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fioniN Will Be Offered to Pub
lic tif !R Mid N Lower,
rnosi'Ki TI s RKADY
Ilia time expired toi m inher
n Ihe AnirrlrHII ayndiiate which
I, ,.vrite ihr jr.nn.nnn nnn hotid
Mi p
it i
nf Mnf latld and France at
l eatefday morning it was
natlllltlOM throughout
Hip ITfllttKI
. prlv
HtPtna and ifnllvidti-.iH htol
in Hi
tymatl gafcad for
I mm anil t.tStSSS,
Thai mura had MH ajM asked for
,,,,, in ihe getlM of the inanaalng
,. ut the syjiuicaie, wnicn if
rut i
teit :
m 1,1
Friday nlfnl of last week sent
to the liMtltutloiN nd
, ... , , ,, , ,,,
I. who had signiiwd ibeir In-
,,f taking large oiocKa to put on i
,1,, 4 .i little.
-i ...i.t i.. tl.. Miin.it f ih. :
kte fjMrHaUji
.nterday that W'thltn,lr WH or fm.e p
n.ntr i f'T ruucauonai wnra ooc
Hilton dollars could hav Iwen raiel
j: m sIho btrllevod that if the prcs-j
:it loan nrvompllaahoa the purioBe of
ttblltStng forvlfftl olClMtlli and hinad
tfttni niirkft for etun)hiM American
HflfW idltIM thete will he no troiihle In
flnit-iiK Ml othef l-npe loan
nan y''
puhlie HS Umt Saoo.ooo.ooo.
I. ... 1 ..t u ; II fill II III I Olll fW '
fr-, , ot th l"iin will ho offerefl to the
Mbltc Thli 'dl be ascertained at '
mire it w a?, said, as eSCh syndicate
hu ,t- Rtl InVSStOI or b a middleman.
llOraSinoUgni insi iernjis pew,vvv,wv I
tfhl l offereil by the banks. J
Published announcement that the POS
, wan Retting the bonds at 9H tod I
J. I'. MorSSn Co. yesterday to say j
thru I hi re evidently had bOTfl a mil-'
0nd ' utand.ng. Henry F. lavison.
fl.,,k re f"t th- firm, said ro bomki
i,.t. n offered to the public yet at
fc v ,i: . i soon rts mc pr'hminaries
etn he itTsnsod the bonds will he
off,!., I hi Iht public at !s and at no
lne: pflCOi
Xhi h im of the .syndicate aree
BJrni provide that members of the syn
4 it. vh.ill undtfVritS the bonds at 9$.
tint thuM Who elect may withdraw part
0i al of their bonds at 9S, ouch bonds,
however, not to he released for sale until
he nyndicAte is dissolved, at which time
tin underwriter will receive a connnis-
ni , n his underwriting, this bolls the
snial prsctlcs In syndicate operations.
It w,s leaned yesterday that thirty-
flvr sertlons of the country, divided h.i
0 Meg i arena of population, have j
furnished members of the syndicate. I
Kvery largo city and geographical se-- j
tmii vf the .nintr Is represented. Tvis
large number of members is viewed j
Wtf- K"'it satisfaction by the syndicate ;
mutagen It wan said that the highest
txpertatlons of the men who went into
h thing were exceeded hi this respect.
To their minds the popularity of the
kr Wa definitely established.
Ansae Hiu HasaerlS)tlaws
- I;-ate managers naVS decided
to el i, i thir flift intention not h
c:- out e NifsMMtS Of individual sub-
- They will only say that six
of them h nouniod to 1 100. 000 .000, f
th - ., i i ii the $35,000,000 subscription.
.. lecribed to the t'nlted States
S- ratioT., the du Fonts ajid
C rles M Schwab, Is the largest. Then
N e , 930,000,000, also ascribed
! l S.-haab. one for $16, 000,000 and
'. 1". nno. ooo. attributed to John
T It - kefeller, the BXoirk lVat Com
1i . sonsi other munition manufac
trei In
hli'ion tu these there are a num-
N ..f .t,000,000 suhHcriipUona. still
mo v,) j tlmi amount and a ion list
Of II ) each. In order Mt4 the
euliex'i lit iktie m;iv he hrnicht withlr I
th i ) limit the lament ontu
! acsJed, The smaller one will
n . bi tuuchodt
. sT-enifnt DOtWOOn as"nt of the
JMidhiitl and tJie reprewntati vea of
Bnstaml end Prsnoo will bo signed thin
iften on in all hk'dihood. sithouSh
Iht t may Im a dslay pendiiiK word from
Prance to Iti wialien In the matter.
V shi ii"! known last night whether M
Hemberfl or M, afallet, or both, would
f En The agreement, however. i ready
il ha been approved by all parties.
P proepectUS SlSO ha hern com
rli','l and will be ready Thursday or
frtdaj 'Hn-re. ufter n-Tthing will reman
01 the nret call on nyndicale nuhacrip
I'cril' which will he on Kriday. October
11, so Instalment of IB per tent. Once
Hit dune, the syndicate memtrerH ran
ready to mpII their participation
To I public, provide! nun- of it goes
en t .. market within the life nf the nrn
ate u !i Mill he sixty days. I
1 rfbers of the Anglo-r leneh
tn - passed a QUM day ai tne Hilt-
Ilankpra i.pI Kin' ln,ulrle.
Keaat invmliim.
' CtOlf ftatgOlOll 10 TOO 900,
I'.IRta, 'irt. r. Thp ImnkH reimrt that
trti ni oun Inqulrleo ora being rooolvod
tfotn i" . .1 Invtttort nhont itibooriPa
ham '" tha Antlo-Frpnch loan In the
I lilted Stntpa.
ti hankert gonorally rof utt to un.
Ihe ptirchaao of homla until the
" 1 "tai of Pinanoa hat Indicated hit
toward tuoh t propotltion, be-1
' lae a held In anmp quartera that
:u aaPH would defeat the loan'a 1
CANADA SEEKS $150,000,000.
iiuaieaiitt i nt io
is plan.
of 1150,.
Here, hut Ma I I, id Ml
Th. 1 1 .. 1 1 i lovornmonl
r.' L -au ,-, ilouipstl,' loati
' 'i-iHuj io IcailniK t'anadian
Net ITork, Thll loan will
,' iortnalli offend in this country,
kiibaorlptloni undoubitdly will
w Ii 'alvnd here.
1 anudiaii tlovernmonl tovoral
lanrrowad nr., nun. nnn liere
0 ' '.I'M not, a and they found an
'k nurkel on condition that no
' ' ''i K'OUliI hp offered here thla
' , - " i formerly got lit money
' learned yattorday that about
' the Anglo-Brlilah bonda
SUbOCrtbOd for by ' mailt, ins
1 i i. i iiii. or two lnatitutloua here.
a tleu In I oavrntliia Ili-re.
' a eolloctorg from every collec-
' " tlrli I in the I'nlted States are
I Hill w-ek at the fustom House
iHk ist m.lhndl for exi'edlting and
' uoro ofnotonl tholr work. Tiipy
'',!' ' ini'laae their annual oonvon
"nn i w ii ii ivi a joint dinner with
'" 1 Hiscl's, a ho at,, also in animal
ennvi ii in jt m uptown hotpl some
; hl ll in' latter part of the week.
Wain Brokers That Rules Requiring Restraint Must Be
Observed Suspension Is Penalty Break in In
dustrials Sends Prices Down.
Th. part iii the MOTS miirket tr.w
"ii hirtOttfl yratonliiy Hint Hi. Kovcrnora
f llie Slock ttHllltllgt f.uind It MOtaV
Mry to warn iMmbtn nf ptnaluti for
tli violation of rule rii I rolling .peru
latlnn. Brvertl popillW (tivorllm ID
Ihe war ttwhl rra.hrd. The end of
tli ilny naw a partial rrtiirn to aanlty
and Sin, k KxrhariKP lions. -a began to
feel .ome relief from llie tenaion of
the wild plunging of llie last ten. flay.
Thv hrakea were put on aiierulatlon
by the govi'i-nora of ihe exrhange with
ftimneaa. They not only warned mem-
'ri" In"1 iney munt oorvr ruien oi
tin exchange rontrollltm IpOOttlAtlOtl,
hut (old them that they rmiHt exercise
a la re;e nVgre- nf rent i a llll on t he un-
h in it ed ntnbltlotin and darlnr ahundiiti
Mlr cuttomer.
; Action ny the Kovernora runie In the
In-IfZ "f """ Publication of three raw.
lutlons of long slandlug Ttwrr waa
ll(,w ,J ht ,ulPIt Th,.r puMl.
oatiOJI waa llrmdr warning, however.
'"Hi utfj Bovernorn are awitre inai uie
rules were helriir violated nd that the
I I'llllll i.ielol.i in ....,,!! 1 ,, . to
I mel n ( Hrnix h Manaxrr
The rules hnuitht to the attention of
niemtKvn were diretted
particular!) !
r f.'.i tn.Mf hratich manaiters. They call
upon memlrs to see that the aevut.a
of their cuatomera are proprly mar
ICtned on penalty of HUHpension. Tli'y
also require nieinlei's to invent the
rhanut' r of prospective customers and
to refuse the accounts -f clerks of the
exchange or of banking irietttulton.
i The Mignihcan of the warning is
lllliLl I IWtllarh if I. abflAl tMHMll lt . In' i k t V it
Fl- J
s dlre-ttd against steait1c ractlcee tluit
have grown up and with ieclric Anns
in mind,. Speculation has been al1owl
to run rit in nome olftOSS. AOOOURtO
Itavr been permitted on margins where
thi lcufititr uiiti on . i im'i I : i nf 1 v i Inn ice
CuawmSCS have been H'rmiUed to
plunge In the "war bridea" and take
ohsnuOS tliat were hair raiding, wien Uie
violence of the 10 to 10 joitrt reit4ons
that have occurred ' in this market were
Chief among the guiltj are the bralMStl
office managers. Away fnm the re
straint of their prlndpalaj and carried
away with the OppOftUntt) to turn In
a hla; volume of business, they have
accepted SOOOtWltl broadly,
i Wotnen have leeii allowed to get into
the big speculative gime 1n nwny of
I t head branch offtoSS, In SOHM of the
I oiti. es in big htels Uptown ttMS has
(been eaecially notiocaltle. While thSrS
fs nothing In the Stock Fxchange 0Olt
I stitutloii which forbids the opening of
j avounts for women the yenti.ncnt of the
I SSOhStlM is OSOtdsdtj SSsJnSt it. and a
; firm w hoee office is known to be open to
such accounts meets disapproval. In
some downtown offices in recent weeks
a number of women si peculators have
boon seen.
Some House Hnlsk Women.
Several houaeft h e received quiet
hint! and have buttlshOd them. Specu
lative accounts plajed h WOnstn are
notoriously furhniH in ia- v. In 'fttOOfc
Exohsanae traditions. a i.d unuually
The action of the gOVSrntng committee
larger Snvinirs Institutions
Pavinff Little llt'ort to
Kidder's DemantU.
; psny, wim ih a director of boi h the
f , Youngstown rompaiiy and the LaVha
A esnvsss of many r- the ,-.-w , WJll,Mi, Thenr three companies have
waving bank in .New York yesterday heen mentioned an arranging for a om
revealed n dlSOOSltlon on the part f , bl nation,
offlelals to pav little heed to Hemard K.
; Rlddpr.
t halrman of the American Truth j
a'ld bin commit tee or I""
ronnectlon a-ith their Intention! to foreo
thp tavlnga banko t" otato In what
I national hanlta and trust companlOO the
iaavlnga iianka' fundi are dtpOtlttd.
I Praotleally all of the aavinga hanks
have rerelved letter, from Mr. Itidder
HKklnt for these dPtalls and stating that
If a reply were not rerelved he with a
rnmmlttpe of 100 would rail on the
mvini- barks and dPniand the details
hopes to hinder j
Mr. Rldder by so doing
Anglo-Frtneh loan
ind also to
ttrotprt llprinaiis and
I pans from having their deposits In
( vpstPd in Rtianoing which they believe
Is dlrertpd igalnst iiermany.
The .-Hate banking law does not per
mit savings banks to invest in a loan
surh a tht Anglii-FrPiu'h loan, but Mr.
i, .a, i.t fpars tlia savlnas hank funds
uepoalted In national banks
which are
and trust companies may participate i
i ,1 ih. lan tliroutli thoae channel
At one or tne targe suviims on i
yesterday a prominent orncer saiu ins
bank did not Intend to dianlfy Mr. Hid- .
der'a campaign of Impertinence by re-
plying to him. If Mr. Hldder or any
of his committee came to his bank, be
said, lie would ask lloni if they had
account, there, ond If they had they
would be Informed that they were at
liberty to wlthdraaf them at any time i
they aaw fit. If they have no funds on 1
depoait they will be asked to leave Ihe
bank, he added.
Questioned as to whether hla Institu
tion had received any letters from de
poaltora regarding whMt U00 'lie hank's
funds were being put to this official
replied in tho affirmative. He said,
hoWOVOr, that all t He letters received
did not represent dOpOOltO "f more than
110,000, thOUgh the Herman deposits in
that bank alone totalled 11,000,000 or
more. Most of th. letters came from
ptrooni with vary small dtpoalta. The
following leltnr Is lieltiK sent by his i
bank in reply to audi Inquiries, this offi
cial aald :
"In replying to your letter of Inst..
the banking law of thp Slate of New
York does not permit savings banka to
lnveat in foreign Obligation Your ac
count No. haa an apparent balance
0f . you may cloae your account
at once. Further correspondence on
this subvert Is declined."
Officials of other Bavlnga luniks said
they had not adopted any formal plans
for dealing with the situation as y:.
but Intimated that they did not Intend
lo he trilled with by persona who lacked
a knowledge of the athlca and princi
ples of banking. All of Hi. Havings
banks have large amounts' of cash on
hand it present In case of emergency
and would lie glail to cloae out some
tu. mints as It would save Inteiest pay
rnent. on January 1.
of the Stock I'.vchanKe is the OUI w ai.l ,
evldei f qnict Investigation that ll
now Ht in motion to Moortftlfi nrhh i
firm .irr oiwoursclns wild ipootttAtloii
tnxl (11 0O)pt I fit them.
All Immi work, iiimI uirtl ulaily at thi
Midi lmnkfpw rwUtWd t fOOOfflllM thr tri
flntMl Vrthifn of ntorkn that hiul ml-VHTit-fHl
with ast'trilnhinK Immmi'Ii. They
rpfiif(Hl io kOM on more thftfl 50 er rent.
f the market value of mot of the nurl-
dtnty adVAfKrifif indtMtrtalt. They i.ri
not iliMTlmtn 1 1 affHltiMt iiuliiMt rinli
such, hut did airiliut ttN exreuM vely
htnh prlOM nf the Nipuhir fAVOritMi
When Stork Kxrlmnce houwes WOtlM go
' T . . . " , . . . , .
I "I I II t I . .1 I -i ' I I I !. I I JM11VT III' J I i 'II us a
that they COUtd not Ret the money they
neelei. They en'iitrled amund for I IV
liiHtfi.il ntiM-k loan money from other
DfOktri and found it hard to lorrow Jo
they turned to their OttttOftttrB. Many
who were ttifhtly innrKlncd were forced
to k'I1 out.
The wide, oM-n break of some of the
ladtMtrtati y'fterday was tho rult.
Helped out by the official statement of
the American Car and Foundry Com
pany th.it Its war orders wen small in
cornpariHon with ruinois of them, the
forced helling drove prices down in QOjteJl
order. Shortly after 1 O'clock tho break
came. Haldwln LooOtnotlVO Wll the
leader. From aUiut 12- it dropped with
out a hall to 112. Car and Foundry lost
six points from it high of the day.
Colorado Fuel and Iron, Crucible Steel,
Itckawantia Steel, New ork An BraNe.
Shaes-Shelth'ld and Wt-stlnichouMe. which
haVfl had big advances In the last wek,
were sold doWn with ease.
Huctwet ho UHnt Alamp.
There were evidences also that the
bucket shops were doing th-'ir best lo
accelerate the break by added selllna.
In the midst of the Belling Hethlcherr
Steel went to a nt w high mark by cross
ing 40o to 400'?.
The day, with trading In a million
and a quarter shares, was not as busy
as the recent million share days, though
the afternoon session. In which the heavy
decline took place, was at high speed
The tremendous odd lot business
less than one hundred share lots -
caused Odd kl dOS lern to IllnTf SSfi their
commissions on these trades. It is i
estimated that from 100, "O'l to 100000
shares In Odd lots have been done each
day. a good deal of whh h has not ap
peared In the total sales
The Odd h't business requires big
office forcSof clerks. It has bSSO neces
sary to add to these staffs.
The commission was boosted to ' ,
on purcnasef oi ooo mis o cusiomers v,
insieao oi uie iisn,ii n saiea irie
cooiTiilNNion of 1 w will bn ..' f ii. 1 As
the odd lot buer always has to pay
above the last quotation price on any i
stock he buys, this advance In urnm!s-
idnns means that the Odd lot trader!
will now hav to pay in commissioni.
for every full transaction. With
stamps this means alut charge to
a purchaser.
(.eorga F. afSlltCll or Carlisle, Mel
lick A Co., one of the largest odd hit
dealers, Justifled the sdvaitOl yesterday
on the ground that there w-as a 40 j r
cent. Increase in off I CO SXponso ind
volume of work.
"The action of the dealers,' he said,
"may lead to a CtlftSllmsnt of some nf
lh speculative odd lot business, which
will not be regretted by the commission
houses or the odd lot dealers."
iitiif(l froui h'trt lmir
tion trip over the Ike BtipSI lot 01
pnperties of the PlckensMsthsr Oom
pany Sttrscted attention. In the patty
w efS Jame.s A Campbell, president of
the Youngstovvn sheet ami Tube Com
pany; K. A. S ('larke, president of the
Lacks wanna St-d ( 'ompa n y, and Sam
uel Mather of the Plckens-Mather Com"
I'lll, ,-ra of a I llll, Olltl, IMIO ,llia.
Kllrd at llntrr. Dpt.
The new Mldvala steel cup.. ration,
funned to t.ike over the old Mldvalt
stepl Oontpauy, reoantly purchased by
a oyndloato conUMased of Percy Rooltt'
feller, U'illlam IS. i'orey, I-:. (V ConvtroO
and roprootntatlaoo i f the National city
Bank, 11ip Ouaranty Trust Company and
the rhasp National Hnk, waa ineor
poratod yoottrday at povtr, Dal. it i
...tlcH ,1... li.lt'..lA U.....I IIfJ
Company and Im. a capital of $inn.-
Him. uiiii stock, a.l nf imp class and o,
"rt" l"lr n1"" " H tmpOWtrtd to
manuraciiire si.-pi pr. uuers. ru'll, sinap
iipI and ordnance.
The original company had a capital
stock of lt.T50.000. The syndicate or-
ganlgod by William A, Kead & Co, paid
about llll a gharo for control, thp par
value of the ttock hetnt lion It is
ItndtrOtOOd th.it this syndicate sohi the
controlling stock to the Corey tyndlcttt
I a' abort 111,000.000, with a profit "f
Wintrii ,l,t
other Oompanloo will be taken OVOT.
The new stock, it Is untleisto d, will be
sold to tin; public.
Judge BtbOli Hi lary, jrefident of the
t'nlted Staten Sie.-I ( 'oi tboration, iHiMw-.i
a Mt a tt-ii ifii t yesterday snnoueicinsj t hail
Homer WUHamS had been ftf0O nted I
prsaldOIKt of tho 'arm-Hie Ste-I ( oiu-
pany, Me win uooood A. C Dlnhoy,
.ludqe Qary'e tstsnmni was an foi
lows "M oinei W i Ilia it if. now Kenral super
Inttondonl of the DUOjUOSns workn at
Pittsburg, h;u I. ecu dfwiKi ated a prei
derit of the CSJnSjWlS Steel Conijia n v to
Huct-e! A. Dinke, ami William
Whtfhanii now assistant1 to Mr. Dinkey,
han been dculKiiiil! IS vice-president
of th 'arnejjTii SjCOSI Company. The
other vice-pret-idtfinftH, M. P, Hope ami
N. V. BlacUhuni, will OOlHtinUS J'.m
By America', moat daring driven.
Alto thrilling exhibition by famout French aviator.
s-y8'" TO-MORROW AFTERNOON 3 o&ocw
ADMISSION "od-nd, 50c.
Woald l-iko to Leave
Farewell Messagei it
virnna Forbade.
- i I . i v j lV FI.OWKliS
in-. ConatMUn Thaodor Dumb ihe
recalled Austro-llungarlan Ainhassador.
milled yeslrrday for llotterdam on the
Hnllanri America steamship Nlenw Am
sterdam. He apparently feared that a
demonstration might he made against
him and had rr.piiKtr.l that no visitors
reporters he permllled to go aboard. I
.... . . I
The steamship line acceded to his d
sire. Ir. iMimha stopped for a moment
nt the river end of the pier to pose for
the photographers, and laler. with his
wife, was snapshotted again at the ship m
rail as the liner drew Into tlie siicam.
Mrs. tnimha came to the pier an hour
earlier than her husband to look after
the baggage.
In the group that saw the dn tor
off were PliltCO xti Hohenlohe-SchlllttigM-fuerst,
first secretary of the Austro
Hungarlan Fmbasy ; tapt. von Papon
and Frln. llattfehlt-Trachetiberg,
counsellor of the Merman Knibassy. Tho
Captain ami the PrtttOO spent an hour
In the StatorOOSJI of Ur I mm ha. The
Captain said he naturally could not be
expected to tell what the trio talked
about. He declined to afty whether or
not he would he transferred to Mexico.
liefore going up the gangplank
lutnra said that lie Mould like to ifixe
a farewell message to the A met icaii
people, hut that he had been Instructed
by his (overnment t nut make any
StatStnentl under any chvu instances
mil ll he hsd conferred W ith his til I
pOHOrSi but after that he portMpS would,
I able 10 explain some things that he
could tft touch upon now He ItiMahsd
his little ipseoh with: "I lonve With the'
i i , a i
klitdllea4 feelings for the 1
American PSOplo and their
I 'linos 7.ii Hohenlohe
spoke fr ir. bnmiM thus, when it Was
pbsSTVsd that the diplomat SOStnsd 10
be overcome h Ins feelings.
'The Ambassador looks forward with
keen pleasure to hSt retuiti tO OHs j
fat her la nd. Which he tried to 0Sr't 00 J
well, and fs gkid to OSOSpO the torrent'
of abuse that has been heaped UpOO him
fn in all QUSrtors since his notions were
first misinterpreted and misunderstood
Mrs, J 'ita Im, who rai ned a brllllsnt
bunch of irh ry aan them urns, a small part
of a STSgOl load of Moral gifts from
t riends a i d llunguiiun societies, which
overflowed her ami her husband'! state
ms. said that she regretted to leave
I America, which had grown dear to her,
hut t hat lie i plHcf M s w H Ii to r hus
band. She sdded Ihtil some day pet -
j haps she m igitt ret m n
I r himii'.i may get u gUntpSS of
' Brli Ish soil .t Fai l out !. s here the
i Xtcuv. Amsterdam stops on her way to
I Rotterdam, He and his wife haive tin
I po i' mission of the British Government
I to prdoosd 1 llotterdam and thence to
r. : l unmolested.
t'rwn nt to llrn Oared lln.lna tlaal
nt,l.' WMrnloa.
.Mahhkh.i.kh. Oct. .'. An Auatrfan tub.
martn. tank the "ronoh ttoamohlp Prtv
"t j.l'1., ton., last nundait morn
Ins olt
t cnaa) of
ad. Tiny
tUbltlt ' . -ia
own,. 1 by
The cfOW nf fnrty were aa
W.r. warnpd in lima by tha
remmanrter Thp ,-aa,.i wai
Cj I'll, ". Pabrt .v ' '.'
Taeee iirittnh "hip- Saalc
i IdOKOOW. i let. I. The Iohh of three
I British VSesell eras announced to-day.
I me of them, ihe Arabia or Arahialt, of
.'745 tons, from London to the I Insus
vrae nunk by in Austrian submarine
wuth of Cythei Thirt) -ti of thi
ship's crew were Saved.
The other VesSSle lot were the Haydn,
3.'.J3 tons, owned tu Sunderland, ami the
Sailor Prince, 3.144 tons, owned in New
castle. The crow f the f'-nncr WSS
saved, a hllS sniiw f tin Mil ors of
(he latter have been landed.
The total loss 111 tonnage as more
the n 1 00,000,
lour Unit Km iti rmiNiiiM for lndi
on i oi in HaeSi
IJMrfsf r.thir VaKff, h tft Tmi Si n.
Pav am a( i n i -Four hlpe aM f
be laden with HmimitlHIon sailed for the
Orient to-day vis the suex Csnal, Then
destination is said to be Vladivostok
othar essssli deHtlned for the Orient
i ncii from tin- canal to Men Orlesns,
proceed Inf via the Straits of Ma fell in
and the Cspe of Good Hope, while It HI
other-H tranifsrred their carKoeH by rail
road, owing to the canal being blocked.
$100,000,000 FOR RUSSIA.
I ii u Iii ii d RsS)OOto4 lo I'ltt'iiiHii
11 1 1 1 m of i h t'a I. t eminent.
" - Vattlt Itenpiiii h in Tin: Si v
I onpon. Oct, ' The Time un.i-r-Hlands
thai one result of the visit of the
ttlUStsn Klnain e Minister. M Hark, will
I if an arrangement of credit for Russlu
in London.
The arrangement i expected io takr
the form of discounting Rusalttn I lov
ernmsnt bills up 10 (30,000,000 t$100.
.oun .
leaflet i . ii.
f eltlM.llna Wllleh
I.oimIoi, 1 1 ,, ,, ore ,1 .
siitcml Cteft PtajMaVa Tai Si .
I.onooN, Oct. 5. -The ltmly tfall'l COI -
rttpondont in Poptnhagon says iht iron
,'roaa nf the Ural 'Iih haa heen oon ;
' ferred upon all the . Mirers and thai ot
1 the aeronri elans oil all inemhero of thr
t erewa of the Kapptllni Which reeently '
I raldtd kVondon.
Ilonaarr to laaur Thltd War l.onn.
Sfitrntl t'tiHIe f).tgafrA Tot Sl s
Uonpon, Oct, I. a w I re 1 tet maooago
r. tn Rorlln says thai ihe forthcoming
Hungarian war loan. tin. third, win be
l.tutd at ITH and win hear ti per cent.
Speed Trials
No Recognition ProbableWhllt
Tiriartutfl Is nt Liirijp,
Is Hint.
W..sln NUTON, Oct, Ti - Theie is O0d
raaaon to batlava that before the Pma
Amaploan tfottfafaaca extends to Kirat
hier Carranaa raovtgnltlon of Ma Gov
ernment H will require him to give I
satisfactory SSSUraJtCCS (hart he will take
SdoquStfl siepH to end the brigand i pera-
- " ' "" "
formation to IIi.m effe I became public ae
a result of (lie conference yesterday be
tween Secretary of Htate hanslng and
wiiio ArrodoislOi n Carransi ageirt in
this city.
OsffanSlStSS iiress confidence hi the
ability of the First Chief to crush Za
pata, allls ugh it is admitted thai '.
pat a has Ih'cii able to maintain himelf
as a fsctOI in Mexican affairs for man
VOarSi .hut ait this time Zapata
active in the neighborhood of
To-day Sec i clary of State l.aneiig
bad . COnfOfoncs with Knrio;iie
rente, the Villa agent. Mr
was given an opportunity to
. tell the
reasons why. in 'his opini- n. Villa anl
!iis opine at
the factions affiliated Wttll h.m shoutd
le rSOOSjntSSd by thS I3n4t0d States and
1 I he ot her A merica n 'ow et.
it is t he understanding thai Mr.
LtOrent disputed t he claims made b
CarrsnSS Ihat he cmtTds more than !'0
per cetit. of Mexican territory and that
the Vllls8apsts faction is In the process
of disintegration. Mr. Lloronte a sou red
the Secretary of Slate, it WSS said, that
I there woual be important military de
! vehmments In Mexico In the near future
I that WOUld Ida re an entirely different
aspect on i he whole flffa ir.
it is understood that Mr latorente ex-
pressed the belief that Villi was re-
lain liia: loal rnti nd and that he ex-
I pressed the opinion thai even if reog
I nlssd tne Klrsl Chief would is? unsbts to
mslutsln iontrol in Mexico.
other representatives of the Vllls fao-
i tlon will be heard by Secretary LSlt
( sing this week. Hen. Angeles and Osn.
ChaO are In W'ashlngtfm. and ien. Ma
, tOTOnS is expected here In a day or so
All of these leaders will have an op
portunity to toll the Villa side of the
Ambassador Kaon of Argentine h-nl
a talk with Bee re la ry Lansing iii rela
tion 10 Mexican affairs. It Is under
stood thai at the Ka turtle meeting the
PamAniericatl conference Will decide to,
revognlse t'arranaai unless in the mean
time there are development! that wo Id I
seem to warrant postponement of a
decision In the case
1 iii- Time Uy
hu Ofoaerleil
. o .
llerna ndOSfai
Ru Paau, T
1 ,-t " 1 ten, Rossi lo
Hernandea. VI la 1 hlrftaln
, . , .
revolted and
' ns ti.'.iilit b foroM uri'lt-r Villa In
Santa Rooalla on Monday. About i
mri were tntaged In tho tiitht. ami Hr-
atidei It reitorted aa havint driven
bark Iht Vllllotao
Mayor RafaH Hun Mlauel nf Caaat
Urandoi 1- reported In I'.l Pato a fugitive
from his home city btcauae ofauaplclont
In Villlata military rlrclet thprp that 1
in. w.ia lining up with Carranaa.
Tli f imlll' i l Bllvcettp Terraone and
; . r Ivilu o 'hlhuahus arrfvi d
in i-.i Paso this moi nlns.
Mormon refuge ee, esnected for the peel
v-4 k. srrlved in Juares earl) this morn-
trig t'r-tiu a'tdiinia Dublsn and Colonla
JuareSt m the i'ms.is Ursndss Vallsjr,
where VtltS forcea ore -ampul Not
more t han twenty came, but they re- j
I fMilted
othsfs to follow 1
win Crone Panama iinii mni
Kxeaaaas llilaai
The PsnamaPaclllo lUno snnounced
yesterday that 320 pa.-oengerM aboard
th Mesmshtp rtnlandt bound for tMh-
fOrnlSi who have been held up at Colon
by the Closing of the I '.mama Canal,
w -ill he taken scroei th' Isthmus on Bun-
dsy by ppeclsl train snd Will board the
Kmonlsndi Which will ' ke them to tlo ir
The it'iT. passengert by ihe Kroonlsnd,
I Including Mrs. V, M Tuft, InuumI Hum
i way, will Ih sent by spsotsJ train o
I Colon, where they will board the Km-
land. Which Will be ,iuc here on OctO
I ber 10.
1 it i vsnscted Ihat tin- Plnlsnd wll
hence for f iliform , on Oet4dMT 27.
The Kroonlsnd will sail from Ban Kran-
I cineo on i. toler 36.
I Call on HrllUli In K ii I IM I r I nf
llerliy QotB PIMM Nt men t.
leeafsJ Vabi$ -;. tn Tne si .
UOMDOMi Oct. -Tile Socialist N;t-
i tlona) Defence Committee Issusd a mani-
' lento to-4lay decluHng that hundred of
thOUSSnde of Vigorous and capable young
' men who have not enlisted hitherto will
be forever Shamed if they continue, to
hSSttatS. The manifesto continues:
"ITnlOSO these nun respond to the
country's csll voluntsrlly they must be
clslmsd by other means. National ser
vice is a duty, a right."
The Karl of Derby, who has been an
Influential factor m the recruiting In
Uincaahtre, ban been appointed director
of army recruiting.
1. Altman & (Ha.
An Important Sale off Lhiamdmade
Lace CortaDinis, Window Panels
aflnd DecoratSve Lace Pieces
is now being held in the Lacs Drapery
section of the Foorth Fioor.
This is an opportunity to secure high
class merchandise at phenomenally
low prices.
.fifth Attpttnf maJitamt Attrmiv.
34tl and 35tlj tnti Xtm fork
Only 101,799 Turn Out, Mk
fnc Total for Two Dhvn
of 2i,n.7nr.
Raaiatratlon Hfuraa aivrnt kapi pace
yaatai day with those of Ihe day lefore.
J (is .7 1' voters being Hated, making a
total for the first two daya of reglstra-
tlon of
.'O.Tafi. Til's N f,&OI fewer
the two dSJS of last ear. tlie
thnn f
shorter hours of registration, however,
making the comparison Virtually value
less. The registration in Manhattan was
42,00. , against 43. M on the first dy.
making a total for the two das of
8!2. This Is B2.a2 fewer than were
registered last year and 3.'.. all fewer
than registered in the first two das of
llll, whtoh year most nearly corre
pofldod to this.
Tables by loroughs follow :
Klr I C"l
soi-ond Two i atteaa rwo
An v bar. Ia i y l.v IJM!
Dial, lai.'i I'll.-, DM. I'll.". 191.-.
I 777 I BOS : 1H I I7H (aai
9 . . 12tm -JMX 19 452
a.. . iiiw 2jrn l an mi -v,a
4 1 1 HK TJHH ' 21 I0IS '-'IMS
ft iw3 fnaa ti i4oa aula
a ... 14-.M -4 S.i 4SII WTI
T. . . MO ION 1 NS IMit"
a 110.1 iiaii 2.-, Ilfia 240
ti nan tnno 2 I ski 'lour,
in loan 2I2W 27 BtI l4ll
11.. I0M 2244 2H Ml I7l
12 liat'l 22IM I 2tl 1 :1T 2703
i:t an I at I ao laa os
14 mm 2122 :il 10411 001
1;, iiiiik n.vii
1(1 'ISII !BSa Tnlt 4V'. MS.St2
17 1 7H1 :I7.'I3
nret I Bfal
iaNiad Two lorand Tw
aa' Par, Db, Any Da Dy
Dm i i, is. mi:,. Dim i-nft. mis.
.1 . III'IS 274S1.1 MM 227S
II . in2 1W4 14 loll IW4
:i oat loaf I In iaat oaaa
4 144W 2X.MI 111 l2tH IVW1II
A D"li 04 17 1071 IS7I
n loll :ata ih ;iiiw 72H4
7 III'. 2llS:t III 1211 24112
IIU'.I 2IIH ,20 I, 110 3100
tt 2722 0000 21 M.t lu2l
in I .Oil :I4H1 22 3.14 74I
ii HMO .i't.14 n.. oooo )ii7n
l Tot.l 41.4Srt H4 2IU
trt QrM
llanMMl T,i Offoad t.ii
s'y D.n. d 4v v pti barf
dm. mis. mis dm" mis mis
00 474 'HO S4 . 4J JI OOU
:i2 .',7 7714 :is :i;l'.n. liMN
M loot lint
Total ISMn 07,401
Klrst Twti Dtrtl
mis fin nil
Manhattan a&Ot IM0A4 IlltOO
Brooklro xi.'oi IMI34 iiAiio
lln.na 2741111 4.12117 01147
Uuaana i2n :i,ai 24421
lilchnicn'l 414H 7S11S 71MH1
Total 22'7.'M1 ataiao 000400
- -
onlil to Hp H,lnK tn Ii. O
IV, In l.aariVil in Hranliiilnn.
t..aT..v. Oct. .". Th lrreaaire
... . . .
Mai onrmtton waa ratbor a limp f -
, 1 , 1 j , a. 1, 1 . . .,- it, 1. .11. a , 11 a rilW
ar' or a viHit 111 ptraon from CoLli lt
Root avail and a tist tiBht In a Panoulll tJlotrlci Mtornei Parklno aii,i thai
Mall corridor between BacreUry Anallnhk. u.n,.tt.r, m, ita p.ndiri.ta
.I the ny committee ami a reporter
helped tn tnllvon th,. dologatoo, Th,T,.
u a lot f antlRtrd talk baoauaa
Char let Bumnor Bird ia tUppIng ba,k
. into inp 11,'Tiumii .111 ii'i.i rpaniiinon
axprtaalng imp ami raapeot for Mr. Bird
waa adorned Oeoraa v. Parklna apnt
a message urging the rrocres-lve tn
prsecn thru urgaiilsoitloi and pretwi r
for the struggh- next year
.on.nl a,, 1,1 la Una,- . nblril That
il. i ,,,,1,1 Dlapifira Ctttwa.
(7HICA00, Oct. 5. The H,rlin , orra-
tpondeni of th, fdUy Vrwit cabled uttdor
dttl n tol,,'T I aa follOWt J
"T st John tlafjftwy, American on
tul in Munich, recelreO the followlns
meant ni clphtr Iaat Friday;
" "rii,. iretldtnt win tocept your
realanatlon from th, oontular tervlc if
Irmiamltted Immedlataly and 'ur suc
eeaor will be appointed without delay.'
"To tiiia Mr. ilaffney replied by tend
Ini the l'oiiowitiK meataa. 1 1 , i-iplirr:
Whal th'1 chanatl ha
i . i - io dltprova them. Reipectfully ra
qupai a hearlni in common juttlca
However, if the Prttldent damandt my
realanatlon without ' hearlni it ia
tendered, Although l .mi unconacloui of
dolm ni thlnt wrona.' "
OOM ll.:it,l. ami tin. Only a.t,
ItUO, lie Tflla I mirl.
ileorne Pord Morrit, an artltt, of 109
k.isi Thlrty-flrti itreet, file.) . petition
in hankruiney yattorday in the I'mtail
Htatoi Watriot Court with iiaMlitlea ,'f;
111,140 'in I iiaaela .,f l,000, Ilia iledtai
ar largely f,r the board f hortea, j
rldlim loooono and dootora' btlla.
Some nf lua creditor, are Vincent
-Valor, 13111 on notei fur rem ; Itaac 11
Planchard, it in fur ioaa.' in h bualntai
v.nturt; ne Rotionl ,.f Riding ami Driv
ing, HIT; Oredtll Btock Pino. Oradell,
v .1 , a 4011 , itoi-ert i. Held, M i 1 .
ISO Rlvertlda nnve. 00,
Ilia aaset.a In.-luile fifty copyrlgbtl of
animal phituroi otatod to ia. of probltm-
ati.-al m1iip ; hulf Interact in a horae
now in San rrancieoo, 1100; rlalm of
t4,oon agalntt the fjeorga IMrd Morrit
Rtudlot, Inc., f.ir tatary and a claim
HBai!lt V M Keene ,,f 11 MtdltOn I
avenue for Ml
f ranWin Simon & Co.
Fifth Avenue, New York
Tier Iurmshwf Shop
16 Went 38th St.
A SUp from Fijth At tntie
Men's Shirts
Exclusive Shirtings of fine quality
Crepe and Madras. Made expressly
for and confined to FtonkUn Simon 6- Co.
BepabUesa County Committee
Vuin ItH Son! on It
Of flr ial I v.
Tho new stiitp Constitution una
ndopttd aa a party ino.tauro bt tlio lr-
iui!ian county committt. nt Bryatil
Hill! laxt tlljclit Aft'- sppnrlira h
Qworga w. Wtokoraham, itonry U stim
ann and stata Chairman PTadorlek C.
Tannar. all -.f whom oro conapicu' ua
In lha oonvtntlon a Albany, the com-
niittM iiasB.-ii Mr Tanner! roooltttlon,
which a thai lha Conotltltlon "eni
laiiiioa ih,. conotruetlvo program mo n
tli Ropublloan party of Dip ItatO for
th Improvement of th state govorn
merit na doctarod In oiitxsoaalvo oonvon
tlona of tha party, and la entitled to
haVO tho VOtet of th,. Itrpulilirana caot
In Ita favor."
Tha OOtinty commit te. ronnranixod by
rp.'leotlna; all it.a offln ra. Including Prool
rtont Bamual S. K'M'iua It alxn l!atnid
tn apoorhPs by Iiistri.-t Attomoy ('. A.
IVrklna and Frank K. Howara, candi
date f'.r SlirilrT. Mr re? kin aald that
1 uuga jsoward Bwann wat elected Dla -
rrn-i Aliorne) hp woiiin ni,, ,p ina staff
fr.'in a Hat lu omitted by t'liarlia f.
Murphy, and that Tammany haa Kivpn
JikIkp Bwann the nomination "beeauoo
II needa thp Dlotrld Attomeythlp in
ua buolnoao'1
Mr. Tanner avowed Itla la.ia.f thatlnated, bn- the facl 1i1.1i Tam111.nn wai
"crltlcltm of tha rtvlaed conttltutlon will
,lie nut day by day and tha fact that
it ia tiie in, at oonatmotlvoi tervliwable
and forward haikiriK document p-pr nf-
fprpd to thp iip,.,1p will tand out rloar."
Hp Mid It waau'1 a ..artlaan ConatltU
1 rlepubllnana would h
It,, campaign for it tna aa if thp wnea
electing a tltrvornor. Roforrlnc ,n Bllhu
it.",!. iir,.idpnt "f thp ronetltutlomtl
oonvpntlon. aa "thp cri'atpat man 111 thlo
1 .vi r. "Kri "nil ni m . 1111 e 11 mi p ti T lie
1 b' f:lHlr of ror-t,tllon uA ai,, !
I ,11 1 . 1, 1, 1 1 , . 1 1,
waa in th office Intittod on ttn- "offlcl-
Specialists in Apparel for Men, Women and Children
For this Anniversary week only
we pre specializing on
Silk Lined
Saks Suits for Men
at $23
and they are the greatest values ever
offered by us outside of our annual sales
In this event w e have exhausted the hospitality of
the birthday spirit! At this special price we have
embraced such a selection of models and ma
terials as many good shops would regard as suffi
cient for an opening stock. Blues, black anil
white checks, brown checks, diamond weaves,
black and white stripes, blue and white stripes,
brown and wrhite Stripes, grays, browns, ami
cheviots and novelties galore. In fact, a variety
whose diversity is beyond reproach.
And models modern to the minute!
Suits for ull occasions, for all ages, and for all varieties
of choice. Straight line models for conservative men.
and form-following, roll collar effects for youthful
figures. Saks-tailored, and revealing in every detail of
their making the characteristic perfection of their
Silk lined, and colorful silk aleeve linings, too.
Braided Oxford Grays included in the assortments.
For this anniversary week, only
Every Pair of Men's
Shoes at 20 Discount
Xewcrt hall and ll inter Styles just from the makers
THE OL'KiIXAL prices remain " , price tivkeln,
Simply DEDUCT the 20 DISCOUNT. Thin .
alien to every pair f Shoes in stork without rem rve,
60 Styles of Men's $4 to $8 Shoes
at the 20' Discount, are $3.20 to $6.40
hare the famous Saks Lias
tie, lleti, which consists of
a piece of fine, live rubhi r
i i-inch thick built into the
h el before the. last two
jijix" of leather an1 pui
Men's Shoe Shop
4 Went 38th St.
A Sltp from Fifth Attmie
MetfS "and MVS
"Thos. Cort
A Big Sovel of the
Real New York
Its largeness and power cannot be
denied. It is an impressive picture of
a great city. V. V. Tttm
Lirgt f2tm, tlnth $9.49 Off. a: all h-ohr!'c i
,'iit, pffc'tivi admtnlatratlon of Ihe cr
in:, 1 l. w In the ha., nf lln lllatrlpl
1 ternty'a ability in Hip Intoreai ,.f
: citttenl alikp
"hir citlzen.v," hi- said, 'do not vi.i
to oss the proeeeutor'M ofHie admli
tsrod as an siljunci to a political in -chine,
I m he no cha r-e nsnlnsl i h
csndldats whom Tnmmatt) his iimnl-
i him for thp offl,'. and thai h - wiliii u
(to taka 11 meant much."
1 liftor compnrlno ihe aainry of .iii'i-'
"f Qoneral Btoolona olid nf the llalil
Attornoy. Mr ltrklnii anld "Vli
Tammany tvlltlno 10 aurr ler acun 1
' poalilon on the bench at I7.'." ;
I for twn icirs .nnnni r Mi.' i'
Attornoy't ofllce? Whai miaapi
I there ho 'x..,,'i ihni ihronth ita
I dnto Tammati) Hall , ' i- lo e
tml of thp ihairi.-t Attorneya oitii
Koiir n,-w dlotrlcl leadera -at Iaat
nlffhl aa membera "f th.- cunt) 1 . '
tlva committee, Tbej .,,' Hermn 11
Haver of the Kleveiith. .loltn H i4,',,ni
of tha Fifth, Anthon) l' l.udil.i
I Thirteenth ami Beverly 1: 1:
j the TwontyHnsventh.
34th St.
0H, giving case anil 8 prill (I
to the strp ami avnidiuf)
the jar incidrnt to walking
upon a solid bather In I.
It does not conn in contact
with tin. ground, and can.
not trmr unevenly,
Fifth Floor.

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