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P Sri liN to FofMte.il
Kxlonnlun of Trade
Vi V, No V Mrmlin h of
ii : , latratlon wera (ratified to
jjy . iim reception given by the
All" : I'
it t I
pea) i
pah ...
i. upie to iiio pole to iirc.it
Mini ,i! i nst Iba latter a
. r a ii h AlMfh si ii ttailr.
i i ha no'.r in iba ppaai of
in. it Britain and ur-
i I ii fully studied b) olrl-
.u m ii develop! during the nasi
dart The mode rata expressions
Bulil:''i' here Ii
here plcnaed and also Home
pbi lurprited tdmlnlstratlon official!
I looked for stronger evidence
sntlBr I sh sentiment,
&h i t British popart win
-.. hi. carefully fir any i-xprrg-pens
It dtcatlng .i eontlmonl in favor
t- ., i itvauon of British practical
(i demanded by the I'nlted Slates.
J!i;. :. II . admitted thai little has
from i. airtiin which give!
lei of iba v.niieh UuvsMinsni
iituig - i isiaiiiiaiii ino American
!M ut ;.
The argument Ueed by the Blitllh
I th, . tfr. : limt the United 8iate
, initd bi willing i" suffer noma incon
tMUenei n ii war, glace it reel Brit
gin lighting for her life, ha no
,!. lire, it w is Indicated in ottl
iu! ipiarteri loday,
m polntOd out that this plea
g i ,. u Ipatod in the United Btatei
i ,,-r. winch contained a retnlndor lo
(Iran Britain taat that Qovernment
;. . iIm United 010101 10 a, count on
t., :.. .inn of International law
u I ' . ! 1 bn eritinent wan engaged In
I llfi . death struggle with the Con
talenw I
Tit- ggeetlon bai been made in
waeblngton taut tin liritlsli Oovgfn
might raepond to the American
ajsipluli 1 against the Illegality of her
..ok mea-nres liy proclaiming 11
l , blockade in full aoeordanoa with
t. ' 1 4 j : t . tiet.ts of int rnational law
i i giing her submartnsg to make it
rfltctlv. In the Hultl'. To supplement
t , 1 auggssted, tlio British
Bjigbl trutiefci practically all goods
: hei conditions! contraband list
p thr Hei of aboolute contraband.
T n two measures, i i contended i
K rona, would fully legalise all,
Ita; 1 Hlitlah ar now dolnjc. The j
rnlergi neni "f i'ie aboolute contraband
lt 10 rH'lude practically ad khnIi Hg
grtng . " a ii' between Europe ami the .
tTtUttd m.i ii wmiM enable th BrHlab, I
1. to galte ,
m count ii eg
ghow that
di etlnatlon.
11 g.Msis oonalgned
if .here were
1 lermany was the
' ut
Iralisncl Issue.
.0, irgumente are refuted in olli
iiua ere. Two wrong. 11 is do-
i nil make .1 right, The violu
of the fundamental principle! of
. 1 g'OUld IK' Violated. it is
f ail articles were declared
luu contraband. The oomptolm nf
I'nlttd Stales now Is that lireat
- gone far toward aboHohlng
ion between ubaolute und
i il contrabaild, a distinction
ri y reoognlgad as a vital pel li
ft - tatlon to trade on
,ii time of war.
tna in"
. (Mate Department is now engaged
.. ; reparation of a note on the suo
of contraband. It i probable that
ail 1 be dellvetod to all me
i-:.'.-. since Qermany is consui
t to have m.oie about aft many
.Ktlil additions In her lists of a ben-
iv.t conditional contraband a.- has
rials!, :.ou(fii American trade baa
kertouel) affected by the na
le Herman contraband lists.
s ih vlow " this Qovernment
- ..f vital Importance to neu
11 wll gerente be required to
ie-t tin limitation! placed on manlp
. of iiuntruband list and that
) ulis of Hie Unit, d States to
11 hai been done In
ihi war
thai 11 -,! 1 ghoufdi be
!.jih itlc illy elated,
I 11 Him it s expected at
1.1 ni that the tciiucfttn
lha Hate
for iliplo-
representation! tti
of Unerlran
iiie.it Britain
trad. Intoreal!
- Urgi incraaaad o a rantllt
The note contning what fa
i l un invitation t'i American"
torvNti ira Rvdvaraaly affected
Li Huh pi ictlcag to bring their
i Waahlngton In order that
i-- : r ha taken up dlraoUy with
tieii itovaniment withuui ragntd
tteti tii iUiiaU.
oihiiruo ImIL Opiiitt-l.
: .oil apparant todgy that tha
i a atrongly oppoaed
ivhm neveral montha ago tu U
u i.' pmbarg on war muni-
ai it win ii" tin Intlugnoa
i t Mil aUOh aKituliou In
th tha I'raaldent atandlng
. an itimt attch agitation thero
t ;K' r "f titt-- parage of mich
- i ai ..in ntli. :als
for Indications a,
ibiicatlon of tin.
are keenly
in the sffect
Britleb nute
the Qerman
i..K::ig toward tin
' l,u!itana inoldenti
mi it. t iisiuiff, the Qerman Am
said tn entertain the hupe
IOI Of Ihe note 10 lireat
.i .1. ti.- a much more favor
ssslon at l.rrlln for a con-
Vmerlcan domanda ulHolabi
eurly ruinptlon of the con
v . , kmbaaeador vn Bern
.-. . r.t.iry Lansing How that
OUl nf th! way and
urablu condition! iiav- n
' IU COUdUCl of Pic licgutla-
un ullli'Uls. II I known, have
ill 1 In , 111 aili .nit.ige whleli
-.i."i IU Ih! Stale I
th Lusltutils negollatli
in by
u t ul tha Hiitisli note. The
eiitei'tulned In some Quarter!
i.lir. I.alislng illlt not press
i-terinlnailnn of the negotiation!
tin despatch of the nut to
ivlng ni mind lo au uit t lie
induonc! of b! note on Qgr
B le, tilled tiie basis
agreement between
pel for
hi in. i is
i lin in l egal d to t he
Lueltanla moat be a dls
i us was demanded by the
l.t Ua In IU Hi Mt l.ualtiinla
ran i, i barued uiih . lobblna ,
i Nt ItapapO! Itepurler.
' Mm ii in il'. eina.i of the
..Hill li
-..I nf
II- . Pill
ana liwlloted
f lei-ond d
gi aOi
i Ida
C! a
assaulting wit!
l-ldwaid .1. Heal
i.i, mi i ii lobar
.. I lo haic struck
I iii had pi .nist. d a to
i . llll : Ihe poli'.eiil.ul bad
..i ,i ated man.
Pftptn Reaenl Waihligton'i
Opposition to Ki-itf ish Trade
"nrrinl fmMi Ht.pnhh In Tin: Si
Iwdoni Nov. I, -Rurprtes in ih pro
dominant note sounded by the editorial)
in todav's nftemoofi pa perl commenting
n the American not to Qroat Britain.
r nun pa rami pcru-,ii of
m- i
moni u booomee evident thai the Oritlah !
pnlilio, wranivl ui in the war. hari no ,
Idea thai
Amoi loan
Brltlah Interference with
""in" iti-um in .in,
serums aiirerencca between tine country
anil ;lie United Slates
Willi some oi the Afternoon
pa pel s.
. .- ,, ,, -
editorials, exo rpts from which wer.'
cabled to The Mrs, suiprlse la mingled
with a note of resentment.
Th l..n .,
. .... , 1111.M11, iur inauincwi
rhlN admitting that "it Is the duty of
every I'ower to keep vigilant guard over
the Interact! of Its own commerce." says
it "mtUI l.e felt that the United Slates
ecarcely grapples with the realities of
the altuatlon as created, in the nist
place, with the fact of war. and. In the
eeeond, by the criminality of Herman
The paer feeN that the view that
I "problems could be Anally fettled for one
bellkrereni without refOronce Jo the
dolngja of Hie other," Is "utterly inap-
pllcable ;n tin- world of ihnuis is then
are." adding that It is impossible for I
the I lilted Stiles to deal Willi the Allies,
or for the Alli.-s to deal with America.
, while "Ignoring the practice! of Ad
miral von Tirplti ami the changaa which
they enforced upon ourselves and our
f 1 lendo."
I inter 4 heck lleiim niled.
i The 'nil ,1ull Oaeetl! contends. In
view of Ureat Britain1! efforts to reduce
Inconvenience to neutral trade to a mini
mum, that the "methods of concealment
adopted by American ehlpperi exhibit a
variety and ingenuity demanding the
most thorough counter cheek."
The IVeef iftiggfer Ooaett! oonaldorg
' the American note "a titter suble t for
argument between experts than for con
troversy between newspapers, but as
serts that the methods pursued by tile
British BUthorttlea, Including "excep
tional measures of any kind." are made
Imperative hy "an enemy who has In
I vented a form of warfare which is un-
known to International law and repug
nant to humanity."
Behind the uncertain law- of former
tone-, tills paper suggests, lie broad
eonelderatlone of equity. It expreeeei
confidence that the United State will
consider the contra! between the ier-
man and the British practice, ana
whether England has made excessive us.
of her eea power It remind! Ita reader! I
that President Wilson is t;n seeking I
repaiation lor American cltUena who
lost their lives in tiie Lualtanbi and
otiif-r thlpSi adding !
-That in nil to the gijotl. but th ulti
mate rented lie in the proof we alone
ran glva thai thekt pfgcttcaa arc dtaga
ti uus."
i rlli.
Tht ffceatag gfandord has no fear ol
Hti acute oi inirt. in view .f the fact that
"America i- making iier fortune ,ut of
tiie Allies.' ami alno In view of Am-r-
loa'i treatment of Qermany "The
; Unltad atataa, the paper agyat "accepted
'frnm Garrnsny a ort of apology arhlch
bora far lens similarity to the real arti
Cla than our blockade bears to a
. blockada which w uuid latlafy even
. American diplomatlMs." The paper aaka:
"When America dtaHtsraaa with un in
( purely tachntcal mattara
I to be i onfi ontad with ti
nre we likely
Mia. le i list
I The Mgnchaatar Quowdi&n aaya:
"Wa iiiut r.ot let preoccttpatlona pre
vent u from trying to undaratand thv
I United st at en viewpoint. Although we
shall be unable to concede Ita contention
much will depand upon t aptrtt in
; which it in dealt with officially, pri-
i vately an. I pubp. ly. Let none toraet
that tiw cordial frtandghtp of tha United
' gtateg will not be a luxury, but a n -ceaa
y t Brltlah policy Whan the war
I ti over."'
Pointing out that tha rules for block
adex v l it made before tha i allroadi
I Ware built and that lawyera and dlplo
matl always haVO forgotten the rail
roada a hen revlalng the rules., the
Ouardian contenda rntlroads have mada I
HaIIuihI. Uenmark aiiil Norwav a Haiti
I of i lermany i and that If there were no
Interference with the tranalt of goodi
t hroUgh these neutral count rial then
i lei many OOUld not he lilo.'kmleil.
Would Walt Till War Doris.
in effect," the irimrdton continue!)
"the American urgumeiit, if they were
acccfltad as they atand, wotil.l uholisli
the commercial blockade of any Conti
nental Power. Only Islands which luivo
no neutral nlde doors -ouhi he block
aded common iaiiy.
"Doe! lb! fulled States iuestlon the
right of Interference with Qorman trade
Imported through neutral pons? if tbe
answer is yea. then our an!W!l must
he one of reiiitanca to a view of law
whleli would work out very unjustly tn
us, as an leland country, and which
Ann i lea did not recognle when she was
at war. The only concestflon we could
nialie on principle would b to agree to
lis. uss the whol i(iie,tlon Willi the
i iiileil States at the eml Of the war,
wlivii the time came to rewrite the entire
law of naval capture.
"If, on tl'c other hand, the I'nlted
Stat, s does not aaaert this principle.
men the matter between us laonerather
of detail then of principle It M0IIM
vital now as iii March tliut we ahould
right ourselves In leaai form by de-
liaiing a blockade "f lierniariy nml an-
noui 'ing n,r intention lo Interpret 'bat
blockade on the principle of the ulti
mat destination of cargo for which
there is good authority in international
Won't Dlaeaga Note Oar
'Ihlnk tarrrmrnl l-osslble.
is.rtal PaW DaagaloA ' Tar gcN,
l.oNiios. Nov. a. Authorities on In
ternatlonal law arc reluctant to expres
opinion! on 'he new American not! until
they have thoroughly digested ita con
tent. Sir Frederick Pollock, Judge of the
Admiralty Court of Ctnqu Ports, after
a cursory reading, said that nt the
present time he I only willing to miy
lint there are several question open
tc argument, These matters, however,
said, are noi nctesHiiiny setuisi ny
ti e t.
t letter or the law, so l lull
p fill Ihal some method of set
In Is ll
tlement can be rescued.
OoVMan e simpee III I. K. I'OMM
men! on Note lo nrltain.
ST. lH IS, Nov. a The ftftlMcftg 'of
editorially aaya:
"We huilily txiinnieiid the asseiitlort of
American rights and principle as con
tained In the note, but we ask why
OorernoivGenenl ttarriwm
lias CtHied ( linos. Sa,s
Hep- Miller.
s. froffi l Iral Pa or,
mai vollnus iriumnti ..f A r. ,,,,i,,.i
ohlll and American admlnlalratlon,
Mny g"'l Killplno dortorg had been
;i"l"'i"', '"i" ' '"J" f" in " work.
HUMredg of traineil Killplno nnrrw were
tirlnir iwtm 1 1 , . . 1 1 1 . 1
t.v lo Hie 1111!.
Hons there,
Pomeetlr animals were
te,i from dloeaae and eroM
l.eing prOtl
Were shielfleil from iiiseet nests The
, I 'li lllnttlttM i,.,.i
been turn il from a
spool into a delightful anil
anltary ahhinig place
"Hul many of the Inws and reguln
tinns were nut popular becaUM they ran
...iii.l.i In MIlltlllH .....I J.. Jl
. ' " lo'jonires.
einciency or the whole structure was
sacrificed. Rlnderpeol is iiaughterlng
work ami dofneitlc animate ihmughoui
the provinces, while hordes of locusts for
two years now have ooeaetatod vast
areas of crops. The appearance of every
harrlo and city at once shows what has
become Of lb! excellent sanitation that
formerly prevailed The details would
only ahock. Now and then, however,
s In the 1 uie of the city nf febu, the
appearance of the city has very mate
rially Improved.
"It would he Interi sting lo aecertaln
what becomes of the money appropriated
f ir municipal purpose-- 1 wss told
time- by those win si dlltv il to
know how innnej is spent thai of late a
common practice Is for the official! to
do as little as possible of municipal
work and approprlatt all the real to
salaries if inter they found Ihey could
further lop off municipal work, they
promptly Increased their salaries One
j man was pointed out to me who lied
1 thus raised his own salary three times
in one month
"1 must ssy one word about the fate
' of the great general hospital. This was
completed a few years ego, modelled
I i.fter a famous Berlin hospital, and phy
sn ians pronounced It one of tin finest, as
it is one of the largest, In the world, it
I was of the utmost Importance to the
Uovemmenl and to the people Thou
mnds upon thousands received treat
ment there. Two ears ago u was the
pride of every Filipino and every Amer-
I i.-an in the islands. To-day It is a dead
: man's chamber. The hoepltal force has
' been disorganised ami of the old force
I there remained only two or three, who
have heroically struggled on but now
' have given up.
"The Qovernment Inatltutlon wnlen
every citizen has to use is the post of
11. -e. I Wo:, del if the Allien.'.!1! people
.an believe what the post office situa
tion in the Philippine is like ' I con-
less I eannnl think nt It without isliii
1,, nght. The man who !t- slid : he tin
beat secret officer in the island, in a
conversation I had with blm eoon aftai
I my arrivali remarked that practically u
the patty oftlclaUi and noma that were
not so petty weft grafting very gen
lerally. 1 replied, 'That can) ba aoj thu
) a ton rttrona ! Juat polm "'it to un1 aotna
I emplojeaa you think la Ktnftina'
"Ha retorted. "Take any f tliem, any,
t say, nml ni Make anything you wiali
, thoy can be .-.night ai it.'
"With thla In mind I gave some ;4'-
I tentton to the poet Office department,
i I didn t try to eateii any one at graft i
j iiig. of eouraa. That was out of my I
' but 1 found the Idea generally preva le I i
i that this Institution wii In daddedl)
' bail Rhnpe 1 do know tht in naarl)
! every paper one picked Up w as an item !
I about aotna poet el employee who had
been arrested or WM being trod f--r roh-
1 bmg the malla. Borne f the i aaei i
1 itttservctl in vol veil the I MM of 'eVefal
tnouaajid oouara
Robborlea or Mnii.
"1 Know from ?ad personal experieri
that the man) persona were right who
aald that nobody'e mail waa aafe in tha
I'oHt Office i-epartment I waa alway
areful lo depoelt my letters in the p .t
office myself. I made a great mlatabe .
most of my letters, and there were acorea
of them, never reached their deptlna-
lloti. 1 sent haek matlS eglelldeil
linns, ail confidential, to certain Am rb
ulis interested in knowing the trui.i
about tiie Philippines, and of ..n tit
sent 1 can fin. I t Ii lit only two evel
reached this country. I urrote ma y
letters to parties in the Island! and they
seem to have shared about th! earns fate,
f the Uovemmeiii olficlal mual
ad some very Interestlnic thint
ghoul themselves. Hut I wis warned
people there all told me that the mails
could not be trusted, However, I ha.l
to have si. me bitter egperlencea befori
I believed. When the post officii Is 001
safe, think of the effect upon bUSlns -and
Industry, upon everj element .f
human affairs even upon life ilselfl
"Then tak.- a look at the Iwahlg penal
colony. This was a great liumaiiltsrlun
. I. ..... ,1... (.! i,l I
expeiniieoi o I 1" '
isiacn oi .ii.iw. in. ---"-. ....... ,,,
I office, established i colon) for honor
prisoner!. Men In tbe national prison ..t
! Manila who had served a third ..i tin r
j sentences and had good record WCtil
taken lo thla ony. Mere there weru
.no guards, no eoldlcre, i fficers, aavo
I the superintendent, .1 apiendld Routhern
gentleman from Houin Carolina, who
I was also an offii t In lb Philippine I on-
latabulary, and three or four clerk. Th 1
government waa in the hand of 'he
colonteta themaetves, The made tin r
own rules and had their own mri. be
fore which they tried nil offender!, and
themselves enforced punishment, Hero
was much freedom and abundant op
portunity. Prisoners wen- allowed in folk, nut tome it was plain that iiius
take tracts of land for cultivation, build I Ire wt too Itrollg, and with a pliant
and live in their own homeOt even take I OovernorQcneriil the worat the wild
Iheir families there. They ceased to Ho j people feared would BOO!) be upon it. em.
prisoners and became colonist. Purlng "I'auae her! tor 1 momeill and re tie. t,
tbe several years of lis existence I boslyou ho! guiding principle is the 'c.in
llawa there had not been a itngle escape, aetil of rhe governed.' Th Mm. . nun
Hut the allli.il DI llll ' " lis. in'
Amarloan commerce had to suffer a
whole year beforo the Administration
saw fit to launch a vlgoroUl protest
4gaiut Un arbitrary measure! employed
by 'ileal HrHani nal her Allies ti the
detriment of American prestige,
Th. blockade Inatltuted by the Allies
on March 11 la declared In lie note 10
bg ineffective, illegal and Indefensible,'
We fully a.ree in this definition i but
because we Sgree, we can leiss than ever
UndOTltand Ihe Inn delay on the pan of
the Slate Department, And even now
we do not Und anything in Ihe note to
reassure us that the Oovernment of the
I'nlted Btatei is ready to safe-mud ef
fectively American rights and Interest!.'1
The 0efmoalelferold ! long edi
torial declares that in no sentence does
ihe note Indicate ibe attitude on the pail .
o! tills country that was shown toward I
Oormany in 'he many exchanges with
that Qovernment. II saya that no ihraal!
were mad! tn Hri'iain. while the notes In'
Harmony were pnwtically ultimatums,
in conclusion it says that tin United
state iii its not., declare, that ii apeaka
lor tin. neutral Cowers ami ask what
will ne the nexi step, if Hnglatidi " I
seems probable, Ignore! the American
The f'rri' 'ree says: "The least
the Piesldent ahould have done, If be
1 ew' LeW
jB Jew PjJ
rtiAnfi t thing Rbruptlyt Thtttt
MttilH h' Mid tTtnrthl i war K'nlf
(rv noWi und Hiwwf,i iyniitomfi i
rani Th iiovrrinM-iipiprii pr
f Uli-
pAPUOtltHl 100, Uimtf
of potltlCetl IneiufiKf
foul iiilt Wtiik Atld
merit. Tht upriTitf
tnl unit In (l!rtti'Htt r
' not J tt i al hcUBt t
1 Mil
hn v Im friend
ill MfttllUa. Tllf"
l. 1 all tlevtlli.
ittiit Imh nil eon
Iptnerl. Tht 'lov
i-itn to wtthdnm
the rcmgnnHotti itrofnlilng no moft
wtmld i".iritni'Mi to lb iiuprlntndonl
r.i !! fnlniiWtrt lol't III, HDOtlt I. St
oi them, n told thriti n ittOff wou
09 p irnonil, thai all niiun k- tMck to
wont. Tnv ml tn 1) tuirtad cFry
out t1!! ordersi n htn i mw batch of
fifty nardonfi anivacl from ti . handa f
t!i flovrrnorUanarai In deapftlr iha
ttparintandanl faataiad foi food.
t 4tl(niUli Turn II imllfg,
at hui.twiM
i ti tin
in i
I ft ia tha Imaffli
f. .i.ir C LtlVTCtl
it .bll.
1 ha m i tracc
il R oup Of COl
I'amitts and da
: arhan
on lata aacaiiad
acandad up i;
American achool
teacher who out there In the wlldemeggl
wai teaching the wild native i hlldreu
ii real aetfancrlflclng hero, if there ever I
waa "lie fell upon him and literally
puI him intt frugmenti With newa of I
thte fre.-h upon big desk the CHwertlOf I
(lenernl blithe!) aent hta cuatotnar tola!
' gram to uemngton, aii ii v aceful,
quiet and w. ll
"Maiij K llplnog who had Had lha Ml
1 anda to caoapa punlahmi -it r. crimaa
and aotnt i ..ionic t roubb makers who
had long been carrying w aedltloue work
from the aafet) of auch placei as Hong
kung and Khanghal Mocked back to th"
latand, were warmly weUaonied by the
Uovernoriteneral and proceeded to get
very buj In govamment affaire, or In
atlrrlng up aeilitlon t unveal among the
natlvee, In order thai on of the worati
I VlcentO Soto, might cane hark :i pardon
I was needed 'or a crime whirl: he had1
) committed and of whli h te had bean
I eonvlctad in ttie island" aotna yeara te-'
l fore. Apparently tha ttovernortlenerat I
needed him, aa h pardoned him and wel ;
I corned him to Manila. Theia mon do
I not repreaenl tin n al FM pm.. people-
rather they n present the worst element
in t!mt people Tin Filipino peopti has
a had element t he aame as any othef
The Governor lenantl appan ntly liked
them bepauau they are re all vleiouely an i
tlAmarlcan and lived (,ii aedltloue work
"One of tin arch enemlee oi America I
' that We have always had t" andUfO g
I a natiw named lllugtre Ha haa never
neen bantahed and far ai l know i
, has never committed a crime, but he
has been always an uncompromleing I
hat'r of America, ;n unrelenting f f
i everything Aim
le Were lint
,ry ms
if 111!
lll.ll.li g I-
high I
MW. ii. he was appointed lo
nml mighty place in the Oovi
lie w..- made a member nf u.i
ernment. I
as as- ;
,:, ,.er 1
pliii i ! imi i.-s iim. anil i hers
sigtied io Hun personal eupcrvl
i nonthrlstl
and r.nii-i h. ' -
iall i
. i ten Itory, .'
. , aci could le
, 1 moJi dellcul
j He began u
1 1 very luuch
t Well
of the
he left
reckless or In
be Imagined. The
wild people I the
i tile Philippines
re nt and at
a leprous spot on
w lid i rib affaii
only an infinite i
I misery ami miIT
pool people leu-'
litis lean, win. sb
He ha- but st ' rteil
ix will ver know the
'iir and death these
ii'iure ai me handa of
ai l be lion, stiy scorned
ery il nt SltlpinO
Secretary the in-
e w .. list ..oil he mach-
and despised b) I
ami American,
"Knr a time the
I terlor In ! nteaaure
I Inatloni of IHuutra
l.Ul J II ' HOW Ihe
alal his satellite
- retail has given
up .11,. I
Ii ft
1 lie g itul. 1 wn . .,r.- .ign I
1 Journe
1 obtained
.I among the wild tribes and
frnin them tile Brt expre.--
ever gale relative to noulble i
Sinn.- mi
rub. In a friendly eni;,halc
I manner Hie-e wild people al every place
i demanded linn their government re
main American, and that no Filipinos
I ever lie pla. e.l over Mil III There
' never
is many of 1.
I people as there ever w
tbe I'nlted tltateg.
"This mi, inn. 'i' I foum
a ud gpprehi nsl v. . what
munded lo be free fn
tnrc. d upon Ihem. Their
1 ihem 1
they h
in waa
il de
bet:. g
in from
; h ied
lary ..f
1 realty
fn I Knew ai
I llll ted we
d gn
tbem, !i lllngi
hod begun to
the Interior 1
tried to check
1 lanned many
ig 1. 11 apis a
rue Scire
nd his
I. IglNtUUtl
the avll movement!
g 1 things fnr the
i hair .. million of ihem,
w '111:'. tiie
it. til. Intended lo defond American
rtshi and Intorests also against Ursal
nntaiiit would ii.ne been lo declari thai
a lonilllUlltion Of !'' S0t! designated in
blm unlawful would ii, roneidered aa
premedilatedt unfrleiull) nets, s it is.
Ureal Britain will let a eea a and perhaps
monlh! elapse and thill aeild II POUf
teOU! but eVIBlVe answer, and niea li while
will, Without hlndraUCSi continue her un
law ful practice ."
The rolfesbffti commont! ga follow :
"The I'rasltlenl'g note win have '" innre
effect than so much stags thunder ahould
be Intend I" answer Ihe sophlatrlea of
tiie Brltlah foreign filHee, Nothing but
a dsfiitlts tiireat .uuid have the dsslred
Utllck effect, and. lacking this threat,
ileal Britain wili new the nuts aa 1111
Invitation In iiOlltlllUO behind the cloak
nf academic discussion further violation!
of our rliihli,"
.iris Inilll'.eil In lliiililen I hii'
l w en
I.i II
Ma. Id
and Margaret liver,
to get a new trial for
u West Side gangster.
iy pel Jury 'ilei'ilii.i .
lo ihe Tiiinbs without
l ie I
ll, II
a. re Illtli led I'e
They wore sent i
bail and will I Hi .
to-day in l iciit i al
hluddsn h '
twenty years for
lioylc in a salooi
rraigned for plead. ms
rvlllg from ten to
the killing f Pats.s
at Koily-tlrst si I eel
Kigluh avenue on November
NOVEMBER 0, 1915.
Anti-AiiipHoniihiM DccloMvd
to JJp KiH'oiirujroil by
lass of noii-i iirlsi nine. And to some ev
lent are under lllustre'l VlCloU! power
Tile Moros ate fortunate In liailng an
excellent iiovrnor. Mr. carpenter nei
Il far slid away the best In the I'hlllp
pin! service. He has DMA there ever
since Ihe Spanish flng came down, and
P0 one knows the PlflptnO better. As
QOVOrnor he hss very considerable
power, too Whenever go has bgen si" .
lowed to work On hi own Judgment 1
lie has worked wifely and 10 the VOW
great advantage of the Moros. some
realty Inspiring things have Is-en c- 1
rompll!hee there during the last two !
rears. But. alas, he has been obliged
10 yield to the politico! in many things
some vital, and every time with
eerlOUl Injury lo the Moros.
(om rnmrnl by oiiaent. j
"Two years ago I visited all aection
of the .Morn country, and from their!
own upf heard the expreeaed detarmllia
tlon to flight to t he death rather than
let a Lftllptno rule over them ii mutt I
be remembered that foi CCntUriCfJ they
had been the anemlaa nf the niiptnoa
had always worsted them In battle and
were kept from concjUOrlng the whole
archipelago only by th b-st armlee j
Bpftln OOUld pttt into the field. Tht)
are aionammeoanii ; tin- civitiaen mi
pi not are i 'hrlttlans. With our army
wt dltarmed ihem. with our army we
a?e now holding them while Kdlplno
title being Jammed down thtlf throats
Von who believe in 'content f the gov
! erned' nnuse here to rerteet.
"fteportt come from the Qovammani
In tht Philippine, tii.it tht Moro wel
! cornea the IM!pin rule eometlmee aska
for it. This Ii unqualified!) falae. I
nave Jus: visited the gforog and recetvtd
their tapreaiiOni e more. They feel
' exactly as they did to yeara ago, of
I OOUrOa, by properly handling tht mat
ter, the Moro in time would iose i t
prejudlcei and the two, Moro and Fl-
1 punt, be ouma cemented In one pb
! I tut it can ntvar he done by these forced
mtthodt Whenever left alone, Oov,
ari-en;er has OCteOeO Wltn pro-noun-'ed
"There i one tragic feature, however,
that notnmg can correci Commleatoner
i llluatre placed health and nanltatlon In
the Moro country under several VOUtht,
some of them relative! t hit, wiiom I
i he sent down from the I'hristian prov- 1
j Incog. Thee inexperienced, IncomM '
i tent, imrM-:ibie youtha did Juat a hi
' rould be aapected the worst poattble. I
Having In ntlnd the Moro dtallkt for
1 Kiliptnos. having In mind fleit-e, t
'nature, one really tftmhlet at tha au
daclty of the move, rtut the Mora
I atone suffered. Cholera appeared, i' I
is mathematically eertnln that what I
followed It due to these outhg. Cholera I
; tWept the M.ro rOUntr)' the miserablej
people dying by the thouaanda The
! lives nf theae people rem upon tha head ,
nf llluatre and hit fellow politteoa,
' The Oovernmaut maintained a BtHct j
cenaorahlp over all Moro newa, and even i
Manila wat aatounded when I returned
from the Moro country and told iome j
i-ig e The cholera horror. Practically
io itito- mni'ttn respri nig r.as re;,.ni,i
America; the QovemorGenera! eei u
! that
s orat Poaalwle1 QoveFMMonte
"Again let me atatt t: at 'he evil i I
complain .'f do not spring from the gr;ii
nns Of the Filipino people. They epring
from false polities, falee Id eat Und In
competence of the high American offivialrt
there and from th
ai cllqua which
a ' i Ittei of a poiiti- i
nra. tlcallv rum the ; 1
i ;.,veininee.t T.ie pre.t m.is of tiie
Klliptno people are a kindly, paaca lov- (
nig, lovanic peopn una among ti.e i.es;
n. pie iii tin- world ' not led astray.
This,- people are worthy the best gov-I
eminent .-f which America i capable I
and now thoy oartalnly have the worst 1
"Ifor nre the rxilltlc-ie now ur.lted.
I'nrest and disturbance ar. everywhere. :
There Is nO su
h fhlng as p illtli il '..ler.i-
t ".. The outs '.ire hungry fnr the uflVes
the in hold, and they have s right to be.
.Vtacks and counter attacks come with ,
great rapidity Outwardly Ihey oenven I
tlonully ate their loyalty tn llovcrnoi
ii. nerai Harriaon 1 privately tiiey .on-,
drum iiuti roundly for inoompotonco,
find there Is but a thltt veil over their
s.M.-re dlaaat laf action rea ting condi
tions. '
"The few politico! in office are fairly ;
igltlefled all IbOgS outside are not; a
verj natural situation. if the four big
native papers three are now vli ioualy at
tacking the 1 lovei nor-i lenemi's govern
inc.' ami the native leaders In power. I
At the same time there is practically no
respect for America "r American
loverelgnly, 'rim great mass of th,
people are mlcut. but the political
worker! ar loud 111 or "i anti-American I
demonstration! Americana ii the
Iblaude present a spectacle ulmoat unbo
llavable under the American dag. Their
position ther. is not dissimilar to that of
Americans In M!C0 during the last two!
year. Hut the one is under th Amer-
lean dag'
'i)f cnurs.. all buslneag !s ul a stand- I
still. .pitai, so sore; needed. Instead
nf coining .it Is leaving the Islands, Bus)-1
n.-m piacra ara niusina, pn.i-.- is un-
bearing ai u people al
wain, notwithstanding
recently nipyed
lacing tartOUl ,
bountiful crops I
"If there Is OhgM In the Island: f
good government has given away to bad
government; if -h evil force control:
I. i . . "... . .... n- e '..-. i i. ni ii. .in .arne.i
' t .if... i ..ii i....
... in... . i,,im ,s .i.i oni ue-
siroieii: i, a i-eupi.. ,i,, ,u,,, .iiuie so
itiucli to help are lavi king in respect f
us ami MIT aeverelgnty, we alone are li
blann Beginning a-lth October tt. Ill
111.. KlllpInO! have been UUghl ..11 theso!'.'" . '..i '.. '
Ih i'- by "in own representatives In tho .f.rop2tol? "'""''T' wlUl ,hrt '"
lilsnds.1' I tlaaj of tie microphone lystem and teita
. ummlielowee bard in Reiarn
Trowbetikor'a ringer Prlwta,
Prince Paul Troubelskoy, who was ar
rest...! early Sunday morning be gergt,
.lames Ksonan of lbs IVssI Thlrtdotli
street station, after a lively llllxUJI In an
arenws) on Vt'eel Th1rtythlrd street
near Klftll avenue, ami who was dis-
chorged with a reprimand later .a the
morning bj MagtstraUj Harm in the
Vnrkviiie polios uourt, appeared there
again yesterday to protest against the
police Psporlmeni keep ng u record of
his linger prints.
Magistrate Harris was unable to grant
tin. request of tin. Prince ami hi com
paiiiou. Jschalakl Karrowny, u fluealan
i living at the Hotel Blltinore, who was
aneste.i al uie same tliiuv
l'riuce Troultetakoy was i Weired to
Bacond Hopuiy Comiiilastonor Frank" a.
Lord. In charge of the Hele -tlve Bureau.
Deputy land said hefl night that ha
would willingly return tiie prints tu
I'i lin e Trotlbelgkoy and Ills frier, il, na
they biol not been COUViCtSd nf any
"We OSOUfsod three cells from the lime
we were arresled until set free," auld Ino
rmnre, "and 1 must say that the Ameri
can way of treating prisoner is nil
liivpnlor'N Plan to Savp Xpw
lOfk From Surprise Wnr
sliip Attack.
in the earl) morning of October 2 a
fleet rntwlstiug of ten hiittlehlps, ix
lorpedo hoot deslio.er.s and five mine
sweeper, under the cover of I fog which
Ihe searehllghis of r'ort Tol.ten and l'ort
I Hamilton could
t penetrate) etipni i
past the big guns gun ruing the ontram-i
Of New York harbor anil captured Ihe
city. Had a less frlendle chief than
POmmindOr Ifnrrln Lansing been the
victor Hie ctt now might be reduced 10
The eurprising part of Ihe coup was
that It was accomplished not only with
all the forts on a full war footing for
the war game, hi Which they were par- I
tlclPetlng hy order of Ihe Navy Depart
ment, but also with ample warning that
itteinpt to take the city would bit i
" I see no reason why thn feat OOUld
not be duplicated under almtlar condl
tlona in actual warfare," IMwatd K.
Chandler, an engineer and Inventor, who
devoted much ittldy to tht aubjet I
of . oast defence, told i
Si n yesterday. "The
reporter v Tin:
captUrt Of New
ion was thioagh no
fault of the fotl
ihemaaivea oi through a hick of alert
ness on the part of the defendere. The
QBptUft was not due to the superior
! strategy nf he 'enemy' Meet, which. hOW
ever, did avail itself of every advantage
t offered.
i "Tiie cam ure w ar m.oie poaglble by
peculiar weather condition, which more
than offset the natui ii advantageg
land batterlea over naval aitillen. n
'the morning or Ootober between 1
and :l O'clock In the morning, there was a
I heaV) ftifcr. Under the . urtam of this
fog tht fleet, with all lights douoed ex
cept a small Bcroened light in the atem
of each vaggel t guide its neighhora.
daaned under the noac Of the big guns
and was hff NoTton'l Illil before it was
( dlaaovered,
"After The fleet had allpped through
I tiie limited arc of fire of the forts the
: guns were useless and had thtrt been
j no fleet in port tu engage tht enemy
'there would have been n 'thing to det'M?
ii. 11. f..m engaging in the faaclnatlng
iiaatlmt f wrecking ihe vartoua land
matiti f Manliattan laland,
NKvon with the weather eondlttong
good, however, it would ! poeetble foi
an enemy tbet to agegpt the flrt of tin
Porta and to gt-t within range nf tilt
etty by the uaa of trlcki wnleh have
been successfully demonstrated in mimic
Mr Chandler fr aome tltna haa been
Inalatlng that nothing siumid be left to
chance i:: the protection f Mow York'
"Ti.e harbor ehould ic protected
agaluat tha potatbtllty of 1 lurprlae
attack under the cover of unfavorable
we iiher c r dltioigs. 1 N'l.oke pall, the
glare f legrch light i or in fact any
kind of ruse 'to throw dirt In th; gun
nera' eyes,-" he ggaorta,
Mr. 'handler ii the Inventor of n
tyvtem of tubmaiini mlcrophonta whh h,
he ia) s. afford pogttive und aliaolute
protection against a surprise attack
from tiie sea. The lubmarine micro-
photta Is nothing more than an under
water telephone transmitter. These deli
cate waterproof Instruments nUk un
underwater aoundt ami semi thorn over
j a w ire to receiver on ahore. With a
I atatlon In t'e ?or connecting with the
I lyatem of tUcrophonei apread out in
Icheckei board faehion n the bottom of
t..e entrap, e to the harbor It Would be
poaalble under ail a aether eondltloni
and dtaplta darkntai or the glare of
; legrohllghtt and Without the a ill f
! tegrchllghta not only to locate the dlroe
from which any enemy v easel ui.iy
pproai una long before it comes
I within i.inge but also m determine it
speed anil direction at.d It- ipprOXlmatl
position when it cr,inet within range, so
that the fire of t-ie forts can be con
centrated on it even though 11 cannot
he seen, Mr. .'handler asserts.
It should he explained that tin o em
floor about the Marls. - entran e would
be divided up into squares with micro
phones on the cornei. these aquareg
i-ing accurately charted and the exa.t
rug of each known in ii,e fort, If
the bugging nf th.- microphones around
s.u.ir.. numbei UIT, fnr Instance, In
dlcated tint a vessel wai passing over
fiat areg a hall of sXptoslV steel ooubl
ie hui led '.;i a momont'a nntice on thai
siioi t'ron ever) gun In the fort. If
the vessel Mir. Ived that "baptism of
lite" Its new position Would he 1 t. di. ite 1
at ome in an adjacent equal"! by '
sound of it, pri
ubmatin! ears.
"Tiie aystetn.''
especially valuat
lection agalnel a
li '.he delicate
-a. Mr. chandler, "i
te aa a mean, of pro
urprlse attai k by sub
it i.- een nore ettOO
marine, Ln aU!
live tn detect In 8
underwater craft,
he afuiroach of a i
The micropUone s. -ubtnarlne
nf its cliiif
taking away from it
em ru'.s the
ralaon d'etre I
.He sserocy of '
microphone! it
i's movement!. With the
t is possible to plot the
submarine with aocuraoi
roura of ti.e
Tni defensive n
marine whose
simple High n
directed against
ethoda against a sub-
ositlon is known are
ale shell die c.,:i ....
it o.- mine! exploded
In lis vicinity. The 'inoaqultu leet' can
also he sent out to lake a potshot at It
alien It cullies up for air or Observation!.
Ml. r..j.iinr,es havi been used exte ¬
s; ely
rn tbe Waters ar..tind the Britten
and along the oast ol Fra ..
ir detecting submarine.-, gnd it
ported HiHt many U boats h.ivi
leotroyed w ith iheir osstitanos."
Mr. Chandler, however, made
is re
been .(,..
xperlmenta with the underwater
microphone before tue war in Kurope
' j began, AbOUl One year ago he give a
r demonstration In in laboratory before a
group of high army ami navy officials
nave neen nHlie a' run I alien.
Had microphone! beer usr.l la.:
week the capture of New York bl i n n.
mgnder tonslng's fleet wmud have bee.,
Impossible," M Chandler saldi "because
they w.nild have flashed the warning t
.lie fort that the deet was attempting
to adp in under the f ig nml i'ol. s. E.
Alien, commanding the land fr.r.e.. nt
I'nit Hamilton, ard Pol. Clinton c.
Hearn, commanding Port Totten, ,. ,i
have crushed the Invader with (hell 1)1 ;
A similar systsm of microphones n ght
i'e employed with equal effeetlveneai
against aircraft, particularly of lb!
Zeppelin type. Mr. Chandler pointed am
Iii a recent article In a gotsntlflo Journal.
Names I. n brook Horse Trainer us
i rosgtogdoMl in Halt.
".VNgaooK. I I.i Nov, s it became
known here to-day tiiat Kdward 1 i -meatp.,
of Blake avenue, who is .nn
nected with the Pederul Sugar Reflning
Oompgny, has Instituted divorce pro.
pssdingi against in- wife. I.uelia, acii
tng custody of ilielr two cntldrent hid
ward Jr.. and Horoth', : and 1 3 ve i rs
Dsnmends tutnisa as. gust Holiarfsn-
lerg of i fra ml avenue, a horse trainer
and ygohtgnuuii as aorsspondent. The
affair of which Heiiiiieade complains,
look place In part, It is Claimed, at
Long Hcjoh.
Kxnuiivc CominlttM Ropoft
BOORl Attempt Of Aliens
(o Bribe Workmen.
San SnAMCIICO, Nnv, LattoSg
pstt In Hie sii.cess Of tin 1 xposlllon
wris earnilyai'knoairtlged ioriay wiien
Ihe Atnerlcntt rVderatlon f Labor wot
in the California Mulldlng pretimltiiir)
tu Ihe opt nlng nf Its POM VenllOII lielC
lii-ini. 1 row.
Cheer! greeted Preelilnnl Ctompen
a'lieti he s roec in aoeopi the medal
ehlvh lrHldenl Moore of th, !xpo!l
tiim company offered in tiie Kedera
''Labor," sal. I .Mr. OotWperOi "is a mr
if tills cmintry. noi apgrl from It Wt
nre American, b blrtn or adoption and
loyal to the principle! on arhlch the
republic Ii basedi We Ihlnk no othei
nurse is comparable to Ihls. Believing
Unit, we r- 1 lli n t there still is ronni foT
Improvement, and that it n Ihe dull
of labor lo etruggl! for ibat Inprova
Afier naming ofWcora In pre pa ration
fur the bualtieag nf u mventlon in.
morroa Iba delegate! epenl lb, remain
di r of IhO .lay In visiting tin egpoaltlon,
The executive committee rei'-'iri leads
as tollOWl I
Wnr's l:nreel VV lilrsfirelltl.
"There is noi a country atld I her Is
gcarcely i relation In common life that
does nut ohow eome effc.-t of ihe ivar in
Kurope." ayi lb! reporti describing Ibe
attempt of belligerent Intereaia lo lntor
fer, eVttti American Induetrlea.
"Srom our preaenl vleepolnl thesr
effi. is are primarily destructive. What
ever of constructive value shall come ni
nf ii .ill win depend upon ihe wisdom, the
ability and the ilateemanshlp of the
renl statesmen of Ihe nation Itni .ii
preeeni we see customs, institution! and
the rclatlonahlps ib!i are ibe reeuli of
year of etruggle and perebitenl effort !'
realise ideals swept away by th vrsi
tkls of destruction and lost in the clash
of nrm. the amofce of the battlefield and
in th terrors of naval warfare,
"fiomo of iheoe movement, have been
genulnei others have been created hy in
dlvMuala ami Intoreal! thai were really
unneutral. Thi - movement! have taken
various forms; some have ute.i in m
fluencs the policies of tbe Htate and gn
eriinieiii.il autborltle! nf lb country!
oilierg have t r ! I 10 nnili upon public
opinion, ami itlll others have aougbt to
use ihe gon-l name of our labor move
ment to 'urtber the .nt.rrst, of M.m"
foi eign countr ,"
orkiiiK ii Patriotic,
The patrlotlem of tin- trorklngnn
have made auch moiremettti futile is
lauded. Tti report rontlnuea:
The efforti t- uae the wroi klngmei
f our country have heen of two klndi;
One to get through then tha Indorav
ment of ihe foreign policy to plaoe hi
enihargii upon eoeuJled munittoni or
grafi the other has heen tn Mir up ln
dU" trial foti v-iiitot, atitl dispute, an-i
thttt Interfert with tht uctual proceat ol
production so thai product to ! sen
abroad wajr ht itopped. Koreign agent ui
have been trj Ing to reai h orruptl)
aomi "f tin raan(Siitiiis t tho wrK
art, but t e have not lucceedt'd.
la nothing touching tin induttrlal
pomntorclal life of Amerlt-n thai
in. i
of liitereat to the warring iiatUgia.'
The eaecutlve council holdt tliat .
woajd labor oongreaa ehould ' .;,
vened at the a.m- t inte and place tha
peace ! leautef
ended, us tins,
c saary In ordi
humanlt) and
meet vi
the rei i
( Infuw
ii tin
U. Is
ihe spirit
ins .o.
al conference
The retsat al
trial Relatione
indorsee t lie Indue j
mmisslon's fltnlinffa ,
an, approves the seamen' bill, wlilch
calls ".me of the dl!tlncttonaM of i : . -8ixtytblrd
Touching uihii tii" recent : iveat ga
llon by laisir loadors f th.. in, k mili
tary law tin- document reads
"i'p to the preaenl we hove received
no complaint nca have we leaned .
any act in which the military arm of
th.- Government ha misused the Dick
law to offset or curb tbe us pt rations of
the working people of the land.
Statistical report! snow ih! aveerage
memborahlp fnr me American rdei"u
tlon nf Iabor for ti.e c.i - ao! i .:---.-;t:T.
a decreaee of Ti.'it members, tin
flrei decreaee In lotnl membership iuci
i o e-1 nt UentnuUa nnte nl Dettutu
HeblefTeltn rc gaed -
ghortlY iiift,MliuK',M, through in.-- coun-
. Abrahuin s (lllhert, notified Will
lam J. S. lii-'fT-'.fn. head of the t'ltlgena
tnlon( yeaterday fi.it he. tnuat furnUh
before to-morrow t!e name of th" deputy
In tha Hher lta oftlca who urga alleged In
iii nntcgectlon etnternet t i- Mchlef
1 lin to nave receled 135 for ful Ii g
: matte levy in a certain caee.
Tha i.i"r.iY notified Mr. gchleffelln if
thi information lei nt fumiahed within
the titut limit s a John Da
win wi'l ht luetituted In tvhl
be celtctJ ai tha hief a U
At Prices Representing Practically
the Cost of Importation.
An economic opportunity to secure
rugs of guaranteed durability.
Every rug carries our unqualified
., - ,1 n . ..ii
" .ii
hi? mi n ij'M
'an ji is ii
TF you wish to appoint
a your wife or other
woman relative as executrix
and trustee under your will,
why not assist her to carry
the heavy burden hy ap
pointing this comoany as
co-executor and co-trustee?
Your estate will thus have
the advantage of the per
sonal direction which she
can Rive, and she will be
relieved of the burdensome
details necessarily involved
in the management of any
large estate. Also, she will
receive invaluable assist
ance in regard to invest
ments. Our officers will be glad to
confer with you rog:irding
any trust or banking busi
ness you may have in mind.
16 Wall Street
R.iourc.-, aes, S22S.onn.oon I
h tun hi i tu any lih
Vfa i m AV HWSl
Kv. ii Viiu'rimiis -U in I n
covi'r Hi'filp Slniiir in
t'uroiial inn I'.iiiiilf.
' v ir
Y.i-:.ll il .1 icipa i, bl a. ilabic.it
cortege, . id afternoon made 'as state
entl) ml.. Klulo. ti. ..: can; capitul of
the empire, Tin coronation wit tab!
pl !.-, on VVadni ail ly.
Thousands 01 Japaneat allentl) paid
Irilnite to the .Mikado mid worslupiied as
the imperial shrine passed. I' wa .
gray autumn day. T setting was
purely Japanese, the colors reeptendenti
th. mis mystic, Kvep American apec
t.nots wi re polltel) rei ic-Mted :.. remove
lin , I hats and boW a- til! 'l'egc pa.-svd
Tiie Imperial rln a ia carried on
the ahoulder of vlllagera clad In yellow
kimono T n Bmpeior followed In the
golden royal coach. Twin., ladles of
lbs emit .owned in linvictll robO! of
wiilte and scarlet met thi i caalon at
tue palace ikii t . is.
As . bugle announcetl truut the sacred
was folloavd bj unyct, tlrcworka and
UlU niil.lt mm
Tin IwiAl HAI aid id llsaka ex-
tliatiH tn Hi. I'i. lie. I He- i ! .
eritnictit for it, L-ourte) In s. 'i.i.ng tha
cruiser Si'.il'-ga. till :' : of Ih
As. a: i Item, lo the coronation celebra
tion. N'o ships were s. nt, it jstints oil'.
by china,
United Rtatea Vmhassndor fluthfla
ami nttier diplomat, lift 'if. toda) for
Kioto to attond wi.' cw errsanios,
President iii Ihe Theatre,
WASHINOTON, Nov, I -President Wll
-mi utUn led Ha- performunci nf Mis
il s . .'.
Bquare" at .lie Helasoo Theatre to-nli'i'.
Those in 'Hi Pie-Id- '. s pa'tv were Ml'.
Halt. Sc. ic . i i ; .; V- M ..f. Al.ss
Cm KIV, 01 "trABIrHiTll

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