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fnmiiiH'il Downtown Btininesi
Hoiifto lo Kfltlblllh on silo
Vent Brondwny,
pi s in. I) CHt'RCH PLOT
,nMiii i- teem, w Imleemlera
, , i paPPh for a new- !ki
, Jumpol cleg liver the lle-
i ipulnr witii concern! f thin
I i night a eite for a iw
. i ft n h atreet near
pnjMtf '
Ike l''
U) til'
o arei
M p
greater dopajftiift
from i
r bad along H trade boa iiot
. i for many eaxa
MaordJiMJ I
Who " bW the namC of the I
l! ia the euatoni of trade affat I
,1 Indtlotrleg to rentrallae In a I
- u iii tnii pajftlevMr oonMrn,
w atrentl) ha dOOktad that It
. .i f.-w wine when a lie
.1 mux enter o
fmi nan ii. i a to
I rade will he on
he alpMd ar thi
I iiiirat.in I ile concern, wnoe
i .1 not lie lean ed yeeieriley,
Ihroulh .lohn X. rtotdlni
i retitrul l,raabytoHn ditircn
J,.,,;.. . 211 l. Ill Wert Klfty-ee
, . wrhlch ie on the eouth ride
af Uh orb botwnao Itroiolwny aJiU
tm "1 avi i ue,
i . lawyers J ity i'oinpany. a sub
r he Lowycra Title Oompnny,
I i' rl for th OOttOam, He-
tie areniw
prapi i
Im p.
rl 1 1 1 1
a .mil
title imsei;:;
orBMilMd to
inula n Th
r the church
ii the market
!l br
for the
CMh fi
I lrf.,'11
aid the
1 iHMiTIl
pfoaani .
al ItStV
,i i - im rial March,
t ea on b .uaht a new
VPnan the con
hurch al Madi-
and Plflyatklrd atret. allien
mill' i more i.n euient to mem-
in-aeveitb eireet e,Lnce hae a
..f Il'h faal oti the atrect and
ii daop. timi property an
i. oil a half ci.i:.ury aero at a
, . ii u i I show a eubwtantial
price 11
aoo .'.
whan compnyad with the price
. tied for the realty Thla money,
aid. Wlti (To to atrenxtheii the
, . llemorlal on the Bn suie.
irh'ell the Central Church cuirtrola.
Tin nature of the Itaproveinant planned
foi- : , hurch eite wae not made Known
i, . lay, I' will be a tall building,
Ii, ..i i, of many architectural feature.
U, i iiiuaual interior airatinemeni. Moat
, ihr atructure will In- Uaed by the
I ra Thla ia the au1i;ioaltlou. It
ji i however, from what wue
!. ird ol tie1 eite of the concern that it
aiay take mer the entire building for
Itl llee Tt.e prgVPfty is in a section
r.m devoted to tine cltlbg, atiartmeuta
.Iw. illtiga.
Adjoining the church ia the cluhhouat
(' tmertcan Society of Civil K.ngi
arera, and mi the eaal aide of the eite ia
,h. .......I, -',,rv lu i ... iinurhnnnl
,'ih-. a..,rl..M I.-I... inaiwill hav
Bttlldlna and Art Students League. Car
Reg li Hall hIhihIm al the corner of Sev- !
nil avenua and Fifty -seven th strea-t. j
Mid further cast on thla block la the
Lotot i uh. Kreundachaft Club and the!
Ureal Northern Hotel. Klfty-sewnt Ii
Itreel h tti.- connecting link between
rt- Kail and Waal rhde residence aec-
oi " l ia broad and the 'route uf the
Fifth ai. Mi" stag. .
m iiwnkh i-iiK mini: urn at:
inre than
t years
of Kar
oa r ershlp
i Mew
whose sprciai Iti treat me ol field 1
York real estate, has aotd tho
Htory apartment house at the i
until ' orner of Kiversbl. Drtva and;
r'lghty-elghtll street tu Krank 11 Brlody
if Hrooklyn, When -Mr. Livingston
l the properly in the nummer of1
'4 ft. ,,o Hmix A Rtna it was held at 1
t It Is 10 feet on Riverside
PrlVi ..i d 101 feet on the street and Is
ab four s ears old.
Tit HUM.
r um PLATB.
EKT I .!
HTRKKT. Hall .1. How
i .i.e aold for the Alexander 'irant
i matructlon Company to a i llent for
Investment the five story four family
bin lot lOglOl on the north aide
ar 1 :,l -ireet ISO feet east of Am
terdain avenua and known as 117 and
4i Weal I5td itreet. The property
i i laid at II 10,000
W ..: . . in KTHKKT .Max Hlau haa
n.i l fur Kraderlck Brown to the Bm-
p re i
I 'I
I pan
i' .
'it) Mortgage and Holding ''inn
bVirkln ,v Weiss. US and 111
l iliih street, Rye story apart
ouaa on plot aOgtOO, between
an- and Amatardam avenue.
name holders recently sold 101 '
'"I West 114th street, a Ave atory !
n.it 30x100 for Mr. Brown to!
atna huyera. The houes were
.c II in. nun
I7ITH BTREKT William r
haa sold for Mary K Rpbeeta
Kail l?lth gtraat, ndiolnlng the
aeai corner of Mnrmlon av, - i
three atory frame house, on
T!i' buyer is the Henen-
li ill) cou,p,,i,y, which recently
used no corner through the
p II
ami now ha i
w:i be Improve
i '
inn ii
-i i' ir
liM.- solfl for Ml'
heri ' . . foitf alory atnl bggenient
I -tore front prv.ite dwelling ai III
ll " algth Itreet. between Hark
in l.e ngtoi gvenuee The iiuae gtv
' 1 i lil rtxTI.I. Tllg buyer
; k iqecniieefi tor occupancy
i i v i iii sii i vi pilot KMRN1
Ire lil.H'k front mi Fliithtuih
ia between tlarendon rond ind
laneer nlaca. naaaauelna IfgvlAA
'' ia been b lanac Blooingar
nki r ti. i t.e ll. I. Improvement
' v lo be the Kite of a lame bullit
'' -' brojeel 'l iu. ileal Involve I 111,000
' ' 'i a iah trgnagotton. lileven
1 bulldlnga w ill be erected on tha
I w ownere, Part of thla
1 ' I e held b :ta orifflnal ownere,
" - ! II leaterday.
i liHVblaon 'u have aold the
i, building at 1011 Freeh,
i oi - Kuhler to Henn Klein
Hi i.i. I'I.ot ill 1 KRg,
m Krump
Howden thi
iiaa purohieed
plot. lOglOO, on
1, or Thlrti-entl
atreet, tVi'-
ISO feel
south of
Ixtn gvg.
Sold til
plot, '.'
a vi tine
14 fo
l not til
It, r, lean PotnpjMII
Hot, omli the pin'
- 'I.- nf Hanfur.l :i'
Twenti -i lilrtj st i net
bus sold lo
. I&lltl, on
i-tiuc In feat
i "mil ,i
l.rel, 1
'villi. Ill
I' I Mil
. iv niata Bank hue aold
I'l.vnn nf Kiiisbing ha
t he soitii we .t norngr f
av atreeta, b'iuabitig.
HI 1 I it
nr ii it i i.i.i : RgT 'i'i:
' vrllletU hgVe sold to llewee-
tili iih n( in. banking Brm of -iTiuiiuta
k i'o the Maybe form
i . i , punalal lug of oboul
i acree Mr UllWforlh
ilei - , niiiirnienients on
will i
t on
il' i 'n brim b ia pur-
sev . pt v -three nrri'H H I
i i,. lug pari of the
ii property ll waa
'm il i an WO il'l Ua
ll pulp ponies It .a o(ip
gIM the Holiert BMMMI eaiiite ami near
the propertlea of i. Orrnvlllt retem and
uenrge Whelan.
nrtfam u. Work im iiurviineii
thirty noro trm-i or laml north ! (lie
Krank DoukMay property m the Weai
Hhi.re roail, Oyater It.iy. U I.
th.immi k.htiti: IOI.D,
Kenneth Ivti Oo, have soM for the
Fifty-ninth siteet ite.ii Batata Company
tin nalnaoki property at t?ftnaw"Oti
million to 1 . K ORilhi. Tni eaiute,
on of the liumleuiiieat nlnna; the llwl-
eon. contalni liny agreg fronting on
thi rout poad, a i.iriie paaldancai
tardansr! cottgfe, extensive orchafda,
awlwinlng iKxil and eeverul iiunila. It
was held at 17.1, non.
The old Wait hotnatttad Meek,
bniiilerl by l.emx and Seventh uve
r.ues. Unth anil lliith Mreetg, for whk-li
OVr ll.iioa.oiiii ae hid nnrt refuged
'limine- tha boom of tan yean najoi whi
ohl In forei'losure iirnreerlliiga yeater
day to Mitlefy a Judgment of about half
thai amount, gntl wan airurk down on
ona am of 1110,0011 to the New zora Life
I UMitrii m., MnmM n iit,ilff la. ,1,.. ...
eaaaunam The block meaaurei 100 feel
on the nwmie anil 7."i0 feet on laCrl
street, rontninliiK elxty oily lote. In
Olid Ver'a aaaeaa n tha i lly valuer
it at 136.1)011. The Old Wall holtlCgtMtl
le aim aiHtniinir on i Kevenln avenue
en,l of the hloek. The fot'ei-lorur.- iiittnti
M brought by the New York Ufa
DKHlnm Annie t, Walt. Widow of the
late Commodore. Thomim 1.. Watt, and
othera, defendanu. The MIIUMBt of the
judgment auHiii-i the block til finii.
Iff, The MM VII held at the eliunl uf
Hnry Brady
-an llwirT hoi iii ilk,
Ktnllie It, Hiillowa ia the buyer of
the four atnry dWOttlm at II Want
KlBhty aiOOnd attvet. reported eold re
cently by tne kyuer estate thfoUeTh Imuik
laa I.. Klllman it Co. and the F. K. Wood,
w. ll. Dolaon Comnony.
TAKB OYBTHM hiv ii hi v
The Mlaaea Kcihlsaal of BtOckbrldB,
Conn., are the pun ha. ie of the John A.
Kckert propotty, ilfhtaan nrrn. on Cova
road, oyater Hay. aoM recently by
WorlhlnKtnn Whitchouae and Seton
Henry at l)oulaa illbbivna.
B. Hrani I to Kreet
llaaie Near 4'nlumt
It mry
On the aouth side of Seventy-second
atreet. 22R fe.-t weat of Columbus ave
nue, a twelve etory apartment bouae
Is to be erected for the (1 It. Heaumolit
Comvany, (I. Henv H-aumunt preallent
It will have a fTOntagl of .in feet and
a depth of It.l feet, with a faenda of
brick, limestone aial terra COtta in orna
mental desiKii. and will be fireproof, with
accommodations fur thirty-six families.
The owner Is the architect and hae esti
mated the COal al 1100,000.
Willi!-, t IT4IWN PL ATI 'i,im:ii
The A. A K. Construction Company,
Kphralm Adler pretgldant, has filed pinna
throunh Sara Ht Springsteen, archltaota,
for the coBatrtlcMon of two flva story
flats on the smith aide of It Oth stn-ei.
l'lo feet west of Audubon avenue Kh h
a fronlaxc of 12 ti feel and a
depth of 77,'. feet Tha COOt has been
estimated at 1 100,000
I'lans have been tiled by Andiew J
Thomas, aii-httct. for the congtrtiotlon
of two five atory apartmi nl houses In the
Dyokfnnn section, on the north side of
214th street, 100 feet east of Tenth
avenue. Much will have a frontage of
7r feet and a depth of R7.ll feet and
eai h will have accommodations for
thirty-one families. The H, M Con
struction Company Morris Herman,
president, is the owner The cost has
been estimated at 1110,009,
TI-'.M .
I'H.tMiKO l Ot0
Stnrrctt & I nn VI. i k.
lute, la,
have filed plate fr making more
changes to the Ave story atore and loft
building, once occupied by Bterti lima .
at 'A- to 411 Weal Twent y-t Irrd street
and 2it to West Twnntyneoond
atrant. The rhangoa conalal of putiina
on new fir,- oeogpee, new partltlone,
streit elevators and new :-tairs at an
eatlmatad cost of 17.'.. . The estate
of Isaac Stern is the owner
Km- the una of I'ost Office Station i
ll two story hullillne; With a floor area of
i 10000 suuare feet win i,e erected at the
1 southwest corner of Fourth avenue and
j Thirteenth street. The pool nfftoe la
i now located at Twelfth street, near'.
Fourth avenue. Th.- new Btrtlcture,
which w'as reported Itaatd recently by j
! the Chessborouah estate to the Govern
1 un lit, will be ready for m . upancy on
I May I, !! I" The lease Is for ten years
ai an aggregate rental of about 1200,000,
I Jarre T, Durham, nttorney for the
estate, went lo Waahlnffton to ologg the j
1 transaction.
gllKMMtll IN
Kour Ave stur
-y flats calling for a
1120,000 ui'e about to
total outlay uf
be ireetad by the
i 'ompAfiy , i 'buries
Henale C?onetiuot1on
iiensie prealttent, on
the weal side nf Morr!
outh of tilth atreet.
cover a pint IT.Igll.
ale.lel. grohttectl, Itleil
the itronx Bureau of
s avenue. 7:.' feel
Kinh house will
Moore c laand
th.. plana with
Bulldlnga yester-
for via,, v
In 111
I II rM.a.-a
i 'itait-- F. Moyea rompgny haa legaed 1
to i 'harlo- K wlokhgtn and Archibald
Kemp mil1 'Writing premises on the
street level :l the lllllnipl Building, 111,
John Htreet, for a Ionic term of years
1 also a portion of the sixth floor of the
! same building for executive offloea.
1 WlCKhgm and Keml. tile lessees, repre
j sent in the metropolitan dlgtrlci tne
' MaaiachueettJ glrg and Marine Inaur-
aiioe t Company of Bogton, the Palatini
Inaurance Com pant of London, tin Teu
tenia Firg inaurance i
ton and t'ne Weatel n
'oinpatiy of Day.
Aaaurnnoe I'nin-
pgny of Toronto.
Hell Ktern have leaael for the
Surrey Investors the thirteenth floor
in total Kifth avenue to ' ago Bclen.
ataln for a long term of v. ais
Oeorge w stetson, proprietor of Ilia
lintel Webster on Korty -fifth itreet,
hga b HH4ii his reeldenoe at II Bgat
Korty. fifth atreet for business our
poses. The bouse Is four stories. Willi
bgeement, on a lot L':x7.". I, adjoining
the southwest Pomer of Miidison live
nuo Mr. Stetson hfU been aKliiK I
earlv renml nf 110. mill fur the limti
efty, Wliloh baa been leased for ten
years. The lessee Is said to he an .in
tlque furniture dealer I Mr. Minion
Hubert . Hubert have biased ipace In
Hie circle Building to ' the Kurd Bleel
Mneumktir Shock Absorber, and lpai'0
in in Thoroughfare Building, '"7
ii, Iway, in the Akkrop Tire Company,
md il"' 'bird floor nl It 1-1(1 West h'oilv
eighth street tn tin- Maxwell Motor
galea Company.
O'Connor nuiaon nave leageu
i AUdOU, In
r.r. Klfth
ilghtevnth floor In
u v
van tftti poa n
louglaa Hoblugon, t'l
company has leased t
lloddard the four story
i's Tenth atreel in
r tleraldlne w.
dlvellltlK ill Illl
iinrieH if Hyde
for a term or vmirs.
Siiaw V i o luivi- leaaen lor inn eiuvuai
i. ir.- inaurance Company tin dwelling ai
. wc-i 184th Uriel in Krindg Bern
heini. Til. Ileal lislale Mgllllgiuneiil Com
pgni baa legaed fin .lease I, llulleli ilin
dwelling nl III Weal Cud avenue to the
Hudson Progregalve Olub.
'With name end adtlren of lender and
attomay, if nttnmty'a name ii anittad
adiraai prt- of Meead paftt)
iSnulh of fourteenth nt.i
VKMBV st. ;t ;i, n . it. s Oraanwleh
t. 4i.;.i! Hyivio j Ronearonl to tie
remina Ronearanl, at faaraan n- j.
intit lt, III! del 4; any. T 11 t'o. 1 7 1
Blvny ll)0
KCAMMBL st. Irrey UumIi
Vlo.lofHkv, tndlv end trilBlee of Sadie
London, to iMinr K Harris. 174 Soldier
pi, BulTato. N V. inta 14. (on, b and f.
ell llena. Oil 4; ally, L T T Co,
inn Hway al
LAST BROADWAY, lt, . Il.tlltl
Nldoro I'uba to r.tlle r'lihn. on rrenilne.
ii and s, nil llena. net $lo
MilTT ST. Ill-Ill, n e OOf Healer It, IIS
175. 1004H.7X Irrec a ll, liluaeppe
Molea and Lugenu. hia wife, to tilu
eappl Mole. i. private hanker. Ill BtOtt
ai. inte ItiT.noo, Oct 4; any, Jacob r
Herman. H4M HWar II
TANTON Hi'. a. 0 e Bowery. ito lOa
II r. - Lreilk R le and ano, exra HI
W l.e. to Lre.lk H tjee and aim. Indlv,
it Haekaniaek. .n j, Oct 4; Mtr, f a
i n. tti Boay It
AV A. 3. w . 7 n life at. II.ISlll
siinnn Hlyn to Lontl M Roaenihal. Ill
Weal Knrt v. q e. Iei Id atlv.
Herman Hoffman. 170 nay H.l'l
AV H. H7d, e a. II. I n Ml at. S7x3 -Lva.
Wife laaar Male, to Hymitn Male.
11 Ijaag wood av, Brona. tl part, nut
IRI.HI -in ahOle, a!l liana. Oct ft; atlv.
Saul llernateln, MWaj , ,il,a
Meat Hide.
( Weal of
I ITH st.
.loim .1
Fifth av, between Foorteoot
and It oth ate. )
a a. 3o0 w Ith v, I5l94
Boyd et at em-ra. tniateea arc,
llrown. to William s Ci.rnn. n
K,L trd
W r.Tth
II 11 Ml
I, i. t 4. aity, T (1 CO, I II
4 311 ST. I
l a. :7i. w alb av. jullln
Pel.-r Murray lo I'burcb of rh.' Holy
I'roaa. .lg v Ud at all llena. Best
. : ally, I, T and T Co, lie lll) 11
I OTH AV. a e cor 7th at. lenlT Mlehaal
EIrlanger at nl lo Langrrla I'd, mtg 134 -ooo.
ali 11. na Sept 10; attv, 1) E Hold
far!, 3" Na-aaau al II
74TH ST, 10: VC. a . W f-il ai.
IHxIO-' ; Ifnrerluaed Sept ID John P
Dunn, raf. to Bdward Earl. 34.". W
vstb triiate-' Adolpb Hallaarten for
Klaannr V Koppenfela A- ano, pet i.
alt) Duer, s tv. 13 Wall it,., lil.ill
ItlVKRKlUB DRtVB, a l roe lltti at
too. nx 100- -Philip t.lvlnaaton, Bor Ha--la.r
Me, to Krank It Brlody, 114 nth
'. Itklvn. n!l liana mtg IHo.MI, Hepl
Ii. ally, I. T and T Co. Ill Llaay. 111!
WABHlNtlTOM PL n e a at a e a liroi.
al. I una n e itr.aa a . ag a a I to
NVahlnxtiin pi x n Uf Ti7 tn hex
ilei larallon of trust b Annie La day
smith that ah bo'.da premlaM lurlius
her Ufa b-r lanent of be.- anna. Am..
W ft woodruff imlth an. i thereafter
to helnng to bar aa. May 14. 1901;
adureaa -43 Valentine av, Ton It ere,
V 14 000
Kaal sble.
(Knat of Fifth av, i-m.-n ronrf-anlh and
Moth atal
;TII ST. Mi l.;. B, a a 100 t.x av.
40xsH.ii Mlebael Brlanget et al in lean
flr'l o . inlK 1120,010, all Item Sept
10 nil, lia.i.l iloOlfarh. .'I.'. NitaaHU
at ... It
Jli ST. . a. 111.7 w Park av, 11 1x101.1
I llalle M l.vnns to Fettle Iteali CO,
Hi w 401I1 ai. in t ar lia.ooii. gap! II;
I am r 11 co. i: Bwav . . liee
llTM ST. 1 ao - ; w, a a. 10 a Amatardam
av. ilatll.ll (foreeloauri sepi :l
Ferrlval H Gregory, raf m Bmnta
Roaenbaum. Baa Prandaeo, cai. trui for
L-ntua un.i Blaa Roaenbaum, win r,f
glgmund n Roaenbaum, sepi 24; any.
Walter J Roae, too Hway IJ7. Ill
I pt 0111.
1 Manhattan lalond, north of tioth ai
1 1 1 Til ST 124 W. a III. I i St Xlell-
..!., hi. llalll.lt- Emma 11 Piatt, Bfnl
1 Itngford, Pa. to Joaepb Dunn, t.', S!
Franela pi. Hkim, Hepl 2j; atty. L T
1 A T Co, III Bway 0 1 on
. 11 ITH ST. 12.; W a 24 11 SI N'lrh
j nlaa av. Its10l.ll garni Indlv and tru
will of Frank A Plan at al to -.cue,
I Hepl II; alty, 1. T T CO Hi') Wmh'I
I way . II. loo
1 11 TH ST. 124-11 W. a : 2110 St Mill
olaa ai. .tovlOii.M .loaeph Dunn to
Croiawayi Holding Caepn, Bwa) and
flroenwoad av. Far Roekaway, B of Q
mtg liii.ooo. Oct S; atty. L T at T Co,
no Hway 1101
MAD1HON AV. Itll-lfll, e . It Ith at
loo 1 1 ji.i; - ..Uh-hael Erlanesr el al to
Langrela Co, mtx It.' oo. ail lleae, sap-.
30; atlv. Daiid L llohtfarb. ll S'asiau
at II
1-3U HT 211-10 W. n a 111. I h 7th av.
41110" Irrea--Francis W Pollock.
raf. to Lew ye fa Mlg Co, r,i lalbeny at.
1 1, i 'o i fore, .oaure Sepi IB) J attya, Carl
c. 5 Wall at 2. A I
-'TH ST a a. Sin w Mil av, 24 .W It -
laiulae U Roblno, n.-b to color.) tnieat
Inx c.rpn. I. and a. Mar. h II, 1113
ulna, lrei.in.1 ,v HopfT. 1 l.;lortv ai 11
10 AV, 2111. w a, II n 127lli at. .1 lltlun
Jeaal.. i ; . ; l.-ti-iar lo Samuei Frank. Ill '
w uid t. Ana 3; atty, T li Co. ITI
Baray Iiol
PAME HROfBRTV gatnuel Frank to
Andrew I. Mollnolll and ann, 2a Oliver .
gept 27; a'.'.y. aafna Illl
1 3 ITI I ST. a a 100 w Amaterdam av, 0s '
' ll Me, .more Holding Co in Empire
CID M! a lb Mil. a i n. "3 l ark Row,
in'g 141.101, ill llena. Oct 4; ally. .1 A I
s...lni,iii, hi p.irk ROW 1 I
IIITH st, w. a a, 4K2 4 e :-h ai. I III
11.11- Jacob A It tiurinlnx ai d aim. axra
! Emily Chamberlain, m i-ni..-. Malkln,
112 nj.l -t. all llena. Sept 15, atty.
T il Hi, 111 Hway ... Iioo
IIITH ST. n a. 3; 1 a ath 111 ll txM.lll
Robl Thedfnrd to Uanll M Hoi ey, ill I
si Juhni pl Brooklyn, a a. mtg ,
111.001. a:, liana, sapt 24. altia. Ate-'
anger ft . ISO Bway i '
HID ST. 111120 W. a a. Ill H a Leu,, a. ai.
ilaxBall .Arthur L Waif et !. exra!
Mix m gokwara, to gad Hi Ooldman, iiox !
'tiffany al . rtltg 131.000. al! ,ana, Oct,
1. ally. .1 llernateln. 220 Tewnv 1110
SAME PHOPBRTY Salle Ooldman to 1
Htvatl Holding Corpn 120 Broadway, mix 1
11: Oct 4. att". .1 Bernstein, nil
, 'V.i-r -,- -,a ... .. '." I.KDBRMAJ4
IIITH h i . ilT-MI W, n a, III a Amater i.rK
Urn av, S0il9.11 !' K Preehold Bitatea, ' irhri,iM '
Iv. lo Mori i ti 1 II. .Mine i'o. fi.t Park;' ma, ...
It'., . nitg I4t. '.00. a.l llena, Oct 4. atty ROLt.RR,
.1 aantman, ai Park How linn
VKHM1I.VR AV, a. mo a letiam at. i
:r.vi',.i- ah ii Miller l Hlekori Realty
I'orpn. nitif lll.oioi. ocl 1. atty, T n
Co, ITI Bway Iioo
BrilI11 .
f Borough of The Bronx. I
HEi'ATl'R AV. lilt, HUH Rami
Zeldman to Philip Thnm ;'77 ll ratur
.... av ana I .. i ,.,. . . i-
Thorn 171 Bwav . lion
MARMION W n a .or 17ii:h al. 1004H I
Clara k iirown ei ai to Beaeaaon Rlty I
t'O v..; Crolona Park NorUi. nng ll.lll,
sept :i. attv. ll .i goanlen, fci chant
hera al 1100
WKKTCHBgTBn A. a a. a.ii .1 Maral
M N n!i ' , euna Tl.lallla.7lelJI -Anni"
I Moffat and alio to lie., A llefier a: a', i
. p i M'eetcheiter av gept II, tail, any,
1. N Marlln. .' Iteitor ai I
an in: Its. IN AV.
.'7 1x1 I i Marcl
i '. :i i iflen av. ti
Todd t HI J, !
L.1N..II.N AV.
Vdter et al to
lui n .ler.o.ie I
A inula lo Joa Mi- bell,
it II Mil. Ocl 1 . ..Ill
Hivuy 1100
.7 w . J,.vliui Hutu!
Leopoldlne Klein,
:il"t al. Coney la...lol
Sepi !i atty, B Kallacli.
xifin .lohn A Mollrtai
nii IH.lii.
SII Hi" ..v . II
n 1044 b at
lo Man K
M. ill.". 1 . '-iit K Hid at
tkM 4. atlv
nrborn UP. Illl IVapatar ev. . . .i
piti nsptti 'T av. n w a at n a a Falmtouni
pi, :,naiofi - William Bdebohui to tlott
i- FVlit -031 Pf owpact av. niia 1.
nili lot 4 attv. T O A T CO, ITI
I llvv av . 110 I
AIRINO PI., i' a. 1 a n Hall of 1'aine
Termee. 7l.4lllT.ll i wear T Moegey
to i.orlna Coiwtrucllon f'n. lac, tflT j
tilth a', m'u gllg ,010, Ckg 4. attv '
TO T 'o. 1 71 II w av t 1 1 to
I I.OBINO PI,. a. I'.Hll n Hall or Kama
Terrure, atrln IIT.llsl.lxllaltl.lgO.l--Ha
ma to aanie, Oct 4. aauu- ally, Ii
' I'llOAPBCT A'. "IH. 74 7S. a a.
, :l It io W. an heat, r av k.'illxia 3il.3v.:,0
Bphralm Koim to Kleko ibt i'o. Inc. 1
1714 ''rolona Park Ka-l. Sept ; utlv. I
1 li snoptro. IIH Maeaau at.. .,.,11'
I C'llKWTON AV, a a. Mi l a IS:'. I at, 4H.ll
.7 . 'l.av.i itiiy i to epe rat to o to Hamll
tpn I' Is-an. Ill K .'Hal. lute MS.OOO,
i irl t ; alt! . T ll A T 'o. I 71 Hway . llnO
I TH HI', It a. 11.17 e Wllila ai. I140
Vi. iia Knorr lo llenrv .' Iiithiue. -Jill
Harrli av, U i ctly, in la tii.oon. Aug ''
it'll K S Hatlla-r. 14' Naaaail at. g 1 fill j
,OT ITI, i nap pan Hunt Relate -I'bariea
I Kelt) 10 leaetana Dentini, III i
fo ok .,, A- aim. nn 1100, mi I !
..nv, THAT ''n. 1 iii Hway. .. 100,
' II1HTT HT. a, ;,; , Morrla av. 44v6u
.lum a MoKiroy lo Krutik Mi-Klroy. tgo I
I K3 lid at. nit! 111.010, .lime ; ally, i
. I an, ea Mil'lirov. il ."I K Mill "t .,,1100
JI'IKKRlteiON AV. n w r Monnghan av.
,n 0(l --Hal Hell, raf, to Auguata Pi
1 'owlet, L' 100 Maas t.-hila lta av, Wiiah
Ingtoa, ', i 'ot i, atty. ii Norton,
ii Hector al 2,', I
I. ill' IIS. map Ha'nn Homeitoad' -laodor
i; Pederieu to Jaooii n Pederaan, ,',ua :
) Wllila v, mie .1.7.'.o, auk ii. attv
jurob ii I'edirieiii Willi" av.. lion i
i,i its v", map in partn. vi'ella vi gitorer
I ai game tu Hime it. da- Co. Ige. ill
I Will!. i ai, inn iou. Ana 'i. atty. Rime
Midi .', I lid, .'.Oil Wllila in ,i '
I. AMI or N 'i 4 llailein It II Co. e a al I
a w ! pri 13. on alien I, map Ilroni
Parka.iy l Vim oK-lon. .i.ntiili.a I i.lit-tliilii
aerai; ilea land of S i liarlem 11 it
Ca, e a. ill a W ' inl 17, alleel J, Igma
map . .mi iin- ,.o3 i noo aereai alao i
ulld at - il ai centre line Bruni Hlyar, -lontalni
I III-toil gnraei alao lllil it,
H -. ii - - pel 1. -he.'t 4. aama uiap. (
i-ontalna ' Hid Itllu acraa; alao llld at.
a at a a land N V llerl. iii It H Co,
l.al :i..i; i.x'io.r.iion aa New fork.
Neiv Henn 11., I em II li io to III. nil.
rnmm Ibp
i. rati
100 nway. Sept
I II Hivay .
y ,aiaiiII
and ndilreaa of lander and
I Willi
attorney, i
1 Mouth of Fourteenth at 1
NORPXLB ST. 61, w e, II a H room a It,
llxia David Pain to Malane Brand,
inn 7th in. due sept 1. IMI f eooner,
1 p e. pr mt 111,101! Oct, -. ally, sum
Hetiark, 2:111 llway 13.000
BOWRRT, 245. a e cor Stanton at. a,
2.-1 Tv Irrex x 100.10. 'a pt. ill tMlf -PTedk
It Lee to Title DAT Co 1.1
Hivav, Oct 4. due, Ik,; aa per bond. l5.00n
CHHISTdl'IIEIt ST. IS:,, n a Cor Waa
hawken, leaeehold Vhauneet m Dopes
10 Bapdleatoa Woira, am w i nth at, pr
mix 11,111, damnnd - p c. Hot ''. attya.
O, II A M. 37 Wall at 4.2!S..O
It. !: . a a. 40.:. n Illl at. 3T-.93- -a
Wale A aim to Snml Harnalelti.
1 1 1 1
Uh av. nr mtx IlliliOi
a p 1, Oct I
dm' .Ian 1
Kat Hide.
of Fifth in. between
ami 110th ita.1
HT n a 1 '.0 2,1 av.
i Baal
Pouftaani h
101 ST
r.vioo n
Henri .lacol.a to Vr. deal, u ,lg, lo, 310
R as. i ai. sept 2n. due, Ac, as par bond;
Bit) . La.,nanl Mole. . 231 Hway .. Mil
1031) ST. 4 E, a a. IS W Park av. 37 0
100 11- -Nathan Olllioff to Harry Ja. 1008,
225 W 110th at. due Oct 1. Illl, IJ J,
l li t 5. prior mtg; atty, .laeob I Her-
man. S46 Hway 13.000
I ptoWB.
i Manhattan laland, north of 110th at i
111TH ST. 124 W. a a. 23J ,1 w St Nbh-
alai av. i Ittl0.11 -Joaaph Dunn lo
Emma 11 Piatt. WalllngfOrd, Pa. Sopt
II, due Del 1. ItHil, 5 p e; a'tva Everett
C A 11. 37 Wall at 14.000
111TII ST. 12(1 W, a a. 241. K w HI Nlch
olaa av, 1 '.x 100 1 1- -Same lo aama. due
Oct la. :. p kept 2:., attva. Igfno.lltOM
JD AV. 241, w a. 75 n 127lh at, 24.11
100 -Andrew L Mo'.lm'lll and ano to
.lohn Oarbaflno. 407 Pearl at, Oct 4,
due. . . aa per bund; atty. T ll Co.
!;: Hnay 19 0"0
IIITH ST. 125 W. n a 412. e 7th av. 13 l
:'. 11 Isabel Maikln to Jacob A It I'uli-
nlng, nr Haywood av. Orange, n j. 4
rra, .-, p c. o.t 3; atty. T tl Co. Itl
Bway I4.7.-.0
143H ST. a a. Ill.l w Lenox av. 41 axis 11
- -Slvad Holding e nrpn to Sadie Onld
man, SOS Tiffany at. Hronx. prior mtx
135.000, due and mtx aa per bond. Del
4. any, j Bernetein, 220 Hway 112,000
fBorottgb of Tha Hronx i
Plan t.-x.ns 100 w Intervale at and 121.1
n Free.onn at. 220.1x11 Isll.lXlllalll.li
n'ao glebblna av, a. 104 a n Freeman
a-. 2".x 1 II. 1 1 -Tremonl Iron Work! lo
.1 Frederic Piereon, 20 w lid at. prior
mtx 112. M10. F.h : .lamand a p ci ally.
Henn w Bvkea aa Haai .11.131
HERncHELL sr Illl -Bernard Uaffney
tn John Whotey, aula Raoy. Oct 1. due
1 aa p..r bond "attv. T c A T Co. 171
Ha av 13,500
AN'DKRHON AV, e a. :,oo T, JoromO av
.7 1x14a Joieph .Ml, be,. 10 Marxaret A
Uatita. ano (ixden ai, prloi mix l;4.'"U'.
IK't 1. 3 yra. 0 p r. attya. Tn. Ill A st .1
I 2. s Hn ay . 15,000
MARMION AV, ti w e 176th at. 10'ix4i; -
Benenaon Realtv ra to t'iara E llrown.
all E 175th t et al Sent 2". due as
per bond, ally, M j geanion, 51 Cham-
I bera st . 15.500
i UOTg II and 24. p.: I, map William H
! Ogdeni also Iota 120 and 121. map Var-
1a ii Eat -Tbomaa Donnelly to Ini enllne
I S Booth, 5!i4 Park pl. Hklvn Sapt SO. 1
yr. ii p c; atty. M 1 St .lohn. 27 Cedar
at 12.000
i PROMPKCT AV. ii ii a ai n e a Falrmount
pl. 51X100 40ttllab Falat '.. William
kdebohla, ; Palmtqunl p: Oct 4. 5
yra, 5 p c; lty. H Wrav. lar. Huston
rd 110 000
I LORLN'll PL. a a !;t n Ha:: of Fame
Terrace, tl.4xllT.il; aian atrip la.riux
pl. e a. let ll n Hull ..I Fame Terrace,
I - Ix Irrex Lorlnx Conatruetlon Co. In.-,
o OSCar T Ma. key. 1S5 W 1 1 let at. prior
i mix 112,000, Oct 4. i yr. 6 p ci any.
T ii A T Co 17 Bway Ill 110
LOT 12. 1. k 31. map aa. 1. Bathaale Eal -Anton
P Chriatenaon to N V A Suhur
i. .in Cooperative B i. Aaan, ii: i:
tilth at. int i, 1 yr. ; p v. any. -It ll
i Herxman, ii:lt 3.1 av Il.aoo
' F31 HT. -12 L- At Sauford We'. ar
Mux W en. lo M A W i 'nrp, 21 W
.'7tii at. ally, Btroock A s lio.Onu
j HID st 444 w Uriah w Tompklna la
guaan R An-ierson. ll Oreena a. t ih : v -i
atty, ii Anderaon, -". Hn.i.y. . 11
! ITTM ST. ii a. 115.1 a Ai It. 25xs:
Hani IJ llouae. r, to P. ,aa E M.r
, nail, Uawrenee, I. i. atty, Maniictu, a
M, 302 H.eav II till:
TH ST. sc. B- FallcHaa da Brhnehen to
Tkeo Hauler, III W I02l at or 11: 4th
av 12 oea
' MTU ST. 211 W John Welti to HuataA
nexensbura. HI Hall av. Broohtjyn;
att-. Booker K:-din, :,: Bwa)
Mrooktyn It
HTM sr 3?:. w it... -1 w na.i in to
Linda S K..hn. ?7 l.'t.eoln pi. Hr.e.k 1
in. ally. Edward A laoaoa. It l.lli-
erty al IC. I
1 f ITH ST a a 141 i Am-tertam av,
llitaill Anv itarxin to William hi
Kemp MoMewood, N I atty. N V Tltla
Ina . 'o, 111 Hway ... ... 13. On" I
5T1I sr. .-.I E- Jacob Kan A alan to
Ouaat, Morgenatern. s Lenox av, s'lx
i; Morgenatern, a2u llaay l
Hamilton ter, 11.1 n mm at
Kxloo -N V Tltla Ina Co lo Ella .1 i
H n i,oe. 410 Rlvereide Drive; .m will
lam ' beet or, II E ITIk at., ..III. Mil
urn st. .:..'. w enmeon Let ) latweon. I
guordlan. to Wendell H isa.nn .-i : ,
i E Pork at Newark, x J sin t a
Co. 1 7s Bway II) 00u .
MORXINiMIDB av K. 17- National Acad
amy or i . lo emigrant Industrial I
Bavlnga Hank, 11 (Thambera atty.
E J MeOuIre II Chambers at , .iian.io
IIITH st. Ill :. W- Bower) lavlnga Bank
in Rmlgrant Induetrlal Ravings Hans, j
r.i Chxmben at; atty, Bda .1 Mlulre. .
M chamber at Ill.aal i
. 1 3TII ST. a a -no w T'h a-. I0al0ti.lt
trua lo Hi-len V
i. "onn. artr.
Ward R
ia shiiro-i
'1141 lotier . In
1 :.aaw,i
.fa a P
la joa
Iiol, I - I
a !0!
Kuri- 1
Un.i .
S i,.,Kar . .
MTil i'ii to Chriel
Hahm:. ISL'dBNB
.-'. """
Title ililnr
t o
V Till ST C1 to I'llv
clft MTd i'' to Ti
I I.Oi "
Mi a Co
. IS10..0
Hiiialn. A
' ' '.' P
- - "
an oi a
M v Ml ITT it a,
,t ,
1AM i' to Cluarant aed M i c
ITT! K lit All ft Till 'HT
sum io Kalh Baaaler
ROrKtaAKD 111. TV i'o ta
13 or.o
t.an vara Mt
10 dim
Cornelia t
.14 i.0"
get e vena
rWtth nai a an.l addnll of .end
tornay i
a at -
1 1 no '.
0 Ki
I30t'i 1
f j 000 1
il n pt
114 7 v Pink
14 :
May .' 1511 Ha
r.1.1 at. to Rid A
at : atty, ' A Hal
tie M Uvona.
Ilerrhk. iin7 E
3.', Vaaeaii at
IP V, ?40t. w . 7S n l?7th
Sapl Illl - Win .1 Suhr i
lenjlar Waal Honiara, N' V
a Hunk. 3t N'aeieu at
14 1 1 v
.leaala i,.
Illy, f'haa
IH n..o
'.o 10 v
Mite ':.. 1 a s 7 .fna Bushier to Rllfl
C Swan, Ign A Pre. Ik It l.aa. alt'. T '1
i'o. I !! Hw ay 1 4
AI.I. real eatate, rlghla. prtvllegaa. friin
. hiaaa relating te conitructton and op
eratton of ratiroa.i.. railroad conitruotad.
enulpmenl machinery, leaaea Ac, ae
' iflng bond taaua, June t. iv... iii.
Hroaaway Murfaea Railroad Co lo tv i.
.tee. ntn, .lea I. i.nuikeri
ih. 1 ar. 7ia.iv
$ 1 unii ftno
a iaeaag av, 1 1 Isll, 1 1 .
I ahlor an.i Harri i.
M leiwenataln it W
st. a e. '!o 1
.lone ra, tool
H ' li lo .luiliia
'Hill a- attv, -I
liar lataln,
Iis.sno i
I.I, .Ian'
.1 l.lid
l OOO ,
we e
AV H, w , 41 3 a ih
' a 101.' .rhi'oi' Flail
vlgli. any. I.T.1 TCo,
A V H. V7 0. a a. 40 :.
a'. 4 7x
io K.lek
1 i'.O llvv I v
u 4th at
ITvUJ, ,
.1 line 1 1. 1 '.' 1 3 -laaa
and Bva
Mate t..
y. at ti
ll "00
av. 50
Itvinan Male. Ill I.ong vv on. I
gaul Barnalaln, III Hwai
1st ST. M 17. a ii0 a- pink
io:.;. ,iii:v i.i, mi.. Noun
i'o to Kath H. wile panlai n i untie, on
premliea; atlyi, Hull Morton, nil
way no, ooo
n:((Riiri i.iriK.H,
UVCKMAN HT. fool .f nt n It r.-rv fran
,h:a', Ai. to ten a ia w 'nv.i nndlnf -city
.r N V. ty t'oonnr .f pOf'lta, lg I, k
nn 11 $i & Rn a law nod Parry 1 -orpn. ai
li ir ll, N H. - vr f 1 ant JUM l 111 fi;
attVi Oornm Oounil, Munlrtpal BUla ll
7 i'H AVi IMi all Wd a i-n to aftlton
Vawtttor and ano, an v m t , 7 u PH
from Nov I. l.tlfi. atty, Ilninin WH1
10 w aim at .... . Ii.tioo
tTH AV. Illi tort un.l I tl B - ,, H.-g
niiin kTO 10 Thoa J 'iiretv .tint ano, at
rtonkkWa) Hra.1i, B of IJ, I-i yr trorn
:rM.t 1 fllli ut'v ii i ia a art 1 1 3
:t,i i, ... :j,Min to t.i.uoo
PllliTHTOI'HBR st, H".. n a ror ahii
Ke-n Ht -i iiii s O Nail la 1 haunray w
I lai.au u 1 1 Itl 1' 1 I fills' f, 11 111 IfialH I
a ana-. il V . W B II' .'I
1 . 1 ! l "i
Ht .....
maul lnula
Ink I 'oy in-,
from Mat d
IS SfaaaQ'tl i
Il.ioa una pitiau
A', It OF liM'l huBf-
V No 1 n mar a in I nno. ex r 4
A in i email) ftVj j yri
1ilt;. ivfy-4 KM. h, M 'I.
2,100 aivl 12.400
1 4
th nr.
44 FI, all- .latne A Bryajit
K it'lh tutt.fi, ititj B 'in Mi
10; ally.
I Ml KMalllitl At-ARTMF.NTM TO I.F.T. I
N. E. Cor. Maditon Av. & 41st. Tel., Murray Hill 1481
Offers number of desirable Apartments, some
of which are ready for immediate occupancy.
362 Riverside Drive.
Convenient to 1 1 Oth Street Subway.
Magnificent Fireproof Apnrtmenta.
Located in Best Section of Drive.
7 & 11 Rooms, 2& 3 Baths.
Rental f 1,400 to $2, ..00,
The Cambria-
347-351 West 65th St.
2 Rooms, Rath
Dnfumlalieil. M to 10? 1,0 per Month.
Fiirnlabeil, ll to 7".50.
The Elizabeth
248 West 105th St.,
S. W. Cor. Brondwny.
Una Apartment I. aft.
8 Rooms, $1,200.
-The Beauclere-
N.W.Cor.B'way & 109th St.
7 Rooms & Bath.
$1.000 $1,400.
Tenaata living in aparlmente aocUr our auperviaton era aaaurod
aof tbo moat officiool
on.- family hotleea I
iota at private aale, a
ii. I ehnli . i' illdlng
;araa number from
ii nl- h lo .carl,
or NEW VORK. to qulekl eloae the hu-i-raa.
of two corporatlone, olferi theae props
artiaa at about IIO of former prl. .-a
Toay are located a: Orantwood. I'altaade,
Moraamer.. an. I I.aonta. New J.raay (011-
poaita Orant'a Tombi, mthm Mrentf-Sve
intiritea of Manhattan.
An Igopeellon of theaa propertleo win
FenvlAoa ion that they are unuaual hir-
aaltia. Liberal terma. Title iluaranli-a POl"
I y free
1'or further d'-alla an. I terma. arMr.-a.
HKN.I Ii HAtOHT, Special ! puty Supt
of Manka. rare of Ranking Department
I nronliini. Men Turk City.
vra from Mi Ii 1'.. till; atlv, B
raid. Ill K liatn ai
l I
Harts isi.am.. aon-h
n 143-1 lino a. re. Bllaa
The Tevia i "... i : Rattei
Ilfl, rMMVrtetl
- B Huntr-r
pl. j yr fro
1, 191.' iprlvl
ra rt'n4?w .1
attv, I. ("Oakley, 1
ttory 1 .
W le-ipph 1
' " I ST
r!kT ia"
WIMIatn Wilton "t
poattnlon f one
IIOII to r-sT't!!
1 jarter pan . Ktt)
i it Hnwn
HTM AV, 7 7 7 l(.4tpri M I. Htrlki-r asri
M irk l,tvy ft nl inrllon to r- aln pom
poaaton of ont-QUftftOf part); atty, ti il
V- m .STKIS JT. JSr:ftren.'a K ttxvpo j
iat K i-rett O nend at nl I fOf lotui
of mtg i . atty, s W 1 bnltl
UTII st, n a. HT.I w Ith nv, 52 .
1 1 1 1 sr t .1 1 ; indtisTtrlnJ (tnvlnvi B.mk nsi
Kilrn Iteynolda r rI t anientd fore
rloaure "f mtfu atet, j p j 0001
art 'arl Kaerier eT
11 1 1 n 1 : attv. H h i t 1
LOTI 17 nnd 31. map
iie-ltiir piir: f th w '
plot, Trem-'ht.
V'ralik ri (ft A V 'lo.i
Ann i rt.ihfi
m 1 fofa.4 loaisro of
of :. ekolon lot-.
, knovti Onk Tn-.
War 1 -Jai-o'i A
rKi Damtn a;
fore )o!uro of mtpr
atty. Ii::: Uo k
oof. Red field T.yion
MFC H-iMca' tnnra
HON gT, a I and
Rablnoa-iia .,.
i-i Roaen
Ill .Andrew .1
i. n.r ..nil 1 n -
.1 Davla
irp. oanar anil
ip Qeldit
ckntrax park
Davla agl Hanna
traetor ....
No :,fi Weat I ll
h Kil l-.
Ih st
DIVISION ST t vt.l Smith ii-
Phiitp lio.iiman. owner anfl eeatrai'tor
IMvlil Roaenbluni, contractor mil
MADIgON av K"" H Kak ir Co An
aeiii I'ole, owner; John T F.-n'op an. I
.rosaph Kronantti.il. contractor! ISS4
I4ATIIOATK AV. Illl.lli: Damm Hnuae
Moving i'o at Wattenherg, Knhn
Pltlman, ownere: fllaaeberg Mfg Po
i ..ntraetora SI 10
KRRRMAN HT. a a , gtebblna av 1 1 :
1 1 !., Tarreglanl A get at Ino act H . pp
Building I'orpora'lon, Inc. ownara and
eentractere Il.isl
sATIsriKli MRCHANICK' lllw
! NORFOLK st 134 .Pleaaant Iron v..rka
I Inc. net N'ltbaji Cohen -t al; April ll.
ins . , . nil a;
Bean a,
i Tit KM 1 1. N'T AV. Ill-ill Ixoila Ilel Ve
ait i Prledhotl et ... Ma) It. Illl lli
M.W RB.ilrV I 4111 Cllll 1TI,ls.
Tho fo'.lewlng realty eorporattona were
bartered ai Altmny yeateraay!
i: 'iert iieaitv Company, Brooklyn
....,... a " a a a Jiwa .... lllu.1 v
.la.-oba. Juilua Lyehtenbargi s"" terk
ui.l..., I 1 Mh Tha Hr.o.v
Cheater ina Realty t:ompatiy. Brooa
lyn 'Hpiia'. Illlj illeeetora. Cheater I be
Aribur Iha atii Joaeph Iba. Mmaklvn.
lnhlti Offewrl.ia calr rtln In Man
hattan tkiwl llriini ji li'roonia.
By He-iiry Br.i lv
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itali'-. il atv iiti'l I'NCUnt; N
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puintiff laoo.Mtj
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Irti 11 at tlw'a;. J Vl'llaoti "C' A M
.T..nH at al; due. l,tftt 71 t;i-.
1139 tt tha p) ft Milt 16.000
UJp iT. 24 W. - MAI - 'h ft
;(Myilt, "IJ flat. ''i'V Keal i:itae.
V. act T J Braily at al . iltlt, n.n:i l;
imih, ft . i: :!"' ft, t.i tha pl .ir
mit II Mil
R. Br nn I. rtaAflfttl)
.ii st. 2211 Wi ' -,,t, 1 AniittrdKtei
ftV( 2"iti02.S, f. at) tim rMrmari loan
At Truwt 'o, a(tnt, t af i John 11 .i
lahan t al ; tiu. II4.III II; tn Hufftl
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tftkftj A'. Mill; m th nUiniilT tL. UnO
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.1 J i laa ry at al. Ltua, f l an ,. Iftini
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ion ju:misi:h KT NOON
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llaltli a
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lilt) W ea.fi ii Htar 'tift if
a' v dA !t Ail' I n !nr an
tiana iii du( 1 1, til i
$3-'! iih to ii piinr tti f k
to l hn 1 1 . i : ll for flu.) ftVftl
la taa, atr,
..f ( ..00;
nt tor llan.
1 iDRLJi s r.
din-, ti
till, W . Ill n Starling av
ty da a . aama at I -mm .
: If; laiaa j; HUh
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mtg .l. Mio; t . tha p'tln
1 1ff for 1 1 00 vir prior llt'im
NF.W nit ok I It ICafB I IM Hi
. LlltCUln BaldO, formerly of i. Selde
A Hon, ami Montaflora tta vnt hgvo
for mod b pgfl ntrghlpi under the Bnti
nvrno of .seM A Hurrlo, with officaa gi
Illl Broad way, gjid a brunch ul
Mudlaon unue, rhari thoy will oon
dip t n Kp'trtii yggj ggtgjtg und Inaurance
Morrn Tuaaed
Nhlp In INirt.
Mu nn r AIh
t h't . ."t. -The NOPWOgtU fi
fron ItllfpOfl fof Utlvnoi
, 1 l.m Muni ll'lt I
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in. Hum hurriouteo Moptamboy no, rggaliaid
here in tOW to-iliiy. Moat of her rlgflnt
wgg blown gwgpi iMuata brolcon gnd dock
mthigr gwgpl ovojrbogfd. Tha gohoonor
Clgjaft 0, Rootti from Havana, la gahorg
nggr t.uifpiHi. miuh.
-The Majestic
St. NlcholM Ave., s. B,
C r.
145th St.
7 & 8 Rooms & Bath.
Rentslg $720 to $1,000.
Vary larxe. Ileht rooma. complete lb
ator anil telephone aervli-e. All in...a-n
mm enienrea. I Iimh to fijhwar and 1.
-Elberon Hall-
3b5 Central Park West,
Near 99th St.
7 and fc Rooms & 2 Baths.
$720 to $1,200.
Prince's Court
N.E.Cor.B'way & 164th St.
6 Rooms & Bath.
aoi itao and attention. ai
III St-'ltld alll ItltlM'Ot lllll
0 to in iiMiiii-, fvory rttiatern Impruvr-
im nt. all ...-si-asmrlits paid, wpnCt) fOT
Tin mnat nuporb Iprnilon on tii.- Poll-
MOVa dro'ily mi fhfl rillTR aiMvo th-
Hiidnon River, nvi '-liHiktna N VUf;
; no i kpi 1.-. or -kill -apantl in prodwifM
thr iiiov p: -fii 1 h 01 tare nnd nroimd
Boulevard Terrace
uppualte afHB Htni-t
Tnku Wenl Rhorr Kerry. 4fd or (nrt
landi . iBpii lnllni t ar tu ofBrv.
1 .iisf st and Rruodno) wonddlir N
01 'k I I A W lirry or llmNm
j Tuht, tin t' Hrfgftn Ihte car t'i prtipert j
J or cross iv'. I a.t Kt'iT in your nulo nnd
drive urtu nn the wnilei ard sii mlDUVen
James Thomson
Architect, Builder and Owner
WAKTItV! young man who ti, had
aome . perl.-ni-e In a a aaa m.mufai-lurer a 1
"f'l.e. f-ir aen.-rai
mi. in. refereneee re
e n
a -rk un.l
a ha
BtMiltniiiley r
Ii Ti R
Ki: tNICH i
mi vvi -
1 1 it i
.1 rt li ir ii
n rat atr
: rea . orar
, Vinatruct
K ra hi
it. fo!
nf III w-.' r.iah
firnitn) prtwl(itnt ami
the Bin H.y H ity an.l
tioti i tnnpany, iil.-.i iara.to
in ii.ii k . . t - i -a to
lie It -
rM of IteVbllltlfi nn irra-t by fitar
in bl a ..f 'h- tiiinnanv. Vlt
haa Habilitate tsa:.:; i . .mil Arthur
llahllUU llll.lll.f anil both hav
aaaata An nna Ih r-eilittim ara
41 .
American Drift tympany, flt
Vat tonal Buraty Cornpatiyi Illl.lli,
ijrv Kranlcb. ino .00, mien?)
I Th potlllonaari an i4inai t.f ,
Unown puno mavtiufafltiifof and
rt-piit.-1 t. bava InheHtad illd.ooo
frorn iiia -tata Th" Buck) ay
i Hint t nnatruHlofl 'oinpaai ir.v
v ar -
up buainaaa in ir"
tltUvti in b-vnltruptoy baa btfiii AInI
iia "t.-' h latttraon liumifai1 I'ompeinv
a T- aai - nrpo ration ;th an i.ffl- a
u .lohn vtraat, by Ihtot rra4Hora!
Balni it", k rluma and Traaapiertaathiii
. nmpan)', l,4l; .1. i; barl Hopar 1 1:
him) jM!ti Tompklnaon, 2Qi it
h .1 K fd that tha i ompftp) ftltoWiHl
.1 R tiMiK t' obtain t i-iff-ri-nif by
.it t.i. bitten) i .1.1 1-. : -1.-- nr. froni 110,
000 t. I' M lot .tn. I aaaata L' ooa t
III. 000 Th romptftny haa .i tnnier
t rii". 1 1 Pattoraon, 1 fnri ami a nun
nt Paint Rock
BARNKT l. nit A Ms, drlar in ptato and
A In.t-'W ft Hagl lit Ell litHt III IHvi wion
trat 1 h" mad a an aavisnniant tfl Mat
1: Lavlna. a pat it Ion tn bankrupt ry
w a- atao il i avaiAti hi in Kv t hi
. rt.i ; r- Kdna I nmn, 4 no . l.npu
fob. n. 1110, .inl Katnttol T ri'k', 80.
K II 1 1. 1 fi: .C RtH 1 A p-ntlon In
bankrupt, v baa 1 iild anlnat B. H
Millar a itr. . rhi!oMita daaTart in frulta
at :i 1 1. IVaahtnc ton itraat by thta ti-.i-
It or barf Br:. ,l; Antonio
tgodolra, 14.011, and tlrorfa a r'.iiiroy,
'I'll- tlrrn tnat an aBtlantiiatt on
V 1 .rusKi 11 KtiBIVM w
... j bank rup try bat bran Bird
ia K I :n nun, vrorar. "f l .'3
petition In
1 f ilnai ilnaoph
1 KM riat av4ntie.
Prlt. tun
an.l Aunii- .
by thaaa 1 radttorai Vat
Marn an K 1 n Igaborg J t
Alb-rt, 11.100
1.KMKN1 r iviijox,
Cataklli N V. who r
frotn CataklH 10 Cairo
tttlon frn bankruptr .
mati rariiafi of
1 ' ria l h inul
baa tin I a pi
ih labllltlaa li -
an t tio i .ill
ei.nttv of 1 li
1 1 mini-
mat; -
lf Ufd
ahli h
i.y htm. tn rarr) Ing
ha naiiiarti - - agmipl
ktfHAHAII MKtKRtK V of ? pg atreet,
fnrmorly f lovtnf A Baparaky. rioait
manitfaiMurora at i : Waal I'elghtaontn
;r. fi hia man n paution in bankrupt
v.i:h I labllltlaa f :.. i ami nn
Itankrtiptfy Brhadulaa.
iilil' iM ill PAN Vi WC., nf i; Batten
plftOa, ounar of the stamner M iin.. u
whl'll In -latalnal hy tha HHtlih (invern
nirnt .t". H iH on lucount of bar nargV'
haa Bird whattulaa ahoaring labllltlaa
?r in. i nominal! a".eti g . -t , . . mi,.
, utiig of tha at aa m or Mu-.i u-, b,oo
.i ttijiii agalnal tha Brl til ah Oovarnman
for S50.6oo fr detantlon .f the vMe!
iiiitu agalnat hora. g a . i o , ogjico
furniture, IIOO, ami raah in a h-hh-
mipanvi yola Thara an lultg priullmt
Hg4 1 pal i ha .tinipanv for t7'i.0in Auuun
tin- rradltora ara tha Trin1i(al ghlpplti
.nni Trading tHimpftnyi ll,0oo, H'ur'.i
by ;i ni.iMg.iga nn tin-' M.ir.i ag, Ph Van
limariMii l.tT I.-oiiiiiig, t:,,;:i r,,r roai
Mat t .inl iralngw r.,inpMii it Nea i'orb,
11,131 for rant an.l opafgAor't Malar) fo
a i ra u-ma icrili aa rlt) of New Vt U
ti.ttti. '. .1. Carrol). Ivou. nana, anil
R w fiutpmln II '. !o4iih Hu;ta arara
niagun yaaterua) in ina L nitat) Hta;r.
Dlatrlei Louri ht
a a h 1 r i s t '
r.i; foi
ti bahOtlt af
mgnufaoi urar ti f praaarvaOi
and tith'a dallraatag at
i.rtetiu'.h ttrtal, ona of tin
oppoi itlun
'alllei.. jania
il ami h
oldaai urut
nad nn ,i4
ll '' l lia-ai paj
lgnuionl o 1. it.-i
t' iuhnaoti Th- b
Uti, w oo Inouppora
tni i . k ll.' ooo
run and Pradar
I at n fag i.i itartaq iti
t' 'I Iti ISt.l Willi L'gpl
an I tVllllfttn B in,
Mori n 1- pra4 h
W a I. let-,. 1 l
prgatdant, dlad ihrea
a i'.
UlMli AN A
liraon un.i
I lie Brm "f
t't' Uiei't tlurfan. Joaogh
1 .1 ivhv 1 Oaraon, 1 amnrla I - 1.
1 1 11 r I an A fo , . loak n..... ,
ith :i 1 ;n 1 M.'rn r i''fg, luiva ni.iil-
.111 aaalgtiMieifi to i.. . 1 r u
MtiitKis LlL'ltlAS'i h..a dtalar a' 11 Mm ,
rn. gtraat 1 haa mado an Mingpjnani to
Alhi rt ,1 t mult
.IMS K 1 11 OHUKIi, manuflP 1 u:'er nf hn b 1
ititrtag.". ui i,arni iixi-nne. haa in Oil 1
Hin'ir 11 tinii 1 tn I-
man 1, KATX. manufaciurir of
1 f
in r ii t 4 S at Tw ent -aa.-on it at
phi 11111. If an aBBtg-iiineui'. to i tia'ie
Sihiifler, Jr.
Write, Call or Telephone
for photographs and plans of
the houses now being
completed In
(6rrat Nrrk
ITALIAN VILI.A ml fl rn.ni ind
fls ft, otVp hollOvV nl - und rturcn;
t: nHnis ami haHis Lnrn-f null,
lixitiK niOflli tilirtry. Millard pumi.
f I in ltlV rnoili, iillff nr ffon, lt HtHfJJ,
kltchpti nnii butlfT'i imntry, ' iwtfr
ImlrminiH nitil t ht nuts IwofftoniiJ
Qrmlrul lunar) Rardrt riot 190 rt.
IHt;TIIKHN i ui.tisi i. MoUK
t 'ntty fjf fjni'-u- jm MlMkMI I" tr-pmi-i
lltft. fpnnt, 4Afl. dmp porrhei
iti rt. Halts 1." nHimi ami lirith
l.art ItTltlR rn-ttn rliiilnY rttOIII. Illirarv
liMU:inl rtKun. kit- tu n pnntrv. lavaluTV
ami .arar'v n niletir(I bffiraoni and
,i iwwMtw iMtlrtMHii''. Vm -I" Hi
Thi-ew an- f ho lar-rrti and nvmt
rfimplrio foitiilry htniHi-i BVW nm
atriu tol fur MM on l.tmir IMIflfl. Rtm
will mfikr Mfftu htinn-i in u mlnny nr
i i mi, in a peopH
f-Mii: i . in In i hn innat I hornntthly
inipniTi'tl pfppcrl y in the I mUd
HUiti-a, rnni.Tlmnii 42 MmI POIItltrj
bonMi tintrui tfil al a tt-t ul miir''
than nm million dataf.
ikit MOO.nUO ha bfrtl rtieftidifl Ttr
a etanitarv iewrt )Tltffl1, w nlrr. n
rtprtrir llarht. park lrlwi mii1 WlUn,
and a tffM$tN watirrront park .11
talnlnt ttnlinmlnk: pool, Mtll hous.-,
liaThlns l-farh loi-k for fi hti lltd
notor bottiti mm! i.nnii rouna, n ror
thr irlulvr UtMl tf ki-rlnvrton MOM
on poni
My train Bfl mlBUtM from UM tYtm
eivvania tuition.
My motor : - mlnnti-n from ;ueni
Niroiiftn Mrldife'.
fitrkrrt-Jllttlau Srulty (to.
Tel. moo ureetey i ilea, gith st.
UIDtatly manor
l mm tut .li-rlcho Tiimplko
Natvitu t'minty.
W 111 hitfTini at llttOI an 4rr.
HXfi for nip.i ini pflrfffulnr.
Rim. lkw 0011 PARK RRALT1 10.
i.wh tTathuti. w.. Brooklyn 1 N IT.
Real Estate Owners:
One rcaion for many va
canciei is the poor condition
of the vacant buildings.
We have carried through
for clients many successful
alterations, and have yet to
register a failure.
There are good tenants at
good rents for good buildings.
Jt 'Aty not talk it over u ith us?
JtK John !; 111111,1111 ttlreet
Til III I nii llaM a I I Kl'llat a
:.-,on Nl HI Illl TO I I "lilt
NEW SUBWAY .STATION, lmh St & 7th Av
Rscaptlonall) Una 'alttf.
ttlct oiaaa of tenant a
ntodafn lntproajNinini
tarn. ki t it...- ant t-ti-ln
Kt-pt bu
ofta i
1 i-i lnkl
l l. Iii n 1
Al'I'l) lallperl'.'atl-iftll III p
It l II It KM I A aKi I Bl
If s
a m b
it Chaml art : . Mho : 1 W
nit MM It 11H N HltOh I B
itol nKk TO
I 1.1 t M 1 RMS
1 1 RMHit-;ii,
16 East 75th Street
111, f .rnlah-.t nr
i? aara Blaotrlr
ir I wood ftaora. Krr
ina, I
rn pl i'nh
ra botaraai
i.i'iv 1'iua
co mm 1 c-t"p t !
l.rarl Iflft.
PtIMT t -l I INv
1 U rat ui h HI,
im- will
ba racatvad t th
Baai .1 .-f w atai r lipp
At lt Pffll e.
Ipftl Bui ll ia.
I w t . a" of I ft 001 . M .1
TarW Ron fatltra mi I
Saw A orb Clt nut u 1 1
t lobar lit hi tottfi '"t- 1
I'hainbtra Htraata
M .tn TtP la
IN nt lCT 1
'he aroatlon 1
ga4vanlaad ataol?ovi
1 ttambart. ai f-iiaft
lunnal of catikui
teal t r,i me. 1, iiidt
1, f'r tha drain
i and .1, of 1 hi
quad act, ha
i',tv Both I'Hi 1 t inaja
-. appro 1.1 m
tin m rn.' Ua, ihf
!. hV t' f e-gt by
' LtfaO or f ontnl m tint
arcai .. balng about 4
,t frt The aubtru
-if th bul1dtn,ta at
.I bar ' ant r;i t
t t lie a!"nn p
tha I. tig
i' mpb
I I 1 ' ' - Mil t
I Ilia
til If
an dollar
u ha put-: ip
,et on fat ntn 1 Inl
na 1 and ri
"tn ttlotl f'
.i 1
. antrat t ir.i 1 .1
abovo addraaa, Ht th
tary. hy dapoattli
1 1 1 0 1 in aan 01 I to
p.unph'ff P -r fin
'.i tha onVa of i: I
ia B.iin "f
irr p.irii
a gtnaff a
ne a 1 1 .v a a t ! rm
HAKl.RH HTB tl'W. Pi oat d ant.
i 1 1 ItliKP .V 111 A i W 1 1 ft .
JOHN K t.Ai.vis
.oner nf i.a Rnnril of Water i nv
RUt. n; ai H i'um: se. ratarv
W S1IV.1
amao lonta) i
Boi ond Llau
oaat Arti'.i-i
mid Nn i Ordara.
I Alfre.l
. In ralia
Klttvi n
uti laalaua
i on
I I.
Vnvy oriUrg lagU! I
Ma tit V s ipowall from tu
Saw Vorft. io tihl Ut at. iff , ti
mi ii marina Botlllai Atlanlli tVni
I. Ifiit A't tt M'rri t i nav
Paaaad Aaattani Vurgann M
from iwivy yard, N.ofolk. to n.i
1 n atatloni Itb'htiiund,
pgaaad a - alum gutgaam li
from tha Waalilngton to
f anl 'a
V II1.V .T' IN I ' I
tbarandg from
nrpatlo bo it it tlnbrldg
ay an l I'olllet ponipl
tn 'a mpgya Hounl .
I'rrt.la Atnl I'iul .Itoiaei
tor K.in I hrir.it tg i;
rnr Kappa b aiinoi b gnM
Km I ' OIQ M " .: le f.tt
Ma- :etta fr .m M n-rS
'hip Sllniiaaotg fint
mancauvrea, n nisorn iti
hii j ml aBt roi at Mar
att for 1 tiorngan
Mnif and I'haui -
1 fl tun ".'ahij f.,
laut rnj at 1 Vrt . 1
tun Haii Pranclaan ;
.ket from Vorft tilt
supply ihlp Ptii
.1 n nn i. y inhu it
for A, h i, ball
1 Hot Kl.tmt for
okiyn i'U'i t'.itijoi
I n no ugh and wor-
ubmarlnaa li-i
litlr-t ! uliop.ih
I) it, I .1 R-t, li-L'. n-1 K . HI anq
i temi'T roiianaiaaoi naotrnyari Am
maiii Burrowa, Pottaraon, Paulding Trlnna
ita.i'a, 1 nv,. Jenklna, rouatt Panning,
Malrh. Banh nn. Iorktr, N'! linlnnn. rrularr
ti' r niiMg li i'H :, Dlair, ' gaa troy arM
Win at 00. a ml W a daw art tti from v.- is pot 1
for ina-nouvraaj poll lor Brutui frnn auda
raia for rg-rr ikg
pha mlna "i'ii Ran PVgnataoa gavivad
:i II 1 tn pt mi i . ' . yarkl 1 iliincee-er at
Hrooklyn "'rulaar Saw firlanna at Topoloa
ham no miliar Danvar a' s,u Priin.ie.-a.
gunhogl I itiuq ia at ii iM.pi m pogita ia--T"
at 1 VA alka t'.Tk fit. Moil Igh
IMoroit, Tarn gnd Rna it tin m pt on 11.1a 1
1 0lllr ereu at Ogt Ke.
riirl of Ippagtf Cglggltlgr,
ALBANY. Oot, , Tha tNtv.H Of Ap
ptttis tlajandg r f'r t marpnw Nob. it..:.
Ml, (01, III, 40H. 404, vi.. gnd 401.
WashlngtoB Prtdtetlom fr
To-diiv ;mmI To-inorroiT.
l or .'ft-i. rn rn trU. frtlr tti-dM ; fair
mid unrnirr -innrnm ; mmlfniM" fratfrlj
wliHlm, htMomlnc rialdr h l murrnw.
I'or Ni v J("riy, pHrily cimidy tin 4 OOOltf
to-ihty: frtir to-miriHw ; wtirmcr in tho In
terior; ini-dtr.it' northwest, wlndf, brcom
i ti pr varlahli
Kor Koutio rn Hi W BltfJ I nnl. partly
rtottdy Btid .'oor to-dy, fair to-morrow.
lv.trmor in IM MTUt', molr:io woatorly
iiila. tirroiillnif
i tn tilo 1 ii - inorrmv.
I'm northern Nnw Hnsinnd, ftir nnd ii
j lO'fnorrow prtcednd by nhownfi in inJtoffl
I Mnlnoj fair lomocroW j wnrroer tn
portion; moderate iouihweai i unit vHMni
. i mini mui h lO'inorroWi
j Kor wnntorM Now York, cloudy t day,
partly rloud) and uurtnor t0rnofr0Wj tnotl-
i-r.na wenl atjuth wlndn.
m;v YutiKi Oct t. A etorm movinf
) lion v eanard from the OOftntm hike
j region 1 waa ejiit r.il 01 Uf yfut b- and
I tMtnfn Ontario ytitrdn.y.
Ha1n fell in the lower Inke Pttlnn tha
' Atlantic nnd Uuif .Liteiv bill Itewhnm
I IhroufnOOl tho i ounl ry iho ueuthor w ia
Ifnefiilly fair and thi pro-yoiro liiarh, "
' 1 opt in rforthorn .Mtmlaiui ami Nbflh 1 '
I Hot a, wrnlcn won- within tho radlu or ,t
; dnproonlon oonirnil in woninrn I'aMdi
it Won gTrnornlly w-inm-r In tho At 1. 1 title
j Stntea, but much COOUf In th lnko roflftlli
I ahl COntml ultoyH mid SouthwoM.
FreezhipT tompor.i t tiren oreurTOd In pr: fa
nr tha Oukutii" MlMMflOtn nnd Varada
ami froyraa ),, OklnhoilOi IM UImk.uH nnrl
uppor Ml!plIppi aliove.
in thla rltf tho dav Witu rMlny nnd
I Weirma-r. nln-t. franh t.i loNk voutlirrly;
nvornigTn hutnldltya hi por cent.; irantntoe,
Forracttd to rea l t.. -..,1 level, .it I A M.
II at), f p v 31 1
Tho IfjOJpOrai tiro 111 tln dty yrtonlay. n
' reoorded by the orfonail tin rmometer, tt
1 hown in the anmjo.i laNe;
101 '.. 1 0)1 1 I9U
12 M
:j P. m
ii iv M. . n
9 IV Ma. 0
I-' Mid .r
tiT. at I M IV
iiiirhi.t tewperntufe
I .nl cut tcniprrai lire,
ill nt J OH
The I'ftmpeiiiii TreneetletitloK
. tiinln i,oie. aanMIng lo.day lor
It 10 eloti.t. will tike 10. ul. 1I.01
..III-, nt.,1
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M.. r..i Mtatti. I'ortiitf.il an. I
The HcaaalnavlanaAtnerlean Ii
er I'nltea
Ntatea, anlllng; 1,1-niotrow for Chr
Hlid i Iii lalt it.U. ulM take in,, i
in A. M . tor Norway, gwedei
lleriiwny. Auatrlu. 1 1 11 ii km r .
I, 1 lo.il, I t
1. t . ntnarh.
and Turkev.
The Italian liner Dura itaeii Ahruul
Ralllilg Matlirilnv tot N llea, lll tilke IMtl,
eloelllg 01 :11i A. M . for Italy, Hulgarla.
ii iiiiiiuih. Herbla. Satlieerlantl and iree,-
The Freneh Mnay Roche m beau, aaiiina
I nalurilay for Bordeaux, will take mall.
1 1'loellia nt noon, lot Kr.in. e. liumunla. BUI"
I iririH. s.-rl.'.i. Hwltiertand, ltil. snato
1 Portugal, Kgvut, Brltlah India, Brltlat
llael Afrl. ... afain, Malta, fllbralrar, .
. ion, Slralta s.-mi-in ..hi.. Dutch Baal Indtel
1 u ,..t Aualretla and rerela,
i The tmerli in lltu See Torh. ai,iing
I gaturda) l.lv. r..K.l. e .1 IMI innl"
rloalng 11 - r a. M , for aroM faxeegl
Hernial i-ii Hungiary, Luiemburg
Tiirke)-. 111. Nethetl.tlola. 'ora. MW aitee
1 ami Denmark 1, Afn .,. i Aala ami th..
1 Kaat In Ilea
The An-io.r Iner Cameeonla. railing
gaturday for Mvergool. in i.tke ail
1 eloalng noon f.-r tlreal Britain ml
Ml M VI 1 111: A I M NAl
' Sun rlaea ." :.a von aeta ' -il Mom n
illi, II W IjTKH THIS o
,mili Hi '..Mi on 1-1 ' M Hell 1 la
. 1 1?
,1 4"
1 n VTEH Tills HAV
1 II
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1. 1
III 111 Hell i. ate I n
1 reived
s Reehambri
. V, I'a City I
i v M Brl
ip. M i
I'rill.e IJ!
itol, gepi i.
verpool Hepl ?4
I P M Bieal
a Soraeman
s. Poi'tllv,Uea
in- la Reunion
i A M . Barcelona
M MotKlai "'eat
S-ft , 1 1
rini-eii Prtn
apt. l.
e Paratoaa, 1 nn
Antonio leOng
M Havana O.
A M I ,.v .0 . O t
M imlalr t M Matansaa
pt n
ki Rio Or irana, ap
(raotr Non OrnVana, kapt Ml
Si fitv oi MonlkORirn S.iv ann.ili. Oi
Kl Cld Oahratoti krpl
- - mtl t" Brunawb n 0.1
Ki Hamilton Korfoltt t) t 4
( In ti-i iikr lialtltnOfjl, h't 1
v K;n.t Pinni. Cnaatar, Oct i
v. Tuaranla, ri Uverpool
se kan Giofifto al Naplai
Orduna, at Uvirpoul
HAITaKD KoK nkw obk
fgouto, from lelTarpooi
Ha Antaiica it "in Oanoa
Uatita Ai'.hu-n fraw s.i.ira
Barmudlan, trom fertntitli
Mr aim from llm ana
ruadrlphta, from rtirfto Cahlla
Sb T'!i.tliP Irntn Mh ;i .Ir! Torn
Mil To .lay
M nl
1 1 M
s ..' A M
t 30 A M
ia) M
1 JO I' M
La Guayra
ut in inif t 1 ii iitn 'i .1
M araval Or rtada
1 S M
I On p
4 00 l M
ir 00 m
1 i M
1 00 p a
t W I' M
t- Barhadoa
Common IJna, lla.i 1 1
Momua, wait Ortc
Conhti Oalvaaton
At ap ihoa, JaHtannvlIla
HeUntHon. Korlolb
Sail To morrow
t?nltod st ri". ChrUttan
aaml 10 00 A M
Banitma, Crlatobal ... 11 M A M
Ikirituiuan. Ban Juan
City oi Montafomary, sn-
Ptinraat Anno, Norfolk ...
s.ni PrtUa)
! M p
1 'Vi P M
nr r y
DO p y
A tit o nl o leopr. CadiJ 4 AD A IM ! 00 A H
Tivivi't.. Htoltaa, :" a M isonM
roroval, Bantlatto is i-o i
I.cnapt. Ja kaouvttlo, I 00 p M
m ni aon, portolk igj
Due T- -lay
Portuna Baraalana sre' 2
t .intrronia , MvarpQOi . . gpt :
Migturl ih- larnnaga Urnoa aopt n
4 it it th M-auia . N i plea ... gp
Pariigla Hanna ... ept is
rhofongg... Harrow . sept t:
si joaaph Marawiim , . iet-t ia
HnrtanaiUgx Bghattog sept si
How land ,,! " : , , Bapt i
git ilia Mr-lai:. He.l 1.
Iliirtlail Main heatrr , ,,.grpl i
s,-,iiiiaii I'ntitr Rftltla . Sept I
IroQiioii Tni i ei giiei . ..gap)
Mi i omar .- Lotalun epi n
t'Ui'ten laapdOM Hi?pt
..miaul .. Rottrrdggl stii .,
bahtno. Muige , ... sept .
waaon Monar. h liomlon .. Bapi ri
Caar - ivhgnfi . . vpi
Cfttrnhlll Iigtro rpt
Oti-at i Rottardgni . Bapt w
i it-ri l.eima .. . Sett 1 1
i.anape Jgkaonyftli .. Ovt t
pun To norraw
NeW YAH) I iverpnnl Bapt
I, j.-ilme 1 1 irini't ith gapt
li.ibiMiti Mataailtri . ,.kapl -
M. r ui in h an Hrrniuda ..ti--t
Kajoapa King-i.oi
rotauo aw Orlagni o(
Pur prtilay
H noma l.tvi riiot'l . Hap i-
liygwyi'b Itnttardaiu . .-pt 2
'h;iiM-a . .... I 'riatobal tVl 1
lui nt Columbuo, ,, bavattiiah mOul I
iininal iaiveton . . . o t !
I t I Ma 1 .t vent 011 , , Oi'i
Ki Mm Uglaaatou o-1 1
I n i-1 111 1 11 gj
i-iii h
-B Wl.rliM.
ri lean ann mtlai eaat f
Bandy Hnoh ai in a m w-t.-,,,,,v
prumiiuwialjoril Iwrian lt gltloi ti
nl VllalY lino), .ll IIQUll
u .' I It.' kf Ifll-T. TUSUgQt, B) mileg e.at
ol Satnl Key at notin
" 1 MhlHila, Hurt Arth ir. tc mllea aont h of
Jupltar at noon.
ai 1 ai arid it irga, Port Arthur, iaaaad
Juiutog at noun
protaiu N',v Qrlaano, IM mUra mit h
nf planiond Mm il at t n,
i Kl Iii a. liajvgaton ll nuiaa an. iih
ol DitUllUlllI Shoal j noon
prrfaottiMi Horl Arthur. ,?( unlai north
u -' of Tuiiutiai ut muni
itnui (ialvaaton 003 mtlaa aoith of
BimUy Huob
lg Uangna,
gaudy Hook
Hal gahllef,
mnnd Shoal
a Huron,
;l 7 I' M
Jgtktnnvtlla, II! inilaa rontli of
Mil1"'- K in I- tinuth of Dl
.it 7 p t
jgoklnllVlllO, MB nne aoiit h '
al I P M
simly Hook
.at. katauma
s pull Mom. 1
At. haii. a' gpira gggi n-
sn I riai not a San u Hmnm
10 nn
OM' ll
IgUl ii
ci Sa11.lv II00U at P M
s ConnH Matoit llnuag j.to
wrai "i ihamoini ghoiil ai noon
v4 (4 ni (mi . poet Arthur, lit'
rM nt Uumoiul BkOgJ al BOOH
lUtlri ti ,it,

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