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Best Solution of Clty'l Both
nomlc Problem. Says I n-
hiinhia Bxpcrt
Vit Bttwln it. a BtWrtnan Of Colum
bia University tulil the Mills legislative
committee on taistlnn yesterd.iv that
tlic beat Mutton of the ectmotnli situ
attmi In which the Nt,lte. nil especially
New York Bit, now Amis ItSSlf will lie
found In the imposition of a direct In.
com tns. Hi based hi advocacy of It
upon the fufitnmnlHl ground that
proflta rutin- than pnierly should be
the standard of the nl . I n v of the In
dividual or thr- oofponuton to pay mm
Hp said ho believed Hint tin- United
tares should take example from Kng
land. Frame and (le-rmany and should
trlve to eliminate the general Property
tax. both raal total and ie t !a
(ate. as auppotUi of govei ntnctit ai d
should auviulltlile the IMOM leg t
the present, however, he would letat i
the tax on real estate and all of the spe
cific taxes, such M mhrt It.inre taxes,
mortgage and secured dele taxes. Ilipior
licenses and stamp taxis. eliminating
only the personal property tax, until tilt
direct income tax had been well sr!
upon Its way as Ills thief source of
Cirmpllona for l.aburl us; lies.
He said that the mlnlHItlM amount re
quired by s man to miptsiri himself or a
family would vary with the community
In which tie lived, hut he thought that
under conditions in New York an un
married man ought to be exempted 10
the extent of II. 100 and that a married
man should not he taxed unleais lux III"
some reached Sl.aOO or II.UUO, with a
further allowat.ee of perhaps 1100 for
each minor child He said this would
kempt the average farmer and the aver
ago lattorinc man.
Aa (or the rate, he said thai should
depend upon how much money the State
wanted to raise By leaving out public
eervtee corporations, now taxed special I y ,
and by making lilieral allowances for
atxch part of Incomes aa are propertly
collectible in other Mates he hail com
puted that at a rale of 1 per cent, be
tween 121,000. Out) and MlMO,0M could
be raised.
Exempting Incomes of from 11.200 to
It. 000, according to the situation of the
recipient, and ImiHialiig a rate of 1 per
oant. on ths first II, not) above that, of
1H per cent, on the second II. t. and
Imposing a rate of 2 pur cent, on every
11,000 above the second, he said, the
State couWt raise 143,000,000. He said
hsj tiad worked out these llgures with
treat cars and would stake his reputa
tion aa a scientist upon them. Much a
menus, he believed, would enable the
State to do away entirely with the per
aortal property tax and still have l.
000.000 or 17.000.000 left.
Prof. 8ellgni.ui spoke against the grad
uated Incoms tax, saying he believed
that a fiat rate was fairer and would give
a greater yisld. In view of the fact that
tha Kednial Covernmont already I IB
i-oscH a graduated inenme tax and a ban i
super tax As for the ObargS that such it
aeheme might Involve double taxation, he
said that "the mere fact that different
parts of our Government make use of
the same base for purposes of taxation
makes no difference ho long as the ag
gregate, amount collected from the indi
vidual or the corporation Is not burden
some." Allowed by Ni v t nnstltnlliin.
Ill hi opinion sui It a tax could be
levied successfully only by the BtatS
Ha explained that under the proposed
Constitution there WOUld be no question
of the propriety of the State levying this
tag, but that in his opinion no such
question can lie raised even under the
present Constitution, because an income
tax Is really an excise tax and is not
a property tax. whichi under the prssenl
constitution, must be assessed by local
authorities, lie though! the rule of se
crecy ought to be preserved except In
respect of the net Incomes of corpora
tlons. ruder the Federal law such cor
porate Incomes are open to the inspec
tion of the authorities in t ,ose State
which have income lux laws, and Prof.
Bel I arm nn said th.it the corporations
could make a return In duplicate, thus
saving time and expense.
Tt la by no means nn hie il system,"
said Prof Seiigman. "and there Is no
Ideal system, but on the whole It has
such Immense advant Ifet over the pres
ent outrageous and uncivilized ostein
I call any system uncivilized thai makes
liars out of men that we. can afford
to overlook its faults.'
Law-son I'urdv, president of ths TtoarJ
of Tax Commissioners, and A K Hoi 'en.
tax attorney for the American 'i las
phono and Telegriip'i Company, will lie
witnesses before the Committee it the
resumption of ils hearing this morning
at 10:e o'clock, Senator .Mills in.
notineed that to-morrow at noon the
committee would hear any one who de
sires to give Information on the subject
of the committee's Investigation The
hearings will end to-morrow. On No
vember 2!i the committee will go to Svra
euse, and then to Rochester and llulT.ilo,
Bpfpidi Committee rinds Con
trHclorx Run I'p Altwny
Hills in Tliat Amount.
At bany, Oi l 1 Ovsrcliarges amount
ing lo S4,tt!lll hy nontTaators In recon
structing the welt wing of the Ogpltol,
burnod in 1!11. are nlleged in a report
submitted to tin- Slate trustees of public,
buildings to-day by a speolal auditing
c- mmlttee of three msmbeTS, The com
mittee hai passsd upon nlalmsfrora varl
ous pentraetors smuunHng to 1144 2S no
and recommend! payment of only lliii,
741.35. The report of the committee 1s the
result of a two years light by State
officials. Psreentaga ronira.ts wi re ab
rogated during the course, of the hght
and lump Mini contracts substituted.
I'nder llie old system contractors warn
permitted lo go ahead wllh work if they
desired, but with no guarantee of pay
ment. An ad of the lust Legislature
provided for the nppnintniint of sn
auditing eomnilttes to g" over the claims
of thv so Working under this plan. It
was Ibis report the committee Submitted
lo the trustees lo-day
A hearing befoie the trustees on the
oninilttee report will be held Novem
ber SS. whe'i every contractor mid sub
contractor affected Is lo be given An
opptirtunlty to present his side of the
Tin1 member! of the auditing C'lmrnlt
t'e arc luit'ixl Wilolnlph, architect. New
I'oi k, gppolnlsd by Gov, Whltmsn ! Harry
a len. civil anglnser. Ryranuss. appointed
lo l.leul -tlov. Nchoeiieck, and Charles
U) flpti
aksr Sweel of the State Assembly.
Mayor and Comptroller Voted Down in Effort to Cut'
Salaries of Municipal Employees Few
Reductions Are Likely.
Tt became evident yesterday that a I again he and the Comptroller were de
onsldernblc unit of the salarv cutting ' featert by the 3 to 2 majority and
programme sperlfled by the bureau of
standards after nearly two years work
ni a cost ot sxou.ouu and imiorseii ny i
the budget suh-commlUee of the Hoard I
of Kstlmate will be repudiaied by tha j
Kstlmate Hoard.
The main budget committee of the ;
board met in Comptroller Trendergasfs
oftlce and for the first time voted on
sinne of the sub-committee' recommen
d.itions. Mayor Mitchul and Comptroller
I'rendergast siood together In favoring
the cuts the sub-eonimlttee h id advised
i xrept that in a few rases the Mayor
suggested compromises whereby a city
employes would be reduced, but not as
much as had been urged A few of these j
, i oruin cin.ses were aciaidej, but In the
I main the Mayor and Mr. I'rendergast
! were outvoted, 2 to 3, by President Mc
A natty of the Aidermeu and llorough
i 'i- s. dents llathawgOU and founds.
The two SX Ira mag were lepresrtited by
Mr. I'ri ndet'gast. who was for adopting
trie Btandardiaatlon plan In a It Its de
lalla, ttid Mr. POUndt of limoklyn, wlio
iconfissed that It wrung his soul to rut
I it dollar from anybody's pay.
The gub-oomWll tea had advised drop
ping Andrew .1. ti. Nell, Tenement ilouae
j Superintendent In Hrooklyn. fron.
to II.DttO. At the Mayors suggestion
Mr. o Xell was cut only to Z,mO.
Klewen Inspctors atay In.
I Rlovan Inspectors of the Tenement
House Department would have been re
' du cd from II. ''On to 11,200 and one in
spector from 1 1. Son to 11,200 If the sub
OOUImlttee's findings had been adopted.
Tin Mayor and the Comptroller were
! boatetl by Messrs. Mi'Aneny. 1'ounds and
; Malhewson, who i tiled that the inepec
; lots shall stay at their present salaries
Anow.c, swssiw ...e wmm ,. n v, J
Alice S. Clark, stenographer for the
Municipal Art Commission, whose salary
of II. ."on was slated by the commute
, for a cut to 11.200.
"MM has MMted the city for thirteen
I years,'' said I'resldent McAneny. "She
' is much more than a stenographer: her
work is really secretarial. She Is com-
, petent and faithful and la not over-
: paid '
"Her Joii rOQUlrag no particular
ability," commented the Comptroller.
"BuainosU concerns are In the iiabit
! of putting a rating on such ability," re
; totted Mr. Mi-Aneuy. who then ntoved
I Uiat Miss Clark be retained at ll.iiOO.
Tlie MayOf suggested that II was a
. better figure Then followed
, deiiate on the qualldcatlons
of a
stenographer and Miss Clark won by
the same 2 to 2 vote.
, iHivid Ferguson, supervisor of the
f ifn itfcofti. appeared to plead for sev-
Oral sul-irdinates He said tne proposed
reduction of W. 1J liettter. a store
keeper, thirty year! in tne service, from
11,130 to 1,00 was unjust. The May or
suggested ll.tian aa a compromise, but
SUM OWED $450,000
'Independent" Brokers of Buf
fftlo Had mi Branch Offteea
in Fifty CltiM.
Bi i'kai i. i n t i Paul Lambarl si
Co., brokers, wun taaadquaKan In thist
ctty and nlnety-lx hratuhes In fifty or,
so other nltlaa throughout this country
and Canada, suspended business to-day.
The liabilities are estimated at about
1 110,000,
bert fallura tba I
I I n addlt ion to I he Lain
stock Bxchann authorities
received I
word that Lew I. Applegate of Cincin
nati. operating1 under hi! own name anil
that of Hie PboanlX Stock and Oruln
Company, had suspended on Saturday
...... , i,. l,i
ll!s ti- i I li I I I IIIIIV I't-lic nor l!l "mo
HII'I ll.lll tllrt
Thi UeWiborl
failure, following ttM
RUipctitloii f i Holland Co of
Bllffstto IuhI WOOki murkii the final olfNUIUp I
nf aii toscalltd Ind spend an! broKsraas
Paul LaoibeTt a t'" ersrs msmbera of
me Pittsburg Consolidated stock and
Produce Kgctsanga, whlob brouvht nn In
jun, tl.ii. afSjRSt the New York Stock
Bgcbensjs and me Chicago iiouni of
I Trad! f'.i withholding1 qiietatlons. Paul
Lambert wiik the ragi stared trade tiame
tor lli iuy C, Tucker. The Tucker outM
liuii rown
he the largest If tint the
.t powerful of nn- soealled yndi.Wajj aid to lie no older than her nui
caled brokerage concern!.
Paul Hex, who operated a similar con
i earn, went out of business in 11106,
' dosing ins branch offices where ths cus-
1 im a had long accounts and willing
those which had ehort accounts to Honry
I c. Tucker. Tucker was then in the busi
ness in it small way, but lie took Into
I partnership Ins brother, tleorge W
i Tucket, who was then a driver for a
i Appiogets was (ortneri) a bookmasr.
I He was also ibs oUieait individual operat-
j ln thin type of broketage othce. hav
' Ing bean in the buslnexs for twenty-five
' years.
In connection with IIia Lambert sue
i pension W illiam I '. Van Antwerp, chair
man of the Quotation committee of th!
' stock Bsc bangs, said
I ''The gnnouncontsnl from Buffalo
should be gratifying to every friend of
I law and order. The, New Vork Stock
I Kkchango baa done what II could to
help rid the country of bin ket rihops
! and the total number closed since Jui-
j uary 1 in lit. Operating In thirteen I
States and In Canada, Now thnt they :
have, leseu driV'-n out the important
' thing is to keeu them out In this
: work the ggcnangf asks the support of.
; public opinion, the courts, the l."CialB-
Hires, tin- Public Bay vice ('ommlxMlojis
land tlie proas. Meant line we shall con
tinue to do our share, prompted bv noth
ing more nor less than a determination
to prevent this peculiarly repulsive form
of law breaking and to carry out in letter
and in spirit the rccommciidutiiMis of
the Hughes commission."
r Piaea ray t)al v- j. ruaass,
CM. William j YoiingH, former United
States Attorney In Brooklyn yesterday.
was 'unpointed rutted state Putmniae
1 sloncr for tne Blastem I '1st rid by .ludges
I'hatllcld and Vsedor. He is to have
I sinH'IiiI pOWert to hear eklnuiltion oaaea.
I .lamas dray, a Hrooklyn lawyer, was aji
poiuCd to a similar position.
Kotne of the
committeemen kept on dlSCUSSltkJ 11. ttler
until the Mayor said: "I'm opmised
to poat-mortsms. ir we inn t proceed
,he record of tills meeting will cost us
"""" Umn c" ",n ' " t"t" "
Klremeu l.lkrly Salter.
... -,
ad fOUrih grade firemen to the numlr 1
ririuer silks at si, sen.
of 1,120 will have their salaries cut ss ' The resolution, offered by State nair- legal Trillion was made for an In
follows If the Corporation Counsel agrees man Walter A. Johnson and approved junct0n TnK ,.0,irt granted a tempo-
with the Chartei as interpreted by some
members of the budget sub-eo i tnlltee :
Three nun. lied and one caplnlns from
IJ.600.to ta.lfin, 41!) lieutenants from
12.100 to II, (no and ViQ fourth grade
firemen from 11,000 to (o a year.
Section "in of the Charter, which fixed
the pay for these grades at ii . 1 f.
I1.H00 and Imio respective!) . says
fin pay or compensation shall he a. .- wed
or paid to any such firemen or Officer!
except as in thia secelon provided for,
nny other law to the contrary notwith
standing." Nevertheless the Hoard of Kstlmate In
1HI1 raised the salaries for the three
grades to the present flgiue It appar
ently relied on another section of the
Charter which permits the board to raise
salaries Certain menmers of the budget
sub-commltter inMal thnt this action was
Illegal and that for four years the city
has beer, paying its firemen more money
than they were lawfully entitled to The
'liiestlon has been referred to the Cor
poration Counsel Apparently tha mem
bers of the main budget oomralttaa have
no idea that the Corisirution CoUfiaal
will sustain the objection.
The main Committee will mi shier In
a few day s the bin can of standards' rec
ommendation that Kile Chief Kenbui be
reduced from llo.uoa to 17,000 and Dep
uty Chief Laily from T,00 to ffl.tinO
Commissioner Adamson said he believed
that neither man would be cut at all. and
that tile chances of the captains. Ileutell
an ts and fouitli graders being reduced
did not amount
t housand
lo one in
in tred
i hlei Krnluu hrerful.
Calif Kenloii. who hal talked of re
signing ir his salary suffered, mi more
cheerful v esterday .
"You forget what fascination the Kin
Depart tnatll holds for some people." he
said to an interviewer "1 don't want to
retire I'm too young a man to talk
about It If we wanted to do so Mr
Lally ami myself could retire on porta loni
.iggregating D.7,"0.
"Nuw which would be the chcupei. as
long as economy Is the watchword, to
continue us two men in the service with
salaries aggregating 117.500. or force our
retirement and saddle the city wit li an
unusual expense of lit, 710?'
Mayor Itltchal said i ih, fdlderol!"
wh.-n told of g report thai ,f die chief.
deputy chiefs and battalion rhlofa war!
reduced they would rcquaat retlramanl
on half pav Such a Pension ma lie
gt anted w her.
a man no! setve,! t weiit)
suit of lira. Phyaioc BeealU
Buntwaj of Two Boyt
hihI Tito Kittle Maids,
The house party romance of two vei-y
youthful oouplai v ho were married
against tile wishes of their patents w.ia
recalled in tha supreme Court ye! tar
day when one of the young women sued
for a divorce, She i Mr? Kdlth IjO rout
PhyttOOc daughter of .lames I ' I louglas.
a wealthy i'lft'i avenue woollen Im
portar, Her husband is Joaopfi Allen
PhytdOCf, .Ir, son of tin treasurer of the
IMiysioo .Studios, st-enic artists, of HIM
West Twenty-fourth str eet Mrs Phy. I
Sloe's inotliei. Mrs. Mditli H imuglas of
Mlu lilversidc Drive, obtained a divoice
, -I
annul a seat ago I
Mrs. Phygioc, wno astji the cmtody 1
of her infant dskightsr, lorana, alleges'
li... i h..r huelianit area tulltv of i, ,,:...-,
a-. -
t-i'iidui'i unit a umiiuu unknown lo hv
at r7 W't-m PtftyMVOnth street In'
Anuiift ,i i atentamhtit1 List Hha n.unI
tll)tt BtX iefX iitir iMbiind im Boon m iho
larrntl of till t oiitlU' t
i louales. Prank K. i
telbby ami Mtss lAiae MoKamaa aer i
ku.'slh at n house party at t he ootaitr)
home of Ptiygloo's Barents ;it Rayvlllsi
1,. I., ill June. It07, when tlie four vlalted
the Krv. k B, Wluion of Clsyalandi Ohio,
wno was spsndlna iiis vanatton ju Bay'
villa. Mies Dougias became Mri Physlan
anil mims Mdptaaies beoams Mrs, Uibb)
At the time of tbe marriage Ubbj
was said to lie only 11 years old and
PhytdOO lis, lut tlie gave their luge at
-l and II years laspsetively, kflsa
liHUKlas Knve her like as 1, lut stu
baud, Uses usn of doubt us to the valid-
lty of their marriage, on account of thel
Hgiw, Mr and Mrs. PtiyilOC went throng' i
n marriage ceremony on March 21, llll.'.
after they Were of legal age. They wer,
Loparatei iy their parents or a time
Ira-ln (.old for Wilson Hlnu,
1IHAHS VAI.I.BY. CeVl., (let IS . .iTosoiy
guarding one ami one-half Ounces of
virgin gold which she is taking to I'roec
ilejnt Wilw.n for use In the wadding ring
for his bride. Miss Dorothy Btarr, dautrh
tor of the Blmplre (loi.i Mine's ganeral
mtuniKcr, was on her way to Washington
I onlay, aha win aiao Invite the ITeai
dent to paws part of bis honeymoon in
r M, a
Mrencm tconomy xr
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New Series Roadster: 3-speed transmission; Timken
Axles; signal lamps at side; new body of greater room
and beauty; improved high speed motor; ventilating
windshield; adjustable pedals, and 15 further refine
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' :- xtr- ...f...v:. -.-
i(.M),Hon Rojrrpts Kopubli-
cans RATI Made It a
Party Mpanrc
Although flfty-flvs Progressive county tVasHi.siiToN, Oct II. The Mepart
; chairmen, meeting nt headquarters In j merit of Justice started Its second action
I the Forty-second rUreet Building yegter- I against the I'nlled Hhoc Machinery Com-1
I dav, professed neutrality aa to tne new ,
OongtltMtkfU, no particular ftffsotlon for
; It Is Indlcatid by a resolution which was
KMwsw unmlmouslv
liteeX; savV lkt tha alioptton i ih. j
Constltnlion Is nol a party question and ,
"ondemtis" Ihe Republican! "for mak-
ng it a party Issus anil attempting s
force It thniugh hy the use ot
party 1
method! and machinery."
"We deeply i egret." the reaolutlon
also says, "the manner In which Ihe
Constitution Is submitted, by which the
voters are compelled to accept all of the
sixteen Important articles out of the
alftltean or rejeet them all. Had the
! present Constitution been submitted Item
bv item ol group by group, as was done
1 In the case of the Ohio Constitution
three years ago. each cltlsen coulrfhave
exercised his ludgment In deciding on
each important question."
The county chairmen reaffirmed their
i belief In woman suffrage and urged
everybody to vote for It. Mr l'erklns
Is likely to declaim against the new
Constitution in a statement to-day
Tiiirrmaiiv, sometimes accused of being
lose mouthed, snnouncea that men of
all pgrt It! are Invited In "an old fnsh-
! ioncd mass meeting " In Tammany Hall
. t -morrow night, and they may heckle
the speakers as much as they line mis
is the meeting at winch a resolution
calling on Democrat! to vote against the
Constitution is ilkely to be adopted
Senator! Robort k Wagner and Jaraea A,
Kolev and Assemblyman Alfred K. Hmlth.
all delegates to the Constitutional Con
vention, win be the tpoaaara. The foie-
i rd from Tammany is: ' Thev will b!
able lo throw much light upon the work
done In the convention hurtful to the
interests and municipal rights of Uieater
New York Tammany also promises
that tlie mratlng "w.ll not be wearisome
to anybody untasa his own individual
Constitution stands in the wa "
Tammany district loaders have not yet
been Officially instructed to work against
the Constitution, but it la likely that
Ihey will thoroughly understand what
they ate to do after to-morrow nights
.losenii M l'rut chairman, announced
yaa tarda) the names of nianv well known I
men. Democrats, Republicans and pro- I
gressives. who have Joined the L'lttiani
Nan-Partisan CoiMnlttaa for the Adop- I
tion of the Constitution. Among them
aro BdWSrd If, Hasselt llerbsrt U
Brldgman, Nicholas Murray Hutler, Will
lam M ("alder. iYederii It. Coudert.
rranklin s oiddlnaa, Hamuei McCiuio
Mndeey, Altun It I'arkrr, William H
HotPhklM, Isaac N Hcllgrnaii, Albert
si.aw. Pranrla Lynda stetson. Cyrus
Huliberger. Leonard M Walliteln and
Will, am It. WIIICOS
hui Pat -" for Fast llrlvloK aa I
'If III llrnar.
Mrs Ka'e Vimtumati of Madison!
avenue and Miss Alice M. Ha relay of
Hualyn, I- I . Were lined 1'' each for
Hwedlng b Maglstintu Deuel yesterday j
,n Jefferson Market court
Both women were driVUkJ then owl) I
mi, inai Mre Vannaman was taken !
into custody at If o'clock Sunday lilglit
on Klfth avenue, near Twentieth strcit.
b) Motorcycl! Pollcaman Hlckirt, wnoi
teatlflad thai she was driving her cur
twenty -fhe mliog an hour. Mlse liarclay
aas alsii arTe! tad on ltfth avenue, near
Tanth street, ij Policeman ('assidy, w-ho
-aid .-lie was going twenty-six miles an
Was Department ssians an imi-
cer lo SOO I lllverslty I'resldent
WAIUINdTON, cl is - The War He-I
partmsnl has asssgnsd .Major Charles P.
Bummarall uf tin Plaid Artlllsry, now
a ,l I .., U'.bWIhIu , J ...
Now Haven, Conn., to consult with the
prealdenl of ale Unlvaratty with re-
'"" 1 ' '' proposal lo organUe ,i
battery of Held artlllari there He will
also discuss the advlsabilltv of military
1 nai ruot Ion at Vals tTnlvsrsIt)
Both suggestions cams froan the stu-
"ems nt llie iiiiiv ersny Hint nol iron, the
I it-iiarf iiii-fi! If the RoM ttcry
la oronlMd ' Wl1' ' '( of oii(-
t'ii in- f 'u! Nation a1 Quovd
Thee Permanent
end Plants for Spring
snd Early Summer
IS Darwin Tullpa, Cn
I'J si'tnirate kinus.T
SO Callage Tullna,e aa
Id newest kinds 4V
IS Tullpi, slngleei aa
snd doiihle .flaVW
IS Peanlea.rtlatl0ct.e7 AA
bright colors .
S Hard' Phloi, (I kinds. Mr
S Herman Iris, 11 aorta. 7Sc
(All above prepaid I
whole rear Allies nn
I'ntnplele Aulnmu Calalague
Hsrrlay, l or. I'hurch HI.
em assssaas. sjaa
ice Nnt th
New Features
Mi Tsl
Oovernmi'iit Socks Injiini'tion
Under Clayton Law, rhnrir
Intr TllcpvTallty.
pany to-day, when It began suit under
the Clayton act, asking the rnlted State
Daatrlet Court nt Ht. laruls to adjudge
' certain practices of that corporation II-
raining order
The charges against the I tilted Shoe
Machinery Company are practically the
- T " sw w mi s vsii k-m
""r'ni jenin agi ny ill!' ' O VerTlllll'l 1 1
under the Hheriiinn act In the Culled
stales lilntrlct Court at Uoston This
ault was decided for the defendant by
the lower court.
The present suit Is net only the first
Important action brought by the De
partment of Justice under the Clayton
aq), signed by the I'resldent last Octo
ber, but It Is the first anti-trust suit
of Importance Initiated by Attorney-
CJ antral Orauory since he took oitioe
111 to-day's proceedings the trade
methods of the Cnlled Shoe Machinery
Company are attacked under section 3 of
the Clayton act, which prohibits! so
called "unfair trade practices."
The 'lovernment pMltloil alleges that
"Ihe defendants have" le.ised and sold
and are leoMng and galling their ma
chinery. UUppMOi and re,.aln an I In i er
lain inatances h ive fixed ami are lining
the prlev thereof and discounts and re
liateei from sia-h price on the condition,
agreement and understanding that the
leesee or purchaser slut II tait use tin- ma
chinery, supplies or commodities of oom
petttors of the lessors."
Such aotion of the United Shoe
Machinery Company, the 'lovernment al
lege, "substantial!) lessens cOmpatitlOfl
and tends to i-reate a movhopoly in that
trrnnoh of Interstate and foreign om
meroe which ralatai to the shoe machin
ery business."
The acts of the 1'llite.l Shoe Machinery
(Vsmimny ure lejiTibisl in the i livern
nient's brief as clauses which "tie
together the use of several leased ma
chines) and, in effect, not always In
terms, prohibit the lessee from using the
machlnary of the lessors' compel tors';
anil the giving of dtOOOUnta and rebates
In isuisiilerat Ion of the use b) tha leaaae
of other machines manufactured by the
United Shoe Machinery i totnpany
The court fixed t letobt
attest tbe surpassing beauty and inter
est of San Francisco's great spectacle.
Western Union
Day Letters
and Night Letters
make it possible for you to enjoy the
inspiration of this wonderful achieve
ment yet keep in daily touch with home.
XKII 4KKNPV Atlaulle
ssbjmu' ' lias
, F m tW W
as nani
s I
The Spirit of America at Play i Magnitude and Chaerf ulnaaa
Belaedere Mubinartne llrlll Reeteureat Traraaere
rile Promenade In the Msrhle Ksrhange
Three lie. k. Frontlni thelteardsialk and (he Ocean
I Ibrary Tnsier Tao i.olf I aureae kienlng Mualralea Clelster Garden
Atlantic City is a "Home Town" for s;olfera all the year
around. Not any one season, but for spring, Rummer, autumn,
and winter. Muny of the conventions that meet here haee
their organizations. Some enthusiasts, last summer, when the
golf Trnymore wns n-buiWinK, had a driving contest into the
ocean from a scaffold on the Library Tower; the judges were
in a bout, off-shore. The regular golfers go either to the
Northfield t'ountry Club, known to thousands, or the Sea
view Golf Club which, with it unparalleled club house, has
now one of the most imposing equipments In America.
The mild bracing climuie of Atlantic City, the cuisine, com
forts, cheerfulness, of the Traymore, and the lure of the fair
greens, nre three forces to attract the tired man who wants
to renew his strength with Nature's tonics.
Daniel S. WhiK P,... IN THE WORLD Jeeeah W. Matt. Mgr.
superior location with an
unob.strur.tnd view of beach
and boardwalk A rocoiinized
Maiuturd of excclkmce
C.c,t600. WALTER JBU2BY.
thi nQM nan nrti w m mm
The only way for an Owtttr
io secure tha most ideal re
sult on hit building opera
tion it to select a Contractor
whose claim to hit confidence
and preference) can be thor
oughly tubttantlatcd by what
he hat done for others.
And the Owner who con
siders thit organization on
that basis will find that the
service we have rendered to
others is the service which is
vitally necessary to him.
Building Conitructlon
ing on tha application for a preliminary
lllatrtet Homey raadldatea
Promise Help Acalaat Fraa!.
The three candhlalaa for Dlitrlct At
torney of New York county yeatenlay
Issusd statements expressing their sym
pathy with a plan to push the prosecu
tion of all cases of commercial fraud.
The statements were given to the Credit
Men's Association. 110 Proadway, which
asked the candidates what encourage
ment might be expected for Ihe associa
tion's campaign against commercial dis
honesty. To the committee of the association
which called at the District Attorneys
office Mr Perkins said that commercial
fraud was u class of crime to which the
District Attorney's office would have to
give serious, constructive thought, and
added that he would he glad to cooperate
with whatever associations had Inter
ested themselves It, that work. If elected,
he said, he would do ever-. thing In hla
power to help lessen the offences from
which business In Now York suffers.
"I am In general sympathy with your
proposition," wrote Frank Moas, "and
think that a plan should be worked out
to relieve the situation of which you
"As District Attorney," Judge Mwann
wrote, "I shall establish a commercial
frauds bureau which will deal excuslvely
with business transactions that have a
criminal aspect to them. There is need
in the business world to clarify tha com
mercial atmosphere."
"It would seem as if the merchants of
this city," said Julian A. Orsgory, coun
sel for the C radii Men'a Association, "are
about to receive from the District At
torney's office protection against crime
wrich will save them hundreds of thou-
sands of dollars a year.'
NRW JKRNRV Atlaatlr City.
A slaSsW r L B'
I TIB, u
Ope rv tivioiiAjKout (Ju cm
r.w.nemsieu 3t Son.
Ameri.ua r-immis All Year Resort.
NUW JKKMRY-lakeweesL
New ..pen fur fall aad
wlnler asaaon.
B. K aPANOBNBaai, Mgr.
Under American Flag
SUNDAY. OCTOBER 24 (12 Noon)
Carrying 1st Class, 2nd Clan and 3rd Clan Passengers
and United Slates Mail
American Line
Under th American Flag
New Yerk to Londen
N. Y Liverpool, PiM 62, iN K., iMooi
Nt. Paol rt. SO New Vork Nov.
White Star Line
N.Y.-Lhrerpeel, PlertO, N.R., Noon
Hallie Oct. t7 Adriatic Net. I
Aaeres Gibraltar Naples Uenoa
t relet Oct., to, tu t. M.ICaaaotc. Net. lit
omCB. SB'WAT. M. V. Tel. UOOU Heeter.
letBBasnle tlenereie TranaaUaatliiua
Sailings for BORDEAUX
LA TOURAINE. . . Oct. 23, 3 P. M.
ESPACNE Oct. 30, 3 P. M.
ROCHAM BEAU Nov. , 3 P. M.
CHICAGO Nov. 20, 3 P. M.
Maiden Trip from N. Y. iNer. 13
SlUllUHlt assise ia a,.,, b M v
6 run I urriCt fUSi ariad HOI
Bstehllshed tarn
Tutcania Fri.. Oct. 29. 5 P. M.
t'AMBHONIA PHI.. NOV. n. 4 V. M.
HAXuNIA. SAT. NOV.au. 10 A. U
ti'Mi-ANiA phi. RoV.m, ir.u,
In Ronle to Olssgow,
PAMNONU, M Not. U, 10 A. M
Cable Psssengers only.
Through bouaiogs tu slliriocipei puru uf tht
i ompan r a oppii'h. it M aiaie at., n. t.
Te all points South aad Weel. Kverr week
aar I P. M.. l'lsr !, Nurth Hlver. Tel.
MO Prsnk.ls.
Isjiv futee u
i if ill
OCEAN NTRAMNHtl' Co., Mil Mh At.. V V
sTKAMMiir LINKS Clyd! - Mailers -
Ward Portj Klco UaaS :ii it ,, N. T.
STRAslIIUP tick ITT! se aaj pert.
OfllvUl Agent all llne.
Rarssond a Whltremb to. :t! Ml, At.. N. T.
f sbfornls Kiuostttnn Tour In, I4M1I H'usr.
It I. literature. tii,naleii. laiol mil too rre.
OO TO BRKMl'tlA UV S. H Itl'ltMl DIA.N"
Uoohlstt QL'EBKC S S CO .Ua .a. li wsj .N Y
m hh(m. t n. mh ii an,
hhahp. WILL1AJI -in purausaea ef an
nriler of llui,,,rtiiu John I". C.lislan,
itjrrogate of th' County of New York.
KOTICH ! hsreijy siven i ., peraena
hsv-ini Qiatnii ugsitut wiiilant Sharp, iste
of the Caunly of New York, deoeaseal, t
frsaent thv asin ! li .i heri Iherenl t.
tie !uh!erlber, st hi. pl!0! or tranvaeilng
boalnaaa st the offli of hn st : irnsya,
I.ora. U) l.urd. No 1li Wall Street. In
the City Ot New York, on or In-fore the lm
ilsy of December net trite !. Netv York.
me 14th day of u. itu WILLIAM i
OKTdiiis. 4dnitnl!irater, '. t a LORD,
IjaY A lAiHIi. Atiuina.va for Administrator,
e. t. a., I Wall Street. Horouih of Man
hsttsn. City of New York.
ADAMS. ALBRIIT A In Buriuaaea ot '
sn order ef llorinrsble Rorrt I.ud'ow
Fnwler, Surrogute el tha Ceanty uf New
York. KollO! la hereby given to all per
a-ine having io,!ill sgalriM Ail'rrt A
Ait. mi- lets of the Oount! of tfW Y.,rk
d!!!a!sjd, 10 araasni the aam!, with vouoh
era thsiaof, lo the Ittbacrlbsr, at tils, of
Iranaartlng bualnasa. No, in Cedar Street,
In tha City uf New .rk. on or before the
14th dsv of PeoembSf next Hatri N'u
York the Hth day of June IMS l.t'I.t!
r. a ham- Bieoutrla cittORQB C. lay
Attorney for Kxtoutrla, 4 .'wdar Stret.
Nr Ynrk City.
NKW VOHK W esleheater ( ounly.
Qedney Horm Hotel
JJANC1NG nightly, coupled with re
freshing open air sports, makes
the days "take wing" in this Fall and
Winter resort of the discriminate.
Motoring, golf
ing, riding, etc..
and 400 Acres
of Chateau, Cot- (
tages snd Coun
try Club. A re-1
freshing oasis in
the desert of '
urban activities.
Gedney Farm Hotel
Whit! Plaini, N. Y.
Idaard II. raudsll
PENNSYLVANIA Wrrue ret Ills.
Galen Hall in the Mountains
Stpttmbfr 10th to Novimbtr lit
Mislern lllgli (irsde ll.itei Kv.t It
"sated Dry Tonic Air w underfill
iter), tuparlar Tsule nond lui.Mii.d.iinw
".w..",;,, MouBtals Walks aad Trails.
"ts-srs I'auausl Muaii'. Resident
BOBW?-. S'lrstlva nd Tonla lUtlia
Nkllleil Attendsiim Dint Kit, In n Ouen
All Y ear New Boadnst. On t'entral u.Ti
Of N. J. III. h.il.n. fro... Kmm V . .. ....
RaadnaR h:. i i, bfbuntroni PnUadeTiiiiii
.... ,-.., i ii v , I lit i lie m,
in .,'' ii i
K. l. Vouag. Usoseal Manager
Pr.NNAVI.VAMA-1 uimihriiaU
IMtrlfl MllU. StP.nn H4I. I Hf
. Thi
Bllllgl. Qirif, HlHHithlK. H Dklatlal
W. J AM D PIUCBi linatU-nU, Pi
12,185 Ions
Lest! Pier J2 N K . hum
Canil St.. S:30 P M
Sundiv. 9:00 P M . tt
l3ZdSl..fiP. M.: Sun
C C gfeVV divllOOOPM.
"C. w.
Leave Pier 32 N.
R.. 7t00P. M i W.
132d St., 7:30 P. M
M " JI M it
tt'a SH Trip
Tel itnrins MM
"t Ft I v : Kt earn eft in ihe w '
Up the Hudson
By Daylight
her v ire Daily l iri pl 1iidiI.ii
Dlrsei lui, Coan!etloni t. all poind i
the Cauhllla, Baratoga, tha Adlronda
tlie West uii.l N.irth. Ai. througl .1
lleheta helareea V"tk md Alba
cepti Husl! Hi stsursiit
Hi .liri. St.. . ,,, i w i .
I a M.i w isith t . a a m v k 'i
l!4 A. M . laicling nt We.t point, v.a
I burgh Poughheepsla Kins-- ti I- in
Catsklll, Ru Isnn ,-, i am any
One l ouiim. t Pnighteiatll. v,a
hurili ur llr.1 Point.
ive i
11(1 hiiring. N
imlilir l- please 1
BOSTON $2.65
: Vis II
Boat I Ksit koi mi i mi
.OVIDENCE ft", $l.6(i
KOI Ml I llll- SN.OU,
Colonial Line
Plrsi-lass aarvlei catering in the t...i ,,
weak dan mi s,iiiii, ,, v . x,'
!? " Houston hi i
Rooiua, si .isi i., Sii.UU. tt ir, lea
NtMpmant. i in,.wn tifnco, iir,i ,
2,(il .H1 phone So.n,. mill
Woriesler.S'.'.iHiil'rutldeiKedlrei t at v
nP ftA I RROOMS, S no
nail) in. in, in, ai(miH. .- i p vt
r rota Ptaf 111, K. it Whulic gTtsi Uoeki .
ity Ticket (inic- nuu Unsuiwai s
I liUisn I'ickcl I mice. It bv an I'.', i -
l.v I' I Kit 1 I N II . ft Ki
.', ihi 1. M Mnv
New Lsaadan Norwich) Line, na
London l.v Hler in N 11 ft i
hi.. wk day; onlj , iu ! m .
k a n i j.',i st p u
hartford line
Prom New !
b-iip. dal aa apt s n,,i i ... i v
CONNKl'TU'l'T until l.v N t IN
SS lllrect. M AIN V. !l M-ll II t i . I
Bedsx e.ii area n folate. PaencSUMui ri
r l I H N -i i AMIIII' I IV i -
MA",v,'tN $1.00 to mww
HOI Ml I mi' II. AO. I (lull lii Ii 1
stra. l.v. dailv l'i, , .... u ii
S:80 P.M.I" II1M St.. 0 P.M.Tel i
Till K.N
IliiNh iiii HINT ( o
l.nimlw ;,v New Vork I
I leal Kail 1 h. itnm
t i- .'lOiiu Neiiili.iritn
s rKHH Win llrnada
High Grade i::,,;:
ri'iiu'4 ui ii iinn- i i
ix Nov
ri(ui (iA.i
BttAUHO Ml Ui win l r
ItMdia ol Wt.tr ksUiJiii . .
twenty fcond n-inr, Hunli 1 1
VatrK How, t iilr tifi.t L'tlullllii
Nf .ii k ctty. until U V V
QytOtMM ltth, lau, for ruM k i I
the r: tjiMiiifi if ii p:fe! ,i inv i
MvtttilMJ iltwl t'ovtredi f'-i th
1 U li lit I of t a l m, i i ill jcil.it i v
City, I Uith bullulun r of, ppt
th isviinii hi-.', ilia, lufui r tint i
ftret to 4l ! hv :t tm Tin
tUfOa Ol fOUnttaltlOltfl 't tlllM-H I
beiiiK built umUr othr i
At ni" ni)nv p., unit tin
will u- bublloly ohf)H .ml r-i
hla CWAtlellllni Uif a l.m t-H
roii i r.nt druwlflgi 'un h ob
Mbovv .tihtlftisi, .tt Hi ,rh f of '
Ury, by i. ihe him
i Bram
ssssV eVBssV
(X raffaaV
1 Mini' O W I'd
i ii u i iti eiUh "i if- i -1 1 ti ' - i
pitinpbiiM Kr fiiiiher purtl
tt 1 lii UflsCt tf thtf I' ll.. IpsVj V
m 'fi ill l tit Jtl-ii-.fi n MM.gia
'II ni,RH Ml It U'HH, I' !
rn Utlaku s i-ii U-wii-K,
nuts- r niLVIN
' Tun BtM,0nri uf tin Ilu till nf W ile H
j ofiuiMi: rBATUBRSTOKK, ?r i

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