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ffltfCC Con tnwtl PlneiM by the
fin i I mints Many Orders
Bonked fr Murine Work.
fho v iiimf rt i,uinea in rolled real
i , isl .. i wm hr.tvy. It Is
..,i,n:if,-,l Mill Mlli-i' .M.vi'lliix-r I till'
lira "T tun I Ultc-I Ktutos Stool
,o-r l.ooti ,'li.aa to Ift.OOQ
n.i btoat of tho Indbftendbnt
i iva inktn bubinewf fur in
rrtparllj Th roatilt la a
il ndbnl ntid hnovnnt markoi.
, , . t , Ivuti'-oa In pVlCbl of atorl
har-. ilat-a, ahupra, wlro iirodtu-ta, tin
. ,-, i; -.'ii'tHH'" nun iur iron, tinr
of Ihi
mt dtvcloproentl waa 1
h.' v iraWbl or tlio 1 niMQ BttbtM I
p,,.. lion trmporarlly from ih i
I ., I 11 I. I ... I ..... I
II" .. ,n .mn,.,wu .mi
arra cbncciiM on nil out-
Hand r i !tt ofTora. Pit' tVutt annua
bf U I"' later rcinatutod and
hi-- ,i, 'i'.t,d for rertalti drflnllo
V nn.uif.ii-turora of wr mu-
rt 11 reded In t -'.i I i.r homio ad-
for sin 11 forslnaa and
ru: I .-:,,1 httftj for aitpnnnt ovrr the
aerond (iitartef of l o 1 rt. In the aitgre
ata between oioo and inn. nun tons
war- taken f ir siu-h delivery and a foiy
iMltlonal coiitraa-ta were hooked for
ittlrerj bfter tlio llrat of July, From
JV, to renlb a pound h.iM Peer, p.il.l
for round ban, while ordinary liars for
r', ir.'.l pirrpoira sold an hlKh na $1.75
far ' voar'a delivery. Very few- Par
mllle, hoarvrr. are anxloiia to take on
additional 1onpii;oa for anv dellverj'
Th ' ntrMtdi placed contract for
ahou' ai.,P.'U tona of rails. ,i.3H rare, 73
loeoniotlTaa and nhont 2.000 tone of
brt'litr aa-irk IfQUlrlM aro ft 111 In the
ntrkt for bbotll 41,000 cara. SO0.0O0
ar ff mi and C00 locomotives. The
Pennr h ania llnllroad alopo has In
qtllrteii out fo.r 1SI enfflneb, Inclitdlnir
t for llnt-j east and (0 for llnra west
SI' 'tshurtr.
Tor the hues weat of nttahurr flfty
(hje ronaolldatad locomotives urn re.
Mfted to have horn placed with the
t,lri.i IH'oiuotive t'onipany and ten w'th
the American Loooniotlv Conifany. Tho
rfW Haven II !n tho market for thirty,
iMChlCaRO and Kasterti Illinois and tho
Tnlado, St Louis ntid Western for five
iftrnrnotlves each, the Krle for ten and
ha Klin Han railway fur ten locomo
tives. Smalt misridlanei'ua orders wrro
rila -ed for tor. tnOTUlbb,
Ttie prlnelpal car contraeto cioeed in-
a(iH. l.onn for the Weetern fai-lflo,
1 ao,i bol tare for t!ie Vronrh tiovern--n-1
and fxi under frames for the
Ijoulrftlle ami NaahvlUe, l.'.O enure
pbiwiructloni for swift a- ro. nnd iioo
rar hndlea for tho Montour Hallroad.
Tmiuinea art etill In tho market for 9,000
rtri fir tha penraayivanla Hallroad, 180
b oar for the Vtrainla Wallwaji, Tto
a-, im ' the Duluth and iron Rang,
1.4,1,1 Komi.,' a for tho t'onaollilated Coal
Cbmpal v. 1,04)0 oro earn for tho lnituth,
Miabab and N'orthern, too centre eon.
truci n for the nock laiand and
rVlflc, S00 frdcht rirs for tho New
Tork. Ontario anil Webttrit, 70 ear
far th N'ew Haven. ItS for the Blruc
him a-t 1 larflald, libit for the Dela
are, LackawaiMM and Western, fill for
the PennaylvanlA Bqttinnienl Company,
"tin roal en for the Mlaaourf, Kan
u and Texas, and several imaUor lot
for paaeenjrer equipment,
Sloe; mlUa .lie,, booked t.nlera for
about (0,000 tons ' platea anil ehapos
for marine -work. Order! for fal.rioated
MraeMral steel anratrated only about
I!.1', 0 tons. Many of the larfMt Bliopi
r ,'oni polled ta curtail output becatM
f th inadequate lUpply of plain atrtb
tural a'atoriul. Amoni; the lameat con
tia-n phu-ed Huriiuf tha weak waa 10,000
tOM t r th DulUth and Iron nature Or
tin,- to 1,0 fabricated i.y tha American
B(fdfe Company, Put fhl is intercom
pany builnaaa, fr'mall ord-rs for hndno
worK ware placed by the Chicago nnd
Serthwcitem. Hie Kour. Hovton and
bine, Baltlmor and Ohio and Central
It: road ,,f Ni w Jaraey, Tha principal
Mructural work developing la for eiih
Wby Construction In Now York city. d
U :s ,.f which were noted roateniay.
f ! BME COURT, m:w
,'T1 VI' I Mill 11 - t , BAf
T; ' " for Anna a Neifson. Plaintiff,
U net FEI.IX KI N.-Tl.KIt LOtTIB R008-
1 ANNIE ItUOSSIX, l.la wlf-;!
-H MAUI. ,in,l MA it Y A. WYNNE.
' isne of a ludffiaent of forecio.
Jj -" and .e. duly made and en'ery.1 In
' ' entitled nation and he.irlng '1st.
. Hth day of October. ISIS, 1. the under
I ' rere said ju lament
Smed 1, 1 : .,-) .,. pit, iia auction, at tha
at hang Baleareom, Naa 14-11 Ya.ay
;." In 'l' R 'rough of Manhattan. City,
ai I Sts' ,,' Now York, or. tha 2Hrd
: f November, 1I6. at II o'clock nma
n thai day, by Samuel Ooldstlck, Aue
Uejieer, th premleM dlreld hy said
u b.t sol i, and therein drlbd
c 1 cer'aln lot. ple-e or pareet
JJ :'i th building end Improve.
r1' 1 thereon sreetad. situate, lying and
J ' In 'he porough of .Manhattan, of the
PPy f New York In Section Two, Block
T.'.r-s I i-a. snd th'rtv-seven on th
land Mir thereof, bounded and deacrlhed
"BEtllNNlNfJ at a point on th. north
s' v I4 of Broom S-reet. dlatnnt nftr.
tut easterly from the corner of
s ,t- Pit Streata: running thonr.
' "h m line oir.llel with Pit
r.Mven fel sis luehee: th. n.-a
ter on a line parallal with
'"'ef. twenty fe,,t I tlit-iice south
V, " line parallel with Pitt s nr.,
s.r. .. en feel . Ito-hes to Rrootue
'"6' ' : tli-r ce nor, nwesterly. along
" - ' st, twenty feet to the point or
me "f 1 egtnnlns "
tWK . 1 o , rirronrhment hv sr.
n tret proleotlon to' eaves, aur
ic ..t.rs Isle... srd top and hass
lailM eve street
f Iron
'" ' New York. October 17th. it.
' - for PlalStlff, Otna. and Post
fill A ldress. R2-54 Wtllsbl) Strsat,
gh of Manhn't in, New York city.
Th. ' log la a diagram of the prop.
- id, It atreet .Number is 11
I 1
IS is
v in !
Ttrvime St.
pproglmat amount of the lien or
Itlafy whlah th' ahove-deecrlhsd
Is to te p., id. Is Eighteen thou
'. ,r,,lr,.,l and ! I y-eo yen snd
in till, MT.lt), tuget hr with
, sreen from the 27th day of
isr, lilt, together with 0,0 costs
. am t inting to Three hun-
t ! gnd 3-i'in Dollars
with InteTMl from October la.
ihei with th egpenwi of ih
approxlmal amount of ths
sesmnt and sruier ratee. or
i ii ar to t.o allowed to the
, f Do puroliae money, or
I n-fetee. li 11,114.11 and
1 r
til d
It. 1 1
tli .
oth. - -i
tail ;
Tort Oe
i K Eo.
ohsr 7.
It Ml
rt h. IHI,
Hef, ree.
, ' iltNtrlm, IocttiJ In toutll
M - -ei. tm-Rf t niuiiufiii'tijrlup,
1 U inrm. iii.tklng l.U'
Iri Miitni inuii.ijff ni'-n' for .."
Kftini) a thorough Investigation)
I ri ssoni f'tr NAlfincj ' nqMi4rlti
'.'iIorp in (-lipn lilt 1 With rlsvblfl
1 it-;niii.if -mil. I 1-1I with
v. e, Uik us Hun .m. f.
. Mrrlilra a well itosked
iiorgji 4io.'o ii.. ;.tfii iiii
m h of ;.- Mew 1 purchaelni dejpftriuieni aj igegeet ooinpuny
nn 1 s 1 1 tm ';-'hp, owner hti !n ,"n l' Wioiwughiy fitmlilir with huv
i Htfthlnl to m price 1 lngi eycttnatliMig hihI ei'uuuutMiK- Hlgh
eiceal h.Mf L'twh bnl en re on e. et referenoee, Ad.lreM l'L'itOHA81NG
A, JJ , t.A a 3 e aun oltlce. A'-T , box 16 Hun offlr.
jyitS $SLC9i mtl lt"tOllK COUNTY
I In p'.rs.isTvs of in hiurtMHiM
Jli2;.rt '"I""" n.i nii duly ,,,.!. "i
jnt'rM n tii abort nt t n lotion and
taering fat th ,.- ,,,. .j ,,,.,,,;, ',. ', 1
"lttte j.n,men. r,n,e,. will s.p
ubllc aeetfar, t n Riofcang Ralssraom
l!tftVLk?l ' "V "f Raw fork, on th.
'' '","' Nnvsmbsr. IMS. lit 12 nolo k
Ift. "".7"" '. hv J""'in P, buy, -ti'in-er.
the premises directed bv s.M .
ter.i-ute.rv Jn, lament to b e,M and there,
n ,r... ,lhd an follow: AVL that r.rtln
lot, t Ii. or i:irrl of nrt. nlih ths hull I.
nmm inrre,.;, aierted. sin,.,, a, vn( ,,,,)
bln In lha H... ta. ritv ,mri ,, iv J
L ' V . " nornuan or Manhattan, and
houndi I an, I daa, rlha.l a. follow to wlr
Itaclnn'ria ,(. tha aflraif '...... I... i-'
"'Itmii'lill at tha , orn
tersertl n of tha aaai.rlv .Ma r.f ,,nrn.'
svenue with tha n..r.l.erlv alia of Forty,
ait bib llraat; than, a runnlua norlhar'v
alona th. easterly al,a of l.eslngmn Ava-mi-
iai.'v faa,; ii,.. ,,,., and
parallal With Fr'y-ahlh blraal aavantv
faai than,-,, aoi.n.arl. and par.i'Ia; with
uaiMffton Ava..,,, iwanlv faat Iblhanbfth
rl l,la f rorty-althth Htraat. and
thanra WtMaTly -ilona (ht northariy aid
point or blare of baalnnlna. halm th. laid
eey?' ininln more or 1Mb said
i!.rrm-'," ,'l,1n'' T"'w etraat num-
'' -- '! arffitn,
Datad. New York. Ootohar Und tt
...,. .MKVKK M. PRIKNn. ReferM.
PRAVK J KINAtOt, Attornay for Plain-
U? . A Broadway, Manhattan.
Nw York ritv
Tha followtn 1 a dtaram of tha prnn.
erty to ha o4 It street numher Is 117
Ijeitnfion Airnui:
T ft.
1 J I 1 ft
4,,n t- - UTS Ptreet.
uated. New Tork. October ::nd. 111.
MEYKR M PP.IBNtl, Rafares
1 UMl.xsKa,
i.l' OBTT1NOKR. mav
Ti il(K
r ilntiffa. against HAMUBL RHo.N.
wifa LEOPOLD OKTTiMdER and Hen
rietta UJBTTIXOER, KtMUIon umlrr
tha 1..,.' Uli, and Tn.tBinarit of R-olna
dcad, THERESA rRon-
HEIMER If llvlna. and If ,laoa.... th
halrr -. ,,f kin. dVlM, eat itora ad
mlnlstruturs. creditors, lienors and ".n--
" efMld TherMa Rhonhlmr, da.enei
aid their hushanda wivm or uido.. hairs',
avlee, Iga1 repreMatbtlvea creditor,
lunora graniM, succaon in interest
ml their huehiinds, wlyes or widows, if
sny. all of whom sn l whose nam ar
u.iknnnn 10 the plaintiffs, l)efen,Unt
Dated Jnr. "t-h ltll
tiff!.' Attorn nfhVe At P. O. Address,
No. II Broad Street R .rough of Man
hattan. NW York City,
To Th-r'. a Rhonhelmer, 'f living and tf
deead, th. he!'. next of kin. devisees
xecutor, admlnUtratnr, rrdltor, tiennra
end arantea. f sal 1 Thra P.honhalmer.
flares. ed, srd their hush'in-ls. rlvfl or
widows heir. dvlMa lee.il reprr.enta-
tives, eregitorsi lienor, grantee tuecea
eo-a In tnter-st. nnd 'hair hushsnd, wives
or widows. If any. a'l of whom snd whoss
ni-oea are unknown o the plaintiff
The f -arolrs ipplements! Summon ts
serr .-d .:cn ' , -i i-Mr- itl.oi p,,r.uart
to sn order of Hon IlaMai F Cohalsn.
on. of 'he Justice of the Supr-me Court
of tha S'.ile of w York, dl-ed the .(,n
day of Oapteeohe-. g, snd riel with the
amended complaint, In the office of the
Ork of the County of New York a' the
County rnurt Home. In the Horouh of
Manha-t.in. Ih the ritv nf New York, on
tv-;iri day of September, I'd. the origi-
nsl S'.ro'emental Himmnnl art sm-nd.d
eomnlslnt hat in hean ft'ed In sM1 oflias
op --a da of .tuty, .sir,
Th au-'Vf action Is brought for ths par
ti' ,-1 nd of -it. following prmlai
PARCEL 1 Prmea ktv wn N imhr
:t Seventh sirea-. Borough af Manhattan
City of New Tork, i-lns; altuat on th
rorther.y si le of Sevan ta S'r.-rt dls'snt
10' w riy from Lewi Str.-et and h.ln
rn V In width In front nd n-ar t,y 71' 2"
I-. depth ,.. each st. i.
PARCEL '.' Preml b-own as V imher
ll Bal Eighth Street Rorourh of vn-
, hattau. liy "f New York. t in altuat
,.n the outhrly riie of Ens- s-'i Street.
distant S 7 7 ' in 1-S'' easterly from Avenue
c and helna I' 7 1-- in width In front
I an I rear :y :.;' '' in depth on ach :de.
I PARCEL it Premle known is No 1J7
Avenu D, Porourh or Manhattan, City nf
ROW York, being situate on the westerly
j .ids of Ale is i' ii'-'.n. M' southerly
rrom mm eirei ana nsing in width
in rrsjoi wn,. rssr ny ;,j in oeptn on tarn
PARCEL 4 Pr m1f known ss No l
East th Stret, Borough of Manhattan,
Cltv of New Yorb. 1 In altuat on -ha
northerly side nf Es-t th Street rlls'ant
III' wester. y from Avenue A and helpg
r:.', ' In Width Pi frnn: and rear by 92' 3
In depth "i. Meh "I I.
PARCEL ' Premise known as No S71
East 10th s-reet Borough "f Manhattan,
City of New York Selrig sl'uste on ths
northerly side of p,.t in-h stre.-t distant
essterlv fro-n Avenue H srd hejng
10' In width tti front and rear by 54'
In depth on each s'de.
PARCEL t:; Prn .a. known ss No, mi
Ess- mh street. Borough of Manhattan,
City of New York. t,-lng ltuste on ths
souther'v side of Esat sth st-eat distant
411' h 1-3" easterly from Avenue snd
heltig IM' 7 1-tl" In width In front snd rear
by ''7' In depth on each rids.
"PARCEL 7: Premises kno'vn ss No. ts
Pc.st dth Street Rnrough of Mnnhst'an,
fl'.y of New Y'ork. loing situate on ths
northerly ide of East Itb Street distant
III' utterly from Avenu C and h.ing 2H'
In width In froht nd rear hy 91' je in
depth on each elds.
PARCDL "' Prtmleas knnwn ss No s,i
I p , t tlth StrMt, Borough of Manhattan,
...1 -i,i. BL-, asSh u. .
f Nsw Ynrlt. Ming flltUM on the
)0. Wsstrly fr ,m Avenue c and helng !;,'
)n width In front and rear hy 103' 3" In
d,-nih t.n each s le
PARCEL 11 PremlaM known as no 740
F..,a'. Ith stree.. riorough of Manhattan,
city of New York hi Ing ittuat on th
southerly side of Esst sth StrMt, distant
ITS' westerly from Avenue D a rid I, ting
2',' In width In front snd rear bv v3' 11
in Ipth on each side
T.ated New- Tot k Saptemher 23, 1 at a.
tlrT.a' Attorneys, . 'fllce A- P. O, Address,
No. Proad Street, Borough of Man
hattan. N. w Tork City.
P'altitlrr. again! it A Nt A COMMERCIAUI
ITALIANA Defendant T.v.1 dcrlred In
New Vork County. SUMMON
gnawer the complelM in tins action and
to serve a 1 opy of your answer i.n th
plaintiffs attorney within twenty t-'o.
day after the service of this summons.
gtdulv of the day of service, snd In caes
of ,.ur failure to wppear or tii.swer, tudg
menl will b taken against you by default
for the r- . r demanded In the complaint,
Dat-d New N'ork, o-toher M, 1011,
HEYN A- COVINOTON, Attorney for
I',. ill, 'Iff, ..Mice A POSt om, I AddTess,
No mi Wall street. 11', rough of Mau-
tlHttal., New Y'ork Cly.
Th" foregolns ummon is served upon
you hy pubis ttton, pursuant to an order
nf Hon, Eugene A. Phlll.lu, a Jurllcs of
the Supreme I'ourt of the State of New
Y'ork. dated the 11th day of November,
P'tr,, and tiled with the complaint If. the
office of th Clerk of the County of New
York, at th" County Court House, Tlorough
of Manhattan, city and Counly of New
Dated New York. November II, lit,
HEYN COVINOTON, Attorney for
W ANTKI' - !t )ir' he 1 par, tniPMry
ffovrrn! rtflnedi rnrH,biR ii inkn rhnrg
nf thr ttrniiii ohllrtrin n.i DtncMUy u
ful uri'R to VWBBTi III Btmtiet av.,
vph Ni'W Brlghtoni BtUn iihui.
MILL MAN'Ai'rKH, rnnl i900UntoBt,
with wM tmnlnRHH RxprItrii'R unit isnn
record) mood organtMri wnnt rnnnectimi
whRr- gOOtirgte PMUHSi rail fib! I My ml ln-t.-nilty
will b MWtirdedj Hnmil mlary tu
Mart. Altlrff.j boii 170 Hun.
WANTHl-wtuion M pWPntnna ftgenk.
nAve noo vi iwmmy )'nf- espenenoi in
N iTIrK in- n .i.- n
rw urn i tN rKXAn mp.xho
K ii k.i i (ii'imnv
No I Ira I- hereli) fiver, ths: pursuant to
a .terras of aura dnlv tnada and an.
lered i.y the !.- rlrl Court ot tha United
stale 'or th Baetcm iMMri.t uf l..uiai
ana and Mtd in th oftlr ,.f tho Clark of
MM IMUr .it N .(lira..., la.ulaUmi. on
Mi. Hat day f July, In!,. In a i'erll.i
law pen.llng In rimlty In anld court an
Utled, "Tbi New i.rk Trust Onmpani
UMIllilMnan v. New Orleans. Tesas A
siepleo nan road Comsat, y and m. lami,
and Man mnrlaen iiai.ro, d company. Da-
rorat'lrMlng ll.a ... a or dee, I o."
lull-, I Mi, If, Ilia. V Orle.n.
I a x .. H X
K tel.lls
MM . Hallroad I'mnpany and
. :,ii H i na, ( on.
,Min . to Tb"
an Trustee, 11 n
'rf1 I" nf RH 11
ter l in tabl
September i:M
.sa, i. ik- T:nal ( olnpiLi.v.
, pit rauH.it t i the furlhar
' out i ,lu y n.ada an l en-
US on the 17Ui dy of
I. D. K II Chgffa, fhR SpR.Mel M;ltr
in atW by ml ,P nnpotntRd for -bet
purptiM .will etll el public am: ton to the
htir.i.nt iilil.lrr or . Idderl ai th dcM(r of
th t OUH !iiiif of it-,,, cm! WMrlrt Com".
rn ing Rovri strr-rt m th. Psrlen of Of.
I if 1 " f T i i ui ifani, in tjie
oyember, IIH, ei ii .. . loch noon, th
rnliroed, rMi eitate, pRnttmaitv, etok.
ecuritlee, niEh'n. frwnohleeW, privilRgcR an 1
nfirr proptrtltf In tnd bv eiiM rlR-rR- gild
nnlor ill reeled be exbl and herein de-ecribR-i
f.. :ni:
Ml and (.nifuiir thR pr.ipRrtlR, right.
inmieei. ItL'Rrs. Hgrmlli in.l nrlvl.
fr i ni
.--.--.'. irviii- (Vii.i nuiura, rai. pRr-
Mial an-t miRd. egd n lnresnfvsr fliuateil
owio'd by tli defendgnt Now oriRftne.
Tr s A MpuI.o Kail road Company, In
Clufllng thR following property, to wit:
Th" main Una 4.f railroad of , . : r1.
ffndnni Ke nrl-.mM. Tru A M-xloo
fial.r.iad Comgnjf beglnMnf et Ant hor
Pg in the Htete ..f LoulitgM on thR weet
Dang nr rti- MleelMlppj MivRr opPRitR
Baton Kfnif en I tXtendlni nontwoij to
a onnnetnlon with to, rjmroera, -f thr
KatiuHR City. Ihreveporl A attlf Rallwrty
f'tnpny Mt or npur DeQulncjr, roul!ianae
en.l h brn. h Iln. of railroad of tald dR-rRii-iant
lNw Orlegnt Tmhr A .Mrnl.-o
Hili road i 'ompury Rxtemllng from Eu
'.I ". Loglelang t CrowiRv. IxxiUlanA. to
tether ith th ffrrv arroea tha MImI.
' rpi Htvrr connecting eabl me in line of
railroad with thR lino of thr Yaioo e.nd
Mil ;-a!npt v.cvv ulfroad ('ompany at
Be n , Rouge, an.! a.; toteeraph Unea. In
eluding rill poU-K irra and lnstruniant.
all rlicht of 4, ptfction Rn I depot
I round i, nil turn U, road bade, apure. tle
rt.Vts, aeoond .r othRr additional trm-k.
turn ni!-, awltohoa abllnga and turntab.eii.
a. aupe ret ruet urea, brblKf, mrlngers. tlea.
r.tl n. fro-. . lirilr bo It a, api!ri and othRr
rallvoatl a pp-irten m en. all termlnala and
terminal propertlea, and fad I It tea, an ata
tlon houaea, warehouaea, fretglit h 1 "i r,
engine houHRaj, vr hrmi, Wftl tr etatlnn.
wgler tai . water vupply, nia.-hine h i.
and other atfUCturea, h!I furniture, nia
chlnery, tooii. lmplm-n!i. mat ar tall and
"'ipP'1. fert !eR, Inollnea, f"rry boata
an.i tranafer boata, wharvet and fRrry
trans', r facllltlee, and nil other properly,
real, p reonal or m atdi appurtenant to
any of aid line? of railroad.
And glio all and 1na.i r tha rlrb'a of
aid N-w t ifin. T.':i!i ft MRilr Rftll-
road Company under the Joint i:iea, oated
July ItOt, rtoI thR ;.areem-nt dated No-Mih-r
10. in OS. between the New Orleans
Tirniinal Company and dfenn:int St lula
San Kr.inidnoo Hit: road Corn panjr. and
othere, atoi under mm agreement dated May
1. lilt, between aald M, Loull a san Fran-
1 i o ItatlrtMil Company and Rat i New Or
leana Te a a Mexico tui;road r.mipuny
to use the railway tracka uni terminal fa
cllltlea of aald New Orleana Terminal iom
puny In and ubuu: the City of New orleana.
And aleo all and 1ncUia tha rtah'n of
aid New Orleani, TfX.ii A Mexico Ra.l-oad
Co'iipany utubr a certain contrart or
agreement dated Much . iii3, by and he
tween it an ! tha I'.lfnola Central Railroad
Company and the Taaoo A Mleataalppl Val
ley Railroad Compani tot th- uag of tracki
attd idher f it Iltt between ltrtton Itouga
and SOW Qftaana, and more particularly
dtacrlbad tnrein.
And alo nil rtid tnular th rlghta of
Rail .New Orleana, Texas A .Mexdro hal
r.ad Company under a leaae to It bv the
Loulalana Southern Ita'.'.road company,
da'.. I February 1. 9tti of certain rai.road
properUM in the Partehea of crrieans, 8t
Bernard and Plaetsemlnea in the sta'e of
Lgoulalang, mon partltularly described
And also all locomotlvot, enalnea, tend
ers paasencr an 1 fr. Jjrht cars, hand and
other oara and all other rolling at'"-k and
tqulpmenl owned bv cald New tirte,in.
T - v Met I CO Railroad Conioitny on M.iy
IT lilt, or aOQUlred ftr that .late, and
any nnd all Interf w h u h tt has in any
locomotives or other riiina etork or eriuip
ment, lii' ludlnt all f I's rlaht. title and
Interest in and t" any loeomotltres or other
eoUtpmoni acqutr-! under or iovered by
. h certain con tract a or agree men -.a of
condltlon.il nale aa followai
Ati aareement Wt h the Tullnian Com
pany, elat-. Janu 1 rv 1 .', 1107 . an aaree
tnent known as Bqulpment Aareetneni. He
rl "A", n h the Ranker Trust Com
pany. Utetl February 1. 1S0T, nl an
.;-. enwn: knna n aa E-i iipujent Acrre-
ment, Kerlea "I.", with the uuaranty Ttust
Company f New rk. da 1 d spt timber
lo. Isll, reapeotlvaly, and ail of the right.
MM and l.-.teri: "f "aait! New lr-nni,
Taa nd Mexico Railroad Company in
and to aald ontr;i'ta 01 at!'' tnenta.
And a'o S ' Rhart s. of thR pa? vaht tnf
1100 each. the tidtal etock of The
Pea 1 moat, Stuir le-xk-- ani Weati rn Hi
road Company, and fr-t mortgage !x p r
cent gold b'nds of that compiiny Rsft-ureil
by mortgagi to Th New York Trua. Com
pany, jus Trustee, dated May !. IIO. .f the
par or face value In the .,. l. t t- of $. -657.;;
tt. To aharea --f tha par value of
t each -f tu ipltal stock of The
Orange an 1 Korthwcatorn u.irroad Com
puny, and Mi- right to recelw an. I hold a 1
dttlonal aharea or i- capital stoi-k of rh
aggregate par value of t0,sOO wdien and
a th game ari laa ted, ami Brat mocgrig
sta per cent, gold bonds of that Company
aei 1 red bs mortgage to Th Ne w v ork
Trust Company, ,4 Trustee. dat- Mny 1,
of the par or face valuR In the ag
gresi" of $ teOCI.94f.ftl fi.OriO aharep, f
the par valur of $in,t Jich. of the capita:
Rtocn " r Tne m. 1 " m nrownivuia mx-
II way Company( and nrat mortgage
cent gold bond a f aald Company
! by mortgagi 10 Mte gl Kouid Cnion
Trus- Company, dated Ie -mhe.r 1, 199, of
h par or f e a!uo In the agwregatu of
An i HfiO treS, of th par value of
$100 . ,t. h, of the capita! stock of III ,
irrar.lo Railway 1 mip.in;. or the pro.'Reti,
f ,. thereof, a in the poMes4n of
st le-ouls it --in I'r in laco Railroad Com
pany or the receive n theraol
And also Q gharag, or tho pvr value of
$100 Rarth. of tho capital - k of the
!row1ey Bell mkJ Terminal cotn pan y ;
And alwi :"0 ihiirej. of the par va.lue of
It 00 each, of the capital eiock of the
woetern Tow nalte Company
And also all and elngular the rlgt)'a of
aaid defend ant NOW urieana. Texaa A
M est co Kl road Convpany undr tho
1 rt .1 In contr iots. rjt-tlvRW, bRtween th
Ht. i"ula. Rrowna . la A Mmi lta!iw
Company an 1 A. T r- rklns. Trustee, ttatrsl
n- ".nber t, 1511, and between Th st.
1u,m, Rrowr.sydliR A Mexico Hallway Cim
panv. New 1 r 1 ,. t Tea is A Mexico Itati-
road Company, st ,iuli A Pan Frajicincu
Railroad &mpatty, Albert T 1'erkina an 1
Ht Isoul (tnlon Truet Company, data-i
,l .1 nuary I It 13, r.-latlv to 1 he onat ruc
t Ion of a branch Una from Hloomlngtun,
Texax, to 'i -la. Taxae.
And nleo a'l and slngu'ar tha rights of
the defendant New Orleani T-aa a .Mrx
co Railroad Company under thmsti tr
tain contracte, respectively, bet ween i no
s-. l.uis. Brtfwnavl .v Heileo itar.wa
Company and Alherl r ivrklns, Tru at rr,
dated May SO, 1612, nod between The ft
l.ouis, prownavli 1 cl 0 Hallway Com
fiuny. New t it lea tie, Tx-i and ftletloo
la l: road Compgn) St. IgOUlS A Man Kran
clgOO Itallriaiid c .:npany, Albert T. Per
k!n. Truatee, and St. luMa I'nlon Truat
Companyi dated Sfo'mbT 3, 1 si 2, rela
tive to the .-oiistru-Hon of a branch lino
between Heyaei , Tcxaa, and Auatwel'..
A nd also nil rial ma, notes, honde, ei
denRs o.f Indehtedn-'ss. contracts, dRmanda
and tlgntx ngaln--i any pereons, tiims, or
corporsAJoMi wbatgoevgr, ownad by eald
defendant New Orleajtaj Texas and Meaico
mCtiroad Company, bookm of gocount
eeioooo In action, mid ail etaer prprtv,
teal Of pergonal or thttlg of v.ilua of any
kind, M mo r nature, tanglbla or Jntjin
gule, legal 01- RiiuliablR, pohh,'m- 1 by sald
defendatvt, Now OrloanOi Texa? ami mx
loo Rati road 1 !om pa ny and not other wisa
ape f; ill ileelgnated herein.
And alho all thoee certain plecee or paj--cela
of re.il property is separately fully
nnd ptrtlCUlarly doo-rtlied in the decree
aforesaid with the betteVmentsi anil Im
prov.-iiientR thereon, "ItuatR In the City
of NSW tirleana, 1'iLrlsh of Orleans, In the
rttata of ouUlana, StSbJeoti hOWOVSfi to a
prior lion to aeoure the payment f ft rrotR
for I WO, 000.00 with Interest, COUJIOOl fei
and cvpRUHcs, dated January I4i 191s,
drawn by louTs s11" Pranclsi itaii
road Company to Me rd r of The Nw
York Trust Company, and due all inontjh
from that date, and generally dene rl bed
aa followgl
(jOrtaln or portions of gronn-1 In the
f-econd Dtatrlot In Sii'iaia No 1 1 4 hounded
by Clalborn. IRrt.lgny. Hlenvtlle and
mtl St reof, bt-lng iuimr)rsii ami meas
uring us followai wot hearing the Munici
pal Number n;::: Clatbornc Street ine.nurea
in American Measure 26 feet. 7 Inonog
front on Claiborne Street, bv 71 feet or
morn In depth pelWgsn parallel IMtea;
Three lots, designated bv It. C, and a lot
Composed Of Whole of lot II and rear M
lot 1 Munbdp.il Nos. 1706, 17ft". n.iy, nil
and ITU Itleuvllle Htreet), Lot II mra
urea 40 feel front on Bienville street nnd
Ivoi C ineaaurea 4t) feet 4 Inonesi 1 line
front on Hln lllo at reet. eu .h having a
dap i h of i no feet. ;t Ineneg bet ween par-
lillol tines, tha third lot, uhleh Is rompoHRd
of the rhrtlf of lot No. iti and the rvir of
lot No. 6 meaMirea 1 8 feet front on Bien
ville by l-T. feet 3 Itichei and 7 llnM In
dei) t h bet w e n parallel 1 1 n at j T w o lot a
MunTelpal Nos lift, 321 na 121 Oledborns
Streeti, one of R.ibl lot, being No. 6,
mRKPurae -." feoti I Hush front on Clalborna
S' root by HT feet. 10 lio hes. it lines In
depth betWRRii pgptllol lines, beginning at
h dlstiuios of far. feet. 3 tntdies. fi ilnea
froni BlSJtVtlls Stropi, nnd tha othRr lot ad
joins It and hum i 44 feet, X Inohee and
7 lines front tn cUlhornR Ptreet, by 1JT
feet, 11 InchRs, 4 ll naa In depth on etd
line ararest BlRnvlllR Htreet and a, flrM
depth oet opposite side ilr.e of 10s feat, I
F i RKC Is4H r RK SA
lin hRS, 3 I In vs. then.-R at rla-ht nna tow-
erl Cnntl Street Tp feet, 1 Inches, r lines,
and thence n further depth of .'2 f.-Rt. 2
I nonOS, I lino, to the rsr line, which rear
line nienaiires 50 feet, 1 ln h. 4 llnfg to the
opposltR nid line; lxt No, 1 : (Municipal
No. 17.t0 CO nt I HtrRRti measurRn ih feet
frot on Oontl Stree-t bv 100 feet, 3 Inches.
2 llnee In depth between parallel lines; l,ot
No. rMunl.'Ipal No. 1 i j .ontl Btreel 1
moflMiires 17 fflRt. fi inches front -m Contl
Htreet, by .'i0 fet, 1 inch n dept h I Two
lots, voe 21 in. i 22 (Municipal lumbers
3)4 and .llti l erblgny stre.-t. adon iMich
other and rneHnirR eat h -."1 feet. Im liti
fronf on Ierb!f nv St reet, bv ion feel In
depth bet w erM parallel lines: portion or
r round, being whole of lota No- 1. '.' ami
Mimic IpriT Son. 1714. 1716 and 171
cnntl Streeti meaeurrs BO fRt frnn I on
ConM Htreer. by 100 feed, 3 inehes, r. Ines
In depM. betWRen par.illol llnee; lot B
1 Mimiripai Nos. I TOO and ITOl Contl Strot ,
Ivlng at n dlstancR nf 31 feel. .". InchRs. 4
ItnRs fro.n Claiborne StreRt ami measures'
thenee 37 fRRt. .'. If. ha, 7 lines front on
Cnnt! Street by a depth rf SO feet. I Inche
on the llnf to-ard Ticrblgnv rtrRt and a
first dRpth on othRr SldO Una of : feat, '1
Inch rr, thRnce on a Una allghMv ohtlfU0 17
feRt, invhee, ihRnce 12 feet. 3 Im bra on 1
eond depth Hiir te thR rear line, uhl-h
measures 3.. feet. In.hRS. 4 lines; lxt
onpoRRd of whotR of lots A, It and C
(Mumctpal Nog 1731 and 1 733 lenrllle
Htreet 1 meaaurea so feet front on WentHllO
StrRRt by 7 fRRt, 7 Inches In depth and
front on Derblgny Street between parallel
Certain !ofs or portlona of ground In th
rcon1 llatrl t In equare No 2ir. honn led
by 'ontl, Hlenvine, Roman and Iertdgnv
Rireeti. trelng numbered and measuring as
follow a; isot No. it r Municipal No M34
rontj Hrrset i mRaaurea 27 feet front on
Contl Ptreet by 10i ft 3 Inidiej. 3 Hnea
tn depth he ween parallel lines ; 1 .0: No
I 'MunMpHl No 1R12 and 1814 Cnntl
Street 1 measurea 2 7 fRet front on Contl
Street bv ion feet 3 Im-hen and 2 lines
In depth beMVRRn nariClal lines, T.ot R,
being part of lo n. 15 and tl messures
34 fRRt front on Roman street, bv 4 reet
In de.pth bOtWOOn parallel Unea, lt No
It 'Municipal No 1 S 3 H Cont! Street 1 m'v
urea 27 feet front on Contl Street by 40
f'et more or leRS In depth snd front on
ft om an StrRet, f.-rmlng thR omer of Mid
Streets; Lot 'Municipal No l III Cent!
StrRett atljointng the lot whioh forms the
norner of ConM nnd Homan BtreetS ihm'
ur s 27 fee front on Contl ftret by !
feet In depth bet wen parallel tinea . t.t
No 13 Olunl'tpsl No. Mi's Contl PtfWetl
measurea 27 fort front on Contl Street
bv 100 feet 3 1n hes aid 2 lines in -lep-h
I'fU'cfTi paralle-1 lines Iot No in iM .
nlclpai No 1 1 1 1 Contl Street 1 ni'MtsurRR
37 faRt front on Contl HlrRet ly 10d fR
3 Inches and 2 lines In drpfh betwaen
psraiiRi lines. Lot No 24 (Municipal No
131 BtSglSjIlO S'rReti mfiiir"i 27 f-e
'ront on BtenvKle S4 eR by 100 feRt 3
ihrhea nnd 1 1 1 n in l.ith htwtRn parallel
llnea. lst A (Municipal No 1 a t ? i'on'1
Street ) meaaures 2 7 eet front on Contl
St-.-Rt by (4 feet 11 Im-he 2 UnRS in
ttt-pth bRt-en parallel it nee . I.ot itm
POSed of wholR .,f Tgot 31 and portion of
Io 1 fMunlcipa. Nos 0I and ; Mien
jrtlle Htreeti ir.RiirRs ;t feet front on
BlegVlllS Street bv 1 no fRer 3 Ire hes
'ine in iept h between parallel Ilnea; two
lots. Nor A and B 1 Munh tpal No- SIT.
317 and 331 Ierb!gnv Htreet), l-t A ineos
ures Si feet 7 ln-'hR ". ,!nsH front n
Derblgny Street. Iit B measures 4 3 fool
In. -hes 4 lines front on R-ime afee
and earn has a depth or fRRt 6 nhe'.
bet -veeRn parnllel iin- r ; a not her lot. B
1 Municipal Nos 3 29 and 331 Derblgny
trOWt) miiur-i .SO fRet front on TVr
blgrev StrRet by 27 fret on a first depth
on the side toward a Cont l StrRet, t hencR
4 fRRt ! lrv het on a line running t
ward Blenvl1 street, thence -:7 feet
to the rer line, wh1 -h measures 4i feet
4 Inches, and a dept h oi the or he- aide
:!ne of -.4 feet; Lot No. 5 (Munlcplal No
3?: rerblgny StreRt i men-ire . ', fe-
Inches front on iWbtgnv Street bv 14S
feot fi Inchee In deplti be: ween p-i rallei
llneg; two lots, Nog 17 an.i 1 (Muni tt'.
.Vos JIft and 322 ft nan Stree idjoln
ing fdi h other and each measure J"
feM -s :ine front on Roman Street by
14 feet lnehRR in depth between
parallel Mnae; Lot t Municipal NOS Hnn
and 1 si 2 contl St trr: measures 2 7 f Rt
front on Contl StrRet bv t,n feet 3 in. h"
2 Ilnr-i In depli and front on Derblgny
Slrert; Lot being par of 101 1 iMunlCl
pal No t an 1 Blenyltts street 1 meaaures
11 feet front on Bienville street hv 100
feet 3 In-'hea 1 line In dep t, v 1 f-
on rerb:gny StreRt; Lot No 1 meaOUrea
II feRt S inehes front on Hainan Sire. '
by 1 4 a fRRt 6 Inches In dRpth between
parallel line.
Certain iot- or porMns f ground in the
Second Dtetrff . tn acpure No 341 for
merly No Hi bounded by ConM. Ttn-
111a, Roman and Prleur S' ree - s. being
nu inhered and me aaurlng ss follow a J Lot a
Nos 12 an 1 IS .Municipal N01
124 and 1925 t'onlt Str-eti adjoining
each other and measure earn '' 7 feel
front on Contl Street hv 100 tet 1 Inchea
In dapth hr-twRen parallel lines, Ti r Joint
undivided half n iked OWSSratllp of Thfim
Capp jn LeCt No 14 (Municipal S . tf4
Contl StrRet i. wh! -h ssld lot mea'nreii .7
feet front on Contl StrRRt hv '. fee 3
In-hRS atitl 2 lines in oVpttl between
paral Rl lines; fot No C (Municipal N"--32
3 and 3t Roman Street 1 meaatiree 33
feRt S Inchee fron on H Mian St 'Ret b
Ht fee 11 inehes 2 Unea and Is ci tnpogi I
of -ha w ho of Loi No. C ai d part f
Lat No 4; l.ot No 14 r Municipal No
1S2' Contl 8tret men,iirei 27 f-et fr
on '"ontl Str-et by 100 feet 3 int-h.-s snd
? lines 'n depth between parallel line"
I. nr. being part of lota No- :: :
iMuniripal No llll Monvllls Street i
measurea 25 feet front on Bienville Itreel
by 100 fet 3 Inches 1 :ine In depth b.
fvrrrw parallel Mnea: I-ot 4 iM'inlrip.tl
No 200.' Blenvttlg StrRRt i m as ires 37
feet S Unea f-ont on Blonvllh Street by
feet 3 In i hen 1 line In depth on r.1a
neat to lot No, t and '.'0 feet 1 " Inih'
7 line, on firs depth op side nt t lot
3. thence a second depth of n fet tl
1nchei four Unea. and meanir's : 3 fee-
3 Inches In Width In the reir; lot A
. Municipal Nt. 3U and 317 I onsn
HtrcRt i measces a:t feet ( n he, front
on Roman Street by Ml fe,. $ , . hei
In dept h betw -'en pars Mel lines, f niore
or less. I,ot No. 1a (Municipal No 132
and 1934 ''optl Street i moaeurSS 27 fee
front on contl Street by M f.-et In depth
br ween Oaf glial IItirs t,of NO, 1 1 f M u -ntctwaj
No 1114 Con 1 StrRet i meaeures
feet front t.n Contl StreRt ny 100 feet
3 in' hes 2 I in'- in depth between parallel
lines; Lot B 4 Municipal NOS t.'T and 32
Roman StrRRt measures 34 fer ft Inchea
2 lines front on Roman Sire, t i,v H fet
In dspth betw. en parallel tln'-s. 'Tw ' !of
I Municipal Noa 314. 3U. 311 ami J20
rrleur Street 1 ad loin ing each otber and
meaaurlng earh 3 feet s in- hea front on
Prleor Strfet hv MS fe t j Ini-hea In
depth h-t wen pgfgllel lln-s. he in a com
pnKd of part of Lot No 1 Jt an 1 the
whole of lot s Noa, 11 and 20 j l.ot 21
being composed nf part of or I gin a 1 lots
Nos 23 and IT, measurea, beginning at
a distance of It feet from the COmST of
Roman and B ten villi StreRts, 2: foot front
on Bienville street by 100 feet 3 InchRs
1 line In depth bet ween parallel lines ,
I,ot ?S (Municipal Noa. 1 and 1911
Bienville Street) meaaures fe.-t fr-it
on Hlenvtlla Street bv 100 fr-et 3 InohSS
and 1 line In depth between parallel linen
Lot No. io (M unlet pa I No. 1914 Contl
Strsgtl meas'i res 17 feet front on "ont t
Ptnet by ion feet 3 imhes. 2 lines In
drpMi bRtween parallel lines , Tot c i Mu
nicipal NOS, 322 and 324 North l'riatir
StreRtl mensuiRn 34 fM ". InchOS front on
PrlSUr Street hy 143 feet I Inchea In
depth between parallel lines.
certain Iota or portions of ground In
the Second Dlatrl. t tn siiuare .V, 2 1 1
iM.unded by Bienville, Contl, Johns., ;i ,,'n d
I'rleur StreRts, being numbered and meas
uring aj follows l.ot bearing Municipal
Nos, 2031 and 20T3 Rlsnvllls Stren ;n.-a.-uiea
47 feet front on BlsnvlllS Htreet bv
Ito feet In depth between parallel llnee
portion of ground POm posed "f wh"le of
JAt 19 and parts of Iyota 7. I, 12, 13 M
and 13 (MUn.OjpaJ No. 20j7 Bienville
StrRRt- mRRRiir-'i B fRet It lit.-hR, front on
Blenvtllo streRt bv 210 fpRt 'i inohee
line In depth between paralle' lines, lxt 15
(Municipal No. ':i3y Blenvtllo street an.i
No. 312 Jrthneon street t meaeurea " ? feet
front on Bleu i Ills StreRt bv 1 37 feet In
dRpth and front on Job neon st rR.-t b. -
1 ween pa rallei llnee. Three lots, V in
and front portfcone of Lola Noa. i and 9
(Municipal Not 2i24, 2'ijK, .''i. 1:03(1 ji)3 '
and 2034 Contl streot) Lnt No. u meaaures
j 7 feet 1 Inch front 011 Cont 1 gl reet by
107 feRt in depth batwosn pafallel line
end the front portions of lita Noa. h and u
egch menaurft .7 foot 1 I nob front on Oontl
Strrje-t by 90 feat In depth between para'
r lines; Portion of ground (Municipal
No 2001 Contl StreRt' measure, 1 1 fevt
2 lnchAR front on ConM Stre.-t by lo7 feet
in the Ride towards PrlOUf Strt-et. 24 feet
h I nonee w lie m Uis r.i r, an 1 on the
othr el la Une a flrSt depth of 90 feRt. t hence
w ldRntng elx Inonesi tpwarda Johnson street,
thence ;i second depth of 17 loot: l.ot No. 1
f Municipal Noa. .i01 and . im;, It envllle
Stro4-t ami 311 Prleur Sltwi 1 meuMireo 117
feet Ilnea front on BlenvlIlR StrRet by
100 fRRt 3 InehOS t Una In depth and front
on TrtRiir Street, tiVtwRen parallal linea
Lot (Municipal Noa. 2000 and 2003 ConM
StrRRt) niRaaiLrea 27 feet 1 noh front on
Contl Street by 107 feet In depth on on
elda line and a tlrat depth and front on
1'rb-ur ittreet of Q feet 3 Inchea 3 lines
ilu-ii.-e on an oblhitie line 40 feet 4 In. hei
to the rear line, whloli mi'imn 94 1 0 fRet ,
Iot No. 11 tneaaurea 27 feet inch front
on Contl sti.'.T by 107 feet in opbh and
front on Johnaon Street, being the larger
Raid of lot origin-ally dealgn.iu-d by thd
o. 11.
certain lot or portions of grnurnl In tha
(ietoad lU:rl t 1n eriuare No. 273 bounded
By Bienville, Johnet.n. (Jglvei and (untl
Htrnets, being numbered and me,uiurlng aa
followa; led No. 10 (Muni. Ip.il No yli
Hlenvllle Htrxit 1 meaRurta 2K feet ) 1
Inchea I lli.aa front on BlenvillR Street
by 12. feet In depth between parallel lines;
lxt No. 0 (MunUtpal Noa. 2131 and
Bienville Strret 1 beginning tit a disdain ,
of 144 feRt 9 Inchea am'. 2 lines from cor
HRr of Johneon Street and lur.o.ni-s theme
21 feet 11 India 4 ilnea front on nieu
vIHr Htreet by 126 feet In dtpth betwiwu
parallel lliiRa; l.ot No, 7 (Munulpal Nos.
LM17 and 211'- BlenvillR Siroe-ti meagurss
V feat 11 Im hei 4 lines fronl on Blenvl I
Htreet by 126 fRRt In d.-pth between paral
lel llnee. Two lots, Nos, 11 ami 12 (Muni
clpal Noa, B10 1 and 2103 Hlenvllle Street
.-nd Noa. IK, 117 and 319 .lohnaon Street.,
Iot No. 1 1 measurea 21 feet 1 1 in. he 3
llnee front on Bienville Htrrted hy 12;. f rri
In depth and front on Johnaou Htreet an 1
liot No. IS Ilea In the rear of l...t No 11
and meaauree II Xsst X saoik 1 Jloa front .
NOVEMBER 15, 1915.
f t)RKf I.4IHI RF SAtsBSi
on Johnson Street hv 130 feet 3 Inehee 4
UnRs In dRpth between pgraNOl UnRR; l.nt
(Munlrlpal .Noa 2104 and 2Hh Contl streR-ti
ineaRiiiea 31 feet 11 Imhes H line front
ofi Contl StrRet hy 100 feM 7 Inrhea 4 llnej
In dRpth. between parallel llnee.
Certain tots or pottlona of ground In the
Sacond District In square No. 276 boundad
hv Bienville, Contl. Johnson and Ivr
StrRt. beUig nuniborgd and .TH'rtsurlng ns
follows: lit No, 13 (Municipal Nos 321
;ind 32& Jolins-'ti Mtreeti mennurRs 33 fet
1 Ben 1 line froti' on Johneon Street bv
IS11 fort 3 Imhes 4 Ilnea In depth between
psrullel lines.
Certain lot or po.-tlons of ground In the
Se.-omi DtOtrtCl In souare No. 2" bo-mded
by Miro. Blonvllle, contt and Qalvei
stTRRtu, being n timbO 1'Od and meHimrlng ns
follows: A?! the right, title and Intorosr of
Thomas Capo In and to two cOftnln lots of
round (Munblpal No, 313. 0, 322 and
124 .Miro sireeti deadgntted by the Noa in
snd 11 nmi measuring aaeh 27 fet 4 in-heR
front on Miro St reel bv 142 feel r, Inehgo
In dfpth between pur-tlle lines; Lot No. 4
'Munblpal No. 3:7 Knd 111 ilalve. StreRt)
llieasureo If fRRt 4 In. lies 'rout on (lulvea
Stree bv IH few l foil h In itepth betWRen
pa rails! Unea ; Kour lots, Nos. 12. 13. 14
and u i Municipal No. j jjg Blenvllls
StiRRti measure, lxta Noa. 13. 14 and II
each II fert t; InonM front on BlRnvllle
Srpet by Km feet Inchea ( line In depth
hetmeen parallel llnee. Iot No. 13 for-nlng
thR . ortiRr of BlenvillR and Miro StreRts,
and leot No 12. adjoining above lota tn the
rsa r, measures -7 foot 4 In hes front on
Miro Street bv 142 feet fi ln hn In depth
be! we.-n para-lie) Unea; twit No. II
or A adtolnlng above lota on
Blanvllle Street meaeure 24 feet 9
tn-hea front on BlenvillR StrRRt by 10
feet 6 Inehea a lines In depth betwRen par
allel Unea. Two lots, NoS H and W Mu
nlctpal No, llll, 2203. 2201 and 2207 Bien
ville Street and 311 N. tlilvaa Htraat), lot
B measures 73 feet 1 tneh front on Blen-
Ilia Stree-t and l,4f K meaRiires 29 feet 4
Inrhea front on BlenvillR Street. R:teb lot
being 109 foot ' Im he 6 lines tti depth hR-
Ren parallel Unea, Ixt K forming the
eotner of i ,i 1 vej! and Bienville streeta;
Three loia. Nos. B, ' and t Municipal
Nos nOO'ltll and 2210 B ten villa SfrRe
all of Rabl lota front on Bienville street
and msaaurs Lot b .12 eet 11 inchea 4
lines front, Tent C II feet 1 tmdi 4 Unea
front and T.ot T 25 fRet 11 lie Tirs front.
Snd eat h lot has a depth of 109 feet
tn.-he t line between parallel lines, Amer
lesn Measure; It No nie;4RureR 2 1 feet
In-die, front on C'.ntl Street, bv 1"S fRet
4 In hn tn depth between parallel Unas;
i.-.t N. 3i measurei 27 re.-t 4 inches front
Of! 'J. ?. St ree I. bs 1 H feRt In dRpth: Lot
' Municipal No 2.M : contl Sdret 1 me-as-ur.
3! feet 4 Inrhe fron on Cnntl S: rRRt
bv .4 fg-et Inehea in depth h'-tweRn pa r -
allel ilties; tant N.i a (Municipal N, 2221
uid 2.30 Contl StreRt 1 forms corner of
f,f,m t a nd Miro St reel and meaaures 2 3
feer fi In, het frvtit on ConM Street hv 10?
feet 4 Inches In nVp-h hetwren pnnllRl
I Ines l.ot forming thR rnr of (Jai v
an.i t'onti Streets MiRaaurRs fRet I n h
fr' ,,!' Oalvoi St reel bv 12 feet in doin
md front on Contl Street between parallRl
I I n ea
Lot A In Square No 214, In tha Perond
Pl boinded hv Clark. BlRnv11. ter-
oignv and Contl S-reeta measurea 17 feet fi
Inches front n Contl StrRet bv 71 feRt 1
Inch In depth on IhS elds towards fiark
Street. 0 feet 1 Inch on the flr-t depth
.Ine on side running towards Ierblgnv
StrRRt. then.-R widening on a Une running
to Derbignv Street and parallel to contl
StrRet 17 feet 3 in. hRs 3 llneg thsnr a
- .nd .IrplIj of 2:. feet 7 tn.-hee to th
rear line, whi di mi asur-a 31 fee- 9 Inches 3
Certain lots or portions of ground tn
tl,.. n oi l District, In souarR No 101
twin. led by Bienville, contl. TonM and Mtro
Streets. enr n um ti -r1 ind meaaur'rg as
foiioaH- i,n-- Nog 17 anl II (Municipal
Noa 2 323. 2327 ni 232' Bt-n- 1"r StrRti
sdjolnlng e. h ther, and meaaurlng eh
?7 fV 1 Inch front on BlsnvlllS StrR' bv
10)1 f- ct hei a e.-n nim line Two lotn
(Municipal Nor ?33S. 2337 PTid 23S. Hlen
1 vllle Street mOSNUre ssch 27 feet 1 Inert
fr-n ..n Bienville Str- hv in fRRt I
Inoi.Ra fn depth between psratlOl Une and
form ths ' rnar of m-MivtUe an1 TonM
Str-sits lyit No 19 (Municipal No 2323
BlenlltR Slr.H-i measures 27 feR' 7 Inehes
fron on Blenvtllo S'reRt by 109 feet tn
dep'h he-w.en parallel UlRs l,ot. No. l
(Municipal Nos 323 and ?2" M!ron S--ee-i
meaauree 27 f-Rt 7 Inchee 2 Uns front on
Mtro Sref hy M f.-e-t 11 ln-hei lines
i" pth between parallel Ilnea; Tot No, 7
1 Municipal 2224 ard 222i Contl Sreet
measures ?i feet " inehes front on ConM
StrR.t by 1A1 feet 4 inrhRR In depMi b
tween parallel tines; Two lots N- . 22 and
'3 .Municipal Rog 2309. 2311 and 2313
Bienville St r-t meaRur m h 27 fe.t 1
Inch fron' .-i Bb-n!"e S-r-et bv feet
t.et w , , ., pars Be! Ines . 1 Tt i Muni Mpa I
N.. llll and 2'. 7 Bienville Str-et mo
ores 73 f.-et I InphOS t Mnrs front on Bin
tc t bv 101 f.et In depMl b"twRen
parallel UneR; ?- s (Munlrltml No. 320
T.o.M Streetl mea..ires. beginning at a dls
lance of 13fi fee- 7 Inches 2 Mn' front on
Contl Street 20 feel 9 Inches fronr on TonM
Street, by Ma feet, 11 Inches 2 Ilnea In
depth between parallel lines; tsfOt No 12
(Municipal No 37:' TonM f'sM tru iirsi
7' fe. 7 Inrhea 2 tine fr.nt on T'-ntl
SirR.- hv 141 feel 11 tnchea 1 Uor- In
'ep h te ween parallel Unea ; let A - MU
nt' I pa I No 2 22'. Bienville Street to. -irRa.
commRneing at a d I at an CO f 13'' feet, 4
Inches, 7 Ilnea from TonM Street 2 f. e.
tn-Mie front on Men vl tie Street bv 1 0' feet
in depth between parallel i'm: foi No 1
i Municipal Noa. 232. and 2T2 ConM Sree
me.iaure 27 feet 1 Inoh front on Contl
Strei ' by I At f.et te depth betweRn narallgl
tines, tgfll rompoeed Of rear of Ie' No 1 r.
and 11 (Municipal Nop 310 an 1 312 TonM
atr-'! meaaures 2 feet 10 Inehea front n
TonM StreRt hy r. 4 feRt 2 In. hei In dpth
h.-:we,n paralbl Hnea; I,o No messuree
27 fe. 1 7 tn-h-a front nn Contl SfRet by
j oa fe-t In dOpth bOI it pari'. r1 lines .
ot being p.irt of Iot No 4 me laureo 27
feet 1 Inch fron son ConM Stre t by 10
fe-t in depth bs" w- Rn parallel lines , Lol
No 7 measurRR 27 feot ' !n- he front on
Cnntl Street by 103 feet In depth between
parallel lines.
Certain Iota or prtlone of ground In
e , OT,ej District In sojunre No l?l
bounded by Hoc he n'ava, Blenvtllo, rw-
geriols and Cnntl S'reate, being numbered
and mei,iir!ng a- fotlowe: Lot No 11
i Municipal Noa 2S20 and 2. 2 2 CnnM
Streetl measure SO feet fronr on fontl
Street bv lir. feet In riep-h between
pursue Uns; Iot C Municipal No 2511
Bienville Street i measures 1 7 fee 10
Inches frort on R!n I Me Street t' l-f
feet 4 Inches I Une- In d pth . l.ot No
9 I Municipal No 2 32 Bienville St reet I
measurea .to feet fron- on Bienville s-root
by l.0 feet In depth between p. trailed
certain 'nf" or portions of ground in
he Second DNfrtct 1n MUOrg No .30
bounded by Rocheb!ae, Bienville. ConM
and Tont 1 St rRRt a, hRlrg numbered an i
measuring as follows: Lol No 7 (Mu
nlclpai No 320 Roohebtave Street) meas
ures 32 feet Iron on R.-chRblave Sreet bv
110 feet tn depth hot ween parallel LJ nes ,
l.ot 24 (Municipal Nos r.?3 and IIS Tontt
Sretl meas rra 32 fe t front on Tontl
STe-st by II foot in dRpth beta S en
parallel I Ine -: Two lofa. Nos. 4 and i
( Mut 'MpiC Nos III 321 and 3: .! Tontl
Btreet ), aald lota a-1.1oln oa h other and
meaeure each IS fret fronl i n Tontl
Street by 110 feet tn iept h between
parallel line . l.ot No. 1 ( l unlclp i No
337 and 339 Tontl Stre. m l No 2(12
' 'on M St rest 1 met suren. more or nn, 12
fet front on Tontl Street hy 110 feR In
dOpth and front on Con 1 1 St ret bet ween
parti .lei lines , l.ot No. ! . M in1c1p.il No
Kt3 Tontl Streetl commences at a dlstam-R
of 110 feet from BlenvillR Street and
measures -hence 23 feel '.' Inchea and 2
Unest on T-itifl Street by 110 f.-et In depth
between parallel line-- Two otg, Noa. 1
and 2 (Munblpal No 2407 Bienville
Streetl Sdjolnlng each other. Lot. No.
meaaurlng 24 fe.'t 10 Inchea front nn
Bleiullle Street, l.ot No meaaurtnff 24
reel 9 tm-has 10 Bnea trowt on Bienville
Street. eaWi ol having a depth of lid few
between parallal lines. iot .'o. i forttdng
the coriiRr of Blenvllla and Tontl Stree;
l.ot No. I i MUnlolP il Noa 324 nnd I2
Booh eb lave St reel l men an res 3 J feet front
on RochObUvs Street by 1 tu fe- hi depth
bet ween parallel Hues . Two iotn 'o. 9
and 10 1 Municipal No .124 RochOblgVO
StrRt 1. l.ot .No 9 measures 32 fet front
an RoCnOvlaVS Street and Lot No 10 nt-tiR-ure
1 .r feet front on RoohghlaVS St reat.
both having a tUpth of 1 10 feet between
parallel It nes Three lots, Nos. 7, 3 and
9 ( Municipal Nos 24 23, 24 20, 24 2 9 Bien
ville Street ) ad loin each other and
measure R'h 24 feet 9 Inches 10 Ilnea
front on Bienville St real by 110 feoi lu
depth bRtwern pamUel Unrs.
ThR tltlR to all the real eatate In tha
Parish of Orleans as Just aline described
gppean on ihe Convoygncs Reoordo in the
natliR of Claries R Hsydook tn Book
219 folio 000, ll bOOk 220 folio S70;
book 221 follfl 120. 833.
And also an undivided one half Intereat
In an Irregular Strip f land beguiling g
the Miasiastitpi Rtvsr on ttie Kut and run
ning wost to fin gin ear's Htution, 1703 of the
N. O. T. St M. It. K. and hounded un the
North by l'oplur (trove Plantation! and on
the South b (he Sunrise Realty Company,
containing 111.16 aoroa, an.i being com
monly known tk-m the Am horage l'luntatlon,
paid undivided one -ha If Intareat, exclualve
of the right of way and thR amall portion
tn tho northOatOt -orner devotei to rallrad
purpoeeSi loss and undivided one-ha If in
terest In 14.1 acre oonvoyod to tba I'oplar
QroVO Plantatltt'S and Refining Company,
Limited, ui ahown bv conveyance r. ords
Of Weal Baton itouga 1'urUh, book 10,
page HO,
And rImo an undivided ona-half lntRret
In g. J ncraa convejed to nald Compa.ny by
Mia Poplar Qpovs 1'lant I ng and Hon idiig
Company, I ! mi tOd, a nd dcacidbe.l us fol
lows, to wU
"Aii irregulaf piece of ground out of the
eoul h est corner Of I'opla,r i J rove Pla il
lation, West Biiton It.uge rarlsh, Ioull
aflba mora parU-u!arly deacrlbed aa fol
towa: Starting a,t the Interaixttlon of the
centre line of the track known as Poplar
fVrove Sugar Mill Spur f the Now Or
leans. Texaa aV Mexico Itllroad Co. with
(he South line r ih Poular ilrove Plan
tation at borage, Weal Baton Rouge
Parish, Louisiana Thence Fastarly along
aald line of Poplar Q-rOVO Plan: Clon a dU
tagOg of 401 for a place f beginning.
ThencR NorthenBterly, in a king au ang""
of 32 and 20' to the left with the aouth
line of the Poplar drove Plantation a dla
tama nf 00', Thence north.iaterly on a
4 urve to the left with a radlna of SOS I
to a point ;i u wett of the w eat line of the
c..untv Road which runs parallel to the
, Meoalangptoi lUver Ijavee. Thauoe north-
erly, parallRl to and nftv feet (30' die- i
tant from eald wast Una of count f Hoad.
distance of Mo to a point In thR aouth j
UnR of thR road running from aforeaald j
SaW 'te,1 to the Poplar firovR Sugrir I
Mill. Thence OMtOrly nlong anld aiuth I
line of Hugar Mill road .r.O ' 40 a point in i
the west line of asld (Vojntv ROWd,, thence 1
Snntherlv Along said wet UnR of County J
Rmd 411. Th en e rum 230' morR or Irss !
to the Mean Low Water Lin nf thR West 1
Ikink of tha Mlsslealopl Rlvr ThrncR
southerly along aald Pa- watar Una 13f'
more or Irrs to the afo-eaatd Ronth Hor of
I'oplar drove Plantation, Thanre WRd-
erlv along said south tn-e Poplar dm i
Plantation l3'.i feRt, more or Irss. to the
place of hRgtntilng, a!d pnr. el of grounti
OOntSlnS 11.9 acres, nmr or les " i
And also a certain tfgcl of land elttiated 1
on Bsivnu f;roR TRt r In th Parish of
Point r CoupsR, Tevuialina. fronting 4 ar 1
pants on the asld Bnvoii drone Tete bv 40
orpnta In dept h, more or Irso. bounded
al"ve hv land of Mrs Laxa.-ua .t. Powell
ne RobUlard 1 and below bv land for- ,
meriv halonerlng to Mrs M A. Sntv. n-w ,
belonging to her daughter. F. len Keatv,
wife of ,T O drlmmer. togethe- with aU 1
the buildings nnd Improvement a th- reon
Said tract of land contain io acres, more 1
or Irrs aald land hing thR lowRr portion
of Se- on 7 tn Township R South Bangs,
9 rRt of the SmithRiafern IMstrbM of ,
IoutaI.ina of thR Mississippi River.
And also two certain lots or parrala of
land situated In Mie AI Bae.dorhl Addition
to the Town of BunlcO, Parish of Pf. Un
dry. Ixoilaiars, and knnwn and deelgnated
upon the official mn.p 0f the aald Al Rae
dorhl Addition to th Town of Eunlea on
SIS in thR ..fflre of the Clerk of tAlS Ormrt
of the Parish of s. Iandrv aforeaald, aa ,
lote 6 and 6 In Rio, k 10 thereof.
And alo a portion of cRrtaln lot or
pareRi nf Inti. I situated in fhR Toovn of
Eunice Parish of St, gandry. tgotilsiane,
mors fuUv dRserlhrd as being thR S'4 of
lot No 13 of Block II as per the offlrda!
map of the original townetta of Eunice,
filed in the offlt e of the Clerk of Court of
St Ixmdry Pariah. September 10. 1194
And also five and one-hntf rRrtaln lo nr ,
prei a of land ni t itn t ed In thR Town nf
Funic, PaMh of st Landrv, IyouMnria
and mora aarttrulOffty described as being
lot Noa I. 4, 10 11. tj nnd NM of 1 1 of
Block II as per the official plat of the orig
in il towns of RunlCO, now on fit tn the
office of Hie ClOrh "f thR Court of St
TsRtidrv Pariah. fog..hr with th buildings I
and Improvements thereon.
And also an undivided one-belf Infers
tn the N' of P W t4 of Pee g f. 4) 1 Tt
t K In St. Landry P.irlah. Ioul1ana. Ie-.i
2 3 acrRa roM to the Eunice Cotton oil
Company 'ess 3 0 eold to the Eunb e Rice
Milling company, leas right of wiv of the
M L a T H n Co . ga shown hv th con
veyonr Rr cor la of tt Jjan dry Pariah. ,
tto- k 11 4. P .ge 313
And also an undtvldRd onR-haf lntreat
tn the N, of P W. ' of Prc 30 T P R
1. E In St Landry Parish, Louisiana. Ira
2 3 aere ao'd to the EunlCR Cotton Cil
Company, 'ene 3 n arrea sold to the Eunlr
BIcr Milling ''orApsny Leas right of wav
of the M. L AV T R. R Co , as shown hv
Conveyance Record! of P Iandry Parish,
Book E 4, pne Itg,
And also a Certain parrel of ground elt
uatOd In t h CMty of Opelouaai and dS
Scribed SS fnllnw:
A st rl p 41 f gr und eommenelna at tb
point of Intorseotlon of the west line of
Main Ptrt In the city of Opdouaas with
Mi centt-r line of the main tr.uk of the
New Or'ears. T.'in Mpo R R at j
Kng-lnef.ra Station 2? a 4 3 No "3 7. Miene-.
northerly along eald WOSt line of Mnln 1
Tract 120' , the poin of beginning:
thenr northerly along wesit line of Main
Ptreet. 14t fet ; thenee weaterly Rt HghJ
anr'ca to Raid WOOt Une of Main Pt rRe t '
101' thenee eoutherty paraMei with th
WOOt 'Ine of Mitn Sree 1f'3 to a point
10' distant, mea.iret at rlrbt nnglea from
Center Line of Ventre WafOhouao Spur
Tra k : then" ouherIv par.ille' with and
in' distant from csnt r lira of rhI 1 apur S7'
to a point 10' distant, meapnre,l at rtpht
anga 'rom center line of houe track No
I, thencr Rate-'v parallel With eenr'
Una of Houee Traek No. 2. Ill' to the
P'hcr Af be.j-inn1ng. eontatnlng Itt0ths of
in r fTf tnera or lerp. twlng and sit uat ed
In Block 214 of tti City of Opelouaas,
Parish of st. Landry, Louisiana, and eon
talntng ajuare ft-Rt.
Ar.d Also a tract of land In P 7-andrv
Parish. laOOlslanai aVout fiVo III ml eaat
of ( -pelou is spin ted on Pvnu M arle
cosauant or Little T-ohe, and bounded on
the norMi or north we hv RRnp' t pn r
b-mno, on the Routh or (southeast by pr.
.1 P Silzan and othere, on the Rast r
rorthetirt bv Kent Lard Conipsny, and on
the WOSt or BOUthWeSt by Bavoti Marl
' 'roqu ir.t or tUtrls Teche ; aald tract of
land helng more particular'?- dearrlhd a
fo"ows :
rteginnlng at a poll In the north line
o a traot wherR aAld UnR Intersects th
rlghl of WgJ of the N O T AV M n R
(said point being 11 from an staMlshed
corner on the north line of th-' trac inside
the right Of wav of ald R. R 1 sal I rorner
Is N. 14 tV. inO' from nail drle-i In the
ra 11 road bridge ovr M aria CptHIOant
Bayou 1 sai l nail t S aou'h of the wouth
Rrn ral! art !s dirrftlv over th cen'er of
t)i s nd eet of pl'lng of the bMdge, ,
fr.-m ths east en I o th bridge. Rat i cor
ner tt aleo N W 4 4 4 from c-nrer of I
P. P. tr.-wdi and la an iron stake from
bteh he chimney of L Llttell'e houe
b,r f!2 41 E a dlStOIICS of 2"0 feet
Tb- chimney ef Ben I i rbonne'at cabin
ars N 4t 10' W . a d tat an o of about
200. The Chimney on th eon: h aide
if a large WO st or house of Pop la r
Grave Plan'aMon. now property of L. E.
leRtell beara S 47 W 11' frim this cor
ner a'ong :h north Una wMer th north'
line lnt ro 'a the right of way aa above I
steed !a the point, of beginning of tb
land, from WfH nos th north Une runa ,
N 14 B. 3217 feRt to th northeaet corner
marked "". from which rorner bears an.
Kim '' In dl-iTueter N 17" E 7' a white
oak 3." S tti" 10' E 103 !' From thts
onrnar n.' line run P, !! t ast. 9.10
feet to tha lSnotb..ast cornt
from a hloh corner bear a t
I" diameter S II JR. n dlst
a post oak I" P. II- W. 7'. T
najd enrncc thR Rijth Un
-kRd 1 1.
r pecan
. of '
sout h
;i3' 31' W for 22: 4 fee to the rlaht of
Way of said R R to point mark.nl V the
eontinuatlon of thiR Hne cronning the cen
ter of th R, B trs.-k 2i: 3' from a brbiir
to thf east and 1 li 7 ' from poet mark' l
WX to Mir west, thR'c-R fro-n point K ,
S S3 II' W. Irtto feel alonK the right
of wav to the pen- of beginning. Raid
tract of lan. I rontalne .".n ..: acres And is I
altuated In Sect Ion 1 2. Township 4, S
R.-B K P W Dill . Ia..
And also E. 'i of N, W. 14 N. 14 of
th. N E P W, V of thR N. E v
Section II, tp. t P R W, Aln Pa-tah
Louisiana, commonly known as the aa n d
pit track near Kinder, Louisiana.
A n.i also it and near DsQulnoPi Cal -
caieu Perish, Louisiana:
Tract No 1. Ptrtp of land out of S U
N W Pec 19 P R. 10 W. containing.
2 ,11 fibres
Tract No. 2 A atrtp of land S"0' bv
40n out of th- P V, cirner of P W i
pec 11 t 7, s. R, 10-w. containing 4 "
ac rea
Tract No 3 A atrip of land from the
E S W U of 8 W Sec it To
7 P R, 10-W. oounded on the south end
w-st hy the (n-tet.y right of way line of
th K c S. Rwy. 1 'o and north and we-.-by
qu.i-ter SOCTtlon lines coat J In Ing 7
Tract No 4. A strip of land lying along
th aout h al d a of P 4 of N K v4 pec
24 Tp. T S B 11 W. and hounded ..n the
north by a lino drawn parnl ! to and
3 "il feet d lit On! from Th rentSf of th.'
main Une of the N. O, T. t M R R
Trao No r., A strip of land MO' wdda
off the north aide of 'he south half ,.f
tb N I ta Pe- 2 4 Tp 7 P. R, 11 W
Trai te 4 and containing togethr 44
acres, making a total -f 2 .3 acres, a l
as show n by Convnyance Records of Cr : .
ca'b u Parlih. Book 1 1 pagen r, Hrw5
And also All of th right. MUr and In
terest, claims and demonde, leggl or
SQUltable, Of thR defendant, New t irieans
T-vas .Mexi.-o Railroad Company in
and to or In respect of or on account (if
thoaR cert nl n pieces or parcels of rani
property altuat In the cltv of I4enumont. I
In the county of Jefferson, Stat of
Togge, described a a fol lowa :
1. Lot 430 in Block iO In tha City of I
Beau mon t. Texas
2. A triangular tract of Bnd situated I
in the city of Be union t. Txas blng
a pun or" the Noah Tevla Road right In
Jefferi-on County, T- tas, loc.tted and de - ,
scribed as follows 1 Storting t thR most
anatRrlv vomer of b'.oi k 50, being u corner
of P.irk Pt reet and Kanntn Pt reet In i
original town of Bsaumorit, Jefferson
County, Togas thence south 41 degreRa
If. mlnutea west, 3rt7 2 feet, along the
north Un of aaid rggnln street . thence
dti aouth (an anglR of 4t deKret-a "ti '
minutes left 1 II fool to a point at be
ginning; thence euth 43 d'-gr 23
RllnUtOS WOSt ion a Una paraiu I to aald
north Una of Pgnnln Sirct produced I
WOStWgrdly) 872 7 feet; ther.-a north tat'
an gngtO of 130 drgreen ?4 minuta to
the right) 13H.1 feet, thence north 72 de
greea 33 mlnutea trlglu l itti s feat I to a
point of beRttinlng, contnlnlng 406-1000
acr. g mora or laaa.
3. Lot 421 1n Block 39 of tha City of
Beau mon t, Jefferaon County, TRxaa to
gether with aii Improvements thereon,
4. All that lot r certain par. el of Innd
eltinted in tha County of Jefferaon and
(State of Texim, dsai ribed aa follows, to-
It : Beginning at the north Intersection
of Kannln Hire at with the wt-At Una of
the OrlnneVl town of IWaumOOt; thenee
aouth iJ degreea mlnutea weat, 23.4;
feRt to corner; thance aouth iv feRt to
OOrnOfj thRnf aouth 72 dRgiHeo 3J minute
wet, as fet to qornsri thonog ooAith i1
degreee and 34 mlnutea an i at right An
gica to the nrt UiiR of dtsKliptlon f tills
tnict 4 2. fi feet to corner on t hS munvOUi
line; Hience north 4 H degrrea 26 mlnutea
eat a n.i a t rltrht auglea 27 1 feet to t h
tntoraRvtlon of t ha w wat Une of the orlgl
nal town of Rg nintoiit , then eg north nn
weat Hne of original town ot riJtumont
4d feat to th placs f beginning and
containing 44-1 000 u-res
5 21-ioco d.-j-ea located
Tex a, purchased from T(
Lliiibrlck on pr about April
I, All of th following
Hrs utnont.
and Bella
r rlbed lota.
Tra'ia or pajceis or lanil
md bdng
elttiated In the i 'It - if lien union t Coun
of .lefferaon, nnd State of Texan, uijf nf the
Noah Trvi Head right Survey, to wlti
All that certain lot, tract or panel par
tbularly deac rlbed by me tea and bounds
aa followa. to wit.
Beginning at a point 40 fast north 40
de.gr 14' Weat from th northwet cor
nr or Hioc la of the Van Wortner Artdl
lion to the Cltv of Beaumont us ehown by !
a map of aald city, eald point being th
southwest ornRr of this trnot . tnOncS
nortB 41 degree II' Kwat 134J0 fret.
thRnc due N'.irth 13'. 1 fet tngWrO North
71 pgrn 32' East 201 feet, thence due'
north IS fret, theme north 40 degree
IS East H7.2 feet to the south wee t cor i
ner of b.t No. 430 in Block 10 of the Cltv ,
of BAauinon-t, JaffRrsHin County. Tae. -nordlng
to the original plat of Mir (own
Of Beaumont, Lheni e north 40 degreen 14
Weat 120 feet to the Northweat oorner of
aaid lot .No 43". thence North 4 degrees !
IS" Eaat 120' to the northeast corner of
Iot No. 420 In aald block &0; thenee South
40 degrees 34 East l?n fot to the eoiitn-
smat corner of Mtdd lot No 42 ". thence j
North 40 .legreRB IS BggJ II fRRt to th !
eoutheaRt cf.rner of said H'xk Ifj thencO
North 40 degrRea 34' warn son feet to the
northeast orner of aald blo-Mx r,t; thenc
South 41 dgt 2" went R 7. 2 feet to a
pi Int on tha Une of lot No. 433 In itd !
t'lf.-k Hi then- north 27,7 ft to a Point
OR Howl street, thenc asmHh 4ff degree- .
21' vet 231 1 feef; thence aouMl de I
rr-'ss s' weat 113,1 feet: thet.ea aouth
40 degree 2'.' t 1 2fl f et ; thRnc aouth
40 deKreei fl 1 ' RaA M0.4 fRRt tO the p a'
f beginning, containing 22-43-100 a, trr. j
morn ,r lee
And also all rash. rhoa In aetlon.
edalma and dnianda of Rvery kind, all
bwiks, rs.-orda, agrRRments, cont ran s.
maps, profllea, document, billa flaturR.
ImplRmenta, furnltura, materials, wood.
OOOel. oil, fuRl and other euppllea In 'h poa
eaa1nn of or belonging to af. I O-llOOfO as ,
RR'-eiv-ar In thla cause, including that csr
tain contra-t datad Jutif 1. 1 1 4. hRtween
J D. O'Keefe. aa Receiver of th New
Orleans. Teum & Mexico Railroad Com
jpany. V V Evana. . Trusten. and J W j
Thompson, relative to th rental of prop
erty nnd facilities for th mdlng coal
Sno gravel at or near AnehoragO, Ioulsl
OnS, but Bald Receiver mav rt.!n pos--alon
or hav .. to such books nn t
rRcords aa mav ha neresaarv or convetllsnt
to enable him to prepre his SOCOUntO r
lO p-rforni his other dutlen a a r lvr j
'hen the aam hav aerved such purpose
th HvRivr shall deliver them, and aU 1
thereof, to the nurchaaer or purhaaera or
hie or their eu- . aore or asaiigna unleas ;
thev ehall have been prevlouf-ly dillvei-d
to him or thOa.
And also all property of evrv nam and
nature whatsoever and hrwi"vgr altuated
nor particularly hrenbefor deaeribed or
referral to. blonglng to said dfendant
N'ew OrlRana. Tea-- and Meilco Hallroad
Company, or aald J, D. QKOOfO, a R0
ecr herein, or In or to w hleh V or he as
SUCh Re. elver hs any Rstate, right, tit 10,
property, poaejalon, rlalm or demand whnt
aoever, without excluding from thR Knr- :
alfv of this dRRCTlpMon anv propartv what
s"vr becaiis.. of pR iflcat lona In other
Parte of thl notlcA of Any other partb ular
property or ClgOS of propRrt;.1.
ald propRrMei above iiRscrtbd wilt bs
oJ. a s one pa'-'Rl and the complslnant
hrHn or anv h old Rr or holders of the
ho Tiii s SOCUred bv nald first mortgage or ,
deed of trust, dated Mav 17, into, may bid
and purchase t aald aula.
Bold propcrMa Will be anld aubjRot to
nil taxag, Assruenien t or llRna prior to the
lln of mnt rlrt mortgage or deed of tPAt '
existing In favor of env pRrson or persons.
i-Tporatton or corpoTAtlons, other than the
dRfendants in anld a'-tio-n. RicRpt euch as
are by eii dcrR or July II, 1014, or bv
aid nriVr of SeptRrnhe 17, 131."., dlrerted
to be paid out of the proceRda of eale.
The purehaeer or pmchnsers of aatt
propertlea eo sold, hla or their successors I
o HSklgna, shall, as a pirt of the rnnsld- I
era t ion of such sale, and In addition to
the prlee p1d, naaum all debts, obliga . j
tlons and llabPltie of tlis RecolTOf "f
al t Nw nr'ean-". Tetis & M xlco Rati I
road company heretofore upp-dntRd In i
Raid raus tncurrod in the gorformanoo of i
his trust ns such necet-, including aU
liability for all claims tn tort. Wtiethof
or not tn ult or presntRd. art-lng during
t he p-rlod of opera Mon of said pro per tv
bv aald RecRtver. Insofar as nuch debt, t
obllgaftona or liabilities shall not hnva
t..-en paid or discharged bv said Receiver
at or prior to th lime of th dRllRrv by
hlrn of salt pro par tlea to aald purchaser
or purchasers, bis or their euecessora or
a -sign a, excepting such obligation I and
IlablUttRS of aald Receiver as a- dlrrte,t
bv ald decree of July 11. 1 St 4 and b
Any order supplemental thereto to be
paid out of the proceeds of the ral. In :
event anld purchaser or purehas. b!s ,
or their aUrceSSOrs or assigns, shatl r- j
ftieS af'r dcman-1 Is mud to dis-harg
any such Indebtedness, obliga t Ions or Itn-1
bill ties th person or persona ho'rttng j
rlalms therefor mav. upon thtr'v days"
notica to said purehaser or purchasere, I
hla or thRlr auceessors or sRten. who
shall then tie In posn"ion of s prop
ertv, iPr his or their petition In sal 1 ,
Court to havR euch clatma enforced
against the iroperttea ao sold, and euch i
purrh.iser or luirrhaeers. his or their sue-
cessnrs or a-igna. shall hav- th right I
to appear and make defense v anv j
elallAi debt or demand so sought to b
nforced, and flilur party ahall have the
right to appeal from anv Judgment, de
crea or or.jr ma'1 thereon.
Th pirchssr or purchasers, his or
their sueceasofg and assgn. aj,n mk
si o the properties an"d and transferred
pursuant to th nald tjreree gubject to th
disposition bv fh Court In said au f
the claims of Intoresnlng petitioners thu i
mav bO g. y gled therein and pending f
unde. rrnin 1 before the IfggtOf OS that
Insofar ss ld claims ar a charge upon 1
tho said propRMv, or anv part I herof. ,
supsrlor to tha lien of xatd mortgags or
dd of trust, the sa me may he enforced
against said proprttex n th" hint" of,
tha pu- haaer or purchasers, bis or their
suceejisors or assigns, and t hR Court re
serve Jurisdiction for that purpose.
ThR purchaser or pure has ore. his or
their successors and aaelgns, ahall tak all
th benefits and aaRiim nil th obttgatlnng
nreatad bv hoag oontrarts entered into,
bv j p O'Keefe, Receiver, t.ndRr apeclal
orders hsrotofors grant 1 bv thR curt,
ilurledlctlon of Msiit cauee is retained bv
the court for the pu rpos of en ford a the
pPOVtOlona of aald de. ree of July ."1. 1914,
and f 1 1 Id order of September 17. till,
and for all othr noRsa.(rv p irpor.es,' and i
th court reserves thR rich lo retake an 1
reeell antd pr--pR)ry In . a th p irchaaar
or purchasers, ht or their auoceaeori or
assigns, shall fall to - .upiv alMi anv!
order of th- (-ourr In r.pect t the pn-.-mOnl
of anv Indebtedness, Obligation, or'
liabllRy ot of any amount ot which th
pure haaer or pur. haaera. hla or tlielr am - j
oeeeora -.r aasigns, have assumed payment
pursuatif to the prs Islons of si Id dOcrea
.in.l order ab'vR mentioned, within thlrtv
daa after eerUe of a CSrtiAS t copy of
aal l or.lar
No p u haser or purchasers, hts o- th''
tr. 'ceajio-s or aRwigna, Rhall be pRraonallv
labia for tha h.!aM u s assume 1 under
sill de ree or older, but the methods
therMn provided for not tng the liability
aawumod un .Irt en : t d.1 rR or ord --r ahall
be OS uslve at A,l Other inATh .de.
Any punbaaer ot purchaser, hit or
their sucooosors and aasigns of th
rt hereby gold ehall b allowed on
from the data of osnnrmatloa or aate j
Uhln which to RlR.n to adopt or continue
tn for, or to rRfuaa to adopt, nnv leas 1
traffic or tra kaga or operating agreement
.r other eiecutory oontraet made bv either
f th- defendant a herein a hi- h may hA
Included In the pr..pertei eo: I, or mav
ronatltuts n IncMent oppurtonanl thereto
Such election ehall b made bv an tns'ru
ment In w nttng subscrlbsd by aald pur
baser or purcHMOra, his or ttiair alloc ee
pom or hsslg nii, a lol filed In t hR ofTIi f
tha Clerk of this nirt, and no conduct or
r of rlghta bv anv purohaoor or pur
rhsoerg. bta or tiieir aue- esaor- or assigns,
within eih'h period of one yg.ir, linai
panled by thR ft ting of euch wrlttRn In--trument.
haii bo deemed to conclude ths
purchaser or purchaser!. Ills or their auc
. sr. r iiAalgtis, In respect to ruc'i eir
tlon I ti t h event nf the fa Pur to rll
euch statomont of eieotion to dtaaltlrm an
euch leasR, traffic or tru-k.ige nr operating
alt bin th tints abovo s I lowed t
chaser -r purchaer, hln or th
Li ROBOTS or Asatgne. ehall tie doomed to have
.-iected to Adopt and gooept th aama aa
pari of 1 he proper t y pu: . hrtRcl il t ?i
eent that U''h purchaser or miPChaee re
hta or their eu'Ran.rs or t4-iiitns. -m. '
elect not to a: anv SU0S lesied trafltf
r tra.-kag or otkoratlng agreement or
other executory contract, h or they shs I
rtNiwatgn and rMranafRr hla or their right, ,
t It I and Intereat to the .am t,i it I - tv
Orleans. Texaa A II OS I co II illroa 1 Com
pany without Seduction, how, v,-:, from
tho glim p-1d or paya.bi bv him or then
on account of thR purchase thereof
The Special Master Wilt not tCCepI anv 1
bid therefor unleaa tha blldei ghat I de
posit with said special if eater at the tim
Of mikiiig hla hid a aum ..f money or a I
certlflod cheek upon a National Bank or
agy Trust Company tn The 'Uy of New I
tork or City of New Orleana for un
a m unt SOjUlvgtent to t hree per rent I
( :( ) at least or ine a mount so bid bv
ThR amount po dRposltR.t ahall be for
feited In ease the bidder, If SUCoessful
ahull fill to mske good bin bid and com
ply wlMi the terms of aald decree and
order and t 1ir condition of this aatg and
anv orders herRafter made a to pay
ments or otnorwtao, but said amount
ahall h appURd on thR purchase price of
the pmpert v In case of men comptlgncs
bv the pur .baser or ret urn ed in asR t h-
bid la not successful or in case i he aa 'a
shall nol be confirmed hy the court
1'pi'ti the acceptance of any bid and con
ft r ma tlon of sale, Huch further amount aa
the court may ordsr shall bs paid at auth
t : tn s I ho court Way d ireci m cash or
tv cei Mfted check upon a N.i I tonal Hunk
or a n' Trust 'nmpmi y in Tha CJi y .f
New York "r the i'ty of New Orh Ml
and the puri baser may sat Uf ai l Miaks
gOOd (be remainder of nil bid It. W)l le
or In part by t .ruing In to bo cancelled
or credited outstanding bonds and nv-r-
due coupons appertaining thereto -.urRi
bv said Mr; mortgage or deed of true!
to tliR eom plain ant herein a Truatee
AU boii -1 - and coupon n ieMistRdi or
turned 1,1 toy anv lucceaaful bldd on ac
ross! SI the purchase jrt. e aM 11 he re
rclvsd m such prh-R or value -i- would
tie eaulvgleni In t ii autounl ' 11 1 1 ih
holder 4r lia'.lRrs would SS'ltd tn
repel vo i hereon in rass the entire pui
ChOSS price vi as pat.) in COat) md f
there shall to regltai d on th.- ate and
appibd on Mir purchaas tirlce the enMi
sm Mint due op -aid bond I fill I I'oup ll -,
then nnd In that com Hi said boi l, nnd
coupon-, shall be mii.'i Ibd and " I ''n I
bv aald Ipacigl .Mii.ti r. tint l( aahl AtlO
ronrrLosriiR sai.s.
amount shall not h reaU)!Rd and applied
upon t n put cnasR pri r t ne mircis l Ma
ter shall stamp or writ on each bond ot
rogpnn t h i amount which is so a ppite
ami a'so the amount or thR deflcleney r
tnamlng nf-.r guch application and ro
tor n mi eh bonds nnd hi pons to t h pur
chaser or purchn-o ra from whorn th
SafltO wer received, The rrtineatc of
uny Tru-' Cnmpgny in Tti City of Nw
V--1., 1"-i.,riing th complainant herein,
that P holds tiond and coupona as
herein decrlbed ifri bv said flrt
mortgage or deed of tragi eubjeot to th
ordet ,f anv pgrty SSfhed and transferred
to the Special Master, will be received
bv sail special Master and n.-cepted in
lieu of i be bonds and eon pons RpOClfled
in said rrttfTcate on acc-nn- of th piy
mRtr of the purchase prlrR lid, WTtS
like forcR ami effect a a though the bonds
and OUpOnS ther In natneit hHd been de
Hvered to MM Special Martyr
The Cotirt roaervoa the right to reject
any nnd a'l bids, and I f anv bid ahall b
arcented hy ttie court and thO perw a
making the aame shall fail to eompl'
with a'l th condltlona of a!" ant al.
orders of th court In iepRct ther''.
the amount theretofore dariooltad by th
b dder haii h forfeited nnd nalt be p
p.le.i as tho ' our may dlre, t.
Th pour I further reserves th right o
raU the propet t y In evanf of r Meet lor
of anv bid or uj.on th fal urR of anv
1ur baser to comply with anv ordar o-order-
-on!rlng payment of thR purchase
nrire wlthm ton to dayo after tho ntn
Hcfern4 R is mala to aald iIstss of Jutv
SI, Iftll. snd aabt order of SeptanibR 17.
ltll, on file in the ofnee of th clerk of
the tltrl t Co,,rt f.f 'h t'nl'Rd States
for tb KaRtern tMstrirt of toil-lana a
hla nfflcR in the ritv of New OrHns. p'gtR
of leOUlatana and to the rRCortta of John
M OMXeefA, Rgw u or ..f ihi prnpertlos Of
Nrw Orleans, trxr av Mex! . i: 1 11 mat
rmnnnny, at h' otn . in Now uriotni,
and to th Statement a to b rued in ae
cordanco with sn1 1 i. hv Raid Re
e-ivr with the iRrk of aal 1 Court at
New Orleans, laMitetanSj nt lea-' tw - -v-fk
prior to th dav fixed fo-- the a , for
-.'her particular a, Including a mnrg de
tailed description of th railroad, real
"tat, pergonal? a-., v.. aouMt!e, tight,
franchise, pr'vi'egci , nd other- properttee
to b R.;d and th te-ms an! conditions
upon wh'eh ths st be madR
Itftte (, tober 7th I'M
i u it riiArr,
BPS lal MiR'er
TORK, Max M Warburg, plaintiff. agH.lua
Joaepti Slslgi' Ti ma n and ot hrs, defeii . iante.
In purauanvo of a Judgment of torR-elo-air
nnd rhIr, duty mad and t-,trr In
thR abo entitled a' tlon. and basrlng dWtO
the lid day nf OotobOT, llll, 1. the undr
SlgnOd, th rfe in eat I Ju iguien nnmd.
win gel) at public guetlon, nt ih Kg hnnge
Pa .eRroom, Noa I I 1 1 e , si re . Iti the
Horough of Manhattan, tty of Row York,
on th ld da) 'f NovembRt, llll, at 1;
o lo, k noon 'n that lla, by .!oph P
Drv, au. tloriR' r. th" pr- tulaes dlr. tad h
eald Judgment t . lie gold, and ihereln de-
ocrlbod as follovo:
A 1 I li , . , 1 i p'ot, pte-e o- pa real f
land, wltti th buildings und Imio-ovcmente
ther.. n srerted, situate, 'v'-.g and being
In tti Rorough of Manhattan of the Cltv
of New Voi k. In the ' 'un' i out S ' At a of
Nrw York, bounded and dene rlbed as Pw
I'egtnntng at a point on ha south Of ly
side of Thtrtv-flrst Ptret dl:'ti on hun
drd and alxty-alx i'Mi fo. f.,ur f4
Itichee w Rat e r v from -:ir corner formal b
thR Intersection of tha Southerly sldo of
Ttii- v tirsd meant . tt h the westerly sit
of Ma Haiti Avenue, i hence southerly, par
allRi with Madlnon (.venue mi part of ha
wav through a p i rt w ill aeventl five 7 r. .
f Rt ; tHen. esotorly, parallel with Thir -Hr
Stre:, twentv one lit) foot four 4i
in-hea, thne goutnerlyi parallel with
Mad I eon Avenue, eevoiRn (l?l feet elcn.
ineha; t banco weaterly parallal with
Thirty -ltrst st-.et, twentyflvs (111 feet;
then. southerly, parali! with M idlson
Avenu. ntn!eti (ll) '.-e. tn i im In. hea.
thRnce WRateriv, pwrallol with Thtrty-flrot
stre, n f t x- (lol ft. thence northofty
parallal with Madison t venue, en hut:drd
and twelvA r 1 13 1 fe" alx .... t- hs to tho
I'lu'tisriy abi of Thirty-Aral Street; thenog
oaaterly, .ing th southerly !! of
Thirty Hrat S"m. fi, throe (lit) feet
eight i Inches to tn p.. lut or plans of
hR, inrdng
lited N-W To-V O ,. gTtll, P1
NATHAN i .TTI v MKU. Refergg.
FTR-irii K Ar STR !
Attorneys fxr Plaintiff,
30 Rroad street Borough of Manhattan,
New T'.ik city.
Th foUowdrir la r StSgram f the p- ip
ertv o T.. gold; P e-rR-t numbers ars
lt-14-11 Bast Sl-t sre. t.
ThR approxlnietta a". of
eharg. to aatlsfy which the
00rbd p-operrv 1n to b ,
SI.'..:1, ni-h ln. '-est thR"-on fr
day o Juno '.", togeihe ivli
allow aP1 r amotin,,ig to 40fl
ter from October 2?d 1'
with tb eprti-..-e of tti . i
the ;n or
at- ' da-
d, is 13' T
oirt ThR 14th
h costs aiid
10, with If.
t together
Tti ap
e,s, assaos
dher !na.
ir. h . -r
proximate amount of th
tiientu and w.i'r rata or
w hi t nre to DO 'lo'd to ;
out of tn pu- hl.se .,.: r , nr
referee, la s& I and intereet
Th a.o descrl1'! preml
aold eubje. : to any ptato nf fa
gi cure aurvoy m'ghf am w, n
shall be ...... ),-r regarded i
to tho tlt,. nor anv ground I
eueh title
Dated New Vft'V r-.e- ffi
P i. 1 by ttie
a i i be
r hloh -n
ne of whi. h
r object tone
r rejo ting
h. till
. li-f-reo.
vnw vrm.v: svprrmr porRT nftv
TORK iidNtY tOH.N V -11 WK',
HDMlNtl m ItA.NDiH.PH and u U.TKIt
c HPRHARn, e Trustees In New Vnrh f
Th Liverpool and Igon I" 1 ilhibe l:i-
sursnra Cumpany. limit. i p i nMfTa,
a gal net uii.i.twi Q ptM(t;i;N und
ottier. Defendant
in pur u une of a Judgment of fore
Jouro ami a.c duly made and on tared
In t h gboveentltlo l h Hon and b an ng
date th .-sth day of t tober. lit I, J. tht
undomlgnfd, tii Referee in ai i Judgment
named) will sell at public auction at th
Hxchaitge Snlegroom Noa 1 4 -1 eev
Street, in tb Borough of Manhattan, Cltv,
County and sta-. of New Vork on the 7'h
day of lecemb"r, llll, a I. k noon
OS that dav. bv Psm'.e; Oo letlegi-r Att
tloneer. th-. promises dire by aald
Judgment to Im gold und tho:. In de
ae fothtwei
"A.1.1. that eartals lot, pIrcr ..r pir-e' .
land, together with thR building md Im
provRme'ita thereon tecrel, altli ite, U Ing
a nd being III I be RumUSh of M . nhat t i ii,
City of Ni w Y..rk in Sootlon ?. Bb k
on th i it i map thereof, bounded etui u
ecrP.ed fol iwa;
"Al.I. th it ' r I n lo. p!ge or pi-c 1
land Situ tta In Mi ity f Now Y.-t k.
know n on 1 map of propert v in the
Twelfth Ward lha Pity of New v,.rk.
belonging to ihs eat a to of Thom t" Bur ';g
mstle Im Ktlwued Doughty, City Surveyor
dated Now Vork, January Ith, llll ni
flletl In tb ctbcR of trie Rgtetrr of t '.
city gn i l out.'v of Nov York, sa lot n
bnundod -"i ' containing - followa, tha'
la in n,i Northerly tu front l y Pitt- nth
Street, twentyetlve ? ' I fret s. uMi-
the r. i r hy t round now or .it-, belonging
to the ,1'a! f Henry Springier, d
in. hea . V nU r by .'. N i on
ai.i map ninety ntn totji fot two an-1
ono-fourth ' l 1 inoheo; an.i Baa t erty hv
lot No io on -1' 1 in ip ninety -three
feet tour (4t In- ii, be the fab' vrM
diuiRti!' ion more nr , The Weetei v
wni. f igld premises bdt.g i parts
an i said pretnts being now known '
Number West rlfteentn Street, Horough
of Manhattan, CMty "f Now York"
si ' 1 1 T to p.. rty ws I agreement r
corded ui thR Ufnn ..f the Register of th
County "f New York 'n liber of
v-Viiti.Tf-, at pag ItO; ancrogf hm nt t ot
ea" ceding ons i i i Inch upon ths ahovS
dRscribe.i proffllaos I ) ths Wosi wall of
th" building adjoining n th . ,m
Dated, New York NovembRf 1 'Mi 11S.
bi:kk m . Mis.nkkn x uitrscoM. at
torneys for I" at nt Uf i. ' : - i'l Ja -n
Htrce. Borough of Manhattan N. y.
Th roll owing is a dtsgi i"n of th prop
I rty to b gold
TliR st rt et number to SI Wast Htn SUreoi
Wrs trth St.
I I 40.i' i
The Sppi tlmntg :'oio.)(Lt .f ibR lien o
rharga to nattafy whh'h 'he nlovsde-
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