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Tolr in nVlmlf of Lafuyotte
I'iiihI Draws No, allies to
Kill Top Inn.
Vt -. i w r, Aug II. Ths Lafayette
Fund. Which ' being raimtl In thin conn-
r i" purchase k It ft for the soldiers of
prat . U uppermost In the mtnds of
Iters to-night A feto for ihu
henrfil "f tin' fund Ht Hill Top Inn
nrsrtsd S large number of the summer
colonists, together with visitors from
jMMStOWn ant! the Pier. The receipt
were large, ntnl Francis Knche, who
planned tli" fete, waa accorded inurh
, red I for til rtfTat r.
Tli' hOUle ami grounds of Hill Top
Inn win' turned over to the committee,
anil several dinner parties took plat1
prior t" the commencement of the pro
irfjnmi 8upper tables were arranged
the laWD, amid the trees, anil opposite
them Was " miniature stage, where a hill
five numbers was presented. The
tetnsa hid among the trees, received Il
lumination from n myriad of Japanese
lanterns, fairylike electric glolais and
varicotorad lamps. The appearanre of
the grounds from a distance waa very
I'ntrnnrssea y,,l
Mr Hoche transferred pome of the lm- I
portant dutiea to the patronesses who
were Mrs John .lacob Aetor, Mra. II. im- i
Uion v Cary. Mm. James B. Duke. Mri I
at, t i oi .per Hewitt, Mra. Oliver Gould i
Jii, i.. i and Mlaa Kinlly Sloan.- On
them devolved many minor matters, ulao,
:id with ggah. an efficient Hat of ax- '
slstants all of the plana were wall car- j
rod out.
The programme brought vividly to
mind the present struggle In Kurope, for '
the three metnhera of the Triple Kntente
Were represented, besides the Pulled ,
(hates, whnae neutral capneny. In the '
person of Frank Tinney, ended the pro-
Prince Paul Trnuhetakoy. who prefers
a he railed, rather than aculplur, a
moulder of human expression, opened
the affair with several Russian folk
swigs, played on thut native Itusslan
Instrument tl balalaika France waa
Ball represented when Mile Hcatrlce I
rie Holtholr of .Pat is gave various reci
tations, some of them dealing with
phases of i he war. in French. The F.ng
llsh "f the evening was furnished by
Arthur Aldrldge, whose resonant tenor
toll was heard to good advantage in
a series of stirring songs
M,. 1,1 French Numbers.
Naturally, the Lafayette Fund being
ior in r reni n sold: i trance was
twice represented on the programme, the
second French number being a short
Playlet ly darnel Dancourt called "Ls
rem ma." m. Bmaat viiiemin. who
lecfore I he w ar commenced. OOOdUl ted a
ttheln of schools In France, took one
of ihe two parts, and M. Perln. .t
rrench actor, the second To cloae
the programme Frank Tinnay, the
"Watch Your Step" comedian of last
Winter, was both seen and heard. Hs
Mill and talked In his cnaracteriat ic WHy
ind his audience so enjoyed him tha
rev were persistent In their efforts to
bring htm hack time and again.
Alice Lloyd aang se era, selections
nl Inn Sainton appeared as a dancer,
Iraaaad in the French uniform.
ope of the other attractions was Ihe
ray taberna of Kenllwoith, the palmist,
s 10 told many a fortune during the
At the conclusion of the en
terts "II, nt on the stage dunning
t,:tol. with Fejera orchestra playing
T prettily decoraied open air dance
01 was rilled with the throng of
T lert wen- a large number of din
IX S K.v-'i prior to the fete. Among tho
Mists n il hostesses who brought their
. Fits 10 Hill Top were Mr. and Mis.
RtUSri Uunoan, Mr. and Mrs William
K Hnilerbilt. Mr. and Mra. F ri.
Grande d'HauteVille. Mrs William
Oroavtnor, Mra. Whitney Warren, Ad
miral and Mrs. French K. OhadWlok
ind Bdirmrd J. Ferwind. Mrs. William
F Draper and Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton
VY. Ciry entertained at dinner at the
Inn, the latter having as guesta the Kus
'ian AmbaaaadOr and Mme Bakhmeteff
ltd the Spanish Ambassador and Mme.
Hla no.
Week t o, I laltura.
estate of
troy on
posed of
piece of summer property j
handl here to-day. The
the late Mrs. C. C. Pom- I
Ooaan avenue was dls-
Hi auction to settle
esiale. n was purchased by Mr and
Mrs. Paulding Fosdick, members of the
summer colony The price paid wus 113.
100, only 1500 below the tax valuation.
S Montgomery Roosevelt hail the
Clambaka club for a luncheon party
to-, la- Among thia evening's festivities
sere a benefit ,.iterlainmeut and a small
dat , ihe latter given by Mrs Oeorge
f' W'n'.ner at her home, Miramar.
i Joy Beeckman of Ithode Island gave
s small luncheon In honor of Qov. Oil
chrtsi of Floilda, who was here spend
ing the day.
It. Roderick Terry and his daughter.
Mrs. Ktigene Hale, Jr.. who havu been
en a cruise, returned to-day.
Many weak and gucatr- have arrived,
almost gg many as on any week thle
smeiiier Among them are Mr. and Mra
' ! T WagataWi visiting Mrs. Stuy
"i I a) PO) : Major Francis I,. V Hop
poi and Phoanlg Ingraham, vlsiiing Pem
broka Jonai . Ashhell H. Harisey and
BMmund 1. Baylies of New York, visit
ing Mrv French Vandarbllt; Mrs k it.
Adas sinl Miss QsraldlM Adee, visiting
Mrs. Eugene si Ueynal ; II. von 1,. Meyer
and A P Kirkland, vlsiiing Roberi W
Moelst ; Miss Alice Carpantay, visiting
Mrs, .lames tirtSWold Wenlx. anil Mr.
and Mrs. Fulton Cutting, visitiHK Mrs
i;eor,. Howard.
Mrs French Vanderhilt waa among
th' dinner hosteesua to-nighr.
Mra I'harlss P Whllman, wife of the
New ITork (lovernor, closed her stay
at Newport to-day.
RnbsrI P Parking arrived on his yacht
for the week ,nd.
m sat ing of unugual in tar as I win
ha hold at the hrane of Mrs. 0 II P
': Imont, Marble House, to-morrow
iflernoon, when ths summer camp;, iM"
f 'he (o ngrnsaln na I Union closes. The
- v..,' ton is working to amend the
1 ted Static Constitution so that it
Will read "the right of OltlasnS of the
led Stales lo VOlS shull not Is de
liled or alirldged by I in Pulled Stares
01 v .,', Stale on account of sex "
oiincipai apaakar win is- Miss
A I'arpantar of New York, wno bus
entij re turn ad from a meeting of the
iilnnstl WonH'n's Congress at The
Fireplaces in every suite. Apartments for people who want
things at their best and are willing to pay a reasonable rental.
Furninhed or Vnfurninhed
hnrt or Long Lea$eu Excellent Cuiaine
Telephone. Murray Hill 4400
and Minn. Diiniba Kntpr
tallied at Lenox Ball
Brilliant Affair.
Lbnox. Mass. Aug. 2. -The Berk
shire colonic.- were brilliant to-night
with five large dance and a dozen din
ner partlea under way. At Hotel As
plnwall perhaps the gayest dance of the
Whole season was given with the Aus
trian Ambassador and Mine Pumba and
the attaches of the embassy present. The
annual costume dance at Heatnn Hall in
Btockhrldgc was a beautiful affair. Oar
den flowers decorated the hotel and
there were special lighting effects. A
dance In the Stockbrldge Casino, one at
the Curtis Hotel and another at Tyrlng
hum Tea Houae gave each of the locali
ties an entertainment.
Daniel Theater French Is model I x a
portrait of Marquis le Ln Fayette,
which Is to be placed In 1'rnspect Park,
Brooklyn In the foreground will be a
bust of the French General and In the
background a bas-relief In heroic alaa,
showing the (ieneral's horse held by a
negro slave.
Mrs. Llectus I). Litchfield of New
York Is visiting with Mrs Thomas Hod
man In Htockbrldge
Oliver B. Jennings la visiting with
Henrv W Farnam. Jr., In Htockbrldge.
Allen B, Fenno won the I., n,n Golf
Club sweepsmkea to-day with 77 net.
There was a large field.
At the Saturday luncheon of the I.enox
Cltih there was a company of fifty, one
of the largest luncheon parties of the
Judge Peter Townsend Harlow, who
has been at the Curtis Hotel, has gone
to New York.
Prices In Hr From Ko Irnli to aj
,Me Seats Provided.
Ai cording to an announcement from
the Ned Wavhiirn offices , t. ,n.
i prices to prevail at tha I'm.
wri wrm nsgsi unaer us new manage
ment will range from 2R lenta to
There will he 9ml aeata on the lower floor
with the first three rows of the mesia
nine floor at I:, and the rest at ll.sn.
The tlrst balcony will be 7.", cents to tl
and the gallery :'n and ,'ifl cents
The Century Music Hall
is to
be called
is now arranged to seat 3. noil
persons Popular priced Tuesday- and
Thursday matinees will he given! with
the lop prlo at tl. and for the Sat
urday matinees the high price will be
II. 50. Kvery Sunday night sacred con
certs will he given, employing an or
chestra of thirty pieces ami a group of
soloists. The Century will open about
the middl of Sepember with "Town
Topics." a musical revue
Mr. Waybnrn estimates that the total
running expenses of the Institution will
approximate 2.V0nn a week.
Piping; Rock
VfTnIr Mill
I Hospital.
till aa-
A military tournament, or, us and I
Wild West show will he given by about I
seventy-nve msn of Squadron a on the!
old horse show grounds of the Piping
Rock Club on Srptcmher II fr the ben
efit of the Naasau Hospital, In Mineoia. ;
II nrontlM, t., i,u mti ,u
Iran.,, vi.. of ,a ......
l-ong laland
Some of the features by the men of
the squadron will be cavalry drills,
rough riiliitjt. Roman oharlot races, ma
chine gun drills, w ith guna In action .
bareback jumping, with one trooper r , i -
ing two horses, and spirited Wild West
thOWa. It Is expected lhat a number of
young girls of the North Shore sec! Ion
Who tire expert riders will take part In
the performarcss. which will be held
afternoon and evening Tickets at It
each may be ohtainod of Mrs. Heekmau
Winthrop. Westluiry, I,. I.
Among the patronesses are Mmea
Robert Bacon, Bradley Martin. August
Helmont. I I'lerpont Morgan. Oliver W
' Mini. SMi ley Mortimer. I.lovd Hi vi e
Ralph Pulitzer, Paul I). Cravath.
Charles Steele. W. Houike Cookntn,
Richard Tr mble. Fredeilck T Kreling-
huvsen, F. Skiddy VOP Stade, W. Rug.
sell tlraee, Havereux Milburn. William
K. Vanderhilt. ,lr , M Lawrence K-ene.
Bgarton U Winthrop, Jr.. W. tioadby
UotW, Joseph S. Stevens, Payne Whit
ney and Ivdward Wllleta. Hach pur
chaser of six tickets will he entitled
to a private laix.
Purchase,, Ivalon From R, H,
linn son. Which He IIh, Heaited.
De BlolS & Kldrldge have sold for
QdWard Itaphan Itawsou of Newport his
Iplaca on Ocean avenue. Newport, R. I.,
known as Avnlon, consisting of a tract
of several acrea of land, together with
owelllng. stable and improvements, to i
Hen. I.loyil s Hryee of New York.
!en. and Mrs. Hryca are occupying I
ihe plaoS this aeason For Ihe tlrst time
in many years they are returning to
Newport) although It was formerly their
summer home This, with the purchase I
of the two plaia on Price's Neck '
last week. makes the third sale I
of properly within n short time in tho j
Ocean avenue district To-morrow the'
auction stile of tha Pomsroy estate will j
lasc piacc at i St., and this prop
erty will fall Into the bands of a new
nwiii r.
Mr. Rawson is to purchase another
place and Is having plans drawn for
a house which he Intends building next
The engagement has I, ran announced
of Miss Irons Dolores Warren, daugh
ter of Mrs. Joseph Warrsrj of Jsrasy
City, N. J lo John I Hubert y of this
I city. No date haa been aat for the
The wedding of Miss Margaret Outh
wtillc and Kdward Stevens will take
plSOS "I, September h at Wayside, ths
' country home of the bride s pgrsPtg,
, Mr, and Mis. Philip II Jennings, in
Bennington, vt. On aooounl of mourn
ling in hotti families the ceremicy will
le oalsbnttgd uuietly .
Mrs. ( harlpa Emory Smith,
Future Nun, Sends Little
iris to Seaside.
While preparing to tike her vowa
aa a nun Mra Henrietta Nichols Smith,
widow of Charlea Emory Smith, Foat-maater-neneral
under Prealdent Mi Kin
ley and afterward Ambassador to Rua
ala, la providing money and a cottage
for little girls of the Bast Side.
Mrs Smith, who aigJiteen months ago
entered the Institute of Our Lady of
ohrlatlan Doctrine, at 1TI Cherry street,
to become a novice, Is at present giv
ing her time to study and prayer within
doors. At the same time, however,
she does not forget the little girls of
Cherry and Chryatle streets Who, can
he benefited by fresh air and a few
weeks In the country away from the
congested streeta of the city.
Accordingly she has placed her sum
mer home nt Klbemn. N. J., at the
disposal of the Barat House Settlement.
From a doaen to fifteen, little girls are
sent down there each week from Cherry
street or Chryatle street for a week's
stay. The little girls get ocean bath
ing, exercise and tha most wholesome
of food.
Meanwhile, however. Mrs Smith shs
la now addreaaed aa flutter, but the
Mother Superior refuses to disclose her
religious name does not get the oppor
tunity for an outing such aa she pro
vides for the children. Bver since shs
entered the nunnery she has remained
there attending to her duties and get
ting ready to take her permanent vows
in about a year.
The Institute of Our I.ady of CUirls
aian Doctrine Is In ths Italian district
and divs a large amouivt of charitable
ami religious work. There are twelve
nuns attached to ths house and four
Crowd Estimated at 2.WO0
Sees FinalN of the Invita
tion Tournament.
SoriHAMPTOK, L I . Aug Z Mr.
and Mrs Frederic F. Humphreys gave
I a dinner for forty guests to-night at
i the Meadow Club preceding the annual
tennis ball. wh.-h was the climax of the
social engagements and activities of the
' week. After the tennis ball, which
ended at 12 o clock, Mr. and Mrs.
Humphreys took their gueats to ths
Meadow club tea houss. where dsnclng
was continueii
The largest crowd evsr seen on tne i
t.nnis grounna oi me iu viUU wmm
present io-ouy in wteeeai n
the atngles and doublaa of ths Invitation
tournament. It was estimated that fully
2.000 peopla were on tha porches and In
the special grand stands that ware
erected. Home of the enthusiasts took
thsir chairs and found places on the
roofs of the porches.
Ths weaihsr via ooolsr than yester.
day and Instead of sweaters many of
! the women wore fur coats and the men
light top coats and sweaters.
Among those giving dinners to-night
i wars Mra. J. IS. Miller, Mr. and Mrs
Hawson I.. Wood. Mrs. Joseph F. Still
man, Mrs. Alexander H. Tlera. Mra.
Henry K. Pearae. Mra. J Iteming
Walker, Mrs Hsrry Sedgwick and Mr.
and Mrs. S Parkman Shaw.
lieu. Albert Mills, who has been tha
' guest of Col and Mrs. Robert M.
iThompaon. will leave to-morrow morning
I for Washington. Mr. and Mra. Kdward
1 B ItettlnUJ are alao leaving to-morrow
on their yacht, for Dougaji Hills. Staten
i Island, after spending The month of
August al the Irving House. Mr and
Mrs Archibald Rogers hsve gone to their
country place at Hyde Park-on-the-Hud-son,
and Miss Gladys Cromwell, who has
been occupying the Urush cottage, haa
ntumsd to New York.
HIeter of Mra. F. J. tionld Bride of
.lent. A. R. Horoo.
(pasafl tat,'' Drtpntcli tit Tin Sis'
Lost POST, Aug. II, Miss Battle Kelly,
sister of Mrs Frank J. Gould, has been
secretly married to Lieut. A. E. Home,
! son of William Kdgar Horns, Unionist
Member of Parliament for the Oulldford
1 llvialon of eiurrey. j
Lieut Horns la an aid on the atari.
I Of Field Marahal Mr John French.
Ilnrtaird Mtadent Will Marry Mrs.
F. W. firmer. Widow.
Huston, Aug. US. --Mra. llrnwer of 3H1
Conmronwealth avenue, widow of Frajicls
W, Brewer, who was a wealthy horti
culturist of Hnaton and Hltigham, Is
to wed Charles I i Cleaver, 22. of
Mount Carmel, Pa, a aecond year law
student at Harvard.
Ity the marriage young Cleaver will
become the stepfather of hla chum John
Witmon llrewer, If), a sophomore at
The engagoinetit hoc. une known when
Mrs Brewer and Cleaver filed u mar
riage, application at the Cambridge City
Hall Cleaver Is a graduate of Dickin
son College and holds the degree of
doctor of philosophy, oonteried in lilt,
Plats and Flayers.
Lola Fisher has been engaged by ths
Charles Krohmati Company for an im
portant part In MtJiel liarrymora's com
pany, which Is to act "Hoasl Itoef Ms- 1
glum" at ihe Lyceum Theatre after the j
run of Marie Tempest and her company ;
In "Rosalind. ' by J M. Harrle. and "The
Duke of Kllllecrankle."
John McCnrmark will give bis second
rnncait thin season in the Auditorium
al OosSn Grove, N. J., Monday evening.
Septemlier It. Special trains will be run
over the Central Hallroad of New Jer
sey on tbs.t day from New York. Jersey !
City, Newark and lOllgabelh to Ashury
Park. Tickets are on salu at Dltson'a
music store, and Macy'e Information I
Bureau, New York.
Weber snd Fields after a brief sally
Into vaudeville reitiirnsd yesterday from
Atlantic City and will start for Cull-,
fornlg Ihls afternoon to appear In pic- t
turea for the Triangle Film Company. I
NegoUatlona are iMiidlng fur Itlllla
rlurks's ruiuru to the Frohman fold
after her picture engagement, which
lasted five weeka.
Ildward Kmery has been engaged by
ciiarlns Hopkins for a part In 'Treasure I
Island." opening the Punrh snd Judy i
Theatre In October.
"Plow Your Horn," the vehicle In
which Gahy liealys was to have ap- t
peered In under Ihe managemenit of!
charies It nlllliigham, has bean changed
to "Stop. Is-ok. I.i .', n " A new book le
being written by Harry B. Hmlth.
, .
m wh
Kl kJ
Mrs. Charles Emory Smith.
BOYlCM, of which Mrs Smith Is one.
Ths work, according to thfc Mother
Superior, includes visiting tha poor
Italian and other needy fatnlllea In the
dliilrtot. nursing the 111 and giving food
to the hungry. Money la raised by
The Inatltute alao gives rsllglous in
struction and maintains a day nuraery,
so that mothers who work away from
home may have some place to leave
their children.
Mrs. Smith is a sister of Mrs .lame
H. Clews of thla city and of Mrs James
Ft .mete Sullivan, whose hueband la vlce
preeldeirt of the Kldvale Steel Company.
Yellow Rohes and t aps
They Will Visit Every
Corner of City.
The suffrage publicity council of the Em
pire Stats campaign committee, of which
Mrs Norman DeK Whitrhouse la chair
man, will aoon have sewing machlnea n
stalled In Its headquarters at 801 Fifth
avenue to make the yellow caps and The
long yellow capes that the women
marchers will wear in the Ave "Yellow
Rallies" nsxt month. These rallies will
precede the big suffrage parade on Oc
tober II
After tha last parade. Mrs White-
house said yesterday, every nook and
crunny of Nw York will have been
ited by suffrage marchera in their while
dreaaea and yellow capa ana capes
Especial attention will be given to the
Last Side
"tlold la the motif of the marchea."
Mra. Whitehouae said "We shall go
through the streeta like a golden stream.
typical of the golden age when women
The pirades will be at night, with
torchlights and Illuminate,! floats On a
golden float mill ride Justice Imperson
ated by a woman with jellow hair. He
fore her Ihe State of Now York will
kneel, and there will bs rsprassntatlons
of mans women the factory worker,
trained nurse, tho mother wi'h her child,
and others.
Traniparenrlea will be borne, with
auch lagends as "The ballot for the
home, not for the boss. "If a man rep
resents his womanfolk. how inn hs rep
resent himself ?" ; I lenmark gave the
women the vote June S. Will New York
give It November I?"
The flrst torchlight rally on Septem
ber 4 will form at First avenue and
Slxtlsth street and march to Jefferson
Park. Tha flrst llrooklyn rally Is Sep
tember 11, ths lower Fast Side Sep
tember II, Harlem on September HI,
and another In llrooklyn on Bsntem
he 21.
of Ihe Latest Maaaea to
He ,
Placed on Hegieiera.
McAlpin Dr D. A. Trovar. Julius
and Manuel Haduriuoo. Juan Itaffo,
Lima. Peru; Major and Mr William
H Baatman, Fort Hllay. Kan. ; Mra.
Bertha Llmnln Haustls, Wb.turton,
D. tJ.
Ma.rie Antoinette a A tsrr. Buffalo i
W H. Krwin, MonUdaii, N. J.
Netherland J. M. MoCandlsas. At
lanta, tin. ; J. W. Flower. Albany. N. Y
.. !
Prince George J W. Flsk, Detroit .
K Kller. Chicago.
Holleclaire --Alexander Keith. To
ronto. Mr and Mra O L Christie.
TatnpUo, Mexico.
Manhattan C. M latdd. Petron . A.
Howard. Cincinnati.
rHaSS Mr. and Mra II 1 Meao,
Havana. Mr. and Mrs K It MaWkanna,
Blttmorg Mr. and Mrs. A. N Mnr
ahall. Plattshurg, I'a Mr und Mrs.
T. C. Curtis. Meinphla. Tenn.
Waldvirf-Aatorka Mrs. James K er
gon, PhlladMpham; Mrs. James n
Hesse, Memph'a. Tenn.
Wuloott Allen Coiiler. Cincinnati .
Me. and Mrs. R. H. Covington, Kanaaa
City. Mo
Maynr ThOWpsyag Won't 1 1 low
Mixture of Fnlltlre and Rdueatlnn.
CsjICAOOi Aug ju p,Utloa, preseure
either upon city or school hoard ofAulala
by the Cliloago Taaidiers fAada ration
must bs Stop pad, even If it nins the
deslroylikg of that oigauiaallon This
waa the alatenieut of Mayor Thompson
IP-day Us3n Ids return from the K.ist
No aiHsdnt merits to the Itoartl of halu
callon will Im, made until the council
reconvenes In October.
"The Teachers Federation haa Imen
iiuiklug reooinnieiulatlona to me a to
who should im u,psiuteil as scho,,
triisleea." said the Mayor. "Its mem-1
aSrS luivs tried to mint rid the prsealll I
board. These Ihinga are not for Ihe1
good 0f (he public aohools and the scIwkiI
ohlldren. and what Isn't goisl for them
must go" I
Prealdent of I'enaay Ivanlay Itoad
May Leave Hospital Soon.
PHii.Anai.ru u, Aug. 18. --The condi
tion of Samuel Ilea, president of the
Pennsylvania Hallroad, who la at tha
Polyclinic Hospital hare ss the reault of
an operation, waa batter Ihls morning
than al any time since his Illness began
He Is gaining rapidly and If hla con.
onion eonnnues to improve he will bs
abls to Isavs the hoapltal within ths
nest tea days.
Widow Metres Dausrlitrs Re
fnspd to Carry Out Com
promise Afirrepmont.
Mrs Klisabetli Lee Dunham, widow
of J. Frank Dunham, member of the
firm of Hughea A Co., exporters of 83
Wall mi hi who died November SO last,
haa tied up the dlatrlbutlon of the es
tate through an Injunction suit started
against the four daughters of Mr. Dun
ham by a former wife. In which she al
leges that the daughters are refusing to
carry out a compromise agreement under
which the estate was to be distributed.
The complaint states that after the
death of Mr. Dunham, who left an es
tate of more than 175,000, a dispute
afSJgsj Isstweeu her and her stepdaughtera
which she expressed doubt as to the
validity of her husband's will IsAVlna
the bulk of his property to hla daugh
ters. She ssld thai In order to settle
the dispute amicably aha agrwd to waive
all her clalma if the daughters would
consent to the payment to her of 10,
000 Insurance. She says the daughter
signed euch an agreement, but have
aim repudiated It. and for this reason
the suit has been atarted to hold the
daughters u their agreement and to en
join the distribution of the eslste until
Ihe suit is determined.
The answer of tho daughters, ilrace
Ksther and Sylvia Dunham and M'B
Florence Dunham Wood, died yesterdsy
by thsir attorney, Charles T. Terry, ar-
uees Kdward S. Hatch, fur years at
torney for Mr. Dunham, and one of the
executors under his will, of fraud In In
ducing them to execute the agreement
in question.
The daughters allege that while they
were still overcome with grief by reason
oi their father's death and when they !
were unable to understand the nature
of documents they ware signing, Mr ,
Hatch summoned them to hla office, and
while acting as attorney for the widow
hr agreed to act alao as their counsel
and advlaed them to consent to the
, ompromlse by which then slspmother
was to receive the ilA.nno insurance.
They aay Mr Match rspresented that
he had a letter from the father, which
waa really a part of his will, In which
lie ssked that ths 110,000 Insurance be
paid to hla wife They were ignorant
of the fact thai Mr Hatch was actually
repreaenting their stspmothet, and not
knowing their legal rights they signed
the agreement They retained new !
counsel a few days later and then found
that they had signed away their Interest
In the Insurant's They ask that the
agreement be set aside on the ground
ol fraud.
Mrs Dunham has filed a reply to Ihe
answer of the Mtepdaughters in Which
she denies that Mr Hat, h was acting as ;
her attorney.
It, port kbuvte Former Kdllh Van
Rnren Had gllfi.oon Krcnrltlea.
! The appraisal of the ostate of Bdlth
Van Huren, lie Countess dl Castelme
nardo, who died at her home at Teaneck,
J . on May . put, showa that al
' though the .unless had assets of only
i 15,841 In New Y'ork Stale, and debts of
i t here, she had 1145.000 worth of
I aecuritles In sddltlon to other personal
! property and valuable real estate at
TVineck The New York aasets con
sisted chiefly of Jewelry In a aafe de
i posit box, the most valuable pieces
j being two enlitalra diamond rlnga worth
I Mil and ti French pearl necklace ap-
praised at 11.009.
The Countess left the hulk of her
property to her nephew. David L. Van
I Buren, and her rue).-. Vera Van Huren
Richards She w is a daughter of the
late (len Thomas H Van Huren form! t
Minister to Japan, snd in 1900 was
married In ludou to u person represent'
I lug himse.f aa Count rlennnro Vessichio
' Caatelmen.irdo of Naples The couple
cams to live in the Van Huren home
stead at Teaneck, which, with 1100,00
the Countcsa had Inherited from lor
j The Countess atarted a divorce suit
against her husband In Naples In 1907
and at the trial he was exposed M an
impostor, but the Countess paid 4,000
land got her title legalixed. The itiunt
was convicted of unfaithfulness and
sentenced to three nmnlhs Imprisonment.
It was disclosed that ha was a Camor-j
. .... no,, ., uno. r ponce surveiii mc
Interest In Thirteen Operaa allied
at Only fB,SOO,
Gust.iv Ludera, the oom poser, yvho
d ed suddenly on January 14, ion. left
a net estate or only 1I0.0, according
to the transfsi tax appraisal Hied yea
terday. The reporl states that the total
asseia were only 17. ail, of which 14
waa M securities, and there were debts
oi t.i.nnb and oilier di duct ions making
n total of 7,B0 The entire estatl
wen to the widow. Grace U .u,l.i
The reis.rt allows that Mr. LuderS'a
Interest In thirteen comic operaa
gmountl to only V0I for the per
forming rights and 1600 for the publish
ing righta. Among the operas aere
"King Dodo." "Prince of Pilsen. " "Sho-
gun.'' "Woodland" and 'Mam'aelle Na
poleon." Two of them, The Grape
Girl" and "A Friend of Jack's," were
never published,
William ii aVtHMaxaai., who died May
1 laat. lift an estate of 1111,110 to Ins
brother, George, and slst, r. Jane lv
SfthmelSSl. lie owned I0I,TIT in Stand
ard i Ml Mo, ka
i.oris fhunigttcisni, win, died May l,
mi. left Hit, its, ,,r which iion.too
wus In se. uriliea and 1104, 7g in molt'
Kdt... ills wife, Ida Beeberger, got
tg,000 in oaabi the residence and its
contents, at :,0 Kaat Slxty-clghlli itrest,
and n life Interest in the residua Of
1107, II2H. He gave 4I,I4 to Ills sister
Hannah Hyrnan, ami titn mi to his sis
ter Josephine HerSOg, letivilig Hi, re
mslmler lo relatives.
Warp h rfHSARnowN, who died Octo.
her .".i last, left iii,",."ifl to his daughter,
Luciie c Plgnsgan.
UblSAggTH J I'ana, who died March
24 laal, left I47..'7 lo her daughter,
Carolyn A. Dana Mrs. Dana via.- the
widow of A. Carroll liana, ami her (state
niciiiiie,i ino,uno put In trust for hei
by her husband in 1801,
I.Mlle Ho,,,- Xl'linn. ainu lu).-, I
-Nelsnii) nee lsabi-l
Filler French ll,isplHl.
alio, w in
St. Lot is. Mo
Nelson, formerly
, Aug 'Jk. -Lady Hope
Miss Isabel VaiVs, who
was called the "most
III the world" by Mrs
beautiful woman
William K. Van-
derbllt and "the most beautiful Ameri
can ever seen at court" by the lOnglish
press, w ill soon enter a French hospital i
to nurse wounded anlillers.
Cable messages received from nin
gbn state lhat Lady Nelson dually pre- '
vailcl upon her husband to give ins con- !
sent to her plan lie Is Iraining
mils In It-el. ind
i.ady Hope Nelson has a sister. Gladys
Hope Nrlaon, who la at the front driv
ing a motor ambulance which ahu
J equipped and took over to Franco.
Black ind Whito Affair Pro
vides Sottinjr forVniisual
Srm.No Lakh, N. J. Aug. 2. A re
markable display of gowns of black and
white was seen lo-i.ight al tho black
and white ball given at the New Hsaex
and Sussex Hotel. The hall waa pat
terned after the event at Newport a
lew weeks ago atul It WSS attended by
the north Jersey coast residents to Ihe
number of 1,699,
The stylea and Ideas embodied in the
creations were delightfully varied and
presented unique and pleaalng depart
ures The ballroom was wonderfully
ASOOratsd for the OOCaSlOn and it was
nei s-ary to remove the furniture from
Ihe main lounge in order to acrommu
ii.ua the many dancers. Only those at
tired in black and white went upon the
dancing floor.
Among those present were:
Gov. and Mrs. Jamas F. Fiehlei, Mr.
and Mrs W. Morgan Shusier. Mi and
Mrs. Jieph P. Tumulty. Mr. and Mia
Samuel Hellnur, Mr. and Mrs. Alex
ander J. Hemphill, Adjt -Gen. Wilbur F.
Sadler, Jr. Ool, Austen Colgate. Major
Nelson It II., skill. Capt. Hack. I M
Dickinson, Capt. iicorge F. Parking,
Prig -lien, ami Mia. Bird w. poncar,
Ool Prank Nr. Taylor, UaUt.-Col. and
Mra. William A. l.ibbey, the Misses
Ubbey, Mrs Susan K. Crle, .Mayor
Oliver H Brown, Hurgson-Osneral and
Mrs. William i. Sciiauffler, Mi. aid
I Mrs. Clarence
Mrs Kuhf V
R W, !! trick. Judge and
Lawrence, Mi and Mrs
William Hesler. Mr and Mis William
i' Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. Whyte,
Raj mond H. Carter.
QttartartiiaatorOanara1 ami Mrs C,
Edward Murray, Mlaa Virginia Murray.
ex-Go", aid Mrs John Franklin Foil.
Mi and Mis J isper Uyncgl, Miss I'.Kiiy
ty-nch, Mr. and Mrs Fred F Hchock,
Mr and Mrs Benjamin h Pea res, Mrs.
Robert Adialn, Rola?it Admin, sr., Mrs.
J C. Alexander, WHBam II Alma, M s
J II. Aleuts, Mr. and Mrs Frank Arnold,
Mrs. Charles a. Aghburnar, Miss Bene
rlsvs y,rs. Mr and Mrs Henry Bal
San. R 1.. Haiitird. Miss llainard, Mr.
aid Mrs Paul llayne, Mrs II Hattet
nutn, Mts ll w ltishop. w li Btaek-I
wed. M.ss Harriet Klauciiard, Mm.
ib-orge W Ch. Ids, Or and Mrs .limes
H Clam arts, Mr. and Mrs F .1 Collin,
F k de Long. Paula de Codoy, Mr. I
and M s. F. N. Dodge, Robert Bowling, I
Mis, Alice Doyle, Mrs Cyril P Dugs I
more, Mr, and Mia 1. O. Bngel, Mrs
CharlSS V Fade, Miss June R. Falls, I
Kenneth C Falle. Mrs. J N. Friend
Mr, ami Mrs. Livingston ilifford. Miss
norenca lillberl. M.ss Helty Ullbert, I
Mra. A F. Goodwin. Mies Frances Good
win. Mr and Mrs. Kdward Hale Grave". '
Miss Patsy Graves. Miss Frances Gray.
M.ss Haberle, Mr, and Mra William
Moos, Miss Hons. Wlllsrd it lloos. Mr
and Mrs Leonard Wood, Mr and Mis
ti. K. Jenkins. Richard B. Jenkins. Mrs ;
T Clifton Jerkins. Col. and Mrs. Qeorga
W Kavanaugh, Mrs Uouverneur K n-'
r.gh-. Mrs Henry McCormlok, Miss
McCormick, J. T. McNalr, Mis M R '
McMlchen, Miss McMlchen, W H Mor
ggn, Mr. and Mis lxmrs Naisuwald.
Mr, and Mrs. A R Nordvall, Mrs. II K !
No r -. Mr. and Mrs Matthew CCJon
nell, Mrs. A T Ogden, Mrs W H Parke. I
William POWelson, Mrs M W. I'ovvel
son Roger Powolson, Mr. and Mrs. John
Rail r . Mrs Randolph, Mrs II. R
s Randolph, Mrs Howard Rsnahaw,
Mr and Mrs C. V. Rich.
Mr and Mrs B, 0. Richmond, Miss
Ruth Richmond, Mr and Mis ll
Rosa, Mrs L M Rumaey, Jr., Mr. aid
Mrs Charlea II BaJlfOrd, Dr and Mrs
Preston Batterwhlte, Mr and Mrs. K s
Sa me. Mrs Thomas gharsnon, Mrs.
M It Bhanley, J. S. Shanley, Dr. and
Mrs. George W Sberti, Mrs. W. W.
Stevenson. M'ss II S Stevenson, Li. in
Paul Strauss, Miss Tannehdl. Rmll
Thlele. Miss Thielc. Mrs John L.
Thomas. Miss Thomas, Mrs Charles
Thorley, Mr. nr,i Mrs i". p Townsend,
Miss Francs Townsend and Mr and
Mis Harold Townsend
Wa i ki:i. I nr. t oim .
bllisis from New Y,
Hotel Klton uver lb
Include Mr. and Mi
i Packard I, Mr ami
I Simplex). Mr. ami
Aug Auiom .
irk arriving at the
Ideal Tour lo-dt, y
s ,i p Thompson
Mrs. II F. Felion
Mrs j a. Pains
, M. i ,-ri p T Barlow icTtsarnsi, Mi
ami Mrs I' F High iWintont, Mr and
Mrs 11 A West i Veli, t. Mr and Mrs
S. St.-,,, ( Chalmers 1 , Mr and Mrs. F.
Colt Johnson, Mrs A II. Dickinson
(Packard), Mr and Mrs. L. H Howling
(Oldsmoblle), Mr. ami Mrs c. B, HihsIi
(Overland), Mr and Mrs 11 W He, 1, 11
Allien w Seymour (Pleroe) : Mr. and
Mrs, C Do F,,r-si Hmlth, Mr. and Mis
c p sj-e.th intuts)), Mis j Kenned)
Todd, M'ss M H Stevenson. I: J. puw.
el: (Locomobile): Mr snd Mrs Harry
Drlnkhouae, Bamuel T, Hell (Hudson) i
Mr. and Mis II II l arm, I. Mlaa U K
learned, ft I Dwycr (Fierce) Others
I were Mr. and Mis Udwlll Hah h. I'hila
I delphia I Packard): Mr and Mrs. P .1
MarCutcheon, Pittsburg (Oldsmoblle).
t'oorgRSToWs), N Y , Aug js. Auto-
inon.iists ai riving at i tic utaaaga to
day were Klmer C, Barl, Lama s Harl
I Albany, N Y (LsJOomoblle) j Walters
I Watson, Mildred F Watson. Wllmlng
i t I 'ei, i pu res- Kmm i : Mrs. i,. n.
1 Daridgu, Mrs w i '. Htsbblng, Bingham
!ton. N. Y I Pierce-A now ) . Louise I'ay,
Louie,, io. Loohlsr, Janus io OrlvsA
Uftca, N V., iRadlllao) ; Mr ami Mrs.
d W Bailey, I'lttsAeld, Mass (Chand
ler); Mi and Mm c i .. tiriffln, Miss
I arilfln, Mr and Mrs T. II Miller, gyrus
OtaSO, N Y I Cad 1 1 la I ; Albert K. Ge
ts, h ud I and family. Mount V, i nop, N. Y
i t Franklin I 1 Mr and Mis. F L Magseyj
Mr, and Mrs. ll ti, Mattlson, Water
town, N Y I 1 1 upni, ,1, lie I : Mr. and Mrs
ll. minor C Isonard Alhany. N V
' iMarmon) . Mr, snd Mrs. Fran, is Ciiu
ninsjhuin, Hoohagtar, N'. Y. (tunnltut'
ham) : Mrs. j, F. Deinaiesl, Kiln ird
Htreeter, Frank II Itarion llutT.I.,.
N, Y 1 Packard I
Mrs. I Inm K. t hi, in bcrli, i n.
Passaic, n j . Aug Mrs ci.ua
Hveretl Chambgrlaln, wife 'of Charles
c Chamberlain, a retind iituitif.i
Hirer, died yesterday al he I hoim . ',4
AUtUmn street, ., rtei two y a illness,
I agsd H'.l yeara. She w is on,, of Ihe
I founders Of the llllitavrlull Church u this
city, Hhe is survlvud by her husband
and two daughters, Mis Hdward s
Hulbsrl of Cllftun and Miss Fill,- K,
imnei lain of this city-
joacph H, w aealiigton,
NASHVIIdJI, Tenn , Aug . Bg.Con.
grsasmtvn Jnseiih H Waahlngtun dlial in.
da, at his home in WrsgyilglOU of'
typhoid lever, in Is Ml Mr, Washingti
was elected to the Flfleilh Congr, us aid1
was elected to sUOCOwd hlmaslf In ton.
ucoeeuius ougressss tie was ., proml.
neni Mason,
Henry A. slayer.
Henry A. Saver. .17 who had prac
tised law nme tils graduation from Cor
nell University Law Mchool in B0, died
on Friday ai his home. S Virginlu place
For Ihe past four years hi had also been
engaged In newspaper work, Ha loo nag a
wife and daugi.ter.
MeKinley's Cabinet Officer
Hoeenmbi to Angina Pre
toria at 70.
bosses whom he rOHdemned. Both thaae
articles were published during the 1912
BOSTON, Aug "X John t. lng. who; campaign Mr. Iiiik voted for ex-prcsl-Was
Srsreiiiiy of ihe Navy under Prfg I 0111 Tafl.
idem McKlnlev and later Under PrSal- , Wl"," """ H"''1'" 1 of "allonal prepared
, , ,. ," , . ""d began ( . widely .anvaseed In
dent Roosevelt, died of angina pectoris (hla country. In December of laal vesr,
ai 9 .:io o . lock to-night at his home i Mr. Long sent to Tug Ki n. at ila re
in Hlnghuin He wus Tl vers old quest, hlg Sgprsaslon of opinion,
Mr. I.na r.lurned to Ins home from Jrf Ji" .rv";vl""'-V otlghl lo re.ilise ths
ii ,, .I. in i i v, . . 1 "' "PI"! up our military and
BtMkfleM, Me. rhursday on accounl of especially our naval w.ength." he said.
a sever,, .it tack of unuina pectoris vvlth "and to have our condition In that rs-
vvii defined ursrmlc rymptoma, BMr1y"P'c' ''" ' Inresiigated ami rsporied on,
yesterday his condition was not coneld. '" "" '"""' taild, no senae In
losing our heads imd gctllng panic
. red serious. I.i , the evening he grew stricken over the Knmpean situation,
r.ipdly woise llefora moriilng he So fur from its ape rating as a stimulus
lapsed into unconscious nesje, in which I ' "nli'a us to Increaas immedlaUly
condition i.e oontln i to .he end. nSSLS .u",",
menis tli,. aigument. to my miml, runs
With Mr las when he died ware I the other way.
Mrs, long. ilia son. Pierce laung. and "All the other nations whose tiutag-
Misa Berths Pierce tmism would menace ui ,,, ease any suok
.lonn I i.i vis Long, like .lames A Gar-
Held, was a scholar In politics: like Gar-
field he was nroflclenl l'i laltln. He
without s,ni) or 00 tenia 41 and had a
quiet, never falling dignity
"Governor ' lamg. as he will bo hest
remembered by Massachusetts his
adopted home, was Isirn at DUOkflald,
Me . on Oclohei 27, l:f. and came of
ON Puritan stisrk.
His prsparatiun for college was made
John D. Lonv;.
ai Hebron Actuttmy, ami when ht
tered Harvard In the class of 1SS
was only 8 years old When he
graduated he m 1 fourth in that
' hs
ior me course, a.is a member ol Die Phi
I Lota Kappg ami was chosen class odlst.
, After graduation he taught rur two
I years al the auadami al West ford,
! Muss, and then returned to Harvard and
1 studied law He was admitted lo the
uar in 1M.1 and then wet.i to his place
Of birth, Maine, to hang out his shingle.
Buckfleld was anil is at II a qulel town,
and ther, was go litt:,- uhanca for a l..w.
yer uiera tli.it
lo practhta,
Mr Long went to Boston
Filler. Point
For some twelve
yOUttg lawyer plodd,
little nolle- from the
was an Independent
r thirteen yean
I slang, uttr.i,
public In DT
an, ltd, He for
1 he
uawraiaiurs and vv.ui beaten. In 1 1, T I.
however, he was elected to the House of
Rsprrssitiatives from the district around
Hinghani. Mass bei , he had made his
n si, icu e, and his lability and papular!!)
w,re goon so marked Hun when in lJI
be vv.,s re.a .l to the Legislature ha
was almost spontaneously chosen lia
Bpeaker of (he House ami remained s,
until i;v when im was elected Lieu,
ten., nt -i lovernor,
In UTI he waa elected Governor,
me insiimiion or defeating
t!' 11 11 '' Butier, ami was reelected in
1110 and tt. n Iksj ). ,:,,iel
to ihe Forty-Sighlll Congr, ss and was
returned twice. During his service ss
Congressman from Massachusetts he ; i
tracted attention as ., public .,, re
reading an oration prepared I'v liolirr:
C. Winthrop for Die dedication of tlie
completed Washington Monument, Mi
mmnrops Illness preveninig i
spe kins al rtiat tmie.
Mi i.nnu utter being defeated in his
candidacy for the United sttntea annsta
by Mr Dawes retired to h- i, bus.-tics-
in Boston and soon hull) it up to i
remarkable degree, enjoying finally one
ol the largest an, I nmsl lucrutivs pi.ic
tics in and ground Boston
I It Was said that his h Iron, hs
Sjraotlcs as at least u or IdO.Otll
a year.
Kinle) i
a Hen iii ItuT Fresldanl M.
rf, red hint ihe i 'ahlnei t ost or
ecratary f the .v ,
I'J He a. espied Ihe
eruble tin tnclal loss.
pol Hollo .11 colls.
und retained uni
Tw ii e dm ing m i
latratlon he a as oi
Ing. I le li i. tided
ich ,,f tin,.1
Kinley's Admin
polnl if i.nnn
leave I'resldsnl
Rooeea. etis i '., him I suon
but rem. un,-, I bei a use of
than he did,
bis desire to
wed i i while
have t : , s,
lie was Hu t
'll, v
Ills Polle, I .,.
ti as bis policy m thai COMM.
As son
ersv 1.
Veil Mr
to Ills 1.1 1
sustained bv Pre denl lluoae
Long retired ami wem b , k
practice and prlVUle life lla
Wis a still,
supportei of admiral
Sampson He oil
a said Hi, i the dark
est day in in.- Spanish
a t w ut hen
he leal lied lhat Schley h ,d
when within Iwenl) miles
loi Key Wsl
lurnvd in.'): ,
oi S lilt ago
Mr Long w is reiugrkshle for ins pur.
liameiitart nbiUly, ins ludgmrni as
lawyer siMl a "talesman, his h. gll mo al
character ami Ida gtiat gcnlullij ami
dtiuoiTucy. o suggest lun of a scundal
ver smirched his name in Washing,
ion in- always niulnlalneil nmdrsi apart
monis and to d, little part in m,. ., , ,
occasions of the capn ,1
In IS7H lie published a IrglislalltHi nt
V rgll's ".Klietd " w hich fHCl perh. ins i
dunotl Harvard ihe dm yeu,r x,.,,.
hull Ihe degree of , . ft , , ,,,
some poalry when he was a young iiiic,
and OIIS Of his chief amuseiu, Ilia, w ,.
th, playing ui the violin.
Mr, 1st: x was a t.iiai ahetMliiai ami
I was long president uf Hie Muaaaa huaelH
Total Aoslllienos Horlsty, l 'ni l,,. ,, , ,
I ot the total abstainers, however, lis rs
I trained from troubling other pooph ih
Ills views II, w., always a leoliif
I snembar of i .,. . ,,, ferenrea ant soci
eties. He was ggn a niemher of sevei il
' learned smdetles, n eluding ihe Ameri
can Academy of Ails ami stcletmSS .i d
the Mlstorlii Ctanraluglcal Horlsty, H,
was an active Unitarian, He was one
of the most pignil.u' aJXar dinner spaak-
l '' tsi
ers In Boston, snd no hlg Republican
rally there waa ever fullv auuccsgful
unless "Governor" Long apoka.
Mr, 1 g was married twice, sly his
tlrst wife he had two daughters. Mni
garet and Helen, and by his second wife,
who was ihe daughter of the Rev. Dr.
Joseph H Pierce, h, had one son. Pierce
lamg. Ills wife, one daughter and his
son survive him
Mr. Long ,, legal twice gave public
expreaalon to his feeling thai Ihe Pro
gressive parly was the "purely personal
party" of Theodora Roosevelt. In ar
ticles in the Harvard Hlasfrafrd Vd'
MM snd f.ion rferaM ha reproachrd
Col. Roosevelt for breaking fa'Ui with
the people, seeking self-sggrsndlasmeni
ami InliiK Ihe moSI colossal of all thoss
.iniagonism siioulil arise will come out of
present convulsion exhausted and
I bankrupt
, .
and lh a pretty keen ap
that rears of peace are vital
lo their recuperallon.'
t1 limit si,, IsSOIilntS Frtltnr a4
Ihr llarlford "inurtal."
IIaktioko, Conn., Aug. 2. --Chaasav
I Hsmsnway Adams, a msmbsr aiff the
I staff of the Hartford L'osra! for thirty
four yeais slid un aSOOclatS editor tweii-ty-SSVen
yeais, was found dead in his
chair at the hon r hli alstsr to,;.
Beside him on tiie table was an open
1 k Which he had bean reading.
Mr Adams had been In ill health Jeg
" yar ind a hslf or more He was
bom In Fairfield September 2. isis.
the son of tha Rev Charles It. AUaaae
ami Marion Sou Adams.
Whan he was a b me family w
mov. ,1 to i Ihloago He gradu.il",l from the
Chicago iKi, s. hr.ol .u,,i entered a small
college In the West, not far from Chl
i I go Latet he went to Yale ae a
sophomore, graduating with the class of
1 Ulti.
Following his graduation from Tela
Mr Adams served ai reporter on Tin
New Tors Sin under Charles A Dans
all on ths New York Post. From New
" ! ha rami lo Hartford, working for
a short time on hs Cosranl Tlieii h
went to the spr.ngfiehi Republican as an
ciin, .rial writer under Bamuel Bowiea
lh ltr ii. iad .Us,, been an ediiorial
writer on Hie Detroit 7'iie and waa
'"' a time conns ted with the New
Hon n I'niiiitii,,!,,
Soil, of
t'vll War l.uerrllla l.eaiias
IHea al ashioglon.
V 1 1 1 I N
TON. Atf
John i
s Mgaby,
lla leadsr
litre, fol
it trouble
Mosby ,
, siju of Col
ihe noted
during th,
lowing an
civil war. is dead
opet.iti. m for thru!
ir. aiosi.y. ho . oi,,ii.. i...i ... .i..
IS ai d checkers, concerning whit
hs was
ail eXIIfrt for SOI,,.. vei)-s In Ik
cat papers wai ill for ., month
Mr. M,,. s,y was born dl Warr-nto.
v " He was gradnated from the law
department of tha University of Virginia
111 Hs wai adn Itted to the b.r
and engaged in t tie practice of law hi
tha representative ,,i i.,:ge mining oors
panics to Denver, During this time Mr.
Moab) also lectured lor several yeasg
on mining ia ti, i Colorado fchogj
of Mines He late I cecanie known as
i , wi-cap, r man.
l:x-tenatnr I.. W,
Hi iii is , ton. V. I , Aug
.r, la.
-' Former
e-t-'te sent, to,- lintnti, . i.,-.Vn hi.
tins morning at his home here from tits
' effects of , cat-bum le are
rlppe tl.- ,s president of u. yf
Lewis a Bon, manufacturers of simee.
He a as .":' ) ears old.
ll- served Ihrss terms m ti. HougJ
ll Assembly and one in the Sta'e gen.
ate, II, was ., delegate al lalge tg)
,.'o) naiiunai i onvention of the
puoncan party ami wgi
,! gres iniison.
Mi. Lewis is survlv
a son ami a daughter
thlrty.se oo rri
d by h
Mrs. Isabel I,,
Ui i i, Hon.
Mrs KaiKill,, steel MoCulMl, wido
oi Janssa v . MoCultoh, who w4h foi
rruuiy years promlnsntl) Idantlflsd win
the rneroanlils Ufa of New York alt)
died yesterday ,,t her summsr home at
Prouts Nark) Me., alei an lllntss oi
iwo months,
Mrs. MuCuUoli was Hie d.nightsr o!
ihe l iti William Walker ami Csrollns U
steel Walker, and was Isnn in Mas,
Yolk city .III,;
-7. Hli She leave.
six sons ami three
da uglier'
HIlSkM Henry Hailc, .
lam Henry Haxter. foi
Vug Is -Will'
Ihlrty.gva voasa
manager of thi Haya I Wakefield Rat
Ian Oompsny of Muuhattan, died to
day al bis home, ill" Park av,- fo).
lowing an Illness of several weeks. He
was a native of Ijuin-y. Mass., and
served In ihe cu, war and gd resldsd
m i:,,si Orange thirty years, nis wife
alio a so,,, iivu.g h Haxtsr,
HUrlal will l- in Huston
Hi i t Ida dl
.Ismes V
l hi Ian
Walki i
i n, August .'. Illy, at
1 k. If 'a her eight,
rear, las b, 'i Htssl w ia,, f
Ui ulleb and d nmrr.-r ,f
W i i' mi and i aniline L.
f s. Wk ny
rvlera sill i. held si iha
Hi lekaida Ct Bjm itr, stagls
1 . ai : oi p m . Tueeday.
i I'urrlagea will mesi train
, , .1 Ts tnty third iri
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f standi
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it iha Is mi1 , in i inllmsts
ne inviiad o, attaiid
VI am, I.
tlenai Hrldgs,
(.low id Vt'
i team slier nf
. August -i, , V,.
Va ' i ,-,,'iiis si,,, aian.
' i Mi (Ml na
V' a ,1'Ti,,
sr., I Ham
rrlnltt ''h
M sun.,.
,, I'm.,.
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tugusi a;,
N t , orgsa
I , , r . Ilaih-
IIA rilllUltM
1st.,, al
Held. Wde
lie It
horns 'i tughter u( ihu
ii , inilton W Sel
liRllLtYi'K -in ''h. i age, i II ,
,i ,. A iauvt s. mi ,, Kaths
..f llolt, n .1. si,, , .., k
Uat in
ii Tkurs
M ail.
Punrral asrslci si Hie rsaldene sf her
niece, Mr- i i w Klsgslsnd, TSS
Haai rwsull nnin -ire. i. I'aUraun,
N J .
; jo
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Htri "is
a mi' -t .' i, mi, .
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in I .m i : -jf,
VA".-i Tasnivsthlrd
in in II . ii
itreet, dundsy
at Ids Igla i,
p. a,-. HriKiglyi
yesSi Jatuss tv
Alo,, 11 tl.ydt
gsri Ilea 1 I' M
a ,t.
sfternuon, - s'slaak,
Idsy, August If, llll,
Ideas, mh PrssBssI
Hi Ins grit fourth
belsvvd kusksgd al
guudsy in'ri roe si
?4I 1 W

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