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J,. .In i' Win Sonirht to
Kxtnid Mir PoWfH of
His Offp.
jriM.K OR015R8 MORK
Jialgl Hunt m the Vtiitcd States pis
(.;, l our: cterday switch' tn have
rVir M Sw.icker, Special A"ilMant
Attorney 'Oenera I, proggMitlnf thjcew
Hvn I free ton, abridge 111 reading of
H 4ogTBtntar) evidence by which the
ilovernrnmt lioiee to onvlrt the dermd
tatji f " nspir.'u- to monopolize the
gjgdiiltrl Kngland
Mr gwWfMf had lieen reading in their
Hit, rely letter after letter and memo-1
aagggl .,11m memorandum introduced tn j
.Jlllli:!. ill of winch referred to the
itrilned relations between the Now York
QBjtnl and the New Haven back In
,114 Some of the law) era for the de
fence err inline little imp. aa they
tutd alicady f-"id they could not see what
'' COtmectlOri the docimienta had
mrti the Dhargst I the Jury to a man
, ruiinK at Hie colling, out of the
lUlDII or giving eery appearance of
uakirff InIO a somnolent state. I'harles
. Mellen. IpOUdlnfl hie fifth day on the
itind. wa sitting on the dais. Suddenly
Jjd Hunl Interrupted :
Mr si acker, can't you Abridge your
reading "f thoso document " fan you
not agiee Kith the other side to rout
onlv what "iu consider to be the snlient ,
bout's' li is br.v.iml all human endur- ;
uict to here day alter clay and listen
w rit, rOOOOrUlltl the situation of
oe rna.1-1 and the mathematics of tlte
traitV arrangemeiita arid enrry thnn in
oar heads I am sure it cannot be done
tth any atJaf act ton to the listener. And
. m tn lag to deviac s.me eyatem which
i-.ll shnpllfv U BlWi enable ua to get to
tin Heiit poims."
l.anyera Keniaiid Hellrl.
Mm Hunt suggested that the face-1
tUMMicr-a of tne .lav before might be
umh h, Mr ljn.ial.iirv and ..ther I
.-jrt.n.teHted. luvinx thev were the
Otir ttlngt to ralter Ult tfdhini j
r .lav wan ontirclN devoted to the ,
V.w Vork I'entral and New Haven trou-
1m rhvii were ended bv the real Cor- '
air MTU merit made Oil the night of ;
S4jiteiiii.. r IM'5. It had arisen when) r',r" 'orJ """
h Xaw Haven had taken over the Old ! Waldorf A or. a lelghbor of his In Um
Colonv atid other railroads whereby it j don. who. he said, has built a gigantic
Mt en.ih.lcd i. ohange Its traffic rate stone wall nliout his house. W hen it
IV New V Tk rentral felt 1t was lieing i completel he advertleel for liroken
usaoaad mm. I'haumev M. lei and ' laXtlee to pur on top of tile wa'l. and
i. t'lens'iit Morgan were among the di
sgtcs of Utii Miads at the time It led
tg trie renuirk of one of the defendants
MttMal that twit even the lioverninent
cuuid charge that these men were con -inng
as New Haven rlirectors to In-
ijrt Uwimttvei as New York Central di-
Tht ifMimony of Mr MrUf?tt fxtpt j
tx (KM 'ir two little fXt-ejit ion WU I- !
uiuf: etttlrely lonflneil to MentlfylnB his
own fntfufoture bIM others. The letler?
bowtfl that tho then Recoiul vlce-jr;st-ntn.
of thfl NVw H liven, who m-as in
Cfetffe of ttlf tmfTir. WM conftiintlj
fter CheiVftof IV 'lrK. the prefMent.
u well M all othnrK In authority, to
prmt' him to exercise th- jiower ftalned
6 tilt iqutltion of the OM olon.
l)M HMItMtonla an1 the Now York. Pruv-
'lenoc Boston lines tu make more
it.o: for the New Haven.
That If what ! wan there for. ' he
Npllt4 In answer to a question.
The longM. exhibit of the day was
t pnnu-ti 0OPJ of a letter written by
ilr Metltn on Septeniher 14. 1 i 4 . an I
tn' to ever) dlrtctor of the New Ha
ten In response to a query of the board
kfKi -it the New York Central situation
Mr Mvlltn was for war In that letter,
HWftlni that the New flaven had the
bet lit.''" In NVw Ktiftland and coul I
i; bill a profit where all other
rot tii muM operate at a loss, lie aug
ItivM thai tho New York Central arid
'be Boston anil Albany roads be not
ftllkowtd to Operate in New Haven terri
tor; except accord tng to terms made by
Uu' road
Cot Ktantl) throughout as Mr. Mellen
"aV Ifsttfytng or .ii Mr. Hwacker was
reuln ir lome lett , ciuiiho-I for the de
(en t would object and ask if the Qo'
trnment intended tu connect xh defend I
-nil n i .i on- of the exe.uth e.
ipi iiesuraiKHsi ::,at tne rjovornmoat
I--'. ' a,, b) direi tors' minutes or
Ithera ... Judge Hunt has allowed muobl
el the docutnentar)' evidence to go in I
l'eaersatloaa uiih tloraan.
Ml Mellen, however had one little
rporlunlt! ' ' tve testimony, and that
i. a hen he waa asked If he ever talked
eitl late ,1 P Morgan or President
'"Ink ibeui the New Yo'k Ventral af-:-t
Till sltnesi inewered that he
u.wl with hah.
l IVhal a'ai th, occasion of youri
i 1 Mi Morgan? A. I was ad-
! ' Mi that Mr. Morgan
" i exerrieed lover the reretlonehlp
thai i r .v.ng up between the New
' '' ' Ihe New Vork i'entral Uneg
ft ' . e loi oi l",t'i He thought
' "us retting an ggcOMlVg nuisance
t'j n myself, ai d he thi.uahl 1 ouaht
. . .,
V ' s relatione; Ye '
l M.. cli K mid you
it i m thought you ought to be
" n Id .in- f my nuisance ,
i ..
V V... s i ihal led to our Inter- I
i I was mi ,,;,i i
thai a man ,,f ir .' mi. :
'' 1 ,,v . ... r..i,e... - .
' ' I i- lhal ndleated tr, th- In-1
' "' ' ' I mtirched down to Mr.
Morgui . ofrtea and aanl in mv card
' nionn :. ifterward and !
i do for von ' i
.. uM Mr lark hid told me
' aul "Thai .h oorract." I
tlioughl you were a fair
willing to hear both sides:
1 ' " and 1 came down to see
' on would near my side." j
nesi at mis point . n.i led a I
ui bualnessllko tone as he
vli Morgan said: CkW
linly ! I told him the j
from my siandoliit lie
evet understood it. Mr. Mel- !
i. been Used as a dooimat !
"r!. .'
id: i
en. i
tiwl rjj
a Thsi
i Wh
lad been Used as a doormat?
'-- ihi ipreeelon he used
' ' a- lit refer, ttor 1 r !
' ! III, for a n avnlanxlj.fi I I
, " - - i mat in- was satiiAed and
1 gem nut
, '" 1 - mi wdi i.e reeumed at iu .so
lot's i,:s mi, rnlng.
u,"lli I i on,
lad llrlnklna Water
II sn
tl'l'ldeal" In Wisconsin.
' ' t (, ph) death of
c from typhoid feVOI con-
MspiaoN, t
'l MlipllOe,
I from
1 H lllplll)
'"' II II..
itiOn gel
' l 'I' 'I now i
tireughi up
' ernpa i .
I'l.nf I...
Irlnklng water furnished
la an ac nlent and within
i ihe ururkinon'e pumpen
urdlng io a doolaion
bore to-day In an action
iim New I Mils Uumber
$70,609,000 Export Balance
000,000 Gain of $270,000,000 Since September 4
All Indications Point to
WAMHMWN, OOt. 2. The balance of I They sppear to be confident thai the out
irii.le In favor of the United States con- wird movement of American product
llniica to Inrrcaae at a tremendous rate , '" omlnu" " Increase for many
.... turn, - rate. mntnH Xn( fl(,lrM mnd, pbllc In-
new high record WU made In the k day cover the return of the thirteen
ended I k'touer 23. when exports were In principal port handling about !1 per
eniee of I9X.000.OO0, an compared with ', of """ ,ountry export huelnesH.
,,.,. r - ii. .i '"otton exported In the week amounted
import, of a little more than l2K.000.noo. , ,7.r,, maklnir the total since
a balance of I70,o. 000. For the week August I Ian approximately 1.125.SM
ended October 3 the balance In favo,- of1",u'"
! " -ore than ..... JR2H'B '
immi.oou it increased to 144.000,000 In I
the week en Jed October 1. The record
therefore shown a gain of .'A. 000. 000
over the balance of the prevloua week,
which in Iteelf was a new high record.
Officiate ay that Ibe balance In the
week ended October 23 la the hlah Mli I
i mark In the history of the fnlted State?
British Aviator. Hpip. TpIIs of
Trick Kmplop in Trendi
I.ieut V. F..rd of the Hiiliftli Avia
tion Cotpgi who arrived yesterday from
Liverpool on the Anchor liner TiMcania.
remarked feelingly that the Oerman '
anti - aircraft guns were better than theJ.
British, partly perhaps because MltTi
had nore practice popping at venture
some British airmen.
The Lieutenant was hit by fragments
of shell from the Herman guna while he
' as range finding for the artillery, and
that Is one of the reasons he ta here, j
Boides recuperating he will vtalt the j
aeroplane plants and talk '.th American
lie liaa a poor opinion of bombs
dropticd from aeroplanes aft ft serloiii.
'r meafture The best use of the planes
M for finding the range of the enemy
Hr ' graduate of Cambridge fniver-l
t - and has a diatlnguialied service
nr,'er M. O.) for Ml work in France
2 "" old and the on of a
manufacturer who is called the "blotting
PMer King oi inioon I
was nisorsl Willi giaWHwWBW a mun.
The I'aiiadlana In the trenchem. I.ieut.
Kord ggldi amuse themselvea by catch
ing creeping ilermana betwewi the
trenches In bear tnips of their envn
manufacture The sound of a mung
trap and the cry of a Oerman are the
signal to go out and eeiie another prls-
Rrldf Rroom, 7H. Refsisfs to Tell
lf He Wn RrNf, eCN.
William H Burden. Tti, who was mar
ried In Atlanta on Sunda tu MlM LtllU
I ouglas Thomson. 2. refused to say
vesterday whether he. hart won his bride
by a want advertisement or whether he
hail settled 300.ft00 on her. The couple
arrive here on Monday niaht and
' went to an apartment house at U2
West 1 1 0th street, where Mr. Burden
lis lived with Ml nurse and house
kaapoTi M rs 'es-y. since t he death of
his tlrst wife.
" What 1 have done Is my own f-
i fair." said Mr. Burden yesterday 'M
shall rortatnty mal.c no statement about
my prlvau- affairs I am not tn DtlbUo
life antl :f I lioose lo marr' It is my
own bUSlnatM and nobody else's."
Mrs Ves seild thai a telegram notl
, fytng Adage Iturden. one of Mr. Bur
den's sons, who lives with him. of his
; father s mat rinse greatl surpristl him
Mr Burden, who g a retired merchant,
has several adult grandchildren, and. ac-
I cording to Mrs. Vese.v . was dangerour.lv
HI when shf became his nurse two years
Krllr-pplnllelH lllrertora Want ,
at I rom BIOII to ga.
T.e board of dire 'tors of the Kellv
Sprlngfleld Tire Company has acted in
favor of reducing the par value of the
csimmon stock from $10o to $'JS a
share Stockholders will rest on No-
ember 30 to OOtlstdOt the proposition.
Tiie par value of (he ti er cent
eumtilatlve preforroel and hg 7 per cent
.second preferred slock will not lie re
duced The transfer stock books will lie
closed from November 10 to Novem
ber 30.
The stock sold yesterday at IS", a
nea- high, hut later reacted lo ITS
..a.. '
Dltorrrd llasbsnd or Holly I
lo I nderaro I, tn nil nation
San- IfRAKcteco, Oct, le An e gamin-
li:g boaid will Invcatlgate the appltca-
of U"-Col. William K. Tucker.
formerly husband of Doll) r.gan.
tlUhter of 000. John A. Logan, , for re-
insiuterneiit In the army with the rank
f f'donel. according to oiders re-
reived lo re from Washington
I'ol. Tucker
retired Mar ii
lifts, for the assignsl
oause of
health Previous to that his wife had
Obtaiaed .. dlvorc. after a sensational
suit. He ' msrrled July , li0.'. to
Mrs. Myrtle le-onc Datt. who was named
a- corespondent in the d.vorce suit
ul.,1 Delays tlr Trip l t ape Hat-
If, -llerv I
A'aiAvr. Oct ie. gwryi . .
who was scheduled to make his air tr ip
,o L'ape llatieras early 9W. TUM
postponed the trip to Thursday nor Ing
at r, -.10. or pemapa r , .. . "-"-.
the strong south gIM
Weeping the Hudson.
now i
a You. Mr. Banker. Mr. Manufacturer, Mr. Saleg
ManiiL'cr You. who
I. K..,.naa tmlav is vour
open to You, not to the general public.
(J President Eliot said : " No man should be plared at work width
a mar him: can do better."
Q Experts at the Show demonstrate to Executives today the latest
nnd mostimproved invention, for effecting PRACTICAL ECONOMY
in the office, gtore. and factory.
Q An hour today may save months later on.
Above Imports. Bare $28,-
Further Rapid Growth.
Week rnttlna:
Sfiptf mat r 4 . . .
8, ptembf r 11 . . ,
tptom her II . . .
Sleptemtipr . . . ,
October :
Ociober H
OcMber 16
. tl7.41D.OftO
. s.4:.fto
. J6. 449. Don
. 11,140 000
. . 4l.lt,001
Citizens Fnion Rpppats Bolief
Therp'n Room for Improve
ment in Of flee.
Sher. ff Max Orifenhagen. who 1ft
I addressing ihxil taunta to the t'ltiivns
I'nlon. received yesterday from William
Hchleffelln. chairman of the union, a
pgplj to his demand that he union re
tract or Justify its criticism of rhe (Irlf
enhagen administration. Mr. Pchlffelln
wrote :
"Ton lake a lofty position when ou
assume that the conditions In your of
fice are not susceptible of improvement
"Our opinion Is that both In personnel
and administration there Is opportunity
to better the condition: for example.
e have heard complaints of inefficiency
and inattention to duty In connection
with the execution of proceaaea deliv
ered ti the BherlfTs office.
"Your apparent perturbation over our
suggestion that conditions in your office
are susceptible of linpnu'ement leads us
1 to wonder whether there may be grounds
for ,iie unfavorable reports that
readied us from time to time concerning
the conduct of your office, which we
have not as yet Had the opportunity to ,
substantiate For the present we feel I
that we know enough to Justify us I
full In believing that there Is room for j
Sheriff Max replied with onother chal-
lenge He demanded that Mr Scbieffelln (
tell poelflooily what waa wrong In the i
Sheriff's otMci' atl how the adniintetrH
tlOP eould be loiprovetl.
"It Is ymir duty to the people and to
me." the Sheriff wrote, "to Stale the;
sulistaroe of any .omplaini whieh ovi j
I have hesrd This Is quite beside the ,
'question of our relyijig on hearsay-1
I information and attaching me and the
I administration of my office upon unsup- j
I iiorted hearsay statements whieh may
' hsve eome to you.
j 'It Is quite apparent to me that in;
I your seal to Indorse the cwndulacy of ,
Air. Smith, for re.tsonx that are beyond
me. you overreached xourself Iri making
the statement that this OttVo was suli
JJoiet to improvetnetit and Ihat you are
now attempting to Justify our statement
bv reference to 'hearsay statements
that nobody (on follow up or deny
"If the statements in your letter are
made in good faith and haeed upon
actual information that has come to you
I shall expect to get the details of the
Instance! to grhlOll ou refei by return
I mall."
tarpri i lob's llanqnrl ro-nlghi,
Maj Be aiormy.
The semiannual banquet of the Cars i
pel Club of New York at the Hotel llres- I
lln U-hight is expected to develop Into i
a stonily session as a result of the ac- .
tivitles of or.e member who is charged
with having perpetrated a libel on the j
club and on Col. Theodore Hooeevelt aa
well i
The trouble -tarnil a lien a Philndel- !
piiia newapaper printed on Monday ej
story in whii'h .: aag asserted that 100
members of tne club had resigned be
cause the bnmiuet committee had m-
I vited the former President and Pro-
gresstve leader to be the guest of honor
' and principal speaker at the dinner. The
! story also is.-e i ted that I'ol Itoosevelt
had settt his regrets, w hereupon a troupe i
I of cabaret performers had been engage, I
to fin ihe vacanc on the programme. I
At the Cariiet flb last night the
, whole story was branded as n lie w.th !
' a vehemence that would have delighted
the I'olonel himself. Not only is it un
true that any member has resigned be-
' cause the Colonel was Invited, the mem- j
ber assert, but the story itself waa Bent j
i to the Philadelphia newspaper for po- i
' Htlcal reasons.
tsslatanl Secretary of Labor Post
so (nils Colorado Meheme.
PfASHINOTON, Odi I "A feudal or
ganization which uannot survive In a,
political democracy." was the way Louis i
y Post, Aasl.-tant Secretary of Labor,
to-day described the new Rockefeller
Industrial plan recently decided upon
in Colorado. I
' The fundamental objection to the
Rockefeller plan. said Post, "la that,
it was superimposed upon the men i
Furthermore. It was a second thought
With the Rockefellers, since up to thei
time of the strikes mid subsequent in
vestigations then as no disposal to
recognise them.
The idea is an extension or all the
rrst or llie no Knriin iruoiion,,,, -in'
, ,,,lri.,,... -,.h.Hils Ihe men and
fgmlllee, and now seeks to control
J ortVnigetloni for the
he fuug mo.'ratic
,., nrlstnatad from anions the
men themselves '
are responsible for the big tilings
Dav The Business Show is
Mt Anpny's PIph That lie Be
Rptainprl nt I1,0M CMMI
With the first public hearing on the
tentative city budget for I!" If. set
1:30 o'clock this morning at city Hall
the budget makers found themselves all
but swamped yesterday In their effoi t
do Justice to department heads who ap
pealed for mercy and at the same time
to get the various estimates ready for
pilntlng Msyor Mitchel, although he
worked until 2 o'clock yesterday morn
ing, waa downtown and tolling all da
again after a few hours sleep other
members of the Ksllmate Hoard wen
Just ns busy.
Late In the afternoon there was a
flareup In the meeting of the main hud
get committee in the Municipal Building,
where as usual Comptroller Prendergast
vainly tried to have all the salar reduc
tions approved aa they came from the
standardising bureaus are I the sub-com-mlttee
The caa Immediately In hand was
that of a olerg In the Water oepartment
who after eighteen years In the service
gets ll.OSO a year tlen. Nelson II.
Henry, Water Register, admitted that
the man was "physically iMkpOi Hated, "
hut urged that he be retained at 11.06"
for humanitarian reaaone Instead of be
ing cut to 1900.
Such a man," said ileorge MrAneriy.
"Is entitled to more than a mrc ap
praisal of hlft cash value '
The Comptroller, eyes flashing, said
"There's nothing In tho charter or the
general law thwt permits you !o take
such a view. To employ a man Who
can't do the work Is a .tate of public
netalned Al gOOO.
Mr MrAtieny Insisted that the Hoard
of Estimate had discretionary power,
but Mi, I'rendergaat continued "Thai
Is giving money to a man who can't
earn it. Doing it under the gul of re
taining an old employee aotttl t change
the fact."
"Oh, I'm willing to risk impeachment
on that tioint." Mr McAnvny said
The Comptroller poinded the table
He said he had been listening to
"epecioiig argument'' all afternoon that
department heads had agienl to nsluc
tlons before the auo-cnumutlcc attd thwi
had repudiated their agreements, a: !
thiil the Water D-partment had brought
vrowd to this matting In an attenuit
t i,fUMU-e public officials. '
Mr Mr Arwnv replied graveli. That
,,,,,.,. ., reflect!. wi on your associate
j(r Comptroller. I haven I been In-
ml,.nPeJ nv B crowd"
Th, CompttOllor (topped ai d the rtetk
,..,..lnwi al mm Ttu nl,.. no imlt.
te had re.-imi mended tha; h's Salary
'Ut to 4iiii a year It hud also ad
vised that Hen Henry himself he re
duce I from f"..n(i to It.nflo. hut this
too was oierruled
In tin- matter of dimmer lights for
Fifth avenue tho siili-comnilttee was also
Overruled, It had adVtgOd substituting
.inn for 4nn Halt lamps from Twrnty
thlrd lo 110th street. Commissioner
William! said to the main committee I
"Why. I have already reduced those
lamps from flaming arcs cOOtllVg $120
apiece a year (0 twin lamps costing
'TeThapt they are too brilliant." sug
pesled Mayor Mitchel.
"No. they're not." Mr Williams said
"And the proposed saving Is only $1,777
n year "
"Not enough 10 he worth while." said
Roiouiiii President Poundo, it was then
fjOT Peed that the preseiu I ui should
slay. 'Hie ComotrOltef alone voted
liaise No4 4pproert.
t Om m lOOlOnOr WtlllgnM and his chief
engineer, Merrltt smith, fought ouoceaa
fully ggalngl a large number of salari
rodurtlona urged oy the aurbfofinnlttee
In sonic (uses the Mayor oted with the
majority, Bnglneer smith hlmoolf mm
a subject of debate He gets $n.n(iii a
year. The sub-coiiimittee hal VOtOd to :
cut him down to $7.2nii Commissioner 1
Williams wgg for elevating his pav to j
113.000 He said :
"I recommended a raise to $12,0"" and
was rather surprised "
"At your own rnoderal.nn. " flashed thei
The Major said he meant last esr to
dVOCatt an increase for Mr Smith, hut '
had overlooked It and would make I
amends now.
'There's no public necessity for the
Increase." objected the Comptroller. "Tf
i. .. . . i
.. ""A.?. ,T" '".y '""V1"
sws... . ui vote ror a raise to mnf rOOOM appointments
" ' and Attorney-General C.regory Immedl-
Wflftl ft Tlf 170 VHTtflVT I atelv set about an effort to reach an
II UUIAJ lit, Hl n(,hT. I ggrootnonl with Senator otlorman as to
, I the disposition of the Pepartment of
"levari Rrovrne 4d...it. He Will I Jisrtlee POlrOrMflO In N0W TOrtt lUtf.
Seek Injanrllnn. J The announcement of to-day's sp-
BiAaM n . . ' , . IBClntinontg Is ngsrded as a compromise
Stewart Browne of St, wart Browne h ,,. w)lU.h ,,a,.k,.d Lynn fot
t o , bankers, and president of the United 1 the Lis.. let Attorneyship and those who.
Real Kstate owin rs A.-so.-ut.oi,, coIhk !'ke Sunt " o tlor nan. opposed his ap
to aooli for an lnun44 i pnlntment. ThO appointment Of I'lstrict
the Board of Batimats from paooing the
1011 budget
This ls-anie known yesterdai and last
evening .Mr Browne admitted timt ,t wan
true, but he wouldn't give any of his
reasons for seeking the Injunction, H
as found at his office, 170 Broadway,
where he and some of his offlco staff
were working Into the evening
"I don't know haw you heard aboii'
this. he said, "and I don'l
want to
talk atwoi' it until it an aeoomplished
fact T ie application for an injunction
r now mi in,- nanus m in,' prion r atl'I
i expe. i 10 kti ii m me morning Toat
is all I . are to say about It now."
Comptroller Prendergaai said last
"I heird -Ins aft, rn on that Mr.
Browne Intended to ask for an Injunc-I
tion. bill I have t-n 'dea upon what
grounds "
Mr. Browne has been a eonaiotenl
I ' rit ic or tne mm. n, i aiim.hiftt.it'.m and
has often accused it of extravagance. I tion, 't is t", longer Mndlng boctauoe the
li was suggested in the Municipal Build' ; proport; covered by the restriction can
ing that although he probablj approved I not he ued pfolltabl) for high rlaoa
of til.- salarc ruts thai have been reeom- I dsrelllng houses, lie ai'egrs thin many
mi nded, it.- was agitated b) the increases i property owners In the twotlnn ar- now
thai have also in-eii put into the htidKI. j doslroui of improving their land all I
I'nder the charter .he Board of Kstl-1 buelnees railhllnga bscauae thoj cannot
mate must adopt tin- tentative budget . receive :iie real value of the land fot
bv mldnlghl o( October 11, ne1 Sunday IdwelHng houeee exclusively.
This is the age of specialization.
When you have a real serious situation calling for
medicine or surgery, you call in a specialist.
The trucking end of your business is important
enough tu warrant the attention of specialists in that
We are not only specialists in that we are able to
diagnose your trucking needs, hut we build trucks es
pecially adapted for any purpose.
Our unusually complete line, combined w,ith abso
lute dependability and efficiency, has made (tarford
Trucks dominant throughout the East. Hundreds
are daily operated in widely different lines of
The versatility of Garford service through the use
of one or more of our seven models is aptly shown by
the illustration above. These eight (iarfords four
,-ton and four lVfe-ton types -are in constant use at
the Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn.
Sbow Rooms, 4J7 n. 4Jd Si.
Garford Motor Truck Company, Lima,
fiervlce Station, 4)7 W. 4Jd si.
Appoints Corkwood I . S. At
torney and Lynn Marshal
in ( p-Stnte District.
WAifftNOTON, Oct 2ft
to smooth
miisoii loon sieps lo-oay 10 soiooiii
thing" mil politically In New Vork State
In preparation for the next campaign.
He appolnled Stepb, n T. I.ockwood of
1 1
Buffalo Fulled States Attorney for the
western district of New York and John
D, Lynn of Kocbesler I'nited States
Marshal for the same district.
Both appointments are said to be ac-
eoptablo to gonator O'dOnnan ami no
opposition to their confirmation by the
Senate is expected at the next session.
Lynn 'ns appointed about a year ago
to be I'nited States Plstiici Attorney
when t impress was not in session ins
appointment wan not satisfactory t0
Senator oiinrmnn. who had not l'i -
dorse. I him. and the Senate reje.-ted It
The fight made by Senator o'tiorman
caused a little flurry between the White
Mouse ann rne rsenaie, coniing on low
heels of a series of similar differences.,
which Included appointments In Missouri
In disregard of the wishes of Senator
Iteed. I
The President, however, abandoned his .
plan of trying to override the wlrties .
!of the Senate by the exercise of his pre
attorney Lo. kw.-ro 'ft regsnled as bal-
a net tig that Of Lynn a-d all parties are
said to ho satisfied with the 'rangement
f ureas- Mill areemenl o lonaer
Rlltdlnic, slay burilnr.
Augusr HecitSClter, mine owner an
ii ootate Invegtor, filed an amende
a newer in the Supreme Court i-ster'la
in the suit broggJM by J P, Morgan and
other residents of the Murray Hill dla-
trict 1i
reotfgiln Hocloaohor from pro- j
l saed1n with the erection of an off
i,ii,iio- t the sniithwas4 enr.e
Mad loon avenue and Thirty-eighth gtree.
I win. li w is the aite of the It.ivcmeicr I
I homestead "Hie injunction emit la ttgaed
on the Murray Hill restriction of 1MT
j Mi llecks.-'her's . hlef dofOtiea Is that I
axsch at. agreement w;n made more -
than a-.x'i years ago. whan the nalAhtmr.
hood was a high' elan residential s.v-
Truck Adaptability
R. E. Taylor Corporation
Eastern Distributors, Garford Motor Trucks
Shoe Hnoms. .1.10 Central Are. Show Kooms. 1164 Bedford Ave.
I.ONU ISLAND-Mlncola. I I.
Manufacturers of Trucks of , 1, l'2, 2, 3, 9 and
Service .Station, lit Central Are. Service Station, I Me
Max Horn Offers arled Rrla on
Ormoorntlr andldatea.
Max Horg, New street broker and ,
curb operaU't'. Is trying to place election
! money that he Is handling for friends
; of .fudge Swann and Al Smith Ho
wants, to place $1. .'." against 2,0nl
that Swann will get over 111,000 votes
I In New York county and $l.nno against
I 19,104 that Swann will win by over 36.-
' imo votes. He offers any part of llu.noo
j at 2 to I that Swann will Win by 20.0011
Another 11,000 Is offered at evens that
i Frank Moss will not poll 12,.".i0 votes
I and gny iiart of $:..oon at 1 to 1 that he
. ,i., ,,, , ... ,.n . .,. . -,nn
to $2.nnn that Swann nlls more vole.s
,hnM Perkins and Moss together.
! H" ? V0" lhat Al
, Sllllth will be elec ted bv jn nno
I Sltg It In, l.ltllr id In Ohio I am
palan for I'rohlhlllon.
, Cotcatni'o, Ohio. Oct, 10, Democratic
county committees In the territory
I travelled by ex-Secretary Bryan to-day
on . ,.,.,, ,,.,v r , invasion of
1 Ohio In tho Ittopoota of prohtbtUon gatre
l,h1 Nebraskan the cold shoulder. At
Laneaate r l-osnii Chlllnotlie and cir-
cleville no efforts were made bv the
Democrats to help attract CfOWxtl to hlo
I mael lliaft
, chiniPothe the dr committee aid
n tjrygj, , harged that the remoTa.t1c
eoun(y , ,,,ntnitt, e worked lo keep people
away from the meeting Brvan In his
,p,.pri,e, lla4 D, urging Pemo -rats 10
.,,.,. 1hr party of Ihpior control A
nvetlng here at the Stat.- House closed
to-day's tour.
Mml.trntr Krolel Hears Caaea of
Kalse lira-lst ration.
Magistrate Krotel Issued twanty-four
: warrants y esterd
for fniie pigftttrA -
tlon. The warrants acre turned ov
i detectives for service
The M.iKlflratn
will sit dally until Monday to hear appl -
atlons for wsrrants
The election bureau of the District
1 attorney's office asked for fifteen war-
ants and the SuiH-rintendent of BIOC-
' bOPl for nine Assistant District Attor
i ney IvVtler ffald he would apply to-da
1 for mor erfitTafiti sotii arr directed
to steal ShJe T.:rk!ah haths, from Which
U baf hern round ninny men have rfKm-
' terr,
Tivn ni nlnmhui, oliln. Hr, 10
anrl ill (irlillnm ( Inh.
WtsHiMtT'is. Oct, " Prr.i'lptit WI1 1
; son accepted to-da an Invitation lo ad-
'dress th,. tirtdlron iuh ..f waohlnyton
I at lie banquet on December 11. provided
he urn get back from Columbua, Ohio,
i a here he will deliver two addresses on
I Hecember I"
in addition to gpeaklng before the
churches convention in the evening he
heff promised to talk at a luncheon h,v
the i "hainbcr of Commerce,
The President may touch upon politic
m this speeoh.
r r r
? i
r r I
In four years of use the Greenwood Garfords have
proved highly efficient and readily adaptable to all
kinds of trucking, according to W. C. Grassau, the
cemetery superintendent.
The heavier vehicles are invaluable in road repair,
carrying stone and gravel over the heavy grades in the
cemetery grounds and handling a wide variety of heavy,
duty operations.
The more mobile l2-ton trucks are used con
tinuously for carrying flowers and sand and making
quick trips with lighter loads.
Careful selection of the type and style of trucks
has given the Greenwood cemetery real trucking
And careful selection on your part will bring you
the same result.
No matter what your business -whether It Is large
or small if,you have a delivery or transfer system,
there is a Garford that will exactly fill the bill.
Show Rooms. 71 Brookllne
6 ton capacity
Atlantic Ave. Service Station. 71 Brookllne
Roosevelt's Snn-iii-lnvt . in
Speerli HeiJ, t'liiirscs Trick
ery in Treasury.
RaprtiMtatlin Wteholaa Lofurwottfi or
Ohio. I'ol ItOUBeVglt'l son I n-l-.t w. at
tnrkryl tho Wilson Adnilnifl ration in a
sirrer-li latn niKlit In tlm MrKinlcy BqiiaN
t'uslno. In tlw Twinty-thlrrl Coltgleg'
dlonal dlKtrlci. Tho Bronx. A epr.ial
etaetion n to in- hold In that dlatrlet
to choose a NQCaSSOf to the late, ltcite-
MntatHm Joggpti a. cjouMob,
Mr I.onsworlli BOOUMtl rsVcrelatj of
I ha Treneur? UoAOjOO of "WllrflOW (Im-os-Ing"
In llie dully egBOTl on t h ioikII
'loti of th fluted States Treapur .
-On UM tlrnt of July a year auo."
ealM Mr l.onorth. -'the balann- in the
Treasury waa more than 14i,00,M'i
Oil Ihe day IgggJTiH ronvenrd. when
the Dsmooratfl ggsttgl their Tn usury
raid. It had shrunk to ,n00.nnn. By
I tho end of ,fmi it hao shrunk to vnar-
tlcslly nothing at h 11. It was d ni'-ult
to find out Juet what it Wag hi'i-tiHS
ihs poll'-y of pltlle-n publicity went on
a vaimtion for a time and th TieMtirf
hiilarire was not siven to thf ru-wo
i Ml
whi aiifmuiiroij io tt roiiic i .'"mi.'mhi.
With this WM n hritf Htatfiin in t tht
effect that the Tn-itnury oft1 Ittll had
chMigftd ItMlr mothtHiH of bookkeptii
wlffj f f 1 - T llllil' Ml ll 111 III 1 tfi 1 t tl- tliH
1 TrMsury aeuounti wrt juntos u ninkft
to I ,i ffii.x li - .M. ., -N of luRh tnianCf
h.il found t hlr way ItltU th m m.me-
mpiii or Hit people in"iny iim- iimiiioii
wa ItsfjtnloUss, if you pleftM i j t ivm
it could not Mop the pfootM of sroaloii.
Wit Din twenty i1r-h the ttHhtrnv had
fallen to IlK.OOO.oOO, a loei f ?i j."iu,
r00 even undt-i thli new and enlhjhtenel
mot hud.
TiinVr t he oM tune hOltOfOd lliel liod
'of keeping the public eccounta tnli -on
I thai there 1 tt- l.t a balance i it tla
TreatUQ of liot more than about JM.-
noo.ofiii, and with the continued ob of
leomethlnf ilk.- 1800,000 a day it not
dillnillt t estimate uliei, tin
Slates Treasury will tun dt.
'TUe American people. garHJjSla'n
under this Administration. tjfsirrldlng
heil-banl to bankrupto) .,.1 (m1ii Por
the pPiVliat wlro ,i war tax. rhe
boagtOd POOODOfltl hag not eoita ml
and rniserj have prevailed in tit. i.tid.
jjoim induetrtos, it Is true, are pro
I but they are industries win.-,
auppplylng the Unerloan markoi but too
I marketa of tin warring countries of
I tSurOOO,
"t i all infraction
I planks inal relating t
of Ilirir tr. ue
tho civil fl i 1 H
I tiaa bean rhe moal earefgveed ami hntal.
I aa, and I meaaure my aroru, the'
I tinder UUi A dtnlntat ration civil 4trvice
1 bai been debauctted ami outraaeH
jDp i
1 to 10:30
r m.
WlnglOw and Justice
nMTnllWiiTiiTMiTMlgTi1li 11' iyediiB

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