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Siiffiflffistfl Criticise Dean
.lolinson'n Views One
BOVE. pupils of the Florence Fleming; Noyes school of rhythmic erine McCullen, Helen Curry. Helen Rooenfeld and Helena Constance
f. dano'n. 88 they will march in the parade. Left to rifrht around Kurgan, at right. Below Florence Fleming Noyea, who will imper
ial -XT ""Jr.! " CX' Alice Jone8 Geor- Sprague. sonata Miss Columbia, and in panel. Miss Janet Travers, niece of Janet
Elizabeth Ayer. Hilda Carllng (centre), Florence Mines Cox. Kath- Judder, who will be on the big float.
With a World in Arms, We
Have Upheld Our Diflit?,
Says Proclamation.
Inventory Kept Secret in C
Othy Klflf.V, Kniriiifcr,
F.ost' Will Contost.
necticnt Pnii f Hove for
( Mil Them "Craey."
BXOmption Here.
Tax married men? Tax a men
having family? Not If the woman
l ,, . their way. It Is hard enough to
r. a i.nml now, say they. If i
otti'-r handicap In put on man, already
staggering under old H1ah Ooat of Liv
ing, who rldca, an Old Man of Om Boa.
on Ml beeg, ho will get dtoucajragrad and
dmi) the matrimonial cam.
Thai It the aniiwer whklli four out of
011 Ave women Interviewed by Tn Spk
v tarda) made to the statement of
foeeph Krencili Johnaon before tit
I. illative committee on Wednea
i.i! matrimony and child bearing
lid not If encouraged toy Imposing
Xtra tax on bachelor, but that mu
nan should have the higher tax.
i of thew women are suff raertsta, one
IdOw and one unmarried, and two
Anils, one a widow and one unmar-
The one woman to support Prof.
n a physician.
ItllWf I'rofraaora D Idler.
Prof Johhson'a new twist to the old
fcUltlt 11 in theory that population has
lendencl to outgrow the meana of auu
f . . , . sotted varying comment from
,.; , il iraaaoM of economic and aocl
bIoh ReveraJ found it difficult to ba
il Prof. Johnson waa serious In
1 - . i. i v of heavier tax burdens for
iv nen than .'or single men. The
pi . huwevSTi Insisted that he waa
Wholly scr.oua.
il n .ii.umette Ollder, one of the
ajilis, i rmerly editor of the Critic, gave
., c "Nn" over the telephone
lad If she Indorsed Prof. John-
I. lea.
Till him to go to," she said. "I
heard anything so foollah. la the
,i crank? What a professor In the
. Vork University? Well, what he
la pure sensationalism. I certainly
n agree with him. Far he It from
say who Klin.ll ami who Hhall net
babies Am to l'rof. Johnson's
lhat the Kunn;iea,n war is the re-
"i i population well, I may be
ci some time, QUI I'm not craxy yet.
'i i Buropg ,s the result of many
lhl.,gs, but babies being born Is not one
ot I hem Too many men hesitate over
Rie now. tart us not make them
kesltate more."
. - ::uiii' Young looked up from her
I' itloni for the !uffragp parade of
lo-moi iw to say that l'rof. Johnaon was
go it I) In error.
... ra M'ir k to have a section for ba
in In ctl riggea In the parade." ahe said.
"Do i iii' look as if suffragists would
Sgrea to discourage, marriage? No, as
I i- - del exists there will be mar
n B It li true that overpopulation la
a use of war. When there arc too
ii,. i .. people they net to fighting for
i Ion to discriminate airalnat mar-
iil in favor of bachelors would
Obi ! 1 to evil, it seems to me. I can't
II would lie for the good of
Mrs. Hill Wralri of He. nil.
d against imposing a tax on
i lh," said Mrs. Carrie Chap
ill, head ot the Bmplra State cain
commltteS. "A man has enough
! now The wild la rilled with
1 women nana Ilea men are
Hi ri
m.'n 0
hi . n
I to assume the burden of a family.
ndltlon would he If matri-
taxed I'm afraid to think
- would predominate everywhere
a .' .i t:; Area would cease to burn,
est lei nature lake her course."
iti marriage by taxation'.' Ab
suld Mis Arthur M. Dodge, preat-
of i hi National Association upposed
man Huffrng. "I don't believe in
1 any harder for men to marry.
I tertalnlj wouldn't approve of
' - Ulon to raise or lower the
Ul I'lOil."
Mary Milton, physician and euf-
. ild :
loaa so many children because
properly cared for. and the
thi v an
It.., ds
: Education and other public
rem so Indifferent to thla
of tin- Innocents that I am
gl id to hear some o'ne say it is
I something to keep so many
1" 1 Ml. ores from being brought Into
II WOI Id 10 suite and die."
I I. i I.I. s
been Joking."
y. lie must
Hero It .-eager, professor
.tunnies .it Columbia University.
I f l'rof Johnson's associates at
v . ! University refused to say
l'rof. Hirold I. Reed said
nl no doubt l'rof. Johnson meant
hi laid, l'rof. Jeremiah V. Jenks
imanl on the dean's views
iv thai he thought Prof
npl) sue expression to old
. picturesque way. Prof
-. i
' ' A SeliKinan. head of the
' : at Columbia Unl-
I', would I "t enter into a debjte
Johnson because he did not
s I.itt.-; v Wednesday expression
. : Meager eaid this :
i views of Prof Johnson seem to
..nen t i one inncln :.. uhjoc
1 s thai tin. married man whose
' i h to liis view, unde-
Il the man who has not
be r eached by an in-
'.ii anyhoa No income tax un
lo small incomes. The
. neon ' tvahle under the Ked
iw for a married nian Is more
'I 1 inn the ntan with the In-
'I. s not troubled with
. i) Idren but with too few."
l'rof, Qldgtage lllHgrres.
v .
Washtnoton, Oct. 21 In a proclama
tion Issued to-day President Wilson
designates Thursday. November 25, aa
Thanksgiving lay, and calls attention to
the fact that Americana should be grate
ful for the blessing of peace.
"It has long been the honored cus
tom of our people to turn In the fruit
ful autumn of the year in praise and
thanksgiving to Almighty iio1 for His
many bleaslngs and mercies to us as a
nation," say the proclamation. "The
year that Is now drnwlng to a close
since we last observed our day of na
tional thanksgiving haw been, while a
year of discipline because of ghc mighty
forces of war and of changes which
nive nisiurnen tne world, also a
of apeclal blessing for us.
Year of Peace.
"Another year of peace has been
vouchsafed us another year In which
not only to take thought of our dutv to
ourselves and to mankind but also to
adjust ourselves to the many responsi
bilities thrust upon u by a war which
has Involved almost the whole of Ku
rope. We haw been able to assert our
rights and the rights of mankind with
out breach of friendship with the great
natlona with whom we have had to deal,
and while we have asserted rights we
have been nble also to perform duties
and exercise privileges of succor and
helpfulness which should serve to dem
onstrate our desire to make the offices
of friendship the mean of truly disin
terested and unselfish service.
"Our ability to serve all who could
avail themselves of our services in the
midst of crises has been increased, hv a
gracious Providence, by more and mora
aounoant crops; our ample llnanclal re
sources have enabled us to steady the
markets of the world and facilitate the
necessary movement of commerce wtllotl
the war might otherwise have rendered
impossiDle . and our people have come
more and more to a sober realisation of I
ne pari iney nave neen called upon tn
play In a time when all the world Is
shaken by unparalleled distresses and
rosllrarr In Peare.
'The extraordinary c.rcuinst.mces of
such a time have done much to quicken
our national consciousness and deeper
and confirm our eonfldenec in the prin
ciples ..f peace mid freedom by wblch we
have always sought to be guided. Out
of darkness and perplexities have come
firmer counsels of policy ami clearer
perceptions of the essential welfare of
the nation. We have prospered while
other peoples were at war, but our pros
perity has been vouchsafed us. we be
lieve, only that we might the better per
form the functions winch war rendered
It Impossible for them to perform.
"Now therefore. I. Wood row W'lson.
President of the I nited States - f Amer
ica, do hereby designate Thursday, the I
llgfl of November next, as a dag of
thanksgiving and prayr. and Invite the
people throughout the land to cease from
their wonted occupations and in their I
several homes and places of worship
render thanks to Almighiv God,
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of tne
United States to tie affixed
"Done at the city of Washington, this
10th day of October, in the year of out
Ixird one thousand nine hundred and
flteen, and of the Independence of the
I'nited States of America one hundred
and fortieth. Woohrow WlLgON.
"Hy the President: Robert Landing,
Secretary of State "
Tells a
t Trial of Viilanln r Work
a Delectlvr.
A woman student of sociology who h id
spent six months ss a deteotlva to aid
ir: running down "white slavers" ap
peared before Judge .MuUpjeen In Gen
eral Sessions yreterday a.- a witnesg.
against Ralph Ouarno. He was on trial
for selling five girls.
OuartlO'S lawier brought nut the story
of the woman's seal, i n cross-examination
she i-aid that her name was not
Miss Helen Smith, as Stated in the court
papers, She said she was Mrs. Jogfph
A Bryant, of West Newton. Mass . and
that her husband was OOnnected with one
of the large tlruc houses in Boston. She
had done detective work for the Govern
ment In the investigation of "white
slavery." and wus th. re k:.nwn as Miss
Anna Smith
Mrs Bryanti who is a tall bloil,
said that he w as a trraduate ..f Brv n
Mast and that she studied in Dresden,
Two men who were arrested with
Guanio have pleaded guilty. They are
Juseph Sprit and G ote Bptea.
Mrs. Hryant said that In hell ing the
police to get evidence against Quarno
she posed as the keeper of a disorderly
resort. She hatd she met tin- young man
In Mount Morris Park and discuss, d with .
him the purchase of Hva glils for pi I 1
In Hoboken, Jersey City and this city. I
She said other meetings were held in a
Seventh avenue flat. Sputa and Spira. j
she said, were paid 110 each and the
defendant got lio for the niris.
The trial will go on to-day.
Gl-Pastmsstrr-lirnersi l.nr Is si.'l
Iloth Muni al Work.
BaLTIMOgg, cl II. Prof H.is'l OII
dcraleeve of Johns Hopkins University,
wulelv known as a classical scholar. Will
be 84 years old and eg-Postmsster'Qen-eral
Jumes A. Hary Ml to-morrow. Prof. !
OlldsraleevOi who has just ratur i from
his sumnier holiday, says his house I a
not yet In order for .. formal celebration.
"Anyway." he said, his ayes a-twniKle.
"I am opposed to bin Inlay celebrations. .
I have not yet begun to take a perpetual
holiday. 1 have Just finished revising
'The freed of the id Soul.' which v.as
published in the Aliunde Monthly s.-v-eral
years 'ago and which is now Issued I
In hook form hy the Johns HopKlni
I'ress. I latmr In the afternoons at
Johns Hopkins on my 13 reek work."
Mr. (Jury was at his desk before 10
o'clock this morning as usual and was
looking halo and shipper He celebrated
bis birthday with a r.inilly dinner at his
city home in the. evening Tinrtv-two
members of his immediate mmll) will
be present.
California I'nlveralls
a .vr Mark, II
student Sets
Is IglaJ,
BggKgUTi CaJ.i h'l- II.- What is sail
to tie a new record for voluntary SUM
jienslon of respiration has been made by
Warren I. Horner, a graduate ntudcm
of the University of California, In an ex
periment oonduoted by slaton Tsmpl
Pope, Instructor In surgery.
Aoeordlng to a statemsnt mads public
to-day Horner held his lireath ten nun.
utes and ten SSOOPdS.
Not to More I p Town.
Adolph Itosenb.iuin. president of the
I.Htle Hungary restaurant, said yester
day lhat the report Unit his restaurant
would move up town was without foun
dation. The reetauratit Is now in a re
ceiver's bunds. Its former owner lias
sold out to a corporation.
i bbbbK SABBsasBlsraBBSsPSgBsasn ii BBl Bat SB Bggg . fMSOJB
nininn imr r irvAntt I dr m:w . "S
YoiinrrstrTs to Be Wheeled by
Their Mothers Despite
Scoffing of Antis.
Babies and children will he a fea
ture of the suffrage parade on Satur
day A brigade of babies will adorn
the Woman Suffrage Party section The
i babies will ride in carriages pushed
their mothers or fathers And a
group of ardent young suffragists
headed by seven-year-old Harriot Hlatch
De Forest. Kllaabeth Cadv Stanton.
great-granddaughter, will march with
the Women's Political Union.
The suffragists, not liking the criti
cism made hy some of the antls that
they "swelled their parades by drag
ging In mere children." first decided to
bar all Children, Hut the entreatlea of
proud parents and of earnest believers
In the cause were not to be withstood.
The children with the Women's Po
litical Union will have a fairly long
walk, for that division is to form ot
Houston street and Second avenue at
2 .In p. M., ami have a parade all by
Itself up Second avenue to Thirty-second
street, where It will cross to Fifth
avenue and fall In behind the Kmptre
State Campaign Committee's line
Houston street and Second avenue Is
the spot where the suffrage van was
christened last summer.
Sixty ci
Ca vlr womea Too.
avalrywomen will head the
Women's Political Union line, led by
Miss Leslie Johnson, carrying the
American Hag. The Women s Political
Union Is OuXte willing to have more
cavalrywtmicn. and any suffragist who
rl.lis anil who will preserve uniformity
hy wearing the conventional black derby
Is Invited t" Join the brigade.
The rid- rs will have a diili to-night
at o'clock it the Central Park Biding
Academy, Seventh avenue and Plfty
ninth strict. They are especially warned
b) Miss Alberta Hill, the marshal, that
"no Western costumes, bizarre effect
or fancy dressing will be permitted."
The ate allowed to pie ise themselves
about riding cross saddle or side fa. Idle j
T c c lef business of the Bmplra State
Campaign Committee yasterda) was the I
arrangement of the symbolic float that
Is to be near the head of the lino. Four ,
of the ten women on the float will
personate Victory, Liberty, Bquallty and
Justice Miss Janet Travers. niece of.
Janet Scudder, 'he sculptor, is one ofl
them and another is Mrs. Philip UoIUmU, I
tin "Boileau Qlrl" of her huobsnd's pic
tures, whn will take .the part of Vic- i
tory. The be miles of the float have I
been invited by Mrs pnuip uyoig 0
use her home at the northwest corner
of Washington Square as a dragging
Ninrt tii Hr MUn I uImiiiMii.
Plorenne Fleming Ifoyes, who i-
to be Miss Columbia Inatead of Mlsa
Marls n Parkhurst. is going to have with
he i i group of
pupils In rtanemir,
in.ri,-iii (l:.ap
Miss Parkhurst, who was to be Miss
Columbia, will he "New York"
Three hundred pt interettes will form I
.. ... . r. ... , rrv i , iv. iieri. 'iii nair. i
one of Ihe o.'oupatlonsl groups The-,
are the Ladles Auxiliary of New
fork Typographical Union No ti. ami i
lava their own band.
Melatodlal lllunltar Mys she
until Mule aa Well a Mini.
rRMvgn, 1 tot, II. Declaring that
women are Just as capable of tiling
the political ofnoea of the nation as men
are Bishop David H Moore of Olli
Clnltatl, lot forty years a notable figure
in the Mcthodlsti Ohurcn, in an mter-
lew t.i-duy Maid :
"I pel to find that I may live to see
a Woman President of the United States.
Women are capable of governing this
OOUntn There are many women Just
aa fit ;is men. .and In some cases niter,
to sit St the helm In the White House.
"J admit a little fear that the Woman's
muvi maul ma lessen the domestic vir
tues hut s... tie day I believe we will
slevata the standard of voting The in
rompetenl man or woman will not be
permitted to vote."
I iinnri'l lent VnlTrnal tlo Nenil
l-iiH'iMirHKi'iurut to ew Jersey.
llARtyoiip, Conn,, Oct, It, President
VYIIson Wiis cliissed with Lincoln at the
ploaing session this aft. rnoon of the fjun
net ti. ut iVomnn suffrage Asaoolatlon,
which also ext.. tided encouragement to
New jergoy suffragists. Mrs Thomas n
Hepburn of Hartford, president, and
innirlv all the former ofllcers wen ro-
To President Wilson the convention
extended Its "felicitations for his Miami,
so in aOOOPd with his Ideals of the new
freedom, which ha has taken on woman
Suffrage, thus further exemplifying hla
wort Illness In be classed With that Idol of
the American people Abraham Ijincoln "
The New Jersey resolution act forth
II aUsfe: Bafl V nitors shouid not hold any ..fli.s.
further that "vvherear all good grow-ih is
gradual and steady and all great move
ments strengthened by Opposition, we the
Connect tout Woman Suffrage Associa
tion, Undaunted by the failure on 'he
part of the men of New Jersey to "ti-
I franchise .New Jersey woman, extend to
. the eiten and women suffragists of true
state our heartiest admiration of th.
I gplgftgad effort and our best irlahea for
' suoossa in tiit new campaign into which
they have already thrown their strength.
foant of Vote on -nfTrimi' Hf 111
I nrnmplrlp.
Th latmt rviion f th returnn on
thi- sufTraK am,iilnuMit in .t v JertMy
iTuHcatfr. i wit the njlfoatliti luPt
! Htatr hy a vott ..f 1 2 T . I s r , t, 179.081
j This (ffiv thlr opp')?i?rH a majority of
; ullK4sr, Seventv-thitf illntrirt- : .ivc not
, Utivn account'd for an y I I- . .m'
cans district r'tiirn hftTfl nol betn r
1 reived from the Inipootorti in othen
tho rcHult wan run Indicated In making
J thi return, and in (hiM M-NMI thi rrmilt
i win noi bo known until the official count
I In Mtlll other Oail the fUui h art- plainly
! olirtoal errors and rnuat bi COITirted,
All three amendments lubmlttad t the
I Jersey Vptifl were difeftted. The one
alloWlnv oondomnatlon of excoai prnp
etiy wan practically inowid under,
! Many votcai coittontid thtmailvaii with
tinrely crtiwl:.K their ballot OH thi illf
fiUaa ami inirnt nt. allowing thi ml to
lo ay oosauii, winar
bscauss they
01 hers or bee
in Idea that
did .
ntn unuerjoa iiu ine i
they had Ihe mlstak
rry m
N.tnn- 1'iel.
lMlHhd V 1
huuhiI, Sp. ak
it Isong
I swill il
ii rr m it
m. All.-- H Hu;k- , lt 'mc
Itiiwr itml
M irthn Ki.i'.-ehken
.nun rati y .i I '.rns.,i
it '. f'hsalrm-vn. UIm mi
M. Spenkem, Iiil'.-y Plelil ,i.on .
Seiiittnr Hnru h "f M i h CtiarrMmt II
F w Mon)li r Wyumlaii Dr knn
Howird lhaa ReUrvd swat on flooi
if th bouM pat con I frev
8 V. M -Thlrty-f.iurlh AatIHhly -Hi-tHoti
nrre! m ft 1 1 tiff 'it IMm Rtrfet
ami iSnfiton rol. ui VNM tnil anl
10 'ti nirt-fi. at 177th Mireet ;tiul H.nrli
ern BoilUVftrd .t ' Long wood u v ajtni
ifit Vouteitrn Boulevard nd Mtfbblnt
iveiiu ntl i r, 1 1 itrwi.
I P, M -Th'riy nfih AMmbly ll-
iriot utrcet latotlajii at Waihina'ion
h if ii 'i an-1 1 leH h trret, Biithgstte)
h ml Tretri'ni menufi, at VVabVttr Rad
Treriiont .ivnufa, at Wilt tutu bridge
MtlUttr. ;it ltrlfitM und tilth itrMl
V. M Thirty fourth AHfmbl Wn-
irt''t, etrt't inirttlaci -t notion road
and Hid trtei ut MoMlnJoy Hquorr
u id! 1 cM h t rtOti Ht frtiut tier n ROHe
vunl unil t tt8 It root Htul tit II tint's
1oltit avoitUO mi'l 1 Mtrnt
8 St 1' M- Twentv -firm AfttlPbly
Ititrlrt, Ntret rn'eilng at Brotld '
and 18 7th niresji triad r Mlu A.
in hewn
8:30 V M Twfnij -Hrtt AattmblV
llHtrli't. mreet tneetlnc ut Broadway
wmi 137th troat
Noon Meeting;. Twenty-fourth KrOfl
mii.i Kourth vonue
Nion--MfeMiig. Kortlwth Htreet and
Ninth avontiti
7:4T. p, If, Meeting, llth Mreit and
Fifth avenue
t pi m 'Pracaatloai with drama and
tit tf. ntartP it mi will hold nieOtUlgti (tl
follow.: 7:30, Third av.-nu-; atut Kif.v
elitht h street . It, Third gvontli kind
Htity-eigtht h atreet; n, Hetond av.-mif
ami S vent -fifOn atreet , t4la First
avi-nne and Htxly-aei'mid street.
I IV M tlovlng Hhnp "Winner,"
Mpenklng, Ninety -wis th atreet anl
8 I1. M --Meeting, KigMh .ivi'imo and
Fnurteriith atreet
8:80 p. M.--Meeilnf, 74ih Mreet and
Third avenue.
8:80 p, M.- Htrt-ei mewtlng. Twenty
third atreet tin-1 RroiidWC)
p, M. -Mtetlntx. 10th street and
Fifth .tv nuf
() iiHMewoost
"yea" .r 'nay" was good for the three
iju.-st'ona. '
Of the seventy. three nr-slr.e districts
thirty-four are In Morris county Bur
lll gtOl county Is next With thirteen and
Warn n has nine.
Meaga ititMla iirmi i tri-ii of
L'HICAao. "i.'t. I'l-Mrx KUm Finite
nig, superintendent of
tin- t 'hiu;iK -
public schools, will step down from that
porition December . The announcement
Waa made in a letter whlcn was read to
the members of the school management
committee at its meeting this afternoon
Mo action wris taken on Mis. Voung'a
'"If there Is one Prayer I would ullet
It ia that the members of th school
hoard may al the age of Tn o .,, g).
ilr possession of their mental and phys
ical faculties," said Mrs Young In
commenting on her action Mrs. Young
a 111 be 71 yea 's of age at her next
li null explained by Mrs. Young that
She had Intended to resign last June, bin
mi account of the deficit facing the hoar I
. e felt It her duty t,, remain until the
financial affairs were stratgtotehed out.
I'otiatant Wrangling and repeated her'i.
I t g, Mrs Young declared, caused her
l" give up her place.
William. Uoinlrim mi, I Ileus
tlao (let 2n Barh I nisi Hlsa,
Uattook, ill , ict. 2i William.
WoodroW ainl Wilson arc t-he natnes
president Wilson has suggested an th
names fur the triplets of Mr and Mrs.
Allurt Wood worth of tins place.
'I he parents wrots to the E'rsaldenl
several M'eeltS age asking liim to Hiisgest
iianier. for the i:.f.Hit And stating Hic
shed thSitl to be named for lilni In a
congratulatory letter received to-tlai tin
President enclosed three ohecks of
each ami requested that th parents buy
a present for eax-h of the Infants with
his best wishes The babies are k weeks
..hi and strong and healthy.
Mason-SicaniHii '. I. ones
Aaslnsl Inner Ksrri,
Supreme Court Justice (iroenhautn
dismissed yesterday a suit brought by
the MaaonReaman Transportation Com
pany for an injunction reslrhlnlng the
city fro nforolng tha urdlnanaea pro
viding fin reduced lag lea b fares and
taximeters n ail maeblnaa.
The plaintiff sought to escape com
plying with the ordinance on the ground
lhat It does not solicit fares on the
pUbllO streets liut takes Its paNMengers
from prtVSt hack stands at hotels,
clubs, steamship piers and railroad sta
tions. The city contended that since the taxl-
oab companies are only permitted to
do business by virtue of ordinances, they
must obey them. Justice ilreunbaum
ruled that the validity of the laxienh
rules lias already been settled hy the
courts, and dismissed the action.
I'lah'a Halls Sprrad It inches.
I.AKKWoiin, N J , I lot. t, Visitors at
the Town Clyb to il y saw a remarkable
specimen of the eallHsn. it was pre
sented to the club foi in.. until, g by Arch
ibald J. HeOIUre. The nh is seven feci
lung and has a sail spread of twenty
four Inches. It was caught by Mr. Mr
Clurs in the surf al Palm Heaoh after
a long struggle.
Chamber l'ses Favoring Ifo
olntloni With Onlj One
Dissenting Vol
The Chamber of Commerce it t spat a!
meeting yesterday passed, with only one
dissenting vote, a resolution approving
tin- proposed State Constitution, RxJus
tic,. Morgan J. O'Brien, Senator Mart it.
Saxe and ex-Mav-or Low spoke in f ivnr
of the Constitution The only one to
taiee a protest against it w is .1. -. f.ii
I.. Huttenweiscr, a lawyer and real
estate man.
Mr. Buttenwelser nuer't: med the bud
gel provision, the proposed increase In
legislators' salaries and the pro,.,. ,1 to
publish the proceedings of th I -eg
which he said wouid cost too much, atid
he objected particularly to the fa. lure
to incorporate a atlpulatioi thai .. --
tutors should not hold any other ollhv
Hla remarks led El ei R ntcotl u c-
th members of the Chamber 'f
in. rre to work for the pa-s.n;,.
Cor titution.
f th.
Hla Vote
titniiisi .iiiiliiiii.in
In tdtiinec Reooets.
At a meeting yests day ot the cam
paign commltt. winch wns appointed
by the (''itr.il Federated Union tn
work ugaisisi the new C'ouatltutioti on
election day President Holland of the
New V.irk Stat,. Pederuilou of Labor
announced tn.it tie i...i rece ...i .en. in
reports from unions nil ovet the Btati
which Indicated that the propoaed Con
stitution would be defeated by a ter-
menduus THOpUl.l r vote.
Secretary Krrest Hohm ..f the cam
paign committee said thai .; w. n
being sent Into all sections t i i'amialgn
against the Constitution Thousands of
circulars are being spread roadcast ami
dummy billots with tnli Instructions hnw
to vote agulnat the Constttutlpn, with
lists nf reasons f..r such ictlon, .ire bo
ng distributed, lie said.
it.... I amr mlttee In I ru
Nen t'OMalltall
BginU ROOI, pre-;. I. nt
League Club, pursuant
liasse.l by the club li is
following oommlttee of t.
w;lh similar oommlta
ganlMtloiM In pre-, ntina
the proposed state Constitution:
Leslls ataynard. chairman; 'li
Agnew, Rosea C B Rrown, -1
raircliild, Austin II Kb t.- n . i'
lend. Robert C. Morris, Bllhu R
Charlea K Rushmore and Wi:
iios i-nssiis Mint Xiiihini strana
rite to t'aadldatr.
Attacks oil Judge KdWnrd Hwut In
W illiam 1 1 Huthrie an. I
Wtckersham In speeches nl
meatlnfl on Wednesday cnu
Doa l'assos to wrlti Ji.,ige
day as fOflOWS
"The criticism mads ..f
me to be puiely metaphyal
tive and priiphctlc. It
guher, that you win 1 to
dealing with criminals I tal
B very good fault. Iti fact,
rather as a virtus.
"I am able i s.iy with greit pleaaure,
both frmn experience and observation,
thai I believe you to be preem lie tly
qualified for the position ar .1 I am there
fore supporting ..ii with my iota and
rscommsndlng uthera to .to so "
The Judge received yesterday n letter
fiom Nathan gtra.us, aho u i . . I
"The voters of New V county are
! he congratulated In having ai npijr
tunny to put lii the Important office of
1 strict Attorney a man sn well quallfled
h) character ami experience t,, admlnls
Isr it with sfllclency, soonomy ami abso
lute Impartiality."
"The hearty support of more than
.1000 priiK.ng pressmen,'' m..- promised
t.. Dlstriot Attornsy Perkins vestcrday
li) President k w. Bdwatda and Secre
tary August .1 lily of (ha Nl M V..il,
Newspaper Web Printing Prcaamen'a
i'nlon. They said in a loiter that thla
was "in appreciation of your frl j r,.
tituds toward union labor In the past "
Mr. Perklna was a gueal of I In hits
uats at men- ciunmiusc, :': West ',
sixth street, lust night
cinrinnaii gygsphogy Urebesl
in Mr, lion's Heslduari Kalalt
Cincinnati, Oct 21
Martha C 'ra I low, wh.i .11
at the age or la, as filed lu
ll disposes of an estate valued
11,000,000. Nearly all of tn,. gn
ployees of her eleven large retail
stores were remenibered.
Ths Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Asgoolatlon, founded hy sx-l'reaidenl
Taft'B wife In iNiiS, received Ihe residu
ary estate, which Is SStlmtttPd t"i be
worth between 500,00u and 1750,000,
.wrs. i nariea r. ran is pi et ,,i,.nt
the assoclatinn. and the T.il'ts are vcrv
liberal supporters of Ihs orchestra, .if
wiucn ur I-rust KuiiHald is t lie
MtlgatlOn over the estate of Tlmoib'
j. Kieley, who began !if as a itatloni ,
engineer, invented about thirty energy
Snvlhg device, and SCO, tired I fortune
of more than rt2.0nn.naii fr-un Invest
ments in Opsenwl h village real aetata
came to a sudden end yasterda) when
Supreme court .lustire t'ohalnti directed
a jury to return a verdict lhat Mrs
Margaret v, Kieley, the widow, :s en
titled to thi tire estate under a will
executed hy KMey on April in. Itilt.
lie died on August 17 of that .vear.
The suit to break the will was brought
by Josephine Waters, who was one of
nine nephews and nl s cut off m the
will. The widow, who wns Klein- s
Second wife, was about fifteen years
his Junior. The .vlll was admitted to
pr hate over the object . ns of th. rela
tives by Surrogate Colialan on rVbruary
n, inn, tun the nephews and nieces
immediate) brought thi Suitreme court
J act Ion.
The case was mirked for trial thre
weeki ago, but counsel for the plaintiff
got various adjournments until' last
I Friday, w hen another delay was asked
for mi the ground 'h it William J Klns
ley, the handwriting eanert. who had
i been engaged In help combat ih w
, waa nol prep iren in n, ti
waa 'hen set for yesterday, hut when
Jus' re Cohalan , ."ed the case the
I plaintiff's attorney again aafcl d for de
lav I ails.. I ir IMwarl C Til US of lit
Wral Eleventh street, who had been
' Kieley 'a physician, was out of the citv
on hi- vacation, The plaintiff said that
I Or. Titus's testimony was BScessafjg to
'-how that KlelOJ had been addicted to
' drink and that tr. Tins had warned
him It won', I kill him If he didn't stop.
John Qulnn of ?, Nassau street, at
torney fot john .1. Donovan, the exe. ti-
tot. objected to further delnv. ,.n th
niiir: I that the plaintiff should have
arranged tor the appearance of lr.
Tim- He submitted 'an affidavit by
Mrs. ffannj Olhson Titus, wife of the
physician, 'hat her husband has been
taking hla vacation at this time of the
ye.fr since he was married, twenty seven
ven. ago
Justice Cohalan then directed the case
tried, and counsel for the contesting
nil res WlthdmW because he couldn't
no to tr'al without the testlm tiv of tir
1 Mr Qulnn proved that the will
had been admitted t.. tool, an. and ihe
cunt dire, ted a verdict upholding its
Partner Lackawanna vice-president
i.efi Partaae or gl,TOH,lgy,
Th, estate of Kdwln liuthven Hnlden
ho retired
of the La.
i lv;.
.v inni
ia a vices president
Ballroad, -,va- ao.
I ri -ed yesterday
nwnetl securities
which the followl
a- It.TOt.lsT, Ha
worth II.4SS.tO), .f
ttg Were ;he largest
holdings: S.fio
Ralln ad, 6iS,oso
Central Iho.ooO :
II ad. fll"..::::.
i.e. Lackawanna
New Vork
I.ioo Pennsylvania
n l t ito Northwest-
1670,111 to I, is M,n.
nil a life Interest in
j ern Fuel Compani
Mr, Holden gavi
Oeorge i Holden,
I '!. to nis naugnter, EM It h Bab-
I I ick, .. t... children wm inherit the
late i.n ner death The four children of
le eaaed -m. Bdwlti It H..h.n. i.
Celvt the same nmnutit. Horace W.
o. ire, ra cupiiernall and nanlt
vanla, gut li..ii ci.-n r,)r rsJih.
at the decedent's summer
lleelay island. Bt Lawrence
i reii. er
ful Services at the decedent s summer I
me, vVelleslay island. Bl Lawrence I
Itiver. I
ah ntnl ilaushlei u t'hrsldu '" 'JF'
ary (,aiali lu her nephtw, Appleton D. Wmlrh Taut '
.V'i.s MATHIt.lR SKI.IiiJIANN aha
, , ii-,,
,sss HI I,, .
Ill . elsiher.ai I sV
01 I hi i mini i - .... s.vetitv.f.iuVti I - I
t,J fcaulutl'in In - Impi I Sl-ir-.. I
appoint. I'af Mute. g..t .,, . I onoes I
" i M ' " I Knve .-Il the tenement of I
.hem;'; - . 1 p...1 I yyn i
,, , ....... M mpn iwiHivfinoii nrrHUBI Cnev ar S
n ., . I v 11 mode. And tor rill their I
iii ' " 1 v l-'.irgii I '' 1 ' looks, they arr built to I
ntei '" ', ' " ' ind iso. I wear well. I
. ' " ern-iibhl ii I . Z. li , .... I
ot Ir., . ii I Ainona Fall and Winter models I
am It. ' M. 'eh ... iii nit, I ire' I
" a 'so s vi i.. his elder .. , ' ,, ,
William ' Kurgo . silver lanku Hronc button allocs with
m hln im ih , I'loth-toji In gaiter effort g,gg,
-h Am lllui' i. . ; In n or luce sim,-
K -- ' "tnpani mil . ' ii.r.:.. i, "h cloth- gaiter edis-t
Instructions iimi they r.- ... as ..is. es.Sg,
' in',?' Meet Lads Lexington Shoes
ai I. ' which as inArtgaseil im III aas
d lohn It. i 'hi I .,.. aii : 7Ti I
mnyeater. , J I I
l .. o I
"l' 'Ul ' ,m.
El Califo
I :!,M Vnu, I 'ill SsnFr.ncU. D.,,mb 4tl SliilX... D.c.mb.r 31.1 IH
"day m Bur rout tidMU now g
;Z Ml $94.30 Out and Back H
rarea advance December 1st fffft
Southern Pacific-Sunset Route H
l he Exposition Litym arTH
N.w Orl.anc I ot Ane.l.. sa Hies Ssn FraariK IH
JfS U5Braewtr 366 Brn.dwsr 3 Rro.Jw.i Kfjfll. H
tali ... Caf.tTlStt, Car. Vraailia A - -W-IISi sni'" B
' i iMlw
The Inventory of the c'nte of Norman
l; Ileum, capitalist, which has been filed
in Windham county, Connecticut, and
bus been kept from pubt c gaae by coun
ael lot the Ream estate with the asslat-
at . of Probate Judge Nnnyan of wind
ham county, mnj become known to-day
as the result of an Application filed here
v.stcrdav In the Surrogate's court.
The application, tgtlkffl was made hy
Norman II. Iteam, a son. and otto T.
Bannarrl, president of th. New York
Trim Comttnny, executors under the
will, asks that the estate be exempted
from a transfer tax In Now York State
on tin ground that Mr. Iteam had been
a ranldenl of Thompson, windiuim
county, Connecticut, for seven years be
fore RM dentil.
Tin- Inventor) and the two previous
wills which became void when Mr. Beam
executed a I iter documt tit. were not
tiled in th.. Surrogate's court with the
1. 1 petition for exemption, although mad..
1 i pari of th.. proceeding It vvas said
yesterday that they would not lie filed
unless Surrogate Cohalan exercises his
right to . ail for them to-day, it bo-
lleved that 'he Suit.. gate will do so.
Since tin- estats ha.- been surrounded
with mystery because of tin- efforts to
j lieep the Inventory secret. .
Mr iteam sa d lii his affidavit that
'his father lived n Chicago from 171 to
IMT, when he came 'Oast, and in rh-
following year became a resident of
Thompson, Conn He Immediately en
1 rolled ns a resbleu' of Thompson Had
voted there until his deat.h He never
nialntn ned an apartment in New York
, . xeapt for ronvonrien luring abort
stays here and for the gi mmodatlon
of lilr- family. His onll property In thla
state consisted of personal effects in his
office a 21 Broadway and In an apart
, m. -lit si !"; Park avenue, valued a
j 11,000 Mr Hat nard corroborated Mr
i Beam's statements.
j it was 1. 1 yesterday n behalf of
William w tVlngate, special counsel for
Stat.- Comptroller Travis, that while the
I affidavits hull. -at., strongly that Mr.
I it. -am w is i resident of Connecticut, Mr.
i Wlngate will appear to-day and ask Bur
t rogate Cohalan to make such d spositlon
i .! the application iis Ihe facts warrant
Tel fe ynsji
g 1 1 g.niMi
lliiu Meali'r. l.envee
for rhrlstlaa liiinestios.
ptesta of more than lll,O00 for
the promotion .if Christian education In
Turkey arc dl closed bs llie appraisal of
' the eatnte i f Narkla I ; Telfeyan, head of
s Telfeyan Co., Oriental rug dealers
' t 111 Fifth avenue, Who died January
. 1 1 , 1 M l
j Mr Telfeyan left a total estate of
It27,773 ll- u'l.i llSO.ffgl t.i hla wife,
j Agavny s Telfeyan. and mads the fol
I lowing bi-u irala for mlaalonary and e.iu.
Icatlonal purposes In Turkey
Amerli in Itoard of Commissioners for
I Foreign Missions, 4t,7dt: Rluphratgg
College anil the trustees of donations for
..in.. . 1 1. .i. it, Ti.rii.i aiaeaa mi, ,
I menlan Rvangellcal Church and Anatoli
College, 112.601 He nlao gave 112,601
to two brothers as trustees i form a
corporation for promoting the causa of
ingellral t'hrlstlnnlt) in the OttOKaM
t hi. r mi j i ii "s.
I I .arlV evinnli.t w
' ' 1 as s assgl

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