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6nvmon,i In ciitirrh of the
Rivpnl) RMt Followed
l Wft'cption.
brother, cri v. tru-e
Lilian E. rr.wf.irti as
minor aim ti,,. Mlaaaa
ami nam Mlddleton
...I Jl w "est man.
a 7" S,rt A y Rohter of
J uin Tn Ashley, K.Hrar Sleight
ami Millard tloberta of thl. cltv.
a.llhla after their wadding trip.
Hha had Mies 1
her maid of
Marjorle Ware
were flower elrls.
Tha !
fable despatches received here from
Ix)ndon have announced the engagement
M yr' ",w,t daughter of
Campdan of London, eldeat son
and heir of the Karl of i i.u.i ...
The wedding will take place on Novem
ber 10 at Brompton Oratory. Cardinal
Hounie will perform the ceremony.
The entrapment haa bean announce.)
of Mlaa Louise Wlllanl Rnnn .I,.,,....
The S2 5 Mr fe WUtafi Rogers of J'hlla
Ulai Hlati York Judson, daughter of
Vr md Mm Henry I. .Judaon, waa
married r I : - afternoon to Ueorge
0141) Parks of this city In the Church
of the Heavenly ltest t.y the Itev Her
nert -n .,.m...i. ........ ... ...e . i.ur. ... inn, ...... , -w7." -r-e"--
h ha en i.rettlly decorated with I ""am r ioyo i rosi.y of thla
white and yell. w chryaan- SI rj!Sf graduated from
Princeton In 1K0 and at preaent la en--ntered
the church with her J I'uelnaes In Albany. No date
rave her m marriage, she tki'n',x for wedding.
a . .... ,. ...... in nut Mjffiiipn r nr i i.'i .
nmiii... ...... ,,e, , luue .., M,.ri.. m ur....u
John A. Wyeth Of thla cltv. waa n.
yesterday Mr Wyeth la 2
and I n architect with the
..-a ua .: i , , . II.. l. .. .... . " -t..
the (otter girl.
W l.ei,ii Mil. iel or ( inclnnatl month, secretary to Ambnasador Thomaa
Ml leet man. I lie ushers were ' Nelson l'ae In Home Th ,. ,i.ii... ..
k her. ( set for Thanksgiving- Day.
palmi n.l
t ham oral.
The bf rl
father, alio
fill the full length of her court
inn ..i velvet anu saun anil arte ar-' nounced
ed .. Bouquet ..r wnne ..rcmas Mlaa yeara old
Sin v 1 1 . ' he. .if i , a .i.iiiK'ucr ot Mr. i firm of I
avenue tie waa ror four yeara a atude.it
at the Beaux Arta In Parle n.t for ...
.1 r... I'- . li. Maui ic- Hr
Kdw.irl W i hi m, Arthur P, McKlnatry
Oordon W, Abbott, D. Hnymond Noyea
..f thla K oe.te Brown of t'love.
Mad, Juttlci W ilson of Toledo, George
s Munaon ot Phlladalphta and David
Rnie ..f Reranton, Pa.
After 'h rernoiiv there wae n nail
j HlKhrat Prlre, ntn, for ( npr af
KMianclpallon I'ror la aia I Ion .
At the eecond day'a aale of the Lin
coln collection of the .tohn K. Murtnn
library. In the Anderenn Dallerlea. the
beat price ohuinad waa 1415, pnld by
Oeorse ! Smith for a copy of the
Emancipation Proclamation imed by
Llnonlii and Heward. accompanied hv a
I letter In regard to the document written
: by John Hay.
The proclamation. No. StS in'the cata
logue, wax one of fifty algned by Lin
coin and Intended to he aold at the sani
tary fair In Philadelphia In ism The
John Hay letter wan No. 4D4.
Mr Hmlth paid M 50 for No. 139,
'The Itlootly Junto." hy ('apt. It. H
t'roaler. being an account of the escape
of John Wllkea Booth ; J.',;, for No.
43, a Lincoln memorial addreaa hy
ChurleH M Ellla : Z7 for No. SM. an
Emancipation 1'ro.lamation laaued bf
the Secretary of Htate. and $!2 for No.
(M. lettera written In reply to Lincoln's
letter on emancipation.
Wag llelle iSreeue gave 120 for No.
423. the programme for Ford's Theatre
on the night of the a ssaso! nation
The total for the xesalon waa 11.447 9J
and for the aale to date $1,781.40. The
auction contlnuex this afternoon
Partial ni.rnl.nl af
I'ultllahrr'e Estate
Rrocikl n
Hi- ' b) Bradley gtudloa
Mrs. George E. Parks.
rece;.;,- .,: tj, home at tl.e bride's
parents, Madlaon avenue. Mr. and
Un Pi 'i I ..ft later for an extended
Wfjlms tri;, They will live In thla
Ur !., M s.at.r of Mm
Kran j. Hu. I Han .son.
.it the
I. ale tot. Ileuinalou
III III. 1 1 I more.
ne.1 t...
at Mr.
''oi :
the rhe
oil .
farm ad
Mrs A
Miller w
and (.til-,
i tha
;ty to
i i.-t. I
late Mr.
--Mise Allison
r of s Bevan
Miller, was inar-
. it Ifngton, son
(i. C. O, Kadington and the lata
llngton .f Byracuaa, N v. in
i of Rmantial Protaatant Epia
hurch The reremony was per
b) the Rev I'r. Hugh Birck-
raa, formerly Mlaa Bllaa Bavan
is tier sts. r's matroj) -f honor
.hint E Iward J lietl-
A partial Hipr4lsnl of the estate of
'arson ' Paolt. who gftaa vice president
of he , W. Woolwortli t'ompauy and
owner of the Brooklyn Daily Tiinej.
howl property in thin State worth 4f4.
MS.10. of which t4.'.:.0i Is real estate.
All goes to the widow. Mrs. Clara S.
The true value of the estate, however,
is not shown in the tax appraiser's re
port, which wus filed in Brooklyn. Aa
Mr. I'eck wua technically a non-resident
none of hie a ock and bond holdings la
given, and Ihea are believed to con
m. lute the bulk of the estate. Neither'
the value of his Time slock nor of his
Intaraal In the Wtaotwortk company is
mentioned. This is due to the fact that
Mr. Peck held his country gorge at Al
1, rtburat, N. J, to be hit. legal residence
He died April J9 at his town home. 383
Clinton avenue.
Mr. i'eck owned property at 370. 371 I
and 37'J Broadway valued at 1320. 000. j
The house ;n I'llntnn avenue Is appraised
at 140,000, Three other parcels of prop,
art) valued a ttt.000, llt.IOO and 14'.-
100 .uc tltuatad at Watertown, n. v..,
and i 'reedmore. I.. I.
27, 1915.
Excellent Performance
"L'Amore del Tre He'
Arouses Enthusiasm.
Head of the Insurance Com
pany Contracted Pneumonia
While Motoring.
Having discharged Its solemn obliga
tion to Ita ballot attachment by giving
Aubar'g "La Muette da Portlrl" on the
first night of Ita brief sensor, the Oos
ton Opera Company devoted Itself sue
evening to what In the language of that
mightier show world of Broadway might
be denominated "straight" opera and
relegated tile terpalchorean festivities to
a separate place after the lyric drama
had ended. Doubtleaa lovers of both
apeolee of entertainment were lietter
pleaaed by thla arrangement.
The opera waa Halo Montemexal'a
greatly admired work "L'Amore del
Tre Ke," which haa been familiarized
here by repeated performances at the
Metropolitan Opera House. Perhaps a
fresh Interest waa given to last eve
ning's production by the fact that two
instead of one of the original Italian
cast appeared. J?douardo Ferrarl-K.ui-tana,
who sang stvttg In Italy and at
the Metropolitan, again sustilned the
burdens of the role, and the represen
tative of flora was l.uiaa Vllliinl. who
created the part and who haa sung suae
cessfully on thla side of the Atlantic
lnBoston and Chicago.
The whole artistic alinospheie of the
Manhattan waa different last evening,
for the performance of Montemesal's
opera was one well worthy of serious
consideration. It had the essential ele
ments of vitality and It aroused the
audience to real enthualasm. The great
aecond act came to an end amid long
and loud applause It was real applause,
ton, and the numerous recalls were thor
oughly earned.
No small measure of the success ef
thla representation was due to the con
ductor. Ftoberlo Morantoni In Italy the
per wus never productive of such emo
tion us It has caused here, and the rea
son was Invariably poor conducting. Not
till Ttiscti.it I took up the score was it
disclosed that the original tempi were
mostly deauenlng. Mr Moruaxonl m. sti
fled some of the Toscanlnl tempi accord
ing to his owt: Individual taste : but he
did not radically change the now tradi
tional Interpretation of the opeiu. His
oichestra sounded better than could hate
been expected from Its exfeised poeltlon.
Save for the Inevitable defects In wind
Intonation Its work was commendable
Mr Kerrarl-Fontanu'a .1 cifo needs no
new comment. Iteynnd the note that the
singer was not vocally at his Itest with
the audience. Miss Vlllanl achieved a
personal triumph as Flora, and she de
served It, She has not the personality,
the plaaticjty nor the aristocracy for
HARTrono. C Oft 11,, Oct. 2. Sylvester
'Mark DndMMIi president of the Trav
elers Insurance Company and one of
the best known life and accident un
derwriters In this country, died this
afternoon from pneumonia at his home,
30 Prospect avenue. While motoring
laat Saturday Mr Dunham was chilled
and pneumonia set in almost immedi
ately When advised of hla death the Work
men's t 'onipensatlon Conference in New
York adjourned its a mark of respect
to him.
Mr Dunham was 8H years old, He was
bom on April H. 1X4. at Mupsrlrld,
Conn., being the son of Jonathan Ly
man Dunham and Abigail Hunt Dutl
ham. He was educated at Mount Union
College In Ohio and In 1 s73 began the
practice of law In Hartford. After
ttv.ive years of general practice hi be
came genernl counsel of the Travelers
Insurance Company. In Iii7 he waa
made vi . -president lie became presi
dent of i, e company after the denth
in lam i.f James U Batterson, founder
and first president of the comnanv
W hen Mr. Hutiham assumed tha presi- j
dancy of the company its assets were
181. OOO.OOO. To-day they are 1100.000,-
000 Mr. Dunham's activities were not I
connneu to i ne one company. He was
president of th. Travelers Indemnity
Company, vice-president of the Na.tit.iiHl
Exchanxe Hank and a director of many
other corporations. Including the Metro
politan Hank or New York, the American
Hardware Company of New Britain.
Conn, Lite tllaatonliury Knitting Com
pany. Connecticut Eire Insurance Com
pany, American Surety Company of New
York. Hartford CHy (iaa Light Company.
f'oit Firearms Company. Underwood
Typewriter Company, Eire Rolneuranoa
Company and the united lias and Ele. -
Company of New York
Realty Owners Oppose Double
Track Rnftwiiv ns Menace
to Values.
The pi, in to opera
eurfuce line through
street from Cent nil Pi
way is meet ins: will.
e ., double track
West Klithly-slxth
l it West to Brood.
very VlgOfOtM op
on October i, i;t. .ir. Dunham
marrle.1 Miss Mnry Austin of Brlatol,
Conn. He is survived by Mrs Dunham
and their eon. Donald, who is an assistant
secretary of the Travelers Insurance
t 'ompany.
The funeral will probably be heltl on
Thureday afternoon from the Dunham
Mr, Dunham was a Republican in pol
itics. He delivered let'tures on Insuran.t
at Yale I'n.verslty. He was a member
..f the Union League Club of New York,
the Hartford Twentieth Century ciub.
tihe Hartford Country Club and the
Hartford Qolf i 'lub.
position on the part of property owners
nlong the propose.! route. It is exiex-teil
that when a public hearing- is held on the
New York Railways I'ompanys appli
cation for a f ranch lee ai the City Hail
on November i; iie Hoard of HSatlmata
and Apportion men I mom wlH be crowded
with delegations of dtlMM who object
10 the latins of car tia. ks through thie
resident ial itlrcct.
me objection thai is being rair.e.i by
those who wish to prewar vo the thor
oughfare aa a qulel street of fllta homes
ami gpartmem lenses n th.- fg, i that
although Weal eighty .;.xth street la
ion feet wide from building line to build
ing line, the distance l.ctw.-en curbs Is
only forty feet, leaving thirty feet on
eath side between the curb and Un
building line for sidewalks and grass
plots. If it double track car line Is
laid In the street, the protesting prop
erty owners say. t litre will be onlv
twelve and a half feet "pace between
tho outer rails and the cur. lu' ve
hicles. rear Injur) lo I'r. .perl) alne.
Thai the residents are Up ill arms
over the protected car line In front of
their homes was made evident last nlgM
hy replies to telephone inquiries us to
what the w.st Blghtyslxth street real
dents thought of the plan.
Mrs. thorite L. Cheney uf So West
Blghtyetath street said that the street
was considered one of the most beauti
ful geotlona of the city and that It was
generally agreed that oai line would
spoil It.
it. r.umui.i .lanes l apticr
West BlghtyHtiXth slle.-t said
his opinion, the lurfgct ar hi
Injur,- property,
It i known that among the i
will I
No 1
w ants
J.t. t.i. Roegbet h, wh,
NSW vk 1 'tats
tin K gi.ty-sixtf itreei
to connect Broadwg)
oss trans vers.
Patrick Prancla I.
Petri, k Fran, is iriffln.
the lingers Peet Company,
t dire.
"True peace is only the highest forrn of war." Stuttgartcr TagMati.
But Don't He Afraid of Flirts.
Adds Dr. Raehelle Yarroi
of Chicairo.
lagton - f New Y .rk got
Th- ushers were Hum
William Hontg . Jl
Albert ,V Putnam and
Peiittr of .-w York and
f gyraruae,
Among the out .if tuw
were the mother and
bridegroom, Mrs c c
l a bes- man.
r g Maraton.
H Mallorv,
rge W Car
.v. ii. i Brown
i train
tl Mrs
and -
i gueata preeent
brother of th.-
' ' Itedington
I'.edlngton ..f gyracuee .
Prancii Horrii Miner,
ter-ln-law ..r tin- bride .
Batata. iroi..ii.i iHHrrastliui gU,
OOO.OUU, l.efl to litoa.
tip ,t.n Thomai H Kowlar, for
many .-urs resident of the New York.
mt.tr. and Western Railroad, who was
it brother of Surrogate Kowler and u ho
.l ed on, October 13 last at !iis aummer
home Warwick, N V.. was filed for
probate yesterday.
While tli" value of the estate was not
disclosed. It ts believed that Mr. Kowler
left more than 11,000,000, The will
leaves th, ...tire estate to the WldOW,
who was Isabelle Hunn.ng
CttlCAQO, Oct - "Young men. be
ware of th- giggling girl, for she will
1 lead you astray, but don't be afraid of
the real sincere filri. for she will inspire
. you with h.gh ideals
This was the warning advice which
I'r Rgchelle Yarros of Hull Mouse gave
in an address at the American Modal
Hygienic Conference here to-day.
I " .- must teach the innocent young
l woman her ; iwer and Influence over the
Arctic Explorer Will Puh
Iiitu I n known Region.
Above Beaufort sen.
nay ai nis nonn- on
old. He was borH In
he came to New York
KrokkW llros Later
Given nn tntereating I'm
irrgnimc at Aeolian Hall
i'hivs Odd MUfllc.
he In
M iss r
ituui .
rna it .
lata ii
Lr m
Chwr h
the ...
Ba: ... ,
I ben ii,
I'ajt -1
Hen ., I,
tills ...
Md-. .
sunn. i
Hew .
Mr ., .
Ww h
na laai
The ..
lull,- i
Istr , ,
ter .
a uu .
Inn. I p
-f I..
id t.i;
Tne ,
Fairfax Ayree, Mins Keatri.-e
Mies Van Bach and Mrs.
Maraton. all of New Y'otk
1. us.. tri tiMiiitr.
n.ie Mgrlf O'Connor, daughter
md Mrs Hugh H. O'Connor, was
I-. Thomaa .1 gkuae, apeeipl
v 1 vai 1 hjfleer of the Pori of
. yesterday afternoon In the
Ira! Brooklyn lite ceremony
rmed hj Blahoi Mundeleln, s
Mgr. Daffy. Thy were us-
11. ' Rev I'ecr Kelah.-r. the
1- Carroll, the Rev John S.
- I the Roy, Charles Rellly,
was at -en. led by her slitter.
CJ'Connor, and Miss Sue
Kdward Sail wus the best
1 uahers were Joeeph Mathala,
Innea, Charlea Koougtl and Ma
I. SI I'lltllHtU.
h t- been made of the
".1 s r in .lac las: of Miss
I'll: 11.. .lauxhter of the
II. Putnam, lo Kruiuld c.
IJ Tin- wedding took Place
. brlde'i uncle. Will.
1 heth, N. .1. The Rev,
M I I of the Collegiate
lierftirmed the ceremonj'.
few and a f.-w Intimate
W .-re nr. sen: .
anil bin 1. rule have gone to
on th. wedding Journey
"i n until Janiiar) . when
II live to this eily.
fe-w t i yfv
, ami
i f1! urnd
. it thl
47 I'.irk
Mm Archibald
from Mi I'ark-
thi Blltmori fr
Mr-. Kltt'ljn Rrr trvt- .1 hinohroi.
)fMtftlai .1 1 t he st. 1 ; . for Mti
-'Maries s V'hltman, wife of Gov. Whit
Mr- Hornet k
fnmi HoutliHmpton. 1- I
I'laii tit-fort r.nfMi'iiK Uoy
a eiia-.
Mr. and 1ttioii S PftlUlCt hAVi
rtturnod fnm Virginia Hoi Ipringt
Mid tro at 1 1 I 'ark ave nuo for th
Utm BdHh -Mai- Mas
Mr ami Mth. Jin
Hugh T PorUr win
at the St itt'KlH.
Lucille HnlrtHon. launh
1 tvl M rn Hons I Ki iliert mn.
The w"l.! ng i'i
! kin. flauiihtfr of
j BUMlnc tl mk.M
lake pla.' to-day
Mia5 AI
' nr of M 1
youiiK in, in who t'iimta a-rouitlnK her.
Mild I'r YarniH, "VUCh a lltHi In hla
life la a rtanveroiM ptrlOd hh1 iM hatt
niu-)i IflflUdliCfl over htm for kooiI or
e-vil Puttier hav- HtuKUlarlv fulled in
helpitiK Uieir boy through thla period
Now wt wtm. --ii nniat protet t them.
"Iltlt on Oi the ohlof tnialdgja tA'ith
ou Kirlt 1- l .iat 011 lead uur outiK
men an hy tcglvt Invteaxl you phoutd
empli tlrxt clMI fun aiwl appeal to their
K-,Kern hat returned ' ivulr ! Ke-p 1 hem In the iwtti of
.HUdMHI, ami at' PMFLlt0Wl.'Bf ";d vir.lU'..
in k.ukmiik ami mii nemivior on
the itri r a uiri hsj t he payofco logic
efTe 1 on a Voting uiaji of loading him
i Ml d you, I d nul MO real,
I ilnoort Alrt ng. TmM i a uMi if t tie
' highest type of love and Inspires .1 yount
man irlth liijrh ideaU. Hut Kircif,pi -ire
reatU one nf tin- most serious phie. of
sor.ai hs glens
"The k eat ontrlbutlng I hi tor lo the
I depl'H a hie Jit ion that QKiNts tu-day
, among iu roan) of our girls t Ignorgnoe,
I Kdui athui is the aolutloit. The meat
I price that sn many of uiir btftUtlfUl
young Kills have had to pay in t lie price
I of silence the sllonos f mothers and
1 tea hers."
Mrs, Julia KurtH of Milwaukee then
I closed the debate on the long si inding
UUeat ion a t at what Age the child
! should he taught sex hygiene by .mnert-
I I tig t hat t he prop time U when the
I hild neks its find question on the sub"
I jet-t. and then the answer to the child
! h uid ie the naked truth,
Wi.NMPBii.i k?t. M. Vtlhjatmiir Stefan
son, th Cgnndtan Arctic sgploror,
lleven that the newly discovered land In
Beaufort Sea, upon which he has
planted the t'nlon Jack in the name "f
t .inad. 1. Is Vary extennive and Will add
many thOtteanoi ot stjuare ml tea to the
territory of Canada. detailed rep. rt
of hta expioraiionn and ill rverlea dur-
I Ing the last two years, dur ins half of
whloh time he waa gi en up for lost,
hgl l-een received by overland mall from
Hersohell Inland.
The new land N northeast of Prima
I 'at rick, and lie ffp-nt three day a on
the land, and from what he ggthtrod
' he rt,;e.ei It run ah"Ut 100 mllsg et,
I hut not far west. As far north as he
rould aee were mountain milgsg, The
, land sal plenty of a Mo evidence!
j of musk ox were foynd, but plenty of
bear and tots of carltu were aeen
Plrds were seen fly Ins; north In in mefise
nurnhera, which led Htefannaon to he
Heve that the kind ran up a great ills
1 The explorer ulll wlntei on
I Iand, and with luck even on
Patrick Land. He purpostl lo
. the land he reach d last winter
1 fitrike out into the unknown teg
Maud Powell, the distinguished Amer
ican violinist . gave a re--Hal laat eve-
mng a- AsoMnn Hall. fotlosrlng her
custom, Mine. Powell presented a Hat of
com posit lona whh h Included aeveral in
te resting selections from violin mush
lees frequently heard. Indeed, two or
three of them could easily be set down
anil to
Beaufort Hea, hlthorto
white men, and where
ItUI) even rtnd a'- unkm
Wilh the KtefaiiHson
Calved a report from In.
unexplored by
he iM'ltevefj he
wn continent.
reirt was re
AlWtOrejon. head
Krederlck Starr True
in Ing in Ht Thomas's
31, M uss
bkaa trice
' I of Mr and Mr. Mer
1 Krederlck w ooke of
i' in 1 ied iy the Rev Dr
will he nrirried
of Ituffalo thus
Mite- (Irate A. Ktirnetle. dauahler of
Mr. and .Mm. Kioyd Burnetts of Detroit,
will be married af noon to-day lo Wlll
1 mm A. Anderson in the Miu:h of t;u
MIsm hulslta la-land of r.3. Park gVe HU
1 nue will (five a dinner for Mihh Muriel;
aki s ami Miss Madeleine arey. de
butantes of mis seneon, at the Tuxedo
Club on gaturday.
I Mr. and Mce. I'uiiran gtsrllngi win
are occupying their oountry place, the
Hummock, in Mamaronsek, gill return
I to 11! Kaat Seventy-third StreOt on l-'rl-da
for the winter.
Mine Hose l-axelle, daughter of Ml.
I 11 I-,-tt .-1 I It, It:. .-Ii i-I nr.
al Mhrro'a.
S Hi ) Win. 1
.Mam- Taller, rlaughl
.1. Lea Taller, In Ht.
Nevtmlier I, gave in
in will marry Miss
r i.f Mr. ami Mrs.
Jemee'e I'htirt-h on
, farewell bachelor
laul'i ' and
In. in I Mm
tin- ..f SI.
IUn Ii, III 111'- H .i-l.i 1
lit. brldeamalda vere the
and Kliaalieth Barber
Mn t'tiHH) Barber waa the
ritir 'I'i..- beat man was J.
. f huereon,
I .....III K IrUi-iiilHll.
Kirkentlall. tlaughier of
.1 Jueob a Klrkendall, 7
I :.. wtiii-. was nutr-
1 ma 10 Howartl M t'omllt of
Hi.- a. Crrderlck liloom.
w .s isnrformed gl Ida
1.1 .it iwranti Miss i 'bar-
was iii.ii.i of honor, Miss
wan bridesmaid and WW-
vt.is in hi man.
-ilnu.'r rrlt-f.
Mrs. peter Lakvelle and a mere m
Michael i Ugvelle, win i' married
10 William -i Uougherty ins morning
In Ht Thomas A.iulnas I'hunh
Tha wedding nf Mlea Dwrothy Kinas-
bury rleoher, daughter or mi-, ami mis
Ogorge Kingabury rSeoher of this olty.
1 to Cnarlei miii Palmar, son of Charlea
M. Palmer of Sitraimt- Lake, will lake
plate lo-day in Ht. Luke's i'hurrh, Hara-
nar Lake,
Mise Hlaiitha l-M h. it duuviner of
Hr and Mrs. Allen Kltfh, will be iiwr-
ried to Connor Laarenee of this olty.
tins afternoon i hi. Bartholomew'!
churoh. a reoaptlon will follow at the
home of Dr. ami Mrs. Kltcli, 3H West
. jrtft e ghlh street.
1,. gtunrt
John 1 1
An hlbald
n, i-:. 1'. Kuiter
iiroae I 'lal"l J
1, 1 1 M.-K. nile,
war.l H t'lttlH,
Htephen Peabody
1 nlghl a; Sh.-iry's
ins gueatM w. re h
WIiimt. It., Harve)
Wing 3d. Taller
Mterllng, Arthur
1. w hit man. Jamei
a brother
M. I, itdow
Ii. Jones
s, Nagel
f the south. -111 hran.-h of (he t'ana.lla
is.lar espedltlOP, The) wintered on
Coronation Uuif ami worked ail winter,
prlng ati.i summer exploring the wii..te
i f th.- Coronation uuif dletiioti hitherto
almost unkitoajrn, and a large pan of
the adjaoat t Interior.
They iludted tiie goograph) of the
dletrlot. oofreoted the 1 nooraplete oharta,
aurveyed the roast, as well as aeveral
hitherto uneurvoyod rlvere, fir into the
Interior, made valuable geological simi
les. iiivstiiratel (he ethfMjhvy of th.
. Kskitir s ami oolleotad a greai Quantity
'of valuable naiurai hlatory peclmene,
1 which win is- forwarded to the Canadian
, I National Museum at Ottawa.
I llh the !xei1l!liv are several utile, 1
goifd) i aolentlfle men and the party has ap
papmiifiy adttssl muoh in the knowledge
j of tne wt.rltl us it. the shores of the Arr-
tH reKlthti. ritiiatlou titilf was the
loontlufi of tiie famous unite Baklmos
founti tty Htefanaeon, and apparently In,
iiulera n nind his party have made -t
siiuly of the tribe, although no men
tion of t hem is made in the preliminary
reisjiM .
as noveitiee, me mualu as u whole I
Which she played was n larite pari of,
rrench color ami effectively arranged
for a harmonloua hearlngi
The programme in onier of numbere j
was as follow- Concerto In l! major, i
No T. lie Heriot ; prelUdlum fulfil, i
itu.-t . Harabande t Tambourln, Le I
.lair; s nata. c major, opus .v., for piano !
an. I violin, mo. I. re. anlme, lies lent.
tree anlme, U'lnd) ' A la Vatae," Victor
Herbert; "Crepuecule" of Massenet, at '
arranged by Mm.. Powell . "Molly on
the Shore. ' new. for violin solo. I'erey
t.ralnaer. itml I'olon
alee, t-'tlwln tirasse.
Arthur l.oesser played the piano part I
in the D'lndy sonata and the sucompanl
Tin lie Iterlol roaeerto as tiie opening 1
number aroused perhaps the nrst in-!
terest. lis compoaer was born at iu-1
vain o.-r i. centun ano. .md during hie
career as .. ...n..r: vloliniet m. mar-.
ii.. i iii MaHbrun, with whom hi- toured
Europe ii.- had ati evidem love for
oonoorto form, a- he rotnpoeod seven
stlrh works t'.t: the violin. lie had a
nn.. underetandina ot the Inetrumeni for:
whu-h h. wrote The simple, itralght
forward characteriatlca m structure of
the concerto are pleasing, and tin- melo
.11. ins urate ami rhythms of lis outline 1
carr with ihem a certain charm
Mine. Powell rendered it with a ga
Painful spiiit. The qualities of ttraoe
ulai . leganoe of Dnlah she rmpinved
reipiiien. ,,s also much umai beauty. In
de.-ti the player seemed lo hs al her is.at
la-t evening, Her sound niirslt'liinsh!)
a liritt-ious iliirnitt ami ,-ommatidliia
terpretatlve power were features all
affectively dlaplayed in a large aaaem
itlaire that uate full e Idem c nf ita
an Ideal delineation of Hem Henelll e I ' "r"
heroine, hut she sang Montemezzl's mueir
admirably with a voice of beautiful
quality, perfectly suited to her role
and with a delivery which inited good
technic Willi dramatic value. Her musi
cal interpretation waa a piece of excel
lent operatic art.
Qeorge Baklanoff. a Russian barv
tone, made a splendid figute uf .l.tn
redo He filled the part With emotion,
commanded the sympathies if his audi
erce and sang the musk- With flue the
atrical skill A heroic physique ami a
masculine hearlnir added not a l.ttle to l.uug ami Nose
the Interest of his Impersonation. And j vived by his Wlf
In Jose Mar.lones the cast whs provided.
ti.th an Arrhibaldo of noteworthy Im
portance This baaao has an un.-nm-monlv
goo.l voice, a s .und style atid a
xrasp of dramatic methods. His con
tribution to the representation was ad
mirable. With four Such comsMent prlndpali
tin.t an atile oonaactor a perrornm nc j
of Man siiataara ..ir. MmM . nail I th'.t
:.t reiw-at the Impreeeion nwule by its
predeo aeora Ti- oinra wears well
Its annplicity of mel.sll.- line, lis dire. t
riess of dramutlc utterance, the brilliant
suitability of ue music to the emb di
luent r Banalira thought together with
i Its freedom from thir.Ki ... .- tricks of
popularity, make It a grateful aoVMtloi
t the repertory of this time and pti.ni
Ise f- r t a naire lasting favor thai
many of the more pretentious ..iienie
which have been put forward in the
last lie.-a.i, will have
fter the opera the Rlyaian Mel.ls
scene from QlUOk'l Orfeo el Kurlth.s
was given with Maria Qa) as Orfro.
Phyllla I'eralta as gTarkfice an. I Anna
I'livlotva ami her iHllet aomnanv In
lor of
died yeeter-
Webater avenue.
He was r.s yeara
Boston, in 1(11
as a designer for
he went to lioc-
iine --M.il - .-
1 of Central rurk. which h.oi its t.-,.
mlnal hi Central r.irk West ami Eighty.
sixth street
w.st Bightyelxth street was once
under the jurisdiction of the Park tie
partment, Thla was true alao of other
aettil-parkwnys. To v. irs aa,. the l.ec.
lalature . nacted a law ir:v-.,K th.- Board
of Estimate an, i Apportionment powei
to transf.-rT.-ii- Jurls-ltd Ion to the Prssl.
of 10.1
that, in
lives -trr ' 1
i ' ItlltlllllV
line III I
with its I
road No. 1
dent of the Borough of Manhatt
tins was done
era. reet & Co. and became a partner
In the firm in 1SWK. During the Me-
Klnley.Rooeevell administration Mr,
ijrlffln. though a Hemocrut, was In
spector of clothing for the Indians. He
was a member of the Stamford Tacht
Club, the Manhattan Club, the Irish
American Historl. al goclety, Ki.lgh's -f
ColUmbuS and a trustee of tl,.- Excelsior
Savings Hank ami the New York Throat,
Hospital. He is sur- -
ami four daughters.
Abrwbnni tan llrtitii Hush.
Abraham Van Brunt Hush, as,
Claimed the rank .f nn Bngliah
died on Hundiiy at his hone . '.'. ,
enth Averue, Brooklyn. Ha fntber,
St v-
Hti -
till a. oks titer Trees.
The explanation was made thai
I'ark Department didn't nave aufil.
tunus to Keen in.- street in proper re
pair. The Park Department still jooka
ufter the trees its former dUt) of car
mg for the grass plotl Is largely done
hy property owners, who take much
pride lit beautifying ihe epacei In front
of their homes, although th- green sisita
nr.- .tailed hy the city.
Hack in 1(73 th.- city granted a fran
chise for a h.-rs. car tin.- In West
Blghty-aixth s-e. i trom Amsterdiim
avenue to Blveralde Drive Tracks were
laid in ISS7, deeplte effort ..i p:..p
erty owners to prevent the work by
means nf Injunctions.
No other attempt was mUdC to run a
eroestown line on this street until the
New Yurk Railways Company fled ita
recent application in- a fi at.cliise.
Bui h. mi leaving i:-.ui ml wl;l
itud coming to this iiitmtry
in tt South, The vl Ife wa y
Paynton, saiti t.. he the dt
noblewoman. The son
Brunt, v.i bom in h
early Me was engaged in he 1.
business ;.. i i..ier was connected i i
the Waterbttrv 'liips pany, .ie
served in the civil war us captain In Ihe
I- fiy-slxth Beg'ment, New ' V '
unteers He leavi - f iur som and twelve
fii aeaa I
nom nee f
Abraham Van the Netherlnnd
- si-. i , ,'iml iii i take ulace t
I ne. t Solemn reoule
by t'n- Vlcar-tleneral,
St. Patrick's Cathedra
if .lames
r Mayor.
Hotel on
mass will
ooaaa ToMlay.
Jay Coogan.
who died at
gunday, win
it in A M.
be ci lebrated
.Mar. Uavelle. iit
Cardinal Par-
t nrren
the ilaiu-i
Well Knov.ii I'rrantu Hear Opera
al Ihe Manhattan.
Boston, Oct. e. Warren Mai Hid,
aged ft:', treasurer ant) director of the I
National Tack Company, tli.-.l suddeill)
here to-. Ia He whs a son tif the lute
William H, Hill, a prominent banker
I harlea K l.ranaer.
Isdnu BgaCH. ai. Oct. II Charles
B. Orahger, former I'hief Justice of the
Iowa Supreme I'ourt, died here to-day
aited mi He retired In 1900, after hav
ing served on th.- Iowa circuit. District
ami supreme benchwj since 1(7:1
.. I w .11 attend m the s tilt !
The honorar) pallbearers h i
funeral win be I'nlted gtatea Menator
jiiin.-s a. O'Crorman. J sei-g.-a.it Cram,
Morgan J O'Brien, Joseph B. Martin-
aate. justice uuae o. atapieton, Pub
rv-.-e i halt-man l..w r
Wright ,1nd
Wootls. win.
day, wag h
the Stephen
setv lo- W
bars of th
.1. II en l-
ooieiy s inieresi m tne prelrtninary
to ita reguiiir seaHin of oiiera ie In
creasing. Among thoee In ihe audience
were Mt Hermann Oelrloha, Mr ami! Chicai
.vtrs rrauerti t riavemeyer, Mr. and Kappes, an sulhnrlti nn
Mrs. int.. ii Kahn, M.ss Maude Kahn. J Evanatun las; night He
Mrs, John Sknford, Mi and Mis Charles old, was born In Worms,
Moran Iwhlls a student at the
James nw.ef Cutting, Mr. and Mrs. Heidelberg became a lead
i-.twarii m. I'aiieiri.ni Miss Matilda
Bigslow. Mr sod Mis i ChaunVs) Mr
Keever. Thornton Wilson, k Coster
Wllmsrdlng, fhester Alan Arthur, Mr
Uid Mis l.eo Everett. Jess., stunt
hit.. n, r llayaiil Itivea. Mr. slid Mrs
Ray R Is-nnls. Miss Lilly Lawlor. Mi
- I an. i Mt James Parish Le. ami Charlei
I E, Sampson
K agpes,
prof j
on musi.
I society pi.
result In
to Krartt .
i .Meii.leL.ss..hii and
t elated w nil ma hi
died in
aiis tl eiits
lermany. ami
L'nlverslty of
- In the secret
it., unify i lermany, As a
was Imprisoned, hut sscaped
whence p.- sailed for America
He was a pit. tig. ..f- Kalis
was intimately ass..
composers nf note.
David Dowa. i Am
Hsitry 4)Ksindra( ir.
Uil0aiie H. Raynal, IM
Rirdaaya m i,wim,
Jr.. A'1n S HIiHlaet.
v. Ruaaell Iraoa. vVhttarlsThl Wataoni
MorKii" Willi urifl KiariK V. Hur nn.
Ai I hi
ttupri me
the Ain-'i
t.f Er ii
elicit s. h.
II Mollis .. nun
tlleetliiu Here,
loath aniniai gaaalon .i
I lilt t -t II . 1 .1 ileu -e
.. i reinstall in ne Heard Van In
.Mine. I Hive t reinstall will return t,.
the operatic stage In this city next
Wednesday night us a member nf the
, Host on iii-ami Opera Company, in con.
Junction with the I'avlnwa Imperial lius
I sian Ballet at the Manhattan Opera
j House. She will appeal- in the ml,.
toIs of "Im Tosca,'' one .if her fat.. in,
j parts. It is unite than two years since
I Mine ErSmstad was heard hire in that
M'ATRRMUHI r llct, ... i itorlsts
s:riin a. tne Motel nit. tit to-da) Inrluris
Mrs J a Puley, Mlu s. h.-.i. Mr end Mm
i it ii. .run.... Red Hook, v v .r.t.k
anil. Mr and Mr John Rlton Warlan.i
untt B ion tVaylanil, n'- .rk . t r p,,,
Mr sad Mr K s Con k and Mlas H
T Thurst.tn. I'r..-. l.i. n.-r illui.ki. V w
Ben t.i in ic i- ilea ittiin .iii,i ii i- ajtajas
mlu. Basins tPsrksrdl William Harris
Jl ....v ,.. ...... I fHsrce Arr.. .. Mr ami
Mrs R nurdssll. Perl i-hfsier M V
i it. i Isont.
HI an.t Ac.-epte.l Scolllsh
tSUIII v for I ne I halted Hi. ill
i heit Territui it s atnl l
Id yesterday, the following
t'b irnock Price,
i r i h Embury
last evening to itn
uf KrailM II Singer
III the ashingtotl
h her
. ihl th
tiiii Hat
Ki ' . son
tl'. ' ililo,
nnr.il. t.r w In
u or by in Prlos
- t tunny was Inllowitl hy a
tut- PRTSOttSgSi
antered the onuroh with her
ln Vagal Tn-ila.
Teehaolog) niub. luasksaa. II N
It. .a rd of I'i . I a . .t 1 1 . i n . msstlngt hall of
lbs i... ....I. i i' M
et. y.nk t'srasi Club, dinasr Beisi
iii.s. in. ; .in I' M
p.-iall M.-r. IihiiIs A ...... .... I'-ii Hireling.
ll..tei Astor, to I' M
Aaterlcsn MsnufscturerM Kxport Aslo
liutlun. i.tif.n Hutsl tllltmors.
Torrsy Itntuiilial tiuh, uiettlng. New
Roianleal Osrrtsn. I:. to P M
i.st.i.i Tempts. Iseiure, "Kciilnoiisrms:
the HisrB.h." I'rof. w. J. Uurant. 1:15 P. M
I're.lerl.i. t ken. lull, '11.1,
lent fnr I Is I It- !.
At tiie annual meeting of the
.f Ih.
t-ial ion
lege. In
America, lusl
were sleeted
Alumni nf i '.iliiml.li! i 'ol-
llle Automobile I'ltlh of
night, officer! for 111011
s follows :
Prealdent. Frederick Coykendalli 'IS;
Ice-presidtnl. Morton ii. Hogue, 'Oil;
treasurer. Lyman lihoadse. 'oii, to mo
teed Ueorge BarB Warren i asrrelgry.
Qeorge Brokaw Oompton. '09 . msmbsrs
of standing committee, l.uclus H, Bears,
'mi Howard n Daly, ; n Harold
llngu.il, 'Oli Kufus James Trimble, '12;
representatives on tha iMtavd of the
Alumni Kederatloii, Frederlek foykert
dall, and Henry McC. Bangs, '0.
Hill ne. re ft n ll' k
Vun. I. rl. lit John B. Pshey, W'.ishlnu
tun. Mrs HrsdiP! Beflsll. Phlladelaals.
Allien ay, v Jahasoa. Bustoni I c
ip. si. Chicago,
Prime Ueorge A. 0, Hylet', UatltOn,
Ohlei ti h l'rait, Hun Pranolsco,
McAlBla -Msut, a ii Pard, latndon
Mrs T. H Wshop, New Haven; Mr Hnd
Mra I B, ii.iiiar.i. Bridgeport, foan,
lisrliig.- Mr Sad Mrs s. H. I,ee. I,ii.
doni wint-heii Hmiih. Partnlngtun. Cona-:
II. A. wiisun and Miss Wilton, Toronto,
Uorralae Mrs it w. ssilatiurt n..
Anna llfcCorraick. gSH Like CitVI Mr
an. i Mrs y- ii Palrbanka Roston
.Astor Mr. an.t Mrs, t H Wbllmer
Ruffslui Mrs Hessle II T.i I. .1 . I.., An
geles. M rt 11 1 1 n 1 1 a 11 Mr. an. I .Mrs f W Pt.uer
liitsllritl. Mail.! .1 II It Ii liltsl.iiiu
Mr .iii.i Mrs Charles usthsrbss. ureal
Hi'.riillSt..li Mass
Hi it.-slt Mis V. Anil. rust. tiark
Het.ipslrM.I. L, I . Ml. nl. l Mis .1 Kre.l
rick Myers, gewlokley. Pa : Mr. an, I Mr.
wiiiiam H s-.ins. Albany.
Savoy. Mr an.t Mrs. Wlllard Jsnalnss
St rSUlt Mr sntl Mrs chsnsi Mowlsnd
it, LoUMI Mr ami Mrs. Jaines Hslnsi
Sta Orlssaa
MmilllhlUf" -Jsnies Coclirane, liillii.tel
phlu, Mr. ami Mrs. It W, Hlukes. .Ni.rrle
inini, PS. I Mr. sntl Mrs. C. K Htr.-ls ri,
saaei Mr and Mrs. Arthur H Hsllev. Ilsr-
' c.-rs were sleeted
M W Ua hes, Washington, sotrreluii
i grand eonitnander : Jiwtah H. Long-, Bos.
ton. lieutenant grand cotnmanderi
Charlea H Weusier, Woreeator, Mass.
I minister of state . Hoktstl I . Hill. Provi-
dsnoe, it. i treasurer-general i Marcus
i w Morton. Pruvldence, it l secretary.
1 general i Walter Seymour, Newark.
n j, keeper -of ihe archlvee;
lisandsr 'i Shsrman, Provldsncs.
It. I. Miami master general of
I ceremonies I William K. Blsby, Haver
' hill, Mass, ii rand marahul general! John
1? Mrassnger, Syracuse, n. v . grand
st, nn tar-1 heater . John W. Hean. Itaver-
htll, sfaaa,. srand captain of the guard!
Thomas Wallsr, iuwsl, llaaa. grand
genoschul ! (leorge B. Paul, tlranville,
N. v.. ii rand prior
the 1
', "f
s of I
'mi-1 Sana
I., a Hn r lone win.
prrlnlle Skill.
i nun U'Amalle, bai l I , wa
liil.nl. for
jeeokman Rhode
honor lo William
wur Qovernors, on
funeral Is lo be h
i,ov. H. .-. kin ill
Wnr l.overnor.
g,. s-By order of i lov.
Island will pay high
gprague. last of the
Friday next when his
d from ilrace t'hurch.
liar ortleretl a Stale
ceremony, with National liuard and
Qrand Army eucort Hlshop Perry Is to
. as he. ii ,i
III a retilal of sonss yesterday after
noon in Aeolian Hall. Ml. tl Ai nail,
proved himself in lie a well trained
and typical singer of Oerman lledei
He sang songs by Hchuliert, for example
with every evidence of uiidsrstandlng
their content ami with readings de
signed admirably to convey that Under
standing to hla hearers. If now Mr.
irArnalle had also possessed a goo 1
singing voice capable of answering to
his purposes ami of iiringing eloquence
to bis reudlng ll might have been an
afternoon of unusual Interest ami pleas,
iii Qermsny slngjers of Mr d'Arnalte'
type are numerous. No one there seems
to tare whether a singer ran sing or
make musical sounds ns long as he can
offer that singular Interpretative species
of mi nf which Dr, i.udwig Wuellner
was the most popular eiponetil. Bven
In this country nil good llvmikllS ami
American pro-i ierniiins Vent QUltS Into
ecstasies over (he arl of Wutiiner and
perhaps they will gather lo hear air
d'Arnalte, who is unquestionably inter
esting despite hla derliiemiea.
Dickens (Parts)
Sporting Books
Don Quixote
Lewis Carroll
H. C. Wells
Kate Greeneway
Du Maurier
Charles Brock
On view in our Rare Book
Room. Send for catalogue.
H81 Fifth Avenue.
recent a franchise. aLaaaaaW
I hy th.. Vlcar-iienerat, Mgr. Uavelle, at tjHH
St. I'atr.ks i-atheti .,1 I'lirdlual Par- ntKM
imr. I Hll
Morgan .1 O'Brien, Joseih B. Martin- V 'tv'u
ipleton, IM ,1 i , n
d K, Mct'all. Ibis
h i it. Andereon ami Juetice Victor . fi-fl!
Uowllng. isLln I
t'llnenil til llyron tlnulei. ii
funeral nt iiii.c tie'., i, ,v- . ..aaaV
stag,, manager for A, H. UiiSll
die I sud !. nil 1 i-l Sat nt- ft ill I
Id y sterds . att. ii i j i i I
Mcrritt ft ral chaiiel. The Slid I
. : t t u . -hi. i I - Hill I ' 1 1 .: I 1 I ,
bars ..i Iho Lambs Club and iht coin- : I I It
i panics piayins "Cimn la) ' and ''Aba IS,.' w 1
land Mawrusa." Mrs ringley, known lo -MM I j
I the stage aa Amy Humtn rs. :s a mem- "Mr I I
ber "f the latl.-r . ..: i x f .
Was conducted by a t'hrlstlan Science I B
reader and the body was cremated a: Bt In !
Wffh.i wkci Th ttshe wi.l h M '
! tered In tin Adirondack', nt Mi On v y
1 gley 'a wish. a
I . i f '.
i'I.AI'.A MKVKIt re i.e. vt let .1,.,, t Jill U I
IM I'bryatls street un Aus I .ft I i!
h.-r sstats nf I lit, SO In personal prapsrty oflf ft I
tn the Csmp Memorial Church ..- iii till t) I
Chrystls ttrei t. H R ' ' f
I'iNii s u i i .. .... .... i'i
leather II last, Isfl a total rslsti nf ::.: a i ft I
0(1, ,.f which llQt.tll i ,s iij. , i,,. ,,r Ii'- I
his i!,:. rt-t In Ihi. r. S , ' I
1. ....... f. : & pt iger. III. wife. I', . i fl ,
l.owenfeld, g..t a life . . i; J H .
mil a her death the . If J
. hi Iren, l?"" 1 ,
A. inks - I'tiXNK i ....... i J U 1
an -" : m. ii-mi n W I J
S -0 which ... I I ' , (
relatliei and ih. it i. ail , 2
ralhnllc I'!,, r ji' ,
ti. -,.ri was the I'atht. Mis, i I '1 '
nf tVaihlnstoit I' Bl t
'.': for i'i. tp.tat tt. i ii J hil, I
1 me. i...r .. . i.. a i x . i
al j
uitnue gnd rifty-iiiiith itrssl, III! I
Kunsral ssrvlves it HI Patrick', i 9 jl'i
Klflll ..!!,':. 1 II L
J street, We.lnesiiity n iing, I i!K a
..' ;... k Intcriiii-ni .' sft nk y
UUI.IVHTMIN Wax. ag.-.l i , j
"TMM i'i M-iii.i i. I'llrn II." .' i IV. IB
Taenty-lhlrd iVrank K I'smpb. I I
it..' i, Weilii.s.i.i I l
niti mi v. tm th. ..la i. .
" n ' J ,Bj S
I 1 1 M . i - j
I .
I j 11 -i . . 1
i M
r- :

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