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Rlflrhl f I li' Flftwn Trnnpcrs
WoiiinIimI Btlfbt Kocnforrp-nic-nt:
Mis l s, Tn vt. II. Three Oltltd
tats uldlr were killer! nnil einlit
wounded mrly to-d.iy when Mexirun .il-
tncked id taehmetrl af troop M ojo
de Agile,, HW inilei from here. Five
of I tip MtSlMM v?gfg kilted
Tlio ggO.4 .
Hergt BHAFEH, Tlr.r.l iival-y.
Private JOYCE Company i. MiittiAi
i 01 pa,
Private UcCoNNBLL, Company u.
Signal i 'nrpM.
Tin v. otinded :
11 Vute KHKU BHIIK Troop (i,
Third i 'avulrt .
Mr v ma I'.M l. I. w ;i. M'. Troop
i Thl il 'uviili y.
Hergt. H. H. HMITH, Rlgnel Corp
Corporal i.kwis CANDKIX, Signal
1. or,...
Private BKN llAU.KNHKi'K. Troon
Third ' .iviiirv.
Private W. T. STKWAltT, Smr.al
l0' (If. I
rwu soldiers ahooo nagiog cannot !
uc Muertataed at thin lima.
At daybreak thl. morning tlie M-ntry j
hi. i. -i in the camp saw In tii din out-1
Una ,,f tli mesquits tiinkit moving'
form rapidly manoruvrlnM Into ikirmlh
!'. The entr hastened to the pot of
drgt ghater, awoka him and tuid him
i tint things looked bad.
The h rgi ihi eras in tin act of riaiiin '
when .t voile) iv. i ttnul inio the very I
mid ' of ihc sleeping soldiers ami Beret
dhafer Cell dead
A bugle founded from the attatOklng
force, which outnumbered the American I
live u .Hie, ami .1 charge era made. The
American iotdlart, taken eltoeet unl
aware, hail little i-li.ttioo to roach their'
irm. ! Msxico fiTV, Oct. 21. More tliiiu
The wireless operutor haattned to hla 3. Eapatlstaa, Including five ; irata
i-i k ne and was in the act of cranking I and many ubordlnate ofltcera aa well a
1 when 1 bullet tore hi arm off. penecTvtl stnployooo, aurrenderod to-day to
1 rated thu dynumo of the wlrolooo andlOen. Qonsales al Toluci OThe) r
that oul of commission. ihu putting given compute anneety anil released at
ill rneana
f communicating with the
1c.1l garnnoti.
The men rallle
,ind gave the atun
fights . ver made
Wttbatood charge
an account of th
down man) of tin
When the COUni
I thu best they could
uem one of the gameel
on tin border. They
after charge and gave
r leaver, by cutting
attacking bandits, and
a in made live dead
M klcutls wire found. There were many
other wounded and poealbly more killed,
hut tin BV. Were all that have been
found thus tar.
The Ural Intimation of th. attack wan
telephoned to the local oont by N. u. Ca-
mi 's a mcrcnani of
three miles went of the
attack occurred. Mi U
MeCo) tint l.e heard
tne vlelnlty "f Ojo lie
lenn w in n.nt oul and
back auppoaedly from
nlian. u town
place where the
iv atoe told Capt,
heavy tiring in
Agua. A wire
an answer came
the station at
.j,, ,1
i- Agua.
"1 . K here.'
Mexican Mde.
Where tins answer came from 1 a
ntattei .it ipeoulatlon. Thai it did rot 1
ome from djo de Agua 1 certain, for
that station w.m put out of 00 mm lea ion j
early In the fight. It has since de- !
.loped that then., in a wireless station I
on th Meglcan side of the river, op- I
Dfleil the croaalna at La Khanos and 1
.1 the same codes are used for these
brief signals. It in believed the station 1
on 1 '.at sale picKeil up t tie inesoage and
sent back the answer.
Capt. McCoy 1 however, got bll troops
in m itlon and was at lit,- scene of the
. . nili.it as quickly an a double time
Would take htm there. With the ar-
i.val ..I fresh troops
treated and are tilll
the bandits re- 1
.'eing pursued.
Every man In tin. tight, fifteen all told
and who lived to tell the story, was of
one opinion, that at bast 100 bandits
i n k part In the attack. T.'iey were all
t ruined soldiers, fought under the com
mand of officers Hid charged, retreated
ami charged again and again at the
ail of bugb-s.
1 !
Tlii.se found dead wore on their hats
In front a riblMin bearing ibe words
"Viva la tndependencig de Texas."
The ili-i a.i "I '.', bandit was to burn
1 'if hump nf (Teorge Dlttftra, a
un. runfliinaii Ojo ile (iim. and
hen tli fi'll upon the 11 taping ramp
lli-pn rl me 11 1
l.eu. I'lLiislon.
. hi. 81 The attack of
ot Mexicans on .1 small
I':, lied Mate troops, re
filling 01 three Amir-
a large force
letaohmont of
suiting In the
1 loinier and the wounding of .ight
:hers was reported to tie War liepurt-
nrt to-day by MaJoMJen, kunaton,
omnia tiding the bonier forces.
The report selil to tile War Deport
ifnt was the preliminary one of Capt.
I'raiiK McCoy of the Third Cavaltv.
who went pi the relief of the font that
wis attacked Capt, McCoy wax at
MMon, Tg., fifteen miles from oju
'le Agua. where the attack took plaee.
Iirtd was summoned by a telephone men.
.sag... The Vmerlcan force were out-
Ulnliered nve to one. Capt. M
eporl was an follows :
' 1
Petaclmi.nt of Troop O, Third
ftavalry, vVlreleaa Bectlon Company
11. .Signal Corp, guarding this Mexi-
an village, wan attacked by a large
band of Mexican raiders si I o'clock
V M. T ie enemy was driven off, with
live killed. 1 in my arrival with reliev
ing irops of the Sixth Cavalry the
aldr.n scattered in th,. Cbapparal
between here aid the river. Detach
tnents in pursuit.
Rergt. gchaefer, Troop c. Third
nkvatry, and Hrivatoo Joyce ami Mc
fkinnoll, Compan) i, signui Corpa
were killed ii. acioii. The following
wen- wounded! Prlvatet Bowner,
Bshl l.a'iglandn, Kubly, all of Troop
M. Third Cavalry; Scrgl Smith and
orporal Qanxler, S. gnal Corps: Prl
cgta Shall ecl. Troop C Third
Cavalry, ami Privute steward. Com-
liSJ'V I Signal 1 forpe
prdore for tin reenforcemonl f the
nmjbargo on arm against Villa and in
fgyor of CJgrrangg have ROW been re
ceived bv nil euatoms fflclala on the
Mexi'an border Tio m far no arrange-
n4iits have beiai made foi- cooperation
of ibe army in the enforcemoai of tins
order. It Is expected, however, that the
border patrols will ije instructed to lake
suoii steps an may prove nsceaeary to
prevent the smuggling of anna across
itin border into uia territory,
nuiuhir of members ot the Pan-
American 1 inference called on Secretary
Lansing In-day to extend congratula
tion,, on the completion of the dellbera-
tlons ami the recognition of Carrgagg,
in a tinai statement Issued on the
eve "i jt dissolution the villi agency
1.1 re i'1-nigiit denounced Ogrranxg us a
man who ha violated hie promise and
who lull iid 10 violate I hem further by
becoming a candidate for election 10 tin.
constitutional Presidency of Mexico.
It Prune iu Carranga's reported state
uient , Hulllllu yestordg) In which he
raid :.. expected 1,, retain the tllle
f Fit ' haf and not proclaim htm
II provisional Prusldunl of Mexico
' " Villa uitei nun ibis is be-
' ' arruusii dm 1 nut wish to dis.
i. s. Knvoy to C'liilo. 18 Ymrs
in Sorvicr, Fnvorod ly
WAgHIROTON, upt 21. PlMldetlt wll"
con probably elll appOkll Henry P.
Kl etcher of Pennaylvanit Ambaaaador t.
Hi.. Republic of Mexico In short tlinn.
It lire, nil- kflOWn to-day thai Secretary
Of Statf Limning In Inclined to NCOffl
ini'mi Mr eletchr for the poajt.
Tin- Ambaaaador to Mexico will irrn.
ably have morp than ordlnnri dUttgg ga
It In believed that In- will act hoiiipw hat
ne nn advisor to the HrM Qhlofl gov -eminent.
Mr. Kletpher if now Amhan?ndor to
Chile. Hi- han heen in the diplomat is
service of the United Statin for thirteen
yearn and is I Sggtdod an one of the moat
capable diplomats in the gorvtoe Ho is
well aciiuaitiled w.th the temiiprainent
of the lifltln American poople and In
rtited U li in Ogportoncg In Sotti.i Amer
ica and hie knowledge of Mexican gffglro
to meet the ragponalbllltlag of American
Ambaaaador in Mexico city.
Ilinry Prgthor Fletcher Wgl lnnn In
Qraoncgatto, Pa., In 1T3. lie ntmlleil
law arid wan building up a practice in
Pontiaylvgnlg when the B pantah-Amer I-
can VrAr hroke out. Me anllatod III the
It" Ugh Klden tllldi-r I'"!. ROOtOVOll all. I
erved throughout the war. Col, ROOM
Veil appointed him to the diplomatic ner
Vleo an nepotni necretary of the Ameri
can Legation at Havana In I SOS
HubaoQtiontly he nan named
retary In the legation at I'. kin and then
Hiiftlify hlmnelf. an a provlnlonal
dent In barr. d by the ConatitUtlOl
reeking ulectlon us eoaotltttUonal
frotn Prvm-
More Than :t,o Released hut
1 Id, Hon i urn, nsa'n l orees. 1
jpecel ' aOftf lrspat to Tas It .
once. uen. uonaaiea is on tun way to
the capital.
The campaign ngainnt the ap.intn
in the st.etij of Uoreloa Will he puahed
during the Doming week bv a fur f
men, which will begin the mi
ll in from Mexico clt in the
direction of Cuemavaca.
Communication by railroad with the
United Mtatea is an ncconipluibed fact.
The Hrnt train from Laredo on th,
American border, arrived this afternoon,
but it brought mily Bfty paseengera,
owing to fear of trouble on the way.
The passengers mij that nothing un
uaual bappened during the nip. The
train brought a I aril quantity of mail 1
irom the 1'lnted Slap
The diplomats of the various nations
who are lu re extended official congratu
lations to ill 11. Carrgagg this afternoon
upon his recognition as head of the
Mexican Government, Mnrcellne imvi
los, who li in charge of ibe Foreign Of
fice, telegraphed congratulations to the
Firt Chief.
HrothiT ii iirlhern l,uJr
Will I lulil Ilnrdrr Now.
I'1- '
iso, Oct, .'l "lien. Villa will not
Xico oil the advice of fl lend OT
enemy. He will continue Inn Mtruggle
to free tin mmon people from the rule I
of landlords and the moneyed claao. Wo i
know iiothitiK of the report from New
York that frauds of the ileuer.il are
urging him to leave Mexico ami lei iu--
ranga and his cola. its npread themselves
Unopposed over all tin- .niintry. but wo
know that Hen villa is going to light
harder now than evur. If be uults tight- 1
1 1 ik u will i.e hen 1 1 he can got no j
moie ammunition,"
Thin was the declaration of Hipolltu
Villa to-lilght. He declared that the
Qenoral Is now well on his way Into1
(Mora Willi Ills force and that C. Ir
ian.. 1 and his tried Would Soon Is-
driven from Sonora.
Toe imbargvi remained in effee. t onlay f
and not a cartridge went acTOM the line
to the Villa force unlens it was smug
gled. Gen. Villa I" known to be abort
of ammunition.
Milling men and oilier Americans ar 1
riving from the sxiulh at Juarez to-day
aaaertod that there is every indication In
Cii-oUahua city that the villa forces are 1
preparing to evacuate. All Villa records I
were removed some lime ago, ostensibly
to tfuerrerro, scene ,.f ii. aotl vitiss of'
I villa in hi.- bandit days, but it Is believed
1 they have been Kent on mulebaol to Her- ,
I moalllo, capital of Sonora. which i ;
said to have he, n selected an the seat
for tlie Villa-Ma ytorvna govern tnant.
liioulniliii lilt llrlll'M lilMf-iiN
iMiii to He Unfit
!r. John Wi Arnirifon. director "f lha
Hyflnttnlc Laboratory r tba Lnltad
si.tt-s Publlo HaBrth aarvlcr, laal nbjbt I
itiaj!Taotcd at u maatlng f lha Arudamy !
nf Madlolna that to Moufa Immunity
from lyphiia fvar, which laai wlniai
r;tvaKi,'i Varblft, nr-renn liable in ba j
1 poaeq to uia iii- ir anuuid jiarmii inr-rn- t
I aeWaa tu be InoeutAUd With BHU'i I
i Hlnoa thi- lattt-r dlMMa 'H 1 n 1
I provad to b a miui form of typhtii favart i
iif Midi lha sfi'un) anamtad would auc '
caaafully ovsrooma typhuji bacilli in the !
body before thy eould Inereaae.
Dr. Nathan E5 Brill told of hid utn
eovary f the oflld form nf typhua in
IkM and atrid ilia- the bai lllua uf typhua
iHolated by i t Marry lloia f Mount
Hlnal Hospital hint NiiririK WAM tin aame
farm that oauaed i he attenuated form
ft th dlaaaaa found in America
Poller Think Haa4nafe Te0apliona
Hlaa Anna l.ami , yearn nhl, who
HHt. 11 telephone operator at Maxim i
reatauranti wa found dead yeaterday j
momlnf in tin courtyard at Hlver-j
ritif 1 irlvd The pooe say they be
Have he Jumped from the rtlnini room
nf apartment which aha occupied
vviiii Ifiaa May IHiinnafan on tin1 tenth
ti ur. The yoUIUJ vvihi 1a 11 WOK In her
nlfhl robot but on her flngere ware
tiute very valuable ilnf Other jewelu
were found upon the body.
Mlaa Kia nnafan was overcome when
aha was awakem i by the police and
told that her friend waa thud. Detec
tive iiiry learned that there wan a
party in the apartment "i vYedneedayi
at Which there were three men ami u
third woman The police art' looklnf
fur these friends of the dead fir).
It Waa teamed that Miss J.amey on
Katfed t tie a put meat a month a(0 a mi
paid lu r $ 1 no nut In adaiiv. H r
niotht r, it was said, liven In Klmhim t,
I. I. Miss 1. an ley mnVred a nervou
collapae aoma time af o( it waa r.t id.
and worried much ubout a brother who
IM In it lunft Island hoHpilal. A HOCOnO
brothi r ended hln life ahuiit two years
aao by jumptntf out nf tile wimhw of
nn apartment hOUH 1 Rlvt-nddo Drive.
I v
Henry P. Fletcher,
Who will probably in- gppointtd
Amba.spailor to Mexico.
at Lisbon. He wan iransfened t Santi
ago. Chile, to 1 nine charge of the le
gation there ami in lief became
Mlnlater, lb- waa appointed Ambas
sador by Piefldenl lleon 1 year ago,
when OongroM panned a law raining
tlie pont at Santiago from a legale n
to nn embaaoy.
Kational Americanication
Committee .nit Onr
People One I nit.
I Tin- Natninal Amei Icamzatioti I'om-
wtlttee haa sent to ISO collegea an appeal
I tO prepare stud, tits for the task Of I
1 bringing the foreign population of the I
'i'nlted Statin to an understati'llug of;
I what citloenahlp here means Ttria work
has been undertaken as equally impoc-
I taut w ith that of bt)lldlng Rghtlng efilpa I
and training lighting njen. on the theory I
that In the event ot a war an oeseut .il
to auoceoa would be the unity of the
whole 1 pie.
"Strikes, anil-American leagues under!
pe.u'e and ueutralltv banner in our Very j
matott" runs the committee statement, I
"leave un no doubt of tin- need of dona-
lug, iierhapn enforcing, a standard
. ' ...
tlizensh.p. In thin Immed
j ate tank tiie colleges are asked to fur
I nigh the leaders and workers Just as
they are being called upon to furnish re
cruit for our citizen eoldlery.
! "ft w ilt be be g, hard plot f work.
It i. We arc iota, lo take DVC years
make ue really 'prepared' with respect
tu 1
tne navy. Il Will lakoUt east Dial ho g
I,, make one nation of -ur many pi. -
and tiius to bring about preparedness in
American oil Igenahlp,
"Such preparedness proouppoooi com
mon social ideala, common rogpoot for
laws, a common language, common
understanding of Industrial conditions,
American standards of living every
where These are tin detinue tin i;s to
I... done in any community :
"Find out tiow many foreign bom
there are and how many of them are
oitlgena or want 10 be; how many speak
Knglleh 1 what standards of living pre
vail and why. With these fans in
hand, It In lime In wage first, an 'Kllg
llsh Language Firnt' campaign through
the night schlols i second, an America
First campaign through naturalisation
lasses and through citizens training
camps : third, an 'Kfficlency First' cam
paign bv promoting I'ltlSenahlp in f.
Momhori of the National Amoiicanlga
Hon Committee include Thomas A.
ECdfson, lien. Leonard Wood, Clarence
H Mackay. P. P Ctaxton, Federal Com
mlasloner of education: John Finley.
siate Commissioner of Bducatloni tar
dlnal Olbbons, John Mitchell, Mrs. Vin
cent Astor, Mis K T gtotesbury,
Nicholas Murray Itutler, llobert Hacon
and Ft.iiik Trumbull
1 niicd Mllltaey Ur4or ktartdd by
nine nti, 1 ftray ,
II.- Th,
ITnited M
Ordtr ( Amvrti a ha
hr- A Riottf the tir
A. Vim Oharivtt K
I tftimrnond, kntii k
L. Mhvppa rdi iMiri
W. St w.ini VVbb ' 1
Till' oltje 'tn Of thf
I 1 t'll . : . . f 1 . 1
tanlsara ara Hanry
Hamlin. I V man
tr.!tii M.tttli'. John
I lenry i ami
Htm VorN '-it,,
oraanla itlon ara lo
, untta
bond of ft it
rnuy and frland
I hip" Um
r t boaa arh
in t rl "army i mi
Of the North ami Si
ii. tween the Htnte
leflalatlon for the
adeojuei te a rmy and
am) civilian Hrv lee
lUthi dUfini the war
and t atlmtllate
maintenance of a n
na .
Tli"- Incorporation
t the ordei . it wan
nald noma of its
K.tt).-y s taa nlf bl
largely the work
Amlrvw. a s"ii of ll
Maeeaonueetta i f
bi held at I is honie
ot r?ol ilenr) H.
e war (loverttor it
llrst meetlnf win
m Thuraday i ifiit
cui. Andrew aald an oifanlaatlon in
which the blue and the fray mlfhl
together for national preparedneaa had
hum been lacklnft nil expressed the
opinion that alien a body nf men ahould
have m ire in tin nee in brtnflna about
an adequate army and navy than almoei
any oihr.
Pfflf 14 M illin i
fir t ii ilr ii I it.
I I'll i ll i n U
San PHaNCISCO, tt. "I.- Militui in
slnn t ion ih pi i'i "f tin publkl lHwh
so-hunl oouraa WAM provided to-day by the
Utate BoArd t BtluoAtlon.
w c Wood, a member of the boardi
H.iifi that tii St. nf boArd le reedy to
leeue eertlHoAten tu miiitury I net root or a
wiih proper qUAltllciitione, And iiaI they
will be daW at Hi- i-.i'Mr rate um other
Hpfi iai teAt'here. '' rullm atY,,tr eev
t'Titoin hijrh hi)nitii ponipunleH now or
are nlaed i i1"'' ! xpected to a.-t ee i
etlmulue ti Ihe
coin pun tee
orrani..iti''n oi' other
I mirth AVSOOB, SOT 2flb stetieB.
gldiMg Vtrset, ear, Rlvtggtog li
I even tit Ave., bet, 4iii ami 4inn im
lallBgtnlt Ave., cor. 124111 SITSSt,
,.rrnl hlreet, eor. UllOtOg sireut.
i,t Tg at., bul, laiiiuslou a il
i-hl In ,, inn hi,. DOT. i i u.
I .a vet.
Conllnitef from Firat Pnje.
; into. In unite of etatle eondltlonn and
the Interferenpe of lightning. Mr. t'artv
admltlOd that 11 great amount of work
munt hi' done before ordinary ponveren
t lull between New York and Parla KiOfl-
don and other IXiropear capltala la pon
I nihle.
"It In dnngervnm to predlpt." eald Mr.
Cgfty, "I'Pcnuee I have got to make good.
1 1 nhnll do II within rennon, though T
I fpel pertain that with gradual improve
I nient. we ehall he utile to talk around
' the world. 1 (Irmly believe that It will
1 be jioHftitil to talk
New Vork to Toklo.
from any phone In 1
I would hate to nay
Junt how soon. There U a vast amount
of w.jrk still to do, but we are making
lery rapid progrene, nnd these are thing!
of yearn rather than mouth.
"There are many thing.- to be con
sidered. The war may Interfere, but I
hope It will be over before we are pre
pared to send transmitting scin aerone
the sen. Yen. Honolulu might talk to
Pari by wireless to Ran fYanCtOCO and
by wire to Arlington and by wlrelens 10
Parte, We shall get Honolulu to Purls
if e get New York to Toklo. The name
problems are Involved."
rapt. Itullard had not heard the 0on
flMiiatory cable news last night when he
talked ai Washington to the newspaper
men at the telephone building here, but
i'i I. Samuel Helier of the signal service
made this statement over the wire:
"The sue, rueful transatlantic radio
telephonic experiments last night, while
p '-nennlng great historic Interest as the
Hint authentic InetgBOO of the transmis
sion of audible speech gcruei the Atiun
tlc Oeogn, have less ortehtlflc significance
than the recent radio telephonic trans
mission from Arlington to Ssn lran
ClSCO and Honolulu.
"The distance covered Wa much It nn
than that from Arlington to Honolulu
and the tranotn lesion wa almoet en-
tlrely over water, a much easier conli
tlon, Had it tint been for war OOndltlon
Hie engineers of the American Telephone
and Telegraph Company would have
talked to Paris from Arlington before
the) .lid to San Franclaoo and 11 mo-,
lulu -
Tin following dee patch wa." received
lant night from Theodore N. Vail from
il... Motel 1:1 Toyar, Qrand Canyon,
Arts. :
"Tlie talk from Washington '.b -tnorning.
heard both in Paris and Hoiik-
I lulu. I but an amplification of the talk'
prevlOttaly had bet we, n New York and
san riancloco via vYaalUngton, which I
I Was heard at Honolulu and many other
I Wtrelees etatkma It establishes a a 1
1 fact that, under favorable atmospheric
ami electrical condition with proper
: equipment which tl gtnoori of the,
j American Teloihone a nt Teiegrap 1 ,
I Company have developed, we will
gnie to earry on conversation net ween 1
New York and European potntl an well
as to
vVes'ern cant
Pacific 1 1 near "
and piin's
. West Oranice i elebentes
I'nlks Home I'roni
Wkt OgAKOg, v .1 . ud II - Bdiaon
day the thirty-sixth anniversary of the
Invention of the Incandescent lamp by!
Thomas Bdleon w.m celebrated si
multaneouoly to-nighi in the Bdloon
laboratory and ut the Panama-Paolflc
Bxpoitlu Mr Bdiaon and bin wife
and many notables observed the day in ,
Hat Krancinco, while thi rest of hla
family celebrated it here Th two
group-, however, omveeraed over th,- longi
distance telephone and ein h treated the I
other to musical selections Chief En-1
glnoor John .) Carty of the American
Telephone and Telegraph Company
Joined 111 tile celebration over the tele
phone at 1 'hi. -ago
Mr KSdlaon made bin first telephone
speech ovei s ll. ti'O mile wire when
hi imke I me two hundred friends
gathered in ins honor in hm laboratory !
tiach of th. loo listeners wus supplied
with a telephone receiver, a magnifier I
placed on a receiver in the telephone
exhibit at the California fair enable I j
Mr Bdiaon to hear, for the inventor '
deafness ban prevented htm from uel"g
the telephone to any extent Miller
lle.se Hutchison. Mr. Kdisou s chief en
gineer and personal representative,
greeted him llrst from thl end and '
th.-n suddenly switched on a record of I
a diamond disk phonograph, Mr. Mdlson's
Invention, which finished the congratti !
latory address.
Mlaleter n i h niei, tr Hdaea
flnnal ggtoOMOg
PtTTSBORO, Oct, L'l The pon, l,oy
doss ti"i nave an qua opportunity with
ih.. nu nf wealthy parents in obtaining
a professional education, aocordlng t.
tie- Kev Hansen ii. Conwell, president
nf Temple ITnlverslty, Philadelphia, He
told the ynuppr people's union "f the
Pennsylvania Baptist convention tu n. s
slon her., that an aristocracy of tdu
estion ru,w rsista oiuK largely t.i the
endowment system by which American
culleges are malntalnod,
"Tin whole system has come armut
through endowing our universities and
colleges by tin- rich und tnoy naturally
dictate the policies mid standards set
by the Stuie board," the Itev. Mr. Con
well nald. "Nowadays it dooon'i depend
mi what you know it in how rich
yull ure."
lllilll'l'tt ll4llla'tM'r JfTolj 1
(nif II tiltl tip.
iii ut lift 1 1 1 pai ii fVw pan ii h u
camly Pnuik i .!', 1 1. ot llfi
136th itfMti Atld two other n
! About thf MAine ago, held up Mm
KoscbAi I0i who runs a grocer)
'at 8H Kn 1 15th Hirrct. lust i'
The Daly boy wu armed with
o bu)
M Of
end nuoe of tee pUm's of lead t 4 t at
tached to a wlrr M- It nick .Mi's
KoMiha with thin. injtirliiK her BO h-
verely that ehe is in Mncoln Hoepltal
Thr 1 aly boy Baked for a CAU "f
corn on p sin if behind Mrs Koecha Ae
elie turned to ejel i' he leaped on the
counter ami Hemni ti" eluneTehnt ,i" t''
back of her head. Although onlj half
conecloue( M re. Koeche ecreameil nnd
; frappled with the boy
two otner younnsii ih ruened m and
ma4e for the caeh drawer( The woman'e
ecreante brought paeeereh Into the Rtore
and Ihey yelled until Policeman Nihil)
run in. Tin- two Aocompllcee eecaped al
ih flret sikii rf trouble, bul Daly wan
unable to gel j way f rom iuh iotlm
lie wus te ken to the Walton avenue
el at Ion i where he refueed t tell who
his uompanlonH wrr
.Cnnrtlanrlt A., eor 14 Hth Htrt-
Hllllllkl I S
rnillh Nt,, eor. l,lvinaUin -it.
.rahain Avenue, eor. llntMivuian s
It M Ii li Avenue, eor, liiakaway Av
fSR Cat NT, fllAUUKinVF
fnnftriaeif from Ffrnt Vnijr
aervlce? A. Tlie nhorn line aomlco
waa Improved by that route. Addi
tional service wan given to the public
by the route an the renult of the Inane
of the New York, Providence and Pain
ton line.
J. Were there eny additional tralne
put on? A. 1 think there were.
These annwern did not dlnpliune the
defence bepHiim the nlinorptlon of the
New York. Providence and Honton back
In the yearn when Mr. Itoekefeller. the
only one of tin- now .1, feudanin on trial.
wan a director. Is a lag part of the
ehargen airalnnt them all.
I Mellen
Ha paled. Ngtfctor,
Mr. Swacker then turned to the nub
: led of Hi- New laigland at a time
I when Mr. Mellen liecaine Its general
manager and there were revelations of
the righting ah, lit . s of the general man
ager In the next series of answers. Mr.
Mellen said that after the lease had
heen perfivted there was an attempt to
shorten the running time between New
York and lloston over the line by way
I of Kpringfleld and over the shore line,
leaving the New England route out. He
! said that as soon a be heard about It
he went down to New Haven to see
Charles P. Clark, president of the road,
and Lucius Tuttle, vice-president.
I "I pi rsuaded them not to do it.'' said
the witness after
objections to the
Mr. Mellen W
11 long argument on
testimony had been
finally anked what
argument ho 11-. !.
"I told Mr Clark." be replied, "that '
I had Prepared .1 train from lloston to
Aliens point 10 connect wMtn the
steantor Ci of IVoroooter from Alien
Point to New York ami I hud the
notices In my scket nil read to go
Into the Hi.si-.n evening paper ai rac
ing that th. fare between BoetOfl and
New York would be one dollar."
There was more argument, but finally
Mr. Mellen Wg allowed to nay What
the old preatdeni of the New Haven had
to nay to that.
"Mr. Clark looked at my paper and
wanted to know If It was 'h nt Injun'
and I told him it was, that I hoped he
would roconaldei H" s.,m he would
line to go to New York and he said:
Tuttle, tlx this up w ill Mi Mellon' and
he tlxed it up with 'Mr. Mellen.' Th.
fare between New Tork and Itontiii then
by rail was 15.
A little later win; the loemment
to g. I into evldenoi a letter
win ten by
dent of the
Mr. Melli
i'.iper foun
the' origin
drew it.
The 11 ,v.
I'bHllen I 'arsons, then presl-
New England, to Mr. Mellen,
himself on looking at the
i thai It wa only a copy of
and tiie Oovcrnroent with-
nenl appeared to he jump
ing arounld from one point to another,
closely followed by the lawyers for ih
defence Mr. Mellen was asked about
I the time he became second Vtce-prOSl-j
ilent of too Now Haven in November,
llltf. He wus employed by Mr. ri.uk,
i h said, aid was appointed traffic in ana
I ger at the "tart.
Q Did you iiave anything to do in
I that respect at the start" A Not
enough so I could 11 member It.
H Did you hae any conversation
with Mr. Clark about It? A. I did. I
complained that 1 was apparently do-
Itlg 11 .thing. 1 did not see how I was
earning my salary. He told me 1
ought to he prett) well satisfied to he
able to draw my salary
y Did he say anything concerning
the reason for employing you? a.
ii. said 1 had made loo moon 'fa
IIU - .le e of myself on the New I'lng
lund That brought a laugh, the jurora
seeming to enjoy :t along w ith the law
yer ami clefondanto.
The Baaeataalo laawrgfloa,
Tu. Houaatonlc absorption earn up
then und ggali Mr Mellen seemed noi
altogether :. natisfy the Government, j
H. nnd there sras a traffic ararnge-
merit between the l"r aim new
I England and the H u (atonic railroad
latltedHting liln I'.ituiectlon with the f..r- i
titer rood. It related to New York lml- 1
nenn and there was a through pssssnger
I train liotwoen Booton and Brooklyn by
j way of 11 ferry t OyatOr Ba) and over
I fe Long Inland H ull. .ad
The Witt SOO nald he ti led to Set rid I
lot tiun paaoenger arrangement as soon
I he went with the New Bngland. He I
I complained of il t" Mr, Parsons, the
I preoldent, "it was absolutely uopro 1
I ductlve," he teotlfled, "it had a nulaancel
lvalue, thai i ail. it a a" awfully
l eapei slve thing."
1 -Hut ,t afforded them an Independent
I tne to New York rltyt" questioned Mr.
VI -li ner lu.j". i ,,,y .
"To Brooklyn." was the drj reply,
hut it carried perhaps oi r taxi pao
Sanger a day."
AS to tne freight line Wllloh raine
Into New' i.rh over tne n-.atn m t ie
i , w Bngland Terminal ompany frvni
; tVllaon'a Point, Mr Mellen said it waa
' ail rlahl for such business an tiiey could
n. nd that way. "But there was ii large
business wi u h would net no that way,"
he added.
The Houaatonlc aa noqutred by the
. w Haven in ibe summer of IIM and
si orii afterward the New Bngland Ti r
minui Company wun discontinued,
What wan the renult id tl perti-
tion of the terminal company?" anked
Mr. Bwacker.
Dlsggtrous," was the gnawer. Mr
Molten added tn.it the egpeiMOS had
heen shared b) the n, w Bngland and
Formerly at 2 Rector Street
is now located in its new quarters on the
19th Floor of the
120 Broadway
Capital $3,000,090
Resources $12,000,000
A good rato of Intoroat , tog other
with our "Safety Limit,"
makaa our Guaranteed Mort
gage the afet and bet farm
of Inveatment. Buy our
CaplUI.Surplu Pr $9,000,000
S Uherty It.lt. T. IM Mont Mm St.,BXa.
the llotisstotdc, which owned It. "it
was a Dretty expensive luxury to have
In the family," commented the witness.
Mr. Mellen was not clear In the way
In which the terminal company had
wound up Its career, but It was ad
mitted finally that the corporation had
been closed by foreclosure. Then came
the Connecticut Itlvcr railroad question.
Mr. Mellen said the New Haven had It
under a lease for a week When the Hon
ton and Maine got II away from them.
After Mr. Swacker had intPOdllOed MRM
minutes of the old New Haven tioard
court adjourned for the day.
Tfctt the Instruction BhoalfJ
Hp Compulsory.
Vrw iimv Com, . Oct II - Pn ni'hT'
Arthur T. Hadley or Yale In his annual
report made public to-day egpreagea
himself strongly in favor of military In-
rtructton In unlveroltlca and oollegee. al-
though he dOe not bell.V'c It BtlOllld be
tion an omolal declaration of policy."
h. s.,ys in part:
it ban been propoged U oupplement
I!,.- vacation work done In camps by
, v.n.
organlged military instruction ,,t Y....
Itself. The War I iipai tment I ready
1.. urnieti otllcers who will give eiu-
d. n who have attended the summer
1.. nips or who propose to attend eum
mof camps I net ruction in military
science and organise a systi in of lec
lure- and of tactl. il walks. A curse,
of this kind lias already la-en introduced
at Princeton, and although 1: Is too eooll
to Judge It results the experiment 11
regarded n a promising one.
"Man) officers and students have x-l
preaoed fh dealre that instruction at j
wo summer campSi suppiemenieu oi
tuch colli s .11 military BCiSDC as may
ne given during the winter, should be
recognised a- fulfilling part of the re-
uulremenl toward a degree.
'Tin r. in another proposal which go
1 h further. Many of the graduates
of Y'ale Wish lo s' e military drill made;
part of the course Itself. Trey would
require it of all who art phyolcally cape
Me siid h. as not in sympathy with
last proposal and continued:
Taking all llieKe considerations t"-
gether. I r. gard th - student military
ramp as one of the moot valuable moans
of safeguarding! the peace of the coun -
try which we have at our command
ami I believe that official recognition
of these innrpn by out colleges Inetead
of leading to inllliai lni will lay thi
baetg for a foreimi policy to which, in
Webster words, we may ows anfet)
ai home, dignity and oonoide ration
"I aokitlK at the who!e nituat .ui fairly.
I bievo that it in not only Juetlnabli ot s
iut dootrabls to glv crodli to our stu
dents lor work ih. ne in t ie summi r
onj.e. ant i ooperate vvltti In. .illu
in every wa)- in supplementing such
vn.rk by subsequent study here at Vale
under the direction of officers or tie
War Department."
iHki-n lulu I iinlod on n
o, rum leaned ' '""
A iiiati giving hla name an ll.
lie IU II
Herbert of th,. Hotel Florence wm a -rented
last nlglil at Seventh avenu ami
F ifty-flfth ntree: by Detectives ilegan
and Daly ami Meut. McConville oi the
Central Office on a bench w arrant innued
against W. Pool in 1(01 on a charge
of grand larceny, Th.- platpant i-
Loul Krank, a hop dealer w.th offices in
the Produce Exchange Building, who
Huyn that Herbert swindled no out nf
Becords at Headquarter shua, a.--ourdlng
to the police, that the prisoner
iian served tin -'arn in th, Clinton
prioon, having been sentenced in 1.- ;it
Albany, und three years In ti e federal
prison at Atlanta. He w.m sentenced
ere and lined ill.' hj Judge Holt in
the United States District Court in IU1S.
The detective arrested the name man
a few days as" on description fuinldied
by William O'Hi II) of Toronto, who v,in
swindled out of M7.u"i In a wiretapping
game hint summer, hut he wan din-
charged by Magistrate Houm in the
W'esl Slda oourl
1 Brooklyn Aeattomy Packed nn
Hp Arffiips for Sticiiilism i
With Dii veil port.
1'r. Sett Nearlng. the young professor
) of economics who went around to his
j ofllee In the I'nlverslty of Pennsylvania
one morning and found that his chair
wasn't (Ml he had left It the nigh'
before, debated nharply lant night In the
Brooklyn Academy of KlgtfC on the QUO'
Hon, "Itenolved, that Socialism Ought to
! Prevail In the United States." With MOT- ;
rl Hlllipilt. Pr. Nearlng took the I
! affirmative and comhatted the arguments
of the Itev. Father John I,. Helford and
Prof. Frederick M. liavenporl. who wan
once 11 leader of the Progressive parly
and Its candidate for Governor.
Bvery seat .f the 1,114 in the Academy
of IfUBlc was OOQUpled and hundreds of
Pomona stood. The audience, Fattier
gmjally divided in Its sympathies. M gp-
peured. enjoyed tlie debate. If either side
earned a decision, It was the aide of 1
I socialism At all events, the speakern I
I fur socialism received longer and more
I demonstrative applause thun was evoked j
1 by the advocates of Individualism.
SiarU In Baffle fit Wit.
''"" eneaker wan allotted imeen
minutes for the presentation of hi argu-
rnenta and ten mlnutaa auboequontly for
rebuttal .f hi oiiisment statements,
Oonernlly siwaking. the ,ieba;e was
'rri'-'1 ' lTf"''t "' hlw,r. al-
tiiougu me Bameeinee 01 me rour and
their sharp wit OOQeglOBgHy struck off
etiarkn. Pr. Nearlng and Prof. Haven-
IKI! t il -Tl?re.,l HatU ivot. ,.eniiiir H,m
recent nctlvltl of John D. Kockefeller,
jr., Pruf Davenport praising Mr. Rocke-
feller foi the spirit and activity he dis-
P'ajed ,11 Ins Colorado investigation,
decllnine; to give any atich
1 tribute.
' "r. Net, ring wan fir-1 on tin- platform
ami was ,.,.,t carefully scrutinised
the man) persons who had read of Ids
controversy with the trustees of the
I'nivemity of Pennsylvania. They ob
served thai h' wan a well set up young
lllan. of oiii. U :m it n.i-v,,iiu ...
,hl(, h, m ,lond of complexion, with
thin, very light brown hair, light blue
',. mai nonuumen nrooiie.l. sometime
gleamed with earneetnesa; that he spok
With a big vol,-,, ami with many ges
tures, the principal trick of which was
to .slap hlmat If resoundingly upon the
leg, ii.- began with the statement that
lie believed that whatever In human
activities 'an be boot left to the In
dividual should be accomplished by the
Individual, and thai whatever In bent
left 10 the community for the gomi of
all should be attended to by the com-
munlt) This. ii,. contended, was es
pecially true in the years when the
nation was young, and there were op
portunities for .voting men to go out
and take their acres of timber, or uf
t irm land or of mining land.
it circuinstai s. he said, have so
1 , lunged, the natural resources have s
, fallen int th,. hands of the few that
revlsnl of the industrial system is
1 utterly necoaoarj in order thai aa
oligarchy of wealth may not continue to
expioit the labor of their bsn fortunate
fellow el. sen. An an example of what
i, referred to he Instanced 'he control
1 ,,f Pennsylvania anthracite tracts bv let.
PennsIvanl:i mal earr.:u; loalioad
"who laugh at the Constitution." The
erhoh problem, h nnal, aag beet to i..
,t, t.u ''rookeries and lonemonts
,v Yuri,, your own dirty dooryard."
rutin r Helford's Beply,
Kathet Belford maintained that social
i-in i t .. entirely materlaliatio to in
worthy of followero, that Improvement
t and refoiin mut come from the heart
Hid n,.ul of lean, from hli growth ill the
teri.n lit,-, rather than from any pro pa
'and.i deull u with sheer materialism
lie :.'.,!. ted n... i.i.inin I" I'OUOe, ag he said,
t pr. io oed against private ownership,
which on nlf fur man's Independence and
Mi Hlllqult, tnont loudly applauded
of thi foui debaters, argued that nine,.
democrac) w.,n merely il gpreasion
..i oui rommon right to administer our
in affairs socialism, which m-ik. to
give men i:;l greater llbort) of action
it. matters most essential to their well
helnit, would he the greuti'nl t-Xprt'klol.
ot demo, raci .
lrof. Davenport replied that he w.
Pin ned tO BOvlUllam because It tended
io destroy political Independence such
Independence of tii,.uir ,i nd action an
wan acquired by the dlgnll) and pride
und responsibility of Individual, private
uanershlp it wmk here thai he said
of John i Rockefeller, Jt :
"Tiie spirit he showed lant month in
Colorado has fJr mors of the promise
of American life in n than ail of tin.
muff oie.it struggle and mule that so-
delist preach,
in rebuttal argumei t th four had
lie light all over again, to the high
delight i if the audience, ,: the end
there was loud applause for th,. chum
plans of sacti nide. and " ibody will
ever knOW who Won.
WARFIELD. President
B. I LATT ,, ,
A. F LYNN cc rcscn,s
1 heee Permanent
and Plants for Spring
and Early Summer
HO Darwin Tulip-. ei pa
Ifl spare ic kind- fioi
30 foliage Tallp,g d
in newest kind- t- uu
7 Tullpn. stngleft iu
ami double el.UU
i poaalosidistim i va
liright rolont -.UU
g Bardf Phlm, H 1 lnd lr
0 fierman Irln, II irt, )r
Ml allow- prepai,!
thi: wfloi.r. paKrin
t omplete tll'iinn t 'glgloggl
Harelay, t or. t'bureb HI,
tUVNU MUM tMi ii,,i
Hi IlltOI,
ll,.t In. i.,i, m I'ltv. I. mar t ,n
W AI.TKU It M A It n'll , Houlnikntif
R4K'AKI M IIIMII. I "It Ilills
l ieldnon. ,. gaSdgt 11 . reitMl
U du . Including sat' gttuly bom TsnnH
fXwrta. AthietiiHeid. Rlnd'g to t 'nlles,
A W. Mth st. Tel isni Nrhuyler
Boy from to 2o All Department.
No I, n,,,e nludy for luiin unilei It
lr. KH ll ir s M IIIMII. r,u mils
3 1 0-as 3 west and Ave Tel t'ol i
The l.Mh yenr ln.gtn ttctobei t i-n .
Out di Mir exert'tnea I .10 to I all nu
HAMIt.TON INN I li t II I lilt lllll s
SUM Wi Knd Ave Tel r.Mi.' ,,,
Mth rear BcgUM s. ,t Hit ti
HI I hi I I M IIIMtl. I nil lltns.
000 Madlon tve., near Sild i
l;. . .jii. M.iniin) . I let ltd
M l'l I'll s IIM I IS A t l til.
Till. HltllM N M IIIMII. or I I I IIIIIM,
211 West 7 Mil St. Tel. l'l, I nv.
TWO yearn work In one AhNolutely rialy
one at a time with a teacher
111 I twill Ml SMIIII SI , nil
lteieit in i. ,1,, i I at
ill Kal mull Streel
Atlertl.n.ll UPf I Won.
Till', k on i i m iioiii inn nuts
Blvgrdal onHudeon. ;t,i" Klnsniiriii
eountry oaj and boartlln - i, , I ,
y ieer boy. BAKBV J hl nf.l rtn
1 1 1 I I It M IIIMII
4.0-&I gaat 011 Ntreet
Ite-opi-n.i Sept. 2ih lrtnirt net lib.
iiymnaniunt nd Outing i la---
Ol.ltl.lt I I. MIIIMII. I III! gOVg,
211-211 tt tf(h streel
t I idlese Preiar,it,,ri gcheel
w lib Ml rung lrlinar 1.1 I.Milr
ri.lt I.IKI s AND ti.l M, Wiitus
THf. II t US 4 III! MIIIMII loll I. litis
Kindergarten tot'ollege fJrdute In Ii at.
ii; (lolwfM Qymnawum nn Tenn), , .
al.iinie 121 ilil MHth Street
ii t ns tun m ikmii. in inn si um n
AltTs. 22i. w Tilth si Tra'nlii I
inekvr Deerokirut, dtwtcnlni
ner cookttia, MOOOUnUk Tel '.".'." Srhiijl
lit Mil l lis, INHTITI'TB ion i mis
001 n si , Hlvenririr Hrtve. Tel Win Hh
(loUeee t'erttncalui l.Mnii,' . ,
Ber liar A gpHclal toure. Larsi ftyi
in: LAM i: M HOOL t'oM i.liiis
te.l laid Ale A USth si Tel 112!' II
Kill, Ii mart. n. Klein, in ar . High n ,,
aildl'ull.tfe ('rep. Hoy K li'lllt'l i ., I -.
I III II It 1 1 W S SI IIIMII l I, it,
ilia went r Hh .,,
i IIDee 2ii w 7 -.tli si Tel I
T veer in on Abealutei I ,
mt i nsnn m mini
. S7U tt.,t Km) tv . e .i .i 1 SI
Kindergarten. Klenionlary, High i.
l'l liege Prepai.tt lull ''t 'i(,i
no i ii si i
11 UK tl. I I I I I III. SI 1111,11
Central Part. Weal und Hist) ihti i i it
From K iiiilergurteu to I'tillen,
AthkHtk rata open Air l
I Ills III ill I 111,1 a tlifcutll.t
A M Mill It t I I S OS lillHIl
I III SI IIOIII .1 OI I I 1 .1 t S II I I Ml'
III III tl . t s s S I I I I
INMTHI i I los.
vrw YoKk lilt. s, Vnrt
01 I II I II t LSI I.
Day snd boaroias ".tieu. iui girl .iti
veui i , beglne u.-i ttb
i on not s ash tins,, ii i
NBW oith s.-,, tell, i n
Su..e la rgnt ,n1'
eiaiuln.. ; lain g janiul-.-. .
lert teeberi ' sou Ii
"111-; tlKorK-CLAIlK n ,
Tel. it! ... .I.iii. il
MW VoliK lilt. sr fork.
Prrkonaliv Ifarhrf interprrtivr. fittwtk
racial, ballroom Ham ing Adlltrurt pn i
tale clftfMf 9 roune foi Irtchrri
( alalofr. 7 Wrsl ld V N ,
Modernf in. i am. ii
Hi r-t t mi Hull lot el Niith ki
t leM himi orh en i mt em
lot i-r iinKCi v n -1 1 nn ii
rr tu' It'll et Sll AAi
NVitr ;.
I'i Iv n I leM lllitru ' - "
k r ! - i. i ! lnterprilv . 1
V Itll 1 1 ' ii' 1 'hi' ! rn
Telephone '
III I I l I II I U lilt.
um. au.t UlaliilUllil
u.o.-t I'llic'.ci.l tiUUCUll
This complotg 1 1 rvii
aut-ulutuiy lieu 01 tlltutri.
Accurate nnrl unl la
inforination ki' en to
ThU service will prov
vgtuablg gssistanco h
iectiiiR the proper i
for placing your boy oi
In writing Rive niiti .
detail so that intelli.n
rJtal ran lie nlvrti
iU U4IIIII . Wot 1

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