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Fair, cool to-day; to-morrow, fair,
warmer; northwest winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 53 ; lowest, 39.
Detailed weather, mnll mi marine reports 011 page !!.
"The Guest," love story of a Brahmin
superyouth, the best thing yet written by '
the Bengali winner of the Nobel Prite.
In THE SUN next Sunday.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1915. Copyright. 1915. by thr Sun Printing and Puotinhlno dl0Ogtoa.
tockenbacb ('. to With
drew Ten Vessels if
Schedules stand.
25,000 Get in Line for FORTY WOMEN GERMANS FLED
German Plot to Harass 'ALLIES EFFECT
U S. by Aiding Mexican j JUNCTIONWITH
Insurgents Under Inquiry SERBIAN ARMY
Parade of Suffragists IN A GAMBLING FROM NORFOLK
in Face of a Bring Wind TRAP; ONE DIES' BY RADIO FLASH
nv rifwrvn MnvTiK1
iw. i .ur.-tinr),
r Lu. kentwehi president of the
i iteamahtp Oompanyi wiih
L n
In, iteamchtps in thr coast to coast
tr.. by way of the Panama Canal, nn-
nouneed yesterday that his company win
(art to g" out of the American trade en-t-..y
if the new freight rates of the
I Railroad, effective November 1.
ii e not srttbdrs a n.
Mr, liuckenbach and H P, Hamilton.
tr.itti.- manager f the stsamanm oogj
p.my, pointed out that the new railroad j
rates ut Panama will raise the cost of
irsasshlpplng cargosa from $3 to from
II fi: to ."'-' a ton. which Is absolutely !
prohibitive in the faco of rail rates from
aVi Prsnclsco and other PuatSc 4toat
pn mts to The Atlantic aeabcard.
' We arlll hae to go out of the coast
sj'Mft trod i entirely, We nlgni even
bsve to ko out of buiiiess altogether,"
soil .Mr Luckenbaohi "but if tlte new
ntev st.ird it is probable that we wii:
b" !. ! 'nto fie foreign trade"
. . . .
in .m i always nas neen pos-
Si nil for I company to make more
ii .' In ths foreign trade." said Mr.
Haaillton, "but the company has built
i ii! i it it has felt p honor
ounu i cvMiimue io pun, iiowever, mvium ror inree nours tile cour-s-
' oi si ii.. I i certain loss of from 1 ageous battalions were on their way.
gM,oeO 10 1700,900, which is what the Nothing could stop them and nothing
gMT .ul rates at Panama Will mean j did. except i upid. and he but for a
10 OS. i very short time Mi' held up bis hand
for a bride and bridegroom and their
Vnierlcan I leu favored. j attendants to swing through the line.
"The company doea not want to go bu' ,he """-agists did not mind. They'
tan foreign trade, even under duress. 1 l"""ed on ,lu' brlde nd Parade
It dON t v ant to tak, its boats from nl on'
irdei me American nag, it w ishes to I
return ta the coa.st to coast trade alJ
0 S ti e Panama Canal is effectively
t " ; is no chance of the
Curat reopening for months.
"If under stress the company entered
Ihf foreign trole It could not well quit
tli.it ,rads afier getting established in
. end pick up its coastal trade where It
bfl V mi cinno; shift i large husinesa
around like that
"Whoa the recent big slide closed th
t"m me uovornmeni announced on
October that anroee would l t-nr;s-Iblnied
by the Tanam Hailroad at $3
toi. This in. lutleil i.'.l charge, such
so sharfage, cranage and stevedoring.
It est ,i marked advent vr a forme
ran that bad averaged Ii a ton. and
tact i a losi on existing contracts of
tbotil 1200,000,
"Th s vs a fernus loss and the new
rat" would undoubtedly have been pro.
tested But on October i it was an
gounced thai beginning November 1 the
rate. woUid lie from ti to IK, a ton on
Various, -lasses of freight, with cran
Ige, i ie. extra. This aas
t a last sfaw with us If this rate
0 .'.'ids it w ,11 have to cancel our con- 1
tracts, which will be cheaper than ,
- ien out st a loss of trtu.o
or 1700,000, .ind set utit of the business.
"There Is only one other line In this
eossi to coast hiislnseo bj way of the
md tit it Is i he American-Hawaiian
steamship Company, which Intends to
: d Ita ships by way f Magellan Strait.
W'l cannot do tin,:, gj our boats are not
1 rge enough for tiie long ocean vov
ago HOW Hale, WD) Work.
Mr, Hamilton showed detail how
the new rate, at Panama will work.
Hi analysed the working of the pin.
I"se.l lute. In the use of two typical
Cargoes in a letter t K A. Drake, vi,..
presldsnl and general manager of ths
. i.. i Railroad Company, Tins analy
wed that lii the ease of the ItsaiU'
M i I I.. Luckenbaohi from New Vork.
' ' ' 11. the cost of IMMdilri..
! Panama would haw- been
II ss
ii, . , H . ..
i;.- ,i,e,- iii r n. ,.
vi i H si, im. nip Kdlth, from gan f
v." i. oepiomoer v, th
st would have
"W l .,.i ,t t
Ct !: a ton
'I'his nude the aver
To this would hrtve
' oauea cranage, stevedoring.
ite all
ai. i tinit guee, Will
' ' 'it.. Taese would
imounl to
" "- io si. tin a ton. making
lot it us) of transshipping the tw.,
rues from ge.gg to B.I a ton
i January, Itlt, when the steam.
' llrsi entered into .-hipping
' , ' " th th- Panama Rail.
,u' "' "Hug of the canal,
11 !' n pointe I OUt the average
ii .-.ii , g., carried, both east
M seal amounted ;o ll.ti a ton. of
JJ 1 II rallioad te...,VH,j p;r t
l,,a ' 1 "pi oioie, t tie oe
V u
1 on I. Hell i:,v
.ii... in aeventaiHi ,i,vu
0. - i
, ' " " .!' m a,: average
, '" ""Poses in extra.
" '. Which figures
oyage, which figure
'-' " 1 oost of ll.to more
if ha. lo be added 1,, tha
It .
tot. payable to tiie pan-
llavlna lauuiri Made
Int.. Islbwlaa llulea.
' l. As a result of
"in -i ippers Btcreian Oar.
Mpl lit
hi i.
' g n vi stigiitioii made of
gin r.it. s announced for
Railroad as a result "f the
nnoni, ,.
':' Pan in
c'""in of
i ,1. . . , , . " ,' ' "a isaiion ny l,e
t I ,., . !
"'n.el hi tin
. at th,. canal
. ' . ' "a"
u. " '" .. I ..'II,' I,,,
, I i. ,. I. -r.
rr " ' ' .g in me
entrances of the '
Ii roi .
tor, f,,
V I,,,.,.
II e
I tie
' '
-nip their caigoeg by rail'
'mis, A Act rate oi 1.1 a,
s " was nut in
'""cinodiiu,:, lo shippers
" ' " '" 1 TOUgb1
""'' , i
II Waa dacldsd thai ihi.
1 " .'. . .,
iittnue In effei. I until : i.
' ny Whir l i it, it
' vould be no further ar- '
I- w Inch had sailed with
' ' ' Passing through tho ,
" od .a. ami after Novegi.
' - 'are established and .t i
" ' .i'n complaint i are bolita
I ivuld adopted Idiii when he wins a news
" " I' anmigated b) Seen- . U :u New Havsn. The lad winked ill
" un re. ommsadslloa r saa ,,i i...,.,..,.. -t
Thousands of Others Wait for Places But Are Kept!T,'u Arietta Made in Kaid
From Marchinc firnnrlmnt hora PI air DMrltMIMMlA it llln'
From Marching Grandmothers Play Prominent
Parts Dr.
w iVu wnv DiL- ir iv
From WaSblngtOn Kquaie to Pifty
nlnth Htreet two aoltd walla of ym
pathetic liumanlty watched the uf
fragettes (March, Twenty-live tBOUSand
of them there were determined women
and a regiment of men who strode up
Pifth avenue with a magnificent pre-
eMon thut silenced scoffers, The women
rtSed the duy.
It wa a three mile argument for
ecjiial rights a dignified, splendid argu
ment and every Vantage point along
the Kay colored way wan covered with
men and women who saw ita force.
""uvn "e emu or a w Indy afternoon,
Oiouab the un shone on the mighty
Ihp rrat army of women passed.
the white costumes ,if many KlItterltiK
in the sunlight, defying the coid wind i
. . ' , 1 tu,u 'na I
wiwwii leu io tneir spines
as they stood to see it all.
vary type of woman that wants to
vote passed by , tha, b.ue and yellow j
pageant. Doctors, lawyers, teachem, ai -
tlste, scrubwomen, home women, work- !
Ing girls, school girls, their facea net as on '
.1 1.... .1 .. .
; ewepi up tnrnugh
avenue And bunds played with a ,
military nure mat lntltt. d the marehers' 1
Stride, j
Vo 1.1 ' .1 ...
number of participants In the great dem-
w... ... . ii.,... mo I
Mrs. Mltrhel ares Ike Show.
; It was bright sunshine wiwn the
crowd gathered, but the sun went down.
I the stara came out. the cold wind which
swept don n the avenue grew more biting.
and still they stuck, with nothing to see
but endless lines of marching women
each with her little pennant "Votes for
women." It was not a spectacular pa
trade. There war few floats, fsw Iain)'
costumes, only the hosts of wome uresa-
ing on and on In the teeth ofiie cold I
Hftl'ERDAV was it lay ot uDsetii
and Pennsylvania wre Btnong
if all important names w.ll be
.spurting pages. The leading results
Cornell, It'. Harvard. 0
Wash and Jeff.. Hi : Vale. 7.
Pittsburg, 1 1 ; Pennsylvania, 7
Princeton, ,10 ; Dartmouth, 7.
t'olutnlila. 17 ! St Lawrence, W
Army. I
Navy. SI
1 leorgelow'n. o.
. Hi own, 0.
Virginia Poly.
Ailoptfil son of Wealthy X'w
Hftven Citiwn Kills iiiiiisif
in PliiludclphiH.
PHIkoSBbPIIIA, Out. 23 The mystei y
of tha dlaapoearance from New Haven, I in
Conn., last Sunday on the eve of his
wsddlni of Harvey .1. Herman, adopted
sen of the wealthy New Havsn manu-
faeiurer. QeorsTe x' Uiiswohl. wits soiled
to-day in this it;, by a deputy coroner.
Merman w.u- found to have committed
aulcide by Ka aaphyslatlon in a room
In the Motel Jamison. Itroad and Ptlberl
streets, where he had registered last
Sunday as "J. II Hustod. Trenton,
ti. J." Deputy Coronet MoKeever dis
covered eeveral cards in tiie man's cioth
Ing beating the name of Harvey J Her
man, nnd also a purse which was marked
with his initials The puroe contained
only 5 cents.
Merit an'., foster parents and his
fiancee, Miss Bdlth T. V Todd of Water
bury, I'onn. have len notlrted of the
Inqueat. Herman left no notes behind to
explain his act,
A chambermaid wise was passing along
one of tin- hotol corridors was responsible
for th.- rimlnii.' of the body. ghe dr-
...i a.. iir.oi
ieii, - ,i .in on,,, ,o i . lwi.ihi
. . .. , ,i..
riK.m .inn notinen jonn unrnsin, mv
rmriet..r of the hotel.
The door was forced anJ Herman's
io,lv was round at retched aoross th
wly was found stretch
bed. Physicians at tin.- Hahnemann
lluanital a., id he had beer, dead several
Deputy Coroner MoXsever found other
.lata e nlcii clinched the suicide's
identity, One was a letter from a New
I l.i en plan,, firm requesting the re
cipient to make payment on a player
piano. Another was a watch with the
Initials "H J. H ." which were also on
the foli.
There was also a lull in Herman's
i gma from a MOW Knglatid g-.m com
pany, as well aa several letterx ad
dress... I to htm at SI Fountain street.
New Haven, Conn
WATunnttay, Conn., "ot. -S. - -Miss
I'ldd has not retimed to her hum- hen ;
etlis i' 'ii her way to fliliaasipnis, ins
ainl iv believes. Ther Is
,,t,,el, ,ii'm-
,albv here for her. Ml
a 2j years
'.i '
UTo'i, He.. nan lef.
i,,, . -it W'estvllle, suburb or New
Ravctl on Sunday, wlien lie eald he
w...- going to take a train .a New York.
..e had written Mi as I'.dd Ut meet him
I!.. .... ... ,. , , . ,,.
i ,,1,1,111 , .I'lll I it I . llll I. Ill ., no .,.-
- , .., i it.,,i,i, .. .t ut.. r i,
aunt. Mi.H Mary Prench, with wluwn aho
has lived purl of the time, until tho j
When Mts'i Todd did not that him at
tiie station, she was dial raoted and com- I
inuniitated with Mr. tlrlawoid ai once.
A countrywide search was instituted.
lb mail vis ill ears old. Mr. Orls-
j tin- oom pan).
Shaw Walks.
wind. In that fact lay the Impressive,
nose of the dcmnnsimtlon.
"Jove," muttered one man as he
turned away rroin below the reviewing
stand at POrty-aernmi street after stand,
ma- then- font- hours. "1 didn't Upon
there were so many suffragists in the
world !"
Mayor MttOhel and his Official family
or a large share of ii gave the OrOWda
a good example in staying quality, The
Mayor had with him not only Ms official
ion his mm private family, for Mrs
Mltohel sat in the front row of t lie seats
in the reviewing stand between her bus.
band and Dudlt) field Malone, Comp
troiier Prendergaat, Mr. McAneny. Pres
ident Of the Hoard of Aldermen: Hor
ottgn Prealdsul Maik ami several other
member of tlie Mayor's cabinet sat
irvin ,i o i'iiH-K. when tn line was start
"r"tn vinshiiigton Arch, umll nearly
!""f , T'"" L.h!fd "f """ M"""
LsMgUS division, the last section, came
Into sight
It wasn't a nice day f,i women to
march In white dresses such as many or
tl.n... - .., I
was clear! bi Thwe.r Zn Z'Z
that he must have an Hull streak by
"ending a wind that penetrated lo the i
""w"'W', l!u' 2J" flinched.
""..,, Ol.,". MO IVIl UIII
parade. Carrying In
banner of the In-
ternatlonal Wom.i i Suffrage Milan. C. I
had the hardest time of all. Two women ,
walked, one un ea 'li sun of her. helping
... I. 1 , , I I
un- miiiv Liaiiiiei, uui i ley .
weren't lUgj
at Twenty-third
street, where a Ii. i
kiln: threatened to ,
arry it away and
Mrs. Thomas with !
it. Miss Hose Voting.
.. ,i. -a ..f
honor behind Mrs. Carrie Chapman "'att. i
... ..I.- ,-. .
the Internalfonal presldetit. was forced
to appeal to the , n,wl
"Will some Strong man volunteer to
carry the banner?" she cried.
Sad to say the crowd snickered, but a
knight rushed back from the Seventh
ltt?lmrnt band, Just in front, lie didn't
carry the banner, but he broke oft the
staff so p was easier for Mrs. Thomas
to hold It SeTal nsl the wind.
The parade was three hours passing
the reviewing stand at Forty -second
street. Conservative si 'n.itc made
the number In Una M.000. but Mrs. Nor
man Ds It. Wh RehoUSe, chairman of the
parade committee, dealared that M),000
were on hand ready to march, but didn't
ti, 1. u: iiiiiii t
get a chance.
At :I0, shm lis after:
Ceattoneal vs gtrtg hge.
in uollrae ruhliiall Haevurd vu
the beaten teams. Full accounts
four.il ,,n pag I r. and UOOOOdini
uf the day wit :
Pordham, ift: IR1) Cross, 0
Haverford, lm . New York I' .
Lehigh, 20 : Muhlenberg, 0
Amherst, la: Wi sh y an. it.
Michigan Aggl. s. 2 I . Michigan.
Wlsi onsin, :tl : iiliio State. 0.
Lafayette. Ki ; Albright, "
Union, SI ; stei. ns. o.
Dfc Qtorg A. Gordon Deputes
Mtatentdiil Thai Koldlem
Are Here Slaves,
New Havsn, Conn., Oct, i
most dramatic incidents of ti,H
National Connotl n CotiKresTatlonal
Churches occurred at ft'oulssy Mali last
evening, when the Rev, C arles P Aked
i of s.in Prsnolico and the Rev, ileorge A.
Gordon or Boston met on the platform
and Indulged in war talk,
i ir. Aked was the firi speaker, and itt
a discussion of "The international rbn-
ScisnOC" hs charged that the men fight
ing on isltll sides .lie in,i. l..es. driven
by compulsion into service and told by
their Officers lo take their rhanc hi
shooting tht' other fellow fltsl or of
being s um down by l heir comrsdei as
As Dr. ked beeame more forceful in
picturing the men being slaughtered like
cattle without knowing win or having
any say in the matt,' pi Oordon, who
Was sitting it the Igfl of the speaker,
grew Very restless. Wools, y Hflli '.v is
crowded with an ludiencs of 1,000 peo
ple, ami as Dr. Iked dramatically fin
ished bis talk I ii (Jordan trass, ind In
' u voice .teinbllng w.th feeling. Bold)
"I feel strung) Inclined to throw my
munueerlpt io the y.nds and to tepjy
to my eloquent coll a, -us from gar Pran
i Tie-, a,, pans, i and, making i sn
prems effort apparentl) in gel big voice
under control, continued; "1 lutVO live
, nephews al the front and thirty. Ove
. louslt's. ii.. I not a man of them has in
1 the philosophy of his sacrifice this idea
brought oui by my Illustrious prednoee
. -or In Ids able bu Inadequate, pres. in i
i lion.
"There are th ilg, wlii 'i an be con-
I served only by dying for them that is
I the central thought of the religion of
j Jesus Christ, sin '.ill. ."
Dr, diprdon thin lunud io hs manu
! script and begs i his address on "Our
millet .i.,d ' llll' It- .i.'in . i ,"
I Ne.i.piilo i Hit) llelil, n , ma
rines .are tiolaiinu Neulrallty,
gpgSfgl 0U6IS bt IgalCl to Tut: Si :,.
tiOPgNHAUMNi ia l.ondor. Opti II
gsvoral of i n,. Bwedis nowspupars urao
thai the Hghts of Mnii,,i. harbor he tl
tered, because at present they an i
guide to British submarines entering ths
iither newspevperi suggasi tiiu ih..
Swedish waters of the Sound be cloned
on Hie ground thai the submarines art
Involving Swede I,, ueulraHly dlffloul.
ATI. A N T A N KtV ORI.F. t K Hill Ml NO
quickest slid hist Mervlcr. X T Ofllce, III
Plftk Avenue atdV,
on "Ladies' Moving
Forty Well dressed Women belonging
a gambling clique in Ha rlem were
trapped by detectives yesterday aftei-
noon, seen of them nun arrested, and
on,- died of hemorrhage due to the ex-
cltement. Three men also were cap
lured in the raiil.
ii w.e the horns .,( atari Ramssvi
who said site was a nurse, on the second
floor of the flat house at 1"7 Kast It lib
street, that ten detectives, led by lan
Coatlgan and armed with warrants,
descended upon shortly Mfte' 4 o'clock.
Mrs. Rmma Casey, lid Weal Twenty.
first street, collapsed in the maelstrom
of Snrtehlng women ami pushing deteCe
tlves who rushed psllltteli through the
six room apartment. sthe was sud
denly sin. ken with n hemorrhage, and
nr. Jennings of the Harlem Hospital
attended her. leaving h,r there undef
tuard of Patrolman Uerry, as she was
too 111 to be moved. At 1 o'clock shs
leiame worse ami me uollceman s,.t,i h
a liuny call for Dr Jennings. When the
interne reached the house again she was
' '" ", r nusoand yvas IBId lo be the
lu "Ore m JerSSJ
Stored I a, Ii llni.
T1.,. I ,1
that was raided era, ki iOW II
to -he police i's Un "u.iiihw Moving Pool
oom,' I,,- aus.' its meeting! moved on
from day to day p, the homes of various
but each day for the last tow
go of the players who movoid
with tin
lul.s sittings were in the Bar.
Vice of the police. They were Mrs, Ada
Brady, a detective serseant who was
put on the case last January, am! her
friend Mrs Mar) Haitian.) It was on
the evidence the) had gathered that
Chief Maoist rate McAdou issued tr.,. war.
rants which the detectives carried with
th. p.
From : unttl 4 1'. M the forty woman
and the few men played the races In
.Mary Ramsey's flat, whtle Mat t Ramaej
nit at her front win. low keeping a liatk- i
out. that being the duty of the bootssai
wherever the piayera met. uul-ld, In
liVS Htreet a ,, I ,,' .. o. I .
..,., ...u,. ., 7 '
' CI 'o-' -w iters were inai.lng
"v.. , loan as f.iio nti v ,1111
1 'lilies me piay waa overt ac
cardlmy to the club's custom, ami Man
Rauieey obginloueal her ilgn at the win
dow to superintend the serving of teg
ami rtrfrestunema, Thai was the signal
mi Dan Coatlgan, who sto.si acrosa the
street w ith two detei lives, to enter the
noun . ami ror ins other men, wh
We ri-
on llie root ami in the yard, to I
ti a,1 to
the tttaclt.
r.senne i al OB.
Tin. nroke into the flat ami usm the
frightened lea drinkers, whose racing
paraphernalia, telephones .md chart
were round In tin- kit hen Women
jumped screaming to their feet. Iletl t.
tue tire ecru pea and found sscaps cut
i ff nthels snuilv stoo l l ien .,,.1
I hysterically.
lam -viis. HraU) and her Irion 1
pointed out the men and women for
whom warrants had iiren issued and tht
(OllOWlng Were arrested;
Mary Ramaey, th, hostees ; Kate
Petsreon, t". ,.f too West Pourteenth
streel. Who Bald She was an ex-alore
deteotive; Bvelyn Llttlewood, .'.e. ,.f tsi
West Ninety. sixth street, a moling pg.
turc operator. K.itlieilne i leddings, r,e.
of 711 Ifiighth avenue; 1.0ms sin,,.,,, 3
of 01 Second avenue, win, was said lo
nave been tiie bookmaker, and Lawrenci
Leslie, 7, ,,f n; Wssi IMth street, lin .
1 said he was a mualclail, but who was
riven the further vo atlon of taking
in the money that was gambled
, PoUf other arrests were made of put) -us
who were absent. Mrs. Anna Htolts
fio. of :17s Raal nam street, was ar
, rested at her home on Mr-. Brady's Iden
llflratloit .md after Deteotive Arthur
Johnson had beaten off two fos tor-
r.ers with his t-lul, Mrs. Isabella Dor. ,
a widow. 1.:.. was arreated in her home
al KI west tilth street, along with a
servant girl thele named Mary Smith
mid John Coleman. The charges in .ill
1 rases wort keeping and maintaining a
1 gambling hows.-, with the ad.ie.i charge
; of being a common gambler In the case
1 of Coleuwn and Mrs. Dure
The prisoners were locked up, ami ail
of tiiern exc.-td fob man and Mrs. Dorr
' were lei out on bull last night. They
, will be arraigned in the Harlem court
' this morning.
! Deputy Police Commissioner Ouy dcull,
who went to tin- Harlem house to vlOV
th body of Mis. Caeey, said he had
heard a report that the woman h id been
frightened by one of the detectives, who
, drew ,1 rewlVSr, ami that it was itlur,
I lutely untrue Chief Surgeon Edward T.
illgglns, wi.o accompanied Mr. Scull.
; said Unit Mrs. Cast f had died of heart
1 duieaaa, from which she h id beet, suffer.
. Itig for two year, and thai she had
1 been warned no; to leave he home
tin: sun to-day
FIRST Crner.il New., I
SECOND Spotting. Automobiles,
Krnnt!i . . . 6j
THIRD Society. Dremt, Music 8
FOURTH Pictorial Magazine a
FIFTH Special I'rsture Maga.
zinc. Fgfhionii Art . 12
SIXTH Foreign, rmi - News
Artiil i. looks. Queries.
Cheas 8
SEVESTH-Rn F.Utr, Schools
Ctfdeni, Poultry, I'inan
rial. Problems I
Total 64
ReaJtrs or ntusjtaltn ttho Jo not r
rfe all of thtse crttoni will tonftr a
favor on " The Sun" y notify In t the. Puf
lication Department at oritt by the phone
( 200 Beetman) and mtsslnj mUHH
will at promptly srwaraW Ij poulblc.
; Ma iron i Station in Iialt i -
lllnl'n (iiii'o Cio-nii
more Gave Signal for the
Dash to Sea.
t It'll I t IU UI'UOIUT
n ti iiiiii.i.n in rnrAilj
I BALTtMOM, Oct. 2S. On the
1 thai some wireless message
from Baltimore may be connected with
the fllarht of six interned Herman naval
officers from Norfolk, the
1 i.i riOSSII
vi ausin e in viasnington is i' a
man who gave Ida name as William
Pretending to be chief of the wireless
division. Seventh Regiment, National
Guard of the State of New Y nU. Rus
sell modcttisc of the radio of the Mar-I
i'o;, I station on the roof of the Amei
an liu i lill nor
' This was a few days before the (lei
: mans lied to sea in a small yacht They
i were presuirfibly picked up by it wire
iiss eon. nned steamer.
Tu.iia,' l Ham i u ,,n,i..i,i mi,
for Hus'seil. W. W. Stoekham. i'nlteil n"-' him shot by the Urtllah authorities
siates Marshal in Baltimore, got wind,'1' p-
of Itussell s visit uud oonnlctlng state
ments. BtOChham wired to Washing
ton and since then lis and William It.
Matthews, in charge of the Haltimore
olYlec of the Pepartinent of Justice, have
i ti making rigid inquiries,
Moth wireless operators In the Mar-
conl station at the time of Russell's
vis i have been put the gnu. Bvery
I bit of information has been placed in
j Federal hai Is aid it in expected that the
net will enmesh the man who was partly
tecOgnlSed as s former radio operator
with the Marconi company,
It U.S. II'.
A nuiiuaeeniesl.
It was on 1 ictober s that Rusesll,
I bearing radio eharts of North and
South America, slipped mto Baltimore
with the story that he was to make a
flight over tins city and would tlasii
As to Ins assertion that he was chief
! of wire lees, geventh Regiment, New
' York, it was learne.1 by telephone from
I Major-i !cn. John K. O'Ryan of the
New Vork militia that the geventh
Iteg metit poiisessed no wtrelesa division,
bene' no chief,
j "No BUCn man ! known to ttltl office,"
! added Hen O'Ryan, "but I will make an
The result of thl, W'us a letter from
the National ;uard tefling that a man
named William ftusssil, formerly of the
, aWaVUUl Heglloelil. b.,,1 wpdleil Sua SW
liatmenl In the aviation arm of the
Signal I'oips Russell was unknown
lo army offl. ials tu Washltigton. who
, knew nothing of his flight
Facta la the t nae.
the -
Here are tht' fads on which
Kellers! men ate working:
t.ate in nepiemoor a small steansship
1. 1 1 i-et.siii oiii. r 111 . wiiii. 1 1 i.'ii reioi .en
1 i' 1 hoi 11 waa so.-peeieo ,11 ocinie
a iiossiinc Guimnflm raiaer i w:is
lost sight of In the dull of Mexico
un October I Russell cam.' to th,. i,,
1 al Marconi station and told of a flight
planned for wireless testing 11. quickly
wiin the confidence of tiie wireless
"As I shall send messages to you.'
aid Itussell. "lei me give you my style"
He sal at the key and began -.'tiding
ineesages from the li'lgb tension spark of
the radio.
1 in October 11 six interned officers
from tlie Uerman auxiliary cruiser Kron
prlng Wllhelm escaped.
tie C SSa a a Iteported to Male iot the
Noiiroi k. v.i, h t. Naval authorl
tie here begun aii Investigation to-day
of the report that the American steamer
Bealandla had been seised l a Her
man raiding party off tlie coast of
Plot Ida.
Acoordlng ; reports tiie JSealandia left
Pensacola October .1 oeteuelbl) for Tarn
plco. It 1- declared she tist, on a new
crew ami a German captain,
TacltiS said to have h, en obtained by
Germans ars reported to have put out
from several ports along the Atlantic
c.mst. Including Norfolk. Petiaacola and
N, w Orleans, 10 effect a uomblnatlon st
I: ,- believed tnat these yachts over
took 01 met the Zeal. t:. la and til
.'large of h.r. The naval station al
Pslisacola has been or b led to llliestl
gate the report alid the battiest,:;. Keti
tucky, i. iw in Mexican waters, will keep
a lookout for the .1 i.i tld . .1. o Rlnps
were sent from this port to look for the
Seals tuba.
The Bealandia wag formerly a British
ship. Hhe was built at CllUegOW in 1S75
ami is nPW owned by t' L. Diamond
Her home port is New Yori.. She I- 01
1.71N tons and .antes a orew of about
twenty five,
The report received at this station
says tiie mx pflloers from the Interned
cruiser Kronprlng Wllhelm, who es
caped on tin. yachl Kcllpae, arc among
tiiose ben, iied to hav, sc. zed the Zea
land''.!. i
ablPplBP Mill Here l.auahedal Ihe 1
'.ealnndlii Repwrti
two or three days the stOI
Por two or thr lays the sunt had
persisted iii newspaper offices ami along
the waterfront that 'he Zealand, a not
only had been converted t
o a commerce
destroyer by the Hermans after sailing
irom fenaaooia, t.n. ror Tamploo, but
also liad baeil used as a ship of ca
1 cape by 'lie Herman officers of the atix-
j lliary cruiser Krciiprinz Wllhelm
; Navertholeas until late dsgpatcheg bt-
gall to , nine ill yesterday .shipping men j
' In Manhattan who were teen by a re- 1
! pot ter from The Son laughed at the
: story as un absurdity. The Zeal. nulla, '
i they said, was at Tamploo peacefully I
; taking on a cargo or oil.
I asked about a statement printed yes-
I lorday "on excellent authority" thai
the law department of the custom house
tero was investigating the cage of the
! Zeulnndla.
. .. .' Ol II'' 1 11 till ..lilt I.
"the Healandia sailed from s port in
llorida," Mr. Mejone replied, "to a port
it: Mexico. Congacjuently it ia obvious
thai tin. local customs officials are mak
ing no Investigation for the simple rea
son that the Zealiindln's affairs are no
part of our" t know nothing of the
Kl.lp further than what I have read In
.. LiJkVi. A 1
Waihlnsrton "
Al (.1 ST A NPKt'lAI.
la-. i s Nets Tork daily 1 in p. - p vm
Kouthr ru Ry. for Obarlette, Columbia. Alksa
and Aiiansla. Dlnliig and alesplng ears
N. Y, Ofltia -'61 Klfth A"c .M,
! Federal Grand Jurv Investigating Rintelen's Connection
With Many of the Clashing Factions in Southern
Republic to Keep Up Trouble.
Facts disclosed yesterday indiratc that
'the Federal Hrnnd Jury Investigation
which had Its la-ginnina In the Rlntelen
aieiny passport plot has broadened Into
i widespread Inquiry into various kind'
jot Qe
rman activities In ibis country
eluding the aliened scheme 10 keep tliints
, tlSTM ,, i ,. UaIM ihU room I V
would be compelled to concentrate its
J attention on affairs there and keep It-
hands out of the Kup pean War,
It 1 said to be the theoiy of the
j tJovernmeht that all of these activities
can be traced to one man. or tit least to
I a group of men in which Ins most SO"
I tive was Prani Rtntelen, Intimate friend
of mine Henry of Prussls and othei
members of the tinrman royal family, length of l ine Mondragon was orig
Kintelen is supKsed to be In a ltrillsh I Itialh a Dial man and left Ih nint.y
I military prison, alth niiib a teieiit ruiimr
Mot tailed for :to,iMMi.i'oti,
in inis country ii is said itinlelen
xas In much with the representatives
of eight different factions in Mexico and
his plans If carried to a successful con
clusion would havs cost iiis rjovern
I t-ne story whin, will be Sifted by' the
' Grand Jury Is that one of the Mexican
agents actually r Ived several hundred
thousand dollars and fled to Havana
j with the money without making any at-
i tempt to 1 urrv oul bis agraemenl
! It Is apparently th, view of the Hoy -
arnmant that Rlntelen dealt with ail
Mexican factions reaardleas of any ro-
-UP except that of keenllia Mexico in
a sufflclentl) turbulent state to occupy
the attentions of this country. The nar
rative of his activities Is said to have
convinced llie State Department of the
desirability of a strong, stable Uovern
men I in Mexico and was therefore ..
guiding Influence in this country's re
cent readiness to recognize t'aransa.
Another feature of more than ordinary
Intoroet in the oread Jury proceedings
is that 011,. of Die Officers of the Trans
atlantic Trust Company ot 7 William
street has boon subposnaed as witness
to produce documentary evidence. The
Transatlantic oust Company i one of
the depositories of the Herman IteUof
Fund and carries the dioRita of a num.
tier ..f Hungarians and Austrlana.
Kn.ii Rlatelea aa Maaaeai
Rlntelen, according to one etory, had
tftlcea it in- building occupied in- the
trast company ai i7 IVtlllatn stre..;.
M.irry it Ponds, vi s-presldenl of the
ompsny, said last nlahl tiia he know
Rlntelen only
aa Hanaan, and that he
teas lot
tware that there was such ii
per.-o,, gg Hi:.:
III until he it ad of itlll.
teieti in the newspapers, Hansen is the
nams under which Rlntelen is said to
have attempted to boy munitions in this
country .
The president of the Tranaaturhlic
Trust Company, Julius Periritser, waa
acquainted with Dr. Theodor Conetantln
Dumbo, the Austro-llunrarlan Ambas--ado-,
who was r called .it the request
of tins Government after the exposure "f
att nllegtsl plan to start striked among
the Austro. Hungarian laborers in munl
tlon plants iii tins oountry,
Rlntelen stood high in conuneeolal ami
s.s-nti circles in Gernvany, Ha was. it is
said, the director of several banks Iii
Berlin, but the preatlge tr, s gave Mm
among allied Bnanetal interests in this
country was not eufflclent, it la believed,
for him to have rniseti tin, enormous
amouut of money necoaaary to carry out
his alleged schemes,
Por the purpose of consulting with
ierm.it. officials concerning those
schemes and raising the necessary
llioney n t ase they were approved llln-
telan, It Is said, decided to return t.
Germany laal July. According to the
Government charges, he Induced Andrew
D. Meloy , a real estate agent and pro
moter of mining enterprises in Mexico.
to bstp him convince the Pederal au
thorities h. re thai he was an American
citizen and as such wa- entitled p. lt
passport. He posed on iiiis .. talon, it
Is said, as BdWgrd V. Gales, a wine
i'n-. port riot Praatrated.
Government avsnts, howsver, hsd been la-rlod variously estimated at from ion
following the movamenu of Rlntelen, or i tiuys to titrcu weeks i.. ...... i j , j. .
Hansen, as lie usually called himself. I German supplies ot' nil kinds w :ll he I
and frustrated 1:1s plot lo get a pass- pouring In full Itufll through Mofla I
port Meloy ami Rlntelen must Inivu toward the Hosporuw, Afterward, unless
learned that they were under espionage, eomel .: g UlieXN)Cted liappens IS a re
for on Atiaust a both left on the Hid- suit of the arrival In the ksuri of Sir
land America liner Noordam. Rlntelen Charies Monro, the German I7mi or
sailed under the name ... Kdwurd V. may lake lila special train via Vienna
Gaoohe, tie had a Swiss pnaanorii I Pnn make ins spectacular entry into
which, it is sold, he had secured before- J Constantinople. i
hand to meel Just suih an emergency . i "Wliuiever else nut) happen, it seems I
Meloy 's wife and secretary went With UfiitS ivrtalu thai the Herbs, taken he. j
ihein At Palmouth all of the meinberg tween the upper .md nether millstones. I
of the party ware taken oft th,. ship.
Rlntelen was put into a mllllar) prison
alter the llrltislt aUtkuritlSS bad SOigsd
papsrs ei 1 1 biiHh.ug ins idantlty.
Meloy and tiie others went sent bat!,.
Meloy w'.u, air. t.'O wh.n '!, Steamer'
arrived at quarantine He ami i:m
ti ien were subsequently indicted toi the
alleged passport tiauil.
Rlntelen, ,t is said on good authority,
was well acaualntsd with affairs in
Mexico w ho
his v... ii.
Ho owns,
among Mexican ataats hen.
according to rumor, larg, mining intei
esta in Cuernavaoa, near thotsi of Meloy,
it is understood that ths Ooverumenl Is
gathering evdenca 'o show that Klnttden
nod sometliina to do w ith Huerta's r. -
icnt trip to Kl PaSDi whnh resulted in
the tt "rest, of tlie ex-dictator lutd fly.
others on h ohgrgo of violating the
I'll, ted Suites neutrality lawe be at.
teuiiitinir to ser.,1 a mili: un- .,.-,..1111....
' into Mexico.
I Another M xlcan with Whom Rlntelen
"ul(l "Vi entered into nogotlatlona
through an Intermediary is nen. Manuel
Mondragon. who was Huerta'S Minister
I"1' vr 'or a few stormy months, Man
Oragtvn arrived here from Spain shortly
before Huerta made hia trip to 1:1 ram.
He has appeared its a witness before ti e
Pederal Grand -lury several tunes. Hlg
mldre-iH In this city was Hit Weal Sixt,
fourth slreet. a hoarding houaa, In- I
nuiry there yeeterday elloitad tha Infor. i
J , '""'' s.s reiary that .
Mondragon had Just returned to Bnaln ,
Rome ot the Federal authorities niani-
rested surprise when they heard of this,
although they admitted having given him
permiaslon to go back to aeo his wire
who Is ill.
According to Mondragon' secretary
the llenernl Is not Identified with any
faction in Meaioo at present, lb' cime
i hero on personal business, tin- secretary)
.iimi ui.i inn K I low ll ;:li Ien s.ive ny
i Another
Witness who s uudi!' sub-
lo before the i ir ind Jury is
i tin- Hock Island rail
who booked Huerta and his
their trip to I.I I'aso. This
poms to
I the rmpli
J Way here
I party on
man refused lo discuss the matter ex
cept to deny any knowledge of any
dealings between Huertn and Rlntelen,
The (trsnd Jury, under the direction
of Assistant I'nltcd states Attorney
Raymond II. Rnfnrty, will sndsavor to
ascertain tin tnnh of the story that
Mondragon came here with the deh
nlte idea of Joining Huerta in the ex
dlctator'e alleged expedition to Mexico,
bllt hud i lIl-.IKTVellV'lit W i ll 1 1 ii, rt.i.
!;"., ,. i ,'
1 Huerta, it is said, have
never bean on fi:eiiiil' ismu for nv
with Diaz, lie returned lo Mexico, how
i J'v''r' .'''' !'
i , ,.
rter lluert , on-led M id, io fr itn
ncy, bin hi connection with
tiie Huerta realms was short. He soon
I Sailed for Spain, where Ills family lives
most of tiie time,
ne ..f tin- witnesses who have already
t testified in the investigation is Pellg
I Pommel fold, a Villa agent here. Ttinte
J Ien, It Is said, also tried to gel in co.n
j ""'"' rebuff edi
. Tea Juries Work Together,
T" Inquiry her., it 1- ail. was
', close . ilijui lio'l with the
I rederal urand Jurj Investlcatl? t of the
' HUOrU egpedltlol at Kl Das.).
l'"'"' which th. Pederal author!
i l" endeavor to eetabllsh definitely
tiiat itlnlilen under tl.
name 01
s. ligured
Hansen, one of h.s many iii.
prominently in the attempt p. get hold
of 111,0 econd hand Kraa-Jorsensen
rifle, that had been discarded by the
United bXates iirtny An account of
these nagoHatlons published Isat June
was to the effect that one mm was so
dat ing In his efforts to g. t hold of the
rifles a- to offer a contribution of
ti. -on. ii. oi to tin- campaign fund to
Prceldent Wilson.
Rlntelen Brat tried to gel hold of
the titles, it I- said, through a Mrs.
gelma Lewi.- tins attempt gave rise
to the new exploded rumor that the
prospective pan baser of th.- rifles w as
Dr. Meyer, a German army officer, t.. ,
Ing a.- Dr Mayer-Gerhard, win. was in
'his country lecturing to raise Red
i 'l oss funds
Dr. t'nrl J. gohimmel, u! nam.
was brought Into the complicated story,
has been summoned to appear '., fore
the federal Grand Jury with J, c.
Hammond, a publicity agent Both Ham- !
io ond sud ttcJjInimel have offices with '
the Mallard Advertising Company llll
th. Marbndgn Building
Itlntolen, it i said, drat came to this !
country t study banking cond lions for i
th German Government Ho was a
member .. the New Tork Yacht ciubl
and moved in good social clrcler, Whin,
tin- war beaan his aco r official ac
tlvitlea w is enlarged ami he became, ac
cording io story, tin German fiscal I
agent here. Ii Is aatd that he tried t.. :
interest ..tie man In a publicity campaign i
..r t te purpose ..f Influencing sentiment ;
in this country, bUI was convinced tint ',
n would require auch an enormous outlay ;
of money as to he practical!) Impossible. I
Other of his schemes, II :s sa.d, were,
Siuh!I '. . 'oi , ry,
Loudon Miliiiii t l iii'i' )r
Hpvpn KniaPi1 M,i viniii
Miller C'oiia(flntllloip,
London, Sunday. Oct,
' . ?l J. I. . i tr.
vin, writing in the obserceo says:
'Responslblr. cltlgens of both parties, 1
whatever then- previous : ,, must
prepare themselves for the probability!
Ih. it wit iiii n shoit t,eei,.l Cmom, ,,., .,
niusl ue i rusned out ol the northeastern I
cornci of their country, ami that Het
mail SUpPly trains will ennn be running
ft un Itelgra.le IbrOURll KlSh .Hid goflu I
toward Constantinople,
"We musi choosi between two broad j
alternatives, Hither wa must abandon I
the Halkgtia nltogather or any military,
policy we adopt in that iptarter must be
t horougil
ir Britain by further reeniproements I
could ralas ih allied strength on the
ll.ill.iiu ina'tilai..! :.. r.nil.iifiii .nen witnin'
a stipuaiied tune so a- to win too ad I
neslon of Ruinanbi as well as of Greece
that would be a certain mean- pi re
trieVyflg all thai is jeopardised."
Cermaus aald la Re Planning to
lose ue anal.
Tut: HaODg, ikl. sa, A OarnvM Man
to clOSl the Sneic Canal, provided tho
Kaiser's troops reach there, wag under-
Mood to have been the them,. ,,f a dis- '
cusston to-day between Colonial gecro- '
tury Rolf of Herlm .md Dat.-h Covern-!
men! representatives, Completion of ( I
German railroad to the canal by Junuury i
was said to be the Teutonic plan golf
deti.e.l his y,s.' had political sianlflaannu 1
I'aaseiim-rs on American liner
Korceil to RtelMNga Money,
U0ND0N, Oct. S -A rule la ..'. en
forced prohibiting
of the country by
ttte taking of gold out
ti ns ellei s.
Th.- passenger.; on iii.. American Un
steamship New Vork, winch sallsd to
gay for New Yoii , wet npelled to
exchange their gold before Ills t'OSSel
! i'n Hi Officially Ann
French Troops Have
Left Salonica.
Drives From Kast of ise-
gnd to t ut Line Lead
ing to Knigujevae.
Bulyars Send to Turks lor
Aid Reenforced, They
Capture Kuprili,
gaen'ei ahlt Deapafi . fe im lea
l...iio. ii. t. un. The allied tnsips
sent to th., of gerbla, Which landed
at th.- (ireei! port ..f galOtllcS ami a
tt-ina that port as a base, have i tossed
tiie OrOOO-gerbisp frontier and have ef.
fected a Junction with the gerbc
This Information is contalngsl in an
official communique Issued toBlght by
tiie French War Office. The number
of the allied troops which bale thin
succeeded in Joining hands with the
Serb- is not given, Tlie prevention of
Mich a union of t ie French and British
troops, moving up the Sal nlca-N.s ,
railway from the south, and the s.rus
has been one of lit. objectives of the
Bulgar campaign from ths sast.
it appears from tin lateSi reports tt..
the railway has been cut aout'.l of ITsgUi .
al Kuprili (Vales) but military ob
servers emphasise the successful Jum
tion of the French forces with the
flerblaug as mati ruUly altering the out-
yjje'rein w.i. i dll. e statement foU
low I
Preach Report.
Aiioy of the Orient. Tin debar ka
lion of Prench troops ai Kalouica con,
linuee regularl) and under mo - fa
orable coiidltloue, The Prench lixvops
iihl.li have crossed Hie Greek (roil
tor have effecteil a Junction with the
s i btan troops
A new Invasion of Si : bia has bei u
lie. led liy Auatro-Gemuiii forces uo.
operating from Sarajevo These forces,
the Berlin ofilcial slatemant says, have
Ion,,! a passage of the Drlng and bins
oci i, pied the heights east of Vlanegrad
The plan of camHiign from this quarti r
evidently Ut lo cross the country to
L'ajellna or L'glce, ami there ronnect
with the railway leading east through
Pogrga ami Cavak to Knigujevae,
'initial announcements of the shelling
of the Bulgarian coast cm tin .ilgi'.u
in. luding tin only llulgarian port on this
coast, Dedcagatch, were Issued lo-day
bi the British .md Prench Admiralties.
These statements say thai DrlUsh,
Prench .md Russian -hips took pan in
the bombardment yeeterday afternoon
and caused serious damage lu hnrhci
works, tl.,- railway station and ablp.
plug. A lepori from Ku Ion lea. which is
without oftlcial verification, says that
Aliglo-Krell.il troops were Int. .led a l.
Dodoagatch under cover of th.- bom
ba rdinent.
The statement Issued by the Prench
Ministry of Matin,' regarding the boms
bardment of the .Ugean coast of Bui.
garia follow -
Tiie Ailiet' iquadrons bombarded
lite warehouse! and wharves .-t
Dedeagatch on the aftcrnooo of tiie
- 1ki, hut did not tire upon III' resl
dentkil quarters of tin clly. Besldsi
this llie fleet destroyed a numbe of
mil. tat, v posts alofg the Rulg.-iti.in
Rrltlah it, p..ri
Tiie British Adnil ulty's statenieiu toi.
low :
Tiie bombardment of the Bulgarian
const was carried out by an allied
squadron composed ot British, Prenul,
and Russian ships on tiie afternoon ul
the -1st A nuiiil.ee of military pos
lions were shelled si d .-, riou dauiuge
was Inflicted on the harlayr Works, the
railway station and on shipping .'
Dedeagatch. Great cure was exer
cised by the allied souadr ei to .no i
ti: .iik Uppn any p.. .tit- othei thtui
those known lu i. o; military im
portance. The announce',. c i Ihul Russian sli ps
cooperated In Ihe allacli has aroused
Botne gpeculalion in i v- both the
Black Hiii ami ih. Haiti, .ue scalnd
light by Turkish II "I lltTiruin mines
it is aaaumcd that the xe-.-.-i- havi been
detached from the AslaUc squudroit,
Italy also ha- begun in r coopi r.iiain
in th. Balkans, her Hoi having Jtdned
in the alielling of the llulgarian cast
Tha fiustro-Oennan tort. - umlei
von GallWllg, opcruiing south In the Mo.
rava Vallty, hav,- crossed tin Jaarnl. i
a. a point ci-t ... 1'ii. mk. i, o,i tl., neg
bank of tlie Moral. t and on lie- ras
bank hate to rial the gerlsj out of their
pualtioiui oti i li.ti s between Alcg.
androvu atui itrbyovo, Tlie ism. is gnei
indicate an advance of gome thirty ir.,le
south from the Austrian border,
in thr northeastern corner of grh i
liiii Bulgaia hate taken Nlgotln, p.-..
the juti. ttou of gerbia, lluuiuuiu and
Bulgai'la, atni lime defflUtcd an Bltenip'
by the Rerblans 10 lalia ihu offiiiv.
Inn l ilea -1 of Plrot
Tlie following Official stutenl nl n ig
Issued iii Berlin lo-d y .
At Visegrad w t I ' i isai
across Die Drliia and Un eneniy v .
driven from the heights outh ,' t'
Tho amy of Hen. vim, lin. t -
stormed the enemy' positions between
UUKSVlks and Ruswil) Uouiltal
The ai"ii,. of it,.-i roll Gfl Iwlli lui
driven the enemy act..-.- . . i:.-.' .,
cast of I'a Itinka, and has ihro
gerbia na south of II' Muta i 1 '
out of Iheli Hstloua on tin t . -drot
uOrh.i n.i line l t i
Kt'i blsns weie 1 1 i.i pt .. ,,
lllvlng way to piesuri '
tides, the gtrbUtni nli , no

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