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(Hniiin-: KlffOWl, Uotvpvfr. Do
'ni Knitilsh Prorniop of
l.nnrp (ron.
A . r -(Tort as, made v.tr-
JU io I' 1 bearish I'OMIflWUsn to
mm i report Prom th Osnstis
.,. ,i . i aSSOWt of cotton glim. I
,, p 8 l A rally of II points
mi ral quickly m it lifted ami
jlm iv- l.teu down to new low
af III r the tael that food
fri.-y v lags the vlfw that rot-
'trB ... OS rrnsfin.-ihle level atnl
k (a. . i comm rclal iei. eev-
, r market latorosts fm rom-
I eIK.t I lda Of BUtUM lirlr.
r , m trli : to shaking out Sutnli-
, . . ll looks HI If tin'
ruelrset '-'I'll In the local market
, .. s m Orlaam i wall llqttls
i unly feature that could
, er di morallsatloa would tm
, krek 1 " rat ke of Kouthern
I '!. r
TMltrOiy'fl , rnsiis figures ehowed
. i i lee Klnneil to Noveintr 1.
- .. I i' th t.lK.OOO last year and
$,itt'."'ji) two rears ao.
l, reepeel Hi tlgiires furnish an
l ift "f ' elte of the crop, at lent
, r n III maximum or minimum
For the past ten yeara
. p ni ope ret lorn from September
.. November I, covering thlrt-sls
., ft, have furnished a minimum of
t r-ei .' of the rrop and a ni.ixi.
aw M.I rf' otafc of the crop.
i inragi weather, ample labor and
Maaf factors on a normal hail, the
... -tr tfinneil during the presont
peil - lie bet Week thoM two x-
I'-.ir'rg, therefore, on the tmsls of
' i per oertl (f the rop, this aeaon'e
raid, ei ii ol llntera, ehould not be
m 11.II0.0I0 baler. On the
!: of the maximum percentage of
it. pet en( the yield would be around
,1IM I alee Hiving due eonslUer.i-
-n ) eri .".er and labor condition.
I , 1 teent aa If, spproxnnately, 4J
I : - 'he crop had been ginned
k- thlft -mx days above men-
which Would put the yield, ex
lail.l of Untcre, around tO,70n.ooo
e attention was paid in .
, . t i to the tone of the Amert
I the British Government,
. iemi iirohaMe that some
i .ir future the State t'e
be forced to consider the
mtton 4Uetlon In a communication to
r ll i reaily there are sign that
e '::h i Chafing under the effects
' , I . .jiicd largely by the ail-
! cede ol Herman porta, re-
-. i i.i . iiipinriits to neutral coun-
mutation of demand from British
ere, who alone among the for
gftttri make purchases, Unw per
vitin: tliem to dictate the price of the
ftuttij ell i crup.
k taei an iplnnere appear to be ehow-
r nttreet In cotton. On the
erllti veeterdny there was conetder
- ' .' ng to fix prlcee. The pro
"i '." perl .1 of gun wenther ovr
' Boul leemi to be drawlnj to en
" ill Indicated for the Poutb-
Merket closed steady.
0 en Btgta Low. t'lei Prer
ma el ett nik inee
'3iir : m it.ee ii.m tt.uoii.a ti togii ei
i m It-el . i i ii ' i :i .. 1 1 -.'i
jr :. .1 It 3 ll ll T.-iW T7 II Mull '4
" : u i u .mii n umi m
. i. Ij u 'i ;.ii 9r U'j' iii ci
merkel tor epot cotl.io w iiuiet.
Line; mMdliut. us...- kouthern
. .i- nih.i.ill.v re."ile.l ere mi
ll ..u-l 1.. i.oinn decline New Or
Qalveeton. it ; Saiannah.
Uempbia UJOc.; Augusta, 11 and
v- ' Orli ins market oieued etea.1y: closed
, i
Unen-IIIgb-Low. Cloe- Prev
e-l est I tie . close
ir '- .r s.. II IS 11 "..'ill U 11 Sii,tt Ji
lrj T 11 4 II V. II s'il1 41 11 sti'ill 41
erel m ii if tt.ge ii Mit.et lt.Tlgll.7l
- !;'. II ii II S3lt.M It.UdtIM
'1 mnr'sel uinert easy TTier
m a good Inquiry business In spot cotton,
J ' bi pointl .le.-ime at S3d Salei.
,f'"" ' geoxlptl none Closed steady
0'n Rlgk' Low Clos l"reT
ins esi esi log clotw.
ii r-k ... gel ., ti g;i, 7i l.n
agf A , g.g ;i i; ti.slOsj ii 73
S' lung l, , hs .6 6.73
r-Aui .....ego cv gjitt iJasg ijgig
' M hH to UeOrpOOl were: Jan.i
Jl March 11 ; Ma, tr'sjc: Juiv,
- ilirre is d.ie to ojn to
c" le 114 ..im ile.-ltne
ron reerli le n.l stu.-U.
Re I 11 T aat
elple yeai Stee-ki. year.
.eii -m . ffl -,.4 4.. BD.gg
r'' s i . ' HO.iej UJ.7S1
soon .. fin ie.7:i 13.179
' 140 f 37a M Mi 1.10 :s
v M I 4S1 SI. 771
Wilmington. 1.731 t.iei XI. Is M,MI
"ertelk .. Jj 4 , (o.mi
Utcrter receipt end itocke:
k Last t.ssi
ceil. is sear Oteekl year
irui . mii i73.ee.'. ue.ta
'poll u.eTi ! m 8er.7&.. ut.973
: Louis "1 s.:e.u e.3 23.C77
geageo..,,, it -i 4.11,04 liu.vii i..u
1 aeted oor Loot Last
p lite to day week year
sirestos I.V7H lo IT.Tee :4 u ::.0
sgeOrlciui lO.OMtoU.MI ... ....
ilerdai were H.M bales Total
m 1.444,131 bales. Total laet
Meq , uai.
k'l 11. pressed nig visible
Ikppli Gala Large Cora t rap.
. " .' aero abundant yeo-
1 1 ". price list Buffered ac-
lallem factoro were the
noted at tim visible eup
1 the noticeable rip.ui-
linn offertnea touthweat'
igtdoroMg wheat 10
Mssiisi niilliricl ll et.
. - hi n:;ivH In roi'lng
wt,n' ' rltelg.
f w r confident hulls
irtng (he aeaaloti. Men-
- la 01 - e snow and nuns
An r . .in and Canadian
1 -1 of the eeml-otrlclal
' - that I roe w heal 111
'la !:
. nnilpenL but it ws;
pi ilatlvo and g)ls
for wheat were being
ill) laUefled.
ictunl n kthOV ondl
emeil t he forooMt was
. change to fovoroblo
iprlng whoot territory,
ti r. . i rolni shown In the
gt etion were rogsly of
Ilea lu re tay that Bngl
1 11 a orlntOf w heat area
1 U acreage of much inorc
III per cut., a comparcil
nil ril tyeg of the part
... mi giieeeeg for a
1 ut 1-' to 1" per OMlt
1 Leei wUlne ol iviisat
b vlwbl sui.-ly pussl
llu posting ol the lucres of
. 1 . on lOld 1 h" inor k.-l
u... a Qomoarat 1 veJy lew in
oumliii 1,1 indreaae of
busluli All- r t..v siete
1 niori Ismii-Ii sentiment
- Btld in -everal uuar
j roieed ti. hi e aiajortty of
isdi 1 filled up so that
' v moveaiiul of winai unibt
p ml ui 1,. Iga i.-lling
. c,-e
ipjilji gpprogtmotog
nal trf W 01 last year
1 1I1 gained l,eot,Mfl
week si J tst iciaiib were of
he i ...free' slalemenl
luilay would show
lore l ui, t. .jflo.msi bushels
a ebroid and ih prog-
1 new crop wheat liom
. Argculiug partly explain the
Tie .
'ILI. .
v". HBP demand for Aeaenoan wheel
rla report hnines was .niwe.l st
i.oni bushel, tollowtng about MgW bushel
"""ummated rery late. Saturday
The tlnrernniem report Issued after the
mars-cl .loeed showed the averse weutit
tier bushel this year to be MA against .
last year ntul the ten year aii-rano of r,
11 L Jhoutht that the wheal In tha South
weei le of Utht weiahi, but thie has been
materia :y oBset by the excellent ijiiality ol
the earing wheat
The inicrlor re'elpts of wheal for the
(lay wi re 4,s77.(s) bushels, aralnst 4.:7 '
Ml week and a.rs.om a year at" Ship
ments aer 1.7.. . bushels. riii-t I Tsr) nno
enii l.fk,0M reepectlreTy Th seaboard e
PJirts liitnlled l..if..i hnhel Asi.le (roni
wortk Amen.Ti. the exports of wheat
lii."iii-..iiehtial at present, but It is not'
""fJ!!1 ,n,t oei-aslonal lots of KM.iOu or
tyoen bushels leave Russia
Corn-Then was pressure In the market
rrmn tne outset ConMderaole of the sell, nir
I" 'or Oeuntr hobier. an.l also for com
missi.ni house Interest- I'lus tioiertmient
rep.irt Isfiied alter the dose of the
ninrPi ahowrd j.w.n bushels arlnt
..i.issi.txii) last year and the record of
1 1 on...., ( , ln ilaeuJagiM
onrine I Be ession was in auti.'IpatioD of
such a showing
l'r oepMi .f favorebis weather, a lower
foreign market an.) abut'.lanee of feed ituffs
in itneral wen- bearish fesiuree cited It is
noteworthy, however, thai ihe u'laJitr of the
corn criai this sear Is 77 ,1 against 1 last
year OM 8.- -.' as th ten year everaee. and
UN that mnsiilerahie of th ex.v.s l.rodur
I ion II in the south ant Southwest
Oats- Ihe iM-llin pressure was nronounnsl
at tim. Ksiieo.e of larger eountr offer
inea OM lneTani recemtn hast an aiere
erte.-t on lines The decline In other mark-t
Mured Issar pressure fUpnrt bnylng was
limned to "s-uusliela Tu (iuvenini'iil
report gore tim avrraee weight r-r Ouebel "t
the rei.inl .top at fx th . agalnsl II 4 la-l
year and Ihe ten year average of rt 7 -pp.
Increase in th etriMe sisopiy for the w.-ei,
w.i II.. os. bushels, the I a! being irni..,i
bushels, as compared wiih i.'jU' 'wo bueheli
. I - ir aco
Pnnision There was a fair amount of
support from -v.i-ts Rumorw of export bnsi
ne.s were current, but thee were uncon
llnne.l Hi, i, . reitpts coutluuei In liberal
Ooei, lllfti. Tw Cni pro.
mg est est lug close
Iflti. lmS 10V-, MP losi,
lot's Wi KM 104., kx.1,
gu get, r.si, gu
:i nil M :, ;
;s I", S1V, MH
s'e mi m
14 wi u ti ;i i 1, as 4.g
W.M g. 14.SD 1 47 1 J5 :
do s m im ig i wo
9 ll) l.n 1 0.13 S .
l".m 1" ie :x it n r
i si i,m ieg si e.ib I
wheat closing prlekt December, i
Wheat :
P. ember..
Corn :
Hibr :
New V
BOS my Nov 1 - Only a few price ehanjr.s
or iniportaiic ere recorded In Ihe mining
shires market Mohawk lost il, Copper
Haute a point end North Butte , wh-le
American Zinc and Granbv unproved i
rniied rruii sold ofl I points and Allans c.
,ulf and Weil llldiee I point The sum
ifl Advent nre .
s Anmeex
gv. Alaska
70 Allou-I
American line
en Anaconda
a.'. Arieuna Ooni
' Bulti Al.'V suit
01 Rune a I 1 1
MgG Butte A Super
1410 Calumet A Am
Open rTIgh- Low. Clos
mf est est In
'e -' -''s I
.ssi ,, l.j s.i
. j; rtf, i. ,
. :., ;-ih mi,
.. s s c;i3 it
s'S t, -
. Mi i' t4 : ii in
. ! J', A ,.
e, M Ml
. H C4 lei eil'4
1 :o r.7T. i7o
. mi Mi u .-..t 1
. Hi', ill", e-i
. 1 n 5 it
1. t.- ll M
. 10 ll, s-, gsl
. w ii; fc.v M
. tru i7ij 17 in,
"s Mi H,
. 4 is 4T.1. 41 ' 4
. , ', nu .
' I'
. II i rj 1 ii '
'. Mi i:'s --'s -'i
u . isei igu r ,
s 4'l I's ''t
4'. 511, TIC, gtlA
. m egu v , -1 ,
.14 1.1, pic. Mil
K ' s;s, :t ni
IS I's IS 'S
. i 4 is, t;
m ; 1
. t pi l 1
s7t ', S.-,
' ses 's
's 41, . 4
S i '! t'i'
11:1, n. :.- n :
.. .13 n S3
- ! -;.''
- I - S -S 1
.. -'a '-1 Tij "-'I
. 14 leu ,.t -'
.. II I'lV IV 1" j
144 4.. Ml, 1. ,
. 47 1 , ,
S's Vi I's :'l
.. mi M 13', 1 ,
74S, 7-', -,
I C -linnet A Uec' i
l".. I tuno
117" Popper Hange .
' Daly West .
' E-t Unite. ... .
lv. Fr.uiKlIu
Tfsi ftfanoy
I3S Hanco4k
M Indistia
?' lelend Creek pf,
10 Isle Royale . ..
tie K.-rr Lake
Ttsi K'..:iaw
11 1 I.......
17: I.a Sell...
Msson Valley.
ST.. Msss Con
if Mayflower
rf'. Mi sun
3. Mohawk .
Us, New Arcadian
ei North R.ltle
l'" Monk Lake..
!"l O; bwai
:.7 Old I olony
1 Old li.inuuton . .
l' P01..I Creek
7.-- OulUOf
1. Ray Con
Wi Suite Ke
0D Houlh I'tah
-" st Mary band.
1." Sup A Boeton. .
en Hunertor Conner.
k.' 1 ra.-k . .
' fn it v
IM ' me.ler--V
1' g Smellers 1 I
.SW t 'ah Area....
IM I'tah Cone
ii t'tah Copper
10 go, ten A Albai IH is.-.-.
Iti'.tn BJerated. s..
.'. ll con 4 W ,r p 1
Pllehbura nl
1" Maine Central
9 Mats gk ...
N Mass K.e nf
M N V N 'I A ir
1 Ol 1 Colony....
RotUnd of....
', W tud St Ry pf. K
17? Am Arr Chsm.. . Ts
IM Am Ar Cliem ,.f N Vi
Am 1000 ser . 31,
r ,
Am Pneu nee pi KC
J. Am lUger, 11?
Am Miuar 10 ..lltti
I 'a
117 111
ll.', 117', 1'.',
..lw LM UI
tm Am Tei a fei
1:: Am Wool
lei., iso, iio.j
iisi Am Wool pf 7i.
s Anioskeag pf tieu
147 A Ii i 17 I XT,
Mel A O A W I pf.. 41
i) fCIUon 73714,
!i General Electric. .177',
rui ti
4..S .:',
iriu 1
id Maes Ua w, is-.,
.1 M Ua pf M as
i McKlwain pf A
l s
11! N r. Telephone. . .tsj', iimg l".'j
7 Pullman lie MTU im
f. Ree... button .... IT.'i lt.1, 10',
3S71 Swift 134) h lt 1-JU
,) lorringtoii 34', Mii MIA si',
I'nl Krutl I'O tiMi IStVs 143
till I'm Shoe M 404 "", f", i,
44 Cni Shoe Mac pf Mtg .7' Mii i
1 lleel w Us, si , .
Ventura ml .. . n U 'fs
!'si Western I'tuoit. . M s is
110 Wuualon Laud.. 1', 1', lj
I3iisi a n A w i i.... ;,
:, 1 11 A Q Ji la.... iw
llM 4 IH', IM,
,'1 77 77
i.en Klec e
lo" Mlse Rlv Pow U
l sw N 1. Tel U
' New River .'....
p.11, im
Si Pond Creek He ... 4 M H4
3t'"l Swift 6 IM, ;i, tr. 1,
i.-ssi Wew K.-- fa
1.0 si Weet Tel lis.
1H lvl ! 1 ,
a', NH !! i
Heine Wosttjn bid
a .! MriMi QUOt&Uotu:
It iv M il Gw
Rrsolf .
Bi-t.iii Kiy
Huitn A Londoa
Chief 'on
('OlM I ni'i'fr
1 inwii Krarrre
Citi Cornneeei
m InJ. 1
Ernie k Bluebell
Kirnf N.ftt-on.J Copper. .,
Hotiflittin . . H
Iron BIomom
Ltt Ktme
MRlnty Darratfh
Mr-XI' All MeletU
Mi.-- uf AmerK'eg
Now B)I1 ..
Nf Cornelia
fefoVMla lDUffla
1 ' 1 UomiiiKiii ruelptt
0)110 Copper
Ontwp . .
Sowthwe-i Miami
Siewurt Mltilttv ,
ntlltM Vente Ki'fii-ion
ft ill Mel n
T iniiii . 1 Belmnnt
To(ipIi Muunf
Yukon Oold
Bid Mked
.i t
.to P
.31 .
.44 If.
I's I Ml
I'a li
.' Ol
..''I .01
iM .04
1 n-ie 1 M
I.', ,.',
j u
.77 .,'.1
M) .67
.7g .4.1
.?7 .n
.30 M
h n
ni ri4
.07, 711
,i .'.:
,ir. .31
i's IN
ri 1
.70 .Ol
7.4 ill
H 3
(,i. ug
Paid v r!iih-Treaurv to bank. I,MI,IM
paid Of Oanks 10 Sub Treaeury. ,II,H
Uas 'o hanks on day' trene
01 tloue MUS.neo
mni; mi DAT I. awt.
Paid iiv guh TrseeijrT to hanks, f... 071,101
Paid t hank to iuO'Treooury. 7.147,0041
lass to banke Il.tee.eeo
Gain 10 Imnke sain nrlo,l ne
vioua sni i,,e"e,ve
Brftflh novprnttir'nt Vnnn One
New Contrnot for 70,000
A me ri can acente of the Brit I oh 'o
enment have plai-ed another contract
for 70.0nn lirge slee hlirh exploplv
shells, calling for about 10,001 tons of
eteel fOTSginge, which will he made t.v
an eastern Pennsylvania mill. Severil
Other similar contract are on the point
of lielng otOOOtl but more or less dini
OUlty Is e 1 countered, an the at re I p nil
will make contracts only with regular
cu: Itomore, for whom they have reserved
epacc, for delivery oer the flrst "Hinj
ter of lilt,
Hlnce September 1 merchant car tnilld
ers have taken contracts for 11,111 car
It Ii OOtt mated that more than a million
tona of steel will he rgqulrgd for the
billeting of theee C4ir Practically all
of this tonnage has cli'ier boon definitely
ContrMtod or Ig undet trntlon f"r vurl- j
en i- dellvt rles extend ig over Ihe Bret I
and aecoml quarters of next yegr.
It I polnied out thu rallrowd prat1ow
to-day differs mdkiojljl from whal It wa
even ten years ago. .1- the heavier RSOO
motlvee and the can of great oopsvolty
tiring hul l today make 1'. iio-ribla to
i-arty niucli bOWVlef load and give hel
ler ggfslOO ; traitit arc longer and are
moved treUCil more OkPOdltlOUgly, Not
00 very many years ago car capacity
was estimated nt from 11 tu 10 lone ; j
to-day many of the oars heliig used !
cerry from 30 to 3ti lona and Ihe mini
mum carload to-lay 1 aJiout to. 000
pounds. It la said at some of the steel
mills that fn (reare aeo It was con-
gtderod fair time ir freight was received
In two weeks at N'ew Vorlt after It had
l.een shippnl from Plttshurg Now
freight coin through In four or live
dm, and under favorable conditions
ghlpmonto of sleel have come through
ti tidewater in thirty-oik honra
tinier the elroiimstanoee Uie life of
the moiieep our is longer than thai ofl
ten I Mventy y-ars ngo. t,d eonggs j
quentli ronooratl have not been required I
a frequently a- durlnu the period wnen
railroad equipment in.ps foil httfi when
they did not receive contracts for 11,000
to 10,000 cars a montli However, there
are many old type care still In service
and. under the present pressure of
traffics these are being repaired es
rapidly as possible lo meet eigenoies
! the Mtuatlon.
Tlie f'ran Company of Bridgeport,
Conn., that came Into Ine mark-l last
Saturday for n..'co tors of foundry s'lade.
la now actively negotiating and Ig ex
pected to close contracta In a few day
lor thai amount of Iron for shipment
our the balonOe of :h!g yenr 'Pie Me-
Naii k Harlln Company k undorotood to I
hue cloood for probnbly 1,101 ions In!
Ihe aggregate, eupplementary purehaooa
hairing been m. nli to the oantractg closed i
last week. There w.e niuch I peculation :
regard ng the price obtained on the1
1,100 ton- purchased on Saturday Tlie
price.- on th' low gllleoet are said 'o have
been llg.ll delivered and oti Ihe high
silicon g 1 ti However, there Is r.is,.n
to believe that practically 117 delivered I
wa paid for the low silicon and gllghtly
above this price tor tne high Otllcotl
glades. The l-se fAoundry to repioned
to be In th market for 1,000 tons of
foundry gra.le for shipment over the j
first quarter of next year Several other;
inincellaneoue foundry order were plaood
yootordoy for ohlpmonl froni oaotern
Penngylvanta and Buffalo fumaoeg The
New Jersey Zinc Com pan) ha pur
chased 100 tot ...f foundry grades fof
shipment over the fir.-', ball of III.
Bjaald 'ron 'e re; ,t voly stronger than1
foundry Iron In ti e Buffalo district, and
even in east.rn PennaylvanlO there Is a
etronge- lone for I tee! miking than for
iniindry gradOg In the Pittohurg dla
trlct another contract for IO.0OO tons itf
baelc iron ha been cloood lor ihlpmenl
over the first quarter of pes! ye.tr
There is eofioldorable Irregularity in the
price of foundry gradeg in the Buffalo
torrltory, Although In exceptional In
etan.es galeg of gray Iron have been !
made f,,r ghlpmenl over the Srol quarter
of nokl year at 117 i the furtiaOO, eales
are still being made a' 1 1 1 I" III. SO
furnace and e-one iron i eti'.i ooalloble
for tbli year! delivery at pri -es ranging
from IIB.iO to l;.u for No IX At
the game time gome of ''ie isrireat me tere
have sold 70 per cent of their tot:il
capacity tor the flrol half of III! One
rale "f basic Iron of considerable ton
nage reported so'ri by Hun tio furnaco
intercris at lis di vered lldoeralor, for
proropi ahipgnont
e e o e
la- In th day - is learned that
the lasss-x Foundry had purcs.,se III...
ally of foundry gr.uloa for shipment over
the Hint half of 1516 gome time amoe
It ha no eias.-in.. Inq'iine nvvw In the
rnarket for such delivery-. Although
these foundries nf Course are ready to
entertain offer at lower prioog than
are generally Iwlng allied by furnaea
In Uia ljeliljfli 'd Schuy lkill Valley.
Ooke operators reported an Inquiry
veetecday for 1,000 tons of (cmeHeir noke
for exfain to gouth Ajnortog, Tnere
were glOO addJHrOIVil luqinrle In the
market i"i ohlpmoi ; to Meddtonsgjioan
porta nqullsleo lor (ue co.il tor exirt
also oontlnuod, hut less buotnooo oraa
done nial slin'itly haghef prtceg sere de.
Tlie town of Oloan, N' T. Is undei
t"CKl to have placed ,i htnul-l ysititract
for cast Iron pllas. for early next yr
delivery, with the United State Qgeg
Iron Pipe and purgry Company e-
eral private gaai and wiitcr ivnnpan'eH
June put out gpoeMoadone for their
mii; roqutromanta of raal inn pipe,
Inqulrlee In th last few days Include
about I'.OOO ton fin Baatern und nn
niuai umnaefo fm- vVootom ghlpment.
OHICAOO, Bo? ' 'flier ws a goo.1 ,,.'
nine of buslneee lo-dey "ii prleee were
eenerglly blgluw sieu.irt Warner gilleoti
Swiii and i "mii Cerbhle acre u,e proniineiil
leaturee Cblcego Pneumgtlp Tool wa strong
early, bill shoise,! weaknee ti the cloav
Uoial niai 'got quiet late summary .
Open High- bow. do
Bale.- Itu et est (pg,
' .. Mil .-cup o nr.... ', is i ...
:,,i A in 'el l',i 1 1 Fiil
-..i Il nilli Kisl, pf
&i" f Pneu 101 .
iet ci,i.. Mrs seriag .
.i obui killson
lis, m-ers lf
::i blamnilil M it. li
ii.. ii ...... rtiii i, ...
WLinilsai I.;, lit
is. Mow wsrtl uf.,
4" PaetSr lias
St I ,,,, ties H is ...
t in i'uhlli' Sen ice
lit I'nl, Srriir if..
in Quskl r lists .
II ijii iker ui' nf.
'...4 aesrs.Hnenut'li
sis stew .,r, Warner
61 . Svllll 1 CO
:tst 1' iiinn I'urltiil
" ,
fJOM 4i,i.. It as 11 li
iissi Billioii '
nu mi liiii'i He. .
ti si I't, i, as G,,.,
r.-si swm ..
. 71
Campaiiy ginl Terr n-w Ami. abi.
I'lttsii'iig. Usassmi r ,ui't
l.sk Hrie, seiul'
annuail nfd cit rssn
I'jnuiiiau PaeJfto, Quar
terly coin 2 4,
a inert. -i ii Roll wage,
itsrtrle "i i'A Pee 1
Csntral Wleelsstiilil Vui'
iy eilst'trtr, quar
isrly I'L I It.sO Due 1
Dears a it J Coniputiy.
4iusrtrlr '!! l Deo 1
A t.enerai Break.
The real break In the elock market
came In the laet fifteen gllnutig of
trading it gtartod with eom nf the
war Mocks, which failed to hold fair
recoveries made earlier In Ihe day In
rather conspicuous manner. Hut the
fall soon extended to other quarters of
th,- list end at the close the weakness
was general. In Ita Inclusive!! the
Weakness was the tuoet pronoynced thai
has been seen since the later si.igea of
the bull market developed The railroad
shares. Including those which have given
sn eepeclslly good account of fhemselve.
Ilk Southern Pacific, fell back rather
easily. Toppers declined. Meel com
mon aleo had a running break of nearly
two (mints The feature of the trading
Urge the comparative emallness of the
offorlngg Tlie demand for stocks was
pOOt The exicnt of the depreclaJlon til
eufli 'ent to ca'ise anxiety ae to the re
POnil to overnight margin cells end ae
to the amount of out of town stop order
that might come In.
Market Ramora.
To most permna, ihe disquieting feat
ure of the break was the fact that It
appeared to result from Internal mar
ket conditions rather than from outside
Influence. If the break h.Md occurred
it the opening of Ihe market Instead of
at the cli It would not have been s,
disconcerting. In fact, lower prices were
mthei generally looked for hi thl Utne
ss a renull of provlous decline hist
week and a dtatlifbed reeling over the
character of the Wgghlnglon protest to
Brig land. fuming when It did, the de
cline seemed to call for a special ex
planation. Perhaps a usajorlty of trad
ers laid It lo th announcement by Rep
resentative K.tchln. the House Roof lead
er that he would not support Preeldent
sVllaon'l naval programme Bui long
aftet ihe close, the Street was Inquiring
for the new that broke the market. The
rumorg offered t i supply th's need were
of Ihe sensational sort usual!y circulated
on such OOCMlOnO, Kor Instance, It w is
reported that the King of Kngland wn.s
dead, that an eminent banker had suc
CUmbOd to a recent operation, that Von
Hernslorff hid cahlerl to the Kaloet !
surrender, the! th United Statei .ui;.i
break, with England, that iius..'.! had
mada eeparate peace and thai the
Allies were up the point of g!.:g UP
t'i struggle.
An Investor
Ore day re ently Just after Re- -..e- eTi,
Kteel had OOtd at 1)00 and dropped bai k
promptly gomO 110 points or so, an out
of town manufai Hirer cal!ed on u broker
in quest ol information. Ttie manufac
turers wife had bought the eica'k at :0
end both he and his wife wanteii to know
erhj It w.i going down. Th broker ex
plained patiently that neither he iirr
any of hi frlen.le had any special know!
edge uf Bothlohom steel atui then pro
OOOded to point out that the stock cul. I
hardly he said to be go.ng down boca lee
I- had reacted 171 points afier go'ng up
150 and thaJ anyway the etc k. .'"r 00
vlous reasons. OOttld not be considered a
proper Lnveetment for a w. man
t'npleasant llles'seery.
Not f..r sliremd m.ir'is! c.i-,".r,
ere Inclined to trace the weakness n
the war tvks yeeierday dlre.-tly to
the recent reaction In Bethlehem gteol,
on the theory that this reatTtlon must
have had i wldaaproad Influence upon'
puhtie eenti'nt Thy astrrt tr..t the
Bothlobont ateol incident, Ineignlfleant
is 't may have seen e I lo Wall glreot,
w ae of enorniou neyi 'mlogleal lin-!
portal gg far eg Hi outalder waa
concerned, It ws Just this hind of '
thing that waa calculated to stimulate
thought on the enlij. ct nf tin- a.r stn.-ks
and check the wild erase of the pU te
lle to snatch anything wdth .i w ,r
order lat.el. regardless of pr' or
value Ther have hen other deeh,n
tnenls that hue had their 'nfluep, e. hit
the beginning of the roaotlon dates
from t.,e dis.overy on the pari of th
public t'tat een the greates: of the
war icrsK could g" down. The ltn
petus of i big broad buying movement,
such n wa under way. would a .... i I
for the failure nf the market .i-- .
whole to Immediately reflect thl change
In public sentiment li.n if the) l ive!
nut d. lined notably Ihe war sti.. .s i
have been harder to bull during t 10
past few week than mr before
fnta-1 heap Igil.
At the i lose nf Iggl wk Hptti "'i
ihe market, rn on the a.-Tl.. stock,
were eMremely srarce Many of ihe
'niiise that do a b.g htislne of this
kind even refused to "write" pa peri
ni rdeel on any terms. Last night
after the close "pUta" nr again oom-
paratloely eht in ind in go(i supply,
I nltril I' rtilt,
fulled liult stnifc, wlil-h bag been
llatOd on tlie .Mrs-It ESChSnau for in. my
yea re, sold for tii tir.i iinie since isol,
United Fruit la the Isteel importation
from out of lown. BeelUei Other grgu
niriits a,lant-e,l fin- i'Siet'ttn bettor
prti es for t'l stn.-K, It I- pointed out
that New York offers broader faelll
ties for speriilatlon than Ih provtnolat
ssobAngTos, lit the i,!is gpootilstlon of
Hie past few months it Imn hean dis
covered time ami again that a stock
Is worth far more In N'lis Y,,rh thin
It la out of town.
Tti sisjort Interest.
Th le.Hii revealed th fuot, or i
Relied Ii, tl.it iiulte a short Interest
is In tne market. A great number "f
rooponslble persons aoknowlodsted 'oe
terdag ih.it they had been shorl of ihe
war stiK l a f.,r some tlint and had for
a period soea Ihe StOCke go badly
ggalngl them. It n s reported that the
"Waldorf crowd" had liken a iioel
tlon In Hteel and wag borrowing the
stoi'k in tars qusntttlea, Cuiioualy
enooaili l"-' assertion Was mad., us it
boe been nuide on eai'li other break,
iho brokers with (3ortnonAniorteen
eonnoetlons bad forooeen the deellng
in. i i, .ni actively aeeteted t along
A I a sis l.olrt
Tnulere reported poor niarkoi for
Alaaka Oold oil day. ii wa difficult
to sell, they sold. This Is not Ihe lirst
complslBt of the kind that Ins been
beard, For nome weeks rumors nave
i i board that svopythlna wag not
going as "ell a It should with the
proporty. Tiene Improeslona huve boon
strenathoasd by iho a-tion of ihe sio,-k,
which sold yosterdssf at 81, as oomporod
with u high of i0, Th, gtorlag have
boon "'at the or wae POl inrmiig out
as rich as bad been gg parted md 'hit
inure money would be required. The
news slips yesterday prti itod mi Inter
VlOW with D. O, Jsrkllnift general man
ager of ihe property-! win. ii partly cor
roboratoa these reports. Mr. Jorkllna
said: "We shall not be able to achieve
I he SSpootOd results as soon is we an-
tliilpatod, ve hove encountered un iim
looked for Intrusion of Ion armle schist
on the hfth lecl, from which iiolut we
had ospootod t" draw hinh grade ma
terial wlih which to sweeten un the
known lower grade ores as we mined
them near thti surface Not Wll hstand
lug thoUNaiiila of drill hole testa, we
strangely enough did not oui into this
low grade Intrusion It will take us
three or four months lo gel this ma
terial out of the way and put the mine
into shape to supply average or to th
full capacity uf 11. mill.
s.cnrll, llnnk III lllssolse.
The aOSUfllJf Bank 0l on order yea
tcrday from iuprrme Court Justloe
riteaorloh dlrootlns tin.. Bttpsrlntsndom of
RSJlks end all Others Inleii'bled to show
cause on November IS why the bank
shouldn't he permitted to dissolve. It
It s Applctoti. ttresldi'itt of the Intliii
lloili saltl tbS1 more thun two-third., of
the stockholders have voted to dissou
The bank was. formed In 1911 by a
ntsraor or th,. NlnetooaUi Ward Nanki
the Twelfth ward Dank and ih Poiirs
Iceuth iilreet Hunk.
$50,000,000 TO START
BankCfl Will Probably MopI
To-rl,v to Act on Pro
pospd Loan.
'Die eupplementary orodlt which la to
he placed here Boon for the uccount of
ilr, of Itrltnln w-111 nmbnhlv amount to
180,004,010, It l understood that It I
will W a purely banking arrangement'
and that It will consist In part
of n straight loan, and that the re
mainder will be based on acceptance.
A banker who la taking a leading
part In the negotiations said yesterday
tint he thought that there would he
a formal meeting to-day of the commit-
to which le making the Rrningements
In Ihla country, and that the names
of the members of the commttt'e would
then be made public. The credit Is
being considered by the Clearing House
bank. It la not certain whether any
of the Urge private banking bouses of
the city will participate. I
This credit arrangement, if It le ef
fected, will he oomewhat different than
tjie Ailglo-Fronab 500 OOO.ono loan. In
that the loan will not be arranged be- .
tWeen Ihi bank of lhl country and
any of the luropean Governments, but 1
rntlsrr between groups of bunkera here
end tn hfland. It I probable tli.it
the Initial amount. If.o.OOO.OOn will he con-
alderably extended, perhaps finally'
amounting to between luoo.ooo. 000 and
3'i0. OOii. 0n0.
There wae little change In foreign
exchange rates yssderday. The tone
of the market was generally eteady
Demand sterling closed at 44H. as
compared with 4. 04 "4 oil Saturday.
ib!es were unchanged at t-H.','?.1
Francs were fractionally higher at 5 OS
for check and 5.9n for rubles, against
a previous close of r, ft 1 j and 8,t$H
reepOCtlOOly, .Murk checks dropped from
M s to I1H, while c.ihlci weie ut.
, hanged at SI 14,
PRfLADBtPRtA Not fambrla lel
gold im to ' S '''! "f7 to 4 at the i l"S.
.. unit s.i esturday aeneral Aenhall ""n-
moll ,alne,l BleelrlC Sloiage llelteis S
heavy TbA tumin.ryi
Onen Fish low Clog
Sales leg e't est mg
All' vi In Te . iss, ', is i'S
3 Auier l,aa IW ISW 1- l"
s:i Anier Itys. U 3: H
!' Auier Ks ft s i, get, sv,
Anier Muling IsJ
4nier Mllllna pf.,He is t'l i
: Hut A ii I c M '-4 74 14
ill But A Fu. t g pf 4 ft
ti'. Hnit i'.s I. r ri
Hrlll .I ... OM, , SSI, S,
feu Caoibns eteel ' SteJ si
I'S. ftiwn U I A IV.. '-" il 9
. Cuii Trs,' x j .... 7: : 7:
t Ii ii s 8 a A pf... ti u i 1.1
171 Hie,. Mor Bat .... 711 ;', OM 4mA,
.'...i asnnsit . . ii n ,
i .ii. n Aeriaall pf... TU J4Vj "4 :i
l'-i . real North Ore ' T ..
HI Ins In si N A. . '-I's ;s 14 74',
Keystone Tel .14 11 U j r's
. i.i,: sun i orpn. Mi v
Iliih Kai 7 ,4 . 74
hehliti . f, si., . , M ,
1 el, ai Tr nf STAj . ' r: . Hit,
Ki Nonhern Central, el y' fc. M
. l"enna H R ''s "' M "
.. pinna h Mig . a i g ts i :
s, Penna "Meet . ,s . 7S ;
,i t'e-nia s.l.s-1 p' ss vs
, I'hila " 4i, 4.i, ttj 4.1,
rn Phils glee STIJ l 77', ;-7',
r Wide Kite .i . iss !.. Ill
Ml Phil glee . :.-', ITsi :7i, ."
Mm Reading . M4s s.', zi,
n Pnloe Traelten 41, 4.11, 4.'i v
1'ntlad Oai inn, . . , r M ipa
1 fulled Co N J . n SSI tM M
',., kite, I'll, l"i. I0A, 1 ,
. West ,ler A S I 4"i, MS 4'. 4 .
M Vrk Bs . . sA I', 4' . v,
i:i Tors Hj-s pf, gj j ,: k
t M Blee A IV,. Tr i- ... ss ss si
ism Interstate r ii ., ,i4
1 le-'. X'a! r'i Is ', S'.s, s , MT
fsi iti vi gen isi lee1, 1 - i ion
! t-li i.i.-t Tr i. SI 1 i s
hssi Penna cone 4 M si je .
i Penna i"i' 4i,s 's iHj " , ss.
"-. l..Miia ..ii 41, s . 11 U .141, 1,.,., i v,
,-ls. PbllS Fie-. Is .. 4l, is r, us
' l"nln Kle.- Ig , I4JU IMS I".',
4-. Reeding gen 4s -.4., .1 , . , giiZ
iiym span tin it ,ej i : let t-.
UOM I n lly A luv ., ,4S F,tS II 71
! injfi. fr Moiinl
oointnuii ,' !( iolii
retl til I Itf niaVtiCt
1 bi t iniuu: j :
v of, 4 a I'uvi
rnou CM ton Mtfll '
li,i t11M I ')) j
Orn High l.n
Isles gg r-' r-t
i'l Alshama Ce '1 1 i
It i' s of Halt l l t(4
10 lt.il- Dry tiia-h I'f t f It
Coisien gM ,. LV4
ii' Rlkbore v eel . II is is
Pall moot ias I" m
4 Falnnoni Oee nf 1- ie
11 rSarm A Merc link II 1.
an llounon Oil ji is n
!' Mi Ver Cot Mills 1; i u
M f . Col M of IIV, M4 171.
.r A Mm Tro, i:' 4. . 4:', mi
Norll,er:i femes' s'
I ' ksralui on of 1 , m , ,
i c. 1 ii..,i hi. & r .41 .4 ! 141!
It) 1. ! Oil A I. 4 4 I
BO Kill
: 1 ... smndel Ssnd A u li MM4 101 letu
JOSChl I 'l, Hi .... t'7', . ' ITU
" ( Hi Rsll 4. i s.l 1 Wll '..; , S, j .
iK.'t'i'v 11. 1. 1 1. - 4 Igu h'- js.nl
I'-Sllilv 11. lit I- le e;i, ft,',' Sftfi
:.-.' Klkhorn Puel be sir, ,v.4
4S4) Kali a Clark Tr , , ,
lionet Oii di etfs. .4 74
li... ti ijaj 1 t.,i 4, 1 -.,
I n'' H A KI ir.- is ll , . ,
1 I mt It 1 hi mi 11 11 , . , 1 ,
PlTTStltlltl Nor . to.. Mean Wlrdnw
' , Msuhlni cummon uss a slrong feaiur
l-a li. Iron mid ,. , and ndepadnl
llrewini . K lewhers 1 .inges air uusiir
Ug '-1 Tii.' s inttii.hty
Oneo- Dirh- feiw 1 "
Sal - In, est e-l lug
' Am WlB (.'ass .f it; ?7 sf
Vtn W i, 1. list M ... 1 M gj
i'- Mo Win ii M pf ..wi, til U'i IM44
: o lialepl Urew, -i is ,11, gtl
14 in. i. in bee) nf.. :i l t 11
t Mantra Ut A lit let its) is is
.." Sai rtrapfg ft', 11 iga it
T,o obia rusl Oil.... us 7,4
ll ISll- llreW 1"', ..'i f.l. fill,
puis Brn pf. .. '4 H 1, 1 1
t" Ism C,ii :i..-4
:7, Pitti 1 OsJ pf... . ISJ Us) lis, lie,
li fills I- . l.liiss in ill 1,1 ltt
i... imn 011
It if iT-i t;i4
a 1 Itf.lttsI 11 ISM t Jf
lot I n sit
1 ... w ,.-i g, Hroae .mii :u 111, ii
., sees! r " , st ...
SMIH Si.111 T,,v 14 1. II u
1 . i.a Bells Iros..., 11 Oft IS II
... I.a Bells las,; ng ng j.,! Iu
i iiiiiinni i ua iv i'", m I4U
r s Steal
isi 4 Kdj . ', B ,
Silns-k Market.
UOKDAT, Nevsmber I
1: pi .f I. , i,ft f.,i tm, Osv r
J in! heed, Including Itllt car., for the mar
ke: of which II cere sen sterrs There
we , ki, .-Ion 11,1,1.. In ei,-rs, nnrt l,l
chol,.. heavy wr selling at barelv .,. tv
,r s li. s were slow l-i 5i lower!
hulls ami l uas ro firm 10 llfllle hlghr.
with th scptlon nf uudluin sows, which
were 11,1 mule thun t.teadv snd closed
slow. I'ommnn to very eboloi sierrs mid
11 f, 71. 011 ... p. r Mil Ihs. i Lulls si SO bo
I i'l' : .1 I iv eh fut at 17 I" 11 1 1 6.1 ,
cs ,11 II.IOwMi .in cicru cow ,,r two at
It. ." ,1 1 1 I 'r. -e.. I 04 '?f was a t ak at 1 1 4I
14 Ug per lb f.,r lultvs bltlss.
Il-celpis t,r calves for two days w. r
1,11 1 ie ui. Inotudlns ItlH far fh mar-
ket, inakllig with pnvioui arrlvsls 1,111
'" 11 Veals uer acllie at sn sdianco
,,r 15111100.1 Sraeiere and yearling. iiOia)
TIC hllll'Sr. Tt.ere wm s good clesrsine
of ill,. n tie Cottltnea to rliolce veals sld
ai lit ..ria per III bs . culls ai ' -r I P :,o.
gi , -,r. .,1 110 II yearlings ai i0ti
fed cglvsl ai li 9i07. i-itj ilr.iK.ed
yeali wet' ii "1 ..1 i0llt4o ; s fee at
ISo. i country d seised iteady i Ill01lo
tteeelpll of Hhert, ant imbi for iwo davs
wsre 1,II1 bead. InOlUdlnS II cars for the
merkel srhsep wore steady f"r meiiiiini
and eoninntn lleeki "mi for clinic hsndy
lutril.s w. re Il0fto hlyher, snd soni vale,
possibly lit Rlgheri Ibl pons wsre well
eh irsd Common to prime t.hesp sold a'
I I ( It IS pf 100 I be, , a fsw al IS: a
hunch for c-snort at fl.llj culls at 1.1 11'
II Itfi tamlis at ',i I cars of Ibolci
VVssI Virginia al !'., 7., cull, al 14 Ml -j 1 7
llrbsd 111 11 1 Loti firm a: lull v,i.. pf 11
lrsged Iambi ' 13 V la ign, j hos dreieed
.11 lie : country Sreveed buthouse Iambi at
If .1$S per e treses
Kecelpl.1 nf lmti fur two d iy wer 176
htad. Including 11 can, for Ihe market
Peeling easier, wlih rale, al If.SotJtMO
per iuo lb. 1 r,,uh ni MOfl.lil acuntry
drttssd hogs steady.
New Orleans & Northeastern Railroad G.
Prior Lien 5 Gold Bonds
Dated October 18, I88S Extended to NesnjOxMr 1. 144)
Intereot poyobto May 1 and Nosrember 1 In Now York
Cotrrxm bondo of $1,000 egch, prlndpgl of which may bo wgigtered
Company ooaumeo payment of the normal Federal Income Tax
Central Truer Company of New York, Truer
Outatanding (Closed Mortgage) $1,372,000
Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific Railroad Co.
Prior Lien 5 Gold Bonds
Dated Nvoember IS, 1883 Extended to November 1, 1940
Intereot peyahle May 1 and Ncreember 1 In New York
Coupon Bonda of $1,000 each, principal of which may be registered
Company asaumes payment of the normal Federal Income Taa
Central Truet Company of Now York, Trueteo
Outstanding (Closed Mortgage) $1,323,000
Price on Application
Descrlptl vr Circular upon re era cart
Kean, Taylor & Co.
I Nassau Street
New York
Tseo of Hrllef I ommltfee A 11 1
Prndnre I ai hange.
Herbert C Hoover, cha rman of Ihl
Committee f"T llellef In Belgium, H'.i
John H White, als.i a menilie ,-f Ihi
COmtnlltOSi Vlgltod the New V irri Prod
uce Uichange yea tarda atid were lii
irodueed on the floor b) K tl Broonnb
man, tin- irent head of the purchasing
department of the relief organisation
Mr Houvar had Juet returned from
Washington, it is uadorotood tlatt Im
portant matterc e.. discussed ,,t the
White loue. Me gall to-day on Ihe
Meuw Amsterdam for Rotterdam v.
White t expeeied to ten, .111, at the New
isrk of Ilea of th 1 committee for the
I "induce Bg hange PMtnbershlpS t".
ouotad at 11,100 bid nr. 1 era .,f Ihe
egehang ha.- egpreoee.i Die opinion
that fist will aoon gotnniand S- ",0".
lf Uaineaj Strom, hat LUl M
M'hnlea Inifrr,
It- '1uf pri"? a ii. i . hiirii-t-neafi im.,' ..j
T Urdlllttrl'el PtO l(f Vf a I fplgj f W t,.f
dle)plsMd rrpr-'1' but Hi- :( ttbola
'la(1 l iwr AlBODl tbel n O 'k-. wr
Pool Potifr Rprmlti PoiWr
r'i'Wvier. Slims Itnieiu Pol .1 m i Ii.iU-o, u 4
Wil'"OX The halMtiin nf th maj ke. a
unll. with iri.Hi ibQut tu') i;i 1 tstid
ii-rtgiT. sWtllfiUj
Bid . .-. lit-i Uknl
s'"1' 1 1 f 1 .;, 1 1 . 1 ,
i'r-4 KSM I'f 7 Ml - " t
hiMti bmi .' ' if 1 V" (
iUs PoWQfl i.r - , -.-i
lUtM.--V. A VM1 . 1 I' , I HI I.I ( , .
(': iK W ,i 70 U00 UU
ItltssTo K V I nf . . j vi , j no
.1t1eJ4llt.il I'lpl . 3SU I ' Mil 4 I .
1 .in t'jKtn Kxpl pf IUU 1 jn Q0 1
Vpitt Arnu mwi K411 mw.
I I Punl llt'W . 4Xe -ll . t1 it
lii PoqI Pol t-r tit) itu 101 liU
Hit. ulAgj Potj 4HVIU4in )'-' 4.n
HivniM P011 of . , . , 114 I " 111 1 I
't vi.' Viln I'f pfl Mti -i. 1 (II
Mii --li.-mfiii I'tui'l 70 I HO 1. . 17s
Nilt-es lli'nie-llt-l'wti.l pf IHI in.'. It t I"
teVMf AruiB . . 370 ni 70 SOO
ill Mfg i'.i .i t . 1 .i iXlt lib
' la h litp Anus ,S07) 8V7j . . .
U 0t Hal ill- 1 Nrrton lt'fllll
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Toua, wttb in'ef) unt hMign tl In th is'i-fn-T
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I hfn- mttt i'4"rinnt nunurt 'iiit a Ur"
QllMltttf "f rs?ii.ir ti if bf 10 ii i i ,r ; from
Cube) 1" 1' a gttnl fht-r' i 04 mi. H 'n t
HfM fU'l'-'-w-tl n juiJIil Ihi QUOBtiOU ol
tsitn tonnaefo.
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iii b.'inia of .'.ii- for n Tit- iTkvnulati i ti wm
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The ui.'irkrt fr eiiijiar hlturn i nttetttir
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tAtntj ri-f ' i fnture blprflf'titl frota rubo
Miti tat Iho clote ol ih" dfjj t nee were 4 io 9
pOlntl lift lilgitier Prices follow;
Oi" ii -tilth I "w C1o$ Pr
my et tn 4'lnfw
N'otenibeir : i ic
lreierober......... Jl lH 3 40 $ : SSTi.' -
.Ununry ii J" t.M I.9U 8 81 111
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Aurtl a i: ,.i te ni
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Juiifl ,. I7T,I3.M ai
July.. I.S3 S i'i 3 Z'i I 11 'i.i n
Au.'tiet .t j : n; 3 M
tlltflllter-.' ,. .. .. RITtfrSefJ :i"
Uctober u I '
Tlio IStlf . or roJorol Harorvo Pt,
rtfoa wort 4 pr ep nt . for rtatrty i tJnty
dui And 6 nmr Ottii. for Iodmi bllU
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'(leu market diaunt, iirinie ,n:
kHOOli ni u: nil Uf la llllltl) J I, . 0
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Oommorolol i fr rt-- r SftS1, pr
Otnt nlk'y to ttiBfl) Jay I-IIU si'l for
f...jr t i's li BlontleVt b( ft-i'M . i 4 i-er I
i-otit. fwr utliers.
t-n.l m(iii un the n vr of r iio
Bschs&llfsl 4i-ierilo rtlitd at l ier ctnti
Rltftli I Mf Mill I OW( 1 pot '
Tinif moiH y m Quitti with rsvtof w
t-hriiifcU. li-teo fi-ro inr ,-nt fTr
Ixty Ja. f .' pof tent. f-r '
ninety Ueiv-. 3i. !' per writ. fr fur
rtinnttio ontl 3iHlj 'r Ctnt lor five
tftfrlinf Hrmer, fi t . t quot eHluat
wor: PomftnUi 4 .... call I.C4H
'all inODOy In leH'1'n. IHU4 K-r nu ;
hurt oil If, 4 k ni 4 ' p t en . Ihret ,
month Miio, 4 rU9N -"r i',f
PotltoatlO 'r.h-i nK Oil New VOfkl Nr. ,
tViuiB pf H1 PSHnolooo, ' V pfoinluitii
Mlnnrapti'.N i"- DlVmlUtlli 'M ".". He
iisi(Miii)t 0twtitnMit p-tt . Munirovl IS 0,
li.tr !Uer In Ion ton ti 7-ltt-J i Now
T.-rk. bfitc
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337; Sub-TrostMiry dobll lutu'r, S4S.441
All Hollod Motal I'rodarlo (on-
tin e rirni.
A llftMf lone OODURUtd to ireviiil for U
rolled tool prbdUOtf ee)ttrt!;iy wttli TMM
nomiont tuMUfiuluftri following ihf iMtJ nl
Iho Cornei'io Mwl t'onicariv tn H'kni i k3
hhMI (tr ItrtlOlurtl OW. plAUl '"' li.i'"e'
Tlio fiilirtfHtfii htniftur.il uriuf n -i-
trtnipr with intMe nf In r$vt ihopl u
iiig hiihrr pftw4 fut' Hhipunnln within the
l-i thri-f or foil' monlni Thi lotliand ''r
Uipjll anl blue siprf:ilfil fslifftH m u-'I'vii ind
tho luno or the nurkrl t irnnr.'r with Sn
jtj biooh Mid t l.llo to : ? for Inraonl
in DfivniUi Hint ovnr thn tu t tiuuritr ol
noit yenr Smno null otr- itckm g . v fgf
Aril quarter ltii 4dU (Tonal nie pj gt-.'i
nnrt und l'rnui WmtC tnadfl 1 domeatlti
nimni im turcri w ln hare I'urod nun ron
Irti'Mn lor kvar in unit loiio. I nit only nrulur
"uiiii'm i - i ' 1 ' I lo IpetotaJ foinulrration
IU'0 able to ubtatn for ilr lt try Uurm.
the ftrtet uuesrler of next your
Artlvily continuftl in (ho Kastern r.. : i i
lor lv.inh v l- elri S ai- - a gt.400
Proposed Transfer oj Charter from New Jersey to Massachuseitt
Stnckholiler nf the AmerirMi Woolen Company are
retninHeti (hat the three months fixeil in the affret-ment for
the deposit of tok to approve and make -ffertive the
transfer "f charter from New Jersey to Massachusetts ex
pire November 14, 1915.
To insure the Mioress of the plan, you are urged to de
posit your stock !efore that day with cither the Guaranty
Trust Company of New York or the Old ('olony Trust
Company of Huston.
Rt'OBNE V, R 1 11 AYER,
We Deal In
Attn tTploshra New York Shipbuilding
American Branti r Jersey Zinc
Ann tl . m Hardware PhrlpK Dodgr & Co.
Alias Powdrr Mlts-Bcmrnt-Pond
Kabcorh A VV'ilcoi Sinner Mlg,. to.
Colt's Arms standard Screw
Carbon Steel Savage Arms
i 1 1 ls Co. Safely Car Htg. & I tR
Du Pont Powdrr Sroiill Mis. Co.
(mptre Steel & Iron H'inchesiter Arms
Basiem Steel While Rock Mineral Spgs.
Hercules Powder Yale and Towne
30 Broad St. Phonv Broad Mio New York.
Prlgati iclipbooee to iins',,n and Pbfladalpbla
The Union Trust Company of Ntrw York (established in
1 Mi 1 ) has for many years mjul- a specialty of Personal
Trusts under Will "r under Agreement- and maintains
a carefully organized department for handling them.
Many millions of dollars' worth of property- t ral and
personal have been entrusted to the company by con
servative people, residents not only of New York Statu
lint nf other states in which tlie Union Trust Company is
authorized to transact business,
Correspondence or interviews with persons rouMderinsT
the formation of trusts of any kind fr thcnisrlvt-: or
lor other-- - an solicited,
m ut h tnnivi 1 1 ii nk
v. tb inavrttghtdi liiby fiv DttUM
r our Intti ti in tu irkutii.i. tk FViTik. under
, mm pun ti ami i th !.!- of int state of
vork. tti4, in oonforiftHy with he
I -t at ut tu aui !i c'ir n..i.i a'ul t:i'l1ei.
" In :vby Ipftvify tot. I ttftt UJt fuirOWa tO
v 1 1
IMP.ST TH nin,n th ptnpo-ivl In-
mrporiiiori f. lotor 1. l'o.M. irflnlt-
111 Iiv' IH. -sVUgilM ' ,ii 'lll(r' v , ( - I.
Ml. ih
hkcoisd Tho ritm prin-e-i
Mil lill Thai ... . M il, I HI gate i
PH1RD Thi to .i" in m 0Doad
Mitnk ) to h No 34 Mu bom tri, bj.
uutfii o' M MthsMtan. N't(W" n!k i 11
POt'RTU The linOUIll "f tn 'upttM'
iv una in.;. ::. . uail Fiftj riiouaand
IN Wll NMM WHISHKOr mm hov
horeunlo a'Hied iur olf nat-jf nl ;
tWORtV'Ofttl duv nf rs,"'.i.ar, i' iO 'IrJUr.Hi'i
Nina hun lrfl ar I Ciftoon
vii-i'oit i: T' 'x.l
r I i I . A 7 f. A
MICH vi. 1. BR tUUlNL
111) I DNOj lllltN W tOMPtNY
rtrol anil lir i untllim 'lorlaat itunii
M i". I'i-.i .-:m itu; r. i.'C-i.
N OTIC 13 i H UKUKK fQN, io pr
1 1 1 i in aoctton . Irtlola vi of iho In
t toil uk hat i I mbor If, 1910 urine
iho a ho vi bonUot thai offtri wi". ra
a4vod until -' .v i " Krhi.1
Novemhor -flih, I'l .t tnt Qmm$ of tho
in l' i in:t- 1 Nil U' l":,ia Iw,!, tw V tk
Cl", N ;' r ''e on Dooni '-er
lot, 1911 of gsutll itltM bond! t nOl encmNt-
iug 1 u T ld ' of nr t i pii,i ist th aunt
of Fori) una ihouani1 tvo huruiroti anf
twoiilylluo doliara ui t ,o . -. : renin
t4i.:.! 4.
idirooto1 'o thn un s i
ni r miimi.n r I i houW
qii' lad Kat I without Iniaraat)
in tere. .t dui Pooambar it IMIi ahou'd
ha roliOfle 1 In the itun' liiinnr.
nit K l moioo
a rHARUBI H i'AHl.N, IVM4ai
No t'iler 4th. I51J
a reKr1e'1 yri-f ,i ! :? for uMi'mom ovrr 'he
rwintUiiaaf of 1 1 i w yenr and iiio nit Qusrtar
nf it.-M yaaf Thi w mnfacturtf ol i In
I Uonneciioul who toott hnii yaiiarday on
tout ! rkpoi'ted to 'lnvr .onir.n-t within iho
I riot I v or two k i-'' and rnlral lnn
I 1 1 1 1 furti.t'-ot look addllloiiaJ oonti ion
gginoununj ' annul 'j noii toni of fo'iiii'tf;
I fradso iiuffriin urtiaoaa that liva boon ni
I vartod fi'":n ihf New Kngleinduiarkoi tampoe
j run It tw Viivmui iron nava lakou iomo vat
1 "-ii- nf liinuietil tn NOW Jrrwv ,,iit Nf
1 Vorb Utato including ona lol oi mmio hi ii
iifiivrr! tniw alar Thar t i in oonatdar1
I ablo Irregularity in prioai ! foundry Iron in
1 Uie LuDahj Urritvr.
So. La Salle
I Comrnittre of Pirertors
Atlrisor rommlrteei
(l,rM M I IM INN i I i Mil 41.1
a si r iii i- iiin i lit
t. loul- DlvUhin llt-t olliitif:t Trriai
MnrlUKi llund
The Contra rruai ConipJinj of S'ow Tork,
Truatooi ilvat uotlco i in RiiMlans:
Mini .i ii-rUiJn I -ii n ; . ui - t.y tha
boe t OllipanVi .J it t V'"o.-' 1. 110,
I: will rwolit Uod irupoo.i . i olf
iho i4. Ui m rtt"" i bonda rata n
; i " iao i nnfl ti und rod l 11 1 pi r
.-.ii nn j g 1 0 ' 1 I ttfm t, ihm
1 atwJ offtf 1 d ' o .on'.' on 'nor Ji 1
th anion ni ol KOI'RTr-KN 'mihiam
nl, HI'NORKP t.i..ni TIIHKK ANtl
; ni 1 1, 1 . v 1 1-. 1 j M. 1 1 1 n 1 1 h- oal"-t
piNipin will ba npanotl at tb olB f
Lrur i Tru. I'omn i - of N O'k,
Nf Vorfe '"Un. it t u'.'.Otk IIOOQ "'t.
Novombi-r 11, 1 i .
Miw truol
By H K in DW, t I iei
Now ork. Novi-trtbitr , i :
I I.I.I I ION. N 1 1 MM IIM.a
l lrrirlt al IforUtitioa orpornthtn
r 1 itroi away,
.v RW TORK, O .her :?h. 19U
Noil- ,1 bare by 1 .e . thai t!' AnnuAl
Moatlai - nclthohlori .f tp Klar
t riot 1 Bftiurt t- IN porn . c 1 1 1 1. paid mx
ti- - m .-r ; 1 pirwilon, t MrooH-
w.tv t;, thi run f - K v on
oino4ay . otn fay of Vovatnawr
ii1!.-. it in:i o' k noon, fof tho pur
poaa of aleotlni topi ind for ha
tfanaatlori of iuch atnor but In aat a niny
proper 1 oomo bofon th m tn Tha
polio wHl t e-n 1 1 onan f rmi 1 -. 1 P Mi
until I :3o i' nf ia1 I d T ran. for
boolta will 13 '''is noon ell
Oct oho r ' t h j' .-. n 'l-i ni" raopan t
t a oi v o ' , o it n on N'avombrr lltbi
W 1 kai I'M AS. s -r taay.
KHH'1 il'- M N.ea.
Tho International Nickel Co.
Common Slo-lt Disidrinl
A d'."Irto''i of f. tt oont "'i 'o conimoti
O'O'-k hswi ten IfiMafOd IhU day l"Veih'W
Da am hi 1 1, 1 . 1 , 0 common U'luMora
of re --I tho cloat ul bttbiuia Nuiubijr
LSthi 1'lft.
J Of ISI I Asm I ,
Bcr0l n v ti TreuJ urer.
ami nu w l it ii'Moi'iioxr 4.
1-14 1 : )'i : 1: 1 ; 1 ii 1'ivii'iM s.t 10
A olvtdenti . n.i ; ot Duo nut 1 nra
qiurt'-r.s ,1 1 " 1 i4 b ao 1 d
oMrwd 'iif'i ih i" iUal ''o k pf
tho Amen in ijropliiiithvlie 1 iiiijiani'i n -abie
November 1 I : - khoMi . .1
rai "fU M th- . loafl UU Hi N IVOlttb1 J
By 01 .lor al ihe I 'm ior,
c. v. WUDUHUr. I fttsttlTfi

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