aentlnl event ami tbe development of
the AMWe erlcls. the Herman Am-J
tomdor ipfiMrfl to imve Mtvrtaluwl
n KroivliiK i'oiivUmIoii ttmt who i our
Oolemma in siild In Iih miten to Iter
lin hint :it leimt Mime rniKite be?ntiHf
n yHmI it iBMnt. if the (Motion.
fV.siere.l hjr Mr Hkya'h back tdlri
rhlanrpingi with the AtutTlap Am-.
hjonniaiir tlnit our i-ommilllirMitiotMi
weie "UWBI for borne eonmimpi ion
only nod were not to lie taken too
trloOlly" Mill llogtrod in Herlin
I evident ton I it mi tJIflalpdtcXl, i 1
fnr ms the Oenn.in Kmli.tiy here wun'
eon. erne I. very noon ,-if er Mr Ittt i
ox i I friHIl tbe I h;.:iri infill
Froui t lit) t time on. mi h lntp004
im Wf gel of Count yon Mi rnsTorii '8 j
Intmr "Pmel ionrstblug Itki feYtriib
ptTortK In free the (iernmn Portlgn
llftii-e from Krynnle ol .-., . . ier-Imein-e
in w In. h ytai dglll btoowlnc
more iiml inure frntighi with eiplo-1
Ire poMtbtlltit.
Tt wits no light tflflk. Whitlever
cnnfhlenee In fount on Hiiinhiobu 's
BUUdlMM of jOltgWonl mil v hnve ex !
lwtPl gmong bin ofliiial (opmiori,
there win ever ngalnst hin oonctO'
loim ami advice tbe entba ftaatlng ,;fT-!
et of prior prlfgtt mooraoeei emii-j
ttlAI froHi our own Slate Popart
tent Ititelf. Thai thin bait lieen a I
eonrinulng obotaelg to a . ienrer nn
dereiauiHng in the ularmiiVaTly grave
quHWloiiH at iaOUe Ik bo wholly Wltbinl
the prObabllltlM lo lie prin tlnilly j
berntui doubt.
Happily that obotgole in now re-1
moved. The last tra. es of Mr. BgY-J
an's tliHiinlroiis IttOtMPpOtOOCe are at
laet to g apieii'anien oleared away.
What nu ull hut imilatJii- retroaTiie.'-j
tive vlai.m In thereliy revealed of n
htruH-stHl I'renitlem Hlaicgeriue ao lens
ami an patiemiy under a liurden no
epiMillliiK '
The t'eniufl of the I ndersea Bnali.
The Rinry. tlrst v, ucbod for by the
Armu mill Anrj Juuinul. thai dboiil
fifty German MbtMrinee nave ieen
ttaMtPoyed since ilie war begun is cmi
ttnnaii.v reoppaarlM In one fortn or
another. Ii Is new, aa egpect, to the
British Admiralty, As for Orand Ad-
iniral o. TlgFITg, lie could uo bear
It W'llh il atrglgbt face. IkilrbtlOtM ilie
uncanny niciliod of I lie Rrltlgk nay
In sinking the ciicinys luliiuarlnea
nd Dm king a mystery of the mat
ter to -hake Oertnnn nervea has
teen fairly BUceeaaful, bin ii will lip
oheervej thai Ibe enemy's uikdereea
hen i s are Hl'l Ive nl ill.
lias ilm Herman navy ever had I
fifty eiibniarliiea in cooinilealnn fr. in
firs) to laai V li way he doubtetl.
When I lie war began I lie Herman navy
was credited iu service publications
wltb thirty luhninrlnee, Tbe eatlutatel
was prolitlbly lint wide of the mark.
A iHble abnuiiig ibe organliatlun of
the Her Ilia U high sea fleet publlal)fldl
liisl Sepiemlier in nle ibe flotilla
Itreilgfll ( coniinla-ii.nl i eiity tuio
vessels, "or three fourths of tompllad '
uhiuarliiea." rViiiatructlua bus gone
on xluce a i rapltlly ui imialble, but
we must reiueuiher that ii is easier
n build submarines Hum lo train!
crews to liperate them, t'eifalnly new j
nli marines cannot have been Iniiuche 1. 1
ni I and niin to sea in halt-lies
We know t bo I submarine warfare has I
Sy no menus pegged, and if lift" "f
these vessel have tn-en destroyed, the
espnneion of the German sobnie rlns
lot lllg frotu the original sea alreUflh
must he etaggering.
dnotber thing wmild ;i he imaslble
for the TlrlUnh Admiralty, wltb all
Im p.wer of miiprealon, to onnceal
the eiie-ny'n Iihw of fifty atibniarlupa?
Human nature could not aland the
nt ra in It would not Yvant lo. Vaunln
of the ICklOYOUMUl would aoon fill the
nlr and npren.l to the four corner of
the eartb to confound nnd diflmuy tbe
enemy and Inflate firltlnh prentlge.
It would lie worth a aiod deal to the
(lovernnient to lie able flu any that
there w as no longer n niihmarlne peril.
What a trlUDIpB for the llrlllnb navy
We conclude that the tally of tier
man Kuinnarlnea dlapoaed of In tbe
wlah that la father to tbe thought.
Poem That Have Been Added To.
The recent republication, with ex
iravagtint hut well warranted praline,
of Wil l. I TiloMrao'H jkiem "High
Tide at lipttyahurg" hrlngH up one of
I I ii m.itO c. PL-., . a ..f tii..i- ..mi It.
entry niyallllcalloiii'. "Higb Tide nt
liettyHhiirg," aa it N alwaya q i t 1
iMrw. Ih one of the few example of
anonymouN tinkering or iijnnndiiien'
of rbe i of olbera in which the
amendment In better limn the otigt
mil ami the tinkering nnperlor to tb
HQtbor'g a. mi., workniannbip The
three bent atOtUHII In "High Tide at
tieitynhiirg" are the following:
"Thav ftll, who lifted up a hand
And likda ttia nun Of hanven to aimnl I
Tliay ntnnta and fell, who nnl tha hum
Agalnal Ibt irogi'a of the star.
And aUyad til march nt motherland!
"They ItOOdi wito saw tho futme eomt
On thrrnitli tha flaht'a delirium!
Thev amnio and atrsxl. who held tha
Of nattottl on that slipper;, slope.
Amid the lirera nt CbPtfltOOdOm 1
"Han Uvea' lie forged the ran w.::
That luti lied and held that lieml.lina
i I n. ;lvtn and if gna' He built and
Tha hlgbta for frredom a b.tttleuianl
j Where floats her rlsa in inuiiuih ntill "
'I'm. Si ban long iid. and more
j Ilia II otl.e. nhowu that ihexe sianxai
trere not the work of Mr. Wilt. II,
TafOMtMf, who w rote I lie fen-, of the
J fa em. They were repihlialel by Mr.
TnoMraOM In a letter to PttAgl.Ca A.
Ia'a. who iii a lootllrO had expressed
j bis admiration of the puflan, of the
authorship of which Mr DaOA was
i in thai time iguoroni, Mr. Tuouraog
ciaHoadt Rid provod, bis auHaoroblp
of tbe isiein. wlib ilie excejalnu of
.the eta nag above quoted, whi. h, he
said, "bad been a. bled by some Ull
; known ptroon."
The pofaon who wn..e thee dddtd
ttanagl iviualus iinkooOfU t I ibis day.
Me wan ceriainly n true Isn't, of a
quality lliai In decidedly iiii.otimi..n.
Km- luatanco, i lie lint i
' Whn held the hope
that nllppery elojie
fif natit.hs on
"The iron will
That clutched mil held
that trembling
hill "
These lines a well an one or iwo
Others were not written by any dab
tor iu ibe manage tnem of aorda
They oiiglit tn identify ilie real ?r
potraior of ilie Interpolation, Just as
brush marks or oilier Idiosyncrasies
of manner betray the 'touches which
ItiMHKAM.i or Wiiisti.ik pill oil a
pupil's i-auv.-is. About the only imet .
w iiosc work is strongly suggeste t by
itipM. siiinzas la Hgnav Howaan
BlOVHCLb, author of "The Hay Figli! "
Hill Hbow.niii died in IH7-. which
wan before the "High Tide" appeared,
ami could uol have done Ibis linker !
i liar- even if bin severe New F.na-'
land conscience had permitted bin
attempt It.
One thing must lie home in mind
iu tmnnoetlon with such an amend
Incut as this. 'The added lines in I Up
"High Tide" were prompted not b) ,
literary wantonness bin by strong
patriotic feeling, which iu the davs;
after ihe civil war often ovenna
lered nil other sentiments in limns
breasts. We may imagine WtttTTica.
or even pr, Hoi si is. rending Mr.
'Thompson's poem, which is in itsi
original form wholly favorable to the
iHiint of view of ihe Confederacy, ami
i iieiug am teanieudoualy mov'ed by pntrl
otic feeling as to sit down and add.
these sianain. hereby causing the
i.eiii to "onene out" on ihe Union side.
I Fnder audi oircuinstniu-es ilie added!
er.-es wmihl bare betrayed deep fee1-
iiig. as i bey certainiy d Without
any intention of tucking the stsnsasl
Upon Mr. THOUeaOH's poatnt the great
man inigitt have alvowu them to Home
literary rnemi. who could not roit
Ibe teruiiiHilou tn coine otil wllh iheiu!
in sunn' newspaper, just giving ibe
whole thing as an lustauce of what
j seemed to him a great literary liu-
' provoiiioiii And then ill lacblef
! wcttld have been done, 'The s.ttn wax
reprinted In thnl form, tnkeu up ami
passed from band lo haul, and thus
j oryaialiiaeil Into im present siuiis-.
it ia certain that the poem la now
prluted In the eirtbnloglea with these
i Btamaa a lul inibllcly sn reigtated, even
Ihe HoUtb. As a nuilter uf fuel
Mr. Thompson so ,p gave up the at
lenipt to maintain the Integrity of the
"High 'ride" and lei ii go as It wan.
As In. nil year- of his life
after the war iu Hie North it is aOg
slble thnl he imcaine glad thnl tbe
adttltlon was made, ii in now- quite
inseparable frottl l lie .oein.
The truly goo man who appended
an extra St II II SU to John 111 iikiu nil 's
"Willllllg" UllS 111)1 hud such good luck.
This poem begins With the lines:
egersne, i told im hands ami wall.
Nor cars fur (find, u t Ids, or SSS 1
I rave no more 'gainst tune or fate,
for lo! my own ahall come to me"
'rbe pooni in a philosophical egprea-
inn of Hie idea thai through. I lie
uparatUiu or nut nm i cauaea, the title
Ibc imam and the rlvr'
iwii in ill,, sei. all lining
me ai.,, in ihnmgh logical I
tlow lllg
i it 'its all)
ilnclriiic. win. I, l ha
phi losophii-a i Hi-gallon ,,f lt.
negation of tim biou of
nsclal provbleiice or divine guidance,
did not plegSf aonie gentle-, pop of Ihe
cloth, who peran tided a Ronton ptib
llnber to get oul an edition, for male nt
a aiiiall price, of "Mltimlnate-l coplex
on tirlatol board of .loiti Ht atuit uiia'-i
'Waiting.' " with a new closing atanrn,
an follow :
"Serene. I fold my hand and wait.
Whate'er the ntormn of life may be;
Faith gulden me up to heaven n gate.
And Inve will bring my own to me."
Thin stanza, which made "Wait
lug" ((title orthodox, was eiiual In
I quality to the original only In tile
lirat line, which waa Hi aaoi uiih'm.
The iknm has often been reprinted
with tbe fnlae "IfHt W i but Ht'R
aoiiiiia, aidetl by tbe IfltflMlC worlli
leaauean of the liuiutor'a work, has
Riiieedel In iivepeouiing the fraud.
"Waiting" la reprinted aoiiit where
every few dnya. luit the "heaven's
verae in aeltKvin Been.
The fate of the- grnod man's trick
ban proved lUM Ht'RROfnttR'a doc
Irlne that bis own, ami only bin own
will come to lilm.
I Myiterloui Defection of Wllllain
Bayard Hale.
Wlin I ban baplauieil lo vVllAIAM
Hvy,.1"' Hal t:, n-,-,ai envoy and wont
iu Mexico in IMS, to uaike UU a
hostile critic of the Wilson isdlcy
which he i,.,.,i;.-,i sat slollll.V wltb
bin aujiple pen wbeu tie BOjOYOd ilie
President ' confidence ami liasked In
a reflected diatliH'i ion': It seems njy
tbe ..iber day to lie exact. It una iu
May. I1M4 thai III II Al a . Iu an arti
cle entitled "llur Mural RflaplK In
America." gave Mr. Wn sum credit
! for being (be upllfter ..f tbe Wcsiern
Hemisphere, and declared Hint I be
; isdlcy of "watchful waiting" in "one
I which In Is. nnd to Is re.i.gnize
I sooner or lalcr as having won im
' mens.- dvantagee for our 10011 try and
i for civilisation."
In the previous February Mr Wn
I ao.N. in bin tlhdiHpule t pnrUOOO 10
bring ah lit tbe doWUMI of III ibm.
Mind the etuhitrco uimiii ibc exnorti
lion of arm to Mexi.n so thai the
: t -a reanaletai could notaln a eufllcloni
I RUPPly from the I lilted Stales to
press their military ia tnpa Ign to u
I VlctorUaUa COtlctUaiOII. Ibd this I've,
Utlve flcl meet wltli the approval of
lir. Ham Obviously. That ought
lo be plain enough from "Our Mural
Kmpire iu America." Indeed, there
la no Item-fit of a doubt In the malic!
1 The editor of the IVorfaffl Worlf, III
wblHi thai laudatory article apaMred,
IntiwdttoM) ii wiih uu gccvuni of im
HALB'a -crvi.-es 10 i he Adinluieiratlou
In Mexico, saying a niolig 01 her tilings :
"1)1 IUi.b viailed I ha
chiefs in northern Mexico an-l h
ser e of conferences with Ueneral
Id a
banxa and hifl atjff. Tbeae conference
were followed abort ly afterward by the
abolitlen of the embargo en asms end
inunlllnna of war. which had placed the
revt.lut oniats hi a disadvantage
What. I lien, ia our BUrpHaS lo learn
from an article by Dr. llur now eon
Irihutod to ihe CkrMiM HemM thai
he totally dlnnpproves of tbe raising
of the embargo by Mr. yVujmr. ir
Hai.i is Mrongly of the opinion t Uu t
"the chaos which obtains ,n Mom.-, i
la In large measure the work of gnu
ami OSTtrldgOS made iu (he l ulled
Slides Hint exported to Mexico.
Where they have done their perfect
work." ami be says iu stern conden
nation of Mr Wn son's attiou in the
promises i
"ll deaervei lo be dwell upon, qtli'a
c-ji didly ami particularly, that the ap
which the Pr.-sltlenl fell constrained t .
take February I, 1914. was. from IhJ
viewpoint of humanity, a backward itep
ii ii polltioalli dubious, athtoaily it
mum queatiensble, ami humanely n was
So lr. Ham. wanhen his bands Of
a,1 responsibility for Ihe pun he had
ecordittg to the editor of the World'
Work, iu the Iniquitous raising of the
embargo, and the doctor in further
moved to say that "nothing is no le
testable as to sneak to one side in a
light bolp against tbe oilier side,
whom we lack the nerve to meet
opaolji In aims." iu ibis censorious
and hittef stale of feeling, what, ir
may he asked, becomes of the moral
empire which unaollcttod Pr, Hau
rat Mil over Mr. Wiisons UtmM An I
why. w hy is the shs iul envoy ami
tr ueted acoul on the waruath?
The Three Honorary Presidents.
'ihe Ainerlran Peace ami Arbitra
tion League is Hot a pacifist society in
the obuoxlojis sense of iieace ut any
price Nnr in it an organisation
j created in the mum of peace (or pro
! moling the military advantage of a
I belligerent nation.
i in the contrary, tit nlitani of the
! American League is the American flag.
i it motto is HroHiredtieaa and I'enoe.
I lia piiiifortn oniis equally for the Ju
dicial settlement of International n-
i puies by urblt ration when poaalbin
nud fur adequate armauieffi for nu-
tl, iml security and defence.
I Ibe three Honorary PrealdenlS of
I ilm American l'cins ami Arbitration
l eague lire WoOPgOW W'm.non, W'ii.i
ISM How vim T ti i nm Til K0 DOBS
IvOOnl Vl.l.t.
llow can iii,. i bird Honorary Presi
dent remain iu otlctul usaociutlon
wiiii tin. iirxt Honorary Prealdeut,
When the i Ii 1 nl Honorary I'resideill
Is violoutly tleiioiiiiclng Ihe fli nl Hon
nrnry President, uol uly for bringing
rim ma ugn the country by reptidlal
lug until. mil engugemaiits inulorlakeit
ui The Hague but also for bringing
belDloasueea mxm tha tsiuiitrv iu i to.
matter of silpquate urtnai t for uu-
llouul sarufltj inai defence?
Whoever Introduced modeety into poli
tics Hvi atSg 'oat.
Hy the wuy. who wan Hie innovator?
Was il Hie lain Usnsrgl Uknjxmin
K id tuib of Masssohuastts?
The Hon I'latDpg KlTVHIN'f alogau
of "mililoni for subuutrlats and mines
so protect our cooaU, but nut a cent
for hattleahtpa and hlg armlee'' Indl
catei that the ttrat rltlxen of Scotland
Neck has l.ern tremendounly Inter
eatert In the war In Kurope dtirltttr his
vacation; but we hoe that he will
listen to the recommendations of thi
General Floard before ellminnting hat
tlenhlps from the navy.
Oovernor III ksk - comparjHon of the
"third degree" with lynchlOf to the
advantaae of the latter alTorda a true
measure of t,he Illeanian intellect.
The president of a copper Company
! deprecutea the fact that the stock la
, "heltiaT made n football of epeculatlon."
j In the finitbaJI uf speculatinit, an In
other formn of m. tlertt itrldln.n effort,
mm h depende on the succenaful exe
cution Off the "forward pane."
Kvoliitloo Depends nn the Influence
of Everything. Mood and Hvll.
To thi; Borroi Of Tim Ki-n Mr: A
ynung student of ancient and rnmlern
philosophy has been debating with na-
ution tbe gueetlon of the, "struacie ttr
exiatence" and Its relation t" the Kuni
peatt dogfight.
He navn that if one Pflcl mort ihm
ainther taught by the leading mlndt
of the pant it is that the will to live
i comprehend a death Conflict, nr. to be
! mure Mjpllclt, it struggle terrible and
; relantleea enougii to make 1 1 re rent di
rectly upnn death Itistoiy a.-luully dnea
, appear In verify t Ii It vie. BlolOgV and
ethnoteio alea seem to prove it. Bvolu
tion, it is aeeertedi can preceed only
i through boenltala, laile, baitie nelda,
, mobbing", lynchlnas. Ofltacombf and
i araveyarda HapflntMH eat no onl)
I frntn suffi Mag ; Joy from miaery . life
, from deal h
J With ilue i eate, t for 1 he IretnetldOUil
weight of s. holarship and authoilty
j which no d.iut.t lupporifl Oareln, llux-I
ley and the phlattaoittiere, like Hegel
eho tauaht that the unlveree merely ex-preaM-il
a d i.illsm. beat illtiairat. d by
the coexiatence nf Joy and pain, or g.,"d
and bud. I take Issue with the purel)
, 'MCtaphysli a! atid anproved chara. ier nf
these content tone.
In realtly there is uu error repe.nedlv i
i fallen into nt eiaflelng hi dueia, comple
I nients in- c-oiilturies suites of feeling
1 which are not correctly regarded an
such Petit and pleaeure are not ootn
. pvmeiils. nor In it rlaht in tHt.ee that
i ple.isuie could not exial wit mil the
ealetOltOa of pain Pleasure would BtlH
enlst. bUI would nierelv I tiled by
aimthei Bagte, ar by no name h( i.I.
1 Blnce there would be no distinction of
slates m make. Tae very existence of
pleaeuie. however, doei lint dels-ial
upon the existence of pain HaPaslneea,
1 a rather better term ir. ue than
plea BU re, in an Ideal atate and tbe goal
of all human beluga
Paint Hi lua point of the thermome
ter, can be left behind, and left lo--
blnd permanently. There is no loge d
barrier to euei a eoneluelon It le wholly I
the faulty wisdom of the Aral grnping ,
efforts of th cerebrum uf man winch
j would affirm the untenable idea that be-
i a 'i - tiain exiMn it inusi therefore at- 1
I ways exist. r that because a certain'
amount of painful makes for a full
! tinnier pail, the pall arouldn'l be mi. full!
or ibe mouth . laininli.g so enjoyable if1
, tUf. w.,,Ik hmprt been BO painful,
This la rather ap'irloun logic It Is an
rnuoh ai to say that by Btihtractlng from
tha anin nut or water ill a pu, ner the
volume of water will become greater. A
'very eecnndaiy and ilnirt lived Bpeclei
Of elation whim luddenly arrlvea, lik
' a reaidual breuth. when nam baa
ceased, causes tbe siiperrtciai thinker to
I believe that his pleasure Is greater be
i cause his former pain wan BO great '
I Herein is no rely Hie wonderful restora
tive and optimistic character of human
nature, which constantly tends either to
forget pain or to idealise ll ami even
worehlp It.
Thus it is we .ave the ar.eriacle of
,-, lust. nctiinn of human misery par ex-,
tellence. the Kuropea.i war; and ami in.
With the same old fophlatry. pseud O
philosophy assures un that pain la a
necessity, misery a virtue, larre-.tat ion
a sacred right anil murder B rsllalon.
tlow the heart calls for a real logi
t ian. a master mind, lo refute fhl
sickening bosh, this epOBtrophlSlng of
' evil, thii utter eonfuslou of apsculatlon.
whbft amounts, after all is said sad
.done, merely to liu prtifound conclusion
: that happiness and misery or brother
hood and murder a e one and the laml
thing '
KnxKKi.'s HofKINS
ugiist rs
Back Ban Musi Pray According to
Ills Own Light.
To thi: BniTOS of Tws gt n Hir: The
devil, acute I" IntSltSOl and w
In BcrlptUrSf has mote faith a
ophy than I'errv l.ukens, for
dentlv suggested lo Cbnsi ; '
ii verssd
d j.hllos-
he ooafl-
famman t
t tag i these sion.s Is- msde bread
ll inual lie sealer mahS bread out
of atone than atOtS out of nothing. And
if the rock ribbed hills, ancient Be the
sun. were made of other material, what
wan that made from, and so on? That
i a truncated philosophy which begins
nowhere Mssnsfhlle, nsvsrthslsss, ws
pray lor daily bread "mailt of wheat
ami not of stones,' ffobody that 1 kniavv
of tt Beeches heaven to end dt wn
Bouars circle. The water chanasd
to I
wine huh of hydritgen and oxvg-en two
to one. No law is without a legislator.
Now. the principle ia tlsmfntsry that
a legislator can amend abrog Its or sus
pend his own law. Why 1 ether not
subject to the law n gravitation?
No one hut SO Idiot wotlbl pruv fn
Nrhal is Intrtnslcsl!) impossible. Peace
's possible ami men vary resootusbly
pray for it sometime. When clotl made
ihe Kaiser He maintained dominion over
him It is difficult I" sa) which win
ring nation is the guilt) one. o WS
hv pntlu't ically prsy to Him win. knc.vvi
alt things
Should out- own nation gn to war we
ahall pray for Its triumph without con
I 1 1 Ion. for we shall believe it ill Ilie right
All Other peoples tin the same, 1 take:
it, ami for the same reason. Qod above
is omtiiscic-nt and Infinitely just, shnlght)
also and lr.4lnltely wise II, wiat.v
determines what prsysra to grant, wh
i let.t tons to reject, ii is ..in- business
to pray according in out light
CHBSTSS, August 27 .7 A M
A e Muxlui
nf law.
THI Sin Kir
There have been
number of QUOrie
submitted in me ,
concerning law- te
ThSy have suggsstsd to
lowing, ibe substance of win, i
mil should he a legal maxim
need not he deformed Into Lath
Ihe fid
I Mili
um) It
eit her :
is-sai form is not substance, hut
Iniquity, where il tinea nut egprasa Jus
tice: or is needlessly Inlrieals or praltg,
AidusNpga c Mavaa,
Mount VaaNon, August
The Making
ma HniToa or
of OMrcrs,
1 i. THK lauToll or t ill Sin MO o
must Hive a Joil to Hit- feelings of
cadets ami graduates of Weal Point in
think Hint It lake-, four veins of the
hardest kind of work, mentally snd
physically, lo obtain n commission of
second lieutenant, when i an same or
better dlaully ami ffisllnelHMI are con
ferred upon oilier military aspirants
with bar III, iii one months drill ami
Instruction nu sthtr nsiliuisl rsssrva
lions flaosus c ii MoVav.
New Yobk. August 2.
The 4ttSfSS3 .f 'be Temple.
To me Km res ill Tns si v ,r T1
ISgsl .leiiarlnoni nf vour kg 1 1 of fame
sarsli aesds tin ssrvkysi sf gus m strous,
an attornsy sf Bsaieass, Ps
I'm l KSSg,
OSSSTOS. Ps.i Ssgual :t.
Attrlhiited lllreelly to lliireanrratir
Dishonesty and Offlrlal liraft.
To THK IOi.itor orTiicHl'N mr: Amer
icans Who have lived In ltussla and un
derstand her feel inexpressible grief over
the collapse of the f'zar'a arinlea. The
aatSSS Is to thsm ao patent, the event so
expected, the ruin ao complete and tragic
that all other clrrumatances of the war
pals beside It In importance.
Russia, nnd possibly the Allies, are
loalng the greateet battle of Idenli the
world ban known, not because Russia
Inckn money, men or military Bklll. hut
because of her official greed nnd lust
Those Americana who themnelvea have
witness d thin lust and greed are cer
tain that the story of the Runalan re
treat, when fully written, will DS one of
the mofrt shocking aovernmental crime
of human hietory. The criminals are
Ilie oftb-laln of the Muscovite, bureau
oral v It In IncanOSl VaJMS that Russian
despotism will long survive the events
of Ihe summer of 1 91 r..
I have seen fai tunas. lain has, ten
mhin, temperance, societies, charity
funds. lu ted and robbed by Russian
Imperial , ,mm ind I have tlm- nnd
again bson unspeakablv exasperated it
lindiug myself faced with Ibe i SSSlty
of paying brlbSS and extortionate foag
every tbne I have come Into contact
wltb Russia's hierarchy of grafting niti-
OialSt I have seen aipbea.ls and aots.
appointed bemuse off family COM -ilioiis.
bungling at governmental tanks demand
mg brains umi responsibility, i have
aat at Russian tables ami hoard my
h.iKtH qillStly, leHignedly. trll of Rus-
aia-. a)hcers pochettag half the appro
prtstions for ihe ooounlsssrlal white in
soldiers ate soup polluted With worms I
kaYS read official reports of whole BOSS"
paniia being shot down bSCSUSS thy
tti red to omptaln
Itus.tiia has men and food enough to
oongusr a world of enemleat but her
Splendid energy ia impotent, h-r very
Vitals rolled, JeSeauee of this stupeinloua
catnaplracy of civil and mllltsry graft
We are shamed to Had our city pundits
looting our municipal treaaurleai we are
borrinsd ..t a vitht sasklng btegloan
towns and murdering witneaeea to hln
robbeiies of mines and banks, but now
we a; lear. lug that beyond the c'arpa
thlana and the Vistula a gang of cour
teous. ptctOreSSJSJSly flnlfut llatat. imperial
blacklegs Ins for a hundred years -t-n
pnisgh x and ravlahlag one hundred and
fifly helplesa milliona ? the gentlest unit
must patient people oh earth.
The ep:lhei "barbarians" applied to
the Russian people as a whole p oat 11
lat'a an Infamous lie Thi peopla arc
almost pathetically humane the Cxar Is
not a monster, llehold tha official
chinovnlk; la vent ng on his ipe.i.c. ty
rannloal to h:n inferiors, depraved by
Indulgence a, csrarrupl to the very soul.
Voluptuous, BSdlQIatk he in Russia's
Judas, ha is the traitor of the allied
world While Herman offi ere were
training In the NlStSSChesn achonl of
Buperrnen these ehlnovnlbs were roister
ing in Pstrograd'e palaces and guxxling
chainii g'ie. while naked women danced
In baochanallan sbandon among the
From uncenaored letters brought me
by frlenda from Huaaia I learn that
are still as they used to be
rand iuke Nleholas waa railed t,to late
to the s.nking ship iteti.g honorable
a .1 effin-ni. he had not a chaiu-e bef.iie
the war He, like hln rrtnarkable fa
ther, waa kept busy buying ami Balling
horses. MOWi With peasant soldiers who
oar follow but not lead, ami with etnae
c ulate olliceis who can ,lo neither, he Is
beiovially sndsaVOflng, single handed, to
give ttatiie to tae transcendent Bar
mans The Orand Duke has ruthlessly
: removed shirkers and demagogues, put
nvures of clis-.be.lient I OUMlels -and c,en
erals in irons and hanged traitors and
spies, all to no purges Bj CUttllU at
Ihe tanker of oftUiul dsprSVlty, be ha'
bled the entire army. In Itussia Officers
art- not promoted from the ranks
We have seen King Albert ntu cling, j
broken hearted, gazing w ith bowed head j
at tae smoking Pulns of bis stanch
little kingdom War I to draw a pic
ture of BUSSlS to-day. I would show the '
ctraml Duke kneeling in his tent, his I
head u his hands, plunged in unfath '
ontable melancholy 1 would show his
v ision whole regime nts of p usaul sol-
lushing, singing, w.lhout guns.
foot, line upon line uf them, toward
I. a I
the machine guns of the a. emy w ho
win- mowing them down like grass. I'ar
ha k of the lirles I wotlbl show a po
maded, uuituous Osneral with paddsd
OhSSl mailed Willi medals, strtitttng be
j fore his nustressj llciieatli Ihe picture
I would write. "U thsi-maiie.''
Navv Voag, August 2. T
We l'an'1 Make Too Much ot the Hag.
To Till. KOITOS Of Tllk HUM Sir: W hy
iml niavkc mors general use of our ooun
It) s Mag until the present untt ami
btpatrlot agitation Hillsides and Condi
lions become normal'.'
If fUSI . women and children wore
miniature Hags or red, whits and blue
lib bons on their coats ami waists as an
i emblem of patriot. -m and American
honoi t would go a long way toward
establishing deeper snd mure far iea, -
ing rOSPOCi and luve fnr our Hag and
rounlry. Mm a a publis manifestation I
in the individual Would signify, in the
moM imnt c.-tsiv e maimer, the notenti.,1 I
nt unity Iu the uiaasoa.
Let! our children, out men and our
women then adopt this standard nf
patrlotiemt whether they are laborers
m nu- nation's vineyard or an- pleasure
seekers In the ItlOUntSlltf Or" at Hi" MS-
shore, Uet our nutomubllee, our ogbs,
our railroad trains, our ehlpa and our
boats display tha Stars and Stripes
whenever it is possible as a symbol of
a united people standing for hl-erly.
ctllHIitf lime nl it 11,1 I Iglileinisiic-s . Ill
Short 11 all who are liue Americana
show Hint they are In spirit Willing III
d id d.e tin America ami to ever
Uphold the honor of her Hag
1 11. vv Aim .1 ttl'Sgg
New fogKi Ansusl lli
A'roill tht Vallv Tune
We BPS m.rrv la note that Mr, Hovvrr
mestsr lost a nsry nice targa aeg b dsath
lual wri-k
Augssl Twealy ahilb,
on tin
lav In sllshli'.'n fouliean whan
AlesandrUti v
i st i im fas
rslnla. sated
llaslf (itou
niter UISCi
Sot lo -en, ling a
daina rut,
tiai sy s'.ins fsrib
ran tn In II
rafa.a: lo hi. niacin in
ha ml'
' h II,
A tor el r ntlle KlYortn lo Kilter Ihe ,
Military Academy. I
To THr Kiutor or Tub gtftt fir Hach
day having lead articles in the papers
about the unpreparedness of our aimy.
1 feci that I would like to tell you of
the conditions that I hatve found to I
exist in isgard to admission lo West
I am a young man 19 years of BgS
and in good physical tsondltlon, Thre,
yean ago I wrote a letter to my Con
gressmau applying for an appointment
to West Point Bines t c 1 have
written to over seventy t'on-'ressme.-.,
Benators, military men and two PlOSl
dents, an well an to Hecretary (larrlson.
Hesblen thin I have seen several Con
gressmen personally.
When I found that there wan no
vacancy from my own district I wrote
to outside men. And of OOUrSS WhS l
there was a vacancy from my district
I applied for that. It has been my cu--tom
to get a llt of vacancies from .be
War Ikspattment. so that the ''ongiesy
men t wrote to were only men who, I
knew, had appointments I -van of
fered to move Into tin Ii- districts eo that
the law '!!: a candidate to bfl a
resident of the district from ' loh be
i- appointed would be aatlSfiedi Rut
either from iollit-al or other reasons
I am still without an appointment.
I have been educited ut a public high
school, have had a few months at S
West Point preparatory school and .
year of civil engineering at the Vir
ginia Military Institute i the W est
MM of 'he South I. Hle.llld 1 H - elve
an appointment now I would Is- ad
mitted without mental examination lie
cause of my work at HIS Virginia Hill
lary Institute, umlei a new ruling oi
the War Iiepartment So yon see the
only thing that is holding me back IS
an appointment.
A brother cadet of my Virginia Mili
tary Institute days, who Is now ut Wes,
Point and who is a resident of Mia
aiaslppl, telle me Hint he la the (list
man to represent his district ut West
Point In eighteen voara.
is it not a deplorable condition when
a fellow wants to make the army n'
career he cannot gel mi appointment,
while bus of Southern ami Western up
polntmsnta are unfllled for years?
t would rather not have tins letter
published, but shall be grateful for nnv
article you mav write on the subject
or for any aid or advice you can givi
me In the matter of Securing an ap
pointment ' 1 i
, , August 34.
Arnold Harrelt's Kighteen Despicable
Harrelt's Kighteen
To Tin. KOITOS Of Tin; Si x Mi ( Why
do women want to vote when I hey don I
know how ami won't lie taught to get
OB trolley cara correctly?
Why do women want to vote when
thousands c.f them, if ll were stylish.
would go almost naked in the streets?
Why do women want tn vote when In
the marriage ceremony they VOW tn
obey and be subject to the man .'
Why do women wnnt to vote when
not one of tnem in twenty thousand
knows how lo properly keep house and
cook digestible food?
Why do women want to vote when
not one In a million knows how to make
go ut bread?
Why do women want to vote when
millions upon mill.nns of them cannot
comb their own hair without consulting
molher or sister?
Why do women want to vote when
by their lazy habits they allow them
selves to grow fat and shapaless?
Why do women want to vote when
their very nature makes them catty''
and fplteful and Vindictive?
Why do women want to vote when
thev are never natiafled unless some
being of thing, man or fop, is con
stantly dancing attendance on them ?
Why do women want lo Vote when
they cannot understand why oien are
silly enough to marrv -one woman
they don't like?
Why do women wind to vote when
the male apulatinn of our Insane
BBylUmi is already large?
Why ib. Women w-ant to vote to
make divorce easier so they can steal
away the other woman's husbsnd?
Why do women want lo vote whin
tin v are eve, readv lo ll-tcn lo. to talk
i nj to spread scandal about other
Why tlo women want to vote when
they tell the shoe Bslssmsn that thev
take No l.VA shoe wen they could
i not
get tneir feci into a I-. r. '.
Why do women want to vote when
they Imagine thai every other woman
buys h r clothes on the Instalfltsnt plan'.'
Why do women want to vote when
half their lime is taken up Willi pow
dering their noses '
Why d . Women Want lo vote when
every one of t em, if they would but
toll the truth, prefers to be a man'.'
Wb) do women want to vote when
thev so into hysterics If a little mouse
comes any whet near them'
W'lll SOrOS body explain, please ''
AsNoun T. BaaagfT,
Nkwark. N .1 . Augiis 2
ltepreeutatlve t.urdnrr I OffOets the
MNcotiut oi a i nrrespondenl.
thi Mnivoa or Tn a Bon air: in,
a communication to Tata Bun on your uks a lighthouse In a sight el fog p
editorial isige mention WSS made of vvaa. Iii substance, that a gnu. an, .tn i,
the fact thai we have eleven dreadJene wbe never unintentional ly siva- .,.
noughts In the United Btatee navy fenes The real ,-rlgin t.f thia pri pi
This Is an entire mistake, We have I dennltlons waa not given, or at loat I in
only eight ilo adlioughts In the 1 iv y, I not recall It.
ut which one. tne sonn uaaota, is mi
reserve owing to Ibe fact that Its tur-
pities are unsatlsfncior)
Any one can sassiy oonvlrs
as in the number of ..ut- .ir,-
e hlmeslf
by looking at the August 1, im."
of the Navy and Marine Corps 1,1
. ropy
st and
i ii rectory.
Tim little navy men classify the
South Carolina and the Michigan as I
dreadnoughts, but tii Navy Denartmsni
doe not ao consider them and has rele
gated them lo the second line of battle
I i. ul Ihe Oklahoma ami Nevada are
completed We shall have only saVSU
battleships in fuP commission In the
dread IXU light ela.-a A I'. QaaONIM,
IIVMIlToV. Mir.-, AUgUSl II,
Slars nf tin
Novf iu the hsavsns w
her hand
spici. ilie Btpened
rouiitl her be
The nebulous ib-hla of
s all y in Id
Tin- harvest nf the alt
Wheal, win!,
Ufa mat yet
lielila of
inch of
He 'ueath
A ill iimn s
Ilie sun,
Uoldiiu at ti
,'tih usure aklsa ami bending i
Above s plenteous landi
llelmlil. t in
form, gtooplna
v leld,
As Hlafdlg,
The fuim
Ngd) nf Hie
Win Id
her st-'kle
the generous
I ,n,t
and a'l
if Ilm
An Ceres, gnddesa of t t goldSII grain
As HebSt bearer of Hit- rhserlng W lie.
Hai vest umi vintage gathering) whits
Ihs smnke
Cnvera the battle Hue.
ThSII a i in y e braves, and
Hie light
BVSn as ve aee il. w holll
Volll Wliinen shall plu, ,
f i lilted v Int-a
lliltllillg fin
it maintain
ihs purpli
And g imei the i cl grain '
Why One of Them Alwsye Thinks
"The llalryman'n daughter '
To tub Kpitor or Tub Son HIr.- Now
thai war between llermany and the
fulled States Is happily averted, let
us tui n our thoughts to more peaaeefnl
In paaaing by the Tract Muildlng tnow
the Sun Building) which 1 have
done nearly every clay for fifty years,
the thought came to me, why do I
always think Of "The Dairyman's
Daughter" when I go by the Tract
Building? 'I 'a strangv. hut so tt la
When a boy In Ohio more than sixty
years ago a copy of this old book pub
lished by the American Tract Society
wan a companion hook with Hannah
Mores Shepherd of Salisbury Plain,
and I can recall how I used to lie under
!" 'r"7 .1" 'T7tr-n,
I'rtHi M "I ill".- t,,,on I--. -
neemetl to be a "dairyman's daughter
hepherd among the beautiful t.llla
and lands, aim of England
Well, an I say In dodging thrnuoh
the throngs of Nassau street I always
feel while panning the Tract ltulldlng
like saluting my patron Mint the
"Dali vman's Daughter " Anil the
thought came to me. "Who leads the
'Dairyman's Daughter' now'.'" Not one
in a million probably, alt.ough I sup
pose It can still Ire found In print.
Peace to her ashen 1 If I ever get to tbe
bktassd abode where no doubt ahe la
1 am going to cull on Ihe dear girl
gnd have a long talk about old times.
While watching the workmen tear
down the oUI Sun Uuildlng from my
perch ui Ihe Tribune Uuildlng my
thoughts go back to Ilie long ago. I
always bad a feeling of great venera
tion for the old building even though
It was once the st roiigbobl of Tammony,
I where they had their hswdguartert
lifiv ,-.'ir. ago Hut It is only as tin
Sun Building 'bat ll appeals to my
"reverence," ami as I look down through
t e dismantled and fa-t disappearing
structure i can almost imagine I can
see the machinery and paraphernalia of
i a gteut nswapaper still in motion.
Ilovv gloriously it has shone rnr an
during all these years 1 And will no
doubt continue to shine at the old stand
In lis "new ami revised and greatly
enlarged" environment. R. N. R.
New yohk . August ;
Some line Should See Thnt 11 In Prop
erly I'rotecled.
To TiiK RotTOS or Tub Bum fir;
t ' ruler the "I." structure at the rear of
Tunny ChUfch, placed conveniently
near the curb. Is a drinking fountain
for horses and other quadrupeds, cm
Its side facing the walk Is the Inscrip
tion ! "This fountain was placed here
by a member of Trinity Church." or
Words to that effect.
'ould ttis lienevolent memlver of
Trinity pariah, or any other Interested
person, BOS the danger that threatens the
lo in, tain I am sure proper steps would
be taken to remedy tho situation.
Bepalr work on i-treet construction
of some suit Is under way along the
stieet. Church street, I beUoVO, and If i
any care was taken to protect the foun
tain from Injury It wan not apparent
when I passed a few days ago.
The ground ban been dug from under- I
nsatb It so that it seems that only the
water connections support tie fountain.
A Mre burns briskly during the day
two feet away ; bricks, sewer pipe,
pieces of lumber and Iron are strewn
all ubout. and the receptacle contains,
in addition to several inches of muddy
water, all sorts of rubbish
Surely a framework COUld be built
around the stone to preserve It for the
hum ane object for which It was bu;P.
Many people appeal to TUB Si s fo
help in their difficulties and 1 write In
behalf of the neglected fountain.
NSW TOUK, August E. A Mc
A Maine c attle Hanrh.
SVoex tAs Btnton adoerllsef
! A trait of land comprblng about 31 on
s rea In VfSBblBgtSO DOUBtf, Mslna. la lo
i ba use. i tnr the devetopmeat of s large
graalai ran, h, snd thna Intarealad In tha
entfrprt plan la put ahum j.ooo head of
W eaters cetl upn it seas as the
plana t an ba worked nut. Foil sxparta de
flare the at. II aa good a that of the blue
stasa rasii.n in Kentucky, ami it wlH b
sown with that seed, ami tha tattle will
be put on after tha trai l has bean made
, ready fur It pn.poaed viae.
If :lie experiment froVOS a laeoSSS tt
I reseensblf certain that Others w ill take It
I uf Properly cultivated, a large area of
Nsw Bagisnd a.n offers the tet grsslng
ares In thla country. At pieaent fcJsa Ees-
land lenperts almest tls ratir nirai stia
p v Vet this should not he so. Lan t la
fairly cheap In many tactions where gres
Ins ant tin tie gsvsloptnj eaally. Tha
original Investment would not ba targe
seasldsrlag me passlbllltlsi Whiis li is
true that the number of tn - tie In ,a
ngtaad iu aiea.tiiv decreased in tha
pant ten veara im- mora, the fart remalna
that there ha haan no lUOb dcrreaaa In
the VSlUS of tha cattle ll doea pat p.i
te breed scrub rattle any loagsr But it
, iino paj to breed lbs right aort
Ilie Hall Mark nf the C.rnlb man
Tn thi: Ki itos or Tub Srs Mr. Moms
is" IbSfS vvaa in vour
columns a
",-it - iu, all' in,,- seilla-
Vmong ihe various dsnnitlnna na-
: ar.le-l for Uu, tillhrrto Indaanalala i
was on.- that i,tiuta n i
saon time as i sen
same dsnnltlon SScrlbad i
In prist thi
nilvai Mae.
f.ini Note nivar Herlord did not lathei
I' IP- te l no- ha .11,1 oat. leu ha thi.k.
n Be te t m
lasbeuehere did
Wis Ii really l.abhyT
"a.- Ii e , i, .,
Ami If n.t. w Im
Nr. V.uix, Vui iii ;:.
la tireell
it. main pis Heaven's
In Man?
i:ii i on in tub .siv
Ileal t.lfl
alien finka ta.lolt a
t h la Slesssd --a,-
tea In, may l,
pine when ii la g,,i
inn h ss I
vine round
farwsrd lo It, and
I' i ihe lima when
gl e.-ti
V he.
till , I a .
vv In. I,
If not
la t er-
seal slit
le ni.,n, o i
laiaiy 10 log), me near
gee nlklns. Hr,H.i, tonial
-in h of preeerv . a glngsr
WflttSa after the llur, I he
Nosvaeoav, Ausuet :
iiai there's i
pie Wllh till
In III Thla
I'uig K W,
W hal Were Hie
V Il.r Uu,
lb tueen lln
after, nam .t-o;
say Ina I., one
ff.ll nl rmnit
furononn se
l of liie 11
-Ion and the
.vernors' soa ,
I at Ilie
W a
Ii ana an Informal
,uii' lasa than an
i hia. si in, after-
:an ul o'uloch
srs its hud m.t re
IUSS f,.r ihalr after
vva- gill
sea, Ion
i o'clock
at al l Io
nia, ling
rrlvs .iml
vv a a
e Uler thev hegan
'ug slant, I
our Imperfeelli
UtnWS Men o
KgUlppsd Mrea.
ihe Hfvolutfon
lUint tbsmselvsa
onsldsrlni . had
Id pretty sjaM," IhSS
at- haa
In orgsi . ilomhlM for Isptsaibsr Mr
llowella lama lo aloiy i,.lu,k uaain llirra
an. .ven Dike- Isles rrllb the somiuus
1 IhB tsssll Km. aerial Sim. nn glrun
sky loiteri sloui Plith svsnus, j avi
aard iravsls by aiegmboal la lbs Moulk
i VV fort OSJ le-riha lli, lo,.., UajsOers
cil QltiaUS K Mainu phllMoaaiSes on
la lllg e II .1 HugDHOtl lalla ul Ihe lll.ua
' ' ' " 1 i ' I "' la una VV It Thsfsr ethia ibr
John Hay nai-ris i, l.tlnia Iu Hie Hoosevslt
adunuialraluin TttSfS ars Iwo poaais
Thoy Amount!, tn sji,7.ri7o..
NO, ns Affiiinst si:, 1. 1 :((,.
1M-7 in .liilv 101 la
rig n
ol i
6llr by th, , , ., . .
l--to ShOW a slight d.
ports and
porta and a large gnu Iu i-xi
J July and tho soven nun.
g e
July, 115. an compsri
periods of lant year
July Imports totalled till
year, against l&S,7I,3lll a
July exports weft tha largi
corded for that monlh, - I
90. compared with tl.i 1 ,- 141
July, 114, and 11(0,1 1,7 7 X
1913. When the month ma t. , v .
of July, llil'.. Imporle, 14.4
entered free of duty, B -2 a),
cent. In July lant y.-ai
During the nevt n mot, , ,.
July Imports this year total. : i. .
full, 441, against 11,144
a decrease of H at per cent , .
porta aggregated 1 1. n ..... , .
against it,IOO,ll,lll In 114, a sa
of 4 per cent.
f or the month of Jul If 15, there
an exjn.rt balance of $134, Si aroi
pared with an Import b e of I
,144 :n July, t in 4. and a a ,; .
of lit, 81111. Ml In July, 113 I-', r thi avt
months ending with .1 ll) 11 . axp in bsh
an. u fell only a little short t bsttii
11.000,(100,000, the total lo rg s
Be,0j4, against (0,tSI,?l in t!,- tl-'
seven months of It'll
iokl imports in July, 115, amount!
to si7,2g2,ast, against li.tti,?!
July, 114; and gold export :, (u.
lant were I,1S1,T1 . ripen I li
13.1, 469, 424 in July, 114
For the seven motitnn ending sv Ith
juiy cms yearn go.i in.; ggri
gated 1111,137,174, against 1,1
In 114, while, go) 1 exports vv a p.
262 In comparison With 1117,641 -
1 114.
Thus there was a nsi nan ,
movement of 11(3413,112 ;. Ihs
seven niunths of 101 G and a net
ward movement of ll,i0S,l2j i
pe riod of 1914
H.-uisier iiopiier Wants Dapllestei
etoreri OatetatS tin- lily,
John J. Hopper, County I: -t
thinks the city should srsci a - -hulldmg
on the CatSklll vvit.t- .
some other Isolated pledb f fit)
erty for the Storage of ! i tauia
records. He would have ., i ,;. , .
set of records kept thii
while tha originals , . i li . i
of Ilecordg for til'.- searching ;
poses. The duplicate sbslf
In tha Itegistei's offi I
Private insurance and title g . ,
companies, says Mr, Ho;,.,
port to the Board of blsllmati
guard their bookaanddot inieuta .
flie or sataatropbe b storing
cute set out of Hit- city. Hut I i
lakts the risk ol destruction.
The Bqultable Building .,
Capitol Area, says Mr Hu
that merely depoa.t ng ii
building suppoeod to bs t
not guarantee against dl -tells
the Hoard of Kit
logs to landowners in V
In case the original te
destroyed Is bt y ond . ,. I ,
He estimates the m mil .
storage building out- dt
110,600. He asks that t
four Thoasaad I'arloads
III New 1 nrlt r 1 1 til
Mora than 4,000 cartoadi
will be received In Sew i
September, according in the ,
Commissioner Dillon of t
psrtmsnt of Poods and m..
peach ciop this ,ar i I
ail records. A uonferei w
Tuesday ai tin- ,i pari mei
this city to discuss in- ins
the crop,
Most of the large! pea
tl g 1 l t l tO Coop, t .it. .V
e t ,l l
slum r. Th. fruit is I
iioti on the Desbrosse streei .
the Wholesale prit w 11 b,
order that the publh n ,v .
retailers are chaig.i g t
Commlseloner Dillon .a ai ..
a "peach wsek" earl) Hi
when N.-w Torkers w. i i ;.ig.
advantags uf thi i us pi .. . -
Riverside lrle Rceldrula Plan n
I'ri.a. t ola Jerset i unci rn
A new property own.:-'
w ii. ne ioi me !, goc rdlua I
nieui made gestentat
Him rson, I icaii v lomii -Depurtment
i.f Health, In
fight against tin i let : .
pany "f Bdgevuter, N -i Ilea
property iiwugrs slong Itivn
have complaled for a long t
the odors s mstted f mil i1 .
plant, but no tio-i i,. i . bsei
The Deparyp t ol Hi i
CSlVSd many sniplait,t
odors from I lis e - 'i -in'.
i egi!
gevsnty-nlnth street iml
River, but i ii vast ig ii ion ,. . -lh.it
the odora Origlllutcd ot
shorea. in the Ueneral Cln
psny's factory,
New aasoctatlons ..'.i i
ness men arc enlisting .
uroseculs the computo l' i t
been at ni lo Ihs I lovel nn nl S
and he has promised hla a
c BHisaslga Mlartrd lo llnlse -
in I'll lv lint.
The Widow, , Mot hi is Ku
tin n, ahll'h has lo-1 I i a i '
Hotel Aator, Isaui il i
for al.t in its cam (i t it"
fifty rial
ovei" Hint hers let : .1. I ,
of Ha ir huebatios,
The appeal cites the I'm
wife who returned in hi
a maternity hospital i
days obi to ilti.l Hi u In i
llblo to git a job had I
The association asks for
the evpcises of tins op
nest six months, 1 1 t it n
to Mrs. Henri atuckern i
way. Mis 1'bsrlea -1 '
chairman ef Hia cm- utlve
c nvasl Iftlllgfl bcho
The Co.iat Arltllet .v as-
has two -uembers, althuUll -mil
,v . i been fot tiled. ,,
nn ti have goughl lo ) a.,
I hat i 'apl. Suinut i T. sttt
'Pwenlv .altlh Coinpaiiv I,
naied i" aiv mllliar) -Wsek
asdai vsultig ..' i
until Hie new ar rj in

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