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Fox Trotter Take to the lea.
It's New York's latest fad. Everybody':!
learning to skate. Read some advice
from an expert in the difficult art
in THE SUN next Sunday.
''air to-day. cloudy to-morrow: mod
erate -vest winds.
Highest temperature yeterda. 39; lowest, ft.
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VOL. Lxxxm. NO. 75.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1915. oeHHtt, tin, t m pnm$ end Pmmm timmm
BEFORE 60,000
Tlbbott'a Muff Lends to He-;
. ...
Jttwitated Elli Victory
over Dazed Timers.
i v WAS .( not Iter day . f
,urj-r e In Football. Tin- SO FM of
the principal games were:
Tale, Princeton, 7.
Harvard, IV: Brown, .
sarac 1st, it . ( 'olgate. 0.
Obi nell, i Wash, and Lee
Pennsylvania, 0; Michigan.
Amherst, 31. Williams), o.
Navy, .a. Colby, 14.
Army. 14; Maine, (I.
Rutgers, I!; .Ml Stars. 7.
K i t'. am. 7: U 1. State. 0.
rVetleytn, 14; N. y. i"., o.
Rtevens, 2t; Rensselaer, o.
Jfgtr HaVUM, Nov 13 The men who j
gier'.-t thi Blue of Vale in the Bowl
- iften were men who had Brown i
Tom it I1 pygmltg to glantl within
he ,: ic( Dl few days, and in the
hiatal z.inie with Princeton they ad- j
r srtd i i-.io k to their opponent
thirti till be Ml hv the "ii of Nai-'
MS foi a rSAl to oni The regenerated I
beat the Tigers by a scire of 13 to
I ami bj so doing put t lit ougtli one of
h Metes ind most unexpected athletic
rleterles III IhS history of college i-otr.-
flit, .tcepeil In defeat and with her !
f:il:ron affairs topsyturvy, made such.
Mt strides under the galvanic coaching I
ht TtoWts HhtvHu and otlier Tale men-
Sir the past week that they rallied I
th iremendOtM rush and put their
'';' i'.ouse in such good order an
b OUtflghl end defeat one of the best ;
Pnr eton teams of a decade nnd a'
:itn srhlch had 1een superior all gOgtOB
S) their conailtron of this afternoon
Tie score WSJ II to 7, anil the im.tits i
.nit ,n this way: In the second quae
. l'ale took to herself the Brsl points!
gams when Guernsey, trim Wat
- iero fot "he Blue, made a
' ' : ial by drop Melting from the
rard nt . that i. from the centre I
i tin held. In the rume perldd and
. .. . fee. minutes I. to-,', f IttOrngoyJ pro- I
Matt, drop sused another held.
t Yule, 'his time from the 31. ;ard
tall' t tl ee r I II a
i becked)
n the etanda,
Th 1 all cohorts in the stands. he-
Mr ' -.iie, tlth dtlllht over tile
ir. rs ai d productive wort of their
v.j i - suffsred . check to their ap
luse liefors the sacoud uenod ended.
lor tr.e Tiger fouihl theli way to Inalde
' - rd line and after a hitter j
strugili thai part of tlx Blue domain,
eai. their scoping reeourvss tasked to
I .' Tlgtrs wedged thr'illgl
I ' -i .id The goal was kicked
ltd 1':: cston led. 7 pointa to 6.
Th. hall ended ivltlt tie tally at'
the. figures but Oh the play after the
hcwmI ' i began Yuie wag over Prince),
lug's go.il line. The goal was kicked I
om " ,.- tout tldOWn, lib' count was 13
o T ind then the scoring oeflsed. A
glekofl i Hrlnceton, a run back by
Vsls i i bj Vale, a muff by Tlbbotl
With v . it, lung the hall on the
bSttl Stl ampins 'be rest of the way
'r - hdown, tin' composed the.
tying series ot occurrences which
sni V LO t sad ssjalll and landed
;i i the ii iged Tiger.
Th- hols Vah' side of -he Howl
: to i i ot of waving Hlue when 1
tT sduiitaS of a spei.-Jtaculai matl
i battle again swung to the i
Hplendbl singing and cheer-!
Ihl nslsl I the Vale players all day. ,
id sve Vale partlean was armed ith
sin iv' of bine burning The great'
hh ol :' '.mi '.hi 'in- blur flashing
' ntervals, but than ITula went to the'
' 'til ' ' the second time there war an
' " . of color which dimmed the
' . ky and cgrrted nus.igc of ;
kei in i .,. real to the Princeton erowd
Sre- .. .. i y
.-ton i rmiil In i. nod Voice.
Till P nceton vocalization was. as
his : -, Hi e, . .lit there was not an3
;ii t. r .. of flint In Which It could i
I"'" ui . sgulttnl note. At half timet
Ml . was liadlng. but the battle
." plots and 'he margin was
It lletuli . , ii,. Twer supporters to
'-'! il ' insured as to the outcome.
' .... gi, i, fetllng pretty good
tit Ij sneourtgtd over what!
Ult tea I dont and when colors of i
Bltn o.i M'hite, produced by wavtd bunt I
'- ' i huge Y ai me Yale tiens. :
i iu
Th. inn
"f hsln, ,
III pptl
' llipl : . .
on went witii addad xeet.
Ml Howl was unl) a little short
.I op to overflowing. Near
were .i tew pgtohtt of j
.t there Wtrt SUmOltnl per-j
's immtnte sweep to bring
J P to about 10.000. Out-
i.i o lores of automobiles
everybod) from the aristocrat I
a ' " tot la proleiuriat of tin
or tin' patron, of ..bank s
""" tel. I tens, in a tame which
mil boiled ami ttMnttd full of!
i kltevtl may tinve bttti lii
' ' I' "I ItlUI In I ..chine.. I e ., ell.. i .
was titie. t :e opnUltloag
ii in . t ibOUl tt good as they
for foot bull There wgt stiff
tin start ot which Prlncttna I
'"! It,.
i itSgS fl the lltel til I'lO'l ;
iwevel, was imablt ID turn I
to ... court When the !
'in. tin second quarter
In wind and Hut rusty made
mooting his lung, low ciiois
ii ih il goal, fiom tnld-
'' 'in . n,
1 .- Hg'
.ij Pumis li.c s hisioi i. urt i
. ion in loll did. it j
o of the i ruatbari hovtrad I
i ,i' mul ' hep flopped ;
surfed rtjflon where pniut I
Tin i. mil subtldtd '"'d at
I . , ji....i to be much of a
'iiei p
"T '.it.
the flrtl
I. and In
Assistant Postmaster Said I
President Should Have
Waited a Year.
Chicago Nov. is ororge Burkltt,
foe si -... First Assistant 1'ostmaster
at Wlnnttka, hat been discharged from I
the Government service on the ground of
"disloyalty to the President. "
He is glleetd to have made the re
mark that President Wilson should hews
.vailed longer after the death of his,
wife before becoming engaged to Mis.
.... .......... ....... - J
r es of naners re 1 : 1 1 1 n r to his dlsctiaritc. I
" I
which the I'nlted Statea Oot ernmetit, he
saya, has been making eflortM to gel
possession of.
Mr. Hurkltt. the pnpers show, ap
pealed to First Assbvtant Pott matter-
ileneral Daniel C, Roper on the ground
that his dismissal was to-regular and
Contrary to Civil service regulations. Mr
Hoper replied that the papers had been
"carefully re- lewed" and that favorable
consideration of the request would have
to b. denied.
Fallowing are the letters in the order
In Which they were written:
L'NtTCO Statics Tost Optics, Wis-
nktka. Hi... October . ihu.
Ifr Otorpi Ptrtttf, .4seistanl fost
ssntftr; It has been reported to me tliat on
the dav tin- reports concerning the
engagement of the President were
published in the daily papers you
made remarks concerning the Sam
which Indicated disloyalty not only to
your superior officers but also the
Admlntttrttlon ii well, thereby plac
ing me in a very embarrassing po
sition s
Pleats let me nave promptly a Writ
ten ttattmtnt from you. quoting the
exact langit me you used, and submit
sui h explanation as you .nay wish in
tills connection.
m KLOtrroti Poatmaattr.
Hemenihees III. Word.
, Mr Itutkllt did not keep copy of
' bis reply to this letter, .but he quoted
l what lie could remember of It. as foi
, low--
"I replied to Dill in the nearest words
, I could remember and as follows: I
.'acknowledged thai In a eV'nei.il conver
sation with a man through the window
i that In answer to a question 1 made
the remark that I thought that any one
j should wait at least a year before re
! marrying and in line witli that thought
j that the President should too
"I also made answer to the foregoing
letter thai there was not s SOU in the
office except the postmasters own
brother and this man with whom 1 was
talking. "
Hurkitt then received this letter:
ITrtiTgo states Post omen, Win
stgTM a. it - . Oetobtr -" 1014.
ii iit i Ou, km. AiHttant Pott
Your reply to my letter of even date.
Do you not remember making certain
remarks In the. presence or carriers
and clerks during office hours in the
morning of the same day that you
admit you made statements through
th post fHce window to a stranger?
It so, state the language used J'lcase)
return original letter
m KuoaprtR. Pott matter.
He replied as follows I
A. u. Klotpsr, Postmaster.'
Replying to your second letter of
tins date, will sav th.it there was a
general Ogohangt of remarks by all
on duty the day In qutttlon. 1 could
not recall any sptoiflc remark in the
matter on my part, any more than I
can of those present.
1 do know, though, that the talk
was general and any more than taking
part in a general line of talk with the
others 1 remember nothing 1 do not
see how 1 can he held li.ible for mak
ing with the rest a small talk affair
of the matter, of which 1 could not
recnl' i single remark
QgogOg Rutin itt.
Notice of lllseharaie.
i m November Burkltl received the
following notice oi his dltchargt:
m-tka. U, November 4, 1:13
ir Otorpt BnrWtli dttttfnal Pof-
Miigfer, H'laiu ffcit, IU.:
Th s Is to advise you that you arc
mis div .amoved from the service of
,ne rjovtrnmtnl and from your poi-
tlon as assliitant postmaster of this
trice on account of your disloyalty to
the liesidenl and the very unsatUfac
t.rv service which you have been
rendering. M evidenced by the de
ments which have from time to time
btn Imposed upon yon. and numeroue
other act of which you srs fully
uvarc The Depurtinenl believes that
for the above reasons you ate not a
tit pet son for retention In the service.
A. M. KUIgPfUgi Pogtutigtec,
iiorum wrote Ihe next day to
Postmaster Kloepfer snd to the Attor
pey-Otntral as follows:
.4 1 A'loepf'f. Pnttmnstrr. Win
nrtkn. III.
1 ai- Slit: This is to acknowledge
vour b iter of ytttarday In widen you
summarily remove me from m posh
,,,,,, at tatlstanl postmaster. I n..ve
, oi been given notice ut til) charges,
, any. having been pret. rred agutimt
fosHaued on ftttlffA 'fl(e.
FIRST General New
SECOND Sporting, Automobiles. Kennel
THIRD - -Society. Drm. Muitc
FOURTH --Piclorisl Msgszine
FIFTH Lithogrsvurt Supplement. Art ....
SIXTH - Foreign. Semi-Newi Articlei. F'sshioni, Book. Queries, Chew .
SEVENTH- Rel Etle. School, Ctrdeni, Poultry, Finsncisl. Problemi
Totsl ...
Readers or ruuijealett icho it not rieela all tf le JHsro utll conftr teisr
on "The Sun" ty nUijyinl At PuUktlltn Dtptitmtnl if true iy the phom
(2200 Bttkmtn) tni Ilk mlulnt tttlhru mill kt promptly for war it J If pontile
Spy Trail Is Leading Up
to Diplomatic Agents
Identity of Teutonic Plotters' Backers Likely to Be Re-
vealed at Conspiracy Trials Dr. Goricar Makes
Fresh Charges Against Austrians.
Secret service investigation of the activity of Teutonic spies in tin
country I reported to Iihvo definitely establ jslied the connection of dlplomiitic
and consular agents with tlir system, and revelations along thin line arc
expected to be made at the trials of the men gOCUttd an bomb OOtttplratOTt.
New indictments will ln sought by the Clovernment against the aliened
conspirator. I'nlted Ktate.x OfBcdftlg feeling that the statute Invoked Is not
broad enough to cover the offences charged.
Dr. Joseph Oorlcar. In a statement (riving further details of the Austro-
Hungarian system of espionage, declared yesterday that there were 3.000
teutonic spies in tills country.
rHovtrSNrr. R I , Nov II-The
. .
l roviilence Journal will suv to-morrow:
'In a vigorous reply to the denials of
the Austrian Kmhassy and several Aus-tro-Hiingarlan
'"onsuls that they had
been fomenting trouble In munitions
plants and constantly intriguing with
spies and secret agents. Iir Joseph Gori
car made the following statement last
night :
'"Did anybody expect thai these men
were going to acknowledge the ftGttt
I can simply give my word of honor
thai whai I have said is the truth and
that tile fads aie going to be proved to
the satisfaction of the American people
" 'I will state further tlist no act of
Violence, whether it ie a rtre in a muni
tions factory, the Stplottofl of a bomb
on bo.ird a ship or the establishment of
a fraudulent passpor' ofBoti springs from
the demented mind of any single indi
vidual BVtry act Is planned In advance:
men who can lie trusted to go through
with su h criminal performances are
selected m advance and lb whole
scheme 1 1 worked through the system.
1 Individuals are simply carrying out or-
ders thai they get from above
I "'My fifteen ytart experience in 'he
I foreign service of Austria-Hungary has
j given me exact knowledge of this spy
1 system, which l directed by the Ger
man Embassy through t'apt. Hoy-Kd and
I'apt von I'apen, acting directly with
I ConsulUeneral von Nubtr In New York.
i These three men have full and complete
I knowledge of every move made by every
German and Austrian spy in the United
States, in spi'e of their assertions thai ;
tiny ai- innoctnl of an wronguouig or
of any knowledge of the burning of I
1 munitions pla is or of wrecking or ships
the. are if. immediate luuch with every ,
. transaction.
lard ludra uf silrs.
Bverj Central atnplrt spy ors-r
ing I
this country ,-..: Is offlclgliy listed ,
iir. fie i.t'iei ol mate men ami thevi
! records art kept in card index form. I
j Tlier. ale. I should judge from my per
1 sons I knowledge, about thrtl thousand
tor these tnei Ii, the l ilted Slates to
I da and ever.v one of them will do ex-
actly whtl lb' is ordered 10 do, and con
, shier himself, as In fact he really Is,
a soldier under the direct instruction of
i I-.- military supeiiorv No .me ot
' Ihtat men would dare to act ot, his own
responsibility in i foreign country ne
fine tie had secured t
iprovaj of ,he
represent ttlvt of his OOVtrTsmtnl iti that
country. These nut, liava to keep In
I touch w ith the military and t.avnu at-
ttchta of either tlie 'ieritian or AtlttriU '
Ijmbaaty. r tltt with thO consuls i ,
have named alrtadl iti my peev lous i
statement, and from them the secure ,
all maps and marts, sailing lists ot I
steamers and the precise locations of
factotlisi where ammunition i" being I
man u fact u rtd. 1
"They have tn visit the qfllolal repre-
eentatlves uf their country in order to,
get Ihe sums of tnont) thty need to I
caiT ut their Inst rucUoni 11 .1
atandinjf orfir t r j -ill tho 0rmn aiid
AuHtrlrtn ft- ir.sulat thit l-r rn :hc
never iv Iw iciveii WQM than thfl UlloiIRt
of morioy lie f&iry to carry them ovr
thm one peolrU Job tliey heVVfl tin hftnd
at any one time.
M 'Do tha American poplc thluti tnt
Cepti von hpani Hfn.fw
sfatoment alnuf rimnrleatl
dls'ovrrod on J ure K J. Arrh'hnM n
an iRolatod rxp-HHlon uf opinion? The
truth Is tlinf nine tho hefrlrinlnff of the
war. In every Oernian And AuKtrlan
Consulate In thll Country And in both
f mbftsMi. Amrlran!1 hav boen 'Moir."
and "plan" and "hcatn' whenv r rif'r
enre han been made to them Tlie people
of this country do not understand tha
rontempt with which these men view
them and their almost entire freedom
from restraint In ivory Illicit act they
are performing
Paonpori I rand tntrti.
"'No passport fraud agent hi New
Tork or Cleveland or I'lilladelphla. and
these three cities are full of them, could
live and do business a day without ihe
sanction and friendly asslstunce of the
Auttrlan and German ofllolall.
" 'When the truth is known concerning
the actual sums of money that have been
spent In this country for the purchase,
of newspapers, the subsidizing of college
professors, the destruction of munitions
plants, the hiring of balls, the payment
of travelling expenses for hundreds of
men who nre constantly moving about
the country, and for many other pur
poses, the ntnoiint will Stagger the
with reference to the charges made
by th Austro-Hungarlan Bmbaiiy in
Waahlngton yetterdty that Dr. Goricar
is i rtuStn spy and that lie Used his
position ns t'nnsul to further Slavic In
Israel against those of Austria-Hungary,
Or, Goricar said:
" 'The declaration of the embassy
is utterly ridiculous and can Is- proved
so to the satisfaction of every thinking
man. When 1 returned to this countr
In the beginning of March of this year,
after m resignation, l was notified by
friends In the consular service that the
Qovtfnmeni had sent word tti ofActala in
this country to have me decinred either
insane or a Buttlhn sp al the tl-st sign
of any movement on m part again
their Interests 'I bis Russian spy diaige
is simply the old propaganda that they
Intended to use agttntl me several
months ago
In. .Ian S( ( hlirsr Grilled.
I also desire to call attention to the
fait that if I I. ad lieeti a traitor to
my country my Government gave me a
tplendld Opportunity to p-eeent lO Rus
sia tin. most vttai secrets of Its activi
ties two days prior to the declaration
of war, when, --n July St, 1114, I was
sent from Warsaw by the Cofisul-Osn-erai
to Vienna with tacts, despatches
of the utmost Importance, and carried
them in my pockettuntll my arrival In
Vienna on the night of the S7th, when
I wvis received in ti., Foreign itrice t
CoUlll Porgach, tiie actum Minister of
Foreign Affairs. hat an opportunity
If I bad really been a traitor to my
county) i
" 'TIih French Aoiim .-curir oame O 11
at I went In and I Hied to tell Count
l-'otgach. Who was my personal friend.
that I believed dlplumac) could Mill
save the Situation Ills reply
me was
as follow: Diplomacy
an do no
more We have placed everything In
the .mds of the General Htafl "
"The am bass declare tint I left
n lsi-1 in K.-r.!n nlthoul permission
This in absolute falsehood When I
went to Home 1 was " .save of ab-
" V .e r.llln.lj il.ri .marges :ii. it l
; feared .itsndssa' .inl therefore reslgnec
In order to prevent t The truth Is that
" " ' , ' "
Vltlina, Count i.'olloreilo-Maiit'.-leld . am,
In me from Itaro'i M.u'eiii.., t;,o Aa...
; ti
.!iilis..iilu to tin- uulrl:,..:. and
told me that th" Haron bail seen in.
resignation ot: tile In the POrttgn ''(The
In Vltnna, He pleaded with me to with
draw my ratlgnatton and In behalf of
t be Foreign Offlcs promised me tint f
I W'ould do so I would secure advanci -
men! and . mort
had vet OOGUPltd
mi post than i
edecllned t to. pr.
I,,,, - ;, .
lion and
tlie Amltatttdor was verj sorry and
would have done anything tn Ma power
to ktep int in the tervlcs
t.orlear for vlntlr I nil..
'Since my return to this country I
have never sought to disguise the fact
that I have been working and st:ll am
working for Slavic unit The Austrian
KSmbaany has known very wall from the
first day of mv rem:', la America that
I cams back here fot this tpoelflc work
and I am not aahamad "f it I have
never tiKCti any Kllbterfuffe or p rated
undar rovor, On the other hand, how
'ver, the AUBtroHunvurtan Rmboaay
and ConaulOanaral von N ubai with
ail the ponaula mentlonad In my atate
mem enterday ate IntrlffUlnM rv
mnnient nSHllial the pe: v and f-rdcr uf
the United Bt(te, They have uned
it Innociiout awry method known to the Kpy and th
in hit letter plotter t" Cirey "ut their alma aecretty
aru' to d their vicious ami dishonorable
vrorU without di coyer) '
"'The chargf that I have ever at
tempted to Induce an) siav in thia
country t t reaannAbta acta ayalnat
Auatrta-Hunvary u deliberate faise
hoai. if the Auetrtait tSrnbMty an
prove that 1 have done anythina of thin
kinii in one single Instance l ciflVr m
self up for the threatened punishment
promised tn such traitors and will cheer
fully K" ba- U to Austria to nieni it
' 'It in uuitt tr .ie that I a in W 1
j sincerely dttrTOUt ot victory roi the A -!
lies. I have nothing against AUatrlS
except thut 1 dep. .re tlie vv.iy it, vvlo, u
the corrupting IntlUenot Of UtmuUly has
deslroyed her vitality and her govern-
mint and tilled her leaders with tht
mad desire to obliterate Iht Slavl.
spirll. 1 not only was never disloyal
to my trust trnil 1 was m im
serv ice in Ausiria-iiunKury , but even
to-day. m spite of my very natural
resentment, 1 would not undar anv cir
DUmtlanotl reveal a single official se
cret, and i havi many ( thtm, which
Oftmt t ma in Ihe course uf my con
sular servhe '
Huron" Hrauii' Heporl.
nr. Qorloar deciored to tht Journal
last night lhat the New fork World"!
exposure of Marcus Brtun and tlie store
of tlie girt .r iri.Ofm to him from Count
von HernstorfT was oharaottrlttli of
tlie nu) Ihe central empires hud scat
ten d millions or dollars imlisci limnaielv
to bolster Up every publicity enterprise
in this country that might swing an)
mtnturt of publta ttntlmtnt toward
"in- oorloer geld; a yaw last
Hepieinber when I was in my offlct at
tbo consui-'Jeiiersi's htadquarttrt m
Berlin, M trout Braun cam to mi and
said lis had Just oomplettd nip
throng! Rnglgnd and hud now come lo
lei' tin friends gl liis Foreigi Office all
that lie had beet, able to discover lr th.it
country, lie told m that in rangemeiils
had bltn Rtgdt already to have his
paper, fdlr I'li'Vi Sllbs'dlzed by ClOUnl
von lieinstorff whet, he returned t,, the
United Stales and he asker1, mt t( give
hlir. a Istner t. Vienna sc that he might
present his olniir IhtM lot flu. me.:..
Conrinuetf en Bignlh Peipe.
ThneTetM)ld Olri limr:
Niir-st SiiftVrinsr From n
Frffiir'l Skull.
ArehilmM If. WhM Assorts
. Rated Rxfeeded II Miles mi
Hour: Driver Held.
A two ton covered automobile
travelling ;it moft than twenty-flv
tru k
. bori
an hour according to a witness,
down upon a nursemild and two
chlldreT she had In her charge at
sterdam t venue and Klghtytflfth
yesterday afternoon, one of the
dren died shortly after she had
hei II
taken t a hospital : the other was ex
pected 'o die before morning The maid,
who suffered .i fractured skull and other
Injuries less serious. Is in a critical con
ill Hon.
The children were the daughters of
Mr and Mrs Howard .1. Hlldt, who litre
in the st Uartnalne apartmtntt, too
West Klgbtj -sixth street Mr. Hlldt Is
said to be ,i banker Frances Hlldt, f.
years old. died al tile Knlckcrb.sker
Hospital soon after the accident Har-
bara Hlldt, :t years oi l. uttered a frac
tured skull and was later taken from
ItU Knickerbocker Hospital to St Luke's
Hospital to be opetat.
1 upon
The ma, I
is r.iiz.iiicth Hecksr,
has been III the eiioilov
years old, who
of Mrs. Hildt
itn e i-'ran, es was horn
Mi-- lie-ker had the children out for
their afternoon airing she brought
them bath toward home from Central
I'ark through Eighty-fifth street, and
then atarttd to ro-s toward the St.
Oormalnt from the southtatl coiner to
tn.. norUrwtst,
Archibald Hamilton Whan, an effici
ency englnttr or ill Wtti I3ighty.ttv.
enlli stieet, was going west in Klgbty
htth street in his automobllt when t he
accident occurred Thl- is What hap
pened, he savs:
"As I got to vvheie 1 could see south
In Am-tei d.iln avenue I noticed the big
automobile truck coming north at high
speed. It was going mmt than twenty
live miles an hour, and probabl) thirty,
rive miles.
"The maid and the two children had
gto tboul live feet fiom the curb when
the truck struck th. in Then Wert
either two or three men on tin ... ut "f
Hie auto truck Tie . bauflTeur made a
sharji turn east on Klghty-flfth street,
an I then lie mrne.1 tgallt and ran onto
the sidewalk, nnaUy stopping ahoul two
feet from tin entrance to the Si. Klnio
apart. in nt lioute At lie stopped l tan
Ihe driving chain of the ..mo truck fail
oft'. When it stopped on.- o; two men
got off the seat and tan tati
chauffeur t ' ma in .1 "
The cbaUftsU of th. aul tru.
Carl M. Kfltm rich, 81 .ear.- .
433 Basl Sl t ttft.l trc. II
driving for the nrtn of Rathagirl Brot.,
Stl Kasl Plfty ninth at reel Aftei a
sts rt invest, gat, on an I . 't. i M-. W han
had told his stoi v Ktnmsrich was ar
icste.l on a charge of homicide "in
that lie recklettly drov ids cat."
Later Blro Uulck. in exi.rt nutomo
bile mecii.it. i. of the IHdlce Otpartmtnt,
eaamined ''' auto truck He said II v.a
in pet fe. i condition tgei pt to it th- tha n
w.i broken, it was suggetted mat tic
sudden Stop in front f lbs St l;lmo
miglil nave caused tins break, and that
at tit moment of the cldeni ail the
brakes and gears wtrt In proper tliaue.
vv ii.ui w.is great.) unnerved
the accident He hurried over to It .
sine Drive snd found his own da is,
DUl With a maid tor an ailing 'b P
tin. il both home. It was Mi V!
daughttl a ho caused h,s recent rei
clllatlun wuli hit wlft M - Vhan
nied suit tgulntt htt hutban i for i
ar.it',- n. charging erueltv Mi Wi.i.i . .
ui reply, said his aife v. i- neglecll
hint for social gtyettes Tie n he st irted
sii.i .gain.-' ll.-iii RradshAi Welch, i
wtalth) leal tttati opei .'or of New
Roohell . for 1100,(100 for alienation of
Mi, whin s affections. The suit nu
droppid after the reconellhsUOIIi
Mr- Illiah tlt'lllnelo . R
llrtiUen I iillarlcifif,
ItttLSlIPOtT. I'
Hugh Auchlncloi
seventh street, N
collarbont bmkei
nn.. No
of :i
Hit- all
It, Mrt
Kast gttty-
tlly, had her
'moon when
, Miss Annie
I'miii , and
of Rivertldt
ditch Tht
V ah I'l lnce
lld Miss I ial
nc hurt.
a limousine containing her
It .If n' I gs of Kail Held.
Miss Rllaabtth Hallaudei
I'rlve turned over into a
ar was on its way to Iht
ton ga ue Mi-.- Jtnntngt a
laudtl were shaken up bUI
Will .loin Oxford IIUtMHl'K,
Wliit li Hp Miijni'. mi tin
Firinff I4nr.
si. .ii t (!'' Unpatrtt fi
)KPON, Nov 13 Win
I.os'p..n. Nov 13. v Inst n Siience'
I Churchill, former member of the Cabb
I net, will Itavt London next Wtdneedil)
'to Join the Oxford ffUISarS, m wtdolt
I regiment he Is a major.
Tins regiment, Wllloh has been in
Franca for torn lime, is largely rt
! orulted from famlllel of fanners ai d !
i ti'llllllt- on tlie ettnts of 'lie Itnke of
Marlborough, Mr. Churchill's cousin
Mr Churchill will give in- reasons rn;
rtilgnlng from the Cnbimi in the Houtt
. of Commont op Montiay, declares the
I'grllamentary correapondt.il r the
; juiirn Mr. Churchlll't resignation will
ofllolall)' it nounotd iati nla'ii His Cab. i
; nn' puillioll linn was Chancellor of tlie
Duchy of Uancaalei
The 7 lines Is ot the opinion tli.ii M
ChUrclllll'l resignation, following Pr'
mier Asquith't announoetneni of the par
Honnel of Ills IV.'ir Ctbllmli does not
mean im permanent retirtintnl from po
lltloal life
"Mi. Churchlll't great gilts aid vivid
Imagination." tayr the 'mifi "have
beet gmpl) dtmontrati ir id. lecadi
ot ortice, and there art rew vvh" would
venture to predict ids permanent with,
drawn! from public lire."
Tin- artloll recalls however, thai Ih
drvnatli rerlgnattoi fiom public ofllci
of Mt ChUfChlll I I'uther, l.or.i Randolph
Chureirii ended that alattlinan politi
cal career
Sptcial (a'llr PitttlCA ft Tn: If
ROME, Nov. 13. Italy asserts that n (ierman, not an Austrian
submarine, sank the Italian liner Ancona, constituting an act of war
without war having been declared. The following official report was
issued yesterday by the Italian War Office :
The Ancona did not attempt to escape, but stopped within
three hundred yurds after the firing of the first shot. The liner
was torpedoed while boats were being lowered and a hundred
passengers were still oti bourtl.
The submarine being (ierman, Germany opened hostilities
against Italy without a declaration of war.
Up to the present there has been no declaration of war between
Italy atid Germany, although diplomatic relations were severed at the
Outbreak of Italy's war with Germany's ally, Austria-Hungary. Since
then the Italian-German situation has been peculiar. Italy has lic
ensed the Germans of aiding the armies of the Dual Monarchy against
the Italian troops, while, on the other hand, many Italians have been
permitted t live in Germany, unmolested, unit there have even been
reports that Germany and Italy were considering the resumption of
trade relations. An understanding between the two countries, of
which the Entente Powers were cognizant, has been hintetl.
Daiiinh Captain Defies Would
hp Hearehen and Vin
Racf t Norfolk.
1 X
inroi ... va . Nov. i Chaaed fiom
tn r
Vnrk to Norfolk by two Hritlsh
up-, the Panlah tteamtr Vlnland
, lose w inn
r In
lids after
ati exciting
r:o e
i'apt. Merrttt .iv tliat tin British
warships picked up tha Vlnland oft
..v (look l i t night and signalled
lorn to stop As Ills MSsel was light
In- decided to make a run fot the lela-
vv.ir.- Breakwater liw pursuers circled
around bun ' a" lo prevent his re
turning to New York. He steered a
. lose to the shore es possible, the war
H P- following and signalling him to
-top lie told the rlrltlttitrs that he
sould not -top ..mi ordered hta englneei
to give me Vlnland all the stan. she
. ould stand.
The weather was thick and the
r..erchantinan, with a fair lead, steered
. i and closer to short The war
shins, tfter ploughing along lull spd
fnl- some time. wet. obliged t
ofl for fear of running tgfouild
The ill. ..lid. .ill ilgnil out,
1 tin coast until -he retched
tt.Kilnjtsr last tiighi. A
i ,, i oovvn '
l tela wart
leuse fig
. set iti and lie fine
she slipped ..."f.g
limit until Capa
Th.. wsrshlDS h.'
daybreak this norm n
within the three mile
Henry was reetdied. ;
I followed all through
tt.. night and Wtrt on 'lie capes unen
the Inland, hidden from view 1 Iht
irilsl and too close to shore to permit
I.e.- uursutrs t ah her iteamed
throng'' the Virginia capet fas
she bid ever steamed btfon
sraktp re T
id.. ,,r Tkrsi
Id lo Keep net
Vtlle limit.
in h. Va., Nov is.--Tin- battle.
Texas Sot York, Arkansas,
cm ,. Minnesota and South t'aro
srrtved in Itamplon Roads to-,i ty
il prepn ratory to holding manaruvri
pel d runs along Ihe oasl
n front 'he ships brought reports
vtng sighted British warthtpi along
nasi rhey said tin foreign ships
i'ul-1'ig close 'o tin coast and Were
and h
of II I
tin- .
.1 I'
keep OUlBldt the three mHe
4 till m i 0
I neltill Mm t
In til
CHC00i Nov IT.
will soon hurry rnlhef
weary way 10 school,
"nlaylng huokey" will
fhlcago children
than drag I heir
nnd Ihe art of
beci tn.- extinct,
according i" tin pr
login by V liliam N.
the Holla I'olytcopt
dn I ion made to
Bellg, president of
'oinpany. who u-
tends to begin Inttalllng moving pictures
In i 'lit. ago's public schools
Moving pictures ate to bteomt aa im
portant a factor of education at text
I.. ml -. and from the kindergarten to the
post-graduates courses of untveraltltt
tin "mOVteg"Wlll sen be recognized a
invaluable, Mr Selig said.
Two trips to Europe, primarily to in
vestigate tin sucoest "f tin- Innovation
In continental schools, Mr Selig said,
have convinced him that moving pictures
will be adopted not only in Chicago but
universally as a factor tn every branch
of education.
Wallope)s)its Bom ' 11 ni ' ' rtoMi
pm 1 1 r ii it Urn ii Iteiitiriftl.
Vablt 'fsiiad'. r rf sin
Kov - Tho Offn inl
uunees that the Hon. Charles
joaeph Bluke, oldest Hon f
Huron Wsllsrourti hua bit-n dlstnlssiHl
from 'he s! vice by urt -m.i rtlal Me
i w.i- a teitUKireify lii'Utonaiit in ttlS
elph Fusilier
Acoiillmr tn thf sVfUMI o the W'orltt
I offence tor which he ursa tried Sfns
Oil I
SH.ooO.iMMi n Month lleinanilrd fni-
support of Mill Itule ami trtny.
iprtiil Veihlt UttpMtk io Tin. it v
I AtusT.'iii'.VM. via Londoni Nov Iii
, Degpatehti froin Urunell sav lhat the
Qovtrnor of iteigium hag Itsutd mi or
: der imposing u monthl) contribution ot
10,000,000 lc.it' s 1 11,000.000 'ii Hel
i glum. Tht order rays :
"Iii accordance with Article 49 or Hi
HagUt convention, u monthly contriliu
I lion "I 10,000,000 Tiancs is hereby Im
paled on the lielgian populgtion until
furthtr not let a 't. thart of the costs
. of 'he rtiUlrtmtntl tr tin- nruiy am!
admlnittrutlon of the orcuptid ttrrltory.
! "Tne naymtnt of i n- first Instalment
niUMt he inadl by le- ember In it tre
I Itttlt."
1 Tllltl Hi t MKXT (HAl'ANA) BLBRPM
lliiltllit RAtT tillsT ttrxmrs
on gssliosrvl An l,lni ' I'l.A Ml N'lii " .:'
I A U. Winter Ke.uit lljissu, list B'dttay
ufons. Say Sw is Reports,
Think Thin siroU.' Will
find the War.
Agsctt! ' ahif Dttpalel tu Tn s
LomoNi Nov is. The rimei
prominence to a deanateh from
saline purporting to bl l a id on trtttts
worthy Information t" the effect that
the Ottman rulers and military com
manden arc Increasingly alarm td over
ti.e prospect for a successful comple
tion of live war
"Thi effects of attrition art beginning
to f'l so severely." the de-patch sayt.
"thai they ate desperately anxious to
end tlie war. either by a patched up
ptact or by some desp. rate coup do
mam Thty probably tre contemplat
ing tin- latter rather man toe former
atni, according to iht Information, thev
are concent I ,',g their -nergv a' the
moment on an attack on Kgypt.
"The it, 'end by mean-, of Iigh: rail
way acres.- the desert make ,i ,l..sh
t'oi tlie sues Canal, believing thai Iht
unprepared and unable lo
prepare tn time TI
Ihe atta. k othert iss
lignt rallwa) can . a
r.ingnlzc that
hops less, ..- no
h e huge force
of men ami gum. tie. e-.-ary to sticers
nut iht) Intend io strike within tbo
month, relj Ing on Bnglith tlownt
th. success of the attack "
BtIO of Ml 1 1 tar i ur- Boak4 for th
I HthJiimt r' tttipi'l.
.cot' Cmbl0 ieMt' h To Tin: Sr
i. i.M.o.v. Nov ii -Irlshmtn eiigih.e
foe military itrvloe to tht number f
110, vii.j were booked lo s.itl on the
Lapland did not tali as they sere un
able to obta n past ports,
Th.- Lapland . irried nt. paseengert 'if
British nationallt) who would bt eli
gible for military service iii case of coll
sciiption. Ceveral booking! were can
..rge number or booking! for ;be
Vmeriran liner Hi Paul, whloh lalla
from Liverpool for New Vork tO-mo
row, haVt been Cillcelled It g pre
tumsd that many f thett oanetllatloiw
Wti'S the res'ilt of Inability to obtain
pat'sporti under iht t.ew regulations,
Iheri and Rlllce
ruasi In
.ill. lit, led
In limulre.
V" i Cablt lirtp.lt lo Tlir. Sf
I .'.N'fioV
Oil h is b.
No lit i, .ier in
..-.- led atitiexicg tile 'I'
lllbert o. it
rt an.
and Rill Islands, in the I
i stated that th. archlptiagoat
ti. . i at tn vpe.- s n
of tile n.i-
1 1 0 1 1 1 1 a ttl of
Hrltls.ii protti -
Hamoa, have been i
hoi -.tee nt; rite prettnt annegatlon
would appear ' be a formality, sines
rafostiiet book mention th,. islands ns
having been annaxtd nt tho Hint the
protectorate was eai ibllthtd
11.-. In O II Mi r 1 11 1 I O in fi mlna
Mini lor rr.-eld 'im- .
Lincoln, Keb., Nov t3 A petition
put o Ins Junc.-o Charles IS. Huathe in
tho race for the I'resldsntlul nonit ration
w.iii tlhii late to-J.i with th St'iM-elMr1
, o" St nte by t he Nebnuk n Republican
(IttHitotv. Unlsaa t nies wlthdrftsAl,
hit natna win be vots4 on at the prl
RMry in pri).
Attat hetl t" :h i ttOCUtntnt nn a hAttte
IllOnt that tllil lai Mr.e nhout hip
know ledge and on'rary to hta wltnieH.
1 aa expressetl In public inter lewa it
tst.ite.s ihat the smerfsiwy damani$a
resort to ,.'l.rlpt , the srslfars 'f ths
I notloit demand i the draft) m of its htah-e-t
and moat available talent and that
Justice Mus i a preemlnsntly th- man.
vim. ii iMOOMt Tried tn Mtom lei
I. nift gmtfltant Were on Board
I to si k, Nov i.Tht itory of
IX. .ThO story of hnv
I paiuualt Laui in
' tempted to attrai
cotuniuiidi r of ih
t scgied and sank
lien lo. night by
' Regain, Calabi la,
gn American, at- j
t'.ic gtttnl ion of the
submarlno whloh ai -1
he Ancong was loid
1 ilovannl Martini of
t.e of thi Anoona tur 1
I ylvors
i Mantinl ralalet 1 al Laurlnn w-nen iht
flrtl shell struck ihe ship jumped to :;
I roll and ws veil an American llgg "lit
I vanted In stmvv there aeri Amertrani
a board." declare. Martini, "and nr
liaps save the Otiu r pMttngert oti the
ship I don't know who t mis of him.
jl think h - '.van killed, at 1 never sue
1 him again "
s I I 1. 11 Moot RS
I It VSSI'lili t 1 1 1,1 v
.. v . gtll'YHfiftX
.! il v 1:01 I' M fni
M 1.1 - r arm 1 vt
II All WAV I, ' V
Alke-v i I Aagmia. K
Ave - tS'
OMcs, i ii rif ii
Official Statenent Make..
Pint Charge Ajruinsl
Kaiser's Seamen.
War Office at Rome Saya
That Liner Did Not At
tempt to Escape.
American Woman Desrribes
Escape--C Boal SinK
Second Liner.
tgeeitJ t'l'.v Pttttn i" Tn. s;
RoMg, Nov. 13. THI Stv's cure
tpondtnt II :i formed bj a member of
Ih- Cabinet that t vv.i- a i jet man snd
not nt Auatrlan submarine tb.it mni;
I tin- ALcona H not, the Minlttef points
: out, Oermany h is opened hottultlao
i gat nit Italy without a declaration of
I war.
j Ti,r corretpondeni . . - aaturod at
I tn, Admlraltj thai t:..- incona d-d not
atttmpt io ttcape, not stopped when the
submarine opened drt 100 v,.rd- aw-sx
tnd enabled tn altackeri to appioscn
closer and , intlnue ihs lire at very
short lung whtle the matl were being
lowtrtdi Th!
prevented tin- rescue or
muiiv- of me
ine rorrttp
ngti i rew, whloh,
ndem i tsturtd, othtrwltt
would have been
1 1 Is officially
announ ltd thai a mh.
rlne flying Uit Auttrlan dug ha.- sink
. t.ie ixauan tieainei nrenti . Twenty
paisengtn .. l
i.i tv -si rnem
Saved. Six 1 is-
n ien .. the vast
ben of tie- crew wr
s tigers tnd fifteen me
grt misting
The news became known ytsttrday,
but th" censor did not ptrmll publlce
tio.i. I'he nationallt) of tn p.issi ngtr
Il withheld, but it lr reported that tOnt
Rritlth uiv)eets wtri among thtm. it
It Impottlblt to learti whether spy
Amtrican attengtn were aboard, since
it I noi known yet when tin lurvlvort
were '..i ied wd th passenger '.t tt
, wlthhtld
Tht ttrolo t Milan nrlnts .. vieno
I -Is-,
Itch sa.v.i.g tliat t ie Italia;' iov ern-
meni nu. decided to nt out and utt tht
interntd Herman liner in Italian porta,
Tlier art three or four large Herman
merchantmen at Oenoa alone.
T'.m.e detpttehtt received '. Vipiee
guon lurvlvoss ot the t neons s tell.
Ing th-- aulhoetttet that during the
nlghi a nihil. ..iii,,. chated and captlagd
some o: the llftboau containing Ancona
The report" re.eivoJ b) tht OWntH
of the Ancona trom Tinas. Cape I'nn
and Malta, where some of the stir
vivot sere i.iaded. ..;',.,, lhat no warn
ing wot given before the attack, that
there was no opportUnil for Ihe pis
teng. rs to dlltmbsrk safety it.d that
alien personi il'vlggllng in the w..tr
sought help i' Was .ein-e.l then lv 'h
crew of ti!e mbmarlne
1 tinierieMn Unn.Mii lleer I lies 11 1 uht
ol Ineotiu'e lnt,enuer.
Psnti, Nov is.. -rr i 'telle i. tirtil of
' New York, on if ih turvivors of tht
Italian liner Anei i i Which w-.is tor-
I pedoe1 in tht Mtdlterrar.ton, htt told
, htr etory of ti e e liking -.f th" vessel tO
I tht Ha vat Agency's 'orretponderl ut.
Kerry. Hie, Tinil "'lie f.i. , that th eub
! mat Ine nl'l t:. Sltamahip While the
pattongtrt and crtw 'v.-re trying to get
Into the boaf 'I' ti rpedo f f"'
fired until sft. i '..- inciting hail btti
I kept ui r.o some tire
I l'r. 'Ire'l hreself 1' "i very r. .rrow
ttcapt Her maid Wan Itllltd hes'.de bar
I by ii -iieii snd Dr lril, arter dndlng
I two llfeboatt crowded, only got otr th
liner by dropping Into launch whtdi
vva !n the wut' r idy to leavs the
I sMp's side
to fleell ltd bci - ' e the family
I of the itHselsn Consul a. RaH, Italy, agd
1 vves returning to New Vor'r. Her stcrv
in.-, related by the Havas agency' :-
i pondti . followi
shot I
"1 wag
hrnugl. Pi
rthole I .ial
ef r;s
nril '" i.. pas
some ol til VOl
igeri chatting With
gtrs, w iie-i e hoard
runt '' T'.e., a a
ot. dec'. Men vers
:'n.re ..'ed 'lis
ttM tei'Olt of a '
gre.it tgoitemei I i
r.mnlnr here gnd
nii's doctor t 'Jt
he replied that he
I went en deit rn;
"I saw thro IB '
w gs happs'ilng at o
rtidt't know Ths
lllghl f" ti S'lb
marine aloui i
It was tquipptd
wild and .itt.
. ... i ..-is dltigni
with w v iiatittOg for
rli - ' a being ntsn
I vve:T In"' t' III) csb'n tt
g- t 11. v
paper ,.t ' tbr foui 1 m; maid.
; w ho plead.. I
vv'.tn 'ie ri .ii ve ier. a
' cant, on shot
I t'nn. A shell
the porthole
i took my v.i I :
I containing val
ten anted on, sonetrtt
-. n ' in ' tl firough
-i ii ad inj msid. I
ind ' I i'-' ' ' h 1 ml bsg
1I1 .1 1 putting On ttl
in to the get
li.lt Hid COSt,
' W 'fl ,1 lifebelt
', "Bogtt wert ig lowtrtd oil com
plettll 'Hied I sought to set into on
1 01 them sr.d nv told ther s no
more rcn-i 1 went to anothtr and r
eetved the sat.- rispollM I thei
rroised Atvt d. .. . il on . I. nine 1
: n 1 1
s contained Hit chltf en-
, I., n lierti. "wo oo. lers anil
idati paistngere, soins of
and instnbt - or fit ersa
in to b alloetd tn
j (..tie- r. Ctrl
1 oltier !lr-'
i 'tie women
I 1 i.sked la
get 'ti
11 '1 'O'lie "
grotping 1
reveut til'
"I gaugei
aru led mi
-,ith time
megmtr iu
II. i.ving Off
. Id h sep
.1: i iieing
mall ben
il 'VCii the
1 ut v , ni
w 11 It HI
tale I" let
1. ucling .1'
and, noi
poi payhta'
,.t; - i
didn't heel
tie Ittini '
i ll ipg.lll
rnlrittiilA '. or.

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