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society or association to express, their
IMMNIM of thin unpatriotic and pro- I
Mililwh scheme, and earnestly to appenl
to th. President of the 1'nlted rttatcs
and the Beoret.ry of S4ate to thwart thin
evil ,-nnspiraey ; conspiracy wttlc,h I
WOttld rob the American Mopli of the.
money wherewith It can alone dOVOtOf) ,
the natural resources of our land. In
crease our Indus, i lea and extend our
own commerce in i-oss the eras, Improve
our m.nita of Internal trannsirttlon and I
aid our agriculture.
"I call uon i very true American to
rrite to every financial Institution In)
which ha hiia deposited money, protest-
tug against the use of his money for the
proposed Anglo-French 11,000,000,004
loan. C, J. HuAMtR. "
In addition to this moeeagc. r. Il.xii- '
mer aald ha would later nclvlse every '
bank depositor to withdraw all the j
nwmajr he does not actually need and in
vee It In United Ktatee securities, Wtute
MM municipal bonis, fltst olaatt piablic
utlllthe and industrial bond.
Cirorff W . Norrl" rnmnirnt on llr.
iifn i Protrat.
I'mii.ai.ki I'HIA, Hept. 15. George W
Norria. well known hanker, former .11-
' . .t- . .
rector oi me urWuni o, "
Docks and Ferries, director of the Fed- " Artmln
eral Reaerve Hank of Philadelphia man- j problem to the ash ng. A dtnln
agar of the Beneficial Saving. Fund of tatratlon. Of course If natl on 1 or Stat.
Philadelphia and a director of the Phil- , " " .?! ,n h
- - - - , .
., i. , i ,
protest aga.nst the pi oposed billion dot- ! Private bankera I do not see why the
lar loan to tha Alllaa. national ijovcrnment should become tn-
"Dr. Hexamer Is probably within his volved in any way.
rlghu In asking c.tlaana to appeal to 'Germany would have no cause for
the President and the Hecrelary of State ! oomplaJnt. Should she make one wa
to 'thwart the loan,1 " said Mr Norrls. ) could logl-iajly give her tha earn anawer
"but when he ask banking depositors 1 as In the matter of selling munltlona of
Wo (protest against their money bo.ng war to the Allies. We as Individuals
used.' he Is doing what In ioint of are willing to make a loan to Germany
ethics Is exactly on a par with the ef- I under acceptable tcrnn. Just aa we are
forts occasionally made by large adver- willing to loan to the Alllea under aim
tlaara to control the policy of news- liar conditions."
papers or the periodical efforts or a , Mr. Bonaparte aMd that any effort to
certain class of polltloans to Influence keep a group of workmen from their
tha political action of bank officers by ; employment In a factory might be pun
Lhre.u of Injury to the business of their i lahable under the Hherman law aa a
institutions. j conspiracy In reatralnt of trade. He
"From the patriotic point of view, said no Ambassador had a right to tn
Dr. Hexamer is endeavoring to prevent i terfere In any way. and the moment
the profitable use of the accumulating i that he did his recall ahould be de
surplua capital of this country In da. ! nmnded.
veloplng buslnesa with customers who I
want to buy our cotton, grain, meats.; TrVAv r, jr nrrmr
woollen goods, shoes ami other maim- lbAACi .SViiS fG BLUFF.
featured products In large quantities. I
tt.is is on a par with the efforts of
-nuniriHii AJiioassaiinr to ripple our
Industries. We had a remedy against
the Ambaaaador, but 1 do not know
whether the law affords anv remedy
against Dr Hexamer."
Waahlagton Hrarrta Action hy
tirrmane t onrrriilng kaMMia
Washinoton, Sent. 15 Adminiktra-
tlon offlctuls are ohsarvlng carefully the
Mtuatlon that la developing throughout
tha country a result of the negotia-1
uvn in -ow iora loosing to me not a-.
Ing more or less than a necessary ex-
psdlent for meeting obligations already
incurred, or about to be incurred, In
this country by France and Gnat Brit
ain. Without tuthorltr.
The Federal Government has no au
thority In law to interfere with th.
loan negotiations, it Is pointed out. It
has not been approached by the bank
ers, and It does not expect to be ap
proached. The Administration would
not formally approve of the loan, but
nolther will it seek to prevent It.
Moreover, ofncials are hopeful that
th. G.rman 'iovernment will not lodge
a protest against the loan. It has been
asserted by one In position to speik
with some authority regarding German
policy rat the German Government
reeognlx. . the fact that the pending
transaction Is subsequent lo the floating
of a comparatively small G.rman loan
In ths 1'nlted States. Furthermore. It
has been asserted by this person that
at the moment the German people are
not agitated over the American trade
in war munitions to the extent thc.it
Wi.y were some months ago.
Intimations have come from Herlin
recently that tne German Government
Itself was positively discouraging tl
rsdes against the United States on thla
spbj. t as being out of harmonv with
t efforts of the Foreign Office to
adjust timicably the pending serious
dlfnculty with the United States grow
ing out of the submarine Issue.
It Is recognised, however, that If (ier
many chooses to be disagreeable In this
matter, as she has In regard to some
other Issue In the past, It will have
no difficulty in doing so. A protest
against the loan would meet with a re
sponse from Washington as llrm and
vigorous as the poles t,, Heilm and Vi
enna defending the legitimacy ,, the
AjBorican irude In wsr munitions.
vouid ioid rrletloa.
im penning man irmnggoUpn is regard.
ed here as largely an outgrowth of the
munitions trade, being chl.fty s. plan for
paying the bills contracted or about to
b. contracted by l-Jngland and France in
thl. trade. Jt is felt hare, therefore, that
having birn completely answeied on the
uuestlon of munitions trado. neither tier
mauiy nor Aut-ina Is exactly in g position
to protest against the loan unless it is
indifferent to the maintenance of friendly
relations with the 1'nlled States.
Th. Administration Is now satisfied
that whatever the attitude of Berlin may
bays been In the past, it Is not now
aazloua to have any further cause for
friction with Washington.
Nevertheless ottlclsls here are hoping
that the agitation reported from Various
tUrtre with regard to the pending
transaction will soon die down. It Is
appreciated here that it containa til.
possibility of stirring up more trouble.
Nevertheless the Administration Is pre
pared to stand firm for what It considers
His right, of American business as well
us for th. rights of Americans on Brit
ish ships traversing the high seas.
Say. ermans Have No i ausr for
l.oun I oniplalut,
Boston, Hept. 14. Charles J Buna
part., former Attorney-General of th.
United stater, In an interview here to
day aald Germany has no cause for com
plaint If tile Allies get a loan of 81.
nOO.000,000 from hankers as Individuals,
provided the national and State banks
do not psrtlclfiate The former Atlorney
Genera) aud Mrs Hon i pari,- sre return
tag from a mi at Ion trip New Bruns
wick. "1 can see no leajon why," Mr. Ilona-
... . ' 1 . VW I I If I I ..C
Jon of a huge Anglo-Krenc-h credit loun. Local bankers and brokers said the
Not being In any way a participant . threat to boycott American trade is a
in the loan negotiations, the chief In-j huge bluff and that the allied countries
t.resi of the Oovcrnmetit In the aitun- cannot do without American products.
tlon is In such effect aa it may luiva I
upon the relations beieen the Tnited j r-1 m I r r a T I n A TiTinxrc'
States and Osrtnany. fonseguently the CACiVA A 1 I LAUHUNb.
agitation which, accord. ni; to reports,
pro-Oermans are fomenting in banking Views t oncernlna l oan Based
circles throughout the countrv is
trUaed In Washington with much regret I Largely on ollstrral.
euid some concern. Cincinnati. Ohio, Hept. 18 Th.
It is regarded aa unfortunate that I r'rrtc Preeee, Uerman. saya editorially:
new fuel should be added to the llresj"The attempt of the Hrltlah-Krsneh
of partisanship In this country Just as commission to borrow this huge aum
there seems to he a prospect of clearing; without any collateral appears almost
away the obstacles which Hand In the, insolent when considered In the light of
ally of a settlement of the submarine the fact that for some time Oreat Brit
oontroversy with Germany. I .nn lias refused to open credits for her
The attitude of the Administration ' alllea except agaluat good security !n
toward the loan is absolutely d finite the form of collsteral or gold aa high
and nxed. The President and his ad- as one-third of the amount of the loan.
vUsars ae. In the negotiations nothing , "When France some time ago ur
which they haie powor o prevent, and 1 gently needed cash to pay some of her
nothing against which they should seek j British creditors tirsat Britain only
to exercise a restraining influence They j advanced the necessary amount aft.i
ragwrd the pending transaction as notli- : France had shipped from her gold re-
Indebtedness of warring nation at the preaent time and what they
owed prior to the outbreak of hostilities:
Croat Britain '11,111,441.111 Oreat Britain $1,581, 44 106
France tM30, 500.000 France 0,510.000.000
Rnswla t'" in .i ,8. KSt Ruaala 4,421.858.8.84
Italy I.176.0S9.4S0 lUly 2.774.089.420
.lapan 1,296.984,870 Japan 1.246,984.870
Total national debt
larger Alllea $0.428.76.I7 Total 118,517,875,279
Premier Asqulth yeterday In-
formeil the Houee of Commons that
he desired an additional credit of
$1,150,000,000, making total Indebted-
nesa of Omit Brltuln since beginning
of war of $6,164,000,010, with a total
national debt of $10,681,442,104,
tFrnnce will vota additional credits
of $1,220,000,000, making total In-
debtedness Incurred by Franca alnce
i Dane aald
'the visit of the foreign
1 , .' AwM .nt . aerl
i I loan
that would be
ii'iii!i oi If the loan la arranged by
, leathern
Rankers Kxgreea Vie a
No! Favorable to Loaa,
Oalveston. Texas. Hept. 14, Tele
grams received from various Southern
bankers of the local clearing houae as
sociation to-day, aald that under present
conditions and on the terms offered by
the allied Governments, a billion dollar
loan would not
be countenanced by
One clearing house association aald
American hankers have no moral right
to put up money to buy munitions of
, war for England and France when It Is
I needed to finance crop movements here,
Another banker aald : "Beggars should
not be choosers
erve a certain amount of the yellow
metal to Ixmdon as security. It would
therefore lie well to be on guard mgainst
any allied financial confidence game."
"The banking li oUtUttoae of thJ.c
i uuntry should exercise every precau
tion when it comes to participating in
tl-e projiosetl loan." said Henry Alberts,
secretary Of the German-American AMI
Knee, to-day.
"Although the local alliance has not
taken any steps In the way of warning
banks not to t ike part In the proposed
loan now lielng worked out by repre
sentatives of the Allies the matter has
been discussed. The oui silon is. can
the Allies put up the proMr collateral
to safeguard the banks' Should the
war be prolonged and England gc
heavily in debt, will she be able lo meet
"Kor .hi. reason I believe that btWke I
otiid lverycarefu. In lending money
id see bat the Interests of their de
and see ithat the
liosilors are protected."
Ilankere Practically I nanlmous
Against Proposed Loan.
CLBVgLAMD. Ohio. Hept. li. Uenial,
practically unanimous, was made by
Cleveland bnk to-dav of anv Intention i
" .
dollar loan to the Allies
One bank, the United Hanking and
Savings Company, which has 20,000 for
eign depositors, went so far as to post
this sign In Its banking rooms:
"This bank is not in any way Iden
tified with and does not participate in
any Kuropean bonda or loans
, ciiicip...! ..,o,- ... ........
Henry W. R Wood, preside,,, of th. :
bank, said his mm was to allay fears uf
depositors with pronounced war syinpa-
' i
Hues that their savings were to be used !
. u. i .. .h.i,
countrh s
titlier Cleveland banks, it is under
stood, plan to post similar notices, par
ticularly in their branch banks, which
do business largely with foreigners.
Milwaukee r.rrmana Taking steps
lo Thivart l.oun.
Mii.wai krk. Wis , Hept. 15. Milwau
kee bankera to-day discovered that G.r
man depositors are appareutlyrep.r
Ing to circumvent any plans to uae their
deposits for the flotation of a billion dol
lar loan to the Alllea hy withdrawing
considerable sums, demanding gold for
their a counts, ntid It Is presumed that
this gold Is being put In safe deposit
boxes and thus hoarded
Three Milwaukee Germans of consid
erable prominence announced to-day
that they had been taking the first
steps to save their depaslte from pos
sible depredation by calling for gold
payments. One obtained 11,000 mid the
other two $2,000 eich. The bankera
however, adiiiH that this action Is much
more prevalent than haa been supposed,
aud they are already considering plans
for a refusal to permit gold to be with
drawn from deposit acrounts when It la
suspected that It la for boarding.
The Qermani who have been with
drawing deposits In gold ndmlt that
they hope by this cour. to prevent th.
success of the loan, by reduction of
the bunking reserve.
t apl. Mven Ueis Military Cross.
."sens; Cahlt Dupalrh In Tint Si ,
I. .NI.ON. Hept II. TtM Official On
zr'lr announces the decoration with the
military eroa of Capt Hugh Wllderspln
Mien of ihe "CI, cms Pale' and thr
according ..f Ihe distinguish.-1 conduct
medal to Co p j 3 pyni, naval Cana
dian I "lag "l i
beginning of war I4.S4O.S0O.000. hrlnir-
Ing total natloiml Indebtedness of
Franea Up to 110.750.500.000.
tltussla has announced that she
needs $1,600,000,000 more to carry
throtiith the war'e expenditures for
the remainder of the year. Thla will
make Itula's Indebtedness since Ve-
ginning of war $8,920,500,000 and bring
her national debt up to $8,342,358,884.
Letters Sent to Envoys Cause!
Police to Take I'uusual
After two day of visiting In the
financial district In which they hava
sounded the views of many New Tork
and out of town financiers, the members
of tha Anglo-French mtaalon met s
number of prominent bunkers at tha
Hotel Blltmore last evening.
Because of threatening letter re
ceived and the fear of a demonstration
the meeting was conducted with the
greatest secrec.v. The men who mat
the foreign visitors arrived at the hotel
before 6 o'clock singly and a ere shot
up to the apartments on the elghleentn
floor without delay.
Efforis t0 learn who were there were
unavailing, onlv namea such as those
I llf j p Morgan and H P Davison be-
coming known. The only word to
come down from the floor wast that the
members of tne mission would lie en
gaged until 11:30 o'clock aud after
Hut would retire
Krom other sources It ataa . , rc ,1
that n general feeling of optimism pre-
valla on that particular floor of th.
hot.l. Not only have the responaes
..vo. ..r,u. ,rc. c.1 IRS Sir VWWtt
moat satisfactory, but from groups
from ahloh it was thought the strong.
est opposition would develop h ive com.
Insteed fsvorable assurances.
. . r . . . iiii...
n reptesrniativa or one or tnsse
. . .1
ance yeeterday which was reported to,
th. mlaelon. He geld tha, I, 1, em,. ,
nently desirable thii Ihe arrangement
be carried out; that it la proper that
It ehould he consummated. He added
enr,, M.ltv.uJ i, ...... -
Ih.i he tli.iiivlil It m 111-. ,lutv r.f
one In the country to strive for Its ac
inin mail cc BiieKKlli. cnreccil aoout
the loan. He would not commit hla
own firm, but 1. a'aa argued that he
was speaking for it. and that his wonls
meant that for the sake of American
farmers and manufacturers, all ier-
sonai interests wouin tie tain aside.
There were reports that there might
be some dlerusalon or much discussion,
betw.-en the visitors and American flna...
ZuJH T memher '," ,",,"", "' i ' Sli
lateral. A me'nher or the mission sail
yesterday thai he and his colleagues con-
elder that a loan will he amply secured
by the good name and nromtae of the I
llritlah and French Governments. Xatu-
rally, he eald. an exterior loan of thla
character will have i.rlorltv over domes.
t(, loans It ahould be considered a good
Investment. He said the mission is not
bound to acc.pt anv lerms that may he
ttfrr. and unless thai- set what rh.v
1 .ZlX"'11
H.a'a.Cll re.
-i.,,. ,h. u. ...... , .,..,', I
piled that If Prance and Knglund them
selves are not good for the loan eer.
tainly their collateral is not.
Movements nnardeat.
The movemeute of the members of
the mission yesterday were carefully
guarded. Their meetings at the Now 1
York Clearing House hsve hen, con-
...fllul mnA 11,.,. . . . . ...
::r. . T '.'"". -rung US-I
Ill l or il'.viila ilAlen vai ! i . . ..
... . ... cii.ii iihk iciiM iiiain. i
Thi. le bec.uee of th. many threatening
letters wnicn nave come to them. The I
lettera written urlnclnallv In Kn-I .h
but in a foreign hand, run the wale from i
protMts to threats of violent death
Th. various membere of the tnlaeion
do not e these cummurilcatlons, all be
, ... , . . . a7
'7th'bh' Zer
Of the.in was turned over to l'ollc Com.
miaslon.r Woods and other, are to go ,
... ii.. ...... ..MC... .,c .l.c mi.- ....
i .. ... V """ ' ns leners
nT rnsuiceu in
suggestions that thei
commissioner, do not pick out ., meat-
ing place or travel In a botly. When
any on. of them go, out now he has
aa out ..... ... I...
i is own spyci.il bodyguard.
Although publicity of the fad that
I .!. 1.,,... ,
cm,!, .,il.c. at. .,11, i. ...
,ed,...,.,.au II i "L."::'"
the Teehleminded " Sgiirtou.. u 'a
it oe a now 11 tnat there can he no stated'
! IP?.??" ' he mission
ere neither frightened nor deterred from
going about their business
lllll to Take I nor Ulnck.
a prominent hanker who la in c)oe I were the prevlnua ehlpmente. It le
touch with James J. Hill said yegter- ' rumored that the reported shipment
day that Mr. Hill has pledged himself to amounts to about $5,',, 000, 000 In gold and
take a large block of the Brltlaii short securities, of which J18.r,00,000 is gold
term bonds. He added that Mr. Kilt ! Should this prove true, It would make
also hus promised that the banking In-! $186,000,000 gold and aeouritlea, which
etltutloiui and other Inve.tlt g enter-1 have been brought to thie country direct
prtOOa with which he is connected , from llngl.nd. of whloh .bout $58,500,
throughout the West would l ike their I 000 waa In gold
hare. He "aid hla advices from that I Sterling exchange rates were rtrmer
that interest in the loan would Increase
as tne rarmers came to know the Im
portance of It to their m.t.rial wel
fare. New York banker., almost without
rxcuptioil. I Kill. I., led to .stale ,-,ln,!,u
that .heir out of town correspondents,
exoapt in the alio a G.rman communi
ties, continu. to writ. In fur Informa
tion, all adding that they desire to par
ticipate tn th. loan
Interest In the attitude of banking
lo ns. s of Gerin.in origin continued yes
terday, hut the flnartclal district ap
peared ociivlnced that these great inati
tutlon will Join In th. plan. Hlr Krnest
t 'asset, known at one time as ihe Hnan
nlM repreeentatlvr of King Kdwnrd VII..
member of a powerful Hrltlah l-oiise,
mile,! nn Jacob H Mehtff. Ml Hehln'
ind Sir Krneel are lirelong fi lende. It
waa Mid afterward, and ui call wae
otlrely eoc'lal.
Prlit of Rolliflforontfl Has
GroWn Hint Much Since
Hostilities Ilciran.
Figures compiled from the latest avail
able official reports of the belligerent na
tions Indicate that their present national
indebtedness has reached a total of $42,
114,141,114, an Increase of $I8.0M,999,
10'i over the-flgures previous to the war
The Indebtedness of Ilelglum. Serbia
and Montenegro previous to war:
Montenegro . . ,
$741,881. 813
131.11 1.200
i :.o.ooo
Tutsi 1114,448,411
Figures as to the Indebtedness of the
three, above nations Incurred since the
war are not obtainable, but It II esti
mated that France and England have
made to them advances aggregating
National Indebtedness of Individual
Allies Incurred since the beginning of the
war :
(treat Brltala.
iVts at . or I 7 per etnt.
bests $1.H.4M6
' ut too itntnua) or i ;
per cent, hssls
Treasury hi. In n IS to
i. 000.000. 000
3tt 700,000.000
:l per rent tlvt year Ex-
he.pjr notes Mt.OOO.OOO
I'l pei rent t'ansdlan. ten
e&r .nan 25. 000. Ooo
Total $1,714,000 000
National defence tvmde at
T-JlurlJ -i,','?
450 000,000
l.:40. 000.000
f HVun.-t advance
gf i per cents. lm
to. ooo.ooo
One year I per cents.
York "77
Bank credit New York
' West I per rent lon
J4,on,l i per cent. Inter 11.1 :
SS7.50O 000
Third :
per r.n1 Internal
HI 0(l0 (j,,
Exterior, 4 per rem
1 rcMt irv bills . ...
Joint Rngiteh I n 1 H
Bank crecUt, New York
$::. 100. not
4 44 prr ceat.
Flr! lean
hssli . . .
1700. OOt. 000
700.000 000
Mew loan c in progrtol
ins ted
ii. i ...i. i " -
. , J ,
French and Kng.lth i.dvsnces
ir.ilmaied. 178 000 000
j Tr,ur) no. and ilTvancea
J0 000,000
Tntst mlses lanenui $1V000.o0i)
araad total, i ... i mam II I Hi. ooo.ooo
I rmmmai nntrvattl. ISUSSl KVJSSa
t ., ' ,. .' . ......
litrinsni loo,ftss.i,oe
1 Am tri, Hungsn i 7 7 75 7
I Turl" 5 I.'J .OO 000
1 -
Teta, in 111,340,84$
............ ..,
Germany $i.:a.:.o.ie.i
c A cot rt a - H unta ry 8,871.748,7$$
tut... ' F. u I o D n i . n ,1 . . CI n 1 1 1
Total 48,803,840.444
Sli!'ZTZKZ '
Original war mm. $ at $t.t 18,000,004
"n.i ar loan ai '... 2 2ll.oei.ooo
.Nine munllis notes Lnt'.-U
Ht.l.. innn.iC.
II ,880,000.00$
- Manas
Auattlcin I St ST I
Hungarian la at 7'i
feeona w.r lean lln progreesj
." Herman sans r.
Credl: In ieruiuii
$ w,n
, hv 0trm, . .
Total for the Teutonic .lllee li.S43.444.444
"-"""V reeelvlag sutMerjBtl.ee
r, .... i.,.,,, ,, . i.a.a-ir I
mn.Mint. msturlns In till," veara and tec
' In'ereel at the ri. ..f 5 jo per annum
Total present n.tl.n.l leueet
eitnraa of all hc-l)lsrrnta II. : T .l-i
Total indehteclneaa of all the
Marring nations previous to
the war 8:'4,47.:j,114
Inrressa In total national In-
tlbtdnei f all balllgvr-
rnl nail, .n Incurred h the
war 418 eit. 838,880
i 1411 the total nstlonal Indebtedness
' 0r PL.'?
..'. "' '
Muasla. Ger-
ary was only
The total national Indebtedness of
1 theae five great Powers now amounts to
approximately $10,184, 1 1T, 21
This Is an Increase of llttltl.114,111,
'" Hu,""r M$ Wall girert
.. .... .
nnoae llntes Klrni.
, ... , , ., . -
fS!??' ',Hl H,,",t,l,'r. 1
u. ,.. ,.; m ' . Z . . v :J I
" ' rant bringing another
a "'''"'i', "."le ,"'0,,," '" PM
Bngiand told of preparations by railroad
I officials to give the train a clear track
...... frriiaicilicic 1IOIM ,eW
'too' me moment n crossed tne norder
" delivered Its pre. ,u- freight a,
from the moment It crossed the border
the terminal In New York.
The ntmora could not be verified, but
i, i. ".,:.. :r,,....a r. s?.t""i
1 1.. "' .A '. "". ."r"i
ZT.i .SrSJSJSJSVM.Mt worth of leather and mam,:
i. 7. iiZ-iI. ., ." :
a. .- ..n.o, ...e,. wo. i.o i)iiieiiia lor
war munitions and suDDlles nor, ha.e.l
by the Allies In the t'nlted Htatrs whb-h '
win .
will fall due before the negotiations for
.... -- : .........
$1.000,000,000 loan ,.- concluded
tow sa.vwv.vvv.v,
V!" .L 1 "!"ry fnr E"-
interval between the lai - 1.
vSwmi tTrS . .b'ou, eq'ualTo that
between the first two ehlpments.
,, ta 1. .hoot . seuwZ i,.e- r,..
Hellfaa It le probably now on tha ocean.
being hurried here on a British battle
cruiser well guarded by destroyers, as
negotiations are concluded. Demand
sterling closed at 4.888,, with cablea at
4.874. Thla Is an advance of 1 cent In
the pound over the close on Tueaday.
France advanced tn 6.88 for checks and
8.34 for c.bl.s, against . previous cloaa
of 8 88 and 6.38.
Mark, w.re fractionally higher at
838,. for eight draft, and 83 tj for
cables. They closed on Tueaday at
t Vi and 828. respectively. Italian lira
ad van. ml to $36, aa compared with a
previous close of $.33. Auetrlan kronen
were unchanged at 16.16. Itubles de
clined from 3i'j tn 34S..
There was a telegraphic transfer of
$$00,000 gold lo the loci Hub-Treasury
from the Government depository In Bail
Kranciaco yesterday. Tills Is aald tn
represent part of the 14.444.444 gold
lately received In bun franclsco from
SEPTEMBER 16, 1915.
Sales of Manufactures Shown
Rapidly to Be Overtaking
Those of Foodstuffs.
Statistics complied from official sources
and analyied by O. P. Austin, statis
tician of the foreign trade department of
the National Oty Bank, enow that the
Increase In tnanufai-tures exported Is
rapidly overtaking the h-.ereaee In the
cxportattoiia of foodstuffs. The figures
bear out the assertions of the Anglo
Ifrench mission to Amsrkan financiers,
that the allied nations at war will con
tinue to pay gold for munitions of war,
but they will trsde for foodstuffs with
the nations that give them credit.
The excess of exports over imports In
the fiscal ear ended July 81, 1M6. was
$in94.41!.6nn, against $470.53.4M In
1914. $fi52,R7r.,915 In 1913 and 444,4tl,
844 In 1908, the former high record year
In excess of exiwrts or "favorble trsde
balance,' as frequently designated, ac.
cording to the analysis.
In tha first twalvs months of the war,
August 1. 1914, to August 1, 1915. the
excess of exports over Imports was $1.
:i3,70,8S, and In the first thirteen
months of the war, August 1. 1(14, to
.MiirisT .c i . liis tne exceas was annroxi-
matals 8l.8IO.Ma. AOS. tha AUSTUBL 1014.
figures being an estimate based upon the
weekly statements of the Department of
Commerce ooverlng the trade of thirteen
principal ports of tha country.
FTxress by Months.
The excess of ex)orts over Imports In
the fiscal year ended July 81, 1918, ex
ceeded by $814,000. 000 the exoaaa of tha
Immediately preceding year and by
$418,000,000 the excess of 1908. Every
month of the fiscal year except July and
August showed an exceas of exports over
tniport. In July, 1914. the Imports ex-
eeded exports by $8,500,000, In August
I by $19,500,00" . then the tide rurned and
' .xports exceeded Imports In September
by $18,000,000, in October by $ .7
In November by $78,000,000. December
$181,00(1.000, January 8148.000.OO0. Keb
ruary 81 75.000. n.m, March 81 38.000.000,
April $134,000,000, May 1141,444,440 and
June $111,000,000, theae figures being in
round terms
In July. 1915, the first month of the
present fiscal year, the excess of exports
over Imports was 41 25. OHO. 000 and In
j .vu.ijsi approximHieiy i i ci.u.io.ioiu tnn-
estimate of $ 1 1 o.iinn.iiiiii being aguln
. . . , .
based on the Department of ( omm.ro.
weesiy reports rrom mirteen principal
ports of the country.
it will be seen from the ahoic stste.
menta of the excess of exports month by
mi. .nil. i.l,i..M (he I,.mj.,i (hut ih. I.crh
,U, ,X,.,MK nf CO, Urrcl In
the month of February, but Is still run-
. . ....... .
r'lle "r nvrr $ 1 0o,ni),,.mui a
month, suggesting that the "favorable
balance for the current year may prob-
, y exceed that of the fiscal iear just
, ended It. case of a c ontinuation of the
.. ..i...j . .. . .
"".- .oo r mo ' "
nit UCCU.U.II1 I iii inr iui-
rent year, and for certain lines of inaiiu-
Fnd...w F.sport..
The large Increase In exports In the
fiscal year of 1913 occurred chiefly in
foodstuffs, though In the latter part of
... . . ,i... i ...
,,,r -. cor-io w . nn,i nni.nn
msnfactures exported Wheat exports
amounted to 3 114.440,444, against $.-
, OOtl nun In Ihe nreoediti vear : flour. 888..
' 400,000, against 44,00O,0OO com. 44,
2IC00U.000 ooo. ... against 7.i.on.tinu , oats. ir.T -90ci0oo,o
ooo ooo, against leaa than 81. ooo. ooo. and
8040 004 burley, 3 1 4.444,444, against $4,000,000 ;
'. J . the total of breads, tiffs being $444.000..
against $186,000.1100 In the preced
ing year
In manufactures the chief growth oe-
ptmtlA. for use largely upon the
battlefield, or in preparing and handling
.... -eu. ...
VallM of explosives exported In 191& ass
$41,000,000. against 14,044,000 In 1814.
of rtrearms. $(i,fi0n.00. against $3,500,
000, and there Is reason to believe that
some of the n aterial of trite character
was exported under the truthful hut
rather misleading title of "manufactures
of iron and steel "
Automobiles exported during the year
were 380.00,.. ono In value, against $2 -Si.0.000
in the preceding year, but In
auto trucks, which are espe- lally ds
ninded for army sen Ice. the total was
$39,000,000, agalnat hut $l,0o,o00 In the
piecedlng year, of aer .planes exported
there were $1,800,0011 worth, agaiuit
tttO.440 worth In the preceding year;
wire, $14,000,000, against less than $8,
c 444,444 in 14141 leather. $65.o0o,uy".
i against $37,ouo,O00 ; boots and shoes.
325.000,00", against 118,000,000. harness
and saddles. $17,000,000, against $750,.
000 ; lead. 14,440,000, against $2,500,000,
and line, $21, ooo, against less thin
-.,.. CIAA . ... - ,i .. . ...
fuci,iivc, in hip c.ieieticia year not-
ton knit BTOOdO, $13.ooo,00r," against St.!
800,000, and woollen e'Hids. I
againal $5,000,000
This Increased demand was Intensified
In the closing months of the year, the
June, 1815, figures showing $8,800,000
worth of auto trucks, against $130,000
worth In Juna of th. preceding year,
nearly $500,000 worth of aeroplanes,
against $27,000 worth In June, lvl4;
iri.404.400 worn, di .gnio.ive.. using
$533,333 In the same month of las, v...r
faotures of leather, agalnat 81.800 noo
1. ,,,. I. ... i ., ' ' " "
n J ,""' 1 .' 5 ei.ouu.uuu or w ire, against
1 8800,000 In June of laat year,
j ... ,,,,,, ... ,
and 11,000.000 worth or sine, against
$$$,000 worth In June of the preceding
Another article which shows a large
I....... i . . , -
poruof ZiZtiWi 0n !
In th. fiscal year 1815, against lea. than
83.000,000 In the Hacal year 1814. Man
llMimnn ,., k. a
ufaetured articles allowing a marked fall
are agricultural Implements, lumber and
other manufactures of wood, copper and
mineral oils.
of I'rsslmlsiu ,,
Mounded In "Times."
ldON-noN. Hept. 15, A note of Deeal-
miam with regard to the. aucces. of the
Angio-riencii man negoiiatlona In New , Nuber Is the Consul-Genera! at Cl.ve
York i eouiMled In lo-day'e T'lnies, which land und that he ha. proper authority
say.: "A good deal of water la likely to to conduct meda-el egamlnatlona in the
flow under the Brooklyn Hrldg. beron, j 1'nlted Stete. and to charge $3 a head.,
any such proposal can become Ditto Jt refers lo Dr. Nulier as "a niiait rets
tlcable. Well informed people will note apactable patriot and gentlHnwn.''
that gold In increased quantities Is be- .
Ing sent to i New York, and will phi their Ths Austro-Hungarian Consul
.a. in o o. oeoa ini mere ror its
proper purp,He.
The MoralMf fos expiMcaea no sur
prise at the large amount asked by the
AngUvKrenOh commission, and says
hankihig iutsruala on both aide, of the
Atlantic will suon realize tliat the beat
interests! of both parties sre likely to bi
nerved by the credits being on a very
large scale and on the assumption that
Hie war will last fur u long lime to come.
"We believe," continue the Poel.
that th-ee targe credits will have to be
BUPplomanted by a good many other !
meaeurns, suoh as more sold shipment. !
t further sales
ithe aitnaclin
this c-ountry
for lnveetinci
tiiitner aaies or American eecurltlea and I
ng oi American capital to I
In vurluus wa.ia, preferahlv
Imvilt tn home securltlea"
Thomas N. McCarter Denounces Munitions Export
Frank A. Vanderlip Sounds Warning About Capital '
Inventor Answers Dow on Submarine Battery.
SPaJNO I.AKK, N. J., Sept. 15 - Frank , employ new capital at the rate of $40n,
A. Vanderlip, president of the National '. UOO.OOO a year. He pointed out. how
Olty Bank of Now York, and Thomas N. over, that the waste of war was curtall
Mci'arter. head of the Public Service ! H'g cupitul tremendously and that this
t'orporatlon of New Jersey, delivered I country was expected to finance many i
the principal addresses to-night before 'nterprlaes hitherto backed by the war-
the thtrtv-slxth annual nonvamtlon of
MMOtl minan1ea In aeisslon here. Kach
aud that corporation nrrulatlon had
!il a dangerous stage, hut Mr.
Met Tarter aupplomented his address by
critic lam of the Wllaon foreign policy I
and of the pemdlng Anlo-Frnoh loan
I heilinv. .hat thi. ,,,. .id
maintain an attitude of atrlot neutrality
111 law and In morals," said Mr. Mct'ar-
ter. "I am unable to keep pace with
lie diplomacy that threatens a dlsrup -
MOD of diplomatic relations with Oer -
ins,ny, doubtless to be followed by a
declaration of war by one party or the
ilher, because a certain small number
of Amertcang. In defiance of express difference liotween Iwnk futuis and in-
warhlng and thoughtleas of their vestment funds. The great hind of g-'iist c iermany by adopting measures
country's welfare, have lianiste.1 upon rnonsy In tha banks Is not OapltSt j of econcmiv . hut (ioi man scMentlsts writ
making use of the ships of belligerents, I oaned hy the bankers that the may nK In UgrimUl publltxstHNM agree thai
ilher as paasongers or crow, In accord-' '"vot at will. It Is a fund held bylssrloug incisures must be taken at once
anoo with their atrlct rights In the''1"" ,""lkr subject to the order Of I to conserve fciod supplies.
snca sun tneir atrlct rVshts In tha','" .
premises according to the moss covered ! ' ! o? . , .
principle, of International law which ' . . ."1 , . ..' ' L1 "I . , 5
' it .Mi,. fns f hair .,ns-.i.. glt
tha same diplomacy p.nnlts Ani.rican
commerce, bound It, good faith for neu-
trsJ ports, to be held up and sent to
,.! k.. ..- - . . .
.1 . 1 " ".. . "'a'fM r"""
is engaged In a tremendous exuanslnn in
and speculation over the manufa.-tnra
of munition, uf war, deliverable to one
. ,e ot.iv o.o ... .... ...
I lie
r. ni,c ., i lie- cunucx
great bsnkers of th country
now meeting with an offlotal commission
representing two of th. great foreisn
nstions for the express purpose of lend-
Itaf thee, nations a vast sum of money.
with th. proceeds of which this terrible
oondlet may he further carried on
"If President Wilson was right un-
warn of a year ago, when he forbade
I he, ""furtatlon of nrearma Into Mexico,
--ur, ne aaiu, tne better practice
. i, ii-iiuiitii ir, men the pres
em policy or permitting this to be done
on tha prasent wholesale acale must bs
wrong, ir President Wilson was light
last fall In requesting American bank
ers not to make a foreign loan then
I mis present negotiation must he morally
wrong to the extent that Ita proceeds
are to be used for the munitions of war "
Mr Mi c arter then warn , u,.i... . .
Of commission government of public
utilities and said :
"The restrictive regulation, as prac
Used by the Interstate Commerce fnsa.
mission, has well nigh brought the rail-
roans or the country to the brink of
disaster, and at the moment there la
no relief In sight. I resent tne treat,
ment which that great industry is re- delivered to the United States Qovern-
reiving, though personally I do not ment, replied to-night to the statement
own a bond or share of stock of any I made here two d.ivs ago by Alegandei
steam railroad. ' How, head of the Detroit Kdtson Com-
He then Implied the belief that pany, who claimed that the so-called
monopolies should he protec ted from new perfected battery "was a mvth " He
Uie new factors that Minna un nwarlaaJali
Illght. such as. for example. In the
i.usinesa. ine lltnev
competition "
. . ...
' , "e .e.eeci tn.- growtn or,
'"- ousniess ami aald It could
PtJ'81 St'CI't't Visit tO Til IS C
tn anil Toronto to Test
till' ('llllll(l)l.
BqUadron Commander John Cyril
forte, it. -V . recently made a hurried
irtp to thic- country and Canada on a
tour cf inspection for the Hnto.li Gov.
eminent He kept his Identity a secret,
and It was not until yesterday that the
news of his being here became public-.
Hquadron Commander Pmie is the same
I, tent. Porte who drat came to the
I nlted States more than a year ago to
fly Hodman Wanamaker s transatlantic
tlying boat, the America, ueross the At
lantic. That trip was Indefinitely post
poned when war was declared, mid
l.leut. l'orte went buck to England to
lesume active service. He has been
flying the original America, which was
built at Hammondsport,
I The principal object of LlOUt. PortO'g
visit was to Wltneag the official tests
I of a new aeroplane, larger and more'
powerful than the America, that Glenn !
i Cuitlsa has Just completed for the)
Rrltlgh Govornment at Ma new plant In '
Toronto. The new machine has a wing
spread of 102 feet and has been named ;
the Canada I
Uout Porte) arrived In Now Tork on
ths TUOOfUlIt on August 21 and Is due1
in arrive In l.lvert.ool again this morn,
ing on Ihe White Star liner Adriatic
... - " - " - .--
11.. w,o. b..ok.s1 on ths Tuensnla .,. .toh
Caaeon, In Hammondsport and Toronto
he wu .1 It Scot I He aluced I Kiee
.. ' i
uaye .1, cue .-.et. mill i.lia, ci-ele: Ills
aw n name
llunaarlan In Ohio Allrgrs In-
neutral trtlou of Consular tint. Inl
UONIUMIi fept. 15 -The Tludapes, A
8fop, a subsidised Government organ,
publishes a letter written by a Hun
garian worklngmau In Ohio complain
ing to his Government regarding "a
certain Ir. Nuber, alleged to be at
tad live, ... t. -Tin
tached to the Austro-Hungarlau Con-
L5L C': .?!
15!. "V- .aT' ' " .. .1 T' '"' J"" i
atway. in a awvm-
paiuea oy a inraicai man, caning upon t Ho apsecly was the work nf the roh
all Austrian, and Hungarians and her that not a iHtasenger knew that
making them undergo a medical eg. a holdup had been commuted Hn I until
amlnatlon, swearing In as eoldlsr. those ! the surprised messenger, R U'lll.
between IS and 50 yeure of age and , lama of Indianapolis, dashed Into the
charging them $$ each for the esamlnn- stetlon nt Cicero, no one else was
The A Sap comments on Ute letter In
widely different tone In two aucceediug
laaues. In the Issue In which the letter
waa printed It say. that "Ir. Nuber'
must be an lmostor and hopea he has
Iwen exposed. The following day, the
newspaper says, It Is Informed that Dr.
clOVSOaM le Krncwt l.utlwte 8ia
Dumb, letter carried by Archibald men
tloiss Alexander Nuber von Pereked, the
Auatro.Hiingirlan 'onsul In New York,
In connection with the pr,Seoeed strike
in American munition plants
Hum pbtbad, L. I, .Sept. It. Hurry K
Page, cross-country rider and ama-
teur JiH'key. had a narrow escane, from
death this afternoon when an automatic
pistol which he had taken to Tatrlc k
Halser to have repaired went off In Sal-
Ssr'S hand Thr bullet went tin ,, uarh tha
lleshv nart of s.i , .-a ....
i-owly mlsssd Mr. Paaa
...- .1,... i
a via .ii'.' " ' - " i UIIVI in s)iiej wa
this money Is plentiful, thatthe banka
have extraordinary surplus rassrves srid
ars lending money at a lower rati than
thoj huve done In years bOfOT , ,0
not bs deceived by the present banking
It ii it , 11.. ... ln 1m... t
' ' .""V"' " " . " ' fl
ring nations, ni aclilecl
, ijaI1K loans IPn(i y,m miQ miv ne uer , , . ..... . .. . .,. ., .
, hat the destruction of capital t(l supply brought about b
Europe will not have Ha effect upon the I alrkady IttipOgSxl upon the health and
price of Investment capital In America. I strength of tin lieniinn km..1s HMIN
, It Is true that we see the lowest banKl,,,,, , ,, , , ,, . ,. .
1 rates that we have known In veari and ' th ,lr" 1 "''" " '" " "
that there are the greatest surplus re- , I lOd i:c.ry efTort Is be.ng m ole by
ssrves that our banks hsve ver held. I Ult .lernuin tjovei nment to defeat tlM
i but thsrs Is an essential, fundamental h. , ..... ,i.. ii, i,nin
iesrres as
the result of dull business, of ohgngM
, oTTndaMhl? Mux" of'"ol'r w!
i .... ' ' ' . .f ,f" ,
1 to u unsxamnlsd amount All that Is
, promising for commerce, lmt It doc
IV not i.i:im the. iti,ni.i fee i-ciiciiii.nl
a.i.i.. . ....n. r i v....
muss LmIi i ilia IseseTm nihsi.'
to the banker for the proper supply of
. 1
usjfssvpmsiTi oapiiai,
In commenting on Government su
psrvlslon of buslnei
.Jld :
Mr. Vanderlip'
"of course you will not understand
m a" holding that business should !
lOft to run Its own course unbtunpgred
I ''I any of Its phases by pithllc aupervl-
',n ' thoroughly believe In sound.
Public control, but I ulso bejlev. that
ne nuve corns to have a yg.t uiiiount or
ptMalO contiol that is thoroughly on
sound. We have theories of control that
have no proinr economic or social basis.
That scrt of control Is hampering de
velopment and taking tin courage and i
ambition out of business men I sin
sfrald that business men are t.nemsclvt-s
in no small measure responsible for this.
"In no other large line of business
, L . .. ... ..
there more to be don.- than In the field
In getting a soiiare deal from the public J
If you arc neglecting ,o Inform the pub
11c frankly ano honestly, if ou sre fall.
Ing to give the public data by which It
Cgtl reach sound conclusions, you are
neglecting on.- of the most Imiso-tant
parte of your business."
Thomaa A. KMIsOT), a few h.nira af'er
his nest nsw stitmvirine ttatt.-rv r,.,,i h
I ! do n.,l k,.,.w w hat Me rtnm mc.v
have sa d. but I have S new submarine
ir.d I have Just delivered the
nist one ti
the United States navy
Ilrltlsh Oruft ti Ish I Ions Reek lo
( .iniilrracl tHltuflnn.
pci'if ',Mr Pegtc4 t Tin Hi v
laiNisis, Sept. It. The executive com
mittee of the lib-ir party met to-day
and discussed the queetlon of cot m i p
tlon. In view of the. Unanimous decision
of the Trade Union Congress In opposi
tion to conscript. ou and the continued
ag.tatlon In the press and elsewhere to
Impoee it on the country, the oaaoiitlvo
committee decided to call for a confer
ence of all the liits. r orga, citations for
the punsise of placing an emphatic ile
Islon before the Government and of
devising what other action should be
taken to counteract "this subversive-
Hlacbell' lalnnri Ordcrli Denies
Violence v na I eri.
John Prederlcka, 45. an orderlj at tne
MetrcHilitun Hospital. BlgckWeU'e "II tngy then come about thai the
Island, was taken hy Deput) Sheriff I State will be the sole Wholesale dealer
MoC harry from Ihe Island lo the Bstw,'o will confiscate without mercy every
Six.ty-sevent!i street station last mjjnt necessity of life. Tears enough must
M lrUoii. r in connection with the no" r"r th' dead and the wounded. Ti e
death Of l'.ne Qoldtteln, St, Patient. P!" "f mother who sees her
Uoldateln went lo the hospital on Sep. ! ''hlldren starving and cannot give them
,enlb"r 11. It Is said tiial he was a J r'KVl must not be .i.e. 1 . tears of need and
cocaine victim and that he was on bail i ry muKl "u '"gr he permitted In
" B 0.1188104 that he became Vloleill on u,,rniiiny. 1 ,c ngmo of every one. no
Sunday night and an orderly start.-d to ,W "ighly placed, who engages
P'n him down, calling in FrederloVll to ",. ffa . c,,,le'!' fnd mUal he
help. Dr. Frederick Beuman, acting P , ned '"' AU,i "'"' throughout the
euperlntenderK, auid Qoldgtein died at!''"'","''' "f " unscrupulous
11 nlgtlt of Internal hemor- i ' ,.r' " 1 ,"' MOfiplO may strike
rnages The man had no external brulsea I ""T". "" 1 " h'e of oliiers ilk - him
i rnun-KKs ow-ia mi at tne Ktatlon
. . i , . . .
"" " nai ne pitinefl Goldsteins arms
whl," , "0 Other orderly held the
l'..e..i leec. cm cirilli.l that anv
violence ac. '
I. one llniidlt (.els t,000
Jrvrrlry In Incllniia.
n uil
.soHLgsvii i e, mo.. ept 15 A Ion
nsn.n, ooaroen paeeeneer tram Nn
on the Lake Krle and Western Railroad
at Arcadia, eight miles north of here
to-night, slipped unobserved into the
express car, held up the measengei
rilled the safe or $.:,0l) and several
psckuges of Jewelry, then pulled the
"." OtfdC win,.,- s,o,M.e,l The train
!' . 11 't'ng ai,i,lle
nev bicero,
llll In five mi, mi...
of the deed.
Monaier aulomotdle psiade to silieepshead Hai Hpeedwsi.
-mm ,,aeuarra in iatacllna cura
(nriuallun regarding lime and .lartlng point of parade, applt ai head
Quarters. .Amission rhgrgs ..f Mr, in nen-nSrtleTpsnfa In parsde
.ci-i.i ni ,, aiieiiuii in iii.ii .cm i
retard lor faateal lap.
350 Miles Saturday, October 2d, 11 A. M.
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
World's Greatest Automobile Race
$50,000 in Caeh Prizes and Astor Trophy
OBNMJL ADM ..'.. 00. II8JANP 8IIMI IttMltMII : vis ,xlrM aim,
4lf IN HI AND HKATg. Nlll KkMI Itvl ll e,lra. SI OO
Mines hoi. In. .l uctsoih, including samUtaiotl ,, goo vsi, si s,
I srk 1 1 a Mpaee I Itl l u, ,., ,,,,,, l,..l,l i , . . Hoses and l.i cio.l Miand heal.
.... . 'V1''1 apace wuhiu mai
nasi how H4.00
i Inaat Bftnaa do not include
r.. r, paiHins a par va in
.i.c-i. ,, .., , a, ii.on'1, iiii
nn... llmadHai, Hetaeeu
Some Say Rise in Prices .Muy
Compel Government In
Take This Step.
fipmnt i nrrmpnndrirr In Tnr Si n
1a)Ndon. Sept. 6 The food probloBI
r Is raiturlng alarm In (iermany. desp.te
the often repeated assertion that the
rjtfnmiM frSV nothing to fear from tlie
, ,
Hrit.sli ld. I.,,.lc
' beading scientists agree that slg"" 8W
...... ... i. l 1
Wsvtlling t nut tne limitation ...
The liennan icreas la complaining on-
terlv of ilie hiwh itetea of fnod. and ac-
I cord Ins in fct aahiah tha Kaiser's .-e
1 "W ".'"spapers t
vl- " r 'he Hn"h b
Ice k-
llde hog not bOM to Ineffective ss oftlccal
organ say, I'.rigaorl. , the groat s-
cialist c.rgati, snvs :
"Koonotitlc ciitlkiiitleis, due mainly to
the lntl.ni. In the retail price of mntl
summer n
are multiplying aa the
summer mines. If this lite continues
Ith- rut,, lllut " 1"ui ,l01"
I six iiioiilhs, the mere thought of the
coming winter (Ills us with dread.
"t'f all the food elements herrings
alone are not an) dearer now tliaji dol
ing the corresponding period of last
year On the other hand. laid. Iniller,
fat, meat, sausages, che.- , cerecils, moot,
coffee, sugar, salt, and ull else. In f.cit,
ait) now sold at an increase rang.ng
fioni one and a half timi-a to inu... and
I even to three times, thOlr former pricM.
Work Inu (lasses Suffer.
The hlgher-l figures are those of fry.
i ing lard, ..iron and i.ver n.iueage. pea 188
no is-ac (lentils and rice h.v long ago
le .foe.. i ' ", "
..'eic.lcsl, l,.m'clirc;cM ,-hi e.e and h.i r av
coffee When the fact is born.- in mind
that all of the ubove mentionel ertlotet
easontia!!). fo- part of the everyday
fare i i the Working c:.isw ( from the
tnl:.s of the w.slthy thoir absenc
won , i hardlj he noticed), it will is s en
that oui feats aa to t , immediate fu
ture an- ion too w.-. i founded."
! " ''' ' !.''' complains of
, hl"'' "' ''" "r vegetahles. It saia:
'Contrary in egpeotatlong, the amis of
'fotableg b) w.- ght iiuetearl of brlng-
'" " " reduction In the price of
tneee artlclee has actually resulted in 81
I nelderuble Increaae. Cabbage, for ex-
ample, whi-h form- rlv aaaa mnut ,,. ..
nmp. i
I Public markets at II easta a aaata
som pi weight produces :t" ..n
enate. A similar increase la shown In
the price or every other itoeci Iptlun of
Vegetable The ord r ns to sale by
I weight bog bad the further trr.-i 0f de
priving small ret. ni dealers i who sup
pi) tie poorer olassesi of the cheaper
, kinds ,.' produce, rortnerly, for m-
stain , from two to threu small rah.
bagaa were sold by hawkera for l , ent,
-Now ine hawkers decline to purchase
si.yi.ung but the beat qu8ty articles,
prlncllaally because they will not aaste
time weighing out ,h. smaller warts tt
' ",! !"' therefore, that so fax from
th. .omlnlon of the masse, of th. peopl.
being Improved by the new regulation
rated "ly br" ggfa'
The Vrurtli Vooartekirg say. :
The Kreut time that is coming must
find Oermany great n that it may do
so we must at once place ourselves In
that oconomlc eooi.i , oitlon which we
ought to hava occupied from ihe m-st
No longer must the arm r filter
'r'ef,'.";,""1'.!'"" '" PrlM y the bitter
reflection thai m dependents m the
homeland are sighing in distress and
1 Lunger. The poison fungus of the war
usury which not only ., i," ' r
spreading cur wider n.,t..i a...
all the draconlc Government regulations
must be uprooted and . rushed.
Mn onflscnle I'ooil.
L aV1 ,,,4,BV" win ne pur tiir
,11 I in ul aiiul h ti..., ... ii L. .
to nreoi tie m 1 i.-rtiiajii ."
I GermanTx'ne'r s Ti'"','".""
The gpeciel ootnmiN.il
, .1 .. -" ' " '"! o
i,,ves,lgllte tile
tpieslion of th, f-,,,1
I suppiy cn un, uernmn people hag jUft
isaueii us report in which it endeavor,
to prove that the British ult. mpt tn
autnunger tne uertnan i eopie will fail
. Callot SoeUrS of Paris
Announce thai the name of
Louise & Co. of New York
was inadvertently omitted as
purchasers of Three Model
Wraps and Seven Gowns
from the announcement of
September 12. 1915.
tn driven
summed I- III I lo track. lor III-
. i,., 1,1,1 rr m ...11... c
fronting hoinsstrrttth
nrt m unu
-wa in, ,., nil l. in,' .lllllll-llllll li he,.
B .imcea In liv.l, g-.-CNl not incluilinj. i,,,,ciu,n
i'e. MeHrld.'a and niivepshead Ha speedwsi I i
lelneeu Slid and Mil. 8HS I'hmie 4 Itele nn .
Admission '! kei.

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