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With (hp r nlted Htste. with which it I
wa threatened, after the Arabic Incl
lent ll In not believed. In ofricl! quar
tan that tlif Merlin Government would
ounsel It ally to do an) thing to alien-,
ate further the good will of thla coun- 1
try. I
Hrny !! Una Hoard of .. Action
Tnirird Ilia liepall.
Dr Burnt! and Prince llohciilohe ef i
the aft. Regit ahout s ill oYlock leal
evening and ramelned away until eboiit
10 o'clock. When they r ot nt iifl it was)
by the aide entranre to the hotel, and
('apt vdn I'npen. military attache of
I lie Oai'llMtn Rmbsiiy, and another mem-
ber of the Aus, ; 01 lungarian ataff were
with them An niur and a half later
Capt, von I'Hpen dee. ended In the oleva-1
t o- from Dr liumba's apartment sjid 1
went out. He w aa iiitrrceplefl by a
Hun reporter, e. id asked him if ha ha J
nvarq reports m.it he was In oahgei
of being recalled. He s.ild he had not
"lo you antic. iat,e any action looa
lag toward your remit ' ' be waa asked
"No I do not know that I am in
vol d In any way."
In reply in quest. on-' aa tM whether
ne no I iieen witn nr. Punna during
ih, tvenlnl and if the Austro-Hun-Mauan
A in hassudnr Wag alill at the hotel
apt von I'apcn MM "I reall cannot
sa anytMng about that.'"
H nlll . llni. .in I ii in mi., n I . , It.-
in tinanatlor'a 4 lie,
ip"iu ' tittle lleepatrh In Tin. Si
Amstvhpam. Si pt 10 The semi
official Barman hewi agenei, Wolff's
Bureau, or Merlin, telegrapha:
"If 1 r. IMmiha onl) warned hl coun
trymen not lo commit acta forbidden by
the Auatrlan penal code, that la not
only his right, hut his duty."
Precedent Require! That Ho
Receive in rnmolrsted
Trip IInne.
WAiHtMOtOK, sVpt. in Just a pre--nVnt
pxisi-il for the- Action of the
T'niied State in requesting; Austria to
recall hr AnihuMwiiiior. Dr. CotiBtantln
T I'u'iiha. mo prerrdent has marked out
the ' OUfM f procedure to be followed
by tilt- State I Hparttnent In imeet.lnf the
liarth Burnt,
Whl 1 Word hu been received by Dr
Dumbs (hat hli 'Jovernment hart acceded
to the roqttSSt of the I'nlted Slates that
b. b,. rc. ailed. It will be the duty of the
Slate I ep:irtmcnt to facilitate his de
parture in every way, and to unsure him
"I" an unmolested trip from the t'nited
Stateis and vafe voyage home.
The rw-partrnent will not only furnish
Dr. Dumbs with pa poili if be de
Sire them but ah-io with aMnurancea
from the Kntente Allies for the safe
COflducI of 1 r I nimba through their
line to htS home country or to some
neutral tiatlon.
Kxplalnlnf the dlOtlnctlOn between a
roquoat for the Anihaendor! recall and
h dlamtasal of the diplomat from this
country, i if Acini of the Department
itatod hat In the present instance Dr.
I mmb t would not necessarily be re
quired to leave the I'nlted States pro
vided he remained here In the capacity
Of a private Individual. Custom, how
ever, has de reed that he should fo.
The request for safe conduct and pass
ports, it Was explained, would come from
The ofhVtal of ihe Austrian Hmhassy
whom the Austrian Government selects
ut have temporar) rharif of its inter-
estl here Itaron Kricb Zwiedlnek von
Hudanhorat, the counaottor of 'be em,
baaay, will probably be the one so se-
lectad Mad Praaldonl Wilson decided
on a Btttnmary dismissal of the Am
bassador rather than a request for his
recall I rT, I Kimba would have received
bis paaaporta and safe conduct papers
With a demand that he leave at once. j
According l" the rules of precedent, i
the Btltonta Allies will not hesitate to
give the nacoaaary safe conduct papers.
Which arOUld be addressed by the dlplo- '
matte raproaent atl vaa here of these
OUntri Oa, either to the military and
naval authorltlei of their respective I
Governments or "to all whom It may I
concern" and would state that at the I
rOQUOal f Hie Government of 'ernited
Btataa safe conduct was a.keu for Dr.
Dumb i.
Theac papers. with the passports,
would be aant t the Austri'-fiunaarian '
iSmbaaa) b) thi State Department and
by it turned over to Dr. Dumba, who.
bolng raona non grata could not per- j
OnoHy '-til a( tha Department.
Botwoan the tune that Dr, Dumb I
laaVel and the time bis puccsuor Is ap- I
polntad and preaanti hli eredentials the
'hargc d'Affaln s would enjoy all the I
privileges of audlanca with the Bac rotary
of State. Aust ria-Hungary would be I
expettet). however, to appoint a succes- ,
or ti Dr Dumba without unreasonable I
dalai t rthorwiao, the i fnltod states
WOUld feel called upon, under precedent,
to Inform the Austrian Government of
Itl int' ntlon to withdraw Ambassador
Crrni II ri la I n Will I. rant lllm
Httfg- It i' I urn.
,.,! ' iM htnpatt h g Tar IgN
I.OM...M. Hept 0. The Hrltlah Kv. j
arninent has not yet been requested lo
furnlah aafa conduct for the Auatrlan
Ambaanador to tha I'nlted statea, Dr
Dumba Ha undoubtedly arlll he par-
mltted re: urn lafely to Auatrla. anil I
hla aucoaagor will also be allowed to
make the Hip lo tha I'nlted Statea with
out interference from the llrltlsb au
thorities. In the event that the Military Attache
cf tha Herman Kmhassv In Washington.
Capt von Pgpan, should be reculleil. clr-
I'umwtencaa will he aomawhal dlfftrant,
but iii view of his diplomatic capacity,
then is no doubt that, aa u matter of
courtesy to the I'nlted States, he will
be treated similarly as lr. Dumba
CblaagvU Leader Hs lllil Dispute
l auai-il Trouble In Ntiopa.
CHICAUOi Kept 10. The Houble which
has developed in trie htat few days in
laveral CMilcgfo mgnufgotuflng plants
batwaan imployera and antployaaa, gfhlch
hftg been attributed tn tlie alleged im
splfaoy lo oall s likes Mhlch resulted in
the recall of Ambaaaadoi Dumba, grew
in 'd dlapiHa Of years at.nnding be
t M lbs International Machinists
L'nlon und the Notional Metal Trades
Ass uitiuii. gooordlni 10 A Itoblnson,
un officer of the labor nrgantxatlon here.
The explanation of Koblnaon was
concurred In by manufacturtra, artio said
I here were OOntrgota for the manufacture
of n:n iik lid lain hart, but that very
title a being turned out as yet ba.
j.. ii ,.f ti,e la. u ,,r propar mpwhlnary.
I It raggOtl that tlitsie atilkes are
I" relied," said RoblngoPi "Is bc
gUM wa mean lo take advuntagc of
n " of uitohinists tu unloiiiie the
i bopgi"
Action in Dr. Dumba's Case
the Administration's General Policy Is Criticised
in German American Press.
American newspapi-rs heartily Indorse i
the action of the Wilson Admlnlatrutlun
in asking for the recall of the Auatrlan
Ambassador. Ir Humba. Sharp criti
cisms of the President's general policy
continue In the Herman language news-
paper llelow are eilltorlal enmmenta. ,
The riHIM 'loi- Tbe rlreumata nee I
that led to lir. Dutntm heccmlng per-
sona non grata to the I'nlted mates
Govern RIOTM waa an aatoundlng dlplo-j
malic Indlporetlon. but it nevertheless Is'
to be regretted that a etateam.in wh i
hail so much to his credit during the J
past year should thus and Ills relations I
with Washington. Dr Dumba worked
hard to maintain the friendly relations
t tween ti.r 1 nited States and tie-many
Any recognition by us of the principle
of such ambassadorial activity would
create an Austrn-Hungarlan suieralt ty
over thl American Republic. Tbemanu-'
facturg of munitions Is legal according'
to thi' law of nationa and our ow n atat-,
uti s.
The Chronicle: There waa no option!
to the course of Washington In demand
i; k ihe recall of Dr Dumba. It was an
net uf nectaslty for the preservation not
only of the national dignity, but also of i
cur domestic peace. No country can 1
afford to tolerate an Interference with 1
Its political or Industrial relations by a I
representative of a: v forelan I'ower.
I'nofftcta anarvhists rna conie to our
shores utaler the pretence of be inn
peaceful men intent upon acquiring cttl- !
xenahip. We do our best tu keep aucn
undesirables out f the country, but tt is
n grojii breach of privilege when those!
whose fortlgu cltlsenshlp Is conceded ;u j
mattei of diplomatic right mnke effcrts 1
in the direction of causma domestic dis-1
Tbe tor Of course It Is Intole: able
that any foreign Ainhaeaudor ahould at - '
tempt to Interfere In the donieetic affair
of the country' to which he Is accredited
If Ambassador J'enfleld ahould have been
discovered fomenting striken In Aufctr'.a
he would have been guilty of a serious I
breach of good faith, ami the Austrian ,
tk.vernmemt would have bean compelled
to ask for his rex -all. The a.-tlvltlew of I
Amlsiasador Dumba have left no alter
native to that request from this ilovern- ,
ment to Austria Dr. Dumba will lie.
jsipular at home. Hut bis usefulneaa In
the I'nltisl States is ended
"f4Mta.tofltftaT" Declare. 111s Of
frncc I iipnrdonablt.
The New York newspaper com-
ment as fnltowliig this morning on the
Dumba Incident :
Press. Hrushing aside the polite
fictions, it ts apparent that If Dumba
was doing what his Government wanted
him to do the ( Jovernment, not Dumba.
Is the real offender, In that case dip
lomatic relations with that Government
should no longer be poaatbto. And fol- i
lowltiff the same Inexorable Inga . if the
German Government was s mpathetlc
and In unison with t bese name Impro
prieties then the need of the hour i
Times" Call It First Definite
step of v. s. in the Euros
peso War.
vpe. nil iltilt lessireA In Till. l s
LONDON, Sept. ll Saturda Th I
London morning papers In their Aral 1
comment on the action of the United
Htates in demanding the recall of the ,
Austrian Ambaaaador. Dr. Constantln
T, Dumba. are ungntDIOlM in approving
the step.
The belief Is generally expressed that
there was no other way open for the I
I'nlted Htates In the face of what Is de
nounced by one paper as "an affront too
flagrant and too clumsy.'' President
Wilsiui la eulogiaad for his patience und
endurance In view of previous provoca
tions from the German and Austrian'
overnmanta and their repreeentatlvea I
In Washington Onl paper, the mlj
Kxpreil, ask.i. "Will fount von Hern
atorff's recall be demanded 1 If not,
why not?" Thla paper continues:
The Government In Washington, for;
reasons which we have no right to'
, i Hi, is,, is determined to endure affrontv
with dignified patience But Dr Dum
ba's affront was too flagrant and too
clumsy to lie borne ' ,
The Oropbb aaa editorial!) "Presi
dent Wlawn bus given a lesson In be
ha,v4or which Ih badly needed by both
Teutonic Powera."
The .s'faiidorii thlnka lluil i he I'resi- j
dent his ehown himself Jealous of the1
honor of Ins country, though "to hla
credit he catinoi bi accused of being
quick lo quarrel." The paper . ontlnuaa:
"His action perhaps will altow the !er-
in in- who Impoaed their mothoaa upon
the Auatrlans that be Is not to lie
trifled with, however suave and lung
KufferlnK !' inV episode i one
more iroof Of the detet in natloii of the
Teutonic allies to iut themselves oui
glda the pale of civilised Intercourse "
The 7iiaes says :
"The Dumba affair Is merely an in
cident and hears atiout the same rela
tion to the vital Carman-American Is
sues that tbe Tamplco ,iag Incident bore
to the Mexican question. The United
States, after thirls' mouths of acqu,ea
eence in Mexican anarch. with tlie go
compgnylng luas of American Uvea and
Injury to American property auddenly
look vigorous action hex-ause Huerta
refused to salute the Stars and Stripes.
So now the first definite move of the
I'nlted Slates Gover..ment In Ihe Ku
r ope an war has been made, not to exact
reparation for Ainerl'-an Oltlggng wiiom
Germany barliaroualy murdered but to
punish a breach of diplomatic etiquette.
We mention the contrast not by way
of. criticism hut to einpnasixe the dif
ficulty of understanding the American
attitude and of fbreggglng what Inc,
denta will leave the United Statea Gov
ernment passive und what stir It to
"When Americana complain thai their
position Is not fully grasped in Greu
lilaln It is permissible to ask wliethe
It ii wlolly our fault. Tile average
Briton at such a time aa tnll has not
the leisure to search for the governing
principle that reconciles tim efeming
bealtatlona ad Inconsistences of Amer
ican policy. That auch a governing
principle exists, that President Wilson,
having taken a stand on the subiaurlua
Issue, will not ba wheedled, still lest
f lightened, out of It and that be will
accept nothing abort of btlgqulVOcal
satisfaction of his demands we uie v, -
aure. He is not, unless tga lAUCb nils,
nail hla character, a man to be put
uff by auch lama futilities as the Rem
stoiff note or any of the falae laeuea
Is Heartily Indorsed, but
tilt dinlotilati., i. 1, iv . I the ttetlln
Government llaelf be conrluded.
Ntasts-Zeltaeg (by Herman Hidden
"Dr, litjtnha committed an unpardon
able offence against the American peo- I
pie and the reques t for hla recall la In
. , ' ' ' , I . , ' ,
offences eipially iiniiardonable haye been
and are, being nonchalantly overlooked.
, i . ii it ii it I'otiilrr for an aploalon
Rxlala, sni. One Jssraal.
The Detroit Ibemf rout: "Enough
i powdar for an explosion unfortunately
I exists. Tlie demand to recall the Aua-
trlan Auihaaaador, who, according to his
i own statements, only guarded the Inter
f ests of his countrymen committed to hla
charge, which was Interpreted here aa
an attempt to tie up tbe Industrial In
terests of this country, can only be re
garded as a slap at the Vienna liovern
! ment. which must also affect Herein dis
agreeably. Serious entanglementa would
develop only If the President recalled
; the representative of our tiovernmeut
I In Vienna. That would be a step to be
j regretted In the Interests of the af
fected peoples and nations "
The I'liiclnnatl 'reie 'ressc - Ambas
sador Dumba had a right and a duty lo
inform Auati o-Hungat lane that they
WaN guilty of treasor If they worked
! In factories producing ammunition for
; the Allies. Dumba's metli ds were per
' hapa nut the best, but he was nut guilty
I of any misdeed that warranted the
I rusqite demand for hla recall.
If the Government I ad dealt witl.
equal severity In the OIM of the British
: Ambassador, who was guilty of recrult-
Ing through agents for the Hrltish army.
I that diplomat wi uld long ago have been
riven hla paep"rts
The i'liiclnnatl Vollcsblaff : The rte
I mand for Dumba'a recall shows the
I spirit ot animosity against the Hermans
that actuates tha Washington Adminis
Illinois fMttfattMf of Chicago
Trealdent Wllaon acted not only within
his rights but according to big duty in
requesting the n Mil of the Auatrlan
Ambassador If the note revealed wus
Dr. Dumba's no other course was OfaM.
Nobody, aapaolally a foreigner, has tin
right to conspire to dltorganlae the In
dustry of a COWItry. This An etl'l less
a right In the represents! ve of a foi .
elan iovernnient, who ahould be con
trolled at all times to strict and deli
cate ethics. Dr Dumba bus said that he
was not a mere intermediary between
the two llovernnnnts but the agent of
Ins own country and devoted 10 its In.
teresta. Hla undenstaiidtng of his uuty
waa lo serve his country, ir. Dumba
doubtless acted aa he thought best. He
erred onl in beintr oaill lit
ciicopo .4b-ai Poet Both agenta
and both Governments acted aa coun
tries and men alwavs do, In their own
n tereats. We congratulate the Amerl
oan Government on its fairness in deal-
Ing with the representative of the a,is-
tr'.an Government and hope that It will
extend this policy to the representatives
of all Governments The Drttieb Am
bassador has int more right to approach
American financier! to procure aid In
the manufacture of munition for the
destruction of Teutons than lias the Aus
tilan Ambassador to approach lalair to
prevent the:r manufacture:
in which the Wilhelmstraese would like
to entrap hltn. His reluclame to bring
matters to a head, while It may ptlggil
atul mislead casual observer i and die
may some of hla own countr;, men, dOOd
not imply that he will retreat or even
falter from hla chosen position."
The Daily Trlnjruph says:
"What Ifernstorff baa done with im
punity may well have led his colleaguee
to suppose that an Ambassador to Wash
ington waa absolved of most obliga
tions No envoy of one great nation
to another in megs'rn times has con
ducted himself us Von Hernstorff has
done since the outbreak of the war. I
Dr. Dumba, however, was so IMlfuF
tunate as to be caught with the go, sis."
The Dmly ( nriinul sins
"No other issue, of the Dumba nffar
would have leen consistent with the
dignity ami selfrespect of the I'nlt id
States. President Wilson has been moat
patient with the vagaries of tha Austra-
ijeriuan aniti issatlors, tint when lie
strikes, he strikes hard. America would
be the laughing slock of the nations if
she hail tolerated Dumba's rgganoa at
Washington "
The Daily .Vrics sas
"Dr. Dumba's dismiss il is an Indica
tion that a limit has laen leached eg
far as America is concerned."
r.ipect. lo s,,i oho, 000(000
ext Year.
rbJTMMgAO, Sept. I it Ii is apparent
from " m- statements in the Duma
that HussTa is managing the financial
problems of theiwar will mpteta suc
cess. The expenses tlius far haVi bOOn
H.nt.l.niifl.nnu rubles (It.OIl, 500,004),
while for next year the budget Is eat).
mated at 10,000,000,000 rubles ($5,000,
OOii.iinn ) .
Tills tremendous expenditure i to be
covered almost entirely by Internal
loans of long duration. In addition to
these, there will ba shoit time loans
ranging from 1,000,000 rubles iffiOO,.
tmO) to ,',,niii) rubles ($1,500), Their
duration will, i,e three, alg, nine ami
twelve mouths.
iii.iMiii M obaMBdla Hetpalead la la
YHSlllll llf l,i,ll,i
sftermi ',i,e 0aagalc4 ii Tui Ii
London-, Sept lb Tha India iiftl.e
announces that 10, mm Mnhinands were
engaged at Hahz Kor on Snpteiuber .',
and were driven back with heavy loss.
Tlie gfohmgndl are a Pgthau trilie
inhabiting the hills on the northwesi
frontier of India Tlie Indo-Afghan
boundgrv runs through their country
and the Drltlgtl Indian Oovamment has
liad much trouble with them for many
years. Recently there has been a re
new il of attack) on the Indian frontier
i 1
The Germans are In full retreat
from the Maine alter the great battle
which saved Parle from ttH Invader
Tbe ltuaalaus are forced to with
draw from advancoil ioiilona in
KaM Pruaeia. hut roiwinue to maka
gulps In Gal i and Ilukowliia.
Winston Churchill, Klrat Lord of
tbe Admiralty, says Kaigland musl
keep l.llOn.OOft men on the Continent
Krance declines to enter negotla
tlons for peace iroMaw.l l,y Secretary
of Stale W. J. Uryaa
In vest ijiit ions Show tlip Sup
port 'Hint the Strike Plan
Was Hect'ivinjr.
Dftroit. Sept. 19, An aniaxing serlee
of incidents hve been revealed In inves
tigations which have been conducted
during the laat few weeks Into Detroit's
industrial conditional and also those of
the middle Wean, allowing the actlvltlee
of the Auatro-Hungnrlan Amlaxaaador,
Dr. Dumba and hie agenta.
Cleveland and Detroit. It appears,
have been centre during tbe last three
or four months of hie agente In a cam
paign directed toward removing 50,001
Attn tro-Hungarlane from the various
factories In Detroit ttie automobile
plants, foundries end mactilne shops
which have been turning out war muni
tions Kmployers of the Auetro-Hunga riana
have been fully alive fur weeks to the
perils that lay hahlnd the efforts or Dr.
Dumtxft ami his sgente more alive In
fact than Uie agents of tbe liepartmetit
of Justice, who vainly tried to get at
the farts The employer have matched
ruw with ruse In their efforts to pre
serve Industrial traiajullllty
That they have been mainly aucceeaful
Is due not only to their efforts, but to
the efforts of various secret agencies
which have coped with the aartlvitlea of
the Auatro-Hungai-ian Kmbaaay.
In addition to Dr. Dumba and Mr
Archibald the activities of the follow
ing srsons have been Investigated:
Dr Ernest Lad wig, Consul for AiuMriu
Huogary gt Cleveland, and llatw
l'elenyl, his Vlce-Coneul.
William Warm, formerly associate
editor of the Cleveland Ntabadtag. the
loading Hungarian language newspaper
in the I'mted Htatee, wh i Is said to have
proposed the ibeme to tie up munitions
plains and who, hla friends insist, de
senves all the credit for the plan that
Df Dumba recommended. Mr. Warm
la now New York corresiaindent of the
."I'lbadsay and le said to be employed In
a confidential capacity by the North
German Ltoyd Steamship Company.
Z. Zalay. former editor of the Toledo
old. who conferred with Archibald
while the latter was on a lecture tour
heie and w ho. It is said, .first brought
William Warm s scheme to Archibalds
G Hosko, editor of the Cleveland K:a
OO'feao, who announced under a two col
umn heail on the first pace of hla news
paper. Issued Krlday, that not Dr.
Dumba. but the editor s associate, Will
iam Warm, first conceived a wholesale
walkout of Austro-llungarlan munition
.'ulius "Odor, editor of the Magyar
Vitaf i Hungarian News) of Delray, a
Detroit suburb, who insisted to-day that
Dr, Dumba was in error when he wrote
to Vienna that ha had "subsidised
villous Hungarian newspapers to call
on their readers to quit working In
munitions plants
"Such an offer of subsidy would have
been unnecessary." declared ex-K.lltor
Zalay, while Kodor nodded assent. "We
would do it as a patriotic duty, not for
money "
"I know Warm well, continued Zalav
He wiote the play 'Blood Is Thicker
Than Water,' which he produced
tluoughout country. He showed It in
Detroit and I porgonally introduced him
to Mr. Archibald when he (Archibald)
was delivering his lecture here "
Soon alter Warm met Archibald the
former, it la declared, had many confer,
ences with Consul-General l.udwlg In
Cleveland. The "treason decree" then
apiwared In the ggobadeao and other
Hungarian language Journals.
About the time the decree was pub
lished Industrial unrest w is made mani
fest to employers in war munitions
plants In territory In which these
neWSpaperi circulated. Henry .1 lllnde
was one of the Mrs! to act. He en waged
the services of a Detroit secret agency
to ascertain conditions In his plant,
which has a large output of shrapnel
castings and :i jchinery for compressing
them. Tlie plant has lurie British con
tract Two operatives from this agenci .
Hindi' sas, went to Work on the case.
They reported that there was little un
real 111110114 big employees, nut soon after
the foreigners left the plant
Due of those who at this tune op
pose,) Ambassador DUIPjba'a ' decree" was
count BtaalalauigYon Walaakl of Detroit
This young soldier of fortune ought to
prgvant dissatisfaction amonit Auslrtans
and Hungarians. I'nder the designation
of "K-10" lie investigated Detroit fac
tories and made secret report! on the
conditions). Three weeks ago he con
fessed to a friend that flue lo ttireats
made against him by foreigners he
would leave Detroit, lie has since re
4 nil On Hrl 1 1 kIi o r ii mr ii t to
Korrf Mn to rrr.
"pe'iiil r4li HffpCtf A fi Tall St s
LoNtxiN, Hept U'. noth"r M iuet-
itiK of thf wymi'ii 'f London lm 1 bvi
raiirii 10 donuind compuloofy Mfvlco for
mon tti tin nrtt ir oihorVlM . tifl tlioi
fulloot uUMiatlon ot ttie m rvlcoi ut
Mr. Lloyd Qoofkfc tolosrophod Ihol
20.000 mofo women Rftft employed n
munttionH moklni hi ItlS thHii In 1014
nnl th't many hkup were neele)
Wottion. ii- afi. hod provod t loir ability
to perform the WorV Mtlif u torlly.
I ' s I i I I Hill IH II 1 00090000 M
. o mi ton if Ooyvlllo Voyvlooi
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rootorod and inoataooi may hkuih be ao
raptod lo it' by orlrolooj to 0ormany(
Aut f ia- Hungary i Turkey aod ooo bol
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oation Company, 47 Wem tret, it wus
mph.iHie.l I hut I'otnniuiiii'ii t ion wit Ii
Buropo !ihi noi boon Intamiptodi hut
that the company hutl ntoppfd accept -
.Ik ii .- . moaiaooi booaiuio the wlro
leiw wai OVOrcrOWOOd, New appar.it iih
ban tiei-n Initallodi witti t he rOOUlt that
a blffffor 0lrolOM huineMM can now be
I'rlrinls uf Prsi-e Will M.I In
Siieillllllu fence I I
Dltkuit, SpiI. in -Methods by "In Ii
Hatiry Kurd's inlllluns may he used tn
I'irtlier the cause of peuce and liy which
America may prontOta I he cause, will
lie discussed Saturday at a ennference
lietweeu Mr. Kord and three nieinliers
of the Friends of Peace Society.
Herman Kidder, editor of the .Vrte
Yorkrr Ntanta eitnna, heads the srHi
of deleKates to the Krlenda of I'eace
conference In t'hlcaeo, who will stop
here on their way Kast to consult Mr.
Kord With Mr. Itidder will lie Jere
miah O'lesary, advocate of home rule
In Ireland and one of the organisers of
the peace Boclety, and Mrs William II
Shepherd, wife nf a folumbla I'nlverslty
Mr. Rldder reached Detroit Thursday
afternoon and began arranemnla for
lha I'onferen. e.
Plan to o to Lenox it Oner
Is ltWOllCilfldi SeVJfl
Dr ConitalMIn Dumlia. ihe central
llfure In the Government's action aaalnst
Herman and Austrian propaganda In
this country, spent yeeterday and last
night st the St. Itegls Hotel He was
expected to leave for Lenox. Mass,
yesterday afternoon, but did not get away,
and It was announced by Prince Alfred
au Hohenlohe Bchllllngfurst, the Austrian
sttae.he, who is ataylng with him, that
' he would probably make the trip to-day.
Dr. Dumba refused to make any com
ments on his position yesterday and de
clined In fsct to see newpsper men.
Any one who wished to see him talked
with Prince Hohenlohe, and the Prln e
explained there waa nothing lo be said.
At noon the Doctor held an hour's con
ference with fount vnn Bernslnrff, the
Herman AmlMsaador, In his suite. This
followed several hasty visits of Trince
Hohenlohe tu the Count's suite In the
Hlts-t'arlton Hotel. Thursday night the
two Ambassadors dined together on the
roof of the lllta.
Count von Hernstorff also refused to
talk about the aituation when seen after
his conference at the Ht. Ilegls He de-
I nled having dla- ussed the request for
I the Austrlen AinlF.issador'a recall, ssy
! Ing that he had merely called to bid
the Ambaaaador good-by
lluil, i, a (III to l.rnns Tii-ds.
"He Is going away, then?" Ihe Count
was asked
"Yeei . I think he intends to leave at
i once," he replied
"For Vienna '"
I "No. for LenOX I have said before
I that the situation In rngard to Dr.
; Dumba I no concern of mine," the Count
reiterated "That la a queetlon for Dr.
i Dumba. I am not Involved and it would
I be Improper for me to touch upon II. "
During the questioning the Count was
I very evidently anxious, lacking a little
I the poise and coolness which have been
' so noticeable In hi difll- ult position for
, the past several months When Ihe
; matter of Archibald'! letters was put
before him he also said that they In
no way concerned him.
I On, Item in Dr. Dumha's due was an
j aub mobile ride In Central Park A
little before 4 O'clock he and Prince
Hohenlohe left the hotel and entered a
j waiting car. The Ambaaaador walked
, with a stoop, like u man worn, head
nnd shoulders thrown forward, deep set
eyes appearing lo have sunk even
deeper than usual.
"No. no. ' he protested In a shrill.
nervous voice, as the reporter crowded
1 round hltn. "Oo aw.iy, g.i away, go
awa "
Daaiba Raeaaalled in Oa,
After their return the Prince talked
I with the newspaper u en. Dr. Dumba,
ba said, he believed was entirely rerun
' died to returning to Austria. He will
I probably go lo Irfn to-dax, it is undet -I
Blood, to pack nil effe ts. though this
I the Prince refused l confirm. In re-
Hard to making a statemert. lie said
the Ambassador had tint rn.ide up his
' mind, but It is lajssible that he w ill say
something after he has heard from his
i A mysterious man who talke.l with a
Herman accent and wore a Pal i Ilea h
suit hung around the entrance of the
bote! all day With the reporters His
action were so strange that finally a
patrolman was sent for to ask him his
business The man could make no satis.
; factory explanation. He ahowad a mem
bership card in a plasterers' union and
said that he had been staying about
; the door to mystify tin. r;.,,rters Asked
If he had any hopes of connecting with
1 Dr Dumba for a aobama Involving lai-ir
lie did not answer The police hurried
, him away protesting
i As a peculiar coincidence Chaftaa M.
Schwab, president of tile Bthlhm
Steel Company, the principal concern
mentioned in Ihe letters that caused the
request for Dr Dumba a recall, cam
Into the SI Regis yaatarday morning
He said thai il was not to call on Dr
The steel mail would not discuss the
difficulties with Austria "I feat." he
said "thai at tins Utile, when the situa
tion is so tense, it would I 1,,-tter for
me to say nothing. I think tlie people
ns well aa the i iovi rnment might re
sent my comment in view of the fact
that my name lias been mentioned in
this unpleasant correspondence l don't
think I can afford to sav what I really
I "I can't discuss auch reports either,"
be went on In response to questioning
about the money he is rumored lo have
spent to combat Herman and Auslro
lliiugarlan propaganda, "bin 1 may say
that not only In the production of mu
nitions but In every other industrial
fleld lha United states is In for Inevitable
and thoroughaolng proaperlty, No pro
paganda can hold up our prosperity for
ii is odd that Dr Dumba should ba
here. I don t know him, I don't tlilnlt
1 ti... ....... .... si,.
Whan asked whether ha thought Pr
Dumba should be recalled, Mr Schwab
ald "1 suppose It Is lha only course ''
Count von Hernstorff. the Herman
Ambassador, spent yesterday evening III
a stage box in the Irving Place Thea
tre, where a performance of "Kin Kltter
splel" was given for the banafli Of a
fund to raise a monument to Herman
soldiers Tha box was draped with an
American and a Herman Hag Inter
twined Afterward tbe Count declined to dis
cuss the i 'iiinba matter, or anything else
of International Weight, He said that
bis only statement to the public was
Hint he had enjoyed the performance
I and hoped that a large sum had U-c.i
raised for the monument .
The Count was in his usual courteous
mood, but was tlrni in hla decision to
withhold commenls, no matter what
questions wire put to him, Afterward
he said he was going directly back to
tlie hotel and to bed.
Itepiirl nf inns l-lipurt l'iirpusel
I'.lSHHeriitell, il l.eulslnlnr.
ItKiu.iN. v'a London. Sept. 1 (, The
suggestion thai reports of American ex
portation of arms .nut ammunition to
the Allies haVI been exaggerated for the
purpose of provoking war with the
lulled Slates Is made hi 1 ir. Karl
j Haeheni of Cologne member uf the
' Clerical party in the Relchatag, In an
article published by thi Koalwiclki
Volatile!! M " tjt
The writer says be bad been recently
assured by a prominent American, whose
name he withholds, that moderate ship.
metits of small arms ammunition had
boon sent from America, but not a single
shell He concludes:
"Caution and reserve In this matter In
criticising the , oinincivlal methods of
the American Government at tills mo
ment are the duties of every enlightened
sitlaan "
PfOf, MVjrtf Drt'lnros Party
Consldcntloii GoYoratd
Notes to (Sprmany.
Sprnnl rorrtipotiitrnr to Tax 8l s.
9mUK, July 2S When President
Wilson's last note was publiehed in Herlln
the general feeling evoked was at first
one of bitter disappointment, which
quickly changed to Irritation and ulti
mately settled Into yes, 1 say It ad
visedly Indignation.
While In timea such aa these one mull
make some allowances for the nervous
strain engendered by the general un
settled atate of affairs (which aeema
to afflict alike all order of society)
even (itch a deduction cannot bring one
to any other conclusion than that the
present Herman sentiment toward Amer
ica la one of Indignation, manifested
not so much In a feeling of anlmteilty
toward the I'nlted Htatee aa In the de
termination to adhere to the present
Herman policy at whatever cot, and
not to con ede a single point.
And. again, to be juet one mut admit
that this attitude doe not seem dictated
lo much by atubbornneae aa by the feel
ing of reaenttnent of which every Her
man seems posseseed that England, the
country's arch-enemy, should have ben
hown o much greater leniency by the
I'nlted Statea.
Here, I think, one has the Oerman
viewpoint. Time and again the American
ui- point has been taken up and dla.
uaaed In word and script, of especial
Interest In this resiect was the article
of Prof. Dr. Bollard Meyer, professor of,
world history at the Berlin I'nlverslty,
which appeared In the t'ossiecae T.rituna
yesterday morning and which since then
has been officially sanctioned. A trana
lation of the article follows.
The (.amp of Politic.
"To Judge the American note properly
the fact must not be overlooked that the
American statesman Invariably, even
when relallona with foreign countries
are at stake. Is governed In Ids reason
ing and his aspiration by the Internal
politic of hla country and not by for
e in poll tt Cg, of wtlloh bo has hut a haxy
conception This Internal politic, how
ever. Is absolutely dominated by the con
treat betwe.ii the two powerful political
parlies of the country and In the con
tinuous struggle batwaan the two. by
the striving; of the ambitious politician
ior ,-oinpeieni mnuence and possibly for
me position or I'resident. The question
what may be of benefit to the party and
Its rulera and. furthermore, hy what
men iw Ihe individual politician may Im
prove his position and perhaps attain
the highest goal of his ambit. on ever
ai ,1 IViryWhara Is paramount to all else.
"Now in the present Instance Presi
dent Wilson has espoused the cause of
Ureal Britain atul rer allle against
Germany and ha championed with all
p.wmble energy a continuation of the
supply of munitions of war to the Allies.
He has thereby gained a mighty support
In the Kast, above all among the, Anglo
philes dominating New F.ngland and
Sew York. and. again, among the ;ery
strong and materially and financially in
ti rested parties w ho are striving to turn
tha Juncture of affairs thus created lo
tlio.r advantage.
"i in the otlier hand, he has there!,-,
estranged his party and himself from
numerous other circles of the land. Not
only the Herman and Irish element n.i
one man iri- nppoaed to him. but ai
tha populace of 'he middle country uf
tha Mlaslaslppl district and of the West,
where the Japanese question has be
come the criterion. Here a strong move,
mei t is on foot, mostly underestimate!
In tlarmany, even among the Anglo.
Americana, which itrongly disapproval
of the Pus, dent partiality and which
Will not hear of a conflict w.th Oerman)
partly berauae of an honest sympathy
and admiration for Herniary and partly
because, from the viewpoint of the ad
herents of thla movement, such a par
tiality for England is diametrically in
poaed t,. hi rial Interest! of America.
tlllllllle of HI,
1 tien anain in (he South, Inch Is Grodno sector which the con estioiidcnt
known to ! Damocraltd almost to a lately reported. Hi adda that the Her-
fnan, Wilson's attitude is tindermln.na
the malarial existence of the peopll srhol8 - "
Only in lati-r yean have uiceded In
slowly reooverlng from the dreadful
wounds Inflicted b Ihe civil war and
hy th subsequent fearful oarpatbaralnff
pstiod ,.f reconstruction if the cotton
trad,, should he atui further paralysed
by the Indulfinci to K:aiid the nia
terlal existence of the people will he
completely ruined. The etierK-tic pro.
lests from Iheaa districts against Wil
son's policy, many of which were started
by the (Jove mora of the state, are
therefore continuously liicreasina.
"Iti addition, there are Ihe general
standstill of traffic, the want of etn
ploymint, the rise In aeneral prices -
condition! which in coiiseipjence of the
war and the complete suhordmation to
Knalleh regulations tend continually to
add Ma adherents to the opposition
movement aaalnei Wilson
"This state of affalra Induoad former
Secreiarv of Stale Bryan to sever h'e
relata.ns with Wilson and lo coma lo
the front with his religiously colored
proKr. inline ai it the oppoall
the trade munitions of war. . at-i m .ung Vhe Arab!, and WhlbT the
tit, nlie as it, the ca,.. if many circles n ' submarine was safelv submetged. 8o
he w.st. unquaatlonably was dictated ona a ihi view prevails in Qermany
by an honest eonvlctlon, hut It also of- and la not OPjy accepted, but fit forward
fers the possibility of retaining In the. by the Government, it Is declared by the
Democratic party or Winning OVar Malta .authorities h-re that there is llttll real
'' ''.ri os which nail lie.,,nie ala n.
ated b) Wilson's policy, With the aid
of the elements he may again hope to
attain tha hlcheai goal of his ambitions,
for which he ha striven unsuccessfully
for at least two decades.
"And It is from such a state of affairs
thai tt'ilm n's I, is, noie is to be Judged
Hli policy has bean determined und lie
, at not ritract ; M now for hltn every
thing depends on bringing It to a suc
cessful issue If Germany will concede
ever s lime aim retreat hut one step
hefori his i ireat this success will have
been attained, which then he can turn to
the In s-t account.
"But If. on the other hand, he is not1
lucceiirut, r uermany remains firm, hla
came presumably will be lost. Km hi
II not in a position to draw the ultl-
mate conclusion, I e. to dcclire ivur
agamst uarmany, rrom ins declaration I
that ii repetition of actions committed
b) can mandera of German war vessels '
hi violation of neutral rights would have i
lo be considered as a premeditated un. I
friendly act. If thereby Amerlc ,n 0H.I
7.cii-t were arrecten, no, not even If h.
wisiieu. ior ina peaceful movement of the
OOUntry Is far 00 strong lo permit him
to win over a Congress majority f,,r .
war ttollcy.
"BUi'h an attempt would only lead to
an Internal cisls to which the Gov
ernment would not be equal, Iriespec
tlve of the fact that th trouble n
Mexico and the menacing ghoat of
the .laiwties peril claim il undivided
attention, Ho his message may he con
sldereil as an attempt to attain a sue.
ees for his policy and his position. In
suring his and his party's supremacy for
the near future "
Day's Hrlllsh l.oaaea li.Oil.'l.
faeefg' I'aOi Deipatei, m Tar i v
UONDUM, Hept. 10. The list of British
casuallns Issued to-day contains ihe
names of forty officers, eight of who'i
were killed, and 2,191 man. of whom
SMI were killed.
Germans Hammering Way Toward Point That Cum.
mands Former City, While Austrians Mass in South
to Advance Toward Black Sea Port.
'' fahle Ttttpalrlt la Tim St .
LONDON, Sept 10. KiefT, on the right
bank of the Dnieper, and tklessa. the big
Kusaiau port on the Black Sea, are the
main goals of the southern Austro-Her-man
armies, according to to-day's re
ports from the Kuaalan theatre of war
In their effort to gain Ihe road for
the former point the Teuton are
furiously attacking Ih Russian defend
ers. Home gain In thl direction waa
made, according to to-day's official Auk
trlan statement, by the forcing of the
Russians over the Studel lowlands.
A despatch from Petrograd announces
that Kleff Is being partially evacuated,
although It Is emphasised that this step
Is merely a precautionary measure and
thaw It would be "premature" to con
alder the Kleff-Dnleper line endangered
The removal of a number of Institution
hss begun, however, with a view to fa
cilitating military operations In case thu
city should be seriously threatened.
To the northwest of llovno, which
forma one of the "corners" of the Vol
hynlan fortress triangle, the Herman
force which took Hrest-Lltovsk are
pushing eastward toward the railroad
' point of Sarny, the capture of which
! would give them a start on the rallroud
to KiefT. sbout Iff mile eastward i iw
Ing to the marshy nature of this region,
however, lighting Is extremely difll
cult and the progress proportionally
Udrlls Drive More mm. oil
More difficult by far then the expected
drive on Kleff is the movement which
Is predicted as the result of the concen
tration of Austrian forces on the Ru
manian frontier, presumably with ,i
view to undertaking serioul opera
tions against Bessarabia. A despatch
from Petrograd quotes Russian Official!
as foreshadowing such a move, with
idessa as the ultimate objective.
However, owing to the lack of adequate
railroad facilities, the natural difficulty
uf the territory, and the distance to be
covered, military observers are sceptical
as to sny immediate progress of these
prospective operation They also point
to the danger to the Austro-Herm in
forces here, which Is represented b n
possibility of Ihe eventual entry of
Rumania into the war. In which even:
the Rumanians would be expected to
attack the Teutons from the south.
M-anwhllr the Mghtlng In Oallcia
continues with undiminished Ittlbbom.
ness. Apparently the Austrc-Hcrm.ins
have not vet recovered from the blow
tbe Russians struck at them tlie da)
the Cxar took tbe chief command of
his armies. The Austrian statement
speaks of Russian reenforcements, whit h
stiows that the Slavs, in possi sslon of
fair communications and completely IA
tact, are determined to defend the strip
of Oallcia they still hold to the last.
Mimt I'roKreM Toward Ilia.
Field Marshal von Hir.denburs -armies
have not yet bain able to make
further gains of any consequence In thi ir
movement on Riga, the Russian Ra'.t
port, since the capture last week of the
bridgehead of Friedricheladt. To-day 'I
official Herman report says the iVrm.tt.s
took 110 prisoners in the fighting south
east of that place and near Wllkomlr,
The situation between the Baltic and
the Nlemen is reported to be unchanged.
The Berlin r.qiort claims the storming
by the Oermaiis of the heights near
Ktesckl. on the Melwlanka. with the
capture of 1,100 prisoners. Proures of
Field Maislial on Mackensen s at mica
also la reported.
The Austrian statement asserts that
the force In Lithuania have advanced
southeast of Roshany.
Tbe COrratpondanl Of the Ti'iie at
PltrOgrad infers from the Russian
eicape from the difficult position oast
of tbe Vistula that Hen Alexieff does
not yli iro the uoxletv resard'nir the
i 'tntiiiurd from First Pope
On the Arabic and also by her Off jcirl
! Mr. l.ausina is conndent that a careful
study nial i-hecking of these allldavlta
will K''e adequate basis for a conclu
sion as to whether the ijerman sutuna
rlt e rominaader was Justttted 'n aIUtn
: lug that the Arabic Intended to ram
his vessel. At pre.i.nt the tendency tn
official quarter is vary atroncli toaard
the belief thul lie waa not In thi least
It is regarded here as the most ills-
rouratng aapaef of the whole situatio"
tloti llii. I I,, r , id i ii I 1,'ui 11 n.i il I.
i, i. i. ... ....
I bone of the two I eniiii..ins i ,. ,,.,, .
thorough understanding.
Is Salil tn imcerii Arabic I use,
bin Noi the llesiierla ii.
BaauM, Ma Tha Hague, Hapt. 10
messenger from the German foreign
tMBce deliv. red to Ambi ssador Gerard
a second note on thl submarine laaua il
!i o'clock last night.
II was statisl on goo, alltliorm ih.i
the note, does
t concern tlie sinking of
i ini report was that ih
the Hesperian
immuiilcatlon ia supplementary to the
te already sent to Washington dealing
With the Aral.
The Arabic note as giwn to mi Ber
ltn newspapers for publication in tho
afternoon papers of to.day The early
Million carried no editorial c immenl
i o n.i ,, n pa para n uermaa Hs
PblMtlan I IlKsele.s.
Spettal I'at'le Itf.patrh to Tai gl N
UoNDONi Sept. It (Saturday), Ger
many's note concerning the Araiblc'a di
ItruOtion and refusing Indemnity and
reparation is disci sued by the London
press as a "thumping and Impudent In .
an Insulf to the I'nlted States "
The Daily .Vru ami Limit r claims
there Is good reason for btlirvlng ihat
Gernainy has not received any report
from the submarine commander Whstaa
vessel sent the Arabic to the bottom, and
adds :
"The whole glory probably can be
proved to lie an Invajltloit,'
All the London panes voice indigna
Hon and contempt at the German note.
The statement of the Arabic'! captain
that the sni, marine waa not visible Is
recalb-d and Ihe belief is reaffirmed that
man progress in ire Ball ri
treniely slow.
s tl.
Russians Iheol.cil, gall t I, nils.
The following offll ial si it. , .,
given out by the Au-trlan u
to-day :
The Russians in tlie ragloi wi
R,.vno have leii forced u i .
Studel lowlands. In tha ,1 reel
Sharasz e raptllgd tha Ilu- . .t,.
vanclng from 7.a lost ,
Near Turn-Pol Aiistro-Hern n tab
talions repulse, lavaral Russia ,,t
tacks. The village of Burn es)
Of the middle Sereth, was , iptured hy
the Oefmans, The tlglitliiK , ,.
lent, ituanliin rttliforoamrnta barbel,
patlng. Last of tlie mouth .,
Me rath and on the Beurablati fi tilieff
tbe day was calm.
Auatro Hungarian force i.
aula have croased the swampy tegtog
of the lagtoldg and Orla and hara .
vanced southeast of Roatian)
(iermnn Miileiiicni.
The Herman War Office -i r- ... xq
day Bald .
Army group of Fir Id Marshal
Hlndanburgi tn fighting tout In of
Friednchstadt and i e.it WI ku . if
divisions made AA prs ini
Tha situation batwaan ihi Ball ,ni
the Nlsmen Is geneta'.li ill liahgi
Near Skldel anil m Ihe Mela ,a
sector fighting Is proceed 1
he gin naar Klaacki, on MeV
wianka. were stormed During 'a
day IJkM prii'n-i we i capl r ,
Army group of Plaid Marshal c
Mackensen: i iur pursuing column!
arc approaching tlie ri Iwaj itil i
of Kosi.iw, on Ihe road Knot a
to Mlluwlsy. iin both sides ,,'
railway to Pinek we have nasi , :
line rutin i - from Pultycle lot) eg
Southeastern theatre of war: i;,r
man troops have driven the It us. i
in the direction of Tocnynw,
Sereth, south of Tarnojioi goul east of
Tucnyow and near TdTOOp I i " D
enemy attacks were repulsed
IVlniicrnil Hp9i I'Mplvrr or
ft I MO luilK III SiT.lh
AfMtfM ri'" 'i "('' tn 'fir i
PMaMottAO, vti London i Hepi i1
Tht Ku.mn .r Office rhv trtf
following ofl.i-i.ti report t..t c i
on" troops dollvtrtd I'ountcr .t-
' tcvelti 1 1 tin- itrtth Hlrtr tl
1 Trrinlioxv! and In lh 1 RtliiM 0'
Tchortkofl Tho Austrian! wrt I 4
to bAt a prtelpltfHSfl rot rm . ir
! troopi ospturlng &,ooo, Including
toon otlworE
Tho situation of our srmlen Krnr
tly in . of aim confident
, Poltiiiii n l.iia KspoltNin'M ft
lli 4fli f ill. RopltlsttOSi
I speriitf roOe sVatssfrA t- Tn Si .
LotfPDM . Sept. 1 0, Col. Rcpl Ri Si,
the IfsiM'l military SXpsrt, dlscUHlsf
tlie QUSStlOti "What will ths I niaui ds
I post?" dsc4arsi iimt they nnd ilws
; 1 mi iIh same hih' of itf-rpUx.:. .
j Npolson did after hit auoctsNi Si I
I tepsk, the outcome of Which WAS MtS
edw, The tenor of the srMolt t tope
I f ul, If not optimistic The wrtiet t..t
not attempt to guejH what the Osrntsrl
j will deckle, but nayt:
fie Bii llni itn ia ripr ciuiik' 5c
no matter WtUM tpj lloimon di
la the Allien can resnrd it itli e , . n lis
Ity. We hae not been f-i --'
generoua aa our present enetnv hai
with Initiative an a gift, ai d thi ii
lion ia Rot only what he propo
next, hut what the Allie pfOpuM to do
Time aM show"
til i inn Hi DaSl t BSV II on
sprnilJ tat.lt 0epafc4 lit Till I
London. Rapt, 10. A Wirt - e
Patch from Iteilly sas tha t e-
man War iifltce d, utee thl ot'
J siau report collect lima lha Caul - Isl
ecus at Tamopol,
tha Dunaley was use,i ai
Daffy V' It tirath e.ns.
"An appeal lo thl tlibun ll cata
by International law In t
humanity and peac- baglH
We shall iee what Was
have to say to this insult lo the I
"If the I'nlted St. lies i -attention
to tins obvious
says the Daily ffxprres, I a II
invite further crimes
Btgltoalal I ii hi in e ii t s Kipresseil 1"
. e 11 spa pe rs This llornlllH
Tha World
The lirrrtian Qovarnmei '
pretend that the Arab, wa
It does not pretend thai Ihe ..
trying to i s, ape. It doen ,
that the Arabic offered re ' B"
In, rests it! case on Ihi Utn IPI
sertlon that the Arabic "alb
inal course." which heud
I her
an unseen Oerman submui
"from this th,, commandi r
vitued that the steami i
tton of attacking him h
him " id aver an Intet
rest on a flimsier excusi
Must we make hun ll
I 111- 'I I III I s .
Tiie principles for which
i tended appeared lo he h i
many when she Inatrucled
dor at Washington p. sa) lhal
liners would noi be s mM
warning nor wltlioul pn
tha safiti- ,.f pgaat igeri
and WI were Informed
dera lo iliai affecl hud bi i
tlie sinking of Ihe Alabi
Now comes the eapln'i ll
Oerman Government thai i
commander had become i
the Arable "had thi il Ii
ing und ramming him
discharged a torpedo aga
t'ur own position mig
dlfTlcuit. our problem
it should prove to be Inn
to deal with a Governl
able to control its armed '
make good its ass ii ran
The Tell
The I mted gtatea cam
pledges whluh are luoi v
ooatlnue ai whaf ver cosi i
real guarauiei a, up u ., i
ninny's pan whn li !i ins
unaatlMled deman . nf i
ltuteH. I.eiiil where II mas
put an end to th, mm ,1, I
leu un th, nigh s, ,i . i
lo a mode of sea warfare h
International laa bui
Mertion of i lerm in "mllitar'
.TABI1 e
v mil iumi UI

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