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fovirc ( lMMl Feature of
Oprnillff I'ny Mooro
Stable Win RluoH.
; It. I. Kept. I. Ths nine
tPfllth i ' ll hom show oPMild Ht thr
fuln" Mill aftlftlOOII with 11 tins array
i horiu - Atid h largo audience present.
. ..minions were Ideal.
ul(r WllllMI II Monre of Pride's
I-. ,. ill ,k returnid to thi' nhuw thla year
, long ulisrnre, and lila horse
1 by the msnairrmsnt. At
In format iaTt, he waa ng the big
MH ftr
The HOVlc r leases were the feature
.f the opening day and In two Instunees
rani d off the blue rlh
In en' elasa for novice pairs the
JkV Vlfl naa .i!ur ii nun .vi.um. nig
ESjet, front ilu- Moore staliles. were the
winners, and Hntitiilng I'adet scored an
etklf v if) lit the els.s for novice aln-
horses AK.un in tne iaaa ror lames
htrnf." linnets .Indite Moore waa a win
der wr.ih l.idy Scston.
Olin Riddle Farms of (lien Middle,
aw ,1'h Hinndatnne and Willow King,
pr'e Hi" principal winners In the hunt
Ire anl Jumping classes. Klrst honora
hacks went t" Mra. (i. H. Chip-(,.1-
Ih I ''eptre, and Hpencer Hor
,, . Arabian ImrweH swojit everything
(,,; them In the two classes open
to ihrtn
Klaa rlrmence Craft'! hay raiding the
lo,fl aai i winner In the novice class
fn. hunter In the claaa for har
n., pairs, I'pen to the summer residents.
1hr Was .i clou competition between J.
fJtrs-a"' Bamey and H. A. C, Taylor.
Afti former won the blue after the Judges
Bid pr'll lli'li n milt- in iiecmiiin.
In the even) f"r Iare saddle horses
Hirr Balfe't chestnut gelding Maxl-
imim scored nver a big field. I'hlllp i'as
ajtll v ponies' were the winners In their
t lasers hiiiI Mm, 'ludfrey I'reece's hay
ehtlng Vol the blue In the opening
, if tin afternoon, that for novice
:ns hursi.
The weather could not have lieen Ini
srov. .1 upon, and In consequeno there
w.r many bsattttful roatumgg in evl
(Hit'l Quit a I'll before the time for
the opening "f the show member of the
ggnmi r colony began to arrive and when
..--i was announced nearly all
rf boxes were occupied and the
frunil stand wh well Ailed.
K:il i.K costumes were the favorite of
t',' day, with small hats worn for the
si'" p;ir' Many of the women ap
p. c S earing strings of pearls.
.- usual on boras shew days apeclal
ti. - . e popular at all of the
)Mil.: tr restaurants. A number of the
. - L ive luncheon parties at their
tome. ho hostesses Including Mrs
William S Draper and Mrs. Marsden
; Perry
T i. t! t the centre of attraction, ra
pe i f r the younger set. was the
lance a&d supper Riven a; the golf club
y Mr. and Mis K. 8 Urand d'Haute
rtlle In ho-or of their daughter. Miss
Rare .1 Hn itrvllle. It was Miss d'Haute
vllle - official how to a elety and the
Urirrs' gslhsHng of the week.
8 Much pallUt had been taken with the
floral de orations, palms, cut flowers
ind ha:. Bins; baskets belnif used to good
gfintSg! In the Interior of the pretty
gobhouae. The dance was the first t
he held at the club In a long while, and
I: ma preceded hy a number of dinner
pv'.-s. chief among which was the dln--r
given by Senator and Mrs. George
Nabody Wetmore. Mr. and Mrs. T.
HtYern Taller. Mrs. J. K. A. Clark. Mrs.
Fori-ythe Wickes and Mrs. George I'ea
My Kuatis also entertained at din
ger, their guests going to the dance af
wm ard.
1 was learned tOday that the weo
Bng ..f Miss Matilda BlgtloW and Her
bert C. Veil, Jr., would take place In
Stew York during K jvember. They are
II present the guests of Mrs. James P.
French Vanderbllt has returned
New York.
J Itedway, Jr., of Cincinnati Is
Utat of Bradford Norman,
and Mrs. Cieorge Rrooke of Vhllri
K, who have the Morrell cottage on
.'c t this summei, are ccntem
the purchase of an estate here.
Vanderbtlt, who has been the
of Mrs. Henry T. Sloan at Lenox,
pis! !
bin returnod to the Hreakera.
l Rutb Twombly has gone to Long
talati'l to visit friends.
Lenox, Miss., slept 9. Motor ar-Irm-
it the Hotel Asplnwall to-day
tlirl i !, Mr and Mrs. Wilbur Hlnod
ioed, Sew York i Packard); Mr. and
Mr. Robert MacDoaell, New York
IC ! Ha i HatntMl I'. Colt and party,
k York r Pie roe .Arrow) i Mrs. c. a.
IN'llklnion, Mrs A. D Hough, New
Torli I Packard) Mrs. K. A. J. John
m. Mlai Budd, -w York (Cadillac) ;
Hr I Mrs Kdward Hatch, New
Hudson I ; Mr. nd Mrs. K. W.
Bin Mr. and Mrs. ttuy Greene,
Detroit I Packard); Mr. and Mrs. John
Ml ll Lemoln, Miss Dorothy Ttan
oli!.. Mlag Dorothy Learned, New
' r i e- Arrow) j Mr and Mre.
t W I'orkran, Jr., Baltimore (Pack
rt) .1 ...id Mrs. It. F. Hamilton,
Ijni Harvey, It W Hamilton, H W.
Nrel S'ee ork i I'ierce-Arrow).
Uj i mi, VI.. Sept. 3. Arrivala
' 1 oblla at the Kqulnox House
,Wl) include TV. F. Whitney. Mrs.
WBIttiej William Whitney. Fairfield
Holyoke, Mass. (Plerce-Ar-""
klnr A. Ii. Dloklnadh. gnrtncflald.
laisj f i Johnson. Miss Florence
Donald Johnson, New York
jr i Mr and Mrs. A. I.. Johnson.
1 p v Johnaoni Norwalk, Conn. (Cad
1 Ml and Mrs. nenjamln Pork
BalMmON I Peerless) ; Mrs.
' Benedict, Miss Stella Hene-
..rk (Cadillac) ; Mrs. J.
" ' ' White, Miss Mary Tatum. Mrs.
i: ' U Vicing. New York (Htiide
Ml and Mrs. Frederick B, Hud
t 1 i Ford ) ; Mr. and Mrs. W.
'' Nam York (Mercedee).
WN, N. V , Sept. 3. AtltO
' v c .it the ( i-tc-sa-ga to-day
UWI Mr and Mrs. Oeorge
J Oai r, Lowell, Mass. (Franklin) ;
. ' " I H L Mason. Mr. and Mrs.
' man, Cleveland (Cadillac);
Mrs. William Wallace White.
White, Pelham (Wlnton); Mr.
I' P. Aaaman, Syracuse, N. V..
1 relic Souther. San Francisco
Mrs W. T. Punmore. Plica.
Arrow) . Miss Dorotheg
Marguerite SpraUer,
ty i Stearns) J Mrs. John
M ii. Nettleworth, H I
iitili'ky I Packard).
Conn, Bept, 8. Auto
New York arriving at the
tha- r.
1 1'
HI i
lay include Mr. and Mrs.
M -in i: I.. Wright ( win
ii I Mrs. John Pent. Mr and
Pell ( Pien e Arrow ) ;
IN C iller. M ss Sarah
-si . Mrs. a. J Beokwlth,
K irdi i.ouis w. Kennardi
M Lindsay i Cacaanl ) .
I' ler Kriun (Locomobile) ,
N! . I. lines 11. Stein. Mr. un i
-tiii ( Chalmers i ; Mrs
I, Mrs. Moore, Mis- Clem
emenl I I 'adlllac i . Mr
I' Mills. Mrs. C. K. Van
1 1 1 i Mi and Mrs J.
1 ' IVI land l , Mr. and Mis
Ml t I Mr. H W Morn
Mr .in.l Mis Horace I).
Helen T Sicke.1 (.Spurns),
were Mr. an I Mrs. Mac
ipolli i Uulck) ; Mr. and
1 ' i i Mies Stimuli rville,
I ' kitrtlii
.Itlllll Hlld Rottv MnrP Vrt
a - y m. " w
SettlprH, OMItnl Figures
of Historic Spectacle.
Roatimtt N. y., 8e.pt. 3 Fully three
thousand people witnessed the More
Roxbury pageant hera this afternoon In
connection with the twenty. fifth annual
reunion of the descendant of John and
IJetty Taylor More, the first seltlera
n this part of the Catskllls
The pageant, with a cast of 300 peo
ple, wan presented on the grounds of
Klrksida Park, the summer home of
Mr. and Mra. Flnley J. Hhopard, In tha
ahadow of the Jay (iould Memorial
Church. The entire affair from tha
Koottlsh scene to the finale moved with
out a hitch, reflecting credit on Mlai
Margatet Maclarcn rJager. who directed
the production, and Miss Klsa M. Eager,
the director of danoaa.
Mra. Shepard Hoateaa.
Following a Hcottlsh luncheon ered
at the summer home of Mr. and Mrs.
Hhepard to the mennbers of the More
family the opening scene of the pageant
look place at J . o'clock, when John
Frlahee bouton and Miss Klliabeth
Uould. aa John gird Betly More, with
the parlshlonera if the village ohuroh at
Knthlemuichua, Scotlitnd, were seen U
their way to church. Uther fcema
quickly followed, allowing tha departuru
of the Mores for America. The na
tional dances of the Scotch were por
trayed to the music of Harry liauder'i
klliie bagpiper, engaged by Mis. Shep
ard for the o-caslon.
Forty girls representing tne New
World gnve a sy-mholn' dance, and tha
legend of Hip Van Winkle was presented,
followed by a scene showing the arrival
cf the Mores at !iarerftelil and the vttlt
of Col. More and the noted Indian chief
Joseph Hrant. The episode was suc
ceeded by the signing of the articles of
aaeociiLtlon in 173a.
The episode In which I'r. UVMrtM Co
ville und Joseph lwani, the Indian
chief, appeared, notifying the Mores
I hat he could not control the Indians and
advising them to depart for C'atsklll ; the
burning of the More home and the es
cape of the family through the wilder
ness to at.sk II!. gave the spectators an
Idea of the trials of tha early settlers.
The next episode, a day in Catsklll
during the Revolutionary war, with the;
mounted couriers aiH'roachlug the set- t
llement to warn the natives, the dr-1
parture of the minute men to deend
their poesesstons, and the quaint costumes
anil lwrtrnyal of the home life of the
Revolutionary' period maiked one of the
most Interesting scene of the pageant.
John Rnrrflagha Honored.
During the Interlude i
paid to John Burroughs,
home. Wood i w k Ixxlge,
site where the pageant
Sixty young women and
i tribute was
whose summer
overlooked the
was produced.
girls appear.. I
In the guise of a vision of nature
The pageant then developed Into the
discovery of the preient village of Rox
bury, and the scene when Israel lnman
Induced Ahram (iould and the settlers
rrom i onnecticut to locale at noxoury.
In (his episode the descendants of Mary
More and John Burr Ooukl (the father
of the lute Joy Ooukl enacted the
marriage of their ancestors, which took
place In 127.
The most Interesting scene to msnv
of those present was (he reel and contra
danoag w-hlch followed the arrival of
the bride and bridegroom on their
pillion, and the Wadding party in their
old stage coach.
The (own meeting of (he period when
the (wo sons of John More ran against
each other for olMcc waa a true isjr
trnyal of the early days of the Cats
kills, and thettlnale ami family group
ing of (he More family with which the
pageant ended marked the closing of tne
brilliant spectacle.
I .1 Mill
Invited to
I'oRTi.ANn. Me., Sept 5 Nearly 1.000
guests have been Invited to the wedding
of Iloliert Hislgers Me:gs and Margaret
Corllea Houston, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs, Samuel Frederic Houston of Phila
delphia, which Is to take place to-morrow
on (he lawn of the Houston summer
residence. Clapboard Island, Casco Hay.
The clergymen re Ir. Angus Crawford,
dean of the Vliginia Theological Semi
nary, and the Might Res. Robert Cod
man, Kplscopal Bishop of Maine.
The hi idegroom Is a win of Mr. and
Mra. John Forsylhe Meigs of Philadel
phia. The maid of honor will lie Charlotte I
Harding Brown of Philadelphia and Ihe
best man John Meigs, a brother of the
All the ushers except Hb'hard Nalle
of the University of Pennsylvania are
Princeton men. They are WotaOtt Henry
and Charles Brown of Philadelphia, Par
don Farr. Klchard Duane and John Wing
of New Y ork ; Edward Whitman of Tux
edo. Frederick Osborne, (iarrlson, N. Y.,
and Donald Dodge of Warrington. Va.
The bridesmaids are the Misses Julia
Lewis and Gertrude Henry. Philadel
phia: Bernlce Crawford of Virginia and
KatherlnO Le Urcedee of New Orleans.
I Titanic Survivor Will
lirorgr Hyde InrLe.
c.mipkriitown, N. Y., Sept. S iM rs
I Arthur ltyerson will announce the en
I gagement Sunday of her daughter,
Emily llorle, to (ieoige iiyae i iiitko
The date of the wedding nas not Den
get B Is expected to take place
The bridegroom will enter on a farm
ing course at Cornell and then settle
at Hyde Hall, the family homestead,
where ha Is to run a farm Inherlte 1
from his father, the late (Ieorge Hyde
Mlag Kyerson, who Is 21. with her;
mother, her sister, Suiette. and her
t.,.rth..r .Isck Is a HUrvlvnr of tlio Ti
tanic Hrr ratlier was orOWTlSC at mat
Tiis tirlrt.isrootii to lie Is a sraduate of
ii ,i v. ii. I and a brother of Mrs Arthur
Osgood Chotfti of Mew York.
It. 4, tiullrr'S I : ill line i.ien I ts-
noii.icei.irnt Kolluws t senrlate'e.
Mr. ind Mrs. William W, Merrill of
itushfnM, M. y., announce tha eiisKe-
ii ..rit of their cl iujfhter Wlnifrsd to
Aselstsni r'niied Hiates Attorney Henry
A linller. head of the antl-trust dlvl-
(i ,,, q th.. Ksdsral attorney1! oflleg
M um Merrill Is KOtlVS iwlullv at Heinp
Bteed, U I . where she miikee her home
during the winter months.
Mr 'luilar Is the second member of
ihe I'Vderil ptlorney'l staff to becoms
engaged within the past Hires days
The rlrnt wa Assistant I'tilleil Ktitex
Mtornsy Clauds rhompgoiii on of
Mr duller', sldl In the Sherman law
deiiiirtment Mr. duller nrogseutsd IhS
rolton co n : men iiti a number of
Important railroad cases. He also orn
ditrti I Ihe civil proceedings igalnet the
North Atlantic tejinalili pooL
OivPH Larfirf DailM for tin
Daujrhtors Mrs. Briitad
Has Hoiihp Tarty.
I.esox. Mas . Sept. S Mr. and Mra.
far! A. de Cersdorff gave a dance to
night at the Orchard In Stockbiidge In
honor of their daughters, the Misses
Josephine and Alama de (lersdorfT. and
for a parly of guests they are enter
taining over lathor Day.
Mrs. de Gerodorffi who has won many
honors foe artistic decoration, super
vise,! the setting for Ihe dance, whlcn
was largely In garden flowers and finely ;
blended hues.
There were about 100 persons at the
dance. Supper was served on the porch,
Mrs. Charles Astor Hrl.ted Is enter
taining a house parly at Iaikuslde Mr
Bristed will return Sunday from Plaits
burg. N. Y. With Mrs. Krlsted are Miss
Isabel Stettlnlus. Richard Kmmett,
Dwlght Partridge. la-slle Peveraux.
Frank Watrous and Flavel Hubbard.
Mrs. Mrisled entertained at a dinner
party to-night for her guests, un Mon
day night she will give a dinner and
dance at lakeside.
I. Wlsled Kendall has arrived to pass
the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Pavld
T. Dana.
Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge E. Tumure rave
a dinner party at lteaupre. entertaining
for their son. (ieorge E. Tumure. Jr.,
nd their daughter, MUa Irene Tumure
William Strong Pushing of Slmsburv,
Conn., lifted the Slockbrldge tennis cup
afternoon by defeating Amos M.
Wilder of Oberlln College, Ihe
lenger, 62, 6 S, 63. 6 t.
Mrs. Edward 11. Owen was hostess
e,t the club house for the afternoon.
Mrs James It Jesup. who Is inter
tainlng Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harkn. ss
Flagler, will give a dinner In their honor
to-morrow night at Curtis Hotel
Miss Emily Sloane and her father
Henry T. Sloane, will sail for France to-
j day on the I'.spagne. Shortly after their
I arrival In Paris Miss Hloane will be mar
ried to the Baron Amaury de la Orange, I
Ian officer In the French army. No de-
tails of the wedding have been arranged, !
a Ithe Baron is now with his regiment 1
at the front.
Miss Lucy Page Brown, daughter of j
Mrs. Arthur Page Brown of this city.
will be married to Harry Ml 4 fee of S in
Francisco to-day. The wedding will lake
ag t at Beaulleu. the country place of I
Mr. and Mrs. FranclH Carolau In the
Sini,i Clara Valley not far from San
Francisco. Miss Brown Ih
daughter .of Judge ltoger A.
this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Mills
nlanned (o Hail for Europe In
h Kraiul
I 'rvnr nf
Willi llHll
day, have
deel led to remain In Newport for some
Jlr. and Mrs. James Spcjer, with a
naetv of friends, Including Miss Anne
Morgan nun .'nw r.isn' nunc, u n
'yesterday fr thr i Ireenlirlrr, White Snl-
! nluir SDi'lnss. W. Va.
Mrs. O'rudcrlrk rearson. who has In in
nsHHlng the SURtmSr at AngleKiva. New
Is at the I'laia for a brief stay
Will t'nvrll Doraluiu's VicJ le-
siilte Art Commissioner.
i'hicauo, Hept. . "Profound regret"
I of Ihe Mists Art Commission that It did
1 not have opportunity to pass on the
, stal'ie of the lale UOV, John P, Altgeld
I before July 1, will not Interfere wllh
the unveiling of the memorial nesl Mon
day In Lincoln Park, aooordlng to the
I plans of dov. Dunns'! commission. The
' an commission met lo-day anil ex.
' pieHsed Its soi row Dial Hie tnodsl of tho
Altgeld group was not auhmltled In
lime for thai body1! opinion lo have
Influenced the llovertlor'B 0OmmlSSt0H
The masting of rl commission
and Its final prnnnuncomenl on Hie mat
i ter bring to an end the clash of the
commission and djiaon Boiglutn. the
I sculptor, j
'I have a few more left.
Jtnri . Illiilr,
Itor I'roiii
Jr., Another
e urk.
White UULFHUR dPniMOe, W. Va.,
Seiit. 3. .1. i; Uartlndale, vloe-preal.
dent of the Chemical National Bgnh of
New York, came to tne lireenbner to
day for the f.ll season and will take
the "Kure. " He spent pert of Augus(
here and at Hot Springs
Mr. and Mrs James Speer, who came
down In their private cir, are prominent
among today's N. w York an I vale.
Jair.es A. lllair. Jr. is staying with
"other, Mrs James A. II, air, at
her cottage Mis. C. I.
rived this morning to
end with 'Inn
tdyard HI ll r ar
pend the week
Jack French is hen with ills parents.
Dr. and Mrs John Heindnn French
Mr .ind Mrs Harry Bulet entertained
at dinner to-night at Ihe "Ireenbrler
for Mr ami M s. J H Ware of New
Y'ork and Mlee J ll McClun of Phlla-
Third and l.orgest I ntch nf Nraeon
Made ijiijri.
Another of the Coney Island shark
family, the third ami so far Die laresl
eaUght, was hauled up on Ihe Dream
land pier yeeterday afternoon, it was
fourteen feet long, 100 pounds in weight
ami required over three hours to land.
In Its final Struggle on the pier It man-
ageil to catch the bund of Detective
Shevlln ami tear ,t
Un needed hospital
Bathers begun in
' badly that Bhev
treatment st ud In protest that '
they couldiit swim
because of a large
shark hanging
afternoon. So
about early yeeterday
I letectlvei Lavelle nnd
nevun wen- delegated to catch n, and
Frederick Kopff, an attorney of HOT I
Wis! Blghth street ami 1 Liberty street
Manhattan, who has had experience in.
Southern waters, volunteered to help. Ai
long time waa spent In H small boat
with two harpooni without avail
Finally Mr Knprr lassoed the tlsh The 1
three then rea he i ihe pier ami dragged
ii out success run
The engagement ,.! Miss Clair.' Louise
Baxter, daughter "f Mr and Mra Rnh.
j art II Baxter of I7::i Dttmas avenue.
liiooKiyn, to Fredtrlck It. Palxel! Jr,
son of Frederick B Daltell of 111 ilaln
brldgc street, w-as announced yesterday.
lit! .t mm Irviai place it! I, MU-
MICIPAti BshlMllon .f ti4inilnii
loaned by th . .t ropuU t n Munum
to ici'.,r 1
ISth Ii .ii I Oramerv) Park, NATIOMAL
A RTI ' i.i i, rk ,lf ,).,., m.
lor.. p.i, .Imiy i,, Hniiilay .ifier-
nrinn. to i letbbsr
Sfith Ht snl Klflh Ave (3m, KOI.-
hAAB Summer review nf p liming
Jtvll. SI. Sll.l Klflh Ale 1.19(11 POl..
SUM Summer enlill.ltnni of Amerl-
ran salntlngi
toih Hi. cm i yifi ii avi . HACBBTsI
Hummer re. of palntlnI bl Aunt.
I eiin ante',
to. k Ht and Madison ai, (ITt). Alt-
MNQTON, I'ajnttng, by Ahiiey
Mslehera Matvalf, liiemtH.it. Doloh
end other.
Iltj Ht sad Kifih Ave.. PUBLIC! II
nit a it y Bkhlbltlon llustratlni ihe
niuklns of an enslaving Anniisl
hiiiiiiiui af new Him., elchlnga, ntho-
graphe, A-c
,4th Hi if. W i. DUPBNgINt Khl
lilt Inn of i ,i , s lo Amerlcun
ii ml furelgii uril.t..
t;,iii hi it n . i pifth Ave (Bin, IIONT.
KUHH Bshlbltlnn of -e'edei iv.irk
by American painter sail iculBtera
t M Ii HI lit XV i. OODPII, Hummer re-
rlew f cui. it- u uiit ut, monolypee
ami lirunxe.
l.'.ih Ht. mil Madison Ave, AlatOBI
Mummer eshlbltlon of ant lu ue, art
oblecti and ol isslii furniture
4i.Ul HI. aid Plfth An I till, ICNOMO.
I. Kit Painiins. lo Isrgent, Fuller,
t'h.ee. Murphy Hasam . i otasr
American ,r.'. Bgngulnel hi Me-
sjwen, M Rsettnls un.i etching. sw
portrait hul of King Alberl of Bel
17th Ht an. I Klflh Ave iMITi. HAI.H
TON ICiinll.lth.il nf portrait..
Hth Ht. mi Kifih Aie ii.Ki! I) ee.
TON Knhihit Inn end sele of ,,rg
mai. ii drawliUTi made itir fesfsrs
,m,l si NU leoa
.'.oiiiHi 'i'i Plfth Aie iTIth BHBIt'H
ggnlblllus 'f pslnllng. by old
Ilia. tern.
Iltfc Ht and l '"h Ave . im.aa.
Painting, by nni anil modern giaetere
lllh hi i in w . k a Ty. Bsnlbliloa
of email i 1 1 ri . 1 n g
i.nniiar.l Manelon, Rranv Park, near
Botanical flarilrti. Loan chihliinn
frinn M.tr'.p m Museum of Art
SEPTEMBER 4, 1915.
Claims of nival Committee! of
Ancient Order Heard and
claims by rival county committees: of
the Ancient Order of Hibernians that
I eacn is ine only organization wilh power
I to control Ihe lodges of the order in
(Jreater New Y'ork were made In the
Supreme Court yesterday before Justice
i 1 "onnelly
The dispute came before the court on
an application by Roderick J Kennedy,
I recognised head of the local Organise
i lions of the National Ancient order of
, Hibernians to dissolve a temporary in
junction obtained hy the Ancient order
i of Hibernians of New Y ork county, re
icently incorporated, restraining Ken
' nedy's organisation from holding an out
ing at Bulger's Harlem Rlvsr Park to
: night
J Power Donellan. attorney for the
Kennedy organisation, told the court
that several years ago the slew Y."tk
organisations of the national associa
tion were suspended because (hey were
behind m their dues and from that
lime were denied passwords, ritual and
copies of the .Vafioael Hiberw(aMi (he
organ of the order.
Some month ago the president and
secretary of the national ordet. repre
senting a membership of 110,000, came
to New York and conferred with the
Heads of tne local organiiatlons on
taking steps to reenter ihe national as
sociaiion, some or the local leaders
agreed I" take the steps prescribed ami
regain their standing and others did
not Those who did consent appointed
Kennedy as president of their county
committee, anil those who declined con.
tinned their separate Incorporated local
Lawyer Donellan said that unless the
injunction were vacated the oullng
OOUtdn'l be held (o-nlght "We are '
Hibernians and WS want people to know
It," said Donellan. The court ruled
that since the organization In good
standing with the national association
is me only one entiticii to use the name
nf the Ordl
r tin- Injunction inu-ci b
Maht C, S Katks, who died July 'i
laet nt Geneva, Bwltisrtsnd, left sn
estate of more than IOO000. She
gave 4O(O0O and a car's salary,
amounting m I,tOO, to Pram Bohrslbsr
of Paris, "now in my service.'' Bohrsi
bar fllerl an affidavit staling that he
bail been a member of the ileceilent's
i household for twenty -Hve years. The
Ustatrll gave ll,00t in minor lie
I QUSgtl to frlsnds J. mt rslatlVM and left
I Ilii.nOil each and a quarter of the re
siduary estate each to In r nephew,
I Henry Oaler, ami nieces, Harriet A.
' McLean, Annie J ilruner and Laura 1).
KAvd Pari Honan, who died pebru
I ary li Isil and was the wife of I ir
William F. Honan, left '.'7.444, all lo
bet husband. liefore his mairlsgc to
. Hie decedent Dr, Honan was the hue
: band of lira Ida I'lausHen.
Makik Nki.i.in BlN IDIOT, wife of
I Henry Harper Heneillct, left IS, 000 to
ihe Brooklyn Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Children and the same
amount to the Kort Plain Cemetery
j Association lor Ihe Catherine Nellls
I memorial ohapsl, sii.. gave l,ooo each
1 to two servsnte, Pauline lierg and
Flmma OllOn, and gave $::o,nun and her
j petsotial effects to her gramldaiiKhier,
Mirle Alexandre rorresl Her son-ln-i
law. Archibald A. Vorrest, and his
sons. John II. and Harry 11 Porrsst,
got $10,000 each and the lesldue was
divided equally between the decedent's
I hUSbaild and her daughter, Helen
i I oeuresema. Solly for Saffra.e.
MlTUOHISt, N. J., Kept. I. Congrssi'
! man T J Bully to-day cann out wllh
a lengthy stafVmenl In support of woman
suffrage He says tb.it abuses that
men voters fall to correct are assured
of reform If equal suffrage win.. He
says women have fully demonstrated
their fitness for equal political privi
leges with the other six.
Prima Dnnnn Kntcrtaincit nt
Afternoon Ten in the
Casino TheHtre.
When little Vlvirnne Segal, who sings I
In "The Hlue Paradise" at the Caalno. i
made her first appearance In that work
her bow sraa sudden. She had been pre-
paring only a few days for the part.
That debut, even If hurried, was a suc
ceaa. But the Shuberts, ever since he
teamed Into the prima donna's role at
the Caalno and covered herself with such
glory, have felt that there was Brother
ort of debut Miss Seg-al i.ught to
make. Ho there was a tea In her honor
at the CaBlno yesterday afternoon with
the object of Introducing her to society
on Broadway.
Framces I'emaresl. the atatuesipie
beauty of "The Blue I'nrndlse," pound
lea Miss Segal, as became a debutante,
received In white. All the debutantes
Of the Broadway set. from the Casino
On the south to the Winter Harden on
the nort-. were present 10 make her feel
at home At :Sn. when the tea Just
simply had (o come (o un end becsus"
the stage was nagdad for the tvanlng
performance and .1. J Shutmrt does not
approve of late hours for any of his de
butantes. Miss Segal said she feit as if
she knew everybody so well that she
would not In the least mind asking them
their reil names.
There was an Impromptu entertain
ment provided by the chorus In which
Elsa MftOhangf and Kadileen li .rge d!'
(It gulshed themselves. Miss Segal ahook
hnnds and said "h. howdy." to Iner.
Plummer and Helen Falconer, Violet
Homing and Marilv no Miller. Peggy
Wood and Clalrlmrtie Foster. I.aura
Walker and Daphne Pollard, as well as
Francine l.arrlmore, Miriam Collins,
Hattle Burks. M argot Wllllsms, Alma
Belwm, Violet To.l. alio was chaperoned
by Julian Kl'.ir.ge , Anna Wheaton, who
1 Is Just back from London and told (he
I girls ali about Shirley Kellogg. Marie
I Chambers. Prance rrltchard. Kalhleen
I Macdonald, imee Dalmoras, Motile King
I 'ird all tiie debutantes of Broadway I HIT,
1 model. Miss Segal though! they were
lots nicer Ihgfl grand opera and Phila
delphia, which was all she had ever
known before.
Olive Fretnstad has been engaged by
Cleotbnte Pampanlnl to sing vagncrian
roles with the Chicago Opera Company
during the coming season in Chicago.
She will appear as BraaaJMMs and
fee id. She will not be a regular mem
ber of the company, but will sing as a
guest a number of nines. Mine Knur
Hlad lsst year confined herself alto
gether to concert appearances,
it is not Improbabla thai Mma, Frenv
Htad may be ht.ird again at the Metro
polltan opera House When Qlullo
(iatti-i .'asaz.a arrives in New York he
will find on his desk In the Metropolitan
Opera House as bulky an envelope as he
ever laid his eyes on. In it will be a
number of tenets from Mine Frsmstad'S
frlerids requesting thai she be engaged
for a number nf appearances In her
most noted pans at the Metropolitan.
Mme Fremstiid refused to listen to
the offer of fifteen appearances made
lo her by the director of the Metropoli
tan Opera House a year ago, but it is
probable she will be glud to make her
reappearance there again, since she has
never been altogether supplanted in her
fine dramatic performances of Ihe Wag
nerian heroines.
t he mennttmo w m t
on pari nt to return
i rmia donnan
her fir COH
J are
, certs,
i terms
contract are an for snorter
Ht th- Metropolitan thin year
f the women Infer ;re engaged
! fr only flfit-n appea rancea. Frieda
' Hempeli wh- win run f. r a shorter time
than he did last y-ar. wilt leave Rot-tt-niam
for thli country on Btptotnber IS.
On her arrival she will Matt on a 0on
cart tour and will then coma hack to
Htudy "Martha." wliuh hIh will sinjc thll
winter at the .Metropolitan for the nrnt
i time.
Kmtny I 'est inn is t Mart in a few
day from her home in Prague fi this
I country ghe haa given her home to tha
Austrian army for us. as a hospital ami
hart been hernelf in fharnre of the
nurslna. She will ft" directly to the
West, as her
'oncerte will begin in Call
Puoclnl'i "Madama Butterfly' win he
Bung by the aiowa Opera Company
with a Japanese prima donna In the title
role and the itt of the pelt t.ken by
persons of the same nationality they "fe
ouppoeed to repreaent. Thus Triomas
vJhaimert and Rlccardo MHrtin will hUik
1 the parts of
Consul from
the navy officer and t he
America and ukkm Sa n
will te the h-rlne. The latter whs
highly iuoceaaful laat sprm In London
and there mad" h r arcitt.-M luooeoi ai
the Puccini heroine, sue atudled mualc
at the Conaervatory of Mualc In Nag I
ttaki and In Italy.
Th fx pertinent ma) be Intereatlng aa 1
h novaltTi but tt le ""t a prlnotple that j
ehould carried loo far Think of I
what miRht happen if "Alda" thoUld ht
cast In OUCh a reallatlc fashion!
It Is with uncertainty that all man.
,gers attempt to ravlve even the most
gUjumagfUl plays In this city They are
rarely liked enough a second time to
make t-hein profltlibls Hut this has not
been the fate of "Chin Chin '' which is
drawing large crowds to the Qlobs Thea
tre fine hundred and Bill) women
members of ihe Newark Progressive
Club attended the performance last
Noil YValiurn. director of the Century
Theatre, was in a laxlcab ysstsrda)
when a heavy niotor truck collided wllh
li. Mr. VVayburn was stunned, hut after
a while was able to don his ewea'er and
under the eye of hla personal physician
continue his dally bstlll for art
gy train linn appointed woman
assistant stage manager for her com
pany, which is laid lo Ih the grit In
stance in which such rMgMMIIblllt) has
been given to n woman Hut managing
Miss Irwin's actors ought not to be illtll
cull. H siims as If an) woman might
be equal lo Ihe task.
William Blllotl has hi. noun, ,d Un
title of the play which he will produces
on Monday afternoon, ii Is "Billy, Jr"
It was first called "The DsJIllquentS"
and then struggled alum for a while
with no nmne at all
White Sulphur Springs
Staff of experienced Physicians in attendance
7:46 I. .M Klrit torchlight parada
of thu refrrrntlum rAmpalgn from lln
Flrat avtnua and HI it lath airart up
Klrat avenue to 111th atraal. Brinnara
In right Irtnguagr. iriah. I'onah. r
mun, Italian, flrcejk, Hyrlan. Jewlah anrl
Chlneaf, will Hppf.tl to tha man to vote
f.r woman rultragr NovamhaT t.
I P. M Opfn air mating at Elgnth
avanua a.n1 Uth atraat.
I t 10 I. M Wagonetta "Victory"
inttlng at Jt. Ann'a avanu and lfllat
Mrept and at WUIM avenue and 141th
t V. M. Outdoor niftttlng at Nlnpty
Mttll ."trtM and Hroatlway.
1:10 I. M. Outdoor matting at 125th
atrcat and Ht. Nlrt.oUt.fl avnu.
S:30 M Outdoor maatlng at
lMth atraal and Ilroadaay.
( Ivll Wrnr Valrrao nl rionrrr of
i n u . out! II Ira.
LaKgWOOO, X J., 8upt. 3. CajH. Al
bert M IJradshaw. who came here soon
after the end of the olVlt war ond wns
one of the pioneers In the building up
of l.aaewuod. died her to-day at the.
age of i i He auii born in aw Voik
(.'apt. Mradshaw enlisted In 1SHI in
Company U, Klghth New York In
fantry. In Ih.1 he became a Captain
In the 1 27th New York Infantry When
he oairie here the placG waa Ummn as
llricksburg He botlghl a general store
and later engaged In the real ivstate
and InsuraiKc bUsltleea, after which he
formed a partnerehlp with others, who
built the I.aurcl House. lie was the
lirst president i' the hotel operating
company. He was one of the builders
in' 'he I.auiel-in-the-Plne...-
He argg praatdenl of tho Lgkgwood
Trust Oomapny, isistinaster for main
years, member of l he ltepuhl-eun HUeSoak
RMnmiiievi ami nrrto two lerms in the
New Jers y lA'gll 1.I1. re. He leaWcl
'H f i .
If for Whorl lltBMBg V
John WMIPhin Ai tiffin. flB yearn old,
(IM yrntf idfty Hi hl tmnip. 2H Went
f "l ft v '-fourth rt t --t . lifter ft nhort lllntM
He w;. bortl In N' York clly, the Mil
r John Attkp.i. miii huh ir: iiiUuitfri from
Pri notion tTnlvorotty in
Ht wi.-i n rntmbor "f the nrtn of John
Altkpti i ."(nf-. dry n-xwlit HMrolinntS
illrwtor nf the Set-nn.l MntlOl Hnnk, n
tniMti of tht H wery SavirnTM Hntik. ;i
member f the American Pint Artu si
tiet, t h UetropuUtnn Muwum of Art,
thf AmerW'Mii MtlOtttlll of N;.tuni1 lllh
tory, th' Chinther nf Pomtnoice. th
N w efork BoOlOiftCAl Soi lety and jf
thefe olulW' tnlvertlty, lnion LOftfUO,
Motropoltutni Prlnooton Md Automobile)
of Amerlc.i.
lit toovtJ I sn and a daiigtbtei.
Jnmri Finn
.lumen Finn, who whk warden of tho
Tonili prleon from 1H7K to ivs7, lonaer
than any other Incumbent of th- oftl'-e,
died on Wednesday. He wan 72 year
Old and lived with his on Charles V.:
Finn, at 176 Prospert Plat e West,
Mr Finn was horn In Irel md. He
was active in Tatnman polltlca under
Rti hard CrOker and was 1 friend
of John Kelly. Ho was appointed
warden of the Tombs by Townsend Cox,
under Mayor Smith Bly. Hi whs In
th.trKe of the district prions rf N'ew
York When Ahram Hewitt VII Mayor
Bealdae his son he haves a daugh
ter, Mrs. ARnes Ciry
I'lhoinl i M i i in m 1 1 tinker.
nAaTFogOi Cona . St
tor hward William'
Mayor of this olty I ' I
tiuni this gftei noon at
near New Ijonduii.
pt. .1 state Sen.
Hooker, who was
u H'7 until IfOOi
Ma summer home
tl a as Ikorn in
l h;. In this eity. whleh hin
of -seven genera! Ion back( the
Thomas Hooker, founded In III. Hla
mot ler WEI a dem-vnuant of William
Will a ma of Uabnnon ilgner of the
Im laratton of Indapendenoe, He leave.
a wi:e and two children.
Mrs. Mnr)
ii i -n n. 1 1
MOABIVTOWN, N J. Kept 1 News
waa received hera to-day of the death
ot fn Mary v Buehnell, widow of
Thomas c Huihnell, at North Baal Har
iair. Mi. Mr. Buahnetl Wai an a?soi late
of John P tie kefetler, Sr.. in the Stan
dard Oil Company. Mra. tluehnell lived
with her daughter and gonlniaw( Mr
and Mra Alexander Torrance( it ! Kim
I 1 ',t
Mr. Miirmirt't . Wnller.
Rt'THBRrVn . N, J , Sept 3 --Mrs
Margaret A waiter, widow "f John
Waiter, for lwentyflvi
manufacturer In Nutlej
died hist night
in her home, ail Park avenue, hh'I 74
years Mra Walter waa a member of
the old Klngaland family which settled
n Bergen
mint y
m'i,. than one
leaves a sot
and a
years an"
, ,auftht. i
Mrs. i in 1 1 R . Browne. I ,
Mra Emily K. Browne!!, 7j. widow of
Capt. John I Brownell, long assist a nt
sup rlnti ndenl of the New Virk and
Brooklyn Ferry I'ompany. tiled yester
day at her home, Ifl H.tlsey street
Hi ooklyn.
She leaves a min
id two
Mr, tiiim II, nod
Mr- Anna RrgUdi v'. Wli
Adelard Braudi for many years
the foremoel sugar plsnters in
ana. died yestsrday a' tin- homi
,,ii of 1
one of
e of her
IM Van !
dn iigbti
Alsl ai
. Mrs John
r' Terrio
land city
nue. Long Ii
."i II.
II ii htin nl.
i iiii II II ibb.ird. 4 1. of II Martian
street, Brooklyn, died on Thurada) .it
St Luke's Hospital, Manhattan ' lie
was well known in the garment irade
and w in editor 'f Yuorttf 'l Bulletin
I lifiHre I li tig. it i'il lit Will In ),, i i.
l Mlilll tit I 1 1 1 I i I i -1 , l n,
Santa IUkkaha, (h! . Hept, yttr thf
lll'tffiu'rif of the H it'la I DfllAnv unH
I thf i nonurngmfnl .f ilramaiti. taUm
M iiiK i'o now turn u iittit? oountry plsty
hoi.,, projtottd by Mrs, WlllUm MHUi
QfAhatn, Ktul llailffHKl v brr wIMi thf
AMlvttnos o( Willi polk Tin thtfttrc
WAI ?"'" d liirAt nlffhl With an jiinl.cn. -f ,.f
100, Int'lii'llnv HM Ml w V' rkir .
WilllAni RhlnsUndsr Vtmi .irt, Mr nni
Min ltcKiii.il. I RIvab, Matlinon Qrttlt and
Mm WIUtM r'olk
inllbur' FIM riUKlnfo.l Karl f! ralmm
in Hi;it;!nR th nnt pfrfurmtincf, which
Now Voikors Scoff nt Wmft
lagton Idea of Chnm
Iinffiio or Ink.
I'ooks did Indeed disagree yesterday
over the best way to boll a ham, when
three noted master cooks wore naked
their views of the great ham contest In
Washington, when one ham was boiled
In champagne and another In Ink, aa
told In a dnepatch to Til Si n.
Two definite Impressions resulted :
That a ham should not be boiled In
champagne, aa ('. I Richardson, a
Washington real estate man. main
tained, and that a ham should not tie
bollod In ink, despite ex-roslmasler
Frank Conger's say so. Also. It was ap
parent Dial there probably are as many
"only" ways to cook a ham
as ih'Mt
are rooks.
However, let the authorities be Intro
duced and let them pronoum-e their
opinions They are Jean RlchroohOi thf
Vanderbllt s youua Krcm h t hef ,
IMouard Cam bard of the Mt Alpin. who
finds time to teach the young women at
Teat hers Collgga and Va -sar to rook,
and louli Seres of the Bl It mora. They
are among the best paid men of thla
profession In New York
M Klehrorhe:
"There let no other way to eook a
ham but In water. The bam should he
1 In watei- all night and then put
to simmer for two nnd a half to three
hours. Then let it eool off In the name
water. The main point In. OOOklltg a
ham Is to have It simmer, not bull ; have
tt Just bubble slowly In bubbling It
avoids the rrat-king of the skin and the
good Juices remain inside and do not
escape, that Is the gelatine that makes
the ham ho delicious
"After It simmers for two ami a half
or three hour on the range let tt cool
In Its own water. The ham Is supposed
to be cured and made delicious by the
brine, and this will give it aUftlclent
flavor without pulling In anything else
In cooking with champagne or ink the
only thing accomplished would bu the
spoiling of the bam It WOUM be ab
Hoiut ciy wrong.
"Bven the famous Virginia home
cured hama would be spoiled If one were
to put anything else In them when
I cooking. The only thing tine feoM m
preparing the Virginia hams is to roast
i them after they are cooked, being sure
to uae a generous amount nf brown
I sugar and doves, rubbing the ham with
I theae before roasting "
j M. Seres had this to aay :
"I never tiled cooking a ham In Ink.
; therefore I can't aay what effect It would
I have on the ham. Cooking a hum In
i champagne, however, has been tried.
I without mut h UCceeS. either for the
bam or the champagne. Champagne
turns to water When boiled or heated
for that matter, so you see the wine
would have absolutely no effect o-i the
meat. In my opinion a ham does not
absorb the flavor of any liquid outside
cf water The salt In the meat counter
acts lhat. Sugar acts somewhat the
same In this respect, gUing us the eugftr
cured ham.
"The ham can be given a wine flavor
but first it must be cooked In water In
the usual way. The flavoring prooeoi III
Homething that is done afterward Tile
way to do It ts to take the ham after
1 It has been bulled and place It In a high
i pot over a layer of ClOVefl or spicy trlm
I Tilings Then a guart bottle of madeira
j or sherry la poured over It. a little w.v. r
! added and the ham Is left to simmer
for an hour or more Sometimes older
is used in the sano- way as Madeira or
( the sherry and the effect Is mi tie aa
M Panchard said that both WaMi I h ei
ton ham OOOkl were right . thai a ham
OOUld be cooked In champagne or In ink.
although Ink cooked ham is not a dish
tha: will ever be found on any 'if hi
mt i. us
"To cook a ham In champagne re.
qui rea special ap pa rattle" he said, "and
then the hum does not really bull In the
wme. A ham la boned and compressed
in a cooker covered with u pint of cham
pagne, and the whole apparatus Is then
im me reed In water and boiled for houri
"There Ii another proceea of cook inn
ham which in my opinion Is odd enough
lo occupy the spare time of the twu
Washmgtonlans. and it results In a great
delicacy Let them OOOk their hams 'i
hay according to thla recipe; del a nice
Virginia ham Of tWOlVi to fifteen
pounds. Wrap thla In fraeh mown ha
1 and boil for three or four hour Sugar
I the ham and put m a pan covered with
hugai . sprinkle with brandy and glaie
In the oven."
a 1TK EN
geplember . Itll,
-m Fifty .fourth
at hi rtftWfncfc
nire-- John W Atlkf
B'Xth Vf.ir if hll ;-'
Kuntr.il p-lva:. It l
flu h trs Im Bttlts
HUAL'.MAW A I I-all. N
Friday i srp!tMni'r I
Itra.i-fisiw , etgtt' " l I
'n th- elat
It, J on
Alhert M
Kutu ml Mr !
he Iih
en Ma
iAlntf1 Chun h, i.4k
A ,1,
itny. rteptemter , :
I frntfttl pt t
MI HHNK1.I. At North
fftiomhor 3. NUry Q
;.-t Hsrbe
Me .
i. low
i.r thomoa 0u)hB9l
Kuncri.l trv Icfl tit 'hur. h
Rfdftmtri MnrrUt'twn, J , .
(i.i morntnsi siinii..
o'.iuik. Kindly omit flowin
liKViNK Olffj HsyilMI Murviif
ri nkkai. CHURCH. Ml
T'r.tv-'hlrtl tr-m' il'rank K
.. Biilldini lunUy, i
M fi
ll U
V Ml
i :ck
, usplcft Acton Iuftt1
r.itui;i.i.--on W4nMdt,y, ptfmbfr i,
IwX'k K1-irl l. Furre:!, 1ttajvxl it j
bati'l tf Kathirtn "! MctlOWAH
Kuiif 'tl from hn Ifttf mldfACt, Writ
BlyhtyflBth ItrMti ut lllO, on Ml
ur-lay, KtptMtlbor 4, thfftcf to i hf
Church f Ml, Pottl t)i. Apoftit. Colunv
bup uvcnu'i u o i iftfty ninth itrtft,
m hf r a e-'.niii re.ji.lnn itMn ,,
ofttrnd ti ! u iiwk RtlntlvtM nu4
ft if iui inviti i Kindly omit Auwnri
KKON - JnntM Kfon nl Botton m
hnlnvod hunbnnd ! Mav Tnli luddtnlPi
i. ii fpttmnoi' i- 1 1 i sV, in Nw Vtrh
'Hy. mii 4 ynnra.
Ktinffai Pnturdnyi 11 m. In Pnuiiwi
Km iier' Churohi Hint if th firf nt nnt
Colunthu nvtnui imnrttttnt nun ir
at iMihi lottft n'- v ii"-' n nnd
Konhnntnr pnpnrn p etm copy
MORH1M Knttr
Nurth t'harl
llnry. wldou
)t 1 1m anil
i into i i-M on 't ii i' id y(
HI hfi fMldntll t'H
i si fff i , hk. i i itnorti mi
of Thnmni Holllnfnworth
dttunhtor "i tn .
Rovfrdy s'1 M" Howln j,,.,.-
'HTHlsKU "n rriuj. Hnptfmhnr :
hi rntldnnoti 1141 Mndlton nvnnufi
Fr.ink. hnlovtd huthnnd of Unuri
Noii.v of funerj; hfrnnftnfi
wai.i.kn Lnurn Uoulff Wai n. widow f
Un Hrnrt P WnlUn, a. a, and
tfnufhtff of tlif Lite Kurgtaon Jo)m i
i'ttinp. Ht a intlfl City, in bof nine
titth ynm
Ptinnrnl mrvK'ti will hf hi 1 n 'hi yftl
tfoWff ol tr noBi hi Utttt Km m. Konh
t rr " , Whl'tr PUtn-. V V , mi 1 1
illy Hftrtnotn, nl 3 01 k InttrnttHI
to on i t itt ' ton vi nltm of tiia
family, rifsur omit flowtfr.

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