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Ft.-ili- K-tim.itr.l as Hitfh H
$R(.MM),(XK AppririwMl nt
assign IP to MOTRIN
A B C Envoys to Take Up
Carranza Defy This Week
Meeting to Be Held in New York May Decide to Try
First Chiefs Plan of Recogni
tion, Some Believe.
Whtth Plain. V T. S,l 11
John Oottlieh Wenilal. hnaa HIM
hna ninny bfn i-nnalJerd M be "worth
hatwpvn :(. ooo.hou ant uo.oow.ooo.
end UllMW morr. laft property -worth
only $2 !7!,91J. MOOfittHI M " P
pralant nie1 to-ily with Mali Trunefr
T Aynraiecr William C, I'Ui of
Mnunt V rn.io by lturl.uk K. Kabell, at-
tar my for th Wandal tat
Th- MM) Triinafrr T Appiuleere
i it,, unite thai th, inheritance nm on
tha r.tat wnul'l nuMHM !" nrarl)
Wamiimuton, Hcpl. 1 1 Condition In
MexliM hivi' mi, . I h nnn arhre It
la tM-liavttl Uiat the 1'an-Amcrlian con
ferenir. act Inn OH U own Initiative,
will anon feel the nwreeiilty of taking
further ateps to restore order aouth of
Ihff Imrder
official here admit that Klrat Chief
Caffanaa i unduuMatfty txtatidlnt the
aoope of hi aUfhOfltlTi while the oim
OOtt.ooo. and a tluht will n.-w tar uil ; . fact Ian aiieara la he in the nnene
lone nf aoHara wrtn
to nrovt that tn 1 1 1 1
of nrtsnart tranaferred t the fi
U'erwh-I tlcr hefme J.ihn il Welalela
death la taSaM
The appraisal a severe Jolt to tha
State Cimiptroller'x ittorne. PrUOk A.
Wh-ai". an. i inx taatetaat, Cfcartii c
Konno. at Whit.' flu i n-. shows that Mr.
Wanda!! who Mad Navawfeat '. Ml,
at Ba Ilia Munli'a. Cali pr mnia to his
daath nuitr ronveyanvea of real e itata
valued In the millions to hia four aimers.
Mar B. a Wandal, Rebeooa a. u
wope, BUa V. Von B. Wendel and
Oeoralanim tl It Wendel. Twanl4HM
uarrels are liateil in tins .aterory. nui
without their location The pputitia!
also allow that Mr Wandal had ank
deposit amounting to more than SCSn.-
00 when he .lied, hut I weaniiKiMp
parel was worth only $10.
Nn Point liaised.
The ItAtamatll ttv.it the value tif the
Wandal aal it-, was between IM, i0Q
and 1100, I araa nlad In the WoMt-
chestei SurroKiite'a Court vvrun Visa
Kiln '. Von B. Wandal and Mra Rabaoca
A. D. Wendel BWOpa filed their bouds
aa udminlstratera of th. u brother's es
tate. It was then expe.tisl that the
Inheritanee tax would be the larteat
ever collected. The sttate Comptroller
will now try to prove that Mr. Wcjulel
made the transfers of property to his
plater In anticipation of death. t ia
aape the State tax. I'roof or that voint
Will deia'nd on the time of the transfers.
Mr fstnao salo a new point In trans
fer lax pr.seedlnas will be derided st
the Woi-aiel hearma before State Trans
fer Tax Appraiser William C Clark.
John li Wtndei, father of the '.nte John
O- Wen lali It seems author xe.j the lat
ter 10 appoint his real estate t his siss
tern by deed or will In ls'.h John O.
Wandal deeded certain propiirty to h's
BJatoni other properties now aald to
Comprise vhe bulk f the Wandal estate
have heel transferred sitae then an.l
the Stale Comptroller, aid Mr Kenno,
Will try to prove that the ower of ap
pointment iby deeds made the transfers
taxah!.- b the State
A aaarob of the lieiater a offl, e In
January rewealed the transfer of forty
five parreto of real .wtate by John il.
Wendel to tua sistera wiihln one year
Of his death, whkh oo'iirred in his eigh
tieth year. Htfofa thwe tnnrsfera John
Q. Wandal hold In bll own right aluut
tlfiy pa. wis. The for"y-ftve transferred
comprise. 1 twaOtythraa of these tlfty,
and othafl from the .-et.it.- leiltlnfa of
bis father and of his sister, Josephine
J. S. Wendel.
Mr. KabefTl skhedule ah ma that Mr
Wendel owned forty-srven parcels In
New Vork and an undivided half In
terest in the proparty at im Broadway;
also pi'ojierty at TurrNtown. vaiued at
$40,600; at DovM Perr . valued at
11,400, and real estate (it iuogue. 1,. 1 ,
Ml til llt.ltO.
of disinteara'.lon
There are conflicting reajrta us to
what action a'lll be taken D) the l'an
Amerlcan (otiference relative to the pro
aaal made by Carrania to the peace
note that all Governments interest, d
I Join In forming a eommlsslon to eon-
alder claims by foreign lowers for dam
ages against Mexleo that may be filed
Incident to acts committed during the
five years of revolution.
Some authorities take the position
that this Government will assent to
Carranxa'a proposal and that a a re
sult a provisional government mm he
established with the First Chief hoi. link
the poaltlon of supreme authority In
Pact, within the past few days report
have leen current Unit owing to Car
ranaa'l succeases and defeats adminis
tered by him on the VdiUta faclion. the
First Chief nt last stands a fair chance
I of recognition hy the I'nlted States arsi
the other Towers.
I . a. May Helert I'lan.
other officials tske the Mew which
has been quite generally entertained In
Washington for some months, that Car
ranza under no circumstances will 1
reoognlied by this Government and that
the I'nlted Htates will reject the pro
posal for the creation of an Interna
tional commission to adjust claims
against Mexico
It is the understanding that the l'an
Amerlcan conference will assemble In
Ma Tork next week Th exact time
and place of the meeting have not yet
been decided upon However, the chances
'are that the meeting will la? held in
New York probably Tuesday or Wednes
n. -.ii Batata Listed.
The total value of the realty
appraisal filed with
T.i Appraiser Clark to-day la rlxe.l
at l!,61S,teO and the peraonal proparty
at 1441, 0l. Mr Wandal did not own an
automobile. His ftva hmsea sold for
S b r ami one catriaga fur only 130.
The hink dapoalta were as follows:
New York Life Insurance and Trust
Company, t(S,0M.Mj itank for Sav
ings, $S3l4s; Bank of New York.
f, 014.44 ; Natlonitl Huti tiers and
Drovers Itank, 4sBS74 ; In a vault In
the New Vork St. ick KxetiaiiKe Hull. ling.
11. 1''." in a sate at 1
1 73 So
The real estate panels
appraisal are:
l".3 lirnadway r
t Orand st n-ei
i . nraadway
i Weal liroadway
joi Wasi Broadway -
! Cnlumbui avenue.
24t. W.-ni Iiniiu1wa.v .
TO M aiden lane
II, Knllon street M4,M
400 Qraial slreet
07 lirand street 46.000
III Waal Fittlelh street iioti
g.v pearl street
;:i Kms-x sireet
pa West Forllrlh street u.isln
i' Heventh avenue. ,,, al.'iOO
III a statement Issued to-day the Villa
agency mukes a hitter attack upon the
statement made in l arranta's response
that he controls the major portion of
Mexico The Villa statement says In
"The provisional government of Mex
ico, through the confidential agency here,
will address a not,, shortly to the Pan
American conferees answer. ng the mare
of falsehoods, misrepresentation and in
consistency contained In Venustlano Car
ranis s reply to the appeal of six Ameri
can nations sent several weeks ago to
the Mexican people to compose their
"The first point In the Carrania note
requiring correction la his claim to terri
tory controlled by his for.es lie gen-
' ero usly eonaadaa to the conrantlon con
trol of the Plate! or i liiiiuauua aim
M..rei.. .ed a small part of Sonora. 11
has neglected to add. however, thai tic
State of Onxaca. large portions of tha
'he I states of Chinas. To!. . ci Julls ... Bin-
Tiansfer a0, Coahtltta and Sat. Lull Potoai ntcl
parts of the territories of I epec ami
l.ow.r California havo not been sub
jugated by his forces.
"As evidence of hi" lack of domination
of the country In- has not d irrd to mOVf
himself or his capital to M xlco city, hut
remains In Vera Cruz safely isolated
from danger of attack."
Ii road way-
listed In the
17 '-.I
l mie
by Hherlffs, pistees, rangers or soldiers
bands have broken up and recrossed Into
Mexico." .
.taenia tdmlt HpPM Was lAounried
In I'IkIii With I rblna.
Ki I'aso. Sept II. A report which
Smanatad from Miguel S.lla, Vllla'a sec
retary, to-day said that Villa and Gen.
Rudolfo FlelTO had b. en killed In a battle
with i ten. Tomas 1'rhlna and his follow
ers. This was later denied when Villa re
ture.l to .11 miner However, it was
admitted that Fierro was wounded twice
anil his force beaten off hy l'rhliiu. Villa
agents also declared that t'rblns wns
Villa moved against Crhlna In an
eftWrt, It la officially stated, to force
him lo surrender l,000,0t0 In loot,
which they charge 1'rbina selted be
fore lie decided to iUlt the Villa cause.
American! nrtiving frinn the south ray
it is generally known that I'rblna 0,1111
Villa because he saw that Villa's cause
is lost and that Villa, in a rage, moved
hia forces against 1'rbina for the purpose
of crushing him
Carmnaa officials expressed a belief
that there waa no rupiiSc (xtween
Villa and I'rhina. hut taat l'rbliia had
been sent west w th loot and Villa, on
pretence of moving nc trie- htm In bat
tle, waa trying to escape to the nioun
Ulins. lien. Kaoul Madero. one of the Villa
commanders recently defeated by Car
rania forces at raredon. ens! of Tor
no:., reached the border to-nlghl. having
quit the Villa forces. No explanation
of his presence on the twirder Is trlvcti.
Gen. Angeles, who crossed to M Paso
yesterday, presumably to go to Son ra
and take command of Maytorena-Vllla
forces, remains in KI Paso.
liipollto Villa. E. H Hromman and
the La I .!. ;., ,i,- :,. Cotniiany were to
day sued for HSO.Oon in the Sixty-fifth
District Court by the IVmpauia Miners
Jullega y Anexas de Almolnya of the
State of Chihuahua.
The petition claims that on Cctnher
31. 1(13. agents of the defendants took
possession of the plat: tiffs' mlies in the
Jlmlnaa district and aaiaad IM tons of
gold bearing ore and later worked the
mine for the ore output, taking a total
of llSO.OOt worth of ore
CorMrmation was received to-day of
the execution by Villa recently at Chi
huahua city of Sebastian Vargas. State
Treasurer of Chihuanua ; Aurelio Gon
7ales. State Secretary anal former Chi
huahua Govenmr. and Teline Gutierrex,
an tlier ex-tlovernor of Chihuahua. De
tails were contained In letters received
from Mrs Vargas, widow of one of
the victims
Villa, according to the letters, forced
the three to make wills beiiueathlng all
their property to him ard then ordered
their execution
Andreas OafCla. Carranza Consul In B1
Paso, was advised to-day by his chief
that no negotiations ha e been came.
on between the Carran.a faction an.l
any of tile lliierta faction, and furthtr
that h" was informed that ail Carrania
commanders on the border at Hrowns
trllla and tvrth of there have been noti
fied by the First Chief tt.at they will be
held atrictly accountable for any compli
cations arlalng with the American Qov
fMPaai as a result of any overt nets by
Carrania soldiers on the border.
It is declared that Carranza notified
tier. Nftfarrete. commander in Mata
rnorns. that carelessness and inattention
to troubles on trie border will twit be
countenanced. Similar notification has
been sent to Gen. Alfredo Rlcaut at
Nuevo Laredo.
United States military officials hers
t '-day were advised that at least 2,000
Mexicans have tied from the American
side of the lower Rio Grande Into Mex
ico, In fear of their lives, as a result
of the recent trouble there.
ISrnnii'a Trooaa Ilelvr Them
from Amssd Mexleo Illy.
Sprrlal fwMl pnlcn lo Tax Bus.
Mxxico CiTr, Hpet. ll.-r-It waa of
ficially announced to-night that a strong
force of Zapatistas, which had been
moving toward ttrla city for several
days, have met with a severe repulse
after a day of lighting a few miles
Following the defeat of the forces of
Gen. Zapata, the Carrwmlatas occupied
the towni of Topilejo, San Oregorlo. San
Mateo and I'lanigtillla. capturing large
number of prisoners and taking an Im
mense ijuaftlty of supplies. The Zapa
tistas, It Is said, were in full retreat
Inward the mountains lying south of the
Gen Pablo Oonsnlee, military Gov
ernor of the Federal district, telegraphed
fJait, Carrnnia to-day. congratulating;
him for his stand in rejecting the pro
posals of th Pan-American Conference
and praising the First Chief for his
I ftrm-.ss, energy and patriotism
I Gen. Gonzales renewed his adhesion
I to the cause of Carrnnia and off. red
i th services of himself and the forces
I under his 00 Bl ma fid In the event of an
inrmed his command with outside Pow
ers. He addeil that he would personally
preside at the Independence Dsy festlvd
lltta which will he held in the cipltal
I on September IS It Is expected that
I Carranza will arrive In Mexico City a
day or so later, when Gen Gonzales
I with the greater nrt of hip for. s will
I in..ve north to Join in the campaign
laxalnst Villa.
The stat' ment wis made to-day that
I Gen Candida Agullar w ith a powerful
force ta clearing the Mexican railway of
' roving hands of Zpat!ataa. preparatory
J to the Journey of the First fill, f from
i Vera Cruz.
I K. Pan!, ireneral m.vtngcr of the Con
stitutionalist railways, says that the
. entire office force is now I: Mexico City
and will remain there lie is bending nil
his rfforta toward normalizing and ex
tending th- trait! so as to bring In a
greater supply of fo.ulstuffs.
The shooting of 1 number of counter
feiters has met with th.- approval of the
general public, who have frown weary
of worthless bills and who believe that
the severe measures wei Justified for
the sake of I. ringing about monetary
who they daclar would kill them. Gen.
Nafarrete at Matamoros declares that
3.000 Mexican women have appealed to
him for aid, saying that rangers have
killed their buabands, who ware peaceful
Three Mexicans were killed In lighting
with citizens In the Delflra community
to-day, according to reports reaching
Villa General Fleea to 1'. B.
DPI Rio, Tex , Sept. II. Oen. Hllva, a
Villa leader, sentenced to death by a
court-martial of fill own loldleri at
I .as Vac as. opposite here, escaped and
reached here to-day. He waa aantanced
following a mutiny of troops, headed by
Col Fills, who declared for Carrania.
Two Seriously Injurcil When Aa-
phalt glides 1 aider Traeka.
A chunk of aaphalt slid under
crowded Third and Amsterdam avenue
trolley car at Third avenue and 104th
street yesterday when the car was go
ing at top speed. The fifty pasaengera
were hurled to the forward end of the
car when it Jumped the tracks and
plunged Into an elevated pillar.
Hardly any one escaped without cuts
or other Injuries. Two were taken lo
the Iteceptlon Hospital, while thirteen
were treated In the Kaat 101th street
police station.
The pavement is being patched where
the aaphalt iiad become warped and
workmen were digging out the holes
close to the tracks when the car came
! along. When a large piece of the waste
I paving slid under the trucks the wheels
j were thrown off the tracks and the ear
'skidded, iirlklng a pillar with tremen
' dons for e.
I The two perosns taken to the hos
i pital were M.ix Wald, fil. a tailor of
1 102 Convent avenue, who suffered a
broken right arm and Internal Injuries.
and Mrs. St ilea Klmpl, 44, of 1414
i Second avenue, whose nun, was broken
Ilia-May torena 1'orees Oriented
NoOAi.ts, Arli. Sept. II Carranza
' cavalry under Gen Rilai Catlaa, which
is Invagttnpj NogaUa, Sonora. engaged a
i detachment of the VlllaMaytorena army
' to-day six mllei east of here and half
u mile from the hord'r It was estimated
that I, a4 men were engaaed.
The Villa troops were under Gen. I'r-
dale Jo, a Yaqul rhlef The Vllla-May-j
torena for. es was driven back toward
! Nogales
, llonae Nnr Mtnlon, Tel., Wn
lleadqtiarfrr of HanrilfH.
! Oai.vkhton. S'tt 11 -Mori thHn l.ftOO
j rl fl' H and 5.00ft rnumlji nf ammunition
' wi-if ttikt'n Prom a hoiir orcupled by
! Mexican tn ttS Minmn AlttliOt lo-day
I i j,.. 'acv officer
l An old Mexican woman n,n In l'harr'
j of the house, which It believed to have
i bi-en headnuHrttTB for bandlti oprmtlnf
In that Bectton. She riciare1 tti.it nhe
know-, nothing of how the anna and
I ammunition came to the hnme. Shi
admitted that bnnd of Mexican" had
conferred at the house.
J Kully 3,""0 Mt'x icane. mnetly wmen
and ( hiMren. hav lied ACrOM the Rio
Or.itide durtnic th pMl week, acrorditipr
i to recordx kit ;tt vanoua cronnlnc.
I Many of thes. Mexicane hV left thnr
cropn and hOUMhotd 004l iti efforts to
I OOCaVpt from the mnxeia and cltlzena,
Series of Lecture to He QlWgP al
rw tork i alraaaitpa
How women slice d, and why. will be
explained In a series of lectures to be
given at the New Vork I'nlverslty next
I winter under the cooperation of fifty
women of various professions. The
! rang., of occupations covered Is wide
The programme is aa follows:
Baptnmbar "The Woman Govern-
ment," Mrs. ChariOttO Parking Gllman .
October fi. "Woman's Place In Kcnnom-
lea To-day." Miss Juliet I'oyntx ; October
. in. "The Theory and Practice of Bual
ness." Joseph Kreni h Johnson, dean of
the School of Commerce, New York I'nl-
versity ; October II, "Office Work as a
Foundation for Secretarial Positions."
Kleannr Gilbert : "Precepts and Princi
ples for rhe Business Woman." Mlas
Mary flnow. Intercollegiate Bureau of
Occupations ; November 0. "Selllna and
Buying." Miss Marie I.tttle. Kqultable
Life Assurance Society. "Retail Sell
ing." Mrs I.uclnda Trlnce, Pnlon
School of Salesmanship ; November 14.
"I'lothes." Mrs Belle Armstrong Whit
ney ; November 23, "Organliatlon," Miss
Mary lirier and Mrs. Henry Moskowlts.
November 10. "Arts and i 'rafts," Lady
Imff Gordon ; "Iecora0ve Art." Mra.
Hipley Hitchcock . "Photography," Mlas
Frances Benjamin Johnston ; Iiecember
7. "Architecture and Interior Decora
lion." Miss Fay Kellng and Mrs. Mary
Linton Ackernian ; December 11 "Jour
nalism." Mrs Dorothy Dig; De.ember
21, "Journalism." Miss Kdlth Brownell ,
January 1, "Advertising and Soliciting."
Mlsa Nancy M.i'lelland. Miss Anne
Kdgerly and Miss Barbour Walker
January 11. "Recent legislation for
Women.' Mrs Irene Osgood Andrews.
Fetriniry I. "Th. Study of Fooda,"
Miss Laura Catlble ; February 4. "The
Profession of Homemaklng," Mrs. chrla
tine BTadarlOk j February 15, "Women
and the Community," Mrs. Mary Bitter
roker's stnkrs fur lleil roaa.
LONOON, Aug 10. Word comes from
r re land that Richard t'roker has de
cided to hand over -.ill the stakes won
by his horses this season to the funds
of the British Bed Trose Society.
Seeking llurrta'a 'd.
"Carrnnia's chgrga that Gen Villa Is
reactionary sounds strange in VlBW of
the fact that he has Just invited ex
Fderals to Join his OBUag and has made
overtures In many other ways to the
old Huertn element In ilrta .lesei-aliou
to obtnin aid for conducting his war
ag.ilnst the efforts to establish a gov-
lt.444 1 arnmant truly for the paepla 'f Mexic
14 irl
If Gen. Carrania sincere y wlahiw to
I retore the constttut MrsM order why
does he not proclaim as President Vus
I quel Tagle. who la DOW in t'nrrania
I territory and who aa tha rnnk n mem
I bar of the Madero Cabinet is tha leglti-
it.ixsi mate successor to the Presidency?"
43. WW I ilmr. leiotnn lr...C v pai.oi Ii .I In the
War Department that he Is now In full
Irf. Srv. Hilt avenue
..i lerenlh avenue
4. Bond street.
7 William street ....
49 Ann -'reel
fit Ann strct
M uden imif , .
73 M ilnlell Isiie . .
7.. Maul. -it lane i-j. no:
IT!' Waal slis-et 11.500
H,40 control of the border s tuatlon. U
JLH ! stated that with the forces under hlj
i iiio ' command he Is In n posit. on to control
at fan I the entire lllo Grande front from LaredfJ
30.000 to the Gulf. He mid :
UMBI , ..t H behaved th.it wlih the forces
ntPW ill my pmnissmi u w.n o- jiussnne
111 the course r a short time larg. ...
B si r'ni .ir" t " " "'" Pr,v,nl BeHWtlaa
i Avenue ii llM ' arm ad ban da who may i' either ma
lt Avenue i iilum rttudltig bunds from Mexi.iau side oi
AVemU I).. Ilo.i i ,.,,,l. ,,n.l horse thfavaa fv.,i,i Atneel.
can' side.
"It Is well esiahlished tint herWofore
I many Individuals composing bandit
hands who have given us go much
trXMebli have bean made up of persona
crossing from Mexican sld.- and getting
arms frani concealed stores on Amcrlixm
aide and have then started on raids
When pursued and hard pressed either
71 Avenue u 11.400
It Avenue U WOOD
II Avenue II 1 l.5no
1 Avenue i) 2.''00
41 Avenue 1) 11000
J Avenue D linen
W Avenue U , H.rsHi
144 'ir.iiid street lllnoo
ill Third Bvenue isud 111 (iranil slrei ti llllou
HI I'eiure street 4l.fUW
VjM'U Hevrtilh avenue lfs.'oiio
iit seventh avenue :oini
114 eventli avenue inlooo
7n;l Hrnuilway SR. 000
7"'. Broadway m!ooo
One half interest in 1M Itrondwuv 117 Ron
Mr llahell refused to
of Mr
atat. ii. .-nt
Compirollor'a olAt
made before Mr f
estate of the lute
oinmrnt on the
Fenno, for the state
. that a light will be '
lark to tax the entire !
Mr Wendel inclusive
of the bulk alleged to have t n trani-
ferred to the sisters prior to his death
Decisions In the Surrogates' CoiirtB,
however, upheld the states contention
tlutt the million! transferred to Mr
Wendcl's sisters may be taxable, it i
held that the Stat.- inuat prove that the
property was transferred in anticipation
of death. Mr. Wandal was sn yea re old
when In- died and was suffering from n
atroka of paralyala when he left New
Tork agrly In November, the month in
which he died.
$4. IIIMI, Olio System of Pan Bag Tried
Out at Philadelphia.
pHIUtoatiPWA, Sept 11. -The new
14,000,90 electric aysiem on the main
line of the Pennsylvania Railroad was
put Into olienitlon to-d iy. the first elec-
itic train leaving Paoll and arriving at
the Broad Wtr.- t Station thiee-nuurters
or un hour later, after stopping t every
atuilnii along the route.
The first actual test of the system,
Which hilg taken more than two yeare to
pomtmot, was entirely successful. Ho
gUlqkly and easily dtd the train pick up
siiec,i i ,,t it reached I be stations en
mule ahead of lime and had to wait
from fifteen to thirty second! before
glarting again.
( Tne train took only about three mill
itee to make the run from Weat Phila
delphia lo Broad Slleel Siatlun.
p '"p c
Advertising w
Managers I
We have Published a book
let called "Something Dif
ferent." It' Is thouaht bv
some to be the best example
of the NEW ART applied to
advertlsinft that has thus
far appeared In this country.
We will gladly send you a
copy. No charge.
OatUaara. Cnaravara and Prlaiere
207-217 West 25th Strict
Hampton Furniture
of Pleasing Personality
THF.RE is, about our
Hampton Reproduc
tions, a quality more
easily perceptible than defin
able, which gives to each a dis
tinctive personality ot its own.
Partly due, perhaps, to the
discriminating selection, as
models, of the masterpieces of
the past, partly to the crafts
manlike integrity with which
they are fashioned, this is the
quality that makes them as
securely at home in the lofty
Reception Rooms of the state
ly Mansion as in the feminine
Boudoir or masculine Den oi
the more modest home.
At the Sign of the Triangle
"Raymond Hitchcock, Douglas Fairbanks,
Dustin Farnum, Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett,
Fred Mace, all in one bill"
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wnai son oi a coniumawuii i uian aisivcu 4a
man who read the Triangle announcement last
week. "Just look at this," he continued. " 'Frank
Keenan, Eddie Foy, Lillian Gish, Rozsika Dolly,
Wilfred Lucas in another bill; Billie Burke, Bruce
MacRae, Helen Ware, Tully Marshall, Joe Weber,
Lew Fields in a third entertainment,' and so on.
What are they trying to do? Mix up the tragedians
and the comedians, the buffoons and the farceurs,
the light sentimental and the historical-pastoral,
the twinkletoes of musical comedy and tbe reverie
of the thinker?"
for the opening of its new policy at the Knicker
bocker Theatre, New York, beginning Thursday
evening, September 23rd, is not trying to jumble
the talents of its many stars nor the diverse plays
which it.will present.
Let us illustrate what is being done by a glance
at stage history:
In the golden days when Kemble and Kean,
Macready and Mathews illumined the stage, pa
trons repaired to Covent Garden or Drury Lane
early in the evening. The bill was introduced by a
curtain raiser. There followed at about 8.30 P. M.
the piece de resistance of the evening an elabo
rate drama, some masterpiece of Shakespeare or
Sheridan or Knowles. Then a merry farce or a light
afterpiece closed the varied entertainment of the
Nobody thought the bill too long, because every one was
privileged to see as much or as little of it as he wanted to.
The fops in their sedan chairs came from White's or Al
mack's to while away a couple of hours looking at Edmund
Kean as Shylock or the Moor. Milady left the dance or the
drawing room to appear at 11 o'clock and laugh at the farce.
Diverse forms of art do not interfere with each other
when shown separately and not rudely commingled in any
one play. The experienced theatregoer loves them all. In
the golden days all were offered to everybodv practically
nightly. Among the many misfortunes incidental to the de
cline of stage art is this falling away from old ideals. One
play, one metier at a single theatre has become the rule.
TRIANGLE PLAYS will change all that. In a single
evening patrons will be able to see :
A matinee favorite like Dustin Farnum in a great love
play (this time an Alaskan story entitled "The Iron Strain").
The quaint and satiric comedian Ravmond Hitchcock
in an uproarious farce, "My Valet" (like those famous things
that Charles Mathews did), supported by Mabel Normand
Mack Sennett and Fred Mace.
Douglas Fairbanks, most energetic of youthful heroes,
in "The Lamb," a wonderful adventure story of the South
west and of Mexico.
Each of the three entertainments, complete in itself;
each in a different key; the three harmonizing with each
other, so that gay succeeds grave, and laughter follows tears.
And so with the combinations of the later weeks. Roz
sika Dolly will dance her way into the hearts of admirers in
a Bohemian play the same night that at another hour Frank
Keenan will reveal the strong emotionalism of "The
Coward," or that Eddie Foy will contribute his innumerable
japes to the exploiting of "A Favorite Fool."
Still again, Rillie Burke is to shine in Scottish comedy
on an evening when Tully Marshall will also be seen in a
great crook drama, and later, Weber and Fields in some of
their characteristic antics. It will be fine to have the roman
ticism of Orrin Johnson in "D'Artagnan" as a foil to the
humors of De Wolf Hopper as "Mr. Pickwick" - the tragic
mastery of Mae Marsh to set off the clever detective cunninu
of John Emerson or the intrigue of Frank Campeau.
The stage should mirror life. For the first time in recent
stage history it seems to be reverting to its function of por
traying life in the large.
And it is the motion picture art. the screen art which h
achieving this. Griffith, Sennett, and Ince are returning to
one of the finest dramatic fashions of the world the fashion
of giving us interpretation of not one but many sides of life
in a single evening.
That fashion prevailed in the English and European
playhouses a hundred years ago; on the stage of the Grand
Monarque of France two hundred years ago; in the spacious
time of great Elizabeth more than three hundred vears &rn
THURSDAY EVENING, SEPT. 23d, is the time wWn theie
new plans of TRIANGLE FILM CORPORATION are to be
first realized.

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